2013 season grades: Kaepernick

COLIN KAEPERNICK: C+. For the second season in a row, Kaepernick could not lead the best roster in the NFL to a Super Bowl championship. You have to wonder how much farther Alex Smith could have taken this team. There are plenty of quarterbacks who could have led this 49ers’ team to an NFC Championship loss in Seattle like Kaepernick did.

Kaepernick’s accuracy deteriorated in 2013. He did not improve his footwork or his ability to scan the field — his skill-level is junior varsity in those areas. He also was terrible in the fourth quarter and terrible in the red zone. He did not earn a Pro Bowl berth.

On the other hand, he won 14 games including the playoffs, posted an 88.7 passer rating and rushed for 827 yards. He continues to be one of the most talented physically-gifted players in the NFL. But he’ll be 27 next season. He needs to improve his pocket-passing skills this offseason while he’s young.

  1. Do you watch football grant? C+ for a guy who almost lead his team to the SB if it weren’t for numerous bad calls which all went against the niners in Seatle.. Accounted for 92 percent of the offense and basically played by himself.. He turned the ball over 3 times but so did manning in the SB..

    1. Jed York should refuse to sign a place kicker next season in order to force Jim Harbaugh to aim to score touchdowns and blow teams out.

      Just a thought.

  2. I voted A+. And I don’t wonder for a second anything about Alex Smith or any other NFL quarterback. Kap is the best. A+
    Good thing you looked at your “other hand” or your column would have Kapped out at two, count ‘em, two paragraphs.

    1. Hey man, this writer is ALSO the guy who said Alex Smith wasn’t the guy who could take us to the promised land…….Grant can’t have his cake and eat it too.

  3. How many QB’s in the NFL, can win road playoff games against Green Bay and Carolina, and inches away of beating Seattle? I give you’re little paragraph a C-. I would give Kaep a B+. Without him this discussion would not be happenning.

      1. C’mon Grant. Correcting grammar when someone criticizes you comes across as very immature. The informal nature of the blog is a big attraction to many people and you kill it when you do things like that. Stop worrying about grammar and grow some thicker skin. You’re in the public sphere now. Every line you ever write will be praised and criticized. It’s part of the game.

      2. Good for you, Grant. Get so tired of things like “it’s”,
        which is “it is”, being used as an adjective. What ever happened to our English teachers?

      3. It’s quite possible people are typing on their phone and the phone “auto-corrects” to it’s when they mean its. It has happened to me and I usually like to be grammatically correct.

      4. My post disappeared and not sure why as I was making fun of myself. I will admit, I have terrible grammar, along with this episode, I always get there and their mixed up and I have been taking Spanish for 3 years and now that is really bad as well. I have learned a few Yiddish words from Lowell, which is interesting.

      1. Do you two conspire off-line to come up with these nonsense comparisons or does it just come naturally? There’s quite a bit of mutual back scratching going on here and I call shenanigans.

  4. Grant, thank you for pointing out Colin will turn 27 next season. He’s young, but not quite the kid people perceive him to be.

    Colin Kaepernick is a mad bomber without any down field threats except at Tight End. (Imagine a young Montana without backs and possession receivers to throw to, being told to heave the ball down field all the time)

    Because they were so patient with Jenkins, they are two years behind finding that deep threat. Even if the 49ers draft well, it will take time. At best Colin will be 28 when he finally has his weapon.

    This means another season where safeties can pack the box with little worry a WR will slip behind them. That’s why I’m so hot for trading up for a fast, physical WR.

    I’m not expecting Colin to morph into a slick Montana the sees the field and gets rid of the ball in 2.3 seconds. Best case scenario is he becomes a Farve with legs. A gamble that’s more about applying pressure and creating movement in a defense. Forget the completion percentage. Colin’s more about yards per attempt and a good TD/INT ratio.

    1. Thanks for your comment.

      I like the comparison to Brett Favre. Favre’s career completion percentage was 62, and he always was at his best in the red zone. In ’95 when Favre when 26, he threw 37 TDs and 3 INTs in the red zone.

      Kaepernick has a ways to go before he’s “a Favre with legs.”

      1. A long way from being a Farve with legs, but its something to aim for that fits his skill set and personality.

        My biggest worry is his vision. I hope pitching didn’t hard wire his brain to block out peripheral distractions to focus on small strike zones.

        His big, loopy release in college has improved, but is still slow compared to most pro QBs. That could make the red zone passing difficult.

        If the Lattimore experiment works out, the 49ers will have their best receiving threat out of the backfield since Roger Craig. Marcus has natural catching instincts. But Colin needs to improve throws to backs big time. He’s awful (except when he’s on the run).

        Still, I’m glad he’s our QB. Colin brings unique skills to the QB position that make if hard for defenses to prepare. With a true deep WR he could be terrorizing defenses for years.

      2. Yep, he was the NFC version of Peyton Manning. Biggest difference is Manning didn’t have John Madden gushing about him almost weekly.

      3. If the comparison of Kaepernick to Brett Favre comes from his ability to throw the ball hard and fast and look tough and then throw away the game on a last second interception then it’s dead on. If it’s for any other reasons I’ve got to question where the comparisons are?

      4. Maybe Kaepernick will be our John Elway. That is, if writers like Grant will give him 10 more years until he wins his first SB.

        Don’t count on it.

    2. Brodie,
      Nice observation. I’ve noticed Colin is most accurate when can fire it on a rope when the WR has just made his cut. And it’s his first read.
      You can almost hear him say, “Mechanics? We don’t need no stink in’ mechanics!”

      But then when he has to lead a receivernin between the seams of the coverage, he’s not too good.

      Favre was actually pretty accurate. When he got on a roll the Niners couldn’t stop him.

      With a contract extension, how much would you pay Kaep if his biggest threat was running? He’s going to eventually take one too many and there goes your salary cap.

      1. Not Flacko money, though Colin has more long term value then Flacko. I’m thinking $10-$14m per year if signed now (don’t have a guaranteed figure). I’ll have to check my savings account in the morning to make sure I don’t overdraft.

    3. Hmmmm, what about signing Hakeem Nicks and letting Boldin go? Cold blooded, yes, but Nicks won’t cost much more than Boldin and would provide the missing deep threat we need. Nicks will cost a little bit more for a couple more years, but Boldin has earned himself a big paycheck as well.

  5. Kap was hesitant and unsure most of the season. His throws were off last year too, but Crabtree made him look good. There were balls thrown in front or behind him, but last year Crabs picked them up.
    This year Boldin did some acrobatics but he is no Crab.

  6. I find it difficult reconciling being steps from a second super-bowl and a grade of C+ for Kap. If he is supposedly that bad then how can the team be doing so well? You need to explain more about this contradiction that you’ve written. You’re contending that Kap is holding back the offense which makes no sense in light of the NFCCG in Seattle where Kap was the only player keeping us in that game.

    I think the true answer is that the Niners offense generally is not as good as we think it is. We have a great defense but honestly we don’t dominate teams and score at will like some other teams do, thus this season Kap had to carry the team more than ever which leads to pressing and making more mistakes.

    What you should be writing about instead is how we need to add more play-makers on offense along with more aggressive play-calling. We have an incredibly slow offensive team beyond Vernon Davis and he is getting older. Gore needs to be replaced and hopefully Lattimore can do the job, and we need to move away from signing Boldin who, even though he is a great player, is old and slow as a piano. Perhaps this is the year to stock up on WR’s in a big way.

    I’d say a better thesis for your article is how well Kap did despite having a not very good offense around him. Looking forward to you write about that.

      1. We know that Kap did regress this year but that is only an observation and not an examination. Tell me the causes of why this happened and you’ll get me interested. We saw how well he performed last year so we know he’s capable. I’d say it was a combination of many different things like Crabtree, pass-pro, defenses, etc.

        I think Kap did well ‘despite’ all those issues. b Put another QB in that situation and they’d melt down.

      2. Yeah, so if he struggled due to circumstances then he should have a higher grade than a C+. I think this years team was not as good as the 2011 or 2012 teams, so getting within reach of a SB is a pretty darn good achievement.

      3. The 2011 team had a +28 turnover margin. They had a +12 turnover margin this year. Heck, Kaep led them to the SB last year when they had a turnover ratio of only +9. The defense forced significantly less turnovers in 2012 and 2013 compared to 2011. That 2011 unit caught lightning in a bottle from a defensive perspective.

    1. Good post, JRV!
      BTW, I don’t know if you’ve reading the blogs here lately, but don’t hold your breathe on this one… “I’d say a better thesis for your article is how well Kap did despite having a not very good offense around him. Looking forward to you write about that.”

    2. JRV,

      I know this is going to stir up a hornet’s net, but what is the reason it’s not as good as 2011 and 2012? Most of the personnel is the same, except for QB. Is Delanie Walker or Randy Moss really that important?

      The Defense made plays and was more consistent then 2012, not as dominant as 2011, but still a top tier defense, Special teams missed Ted Ginn, but was better with Dawson.

      It came down to Colin, the QB. He was wildly inconsistent all year. They can smack down the bad teams, just couldn’t put away the good teams. Too many FGs, not enough TDs in the redone.

      Here’s an article from Glenn Dickey:


      1. Fan, you can not tolerate Colin regadless of his play. I would respect you so much more if you just stated why you do not support his promotion. Your comment about D Walker is so hilarious and makes it clear that your only agenda is to blame one individual for every issue possible. It is very interesting you call yourself a FAN!!! Are you a football fan and yet do not believe losing W Walker had an impact on this offense. How about losing Crabtree? how about playing very tough schedule in one of the best divisions in football? do you believe Russell Wilson or Alex would have won the game in Green bay and North Carolina? You are entitle to your opinion but you have zero credibility for your judgmental comments without facts.

      2. Chicago49er, I think a lot of the regulars here sees the same thing you just mentioned, but I think most of them are ignoring him now because of the obvious reason.

    3. You explain it the same way you did when Trent Dilfer was the QB for the Ravens and they won the SB under Billick. When you have the other elements which can dominate, you don’t need the QB to win the game, just not to lose the game.

    4. Staley-Pro Bowl
      Iupati-Pro Bowl
      Goodwin-Alt. PB last year
      Boone-Alt PB
      Davis-Alt PB last year
      V Davis-PB
      Crabtree-Alt PB last year
      Boldin- Alt PB
      Miller-PB last year

      Yea, pretty tough to be successful with a cast like that.

  7. I’d give Kaep a B+ for the very same reasons that Grant gives him a C+

    If that call against Brooks in the Saints game had gone the other way we’d be celebrating a Super Bowl win. We’d all be giving Kaep an A.

    1. I don’t think beating the Broncos would have been a lock for us and I think Denver would have had a good chance to win. Our defense would be weakened by losing Bowman and we don’t generate as near the amount of pressure that Seattle does and that would give Manning time to find his receivers. Our Defense tends to allow the catch and then make the tackle so Manning would have had plenty of chances to gain yards. A pressure defense like Seattle was probably the worst matchup in the NFL for Manning.

  8. I honestly think Kap would be wise to not sign a contract this year. I know, you risk injury and all that but consider this if he signs right now he is getting 10-15 mil per annum money but if he wins the sb he is earning 20m money and if Im Kap I wait and see if the team reloads and is ready to roll (which is very likely) and run with it.

    The issue with Kap was not that he didnt see the field, I would say thats about only 15% of the time.

    60% of the time no one outside of 85 and 81 were open. In Sea, Ind, Car losses 85 was hurt and out. Simply put he had no WR to throw to. 89 never seemed to see a ball he didnt like to drop and 10,21,32 were both non factors because they couldnt get open. So that can be fixed by signing some WR’s I would use those hoarded picks to move up the draft and pick the best WR in the draft and re-sign boldin. I would also bring in a slick catching TE on the cheap to open up the options.

    The rest of the blame rests in the play calling. I dont know how many times ive screamed at the tv this year “just run the damn ball” and just give kap what he likes. Basically GRoman has not sold me on his “mad capper” offense with 100 different looks when you DO NOT HAVE THE PLAYERS to support it? Yes, if you have 4 legit targets on every set formation, thats a different story, but not when your running out scrubs at WR behind 81 and later in the year 15. When 15 came back they could run a 2WR/1Te/2rb set very well but other sets not so much so ultimately the playcalling did not match the personnel. So when you do have limited options and you have a O-Line stacked with All-Pros and an All-Pro HB in 21 why not just run the ball and pass off of Play-action? I would like to introduce coach Roman to the concept of the bootleg. The niners should have scored everytime in the redzone had they but once ran a bootleg. also missing were screens, towards the end of the year he finally relented and started throwing bubble wr screens and it was really effective. but not until after the division was lost.

    Kap has to do a better job of sensing pressure. His stride is very long which means it takes him longer to setup which is likely why he likes to setup in the shotgun/pistol but he needs to move his feet more in the pocket for sure. It seemed on most plays he gets back there and stands around like a statute and then slings the ball with a force that really is favre-esque to be fair but to the wrong guy. I think that with more training 7 can improve on this area. Im a believer that this kid can throw 30td and pass for 3500 yards. I also think he can win playoff games, what I dont know and I am beginning to have doubts now after two championship losses in a row is whether 7 is simply a slightly better Jeff Garcia or is he the real deal?

    Lets take another year to find out. . . .

    1. we have yet to have a team reach the NFCCG/SB that is actualy strong on both sides of the ball.

      In 2011 awesome defense and putrid offense (and GC wants Alex back, bleh)
      In 2012 it was hot offense and lousy defense…amazing how one Cowboy injury killed us.
      Here in 2013 it was good defense and average offense.

      One of these days we’ll get both sides of the ball in sync in post season and cruise to victory. Until then it is what it is.

      1. You’re making too much sense, JRV (i meant that as a compliment)! Where were you earlier today? This blog could have used you :)

  9. Kap actually had a 91.6 rating less than 1 point under Joe Montanas career rating of 92.4 and 9th among starting QB’s. 6th highest on ESPN’s QBR rating system ahead of Wilson (better than Wilson in the playoffs too). Beat G.B. in playoffs at Lambeau (a Niner first) and outplayed Rodgers. Outplayed Newton and won in Carolina (You picked Carolina because “they have the better QB”). Wrong. 3-1 road record for Kap 1-3 for Montana. Played better than both first time HOFers Manning and Brees did against Seattle. Two different win streaks of at least 5 games. Won 8 games in a row (5 of them on the road). During first 5 game win streak ave. margin of victory highest ever 5 game total for niners (22 points per game). All 4 losses no Crabtree, 3 of 4 Davis hurt early or out completely,also outrushed in every loss except Saints which I feel was lost on a great “clean” fumble/sack by Brooks. You know no place is harder to win than Seattle and the Niners despite the crazy bad calls needed just one more play to win. (clear rule flubs not misinterpreted or unseen like the running into the kicker instead of correctly calling “roughing” and awarding the Niners a first down. Instead Seattle scores a TD on the ensuing drive and takes the lead. The Bowman pick. Witner hit. No call on James getting helmet pulled off etc.. The intentional grounding not called where he wasn’t close to outside tackle box and didn’t reach line of scrimmage. 14 yards from 11 Gore carries.) As far as Alex? 1-2 in playoffs and took 8 years to reach the playoffs. My grade for Kap is A- and I believe they will win back to back these next two seasons. Man up Grant this isn’t junior varsity the Niners were easily the toughest team last year including Kap and he is improving every day. Why don’t you write how he out works everyone at the Niner facility? Oh yeah because it would be …..true.

    1. You might want to go back and look at that first 5 game winning streak again. Old man Gore and defensive/special teams scoring had a lot to do with those games and the margin of victory.

      1. Jack I hear you but Grant only blames Kap for the Niners failures and he was leading those teams in victory as well. And he was the reason they won in G.B. and Carolina and were a play from winning in Seattle.

      1. Grant:

        Gotta read carefully before you rant.

        That’s setting the bar pretty high, don’t you think? If you enforced that standard, the blog would be practically rant-free.

      2. Seriously?? You’re saying his opinion is ranting?? What is it that you do? He gave his opinion just like you do. He offered us FACTS! I suppose you didn’t like his facts. Kaep wins on the road in Green Bay, and Carolina, and you give him a friggin C+? You apparently like another team and are beyond the point of biased!!!

  10. lol… relax Bay. I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that this type of writing about CK brings a TON of hits in this blog. It gets both sides of the argument all riled up and start firing away. I guarantee you, if Grant doesn’t write another blog by noon PST tomorrow, this blog will have at least 400+ comments in it.

      1. Good question. It’s very close, but I think Smith’s season was slightly better. Won 13 games during the regular season playing with inferior talent than Kaepernick played with this season. Smith made two game-winning plays in the red zone to beat the Saints in the playoffs. He flopped in the NFC Championship against the Giants, but didn’t turn the ball over and posted a 97.6 passer rating in that game.

        1. As we have seen, season play and playoff play are quite different animals….Kaepernick gave the 49ers a chance against the Seahawks. Peyton did not. Alex would not.

