Vic Fangio names Eric Reid the 49ers’ starting free safety

SANTA CLARA – Vic Fangio spoke in the media tent Tuesday afternoon. Here’s what he said.

FANGIO: I just want to let you guys know we’re going to miss Parys (Haralson) here. I want to laud his career here and his stay here. He was a great teammate, a great friend of the organization, a really good player and we’re all happy for him that he’s going to be able to go somewhere else and get more playing time.

The other thing I want to say is I was sitting in the box the other night waiting for the game to start. I was looking at the Ring of Honor that’s up at Candlestick. I was looking at all of the names there and I think there’s a name missing they need up there at some point, and that’s Tom Rathman. I coached against him every year he played in the league. I was in the division with him, so I coached against him twice a year and I know what a hell of a football player he was. And now working with him for the past three years I know what a great coach he is. He’s had a tremendous impact on this organization for over 20 years. Someday his name needs to be up there.

Q: Now that Haralson is gone, what do you like about the backup linebackers?

FANGIO: We picked up Dan (Skuta) in the offseason and he’s done a good job of picking up the defense. He’s a very similar player to Parys. I think you’ll see a lot of similarities between those two guys when they play. Corey we drafted in the third round. He’s got good athletic ability. He’s got good speed. He’s been doing a nice job picking up the defense as a transition, which is always hard. He was a defensive end in college and I think he’s done well, about as well as many guys that have been put in that position that I’ve seen.

And then Cam Johnson, who was our seventh round pick the year before. Cam’s a whole lot better player this year than he was last year. He’s made tremendous strides physically, mentally and emotionally. He’s light years ahead of where he was last year at this time.

Q: Is Lemonier the No.3 OLB? Would he be the first one to come in if Aldon Smith or Ahmad Brooks goes out?

FANGIO: No, not necessarily. It would be more by situation. Maybe one guy would play in the base package and one guy would play in the sub package. I don’t think it would be one guy pulling full time duty.

Q: Is Eric Reid your starter at free safety?


Q: For the season?


Q: What has he shown you since he’s been here to nail that down?

FANGIO: Steady progress. He’s gotten better and better each and every day. He’s had mistakes here and there, but overall he’s just been steady. He’s grown in the position which has allowed his ability to come through more and more. He’s tackled well in the games which is important to us. We lost a really good tackler last year in Goldson. We think Reid will continue to improve as the season goes on.

ME: Are you surprised Reid earned a starting job so quickly, quicker than Aldon Smith did?

FANGIO: No, because Aldon was learning a new position. Aldon was a defensive tackle more than a defensive end. He had to come in here and learn how to be a linebacker. And Aldon’s year was the lockout year. He had no work in the spring.

Q: Is Nnamdi you’re third cornerback going into the season?

FANGIO: After the game the other night, I believe so. Brock was nursing an injury prior to the third preseason game and the second preseason game which allowed Nnamdi to move ahead. Now, Nnamdi’s nursing a little injury. It’s a little bit unsettled because of the injury situation more than anything.

Q: Is Ian Williams the opening day nose tackle?

FANGIO: It’s looking that way right now, yes.

Q: Is it safe to say Jerod-Eddie and Tukuafu are fighting for one roster spot?

FANGIO: I wouldn’t limit it to those two guys. You’ve got Dobbs in there, too. It’s amongst those guys.

Q: Are you guys considering opening the season with seven defensive linemen considering Dobbs will be suspended Week 1?

FANGIO: It becomes a matter of semantics. He doesn’t count for that first game, so he will not be one of the 53.

Q: Are you sure Ahmad Brooks will be available Week 1?

FANGIO: From everything that I know, yes.

Q: Are you worried that could change at the last minute?

FANGIO: Nobody had told me that it could. It’s been a non-issue that way. I’m pretty sure the league came out and announced that he would not be suspended.

Q: Are you going to rest most of the starters Thursday night?

FANGIO: A good bit of them, yes.

Q: Which ones might play? Reid?

FANGIO: Maybe not. He’s gotten a lot of reps, a lot of work in since he got here in the spring and all through training camp. We may not play him.

Q: Injuries aside, did Asomugha earn the No.3 corner job with his performance?

FANGIO: Yes, he’s done well in his reps that he’s had in the game and in practice, particularly the last two or three weeks. He’s played much better.

ME: You said a few weeks ago you need to see if he has enough athleticism left at this stage of his career. Does he?

FANGIO: He’s still playing at a good enough level to be a major part of our defense.

