49ers 19, Seahawks 17: Grades

SAN FRANCISCO – Here are my grades for the 49ers’ 19-17 win over the Seahawks.

KAEPERNICK: D+. He was pretty good in the first half and awful for most of the second half until his 8-yard run to seal the win on third-and-7 at the end of the fourth quarter. That’s why I give him the “plus.” He missed wide open receivers all game and completed just 52 percent of his passes. His interception was an underthrown deep pass to Michael Crabtree.

RUNNING BACKS: A. The Seahawks held Frank Gore more or less in check for most of the game – no touchdowns, only one run longer than 10 yards until the 49ers’ final drive. And then Gore broke one of the best runs of his career. He ran a weak-side lead, Vance McDonald made a good block, Gore didn’t get touched running through the line, All-Pro Free safety Earl Thomas barreled down on Gore to tackle him before the first down marker and Gore completely juked him. It was one of the best jukes of Gore’s career. He didn’t have the speed to run all the way into the end zone, but he slid down in bounds, something Kaepernick forgot to do in New Orleans a few weeks ago. Kendall Hunter also had a pretty good game – 16 yards and one first down on four carries. And Bruce Miller had a good game blocking, running, catching passes and tackling after Kaepernick’s interception.

WIDE RECEIVERS: C. Boldin played well – 6 catches for 93 yards, including a 27-yard catch over Richard Sherman. Michael Crabtree caught four passes for 40 yards and dropped two – so-so game, but his presence on the field opened up opportunities for Boldin. Mario Manningham was awful. Kaepernick threw two passes to him in the first half and Manningham caught neither. The Seahawks single-covered Manningham the rest of the game and the 49ers still didn’t trust him enough to throw him the ball.

TIGHT ENDS: C. Vernon Davis caught just 3 passes for 21 yards, but one catch was a touchdown. The 49ers do not win this game if he doesn’t catch that touchdown. Kaepernick never threw a pass to Vance McDonald, but McDonald made a key block on Gore’s 51-yard run.

OFFENSIVE LINE: B. Even though the 49ers weren’t gaining a ton of yards on the ground, they were able to stick with the running game (33 rushes) without their No.1 run blocker – Mike Iupati. That’s impressive against Seattle’s terrific defense. The 49ers’ offensive gave up two sacks, but Kaepernick had time to throw most of the game.

DEFENSIVE LINE: A. They successfully muted Marshawn Lynch (72 yards on 20 carries), and got a ton of pressure on Russell Wilson. Wilson had to quickly pull the ball down or slide in the pocket more than just a few times.

LINEBACKERS: A-. This group did a good job against the Seahawks’ run game, too. NaVorro Bowman had 9 tackles, a sack and a forced fumble. The only knock against this group is Patrick Willis gave up a couple of long passes to rookie tight end Luke Willson. Collectively, the 49ers’ linebackers gave Russell Wilson nowhere to run – he ran just once for two yards.

SECONDARY: C. The 49ers’ front-seven stopped the run and pressured the quarterback, so the 49ers’ defensive backs’ jobs were pretty easy. Still, they played soft coverage most of the game and gave up and some key third-down conversions to allow the Seahawks back in the game. They left Golden Tate wide open on a third-and-five at the beginning of the fourth quarter, but Wilson simply bounced the throw short. Carlos Rogers had 8 tackles but he missed two, and each missed tackle resulted in a Seahawks’ touchdown. Eric Wright ended the game with an interception on a Hail Mary.

SPECIAL TEAMS: B. Kassim Osgood blocked a punt which led to a 49ers’ field goal and that was the difference in the game. Phil Dawson was perfect – 4-for-4 on field goals. Bubba Ventrone made an excellent tackle on Golden Tate at the Seahawks’ 15 on their final kickoff. I give this group a B instead of an A for two reasons: One, NaVorro Bowman was flagged 15 yards for unnecessary roughness after a punt, and the 49ers gave up a 38-yard punt return to Golden Tate in the middle of the fourth quarter. That gave the Seahawks the ball down 2 at the 49ers’ 27 yard line. The 49ers’ run defense bailed out the team after that, holding Lynch to a two-yard run and no-yard run inside the 49ers’ 20 yard line, and forcing the Seahawks to punt.

COACHING: B+. Give the 49ers credit for sticking with the running game all afternoon even though it wasn’t producing big “chunks” of yardage. They finally got the chunk they needed, on a simple weak-side lead run to Gore at the end of the game. 51yards. See you later. Kaepernick put the nail in the coffin on a quarterback sweep on third down – the same play Alex Smith ran for a touchdown against the Saints in the playoffs two seasons ago. Another good call by the 49ers. But, the offense scored just one touchdown and just three points in the second half – peanuts. And a big reason the 49ers were able to score that many points is the Seahawks committed 9 penalties, which kept extending the 49ers’ drives.

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    1. Last week it was Gore, this week its Kap. You can’t win with this guy. Who made this guy the official grader. What a joke.

  1. I am sure your Blog trol: ALex and whatever approves of your grades. All i care about is CK got us a W baby. GO NINERS

    1. That’s all that really matters. Getting upset over the grades is trivial. It’s subjective and only an opinion. The W is fact and all that matters.

  2. They just beat a division team that had only lost once all season. I’d give ‘em straight A’s across the line. And Harbaugh was excellent in clock management during the Niners last drive. All A+’s for everyone.

  3. Special teams get a solid A…… perfect 4 – 4, the longest from 52 yards….a blocked punt….

    FYI – Dawson has made a 49ers’record 19 straight field goals.

      1. the 15 yard penalty was BS Lynch and Bowman were exchanging words facemask to facemask there was no finger pointing or punches thrown they called it taunting

      2. It was Whitner. The penalty on Bowmsn was when he retaliated after a Seahawk delivered a typical Seahawk cheap shot after the whistle on another play.

  4. No way the OL deserves a B. They were terrible. They cannot run block any more with any consistent effectiveness and collapsed on crucial third down plays in pass protection. The coaching should get a D due to Roman inexplicably continuing to run the ball against stacked fronts. They should be a pass first team now. It’s a flipping miracle Gore was able to pull of the 51 yard run in the 4th.

    1. So…. Maybe we should’ve just not run the ball at all the entire game? Just literally pass every play? Because they stacked the line of scrimmage the entire game.

  5. I agree with the D+.

    Some of you guys have forgotten what to expect out of a Superbowl quality quarterback. I call it the “Alex Smith hangover”. Remember Montana and Steve Young?…………those two were playoff quarterbacks. This season you have Brees, Wilson, Manning, Tom Brady, and possibly Nick Foles. Kaepernick? Give me a break. The 49ers are in it because like the Rams of the 70′s, they have excellent defense, good running offense, great special teams, and a decent quarterback. Sort of like Pat Hayden (who?) was.

    1. I agree Mike… CK has Alex Smith type numbers.. 15 for 29 with 1 td and 1 int is nothing to write home about… Just like withAlex, without our D playing solid ball, we would lose with numbers like that… When CK can raise his game against good teams the niners will be super tough…

      1. I wonder if it isn’t so much Kaepernick or Smith, but rather the system in SF. Before you trash Kaepernick, I think you should look at what the coaches want from him.

      2. Matt,

        Is it the coaches fault for him throwing that pick in the red zone?

        Blaming coaches for players failing to make plays is weak. They put the ball in Kaepernick’s hands a lot yesterday, calling pass plays on 17 of 27 firsts downs and that number was 17 of 24 until they ran it on their last 3.

        The pick was bad, but Kaepernick played a pretty good game in my opinion.

      3. I’m not sure where you got, “blaming the coaches for the pick”, out of what I said Jack. I was referring to Kaepernick’s lack of 400 yard passing games and his lack of bootlegs.
        I think the coaches are asking differently of him this year than what they did last season.
        Picks aren’t the coaches fault. The lack of screens and bootlegs called falls squarely on their shoulders. Stop looking for an argument that isn’t there Jack.

      4. I don’t know how you got “it’s the coaches fault he threw a pick” out of what I said Jack.
        Stop looking for an argument that isn’t there. I was referring to the lack bootlegs called and the lack of big passing games for Kaepernick.
        I think the coaches are expecting something different from Kaepernick this season and are calling different plays as a result of it.
        Kaepernick can improve at the position, but I also think they’re expecting him to do more with his arm and his reads than they did last season when he was allowed to jus tuck and run.

      5. Matt:

        Why is it so important that Kaepernick have 400 yard passing games? Or that he run a lot of bootlegs? As far as I know, neither correlates highly with winning.

        Kaepernick’s lower production this year is the result of several factors. First, he took the league by surprise last year. Without any film, teams didn’t know what to expect, and he and the 49ers took advantage of that (especially against Chicago, New Orleans and Green Bay). Teams have had an entire offseason and enough games to study the film and make adjustments.* Kaepernick and the 49ers’ coaches are in the process of figuring out their counter adjustments.

        Second, the coaches are asking something different from Kaepernick this year. They are asking him to become a pocket passer. Being mobile and a dual threat is an asset, but it’s not how you become a great QB or win the Super Bowl. A QB has to be a good pocket passer to succeed at a high level in the NFL. You can’t be a great QB is you can’t excel from the pocket. Ask Steve Young. Since Kaepernick doesn’t have a lot of experience throwing from the pocket in a pro style offense, he is having to learn on the fly. That’s by no means an easy thing to do.

        Third, Kaepernick had unprecedented success last year throwing deep, putting up numbers so good that there was no way he could repeat them this year. His regression in that department was inevitable. Andrew Carroll wrote an excellent article on this subject, and I highly recommend it.

        Finally, Kaepernick hasn’t been helped by injuries to the receiving corps. While I believe this factor gets overplayed, it is still relevant and has contributed to his struggles.

        Sorry for the thesis.

        * By the way, Kaepernick’s only 400 yard passing game came in Game 1 against the Packers, who were so focused on stopping the read option and the rest of the 49ers’ running game that they forgot to defend against the pass. Kaepernick and the 49ers took what the defense gave them.

  6. Grant, I notice you commenting regarding the Seahawks penalties as a way the Niners were able to score points. Are you suggesting that without those penalties the Niners would not have been able to score. I feel like you are making excuses why we won? This was a big game, period and they came through.

    1. You can’t deny the Seahwaks played poorly today, but a letdown game was expected after their huge win on Monday night.

      1. So maybe a better prepared mentally and physically tough team would have been prepared to win regardless of a huge emotional win? Both sides of the coin, right?

      2. I’d say they played poorly due to the Niners defense. Hawks have played poorly in the past and still won…even on the road. Niners didn’t exactly light the world on fire. Roman is their biggest liability now.

