49ers 14, Bengals 24: Grades

SANTA CLARA – Here are the grades for the San Francisco 49ers’ 24-14 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals’ B-team.

GABBERT: F. Padded his stats with 17 completions for 175 yards in the fourth quarter of a game that ended in the second quarter. Still finished with a quarterback rating of 58.3. Converted just one third down on a pass that bounced off of a defensive back’s chest and into the hands of Torrey Smith. This was one of Gabbert’s worst passes of the day.

RUNNING BACKS: F. Shaun Draughn gained 38 yards on the ground before leaving with a knee injury. The other running backs—Travaris Cadet, Kendall Gaskins and Bruce Miller—gained seven rushing yards total.

WIDE RECEIVERS: F. Anquan Boldin fumbled, then sat on the ground and watched as the Bengals recovered the ball.

TIGHT ENDS: F-. Vance McDonald tipped not one but two passes into the hands of Bengals players for interceptions. I’d hate to be the guy who spent a second-round pick on McDonald.

OFFENSIVE LINE: F. Gave up only four sacks this week, which is progress.

DEFENSIVE LINE: C. Gave up only 68 rushing yards, which is good. Produced only one hit on backup quarterback A.J. McCarron, which is bad.

LINEBACKERS: B-. Inside linebackers NaVorro Bowman and Gerald Hodges made 22 tackles, and outside linebackers Ahmad Brooks and Eli Harold each hit McCarron once. Corey Lemonier, another outside linebacker, committed a personal foul for the second game in a row. Cut him already.

DEFENSIVE BACKS: D. Tramaine Brock and Kenneth Acker each gave up long catches, and Eric Reid got ran over by a tiny scat back for the second game in a row. Jimmie Ward was the only defensive back who played well.

SPECIAL TEAMS: D. Phil Dawson missed a field goal—it was blocked—and Bradley Pinion kicked an 18-yard punt. Not a typo.

COACHES: F. Made a convincing case that Bengals offensive coordinator Hue Jackson should be the 49ers head coach next season.

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  1. I would hope they could hire a prominent GM or probably up and coming GM to hire a head coach. Hue Jackson ego is as big as Baalke, He is not the answer or even the question.

    1. Typical Niner move. Dork finding stiff’s inside the building, with his world wide searches. Refer to the Rev Dingaling, Refer to Baalke and Refer to Tomfoola.

    2. It’s going to be interesting to see what FO does this off-season. Had JT finished “strong” or at least average they no doubt would have kept him around while making a few changes. But there’s no way to deny how much his staff stinks and how much Baalke has long worn out his welcome.

      They have to do something, there needs to be change. But if they keep JT around I could see a mutiny like boycott. It will get even uglier.

      I could see Jackson coming here and I think I would welcome that. Gm will be an interesting search.

  2. The Defense only gave up 242 yards, but they’re an incomplete unit with the lack of a pass rush and the inability to make the crucial play when needed.
    Gabbert’s regressing! Or maybe the coaching staff sucks so bad they don’t know how to put players in a position to make plays. Maybe we got rid of Kaep too soon? Naaaaahhhh!!!! His bad mechanics will always haunt him.

    Balk needs to go because he signed Torrie Smith to that big fat contract. Jerome Simpson almost never catches a pass and Patton drops way too many.

    Coaching — blows…

    1. Fan, you were an unrelenting critic of Kaep, but even with Gabbert, the Niners are giving up 9 sacks a game and the team around him is playing horribly.
      Maybe the offensive malaise was not all Kaep’s fault. Gabbert’s QBR is worse Kaep’s, and that first half proved to me that the coaching is what has been the problem from the beginning.

  3. The offense played like rubbish and totally deserve their F’s, but I think you are harsh on the D. The DL deserve at least a B- for their play against the run, and they did generate some pressure. The LBs I might quibble and say they were a shade better than a B-, as they also were all very good against the run and did ok against the pass (coverage and rushing the passer). And the DBs weren’t as bad as a D. Three big receptions on Acker and Brock combined, sure, but aside from that they were good. Ward was excellent. And Reid was actually pretty good. The run where he got run over was ugly, but it was still an effective tackle (knocked Bernard out of bounds) and aside from that he played fine.

    1. The team lacks discipline, and Tomsula is right that they usually fail in execution, but it’s on him to make sure they stay focus, do the little things. They always get dumb penalties and why in the world is Erik Pears still on the field? He had 3 holding penalties and whiffed on so many blocks.