Q: Was part of it seeing how well he could play on the left side?

FANGIO: He told us from the start that left or right wasn’t a big issue for him. It’s turned out to be true. When we put him at left 10 days ago after getting a lot of right, it was a seamless transition for him.

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    1. I think that’s a bit of a reach, but I do see vast improvements across the board. And we seem so much deeper now, its insane. No we may not have hawks secondary, but they sure don’t have our front 7 either, who is arguably the best in football. It would be nice to get Tank and Dial healthy and contributing though, hopefully they’re healthy soon.

      I can’t wait to see this offense at full speed in a real game. Man I’m pumped!

    2. Pretty much the same defense as last year. whitner is still a weaklink in coverage. we still got lit up in the playoffs and superbowl so saying best ever is a reach. Nnamndi and Ian Williams is an upgrade over Cully and Sopoaga though.

      1. If Whitner is the weakest link, I can live with that. Not to mention he has the ability to intimidate by striking the target with force….

      2. Whitner is great against the run but as we seen in the playoffs, struggles with the deep ball and against tall TE’s in the middle of the field.
        I see teams targeting our safeties a lot with the deep ball and intermediate routes in the middle of the field. The pass rush will be a big factor in the defense getting off the field and helping the secondary.

      3. you are right on PT! the use of TE is becoming much more common now around the NFL so the same challenge exist for most defenses. However a good pass rush will change the game.

  1. 49ers have to be thrilled with how well Reid has picked up the defense thus far. I must admit I thought Dahl would be the starter week 1, with Reid moving into the role after a few weeks. He’s definitely shown he’s a fast learner.

    1. I find that hard to believe Scooter. Dahl has never demonstrated the ability to be a starting Safety in this league. Reid was the guy all along….He’ll be better than Goldson.

      1. I don’t want to defend Dahl’s playing ability but when you say he has never demonstrated the ability to be a starter in the league is stupid. He started 16 games last year. Sure it was for the Rams but he was still a starter in the league. Dahl is an average player and Reid was going to overtake him sooner rather than later but again your comment was totally false.

      2. I thought Dahl would be a stop gap razor. Start the first few weeks while the rook was still getting up to speed. Reid has progressed faster than I thought he would.

      3. Ha!! Dahl was their starter because they had no one else. He’s a special teams player, nothing more. Ask any Rams fan what they think of Mr. Dahl dude….

      4. I think Mr. Reid had a 3.2 gpa in business and scored a 29 wonderlic. Mature father, humble student and football player with football instincts playing for his little girl. Formula for success. Dahl was never a stop gap, more like a weak hinge on a gate that as soon as a stiff Australian wind blows by, whoosh, off it goes….

  2. phew! thank goodness my notoriously spotty personnel evaluation talents proved wrong on Reid (altho they were right on Mays and a few others not worth dredging up again)…also, my apologies to Ricardo Lockette, my praise was obviously the kiss of death…

    1. Mine too Fesnyc! I bragged to my friends he is the real Rocket Lockette! Boy did I fizzle on that one! Now my new love is Patton!

  3. Eric Reid named starter ?

    Y-a-a-y !!

    I was hopin’ this would happen !! .. I see good things
    ahead for this kid ..

    Hey, Eric …

    just maybe … you could call .
    1-800- RONNIE LOTT ..

    .. and see if he .. has some advice for you !

  4. what jack Hammer????? No comment?????? thats a first! I would expect you to be man enough to own the fact that you proclaimed in stone “the rookie would not start” ’cause “its not the Haurbaugh way” and bla-bla-bla ” and “Dahl would start against Green Bay, no matter what” regardless of how great the rookie has been playing in pre-season. “Dahl still takes the field with the starter”.
    Remember that conversation? When i dared to ask you your opinion on how well the rookie was playing, and you bit my head off and attempted to make me look stupid for suggesting that the rookie should be starting week one.

    I remember! Own it Jack!

      1. Officer Hammer owns the rights to the Del reference, however I introduced him through the you tube video. Thank you for your concern….

      2. I was talking to Jshaw Razor. Unless a bet was placed between Jack and Jshaw, it really isn’t worth boasting about.

    1. I already did in a comment at 1:00 on a post prior to this one.

      You asked my opinion, I gave it to you, and provided my reasoning. If that is biting your head off, oops.

      1. I don’t remember anyone asking for your opinion when you first proclaimed it as a matter fact, but whatever….It was just as ridiculous then as it is now.

