32-team mock draft with trades

This is how I see it going down.

1. Texans: Greg Robinson, OT, Auburn.
2. Rams:Jake Matthews, OT, Texas A&M.
3. Jaguars: Jadeveon Clowney, DE, South Carolina.
4. Browns: Blake Bortles, QB, UCF.
5. TRADE — Lions (from Raiders): Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson.
6. Falcons: Khalil Mack, OLB, Buffalo.
7. Buccaneers: Mike Evans, WR, Texas A&M.
8. Vikings: Derek Carr, QB, Fresno St.
9. Buffalo Bills: Ha-Ha Clinton Dix, FS, Alabama.
10. Raiders (from Lions): Anthony Barr, OLB, UCLA.
11. TRADE — 49ers (from Titants): Justin Gilbert, CB, Oklahoma St.
12. Giants: Aaron Donald, DT, Pittsburgh.
13. Rams: Calvin Pryor, FS, Louisville.
14. Bears: Timmy Jernigan, DT, Florida St.
15. Steelers: Darqueze Dennard, CB, Michigan St.
16. Cowboys: Louis Nix, DT, Notre Dame.
17. Ravens: Taylor Lewan, OT, Michigan.
18. Jets: Eric Ebron, TE, North Carolina.
19. Dolphins:  Zack Martin, OT, Notre Dame.
20. Cardinals: Kony Ealy, DE, Missouri.
21. Packers: Jimmy Ward, S, Northern Illinois.
22. Eagles: Kyle Fuller, CB, Virginia Tech.
23. Chiefs: Marqise Lee, WR, USC.
24. Bengals: Dee Ford, DE, Auburn.
25. Chargers: Bradley Roby, CB, Ohio St.
26. Browns: C.J. Mosley, ILB, Alabama.
27. Saints: Demarcus Lawrence, DE, Boise St.
28. Panthers: Odell Beckham, WR, LSU.
29. Patriots: Jace Amaro, TE, Texas Tech.
30. Titans (from 49ers): Ra’Shede Hageman, DT, Minnesota.
31. Broncos: Jason Verrett, CB, TCU.
32. Seahawks: Allen Robinson, WR, Penn St.

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  1. I feel like I’ve already explained my dislike of Gilbert that high so I won’t harp too much on that but I’m curious what you have us giving up in this trade? Also I kinda like Robinson to the Texans, best offensive player in this draft and just as much of a freak as Clowney imo.

  2. I like the trade up for Gilbert. He has all the things you want in a top flight corner with the added dimension in the return game. Grant, what would be the compensation in this scenario?

      1. Fair trade. Good job on the rest of the mock as well. Louis Nix to Dallas is a good pick. I only bring it up because my brother is a Cowboys fan and he tells me a lot of fans are really going crazy for Aaron Donald. With them getting Melton (although coming off injury), to me Nix would make more sense like you suggested. They need a run stopper in the worst way and Nix offers that and then some.

      2. Grant: Per draft value chart, the 9ers will have to give
        up pick’s # 30, 56 and 61? Gilbert would have to fall to
        pick #17 for the 9ers to get him with pick’s #30 and 56
        per the draft value chart?

          1. Q: How much stock do GMs put on the trade value chart?

            BAALKE: It’s the standard. Everybody uses it. So, you have to understand it and you have to take a look at it.

            1. I don’t recall the interview exactly, but didn’t he also mention that every team uses “some form” of value chart and you have to be cognisant of how each team values picks? i.e., not every team will strictly adhere to the standard value chart?

              1. Darn posted the link but forgot to add to it.
                “We’re one of those teams that uses our own chart. There are other teams that use their own chart. There are several teams that use the same chart we do. But you have to understand both of them because some teams aren’t willing to talk to you on your chart – they only want to go with the standard chart that has been used for a long time. There is flexibility in it.”

              2. That would be nice.

                Based on last year’s trades I think we can say the Raiders do not use the standard trade value chart, nor the Cowboys or Packers (the Packers were more than happy to move down for extra late round picks in round 2 and 3, but in terms of the standard value chart I think the 49ers came out “ahead”).

                And based on Baalke’s comments we know the 49ers do not.

        1. will someone please, please, please, put that idiotic trade chart to rest for once and for all. It flies in the face of rational understanding of free market value and actual historic relative draft position value.