      The RB also made the wrong blitz pick-up for another sack. Details. And that falls on the coaching staff. The Offense deserves the Fs across the board. They are playing for paychecks now.

      Gabbert is cheap enough to keep around. He still seems like a young player, who needs a lot more experience, and needs to work on accuracy. He’s not as wild as Kaep.

      Watching the Eagles, it would be interesting to see Kaep on that team, although Bradford has been playing well lately.

  4. I think they dump the OC this week now that QB7 is no longer in a position to whine on his behalf. That duo has been an albatross around the team’s neck for years. Clean out the clutter this is an appropriate starting point. Guido should step up and make the move or is he another talking head?

      1. 12-20 SF Chron: On Sunday, CBS sideline reporter Jay Feely, a former NFL kicker, said he believes Tomsula will return in 2016, based on a conversation he had with Al Guido, the chief operating officer, before the 49ers’ 24-14 loss to the Bengals. Guido is expected to be named the 49ers president after the Super Bowl on Feb. 7, assuming the spot of Paraag Marathe, who will be reassigned. I stand corrected.

      2. Football power that is. I forgot, in my depression that he will be the President of Sales Activities after the Superbowl coronation. He may have to hire some people to sit in all those red seats.

  5. Grant sez :

    “…COACHES: F. Made a convincing case that Bengals offensive coordinator Hue Jackson should be the 49ers head coach next season….”

    Made a good case for Eddie D’s return !! …

    The Jedster should be a Dodger …

    (and there’s a punch-line for that one …but
    atm .. I can’t think of a good one)

  6. I have given this a lot of thought and I think I see a way forward for Jed York. In the words of a well known local coach, “Own it, fix it and move on”.

    Own it:
    Acknowledge that the current coaching staff is inept. They are what they are and this is deplorable by current NFL standards.

    Fix it:
    The answer does not lie in any of the current coaches. The problem must be fixed by letting them go as soon as the season ends. Thank them for their service and send them on their way.

    Move on:
    Hire an up and coming head coach candidate, one who is well know in the league and who can attract competent assistants. Insist that Baalke draft and sign players who fit the coaches design. If Baalke can’t do that he should let go as well.

    The way forward is clear: Own it, Fix it, Move On.

    1. Thats right. Because right now, the coaches have to make game plans consistant with Baalke’s vision-which is insane. Im done with the York/Baalke team.

  7. Sad. This team completely lost it’s identity from last year. Dorky and Porky (Baalke), deprived 49ers of quality players by drafting wrong players or less intelligent players in last few years of his era. He replaced every good player that Scott Mchloughan brought in to make 49ers winners to sour losers. I have nothing against Coach Tomsula because he is setup for this day because stupid demands made by 49ers management last year, no one want to coach 49ers. I feel sorry for Tomsula, he did what he could do with his limited skills set. 49ers should keep him in last year capacity instead of firing him. Dorky and Porky should understand that too much gamble on unknown players never works + you pick the best player available, not the player for need. Your best player turn in to gold for other team and for drafting team.

    1. Jennifer Chan @jenniferleechan
      Torrey Smith on the low attendance: We love the fans but I don’t blame them. We aren’t playing well, it’s not fun to watch.

    2. Jennifer Chan @jenniferleechan
      Bowman on fan attendance: The fans are probably fed up, but to see them come out and still cheering us on, when they got up, we felt it.

      1. If 49er fans want to affect this team in a positive way, they need to STOP attending games and renewing their tickets. NOT doing this was the big mistake Warriors fans did under Cohan.

  8. There is so damn much that needs to change this offseason idk where to begin. HC/OC HAVE to be gone. I’d say Baalke but he’s not going anywhere. QB,RT, RG, TE, WR, DE/OLB, MLB, and CB are all positions of glaring need. Niners have over 50 mil in cap space and are gonna have to over pay to get people here. Just praying for progression next season. So much can change in a year.

    1. In fact, niners are 60 mill. under the cap. Also have the cheapest coaching staff in NFL. That doesnt happen by chance!!!!!!!!!

        1. Let’s see $13 million 2015 carryover and $43 million for 2016, which totals $56 million. Need to resign a few players and keep a good amount for high, more expensive draft picks. Figure on around $40 million for FA acquisitions.