      2. Grant asked everyone their opinion in a post when he signed. jshaw asked me in a comment following the Chief game.

      3. Fair enough jack. In the future, i hope we can have some good discussions. i appreciate your knowledge. Hopefully you can engage in a good nature’d debate on the rare occasion we disagree, instead of being stubborn arrogant, snide-remarking know it all .

        MidWest, thanks for your opinion, but why butt in, when i clearly and specifically was talking to jack and not you? A little strange that you would be offended by something that has absolute nothing to do with you. It must REALLY be boring out there in the midwest.

      4. Please point out where I was offended Jshaw. My point is that it isn’t worth the time and energy you used to post what you did. Just know that you were right and move on. Be the bigger man.

  5. Was never a fan of dahl he is a JAG at safety but that dooesnt mean he cant be a top notch ST player. Glad to see Reid step up and take the job. I loved the way he flipped his hips and caught up to Jennings in 3 strides to be in position on the 1st play from scrimage. And i like that Spillman is showing ball instincts (ok it was a pop fly after NA batted it but still) and i hope that next year he could take DW spot cuz that dude scares me in coverage. With the way u can scheme its frightening to think he could be on an entire “1/2 field island” there for the taking by TE and RBs. and thats something that u can pound all day so if ur going to “hide” him by droping him in the box why have him out there? I guess until we have a better option we have to play him but id rather have him blitz on a key passing down than have him in coverage

    1. PS
      Jack H you fought a good fight and history was on your side but if everyone agreed that Reid was eventualy going to take over why not go with him from week 1?

      1. Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves MidWest. I doubt Patton will be starting opposite Boldin when Green Bay comes to town. He’s a slot guy right now.

    2. I think Reid got lucky on that first play from scrimmage. A halfway decent throw from Ponder may have gone for 6.

      1. Claude,

        Reid definitely got turned around on that play, but he did a nice job to recover. It would have taken a near perfect pass to beat him.

      2. I think Reid was able to close to the target only because Ponder’s pass was so off target that Jennings had to change direction.

      3. I think you disrespect the young mans hard work and athletic ability by attributing the success of his play to luck. Fangio obviously disagrees with you Deputy…

      4. I’m a Reid fan. However, Reid’s biggest mistake came on the TD pass the Niners gave up. This predraft note from speaks to what we saw (Hopefully he can correct this flaw):

        ERIC REID – Weaknesses
        Gets overaggressive at times; will jump on short crossers, opening up the back half of the field.

      5. Reid may well have gotten lucky to a degree on that play, but from the (admittedly limited) play time I’ve seen this preseason he is already a better player than Dahl or Spillman. He’ll make some mistakes during the year I’m sure, but I’m also confident he’ll make more positive plays than either Dahl or Spillman would.

      6. @Sullyball

        “Rookie safety, Eric Reid was tested immediately in his first start with a play-action pass play to Greg Jennings. Although the pass was a bit overthrown, Reid was with Jennings step by step providing excellent coverage. After the game, coach Harbaugh said that Reid is someone who continues to get better”. by Cesar Mondragon

        Bottom line is Reid was the perfect pick and is the starting Free Safety for the San Francisco Forty Niners. The kid must be on cloud niner!

      7. I’m talking about the TD pass that was given up in the red zone. Reid jumped the crossing route and the WR who caught the TD pass had run right behind him.

      8. Scooter:

        I have no problem with Reid starting ahead of Dahl and Spillman. I think it is the right move for the team, and I think he has the potential to be something special.

        That said, he got lucky on the first play.

      9. Claude,

        So what your saying is if that ball had been thrown by someone like Brees or Brady it is likely a completion. I can agree with that.

      10. Jack: Yes, I would think Brees and Brady complete that pass 8-9 times out of 10. I also think lesser QBs could complete it too, but probably not 8 time out of 10. (I am not sure why I got off on the _ times out of 10 track.) I don’t know that it would have taken a perfect throw, but I may have been stretching things to say that a halfway decent throw would have gone for 6.

        I also concede that the pass rush may have affected Ponder’s throw somewhat.

      11. I think the point we’re all making is that, though Reid is exceptional at supporting the run, if he’s to be our last line of defense in the passing game, that needs to be his first priority this year. Let our front seven and Whitner handle the line of scrimmage for now.

      12. Razor:

        I never said it was anything but my opinion. See how I began those comments with the phrase “I think”?

      13. Your thought is supported by supposition and is therefore irrelevant. Congratulations to Eric and his family. Here’s to a legendary relationship.