            1. Razor:

              For clarification, my 8:12 am comment was intended as a response to your 8:06 am comment. I don’t know why it appeared where it did.

            2. And I’m entitled to it Deputy…..out of rank curiosity, how do you think Alex would have done in those sub zero temps at Green Bay? What about the Panther defense in Carolina? Seahawk defense? Peyton could not do diddly poo at a neutral location. I would argue my speculation is not rank, but dank…..

        2. Grant …
          not to be confused as an “Alex over Kaep” kinda
          guy .. but in his defense … doesn’t the name ..
          Kyle Williams ring a bell (in that game ?)

            1. Razor …
              I guess that means .. I shouldn’t bet the farm
              on ever seeing his name on the “Ring of Honor” ..
              anytime soon, huh ?

      2. Razor:

        Speculation without any basis or factual support isn’t worth very much. The fact is, neither of us has any idea how Smith would have done against in the NFCCG against Seattle.

        Well, that’s not entirely true. We do know that the last time he played Seattle in Seattle, the 49ers won.

      3. I base my speculation on common sense, and what my eyes see. If you think Alex Smith is better than Peyton Manning, or that he gives the 49ers a better chance of winning than Colin Kaepernick, then just own it. Don’t beat around the speculative bush, and then decorate it with a win against a different defense….

      4. Matt Gloin played a playoff game? When? Who the hell is Colin Kaepernick? Is he Matt Gloin or Mark Sanchez or Carson Palmer? He’s raw plutonium to me….

      5. Both Quarterbacks won 14 games and lost in the NFC championship game.

        One QB had 3,323 yards of offense and 19 total touchdowns with a passer rating of 90.7 and a QBR of 47.3 in the regular season.

        The other QB had 3,721 yards of offense and 25 total touchdowns with a passer rating of 91.7 and a QBR of 68.6.

        Who had the better the better season?

      6. Razor:

        I didn’t say Smith would have done better. I said that anyone who thinks, without any basis, that he definitively knows one way on another is fooling himself. If all you have is what your untrained amateur eyes see, then you don’t have any basis for your speculation, other than your personal biases. Maybe you should own that.

      7. I did own it. It’s my speculation and I stand by it on the basis I referenced. Harbaugh owned it. Why would you insult my line of thinking when clearly Harbaugh thought the same thing? He concluded that Kaepernick gave the team a better chance of winning in the National Football League than Alex Smith. Instead of assuming my eyes are amateur, why not take off your blinders and admit that you question Jim Harbaughs decision?

      8. Don’t put words in my mouth. I didn’t question Harbaugh’s decision in 2012 and I don’t question it now. Since 2011, I have been consistent in stating that I trust Harbaugh with regard to quarterback decisions.

        One can think that Kaepernick has a higher ceiling and ultimately gives the 49ers a better chance of winning without having to agree with the baseless, definitive assertion that the 49ers would have had no chance against the Seahawks with Smith at QB.

      9. Now Deputy Balls, don’t get yourself all riled up. Follow my train of thought. If Peyton Manning couldn’t do diddily poo against Seattle at a neutral site, and Kaepernick came within inches behind enemy lines, why is it a definitive baseless assertion that Alex Smith would not have increased the chances of victory? You never answered my questions, do you believe Alex would have won at Green Bay, Charlotte, or given the 49ers that win against Seattle?

      10. The last win up in Seattle the running backs combined for 156 yards rushing and the team won 19-17. Gore had 83 yards rushing and Hunter had 73 yards rushing. The past three losses at Seattle the running backs have combined for 13, 31 and 51 yards rushing in the past three losses. 95 yards over three games?

      11. Captain, you forgot to mention that our D was better and Seattle’s D was not, and we didn’t have to play against Wilson.

      12. Razor:

        Quit trying to turn it around. You didn’t say that Smith wouldn’t have increased the chances of victory; you said that Smith would have given the 49ers no chance of winning at Seattle. No chance; zero. That’s what I mean by a definitive statement. It’s baseless because you failed to provide any basis for the assertion.

        Why couldn’t the 49ers have won in Green Bay or Carolina with Smith? I’m not saying they definitely would have won, but in both playoff games he’s lost, Smith has put his team ahead, only to be let down by the special teams or defense.

      13. As for the Seattle game, I have no idea whether or not the 49ers would have won with Alex Smith at QB. No one does. That’s why I chided you for engaging in rank speculation and treating it like established fact. You have no idea what would have happened.

      14. Kaepernick failed. Manning failed. Alex Smith would fail. Kaepernick has something they do not, and that is the “chance”, and it’s the “chance” that enabled the 49ers to come within inches of victory…..

        This is my personal amateur opinion Claude, so take it with a grain of astro turf. I do not believe Alex Smith has the arm strength to have been effective throwing the football in that Green Bay game. Not to mention the pressure of winning against a team that is like a cornered hyena, desperate for a victory against the San Francisco Forty Niners, who they had lost to the last three times….

      15. The only reason the 49ers were in a position to almost win against the Seahawks is because of Kaep’s legs and a laser pass to Boldin. Without Kaep’s runs the offense would have done nothing, as all the receivers were well covered. Captain Checkdown would not have gotten the offense moving, nor would he have thrown that strike to Boldin. With Alex at QB I highly doubt the 49ers are one pass away from the SB.

        Speculation? You bet, but pretty reasonable speculation.

      16. Scooter:

        Speculation? You bet, but pretty reasonable speculation.

        If you say so. The Captain Checkdown epithet, however, undermines your claim of reasonableness.

        Out of curiosity, what is the difference, if any, between Kaepernick’s TD pass to Boldin and Wilson’s TD pass to Kearse?

      17. Razor:

        I guess that’s the point. The TD to Kearse allegedly wasn’t a great throw by Wilson, but rather a failure by Carlos Rogers. The TD to Boldin, however was a great throw by Kaepernick rather than a failure by Earl Thomas. I’m trying to understand the difference between the two.

      18. Claude, I know some on here blame Rogers, as he was right there and nearly deflected it, but I give Wilson credit for one, drawing the 49ers offsides, and then, two, taking the free play and throwing a great pass to Kearse. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Good time Carlos gave the 49ers the blues.

      19. Nova,
        it was a good throw no doubt by Wilson. No pressure, it was a free shot. Carlos Rogers did the hard part, he stuck with Kearse the whole way and was physically in a position to make the play. Problem is he choked.

        This year was not a great year for CR. He dropped a big INT versus the Cards that almost cost us the game.

        He gave up the big reception versus the Saints that put the Saints in range for the game winning field goal.
        And he swung and just flat out missed the ball that Wilson threw to Kearse.

        He choked just like Alex Smith choked missing a wide open receiver at the end of the Chiefs game that would have won it for them…… Cry all we want but at the end of the day most stats and your record tell the story. Rogers is done.

      20. I guess that’s the point. The TD to Kearse allegedly wasn’t a great throw by Wilson, but rather a failure by Carlos Rogers. The TD to Boldin, however was a great throw by Kaepernick rather than a failure by Earl Thomas. I’m trying to understand the difference between the two.

        You know the answer CB. It’s always based on the team you cheer for :)

      21. “The Captain Checkdown epithet, however, undermines your claim of reasonableness.”

        How so CB? Alex was and is a QB that takes what the D gives him. Nothing wrong with that, but against the Seahawks in the NFCCG none of the receivers were getting open. Having a QB that can run like Kaep when all the receivers were covered is what got the offense moving.

        I’m not sure why you are comparing those TD passes… where does Wilson figure into my comment? Do you think Alex would have made that throw to Boldin?

      22. Scooter:

        but against the Seahawks in the NFCCG none of the receivers were getting open.

        I don’t think that’s true. Kaep just didn’t get to them in his progression. For example, Patton and, to a lesser extent, Davis were both open on the final play.

        I’m not sure why you are comparing those TD passes… where does Wilson figure into my comment? Do you think Alex would have made that throw to Boldin?

        No, my point was that the throw to Boldin may not have been the great throw some have made it out to be. I’m not sure that Thomas didn’t miss making a play like Rogers missed making a play. As it was, Thomas still was able to tip the ball; I think Boldin gets a lot of the credit for that TD.

      23. Not many QB’s could make that throw. That was all arm while leaving the ground.

        To be fair though, while Smith probably can’t make that throw and more succinctly, wouldn’t have tried it, Smith probably doesn’t throw the picks that Kap did either.

      24. Claude,

        IMO, the differences between the pass to Boldin and the pass to Kearse are these:

        1 CK ripped his pass while on the move to the point where he was jumping as he threw, and RW was standing in a clean pocket on a free play and threw a lazy, looping pass, that, truth be told, was slightly underthrown, given Rogers’ coverage (while the ball hit Kearse in the chest, in stride, a better ball would’ve been two feet deeper and perhaps out of Rogers’ reach).

        2 Rogers was in perfect defensive position and whiffed on defending the pass, and Thomas was in decent defensive position, but still could not deflect the pass, even with a well timed jump and full extension.

        Rogers played the pass to Kearse perfectly, right up until he failed to bat it down.

        Thomas played the pass from CK fairly well, but apparently misjudged CK’s arm strength.

        For me:

        CK’s throw > RW’s throw

        Rogers’ coverage > Thomas’ coverage (although ET may have been trying to bait CK into a throw ET believed he could pick)

        Rogers’ failure in batting down the ball > Thomas’ failure in batting down the ball (Rogers was there and simply failed to bat the ball down, Thomas was fully extended and just couldn’t quite reach the ball)

      25. BTW, I’m not trying to say that Wilson’s pass wasn’t good, it was. Rather, just because it was completed, doesn’t mean it was perfect. Also, using the word “lazy” to describe his pass wasn’t the best choice.

      26. Excellent work Golfer, and I knew what you meant when you described the pass by Mr. Wilson as “lazy”. I call them Rainbow Brites…

      27. Razor:

        Question it all you like Deputy Balls, but you can’t question the results

        I don’t think you want to defend Kaepernick’s decision making by pointing to results.

  11. Will Denver get their money’s worth out of the Manning contract if they don’t win a Superbowl? What chance to they have to win one in the remainder of his time in Denver?

  12. Yes, Kaep is a big loser and worse, Alex Smith should be our QB for life!
    Off to the gellos you go Kaep (lol).

    Sensationalism at its best, or in this case worse.
    Grant, did you bet someone at the PD that you would get 500 hits with this?

    1. Alex Smith could not get his team to win in the first round of the playoffs with a 28 pt lead.
      Yeah, he could have made the difference against Seattle – smh

      BTW, heard Murph & Mac this morning saying that Alex Smith showed up to play golf in Pebble as a part of team 49ers vs the Giants.
      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Alex Smith is a class act both on and off the field.

      But having put this the niceties aside, I’m rollin’ with Kaep!

  13. I would go with a solid B. The issues Grant noted are real issues that Kaep needs to correct. His footwork in the pocket is terrible for an NFL QB. He doesn’t see the field or read defenses particularly well. I think he has the talent to become the best QB in the league but he needs to work at his craft to get there. Even with the deficiencies he was the QB that got the team to the Superbowl in a partial year starting last year and he lead the team to the NFCCG as the full time starter this year. That alone tells me he’s a good QB.

    1. Then that would mean that (gasp) perhaps the rest of the offense wasn’t that good! As much as I love Boldin he is too slow to make teh offense effective every game. Crabtree has a good skill base and decent speed, Vernon is fast but can be game-planned for, so at that point who is left? Maybe Patton, McDonald, or some other guys? Thus if a defense has a good game-plan then we’ll struggle more than other teams which means Kap has to bail us out.

      Cause and effect. Now that I think about it I think that Kap is even more valuable than he appears. If Alex was at QB on the 2013 then we go 8-8 at best.

  14. Kaepernick is the most lethal weapon in the National Football League. Alex Smith is the most lethal manager in the National Football League. The 2013 campaign was a failure, but redemption is available for the taking in 2014. The Seahawk organization has thrown down the glove. Will the 49ers pick it up?

        1. alex smith, who didnt choke and threw for 378 yards , yes that alex smith..your arguments are so weak, his defense failed, not he…if he had niners defense behind him, his team gets beat by seattle in super bowl

  15. I agree with Grant. The Super Bowl ended with CK staring down Crabtree on how many attempts at the end zone. This NFC Championship game ended the same way. Check the replay in both instances… how many other receivers were open? Either he needs to learn to take what the defense gives him in the red zone, or they need to get rid of his man-crush Crabtree.

  16. I see a huge ceiling on kaep, he has only just begun, if we get someone to spread the field i believe this kid will be dangerous, actually based on stats he gets an A, He saved our butts all season, last yr superbowl defense gave up all the points, this yr playoff we were leading, kaep did his job, defense gave the lynch run, kearse td, baldwin catch, although kearse td resulted in bad call on kicker, should have been our ball, but why is kaep being blamed when def is giving up all the points, we were winning thanks to kaep!!!!!!!

    1. Cause it’s easier to blame Kap.lol..Defense gives up the big play…it’s Kap fault…Bad call by referees…It’s Kap fault…Special teams allowing big returns…It’s Kap fault.. the 2012 draft..kap’s fault…No trade for Gordon..Kap’s fault..Your car breaks down…it’s kap fault…Kid gets an F in class..It’s Kap fault..That’s the motto of 2013

      1. No it wasn’t jack..The defense was great that yr…the special teams was great til Ginn got injured..That yr..we snuck up on alot of people.The Saints game was an anomaly of sorts..5 turnovers at home??.U should win that game..The fact of the matter is..the game shouldn’t have come down to that comeback..We couldn’t do anything on offense”which has become a recurring theme”..To put a team away..That’s Alex moment of glory..Can’t take that away from him..But still..It didnt need to be dramatic..And living off that one game as clutch or whatever u wanna call it..better qbing Is nonsense.Alex was in a better situation then. Than Colin..When your team better around you..makes things alot easier..We had good field position courtesy of Ginn and Andy..The defense was gettin turnovers all over the place..Akers was money..Gore was money….Different than now..Seattle was just us circa 2011..but finished..and followed thru

        1. Generally speaking, the posters who were the hardest on Smith have been the easiest on Kaepernick. Lame. Stick by your standards.

      2. I disagree Grant. Standards can be defined in different ways. When Smith was in year 2 of starting, he got plenty of leeway from most posters on this blog. By year 8 many people expected more production from someone with his level of experience so the standards they applied to him are what they expected for a starter who’d been in the league for almost a decade. The standards applied to CK are what you’d expect from a QB who has started only 1.5 years. If he doesn’t progress from where he is now, there will be plenty of posters who won’t cut him any slack whatsoever. Right now, people are taking a wait and see approach in judging him.

        1. Smith was 27 years old in 2011. Kaepernick was 26 in 2013. Kaepernick has had the same coach his entire pro career. Smith had different coaches every year and played for horrendous teams.

      3. I didn’t agree with the constant criticism of Smith and don’t agree with it now that it’s Kap. It’s low hanging fruit to single out the QB, especially one who has overachieved considering where he was as a QB coming out of College.

        If we had a crystal ball and could see that this is as good as Kap would ever become, then I’d agree with some of the opinions that have been stated on here the past few days, but we don’t have one, and a QB who has achieved what Kap has in a short period of time most likely will continue to progress and get better.

        I remember the majority of people in here were of the opinion that Kap wouldn’t be ready to play until year 3 at the earliest and that Smith was the best option through last season. Grant called for Smith to be replaced, predicted he would, and he was right. Now he’s second guessing the guy who took over and is creating a case for the QB he said should be replaced. Low hanging fruit.

      4. Not true at all Grant. I back the QB if I feel he is doing what needs to be done for the team to win. I also take underlying conditions into account when forming my opinion such as the play calling, injuries, environment etc. I don’t look at a couple of numbers as you did above and make a Black and White comparison.

        I’ve never said Kaepernick doesn’t need to improve. What I don’t agree with is comments like:

        He did not improve his footwork or his ability to scan the field — his skill-level is junior varsity in those areas.

        That’s Joe Six Pack sitting on a bar stool type of commentary, and you are not remotely qualified to make that type of analysis.

        1. No, it’s the truth, and I am qualified to make that type of analysis. I do my homework. If you disagree with my analysis, prove it wrong. You can’t, so you try to discredit me.

      5. Well Jack that’s what happens to every #1 draft pick. It’s a fact of life. The 49er roster improved dramatically after that but Smith didn’t elevate his play as much as people thought he should have given that he was a #1 pick. I really don’t think you can say posters criticism is uneven. It’s based on each individual circumstance. Or perhaps it’s racism. Or maybe it’s anti-Nolan bias. No matter what, you can’t even pretend to know why someone praises CK but criticized Smith.

      6. Jack,

        Kaepernick took over a Super Bowl contender. Smith took over the worst team in the NFL.

        No Harbaugh took over a very talented team with a poor record and turned them into what many thought they should be. The Niners had been picked by many to win the NFC West for a couple of years prior to Harbaugh going there. We knew they had talent, they just needed a Coach to get them there.

