2015 NFL draft rounds 4 through 7 live blog

SANTA CLARA — This is the live blog for Rounds 4 through 7 of the 2015 NFL draft. I will update this with information and analysis from the 49ers’ media room.


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  1. Welcome to the 3rd Day of the 49ers draft everyone! Let’s roll up the sleeves and get busy filling out this roster with diamonds in the rough! Go Trent go!!

  2. If he keeps falling, 49ers should grab Hundley with one of these 4th rounders. He’s too good to still be here/go behind Grayson and Sean “el terrible” Mannion.

    1. Agreed. I liked him, then didn’t, and now I’m back to liking him, at least as a developmental player.

  3. They should come away with four good prospects this round.

    BTW, I love how the Seahawks wasted many of their picks on one player. I hope he’s a bust.

    1. Agree totally. When the Seachickens drafted Richardson last year, I was happy, because I knew he doesn’t have the frame to last in the NFL. Now they’ve essentially made the same pick again and given up a lot of draft picks to get him; although this year’s pick is better.

  4. I actually like day 2 picks. It was the first round debacle that drained of my will to go on.

    Raiders are having a good draft. are the niners drafting like the raiders of 10 years ago?

    1. Agree, although I have to admit I was initially shocked by the safety pick (after 2013 and 2014 safety picks). But I’m starting to see how they might use Tarrt.

    1. I just heard that Collins request to enter next year has been denied, so I think he has to stay in this draft. If he drops far enough, I think somebody’s going to take a chance.

      1. I would. He’d be a real steal even if we red shirt him while he gets his situation in order. Pretend like he’s an injured player.

    2. No Collins-bone on bone for Ajayi, so probably a no.

      Some like Payne, Cobb, Davis

      I like Williams

      Looks like a run on receivers might be coming up….

      1. What if collins is not a suspect? Then again what if he is ? Maybe he didn’t want this baby and the women was entrapping him……

  5. There goes my boy Hardy, he’ll put up big numbers in that offense. Would have been a perfect replacement for Boldin. Plenty good receivers left as well as running back….

  6. Clemmings gone. Jackson too. Baalke isn’t kidding when he says he’s letting the board speak to him.

  7. Maiocco “Cardinals move up to 116 to get the player they believe the 49ers have targeted at 117 overall.”


        1. I just finished watching a draft breakdown and I think you missed another trait: versatility. He lined up at HB, TE, and WR.
          Smooth route runner albeit a bit raw still. Natural pass catcher that can cradle the ball into his hands and has the length to catch overthrown passes (watch his one handed catch against OKST). A good blocker but could use some work.
          I changed my mind about this pick. It’s fantastic! I don’t see him as being able to replace Davis next year, but he will easily make McDonald expendable and could possible do the same to Miller and even a WR down on the depth chart.

        1. Mayock says that blocking is his biggest detriment. Niners should be able to fix that like they did with McDonald.

      1. Idk.
        I like Jesse James a lot.
        Hopefully Bell is better. They have a good track for converting positions, so I’ll reserve judgment.

        1. HB, TE, and WR. Watch his tape. I’d even be willing to say he’s more versatile than Walker was.

          1. Overdrafted. This one I cannot defend. Too many more talented players available in positions of need. Baalke lost points with me today.

        1. Bell was projected as a fifth round pick, but his tape gives me the feel of a third round pick. This guy is a steal big time.

    1. That shows that they are not BSing when they say that they believe the roster is strong enough to compete as is.

      If they right or wrong, time will tell.

      1. True. Good news is that if we r not competitive and these picks do not contribute, Baalke is gone. He goes before Tomsula. Tomsula is gauanteed 2 years unless he only wins 3 or 4 games.

  8. Wow… another overdrafted prospect. I’m starting to wish Jerry Jones was running our draft.
    Ugh… Every draft board I looked at has this guy rated as 7/UDF.

    1. That shows the “experts” don’t have a clue about the team’s boards.
      Last night the Patriots draft a guy that was rated as a 6th rounder.

      1. I have read 6 publications… all but one had him listed as a 7/UDF. Also the last time we drafted someone like this we ended up with Jenkens.
        I didnt mind Armstead, and thought Eli was a steal, but have been underwhelmed overall.

  9. Ok I was good with first 3 picks, although Eli and Tartt should have been switched in terms of where they were drafted. However, Blake Bell? C’mon Baalke, there are projects and then there are projects. He is a project that very possibly won’t even make final cut. At this point drafting a corner and WR seems imperative. A TE worse than our current backups, makes no sense.

  10. So far the NFL network loves every player that’s been chosen so far. They are all fantastic picks. Every team has improved.

    1. But ESPN didn’t. They seem to really like him, but he had a rib injury last year but should be fine. Wasn’t in good football shape at the beginning of last year and his eating habits are in question. NFL program should fix that. Other than that they love how he wears down defenses. Apparantly he’s come out early because his mother is literally living on the streets and he wants to provide for her.

  11. Davis can contribute as a backup. Not the injury history of Lattimore. Now, get a dam WR. Get a dam CB. Stop acting as if you’re the most intelligent man in the NFL, Baalke, you’re not.

  12. Kevin Seifert
    Owners expected to vote on a PAT proposal later this month. Expected to move it to 1 or 1.5-yard line. Incentivize 2-point attempts.

    Kevin Seifert
    Interesting to hear Bill Polian tout Blake Bell as a 2-point weapon for #49ers. Teams taking presumed rule change seriously.