      1. You hit the nail on the head!
        Its the cheapskate yorks (I suspect John York meddling)
        As long as the Yorks own the team they will be content to own a bottom feeding team and collect the TV royalty checks sitting on their behinds
        We need to force the Yorks out. Stop renewing your tickets, default on PSLs. I think if there is massive default on PSLs then maybe the Yorks will sell!

  9. Sad. This team completely lost it’s identity from last year. Dorky and Porky (Baalke), deprived 49ers of quality players by drafting wrong players or busts in last few years of their era together. Porky replaced every good player that Scott Mchloughan brought in to make 49ers winners with sour losers. I have nothing against Coach Tomsula; he is been setup for this day by 49ers management. Because of stupid demands 49ers management made last year last year, no one want to coach 49ers. I feel sorry for Tomsula, he did what he could do with his limited skills set. 49ers should keep him in last year capacity instead of firing him. Dorky and Porky should understand that too much gamble on unknown players never pays out.you must pick the best player available, not the player for need. Your best player turn in to gold for other team and for drafting team. Balke must not be allowed to draft in next year’s draft.

  10. Remember last year when Grant constantly beating the drum to fire Harbaugh? Remember how many times he said the 49ers would be better off without him? Grant is as much of a joke as a sports writer as Jed York is as an owner of an NFL franchise.

  11. I like Hue Jackson a lot as a coach but understand that he is the CEILING that the 49ers can possibly hope for and as I noted above, if he has ANY other team he can choose, he sure as hell ain’t coming to the 49ers.

  12. I was shocked to see that WRs were playing their high school football earlier today. McDonald is a lost cause as TE. I don’t who is QB coach? because Gabert is keep under throwing his WRs and TEs like Caeperror. timing and anticipation is not there. some WRs don’t even know how to run their routes not even close to college level football. Worst of all 49ers has no spirit to win the games.

      1. Now that’s a great Baalke statement that I agree with. Do you think Baalke would go for a torn ACL with the third pick and claim that it was a great value pick.

  13. Gabbert is silencing even his biggest supporters on this blog. Even they aren’t blind to this pattern of one calorie pass plays. He is terrible when teams are focused on defense. The Bengals tried to grind it out after taking a lead and gave up a bunch of garbage yards before waking up and intercepting Gabbert again to end the game. This organization is in a dark place right now.

  14. Out:
    Jim Tomsula
    Trent Baalke
    Jed York (mummy, daddy, please for the love of Chryst sell the team!)
    T Smith (get our money back from him)
    Boone (too greedy, won’t play)
    Navarro Bowman (trade for a pick)
    The Punter, 18 yard kick, seriouslY?

    In: Gabbert, PROVIDED we draft a QB and HOPE we fire the suit.

  15. 1. Body of work , Body of work Body of work

    2. Ward had a decent game I guess, but his overall body of work this season has not been good. We burned a first on this guy.

    3. Acker and brock may have had a bad game, but they are both pretty good corners.

    4. Our offense is a mess. WR all need to go except patton and Tsmith. We need a playmaker (dez, julio, antonio) and we need a quick slot receiver (cobb, edelman )

    5. Our Oline has major issues, but it is possible to rehabilitate. Is ADavis coming back next year. That would alleviate a major issue

    6. RB: We need a committee approach. Hyde, maybe draughn and a speed back.

    7. What is up with Eric Reid. What a disappointment. He had a good rookie season when the front 7 was setting up clear passing situations. He has regressed every year since. We traded up in the first to draft Reid

    8. Vance mac had two decent games when BG took over, but he also has regressed back to his old ways. His body of work suggests he should be cut. We trade up in the 2nd to draft VM

    9. Which brings us to my favorite topic, Baalke. He is responsible for our team not being competitive the last two years His draft pick blunders have been well documented the last few years. But what about project ACL. We know at first glance that has been a trainwreck , but what about the underlying issue with project ACL. The premise of the ACL picks is that they will rehab and then fill the role of aging veterans: Tank -Cowboy, Lattimore -Gore, Brandon Thomas-Iupati etc. They have not worked out and it has left our team high and dry at critical positions. Subsequently , we have needed to spend additional picks – Hyde, Amistead to atone for previous draft errors. We have also lost valuable time not knowing for a full year, if a player will successfully recover and be able to contribute . By the time we figured out Brandon thomas isnt fit to play in the NFL, IUpati was gone and we had to scrape the bottom of the barrel for his replacement.
    Baalke’s overall body of work has been very poor. They guy needs to go. I am worried sick about him having pick 5, but even more worried about 37 and 69.