      7. Houston,

        You’re right. The talent did get better and unfortunately the coach had no idea what to do with it. Harbaugh did, and the results followed.

      8. No, it’s the truth, and I am qualified to make that type of analysis. I do my homework. If you disagree with my analysis, prove it wrong. You can’t, so you try to discredit me.

        You discredit yourself with comments like that Grant. You study a book or Online Websites, Madden etc, after never having played the game and believe you know more than the guys involved who Coach him everyday. You don’t get to the NFL never mind excel in it with Junior Varsity skills in any area. It’s an outlandish and uneducated statement. Not much I have to do to discredit it.

      9. You’re bailing against the tide, Rocket. That quote you lifted from Grant is amazingly revealing., says it all. He will not get better. The success and momentum of this blog is based on the comments section, not the blogger. The blog carried itself completely during the Padecky Neglect Era; yeah, before GC got here.

      10. 30 points a game? We were the number 2 defense that yr..Made teams one dimensional..U had to throw on us..Now u can do either or at will..Harbaugh pretty much is carrying out Singletary’s wishes.A run based attack..

      11. Grant,

        I’m not a journalist, so why don’t you explain it to me.


        I know you’re right but I hold out hope that he will grow up at some point. Grant is very smart and I enjoy the fact he takes part in the forum. He just has to learn some humility.

      12. My thing is exercising patience…..If you can give 7yrs to Alex. Throughout his poor qb play and faults..Can Kap get more time? I know a yr and half is a long time but still..lol..Kap has shown me more in limited time than Alexs career..That’s why im willing to wait..

      13. Deezybee the difference is Smith played on horrible teams where whether or not we had a quality QB did’nt make much difference in our record. With this teams talent its much more important we have a very good QB.

      14. Yeah jack u rite..The Saints did what they did best..and passed…because they were behind..That playoff game against them and the mnf game the yr before against them..Is the best I ever seen Alex play believe it or not..Went into manuskys prevent mode..lost that game

      15. As usual, people like to make definitive statements without doing any research. The latest is the strongly held belief that the 2011 defense was so much better than the 2013 defense. Maybe we ought to look at some facts before forming strong opinions about the two defenses.

        Personnel: Largely the same, but with a few differences. Justin Smith in 2013 was not the dominant player he was in 2011. On the flipside, Navorro Bowman was not the dominant player in 2011 that he was in 2013. I think a strong case can be made that Ahmad Brooks was also better in 2013 than he was in 2011. Carlos Rogers had a considerably better year in 2011 than he did in 2013. Dashon Goldson 2011 vs. Eric Reid 2013 is a wash for me. Although Reid didn’t make big plays like Goldson did, he also didn’t make big mistakes like Goldson did. I don’t have much of a feel for Glenn Dorsey 2013 vs. Isaac Soapoaga 2011, but whatever the difference is, it isn’t a significant one.

        What about results. Here are what I consider the relevant statistics for evaluating the two defenses. I have broken them down into regular season and postseason because that’s how ESPN (my source) broke them down. Use that to discredit the numbers you don’t like, if you will. For each year, the regular season number is listed first, the postseason number listed second.

        2011 – 14.3, 26.o
        2013 – 17, 17.7
        Better during the regular season in 2011, much better during the playoffs in 2013

        2011 – 308.2, 412.0
        2013 – 316.9, 304.7
        Marginally better during the regular season in 2011, much better during the postseason in 2013.

        Opponent’s 3rd Down Success Rate
        2011 – 35, 34
        2013 – 34, 40
        Pretty much equal during the regular season, but the 2013 defense fell off by almost 20% in the postseason.

        Opponent’s Time of Possession
        2011 – 28:03, 35:28
        2013 – 29:36, 30:49
        1.5 minutes better during the regular season in 2011, but 4.5 minutes better during the playoffs in 2013.

        The turnover numbers have been posted, and they were much better in 2011. Interestingly, however, they didn’t lead to much of a difference in the points scored against figures, particularly in the postseason.

        So, feel free to cherry pick the stats that support your predetermined opinion, and I know you will, but I don’t see a huge difference between the two defenses.

        I haven’t gone through the respective schedules and offensive production of the teams played in each season, but a cursory inspection makes me think the comparison won’t help those who insist the 2011 defense was much, much better.

      16. The 2013 opponents had a winning percentage of about .49 compared to about .43 in 2011. The improvement of the division teams played a big part there.

      17. CB,

        Excellent break down. Thanks for taking the time to do that. The biggest difference between the two teams was the TO differential. That was a key in Seattle’s success this year as well.

      18. Early on after the NFCCG the anti-Kaep crowd were mostly saying they need to draft an insurance policy in case he doesn’t improve. Now it seems the extreme has set in – he’s never going to improve and they need to find his replacement.

        I can agree with the first train of thought – that is prudent. I can’t agree with the second train of thought. He’s been the starter for a season and a half. If you gave up on QBs after such a short period of time, then almost every team would be looking to draft a new starting QB every year.

        Should the Panthers have given up on Cam Newton at the end of last season, his second year as a starter, after what was a forgettable year and he was criticised for his leadership and maturity? Bet they are glad they didn’t after this past year.

        Maybe the Redskins should give up on RGIII this offseason? He’s obviously not going to make it – look at how he regressed this past season, and don’t give me any excuses like a bad knee!

        Maybe the Chargers were right to get rid of Brees, but just took too long to do so. Why keep a guy for five years when in his first 3 seasons he had a passer rating below 75? Those Saints were chumps to take him off the Chargers’ hands.

        In Brett Favre’s first two seasons as a starter at GB he had a passer rating below 80. Troy Aikman had a passer rating around 60 after his first two seasons as the starter. Heck, John Elway only had one season with a passer rating above 80 in his first 10 years!

        These QBs all started off the way most young QBs do. Poorly. They need to learn.

        Kaep has had remarkable success in his early career, and a large part of that comes down to being in a great team. But like every young QB he has weaknesses to his game and needs time to learn. Giving up on him after a season and a half as the starter is absolutely ridiculous, as is writing him off as a guy that will never get it. Maybe he will, maybe he won’t, but give him a chance.

      19. Scooter I will tell you one thing [regardless of how you rate CK] if the 9ers do’nt resign him this off season they had better draft a QB reasonably high because either CK wo’nt make the improvements he needs to and we will need another QB or he will make the improvements he needs to and he may price himself out of SF and the 9ers will need another QB. Either way there is a good chance we may need a new QB in 15.

      20. Great take on the situation Scooter. It’s the extreme overreaction that gets me. From some of the comments we’ve read you’d think the team was 4-12.

        Drafting and developing QB’s is sound, but give your starter more than a year and a half before drawing conclusions on his future.

      21. Oldcoach, that’s the other thing that strikes me strange. All those that don’t think Kaep can cut it are in favour of drafting a QB… in the mid-rounds? Pardon?

        If you don’t believe Kaep is the answer, or want a QB drafted that will put pressure on Kaep, then you’d best be dreaming of moving up to take one of the top QBs this year. Swinging and hoping a mid-round QB like Fales will be better than Kaep is heroic optimism.

    2. Alex in 2011 — Who would have thought that Alex had any kind of ability in him? He didn’t have a lot of stats but he game managed alot of come from behind wins. Against the Giants in the NFCCG, he threw nice passes to Vernon Davis, and then the Giants Defense figured out Roman, took away VD ands Gore. Crabs, KW and some scrub off the practice squad couldn’t get open and that was that. He at least he dared to throw a go route to Brett Swain or whatever his name is.

      Alex in 2012 — Had a great game in Green Bay, and then the Niners started to insert Colin into the line-up, offense loses come consistency. Has a great game against Buffalo, AZ, and then gets his concussion.

      Alex in 2013 — Started slow with KC, leans on Defense and Jamal Charles. Picks it up at the end of the year. In the Wild Card round he loses Charles, Avery, and plays his best game ever. Oh — who was he throwing to? Jenkins on a crucial 4th down!
      Alex is will never be Rodgers but he showed he can make enough plays to game manage his way to win it all. To those that doubt, look at Russell Wilson. He’s holding a trophy.

      Colin in 2011 — Drafted and sits on the bench and learns Roman’s offense.

      Colin in 2012 — Is called a weapon, comes in and electrifies with the Read Option, plays a great game in Chicago, stretches the field, and he’s the starter. In the 2nd half of the season, the defense wears out, the identity changed with more quick strike plays. Colin dazzles in the GB game, then leads a win in ATL. Started really slow in the SB. People forget. He throw some bad passes in the 1st Half. If he didn’t pay that dude to flick the light switch, it was blow-out city.

      Colin in 2013 – One great game against GB, and then it’s been up and down. He flashes all that potential, leans on Gore and Defense. Team wins34-3 and Colin was 6-15 for 112 yards with 64 in garbage in time.
      Passing Offense never evolves. In fact it gets even more simplified. His mechanics and vision never expand. He loves begin that guy from UNR that gets to make all the plays. Eventually it all catches up. Close doesn’t count. Struggled with the red zone all year. Made the same mistake twice to end the season.

      Alex in 2014 — Looks like he’s going to have a better year in Reid’s system. To be fair to Reid, he’s made a lot of QBs look pretty good.

      Colin in 2014 — I can’t imagine that he won’t get a little better. But it’s all mental now. Is it enough to get by Seattle and the other teams? This coulda woulda shoulda stuff during the NYC Media visits is not a sign of a mature QB. It’s sour grapes. Tin Cup. This may be who he is. He’s always leaned all his physical abilities and maybe being a pocket QB is just too much on his plate. Steve Young said it — to go from a running QB to a pocket QB — is a lot of work in the film room, not weight room.

      1. While I agree overall with many of Fan’s points above, I find this continued narrative that Kaepernick does not put in a great deal of work in the film room perplexing. His coaches and his teammates consistently state he does put in the work, but because his offseason physical work was highlighted last year, and because he is rarely shown looking at stills during the game (even though his coaches and members of the press state he does so), the perception that he does not study the game persists. It is fair to criticize him in areas he needs to improve, but it is not fair to criticize him on perceived shortcomings that we either do not know are accurate and/or have been refuted.

        Further, Young spoke not only about film study, but the hard work in practice of being made to stand in the pocket and take the hits rather than relying on athletic ability. He spoke about the hard work of changing one’s approach from play maker to ball distributor, and the hard work of learning what less physically gifted QBs have to do. Film study is part of that, but the real hard work is actually implementing the lessons.

        Coming back to the “working out” quips that many throw around – go look at video from Nevada games even up to Kaepernick’s senior year. He was a twig for most of that time. If he did not work out and maintain his muscle mass, he could not take the punishment of the NFL. Sure, he could probably lose some of it, but I think both he and the 49ers prefer he retain enough that he can absorb hits better.

      2. JPN:

        Don’t feel bad. I find most of the Kaepernick narratives, positive and negative, to be perplexing.

        PS – It’s good to see you posting more frequently. Your comments tend to bring much needed fresh air to discussions that often grow fetid quickly.

        Now, if we could just get Adam to start posting regularly again.

      3. JPN,

        It is fair to criticize him in areas he needs to improve, but it is not fair to criticize him on perceived shortcomings that we either do not know are accurate and/or have been refuted.

        My sentiments exactly. Well said.

      4. JPN001,
        Bay wants you to think I’m a troll. I’m only hard on Kaep now because I’ve been stating my issues with his short comings all year. If he Kaep had won the game with the 18 yard run instead of those 3 TOs in the 4th quarter. I would have nothing to say and mud on my face.

        It’s not like I suddenly started writing about his progressions. I’ve been calling this out since the Indy loss.

        It hurts Bay when I bring up these comments because he wants everyone to drink the kool-aid on Kaep and when he didn’t deliver, he said that Kaep was dealt a bad hand, oh you know, like having the best roster in the league.

        But you are correct that I made the assumption that his isn’t in the film room.
        I’m just trying to figure out what part isn’t working.
        Is he in the film room and not getting it? Are Roman and Harbaugh really that bad at coaching after all these years that they can teach Kaep the fundamentals? Is it more likely that Kaep simply is who he is? I thought Glenn Dickey’s article put it all in perspective, and if you love Kaep, then it’s going to hurt to hear what he wrote.

        Kaep is the Niner QB. Just because I’m nitpicking on him doesn’t mean I don’t support him. I just don’t believe in him right now.

        All the stuff he said in NYC is very perplexing. Because can say they are accountable, whether they truly believe that is another matter altogether.

      5. Fan:

        I see what the problem is.

        The you-are-a-troll-if-you-hate-on-the-team’s-QB rule didn’t come into effect until halfway through the 2012 season. Prior to that, we had the you-are-a-real-fan-if-you-hate-on-the-QB rule. It’s obvious that you are unaware of the rule change. You just need to catch up.

        Please also note that the corresponding change to a related corollary rule. What used to be the it’s-the-QBs-fault-that-he-cannot-connect-with-his-WRs corollary is now the our-QB-cannot-succeed-without-better-WRs-Baalke-sucks! excuse explanation.

        I hope that helps.

      6. Claude –

        Thanks man! Sometimes I’m dyslexic, so what I am supposed to now? Am I supposed to looks past all of Kaep’s short-comings, which I guess peeps like Trent Dilfer, Steve Young, national media are saying?

        Got it!

        I think Bay Area may need to get a pair of Dre Beats headphones because it’s Kaep sucks brigade is gonna get pretty loud in 2014 if he doesn’t improve.

        Or maybe we can just sing KUM-BAY-A!!!! instead.

      7. “It is fair to criticize him in areas he needs to improve, but it is not fair to criticize him on perceived shortcomings that we either do not know are accurate and/or have been refuted.”

        Best line of the day!

      8. JPN, I truly enjoy reading your perspective which seems very much balanced and none judgmental. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      9. JPN, spot on again and, as usual. Thank you.

        Fan, Bay’s not the only one who thinks you’re a troll. Feel free to add me to the ever-growing list. If the bridge fits, sleep under it.

    1. did you miss him throwing the ball 10 feet over moss head in the end zone early on in the game, making niners settle for a field goal? or his becoming 1st niners qb in a super bowl to throw an intereception?

  17. The difficult part here is how do you grade him? On performance, he is the 20 rated QB in the NFL. Grade C
    Do you grade him on potential? He has an unlimited ceiling. He has not played up to his potential, Grade C
    Do you grade him on his Big Game performance? He failed in the SB with the game on the line. He failed in the championship game with the game on the line. Grade F.
    How would you grade him if he was not the 9ers QB but played on another team???
    Here in this room the issue of subjectivity comes in to play . For me it comes down to championships, win the championship , you get an A. Lose you get an incomplete.

    1. Rated 20th? The only list I could find Kaepernick being 20th would be regular season passing yards. Heck do the 10 quarterbacks that had more yards passing but missed the playoffs get better grades?

      Maybe look at QBR he would be ranked 7th and NFL Passer Rating he would be ranked 10th.

      If you are grading on a championship or bust scale then it reminds me of what the great

      1. Chicago,
        In my post I gave Kaepernick an incomplete , because the objective is to win the SB. My brother in law ,who is a Denver fan , says that it was a mistake to get Manning because he is a Choke artist. It is all subjective.
        All we can do is wait until next season.

      2. Hacksaw, trust me i get it man! We all want to win super bowls and with a few plays here or there we could have won back to back trophies. I have no issue with fans to talk about CKs missed opportunities or how he can improve but some of the rant on this blog is just getting absurd! A QB alone is not going to win us a Super Bowl, this is a team sport. Of course if CK was just a little bit better we could have a few more trophies but to be fair if our team was just a few plays better against the giants or against the ravens or the hawks we still could have won. The point i am trying to make is we will not win the trophy if the entire responsibility is placed on CKs shoulders. He is not a superman and just a few mistakes will change the momentum of the game. I do not want to cry about the officials but just a few calls could have had major impact in the outcome of the Super Bowl or the NFC championships.

        Its crazy to assume CK does not work on his passing game during the off season or he does not watch film or he does not work on his progression without any supportive evidence. All these grades and opinions are speculation and we could sit here to argue for ever. I do not believe we had the best roster in the NFL or the best philosophy. I also do not believe we had some luck when needed.

        CK needs to prove he is worth the money however he is only 27 not 37! this was his 1.5 year of playing the position in the NFL and the expectations have been high. Hey i get it. This is price you pay for becoming the face of a franchise but come on with all this finger pointing.

  18. Wrong!! Kaep is top 10 qbr and passer rating on espn, Wilson wasn’t, smith wasn’t, pretty impressive!!!! I know people only like stats when it benefits their argument, but the truth is kaepernick in 2013 was and is a top 10 qb!!

  19. Colin Kaepernick is getting a reputation for being unable to make the “Big Play.” He made one of worst decisions ever on the last play in Seattle, AKA, “the tip.”

