Jimmie Ward done for season

The 49ers just announced that they have placed Jimmie Ward on the Injured Reserve list. Ward re-injured the foot that was broken when the 49ers drafted him in May.


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  1. Let’s see what McFadden has! I wonder if Champ B stayed in shape…. I assume we have another db stashed on the ps too tho…… Johnson has looked gd but this can certainly make the gm more interwsting, ugh

  2. I wonder when he did it during the Saints game? On the TD to Cooks he got his feet tangled up with him. If he injured it then he did well to keep playing the rest of the game.

    He never really had a chance to let it heal properly before the season started this year. Lets hope he can get it cleaned and healed up for bigger and better things next season!

  3. This season is shaping up to be the year the injury bug finally catches up to the 49ers. The team has been pretty lucky last few years. Baalke’s injury-prone draft picks are falling like flies around here.

    1. Its not the “injury-prone” draft picks getting injured for the most part. Bowman, Dorsey, Williams, Brock, Willis, Cook, Kilgore, Iupati, Hunter, Davis and Davis… these guys didn’t have serious injury concerns in college. Just one of those years.

      Of the injured draft picks that have “fallen like flies”, its only Lattimore that hasn’t worked out health wise so far, and maybe Ramsey who had a history of injuries in college and hurt himself again in preseason. The guys they drafted this year with existing injuries were already not expected to be playing this year (Thomas, Reaser, Millard).

      You could say Ward falls into that category a bit – Ward had a known foot injury leading up to the draft, but it wasn’t expected to keep him out long term (and didn’t) and wasn’t really considered a serious injury. He’s not proven to be injury prone in the past, but he probably didn’t let it heal fully in getting ready for this season.

      1. Its easier to cast around for a scapegoat than accept the random brutality of the game. Blame the GM for injuries? Sure OK, unless maybe it was Colin’s fault…. Fan77? ; >)
        Or Harbaugh’s…Mud?

        1. There probably isn’t any football issue that gets stuck in my craw more than the belief that every draft pick should be a home run hitter, and every draft pick should be able to contribute immediately. Heaven forbid an early round pick may need a season or two before getting it and becoming a starter!

          But the belief that the strategy of taking a flier on injured players using later draft picks than they would otherwise be taken at is a poor one, especially when you have an abundance of draft picks, is right up there. Its a great way to get some talented players on the cheap. And as we are seeing end of last year and this year, anyone can get hurt – doesn’t matter if they have a history of injuries or not.

          1. I think you’re missing the underlying point here which is that it’s great to take these chances when you’re stacked at every position. Coming into this year with the non-tender of a few of our starters we couldn’t afford to swing and miss with the draft on injury risk assessment, mainly because if these players couldn’t play for any reason, the team would be scraping the bottom of the barrel to find bodies.

            The team also had the luxury of drafting like this in the past because the front-line starters were a) top-notch talent, and b) durable as hell. Since (b) is no longer the case, you’re seeing the results now.

            1. 49ers have had 7 of their first 8 draft picks contribute this year. How many teams can say the same? With Ward now done for the year, they have 6 of their first 8 picks still on the roster, and expected to play some key roles the rest of the season.

              They’ve also got 7 of their first 8 picks from last year currently on the 53 man roster.

              Its not as if taking these “injury prone” players the past two years is costing the team depth.

          2. Scooter says

            “Heaven forbid an early round pick may need a season or two before getting it ..”

            AJ Jenkins, LaMichael James, enough said

            1. Ah, I see, so because there are examples of guys that never got it, all players that don’t come in and light it up from day 1 are busts?

  4. This seems like a lost season. As soon as one guy gets back another goes down. Anthony Davis back, Iupati misses a game and Kilgore goes down for the year. Musical chairs all year in the secondary. Dorsey is coming back, so down goes Williams. Her comes Aldon, so down goes Willis for the year. It just doesn’t end, this is just one of those snake bitten years.

    1. This is a lost season in comparison to the previous 3, yes. They’ll still challenge for a playoff spot but by no means is this team a favorite to go deep into the playoffs.

      Besides injuries, the team has slipped a little on the focus/intensity side as well. After going to 3 straight conference championships and and one super bowl and coming away empty-handed, the focus starts to slip a little. It’s a natural thing, and could quite possibly lead to Harbaugh being gone at some point in the future. Not to say Harbaugh didn’t do a great job. He did an excellent job of getting the team to this point. But at some point when ultimate success escapes you after being so close time and time again, the focus begins to wane and complacency sets in.

    2. With the mounting injuries, the 49er may miss the playoffs this year. I hope Baalke and Jed don’t use that as an excuse to push Harbaugh out the door.

  5. No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. What is important is that we learn from those mistakes and make corrections in our philosophies if necessary to mitigate them in the future. The multitude of problems that arose this season are not all the result of mistakes. The majority of them were just dam bad luck, Nothing much that can be done about that. However that bad luck did magnify the negative’s of any mistakes that were made. Much the same as happens in each individual game as well. Well we shall see if this furnace that ownership/front office/coaches/and players experience tempered or weakened them. The future will tell.

    “What does not kill me makes me stronger” is only true sometimes. Sometimes “what does not kill you can also cripple you”.

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