      14. But it’s okay for you Razor to come on here daily and talk like Kaepernick is immortal and that no matter who else is on the field, who the WR’s are, he can and will overcome by anything presented?

      15. Supposition? You mean like when you declared that Fangio disagrees with me? Unless you have discussed the play in question with Fangio, that declaration was pure supposition. (It also was opinion masquerading pretending to be fact, but we can discuss that little hypocrisy at another time.)

        By contrast, noting that Ponder’s pass was off target was not supposition; it was observation.

      16. Not as ridiculous as exclaiming Dahl was the starting free safety for the San Francisco Forty Niners, eh cousin scully?

      17. Reid is probably more worthy than our other options. I don’t think anyone on here believes Dahl is the answer. Or Whitner, really. Puts a lot of pressure on Reid. And he may be up to it. All that matters to me is that he doesn’t let anyone get behind him.

      18. Fangio believes Reid is worthy and not lucky deputy balls….

        That statement is nonresponsive. We are talking about one play. You have no idea what Fangio believes about Reid’s coverage on that play.

        You do realize, don’t you, that one can recognize Reid made a mistake on a single play and still believe he earned the starting job? The two thoughts are not mutually exclusive.

      19. Is probably more worthy? Big balls Baalke made the pick. Reid validated it by coming in and making history by winning the starting job. It took Goldson 3 years.

      20. Reid has played well. But the fact is he was responsible for the TD given up in the red zone when he bit on the crossing route, and the “observation” is that a well-thrown ball on the first play… Well, we’ve read the argument. Again, I’m a Reid supporter. But we’re talking Super Bowl possibilities here. So he’s just going to have to be better in coverage situations, despite being historic.

      21. There was no mistake, only history. Sit back and enjoy the season Deputy. I’m sure Reid won’t be “lucky” all season long and you and your cousin sully will be there to point it out, followed closely by Officer Hammer and his wonderful “what if” philosophical brain teaser….

      22. I am not worth to carry on a conversation with an opinionated intellect such as yourself deputy balls. I understand your rude temperament.

      23. It was quite daunting to go against the wizard of hammer and his statistics, history and everything. I felt so alone and stressed. Gosh claude, I thought you’d understand….

      24. If you’re feeling that stressed on a football blog, perhaps you should take a break. Either that or stop taking it as a personal attack when people disagree with one of your opinions.

      25. Balls
        Respectfully disagree with you on the first play. While a better placed throw would have been compleeted it wouldn’t have gone for a TD because reid was right there to make the taackle. And furthermore i dont think ER was out of position on that one. It looked like they started in two deep eith ER on the right side. at the snap he rotated in to single high safety (which ment ER had to run from right to left to get to the middle of the field) GJ was running a post from the left side and was going in the opposite direction than ER (left to right on a diagonal after he made the break) the only reason ER had to change directions is that the wr was coming from the opposite side. Had GJ ran a post from the right and not left he would be running in the same direction as ER would (while trying to get to the middle of the field) and not require ER to flip his hips.

        I agree that he got caught up on the zak line TD but that will come, no one said he is ronnie lott already just that he is better than dahl or spilman

      26. Reid didn’t get caught up on the Zach Line touchdown. He was matched up in man coverage on the opposite side of the formation.

        On the first play your description is pretty good Bos. The key take away on that play was his recovery speed. He was able to get right back on Jennings’ hip.

      27. JH
        Was it Whitners guy then? I remember ZL running left to right through the “wash” and it didnt look like anyone followed him and he was wide open

      28. BOS:

        I appreciate the detailed analysis and the tone of your message.

        I’m working off of memory here, so I am at a disadvantage, but my impression at the time was that Reid was late to recognize where Jennings was going and adjust to his route. I also thought that, if Ponder had placed the pass such that Jennings could have kept running in a straight line (rather than having to veer left to chase the ball), Jennings may have been able to run away from Reid. I wasn’t looking at Reid’s pre-snap positioning, so I can’t comment on that. But, with your description in mind, I will go back and watch the play again to see if I misread what happened.

      29. just watched it again and my recolection above was a bit off. while reid did try to get to single high safety he came from the left not the right and did spin around a bit before picking up jennings coming across, but i still think he was in good position at the end to make a play on a well placed ball

      30. I’ve rewatched it a couple of times, and while Reid has pretty good coverage, a better throw beats him because Jennings had a step on him.

        What also stands out though is that Reid has the makeup speed necessary to overcome a mistake. I’m not sure he made one here, but either way he was able to close the gap and provide pretty good coverage.