    By his own admission, when his pre snap read showed Crabtree one on one with Sherman, he decided immediately that’s where he was going. That was not Phi Betta Kaepernick (sorry I couldn’t resist). Clearly, his pre snap read should have told him to look to Crabtree and draw defenders in that direction, then come off of him to Boldin, Davis or Patton who was running free at about the 15. Hell, if goes to Patton he might have scored.

    Folks this is covered in quarterbacking “1A.” Right now it appears Kaep withdrew from that class and took an “incomplete.”

    The 9ers made a bad decision in not going with Smith, and I said so at the time. People sometimes forget that Smith beat Green Bay (in Green Bay) to open the 2012 season. The last meaningful thing he did as a 9er was throw a TD pass against the Rams. For that and a concussion, he got benched. Say what you want about the talent of Kaepernick, but he’s yet to play a game under pressure like Smith did against the Saints in 2011.

    I’d be interested in knowing who the fans in KC would rather have….Kaep or Smith.

    1. John:

      I think what you mean is that Kaepernick is getting the reputation for always trying to make big plays, even when they aren’t there, and better alternatives are available. He has made more than his share of big plays in his short career. He just needs to understand that sometimes (most times, all times?) it’s smarter/better/more effective to take what the defense gives you rather than to try to force something that isn’t there.

      On the last offensive play of the NFCCG, that meant throwing to Patton. I don’t think Patton would have scored, but he would have gained at least 5 yards, and the 49ers would have had 2-3 more plays to get in the end zone.

      Kaepernick is still relatively young and inexperienced, so there’s hope that he will learn to do the smart thing (although his defiant statement that he would throw to Crabtree every time in that situation is worrisome), as well as work on his mechanics.

      I think you are overlooking the 2012 NFCCG when you say that Kaepernick has “yet to play a game under pressure like Smith did against the Saints in 2011.”

      As for Harbaugh’s decision to go with Kaepernick over Smith, that was his decision to make, and it can’t be changed. There’s no sense revisiting it again and again. You’re going to have to live with it. We all are. The good news is that Kaepernick has more than a little talent. If he can correct a few very correctable things, he could be legendarily good. Try looking at the glass as three quarters full instead of one quarter empty.

      1. “Try looking at the glass as three quarters full instead of one quarter empty.”

        Great description of the Championship game.

      2. @Hammer

        I see how you are, when I try and create a positive vibe I get defecated on by you, but when the Deputy does it, it’s a great description, smh….;)

    2. John,

      Keep in mind that Bennett was in Kap’s lap about the time he was throwing the ball on the last play and he couldn’t put put sufficient air on the ball. I have some confidence that Kap would have thrown it higher and farther had Davis kept Bennett out of the pocket. But I won’t be hard on Davis on this play because he had to block an inside rusher first, and then disengage and engage Bennett.

      1. Mood its interesting that you noticed the pressure. No one once has mentioned that CK was getting pressure from the right side and as he was throwing the ball the defender was closing in to hit him. I am sure the pressure from the right side had an impact as well on his decision and precision.

      2. Chicago49er

        NFL Matchup did the best analysis of this play I’ve seen and that’s where I noticed the pressure after playing it slo mo a couple of times.

  20. Smith’s 2011 was an overachievement and a crescendo throughout the season. It made him look like a genius. It made harbough look like a genius. It made roman look like a genius.

    Kaepernick’s season this year was a seesaw, inconsistent with some bright spots. Both he and his coaches looked unsure, unprepared and lacking imagination.

    With improved coaching and more consistent qb play this would’ve been a Super Bowl year for sure. You can say that with a more dynamic qb 2011 should have been a Super Bowl year. But 2011 was a first. A year to build experience. A year that shouldn’t have happened considering how bad the Niners had been for such a long time.

  21. I think I don’t see my comment so I reposted Sorry if it’s a duplicate.

    Smith’s 2011 was an overachievement and a crescendo throughout the season. It made him look like a genius. It made harbough look like a genius. It made roman look like a genius.

    Kaepernick’s season this year was a seesaw, inconsistent with some bright spots. Both he and his coaches looked unsure, unprepared and lacking imagination.

    With improved coaching and more consistent qb play this would’ve been a Super Bowl year for sure. You can say that with a more dynamic qb 2011 should have been a Super Bowl year. But 2011 was a first. A year to build experience. A year that shouldn’t have happened considering how bad the Niners had been for such a long time.

  22. 2011 – Who were the starting receivers at the start of the season? Crabtree was hurt in the beginning and missed some time. In the playoffs he had a healthy Crabtree, but Kyle Williams and some practice squad guy as his #3 option. And still had the team in the lead in the 4th quarter behind 2 TD passes to Davis and great defense.

    2013 – The opposite of 2011. Started with only Boldin and Williams, but had a full compliment of weapons in the championship game. Defense gave up the lead on a couple of big plays while the offense struggled in the 3rd. 2nd turnover of the 4th quarter results in 3 points for Seattle. Instead of the driving for a tying FG they now need a TD.

    For all the ESPN highlights #7 generates, the results aren’t much different than those of #11.

      1. Yep, and Buzzie Bavasi thought he could replace Nolan Ryan with two 8-7 pitchers following Ryan’s 16-14 record one year. There’s more to sports than stats.

  23. So there are people on here calling for Kaep’s head. I’m not going to get into statistics to rank him among other qbs, but if kaep was on another team would you want to have to play him? I know we have beaten GB several times in a row now, but Rodgers is still the one qb that I never want to see especially in a win or go home situation. (Sure we have confidence now that we have beaten them the last two years but still I was definitely bulling for the bears week 17). I think if kaep was on any other team he instantly goes to the top of the God I hope someone else knocks him out before we have to play him list. He is not yet and may never be brees, Brady, manning, or Rodgers but he had beaten them all (except manning) on their turf. So I like our guy, and believe the future is bright

  24. Season is over lets talk trends. I’ve been tough on Grant lately. But I feel like his position should be open to being criticized.

    Lets go back two years. We had a QB that had been terrible and was the losing face of a franchise that needed a boost. Under Harbaugh Smith started to turn a corner. Not by winning our program games, but no longer losing them for us. He learned to protect and manage. We went 13-3 that year and were one game away from the Superbowl.

    We drafted Colin Kaepernick that year. After a year of seasoning, although Smith kept winning the offense was stuck with the parking break on. But we were winning. Grant began to call for Kaepernick. I did as well because I was a fan of Kaepernick’s all through college. I actually thought Grant was a fan as well the way he continuously called for him. A concussion left the door open for Harbaugh to make a change and a change was made midway through 2012. In the year and a half since then, Kaepernick has guided the team to the NFC CHampionship twice and the superbowl once. The amazing part is that he is doing it without the supporting cast that our 2011 QB had. Gone is the defense that took the ball away at record pace. Gone is the defense that didn’t make the big mistake. Gone is the running game that made this team so dominant. Gone is the offensive line that was touted as the best in the NFL. Gone is the great special teams play. The only thing that remains from 2011 is the great support from the kicker all season long.

    Now after finishing his last 11 games 10-1 and being one throw away from making the superbowl again, Grant has reached into his old bag again resurrecting the same strategy. Rip on the QB. And to add a new twist to it, he is ripping Kaep for deteriorating and wonders how the old QB he ripped Alex Smith would have done. Wow that’s creative.

    Lets now take a look at Lowell. Lowell ended last year by calling Harbaugh a child. Acting like an 11 year old. This year Lowell ends the year by refering to Kaepernick as an “it”. He said, “it talks”. He then went on to call Kaepernick a “serial loser”. These are the people folks that we count on to get us good stories during the season. But you now see why players wont open up to them and definitely won’t trust them.

    What is also interesting is that Lowell mentions that he felt sorry for the Cowboys in 81 when they lost. Fast forward you have Grant telling us that the Cowboys were going to the Superbowl this year. Lots of stuff is beginning to make sense. Young Jedi Cohn is patterning himself after pop. Hopefully Grant you have other media mentors that will guide you in a better direction. That style will not work with today’s athlete in present time. Not if you want to build a relationship that is for sure.

    Grant I’ve asked 6 times now what your goal is when writing for this blog. Still have not received an answer. I will say this, if your goal is to demonstrate that you write to create entertainment without an ounce of like or loyalty to the players that you spend time writing about, then you have succeeded : ) Maybe you are proud of that.

    I am hoping that this next year you can get back to writing good pieces. The type that take more work up front. Work on building relationships with the players so that they don’t clam up on you. Otherwise you are put in a position where you are waiting for them to slip up so that you have something to write about other than creating controversy. Controversy will get you blog hits, but it’s not quality.

    1. Very well said and witten… If you pay attention to his pop’s on yahoo live, grant writes what his dad talks about. His dad goes on TV and said that the niners need to invest in a QB early in this draft(2-3 rnd). Guess what QB his pop said they should draft.. The kid from San Jose state that grant happened to suggest several times in his blogs. It is very evident grant that you and your dad are raider fans.. Anyone that pays any attention sees that….

    2. You are 100% regarding your criticism of Lowell’s comparison to the 81 Cowboys. The only impact that the Catch had on the Cowboys decline was ironically its part of the impression that Danny White couldn’t win the big game – which caused them to give up on him too soon. They also didn’t draft well enough. The 49er’s future is most dependent on their ability to draft. The development of the current young players and those drafted in the next few years will determine whether the Niners continue being a top team in the league. You can make a strong argument that they were the 2nd best team in the league the last 3 years.

    3. revisionist to your perception. and totally wrong on so many fronts that has been demonstrated to you for a couple of years now.

    4. >>Grant I’ve asked 6 times now what your goal is when writing for this blog.

      Obviously it’s a steppingstone out of the north bay backwaters. Grant’s headed for much bigger things – his provocative style is in perfect tune with what passes for sports journalism these days. Eventually ESPN will realize a haggard Skip Bayless isn’t doing so well with the 24-35 demo.

      Just as Grant likes to remind me that he called the Smith to Kaepernick wrap, I’m predicting Grant is gone to greener pastures before the end of next season. In a few years time we can all wistfully say we knew him when. Don’t forget us little people, Grant!

      1. Rib
        North Bay backwater? The Cohns live in Oakland and probably almost never set foot in the PD facilities.
        As to ambition, sure, nothing wrong with that. Mike Silver went from a PD sports writer to SI and Big Time, so it can happen. Trouble is the tape is always rolling on the big stage, and you can’t go back and edit them or change the arguement. I’m just amused at the thought of how some of the other writers, bloggers, and sportscasters would shred him for some of his weird takes on coaches and players. Can you see Bomani Jones giving him a pass on that stuff? Or even Mike Silver?
        -Jim Harbaugh does to understand the concept of the rollout pass.
        -Rathman might not know what “Heart’ is all about.
        -Or the ever-famous “Take away his long runs…” Yeah, that would play well on the national stage.

      2. Rib, I think the same thing. I remember a brash, young, Jim Rome working the late night at XTRA cultivating his catch-phrases (have a take, don’t suck / rack-him) and growing his cult following. Now look at Rome. He is somebody! I could see Grant interviewing Bruce Miller next year and calling him Cheryl, then flying backwards in his chair….Grant could be on the same path as Romey.

        However, he neesds to find a better catch-phrase than, ‘yeah, but if you take away…..’ clever, but needs work! ;-)

      3. >>North Bay backwater?

        Tuna, I meant the physical location of his employer. Im sure none of the ESPN “stars” make their homes in Bristol, CT either.

      4. @Rib
        All good. I was just ‘poked’ by the backwater term since I live up here. : >)
        Now while Oakland has some very nice neighborhoods, I wouldn’t trade Sonoma County for anything. On reflection, I think our outlier status keeps us hokier and less crowded (appeals to me) than East Bay or South Bay. So I’m ok with backwater, I guess. Besides, the Petaluma River (slough) was the end of the line for the steamboats back in the day.

      5. Tuna, your part of the state has much going for it, no doubt – and no backhanded slap intended. But if your goal is to make your mark in the big wide world of sports journalism, and no doubt Grant does… Well, how did that WWI ditty go? “How ‘Ya Gonna Keep ‘Em Down on the Farm? (After They’ve Seen Paree)”

        What’s with this new format? Did the webmaster suddenly develop a jones for iOS 7?

  25. Bay,

    Lowell is a Columnist who writes his opinions. That is what he’s paid to do and has always done. Grant writes two columns a week and runs the blog. Grant writes opinions in both domains which is where the issues stem from at times. Grant doesn’t have the resume or skins on the wall to write like his Father, but does anyway because he’s allowed to. While I disagree with Grant often, I’ve also come to the conclusion that he’s good for the blog because he incites discussion. Whereas the other blogs are better for information, but don’t have the forum that this one does. Take the opinions with a grain of salt. Many of us on here have been involved with football for longer than Grant’s been alive so I’m guessing he is trying to find his nitch under those conditions including studying the intricacies of the game. Don’t take it too seriously.

    1. Kaepernick is a better runner than McGloin. Kaepernick would be terrible if he played for the Raiders. He’s lucky he’s on such a good team.

      1. In all the years I’ve watched Colin Kaepernick play, the adjective “terrible” has never come to mind. I respect your opinion that McGloin is a better quarterback than Kaepernick, I just happen to disagree…..At least you have the balls to own it.

        1. Kaepernick was almost non-functional as a passer this season when he had to throw to anyone but Boldin, Crabtree or Davis. He would have been terrible on the Raiders throwing to Andre Holmes and Rod Streater.

      2. Kaepernick “almost” took the 49ers to two consecutive Super Bowls, and “almost” won one despite his non-functionality as a NFL passer. Again, I disagree, but I respect your chutzpah to own your opinion….

      3. After five years in the National Football League, Mark Sanchez is washed up and no amount of comparisons to Colin Kaepernick is going to remove the stains. Do you, Grant Cohn believe Mark Sanchez is a better quarterback than Colin Kaepernick right now? Own it stud…

  26. Good morning Grant, I hope you are having a jolly day! Did you write this post while you were getting ready to leave the house?

    Grant, come on man. You are a professional columnist. why not right something more meaningful to engage us. I know you have the ability to write! Why cannot we take a deep dive into our offensive production in the playoffs the good, the bad and ugly. How the coaching staff can improve production and limit turnovers. I would love to read an article on how 49ers can build this team to beat the Seahawks defense or How our Defense needs to play to have better success against the Seahawks!

    This whole finger pointing to the QB is getting pretty boring since CK will be our future QB next season. I just believe you are so much more talented than some of the material you post. I hope you take this feedback as a positive opportunity to continue to improve the blog.

      1. Thank you Grant, I enjoyed readying that Article. Would you be open to writing a NFC overall team reviews and analyzing which teams to your opinon are in a good position on paper to advance to the playoffs next season! Or Which team in the NFC do you believe will improve the most and regress the most in 2014! Also, based on this years offensive and defensive performance how do you believe GROW is going to game plan in 2014? It would be so nice to get an experts opinon about how to beat the cover 3 defense and what it will take to execute to do so! I know this is too much to ask but just sharing some ideas with you and thank you for reading my comments.

  27. With all due respect Grant, your research and expert analysis has led to your less than stellar credit when it comes to predictions…..Oh, there was that one time when you helped Harbaugh get Roman to roll Kaepernick out of the pocket more…..

      1. I had an open mind as it pertained to Mr. Grant Cohn, but after the past couple of days, I’m afraid his arguments have become similar to that of a child, and when he doesn’t like what he reads, he takes his blog and goes home….

      2. As opposed to the adult-like responses of those who don’t like it when Grant says anything critical about Kaepernick?

      3. I don’t mind constructive criticism, but comparing him to Sanchez? McGloin? Is there anybody on this blog that would rather have either of these quarterbacks than Kaepernick? If so, please stand the hell up!

      4. Razor:

        It’s not just you, and it’s not just the responses on this thread. Far too many commenters seem to believe that Grant has a responsibility to be a homer.

        I think the Sanchez reference was made to demonstrate the relative insignificance of winning more road playoff games than Montana and Young.

        As for the McGloin reference, I suspect that was a deliberate tweaking of the easily outraged.

      5. I would not put Sanchez in the same sentence as Kaepernick. I never did. Not even in college. He was way over drafted. I would put more significance on the sub zero temperature victory in Green Bay this year than any playoff victory by Mark Sanchez. And you say…..

      6. … that I don’t disagree with you.

        But, as I said, I believe Grant first brought up Mark Sanchez in response to those commenters (I’m not saying you were one of them because I don’t remember) who claimed that Kaepernick’s obvious greatness could be seen in his having more road playoff wins than Montana and Young combined.

      7. No I was not, but I do place a higher degree of difficulty in Kaepernicks’ victory(s) in the playoffs. Furthermore, the one against the Packers was legendary in my opinion. Not everyone has the intestinal fortitude to overcome the conditions and circumstances…..

