20 reasons to feel optimistic about the 49ers in 2017


I’m not saying the 49ers will make the playoffs next season. I’m not saying they won’t, either. Here are 20 reasons to feel optimistic about them in 2017.

1. Kyle Shanahan is a major upgrade over former head coach Chip Kelly, who couldn’t build a play-action passing game or make a halftime adjustment. Shanahan can do both.

2. Brian Hoyer is an upgrade over former quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick’s quarterback rating was 90.7 in 2016, while Hoyer’s quarterback rating was 98.

3. Pierre Garcon is the best wide receiver the 49ers have had since Anquan Boldin in 2014. Garcon will catch more than 80 passes next season and be the team’s leading receiver.

4. George Kittle is the best receiving tight end the 49ers have had since Vernon Davis in 2013. Kittle will catch more than 60 passes next season and be the team’s second-leading receiver.

5. Kyle Juszczyk is the best fullback in the NFL. The Niners didn’t even have a fullback last season. Juszczyk will catch more than 40 passes next season and be the team’s third-leading receiver.

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  1. 4. A little too sweet on the Kittle Corn.
    9. Good possibility Kilgore gets cut.
    13. Armstead looks pretty skinny compared to how muscular he looked last year around this time.
    19. The division still has 2 pretty good coaches to face twice in Arians and Carroll.
    20. All NFL games are tough regardless of SOS assessments.

    Two reasons the 49ers will struggle. First time DC and first time HC. Bound to be some growing pains. I honestly don’t see anymore than 6 wins, but I won’t complain if they surprise with 9.

      1. Look at you Mr. Optimism, and some criticize you for just writing hit pieces ;)

        Reed was an athletic freak. Kittle has not been used much in the passing game to this point through College so it will interesting to see if he can take on a big role in that area.

        I don’t think Dumervil at this stage of his career will have the impact you expect. He is better than anyone else we have though.

        While the NFC West is one of the weaker divisions, the Niners are still one of the weaker teams in the league.

        I’m in the same camp as Razor in regards to win predictions. I think 5 maybe 6 max, but the key will be how they look in the second half of the season. Just need to see progress after what is likely to be a slow start.

        1. :)

          Kittle is an athletic freak also. He was a focal point of the passing game during minicamp, more so than Goodwin or Kerley.

          Dumervil is diminished. I’m sure the Niners will limit his snaps to maximize his effectiveness.

          I agree they’ll have a slow start. I anticipate they’ll start the season 4-7, then win the final five games.

          1. It will just be a matter of whether Kittle can handle a role he hasn’t had to fill before. Tough to come in after being under used in College and immediately become a 50+ catch receiver in the NFL.

            A 5 game win streak to finish the season? I don’t see it, but hope you’re right. That would be huge leading into 2018.

              1. Perhaps Shanahan will scheme in a way that leaves Chancellor in poor positions to make plays…

              2. Sure, but the seam route is where we need a consistent presence. Sooner or later, the boom is going to come. Might be better to get it out of the way, giving the survivor confidence moving forward….

            1. Kittle will be an unknown to the other teams in the beginning. there will be teams that may underestimate him. Everyone will eventually get tagged or torched in this league. Hopefully it is Kittle who makes the grab quick so that he can lay the boom and not get left for open.

              1. Good point. Goodwin being a deep threat, will draw attention from one of the Safties. Goodwin will draw attention from LBs if he can excel at slants. I think this is why Shanny liked John Ross, who can do both.

                Garcon and Juice are viable targets, Kerley is decent and Taylor might get reps at X and Z. Get your Kitttlecorn ready!

          2. 9-7 is a tall order. It’s what I have been thinking as well. Although I am betting my nephew 100 caash that the Niners go 8-8 or higher. Their biggest problem will be in teaching the complex offensive playbook, as well as the new defense. That will be rough going.

          3. Interesting, This was my prediction exactly. Shanahan’s offense is complicated and, like Atlanta, they’ll need a year to pick it up. But the last 5 or 6 games of the season will start to show the benefits of the new system. Next year could be incredibly exciting, maybe not SuperBowl but serious playoff action to give us all hope!

    1. Agree w/Razor, but I’d be happy with 6 wins. Then a 8-9 win 2nd year and we’ll have a much better idea of the rebuild success. No playoffs in 3 years…not a good start.

  2. Grant, nice article. Like you I’m optimistic, but let’s first see how they play against Carolina at home and Seattle there.

    1. Grant likes the 49ers over the Panthers. Although the 49ers have had a great opening day winning record for years, the Panthers have historically had the 49ers number. I think we suffer our first opening day loss in many seasons….

    2. Cam is coming off surgery on his throwing shoulder. The scheduling gods gave us Carolina early. Hit Cam early and often.

      1. All they gotta do is match up McCaffrey or Samuel against Bowman, and have Newton dump it off 10 yards downfield.

        1. I worry about Olsen versus Bowman too. Tough game but winnable. Benjamin showed up fat, another reason why I’m happy we got Carolina early.

  3. 4. Kittle will catch 60 passes? I’m thinking 30 to 45, but he has 60+ potential, maybe not this year though.
    7 and 8. I hope so. They have been working hard.
    10. Bibbs over Breida? Breida has looked good.
    13. Armstead better improve against the run or he’ll be a rotational player. Lucky for him and the team, Foster will be there to clean up Arik’s messes.
    18. I didn’t know that Robinson has bulked up. Thanks for the info.

    Great column! There’s a lot to like about this team.

    1. Not surprised. He said it himself that the reason he plays football is for the money. He’d rather be a track star but he’s not sure he could earn that kind of money outside the NFL.

  4. Nice article, but I think you could have used the words “if”, “should” and “may” more often than you did. All going well, this team could be considerably better. Maybe.

    1. Very Good article! I was optimistic last year, No matter how good Coach Kyle and his staff will or will not be, Time is needed to Gell and I am not convinced we have the OL , QB or WR for the long haul, Good draft and veteran adds but I am concerned if we go 10 and six and then flame out in the first round, I would prefer Razors and Rocket prediction of six wins or less so we can get high draft picks at least for one more year, But no gurantees with the slow and steady approach either. I just hope we can all be patient, because Lynch and Kyle is a breath of fresh air. Excited to see what we have on the D and see how this Offence will be built!

      Contrast of last year being at two games at Levi’s and watching the void of talent which reminded me of watching the team in 1977 and 78 at the stick with my grandfather. Hope we are on the right track!

      1. Lynch got some extra draft picks that would allow us to move up in the draft, if need be. If we went with 10 wins you would have free agents clamoring to come here. Especially the premium offensive players. This team has the potential to go far this year and by being able to rest some of the older veterans will help things along. I don’t think Grants 9 win season is out of the question. I can understand the pessimism after the past couple of years, but it could be up hill from here. If Shanny does better than 2 & 14 his first year, he would have out done Bill Walsh. Whether he can beat Walsh’s overall win record or come close to the number of SB wins is an entirely different matter. Hope is eternal.

  5. GRANT. Absolutely love your optimism.
    I agree with most of what you have to say,except kittle,and paulsen.1).Kittle has never been blown up by NFL talent or had to block NFL talent.we’ve basically seen underwear practice,I can catch everything in sight in shorts,also I’m a great blocker when the other guy is not hitting me with pads and trying to earn a job on a NFL roster.2).Paulsen is a good blocker,but so is Vmac not much of a drop off in my opinion,but Vmac is much more athletic and a huge target and a better receiving option.Despite the hate,Vmac has everything you want in a TE,he was seriously set back under harbs,only wanted him to block, very few opportunities to hone his receiving skills for 2 plus years.He has also been getting better since he’s had chance. 3).
    I personally think Hyde will be great this year.