      3. Grant you are joking right! I know you are a niner hater but your statements about the Seahawks playing poorly today and the only reason the Niners won was due to the seahawks penalties its simply ridiculous. I guess niners had nothing to do with their performance. You have consistently not giving credit to the 49ers and do not appear to be a neutral writer! If you like to call out players or the team at least write about the positives as well.

        1. I gave a ton of credit to the 49ers’ front-seven. It was one of the best games they’ve played since 2011.

          And I’m not a Niner hater. I’m just not a Niner fan or cheerleader. There are many other blogs which provide that type of content.

      4. Thanks for admitting that you are not a 49er fan. I appreciate your transparency. You have consistently stated on this blog that a team played poorly without giving credit to the defense. For example, in NO when Ahmad Brooks made a great INT you still said that was a gift and saints played poorly rather than the niners defense playing well. Today, Niner defense played well enough to win this game and the offense did enough to put themselves in a position to win. Its hard for me to understand how a QB would get a D grade when his passes and running had a major impact on the outcome of the game. Did Ck played lights out: NO, but he played well enough to win period.

      5. Oh, it was the Hawks played poorly and the 49ers had nothing to do with it? Keep talking Gnat, your stuff is always good for a laugh.

      6. Why is it when we beat teams or should’ve beat teams, (saints) they played poorly? Pretty soon u just got to say it’s our defense!

      7. Grant,

        The reason the Seahawks had those penalties is that the refs actually called some of the penalties the Seahawks committed today. Usually, they get away with murder.

      8. And we had 7 costly penalties as well. Saying they played poorly is a cop out. They lost. Most games come down to a few key plays and the Niners just made more today. Kaep was good enough and Gore was solid the whole game. Defense stunk in second Q and was solid rest of game. Really, the game should not have been as close as it was. Niners moved the ball almost every possession and other than 2nd Q Seahags really didn’t.

      9. >>The 9 penalties were due to the Niners’ defense? Not really.

        Those 9 penalties are very near the SEA season average (right at the average for away games).

        Analyze this, Grant. If those 9 penalties were instrumental in their defeat at the hands of the Niners as you are pushing, why have not those 9 penalties per game similarly effected them in their 11 wins?

      10. The 49ers “TWELFTH MAN” , including all of us TV fans was an important factor—–one it may take quantum physicists & Science of Mind practioners to and explain.
        That’s the reason Seattle is unbeatable at CLink, you might recall.

      11. The seahawks played like they do every game against an oponent who isnt half dead. Remember the Texans game? how about Rams? Bucaneers? all “poor” games by the hawks that they happened to pull out. Out of the 3 defensive holding penalties that were called one was declined (boldin catch) the other ones were abvious. As were the 2 PI calls that wern’t made (one on Maningham , i cant remember the other one) even Aikman and Buck said that Sea got away with a couple of PI calls that wern’t made. I thought it was great that cheetin peete went to the officials to complain about OUR DB’s HOLDING what an effin hypocrite

      12. You think maybe there is a chance that they played poorly because of the opponent? You can’t deny the Niners D and Special teams outplayed the Seahawks and the O’s were about even. That my boy is why Seattle lost, not because of any letdown. You are just another troll Grant.

      13. Gee Grant, we did not receive much sympathy after we got blasted by the c-hawks last year after a big win against the Patriots.

      1. Grant, wake up; you’re a blogger, not a journalist. Journalists report facts, substantiated by several sources. They are paid to be neutral, and stay neutral. You write opinions. Sometimes you support them with stats (often cherry-picked and highly “massaged”), and sometimes not. Nothing wrong with any of that, but let’s not pretend that apples are oranges.

      1. I don’t think it’s time to pile on Grant. He provides a free service we all enjoy. He interacts with the readers. No one forced any of you here.
        Disagreeing with him makes the blog fun to read. Getting personal about family is taking it where it shouldn’t be.

      2. there as a time when i came here because of the journalist (maiocco), now the only reason i come here is because of the comments and because old habits die hard. grant’s arrogance just rubs me the wrong way big time.

        and yes, it would be nice to have someone writing here who actually respects the niners and their fans and not looking to take shots at steve young (for example) any chance he gets.

        + he’s a raiders fan ;)

        so please press democrat, get us someone good for next season, thanks.

  7. These grades are getting ridiculous…..Kap gets a win against the top rated D in the league (the same D that held Brees to 146 yds last week) and gets a D?? Maybe Im confused but I saw a quarterback who was a lot less ancy in the pocket, went through his reads much better today and sustained drives all day long and avoided 3 and outs. Every quarterback in the league throws some bad passes that are occasionally picked. For some reason it seems like your holding Kap to an unfair standard. I would give him a solid B today

    1. Kap did NOT give us the win. He had the chance, but he di not throw the winning TD. JH decided that Dawson was more reliable…………

      1. That’s because Dawson is more reliable at this point in Kaep’s development. Harb’s conservative call won us the game, but it won’t win us a superbowl. At some point again, he’s got to double down with Kaep and let it ride. He did that in the SB and it didn’t work (play call redundancy), but at least he tried. Kaep can get us there again win it, if he can get his reads right and learn how to throw a receiver open.

      2. He just ran the plays called, ran all the time off the clock and delivered a chip shot to get the W. Team effort, but the QB always gets the credit win or lose. BTW Frank was brilliant on the 51 yard run to get down in bounds to keep the clock running. The hawks would have had about a minute left had he not used his head on that play and maybe Wilson doesn’t throw up that INT out of desperation.

  8. I’m trying to figure out who is to blame for CK’s troubles. Last year, he played with confidence, and I’m not talking about running the ball. I’m talking about 30 yard lasers downfield between two defenders to Crabtree on a line. Whatever the coaching staff had CK change in the offseason with regards to his throws (to add touch perhaps?) has changed his game. He no longer rifles balls in there unless he absolutely has to (to Davis this game).

    I say remove the ball and chains and find out if you still have that kid last year that had the cannon for an arm and the confidence and competitiveness to boot.

    1. And if anyone comes in here to talk about how he needed to work on his touch on short throws, well I’ll tell you that he doesn’t throw short at all this year anyway. They don’t call screen plays or dump offs to the backs to necessitate him putting touch on every ball he throws. He was much more effective being a gunslinger.

      1. The Niners should be running screen plays, throwing to Gore or Hunter out of the backfield, and perhaps run a play action fake bootleg option to Davis… CK does need to work on the touch..

  9. Who cares about this kid’s grades…. I mean, ‘Gore is done’ and the Niners were going to lose to ‘mighty’ Seattle, right? Ooops……. Get real.

      1. You are right. But its just annoying to constantly read negative comments on a 49er blog. No wonder the coaches do not like to talk to the media.

      2. You’re basically asking for someone to blow smoke up your butt rather than someone telling you the way they see it without worrying about it’s going to viewed by the fans… What’s good about that?

      3. Matt is on a complete different level. He never attacks a player or a coach and his comments are much more balanced.

  10. Kap takes way too many sacks. He seems to panic when there is pressure up the middle. We struggle converting 3rd downs. Converting 3rd and long is a pipe dream. Ill be we are near the bottom of the league. Our return game sucks. When was the last time we had a KR or PR for td? I’ll bet it was Ginn a couple of years ago.

    Glad we beat the seaswussies though. Assuming we stay healthy , I think we can beat every NFC playoff team on the road with the exception of Seattle.

    1. Roll CK did not take too many sacks! We gave up one sack and only one of the sacks might have been avoided by CK. Please remember they were playing against the top rated defense in the NFL and we are still missing our guard. Staley gave up a big play and Snyder gave up a sack as well.

  11. C+ for Kap makes more sense. Kap hung in there and got the “W” vs top team in NFL. His key run on 3rd down set up Dr. Phil’s game winning 3.

    1. I can’t give a QB a C+ after completing 52 percent of his passes and posting a passer rating of 67.5 no matter who he’s playing. Kaepernick was at home against a defense playing on a short week.

      1. Grant – there’s no short week in heated rivalry games. Adrenaline takes over.
        What happened to Niners with 2 weeks to prepare? Sometimes short week helps somehow. Less time for nerves to kick in.

      2. You always have an excuse for any other team but Niners! I hope this is not your approach in life in general or the glass will be always half empty!

      3. It’s interesting You always have an excuse for any other team but Niners! I hope this is not your approach in life in general or the glass will be always half empty!

    2. Crabs it is all good, I agree with you, none of it means anything, we got the Win, that is all I care about. Do you really think the players go on here and see the grades? I don’t think so, maybe I am wrong but I doubt it.

  12. Kap gets a C+. Played pretty good against one of the best teams in the NFL. Still needs to work on accuracy and going thru his progressions.
    The o line is did a pretty good job against a great defense.
    The secondary deserves a B. The play soft based on the scheme, so any complaints should be directed at the coaches.
    Which brings me to the coaches. The win was good, but I am concerned about the conservative offensive approach. The Red Zone offense needs to be more aggressive and more creative . If one of those fieldgoals was a TD, this game would have been over sooner. Coaches grade:defense B+; offense C.

  13. Except for CK’ D+ your grades look ok.
    Kaep was not very accurate, but he seemed to make enough plays at the right time.
    I thought that Crabtree had a chance to catch one that was a little high but certainly seemed catchable by MC’ standards.
    Did you take into consideration that the c-hawks DB’ were mugging our WR’ (and getting away with it more often than not) on almost every route?

    The fact that CK was still able to make some throws to his WR’ with Seattle’ borderline holding/grabbing DB play, earns Keap a C in my grading.
    This was a game that we had to win for all the reasons that I laid out prior to this game, and we did.

    The INT was a big miscue because we were imposing our will on the c-hawks defense. But CK quickly shook it off, told his teammates that it was on him and then went out and played well enough to win.

    Sure, there will be those on here who will not give CK his due and nitpick all the negatives, but to me a win is a win and this one gets the monkey off our back after two ugly losses against the c-hawks.
    At this point in the season, I can’t be to choosey about style points.
    I’ll take a win regardless of it’s appearance.

    1. The niners had to win to keep confidence they could run with the hated Hawks.
      Mission accomplished.
      Grades don’t matter.

  14. Kaep had the type of game that Montana often did against the New Orleans Dome Patrol, when NO was division rivals. The one thing about Kaep that his critics seem to miss, is that he his resilient. He bounces back from bad plays and bad games. He’s having a mild sophomore slump due to injuries on his team and poor playcalling, but he’s still an elite franchise QB.

    1. “Kaep had the type of game that Montana often did” ……….are you serious??? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

      He may end up as a real good quarterback ………….he isn’t one right now…………..he’s ok…………no more no less.