  28. Every time he opens his mouth and includes Sanchez, Smith or McGloin in the same sentence as Kaepernick, he discredits himself. The enemy is within Grant…

  29. I guess its worth pointing out that PFF had a grade of +2.7 overal for Kaepernick which would put him as the 18th qb in the league. While he did turn it on towards the end of the season, a C+ for the year seems about right to me.

  30. I gave him a B- for the season. If we’re talkng just playoffs then B+. He was the reason we won in GB aand CAR.

    Kap reminds me of a Big Ben but fast. Always looking for the downfiled play. I think this offense would look so much more explosive if we were loaded with multiple legitimate deep threats, instead of a 30+ yr old possession receiver and an average speed Crabs with mulitiple foot injuries.

    When Ben had wallace there was always that thtreat of the big play so they were never able to stack the box.

    What do you think of the comparison Grant???

    1. ^ … (careful, Grant .. or you might wear out
      your “delete” key .. lol )

      The consensus seems to be .. we need
      DBs and WRs at the top of the draft …

      (and maybe David Fales ..
      somewhere in the middle )

    1. His Alex Smith blog after the 2011 season. Grant wrote that, took off to Mexico for a week and that thing never stopped. ; )

  31. So following the 2011 season, here how you graded Smith:
    Alex Smith: A-. He’s a ‘B’ quarterback who had an ‘A’ regular season, an ‘A+’ divisional playoff game against the Saints and a ‘D’ championship game against the Giants. The ‘D’ performance knocks his overall grade down to an ‘A-’ for the season. You can’t finish flat like that and get an ‘A.’

    Here’s what we know about Smith: He’s smart efficient, he’s careful, he’s tough, and he’s athletic. He usually executes exactly what Harbaugh asks him to execute. He still struggles to see the whole field. He’s a ‘B’ quarterback who can play like an ‘A’ quarterback, but rarely two weeks in a row. He’s inconsistent but he’s still improving. He was bad on third down and in the red zone all season long. If he can improve big-time in these two areas next year, he will be a Pro Bowler.

    He gets major bonus points for his performance against the Saints and his leadership in organizing ‘Camp Alex.’ With a full season and an offseason of experience under Harbaugh, plus some new receivers, Smith should be a 28-year old ‘A’ quarterback next season, as well as a Super Bowl winner. If he falls short, then he’s holding his team back and the Niners will have to turn to Colin Kaepernick or find someone else.
    So you knock down Kaep for being terrible in the red zone and can’t see the field, and give him a C+, but give Alex an A-. Okay. Was Camp Alex the difference? Kaep is smart, efficient, he’s careful, he’s tough, and he’s athletic. He usually executes exactly what Harbaugh asks him to execute. And for those who say he’s not careful because of the picks against Seattle, he took his chance and went for it. But for the most part, his interception rate is pretty low. Kaep should get major bonus points for the wins in GB & Carolina in the playoffs, and helping keep the team winning without major players on offense during the reg season. But yeah, Kaep does need to do a better job seeing the field.

    I know I sound like a whiny parent, but it just seems like you grade Kaep tougher than Smith.

    1. BTW, I thought you graded Smith a little high, but were very fair to him. Maybe a strong ‘B’ but why quibble. I would grade Kaep pretty much the same way. But, for better or worse, Kaep gives the 49ers a big-play dimension Smith couldn’t give them consistently.

    2. Nova wake up. He wrote the article so elicit the exact response that you gave. Goal, to increase blog hits. Get it? Figures he’d throw in a sprinkle of Alex Smith and a smidgeon of Mark Sanchez and vuala you get 300 blog hits without having to invest an ounce of time having to come up with a quality article….

      1. Kaepernick deserved a B- for his season given the hand that he was dealt. I am a fan but I can also be honest and objective. I don’t have an agenda.

      2. Okay Bay Area,
        I have to ask – the hand that Colin was dealt: That sounds like he didn’t have a team or weapons around him. What was missing?
        On offense he had a Pro Bowl Tight End, Running back, a strong receiver in Bolin, and some would say the best offensive line in football but even if it’s not, it’s certainly a downgrade like the KC or Seattle OL.
        He had an elite Defense with pro bowl players.
        He had a kicker that rarely missed so his drives stalled he would at least get 3 points.
        He had solid coaching staff, and many would say the most talented roster in the NFL.
        He didn’t have his favorite wr most of the year, but then again, how many truly top ten defenses did he face all year in the regular season? Not that many.
        Even when Crabs came back, he looked more comfortable but the passing attack was only slightly better.
        What else needs to be dealt to him in order for him to lead the team to a Lombardi trophy? Remember, no one cares if you get close. Just as Mark Sanchez.

      3. Grant,
        big time SMH is much better utilized when someone wants to compare Kaepernick to Mark Sanches or to the Raiders 3rd string QB.

        I know that this is a nice smokescreen for you. Lets be clear, I’ve seen you come full circle now and your agenda is clear.

      4. Jack,
        I don’t want to be mean to you but I will go a little east coast on you and hit you with a bit of honesty. Your value starts and ends with the 22 film.
        If you want to go the Grant ( disingenuous ) route, then your agenda is clear too. When do you start your full time blog Jack?

      5. Jack i seldom agree with Bay but in this case i’m forced to its not about the grade it is all about the tone of Grants post.

      6. I apologize for crossing the line again, but I can’t get past the irony of the “I don’t have an agenda” guy seeing agendas in everyone else.

      7. Bay,

        Feel free to check my stuff out over at 49reserving.com. My latest entry is trending on their news site. Pretty cool and humbling considering the professionals that it is among.

      8. Fansince i’m sorry i do care if we come close. Sure i want a SB championship but i also do’nt want 9 more years of the horrible football we had around here before 2011 so yes it does matter if our QB is leading us to the SB or NFCCG i do want to be entertained for 20 weeks. So yes i do care if we come close.

      9. Coach,

        I get how you can disagree with tone. I made some jerky comments toward Grant a while back and it was more from not agreeing with the tone than the message.

    3. i would be one of the ones to say kap is not careful with the ball.

      and before harbaugh came AS was very efficient in the red zone.

      also would say harbaugh kept his offense the same and the real story is how the niners handled the cap space.

      it is pretty clear that niners wanted to keep AS contract down so they could clear cap space by going to CK and get the same kind of production out of a harbaugh run offense. Essentially, they espoused a balance team (capwise) is consistently more controllable and creates longer windows of opportunity as opposed to a Flacco-like team which had to dump an excellent receiver via the nepotism train. Plus they received two 2nds for their vision as well. This was the single greatest execution this front office accomplished in the past 3 years.

  32. I just got a great idea. Grant, what do you think about letting your dad host the blog for a day? I would love to compare the two narratives…..

  33. Does anyone believe the 49ers are better with Alex Smith than with Peyton Manning? Why or why not?

    Does anyone believe the 49ers are better with Peyton Manning than with Colin Kaepernick? Why or why not?

    1. If the Niners is NOT in the NFC West, then Yes, Peyton will be better RIGHT NOW in our team. But facing Seattle, Arizona and Ram’s defenses 6 times a year, and the way our OL pass protect, NO Peyton wouldn’t even last a season with us.

    2. I’m probably way wrong, but I don’t know if Harbaugh and P Manning would be a marriage made in heaven. But I was extremely hopeful at the time to get Peyton. I guess sometimes the moves you don’t make are the best ones. But we’ll never know.

    3. I think I’ll take my chances WITHOUT Peyton Manning, thank you. $18M for a guy who consistently comes up short in big games in the postseason. Tom Brady he is not. Aaron Rodgers he is not. I’ll take our cheaper QB with upside and $17.5M to spend elsewhere on the team. Thanks though.

  34. MidWestDynasty likes to belittle Kaepernicks’ physical training, but the muscle mass he is able retain enables him to endure the brutal hits dished out in the National Football League. The muscle memory he is able to consistently sustain lowers the chance for injury.

    1. Kap doesn’t really take too many hits. He runs but he’s smart. Until Kap starts taking hits like RGIII, I will not be concerened.

    2. Nice try Razor, but I’m not going to get involved with a discussion in which fans are blinded by a QB’s playmaking ability and choose to ignore his weaknesses or blame the head coach and/or offensive coordinator for his bad decisions on the field. I will just say that I agree with Giant’s grade and leave it at that.

  35. I gave Colin a D- because I can’t stand him. His red zone play in the last two minutes of the last two seasons wasted two great opportunities for Lombardi trophies for all his 52 teammates and a few million 49ers followers.

  36. Grant when you say CK is one of the most talented players in the NFL are you sure you do’nt mean he is one of the most physically gifted players? If he is one of the most talented players he certainly deserves better than a C+ grade.

  37. hey cohn? are you also qualified to delete peoples comments when they are constructive and rebuttle your comments which are often times way off base? I thought this was a free forum to discuss football. If someone is not speaking in a vulgar tone or making personal attacks then to delete specific comments is a joke. Im sure there are others on this site that feel the same.

  38. I think Peyton trumps both. He has the experience. With our defense and our WR’s, plus our run game I don’t think we could be stopped.

  39. i give colin an F. Forget the talent. How bout the sideways cap and headphones. The short responses because he says he doesnt want to give tho media too much info on the game plan. WHAT? I think you can be cordial to the media, give insightful answers that are articulate and not devulge the game plan. A thug hes not. A player that lacks a little class, yes. Take a look at wilson. He will be the spokesmodel for the nfl. Classy, articulate, dresses appropriate after games. Colin. GROW UP. And also remember one thing. The difference from good to great is not making the key mistakes at crunch time. 2 years running youve cost your team the chance to win. Its on you and noone else. Great players thrive in difficult times.

    1. ^ …. Alex .. (blah, blah, blah) ,,,
      izzat you ??

      Question for ya, buddie …

      How can we miss you …
      if you won’t go away .. ?

      1. i have no hair. my cap wont stay sideways and i dont support dr dre!!!!. A niner fan yes. DO i love kap. yes. Does he have some growing up to do. Yes. I dont see the qbs that are the face of the league going nude on espn magazine. The issue with most on this site is that your all children. Probably 18-30. For those that have been around awhile when the niners were winning all their championships humility and class exuded in the locker room. These days its an all about me attitude. Look at facebook. Half the guys and girls are posing half nude so they can get the LIKE hits. If you dont think this permeates in todays nfl then your crazy. get naked all you want on espn, dont speak to the media, weare your cap sideways and have your dre headphones. ITs all good. Just win the games that count. Your the supposed face of the franchise. Play like it and dont choke.

      2. Jim, cheers to you and i appreicate you sharing your point of view. To my opinion, its very hard to judge the man without turly having the chance to get to know him. How many times have you met a supposedly ethical individual that was just a fake!

        Regardless of your age and your spirtual believes it is very important to not just listen to the media and come up with precieved judgement of someone. I have no idea who CK is or care if he poses nude for ESPN or displays Dr Dre headphones. I agree that this organization is a historical, a classy organization and we must act in such. But please keep in mind this is a different generation, kids his age or younger share information differently and a typical athlete will be more argont and competitive. Simply I am communicating that please do not allow your personal views impact your judgement of a person as a football player or a man. Be healthy and wish a great year

    2. Lol you guys crack me up with all this stuff about how he dresses and wears headphones etc. None of that has to do with football. It would be different if he was a trouble maker, failing drug test, etc. You guys have no clue what happens with these guys off the field. You don’t know how Russell Wilson really is. All you know is what your being given by the media. Russell Wilson dress has nothing to do with his football IQ

      1. KY ..
        if you followed this blog during the season ..
        our resident “troll” called himself
        “Alex .. (and insert dumb remark here)”

        No matter the discussion (here) .. he would
        seem to gripe about the very same thing …

        (ad nauseam) ..

        Finally .. one of the regulars, here,
        dubbed the troll … “Mud” ..

        (please forgive me as I don’t remember who …. my memory is pretty good ..
        …. just not very long)

  40. While I agree with this analysis Grant, what would the grade have been after Crabtree was back? Just curious.

    I think what worked against Colin this year was the conservative way that he was asked to play. Yes he also had Boldin and Davis when Crabtree was out but Boldin became easier to double team and Vernon also became much easier to cover. The other stiffs we marched out there are gone or will be gone for a reason.

    I do agree that his footwork look terrible and he really struggled to read defenses that now had plenty of tape on him. I see him making a leap next year in what will be his 3rd season as a starter. So, we can kind a chalk this up to a sophomore slump if you will.

    Overall I’d say the C+ is very fair for the pre-Crabtree season and a B/B- for the remaining period.

  41. Colin has weaknesses and strong points… like his arm.

    Wide Receiver Kelvin Benjamin and I have alot in common. For one, today is our respective birthdays. What we don’t have in common is athletic skills. (Kelvin is pretty darn good wide receiver. I’m a pretty darn good rose pruner.)

    What I want as a belated birthday gift (if the 49ers don’t trade up for Watkins or Evans) is to draft Kelvin Benjamin. This might involve trading into the low 20′s. Higher is he has a good combine.

    Think he would make a good 49er?

    1. He’d be a terrific 49er. I think he’s the third-best WR prospect in the draft behind Watkins and Evans. I think Watkins goes top-10, the Rams take Evans at No.13 and the Ravens take Benjamin at No.16.

      1. Most mocks think Benjamin gets taken in the low 20s, but I think you are right on the money at #16. Good WRs get snagged early.

      2. Grant ..
        could you please supply first names when you mention potential draftees ?

        I don’t really follow college ball and am
        not familiar with these players …

        (I’d like to see if I can find some youtube
        on them)


      3. I’ll take all three of Sammy Watkins, Mike Evans and Kelvin Benjamin, but I’ll happily settle for just one.

        Watkins seems like the best of the bunch. He won’t last long on draft day.

        I’m back and forth with Evans and Benjamin. They are both BIG.

        Benjamin seems to have better speed and catching radius, but he tends to body catch a it too much and has trouble keeping his feet after the catch.

        Evans looks (can be deceiving) not quite as fast, but he knocks over DBs like bowling pins while making a catch. He listed as lighter then Benjamin but plays bigger. I keep thinking hes a TE.

        Of the two I would pick Evans because he’s only 20. Already huge, Evans is still growing and only beginning to reach his potential.

        Evans the DB mauler vs Benjamin, the poor mans Megatron. I’d be pleased if the 49ers got either one.

      4. Loving some super-sized WRs I see Grant.

        I’ll be very interested to see how both guys perform in the big leagues, where their big frames count for a lot less.

        - Both guys are below average in terms of route running and ability to create separation out of cuts (unless you include the push offs both guys are fond of, which will get called more often in the pros).
        - Neither guy is particularly aware of the field (e.g., not positioning themselves so they won’t fall out of bounds in making a catch). Evans did this a number of times.
        - Evans made a lot plays off the back of Manziel running around and extending plays. As Wilson has shown you don’t need a guy like Evans for those plays.
        - Benjamin only accounted for around 20% of his teams passing offense – for someone who is so physically dominant to not even be your teams leading receiver raises big flags for me.

        Basically, these guys are jump ball specialists. Sure, they’ll probably have some success in the NFL as jump ball specialists too. But the 2nd and 3rd best receivers in the draft? I simply don’t see it.

      5. How many current NFL receivers have a match up advantage against Sherman? Has to be a pretty short list.

        Steve Young recently said there are two schools of thought on beating press coverage. Little guys to run around it with double moves, or big guys who blast through press coverage and can make contested catches.

        Watkins is a nice blend of speed and physicality but will be drafted too high. Evans just might have the strength and attitude to win the occasional battle vs Sherman.

      6. Scooter_McG Who do you like for WR in this draft? I’m still compiling my youtube “film” list and could use some more names.

        The fact that Evans and Benjamin are young and coming out before their JR years makes me think they are only beginning to develop their skills. (Can you tell I’m trying to avoid the word “upside”… ha!)

      7. Brodie, I put together a list on a previous thread but can’t remember which one. Anyway, I’ve updated since then. It now is:

        Top tier (top 10 player):
        1. Sammy Watkins

        Second tier (should be picked 11-40):
        2. Allen Robinson
        3. Odell Beckham Jr
        4. Marqise Lee
        5. Brandin Cooks
        6. Mike Evans

        Third tier (pretty much a struck match between these guys – should go 2nd through early 3rd round):
        7. Davante Adams
        8. Jarvis Landry
        9. Jordan Matthews
        10. Jared Abbrederis
        11. Kelvin Benjamin

        Fourth tier (3rd-4th rounders):
        12. Robert Herron
        13. Paul Richardson
        14. Bruce Ellington
        15. Donte Moncrief
        16. Martavis Bryant

        1. I like Beckham but I think you’re overrating him. He caught 12 TD passes in three seasons at LSU. He’s not a red zone threat.

          And I think you may be biased against giant receivers like some people are biased against small receivers. Mike Evans and Kelvin Benjamin will be terrors in the slot and terrors in the red zone.

      8. Robinson, OBJr, or Cooks will have the best chance of remaining on the board when the 49ers selection is on the clock…..Who in your opinion presents the bigger problem for Sherman? I’m starting to think it’s got to be Cooks.

