3 things Alex Smith does better than Colin Kaepernick

Alex Smith vs. Colin Kaepernick  is Topic No.1 in the Bay Area this week, so for the heck of it let’s list the things Alex Smith does better than Colin Kaepernick, and the things Kaepernick does better than Smith.

I’ll list three for each quarterback. Please list more in the comment section.


  1. Ball security: Smith is one of the best quarterbacks in the league at not turning the ball over. Last season, he was the best in this category. He fumbled five times and was intercepted five times. This season, he’s already thrown five interceptions and fumbled three times. He’s turning over the ball more often than he did last season, but he’s still one of the most careful quarterbacks in the NFL. Kaepernick has played just 93 snaps, but he’s fumbled the ball three times already. He tends to hold the ball away from his body when he runs.
  2. Pre-snap reads: Smith is a smart quarterback and he has a veteran’s grasp of the 49ers offense and NFL defenses. He’s good at identifying what the defense is going to do before the snap. If he sees the defense is geared up to stop the run, he’ll call a pass, and vice versa. Kaepernick is also smart, but he’s a novice in this category.
  3. Accuracy: Alex Smith is completing 70 percent of his passes this season. That’s the best completion percentage in the NFL. He’s been money on short and intermediate passes all season, especially when he plays in the middle of the field. Kaepernick has thrown some beautifully-accurate passes, like the 20-yard strike to Mario Manningham on the left sideline against the Rams, but Kaepernick has missed some wide open receivers, too.

To see what Colin Kaepernick does better than Alex Smith, read the next blog coming up soon.

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