49ers 17, Lions 32: Grades

Here are the grades for the San Francisco 49ers’ 32-17 loss to the Detroit Lions.

GABBERT: C. Posted a passer rating of 106.2 against a defense that was giving up an average opponent passer rating of 101.4 coming into the game. Converted just one-of-nine third downs while throwing short of the first-down marker almost every time. Fumbled the ball, which the Lions recovered at the Niners 1-yard line. Completed the one deep pass he attempted, and offensive coordinator Geep Chryst never called another shot downfield. More on Chryst below.

RUNNING BACKS: B-. Jarryd Hayne had a bad game: 3.0 yards per carry and only 5.0 yards per reception. His touches should have gone to DuJuan Harris, who gained 84 yards from scrimmage and averaged 7.0 yards per touch. Chryst called only two plays for Harris during the second half. More on Chryst below.

WIDE RECEIVERS: D. The top three receivers – Anquan Boldin, Torrey Smith and Quinton Patton – gained just 78 total receiving yards on 12 targets. The No. 4 receiver – Bruce Ellington – gained 55 receiving yards by himself, but Chryst called only four plays for him. More on Chryst below.

TIGHT ENDS: C. Blake Bell did nothing except commit an illegal motion penalty. Vance McDonald was the team’s leading receiver – five catches, 61 receiving yards and one touchdown – although he dropped what should have been a first-down catch on the 49ers’ final offensive play. Who knows why Chryst would call a pass for Skillet Hands with the game on the line. More on Chryst below.

OFFENSIVE LINE: B. Joe Staley and Andrew Tiller created canyons for running backs to spring through. Those two seem like a terrific combination on the left side of the offensive line. In the passing game, the entire O-line gave up three sacks, but one wasn’t their fault—Chryst called a play-action rollout in which Tiller had to pull across the formation and block a defensive end. The play didn’t work. More on Chryst below.

DEFENSIVE LINE: B. Strong against the run, holding the Lions to just 3.1 yards per carry. Non-factors against the pass, touching quarterback Matthew Stafford only once and sacking him no times. Also jumped offside twice.

LINEBACKERS: C. NaVorro Bowman made 10 tackles and missed two. Gerald Hodges made nine tackles and committed one offside penalty. Ahmad Brooks recorded 1.5 sacks, two quarterback hits and one offside penalty. Aaron Lynch didn’t show up and still committed one offside penalty.

DEFENSIVE BACKS: F. Eric Reid, Jaquiski Tartt and Kenneth Acker each missed tackles, Tramaine Brock and Dontae Johnson each gave up one touchdown catch, and Jimmie Ward committed one offside penalty. Together, this group gave up a passer rating of 118.6 to a quarterback who came into the game with a rating of 93.7.

SPECIAL TEAMS: D. Gave up a five-yard first-down carry on a fourth-down fake, and Phil Dawson missed a field goal.

COACHES: F. Jim Tomsula couldn’t figure out how to stop his team from committing penalties, Eric Mangini couldn’t figure out how to stop a one-dimensional offense from scoring 32 points and Geep Chryst couldn’t figure out how to score more than zero points in the second half. The Lions adjusted to Chryst’s game plan during halftime and he couldn’t readjust. He is the weakest part on the worst trio of coaches in the NFL.

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  1. Hayne didn’t have “a bad game”.

    And he doesn’t go down injured like the rest of the marshmellow RB corp.

    That’s why Harris wasn’t sighted in the 2nd half btw. Duh.

    1. We all know how Grant feels about Hayne. Remember Grant also said Navarro Bowman was through and Niners should trade him. Maybe some one could grade Grant with the other Niners reporters. Except his dad.

  2. Could this be the worst coaching staff in all of sports? Forget football, how can anyone truly say that outside of injuries and retirements this staff has shown any promise?

    1. I bet there is not one other team in the whole league that has 99% dumb
      coaches, the only one that has any smarts is Rathman, all others need to go.
      This will be a forever situation as long as boy Jed is in charge of his play ground, or until mommy makes a move.


    Eric Branch ‎@Eric_Branch

    Were Lions a step ahead in 2nd half? Tomsula” “I don’t know that they were a step ahead. I mean, obviously, they were a step ahead.” #49ers

    1. San Francisco 49ers

      Santa could hand you guys a shiny new quarterback, or a couple pass rushers, or a coach who speaks English instead of some version of Pittsburghese with “OK” at the end of every sentence. But what you really need more than anything else is enough Ajax to fill a dump truck and a tanker truck full of bleach.

      Gift: A comprehensive, top-to-bottom front office house cleaning


    2. That just shows you how football dumb Tomsula is , and saying that I don’t know that they were a step ahead, and obviously they were a step ahead.
      His talking is about as dumb as his football knowledge, I wish the league could do something to force there hand in making things right, or sell the team.

  4. Any way we could put Jed on detention? Study hall isn’t working. Maybe a parent/teacher conference with Denise… No, she’d just defend her little Jed…

  5. Grant’s grades are accurate.

    The team played hard and were competitive enough that Jed will have cover enough to give another year to Tomsula. I really want a complete house cleaning from the GM on down. But I think we all know that Tomsula will be back next year. For two primary reasons; first, he comes cheap, second Jed will not want to acknowledge the debacle during his super bowl coronation.

    With Tomsula coming back there are a few things I really hope happen. 1: I want Geep Chryst gone as soon as the season is over. 1a: I want Tomsula to hire a competent offensive coordiantor not just another dud. I am not sure he is capable of hiring somebody who is good, but that is what I want.

    Next on my wish list is for Thomas McGaughey Jr., Special Teams Coach to follow Chryst out the door. He is horrible. Even the TV anouncers were calling out that the a fake punt was coming. The special teams never seem to have and edge and they never seem prepared. Besides horrible kickoff coverage there are no special teams plays that stand out this year. He should be gone.

    I like Gabbert and he seems to have some of the characteristics that should fit into a west coast offense. The WC offense comes in many different flavors and Gabbert is quick enough and accurate enough to run most of them. I don’t think he is good enough to run the Parcells play action abortion that Chryst is attempting to run. But I don’t think many qb in the league could run this offense.

    I trying to wrap my head around Tomsula coming back, because he is. I don’t want him to, but he is. So I will hope for the best.

    I do know that in 20 years there will not be a list of coaches that come from the Tomsula tree. It’s hard to be a fan of this team in these days.

    1. Take it from me, Tomsula would never be patriarch tree. He’s a scraggly deciduous bush, at best… Tomsula won’t be at Barnes and Noble 20 years from now signing his best seller. Not endorsing a Burlingame car dealership either.

    2. Leo: Tomsula will be back, the Yorks will rather be associated with a losing team, than be cast off as fools for his lame management of the coaches/GM.