      3. If Gilbert can play close to “shut down corner” he’s well worth the 30+56. The rare true “shut-down” corner is worth far more.

        30+56 for 11 wins the chart big time, but with this deep draft itrade-ups might come cheap.

  3. Nice job. Jimmie Ward at #21 is a gutsy call, I like it.

    What i’ve read about C. Pryor is that he’s more SS then FS and I believe the rams need more of the latter.

    Don’t you think that CB has to be New Orleans #1 priority?

  4. I posted this earlier but I’ll move it under a more appropriate subject;

    32 team mock with trades

    1. Houston – Blake Bortles
    2. St. Louis – Jake Matthews
    3. Oakland(#5, 2015-2nd) – Jadeveon Clowney
    4. Detroit(#10,#45) – Sammy Watkins
    5. Jacksonville – Johnny Manziel
    6. NYG(#12, #43) – Greg Robinson
    7. Tampa Bay – Mike Evans
    8. Minnesota – Ra-Shede Hageman
    9. Buffalo – Hasean Clinton-Dix
    10. Cleveland – Derek Carr
    11. Tennessee – Kahlil Mack
    12. Atlanta – Anthony Barr
    13. Philadelphia(#22, #54&#162) – Justin Gilbert
    14. Chicago – Darqueze Dennard
    15. Pittsburgh – Eric Ebron
    16. Dallas – Stephon Tuitt
    17. Baltimore – Kelvin Benjamin
    18. NYJ – Marqise Lee
    19. San Francisco(#30,#77&#129) – Kyle Fuller
    20. Arizona – CJ Mosley
    21. New Orleans(#27,#91&’15 3rd) – Jason Verrett
    22. St. Louis – Bradly Roby
    23. Kansas City – Zack Martin
    24. Cincinnati – Keith McGill
    25. San Diego – Ryan Shazier
    26. Cleveland – Odell Beckham
    27. Green Bay – Trent Murphy
    28. Carolina – Brandon Cooks
    29. Atlanta(#37,&#103) – Kony Ealy
    30. Miami – Austin Seferian-Jenkins
    31. Denver – Chris Borland
    32. Seattle – Davante Adams

      1. If Jordan Matthews made it to #56, which I can’t imagine will happen but if it does then he’d be a slam dunk at that spot. My next choice would be Donte Moncrief at #56. For #61 I’ve previously had us taking our CB at this spot so I’m not sure anymore. Probably a guard either Yankey or Thomas.

    1. Good stuff CfC. Some interesting trade scenarios – the move up by Philly makes great sense and I can see the 49ers making that move up as well.

      A couple of q’s:
      – You don’t see Atlanta going OL with either of their first two picks?
      – Why do you see the Saints moving up for Verrett?
      – Would Gus Bradley pass on a difference-maker on the DL like Clowney?

      1. You don’t see Atlanta going OL with either of their first two picks?
        Baker gets at least another year and they resigned Johnson at the tackle spots. They signed Asamoah and Carimi at G. Does that mean they don’t still need help no but probably not first round help. The more likely alternative in my mind is if they took a TE with one of those two picks.

        Why do you see the Saints moving up for Verrett?
        Grant has a valid point that they need a pass rusher equally as much but I made this mock with the idea that their top need was CB. After the 49ers jumped up and snagged Fuller whom they were targeting they figured they needed to move quick to get their #2 or risk losing both.

        Would Gus Bradley pass on a difference-maker on the DL like Clowney?
        No but the man signing the checks wants a new QB.

        1. Also on the Atlanta front they gave up the 6th most points per game and the 5th most yards while producing the 3rd fewest amount of sacks. This defense needs major help.

          1. Yeah, I like the pick of Barr, but after signing Soliai and Tyson Jackson (as well as re-signing Babineaux, Peters and Jerry) I’m not sure they’d move back up into the first to get another pass rusher. Just my opinion.

              1. However would they move up to take another DE, no you’re probably right they wouldn’t. I’ll change that next mock.

              2. True. But they have plenty of DL bodies now. And perfect fits for the 3-4 D. Barr would be a nice addition as an OLB that plays DE on 4-man fronts.