  6. Grant,
    Excellent article. I have a couple of questions and I differ with a couple of your statements
    #4 I hope you are correct but I feel you may be jumping the gun with your Kittle prediction. Lets at least get into camp before we crown him.
    #5 I don’t believe Jurzczyk will be 3rd in receptions, I think it will be Kerely with over 50 catches.
    #15 I have a feeling Dumervil may be done
    #’s 7 and 8 are you predicting a slimmer Brown and Garnett or is it your observation that they look slimmer?

    1. Thanks, Old Coach.

      4. Jordan Reed averaged 7.5 targets and 5 catches per game as a rookie under Shanahan. I think Kittle will average 6 targets and 4 catches per game.
      5. Kerley was a starting receiver last season in a three-wide-receiver offense. I think he’ll play less in 2017. I predict he and Goodwin will catch about 30 passes each.
      15. Dumervil may be done. I think they’ll try to keep him fresh and use him only on third-and-medium and third-and-long.
      Brown and Garnett look slimmer and the O-line coach said they’re losing weight.

      1. This was fun. So do you have a counter article on 20 reasons why we should be skeptical ? I would enjoy the counter point.

        1. I’ll start it if someone else wants to finish.

          1. First time HC with new system that will also be calling the plays. Big plate for a rookie HC.
          2. First time DC with new system inherits the leagues worst defense.
          3. Roster overall will take time to develop coherence.
          4. OL was the worst in the league last year, and will be on a learning curve.
          5. Secondary has two injury prone players, and no proven intimidator.
          6. Hoyer is a stop gap quarterback that’s better than Kaepernick, but that’s not saying much.
          7. Strength of schedule early won’t garner more than 2 wins. It’s not until week 13 at the Bears where they could go on a 3 game winning streak.

          1. 8. Ward is either a bad fit for FS or gets injured with no real back up.
            9. Our DB’s can’t play Single coverage in the new system
            10. No proven (Lynch, Harold, Armstead) or relevant (Dumervil) edge rush
            11. RB’s don’t pick up KS’s outside zone. Look great in shorts and tshirts but not in pads. Williams requests a trade after he doesn’t beat Hyde out because he can’t pass block.
            12. Small WR’s get jammed at the line and pushed off their routes.
            13. Goodwin still can’t catch . No deep threat so the play action passing is limited.
            14. Saleh gets in over his head ad DC despite the new scheme.

            1. 15. Hoyer and Barkley get injured leaving us with the Rookie
              16. Like Rocket says the rookie TE doesn’t make the leap to 60 catches.

              1. 19. Run defense still gives up 200 yards.
                20. No Kaep. He signs elsewhere and takes the league by storm, while all the present Niner QBs struggle.

              2. 19) Too many rookies starting. They will make mistakes as they transition to the NFL and savvy NFL veterans will exploit the youth on the team.

                20) injuries to key players show the lack of experience and depth of the team.

              3. Seb… Keap will not be ‘taking the league by storm’ this year, not through his performance on the field anyway. Dream on cupcake!

              4. Cassie, once attrition hits the league, some team will be desperate for a decent QB. Kaep is the top FA QB still on the market, and some team will be pleasantly surprised when they sign him.
                Kaep is a SB QB who has a 4-2 road playoff record and has set running records in the playoffs. Some team will want to win so much, they will sign Kaep, and he has all the skills to take the league by storm, again.

              5. Seb… No taking the league by storm by way of Kaep. Could have a total eclipse however…

          2. 8. There’s likely not a competent CB opposite Robinson. Opposing teams will beat on that drum until it forces the Niners into Nickel or Dime on every down.
            9. Hoyer can’t throw well outside the hashmarks. There’s a certain Honey Badger waiting for the first time Hoyer tries a sideline throw to his side of the field.

  7. Wow, this optimism is still shocking my body. Good article.

    And Navarro Bowman is the best LB the 49ers have had since Patrick Willis. This guy gives it all and your bias towards him isn’t warranted.

  8. Grant’s O-Line summary was all I needed to confirm my 9-7 Niner prognostication.

    I’ll go even further to make this a stone cold lock of a prediction based on the Josh Robinson signing..

    Was a 1000 yd + RB in the SEC. Those Runs vs. LSU were no joke when seen dragging SEC opponents across the gridiron who dared to tackle him.
    That one handed 20 yard downfield catch was no joke either….The only thing missing is elite speed, but that’s okay because:

    1. We have backs who can be subpackaged for their speed.
    2. This type of back is only asked to move the chains–keep drives going.
    3. If the 49ers need a quick strike, they now have quick strike capability with the fastest group of WR’s in the NFL.
    4. Hoyer can play the long, intermediate or dink and dunk game because of this pack, so all of the 49ers football field dimensions are covered–horizontal, vertical, blending the two, whatever, they are certainly not a North/South, 2 yds and a cloud of dust operation anymore.
    5. Cole Hikutini and especially Kittle have done well, showing up in local sports pages regarding their abilities to find the soft spot in zone coverage, only enhancing the WCO’s short passing game, until defenses get so pissed off they creep up to a 7 man front, and one of the 49ers blazers gets behind them….Only now, we have a man who doesn’t miss the deep ball 97% like last years losers.

    49ers, 9-7 in 2017

  9. http://washington.cbslocal.com/2017/07/10/you-like-that-how-a-catchphrase-could-be-holding-up-cousins-contract-talks/

    The quarterback used his marketability for the common good in Dec. 2015 by slapping his ‘You Like That’ catchphrase onto some t-shirts — of which he sold thousands — and donated the proceeds entirely to the International Justice Mission.

    One might wonder if that catchphrase, which was wildly popularized along the Redskins’ 2015 run to the playoffs, could have alternatively been used to move team merchandise for a profit. However, that would have been challenging, as Cousins quickly filed for a trademark of the phrase and marketed it philanthropically.

  10. To drive my main points home supporting my 49er 9-7, 2017 record, a repeat of points 3 and 4 , a video demonstratin how defenses can’t ignore our passing game–key on the run only, anymore:

    3. If the 49ers need a quick strike, they now have quick strike capability with the fastest group of WR’s in the NFL.
    4. Hoyer can play the long, intermediate or dink and dunk game because of this pack, so all of the 49ers football field dimensions are covered–horizontal, vertical, blending the two, whatever, they are certainly not a North/South, 2 yds and a cloud of dust operation anymore.

    https://www.sbnation.com/lookit/2015/11/1/9654886/rams-have-so-little-respect-for-colin-kaepernick-they-leave-receivers (Wide Open).

  11. No Huddle Podcast: 49ers rookie Cole Hikutini discusses his role in the wide-open tight end race
    July 10, 2017 at 12:18 PM • 0 comments
    By Site Staff

    Cole Hikutini was a priority for the San Francisco 49ers to sign following the 2017 NFL Draft and he has a great opportunity in front of him to earn snaps in the team’s wide-open tight end race. Hikutini talks with Al and Zain about his journey and expectations for the upcoming season.

    Find out what the competition is like within that group of tight ends … the guys break down the tight end position group and make predictions on who will make the final 53-man roster.