  13. From NFL Draft profile on Smelter (they compare him to Decker):

    “Like Eric Decker, Smelter is a former baseball player with outstanding hand-eye coordination. Both will have entered the draft with questions lingering about a season-ending injury (Lisfranc for Decker). Smelter is an uber-athlete with a background of excellence in every sport he has played. He plays well beyond his experience level at wide receiver. His toughness, natural instincts and football intelligence should earn him a spot on a depth chart, provided there are no lasting effects from his ACL tear.”

  14. To me Bell was a reach and I’m not familiar with him. But this is make or break year for McDonald and I’m expecting big things from Carrier if he can stay healthy. Love the Davis and Smelter picks.

  15. I would pass on Diggs. Appears to be a homerun threat, but chooses at times to alter his route or stop for inexplicable reasons as a WR or returner. And don’t ask him to block. He either avoids doing so and gets pushed around or knocked down when he does try to

  16. I’m thinking they’re going to take that CB from Oregon who has the knee injury, Ifo Ekpre-Olomu, in the 5th round.

  17. Morning all,

    I’m liking the picks so far today. Some will likely be disappointed with the Bell pick, but he’s got some natural talent – more so than a lot of the more experienced options at the position. Cobb and Smelter are great choices in the 4th round. Hightop shall be pleased.

    As a few have mentioned, mainly razor, this draft is all about size, athleticism and that ugly word for some, potential. In a weak draft class, drafting potential isn’t the worst thing to do. And it is in keeping with Baalke’s profile of looking for future starters, not immediate starters. Don’t expect too many (if any) of these guys to be starting year 1.

    1. I’m so happy so far Scooter, I think this could turn into one of Baalkes’ signature drafts. Who you liking next mate?

      1. I agree with you, Taiwan Jones as a thumper in the middle. Though I’d love it to be Kyle Emanuel. An OL would also make sense.

    2. One other thing the 49ers are doing that Baalke mentioned last draft that he likes – taking a lot of guys that excelled at other sports as well as football.

  18. Evan Woodbery
    Now accurate: #Saints got Max Unger, Stephone Anthony (31); Seahawks got Jimmy Graham & pick they packaged to move up for WR Tyler Lockett.

      1. Not arguing that because I’ve been saying that Hyde is the starter and we needed someone behind him, but Ajayi is a steal nonetheless.

  19. Ajayi finally off the board. Will be interesting to see how many seasons the Dolphins get out of him.

      1. Only thing I can think of is the small school issue. No idea. Thought he’d definitely be gone by end of 4th round.

  20. Here is a promise…a kid named smelter does not make an NFL roster.what a lousy day to finish off draft. I give today an F.

  21. Wheeeew! Baalke put a little trust back into this OU/Niner fan.
    You’re all going to love the Bell-dozer.
    Just opened up more options for the failing redzone offense. He fits the name and can catch. Or run over d-linemen and lb’s. GREAT pickup for the redzone offense.

      1. i.e. he is not a starting caliber player in the NFL. Unless your a lineman being able to play multiple positions isn’t good. It’s like when a team says we have 2 starting quarterbacks.

      1. Wouldn’t rule it out. Huge steal if he is cleared of any wrongdoing or an easy cut if he isn’t. Best of all is the man will play mad because of how far he fell and the money he missed out on.

        1. I believe he has already said if he is drafted on day 3 he’ll look to sit the year and re-enter draft in 2016.

            1. I’ve not seen that report, but my understanding is if he is drafted he can refuse to sign and re-enter next year. But if he went undrafted he may not be allowed to re-enter next year.

              1. I haven’t had time to read any reports, only a headline and brief blurb I heard earlier on ESPN. Things were moving fast in the 4th round.

              2. Once drafted that team owns the right to the player. If he doesn’t sign that’s one thing but if he ever wants to play in the NFL he has to play for the team drafted unless they release their rights to him.

              3. Scooter has it right. He can only re-enter the draft next year if he’s drafted this year. Therefore he won’t be drafted. We’ll see who he signs with.

            2. He could still sit out and not sign with anybody in 2015. If the NFL wants to relinquish their rights to the selection process he’d be a free agent and sign the best deal he could get.
              So they either let him re-enter or give up their control of him.
              When Crabtree held out we vetted the process, unless it changed with the new CBA.

            3. That’s strange, Grimey. I thought it worked like Coffee outlined. In other words, the team that drafts him this year still has the rights to him in future years.

              So are you telling me that if Mariotta didn’t want to play for Tennesse, he could sit out the year and reenter the draft to picked by another team??

              1. I think PFT has it only partially right. I’m pretty sure the team does own the rights to the player even if he doesn’t sign and sits out.

              2. They do. When Sergio Kindle when drafted by the Ravens and was placed on IR, he had to reached a deal that had the Ravens relinquish their rights on him and allow him to enter the next draft.

              3. Not saying that, but when it comes to reading and understanding complicated rules/language, that background definitely helps.

              4. If he is drafted, that team holds his rights until the following draft. The player can refuse to sign and can enter the following years draft. No ifs, ands or buts. It’s not complicated. *Eli Manning

    1. My guess is that they are not looking to replace Boldin with a draft pick. They’ll pick up his replacement in FA just like they got Boldin and T. Smith. Baalke doesn’t trust his team to pick a WR – that’s been verified now in the 13 through 15 drafts.

      1. To add: Smelter won’t play in 2015 and will compete with whomever they bring in to replace Boldin in FA, IMHO.

        1. cubus, if Boldin continues to play at the level he has, there’s no reason to think they won’t re-sign him and work Smelter in next year.