    1. If a team is tied for losses then the drafting order rotates each round. If we end with the best SOS then each round after the first one will improve one notch among the teams with the same lose record.

    2. It doesnt matter if we draft no. 1—-or have multiple no. 1’s. Baalke is making the picks!! Multiple ACL’s, here we come!

    3. Rollo, you make some good points, but you are wrong on Ward. You’ve been criticising him all year, but aside from the Seahawks game he’s been pretty good all season, and today he was excellent.

      1. Scooter, Ward had a bad game against the seahawks 2x and cards 2x. I dont have an irrational dislike for ward. if someone can show me his pff stats and signs of improvement I will gladly change my opinion . The reality is we need a good slot corner in our division. There are several good slot receivers we have to deal with- cards (brown), rams (austin), seahawks (lockett)

        1. I can’t give you his PFF grades, but I do know that both Jeff Deeney at PFF and David Neumann at NN have noted Ward has been playing alright all season bar one bad game against the Seahawks, and he’s had a couple of very good games (today, Bears, Falcons, Packers). Which gels with what I’ve been seeing from him too.

  16. Didn’t any of you hear the CBS Sportscasters gushing on about Tomsula, and the reasoning for the teams downturn on today’s telecast??? They gave huge hints about the Yorks plans for the team going into next year.

    According to the CBS Sportscasters the reason for the 49ers downturn is the exit of Harbaugh, (although Jed ran him off), and the exit of all the players they lost from last years team?!

    CBS also said the the 49ers would be moving forward with Tomsula! Imvo, Jim Tomsula “will” be the Niners HC next year. If you know anything about this ownership, and we do, this is how they operate. By leaking their future plans via the Media!

  17. Pretty ugly.

    Got a look at Trenton Brown. He looked solid vs the pass rushers… but did blow an assignment for a QB hurry.

    1. Good point and one that Barrows also highlighted. It sure would give us more options with the 1st pick if we actually had a viable RT already on the roster. I hope we get to see more of Trenton over the next 2 weeks.

  18. The most sensible way forward at this point would be for Jed to sell the team back to Eddie D. and for Eddie D. to hire a new GM of Jim Harbaugh’s choosing and to hire Jim Harbaugh as the new head coach. Then if Eddie D. could lean on the Press Democrat and get them to fire Lowell Cohn’s idiot son that would be a pretty sweet bonus…

    1. http://49ers.pressdemocrat.com/whats-harbaugh-worth/

      A quote from Grant’s own article:

      “Harbaugh’s best quality is he gets his players to play hard. If the 49ers trade Harbaugh, they easily could promote defensive line coach Jim Tomsula to head coach. Tomsula could get the 49ers top-notch roster to play just as hard as Harbaugh gets them to play, and Tomsula would cost the 49ers about half of what Harbaugh earns.”

      Grant, you know nothing about football…

      1. I love nothing more than when Grant’s own words bite him in the ass like this. That list of couches that can do better than JH is laughable before he even get’s to JT!

    2. Lets see, where to begin.
      The coaches are to blame for this debacle. They did not have the team prepared. The play calling was abysmal. They did not put players in positions to succeed. The lack of discipline is the fault of the coaches. Players committed 11 penalties because the coaches do not focus on minimizing errors.
      This team does have talent, but when the best RB is sitting on the bench, it is the fault of the coaches. When the coaches insist on playing Pears, and he plays so poorly that he was a big factor in the loss, it is the fault of the coaches. When the coaches finally use Miller, and he does good things, it is their fault for not using him sooner and more often.
      I said they should run the RO on first down. They never ran it. They also did not score in the first half. I said they should run the hurry up with quick snaps. They finally started doing that after the outcome was decided, and actually scored a couple times. I said they should stop shooting themselves in the foot, and players are starting to say the same thing.
      If they do not elevate Hayne, they do not want to win. If they keep playing Pears, they want to lose.
      Tomsula keeps saying- Own it, fix it, and move on. He does not own it when he stubbornly keeps starting players who suck, and will not fix it by benching them, and elevating others. He will move on to another loss, until the season is over, without ever learning from his mistakes.
      Tomsula is visibly aging on the side line, and has a bludgeoned look on his face. He still keeps on spitting and watches, jaws agape. I almost feel sorry for him, but his putrid coaching has me saying that he deserves to lose.