      1. Mike, Joe was the best however he had some awful games against new orleans and the new york giants just to name a couple of teams. Great defenses have a way of doing that. The stat sheet didn’t always look good for Joe, but we scratched out a win regardless. Foamings comment is not a laugher, but reality.

    2. I’m with Foam on this one. Montana was a natural Point Guard; he could give a ff how much he won by; just get’er-done. Now, CK isn’t yet in the same solar system, but Joe Cool is on board the CK train and I’m glad to follow nehind.

    3. No he didn’t. They are completely different players. Kaep is terrible in the pocket. He can’t sense pressure and he has a slow first step. Joe seemed to have eyes in the back of his head, and even when he was an aging veteran with the horrific knee injury that hastened the end of his career, he was much better in the pocket than Kaep. Wilson, Rothlesberger, Young and Montana, Marino, and even many mediocre QB’s over the years had good pocket presence, and it is something you can’t teach.

      1. Just want to add i haven’t given up on Kaep, and as far as the footspeed/quickness thing there is still the possibility that Kaep has been hampered this season by a foot injury, both his running and his throwing. Watching him get caught from behind, like on that designed run that got the big first down, you didn’t see that last season, we’ve seen it several times this year.
        By the way, as far as journalists go Grant, Maiocco Barrows etc. are not real journalists, the closest we have is Kawakami and he is the only guy who floated the foot injury thing in a column several weeks ago, but nobody followed up on it.

      1. You can’t admit that you were wrong on your prediction? Now your playing horseshoes that you were close. Hey I admit that I predicted the Hawks would win but I was dead wrong. Come on now, even your father admits when he was wrong, recently with the signing of Timmy and Vogel, who he thought were going to other teams.

  15. Balance? How’s this….
    Drew Brees (17/21 for 81% completion ratio)
    183 total yards (3 TDs, zero interceptions)
    142.6 QB rating….6 receivers in double figures
    Peyton Manning (397 total passing yards)
    (seven receivers with double digit yardage)
    (4 TDs to four different teammates)
    (oh yeah, and two TDs on the ground).

    These gentlemen (who wear suits or sport coats)
    agree that Colin is performing and behaving
    like a rookie. On the field and in the press room.
    How far will that D+ grade get the Niners in week #17
    against Arizona? Guess we will wait and see, huh?

    1. Uh, Alex Smith (and flavor of the week),
      So, just for the sake of comparison (which is your constant and nagging MO). I believe its safe to say that CK is really in his 2nd season as a starter.

      Would you mind telling us what Drew Bees was doing in his 2nd year as a pro with the Chargers?
      Of course you won’t, so let me be of assistance.
      Drew Brees was losing his starter’ job to Doug Flutie!

      But hey, who am I to compare the second pro season of Drew Brees to that of Kaep’ second yr as a starter, right?

  16. Grant, you sure cherry picked the prediction of Sea. winning, thought you could make yourself look like you know what you’re doing, care to explain? You are an amateur at best and unqualified tool.

    1. STFU. Win or Lose all you do is cry like a bitch with no real analysis of the game. Find a new team fair weather chump.

      1. I’ve been a Niner fan since before you were born. And I think Colin isn’t much of a Qb. You got a problem with that? We can fix that real quick tough guy.

    2. Umm, any time your offense scores 19 points against the best team in the league and comes back to win the game on the final drive — the QB gets the credit. Winning games is a QB’s job period. Wilson won the stats and style game.

      Despite that.

      Somebody named Kap won the actual game.

      Or did they change the W grade to stats based?

      1. You’re right. I don’t mean this sarcastically. Someone had to hand the ball off on the big run by Gore.
        Alex Smith won a lot that way too.
        So if the argument is that Alex Smith couldn’t get us to the SB, then neither will CK if he does not pick up his game.
        Seattle is a tough Defense, there’s no denying, but he’s still making all the same mistakes, locking in one read. Seattle had good pressure most of the game, but that’s what he needs to work on. I’m doubtful but hopeful!

      2. Wrong. the defense won the game. Frank won the game. Special teams won the game. Drew B is on the TV right now. That’s what a top-level QB looks like. Colin doesn’t look like that because: a. he cannot read the defense; b he doesn’t like taking a hit and c, he cannot read a defense. Add in the fact that his accuracy blows and you have a liability, not an asset. Again, you guys are a bunch of jock sniffers. Except NinerNation. He’s a tough guy. Whoo…friggin’ whooooo..

      3. Ghost – Ninernation can’t sniff our jock!….Grant’s blog is the Led Zeppelin of football blogs.
        This is it….we are it…..the vast variety of bloggers in here are top notch. From 23Jordan to Claude Balls…..we are it….we are the $hit!!

      4. ghost,
        its ironic that you’d bring up brees as a comparison right now. Because 6 days ago, against these seahawks, Brees threw for 147 yards, 1 TD, and 1 fumble lost, and they trailed from the get-go.

      5. Yo Crabs Yo!
        We r da’ poo! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!
        We are the Biker Bar of 49er Blogs! Even The Blogmeister is on his toes, dodging flying shoes!!

      1. I will say this: Colin looked smashing in the designer copy of a Schott Perfecto jacket and his tres-bonne headphones. His latest incarnation of a beard was so special.

        For scooter trash like me it was great to see him copy us with his made-in-china fake. I’m truly honored. In the meantime, I hope the Niners get serious in the draft about picking up a QB that has some rocks in his nutsack… Why? Cause I’m a Niner fan, that’s why.

  17. Grant,

    You’re consistent. I wanted to rip your grade of Kaepernick like others have but looked back and realized you gave Alex Smith almost the same grade after having a similar game against Seattle last year.

    1. I actually agree with his grade on Kaepernick. He missed too many throws that should have been relatively easy completions.

      I think I’m turning into the Grant defender on the blog. Does that make me a “Cohner”?

      1. Nah. Grant hit the score right on the button last week and was only a Seahawk field goal short of hitting it again this week.

        Just because we don’t agree doesn’t make him wrong.

      2. Come on, Jack.

        Yes, Grant came close to guessing the score of the game, but if credit is going to be given when correct, where is the accounting for the mulitude of times when not correct? I would bet you that Grant is off on his predictions of scores and everything else just as often as most on here.

        Maybe more often, since his opinions skew toward the extreme.

        The fact remains, he got this game wrong. He picked Seadderall and they lost.

        It’s irritating to have to read about how Gore is finished, then when there’s proof to the contrary, Grant tries to say he never said that Gore was finished, just that his legs were gone. Huh?

        He constantly gives himself trap doors to slide through, if no one is looking, so as to be able to say he wasn’t wrong. Hell, he tried to do that with his prediction column yesterday with the old, “I think Seattle will win, but here’s how the 49ers might pull it out.”

        There is no shame in admitting being wrong. I just wish Grant would realize that.

      3. Grant,

        On one hand, touche. Although, I don’t have the time to do the research and some times things like outcomes of predictions can be misremembered (I’m not saying this is exclusive to you, BTW, it applies to pretty much everyone). Still, touche.

        On the other, one could say you’re really 4-2 in predicting 49er games this year. In the other seven games, there was really only one sensible way to pick.

        1. Thank you. I whiffed on the first Rams game hard. I’m still embarrassed about that one.

          But I think I may have been the only sports writer in the country who picked the Colts to beat the 49ers.

    2. Just out of curiosity? What grade does Kap get if Gore doesn’t break that big run and the 49ers lose? My take is that if they win because he drives them down the field with a few well placed passes he gets a B. If he blows it and they lose he gets a D (and everybody pines for the return of Smith). I thought he was ok but no great shakes. Maybe a C grade (which isn’t far from a D+). Against the Seahawks and their defensive holding philosophy, that’s not really too bad. After watching so much of it I think NFL should increase the penalty on defensive holds of receivers.

    3. JackHammer you’ve coached you know that fans and the media are either hypercritical of coaches and QB’s or they canonize them. They are the simplest criticisms to be made. On this blog alone there will be 10 times the articles and 10 times the responses on CK then there will be written about the whole offensive line yet we all know games are won and lost in the trenches.

  18. Grant,

    Not sure why you gave The RBs an A when we all know you throw out all the long runs when judging performance. You can’t include the long run at the end when grading, right?

  19. Grant,

    The seahawks are 2nd in the league for committing penalties. If the seahawks were called for all the “mugging” they would lead the league. They committed about their average for the season today. You can’t say they played bad because of penalties. They had good drives against a very stout defense of the 9ers. Both teams played well, and that is why it was close. The seahawks didn’t get their timely and lucky bounces like they have been all year. They easily could have two to four more losses right now. Don’t even get me started about the Seattle/Houston game…

    1. Not to mention the Rams and Tampa games. Seattle reminds me of last year’s regular season front runner Falcons, great records with a couple fluky wins. Despite the Falcons having an unstoppable passing attack and home field advantage in a loud dome, they still lost in the NFC game after leading at the half.

      1. Exactly +1! The rams and Tampa bay games were also a perfect examples..rams and bucs lost those games more than Seattle won them.

      1. +1. Don’t get me wrong, Seattle is a good team. But, the cheap shots, grabbing, sh** talking, taunting, constantly flirting with illegal contact, FLOPPING, and baiting other teams to retaliate are all reasons it is really easy to dislike their team/organization…

  20. Very satisfying win. While Harbaugh is paid $5 mm to coach and I am not, I am dismayed by the conservative play calling on offense – after Gore’s long run, we played the run-out-the-clock game from their red zone. Yes, we took interception off the table, but we also had multiple snaps/handoffs to put possession at risk at the same time, and we effectively bet everything that there wouldn’t be a bad snap on the FG or that Dawson wouldn’t suddenly have a bad moment, or the Seahawks a great one. I’ve seen 5 Niner teams win SBs, and I’ve never seen them not dare to be good, much less great. I think we’ll need more in the playoffs, for sure.

    We have a Defense which stood up, and is clearly deserving of being in a SB again. Having said that, while the D is top notch, it’s still not capable of carrying the team on its own – ie complete shutdowns of any offense, we aren’t winning a lot of shutouts or holding teams to 3 or 6 points. Our offense, and Kaep, needs to improve a lot. One huge bright spot to me was seeing Crabs not only get off the line, but create some separation as well – his recovery seems fairly solid. Overall, it was great to see us physically match up with Seattle, which hadn’t been the case in the last 2 games in Seattle. Fwiw, grades are Defense: A. Offense: C Kaep: C-. Gore: B.

    1. Well said! This win will be a huge confidence booster for the team. We just got all our offensive weapons back. Maybe we take off from here!

  21. I’d agree more or less with Grant’s grades. I thought both lines played well against top notch opponents. To me, that was the difference.
    Kaep got away with very much less than a stellar outing. He missed many open receivers, and made only one real play (a huge one!) with his legs. If we want to make some noise in the playoffs, he needs to be better.