    2. That’s because our WR corps this year is set: Torrey, Boldin, Ellington, Simpson and Patton.
      Smelter will be on a injury list for 6 weeks just in case any of them goes to IR.
      If not needed he’ll compete for a starter spot next year.

      Love it.

      1. Lippet is the prospect that contemplated quitting because of concussion and safety concerns. So is he fully in or not?

        1. First I’ve heard of that, Mid. On a quick google search I’m not seeing any such reports he considered not playing due to safety concerns.

              1. Pretty sure. I can’t remember if I read it or if it was a quick note on NFL Network.

              2. I only ask because I know when Borland retired, a lot was discussed about Tony Dorsett and the issues he’s facing.

              3. I know but the coverage on Dorsett had more coverage. It was like an afterthought when they mentioned that about Lippett and then it was gone the next day. Maybe it was a false story. Hard to say at this point.

    1. We are about to have the #1 special teams unit in the league for tge next 5 years. All of our drafted players will be playing special teams next year. Awesome???

  22. I simply do not understand that pick. A fifth rounder on a punter even when you need one is a waste of a pick.

    1. Or placing the opposing offense at the 40. He was inconsistent at directing the ball where he wanted it to go.

  23. So is the end for Andy Lee?
    This is a strange pick, Lee is really good. I hope this does not turn out to be a big mistake.

  24. Just when you think Baalke has run out of ways to surprise…

    I’ll just throw this out, though…a year ago, Grant made a post wherein we were asked to predict the 2015 starting lineup. Therein, among predictions of varying accuracy, I posted this:

    “we shock everyone by drafting a punter late in the 2015 draft. Andy Lee retires, and we go into 2015 with a rookie punter.”

      1. No, certainly not.

        And now, we can look forward to hearing, when any player taken after that does anything good, “Can’t believe the 49ers took a punter over that guy!”

  25. Isn’t it exciting how Baalke took care of two offensive needs with one pick in the fourth round. Now he has the tight end of the future and also someone who can step in for Kaepernick this year if he’s injured. Amazing.

    1. And a kicker would have made more sense what with the NFL wanting to make the field goal posts look more like tuning forks.

    2. Assuming they are still sober in that draft room, I have to believe that they thought somebody else was going to take him before their 6th round pick.

    1. The STs was terrible overall due to them going with youth, the same thing they did in 2012 which resulted in poor STs play as well.

        1. That may be, but the fifth round isn’t the round to select a punter rated in the middle of the nation’s collegiate punters.

          1. Yea, you have me at a disadvantage. I haven’t looked at any punters, but I think he pulled the trigger a round early. Like I said, in the end all that matters is he got his guy….

            1. I try to look at every position even if there isn’t a need there because there could be some quality value or potential steal later on in the draft.

  26. Baalke must have felt the fans were feeling good about the draft and decided to kill their enthusiasm.

  27. Well, the next pick will probably be the most injured player whose available (i.e. virtually no chance of recovering). It seems like they have all the players they want if they’re going to pick a punter in the 5th. If true, why the hell didn’t they package picks to trade up.

  28. From Barrows on Pinion:
    “Why he fits: Pinion is a big-bodied punter who also booms kickoffs. He had 20 punts inside the 20-yard line last season and averaged 63.7 yards per kickoff — with 18 touchdbacks — over his career. Andy Lee turns 33 this season and is due to count $2.5 million against the salary cap. Phil Dawson is 40 and entering the final year of his contract. Pinion also was Clemson’s long-distance field-goal kicker.”

    Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/sports/nfl/san-francisco-49ers/article20090889.html#storylink=cpy

    1. Makes sense, but I think he could have waited to the 6th Round. He got his man though, that’s all the matters….

  29. So we trade down 14 spots to just get another 7th and then we draft a punter.

    This 5th round looked like could have happened in 2012…

  30. Let’s add this from Barrows as well:

    “Why he doesn’t fit: Do the 49ers need another punter? Thirty-three is not particularly old for a a punter and Lee has made three Pro Bowls. His 2014 statistics, a net of 41.5 yards per punt, was down for him but still ranked 14th in the league. The 49ers would seem to have bigger needs at other positions.”

    Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/sports/nfl/san-francisco-49ers/article20090889.html#storylink=cpy

    1. Bradly Pinion’s 6’5″, 229. Baalke said he’s going big, but this might be taking things a bit too far.

  31. In thinking a little more about this punter pick, it is true that Special Teams are an important part of the game. I guess if he virtually assures that every kickoff will be out of the end zone, then there may be value in that.

    1. He’s been labeled as inconsistent at directing the punt so putting in the right spot may not be in his cards.

    2. If that were the case, certainly. But we don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. Could be that Lee has decided to retire. The other thing is that they were willing to trade back that much for a punter. May tell us what they think about the rest of what’s available.

  32. So what if he took him a round early? He’s already produced a 4th, 5th next year and another 7th. Jeesh, tough crowd….

      1. I wouldn’t mind that pick, but I don’t think Baalke goes that direction after drafting Smelter.

  33. Next selection: Tucker Stephenson, top cheerleader at Alabama – the top cheerleading program in college.

  34. If Grants gimmic is playing the classic heel then I applaud him for his talents. But do other real print reporters come across like this on twitter/online?

  35. NN on Pinion:

    Strengths: Has NFL-desired ratio of punting distance to hang time with a 42.6-yard average and a 4.1-second hang time. Forced opponents to fair catch his punts 44 percent of the time. Only 2.6 percent of his punts went for touchbacks (75 total punts in 2014).