                Ealy I don’t think would play much in the base 3-4, but could play as a DE/DT on 4-man fronts. But I think they’d be ok with Babineaux, Jerry, Peters and Jackson rotating as the DTs on passing downs, with Omenyiora and Barr as the DEs (backed up by Massaquoi).

    2. Wrong!!!! I guess you didnt watch last years draft. NIners moved up from 31 to 17 by only giving up a 3rd. No way you give up 3 pics to move up. 2 yes.

  5. Baalke doesn’t over pay for CB’s so this is a peculiar pick. Where does everyone see Gilbert fitting in our depth chart? I see the Aldon Smith, Delanie Walker scenario unfolding for Culliver meaning his legal issues won’t conflict with his ability to start and play a full season.

    I think we could get McGill and or Jean-Baptiste to fill the last cornerback spot and continue our shift towards emulating the L.O.B

  6. So that takes care of CB for the first couple rounds. And it leaves us a late-2nd rounder with all of our 3rd round picks. I’d venture to say we package one of the thirds with #61 to move up for our WR: Robinson or Matthews. That leaves us two 3rd rounders to provide depth at other positions….not too shabby. Maybe Paul Richardson and/or BPA at S, ILB, DT, C. Would love to grab Colvin and Marqueston Huff later in draft.

  7. I like it. Didn’t you like Dennard over Gilbert.? Why not Dennard at 11?

    I can see this is thw year baalke gets a 1st round CB.

    And are Vikings ever going to stop reaching for QBs?

      1. I agree, but will he like him to the tune of moving up to #11 for him? What sort of compensation do you think that would take to move up that far?

  8. Trading up that far to get Gilbert will be a huge mistake. Hope the niners don’t do that. It will cost too much.

    1. It was ok. I’d say 2.5 out of 5 stars. They lost me when they screwed up the length of the 49ers game winning drive in Super Bowl XXIII.

      The way Costner’s character ran the draft reminded me of how I ran my draft here last year. ; )

  9. I don’t believe Baalke trades up that high for a cornerback, and they don’t need to with Donatell coaching the position…..

    1. History would seem to suggest the 49ers don’t place a premium on the CB position in the draft – they’ve been happy in the past to take raw guys with nice physical tools later on and coach them up. Its been that way since 2005.

      I tend to agree the 49ers will go a different direction in round 1 again this year, but I’m not ruling out this year being an exception either. This may be the year they switch things up. Since 2005 they’ve not had this much turnover in their CB depth – lost 2 of their top 3 CBs from last year and didn’t replace them with FAs (unless they are counting on Cook). You could argue they see Wright as one replacement, and Culliver as the other, but there are clearly question marks in terms of the CB position heading into next season.

  10. I agree with razor. I think it is more likely they trade up to 19 to get M. Lee, if they trade up at all. This would cost the Niner’s at most pick’s 30 and 61. This leaves a pick in the second and 3 picks in the third to get a couple of CB’s, maybe another WR or BPA.

  11. I don’t think the Niners will draft a WR in Round 1 because they’re in talks with Brandon Lloyd.
    More seriously, but still wild speculation, the Rams or Browns might trade back from they’re 2nd picks in Round #1 if the right offer comes around. There is still an outside chance someone deals for second overall too.
    My hunch is Baalke doesn’t reach up as far as #11 for anyone.

    1. I think the Brandon Lloyd talk is more about sounding out his interest in case they don’t get the player (or players) they want.

      1. If they sign him, it will be easy to cut him if he cannot beat out Patton or the rookies. He’ll provide no value on special teams….

          1. My only thought about signing him would be to add a veteran element to the competition, where you have a second year player, a practice squad player in Jacobs, and one if not two high/middle draft pick rookie(s). It seems HarBaalke does not want to go into camp with just those competitors, so I’ll say Fact. I will say, I never appreciated Mr. Lloyds’ game…..

            1. He became a respectable downfield threat after he left the 49ers. But I agree, he’s not my cup of tea at WR. He just looks lazy and disinterested too often on the field. I can’t see him being happy to be the 3rd receiver on a team that is known for its power-running game.

  12. Nice one Grant. Only two trades in the first round though?

    I like not mocking a QB to the Texans with the first pick as the quality isn’t there. However, I can’t help but think that when it is all said and done, their need for a potential franchise QB will win out.