    I’d give Manningham a break. I don’t recall his missed passes, so they couldn’t have been glaring, but I did see him giving at least one great block on run outside to the left.

    Love, love Bruce Miller.

  22. The fact that they were able to win against the NFL’s greatest defense despite starting Snyder at LG is amazing. I’m still in shock that they were able to pull it off. Incredible victory worthy of celebration well into last call…..

  23. D+ is a fair grade. let’s be honest, Colin looked like he did when he played against Carolina. If Gore didn’t break that big run, I’m not sure we would be talking about a win. But he DID break that run and that’s all the matters.

    Boldin is a MAN. He’s too strong for the DBs. VD only had two catches.

    The Niners won, but Seattle is still a more complete team. They are more dangerous with there ST and Offense. We are equal in terms of Defense, but they still have the swagger.

    I’m fine with that. Niners need to suck up, play like they did in 2011. Have something to prove.

    Coaching needs to figure out the Offense in the next 3 games. In the playoffs the intensity is going to go and it Colin will have to raise his game.

    1. I like grading OBs on Ws more than “looks”.

      If you are into how a QB looks for grading, then maybe Wilson gets a B because he looked great while losing the game?

  24. I’ll be in a minority in here, I’m giving CK a B. I think in a game this magnitude, you cannot just look at the stats and use it to grade someone’s performance. CK’s game winning drive against arguably the best defense out there should be enough in my book deserving a B! He couldn’t do it against Carolina and Saints, but this is huge for CK’s development. I believe that drive will help close these last few games strong and of the strongest team in the playoff!

      1. It looked like he just under threw it. Plus the throw to Crabtree that was an obvious PI call would likely have lead to another TD. The DB’s hands were actually up inside Crab’s face mask so illegal hands to the face at least.

    1. maybe if it was actually a QB driven drive, but that was all about the 51 yard run by Gore.

      if Gore doesn’t break that run, the INT he threw when the 9ers were last threatening to score becomes the biggest play of the game.

      the 9ers need Kaep to play better. if this were in Seattle I’d say give him a C, but it was at home.

  25. As bad as Giants are, Tom Coughlin is capable of inspiring them at home against good teams. They won’t roll over vs Seahawks at home next week. Eli has pride, I could see an upset coming. Niners then beat Bucs and we’re only one game back with 2 games remaining. I’m not sure of the tie breaking scenario after head to head.

    1. According to ESPN’s playoff machine, if we have the same record as the Seahawks by the end of the year we win the division. Don’t know how accurate it is however.

      1. That’s accurate because if that’s the case the Niners will win the tiebreaker because we’ll have better divisional record.

  26. Kaepernick gets a C from me since we won and there were some drops holding him down but yeah he had that one awful play that almost lost us the game. As for the secondary while Rogers and Wright weren’t very good in this game, Brock was great. It was clear the Seahawks were avoiding him all game and the one time they threw his way he had that big PBU. Safeties played okay it seemed, some bad angles b

  27. The Seahawks are weaker due to losing Wright for six weeks. Broken foot. He threw a fit after receiving the news by shoving another teammate, and throwing his helmet which hit yet another teammate in the face.

    1. Yeah. I was changing the oil on my Streetglide out the driveway and listening to the TV inside the house. Hear “Wright” and thought it was our guy. Glad it was one of those turdburglars…

  28. Next week game for the Seahawks just got more interesting. If they loose against the Giants, and we keep winning, then they cannot rest any of their staters for the last two games.

  29. Next week game for the Seahawks just got more interesting. If they loose against the Giants and we keep winning, then they cannot rest any of their staters for the last two games.

  30. Ok … here’s my grades …

    SF 49ers … = A+

    (They beat the SeaChickens .. and the record books
    will show it … nothing else matters !)

  31. Fangio A+

    Bloody brilliant defensive gameplan against Rainbow Brite. Disciplined rush that seemed designed to contain him within the pocket, with the idea of collapsing it all around him without blitzing much at all…..

    1. Totally agree with that. Containment was a better way then to blitz Wilson and the Niners did as good as job on Wilson as anyone this year. Great defensive effort.

  32. Because of all of the concern about the harsh grade for CK today, I took the liberty of looking at the stats for several other young QBs whose games are in the books.

    Luck – 29/46 63% 326 yds 4 TD 0 INT 0 Sacks QBR 113.1
    Dalton – 24/35 68.5% 275 yds 3 TD 0 INT 0 Sacks QBR 120.5
    Foles – 11/22 50% 179 yds 1 TD 1 INT 0 Sacks QBR 73.9
    Wilson – 15/25 60% 199 yds 1 TD 1 INT 2 Sacks QBR 81.9
    Campbell – CB back-up29/44 65.9% 391 yds 3 TD 0 INT 1 Sack QBR 116.8
    C Kaepernick – 15/29 51.7% 175 yds 1 TD 1 INT 2 Sacks QBR 67.5

    1. Yeah, these guys grade out great, but do they have a perfectly cut beard and designed-by-Oprah fashionware? Ghettophones in 50 colors? I bet your answer is N-O. OUR QB likes to pose nekkid and has a turtle. That’s better than touchdowns, just like Spinal Tap said… Colin goes to 11…

    2. While youre comparing young-ish qbs, (since campbell has been in the league 9 years):


      Alex 14/20 137 6.9 2 0 0-0 80.2 122.3

      RB3 12/26 164 6.3 1 1 5-16 6.7 63.6

      1. Grant – I very much like the way you are able to stick to the facts amid all of the BS that is flung on your blog. I refrain from commenting because anything that isn’t a suck up to the majorities’ OPINIONS (as opposed to facts) almost immediately invites character assassination. The promise that Harbaugh brought to 9ers fans was a return to previous years when the 49ers were both entertaining and winners. Despite talk of meetings with Bill Walsh and uncovering old playbooks about the West Coast offense, the plain truth is that Harbaugh has brought the Chicago Bears to San Francisco. (Patrick Willis = Dick Butkus; Frank Gore = Walter Payton, etc. ) Here are the facts as I see it. In the Super Bowl era the Bears have made 5 trips to the NFC championship game and are 2 and 3. The 49ers have made 14 trips and are 6 and 8. As for the Super Bowl: Bears – 2 trips for a 1 and 1 record; 49ers 6 trips for a 5 – 1 record (only loss coached by Harbaugh) I have nothing against Jim Harbaugh personally. I never have and never will like Chicago Bears style football (that goes for Bo Shembechler Michigan style also). It is neither entertaining to watch nor does it increase the chances of winning over the long run. Please someone, bring back the West Coast offense that has been the signature style of the San Francisco 49ers for the majority of their existence. (PS, I think I am to puke if Frank Gore runs up the middle for a gain of 1 yard on the first play of the game one more time!)

  33. Officials F

    Richard Sherman “We expected to blow them out, but they got the benefit of a few calls throughout the game…” What is this guy on?

    On virtually every pass a SeAdderal DB had a fist full of jersey or facemask prior to the arrival of the ball. I’ve never seen anything so blatant. The refs could have called 12 more PI/Defensive Holdings easy. Its stunning how the NFL has decided to allow such a blatant double standard.

    1. “We expected to blow them out”

      at least he’s an “honest” arrogantduechebagasscheesburgerpoobreathingmorongasbagdonkey

      1. They had put it on “us” two in a row. They figured they were in our heads and had “us” intimidated.
        They were in the 9ers heads. But these folks ain’t quitters. Here’s where Baalke and Harbaugh’s ‘charactor’ values begin to pay off. 49ers will push back. Timing needs work for big games vis a vie penalties, but learning.
        Dorsey stepping up. TJE working all spots. Skuta contributing. Hell yes!

    2. >>“We expected to blow them out, but they got the benefit of a few calls throughout the game…” What is this guy on?

      Apparently the same Rx as our host, Grant.

  34. I am starting to see a better CK. I know the stats do not bear it out. The look of confusion in his facial expression was non existent in todays game. He also marched the team down in the final few minutes to get the final score to beat the Hawks. Those are improvements for sure. He also seems to do a better job of progressing even tho it seemed to me that he still was missing open receivers. Wasn’t a great game by CK by any means but he was integral part of a big win against the best team in the NFL.

    1. To be honest under, Gore did most of the marching on that last drive.

      But CK picked up that big third down by (finally) sticking his nose beyond the marker and staying inbounds. The overall performance has to be a confidence builder for CK and the entire team. If they hadn’t pulled it out, we could have just about written them off for good like Grant already has.

      1. Ribico

        Agree it was the Gore run that ultimately was the big play. To elaborate a little more, it was more what CK didn’t do then what he did do. For instance, he didn’t run out of bounds, he didn’t fumble, he didn’t throw an interception (on that drive) he didn’t have a delay of game penalty, took one time out when it was third and one, in another words he manage the game just fine.

  35. The usual silly grades. I don’t know why I read this nonsense.

    I blame myself for the grades being even dumber than usual. A few weeks ago I pointed out that if the 49ers had won that game, Grant’s grades would have been at least one grade higher across the board, even though it was kind of a fluke play that beat the 49ers, and had almost nothing to do with the quality of the 49ers’ play. I suspect that if I hadn’t written that, Grant wouldn’t have tried to prove that theory wrong.

    Oh, well. Grant will mature over the next few years into a fine reporter, maybe.

    1. and maybe he will mature so much he will be a boring read for all except for a few. And then again maybe not. There are a lot of comments on this board and that’s because he writes some pretty decent journalism. People read his stuff from out of the area and that means he must be doing something right (Santa Rosa is not that big).

      My suggestion is ……..keep doing what you are doing Grant……..just continue to be interesting and don’t listen to this knucklehead.

  36. I am thrilled about this win, as I’m sure the team is. They needed* to win this game for the playoff implications, but also for the knowledge that they can beat the seahawks. More-so, they just needed to not lose. If they had lost, at home, to the seahawks, for the 3rd straight game, the season would have a very morose and terminal feeling. But now, Colin has beaten the seahawks, and faced that pressure.
    That being said, did this win convince any of you that the 49ers can go into Seattle and beat them in the playoffs? The NFC road to the SB looks fairly certain to go through Seattle, and It looks like the Seattle home-field advantage is worth about 15-20 points.

    1. No question the SeaRoids engineered sound redirection is a huge advantage. Too bad the Niners didn’t copy the design for Levi stadium.

      Some bright notes…
      - Roman sprinkled some quick snap plays instead of shifting around until the play clock’s about to expire. To win in SeAdderal a team has to execute the play called whether its vs an ideal defensive formation or not. A good sign.
      - Defense travels and this D looks stronger and deeper then last year.