        I was an advocate for taking Reid in the first round and he’s given me no reason to think differently based on what I’ve seen so far. He is a prototype Safety in body and mind and will just keep getting better. I think the Niners have a future probowl caliber player here.

      31. “I like to say I’d have gotten a pick, but you never know,” Reid said when asked what would have happened had the pass been on target. “But I was in good position.”

  6. Why do people here hate to give credit to someone when they are correct in their predictions? If Razor was correct, just say kudos to the man and move forward. The lightning rod of this blog is long gone. I’d like to have some meaningful football dialouge on the blog without all the nonsense from years past. Which means I have to ignore the silly nonsense that some of us post to incite others. WHO’S Got it better than US? NOOOBODY!!

    1. So for over two years us real 49er fans supported every player as real fans do while you basically spit on the guy daily. It was never enough to just you didn’t think he was good enough, you carried it on like a personal vendetta against him and anybody else that supported him. You went us far as threatening someone with a gun. Now you of all people want to talk football? WOW!

      1. Umm, you didn’t support every player. You threw every other player under the bus in order to make excuses for one niner. The o-line was crap, the receivers were crap, the coaching was crap; these were the excuses.

        That doesn’t seem like “support” to me. Well, except for one guy. That one niner got support. At the expense of everyone else.

        Amusingly enough, a large chunk of the people who “supported every 49ers player” are now supporting “every” Chiefs player.

        Yup, “real” 49ers fans. They sure showed us how to be true fans of the team. Sort of like the Tebowners who were true Broncos fans, and then true Jets fans and now are true Patriots fans.

      2. Amusingly enough, a large chunk of the people who “supported every 49ers player” are now supporting “every” Chiefs player.

        I am curious about this large chunk of people who allegedly have switched allegiances. Can you name them?

      3. Did I ever trash a particular player day in and day out for over 2 years? Or was I like you making immature comments daily or what? Because you didn’t like the player, didn’t think he was good enough? That’s fine but over a two year period making asinine comments then say you are a 49ers fan?
        It’s one thing to say a player is not capable, it’s another to make it an ongoing insult and debate over the career of that player. Move on and get a life or find another team if you are really that traumatized by that player. Like I say, there’s always 31 other teams to chose from, no one is holding a gun to your head, unless you are 23 Jordan!

      4. Prime,

        If the shoe fits, wear it. I think most of the people here understand where I’m coming from. Learn to take the high road one time my man. I know you think it’s important to attack at every opportunity. However, it just makes you look really small. I’m not biting this year. You’ll have to find another tree to bark upon. Go Niners! Good night now!

      5. >> You threw every other player under the bus in order to make excuses for one niner

        Jordo and Prime are talking the last two years. Who was was making excuses about the team’s success over that period? Well, before the QB change there was a lot of ragging on the QB, despite the wins (what? no 300 yard passing games???), then a lot were ragging on the defense *after* the QB change. Here’s a hint, MCS: those raggers belong in the same camp.

      1. claude balls says:
        August 29, 2013 at 7:27 am
        No Claude it’s about facts that scientists and other folks argue that aren’t involved with our crystal clean and truthful government.

        Please see my 7:09 am comment.

        Let’s talk football.

        Says the man who can’t stop posting about Hofer and DS.

        Lmao says the guy who felt THEY had to post on the hoff and Ds comments first. Who can’t stop Claude?
        Empty comments. That’s what you’re down to now Claude? I actually agree with crab when he said you brought something to this page, but bringing up politics to start a fight isn’t very smart. What’s next Claude? Can’t talk football now that smith is gone? Just sayin. Lets stick to football. An quit being a hypocrite and calling folks out for doing what you’re doing

    2. If Razor was correct, just say kudos to the man and move forward.

      Says the man who (1) won’t admit that he was wrong and Hofer was right about Alex Smith and (2) can’t stop arguing about Josh Johnson.

      It’s no surprise that you want to move on from the “nonsense of years past”. So much of that nonsense – being obnoxiously wrong on just about everything QB-related, welching on bets/promises, etc – came from you. Of course you’d like to pretend it never happened.

      1. We were right about Hofer. We said he was related to Smith and when Smith got traded, he disappeared. check That’s where he is.