  12. Grant,
    Those are all valid points. I am anticipating a 7-9 record but a 8-8 record is feasible.
    I’m hoping that you are not going to follow this one up with “17 Reasons to be Pessimistic about the Niners 2017”!
    Nice to see Hoyer planning workouts in TX before TC commences. I chuckled at one of his recent comments:
    “Hoyer said, “Chicks dig the long ball. Anytime you throw a deep ball, everybody gets pumped up.” ”
    ( http://www.sacbee.com/sports/nfl/san-francisco-49ers/article157133429.html#storylink=cpy )

  13. Is Joe Williams Kyle Shanahan’s next promising rookie running back?

    A good rushing attack will take some weight off quarterback Brian Hoyer’s shoulders, while controlling the tempo of games will benefit San Francisco’s defense that played more snaps than any other in 2016.

    Williams has speed (4.41 at the combine) and explosiveness that fits well within Shanahan’s outside zone running scheme. Now Williams has a fresh start and a chance to contribute as a rookie given Hyde’s injury history.

    Then there’s this from Pro Football Focus: Top Rookie Running Backs in last 10 Years:

    Top rookie RB seasons of the PFF era: Alfred Morris-2012; Steve Slaton-2008; Adrian Peterson-2007; Ezekiel Elliot-2016; Eddie Lacy-2013.

    Why is this important ?……The top two running backs on that list were on rookies on Shanahan’s offense.


  14. Agree with your analysis. Anytime you replace Trent Baalke and Chip Kelly with John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan there should be a significant upgrade. What did they get rid of 30 players or so off season? And replaced with speed and athleticism?? Add a superior Offensive scheme, a better defensive plan, better coaches, players etc. They look no worse than 6-10 with 9-7 not out of the realm.. Much better everything this season..

  15. I am optimistic every year, will wait till after pre-season to make a realistic attempt at their record. I think the offense will be decent to good out the gate, the defense is what I need to see.

  16. I wasn’t aware the current Niner regime was high on Garnett they were “counting on him to be one of the best players on the offense.”

    Is this reasoned extrapolation, direct word from staff, or both?

    1. When we spoke to the O line coach a month ago, he sounded very confident in Garnett. Called him a “good football player, the kind of guy we want to have around.”

  17. A well written, thought out piece Grant but all those optimistic thoughts lack one thing, cohesion.

    None of those guys have played together in this system with this coaching staff.

    That’s why the 49ers won’t win more than 5 games.

    1. Just fyi, I believe they’re cousins and I know they spend time together- probably not too much venom in his words…… but the AFC West is going to be a very good division again.

      1. let’s hold off re: the hypothetical superiority comparisons of current or former qb’s….if the Oline and running game aren’t going to be at least partially dominating, the passing game won’t get out of the gate.
        Things should be a bit clearer once pads ore on and hitting starts for both lines…and we see just how much the new Oline is on top of things, L-O-S control and scheme wise.

      2. Based on what? Hoyer isnt better than Kaep in any system, Im tired of hearing it and refuse to be a sheep. Maybe once I see Hoyer actually demonstrate this on the field I’ll have a dif opinion……
        If Hoyer is so much better, why is Shanny feaful of bringn in Kaep and letn him compete…..answer is because a finally healthy Kaep would take Hoyers job in tc. Not sure what causes me more grief these days, trump as prez or Hoyer as our QB….smh.

        1. Geez, the only thing Shanahan is fearful of is starting a QB that can’t put pressure on the defense with his arm. QBs like Kap, RGIII, and Manziel.

          If you think Kap is a better fit in this system than Hoyer, then you must be using alternative facts.

          The WCO requires quick decision making, quick release, and going through progressions. Kap has none of these traits.

          Take it from Walsh.


          “To become a great quarterback, there must be instincts and intuition.”

          Kap has neither.

          “Still, if he can’t pass, he obviously won’t be a good quarterback either.”

          That sounds like Kap,

          “Arm strength is somewhat misleading. Some players can throw 80 yards, but they aren’t good passers.”

          Again, sounds like Kap.

          1. More from Walsh.

            “Good passing has to do with accuracy, timing, and throwing a ball with touch so it is catchable.”

            When has Kap ever done those three things consistently?

            “This all involves understanding a system, the receivers in the system, and having great anticipation.”

            Kap struggled to learn Chip’s college offense. You think he could learn Kyle’s complex offense?

            “A quick delivery , one that is not telegraphed to help the defense, gives the quarterback an advantage when he finds his intended target.”

            Kap has a llong, slow throwing motion. He telegraphs his passes by staring down his receiver. That’s why he applies for a visor.

            “Touch is important, especially in a medium range passing game.”

            Almost everything is a fastball with Kap.

            “The ability to read defenses is not something that players have learned to a high degree coming out of college.

            Kap is QB illiterate.

            1. And finally, one more pearl of wisdom from Walsh.

              “The single trait that separates great quarterbacks from good quarterbacks is the ability to make the great, spontaneous decision, especially at a crucial time.”

              So how did Kap do at a crucial time in the SB?


              “Not once in the three pass plays does Kaepernick look to his left, and even on the final play there is a chance Delanie Walker is available when he turns around right on the goal line.”

              But Kap can run right? Yes. He can run the ball, but he can’t run an offense. Especially the most complicated offense in the league.

              1. Walker was open twice. Davis three times. We had the game won if he had any sort of QB competency.

              2. 80. I beg to differ. Yes, he did not win the SB, but maybe Crabtree should not have demanded the ball 3 times when he was not open.
                I certainly saw a competent QB when he had competent players surrounding him, but with an O line that was one of the worst in the league, cut couch potato RBs and the worst WRs in the league, he did not excel.
                You may disparage his play, but that would mean you have to ignore his 4-2 road playoff record, and the records he set running in the playoffs. He may have a throwing action longer than Marino, but he still gets the ball off, and has made jaw dropping throws. You can diss him all you want, but I saw a player who last year actually had decent numbers despite being on a 2-14 team.
                Kaep, being a dual threat QB, makes the defense have to defend against both the run and pass every play, so that is inherently more dangerous than having an immobile QB. My beef is that they forced him to be only a pocket passer, and did not allow him to play to his strengths. Coupled with that, putrid O line play only succeeded to get him sacked so many times, he needed 3 surgeries. Baalke set him up to fail because he wanted to purge the Niners of every last vestige of JH, and no QB will succeed with the GM stabbing him in the back.
                So, what kind of QB do I see? I see a QB who has a cannon of an arm, yet can throw with touch over the LBs and in front of the safeties. He is elusive in the pocket, and can shrug off arm tackles. He is so fast, he can out run the safeties, and once put his foot on the half yard line, then sprinted up field untouched for a TD. He was the first QB to throw for 10,00 yards and run for 4,000 yards in college, has shown to be an intuitive leader and he has shown that he can set playoff records, something the present Niner QBs can only dream of. In fact, Hoyer wants to forget all about his lone playoff game, when he fell apart and threw the ball like the DBs were the intended receivers. Barkley has never even sniffed the playoffs.
                One play that exemplifies his skillsets happened in the 2013 NFCC Game. He rolled away from the pass rush, moved towards the line of scrimmage that discombobulated the defense so they totally ignored the receivers. Then before he reached the line of scrimmage, he flicked his wrist and threw a TD pass to Boldin, over the fingertips of Earl Thomas. ET has said that Kaep is a very good QB, just like Pete Carroll, who said Kaep could lead his team to championships. I will take their assessment over the peanut gallery, every day, and twice on Sunday.
                Before that NFCC Game, I wrote that Kaep should face one way, while looking in the other direction. Too bad he did not take my advice, because he would have seen a wide open receiver in the end zone.
                He ran the Pistol in college, so he can think quick on his feet, and process information quickly. That game against Boise St. , when he willed his team to victory against a superiorly talented squad, convinced me that he can not only play in the NFL, he can be a leader.
                BTW, that complicated KS offense was too complicated in the SB, and they should have just run the ball in the second half with a huge lead, instead of trying to be cute.