  37. The Seahawks played poorly Grant? Both teams played well and Seahawks Finally got called for holding wr all game. The no PI call against Crabtree was a joke and several of our special teams were terrible calls that would have put the Seahags inside 10. I said it yeasterday, the Seahags r not the same team away from home. They r not any better than we r if both healthy and neutral field. They haven’t beat Niners in SF since 2008. That says everything. We will likely lose to them in Seattle come playoffs, but not because they r tremendously better.

  38. Comparisons are only what they are, but I admire M.Lynch’s game.
    >He’s not-quite-but-almost-as-strong as Earl Campbell. He breaks tackles like mad.
    >He’s not-quite-but-almost-as-quick&square-up-shifty as Sweetness.
    The man breaks tackles. IMO the two completions to the TE against P.Willy we’re because he hesitated in case he was needed to assist on tackling Lynch.
    We’ve talked about that rascal, Wilson, goll-darn him.

      1. They still averaged over 6.7 yards in the first half. Point being, they won a lot on first down and as a result scored on 4 of 5 first half possessions.

  39. Most grades are pretty good. I’d give the secondary a B, the two biggest catches were the LBs fault, Patrick Willis especially. They made plays when they were needed and didn’t get beat deep. Russell Wilson who was being talked about as a MVP didn’t play like it.

    And the QB grade is too harsh. D+ is a losing effort and Kap didn’t playing that horribly today. I’d say a C-/C. He lead a much needed drive at the end of the first half to regain the lead and take momentum into half. Then had the game clinching run for the first. I ignore the completion % on a game like today because there were at least 4 drops. And the int was simply a ball that he didn’t loft enough. But it was a huge mistake. Overall he played well enough to win. We scored more than the Seahawks average giving up. So that’s also a plus. Go niners.

  40. CK get a C+
    - B in the first half
    - D in the second half
    Averages out to a C
    He gets a plus for the win against a great defense

    This was an emotional win but they better buckle up and push this through to the playoffs. The offense needs a lot of work. Are they saving Vance McDonald for some surprise in the playoffs??? This guy was super hyped to take Wlakers spot and all he seems to do is block…pretty well I might add.

    Go Niners!!!

    1. Seeing VMac’s Rice teammate Willson (drafted two rounds later) made me wonder when Vance will have his breakout game. I heard he was hobbled with an ankle thing this week. At some point I expect him to emerge.

      McDonald’s body type is very different then Walker. I see VMac as a future classic TE, with another player emerging in Walker’s SAK role.

      1. AngusinCanada, Nailed it. Bruce is the new SAK. His receiving skills are not as scary as Delaney’s. I imagine the Niners will groom/draft a replacement.

  41. 49ers offensive performance by personnel groupings:

    21 personnel:
    8 runs – 28 yards
    18 passes – 10-15, 121 yds, 1 int, 3 scrambles for 18 yards

    22 personnel:
    8 runs – 60 yards
    6 passes – 2-5, 23 yards, 1 scramble for 2 yards

    11 personnel:
    4 runs – 19 yards
    9 passes – 2-7, 21 yards, 1 TD, 2 sacks

    12 personnel:
    7 runs – 36 yards
    2 passes – 1-2, 17 yards

    23 personnel:
    1 run – 3 yards

  42. Does anyone know why Cheatin’ Pete (AKA, Plastic Pete) wasn’t chewing his gum after the game?

    I mean, it wasn’t like he was chewing more slowly, or with less vigor. He wasn’t chewing it at all.

    Maybe the stick he was working on ran out of flavor. You know how that is, one minute that juicy fruit is tasting good; and the next, it’s like you’re chewing gum you found stuck under the counter at Taco Bell. Maybe that’s what happened to Pete.

    Or maybe he was chewing so fast and hard that he bit the inside of his mouth. Man, I hate it when that happens. And once you bite the inside of your mouth, because the skin is puckered up from being bitten the first time, more often than not you bite right down on the same g#d damned spot again. Maybe more than once. Perhaps Pete was trying to avoid the rebite.

    Or maybe it was that the 49ers wrecked his plans for the Seahawks’ truly “Arriving” on national TV. Maybe that was what is was……

  43. On the blocked punt, the seahawk player illegally batted the ball forward ~15 yards, but SEA was allowed to benefit from that illegal push because otherwise they would’ve been allowed to re-kick. So the 49ers got the ball at the ~30 yardline instead of the 15. That should not be how that rule plays out. Clearly something for the competition committee to sort out.

    1. I remember when Oakland’s “Holly Roller” play caused a rule change. Maybe today’s Holy Roider will affect another update to the rulebook.

    2. On that note, I didn’t understand why the ball wasn’t considered a fumble and then after the illegal push forward the ball should have been placed back at where the penalty occurred. Isn’t that how normal fumbles with the ball advancing treated?

      1. I’m curious to hear the NFL explanation on that play. I can’t imagine that was the right call. If it was the right call, then the rule needs to be changed.

  44. Due to match ups I was convinced that the Niner’s would loose to the Seabiscuits. The only two things the Niners seemed to have in their favor was a longer week and leaving the Seabiscuit’s 12th man in Seattle. These did not seem enough to over come the unfavorable personnel and unit match ups.

    So I was surprised. I would grade no one on that team less than a C for overcoming those odds……well maybe (W)hitner who I would give a D for a bone head 50 yard penalty.

    Let’s face it Kap is most comfortable with a favorable first read. The coaches know that and do there best to set it up accordingly. When he gets that, watch out, his release and fast ball will hurt a defense. That is the game plan now, high percentage first read with minimum check down options. It will work 50 percent – maybe better – maybe worse.

    But that said, Kap was at the very least a small part of a team that delivered a win against match ups that suggested otherwise; so for that I give him a C .

  45. I think the next three weeks our opponents are going to try and play spoiler…its up to Harbaugh and company to keep Freddie P Soft out of the locker room and the team focused…its going to be an interesting end of the regular season

    1. Yup. Niners could potentially be upset or build on this win and get rolling with some momentum from tough games leading into the playoffs

  46. The team last in passing offense should have their offense coordinator fired regardless of talent level. Considering the Niners talent level this is disgraceful. Something needs to be done.

  47. I thought Kaepernick played fine to be honest. Not one of his best games, but it was a winning effort against a very good D. The INT was slightly underthrown, but credit to the DB on that one, he made one heck of a nice play. More often than not that’s a completion or at least draws PI.

  48. I don’t have a lot of problems with Grants grades other than his grade for the DB’s. They executed the game plan to perfection. The one grade that Grant didn’t give was an overall final grade which would be an A. The 9ers kicked the seahawks asses. There is no way Seattle can go into the next game not doubting themselves at least a little bit. Most of all the 9ers were the tougher team today. Do you agree or disagree Grant. By the way I agree with your grade of CK.

    1. And you were at the game right? Must have been rockin!

      The Niner defense was great. Stronger in the second half (always a good sign). Fang knew the SeaRoids liked to run against nickel/dime packages in 3 WR sets, so he kept Willis in. SeAdderal adjusted and gouged the D with passes to Willson (VMac’s former Rice teammate), but that was it. They didn’t do squat.

      1. Brodie it was crazy at the stick, it reminded me of the old days and when i say the old days i do’nt mean the 80′s but 71 and 72 when Brodie was throwing to Washington.

  49. Our guys could barely get open especially in the first half so D+ is way off in your rating of Kaepernick he should at least get C+ or so.
    With passes that not where completed cuz of the Saeachikens not penalised.

  50. D+ for kaepernick?! Wow sucha Debby’s downer! Grant, being an objective journalist is dandy & all but you’re bordering on being deemed a blind, bloviating ignoramus! Kaepernick was poised and patient, kept his eyes down the field and never let up! Stats don’t tell the whole story, as it’s difficult to assign value to these intangible qualities that define a stellar QB outing. Kaepernick was fitting the rock in some tight windows and stayed focused and calm while surveying his options(manningham/Crabtree drop,tipped pass to Mario,crucial 3rd downs that stalled due to bad play call,etc).Crabtree looks damn near 100%, even though he was being held all day!! Seahawks do not want to see us come playoffs because we’re peaking and primed for a run! (Knock on wood) I’m ecstatic over the fact that we’ve shed the psychological edge the sea chickens held over us prior to this game. Grant, I love the blog and the work that you do but I think you fail to grasp the holistic, over arching picture of what’s transpiring here. Go niners! Kaepernick grade: B for ballsy

  51. Jeeze … you guys !

    I think giving the Niners such low grades
    for this games performance sounds a little jaded …

    I mean .. think about it … with a few exceptions ..
    we are all just fans …

    fans with certain expectations ..

    and when those expectations aren’t met ..
    a low grade ensues … but …

    The Niners just defended Candlestick Park successfully …
    and it was against .. the best team in the NFL …
    (going by their record, of course) ..

    and they beat .. the best team in the league …

    and for that … A+

    Sure .. it was ugly … but rest assured … Kaep WILL
    most likely learn more from ugly wins ..
    than when he smokes the opposition …
    (like he will next week)

    That’s called … “growth” …

    Isn’t that what we all want ?

    And besides …

    I bet one (or two) of our resident experts .. can even point
    to a Candlestick Park memory … from this game as well !

    No.. Grant … A+ for the entire team … !!

  52. Seattle’s secondary played extremely physically. That led to PI calls and some that should have been called. Grant acknowledged that the penalties were critical to the games outcome, but failed to acknowledge that they also dampened Kaep’s stats and thus QB rating. If we hadn’t (correctly) gone into time eating mode on our last drive Kaep may have had another TD. He got us a first down on that 3rd down that effectively locked in the game. Seattle knew we were going to run and still couldn’t stop him. The importance of those types of plus are under appreciated by traditional game stats. Much like Gore going down in bounds at the end of that big run.

    Both lines played really well and we saw a step change in pass blocking. In recent games opponents d tackles have collapsed the pocket and forced keep to scramble- not today. A+

    Clock management was fantastic as were the play calls on that last drive. A+

  53. After last week’s presser (the 3 Mousketeers)
    the sports writers must have decided that
    a post game interview with Colin Kaepernick alone
    is a waste of their/our time. So now we get
    our rookie Niner QB with a babysitter. Really…!!!
    Still no substantive, lucid comments from the boy.
    Antwaaaan is not going to school him in this regard.
    Just imagine: professional football teams nationwide
    can put their QB in front of a camera and look credible.
    Kaepernick is a public relations embarassment.
    Leather jacket, T-shirt, headphones, scowl, snicker…
    with his teammate standing by to change his diaper.
    Thanks for showing us the difference between Reno
    and Dartmouth. Yr lookin’ like a Harbaw clone, son.