  19. Based on the sos and the current records of the teams at the top of the draft order the highest the 49ers will be picking next Spring is #5. It’s possible for 7 teams to end the season with only 4 wins and if we’re among that group we’d be picking 6th based on the current sos numbers.

    1. I was thinking the 5th pick if the 49ers wind up with 4 wins, but I just counted. There are 7 teams with 4 wins or less. The loss to the Lions would make that six.

      1. So what do we need to move up? Tell me the other teams match ups coming where we can try to predict our slot if we lose out. That way we know whom they are and what they’re needs will be.

        1. 4 win teams remaining schedule

          Ravens – Steelers, Bengals
          Chargers – Raiders, Broncos
          Lions – Saints(Monday), 49ers, Bills
          Cowboys – Bills, Washington

          If the 49ers lose out, that leaves the Ravens, Chargers and Cowboys. I think the Ravens drop their next two. Our best bet is the Chargers or Cowboys stealing a game.

          1. The Chargers play at Oakland and at Denver. They might pull off one upset, but we might win at Detroit. Sometimes it’s as hard to lose as it is to win. A team building on a lot of young players might have improved enough to beat the Bengals today, but the 49er improvement changes places on the team each week.

            If all 49er’s partial improvements come together the next two weeks, it would be in their inconsistent nature to win two in a row for the first time this season.


    2. Hate to toot my own horn .. but
      that’s what I predicted awhile back …

      I’m so-o-o happy !!

      (cuz my predictions are always wrong !)

      1. There’s conflicting breakdowns. Another SB nation site has the 49ers drafting one spot later than the Niners Nation breakdown.


        SB Nation
        1. Titans: 3-11 (.489 strength of schedule)
        2. Browns: 3-11 (.536 SOS)
        3. Chargers: 4-10 (.516 SOS)
        4. Ravens: 4-10 (.518 SOS)
        5. Cowboys: 4-10 (.543 SOS)
        6. 49ers: 4-10 (.547 SOS)
        7. Lions: 4-9 (.534 SOS) -playing Monday

        Niners Nation
        1. Titans (3-11) – .489
        2. Browns (3-11) – .534
        3. Chargers (4-10) – .516
        4. Ravens (4-10) – .516
        5. 49ers (4-10) – .543
        6. Cowboys (4-10) – .548
        7. Lions (4-9) – .534 -playing Monday

        The SOS numbers vary in key spots.

        I think if the 49ers lose out, they will pick no lower than 6th because it would tack on a win for the Lions. I’m hoping for a win among the Chargers, Ravens or Cowboys.

        1. I’m not quite sure.

          If the 49ers, Chargers, Ravens and Cowboys lose their remaining games, that’s four 4-12 teams. (The Lions would have 5 wins)

          I assumed several weeks ago the 49ers would have the hardest SOS for tie breakers. We would pick 6th. But Niners Nation has the Cowboys with a harder SOS, which puts the 49ers picking 5th.

          Now I’m reading conflicting reports about SOS (strength of schedule).

          Niners Nation lists the Cowboys SOS 548, 49ers 543. The 49ers would pick 5th.

          SB Nation lists the Cowboys SOS 543, 49ers 547. The 49ers would pick 6th.

          If Chargers, Ravens, Cowboys to win a game and the 49ers lose out, it doesn’t matter.

          We can also root for teams the 49ers already played to lose, which would drop the final season SOS.

          As for me, I want the 49ers younger generation to show why they were drafted. I want a smashing tackle by Tartt. A collapsed pocket + sack from Arrmstead. A speed rush from Harold. Ward to continue showing a nose for the ball. Martin and Thomas to show something. Anything. And another cool airplane banner for little Jed to read.

      1. Hey, Scooter, remember when I said that the pass from Kaep hit Vance in the hands and he should have caught it? You said the pass was too high and Vance had to leap while contorting his body so that ball was well nigh impossible to catch?
        Looking at this game. are you going to keep defending Vance MacDonald?

        1. Don’t know about you hightop, but I’m really looking forward to seeing how he goes at the Senior Bowl. I know its just an All Star game and some practices, but will get a better feel for where he’s at relative to better competition.

          1. Hopefully his wrist is 100%. If so it will be nice to see him against some stiffer competition even though they don’t really get very complicated with the playbook that week. More often then not it’s the part we don’t really hear about until afterward that can hold even more value to teams and that is how he prepared and practiced leading up to the game.