    Nice pick of Mack to the Falcons – he’ll help their transition to a 3-4.

    Not sure the 49ers would move up that far for a CB. I think CfC’s move up to #19 for Fuller would be more realistic, or potentially to #15.

    After doing my All-32 I read a report that the Vikings are actually expected to go LB in round 1 (Mack preferred) and take Mettenberger in round 2.


    1. I don’t think the Texans will reach for a QB. The whole point of having a QB guru head coach like O’Brien is to not have to overpay or reach for a QB.

      If the Falcons take Mack, do you think the Vikings would take Barr?

      1. Depends on how much they like Mettenberger and whether they are 100% confident he (or another QB they really like) will be available at their pick in round 2.

      2. Here’s a question for you – if the teams at the top of the draft wait for the 2nd round to take their QB, and the 49ers can’t find a trade partner to move up with, and the top WRs and CBs are taken before #30, do the 49ers look at QB? For instance, if Teddy Bridgewater is available?

      3. Last year there wasn’t a single team in the top ten that “needed” a QB this year there you can argue that 6 of the top ten teams “need” a QB. There will be plenty reaching for QB’s this year.

  13. I also believe the Texans will select Mr. Clowney, knowing they will be able to get a good quarterback in the second round…..

  14. In this scenario, if I’m in the Raiders’ position I d sit tight and take K.Mack. He gets pressure. He’s a heck of a football player and will help their D; not a bad plan with questions on the OL and at QB; keep the game close.

  15. If I am Harbaugh/Baalke I would be saying, hey we got a really, really, really good team. The team as it stands is a super bowl contender, so we have all these picks going to a very talented, good depth team. What to do, what to do. Last year we stuck gold in Eric Reid, a rookie starter on a very talented team, I say lets do it again, better our draft position and to ensure that, we might give more then what the ‘charts’ say. Move up to take the best WR or CB and get it done. Getting one starting rookie on a team with this kind of talent makes that year draft solid. After all their isn’t much room on this roster for many rookies so why not one of them be the best of the bunch at their position. Yup if I am Harbaugh/Baalke that’s what I would do.

  16. Don’t know how many of you guys bet. But I just laid a little somethin somethin on the Saints to win the NFC at 18-1. They’re my preseason pick to make the SB even without the odds. Can’t believe they can be had right now at that price.

  17. I think Baalke will make several low-ball trade up offers to see if a team bites. Last year Baalke traded 31, 74 for the Cowboys 18. Strictly by the charts, Dallas should have gotten 31,74, 128,157.

    Had Dallas refused, I think Baalke would have kept shopping the 31,74 into the mid 20s as long as Reid was still there. Its the player he’s after.

    Should we debate whether Gilbert is worthy of the 11th or if he’s worth the 30 and 56?

    1. I agree Brodie. That is exactly the strategy I think they will employ, and again I think it will be packaging a 1st and 3rd (#30 and #77). They might have a small group of guys they really like and would be willing to move up for (e.g., a selection of guys like Gilbert, Dennard, Fuller, Evans, Beckham, Lee), and they’ll keep looking to move up so long as one of the guys in their “pool” is still available.

      To me the debate should be about whether Gilbert (or any player) is worth the picks they give up for him, not where they move up to. Giving up a 1st and 2nd for Gilbert seems pretty steep to me, but then I’m not sold on him. If you believe he can be a shutdown CB, then its probably worth it.

        1. Funny, last year having picks #31 and #34 was talked about as being similar to having two first round picks, not two second round picks…

          It is a first and second rounder (and the 49ers top 2 picks) you are talking about giving up. For a shutdown CB that is probably worth it. I won’t get into the debate about whether Gilbert is a shutdown CB or not again, but to me there is no CB in this year’s draft worth giving up your first 2 picks for.

          1. When Baalke was asked about blowing a first round pick on A.J. Jenkins, he responded by saying the pick basically was a second rounder. He was pick No. 30.

            1. It’s relative to the talent depth. If this draft is in fact “deep” with talent then you can possibly find 32 players truly worth a first round grade however this is often not the case. I’d say most drafts have 20-25 players that are worthy of being a first round pick. When the drafts are of the latter variety then you can easily say that pick #30 is a second round pick given the type of player you get there but in a draft like this you can argue that #30 is still a first rounder.

