49ers 2016 Projected Lineup

Here’s what the 49ers are building toward.


LWR: Torrey Smith
RWR: DeAndre Smelter
SLOT: Bruce Ellington
LT: Joe Staley
LG: Brandon Thomas
C: Daniel Kilgore
RG: Marcus Martin
RT: Anthony Davis
TE: Vance McDonald
H-BACK: Blake Bell
QB: Colin Kaepernick
FB: Bruce Miller
RB: Carlos Hyde
SCAT: 2016 draft pick (probably a second-rounder)


LDT: Arik Armstead
NT: Glenn Dorsey
RDT: Tank Carradine
LOLB: Eli Harold
LILB: Michael Wilhoite
RILB: NaVorro Bowman
ROLB: Aaron Lynch
LCB: Tramaine Brock
SS: Antoine Bethea
FS: Eric Reid
RCB: Dontae Johnson
NICKEL: Jimmie Ward
DIME: Jaquiski Tartt

What do you think of this lineup? Is the future bright?

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  1. If Aldon stays out of trouble there is zero chance they dont resign him. Drafting a scat back in the second rnd. What? They just drafted Davis in the fourth who is a very good 3 down back. Thats two legit backs. Dont need to invest in a RB in the second rnd. You write and say some ridicoulous things sometimes Grant. It is hard to take you serious.

    1. The 49ers alternate between drafting an RB in Round 4 one year and drafting an RB in Round 2 the next year.

    1. Aldon Smith is a free agent next year. If he plays well in 2015 he will be extremely expensive to re-sign.

      Patton and Lemonier don’t strike me as starters in the NFL.

      1. Agree with the lineup except I think Wilhoite will be replaced by 2016 second/third round pick. Thoughts?

    1. I see 5 spots in this lineup that will feature different starters this year for sure:


      There is a very good chance 4 of these guys are gone in 2016 and maybe all 5 if they don’t resign Smith.

  2. I would replace Vance Mac with Carrier. VM can’t catch which is a critical for TEs.

    Blake Bell was drafted to atone for baalkes sins of the past.

    Sin – Lemonair atonement – eli harold

    1. VMac had back surgery, and the time I chatted with Maiocco didn’t sound 100% convinced he would be healthy. Something to keep an eye on….

  3. If it’s after winning the Super Bowl this year then I’ll look at it as a rebuilding year. GM Baalke said this year is a reloading year so we shall see if the 49ers are playing in their own stadium in SB50. Go 49ers!

      1. You ever been to the Virginia City Graveyards? There’s three grave sections, each one positioned behind the other. The last one affords a remarkable star gazing panorama where UFO’s have been known to fly by….

      2. I just think a lot of posters need the time to come to grips with the their change of perspective due to this last draft.

  4. A lot of things can change between now and then, but this lineup looks like what the future is leading to. My guess is they add another WR in FA or the draft next season to compete for Boldin’s spot if they don’t resign him. I think Aldon is resigned provided he stays out of trouble and I strongly believe they are going to have to add to the CB depth chart next season. An interesting player I’m looking forward to seeing is Trey Millard. I think he could be a contributor similar to Delanie Walker was if he’s healthy.

    1. If you are a ball control team like the 49ers and you find a legit pass rusher like Aldon Smith, you don’t get rid of him. He is well worth the money if he is playing to his capability. You pay the man and protect the team from him doing something stupid. He’s already in the substance abuse program and escaped serious trouble with his Tony Montana impression. His leash is short. It’s a no lose situation for the Niners.

      1. Absolutely BigP. Smith was on a record pace for sacks before he wrapped his car around that tree in San Jose. If his head is finally on straight we might see a return to that level of play.

        1. Wouldn’t you agree,though, that this is a make or break year for Aldon Smith. The team signaled that to him when his contract was revised to essentially pay him in a roster bonus fashion.

          1. Yes and no. They did restructure his contract, but they also sold their soul to keep him in the field previously. I believe it was more of a P.R. move. Ray McDonald was only released after a second mind blowingly stupid charge popped up in a short period of time.