              3. Dilfer was lucky to be on a team that had an elite defense. Ray Lewis threatened to eviscerate Dilfer if he threw the ball. Joan in accounting could have won that game.

        2. Based on ****ing reality, dude. I’m guessing you think his stats last year prove he’s a good QB. The only thing they prove is Kelly can take a crap QB and dink-and-dunk with his extremely simplified college passing game under coverage in a super-low risk offense and inflate a QB rating. All I see is a middle-of-the-pack scrub lord:

          Mark Sanchez: 88.4
          Colin Kaepernick: 90.1
          NicK Foles : 119.2

          Meanwhile, when he has to run a real NFL offense, he falls apart. He was 76.9 QB rating for the rest of the season when Harbaugh ****-canned the read-option mid-2014 and went pro-style. He was 78.5 in Chryst’s quick-hitting scheme in 2015 and finally got benched for Blaine “All Time Jaguar Bust” Gabbert.

          Last year, I didn’t bother to do. There was no point as it was obvious to all but the kool-aid drinkers why he was ‘successful’ (extremely low INT rate) while failing to come anywhere close to NFL performance standards in accuracy at any depth on the field.

          1. Wow, Sebs!!!!!!! One of your longest sermons yet!

            For kap, it’s “HASTA LA VISTA, BABY”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        3. Shanny’s fearful because he’s a known coward…and this is known throughout the league. Shanny’s also known for being a bit slow with respect to offense-but they would soar to heights never seen on the planet if they would just sign Kap!
          (…who hasn’t done krap in several years……….but that’s all somebody else’s fault. He’s a victim.)

    1. Actually, he is. Kaepernick has only been successful while being a roll-out passer in the read option. As soon as you drag him into the pocket, his QB rating plummets. THis is unlike other running QBs we see, like Russell Wilson and Tyrod Taylor who are highly competent from the pocket.

      Wilson needs no back-patting from me, but Taylor, despite being a running QB, is becoming a good pocket passer. Last year Taylor was 65.6% with 93.5 QB rating while having to throw to the crappy Buffalo WRs from the pocket.

      That’s why Taylor is still in the NFL. And people who aren’t stuck in the past over some junk-offense stats generated in the hey-day of the read-option offense have moved on.

  18. Following players on hand in Texas for Camp Hoyer –
    Quartbacks Brian Hoyer, Matt Barkley, C.J. Beathard and Nick Mullens.
    Receivers Victor Bolden Jr., Kendrick Bourne, DeAndre Carter, Marquise Goodwin, Jeremy Kerley, Aldrick Robinson, DeAndre Smelter and Trent Taylor.
    Tight ends ColevHikutini, George Kittle and Vance McDonald.
    Running back Kapri Bibbs.

    – Matt Barrows


    1. Very unfortunate that RBs Breida and Williams aren’t there. Those two have not demonstrated competent catching skills, so definitely something they need to work on if they want any playing time.

      And telling that Burbridge and Celek aren’t there. Guess they have already written off any chance they had to make the team.

  19. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.
    If turnips were watches, I’d wear one by my side.
    If “if’s” and “and’s” were pots and pans,
    There’d be no work for tinkers’ hands.

    The Oxford Dictionary of Nursery Rhymes

    We’ll see…

  20. Numbers 3, 4, 5 and 6 are all based on how #2 plays out. Numbers 2, 7, 8 and 9 are all based on #1. Numbers 15, 16, 17 and 18 will have to play out. They could b right, but they could b wrong also. And this will all come together because of #21. We have a head coach, a GM, a scouting staff and an organization as a whole on the same page. Remember , it is not about the best 53, it is about the right 53.

    1. You ever watch Star Trek (TOS). Mirror Mirror is the episode you need to see. Just picture him with a Goatee. It’ll all make sense…

    2. Given the principle of yin and yang, for every positive article, an abomination waits–it’s the interconnected balance thing.

  21. The main reason the Niners will do better, Baalke was fired, and Lynch fell into their laps.
    Lynch is on the same page with KS, and both are rowing in the same direction.
    Lynch helped assemble a decent coaching staff, with no Brown’s DCs or disc jockeys.
    Lynch is aggressive signing Free Agents, and recently signed Josh Robinson. He signed battle hardened and battle tested WRs, and made deep depth in all positions.
    Lynch put on his Trader Bill Hat, and hit a grand slam in the draft.
    Lynch has changed the culture, and hopefully the new mindset will lead to winning.

    1. Seb you are so modest. Come now, you’ve crowed in the recent past that Lynch gets his football moxie from reading your posts. Care to crow again?

      1. Well, I did say that the Niners should concentrate on signing FA WRs, because they are battle hardened and battle tested, while college WRs would do best by sitting, studying hard, and working out to get stronger. College WRs tend to get injured if thrown to the wolves too early.
        I also said that Lynch should advertise the fact that they are in the business to trade back, so he could get teams to start bidding against each other. Did Lynch do that?
        Before the draft, I said that the Niners should trade back, garner additional picks, and still get the player they coveted. Did Lynch succeed to do that?
        I advocated that the Niners should spend a later draft pick to move up and get the player they coveted. They did not do it once, but 3 times.
        When I advocated that the Niners should trade back and obtain 2018 second and third round picks, then see the Niners do exactly that, you may dismiss that as only an amazing coincidence. I do not.
        Yes, just before the draft, I advocated that Lynch should put on his Trader Bill Hat, be aggressive and have fun. Maybe I was wrong, because he put on his Trader John Hat.

        1. Seb, I knew you wouldn’t let us down. Good for you! Step up and take credit for 9er advancements, and especially Lynch’s GM abilities. Bravo!!

            1. How about the part where Kap was destined to come back because Lynch and Shanny were too smart to let a “SB QB walk away”?

              4 months later, nothing.

              Oh wait, this dream has yet to be determined according to Sebnnoying. There is still time to September 11th.

              1. Gotta love the Sebs! There is no other like him!!

                Man, what I wouldn’t do for a good old fashioned Seb-style tongue lashing!

  22. There could also be a completely unforeseen surprise, like Bruce Ellington lighting it up in the preseason, making the roster, staying healthy and being a factor. But they already have Goodwin and Robinson, so I doubt even if he plays well in preseason he makes the team.

    We could also get much better cornerback play than anyone seems to be expected from a combination of all the guys we have. Williams was good with Cleveland before he got hurt. Redmond was a 3rd round pick with an injury, so if he was worth that pick, he would have possibly been a second rounder otherwise (but Baalke was terrible, so take that with a grain of salt).

    Finally, I think upgrading from Kilgore to Zuttah will be huge in both the passing and running game. Kilgore really seemed to be overmatched last year.

    1. This offense will only go as far as the re-shuffled Oline and new backfield does to give play action game a shot.
      If this works up front with consistent 1+2 down running yds avg, then the multi weapon matchup nightmare for opposing dc’s can take shape.
      This suggests stronger scrutiny of new Oline and backs performance in upcoming camp.
      And, on other side of ball, Dbacks and linebacker coverage performance another big indicator of potential team success in 1st half of season.

  23. A lot still remains to be seen. Like the optimism but I have to believe that doubling last year’s win total will be a vast improvement. Anything beyond would be icing on the cake. I see 4 win maybe 5 win season at this point.