      9. No, I think Beckham Jr would. He’s pretty well built for a smaller guy, has good speed and quickness, and I liked what I saw from him in terms of ability to beat the jam.

      10. I should also say I don’t believe Sherman would be matched up against Beckham, at least not next season. Sherman will stay on Crab.

        I’d love to see a WR core of Crab, Boldin and Beckham Jr next year, with Patton as the primary backup in case of injury.

      11. You wouldn’t want an offense full of Beckham’s or Cooks’, as you rightly point out they don’t make great red zone threats. You need some big-bodies to throw to too. And maybe I am overrating Beckham a little (what do I know, I’m just a hack!). But he looks a pretty refined prospect that understands how to get open and use his speed/ quickness. He just looks natural as a receiver to me, that understands the position. With some more development of his game I see a Steve Smith type receiver.
        As for a bias against giant receivers, I’m actually not. I like and generally prefer big WRs. But they still need to understand how to play the position beyond just out-muscling a defender. I think Evans is a fine prospect, but that he should be late first round prospect. There are some real question marks to me about his understanding of the position and how to get open. If he doesn’t learn the nuances of the game he’ll be limited to a jump ball situation guy or short passes and see if he can run over people, which while useful to have on a team does not warrant a first round pick. Benjamin is the same, but with even less understanding of the position. He’s all raw material at the moment. Again, a very intriguing prospect, but to me he’s like a Stephen Hill – all raw talent but in the pros raw talent gets you diddly. I think whoever drafts Benjamin will need to be really patient with him, and we all know that patience isn’t a luxury first round picks have.

        1. Stephen Hill never even produced in college, just 49 catches in 3 seasons. Evans and Benjamin produced.

          Covering Dennis Pitta and Mike Evans or Kelvin Benjamin in the middle of the field would be extremely difficult, like covering Jimmy Graham and Marques Colston.

          I think it’s a mistake to draft based on which players are the most developed, especially juniors. They’re called “prospects” for a reason. Coach them. A good wide receivers coach would want to coach Evans and Benjamin.

      12. Very little. I don’t see the suddeness that Harvin possesses. I agree with Scooter. To my untrained eye, OBJr looks more physical, smoother and more natural in his routes, great hands, and he looks faster too….

      13. Thanks razor – though I’ve had my fair share of clangers when it comes to judging WRs!

        Jack, you don’t think Cooks is a bit more like DeSean Jackson? He’s even said in an interview he is one of the players he mold’s his game after (as well as Steve Smith).

      14. Grant, Stephen Hill played in a run first, second and usually third offense. Hard to produce big numbers in such an offense. Evans and Benjamin played in pass happy offenses. Hill accounted for almost half the Georgia Tech receiving yards in 2011 – Evans and Benjamin aren’t even close to that %.

        1. Hill had 28 catches and 5 TDs as in ’11. Nothing special about that. Demaryius Thomas had 120 catches in 3 seasons Georgia Tech.

          Hill had bust written all over him. He’s not effective over the middle.

      15. No, there isn’t. He isn’t a special player, despite impressive physical attributes. But he did put up 820 yards on 28 receptions on a team that threw for only around 1,800 yards in total.

      16. Grant, since you don’t like the Hill comparison to Benjamin, how about Jon Baldwin? He’s similar physically, described as a ‘rare athlete for his size’. But he doesn’t get the nuances of the position, and he can’t rely solely on his physical gifts in the pros.

        1. Baldwin never was a threat after the catch, couldn’t make anyone miss, never someone who could challenge the whole field from the slot. And he struggled getting downfield outside against NFL cornerbacks.

          Evans and Benjamin seem more explosive and more dynamic. They seem like receivers who can play outside or in the slot. And they were much more productive in college than Baldwin.

      17. I have tape of Ekre-Olomu doing exactly what Sherman does down on the goal line. Smothering. Now from my layman’s perspective, it seems to me that Sherman is better than Ekre-Olomu, and that tells me what Sherman would eat if Cooks was lined up against him…..

      18. No problem. I respect your opinion, but I think OBJr looks like a faster Mr. Crabs. Without paying through the nose for Watkins, I believe OBJr is the best bang for your pick to go against Sherman…..

      19. I don’t. That was only my opinion based off the type of receivers that have had success against Sherman.

        Did anyone challenge me on that?

      20. You did say Benjamin would be on the menu when facing Sherman based on the success of the receivers you cited. I did not challenge your opinion. I embraced it. I went back to the tape. Ekpre-Olomu reminds me a lot of Sherman. That’s how I came to my opinion of Cooks….

      21. Grant, Baldwin was productive in college. Two straight years of 50+ catches. As a sophomore he had better #s than Benjamin, and didn’t benefit from having a great QB and other good receivers on the team. He accounted for 40% of his teams total receiving yards as a sophomore, and around one third as a junior – both significantly higher %s than Benjamin has managed. And he was known as a guy that could stretch the field with his build up speed, as well as a being a load to bring down.

      22. Benjamin had 15 of 42 receiving TDs (36%). Baldwin had 8 of 23 (35%). Only difference is that Benjamin played on a team that had a great QB and other good WRs that provided him with more opportunity.

      23. You’re joking right? Benjamin is one geared, and all straight line build up speed, just like Baldwin. He has deceptive speed because of his long strides.

      24. He is explosive, I’ll give him that. Very powerful legs that gives him better than expected acceleration for a guy his size, + the strength to muscle through arm tackles. But elusive? Maybe from the point of view that Kaep is elusive – long strider that surprises people how fast he is going so when he makes even a small cut he is hard to bring down as they are over-committed.

        In terms of being able to change direction, however, I would say he is on par with Baldwin.

    1. Grant A+ grade on getting blog hits, F+ on his football knowledge.. He is not a true writer but he did stay at a holiday inn….

      1. (thinking out loud)

        what are the chances Grant can confirm that ..
        “CK=ELITE” .. and .. “Ski ” (above)

        … are the same guy ?

      2. I give Grant an A+ for blog hits as well. I also give him an A+ for pulling the wool over the eyes of the Press Democrat for allowing him to cover a team that he doesn’t care for much.
        As for his football knowledge, he’s got knowledge. But posting real information without skewing it won’t get the blog hits he needs….

  42. Grant like usual my grade for CK is pretty close to yours. I give him a B- to a border line B. I do’nt belive your grade is very different than the majority here, I believe the up roar over your post is’nt about content its about tone. The words you use to describe CK’s abilities are not the words i would use to describe a C+ student, those words should be used to describe a D- border line D student. All most every time i find one of your grading posts to be WAY off the mark its not about the grades themselves but your tone.

      1. Perhaps Grant needs to stay in the pocket longer, think things through in a quick manner, work on his progressions, instead of scrambling and writing a quick column.

    1. OC,
      glad others see it. You just have to understand the goal. The agenda and then it makes perfect sense.

      Grant I see you deleted my comment under Draymond Green. You didn’t like my sense of humor?

      1. I’m starting to side with you Bay a lot more than I used to…

        You’ve open my eyes to a lot of disingenuousness and deceit going on in this blog.

        And OC’s comments are right on…. the grades are not in question but its the insulting tone he takes when attempting to draw comparison to Mcgloin and Sanchez…..I’m suprised he didn’t throw Pryor in the mix as well.

        Grants like those sweet and sour candies….but he’s just mostly sour.

        I can imagine the utter satisfaction he must have felt when Kap threw that last pick.

        And of course he had to throw the Alex comparison, which is the cherry on top. When did Alex become a Seattle destroyer. He’s always played awful against them and the only reason he’s beat them was due to a solid running game in which Gore would break off a few big gainers. If Alex was asked to go win in Seattle without any help from your running game or O-line the score wouldn’t even have been as close as it was.

    1. If you go way back to Adam & Eve ..
      you might have something there ..

      Other than that …

      That’s the dumbest thing .. I’ve ever read !”

  43. ^ best thing I’ve ever read on this blog…MWNiner Grants personal body guard, I’m amused. “Leave Britney alone! Your lucky she even performs for you $&@$$!”

    1. you’re sayin’ .. the best thing .. YOU’VE
      read …

      is something YOU wrote ?

      What does that confirm …
      your age … or maturity .. ?

    2. Actually, the Britney defender sounds more like the commenters who have been whining about Grant’s unfair grading of Kaepernick.

    1. That a boy Timmy,
      a nice piece for 49er fans. A little bit of inside info, and a few projections and anticipated moves for next year. All positive. Wow. Breath of fresh air.

    1. I like the swag, and what the image portrays….’Don’t mean to rain on your parade, but we’re not going anywhere’.

      1. Yea that and just the fact that no ones really intimidated by them… you couldn’t do that in Chicago, Pitt, SF, DAL, NO, NE heck maybe not even BAL…These are the real die hard fans

        But Seattle’s fan base is soft, timid, and fair-weathered…..at least IMO

      2. Thats not really what I meant Claude

        Again there’s an intimidation factor that every fanbase has some are high and some are low…and I feel like Seattle is on the lower end which seems to be a variety of factors, their culture, their lack of success as a whole in the sporting world, their seemingly “band wagon” fan base, etc.

        Nothing having to do with brutal violence, just intimidation. Again this is all just IMO. Maybe I’m just dumb.

      3. Whoa. I think it shows class on the 12 to not be abusive to this kid. It’s sports. It’s a party.
        Yeah congrats Hawks. Enjoy it. Hold it tight, because we’re going to try to take it away from you. Have a nice day. Btw, they had some sunshine for their parade. G’head, enjoy the moment.

      4. The kid is probably not all there walking into Enemy territory like he did. That was suicide, I wouldn’t even dare doing what he did. I love my team but i’d wouldn’t go that far.

  44. Can I just put an end to the Alex Smith Kaep debate. What people seem to forget is that Alex Smith would have had a $9.5 Million cap figure. Do you know what that 9.5 mil means? It means no Anquan Boldin and no Anquan Bolding means no playoffs. Alex could have easily done what Kaep did this year but without Boldin this season is a wash. You can also argue that Smith wouldn’t have made that throw to end the game, you are probably right, but Smith wouldn’t have thrown that TD to Boldin with Thomas all over him and he also wouldn’t have rushed for 130 yards either. You can so Smith wouldn’t have turned the ball over, well he also wouldn’t have scored points. So you choose, no turnovers and no points or points with the turnovers. All things swept away at least getting rid of Alex gave the 49ers 9 million to sign other key players.

    1. great point. A lot of people forget the cap hit for Alex. The only way Alex beats Seattle is with a strong running game where Gore and company break off 2-3 thirty plus yard gains. And for that matter Kaep would have won had he had a running game (other than himself) as well.

      I’m so sick of this topic.

      I am excited to see Lattimore in 2014, i hope he’s comeback POY

    2. Thanks Leo. It’s fun to compare the two but you just can’t. If we had Alex still the team would be very different, from draft picks to free agent signings.

    3. last time niners beat seattle in seattle, smith hit vernon davis for a couple of touch passes kaeprnick couldnt make, then when game was on line hit crabtree down the sideline over two seattle defenders, 1 being dick sherman if i recall correctly….it was the type of throw that many here continue to wrongfully insist smith cant make–kaerpernick choked, and lost the game for niners, trying to boose his ego and his buddy crabtree’s ego by beating sherman

      1. The last time the 49ers played the Seahawks and won, Smith was along for the ride. He had 130 yards that game. And the defense held Seattle to 6 points. But we won mostly because Gore had 180 total yards…. Nice try though.
        Lets let the Alex talk die down. He is happy in Kansas City where he finished the season 2 and 5 and is now 1-2 lifetime in the playoffs….

  45. There doesn’t seem to be any interest in this, but here goes again. My impression of the Superbowl is that Seattle had edge pressure on Manning, and frequently brought strong pressure up the middle. They messed up his “spot” big time.

    That’s why I think we are lucky to not have Manning in the NFC West. It may be that Manning wanted to stay in the AFC for that reason. Next year will be interesting since the two divisions play each other.

    If Kap had even made the slightest head move to the left on his last pass in the playoffs, there probably wouldn’t have been a Superbowl MVP there to catch the “Tip”. I think any athlete can be taught to do that.

    I’ve followed the 49ers since 1946, and I’m always happy when there are meaningful games at the end of a season. Three years in a row is great.

    I thinks it demeans the sport, and it’s fans to treat all seasons, for all teams as failures if they don’t win a Superbowl. I’m happy that they have been in a good position to try the last three years. That’s my bottom line.

    Some of you guys write great posts. Thanks.

    1. If you’re going to look at individual plays from that NFCCG, then why not look at Eric Reid and his missed tackle on Marshawn Lynch’s TD run? Or about how Reid getting caught underneath on the 4th and 7 TD throw by Wilson? Or how about two players earlier on a 3rd and 22 play where the Niners give up 15 yards to Zack Miller? Or how about Whiter losing contain on Baldwin and Reid not providing adequate help on that scramble and throw by Wilson? Or how about Michael Crabtree not going out of bounds two plays before the final Kap pass? If he goes out of bounds there, the Niners call a timeout after Vernon catches that pass over the middle.

      1. I agree 100%, but that wasn’t my point. My p0int, if you’re interested, was that Kap will get better at little things like the example I gave, a simple head fake to hold a line backer for a step or two. Enjoy next year.

    2. This here is a gem. It’s so true. After watching the 49ers struggle for many years. I’m just happy to be able to say we are one of the best teams in the NFL. Don’t get me wrong, I would have loved to won it all.

      1. From day one the 49ers were second to Cleveland until they joined the NFL As a kid, I took pleasure in them running up a big score against Cleveland in an exhibition game. What did I know!

    3. “I’ve followed the 49ers since 1946, and I’m always happy when there are meaningful games at the end of a season. Three years in a row is great.

      I thinks it demeans the sport, and it’s fans to treat all seasons, for all teams as failures if they don’t win a Superbowl. I’m happy that they have been in a good position to try the last three years. That’s my bottom line. ”

      Now THIS man is a fan I can relate to. Thanks for this, htwaits.

      1. Reading Htwaits, Neal, Automatic, Ky49er, Ricardo and heck even Stans post put a smile on my face. Forgot that there are still 49er fans in this room.
        You guys help take the stench away from the garbage that a few have littered this room with. I appreciate that.
        You guys are the ones that I turn to when the Niners score and I high five even though you are strangers. At the end of the day you can just look at another guy and just know you know? It’s positive comments from guys like you that will get me through this offseason.
        Just got my seats at Levi. I’m so fired up!

  46. “You have to wonder how much farther Alex Smith could have taken this team. ” If you’re going to wonder that scenario then you have to also mention that Alex wouldn’t have had Boldin at his disposal because his cap salary was about $6 million higher than Kap. That $6 million savings allowed the Niners to bring on Boldin. Also, the Niners got two 2nd rd picks.

    Not an apples-to-apples comparison.

      1. Stan,

        From a Chiefs site;Alex Smith has the owner in his corner.

        In an interview with 810 WHB, Clark Hunt said he was happy with the performance from his quarterback this season and hopes the team can keep him around for more than just two more years.

        “When we made the trade for him a year ago, that was part of the thinking,” Hunt said. “I don’t think that thinking has changed. He came in and did a nice job. We’re glad to have him as a part of the Kansas City Chiefs and we hope it’s longer than a two-year stay.”
        For the season, Smith’s numbers were very average. In fifteen starts he posted a 49.43 QBR with 23 touchdowns and 3,313 yards on 60.6 completions. He did have the all important 1.4% interception rate – one of the best in the NFL – and set career marks for touchdown passes, yards, and completions.

        What Hunt may be banking on is Smith’s second half improvement. In the last five games of the regular season Smith threw 12 touchdown passes (to only three interceptions), posted a 109.2 quarterback rating, and completed 66.9% of his passes. He also saw an increase in his average yards per pass. This improvement came as the schedule got harder for the Chiefs, too.

        His masterwork may have been the playoff game, a game in which he threw four touchdown passes (franchise playoff record), completed 65% of his passes, and accumulated a 119.7 quarterback rating. He did all of that even though Jamaal Charles missed, essentially, the entire game. Those numbers in a playoff game, on the road, and without the team’s best offensive player is pretty impressive.

        Hunt seems to think so, too. And if there is anyone Smith wants to have in his corner, it is the owner.

        “Alex is somebody who demonstrated he could play at a pretty high level with the 49ers the last several years,” Hunt said. “Certainly we were hopeful we would see that version of him. One of the things I enjoyed about the season was watching him get better as we went along, which makes sense. Andy’s offense is pretty complicated, even for someone as bright as Alex. But the longer he played in it, the longer the rest of the team was in this offense, you could see him getting better. I think it’s very exciting for 2014 to see where that offense goes.”
        Smith is owned $7.5 million in 2014, the final year of his three-year contract. Speculation is the Chiefs intend to extend Smith this offseason as opposed to franchising him next year.