            My parents live in Saratoga and my father worked for the fire department. He told me about the time Josh Shaw and Donald Sutherland ran through a park on a drunken rampage, damaging property and the landscaping. This happened at night and he heard the dispatch call live. He went to the park the next morning to survey the damage and it had already been 90% repaired……by 49er team employees! New trees and sod had already been planted! They were already fixing the damage before Shaw and Sutherland were apprehended because they fled the scene. This is a true story. My dad still laughs about it.

              1. Lsx,
                Yes, Vinny Sutherland. Lol, I knew something didn’t seem right. Little white midget of a receiver. I’m don’t know the exact year, I think it was the Nolan era.

          2. Cubus,

            It is a make or break year in the sense he is on his last strike due to prior behavioral issues. However, if he stays clean, I see no way they let him go. The only reason his contract was revised was because of the off field problems. This is an elite pass rusher we’re talking about at the end of the day. If they didn’t cut him at any point over the last two years, they aren’t going to let him go now.

          3. How much Aldon’s numbers were influenced by Cowboys presence in the middle will also become clear soon. His injuries and the suspensions pretty much clouded that aspect in respect to his drop of in sacks.

      2. Best Quote of the day Big P. Hey Big P. you always strike me as someone that knows the real deal when it comes to lineman! So my question to you is Armstead the real deal?

        1. Rebel,
          I don’t know. I’m honest. He has exceptional ability for the position, but I’m always skeptical about linemen because it’s a brutal position to play. I played DE and TE and enjoyed the physicality but most people don’t. I’m always hoping for the next Bryant Young, but I tend to expect a Kentwan Balmer because most guys don’t want to put themselves through that grind after getting a little bit of money. I was always a football guy, he was a basketball guy for a while, I believe. I wouldn’t call it a red flag, but it does temper my expectations.

          1. Great points! I am also a little skeptical but Hey Antonio Gates and Tony Gonzales were warriors for their NFL teams after playing College Basketball. I know they were tight ends and our guy is a D guy but I almost choked when you brought up Kentwan Balmer , boy that brings not much in my memory bank on what he accomplished! Thanks!

          2. BigP The real truth probably lies some where in between. Hopefully he is a little closer to B. Young than Balmer say somewhere around Jeff Stover.

            1. Loved Jeff stover used to see him from time to time in his home of Chico, ca. Good guy to talk too. He was a roll guy on the 80’s teams that helped some of the stars shine, believed he had his best roll on the 84 team.

  5. I think that’s a pretty good crack at it, and I generally agree with the conclusions. My guess is that if you took the starting lineup you’re using and made a few assumptions about the backups, you’d find that we’d be meaningfully under an escalating cap, though Bethea’s contract jumps up and Wilhoite will probably get a higher salary due to an extension. No Aldon, Vernon, or Brooks frees up quite a bit of cap space. We’d be able to keep at least one of them and/or give Boone the contract he wants.

  6. I agree wholeheartedly with this assessment of out draft from Walterfootball.com.
    San Francisco 49ers: D Grade 
    Goals Entering the 2015 NFL Draft: The 49ers have had a disastrous offseason, losing players left and right because of free agency and retirement. They have so many holes on their roster that they basically have to select the best player available at every juncture. 

    2015 NFL Draft Accomplishments: So much for taking the best player available. The 49ers selected a second-round prospect in the middle of the first, a fringe Day 2 talent early on Friday, a punter in the fifth round and an undraftable player in the sixth. 

    I can’t imagine how frustrated and upset logical 49er fans must be right now. Fifteen months ago, San Francisco was in Super Bowl contention, thanks to a loaded roster and a top-three NFL head coach. Trent Baalke has ruined everything, exiling Jim Harbaugh, chasing away skilled veterans into retirement and free agency, and failing to find proper replacements for his departed talents. The 49ers are going to be one of the worst teams in the league in 2015, and this draft class barely did anything to help. 

    There’s one thing saving the 49ers from a dreaded Millen grade. That would be Eli Harold, who was a steal in the third round. Discussed as a late-first-round possibility, Harold could eventually start at outside linebacker. However, he may not see much action this season because of what the team already has at the position. 