      2. if Hofer and DS make up a “chunk” of the posters on this blog ok. technicaly you are not wrong 2 is a chunk. not a large chunk but a chunk nontheles. besides those 2 can u name another “9ers faithfull who now is a chief faithfull” and also just because they stopped posting here doesnt mean they post on chiefs sites. until someone finds a hofer or DS9xev post on a chiefs blog we r only speculating, for all we know they could have moved, went to jail, got hit by a car, are preocupied with something they deem more important. Just because someone doesnt constantly post here doesnt mean they went somwhere else. I havnt seen Ninergirl since last season but im pretty shure she is still a niner fan and will be back once the season starts

      3. Ah NinerGirl, I remember the way the blog would light up as she entered….left me really appreciating the tight end position.

      4. Razor
        I think its the concept. A girl who loves the 9ers as much as we do but also has the stomach and will to mix it up with some of the more colorfull characters on this blog and at the same time have enough 9er and general football knowlege to more than hold her own.
        Perfect woman some might say
        (doesnt hurt to picture her good looking)

      5. Bos, there is no speculations about DS or BS and Hoffer. I personally enjoyed chatting with Hoffer but these two bloggers were always slamming other players but no one had the right to say anything about Alex Smith or they would have been labeled a hater. What’s so interesting is how suddenly both of them have disappeared or went to jail.

        Jord always felt strongly against Alex Smith but he has been supporting our team all along.

      6. Chicago:

        Definition of speculate:
        transitive verb
        1: to take to be true on the basis of insufficient evidence


        Although it may be popular for certain commenters to claim with certainty that Hofer and DS are posting on KC Chiefs blogs, no one has actually seen any posts from them. By contrast, according to F’AKIA/rocket, jordan’s been posting on the Arrowhead Addict blog.

        And who are all the other players that Hofer slammed? Who did DS slam, besides Crabtree?

      7. Claude,

        right after the Cheifs game, I did post about what they can expect from Smith. The same thing we grew to expect. Guess what? That’s what they are getting. I didn’t try and hide my name. I registered and posted under 23jordan. I wasn’t trying to hide my name. I wanted Hofer to know I was there!

      8. If anyone actually thinks Suzi Conger isn’t Claude’s gal DS they’ve got some serious deficits in critical thinking.

      9. Lets just put some pieces together.
        1 Suzy/Ds…. Comments are identical to the ones it posted on here. An are still continuing under (smith feeling no pressure)

        2 hoff for YEARS has always been a staple on this sight, haven’t heard a peep since smiths departure

        3 their comment totals match those of a beginner on that chiefs blog. Newbies if you will.

        For those that don’t want to believe it. To each their own. But I guarantee!!!!!!! If it was an “anti smith” fan that had lied for years and moved on to another sight you better believe some on here would find them an put them on blast. Sitting back and staying out of the arguments for awhile now, I recall some smith backers laughing it up and shoving the fact that he came back after year one in others faces. Some of you had a field day at others expense. And now you are still backing TWO of the biggest frauds this blog ever saw.
        I called it from day 1 (6 years ago) that hoff was either related or only a smith fan. Ds was way to easy to point out as a fraud. I guess the only one I was wrong about was oneniner….. I guess he is a true 49er fan. He’s the only obnoxious smith fan still here. Still an idiot, :-) but at least he has more faithful cred than the other two. Just admit some of you were hoodwinked by these frauds and move on. The more you defend these two. The worst it gets for you. You are now batting 0 for 2. Let it go and back your team. That’s why you’re on here…. Right?

      10. Anyone who actually reads one of Suzi Conger’s posts and thinks her writing style is in any way similar to DS’s writing is cruising Chiefs fan sites while drunk and should just go to bed.

        It’s funny how much you guys want to believe this, even though there’s zero evidence of it. You’re like the 9/11 Truthers or the Tea Party Birthers.

        And now it seems like some of you are cruising Chiefs fan sites looking for Hofer and DS?

        I take it back. It’s not funny. It’s sad.

      11. >>And now it seems like some of you are cruising Chiefs fan sites looking for Hofer and DS? I take it back. It’s not funny. It’s sad.

        It’s neither. it’s pathologically obsessive. *slowly backs away from any further discourse with the crazies*

        And md, having inappropriately exposed your moonbat political conspiracy theories on this site in the past, the last thing you should be doing is bullet pointing your lastest insane conjectures.

      12. Claude still leaving your mind closed huh? Can anyone live in a smaller box then you? I doubt it. Nice way to bring out politics. All liberal minds think alike. Stay tuned to your truth in news on CNN buddy. As for me with politics and frauds like these two. Ill think on my own with an open mind with color. Lol that’s not them. Ha ha haaaaaa

      13. And here’s ribico.
        Please explain how you batted ANY of my political views down. Lol in fact everything thing I’ve argued before is happening now. Face it rib. Obama is a joke just like Bush was. Deal with it bra. They are ushering in into government control. And a new world order. Please show me one pres that hasn’t pushed for this since Carter.