              1. That takes us back to the draft “Value Groups (VG)” people were talking about last week. Each year is a little different.

                Then there is the quote from Baalke a few months ago… “The No. 1 one thing is targeting the players you want, identify those and find a way to go get them.”

                I think that’s Baalke’s MO. Snag that “high floor” targeted player first… maneuver for BPA, somewhat risky picks or future picks later.

            2. I don’t recall that, but I’ll take your word for it.

              Obviously a pick at the end of round 1 is worth closer to a top of the 2nd round pick than a top of the 1st round pick, and so forth. But its still a first round pick, is still more valuable than a 2nd round pick, and is still the team’s first pick.

              Giving up the team’s top 2 picks for Gilbert is only worth it if you think he is an elite talent. You do, so you think it is worth it. I don’t, so I don’t believe it is worth it.

              1. Fair enough. I think it’s pretty obvious Gilbert is an elite talent. He’s just not as polished as other prospects. Odell Beckham is polished, but not an elite talent.

              2. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say.

                I think we differ in what we consider elite talent mainly because we place different levels of emphasis on physical attributes and other attributes. No question Gilbert has some elite physical talents (though his change of direction skills are not elite in my opinion).

              3. I don’t recall saying Kyle Fuller had elite change of direction skills either…

                Gilbert has very good size for a CB, and elite long speed. He has decent change of direction skills and acceleration, but not in the elite category. That is not to say I think his change of direction skills are so poor as to be an issue. So long as he displays good anticipation and reading of the receiver’s routes, and doesn’t mind being a little physical, he’ll be fine. Same can be said for most CBs – not many CBs are so agile they can rely completely on reactions to mirror a WR.

              4. Gilbert’s arms are longer than any other cornerback’s in the draft. His freakish length helps him break up passes, and he has excellent ball skills and return ability.

              5. Lets not get into the Gilbert debate again. :-)

                I’ll just leave it with I think he is an excellent athlete for the position, and while I personally wouldn’t give up a 1st and 2nd for him, he would be an excellent addition for the 49ers.

              6. Fair enough. Everyone is all in with at least one prospect. I don’t know anyone who believes in Beckham like you do. I respect that you believe in your convictions. That’s the way it should be.

              7. Cheers Grant, I agree. And back at you :-)

                Its funny, sometimes you just see something in a player that makes you stand up and take notice. Kawann Short was the guy for me last year, I thought he was an underrated guy with really good explosive and ability to penetrate. Also Markus Wheaton, I just really liked the little things that he did very well – I think he’ll take over the WR spot opposite Brown for the Steelers this year and excel.

                This year its Beckham and Easley for me (clearly I have a soft spot for WRs and DLs!). And unsurprisingly, I like them for similar reasons I liked Wheaton and Short.

              8. “He is a big play type that has speed and quickness, and shows great elusiveness as a return specialist. As a DB he gets by on AA and speed, and will need some refinement in technical area. He is not a polished m/m cover guy at this stage, and may almost be in the category of being a better athlete than player, but there is a huge upside here.”

                That was the description of RW McQuarters prior to the 1998 draft. Sounds a lot like Gilbert.

              9. Negatives: Poor build. Very skinny and narrow. Ended the ’99 season weighing 195 pounds and still looks like a rail at 211. Looks a little frail and lacks great physical stature and strength. Can get pushed down more easily than you’d like. Lacks mobility and ability to avoid the rush. Lacks a really strong arm. Can’t drive the ball down the field and does not throw a really tight spiral. System-type player who can get exposed if he must ad-lib and do things on his own.

                Summary: Is not what you’re looking for in terms of physical stature, strength, arm strength and mobility, but he has the intangibles and production and showed great Griese-like improvement as a senior. Could make it in the right system but will not be for everyone.

                Tom Brady

          2. According to Walterfootball chart…

            Before the draft actually began, 2013’s draft picks were about 150 points better what the 49ers have now. Subtract this year’s extra 3rd rounder from the Titans and the gap is even wider. What this draft has going for it is depth, especially at receiver.

      1. “To me the debate should be about whether Gilbert (or any player) is worth the picks they give up for him, not where they move up to. ” Exactly!