      Despite all the proposed changes and great draft picks, the Niners will still have the worst coaching staff and the weakest team in the NFC West, by a mile. Don’t let the press tell you otherwise.

    3. “I do know that in 20 years there will not be a list of coaches that come from the Tomsula tree.”
      ~ Leo

      In a couple of years Tomsula’ coaching tree will be a small wood bundle being sold next to the Dura-Flame boxes at the local Wal-Mart.

    4. Hard to watch this team? 60 mill. under the cap……..most in-expensive coaching staff in the NFL. THAT DOES NOT HAPPEN BY CHANCE. THOSE ARE FRONT OFFICE DIRECTIVES!!!!!!!!!!!! BOYCOTT THIS TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE NOT WORTH ONE MILLI-SECOND OF YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Eric Branch ‏@Eric_Branch 1h1 hour ago
    Were Lions a step ahead in 2nd half? Tomsula” “I don’t know that they were a step ahead. I mean, obviously, they were a step ahead.” #49ers

    1. The man never fails to amaze. I just hope he keeps saying stupid things right up to the Super Bowl so Jed continues to look ridicules.

      1. I am at the point where I feel sorry for Tomsula. Everyone knows this job is too big for him and he looks shell shocked. I mean every time he steps up to that podium after a loss it looks like he lost his best friend and can’t put together complete sentences.

  7. Losing 5 of last 6 and only winning 4 games gets Tomsula another year? Yeah, that makes sense. Yet Harbaugh did twice as good last year and got forced out. Double standard anyone? I thought we don’t hang division banners, oh wait, we don’t even have a chance at one of those this year? Way to go Jed, you sure know how to ruin a good thing and keep ruining it. Why fix it if it’s already broken, right? What happened to this once glorious franchise? I miss my old Niners. Somewhere Bill Walsh is shaking his head and wondering what the heck management is thinking. Jed York, you are solely accountable for this one. Prove us wrong. Prove to us that you still give a f$#k about us fans and winning. Admit Tomsula was a huge blunder on your part and try to fix it, otherwise be prepared to be embarrassed by half empty stadiums all year, again! I hope you invest that Super Bowl money wisely, because you’ve destroyed your brand.

  8. Grant, the only fault in your assessment was the Hayne having a bad day one. Hayne actually got a few snaps and made some first downs. Gabbert needs to let Hayne get to the sticks before throwing, but Hayne did show good hands and could have shined with better opportunities. Running Hayne into the teeth of the defense exemplified how bad Chryst is. Since Hayne did not fumble, I hope he is allowed more snaps next game, and maybe some punt returns, especially if they are behind.
    Chryst and McGaughey need to be mutually parted ASAP.

    1. Seb, Hayne is slow and needs more practice time. Harris with limited practice time has already surpassed Hayne who has been with the team all year. Even you have to admit that!

      1. Harris couldn’t complete the game after taking a knock. Hayne took plenty of knocks, kept going & finished the game. Calling for Harris to get more action when he went down busted is Gwant being silly. Gwant likes to criticize Hayne just for the sake of it. It’s one of his things. I predict Hayne will be there next week & all of next season. Whether Gwant likes it or not!

            1. Brain dead coaches do not want to look more stupid so they will not allow Hayne to field punts, even while behind in the score.

      2. Prime. Hayne may be new and is trying to read his blockers. A better way to use him is to pitch the ball on a sweep so he has the ball with space to juke the tackler, or do a swing pass in the flat so he can make the first defender miss for an explosion play.

          1. I want Hayne out in the open so he can attack the edges, or make a quick cut inside. I called for a run and pass plays, so that is multidimensional.
            Running him into the teeth of the defense is counter productive.

      3. Well, Harris has shown good burst, but he ran through gaping holes. Hayne did well in traffic with his 11 yard run.
        I will say that Harris is way better than Draughn or Gaskins. Hayne and Harris have different running styles. Both can be effective.

        1. Hayne has been playing professional sports for years and has been MVP. He has enough experience to play the game. Remember, this is football, not rocket science. The Niner leading rusher did not touch a Niner playbook until 6 days before the game.

      4. The only bad thing I saw with Hayne, was when he ran and turned around
        to catch the ball he stop short of the first down marker, but on the other hand
        a lot of the niners have been doing that, so that means the coaches aren’t doing there job in as to teach them when to turn around for the ball, so that’s on the coaches. Geep will not take any blame for there failures, he says it is all the players fault. Hayne didn’t get any practice time before the game,
        for they but him on the 53 man squad Saturday night.

  9. I’m watching the GB-AZ game. Eight sacks of Rodgers and I believe two of those sacks resulted in Cardinal TDs (I know for sure that at least one was). Rodgers has also thrown an interception. Just goes to show that not even the best QB in the league can operate with a lousy offensive line.

  10. The problems of this franchise can be summed up in one word “yorks”
    As long as they own the franchise they will put a 3rd class product out. Bargain basement coaching and bargain basement players
    They continue to suck cash out of this franchise until the fans push back and tweets and posts don’t count. Chatting back means not buying team stuff, tickets to games, and stop paying the PSL payment. If more than 50% of fans stop paying. The York game will stop.

  11. All the talk is about York retaining Tomsula for another year. But is it beyond the realms of possibility that Tomsula decides he’s had enough and stands down? If he has any decency, or self awareness, he’ll fall on his sword. He’s so obviously out of his depth. He must know it. The league sees him as an imposter and a joke. It can’t be a nice feeling.

      1. Well yeah, obviously. But he’s already made millions this season. That’s more than Tomsula could’ve dreamed of throughout his life. He’ll be comfortable forever. He also has to think about stress and his health. That’s priceless. If he’s having second thoughts about continuing, it’s possible he can work out some kind of settlement with Jed.

    1. Well, he could bow out and take a D Line position with Montana State making $80K. Could afford a double wide just outside of Bozeman. Really…

  12. How does Tomsula get another a year? The team is can’t score, and can’t stop the other team from scoring. He’s had no answers since the Viking Game. He has no answers when the other team adjusts.
    How can Tomsula hold any players accountable when Jed York, aka, The accountabler can’t hold anyone accountable?
    Niners suck!

    1. Even in the Harbaugh regime they didn’t make adjustments at half time,
      like all teams do, that was my biggest complaint with JH and his stuff.

    1. “…Chryst has consistently called third-down passes for receivers who are in front of the first down marker”

      Drives me nuts. And it keeps happening, again and again. The season’s been an evil ground hog day of two yard passes on 3rd/4th down with 8+ to go. Gabbert must have seen the receiver was bracketed by defenders.

      Its an insane call. It was 4th down with the game winding down. An interception would have actually been an improved field position situation. So why not throw long.