      14. A little bored ribico? No more Alex so now it’s politics. You’re a joke. You are wrong. Man up and take it chump. Just remember… You’re defending two frauds that disappeared with Alex smith. That’s what you want to fight about? Talk about pathetic. That’s your angle here? Might as well just come see me face to face. It would be worth more than arguing with a dummy who defends his old alliance that left him on the field alone. They bailed on you stupid. Wake up! Who are you defending?

      15. I’m waiting rib. Tell me one president who hasn’t pushed for it. In fact ill bet you that if I can post their speeches on this subject you get lost. If I can’t I will. You want to believe everything they tell us. So you should have no problem with them saying they want a new world order. Right? C’mon rib. Take the bet. This is your shot to never have to read my comments again

      16. And just like the other dummy who took the word liberal as an only political meaning. You fall into the same category. The word liberal doesnt only mean political stance. If I were you you rib. I’d stop.

      17. And don’t forget about fluoride. The government puts it in our drinking water to keep us docile and easily-controlled.


      18. When disgraced liberals like Anthony Weiner and Elliot Spitzer embarrassed their party, most liberals turned their heads. Wacko Weiner’s getting a lot of support in his effort to be NY Mayor and Eliot Spitzer had his own TV show on CNN. Lol……We need more liberals like Al “bore” Gore, he invented the internet and is saving our planet now.
        Debating liberals is a complete waste of time they don’t get it. That’s why we should keep it to football related topics on this blog.

      19. >>You’re defending two frauds that disappeared with Alex smith.

        I’m defending no one. Care to show me this “defense”?

        Unlike you, who can’t control his impulse to attack – even posters who are no longer here.

        >>If I were you you rib. I’d stop.

        After a half dozen postings where md is typically coming off like General Jack D. Ripper, I’m the one who should stop? OK, got it.

      20. Crab, just a two word response to your posting – “Appalachian Trail”.

        Neither political spectrum holds the high moral ground so don’t try going there, ok?

      21. Crabs….. IMO right winged and left winged,liberals are all in the same boat. Syria, NSA, government spying, IRS fraud, Benghazi, 9-11, all should be questioned. I am not a yes man. I will not believe lies pushed through the media outlets like CNN (especially), fox, CBS, NBC. I didn’t make this about politics Claude did. Ribico felt he had to step in. To defend one of his last friends on here. I didn’t mention one persons name. Wonder why I was attacked. Hmmm.
        An ribico when confronted with a bet to see who really knows what they’re talking about ditches it. Giving your comment about liberals teeth. I’m not here to talk politics. Obviously like my comment about defending these two frauds my political views from before touched a nerve with old balls. I can’t fix stupid, stopped trying that years ago. Folks like Claude that want to believe everything our government tells us is their right. He wants to live in yes man world so be it.
        But I can’t figure out why he attacked me with a different subject when I never mentioned him by name. Why is that Claude?

      22. claude balls says:
        August 29, 2013 at 7:06 am

        It’s not about political philosophy; it’s about batsh!t crazy conspiracy theories.

        No Claude it’s about facts that scientists and other folks argue that aren’t involved with our crystal clean and truthful government. I figured you would have an open mind to facts. Because of your open mind to Alex smiths play for years. Like i said Claude. Live in your yes man world and leave politics out if football talk. And lets talk football.

      23. claude balls says:
        August 29, 2013 at 7:09 am

        Perhaps because I have a low tolerance for paranoid nonsense masquerading as informed fact.

        Trying to use the crowd huh Claude? Very dismissive
        Oldest tactic in the world to let folks know you have no ground to stand on. Again leave politics out of it. I called your group of smith backers a dying breed before, now you’re dead. Let it go. Those two you teamed up with before left you behind. Deal with it. And lets move on to the 2012/13 49ers.

      24. No Claude it’s about facts that scientists and other folks argue that aren’t involved with our crystal clean and truthful government.

        Please see my 7:09 am comment.

        Let’s talk football.

        Says the man who can’t stop posting about Hofer and DS.

      25. MD – I’m with ya, I’m a moderate Repub and I agree there’s some nut job right wingers too (not as many though).
        As for C Balls and Rib, I’ve always respected Claude’s opinions. He’s been a solid contributor in here for a long time…..The only thing me and my pal Rib have in common is, we are both N.Y. Knicks fans.
        I better get back to Niner talk, enough political b.s.