    Weaknesses: Had timing issues on a few of his rugby punts effecting distance. Despite hang time and lack of touchbacks, landed just 10.7 percent of his punts inside the 10 yard line. Not weather-tested.

    1. I missed the weather-tested negative. And he’s coming to the Bay where the winds can be demented? Oh happy !#$ing day.

  36. I feel like I’m at a fantasy draft where there’s that one guy who didn’t come prepared and after the 3rd round he’s rifling through magazines and asking other guys who they should draft. That guy’s name is Trent and you hope his team is in your division.

  37. ” One scouting report on Pinion said he has booming punts that can bring rain. If so, that’s good news for the drought here in California. In all seriousness, he had a 4.1-second hang time and a 42.6-yard average, with fair catches occurring 44 percent of the time, and 2.6 percent of his 75 total punts went for touchbacks. “I’m just looking forward to competing and trying to win a spot,” Pinion said. That he is also a kickoff specialist and last week kicked a 65-yard field goal makes him more of a dual threat, so to speak. “

  38. Run heavy, play action offensive background, strong hands with power and strength. Lengthy measurables….

    1. Rotoworld:
      The former four-star recruit began at Florida but transferred to BC in January to finish his career. The 6-foot-5, 293-pound Silberman “boasts a tackle-like frame with a chiseled upper-half and impressive muscular definition throughout, but plays with the nasty demeanor and blue-collar approach of a true trencher,” CBS Sports’ Derek Stephens wrote over the summer. Stephens believes Silberman plays tight and is a non-agile athlete — which is surprising for a former TE — though Silberman does get a head of steam when his number is called to pull or trap.

  39. Mostly offense on Day 3.
    All Defense in first 3 rounds. Not hard to figure out Baalke’s view on what side of the ball is most important.

    1. Offense stinks, defense still top 10. Baalke’s answer: DEFENSE DEFENSE DEFENSE offense offense offense

      1. Why do you think he got a punter. We’re gonna wear Andy’s leg out this year! In week four it’s gonna detach at the hip, get 3.7 seconds hang time and land deftly at the 15 yard line. At that point the leg will take a 49ers bounce and kick Micah Hyde right in the crotch as he tries to make a fair catch.

  40. The 49ers drafted four guys to play cornerback last year in Ward, Johnson, Acker, Reaser and signed Cook. They added Wright in free agency. Then there’s Brock.

    That’s 7 corner backs. I’m not crying if they skip one this year.

            1. Yes, Ward was safety in college. He’s also depth at safety now. That’s why I wrote “he 49ers drafted four guys [to] play cornerback last year.”

              1. No quibbing. I’d love me some Ifo but I doubt Baalke feels the same way. I will have no problem being wrong here.

  41. I love how the guys on NFL Network are talking about the Bengals and showed a listing of the Bengals picks on the right side of the screen while doing so.

  42. Hahahaha. I saw that 5th round pick just as I was walking out the door to go get some lunch at Dempsey’s. I knew I’d enjoy the wtf? comments when I got back.
    Relaaxxxx everybody, try to enjoy the ride.

    1. His great grandfather was Fats Waller, jazz pianist, vocalist and composer extraordinaire!
      “Ain’t Misbehaving”

        1. Saw that. Blues titan and American hero. An ambassador for the Blues the way Satchmo was for Jazz.
          Gaya con Dios.

  43. Dam it. There goes my late round big WR project. If you love projects so much Baalke why not take a 6 6 WR in the 6th?

      1. Just heard he has a “diva personality” thats part of the reason he’s falling. This should humble that..

          1. Haven’t heard from you in awhile – since the punter pick. I figured you were off mixing up a batch of mint juleps.

            1. Hahaha, no, I figured if the 49ers were down to taking a punter in the 5th then we wouldn’t be getting many exciting picks the rest of the way so I might as well go back to bed. It’s only now going 7:00 AM here…

  44. After a little more shut-eye, taking a punter still doesn’t make any sense in the 5th round. Dumb.

    Ian Siberman I don’t know a lot about, but Boston College has produced some pretty decent OL over the years.

    1. Realistically, if Lee is still around, isn’t the best case scenario for this punter the practice squad?

      1. Yeah, I don’t know why you’d keep a P on the PS. No need. Either Lee is gone or he’s a camp leg they wasted a draft pick on.

            1. He was backup and long range field goal kicker in College. I don’t know if he ever attempted one, but that states I say didn’t include any made field goals.

              He was in the middle of his conference punters, and a pretty good kick off specialist. If this is a rebuilding year, maybe they keep him for kickoffs.

    2. I’ll be interested to hear Trent’s Presser on that pick. Obviously I was surprised, but let’s see what his thinking was.

      1. I can give you a couple. Baalke picked up an extra 4th round pick plus a 5th next year. He targeted the three he thought he needed in round 4, traded down in round 5 to garner an extra 7th, and if people wanted to bitch about taking a kicker, let them. Also, Lee lacked the same pop and strength in his leg last year to my untrained eye, plus this guy is versatile….

  45. I heard the udfa signing period described as the 8th Round. That’s always interesting to see what shakes out.

  46. TB giving the last yrs WR and CB picks opportunity to produce.

    We do have 2 WR’s and 3 CB’s on the roster who needs more playing time. Before labeling them bust or boom

    Would be nice if they took a chance with Collins

  47. In a draft with not a lot of safety talent available, I find it hard to fathom why Cody Prewitt is still available.

      1. He should have declared as a junior. He’d have been taken in the first two rounds – he dominated. His senior year is really hurting him.