      I had the sound off. Is that what Boldin was POd about? I’ve rarely seen calls this bad. It’s almost like their trying not to win. At least the 49ers moved one spot ahead in the draft. If hey lose Sunday they are guaranteed at least 5th overall.

    2. Why don’t you wait for the all-22 to come out before going all nutty again. Last time all it took was 20 minutes of looking at the film to see that there are plenty of deep routes being run but Gabbert isn’t looking for them.

        1. No one guy can make the mess that exists right now, and no one replacement can make them constant Superbowl winners. That’s true of the players, the coaches, and the management. The only thing that can help is an owner who knows what he doesn’t know. Where will the 49ers get one of those?

          1. Much wisdom in your words there is, ht.
            This situation reminds of Murder on the Orient Express. Th dead carcass of this 49er season has been stabbed repeatedly by all the actors….

            1. You can expand your idea with Harbaugh as the first carcass, and Kaepernick as the second. Tomsula will be saved for the roll as a carcass next year.

      1. I’m suggesting that there is reason to hold off on judging who’s really responsible for the short passes until you look at what all of the receivers were doing on those plays. When done in the past it’s been shown that Gabbert doesn’t always look or see or wait for the longer routes to develop. Those situations shouldn’t be levied on the OC.

        I’m not defending Geep but I think the lack of attempts down field is more from the shortcomings of the QB then the OC and previous looks at the film backs that up.

        1. I’m in SF for the holidays and was listening to the local crew on Channel 2. Joe Fonzi said that he heard that the team believes that Gabbert can be a building block moving forward.

          1. Everyone was convinced that Roman was the problem with the offense, he left and there was zero change. Is the OC really the problem with this team not being able to produce on offense?

            1. Well, at least they have stopped getting delay of game penalties.
              The only commonality between last year’s staff and this one is Chryst, so I mostly blame him for the offensive malaise.

            2. No running game…. No O-line… No imagination in the play calling… No play makers on the outside… No qb who can exploit defenses weaknesses…
              Same problem they’ve had (except running game) for years now.

          2. This is just like when Roman was here, run it up the middle, and
            never make a change in the plays at half time, and that is what the Lions did and all the others that whipped them bad, this is sad.

        2. You can go to the film all you want and I’m sure you’ll find receivers at all levels. The question is what is being coached. You can’t look at the film and know what Chryst is telling Gabbert about converting 3rd downs. You can’t look at the film and know if Chryst is the problem or Gabbert is the problem for the poor success rate on 3rd downs.

          1. That is asinine, your’re suggesting that Chryst is telling Gabbert to not look for medium to long routes and to simply drop back and almost immediately hit the dump off. That’s an idiotic suggestion.

            1. I guess the force of the Christmas spirit was not strong with you this season CfC. I’m not suggesting “Chryst is telling Gabbert to not look for medium to long routes.” I’m suggesting the exact opposite. Perhaps Chryst is telling Gabbert the short routes are intended to occupy DB’s to open up the medium to long routes and Gabbert should give them time to open so he’s throwing beyond the yard markers but Gabbert is not doing what he is coached to do. You can’t look at the film and know if Geep is telling Gabbert one thing but he’s doing another.

              I’m not defending either person. I think Chryst is in over his head and I think Gabbert is a serviceable backup once you find your franchise guy. Just saying film will tell you some things but not everything.

            2. CFC, on the 4th down failure to Hayne, Gabbert threw the ball so quickly Hayne did not have time to get to the first down line. Maybe those 9 sacks and 4 sacks last game have speeded up his delivery.

    3. “Next season, Niners fans can look forward to an offense that tries on first and second down, and then gives up.”

      Maybe they are planning on switching leagues and moving to the CFL.

      1. CFL games this year across the league were more entertaining than any Niner game this year. That’s how pathetic this franchise has become!

  13. Anyone else hoping that Boldin punches out Chryst after next week’s game? Not really a fan of violence, but I would excuse that. Chryst is the one guy that absolutely must go, hopefully on Jan. 4th.

  14. My solution to this hot steaming pile. Jed holds himself accountable and gracefully steps down. Denise appoints Nikki Debartolo. Eddie becomes her de facto adviser. She fires everybody except Tomsula. She allows Jed to be president. Nikki appoints Mike Holmgren as GM. Mike accepts Tomsulas resignation and appoints him DC as a reward for loyalty. Mike hires Anthony Lynn, the Bills asst HC and former Niner player to be the new HC. Mike then promotes Tom Rathman to be the OC. The other coaches will be filled later, but the nucleus is there.
    With fresh leadership and a ton of cap space, the Niners get back to the Bill Walsh mindset. They sign elite Free agents to fill holes and hit home runs in the draft to build for the future. They go 8-8 next year, and make the playoffs in 2017.

          1. The Tomsula demotion is a reach, because I think he likes to be the HC. but he really would be a better DC than HC at this time. Maybe after a few seasons as a coordinator could he earn the right to lead, instead of it being handed to him with predictable results.

    1. We need Goff….. Strong arm, quick release, accurate and playing with no line and no receivers yet putting up numbers. It would be a dream if we could pull a “raider” like move and draft him in the second round but I think he goes top ten.

  15. So any draft position updates?? We should be number 3 now right? Keep losing!!!!!
    Will this season be enough to roll heads??? Should be at least Baalke and the and mr wrangler…..

    1. The 49ers will draft fifth if they lose next week. There is a very slim chance that any of the four teams ahead of them will win. The Chargers were the best chance and they lost to the Raiders in overtime Thursday.

      If the 49ers should pull a big upset next week, like the Rams did today, then they probably would draft eighth.

      1. Rams swept the Seahawks and the Seahawks swept the Niners. Niners are decided underdogs, and I am resigned to them losing. Niner coaching is too inept. I expect them to shoot their foot off.

      2. Who’s ahead of us? If we lose next week, we’ll have the 3rd worse record begins the Titans, Cleveland , Dallas and maybe Miami. Baltimore won today

          1. Chargers and Cowboys by strength of schedule right? What if both the Browns and Titans win? We just need to get ahead of a QB hungry team. Dallas, Cleveland and the Chargers all need qbs.

            1. I think the best we can do is third. SOS will keep us from getting ahead of the Browns or Titans assuming they both win next week and we lose.

            2. What if both the Browns and Titans win?

              The Browns face a very determined and pissed off Steelers teams while the Titans are next to nothing without Mariota. Expect us to be drafting fifth at best.

            3. Only hop is for Dallas and San Diego to win and is to lose. Then we’ll definitely get one of the two QBs. Unlikely to get Goff, as he is going #2 overall I suspect.

          2. Not sure, but I think Washington’s playoff position remains the same whether they win or lose next Sunday. They could rest alot of starters vs Dallas.

            1. It would take something like that for Dallas to win given the state they seem to be in. The Chargers have to play Denver and as far as I know now Denver still needs to win out.