    Kittle has yet to play a down of NFL football so his superiority is still very much in question. Paulson may be a decent blocker but among the best in NFL?

    Pierre Garçon is the best WR we have had since AB but Randy Moss was the best WR we had had since T Owens and look how that turned out. Someone made the comment that it all depends on QB play. So a lot is riding on KS offense being effective in Hoyer’s hands. I don’t see Hoyer as a top 10 QB. He’s decent but no more can be said of him. Will he be able to do well against very good defenses in the NFC West?

    By the way the offenses in the NFC West aren’t very good but the defenses are pretty good still so the 49ers better be able to generate offense, especially in the red zone.

    Surprised you didn’t show any love for Trent Taylor, Grant? Everyone of the writers seems to think he is the coming of Wes Welker or Edelman. I remain skeptical of college players in transition. A lot has to go right for them to make a big splash in the NFL. Remember how everyone thought Garnett would be a beast and Arik Armstead would tear defenses apart? Or that BB and AA would be a double headed beast?

    As Moses said if wishes were horses….

  24. Lots of hedging and hoping in this article.
    And nobody enjoys pronouncements of doom.
    But what if this team and its management
    produce another 2-14 season? It’s entirely
    possible, given the many, many uncertainties
    of the lines, the running game, the receiving
    corps, and at QB. If Staley and/or Hoyer
    and/or Hyde go down, how much different
    is this club from last year’s? And how
    optimistic will we all be for 2018?

    1. I think this team, with the 24 FAs signed, has improved enough to be competitive.
      Staley may be a problem if he goes down, but Hoyer may not even win the starting job, and the Niners have an embarrassment of riches at RB, so Hyde may be supplanted. I am intrigued by Josh Robinson.
      Lynch signed several O linemen, so they cannot help to improve, because they were one of the worst in the league last season. The WRs have improved by signing all those battle hardened and battle tested WRs. They actually now have speed at WR.

  25. “So you mean we’ve got a chance?” LOL
    It’s a fine article. I won’t quibble over a couple of takes.
    I find it interesting that Grant’s guesses are very different than the general consensus of sports media which seems to have SF ranked at the very bottom of the League at around #30-31. I’m seeing predictions that the Rams finish ahead of the Niners. So it will be interesting to watch play out. We’d like to hope that our local scribes can spot things good or bad that others miss. We can’t really accuse Grant of Homerism! : -)
    Perhaps the biggest factor in the range of opinions hinges on Hoyer. Grant and a few other writers and commenters have pointed to some measures that might support Shanny choosing him a the bridge QB. Others can’t choke that down.
    I’ve been guessing all along at a 5-6 win season, possible 7 if they can mount a good closing run. I’ll stay with that for now. It’s hard to extrapolate too much from PreSeason games, but I’d like to engage the old eyeball test.

    1. Bro
      “It’s hard to extrapolate too much from PreSeason games, but I’d like to engage the old eyeball test.”

      I defiantly believe in the “old eyeball test” way more then I do a bunch of stats. My eyes are old (not as old as HT’s ) and ‘these eyes’ (three dog night?) saw problems with the defense during last year’s pre season games.

      1. Nothing like seeing in order to believe. I always felt that a player who shall remain unmentioned generally filed this test.

      1. And we all hope Seb posts 40+ different draft scenarios so he can claim credit if he gets a pick right. Go Seb!!

        1. Sebby, you son of a gun!!!!!!!!! You are a Raider fan-on a 9er blog!!!!!
          Why, you $@#$$G$#$@!#$&%%%$%&$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. Saw, maybe you are clueless, but if they pick last, it just meant that they won the SB.
            Calling me a Raiders fan is an insult.

            1. if they pick last, it just meant that they won the SB.

              Not necessarily. Teams move up and down the draft order via trade. Have you forgotten the advice you gave the front office already?

  26. Not really a good sign when your fullback is your teams 3rd leading receiver, no matter of how good he is and besides, we are not talking about Roger Craig here. I like Juszczyk’s versatility but there was too many additions brought in in the wr/te corps.
    Juszczyk will be a weapon but to keep saying he is the best fullback in the NFL …is that really saying anything in a league that has all but done away with fullbacks?

  27. I’ll stand by my previous forecast, which mirrors others on this blog. 49ers will be 8-8 or 9-7 in 2017, major rebound for the well-hashed out reasons above, improved in every area of play on O and D with the possible exception of the kicking game. They could slide in as a dangerous wild card team this year, but I think play offs are much more likely next season as the new offensive scheme really comes together with multi-layered talent.

  28. Good write up. Got me fired up. BUT if Kittle catches over 60 passes I will send you a gift card to your favorite restaurant for a dinner for 2. I think you’re setting this kid up to fail. He’s a rookie playing in a new offense with a bad QB. Let him be a rookie.

  29. NN article: Arkansas offensive lineman with big compliment for Reuben Foster at SEC Media Day

    “Foster is a big tackler with a nose for the ball, and one former competitor pointed out just how great he was at it. The SEC is holding a multi-day media event in preparation for the upcoming college football season, and Arkansas center Frank Ragnow was extremely complimentary of Foster. He said the Alabama linebacker was the best defensive player he had faced to date, and that his ability to know what was coming was ‘freaky.'”


      1. I will say that Joe is kinda conservative, and is letting his emotions cloud his judgement.
        Joe was the one of the first and biggest player to cross the picket line during the strike, so he is for the management all the way. That created hard feelings, and it took Keena Turner to soothe the waters and put that controversy behind the team in the locker room.
        I will take the opinion of Pete Carroll, JH, and Earl Thomas.

    1. I love Joe, but he is wrong with his facts. He says if a QB has a 40% completion percentage, he will not be playing in the league, but Kaep had a 59.2% rate, and it would have been higher with less drops.
      He also mentioned the locker room angle, but Kaep won the Len Eshmont award, which relates to courageous and inspirational play. That hardly sounds like a locker room distraction.

      1. What a surprise. You think you know more than Joe, the NFL and every right minded fan.
        I know this blog is your life but you need help Seb.

  30. Reasons to feel optimistic: Niner Kicker nails 80 yard FG.

    This puts him on the Kaepernick planet of glitterous 4-2 playoff road performances or 100 + yards in a playoff game.

    But all that glitters is not gold. We all know the NFL is a what have you done for me lately league.

    CassieBaalke pointed this out above with her Joe Monatana point:

    Joe Montana casts shadow of doubt on Colin Kaepernick’s NFL career

    Sporting News • 4 hrs

  31. 49er Super Bowl, 24 January 1982 — Top five rock/pop hits at the time…

    1 PHYSICAL Olivia Newton-John
    3 CENTERFOLD The J. Geils Band
    4 I CAN’T GO FOR THAT (No Can Do) Daryl Hall and John Oates
    5 HARDEN MY HEART Quarterflash

    1. I was at Camp Pendleton then. Top 5 Metal Bands at the time with their songs played on KNAC…

      1. Iron Maiden makes Bruce Dickinson their lead singer, releases Number Of The Beast, Run To The Hills hit single.
      2. Judas Priest reach their pinnacle with the release of Screaming For Vengeance, Another Thing Coming hit single.
      3. Scorpions release Blackout, No One Like You hit single.
      4. Accept release Restless And Wild, Fast As A Shark hit single.
      5. Ozzy releases live album with Brad Gillis filling in for the recently deceased *Randy Rhodes, Speak At The Devil, while Black Sabbath releases Live Evil with Ronnie Dio having taken over for Ozzy for the last couple of years. Speak At The Devil rated higher in the USA, while Live Evil rated higher in the UK.