  48. I’m still surprised we didn’t draft an ILB. Does this mean they pick up Briggs (I think that’s who was linked to us as a FA after the draft)?

  49. I loved the Mike Davis and Smelter picks but the punter pick sent me straight to the liquor store.
    #FireballShots #wtfBaalke?

      1. Cubus – There’s a horse running called “Ocho Ocho Ocho” and the smurf jockey’s name is “Elvis.”
        …..No kidding…..Gotta pull for jockey named Elvis.

  50. John Harbaugh is talking about Maxx Williams. Says he was “by far, by far” the highest rated player on their draft board at the time they picked.

  51. If Pinion is an outstanding punter, he will be worth his weight in gold. If he is really, really good no problem with the reach. Nothing like an excellent punter.

    1. I hope you’re right. If, instead, he doesn’t make the team or PS, his name will be uttered in tandem with AJ Jenkins.

              1. I have no idea what this punter can do, but you don’t draft a punter in the fifth round and not only, expect him to make the team, but make the special teams better. That’s a plus. If its a failure eh back to the drawing board.

  52. The only positive so far from drafting a P with the 165 pick.

    The Patriots picked Navy long snapper Joe Cardona at No. 166.

  53. The long snapper also has a five year commitment to the Navy so they out did us in the “silly picks” derby.

  54. Yup, this draft has been a head-scratcher imo.
    So far this draft has the look of a re-load (something Baalke asserted) when what we needed was a rebuild.

    Armstead is a player based on potential more than production. At 17 the 49ers could have picked players that could have made an immediate impact.

    Tartt is a good value, but at the 2nd pick there were other needs such as a CB. Tartt had 3-4 rd written all over him.

    Smelter, Bell, and Davis are good prospects, but we will need to wait on Smelter. Bell and Davis may only receive a handful of touches. If we wanted a SAK player why not select D.Funchess? Maybe Bell could drop back a few steps from his TE alignment when the ball is hiked, receive a swing pass and then have the option to run or pass which seems to be his strengths.

    In any case, Baalke and York have certainly put their coaches in “teach” situation with these players. The only player that may go into camp as a sure thing could be our freakin’ kicker, Pinion, but drafting a kicker when they are a dime a dozen as UDFA is a big reach.

    1. Sort of reminds me of the 2012 draft where they drafted a bunch of good solid players but they all came with a tag:”potential”.

  55. Smelter today on Boldin:
    How familiar are you with WR Anquan Boldin?
    “Very familiar. I know he’s a big, physical receiver that plays the game the way it should be played. I’m planning on learning a lot from him.”

  56. Also:
    It sounds like given your experience with baseball and just coming into football late in college you have a lot of room for growth. Do you believe the sky’s the limit as far as what you could accomplish and improve on?
    “Oh, yes sir definitely. I felt like my production from 2013 to 2014 shows that 2013 was my first year playing football in four years because I didn’t play my senior year in high school. That was kind of like a little warmup year. And then in 2014 I got a full year up under my belt to train and actually work at it. I think that production jump shows. So, I feel like I still have a lot more room to grow.”

  57. why not take Matias there? Much better OL than Brown, a guy who did not produce much. Matias can make the team. Brown, highly doubtful.

  58. Mariota will have DGB, Kendall Wright and Tre McBride to throw to. That will be a good receiving core.

    1. Don’t we still need to grab a QB. Once we’re in the UDFA period, they can sign with whichever team they want.

  59. The 49ers had picks 244 and 246. McBride and Roberts went 245 and 247. 49ers should have taken them.

  60. Can someone plz remind Grant we have 7 CB on the roster.

    Drafted 3-4 corners last year and they are still on the team.

    It’s nt likely a CB drafted in the 6 or 7 rd will beat out those currently on the team. If CB is necessary I am sure their will be available options after teams cut down the numbers.

    Give it a break. Your act is becoming childish and annoying.

    1. Yeah, if one thing has been made abundantly clear based on the players drafted it is the 49ers are comfortable with the players they already have at WR and CB for 2015.

    2. THANK YOU! Everyone seems to forget we have 7 cornerbacks, including Acker, Reaser, Johnson, and Ward last year.

      1. What I find funny is Grant said awhile back that our CBs are better than last year and we had a top 5 Defense last year

          1. Brock, Johnson, wright, cook, ward, reaser, acker… Ya your right zero depth. Grant you would think you would learn year after year talking about the Niners corners situation and not once have you have been right.. Balke has been doing a phenomenal job at finding corners that fit in our system.. Year after year you talk about how the Niners for certain will take at least one corner early. Yet balke does not and finds quality players every year. Niners secondary last year when healthy performed well with a corner in Culliver who had terrible awareness. Cox who know one wanted. He performed well.. Year after year Balke excels at finding corners that are system fits. It won’t change this year as well.

    3. Maiocco “The 49ers draft is over, and they did not select an inside linebacker, a cornerback or a healthy wide receiver.”

    1. Word on the street someone was talking sh!t about him to the coaches, that’s why he was still on the board. Tore both triceps I think, but a misdemeanor this late….

        1. I’m concerned about his small hands. Can those things catch the rocket arm passes from Kaep?

  61. http://www.nfl.com/draft/2015/profiles/rory%20busta-anderson?id=2552638

    BOTTOM LINE Anderson’s athleticism and play speed is what NFL teams dream of when looking for tight ends to threaten vertically and create matchup problems underneath. While he needs to add more weight to his frame, Anderson shows the blocking fundamentals to be considered a legitimate combination tight end in the NFL. Anderson’s biggest concern on draft day and beyond looks like it could be his recurring triceps injuries.