  16. Baalke drove away the best coach that this franchise had since Walsh and his drafts are suspect,if Tomasula stays Baalke needs to take the fall for this season period. FIRE BAALKE

  17. so we have a GM stockpiles draft picks as he lets trusted veterans leave, and the draft picks routinely disappoint. said GM selects a pliant doofus as the head coach. so we’re facing a complete teardown and rebuild of this team with stubborn, stupid GM, a worse coach, and an owner that doesn’t realize he’s the weak sister that makes Dan Snyder look like George Washington.

    Luuuuuuuucccy, we got problems

    1. Happy fining new year to you too fesnyc.your post sums up everything, black hole time and I am not talking raiders. We need a death star to blow up the Yorks! No wonder I feel so depressed!

  18. Gabbert is neither the problem, or the answer. This was a crap situation and at times he looks capable. It looks like he’s throwing the pass within certain steps. Either way, the offense as bad before he took over, so I’m leaning towards Chryst. I’m sure he’s capable of creating plays and route combinations that get guys open, but not all the time and not in context of the situation or the players that he has.
    The team is always in 3rd and very long. And when it’s 3rd and short, they fail to call the right play or make the right decision. This all falls on bad coaching across the board.
    Fang would have this defense playing as a top 15 D for sure.

    Tomsula is coming back and this franchise sinks deeper in the hole. It just shows that you have to live in the moment and appreciate it when it happened. because this franchise, along with the Cowboys, are way back in the pack. It’s not our turn anymore. And when Brady retires the Pats can come join us in Suckville!

  19. Boldin: 5 for 5…for a whopping 27 yards total.
    Anquan, there were eight receivers playing
    today who gained more yards than you, bubba!!!
    Four passing touchdowns (2 SF and 2 DET ).
    And you? zero, baby. zero. Time to retire??

    (that would be the voice of KC QB Alex Smith)

    You can follow me in the postseason on television, okay?

  21. I think we are all running out of ways to describe the inept coaching.
    I can imagine how Harbaugh, Fangio and Roman must be enjoying watching the York allies, Tomsula and Baalke, be totally out coached, week after painful week.
    No adjustments made at halftime, no consistency, no execution, these are coaching issues.
    But from what I hear Jed will use every excuse available to justify keeping Tomsula and Baalke because he doesn’t have the necessary leadership skills to admit his mistakes.

  22. I do have to say that this has been one of the most stress free 49er seasons I have experienced since I became a fan in 1967. I’m 64 and I still get nervous enough to drink during the most crucial Giants and Warriors games. Harbaugh had me completely stressed out for almost four years. But this year? Calm, calm, calm. I am retired in Chiang Mai, Thailand and it’s Monday here and I was actually unaware there was even a 49er game going. I have my laptop set to California time and date so I can follow my teams. Fellow fans … it really does look like 2016 will be another calm, not stressful, no worry season again. You know, losing NFL teams really ARE run by the stupidest people in sports. Sam Wyche some years ago had been looking for an assistant coaching job and couldn’t get a bite, Holmgren wanted the 49er job this year and couldn’t even get an interview. But we do have Geep!!! And we thought that the offense was deadly dull under Jimmy Raye! What fools we mortals be!

  23. And by the way … you can’t get freakin’ EVERYTHING all the time as a sports fan. I mean, the Warriors are killin’, baby! And exciting with terrific players, coaches and management. Other than my weekly look at Grant’s grades, I don’t ready any 49er news anymore. I’m getting ready for spring training and the rest of the W’s season. Draymond! Steph! Klay!

  24. I am on board with firing Chryst, but does anybody see a real NFL quality offensive coordinator agreeing to work under Tomfoola. Not gonna happen.

    If Baalke stays, Tomfoola will stay as well. If Tomfoola stays, Chryst and Mangini will probably stay as well. No quality coach will agree to work under Baalke, and no quality assistant coaches will agree to work under Tomfoola.

    Unless Jed comes to his senses and cleans house, nothing will change.

    1. Let’s give Alex his dues. He was a stand up guy when here and has matured into a good QB. I wouldn’t be surprised if #7 resurrects his career some where else too.

  25. Another memorable quote for JimTom:
    Were Lions a step ahead in 2nd half? Tomsula: “I don’t know that they were a step ahead. I mean, obviously, they were a step ahead.”

    1. This weekend I was trying to recall the moment when I gave up all hope of the Niners ever winning consistently under Tomsula, irrespective of the talent level of players or competence of the other coaches.

      Then I remembered, it was right after the Bears game in the locker room when Tomsula addressed the players. He seemed overcome by emotions and blurted something to the players like: “Enjoy the win, boys, enjoy the moment”.

      I expected him to say something like: “Thank our lucky stars, boys — we won because a competent kicker missed two field goals. We are an awful 4-8 and we were lucky today”.

      At that moment, I thought that the Niners perhaps would not win another game this season.

  26. I like the way Arians destroys an opponent without mercy. He reminds me of Walsh in that respect. He asks for no quarter or gives any quarter.

    His treatment of his players stands in contrast to Tomsula. Here are few of his memorable quotes:

    One being asked if all players are treated equally:
    “I don’t care where you came from, how you got here. We’re going to play the best ones. Your draft status, the amount of money you make doesn’t mean s*** to me.”

    On being asked about his player evaluation process:
    “You have a meeting, and then you walk through it, and then you go practice it. If you can’t get it by then, you’re probably too dumb to play. That’s the evaluation process.”

    On the input quarterback Carson Palmer will have on deciding which of the two men competing for the starting center position will win the job:
    “None. Their butts are about the same.

    1. Don’t look now but Alex smith has it better than Aaron Rogers. Better qb rating, y/a, completion percentage.

      Man I would take Andy Reid and Alex smith right now. Never win a Super Bowl but be a consistent play off team. Be kinda bored during games. Hope the defense can score a touchdown.

      But you know win more games than lose. Wouldn’t be a bad trade off.

      1. Man I would take Andy Reid and Alex smith right now. Never win a Super Bowl but be a consistent play off team.

        The Chiefs could potentially make it to the Super Bowl if Dalton stays out and the Patriots keep succumbing to injuries. Their biggest threat was the Steelers, and that team is currently on the outside looking in.

        1. Lol let Alex smith win 1 playoff game before goin there. The guy threw for 125 yards yesterday.
          He’s a backup on a good squad.
          He would be an utter failure on this current 49er team.

          1. Lol let Alex smith win 1 playoff game before goin there.

            He already has, and would probably have a Super Bowl ring had it not been for two gaffes by Kyle Williams and a bad call forward progress call by the refs.

            He would be an utter failure on this current 49er team.

            I think every QB will be a failure on the current 49ers team.