        Topics: Alex Smith, Kansas City Chiefs


  47. What position will the Cardinals spend their first round pick on? Their defense clearly is better than their offense. They still need O-line help. But they could use a slot receiver like Marqise Lee or Brandin Cooks.

    1. if Carson Palmer is still there .. Grant ..
      maybe the smart 1st rounder for them should be
      a QB ! lol …

      (although.. I could say the same thing
      for Jerry Jones, as well … lol)

    2. they are probably going to make a run at the LOT albert guy from KC, leaving them open to get a slot rcvr. There are probably a few slot rcvrs in FA as well.

  48. my prediction for 2014 (at the half way mark…)
    I expect “Kapurnicus” to be 4 and 4.
    Someone may say, so what…
    and believe he will go on to run the table
    and finish at 12 and 4.

    Not exactly the way to inspire postseason confidence, hmm?

    1. 2014 is the year that all of us will find out if kaep is the QB that everyone expected him to be. The training wheels is off, and if he doesn’t improve this season, throwing the football from the pocket and findin the 3rd option receivers, then it’s probably time for the 49ers management to look for another young QB to the run our 49er team.

      1. Scooter, the problem is, where do you target him? The Browns would love to pair him with Gordon with their second 1st Round pick. The Panthers with an aging Smith could snag him right above the 49ers…..

      2. A really good WR will be available at #30. I really like Beckham, but I wouldn’t move up far to get him. There are enough needs on the team they don’t want to lose out in other positions to get a guy at a position that has lots of other good options available.

        I believe Evans and Benjamin will go in the 1st round ahead of Beckham, even if I don’t think they are as good. They’ll probably go ahead of Robinson too.

        I think there is actually a good chance either Beckham or Robinson are there at #30.

      3. I don’t think 3 or even 5 spots to move up for him is too much. Plenty of ammo to do so, and if he’ll help open up the passing offense and allow Kaepernick to showcase his arm, I think they should do it.

      4. Agreed – a move up to the mid 20s would be fine for him, but any more than that and they are probably overdoing it.

      5. Every time I watch film of Robinson I see Crabtree, Crabtree, Crabtree. Just the way he moves is very reminiscent of him.

      6. 70% of his receptions are within 10 yards of the line of scrimmage, most on routes breaking back to the QB and he isn’t much of a red zone threat.

      7. I take it you have read this article then.

        He suffered from an offense that had a QB that was inaccurate and struggled to get the ball downfield, much like Keenan Allen did. We know how that worked out. Watching the way he plays he is nothing like Jenkins.

      8. I read that after watching the PSU games on draft breakdown. You may recall that we differed quite a bit on the Jenkins pick too.

      9. Yeah, I tried my best to defend the Jenkins pick. In fairness before the draft I said he was a 3rd round talent (and even that was generous in the end). After they picked him I was probably just a wee bit guilty of wanting to believe.

        I think a key differences between Robinson and Jenkins are:
        - Robinson already has the size and strength for the pros
        - Robinson didn’t fade away down the stretch or in games against better opposition
        - He produced as a Sophomore and Junior, while Jenkins only came on as a Senior

        So what are your thoughts on Watkins? He caught a higher % of passes less than 10 yards downfield than Robinson did.

      10. No worries Jack, not trying to make you like the guy. Just highlighting why I don’t think the comparison to Jenkins is a good one, and that catching 70% of his receptions less than 10 yards downfield isn’t a good indicator in and of itself.

      11. I don’t know how you can watch Baldwin and see Benjamin. Baldwin doesn’t make one guy miss downfield in that video. He has no moves. He’s a one-trick pony who hasn’t been able to pull off his trick in the NFL — make contested catches downfield.

        Baldwin never could make the following three moves http://youtu.be/Uk2T3FAEkCk?t=34s

        Benjamin is a YAC guy, a downfield threat and a premier red zone target. He can play outside or in the slot. He can become a true No.1 receiver with a little polish.

      12. Grant, Benjamin may turn out to be a great WR. He certainly has impressive physical tools. But in the pros if all he has are physical tools he won’t be great. He might not even be ok.

        You don’t like the Hill comparison as a guy that has incredible physical gifts but limited understanding of how to play WR. You don’t like the Baldwin comparison as a guy that is very similar physically but has limited understanding of how to play the position. I think Vernon Davis is another good example, a similar super-sized explosive athlete that is straight line speed, and he has worked extremely hard to learn how to run routes, but he also struggles when asked to play as a WR. No doubt you will disagree with that comparison as well. Is there anyone you think is a good comparison?

        The fact is there is very limited deception to the way a guy like Baldwin, Davis or Benjamin runs his routes. They become easy to predict and read. I’ve yet to see that translate to success in the NFL as a WR.

      13. Yep, The San Francisco Treat ran every route with the same body movement. There was no way to tell what route he was going to run, because he never gave the defensive back clues…..

      14. Razor, I get the feeling that Benjamin will be this year’s version of Margus Hunt when it comes to opinions on this forum. Some people will watch his film (or see his measurable) and love the physical attributes he brings, and see a first rounder. Others will watch the film and see a guy that has a lot of rough edges to his game, and is a pretty linear athlete despite his impressive physique (actually, more like because of his physique).

        On the plus side for Benjamin, he’s only 20 or 21, not 26 like Hunt was, so he has the time to develop his game. That is why I think Benjamin should be a 2nd round pick (1st round physical gifts but needs plenty of work on his game). But someone will probably take him in the first round.

      15. Yea I was one of those. I figured we needed a big physical body to go up against Sherman. Then I realized that Sherman is a student of the game and too smart for a receiver that needs as much polish as Benjamin. You need a solidly built guy with speed. He has to be a natural at the position with the understanding he’ll need to disguise his routes. He has to have strong hands. Excellent body control, with smooth cuts in and out of breaks. He has to be a student of the game as well…..

      1. Not a very precise route runner, often rounds off his break. Body catcher, which makes him player smaller than he is. Seems to drop a couple balls per game.

        Physical guy. FSU used him a lot in their run game like the 49ers used Walker and now McDonald. Makes explosive plays. Really beat up the kid from Florida.

      2. I personally feel he is or someone built similar to him is what the niners need. I watch the Beckham clip. He never faced man to man, press coverage. So it leaves me wondering how is his route running after he’s been held up at the line. Then I think about any one of Seattles DB’s pressing him. With Benjamin I do agree with everything you said about him. I think he does give the niners a big downfield target. He also becomes valuable in the redzone. I’m a Benjamin fan. Don’t expect him to start if he’s drafted by the niners but I do expect some TD’s from him.

  49. it would be nice if every comment would have a reply choice. Late comers to the blog posting a comment in response to another comment finds their response 50 spots down and useless to the point being made.

    like for instance when one blogger said AS overthrew his receiver to end the KC playoff game….what a myopic view. Clearly that supposedly polished receiver jumped himself out of bounds and said he didn’t try to get his feet back in bounds because of an ankle sprain…something he is known for doing well, i.e getting his feet inbounds.

    A QB who has a 101 QBR in the playoffs with a super throw or two in the NO playoff win and the giants game with very limited WRs to throw to plus two muffed punts at the end of the game and some still wanting to hang the loss on AS; then the recent KC game where he lost his cowbell RB two receivers and an OL man and still threw 4 TD and no interceptions. So anyone saying AS couldn’t step up and perform in big games is just being dishonest and myopic. All this while learning 5 offenses and yes another new one this year along with new players.

    This is not to say CK is not good but he is not a kid only three years younger than AS. AS was 20 when he came to a crap of a niner team and that crappy OL got his shoulder broken etc. etc. where he lost a lot of throwing strength which I actually see coming back and it began with that throw to VD in the NO game. CK came to a ready made team with a fantastic seattle-like defense and 4 years older than what AS was and got to sit and learn for a year and a half and then got in game coached by the great AS keeping his head clear as to defensive reads in the run to the SB.

    So many are so dismissive.

    1. AS was lot better than anyone gave him credit for. CK was not as good as we are all led to believe. It doesn’t mean that he won’t be some day, but right now he’s got some work ahead of him. Clearly Russell Wilson shows that a game manager can win the Super Bowl.

      1. it is funny to see those who proclaimed kaerpnick a sure hall of famer after the 2012 season, rationalize the poor passing in 2013 with proclamations like he as only had blank # of starts, he has a hang nail on his foot, roman sucks etc etc etc…guess they are drinking the kerperkoolaid

  50. I understand Jed is pretty committed to winning sooner rather than later, and as such, see Baalke moving up in the draft to grab an impact player.

    While I don’t see them moving to Raiders at 5, even though they woud be wise to move back considering the number of holes to fill, would you guys go Clowney or Watkins?- I don’t watch college ball, but my friends that do rave about Watkins, while I prefer keeping the defense stout and would probably go Clowney.

    1. If it came down to that choice anyone that has watched College ball would go Clowney. Watkins isnt half the prospect Clowney and isnt the all around receiver you trade up and mortgage your future to get… ala Julio Jones.

  51. Kaep has inconsistent footwork, but he’s still an elite quarterback. Footwork and going through your progressions do not make one a franchise or SB winning QB. Being a successful QB requires intangibles such as poise, leadership, resiliency, intelligence, and play making ability. Kaep has proven that he has those qualities in abundance. He’s had more success than failure in this league and has honestly won playoff games that Alex Smith couldn’t have dreamed of pulling out, such as a 17-0 deficit to Atlanta on the road. I recall him completing 75% of his passes in that game. Atlanta’s D wasn’t imposing, but inaccurate QBs do not complete 75% of their passes during road playoff games.

    I think that Kaep is the least of the Niners offensive problems, I think the real issues are clock management, red zone inefficiency, and passing game scheme issues that will prevent them from winning the big game.

  52. In that Atlanta comeback game they ran it 29 times to 21 passes. He threw 1 pass on the game winning drive. He led them to victory with handoff.

    1. Literally. On each of the rushing TDs the defense was held up by the read-option. Rushing for 181 yards against the Packers made them respect Kaep as a runner, and let the RBs run wild.

    2. That’s right. Great play calling by Roman, and execution in the run game. Both the passing & running schemes were in balance that game. However, it was Kaeps’s arm that brought them back from the deficit, the run game just sealed the deal.

      1. Jack,
        your quality is beginning to slide backwards my friend. The ratio of runs to pass is only one element of the offense. A novice will look at the ratio and say, ” we are balanced”.
        Like a pitcher needs to mix up his looks on the mound, offensive coordinators need to change things up as well so as not to tip off the plays that they are running. Seems like to me that the 49ers caught everyone by surprise the first two years under Harbaugh but then became predictable. That is why last year they began tipping plays.
        Interesting in Tim Kawakami’s write up he states that Harbaugh is taking over more of the play calling especially in the pass game.
        It’s beyond runs and passes. It’s which runs are being called, which areas of the field are being attacked when a pass is called. A good OC will not just call a play to call a play, they will call a play because they are working three plays ahead to set something else up.
        Back to the 22 film thing you do Luke….

      2. Sliding backwards? Umm, ok.

        I’m glad you brought up TK’s piece. Someone around here has been saying that Harbaugh is more involved in the play calling than most want to believe for a few months now.

        Who is that guy? Oh that’s right. It’s me. (Put’s down the back pat gift from Coffee)

        Here is the thing that I find interesting. It’s no surprise that the Kaepernick-is-god fans would clom on to this narrative, “See, Roman is so bad Harbaugh is taking over the play calling. He’ll get Kaepernick right.”

        If you choose to use the narrative, which it appears you are, I have one question for you: How much did that help Kaepernick in the postseason? Once Crabtree came back Kaepernick had all of his weapons and his completion percentage shot up to 61.7 over those final 5 regular season games. Close to where he was in 2012. In the postseason it dropped over 6 percentage points to 54.9%. That doesn’t look like improvement to me.

        Compare that to the previous year. In 2012 Kaepernick was consistent throughout, 62.4% in the reg season and 61.3% in the postseason.

        The results don’t support the narrative.

      3. I think film study plays a big part in the slight decline. Many talented QB have good success in their first yr, then see a dip in the second year. We can call it a sophomore slump but it’s more about teams having film to break down tendencies and habits. Teams figured Kaps tendencies out, now it’s up to our coaches and Kap to make some changes. I feel next yr will give us a good idea of what we are working with.

      1. Was it that Wilson made such a great throw or was it that Carlos Rodgers doesn’t have the ball skills that Richard Sherman does?

      2. Wilson made those type of plays throughout the season.

        To answer the question about my point: I think that while the Atlanta game was a terrific come from behind win, to say Smith could not have pulled it off isn’t accurate given how it played out.

        Does that mean I am calling for Smith? No. I just think he could have done it with the way it was called by the coaches.

      3. Kaep accounted for 92 percent of the offense that game and singlehandedly made it a game.. You can thank Carlos Rodgers for that prayer Wilson through. Seatles defense won that game… Maybe you should study more tape!

      4. It’s not an excuse its a fact! Boldin dropped 3 passes. Crab got shut down. Davis didnt even travel.. Gore 11 carries for 14 yards.. The offense line got abused.. So would you like to enlighten me on who showed up but kaep? I didn’t think so.. Wilson had lunch running for 100+.. Had recievers making plays.. kaep is the better QB right now, just does not have enough help… People need to stop saying that are O line is the best in football… There not even close…

      5. I’m not arguing anything other than Wilson made the throw. It was no fluke as you suggest. He had done it throughout the year.

      6. CK=ELITE,

        Two things:

        First, no football player ever does anything “singlehandedly.” The offenses in the first half was Kaepcentric, true, but it was still a team effort.

        Second, my understanding of the point Jack has been making for weeks is that regardless of what happened on the defensive side of the ball, the offense had multiple chances in the fourth quarter to score more points, and each chance was ended with a turnover by Kaep. In other words, despite bad calls and defensive missteps, the offense had three chances to score more points and failed.

  53. Here’s a mock I put together using the http://first-pick.com/ website. Thanks Jack for putting me onto this, its addictive!

    Anyway, the site allows trades and I did a lot of moving around to get a couple of quality picks early (in my opinion, even if the draft site gave Beckham a B-) and then a bunch of picks in the middle rounds where there will be some good players left. Draft pick grades by first-pick.com in brackets.

    Round 1 Pick 30: Odell Beckham, WR, LSU (B-)
    Round 2 Pick 14 (PITT): Ra’Shede Hageman, DT, Minnesota (A)
    Round 3 Pick 9 (BUF): Victor Hampton, CB, South Carolina (B)
    Round 3 Pick 30: Jimmie Ward, SS, Northern Illinois (A-)
    Round 3 Pick 31 (DEN): Weston Richburg, C, Colorado State (A)
    Round 4 Pick 3 (ATL): Jared Abbrederis, WR, Wisconsin (A-)
    Round 4 Pick 19 (DAL): Pierre Desir, CB, Lindenwood (A-)
    Round 4 Pick 31 (DEN): Jeremiah Attaochu, OLB, Georgia Tech (A)
    Round 5 Pick 23 (K.C.): David Fales, QB, San Jose State (A-)
    Round 6 Pick 27 (IND): Terrance West, RB, Towson (A)
    Round 7 Pick 4 (OAK): Chris Boswell, K, Rice (A)
    Round 7 Pick 30: Matt Patchan, OT, Boston College (D-)

    Personally I’d be pretty happy with that draft. I’d expect all of the guys down to Fales to make the 53-man roster, as well as Boswell. West and Patchan have a shot but more likely to be TC casualties and PS candidates.

    1. Hageman is an interesting pick Scooter. How do you see him fitting in the rotation? Abbrederis is the best route running wide out in the draft in my opinion…Those are some quality picks in round four.

      1. 3rd and 4th rounds this year razor – that will be a pretty sweet spot to have multiple picks in my opinion.

        I agree on Abbrederis – can you imagine if the Packers draft him? Rodgers would turn him into a pro bowler in no time.

        Regarding Hageman, see my reply to Dude. One of the mistakes of the 2012 draft was believing the DL was set simply because they had a great starting trio. It all came unstuck when J. Smith got hurt and probably cost them the SB.

        They drafted Carradine last year and he’ll be a nice addition to the rotation this year. But as admirably as Jerod-Eddie and Dobbs filled in as backups I still think it is a position they can upgrade. Just look at the success of Seattle and the # of quality players on the DL they had this year. The Panthers this year and Giants in years gone by are others example of the importance of a high-quality DL rotation.

    2. Why would they waste any other their first 6 picks on a a D-Lineman. Look at what they have already: J. Smith, T. Carradine, R. McDonald, T. Jerod Eddie, Dorsey, I. Williams, Q. Dial, Okoye. A rookie picked in the second round might be able to push a Williams or Dial out of the rotation but he will never see the field with the Dline the 9ers have. They already have young talent coming up with Carradine, Dial, Williams and Eddie. Dorsey is fairly young too. A DT would be such a wasted pick when they need 2 WRs, and 2 DBs that can play right away. They need youth at these two postions desperately.