  62. If I was a betting man, I’d say they see Anderson as a bit of a flex TE option, almost a WR/TE, while Bell would be more of an in line TE and H-Back.

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Anderson mysteriously end up on NFI then IR this year. Vernon Davis, Vance McDonald, Derek Carrier, Trey Millard and the Belldozer will be the main ones fighting it out for TE spots this year, I’d imagine.

            1. Scooter,

              Maybe, maybe not. Either way, back injuries are very, very tricky. One minute, your back is fine and the next, out of no where, almost as if a fabricated injury because your team needs a roster spot, your back is ailing again.

          1. Why not? Keep 2 QBs with Bell as the emergency 3rd on game day. They aren’t about to get an awesome QB prospect from the UDFA ranks.

              1. I’m not suggesting they get him practising as a QB. He could be the emergency QB if they only keep 2 QBs.

              2. Well there you go. It only took me until after the draft to start thinking like Baalke…

  63. A long term OT project and an H-back. OK.
    Now when is that Trent Baalke Press Conference?
    >Will Grant ask him why he didn’t draft any CBs?
    >Who will lead the charge on the wtf/Punter questions? Lowell? TK? MM? MB? EB?
    >Will Killion question the character or ethics of any of the draftees?
    Inquiring minds want to know.

          1. From what I understand, Collins wanted to be taken out of the draft and entered into the supplemental draft so that he could fully cooperate with the investigation without any distractions. Whether that is true or not remains to be seen, but it is a very bad look for the league if it is and potentially one that could end up in litigation plus be a potential sticking point with the next CBA. The murder of that poor woman and that her child won’t ever know her is sickening, but it may not be put to bed even if the case is solved because the can of worms the league may have opened up.

              1. Two deaths now. I hope whoever killed them is hung out to dry where the crows can peck at his body.

  64. Perfect! I switched over to the Derby just as they started, watched the race and didn’t have to sit through the inane pre-race drivel.

      1. Footwork is an absolute mess.
        Inaccurate, with tendency to sail the ball or throw behind receiver.
        Poor footwork and substantial accuracy and ball placement issues have him tabbed as a draft reject on several draft boards, according to scouts.

        PS member at best and TC fodder at the worst.

  65. For all those reports that came out about how kaep almost got traded and that balke wasn’t a fan of his. My question is then why didn’t balke draft his QB? Or for that matter a developmental QB? There is some really bad reporting going on these days. People trying to create stories for attention. Kaep is the QB long term here whether you like it or not.

    1. The guy I wanted competition for was Gagbert. As for Colin, we’ll see. I hope he’s here for a long time but this season will tell us whether that will come true or not.

    2. CK-elite,
      I agree with your take regarding the news media. The news media has fallen into a “follow the pack” syndrome.
      In days leading to the draft news reports were swirling that Chip Kelly was going to make some crazy moves to obtain Mariota. One news outlet initially reported that story and everyone followed suit except they put their own twist on it.

  66. The Chipnotist on NFL network interview:

    “I don’t think about what I think as much as you think about what I think”

  67. Question about Eli Harold: Does anyone think they might divert him to ILB? With his pass rushing skills, he’d be quite unique.

    1. First thing that popped into my head when I saw his highlights… 4-3 Von Miller type OLB.

      Based on the picks in rounds 2-3, I won’t be surprised if we have some specialized big nickle packages.

      Aldon and Lynch at OLB
      Bowman lone ILB
      Harold roving blitz LB
      Tartt at ST

  68. Here is my ridiculously early draft grade for the 49ers. In doing this grading I am not going to focus on the perception they didn’t address areas of need such as WR and CB, as the 49ers clearly have a different opinion of their needs and are more than comfortable with the WRs and CBs they have been adding in recent years.

    Round 1. Arik Armstead: C. With the losses of McDonald and likely Justin Smith, getting a 5-tech (or 4-tech) makes a lot sense for a team that has become known for the strength of its front 7 defensively. However, I can’t give a high grade to a two-gapping 3-4 DE with limited pass rush skills (at least presently). Maybe he turns into a dominant 3-down player, but right now I see a guy that can fill Ray McDonald’s role nicely at some point (maybe not in 2015 though), and that to me isn’t worth a first round pick.

    Round 2. Jaquiski Tartt: C+. He’s a big hitting safety with excellent size and athleticism. However, he’s very raw and didn’t often play against top competition at Samford. He will likely need to move from his deep lying safety role at Samford to be closer to the LOS as a SS in the pros. Plays tough, and through pain. I like him as a player, and had previously suggested the 49ers might draft him in the 3rd to combat Jimmy Graham, but in the 2nd I think he was a bit of a reach.

    Round 3. Eli Harold: A-. To me this was the best value pick the 49ers made. Good initial burst to beat OL, and can turn the corner. And good character guy, should be a leader in the locker room. But he’ll need to learn some pass rush moves to be a consistent force in the NFL. In some respects he actually reminds me of Corey Lemonier, who also relied on his bull rush and athleticism in college but has struggled to develop other moves so far and as a result was a non-factor last year. Hopefully Harold does a better job of learning.

    Round 4 (a). Blake Bell: C+. In a weak TE class, the “Belldozer” represents a decent mid to late round option at the position with good size and athleticism, and just scratching the surface of his ability after only one year at the position. I like the player as a developmental option, but 4th round is probably a bit high for him.

    Round 4 (b). Mike Davis: B. Another South Carolina RB in the 4th round, but this time he comes without serious knee issues. Productive runner with similar size to Frank Gore, and like Gore he prides himself on not just his running but also his blocking. Good depth pick in the 4th round.