        With the draft boards mostly set, I’m sure its like a formula by now… if [player name] falls to [team name] then offer #30 and #77.

        I don’t know if Gilbert will be a true shut-down corner. Those are rare and worthy of several picks. Defenses that have a corner that can go one-on-one with no safety help can stack the box with little risk. Gilbert seems good. I don’t know if he’s that good.

    2. With this years deep draft, I think first round trade ups will get a bargain as far as chart points go.

      Day two not so much. Those high 2nd rounders have a big drool factor, especially for QB needy teams teams that skipped one in the first.

      Strictly in terms of BPA value, any combinations of trades up/back that move picks into the high 2nd would pay off big. 4 picks in the 2nd round and that 3rd round compensatory would nab some great talent.

  18. Trade up for a CB and not a game changer WR that will also be a return threat??? Has the shut down CB helped the Cowboys or Jets recently…

  19. With the 11th pick, I’d draft manziel. Best value at that slot. Then you can find a Suiter later or keep him to replace kap if it doesn’t work with him.

  20. Maybe it’s time to let someone else scout/pick the wide receivers;
    “Baalke came to the 49ers as West Region scout in 2005. During that time, the 49ers selected Oregon’s Marcus Maxwell in the seventh round and Washington State’s Jason Hill in the third. Neither player earned a role with the 49ers.

    In 2008 and ’09 with Baalke in the role of 49ers director of player personnel, the club selected Josh Morgan in the sixth round of 2008 and Crabtree in the first round the following year.

    With Baalke running the 49ers’ drafts since 2010, the club spent sixth-round picks on Kyle Williams and Ronald Johnson, a first-round pick on Jenkins, and a fourth-rounder last year on Quinton Patton. Neither Johnson nor Jenkins caught a pass with the 49ers. And only Patton remains with the organization.”

    1. Its not a great resume, I’ll grant you. In saying that, the ones that really stick out as misses are Jason Hill and AJ Jenkins. The others were all late round flyers anyway. Josh Morgan and Kyle Williams were decent enough for 6th round picks. Capable 3rd or 4th receivers.

      1. Except the problem is that we essentially have had one good receiver and the rest have been “capable” 3rd or 4th receivers when we have needed a true #2 and #3 behind Crabs. Baalke was gifted a #2 receiver in the Baltimore trade, a very well proven one I might add, Anquan Boldin doesn’t exactly require a lot of scout work.

        However that still leaves us with an old #2, and a #1 that really isn’t a #1 and wont even be on the team a season from now. Patton seems like he can be a solid #3 but I mean who knows really, he’s had one season that didn’t exactly light up the world.

          1. Scooter I’ve been meaning to ask you, do you follow the America’s Cup? Yes I’m assuming all Australians either sail or are interested in it.

            1. Sailing is one sport I just can’t get into. Same with car or bike racing, or any kind of racing that doesn’t involve horses or dogs for that matter. :-P

              No sure why I don’t like sailing – I’d put it down to an inability to stay interested in a sport that takes so long, but then I’ll happily sit and watch five days of test cricket… go figure!

              1. Before the AC series switched to the Catamarans you had to really love sailing to watch it but now the races are fast and really exciting. Im expecting the Australian challenge team this year to have a pretty good chance of capturing the cup and bringing it back down, although I sincerely hope that’s not the case.

              2. Yep. The teams are forming now. Hamilton Island Yacht Club is the Challenger of Record.

                They’ll probably reduce the boats down to the 60′ range rather then the 72 footers they used last year. This should help more teams to afford to compete.

              3. BTW if you’re interested there is a really great book called the The Billionaire and the Mechanic and it’s about Ellison’s path to winning the Cup.

              4. CfC
                We’ve talked about Unitas, Stabler, Montana as staging great Comeback Two Minute Drives, but the comeback by the Yanks in this last Cup was epic.

          2. That Jenkins pick had far more negative repercussions than just on the wr corps. A poster ( don’t remember who ) Stated last off season that a missed 1 one pick has major negative impact on a team if it is at a position of need. It wasn’t really a need during his rookie year but it transitioned over as a major one in his second season in that the need was never filled via free agency or the draft. It is very telling that both positions of need for the team in this years draft are a result of mistakes made by the front office withing the last two seasons rather then as a result of natural attrition.