    1. I was looking forward to what you would say tool bag. Nothing to hate on that involves football. So attack his presser. Interesting tactic. Keep on talking, it seems the niners have played their best football since you joined.

    2. Ha!
      C’mon, just admit it, you really love Kaep. There’s no other player on this board that you continually write about other than CK.

      Wow, posting at 3:43 am about CK. Perhaps you would sleep better if we sent you a fathead replica of Kaep that you could place on your bedroom wall huh?

    3. And you’re locked in a retrograde orbit around Harbaugh with your obsessions. How’d your predictions go, Einstein? They didn’t come true so all you’ve got is to criticize the Press Conference? Yeah, and the sportswriters decide who comes to the podium?
      Lucid? Lucid? How would you recognize lucid? We get nothing lucid from you, ever. Embarrassment? You drool out this OCD poppycock day after day with no apparent sense that you define your idiocy with every post. Keep those fashion advisories coming too. Nobody here gives a rat’s ass, but eventually you may get a guest spot on Joan Rivers’ show.
      Have you been swimming down at Imperial Beach again? Cumulative toxins seem to be taking their toll on you.

  54. Oakland i do not expect smoke screen from a 49er insider and would like to hear about bad and good. If Grant claims to be a journalist then act like it by writing content that is fair and balanced. A true journalist will not express lopsided fan like opinions to drum up hits on his blog. This blog has regressed due to the new approach of just focusing on the negativity rather than looking at the good, bad and ugly. Most recent blogs on this site appear just like reading another team fan’s opinion without analytical discussion from several perspectives. Grant is smart enough to realize that and i truly believe he has been coached to use this approach for the drama. Maybe its just the nature of our culture that we thrive on everything negative then all the positives! I for one am grateful to be a San Francisco 49ers fan and watch my 9-4 team compete for a chance to win the big game. Wouldn’t be great if we were 13-0! of course but i am happy that we still have a chance and live for another day. GO NINERS

    1. I knew he’d use the Seattle had a let down excuse and posted it a few days ago. He’s a raider fan with cowboy skin….plus, he doesn’t like JH or Ck and it’s ok, as long as they keep winning. He claims to be a journalist with no love at least publicly to any team but posts Raider columns in a Niner forum….

  55. Maybe this sounds a little un realistic but I firmly believe we can still win this division. Seattle lost another key player in Wright yesterday and hopefully this loss can knock them down a peg. They finish out 1-2, we go 3-0 and that NFC west goes to us. Maybe it’s a long shot but hey it’s a glimmer of hope.

    1. Not going to happen. I’m actually rooting for them to have the home field in the playoffs so we can go up there and shut em up. Have Crabtree burn Sherman for a couple TDs and see Pete swallow his gum. What 60 year old chews gum like that dude?

  56. I am ok with Kaep, I hate to say it but Wilson throws are pinpoint accuracy,reminds me of someone who used to be a winning QB here, Kaep throws are everywhere except the numbers.

    1. Lol, Sherman is a tool. Sea chickens are a disgrace for playing like bunch of thugs in a gang by playing dirty. I respect players that play physical but they respect the game of football and sportsmanship. This Seahawks team should have lost to panthers, rams and Tampa this year and should have been 9-5 this year. If we don’t make it I will root for any other team in the NFL to beat the cheatwaks

    2. Yeah, for someone who announced to his team during pre-game warm-ups that they were only playing in a “glorified practice,” he sure is taking it kind’a hard.

      Sherman got a piece of his own physical medicine from Boldin and Crabtree and he now he’s blaming the ref’s, this guy is a joke.

    3. And he wonders why people think he’s a douche bag…man up and stop whining…he finally got called out for his blatant holding…I read this and couldn’t help but laugh

  57. Damn, when I went to bed I thought I’d have a happy dream about beating bubblicious Pete. Instead, I dreamed I was filming a freaking huge UFO hovering over my house, with my cell phone……..weird man. Maybe Spaceborn can help me with this one?

    1. Crabs
      That UFO was a manifestation of Richard Sherman’s enormous ego. When he was flapping his even-bigger mouth complaining about penalty calls (extreme irony) his ego drifted out like a Macy’s Parade Balloon breaking its tethers and floated over your house.
      Solid win when the team needed one. More pleasurable because they beat the Seaslugs. The only thing that tops that for me is the knowledge that it chaps the hides of their fans; Big Time!

    2. Crabs, maybe it was an alien abduction? Any missing time or pain in body cavities where there shouldn’t be? LOL Or did you just watch Independence Day recently? ;)

  58. Well after seeing Kaep and Wilson with very similar stats I think it’s now clear that if Wilson played for Harbaugh he would be a much better QB than he is right now. Since CK got a D+ in a win, surely Wilson’s grade is an F in a loss. Evidently Darrell Bevell doesn’t know how to coach Russell Wilson.

  59. I was wrong about Gore’s 51-yard run. It was not a weak-side lead run. It was a trap play. Adam Snyder pulled and kicked out Bruce Irvin, creating a huge hole for Vance McDonald, Bruce Miller and Frank Gore to run though. Joe Staley made a monster down block on Red Bryant, Miller blocked Wagner, McDonald blocked Chancellor, Boone blocked Smith and Gore juked Thomas. Great play design and execution. It was meant to look like the 49ers’ weak-side lead, but it was a much quicker-hitting play.

      1. I haven’t seen them trap with the playside guard out of 22 personnel. When they’ve sent McDonald in motion from the strongside to the weakside like that, it’s been a weak-side lead all season with the backside guard pulling. A very clever wrinkle by Roman. The Seahawks clearly were not prepared for it.

        The really interesting thing about that play was the 49ers ran it to the weak-side of their formation, but they ran it against the strong-side of the Seahawks defense. I have no idea why Seattle flipped their defense on that play. That must have been the look the 49ers were waiting to exploit.

      2. Grant,

        It was still a weakside lead just with a trap block on the end instead. That little change up made the seam bigger and gave them better blocking at the second level. Looking forward to watching that one from the endzone view tomorrow.

    1. It’s called “odd” blocking when the offensive tackle blocks down to seal and the onside guard short pulls and kicks out the end man on the LOS. Mike Solari, the offensive line coach, has run that play in his previous stops in the NFL and in college.

  60. What a day at the “Stick”. Extra special since it was my second to last home game. Tried to do all the traditional things. Stopped and enjoyed all the little details. While I look forward to our new stadium, I love this place and all the memories I’ve enjoyed here.
    Man Seattle brought a ton of fans. Smug bastards too. They were ready for the kill. Seriously ready, they smelled blood. The rumor was true, a group of Seattle fans paid a plan to fly “Go Hawks – 12 over the stadium. Spend your money because at the end of the day the Niners extended a five game home winning streak over the Hawks. And Cheatin Pete will never be able to say he won at the Stick with his Cheathawks.
    QB- C+
    Colin is evolving taking small baby steps and improving in ways we need him to. Yesterday I counted five times that he moved in the pocket bought time and went through a progression, hitting another receiver that was not his primary. This is big for Colin, especially against a team that was in his head. Colin did miss 4 wide open targets yesterday. All four throws were poor mechanics. Arm throws in which he didn’t set his feet. However he also had three big drops. One by Crabs and two by Manningham. He also had a big third down conversion pass to Boldin called back on a hands to the face penalty by the Oline. While the officials finally began to flag the Seahags DB’s, the biggest one that Kaep didn’t get credit for was the pass at the 4 yard line to Crabs that was an obvious PI. That would have been a huge play and a first and goal from the 4. Refs missed that and still allowed tons of holding beyond five yards most of the game. Unfortunately that pass comes up as an incomplete for Kaep. Now the Interception was terrible. It was under thrown. However, Grant giving Kaep a D+ in this game tells me you didn’t watch it. This was against a top three defense that had owned us previously. Given all the defensive holding of our WR’s, plays called back on pentalties and the level of opponent coupled with our WR drops, I would have easily given Kaep a B+. I knock it down to a C+ for HIS mistakes. His run for a first down was almost as critical as Gore’s big run and sealed the victory for us. He’s growing up. Appreciate it.

    I love that Gore was the hero at the end. His smile was so big. He knows he’s at the end and enjoying ever little moment. Bruce Miller picked up a big first down for us. Without Bruce we don’t have a short yardage back right now. One one run Hunter started in and popped a run outside for a nice gain. He showed the type of quickness that Gore no longer has. Had Gore not popped that long one, I would have given the RB’s a C+. 95% of starting backs in this league would have scored on Gore’s run and not got caught from behind.

    Crabs had a drop. But he also made a couple of acrobatic catches that remind us of who he is. He was better this week and I expect him to be better again next week. Boldin is a beast. His intensity couldn’t be matched yesterday. I love Boldin. Manningham is soft. We should use him only as a vertical threat like NY used him. Can’t catch in traffic. He is taking up a spot that could be used for Patton right now. Get Patton some experience now for the playoffs.
    TE’s C+
    Maybe it was game planned in, but the TE’s were non existent. VD did make a heck of a grab for the TD.
    O-line B+
    Kept Kaep clean most of the day. Playing without a starter versus a destructive Cheathawks d line. Blocked well on key plays. Gore’s big run and Kaeps big 1st down run to seal the game.
    D-line A-
    These guys maintained they gaps beautifully yesterday. Our ends were so disciplined on the read option and pressure all day baby.
    Lets just go and say it. Navarro Bowman is better than Patrick Willis. Bowman is playing at another level. Spying Wilson, putting big licks on him and Lynch. Navarro and Willis are defensive beasts.
    DB’s C+
    Brock made a couple of nice plays yesterday and Wright came back to finish the game with a pick. Rogers has played well at times but is inconsistent and obviously the weak link in the backfield. Reid took a bad angle and it cost us a TD. But still held Wilson under 200 yards.

    Special teams and coaching both get a B. Happy for the staff.

    Wish you guys could have seen Sherman pleading and begging to the refs on time outs and in between plays. After the game he basically said the refs gave the game to the Niners and that the Hawks fully expected to blow us out and that they would next time. I hate Sherman. Lets see how the Hags rebound after this loss. Oh and the chant yesterday was, “if it flies it dies”.

    1. Bay – That’s a very good game report. I gave Kap a C+ also.
      4th quarter come-from-behind wins are a great sign for a young quarterback. Look what Seattle’s D did to the great Drew Brees last week.
      Kap is doing better but he must improve his accuracy.

    2. Grades worth reading.

      To everyone complaining about the Grant’s grades:
      I know what you expect, you won’t find it here. Just skip over the grades and there will be nothing to be mad about. What makes this blog great is the exchange between the readers anyway (though once in a while Grant does post some good Locker Room stuff).

      1. Thanks Crab, always nice to read your comments even when I don’t agree.

        Maybe I am him. JK no way.