      *Randy Rhodes is killed in March of ’82 and a little piece of me died as well.

    1. I really hated the fact that Baalke did not work hand-in-hand with the head coaches during the draft. At the same time, I don’t necessarily want the GM and HC to be singing Kumbaya after each meeting. Sounds like Lynch and Shanahan are off to a good start (some friction and questioning, but able to work through it to yield a good result – a sort of iron sharpens iron in the FO).

      If we don’t get him, I’ll be sick,” Shanahan said of Joe Williams the night before Day Three of the draft. “I will be contemplating Joe Williams all night.”

      While Shanahan was infatuated with the running back, Lynch had removed him from the 49ers’ draft board. It took campaigning from Shanahan and a phone call to Williams to change his mind. Williams had quit the Utah football team prior to the 2016 season. It was a decision that did not sit well with the 49ers general manager. Williams explained that his reasoning was due to the long-present grief that the running back carried due to the death of his sister at a younger age. The conversation was enough to get the 49ers to draft Williams in the fourth round.

      1. Its good to have a different range of ideas and its good to see Lynch getting a player that KS seemed bent on getting even though he wasn’t on Lynch’s radar.

        1. What’s funny is I had taken him off my board, while Grant played the role of Shanny, as he pounded the table for him.

    1. So, Mr Rice seems to have not taken Seb’s advice on catching the ball and then immediately dropping to the ground in the fetal position.
      Nor John Taylor.
      Nor T.O.
      Nor Bill Walsh.

      1. Nor Trent Taylor.
        Nor Kyle Shanahan.


        “I thought he was as good at the slot role as anyone that we were looking at in the draft,” Shanahan said after drafting Taylor. “I thought what impressed me the most about him, besides the separation ability, is that when he did get the ball in his hands, he ran angry and pissed off. He got up the field. He’s not scared to get hit. He’s a very competitive, violent runner and those are the guys to me who keep you on the field and move the chains.”

        1. Yup, move the chains. If a WR is past the first down marker, and is about to be bludgeoned, he should protect himself and protect the ball. He still will get a new set of downs, with no risk of injury or losing the ball. That is why they let the QB slide feet first.
          You make it sound like a WR should fall down every play, but if he is free and clear, and has no one to stop him, he should score.

            1. In the last Super Bowl, Taylor Gabriel caught the ball past the first down marker, and immediately fell to the turf. Maybe you should watch the games more carefully.

          1. No. YOU are the only one saying anyone should wussy out and give up on a play. Is that how JR made the HoF? No, the opposite.
            Once again, driving the wrong way in traffic without a clue.

            1. No, you may say that a player is a wuss if he falls down to prevent the safety from delivering a big hit that might put him out of the game and causing a fumble, but I will say that it is smart to keep the chains moving while lessening the chance for injury.
              Once again, comparing JR, the greatest player to play the game to last season’s WRs, is not only driving the wrong way, it is driving drunk.

              1. Playing passive football will only result in injury. Again, you’ve never played the game making that type of comment. In fact, not even sure you know what American football is. Its football, not soccer. You might be confused as to which sport we are talking about.

            2. Hey Brotha, didn’t the Rams receivers under Martz do that all the time? The reason I ask is, because I still have embers of irritation stemming from my recollection of watching them….

      2. Also sad to see how Seifert and Walsh “forced” Steve Young to become a pocket passer rather than rely on his natural gifts and talents. If only they had vision like others on this site…

        1. Indeed. The 9ers could have snagged another 3-4 SB victories easy. I’m heartbroken how Walsh and Seifert forced Young (The Tank…) into a pit. Sheathing their most potent weapon ever.

          1. In your zeal to oppose me, you just put your foot in your mouth. Steve Young stayed in the pocket and took the big hits, but that shortened his playing career. He stood in the pocket on his last play, and took a hit that almost killed him.

            1. So now you are saying Steve Young’s career was shortened because he was a pocket passer? Not because all the hits he took running the ball or that Phillips missed a block?
              Meanwhile, he went on to a HOF career because Walsh changed his game making him a passer first.

              Seb, get serious.

            2. Seb, that was that POS Phillips’ fault, as it was his responsibility to block Williams. The pocket is the safest spot on the field for the quarterback. Not an opinion, but fact….

            3. Missed the point…again. The point was that Young was incredibly effective in the pocket (where Walsh and Seifert preferred him to be on most plays). Mobility in the pocket and the ability to roll out (on designed roll outs) and run (on designed runs) brought even more to the 9er offense. His mastery of the pocket is where he really lifted the 9er offense and made his career. Lawrence Philips misses a block on a blitzing DB…

              Oh, and check this, Young gets hurt on a roll out…


              1. Yes, a QB should stay in the pocket and deliver the ball to his playmakers, but when the O line is putrid, and is ranked as one of the lowest in the league, maybe they need to make adjustments.
                You are assuming that Fahnhorst, Quillen Ayers, Cross and Audick are still playing.
                You miss the point that Young was extremely fortunate to have Bill Walsh tear him down, then build him up into a competent QB. It also helped to sit behind the best QB in the history of the game to study for years. Kaep had a DJ QB coach who told him the side line pass is always open and to throw 15% softer.

              2. wasn’t Kelly suppose to re-invent Kap? You said he was the perfect coach who had the right system to make CK great again?
                At the end of the day if the player does not want to change or capable of changing, he gets ousted. Cannot coach players who don’t want to be coached. That’s why he remains unsigned.

        2. Steve Young was a mobile QB, and used his legs to become a dual threat. He also had Jerry Rice to throw to.

          1. Steve Young was successful because he realized he needed to change his game to be able to keep his job. He became a passer first, runner second. Old wind up never wanted to do that.

            Well, look at him now.

            1. Yep, he wanted to be a man, and take the hits, and almost died on the field. That kind of macho bravado sounds tough, but players are becoming more aware of the dangers of CTE.

              1. Football is a violent game where the players will always be vulnerable to collisions. When you play fearful or cautious, you might as retire.
                If you ever played the game or coached it, you would know that. I guess you never have.

              2. Seb… I sense an interesting dichotomy here. Your thinking on CTE issues is laudable, yet you continue to roll out warfare-related cliches–just yesterday referring to WRs as being battle hardened and battle tested…good qualities to have. Comment?

              3. Cassie, I want the players to play smarter. The age of smash mouth football is over. Players are realizing that they are shortening their lives by playing football, and some are frustrated to go to the store and forget what they came there for, or how to get home.
                One player committed suicide, but did not shoot himself in the head because he wanted his brain to be studied.
                The league is cognizant of the problems by all the rule changes. So much so, some are complaining that it is now glorified flag football.
                Prime, you think Kaep will never play again. He will play, because some team will lose their QB due to attrition, and Kaep will give the team their best chance to win.
                Yes, football is a violent game, but it is a tragedy to see the repercussions, and former players should not be crying just to walk.
                Sure, the owners are cowards and do not want to endure mean tweets, but the tweeter may not be tweeting much longer.
                Cassie, I did not include war terms in the lexicon of the game. That was done years ago.
                ‘He has a cannon of an arm. This will be an epic battle. The game is won in the trenches. Blitz packages. Pistol formations Shotgun snaps. Long bombs. Aerial strategies. Offense, defense.’