    2. It’s funny because Grant wrote basically the same article prior to LAST YEAR’S draft and many blasted him for it.

    3. Morgan and Crabtree were good/great picks, even if Morgan isn’t with the team anymore he produced a lot for a 6th rounder. Patton is too soon to tell. Kyle Williams wasn’t an awful pick as a 6th rounder as he at least contributed. That makes 1 terrible pick(Jenkins), 1 bad pick(Hill), 2 whatever late round flyers (Johnson/Maxwell), 1 decent late round flyer(Williams), 1 good one (Morgan), and one great pick (Crabtree). Baalke isn’t exactly nailing it but the only really bad picks were Jenkins and Hill.

        1. That is why I believe that if the team wants a good receiver it has to be a no brainer pick. T B seems to be incapable of succeeding at picking good wr with anything less than an obvious pick. He isn’t going to get a steal or a hidden gem at that position.

      1. Morgan and Crabtree were good/great picks?

        Morgan for his career has averaged 33 catches and 414 yards per season, 6th rounder or not I still wouldn’t call that good.

    4. Johnson was from “running back U(sc)” and AJJ had only one target…. Maxwell and Hill were good receivers, behind ‘bigger names’ and seldom got their chances.

    5. There have been changes to the personnel and scouting staff since the 2012. I think much of it was internal promotions. Naturally, most of us are hoping for new blood… or at least a new philosophy on scouting receivers.

      Another part of the 2012 catastrophe was the mania for speed. The missing piece we were clamoring for. (and still are)

      Baalke is a Parcells guy. They both believe in drafting players that for a specific team personality. In 2012 Baalke went away from the “big, physical, athletic” type when he picked Jenkins and LMJ.

  21. I think you’re underestimating the QB position. Usually at least one team will make a play for the falling top prospects. Granted, last year was a poor example…but I’d call it more of an exception to the rule…an aberration of the value of football positions and the draft. Someone makes a play for Manziel and/or possibly Bridgewater if they fall past 10 or 15 just as value picks.

  22. Two things. First, I see the WR as enough blame to go around. Certainly Baalke has wiffed in some of the draft choices, but the coaching staff has really failed to bring a WR prospect up to par. Donatell has coached up UDFA and late rounders to starter level. I am really disappointed in two position groups: WR and TE. They really haven’t done the job expected. Now Mangini is supposed to get Vance MacDonald, Celek, and Carrier to VD or near VD level? I’m surprised that Harbaugh still has Morton on the staff.
    Second, a late first rounder is MUCH more valuable that a early second rounder. A team should want to draft and hit on #32, rather than #33. Why? Contract. You can sign first round draft picks to a 4+1 deal, while a second rounder is a straight 4 year deal. Why does this matter? Well, if you have a player with questionable anything, you can ride it out. For example, look at Aldon Smith, the Niners will hit him with his 5th year option and pay him a reasonable transition tag number (the number is even better outside the top 10), and let him ride out the contract before deciding to resign him. That is, he is under team control with a manageable contract and gives management time to either commit or find his replacement. Look at Kap, he needs to be extended now in year 3 of his contract. Would it be better to have drafted him at #32? Probably. You could extend him one year on his fifth year option and then franchise him, giving you 6 years of a developmental look to determine if he was an “elite” QB. After 6 years, you should know. In case you think that that he isn’t worth the tag numbers, the contract floors that everyone is upset about are based on the transition numbers, that’s why $18 mil is the starting point.

    1. Thanks for that perspective, Jon.

      I’m not too privy on contractual ins and outs, but with this thinking I wonder if we keep our 1st and try and jump into the first round again (between 25-30) with our two 2nd’s and a throw-in pick (4th or 5th?). That would give us two players drafted in the first round with a fifth year of control over. The same approach is in place, best CB available and best WR available. Use our remaining 3rd rounders and later picks for added depth, to trade up again, or acquire picks for next year.

      1. For example, Cleveland’s pick in the 1st round (#26) is worth 700 points. Our two 2nd rounders (#56 and #61) are worth a combined 632 points. In theory, adding our 4th rounder or a 5th in this year’s draft and a 4th in next year’s, makes for an even trade point-wise. And it gives a Cleveland team that much more to add quality depth.