        I’ve been lurking consistently and commenting once in a while, usually when I have something negative or facetious to say.

    3. great report, Bay. I’m going to miss the Stick too. Coldest place in the universe on any tuesday night in July, but the place where all my happy sports fan memories come from.

    4. Nice report bay.

      >>However, Grant giving Kaep a D+ in this game tells me you didn’t watch it.

      And his in game analysis that the “pass was knocked away” on the play you mention where Crabs was blatantly fouled further reinforces your take, bay.

      That pressbox must have some awful sightlines.

      1. Thanks Rib. Overall awesome day at the stick. I’ll miss a lot, but the cold winds won’t be missed. I went to tons of Giants games in the 80′s there as a kid and used to think how cold the baseball players had to be with those swirling winds…..

  61. Note to Razoreater
    (I know it is just a game, but… )
    In August of this year,
    the Niners were favored (#1) to repeat as
    NFC Conference champions. And the
    last placed team in that regard?
    The Arizona Cardinals.
    If just for fun I placed a bet back then
    that Arizona would top the Niners in week #17
    … I am the richest heckler on the planet, okay?

    Let’s hear your odds for the winning margin
    on that contest… as Harbaw & Co. play for their lives.
    (Hint: Grant Cohen will probably nail it.)

  62. Grant or anyone – Do you think Niners are getting a good return on investment from the hiring of Eric Mangini as offensive consultant?
    I don’t……I’m not seeing the most brilliant game plans each week. There’s not much exploiting going on against our opponents defenses.
    I would like to see Grant or someone interview Mangini and see how much influence he has with each week’s game plan and what he contributes up in the booth during games.
    Looks like Mangini’s been a waste of money to me so far.

    1. I think it’s impossible to tell Mangini’s level of contribution from the outside. An interview of Mangini or Roman specifically about his value to the game plans would be great. For all we know, the Gore run was a wrinkle that Mangini helped develop. There’s just too little public information about Mangini’s contribution to have any educated opinion on the subject.

    2. Unless, being a HUGE FAIL at challenging obviously correct refereeing decisions is a good return on investment, I would agree he is a waste of money.

  63. Some shots taken at Grant for describing himself as a journalist, some of them unnecessarily pejorative. I noted the word and my first reaction was that Grant is more a commentator. In my head I reserved the word journalist for a very select group of people. When I look it up on Wikipedia though, it seems my bias, my personal definition isn’t the generally accepted one.
    From Wiki: A journalist collects, writes and distributes news and other information.
    By that definition Grant clearly is a Journalist. Any expectations of judicial-like objectivity are our own. We should still seek out those whose reporting we trust and opinions we understand. I’m still here. I surely disagree with some things, but I’ve learned some things from the interaction his comments foment.
    I didn’t always agree with Siskel & Ebert, but I could make a judgement based on what they said. Ha! I wonder how those guys would’ve liked their readers/viewers talking back on-line?

    1. It’s more like if Siskel or Ebert continually gave thumbs down to picture after picture by, say, Scorsese. Eventually on has to think, Scorsese does some great things, what do these two have against him?

      The blog should be renamed Inside Grant Cohn. As we readers try to make sense of the curious conclusions he comes up with.

  64. Anyone notice that the Refs made a critical error that helped us win in the end? Kaep had a scramble around the 4 minute mark in the 4th quarter. He ran out of bounds and they never stopped clock. 40 seconds rolled off. Those 40 seconds could have proved fatal to us at the end with Wilson’s ability to make late game plays. Did anyone catch that?

    1. They don’t stop the clock when a runner goes out of bounds until there are five minutes left in the fourth quarter, and Kaepernick ran out of bounds at 6:10.

      I thought the biggest break the Niners’ got was the forward progress call on Crabtree’s fumble at the 49ers’ 37 yard line. Mike Pereira tweeted, “It shouldn’t have been forward progress & Crabtree wasn’t down.”


      1. Have to comment on the rules about stopping the clock when a player goes out of bounds. The change about not stopping the clock when a player runs out of bounds untill 5 minutes left in the 4th quarter and 2 minutes left in the first half coupled with allowing 40 seconds to run off between plays rather than the previous 30 second rule has dramatically shortened the game since 1990, when the new rules were adopted. The first year after the rule change the NFL said that there were about 23 fewer snaps per game than in previous years. Modern NFL games are now the equivalent to 7 innings of Baseball, 15 holes of Golf, 8 frames of bowling. Imagine yesterdays game continuing for another 20 plus snaps. A real good game might have turned into one for the ages. Oh well. The rules to shorten the NFL game were adopted with pressure from the networks to ensure that most games fit into a nice manageable 3 hour package.

      2. I thought the biggest break the Niners’ got was the forward progress call on Crabtree’s fumble at the 49ers’ 37 yard line. Mike Pereira tweeted, “It shouldn’t have been forward progress & Crabtree wasn’t down.”
        I disagree Crabtree gets wrapped up and appears to no longer be making forward progress when the whistles start to blow just as the pile is forcing him to the ground and thats when the ball comes out. The play was dead before the fumble.

      3. I guess what gores around comes around. We got screwed on exactly the same call in the NFC championship game against the Giants two years ago when Bradshaw’s fumble was ruled as forward progress stopped. I did not notice Periera say anything on that occasion.

        Thanks to you tube the Bradshaw fumble is available for all to see. If you re-play the Crabtree play from yesterday and the Bradshaw play from the NFC championship game there is no doubt the which was the more bogus call. Bradsahw was clearly still pushing forward and making an effort to gain yards.

        I would prefer the NFL to do away with the Forward Progress Stopped judgment call. Either the knee is down or it is not before the ball comes out. This will do away with this type of controversy.

      4. ^ what about the play where the defenders literally hold the ball carrier up so he can’t be ‘downed’ while they all try to strip the ball from him.

      5. That’s one of the reasons the forward progress rule exists because defenders could take advantage of a player that was unable to get himself down to stop the play.

      6. What did Pereira tweet on the blatant missed PI when Maxwell ran through Crabtree on the 4 yard line? You know, how it appeared to you:

        “Maxwell knocks away a deep pass to Crabtree on second-and-7 ”

        That was a break they didn’t get. It evens out, Grant.

      7. It was the right call on the field. His progress was stopped and he was being taken down by multiple defenders. No different than the call made in the NFCCG against the Giants when they ruled Ahmad Bradshaw’s progress was stopped instead of awarding a fumble.

      8. rib,

        That was a ridiculous no call. He not only had his hands on Crabs before the ball arrived, but he had his hand in his face pushing his helmet up. Aikman made the point that the officials weren’t calling obvious PI’s a couple of times in the game. The officials can’t let that go as it gives the Seahawks a huge advantage but they continue to do so.

      9. I think you are delusional. Based on what i saw crabtree was down period and regardless the play was called as such.

  65. Grant, thanks for blatant, often brutal, honesty. I gotta side with you on the argument that you are a journalist, not a fan. Too many people on hear want to hear how and why this team is the best week in and week out. Well its just not so, anymore at least. The rest of the league has made huge strides. Though I do belive our defense is top 3, our offense has not followed suit. Though I do think you get a kick out of riling up you dedicated readers.

    That being said, I think its worth noting that Kap looks to be making some huge strides as of late. He’s looking a lot more comfortable in the pocket, he’s more mobile with in the packet and looking more willing to run, and he looks to be working through his progressions a lot more smoothly. No he did not look like a hall of famer yesterday, but who does against this team? He made plays, kept plays alive, and kept his team in the ball game. I would have to go with a solid C+ for Kap’.

  66. If the Cowboys win tonight, there is a big chance that the 49ers play the Cowboys in Dallas. Wouldn’t it be great if the 49ers beat the Cowboys in the playoffs and throw Grant’s prediction out the window?

  67. Gotta give Grant a little credit here. I like that he lets fans of other teams come on the site and banter with us. I wrote a little piece gloating a bit on SBNation Seahawks. No cussing, no attacks, just gloating. The thin skinned writer Danny Kelly banned me instantly. Here is his email. seahawksforthewin@gmail.com . Dan Kelly you big baby.

  68. 9 penalties, which kept extending the 49ers’ drives.
    Hey it’s nice to just finally have it happen to the other team for once.

  69. CK did nothing yesterday to convince me that we do’nt need to draft a QB in the early 2nd rd. He was inaccurate. He was indecisive, he could have moved the chains on 3rd down any number of times if he had taken off but he just is’nt the same relaxed quick thinking QB he was last yr.
    Seattle did’nt use a spy on him yesterday so every time he faked a hand off to Gore, Gore would end up wideopen 5 yards beyond the line of scrimmage with enough room to turn and get another 5 and CK did’nt hit him once. He can still change my mind with a couple of outstanding games in the playoffs but short of that I believe we may need to draft a replacement\competition

    1. Watch a youtube of a 49er game from the 80′-90′s, then watch one from this year.

      - First thing that jumps off the screen is how Montana/Young got rid of the ball quickly. A pass blockers dream.

      - Second is accurate passes to running backs. Gore doesn’t have the best catch radius, but Kaep’s short range passes are way off (this contradicts the glowing training camp reports about CK7 ability to throw touch passes). With his mobility Kaep should be torturing defenders with sprint/throw options the way Wilson does, but he’s yet to develop the touch.

      - The third thing is tempo. Huddles were broken quickly. Defenses had little time to study the formation. O-linemen didn’t have to stay in their stances too long.

      1. Kaep has a great throw on the run medium and long passes, but those shot loops on the run need alot of work.

        A bright spot… Lattimore looks like a natural pass catcher. Second nature. If he heals fully it will really change the offense.

      2. On the other hand… (I love to contradict myself) Kaepernick’s clearly a deep passing QB on a team with no deep threat WRs. His best asset was wasted when Jenkins failed to develop.

        When was the last time a 49er receiver caught a classic long bomb TD down the sideline? Its been years.

    2. Coach,

      I really didn’t see it the way you did yesterday. The completion percentage was poor but when you watch the throws, Kap was right on the money more often than not. There were some drops – Crabs caught a great ball from Kap on the sideline but couldn’t get his right foot down – and some absolutely blatant PI calls that weren’t made that made the completion percentage look worse than it was.

      I was actually encouraged by what I saw from Kap in this game against a heck of a defense that had owned him in the previous two he played against them.