              4. Seb says “Prime, you think Kaep will never play again. He will play, because some team will lose their QB due to attrition, and Kaep will give the team their best chance to win”

                Sure, as a back up to the back up. But his ego might trump it all and he will end being out of football for a year and then it will be game over.

                No storm and you look stupid again!

              5. Prime, you want him to never play again, because you are terrified that he will play so well, it will make all the teams who passed on him to look clueless.
                The Niners are patient, and are just waiting to see if Cousins will fall in their laps. Once that controversy is resolved, I hope they act and sign the best FA still available.
                It sure was telling to hear that KS had the QBs rolling out. Now that they have film on the present QBs, they will make the assessment that Kaep would run circles around them.
                Kaep’s best skillset is his ability to roll out and throw on the run. His dual threat skillset will make opposing DC’s lose sleep.

              6. Seb I don’t care what happens to Colin Kaepernick. You wanna know why? Cause he isn’t a 49er. Unlike you who has this sick, high school girl crush on him, I don’t care about former players or where he plays
                Maybe if you spent your energy directed at the players on the roster, people would back off your stupidity on here!
                Wake up!

              7. Cassie, Bill Walsh would use WW2 references to teach and motivate his players. He used Civil War references.
                If Bill Walsh thought that is was OK, I will, too.

              8. Seb… Kaep ain’t comin’ back to the 9ers.

                PS… Good DC’s have figured out Kaep’s limited skill set. Yeah, he’s fast as lighting with his feet, but he can’t consistently read defenses effectively, he has a long windup/slow delivery, too many fast balls, not enough touch when touch is needed consistently–same with accuracy, holds on to the ball too long and takes sacks, stares down receivers… Not saying he can’t be an effective backup, but the league has figured him out–and they’ve figured out the offensive system(s) that best support Kaep’s style of play. Kaep ain’t comin’ back to the 9ers.

        3. Early on, we had to encourage Joe to trust his spontaneous instincts. We were careful not to criticize him when he used his creative abilities and things did not work out. In practice, we worked with Joe repeatedly on specific plays. When he was placed in a game, we called only those plays because we knew that he should be confident that he could execute them. But we didn’t jump him the minute he would break the pattern. Instead, we nurtured him to use his instincts. We had to allow him to be wrong on occasion and to live with it.

          Of course, with different players the problem takes on a different look. In the case of quarterback Steve Young, it was almost the opposite. We had to work with him to be disciplined enough to live within the strict framework of what we were doing. Steve is a great spontaneous athlete and a terrific runner. But we found that we had to reduce the number of times he would use his instincts and increase his willingness to stay within the confines of the team concept.

          For example, we would be at a point in a game where we had designed a special play to break the defense wide open and score a touchdown. In his early days, Steve might not have had the discipline to wait for that play to develop. Instead, he would see an opening and run with the ball for a five-yard gain. He would let his instincts and emotions affect his patience with the play and his confidence that the entire team could execute.

          And of course, fans would go all ga-ga over that. So even though it was ‘positive’ play, the fact is that those ‘positive plays’ were sub-optimal and hurt the team. Though they made the highlight reels.

          Young, of course, eventually, bought into Walsh (and Holmgren) and went from a colossal disappointment to a HOF QB during the years Walsh & Holmgren remodeled him. But he had to willingly change his game. And he’s discussed that. He spent all offseason in Utah critiquing his game and working on changes because he was smart enough (and wise enough) to realize that either he changed or failed.

          Other running QBs pay lip service to the structure. But you can see they don’t actually buy into it. Sure they’ll see QB guru’s and give the right interviews. But as soon as the season starts you see that they’re going to do it their way because it worked in high school and college. They may have even had some occasional success in the NFL until teams adjusted. But in the end, virtually all of them fail because what brought them success in HS and college is something they’re just not willing to forgo for the NFL game.

      3. WOW, comparing the greatest WR in the history of the game to last year’s WRs is audacious.
        And so specious.

          1. No, I will take on the peanut gallery, because you all cannot touch me.
            I would respect you more if you could predict ahead of time, 9 out of 10 things the Niners would do in the draft, but your puny intellect is relegated to snark, and you are totally incapable of cogent thought.
            That reminds me, the DBs should use the side line to help defend against side line passes. If the WR is taller than the DB, and can out jump him for the ball, maybe the DB should let him catch the ball, while lifting a leg and driving him out of bounds, so the pass, while caught, will be an incompletion, because the receiver could not tap his toes in bounds.

            1. Seb says “No, I will take on the peanut gallery, because you all cannot touch me”

              Pretty confident behind a computer screen

              1. See, if you deny reality, then it doesn’t exist. Ppffft. Easy peazey.
                Seb knows more about NFL QB-ing than the GOAT. Bruce Arians was quoted today on PFT as saying CK can only play in a GRo/Harb system, and he said CK’s unemployment is FOOTBALL RELATED.
                But no, Hell No! Seb knows better. LOL.

              2. BT, to say that Kaep’s social activism is not a factor in his blackballing, when Mara admits it, is just denying reality.
                The hatred and death threats is not normal, but is a symptom of a larger problem.

            2. On the record, I’m partial to almonds.

              Would you respect me more if I could predict that a traffic signal will turn red and green in an alternating fashion over a 24hr period (providing there are no power interruptions)?

              Predicting what intelligent NFL GMs should do ‘in advance’–when the ‘do actions’ are of the no brainer kind–is nothing to be particularly proud of. Granted not all NFL GMs are worthy of the title, but most are. Claiming clairvoyance and asserting the 9er GM reads your posts and puts your counsel into action is lunacy–as if the GM would be a quivering blob of jelly without your input. Listen to The Who’s Behind Blue Eyes–while gazing into your mirror.

              1. I predicted that the Niners would obtain 2018 second and third round picks, something that you, and no other poster on this site had the intellect to cogitate.
                Sure, you can predict the sun will rise, but frankly, I am not impressed.

              2. Hahahahaha!! Since when are all posters required to offer up every possible 9er action/consequence as a test of their intellect? You throw 1,000s of items out–some stick because of statistical likelyhoods–and you claim supremacy. Wrap yourself in the narcissist blankie Sebbie…fits you well!!

              3. Nice to see Quixote is riding his steed of self-righteousness at full gallop! As BT pointed out it is easy to be right when you construct your own realities. Forget that others may have had good predictions too, stick to your narrative and declare victory no matter what! Who does that sound like to you?

                For the record, those ten points where as elementary as saying to some kid don’t talk to strangers. To call that to your resume would be shameful to all but the most delusional minds.

                Also, if the QB coach last year was a glorified disc jockey because he had a show on tv, what does that make Lynch? How come there are criticisms of the Cleveland coaches but not KS who also coached somewhere in Ohio. Cherry picking is fun, and a winning proposition when you think that every pronouncement you type is valuable NFL insider information.

                Great advice using the sideline for DBs wonder if anyone else ever thought of that before? I wonder how Seb doesn’t see himself for the comical farce he is.

              4. East, I certainly will not compare John Lynch to a DJ, like you are doing.
                Sure, a lot of my comments were just common sense, but you were not bright enough to even think of them. Actually, you were one of those who actively derided them, saying that trading back was so improbable, that it was fallacious to even postulate them. There were posters who claimed that trading back multiple times was such an impossibility, that I was delusional to have the audacity to even think of it.
                However, I postulated that the Niners should trade back, garner more picks, and still get the player they coveted. You cannot deny I wrote that, since you tend to haunt my posts.