        It also gives us two picks before Seattle.

    2. Jon– I totally agree with you about Morgan. I am sure that Trent also relies on his coaching staff’s impute in relation to the players he drafts.
      I would also add the special teams into the mix of questionable coaches. There was just too much juggling of the post 53 man roster in that respect. I think he kept and released the wrong players. And the Williams experiment? Clueless!

  23. considering the prima dona crabtree is gone next year id say you draft an elite receiver in the first round. No way crabtree is going to get 8-10 million from the niners. Id say that position and corner are obvious needs.

    1. It’s fans like you I don’t understand. When Crabtree returned from a torn Achilles, which by the way is a terrible injury, the niners won 8 games in a row. Crabtree is a HUGE part of kaeps development. They have a great relationship on the field. The niners are just monitoring his Achilles before they do resign him. Crabtree will get an extension from the niners. He is our franchise QBs go to guy. Although with that said he needs to see and go to other recievers much more. I believe that development will come this year. Crab is a must to resign!

  24. there is a reason why, trent balke is the GM of the 9ers and not this “enlightened one” who has AALLLL the answers for the 9ers (as long as they FOLLOW his ideas)
    question for you Mr. Grant, have you ever been A PART OF A TEAM SPORT? (my apologies if you’ve had any)
    i am a fan from the Philippines, and i find your point of view so insulting, how old are you by the way? i wake up 3 or 4am EVERY MONDAY MORNING LOCAL TIME (football season, DST depending) and watch my beloved 49ers (GLORY YEARS OR LEAN) I AM 42 YEARS OLD.
    save you comment for somebody else, you are a mockery of a so-called “beat reporter”

  25. When in the hell is this Guy ever going to shut-up It’s beyond me how everyone buys into this kids BS. He really dislikes the 49ers and is always try to drive a wedge. It beyond me why 49erswebzone even lets this post all he total BS. Where on earth do this nothing know anything about football.

    1. He’d be a guy they could use the same way they tried using Randy Moss in 2012. Big, fast, downfield threat, but biggest value would come as a decoy to clear out defenders.

  26. These are the players I could see Baalke making a move for, similar to last years price tag. There’s a reasonable expectation that more than one of them would be available between 18-25. Gilbert, Watkins, Evans, Dennard are assumed to be too expensive. In order of priority:

    1. Roby
    2. Lee
    3. Fuller
    4. Cooks
    5. Verret
    6. OBJr.

      1. Definitely, but I don’t expect Gilbert, Dennard, Watkins, Evans to be in that 3rd Round cost range. Watkins would cost far too much, and I’m not sure Baalke would give up a second round pick for Gilbert or Dennard….

    1. Good list. I’m sure Watkins, Gilbert, Dennard and Evans would also fall into that category if by chance some team is willing to take just a #30 and a 3rd for them (as you say, unlikely, though Dennard is apparently ‘falling’ according to rumour).

          1. So far all web chatter (for what its worth) says Aldon Smith was “detained” at LAX.

            He was selected for a secondary screening and became “belligerent and uncooperative with the process and with the TSA agent, making a comment indicating that he was in possession of a bomb…”

            When the cops came he “became uncooperative and he was detained and taken into custody by Airport Police and is currently being transported to LAPD for booking.”

            The 2011 draft is having a hell of an off season. Whats next? “Bruce Miller arrested for taunting parakeets?”

  27. Aldon Smith in trouble at LAX Airport for saying he had a bomb. Maybe they’ll have to move up for Mack…..

    1. Kony Ealy please…trade up with Jim’s brother to get him! I wanted him before the incident, now they HAVE to get him.

  28. Aldon-
    Upon your return to the Bay Area, please report to Uncle Leo Nomellini, so’s he can whup youse on the backa youse head.
    RFS Aldon,

  29. from the 49ers… “as this is a pending legal matter and we are still gathering the pertinent facts, we will have no further comment.” Is this about Culliver, Kaepernick or Aldon Smith?

    This is the kind of thing that takes all the fun out of cheating youth soccer leagues and stealing concerts from Candlestick.

  30. Why would the Lions trade up for another WR? Did something happen to Calvin or Golden Tate? Its not like Matt Million is there anymore.

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