            1. Mid….. He was horrible in that NYG game. I know very well he won one playoff game here in SF. I was there and it was one of the best games I’ve ever attended. I’m talking about in KC. I’m not really impressed with KC. They’ve beaten scrubs along the way of this 9 game wining streak. I believe they beat a ben’less Pitt team and they’ve beaten the Broncos. The other teams are flat out horrible. I personally don’t miss Alex smith (no suprise) like I don’t miss ck. This team has bigger issues than qb. Good luck to Alex smith but I don’t see them winning one playoff game again this season. One and done. Reed and smiths motto in KC.

              1. Smith wasn’t the point of my original statement though MD. I said the Chiefs have a good shot given the injury woes of the other teams. Dalton is out on the Bengals, the Patriots keep getting hit with injuries, Hoyer keeps getting concussed, and Osweiler is banged up from getting hit at a high frequency, The only team that is injury free is the Jets, but that team struggles against good defenses – which the Chiefs do have. A lot of things can happen, but the deck is currently stacked in their favor.

  27. Sigh, the Niner coaches are imbecilic ignoramuses and cannot instill enough discipline in their players to not jump offside 7 times. They may decry the lack of execution, but I disagree. they were executed. In fact, they were slaughtered. It was a massacre. Who cares about the score, the Niners were so inept and incompetent, they looked like Pee Wee football players.
    Chryst is the worst. He cannot make an adjustment if his life depended upon it, and I posit that he has never heard of the concept.
    Oh, how far this once proud franchise has fallen.

    1. People say Baalke is the problem. I don’t think so. He is definitely not part of the solution.

      Baalke uncontrolled with Jed as owner is the problem. If owner was someone else, and another strong football mind was the president. Than Baalke I think would be great. The president would guide and limit him on the aj Jenkins of the world. But let him have more free reign with defensive players and free agents. But have less say so on offense.

      The owner wouldn’t force tomsula down any new coaches throat. Would sure make baalkes job easier.

  28. How to stop them shooting themselves in the foot.
    Establish new rules. If a player grabs a facemask or hits a player out of bounds, tell him to sit down and do not let him back on the field for the rest of the game.
    If a defender lines up offside like Brooks does almost every game, tell him to line up at least 1 foot behind the line of scrimmage.If he keeps doing it, sit him down and tell him he is hurting the team so he cannot play. If a player jumps offside, tell him he cannot play the rest of that defensive series, and if he does it twice, sit him down for the rest of the game. Make it known that any player who makes a dumbass mistake has to run 10 laps before a practice. If he makes 2 errors, he has to run 20 laps.If he makes 3 stupid errors, he has to run 20 laps before and after practice.
    Fine the position coaches if they cannot get their players to play smart. Make the fines grow exponentially for multiple infractions.Competent coaching will reduce the unforced errors. The present coaching is enabling bad behavior. Stress the fact that stupid penalties are costing them games.

  29. I am now rooting for Alex Smith and the Chiefs to go all the way to the Super Bowl and to win it all.

    No. I am not interested in restarting the Smith/Kapernick debate.

    What I want is for Jed to be thoroughly humiliated during the Super Bowl in his new shinny stadium. A Chief win would be the frosting on the cake and would keep the conversation going all week about how dismal the 49ers have become.

    1. That would be great for Jed to have Alex smith win the super bowl in Levi stadium.

      What would also he awesome is if harbough beat Niners in Super Bowl 58.

      Or kaepernick won Super Bowl with eagles or cowboys. Or some other team

  30. You said, “More on Chryst below” five times and then only included one comment on Chryst. Seems like you worked way too hard for the setup to a jab. I agree that the 9ers have one of the worst coaching staffs in the NFL and I agree with your comment on Chryst but I was expecting a bit more actual analysis since you set up the jab so many times.

  31. As we wash, rinse and repeat another dismal year of 49er football, there is a very good chance the 2016 draft and free agency is going to be the standard lack luster faire. My recommendation is to send the entire team to EXOS for training and maybe have a basketball dunking contest and 1000 rep ab workouts between football sessions complete with some X’s and O’s. Tomsula and staff’s attendance would be compulsory. Co-op training is in this team’s future. I would suggest EXOS develop an executives course for CEOs and upper management types to equip them with a true non-sanguine understanding of football management 101 and ethical mission statement accountability. To relieve the stress of looking in the mirror, they too could compete in the dunking-ab contests to build continuity from top to bottom. Good luck 49ers.

    1. Nick
      December 27, 2015 at 9:44 pm

      Baalke is the HC and OC – make no mistake about it. Remember the “we’re going to run the ball” comment?

        1. And can the York’s be so embicilic as to believe Tomsula was qualified Head Coach, or do they really care about the product they force feed to fans?…
          I believe they do not care about the fans–only money.
          “It’s not going to be (Mike) Shanahan. He’s not going to do that. Geep Chryst? I’m lost on this one. I really don’t know what they’re going to do at this point,” said Cole, who went on to explain why the team might be experiencing so much difficulties in filling its staff.

          “If you’re only paying Tomsula three (million dollars), that gives you an indication of where you are in paying assistants. And I heard this before they hired Tomsula, that they’re going on the cheap on the assistant coaching staff,” said Cole, who was on top of the Jim Harbaugh-to-Michigan story several hours before it was confirmed by CSN Bay Area’s Dave Feldman.I came to the conclusion that the Yorks were going to put together the cheapest staff possible on Jan. 20.

          “They don’t believe in paying coaches right now. The word around the league in talking to people who are both coaches and who represent coaches, San Francisco is not the place to go to make money.”


          1. TrollD, if you want to parrot my words, at least spell them right or you sound even more inane. The correct spelling is IMBECILIC.

            1. I am using a public computer–time is limited with other limitations I won’t bore the readers with…It also goes into shutdown mode, so the comfort typing with a spell check in a comfortable office is not afforded be.
              I also use the word and quite often and other words requiring the English language.

              1. Finishing my above post, I would refer you look up the word Snob, and place it before the word uneducated for a little self reflection…Know thyself, Sebby.

              2. TrollD, you do not want to bore the readers? Maybe you should crawl back under your rock and leave this site. Speaking of limitations, you are very limited, and prove it every post.

              1. TrollD, I actually like Oregoniner and respect his football knowledge, even though we can emphatically disagree on many topics.
                Unlike you, who I have supreme contempt for.
                Have a nice day.

  32. Just listened to Ted Robinson. He seconded my call for the Niners to run the Third Down Bomb to Torrey Smith. He said that passing in front of the sticks is frustrating, so they should take a shot downfield, and even if it is picked off, it essentially a long punt. He was worried that Gabbert did not have enough time to let Torrey get down field, so the Niners should use a TE to pinch in the DE and allow Gabbert to roll out and buy time with his legs before heaving it down field.