    Round 4 (c). DeAndre Smelter: B. One of my favourite 49er picks of the draft, which is kind of sad. If not for injury and playing on a team that rarely threw the ball, I think Smelter would have been a top 100 pick. He’s got the skills to be a decent starting WR in the NFL, and fits the 49ers run-first philosophy. He’ll also get a year to learn behind Boldin (or more, if they re-sign Boldin after this year) as he recovers from injury.

    Round 5. Bradley Pinion: F. Great name, dumb pick. A punter in the 5th round when they still have a good one in Lee? What more is there to say?

    Round 6. Ian Silberman: D. Boston College has produced a lot of pretty good OL over the years, but not sure if Silberman will be one of them. He transferred from Florida where he was mostly a backup. Haven’t watched any film of him, but apparently he struggles moving his feet.

    Round 7 (a). Trenton Brown: C-. Could have been cast as the Mountain in Game of Thrones, he’s huge. But he’s struggled with conditioning while in college, and comes with question marks over his dedication. He’s a late round flyer with some upside, but realistically will have a lot of work to do to ever play an NFL snap.

    Round 7 (b). Rory ‘Busta’ Anderson: B. Talented player that has suffered through a lot of injuries in college. If he can stay healthy he could be a decent flex/ move TE option. Worth taking a flyer on in the 7th round.

    Overall Draft Grade: C. Day 1 and Day 2 of the draft saw the team ‘retool’ its defense, but it wouldn’t surprise if none of the guys taken play more than a handful of snaps a game this year. Armstead has some upside, but looks best suited to playing a role similar Ray McDonald, who was perennially under appreciated by fans as he didn’t make a lot of splash plays. Important player to have, but probably not worthy of such a high pick. The rest of the draft followed a similar pattern, with a lot of guys with athletic potential, but the coaching staff will have their work cut out for them. I guess that’s why Jed wanted a teacher as Head Coach. Lots of head scratching picks throughout the draft means Baalke had better hope a decent number of these guys work out.

    1. Scooter: Agree with the general placement on the grading curve, but I think your grades are pretty much universally one half to one grade too low. Even though I’ve been bashing the punter pick, I want to hear what Baalke has to say. If Lee is retiring or gone, then it starts to make some sense. If, in addition, he’s a decent punter but can pretty much always kick the ball out of the endzone on kickoffs, then great. If he can be pressed into kicking the long fieldgoal when a prayer is needed, then all the better. Yeah, I know, a lot of ifs.

      1. Why do you think the grades are too low? Which players do you feel represented excellent picks (or worthy of an A grade)? B graded players are guys I think were good picks for their slot. C picks were guys I think weren’t terrible, but probably went too high.

        Regarding the punter situation, it sounds like they don’t plan on releasing Lee. Its going to be a competition. Lee may not have been his usual excellent self last season, but I don’t see the need to replace him. And certainly not using a 5th round pick to do so – decent punters can be found off the street. Based on Pinion’s scouting reports, he doesn’t sound like an amazing punter. Would he have even been drafted by another team?

        1. Well, your following statement for example:

          “Round 4 (c). DeAndre Smelter: B. One of my favourite 49er picks of the draft, which is kind of sad. If not for injury and playing on a team that rarely threw the ball, I think Smelter would have been a top 100 pick. He’s got the skills to be a decent starting WR in the NFL, and fits the 49ers run-first philosophy. He’ll also get a year to learn behind Boldin (or more, if they re-sign Boldin after this year) as he recovers from injury.”

          You say he is one of your favorite 49er picks but only give him a B. It seems odd to me unless, I suppose, that you felt he was drafted too early.

          1. He’s my equal second highest graded pick.

            He’s not going to play this year most likely, has an injury history, hasn’t played much football, and didn’t catch many passes in college. I like the player, but yeah, I don’t think this was a “high value” pick. Good pick, but not a great pick.

    1. Runs way, way faster than his timed speed. It might be the small school competition, but he consistently runs by DBs. Turns routine hitch routes into TDs. Accelerates after the catch. Long bombs.

      Nothing wrong with small school receivers. (hint, hint) Gotta get this guy in camp.

      1. Yep, also has great open field vision and can power through arm tackles. The step up in competition will be big but I actually think he has a chance to make the team.

        1. The neat thing about Darius Davis is how easy it is to see him in certain packages. He’s a total slot mismatch.

          He’s thick bodied. Teams might put a strong safety on him. He’ll blow by strong safeties.

          His speed makes teams want to put a slot corner on him. He’ll overpower most slot corners.

          Oh, and his NFL bio says “Shows foot quickness with ability to get easy release from press coverage.”

          Under “weaknesses”, its mainly about coming in heavy and having a lousy pro day and “limited exposure to a route tree.”

          I normally don’t get jacked up about UDFAs, but when your only “weaknesses” can be fixed with training and coaching, that’s a good sign. Think about what Adam Henry can do with this guy.

          1. Hahah I’m glad someone is excited as me about this guy. Emory Hunt at footballgameplan.com had a first round grade on him as an X, and he’s drawn some comparisons to Sterling Sharpe.

    1. “Dial has no future with the Niners”

      In an attempt to maintain decorum Grant, I’ll respond with ‘There you go again’

            1. He should see a decent number of snaps still. And first man up at LDE if there is an injury. Good value for a 5th rounder.

      1. Yeah C4C, I kind of got that from Baalke’s remarks. No shot at Hyde, but that he considers Davis to be a 3-down RB. A lot of meeting rooms are going to be crowded.