    3. Frankly,I do not damn what draft position they garner. Knowing this FO, they will screw it up again.
      Baalke has amply demonstrated that he may try to be cute and pick winners that no one knows about, but in the end, he picks losers. Over half of his draft picks are not on the team, and several players who were cut are playing for other teams.
      The posters would have better success in drafting. On NN, Karl Cuba picked Lael Collins. His reasoning for doing so was well thought out, and in hindsight, was spot on.
      Many posters were clamoring for picking a decent WR. Niners passed on every one and finally chose an ACL pick. Niners missed out on WRs like Alshon Jeffrey, Keenan Allen, Martavis Bryant, Donte Moncreif and many more over the past few years.
      Even though the Niners may get the top pick, they will just screw it up as long as Baalke is picking.

  20. Matt Maiocco ✔ @MaioccoCSN
    “You can’t put it on Jimmy (Tomsula). A lot of the plays come down to us executing” — #49ers safety Eric Reid.

    Curious what others think about Reid calling Tomsula “Jimmy”. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but it has seemed to me that when players respect the head coach they usually include the word “coach” or just call him “coach”. It just seems to me that this is another indication that Tomsula is more concerned about being friends with the players rather than pushing them hard like Harbaugh did. I don’t recall any player ever calling Harbaugh, “Jim”.

    I don’t know, in and of itself, it probably doesn’t mean much, but when you consider that the players seem coddled…..

  21. Damning evidence of Grant’s total lack of credibility as a knowledgeable source for football analysis:


    A quote from Grant’s own article:

    “Harbaugh’s best quality is he gets his players to play hard. If the 49ers trade Harbaugh, they easily could promote defensive line coach Jim Tomsula to head coach. Tomsula could get the 49ers top-notch roster to play just as hard as Harbaugh gets them to play, and Tomsula would cost the 49ers about half of what Harbaugh earns.”

    Grant, you know nothing about football… Your grade? F-

    1. Hmm, do not shoot the messenger. Grant has made wild assertions before, but lately, he has held back on the scathing criticisms.
      Attacking Grant in such a vicious and vehement manner as a new poster just means that you have an agenda to attack bloggers who do not toe the company line.
      I may vigorously disagree with Grant, but I think he brings new perspectives and accurate assessments. Many times, in TC, his reporting made me feel like I was on the field watching.
      Only trolls claim that somebody who works in the industry has no knowledge, when in reality, he demonstrates competence all the time.

  22. The best thing to do is boycott whichever sponsors support the 49ers and stop watching and attending 49er games. This will reduce the overall value of the franchise, and create some circumstances that will force the current 49er owners to reconsider their current operating practices. I would highly doubt they will even consider selling this team. But there is no reason why it needs to be a highly profitable franchise. This is why we are lucky we live in a democracy. Just because someone inherits something great, it does not mean their character or ability in any way, shape or form is able to maintain it. If the 49er fans could vote in leaders, it would certainly be an improvement. But that’s not how it works. 49er fans, just as oppressed people in any tyranny, are stuck with ego-driven, atrocious, inept ‘government’ for life, or as long as Jed York feels like staying in charge (and all indications are that he will stay in charge). The only way to enjoy the NFL in this lifetime is to jump ship to another team, while still being fond of the true, past 49ers, and wait it out to return to your ‘homeland’ when the monarchy has been overthrown. Or just pretend that loyalty simply means watching a hapless person destroy the team you say you love and paying thousands of dollars over the course of your lifetime with nothing but horrible football and no chance of success. The only chance York has to succeed is if he designates a large enough percentage of money from his sizable budget, leaves it in the hands of people who know how to run a football franchise, then walk away. Only then will the 49ers have a chance to be a sustainably good team. Right now, there are too many people who simply don’t understand that the 49ers are truly as bad as the Browns right now, and the only reason they had some success recently is because people BELIEVED more was true, simply because it’s “Thee 49ers” and not this Fool’s Gold operation. This is not 49er football. That will likely not return any time soon, so this franchise needs to pretend it is brand new, in a new town, and starting from the ground up. “Thee 49ers” are dead, long live the 49ers.

  23. Let’s not be too hard on Domsula, there is a reason he says what he doesn’t……
    What are some signs or symptoms of aphasia?

    The specific symptoms and severity of aphasia vary depending on the location and extent of brain damage. Individuals with damage to the front part of the brain may have “choppy” or non-fluent speech. However, they can typically understand what people say fairly well. Those with damage to the posterior regions of the brain often have fluent speech—that is, the rate and rhythm of speech may sound normal. However, their speech may contain the wrong words or made-up words. They also typically have difficulty understanding what is spoken.