        1. Doesn’t matter Seb if you’re line can’t keep the defenders out of the back field. You can’t throw long if you don’t have time.

  33. It’s how everything has combined to create the most boring year of football the franchise has put forth in in the last three decades.. But even the 2007 squad, which set franchise records for offensive futility and employed Trent Dilfer when he was past his “prime,” had Frank Gore and Patrick Willis.
    Everything the 2015 49ers do on gameday has me thinking, “Who cares?” It makes me wonder what’s the point of even covering them. Until the entire franchise is gutted, and the head of this stinking fish is discarded, nothing will change.
    No “Niners Notes” today. I’m sure an extensive breakdown of Trent Brown’s first start at right tackle can be found elsewhere.

  34. Lions made adjustments in the second half by bringing down a safety closer to the LOS.
    Niners should have countered them stacking the box by taking more shots down field. They should have spread them wide with 4 receivers and have them run more crossing routes and slants. They also should have attacked the edges with sweeps and end arounds, but no, Chryst ran the ball into the teeth of the defense, then abandoned the run game altogether.
    Chryst also went brain dead and forgot Boldin was on the team in the second half.
    In the Art of War, Sun Tzu advocates shaping the opponent. Detroit shaped the Niners big time.
    I said that the Niners should consider time outs to be precious and saved for the last 2 minutes of each half. I also said that they should not use them in such a way that helps the opposition. When will they ever learn?

    1. Seb,

      Every week you use the same offensive strategy–attack the edges and deploy 4 wideouts..Your forgetting the 49ers have little OL help, and when this strategy meets the eye in the sky, most NFL teams would adjust and destroy this pattern of yours.
      Not to mention the timing it takes, alone to use for WR’s–knowing how and when.

      The 49ers are a bad team for a reason, such tactics such as attacking the edges is useless in the hands of you or the inept coaching staff currently who revel in 3rd and 4 passing schemes when 8 yards are required.

    2. Would any NFL defense have trouble with 4 9er receivers spread wide? Not with the receivers (and weak O line) we have.

      Now that we’re quoting world renown figures, here’s one from Homer S. for Seb… “Alright brain…It’s all up to you!”

  35. Also, Seb, if you could stop mastering the art of the run on sentence and an overabundance of grammatical errors, we would appreciate it (Since you took the time to correct me above).

  36. Well another week another poor Coaching display and there’s really nothing left to say. Everyone with even a modicum of knowledge knows the Coaching is terrible on this team, and the chances of improving it with Tomsula remaining as HC are slim to none. There is only one way this team gets better anytime soon and that is by cleaning house. Until that happens the Niners will continue to toil near the bottom of the league.

    At least we finally saw some competent play from the Oline. That was nice.

  37. I have four fully paid PSL’s and if Tomsula is the head coach next year, I am walking away from them. I’m done watching that garbage and don’t care how much money I’ll lose.

    1. Draft, free agency needs and offseason needs:

      Tight end
      Right guard. Right tackle.
      Possibly wide receiver if young guys can’t step up.

      Inside linebacker
      Outside linebacker
      DL (I’m assuming Dorsey and Williams might be gone)

      Punter in 2nd round this time

      New owner, president, coaches

  38. The 49ers are a power running team by design, often using three TEs. They are experiencing:
    – Chaos on the O-line
    – 6th string emergency running backs
    – Two TEs gone
    – Uncertainty at quarterback.

    The primary issue with the offense is lack of talent available for games. Its a wonder the offense works at all.

    I don’t have access to all 22, but a few things seem weird about passing short of the sticks.
    – Speed. If those were check down passes because the deep WRs were covered, Blain’s the fastest check down QB ever. It (looks) like the short receiver was the primary on those plays.
    – Pattern. The regularity of throwing short. Is it defensive scheme that’s forcing short passes in 4th and long?
    – Situational Risk. On these 4th down plays, and interception provides the defense with better field position than passes thrown short of the sticks. The short WR is clearly bracketed and will be stopped. So heave the ball even of the deep guys covered. You could force a PI, DH or the WR could catch the contested ball.

    I’ve been back and forth about Chryst for a long time.
    – Good: Listen to him. He’s clearly a smart guy. The Chryst family has a good reputation for understanding offense and quarterback development. Gabbert certainly seems improved.
    – Not So Good: Offensive production. Bruce Miller’s vanished. Puzzling play calls.

    The trouble with assessment on teams lacking in so many areas, it makes individual evaluation of coaches and players all the more difficult.

    1. The only problem with what you are saying is that they have been like this all season except the first game.

      I’m with you on some level though. If they had 4 good tight ends and 4 good running backs and a decent offensive line his offense would look better

      1. The 3 TE offense hummed in game one. The 3 TE offense seemed customized for Hyde.

        They haven’t been able to run it since because of injuries. Even when they suit up 3 TEs, Bell’s not (yet) as good a blocker as Davis, Celek or McDonald.

        Notice all the draw plays yesterday? The 49ers have been forced to scrap the offense they put together in training camp.

        1. Notice all the draw plays yesterday? The 49ers have been forced to scrap the offense they put together in training camp.

          Two problems with this Brodie:

          A) The offense was simplistic and still is.

          B) Part of being a Coach at this level is being able to adapt when the eventuality of injuries happen. Chryst cannot and hasn’t been able to put together a decent system even before the injuries started happening.

          The issues the 49ers have run into are no different than any other team has to deal with over the course of a season. The problem is they are unable to make the necessary alterations to their offense because they are incompetent.

          1. Lack of talent does not exonerate Chryst. It just makes it harder to asses how he’s doing.

            I agree the ability to adapt to change (injuries, 2nd half defensive adjustments by opposing defenses) is a valid aspect of evaluating a coach.

            1. It would be harder to asses how he was doing if the offense wasn’t ranked last in virtually every meaningful category, and the on field performance wasn’t as bad as we see each and every week. I understand not wanting to draw conclusions without as much info as possible, but in the case of Geep Chryst it’s a foregone conclusion that he’s a lousy OC and I don’t think much of him as a QB Coach either.

              1. Rocket: I agree with your general premises. However, watching the Green Bay – Arizona game yesterday reinforced to me how important the OL is. The best QB in the league was sacked 8 times, fumbled twice which lead to immediate scores by Az and was intercepted. Final score was 38 to 8.

                It seemed to me that our OL was much better yesterday (certainly in the first half) and we scored 17 points. Second half was zippo.

                So only looking at this information, it would seem that OL is one of the most if not most important factors. No performance in the 2nd half could be attributed to coaching not adjusting to defensive adjustments or bad play or some combination. It would be good to know how the OL fared in the 2nd half. Were they getting beat by defensive adjustments?