    1. The guy knows a lot about arranging bread and butter.

      “Jim Tomsula expressed unabashed admiration Saturday for the job general manager Trent Baalke did in rounding up a 10-man draft class.”

      Sounds like he was herding cats.

    2. I’m so glad that NewJim had a chance to sit in and watch how things happen in the draft and they all worked so well together. Awesome, just Awesome!
      Just wondering if they will all get sacked together too if it doesn’t work out……..

  69. Sorry I’ve been busy all day and have only just got caught up;

    Holy Wow, McBride in the 7th round. Titans got the steal of the draft.

    1. Well either way, whether it’s Mariota or Mettenberger the Titans are poised to give that division a new contender.

  70. Hey Look at that!!! They took Rory Anderson! He was the only TE I liked in the draft and I had no expectation they would actually draft him. That’s exciting.

  71. Between Smelter, Davis and Anderson day 3 was a huge improvement. Much sexier draft today.

  72. If Collins is 100% cleared of any wrong doing I wonder if he can sue for defamation of character and lost wages.

  73. Awwww, Ray Drew went undrafted. That’s too bad for him but whoever picks him up as a UFA will be getting tremendous value.

      1. Good for them. I wish we had taken him but I guess 38 defensive lineman might be one too many.

  74. I think Rory could end up being seen as a steal if he stays healthy. Yes I know that’s a big IF but still, it worked with Gore.

    1. He’ll certainly be a better receiver then Davis. Not sure about blocking but it’s easier to find blocking TE’s for that duty.

  75. Regardless of whether you like that the 49ers didn’t take a WR or CB or not, it will be good to see the likes of Patton, Ellington, Johnson, Acker and Reaser be given a decent chance this year.

    1. I am and I’m not surprised that they didn’t take a CB. I know that sounds very Mayockish(I phrase things so I can always say I was right) but what I mean is that given that we took 3 CB’s last year and signed a potential starter in the off season it shouldn’t be a surprise that we didn’t take one. However when you look at the skill pool of the players we have, then I start to get a bit surprised again.

      What we’ll never know is, did Baalke choose not to draft one or did he simply miss out on the few he was interested in. Either way they’re putting a lot of faith into a group that doesn’t really make you sleep well at night.

    2. No kidding, that’s what the thinking was and after the signing of Wright/Smith, I thought Baalke would want to see what he has in the secondary before adding to it. Same with Patton and Ellington. That’s why I went against the conventional wisdom of many that were adamant it had to be CB or WR. They even fooled Maiocco, ha!

      1. The only reason to add a corner would be if there was a transcendent talent at the top of the draft. A mid-late round pick would have made a difference.

  76. All the receivers (TEs/WRs) drafted/signed by 49ers are big bodied.

    Smelter’s the shortest at 6’2″ but weighs 226 lbs.

    Bell – 6’6″
    Anderson – 6’5″
    Blakeney – 6’6″

    I’m liking it. Too bad the odds of them seeing the field next season are slim, but who knows maybe they’ll be utilized in the redzone.

    1. Dres Anderson and Darius Davis are 6’0″ and 5’11”, respectively. But yeah, they certainly added some size to the receiving corps.

      1. The UDFA board I’m looking at (over on Niner’s Nation) doesn’t list Darius Davis. I missed Dres Anderson.

        1. Check that. It does list Darius Davis. I guess I’ve been looking at LCD screens too long today. Thanks for the corrections.

    1. Poorly edited article. They have Swaim listed as one of the 49ers picks. SMH.

      Would anybody besides Seattle(ok maybe the Cowboys)have drafted Frank Clark?

  77. Rory Anderson turns out to be the only player I mocked to the team that they actually drafted. I’ve got some time tonight to work on the all 32 mock grades/scores.

  78. BTW, I voted for a punter in Grant’s draft poll!!!
    Hoping that he lines up the Three Stooges and gives them a good old heave….

          1. I got all my negativity out over the Armstead pick, so I actually like it. You can see how Baalke stuck to his philosophies regarding drafting and team building, and I respect that. He got some intriguing prospects and I can’t wait to see some of these guys play in preseason, and see how the roster takes shape.

              1. Really fun. Besides this years class, we finally get to see Reaser, Millard, Thomas, and more Okoye.

              2. Oh Gawd, fun? The cut downs are going to be bloody! But good problem for a team to have.

      1. The entire draft was kind of meh. Don’t think any of the picks will have big impacts this season.

    1. Yes but this was the first year that I watched the ESPN coverage instead of NFL network. The 4 stiffs at NFL network had about has much energy and charisma as a my oatmeal this morning. Plus you have to listen to Mayock say that he likes the player or that he’s special and that of course he had him high on his list. I’ll take Berman over Mayock 10/10 times. With that said Berman has lost his charm.

      1. A 5th from the Armstead trade and a 6th from the Cowboys. We gave them a 7th this year for a 6th next year.

  79. In one analysis I read of Davis they said he doesn’t have the speed to turn the corner, but was great between the tackles. Any opinions of those who’ve watched more tape than I? I thought that RB wasn’t that great an area of need so didn’t pay much attention to RB.

    1. Typical of Baalke to draft a player based on his best season, not necessarily his most recent. Other examples include Aldon Smith and Eric Reid.

      Healthy and at his proper weight, Davis is explosive. Notice those screens?

  80. ” The issue for the Niners last season, then, if you’re extrapolating, was with coaching; not talent on the roster. Therefore the problem is gone, and coaching now in Michigan, the thinking goes. “

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