              5. Cassie, when Lynch stated that he would look at every proposal, I took him at his word. That is why I presented so many trade back proposals. It sure looked like he took those things to heart, because he did exactly what I wanted him to do.
                The only thing he did not do was avoid the unforced errors, which any poster on this site should also advocate, but absolutely none other mentioned, you included.

              6. Saying you are prescient for saying the obvious isn’t something that I would boast about! Sure you said don’t commit unforced errors and things of that nature but that is like saying don’t eat 5 day old fish in the fridge. Doesn’t make you intelligent to point out the obvious to a grown adult who knows football.

                Forgetting history isn’t very intelligent either. I made the same predictions, but earlier about trading back and garnering 2nd and 3rd round picks. They were smart moves and I don’t think I was brilliant or anything of the sort (decent guess to what was a fortunate scenario). The silliness of the scenarios proposed by Seb with multiple drops and trades was what everyone had problems swallowing, much like his inane arguments. But hey, live in that Reality Distortion Field all you want.

                Some of us live on earth. You should visit.

              7. EC,

                I’ve said the same things to him before about how he’s stating the obvious which is why no one else says those things. It should be understood and not thought of as something enlightening. What I’ve come to realize however is that Seb really doesn’t understand the game which is why the ideas he believes are thought provoking are really just basic things most of us take for granted.

                The draft list he came up with was more of the same. Obvious things that no one else would mention because there should be no need to. Every one of us stated that a trade down was the best option multiple times. What we questioned was whether teams would want to trade up for the pick and as it turns out no one did except for the team picking right after us who believed there were multiple suitors for Trubisky. As you mentioned, the ridiculing of Seb’s trade ideas was based on his pro niners slant where he had them coming away with multiple picks in the first 3 rounds – as many as 8 sometimes – which was ridiculous and obviously unrealistic.

                We all know he’s delusional but he doesn’t and never will, so it really is an exercise in futility to continue trying to reason with him. Just let him post and skip past. If people stop responding to his nonsense he will eventually go away or at least stop posting so much. Problem is some on here seem to like arguing with him more than regular Niner talk.

              8. EC, you counsel people not to eat 5 day old fish? Yup, that is about your speed.
                Do I expect Lynch to ever acknowledge me after he follows my blueprint almost to a Tee? No, and I also do not expect him to turn into a quivering blob of jelly even with my input. I claim that he read my proposals, because he , himself said that he would consider every proposal. Maybe your beef is with Lynch.
                You diss me for advocating that the Niners trade back and acquire 2018 second and third round picks, then claim you did that too. Bravo.

              9. Rocket, I do not claim that my proposals require intricate knowledge and complex understanding. My proposals are simple and straight forward. I propose them to try and help the Niners win, but with a 2-14 record, they obviously ignored them.
                The problem is, that you take my ideas as so commonplace that one takes them for granted, but during the season, I saw them making the same mistakes over and over. The should have prepared better. They should have prepared for all contingencies. They should not have played players out of position. They should not have played favorites to the detriment of the team. They should not have kept on running the ball into the teeth of the defense. They should have done more controlled roll outs. They should have made timely adjustments. They should have stopped the leaks and smears. They should have schemed to game plan to a players’ strengths, and disguised their weaknesses. They should have stopped the unforced errors, and played with more discipline. Hopefully, we will have a competent coaching staff that can stop the mistakes and maximize the player’s potential.
                You think that my proposals are so unrealistic, but when a team in 2016 trades a single pick for 6 draft picks, including an additional first round draft pick, I consider some of my proposals to be logical and practical. Yes, I did make a proposal to get 8 picks in the first 3 rounds, but that was to showcase a best case scenario. Still, the Niners did manage to get 4 picks in the first 3 rounds, with 2018 second and third round picks for 6 total.
                The Seahawks may have monitored this site because they traded back 3 times, and got 8 picks in the first 4 rounds. That is something that they have not done very much before. Granted, they did not have the number 2 overall pick, but they still managed to leverage the 26th pick into a boatload of draft picks. They managed to trade back 3 times to gain 4 additional picks, so they did exactly what I advocated.
                Sure, I have advocated that posters just scroll past if they do not want to engage me, but even you cannot help yourself, The apparent lack of control is not a good trait to admire, and the snark is just a good example of lack of character.

  32. Last year the Falcons swept the Panthers. In Week 1 they won 48-33. Ryan threw for 503 YDs and 4 TDs. Jones had 300 YDs receiving. Julio abused rookie CB Bradberry early and often. Shanny found a mismatch and exploited it.

    The Falcons won 33-16 in the second meeting. But Shanny’s gameplan was different. Jones was coming back from his toe injury. Ryan threw TDs to backup TEs Perkins and Tialavea. Shanny can exploit matchups and spread the ball around.


    “Ryan set an NFL single-season record by throwing TD passes to 13 different receivers. Taylor Gabriel has six TD receptions, while Julio Jones (5), Muhammad Sanu (3), Jacob Tamme (3), Austin Hooper (3), Justin Hardy (3), Devonta Freeman (2), Tevin Coleman (2), Aldrick Robinson (2), Levin Toilolo (2), Patrick DiMarco (1), Perkins (1) and Tialavea (1) also caught TD passes.”

  33. This season will all depend on how quickly the team picks up Shannys system. Although a few players know the scheme, many of them will probably struggle. That’s what happened in Atlanta in year one of Shannys program with better talent. Hoyer will be key,as he was in Cleveland, to understanding and driving this new system. He threw for over 3300 yards there in Year 2. Im thinking 6 wins, but if the system on offense & defense hit the ground running and we catch some stronger teams off guard early, then maybe Grants 9 wins won’t be far fetched. Grant will just be a cockey little dude next year if he’s right.

  34. Sun, Sep 10 vs Panthers LOSS
    Sun, Sep 17 @ Seahawks LOSS
    Thu, Sep 21 vs Rams WIN
    Sun, Oct 1 @ Cardinals LOSS
    Sun, Oct 8 @ Colts WIN
    Sun, Oct 15 @ Redskins LOSS
    Sun, Oct 22 vs Cowboys LOSS
    Sun, Oct 29 @ Eagles LOSS
    Sun, Nov 5 vs Cardinals WIN
    Sun, Nov 12 vs Giants LOSS
    Sun, Nov 26 vs Seahawks LOSS
    Here’s where I think they can make a mini run…
    Sun, Dec 3 @ Bears WIN
    Sun, Dec 10 @ Texans WIN
    Sun, Dec 17 vs Titans LOSS
    Sun, Dec 24 vs Jaguars WIN
    Sun, Dec 31 @ Rams LOSS

    1. Razor,

      I could see it playing out that way, although I don’t think they’ll sweep the Rams this year due to the Wade Phillips factor. I could see a couple of unexpected wins like the Cowboys at home or Eagles on the road, but at the end of the day 5-6 wins will likely be the result.

    2. Panthers LOSS
      @ Seahawks LOSS
      Rams WIN
      @ Cards LOSS
      @ Colts WIN
      @ Washington WIN
      Cowboys LOSS
      @Eagles LOSS
      Cards WIN
      Giants LOSS
      Seahawks LOSS
      @ Bears WIN
      @ Texans WIN
      Titans WIN
      Jags WIN
      @ Rams LOSS

  35. Now doesn’t this feel better Grant then negative sky is falling articles ? I’m proud of you, you are making steps in the right direction. Heck keep this up Lynch may invite you over for lunch LOL Seriously though, this team is in it’s infancy so try to help mold it into something to be proud of instead of tearing it down and turning it into a child no one wants to be around.

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