              2. I hammered Chryst’s play calling yesterday (see above comment around 5pm). Its not like I’m promoting him.

                I’m also saying a run oriented team (remember Baalke’s comment during Tomsula’s introduction as HC) using running backs taken off the street two weeks prior, behind a make-shift O-line, ran by a backup quarterback, is bound to limit play calling and is certain to stink.

              3. They would never admit this, but the play calling could be affected by lame duck priorities.

                1) Keep key players (Gabbert) as physically intact as possible
                2) Player Evaluation
                3) Win the game

              4. I wasn’t trying to discredit your opinion Brodie so please don’t take it that way. Nothing wrong with looking at every possible angle and weighing the pros and cons. I just don’t see Chryst as a good OC both because of what he’s done here and in his previous shot in SD. He seems like a smart guy and he’s been around the league a long time, but I don’t see the ability to adapt to what is being thrown at him on game day or in his ability to formulate a game plan. He also seems to be extremely conservative by nature which doesn’t go far in a league with the parity this one has.


                The Oline is a big factor no doubt, and Rodgers took a beating because the Packers suffered injuries before and during the game that left them with no depth, but part of being a play caller is finding a way to work with what you have and put them in the best position to succeed. Yesterday the Niner Oline played well for the most part and yet they still struggled offensively in the second half. Gabbert wasn’t running for his life in the second half but Detroit did stuff the run on the first two possessions so it came down to the passing game and this team doesn’t fare well when they have to rely on the passing game.

        2. So the OC is a one trick pony. No versatility. No back up plan. Next year Baalke should just build a roster with 9 TEs and 8 RBs.

  39. Washington’s will host the wildcard even if they lose to Dallas. Its possible they could rest/substitute multiple starters.

    If the 49ers lose Sunday they draft 5th according to current SOS models. If Dallas beats Washington, it looks like the 49ers draft 4th.

  40. Oh, how I wish the Niners beat the Rams. Do not expect them to, but it would make some posters apoplectic because it would hurt the Niner draft position.
    I predict Niners 13-12

  41. ‏@donygavin Ted Robinson on KNBR: “isn’t it about time McCloughan got credit for” shaping Harbaugh’s initial rosters. DOOM 4 BAALKE?!? @timkawakami

    timkawakami · 2h2 hours ago

    Tim Kawakami Retweeted Brian Gavin
    Interesting. I’m not going to over-read this, but interesting

  42. Seb,
    Posing as a 49er fan, 49er fans DO Not Be Fooled, I have archived Seb’s dreams of trading all of their decent players to his true team, The Hated Raiders, and now his dream for Raider Nation is to harm the 49ers through destroying their draft.

    December 28, 2015 at 12:25 pm

    Oh, how I wish the Niners beat the Rams. Do not expect them to, but it would make some posters apoplectic because it would hurt the Niner draft position.
    I predict Niners 13-12

      1. TrollD. There you go again. I wrote I wish the Niners would beat the Rams. In fact, I am predicting a Niner win. I never said that winning would hurt the draft position, only that some posters would be angry for moving from 5 to 8 if they win.
        That is your problem, TrollD. Your reading comprehension is so poor, you become deluded and befuddled. Your football knowledge is so lacking, I pity you.

        1. You can put it on the Bank, the 49ers won’t win. For one thing they want the 1st round overall 4th or fifth spot. Its been written on the wall the Niners will draft a QB in the 1st round..

    1. I think most of us have a good sense for what Seb’s all about. He cares, and has an odd way of communicating that care. Check all his posts the last couple months…predicting 9er victories time and time again. He’s missed a few to be sure. Fortunately, he isn’t sitting in the front seat with his hands on the wheel so any of his rants have zero impact on anything the 9ers achieve or fail to achieve–even though he believes Tomsula reads his posts. I think Seb wants a 9er victory just to shove it in our faces. Prediction next week? Rams 26, 9ers 16. Can’t wait for Seb’s next Sun Tzu quote…

      1. First thing SunTzu wrote was that waging war was of the gravest concern. I just relate armed conflict with football, as a contest of skills and strategies. He then wrote that it was so important, it should be thoroughly studied. I hope my posts help fans accomplish that goal by giving alternative perspectives. Many posters deride my contributions, and say the Niners do not read them, but when the players start saying they should stop shooting themselves in the foot, and Tomsula himself says that he wants to accentuate their strengths, I recognize my contributions. Ol Jack even used the word -discombobulate, something I have written many times. When TrollD writes embicilic, and complains about run on sentences, it just means he has read my posts and failed to learn anything from them. He parrots my words in a feeble attempt to use my words in a cogent manner.

  43. This team is has a lot of needs that I wouldn’t be surprised if Baalke tries to ‘plug’ with players already on the roster; switching bust Carradine to OLB is a prime example of that. I’m not holding my breath that the team will address them, but these are the weaknesses I see on it.

    1. OL and quality depth
    This was an area needed to be addressed desperately during the off-season and Baalke more or less just took a stab at it. The team managed to luck out with the emergence of Tiller during the season and Brown just recently, but they can’t continue to count of that type of blind luck. They need to sign or draft a center since Kilgore can’t stay healthy and a RG since Martin just flat-out stinks. Picking up some quality depth for this unit wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

    2. Pass Rusher
    We actually have a decent secondary, but that kind of unit needs some help from the front seven in order to avoid having their flaws brought out in the open, and the front seven has failed to do so. Armstead has shown some promise, but he’s still raw in terms of technique and is very vulnerable against the run. LOLB Lynch has shown that he can be a beast, but he runs so hot and cold that I don’t believe the defense should count on for continuously good results. Harold has shown a little bit, but he needs to bulk up and have a DE/DT that can help him out. Brooks…let’s just pass on that, and the same goes with Carradine.
    ROLB would be the best choice to address here, but as I mentioned above, the front office will try to plug that hole with a player already on the roster, so I would go with RDE.

    3. #1 CB
    Baalke needs to throw in the towel and admit the CB corps is full of a bunch of #2s and #3s. (He won’t, but he should.) Normally such a setup could be made to work, but a Mangini led defense requires the unit to have a #1 CB. Brock is just masquerading as one, and the rest of the group is not capable of stepping up to the plate. Addressing this need could take the secondary from decent to elite.

    4. WR corps
    Anybody who thought this unit would be solid was just fooling themselves. Boldin is on the decline, Smith is a #2 WR at best, and the rest of the group hasn’t panned out either. I trust Baalke’s ability to select WRs as much as I trust a spark not to light a gasoline soaked rag on fire, but he needs to find a capable WR to start opposite of Smith and another for the slot.

    5. QB
    Most would argue that this is a bigger need than the others I have mentioned, but unless you have the next Peyton Manning or Tom Brady lined up, it’s not going to matter who is behind center if the OL and WR corps stink. That said, a good signal caller is needed in order to move the ball down the field and keep the defense from having to defend short fields or getting gassed.

