Mike Shanahan vs. Chip Kelly: Which one should coach the 49ers?

The 49ers have narrowed their coaching search to two candidates, according to Adam Schefter.

Which coach would you prefer the Niners to hire, Kelly or Shanahan? Please explain your reasoning.

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  1. Both are bad choices:

    Kelly’s approach seems to appeal to impressionable young College players but rubs professionals the wrong way. He belongs in school.

    Shanahan’s record and accomplishments away from Elway are questionable as well as his ability to develop a rookie QB into a starter.

    1. Sorry CFC, I’ll take Montana, Young and Brent Jone’s opinions over yours. They seem slightly more qualified, IMO! lol.

      1. And if these two guys are on Grant’s “coaches to avoid” list, they are almost certainly good choices. Speaking of “track records”, it’s been a long, long time since Grant Cohn has gotten anything of substance right! He’s almost always 180 degrees wrong……. isn’t he?

  2. Shanahan will bring some form of stability and will rely heavy on run game.. other coaches would want to work for him as opposed to Kelly

  3. This is why I should stop following LOLKNBR on the tweet machine….haha…the retweet was from a fake account. Yes I’m a dumb@ss ; )

  4. If Trent is a true Parcels guy I can’t believe that Shanahan has ever really been a serious candidate. In saying I’m clearly hedging my bets that this decisions is going to turn out to be Kelly.

    I think it’s been Kelly the whole time anyway.

      1. Isn’t that a good thing Grant? That type of conflict, usually works. Trent needs someone to challenge him like Harbaugh did.

  5. It’s Kelly.

    “After a thorough search, Trent & I are thrilled to announce Chip Kelly as the new #HeadCoach of the @49ers”

    1. Finally. Kaep got a coach who is smart enough to accentuate his positives and avoid his weaknesses.
      Chip is too smart to rely on a rookie QB from a college offense when he has a veteran SB QB.

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