      26. Gentlemen. This is not discourse. This is bringing per-conceived opinions to the forum and trying to shout down other opinions. It’s not particularly helpful for analyzing football, and is symptomatic of current dysfunction in civics.

      27. Got to leave politics out of football. Reason being regardless of party, the current and former administrations are the worst in US history. MD is exactly right their is a New World Order and its been slowly implemented by both parties. I could write for hours on end on this subject that is why politics needs its own place not here on a football forum.

      28. Well, I’ll let the Lyndon Larouche faction to stew in their crazy.

        Meanwhile what were we talking about? Oh, that football related topic of what former posters have been supposedly positively IDed on the Chiefs sites by Jordo, md and MSC (MSC, I’m surprised you are contributing to this sideshow, you are better than that)

    1. That is hilarious, BT.

      I will say that, with Jordan’s head popping up, it’s a pretty easy prediction to make. It’s a little like predicting the weather in Palm Springs in the summer.

  7. Fangio and his highly communicative skills has put an additional light on reasons for Haralson trade. Seems Skuta and the new guys have made Pary’s and his slightly larger contract expendable. They want all three of these guys on the roster so Pary’s was the odd man out.
    That speaks volumes to how good this Defense could be when a proven player like PH is pretty much gifted away to a conference rival. No fears.
    You have to love the depth there and everywhere else on this defense. Brooks has a slight injury and Asamugha steps in. Asa has an injury and Brooks steps in. This portends good things for a long hard season.

  8. Reid as starter is a surprise to me though he has generally looked good. Is that decision really about his learning curve or more about concerns about Dahl and Spillman. I hope it is the prior. Spillman actually looked ok in preseason.

    Reid is going to make mistakes. Plan on it. Whitner will help keep him out of trouble some of the time due to his years of experience – so could be a good tandem in that way. The front seven will certainly help in his transition to the big top.

    1. He seems pretty heady to me. He’ll get attacked, but I think he’ll be OK this year. Now, I think he’ll do the right thing and play this whole season conservatively and next year play with more aggressiveness. Later this season he may be able to step up his game. I like him so far.

  9. Great way to start press conference, from PH to TR. Tom Rathman was a swiss army knife of a full back that BW made very good use of and who gave opposing coaches headaches as described by VF. And now adding to that tool collection he has proven to be a very good running backs coach. And all that for a fortunate Niner Nation.
    Put him up there with the rest in the new stadium, please.

  10. Jack sucks at predictions but he’s pretty good at after-the-fact regurgitation of statistics and other sources that he fails to credit.

    Here are some predictions from me, E, the fookin Nostradamus of this web site:

    • Eric Reid is a 1st ballot HOF free safety
    • Corey Lemonyay will collect 13 sacks
    • Quinton Patton will lead the team in TD receptions
    • Jim Harbaugh’s head will explode

    I was right about Kaep, Smith, Dorsey, Haralson, the draft of Carradine, and Reid starting. I prefer compliments to Benjamins, as I have plenty of money, living here in this phatarse West Village high rise next to Harvey Weinstein and Lloyd Blankfein.

    1. ?????? What happened I thought u were in maui and hated Manhattan.
      E says ” who would want to live in manhattan anyways?”

    1. I dont think so E
      That guy is a predator. he would definitly be pitching. He hung out in the heart of the hood in boston (not Bristol where he is from where it would be understandable). All those people and connections he made to give him the boston hood pass he made as a 20 yr old member of the pats. he was a thug playing football not Plaxico Burris football player pretending to be a thug. Aside from loosing his nice house AH will adapt to life in prison just fine. he is over six feet and 240 lbs and a world class athlete with some conections i dont forsee him being victimised. quite the opposite

      1. Hernandez will fold in prison. I saw how he reacted after Goldson hit him last year. Seems to me his biggest strength is his stupidity…….

      2. Captivating article. Did not have the time but could not put it down.
        Fascinating read about a life spiral downward thanks to family problems at the front, hanging with the wrong crowd at the midway, and then being spoiled rotten by the sports industry infatuated by A H’s play and thus turning a blind eye to a myriad of troubles ranging from dust to murder.
        Belichick looks bad in this. Power corrupts or at least messes with better sensibilities. No wonder Welker took a hike and left bud Brady. Must be difficult being a Pat’s fan in NE right now.

  11. Shefner said in passing he thought Collie would make the 53. I dunno, maybe. I’m guessing not, especially week#1. Take with salt.

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