    6. ILB
    Hodges may just need a season to adapt to playing ILB next to Bowman, but both are a liability against the pass, so picking up someone for this unit that excels at pass coverage would be a smart move.

    7. TE
    I’m not buying McDonald’s emergence. He has improved, but he’s a #2 TE that doesn’t scare a defense because of his hands. Bell has potential, but the coaching staff has done a poor job of playing to his current strengths and developing him. Getting a #1 will go a long way in helping this unit and the offense as a whole.

    1. Mid
      I agree with your take but I when you refer to not drafting a QB unless we know that we have a P.Manning or a T.Brady, I must take note.

      No NFL team knew what Brady had coming out of college – hence, why he was drafted in the 6 rd.
      If Goff is there for us when we draft we may not have any other option but to draft him based on what this team needs and what Goff has done over the last two seasons at Cal.
      We can only hope that Goff is the next P.Manning but who knows where the next Brady (chosen on day two) will come from. If we knew who this QB is we would draft him with out first pick.

      At any rate, here are my 2 sleepers for the (ok, this is a big perhaps) second day Brady type QB.
      1. Brandon Doughty, Western Kentucky
      2. Nate Sudfeld, Indiana

      Now, not saying that these two QB’s will become the next Brady, only that they will be drafted on day two and I believe will rise up to have success in the NFL.

      1. My comment in regards to Brady and Manning was more about the fact that they make everyone around them better AES.
        Goff looks like a mix between Matt Ryan and Jay Culter, and I don’t think our current coaching staff or team would be the right fit for him.

        1. Mid,
          I hear you. I wasn’t trying to disparage your take, just noting that we don’t know what type of QB’ any of the top 3 QB’ are going to be once they become pros.
          We don’t know where the next Tom Brady will emerge or if we draft a top 3 QB and he is the next Rick (next Montana, lol) Mirer.

          But because it is a QB driven league we will likely need to draft a QB with our first pick.
          Whether it’s Lynch or Goff the Org needs to pull the trigger on one of them.
          If we trade down we may have a shot at Cook or Wentz.
          If we pass on these guys there is still some reasonable talent like Kiel, Doughty, Hackenburg, Brissett, Sudfeld, that make up the second and third tier QB talent.
          As with any draft picks, there is the risk of drafting the next bust. But there may be a chance we draft the next Brady.

      2. AES, until the Niners fix their O line, they could draft Joe Montana and it would not help. Everyone has ripped Kaep, but Gabbert has not excelled. The main reason Gabbert is not injured like Kaep is that they sat Devey in time.
        They said that Gabbert would get the ball out quickly and avoid the sacks, but after seeing him take 9 sacks, that theory was blown out of the water. Also, the receivers have dropped the same amount and Gabbert has missed spotting the open receiver.

        1. Seb,
          I believe that it’s a forgone conclusion that neither Kap or Gabbert are the long range answers. That’s why I believe that we will draft a QB with our first pick.
          Gabbert will start next year as a “bridge” while the rookie QB is groomed and prepped for year two or possibly three.

          Let’s face it, there are no immediate solutions to bring about quick results. This team is 3-4 years (conservative) away from making any noise and possibly more since player like Bowman, Boldin Staley might be gone in 3-4 years.

          Our 2016 draft will be measured a few years down the road when the young players finally begin to mature and get acclimated to the speed of the pro game. A couple more bad seasons will ensure drafting from a higher talent pool as well. If we draft smart and our young players become productive, maybe we make a run in 2019 or 2020.

          1. AES, I may be a lone voice in the wilderness, but I am one fan who still believes in Kaep. With that O line of Devey, Martin and Pears, Joe Montana would have had similar results. With a decent O line and a capable pass rusher, the Niners can climb out of the cellar. With competent coaching, they could claw their back into the playoffs.

              1. You must be smokin some pretty good spliff. You seem to be a little slow. There is a more recent post to comment on, but whatever…
                Kaep was injured, so I do not fault his accuracy, I fault the O line that let him get injured. If he is totally healthy, I expect Kaep and Gabbert to have a spirited competition. I think both are good enough to start in the NFL.

    2. Mid

      Good post…

      I went over the roster and did a roster of my own…It’s not all that hot, but still promising for all of the rooks, 2nd, and 3rd year players that haven’t even had a training camp with yet to develop defensive moves, and Oline blocking techniques etc. I know it sounds crazy, but I found 47 players that could start in one to two seasons.

  44. I’m not sure if there is any way Tomsula and Baalke are not coming back. Possibly if the 49er alumni as a group speak out loud and long, starting with Lot, Montana, Clark and Jones. Jed might be forced to act. I get the feeling that Jed treats the alumni very well and for that reason they are very gentle with him publicly. It is possible if they came out as a group starting with a private meeting and then going public if they don’t receive satisfaction and told the press that they were sick of the Yorks running the team into the ground [I’m speaking of the football operations not the business end]. Maybe Jed would be embarrassed enough to make a move. Baalke and Tomsula must go. Lott for president of football operations.

    1. I hear what you’re saying but it’s wishful thinking. Issue is more complex that Jed’s heroes speaking out. Eddie D. would have more clout. As for Lott as President of Football Ops, I think that’s not a good idea. Have you seen him the last few years on various TV sports commentary spots? With all due respect, I think he’s suffering from all those years of having his bell rung. As a Pac12 commentator he usually just sits with the other commentators and occasionally smiles…nothing more. It’s sad. My opinion only.

      1. Cassie ..
        are you serious ?

        I had not been aware of Ronnie’s
        condition …but. considering
        the way he played … one shouldn’t be surprised ..
        (the “ooo-hh .. hit” )

        I wonder if he’s planning to see ..
        (or has already seen) the new
        Will Smith movie ..?

  45. finish each others’ sentences’
    10 days ago
    Rodgohard — The sentence should include playing guys who haven’t had opportunity to …

    ‘Hold Jed Accountable’ banner flies over Levi’s Stadium
    8 days ago
    Da.city — He’s in hiding isn’t he. What a baby!(His uncle fired 3 coaches right away to find Bill

    1. Tom just to keep things in proper perspective, one of those firings was Monte Clark who had completely turned the team around and his firing sent the organization spiraling down for the next 3 years.

      1. Joe Thomas probably did all that early firing until Eddie Jr refused to follow Ed Sr’s advise and hired Walsh. When Walsh had trouble the year after Walsh won the Superbowl pop D said, “See, I told you Walsh wasn’t tough enough for the NFL.”

        So much for advise from powerful poppas.

  46. Just heard the KNBR Tomsula interview. Just learned he keeps a file, but does not have time to study it. Guess he is concentrating on the next game.

    1. Well done you not only didn’t bother to see if it had already been posted or is being discussed but you also put it in a two day old thread. /clap

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