    Additionally, all individuals with aphasia may also have one or more of the following problems:

    Difficulty producing language:
    Experience difficulty coming up with the words they want to say
    Substitute the intended word with another word that may be related in meaning to the target (e.g., “chicken” for “fish”) or unrelated (e.g., “radio” for “ball”)
    Switch sounds within words (e.g., “wish dasher” for “dishwasher”)
    Use made-up words (e.g., “frigilin” for “hamburger”)
    Have difficulty putting words together to form sentences
    String together made-up words and real words fluently but without making sense

  24. this owner and mgmt stink worse than mina’s lobster “smell like shoe” pot pie. I am disgusted, not coming back for any of this scheisse product

    1. How was my comment any more “trash” than the football that this Mickey Mouse organization is force-feeding us to watch?

      I guess you had your money on Miss Columbia.

      “Should have had your money on Wrecking Crew.”

      10 pts. to the first who identifies that movie quote.
      10 more than our Niners will score next week in Motown.

  25. Chryst pretty much said it all for the offense this week. The secret plan was to run a predominantly three tight end offense with their new “bell cow”. Brilliant plan considering that we do not have a bell cow or even one NFL tight end. Also, Chryst has made public what is so very obvious: the 49ers cannot function unless they have third and short. I guess he felt it was OK to let the cat out of the bag seeing as how it is painfully obvious to anyone who watches at least one game. Tough to get going when the D knows that there is a high probability you will run on first or second, and if you happen to not get “third and short” you are going to basically give up a down. Bring back the quick kick maybe?

  26. York later says this year was “unexpected”. Will make necessary changes and hold people accountable. Kap & Chryst are gone. Tomsula and Baalke stay. 49ers go 5-11 next year. Completely predictable management.

  27. By Grant Cohn:

    “The 49ers should trade Harbaugh right now. That would be their best move. Find a team he’s willing to coach and trade him there. The draft picks the 49ers would receive would be worth more to them than Harbaugh. I am not saying he’s a bad coach. He’s good. I’m saying the draft picks are worth more to the Niners than he is. Every first and second-round draft pick is a potential franchise player.

    Harbaugh’s best quality is he gets his players to play hard. If the 49ers trade Harbaugh, they easily could promote defensive line coach Jim Tomsula to head coach. Tomsula could get the 49ers top-notch roster to play just as hard as Harbaugh gets them to play, and Tomsula would cost the 49ers about half of what Harbaugh earns.”


    Grant…..you get an “F” for this one.


    1. Grant Cohn says: they easily could promote defensive line coach Jim Tomsula to head coach. Tomsula could get the 49ers top-notch roster to play just as hard as Harbaugh gets them to play

      Quick Grant, distract us by showing us more videos of recently acquired players missing their assignment on random plays because they haven’t mastered the playbook after two weeks.

    2. You should peruse the comments by Grant after the initial PC. Grant was not kind.
      That is the MO of Grant. Say ridiculous things just to get a reaction. I just expect it, but the vitriol against Grant by the FO attacking him so vehemently is just proof that Grant is being taken seriously. Grant is saying things that hit too close to home, and they are mining the archives to attack him.

  28. The defense had its moments, but it still horribly inconsistent. Bowman is diminished from the player he was, but he is still carrying the front seven.

    The offense was horrendous. The most I can say is that Gabbert is, for the most part, retaining his composure. Other than that, there is not much good to say. Whatever bump in enthusiasm/desire/confidence they had from the change to Gabbert seems to have worn off.

    I was quite disappointed in VMac in particular. He is back to trying to run before he has the ball. It is not his hands; it is his head. That is why at Rice he could make spectacular catches then drop easy ones – he is looking to run before he has the ball.

    Speaking of TEs, Did anyone see VD’s drop in the Broncos v. Steelers game yesterday? He is being blasted in Denver for being more worried about getting hit than catching the ball.

  29. Grant, I think your grade for the Defensive Line was too low. They deserve a B. They kept the blockers occupied so Bow and Hodges could make tackles, and helped hold the Bengal offense to 68 yards and a 2 yard average. They were light years better than the last game in Cleveland.
    The lack of a pass rush was mainly due to the loss of lynch, and more importantly, the loss of Aldon. Cut them some slack, and upgrade them to a B, or at least a B-.

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