      1. Rocket the difference between how you felt CK played and how i thought he played probably is’nt that much. I just want to see him be more accurate especially if he is not going to throw down field that much. I will admit i was at the game and may have missed a number of things you picked up [emotionally there is nothing like being there but you can watch the game at home with a much more critical eye] The one advantage i had yesterday is we sat in the center of the end zone upper deck and the fakes to Gore where he would sit down about 5 yards past the line were so obvious and his opportunities to pull it down run and move the chains really showed his indecicivness

      2. I really noticed a lot more when I watched it a second time Coach. When watching live you are anxious and hanging on everything and tend to miss some relevant developments. I came away from the live viewing thinking Kap did just enough to win and we were lucky. When I watched it a second time I discovered he really did put the ball where it needed to go, even on most of the incompletions and really threw well when he had to move out of the pocket.

        As I said, he wasn’t great and the Redzone issues are still a problem, but his play in this game compared to the previous two was a big time improvement and he certainly played a large role in the win with the drives he led.

        Hope you had a great time.

      3. Old Coach,
        I went home and rewatched the game. The one thing that I could see at the game that I couldn’t on TV were the CB’s for the Seahawks mugging our receivers.
        On TV I was able to see Kaep going through progressions, actually moving around pretty well, buying time. The pass interference was very obvious at home.
        When you took everything into account, I don’t see how you couldn’t walk away being impressed by Kaep’s performance. Does he need to integrate Gore in the flat into the passing scheme? Yes. But yesterday he didn’t need to. His mid range shots were open consistently.
        Take into account the drops, the missed PI and the 4 misses on wide open receivers and that was the difference. He should have been close to 70% completion percentage. It just shows that having Crabs back on the field is huge. Manningham is average and of no help.
        Maybe in Seattle they will see the open back and utilize that in the game plan then…..

  70. It appears that LMJ has a hard time figuring out where the punts/kicks are going to land. It seems like he has consistently been running to catch the ball rather then sitting underneath it waiting for it. He doesn’t exactly inspire confidence when back there.

  71. Grant,
    Please post a new blog with some new points and arguments. It seams that everyone wants to continue discussing the niners and it’s getting difficult with the abundance of comments on this blog.
    Thanks either way.

  72. If Whitner’s 15-yard taunting call opens the door
    to a Seattle score/win, what does Mr. Harbaw
    finally, finally, finally do/say do get the attention
    of his team in this regard? Playoff aspirations
    can get shot down in a million legitimate ways…
    and a few flat-out stupid, preventable ones.

    If Donte needs to “speak his mind” then send him
    to grim Oakland. He may discover that
    5 foot 10 and 208 pounds is not big enough
    to support any “unsportsmanlike” conduct….Hmm?

  73. I want to congratulate all the Niners fans here for ignoring the troll Alex Smith (..his Number two does not stink etc etc). It must be tearing him up to keep posting day after day trying to get one of us to react, but nobody responds to his (or her) crap.

    Let’s keep it up and maybe he (or she) will get tired of being ignored and go away..

  74. Guess more of us should wait until a season is over or close to over before we speak in such absolutes and crown certain players.
    Folks in here wanted to crown Russel Wilson NFL MVP a week ago. While he is having a good season, he’s not the same away from home. He gained two yards yesterday. Without his legs he’s average to good.

    Folks in here wanted to point to Cam Newton being better than Kaepernick. Cam’s team got slaughtered by the Saints. He put up 160 yards. Wow lol. And Cam, while I like the guy only put up 125 passing versus the same Seahawks in Carolina and lost. Kaep put up 175 and won. Just saying……

    Most of these details are posted by our room trolls. Conveniently they disappear when times are good here. A week ago the glass half full guys were saying we might not make the playoffs even as a wild card. Today the general feeling is that we are in a great position to make the playoffs and we can battle against the Seahawks even in their own house…… Oh what a difference a day makes.

    1. Does this mean the 49ers will clinch a wildcard (no matter what) if they win the next two game?

      Lets nail down the Tampa game. It’s a 10am game vs a team on a hot (OK, a somewhat warm) streak.

      1. Yes, the 49ers control their own destiny as far as getting into the playoffs go.

        They need help to move up from the sixth to fifth seeds, which would be nice. I’d rather see the 49ers play NO in the dome and let Carolina take a shot at beating the Seahawks in Seattle, before the 49ers go up to that corked stadium.

  75. Many times when I come in here the day after watching a game, I think I may have watched a different game than many who commented, and yesterday was no exception. If you haven’t yet, watch the game again with no anxiety over the outcome you can really analyze the game better.

    Kap wasn’t great by any means, but he also was much better than a D+ which is a grade give from looking at stats or not paying attention during the game. Kap missed on a couple of passes to the flat to Gore and Miller and also underthrew Crabs on the interception, but he was pretty accurate most of the day and found the right guy to throw too more often than not. The problem is a lot of the time the receivers were being interfered with and couldn’t make the catch. They literally could have called Maxwell for a PI on every pass defensed he had, but of course they didn’t. I was especially impressed with Kap’s passing when he moved to his left as this has not been a strength of his. He’s obviously been working on it because he was right on the money with most of those throws yesterday.

    This was a game dominated by the Niners. The score doesn’t show it, but if you look at how the game played out, the Niner offense had 5 drives scoring on 4 and Seattle had two (none in the second half). Both teams had possessions start deep in opposing territory and both came away with a FG. The Niners were able to move the ball on a great defense while shutting down an offense that was on a roll.

    The strategy at the end of the game was also the right one. Those believing they should have gone for a TD need to consider something: An interception ends the game, and an incompletion stops the clock. If you run the ball you give it back to Seattle with little time on the clock and no TO’s which is the way to play it and of course it worked.

    The thing that really encourages me about this game is the defense seems to have figured out how to contain Wilson as they’ve done it in both games this season. The offense took strides in being more effective against their defense yesterday and if they could score one or more TD’s in the Redzone, this game would have been lopsided on the scoreboard. They have to improve in the Redzone; that is the key going forward. If they can turn 1 or 2 of those FG’s into TD’s, we’ve got something going here.

    1. Bottom line, 49ers do not win this game if Kaep played at a D+ level. He played at a D+ level in Seattle, and the Niners got beat 29-3. The fair grade would be B. He was good. B = Good.

      Also agree on the game ending strategy. A TD would have been great, but take as much time off as you can. The clock was Seattle’s biggest enemy at the end.

    2. Kap is so average . I wish he was the guy we saw last year but he isn’t. D+ or C ….what’s the difference? He has to mature and not only on the field. His press conferences make him look like a silly kid.

      1. Kaep was playing against one of the best defenses in the league. Look how the Seattle defense had played against Brees, Newton, Kaep (1st time). They are first in the NFL in passing yards allowed for a reason. They are really good. I thought Kaep was good and his offense scored enough points to win the game. And he was instrumental in a lot of the positive plays the 49ers had.

        I don’t care how he does in the press conferences. I know some fans do, but I’m not one of them.

  76. I don’t feel like this game was as close as the score suggests. When you consider the amount of opportunities we had, Seattle really had a poor day overall we just couldn’t capitalize. It involves the dreaded IF game but If you convert one or more of those FG’s to TD’s it’s not even a close game. If Kaepernick doesn’t get tripped up at the last second we scores on that keeper play.

    The 49ers not making the most of their chances is the only thing that made this a close game. This could have very easily been a blow out victory.

    1. Blast I was still typing mine as you posted.

      rocket says:
      December 9, 2013 at 11:21 am
      This was a game dominated by the Niners. The score doesn’t show it, but if you look at how the game played out, the Niner offense had 5 drives scoring on 4 and Seattle had two (none in the second half). Both teams had possessions start deep in opposing territory and both came away with a FG. The Niners were able to move the ball on a great defense while shutting down an offense that was on a roll.

      1. Rocket and CFC,

        I had the same thought. Willis isn’t going to get beat for a TD on that play too many times. Seattle made the play, no boubt, but had they not, there’s no reason to think they would’ve scored anything more than a FG on that drive.

        Had refs called the PI by Maxwell on Crabtree it’s somewhat likely a FG becomes a TD.

        Solid win by the 49ers. If CK has a good day in Seattle, and the TO’s are even, or in the 49ers favor, I believe the 49ers will beat the Seahawks in the playoffs.

      2. Ex,

        They got us twice with that play to Wilson. Tough for PW to cover a quick TE across the field.

        Seattle had two drives in the game. That’s it. Most of their yards came in the first half and the only points they got in the second came because of a punt return that put them at the Niner 30. It was a great showing for the Niner defense.

    1. That is way over the homer meter but Grant has times where he tries to hard to go the other direction too. I have no problem with people calling it as it is, the issue is when they massage information or numbers to back a view one way or the other.

      1. Rocket, that’s why I said, “sometimes deserved.” But after a couple of years now on this blog, I still have a hard time discerning between Grant being provocative or truly attempting to back his opinions at times. Only Grant knows for sure. Still, it’s better than reading a straight homer beat writer. That would be boring.

      2. Rocket that is exactly my issue. I have no problem with Grant to write about the Niners weakness as long as he also gives the team credit for their play as well.

        It is just silly when a supposed journalist constantly states that the other team played poorly or they did not care or if you take this play out or that play out they would have beat the niners. We constantly read about comments about 49er coaches not being smart enough to put the team in the best position and yet we are 9-4! We here about Frank Gore being one of the worst RB in the NFL and Frank Gains over 100 yards against one of the best defenses in the NFL and will reach over 1000 this season! we read that Crabtree is too slow to beat the DB and then the video shows that Crabtree actually beat the db for a 60 yard play by totally fooling the DB with his double move and passing right by him, this is actually in his first game back from a major injury!!! We here about the major break for the niners due the crabtree’s supposed fumble while he was down but we do not read anything about the penalties by the Seahawks!!!

        We read Ahmad Brooks was lucky when he intercepted Drew Brees by holding his lane and jumping to intercept the pass! We read CK receives a D grade despite his pin point accuracy to complete several very difficult passes such as the pass when he was running to the right and threw all the away across the field for a completion despite the pressure or found secondary or third option when the first target was covered or the TD pass to VD or the run that capped the win by getting the first Down towards the end of the game. Of course CK has to play better if he wants to be the future of this franchise and his play was not great but please give me a break!

        I can go on and on, but my point is clear, if you want to write about the negative then be a professional and write about both perspectives and allow the fans to start a discussion rather than making silly one-sided statements.

  77. Here’s some stats to keep things in perspective regarding Kaep’s performance.

    Wilson’s stats from Seattle’s week 2 dominance of the Niners

    8-19 made-attempt 42.1% 142 yards 1 tds 1 int 11 rushes 33 yards 63.93 Qb rating

    Kaepernick stats in last Sunday’s win

    15-29 made-attempt 51.72% 175 yards 1 td 1 int 9 rushes 31 yards 67.45 Qb rating

    There you have it, two talented Qbs gutting out statistically ugly wins against the top defenses in the league. Niners won because of and not in spite of Kaep.

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