      1. Hageman would mostly play DE behind McDonald but can rotate across all 3 DL positions, as well as playing DT in the 4-man front.

        He would beat out Jerod-Eddie, Dobbs, Okoye and Dial for a spot.

        As to why – a couple of reasons.

        (1) Because the key to the 49ers defense is the play of the DL and LBs. Hageman would add another good, powerful pass rusher to the DL rotation. Why would you not want a rotation of J. Smith, R. McDonald, G. Dorsey, T. Carradine, R. Hageman and I. Williams?

        (2) J. Smith is nearly done, and McDonald is getting close to the end of his contract. Jerod-Eddie and Dobbs were decent backups last season but do you really want them starting in a year or two?

        (3) The draft is loaded with DL talent this year. There will be guys worthy of 1st round grades falling to the 2nd round. Getting a player of Hageman’s quality in the 2nd round is great value, just as getting Tank in the 2nd round last year was great value.

      2. CB, if Stephen Tuitt or Ra’Shede Hageman fall to around 40 – 45, the 49ers should be racing to the phones for a move up. Talk about perfect fits as 5-tech’s in their 3-4, with the ability play in the 4-man front as well.

      3. I would want to do that with any prospect CB. I think most questions about his attitude stem from gaining weight during the off-season which made him less effective this past year. But he was coming off surgery. I think the concerns are overblown.

      4. Razor, I was one of the biggest culprits when it came to Jeffrey. I wrote him off as a guy that didn’t have the dedication. There were some legitimate red flags, but looking silly now.

    1. On NFL network when the player voted. The niners have the most players in the top 100 for the last 2 seasons… they havent voted yet for this past season to my knowledge.

  54. Furthermore, the notion that David Fales will be drafted to put pressure on Kaep is delusional. The Niners already have a player of Fales caliber in Colt McCoy.

      1. That is correct, but the point is that Fales isn’t the answer based on his limited arm strength. He’s a dinker & dunker who can’t consistently move the chains against NFC west defenses.

  55. Grant:

    If Kaepernick who led his team to one play from the Superbowl gets a C+, and assuming Wilson get an A+, what grade would you give to the following quaterbacks:

    1. Newton
    2. P. Manning
    3. Rodgers
    4. Romo
    6. E. Manning
    7. Roethlisberger
    8. Brady
    9. Brees
    10. Ryan
    11. Flacco
    12. Rivers
    13. A. Smith
    14. Luck

    If Colin gets a C+ then all these guys must get D’s and F’s right???

    1. Are you basing this on the assumption that Grant is grading based upon the end of year seeding?
      IMHO Kap is a slightly above average qb about equal to Cam Newton. Kap seems to be slightly more accurate while Cam is a little better at reading the field.
      Their probably isnt a qb in the NFL that has more defined reads than CK accordng to Kevin Lynch but hopefuly this will come.

      1. Yes, I know he bombed, but I don’t understand why. What is it about him that makes him marginal in the NFL? Inability to find seams? Lack of quickness? Inability to juke guys out?

      2. Sorry George I wasn’t trying to be glib, was simply saying that he hadn’t worked out for us because he was a bust to begin with.

    1. He was physically superior to most players in college. He doesn’t have the desire and doesn’t work hard enough in the NFL to make the same impact. You have to love the game at this level to be successful. It’s a job. It’s a grind and a brutal business. Kaep and Patton both wanted to get to team HQ’s as soon as they were drafted. I love that.
      It’s special to see guys like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Ray Lewis and Champ Bailey still have that passion later in their careers. They’ve already made more money than they can spend. They love the game. Money quickly exposes those that don’t.

      1. Is it a case of not working hard enough, or simply a case of not getting it? I’ve no idea how hard he works, or how hard he tries.

        No matter how big or fast you are, to play WR successfully you have to understand the game, your role on each play, how to run routes in a manner that puts questions to the DB(s) covering you, as well as a myriad of other little things that go into technique. Baldwin hasn’t put it together upstairs.

  56. What? No post on the Zapruder 49er video? I will say this..I posted during the game that Harbaugh is getting hosed by refs. He’s the new Raiders. I saw it then,I don’t need a vid to prove it to me. It was like that all season.

  57. here’s a re-post:

    Interesting numbers in the playoff games against Seattle:

    Two high-powered offense with two future hall-of-fame QBs, in 8 quarters of football play, have managed to only score a combine points of 23 and NEITHER teams had a lead at any point in the games!

      1. We get it dude your an Alex smith fan… So were a lot of us let it go! If you think for a second kaep is not better for this team maybe you should stop watching football!

      2. Actually, NO held Seattle to 15 pts midway through the 4th quarter. And what’s that “gifted” TO we got in the first play of the game got to do on why two very good offense couldn’t get a lead against that Seattle defense? Correct me if I’m wrong, didn’t we score a touchdown after that “gifted” TO.

      3. Ricardo,
        Alex Smith was “gifted” 5 turnovers versus the Saints and still have to come from behind with 1:40 to go.

      4. Yeah, but the 49ers won that game.

        Also, it’s a good thing the defense got those 5 turnovers. They helped to offset the 32 points and 472 yards they surrendered.

      5. New Orleans defensive backfield did a better job versus Seattle than our DB’s did Ricardo.

        Ultimately that was the difference. They gave up the big run to Marshawn and so did we. It’s a wash there. Two huge mistakes by our safeties hurt us tremendously on defense. That is why I won’t be sad to see Whitner “hitner” go.

      6. lotstosay, my bad… what I meant was that we scored a touchdown after the TO where we only scored 3. My point was to counter Fan when he said that the reason why we had a lead is because of the “gifted” TO.

      7. Ricardo,
        It sounded like you were saying that the Niners were able to have the lead on the Seahawks, and part of that was because they got a TO on the first play of the game.

        Bay Area Fanatic,
        And I guess Seattle was able to beat our Niners because they were “gifted” 3 TOs by what’s his name 0h yeah — COLIN KAEPERNICK.

        You need a better response then to assume I’m an Alex Smith fan. Already been down that road with Bay Area, where I said I would have traded for Peyton Manning two years go. Maybe that wasn’t such a good move either! When you’re done praying at the altar of Kaepernick, maybe you can explain how a QB who has bad mechanics and footwork, can’t read defenses, rarely throws over 250 yards, how that makes him elite.

        You know who has it better then us? Seattle. They were able to finish. We better stop whining about refs, bad calls, no home field and start working on improving. And that starts with the QB who needs to get better in the pocket. When he does that, he’ll be elite. And I would sit on the altar next to ya and say amen brother I’m glad he’s our guy.

      8. Fan, I’m not discrediting the TO we got on the first play. Yes, that gave us the lead but we also scored another touchdown before the end of the first half. So, even if we didn’t get that “gifted” TO we would still have a lead at one point during the game. The point I was trying to make on my first post (please read it again) that two high-powered offense led by two future hall-of-fame
        QBs could not at any point in the games have a lead. In fact, neither teams have scored any point in the first half on both games. You don’t think that our offense did a better job compare to those two teams?

      9. Ricardo,
        don’t waste your time. Fan is a troll. No allegiance to the team. In fact I find it interesting that he is very similar to Grant lately. Just an observation. No allegiance and definitely not a 49er fan….

      10. Hey Ricardo,
        I think our offense scored 10 points in the first half. When Colin had that big run I thought, “Man! This is going to be easy.” But football is a 60 minute game. Teams adjust. Seattle switched and played more zone and spied Colin. Once they did that, he limitations as a passer prevented the Niners from sustaining drives.
        Philosophically, I think the Saints offense matches up best against Seattle. Sean Payton blew that game because he kept calling for screens and Seattle just sniffed it out.
        Colin is a wild card, there’s no question he brings an dynamic, unpredictable flair to the offense. But eventually it comes down to making plays in the red zone in tight windows, and against good smart defenses like the Hawks and the Ravens, it’s tough sledding.
        All these bird teams keep getting in the way…

      11. Bay — I’m only a troll because I disagree with you. I hurt your feelings because I’m calling out Colin’s limitations, and everyone know them now! You did the same thing to Alex Smith so I guess you’re a reformed troll? Or a troll in remission???? Hey Alex Smith was golfing with the Niners at Pebble Beach. God forbid he comes back, are you a fan?

      12. Fan,
        you seriously don’t know much. Seattle didn’t change anything up and they didn’t spy Colin. We switched things up and began to feed Gore purposely after being up 10-0. They absolutely did nothing differently…

      13. ” Sean Payton blew that game because he kept calling for screens and Seattle just sniffed it out.”

        okay Fan, i guess you wouldn’t answer my question. I’m starting to see what bay is talking about.

      14. Ricardo,
        I stated my opinion. You don’t have to agree with it.
        Did the Niners play in the SB? No they did not.
        Did Colin have the ball in his hands to make a play to win the game to get them to the Super Bowl? Yes he did.
        Did he make the play?
        I rest my case.

      15. Fan, I’m not asking you to agree with me either. I respect everybody’s opinion and I know that I’m not always right. But I asked you a simple question and didn’t want to answer it, and with that I rest my case.

  58. The 49ers first rd pick [if they still need a WR after the FA period] is………Mike Evans WR Tex AM. How do we get him you ask? Trade with the Rams there first pick #13 for our first pick #30, our own second pick #62 , our third rd pick from Tenn #77 and a seventh rd pick. Leaving us with one 1st rd, one 2nd rd and two 3rd rd picks

    1. He is slow! We don’t need another JJ stokes. Move up with the raiders for Watkins if they want a real WR! If not stay pat and take the best available player regardless position and don’t reach for a wr or corner…

  59. Alex Smith played for the 49ers yesterday in the 9ers vs Giants golf tournament at pebble beach. Is this an Omen could a trade back to the 9ers be in the works? Maybe straight up for CK. A crazy idea? I do’nt know who would have ever thought he would be back playing with the 9ers yesterday.

  60. Kaepernick accounted for 92 percent of the offense in the Championship game. He was fantastic for 3 quarters. In the 4th quarter he, choose whatever description you’d like, choked, failed, folded, struggled.

    The two aren’t mutually exclusive. Every phase struggled as well.

    Did Kaepernick improve this season? His completion percentage went down. Especially in the postseason. Despite playing with all of his weapons it was about 6% lower in the playoffs compared to the final 5 games with Crabtree.

    Yeah he played in 0 degree weather. He completed 53.3% of his passes there. The opposing QB completed 65% of his passes. Perhaps Green Bay had a tougher defense than the 49ers.

    Yeah he played in Carolina against that tough D. He completed 53.6% of his passes there. Russell Wilson also faced that defense in Carolina. He completed 75% of his passes.

    If he doesn’t improve on the areas that Grant touched upon here, and others have mentioned throughout the year, he won’t fulfill his potential.

    1. “If he doesn’t improve on the areas that Grant touched upon here, and others have mentioned throughout the year, he won’t fulfill his potential.”

      That I agree, Jack 100%!

      1. I agree, but I believe the coach has realized what needs to be done. We’ve already been told Harbaugh wants to open up the offense with the vertical passing game to better utilize Kaepernicks’ arm….I do not expect the status quo going forward.

      2. The reason why we didn’t open up our passing game is because Colin was not very accurate. Most of his completions came from play action plays while most of his interception came when he started in shotgun formation when defense knew he is going to throw. This is not a good sign and I think deep in his mind Harbaugh knew it, this is why he wanted to improve the QB competition through out the training camp.

        We need a better QB, period.

  61. Kaep is smart and a hard worker so I expect him to improve in the future. He’s also cocky and likes to get by on his physical talent. I bet most of his offseason training will still be focused on that and not the mental. I don’t know that he’ll ever overcome his vision and decision making issues. He’s a victim of his early success in that he probably believes he’s already an elite QB. I’d like to see him get a contract like Alex and see if he can improve. He said he will takes less, but I bet he wanted 24mil but will settle for 18mil. I think that will force the issue this year. We’ll either let him ride out his contract which would get us into the unaffordable franchise tag area if he improves or trade him while he still has value. He’s not the type of QB we can pay that kind of money to and sacrifice on big name WR’s or the defense. Kaep needs star WR’s, but we can’t afford them and him. We need to keep the rest of the team intact and keep the QB investment at a reasonable level like 10 to 12 mil/yr. I like Fales, but his arm strength scares me unless we go back to a true west coast offense. What does everyone think of Garopollo?

    1. Gotta feeling “Har-Baalke” will finally
      score on a WR (or two) in the upcoming draft ..

      I’m guessing rookie contracts = better cap numbers ..

      (Yeah .. Boldin comes back notwithstanding) ..

      Read somewhere Kaep & Patton will be working out
      somewhere … if true … this is great news ..
      Patton, Crabs, Boldin, and Vernon … plus

      any WRs from the draft …
      and adding that to the report
      that the Harbs will be opening up the offense
      to more passing … and ..

      I’m thinking … all the “stat junkies” will certainly be
      salivating .. come next season

  62. Really like Ross Cockrell from Duke. He jumped off the screen while watching Benjamin. Very good with his hands and shut him down when in press coverage. 4th or 5th round gem.

    1. I actually think there is some pretty good quality depth at the CB position this year. Not much in the way of top end talent, but lots of solid looking mid-round talent. I haven’t seen much of Cockrell, I’ll have to check him out a bit more closely.

      1. He looks like a guy who can play in the slot. When you have time check out the FSU/Duke game I linked above and let me know what you see. They move him to cover Benjamin around the 2nd quarter.

  63. I still enjoy the Alex haters saying how he “couldn’t do this and wouldn’t have done that.” Always with the absolutes. Ultimately what he does and doesn’t do now matters not, except when he’s playing against the Niners.

  64. We are kind of a silly bunch here, we all got spoiled and now we have come close, but not close enough. I just see good things ahead for the Niners, sometimes I get down and get piss off at Kaep, and Harbaugh, because they can’t finish, it seems like our Coaching staff and QB lose their IQ in the red zone or in the final minute of play. I would expect Kaep and Harbaugh to get better in what they do. I expect a good draft and we will come out stronger then ever. Roman is a project and I really don’t think he has a upside or potential and that is another story. The End !!

    1. Neal …
      History might be repeating itself ..

      It took “The Joe” a couple years to get it together, too,
      after taking over for DeBerg ..

      Third time is a charm ! .. ;-)

  65. We all are such a delusional and funny bunch… This game was fixed from the outset. Seattle was given home-field advantage throughout the regular season by numerous calls, or keeping the Niners away from securing the home-field advantage throughout the regular season. The sheer volume of calls that went Seattle’s way during the championship game are ridiculous. Quick right now, or even take your time, name one play that went in the Niners favor, they kept a play alive or drive alive to score…hmmh, nothing, huh? Microsoft and the owners of the Seahawks bought their way into the Super Bowl, it’s as simple as that. Even if Kaepernick makes that touchdown throw towards the end of the Seattle game… you can bet the farm, that the referees call back the touchdown, due to an illegal formation, an offense of full start, offense of pass interference… You just name it. The NFL wanted Niners Seahawks all season long, and they got it. 5 million more people tuned in to watch this year’s NFC championship game over last year’s… Do the math, it’s all about the money people. Yes this is a bitter loss, and I don’t know when the NFL blitz San Francisco when the big one again. Maybe they will let Kaepernickick win, when they can make up a nice story about how his tattoos are okay, and that he is such a great influence in the community… A good story is what they want. Wilson of Seattle is a better role model, and sets up for a nicer story. The NFL wanted the number one seed from the NFC versus number one seed from the AFC all season long. This is just a silly worldwide wrestling game after all, people, wake up. All the time and energy you put into knocking down Kaepernick, or holding him up, or saying how all we need is a good receiver, it’s pretty silly after all. We are just wasting our time and energy on nothing better than exhibition football.

  66. 49ers should draft Jimmy Garoppolo in 2nd round or Aaron Murray in the 3rd round

    Here are the reasons why 9ers are better off without Kaepernick

    1. 49ers success is 80% because of our Defense: Kap is due for a fat contract, which will impact our ability to keep our defense stellar (Aldon Smith, SS). It is our defense that kept us close in Seattle albeit the 3 turnovers from Kaepernick in the 4th quarter. The market value for a starting QB like Kaepernick does not justify his individual contribution to the team.

    2. We can live with inexperienced QB with the way our team is built: Very much like Seahawks, 9ers are built on strong defense and run heavy offense. Most mobile and big arm QB will succeed with teams like 9ers, Seahawks, or Panthers. It’s all about who makes less mistake then making big play. Unfortunately, it was Wilson who made less mistake than Kaepernick this year, that’s why they went on and won the SB.

    3. Colin is more of an athlete than a QB: Kaepernick made some big plays with his legs, but did not make a lot of “small plays” with his arm, which explains why he has yet to cross 60% of completion rate mark. We need a QB with high football intelligence, good mechanics and high accuracy. Since these are not Kaepernick’s strong suit, I’d not be willing to give the top dollar to a 27 yrs old QB who is still in developmental stage.

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