    Read more at http://www.walterfootball.com/nfldraftgradesteam.php#5gR72Tf8oc3HAI8E.99

    1. Grading a draft immediately after the draft is stupid. History has proven that over and over again. If a team has a great draft on paper and it turns out the players are actually productive, people will point to their draft grades. If a team has a terrible draft on paper but actually produces productive players, nobody references their draft grade. It becomes a case of creating their own reality.

      1. Win! Win! That’s what any predictor is looking for, but knowing that doesn’t make me optimistic. I’ll need at least ten games before optimistic dreams are a possibility for me. A win in Seattle would help.

    2. I couldn’t disagree more with Walter’s assessment of the 49ers draft and off season work. He’s a blowhard with a case of the a** in regards to the 49ers.

      And it is ridiculous to assign grades to a current draft (or any draft for that matter)… simply insane.

      I think Cohn has a good handle on where Baalke is headed with the roster.

    3. A piece like this from Walterfootball is nonsense due to the fact you can’t tell the value of what you’ve done in the draft or FA until they get on the field. While I’m not thrilled with a couple of the picks and where they were taken, I admit it’s silly to make a final conclusion based on what you think will happen. It’s also extreme hyperbole to suggest SF is now going to be one of the worst teams in the league.

      Having said that, I also understand why there is a perception outside the team and it’s fan base that this off season has been a train wreck. If you are somebody who is looking at the Niners transaction sheet since the end of the season, you’ve seen nothing but losses of key players and the firing of a Coaching staff that was among the best in the league. I can’t fault outsiders for thinking this team is heading toward disaster. As a fan I remain optimistic, but as a realist, I see the potential for a lot of the same problems arising that some of the negative forecasters do.

      1. You can grade on value & draft moves.

        Baalke should get kudos for picking up a 4th & a 5th to move down two spots.

        Walter grading Baalke poorly is fair, but we have to keep in mind that it’s based off of their draft board value; the credence given to their board would be determined by how successful they graded teams in past years.

    4. weird things seem to make you happy. if you dislike the players the coaches and the front office so much why not move on to another team?

  7. Grant… my comments are on “Here’s what the 49ers are building toward.”

    I’ll avoid strawman statements implying this is your personal roster prediction or preference.

    Yes, I think this is what the 49ers are building toward.

    – The 2016 lineup looks packed with quality players. But it lacks household names outside QB. I think the 49ers will try to re-sign Aldon. If he was on the list, the future would be even brighter.

    – The 49ers really like Ian Williams. He’ll play if healthy.

    – Eli Harold was BPA that fell into their laps. At 247 lbs he’s an MLB sized OLB in a team that believes in big. He could be the Ellington of the defense. Talented, but no clear role. They’ll have to figure this out.

    – Baalke mentioned Tartt and Ward will alternate depending on personnel packages.

    – Tartt and Harold could be used to zone up TEs. Disrupt crossing patters.

    – “Starter” designation on defense will have less importance. Look for Dial, Williams, Dorsey and others to get significant snaps.

    1. Brodie,

      Re Harold:
      — I don’t think Aldon is going anywhere unless he seriously screws up.
      — Eli would be a big ILB plus on the field all the time to blitz.

      They’re probably not thinking of diverting him to ILB, but a guy can dream, can’t a guy?

      1. All it takes is a salary cap rich team with a short timer GM desperate to make a free agency splash. It will be hard to match any offer.

        I think Aldon put his house on the market. Vernon did.

      2. “I don’t think Aldon is going anywhere unless he seriously screws up.”

        Or if his play in 2015 resembles his play in 2014.

  8. The biggest decision Baalke will make (or made) in his tenure is whether to sign Aldon early or wait till his contract expires. Both have major risks.

    The Colin or Alex was also a big decision, but Harbaugh made it easy when he changed starters. Two well paid QBs make a big salary cap problem.

    1. Given the players coming off contract and those that have/ are expected to retire this year, I’d be surprised if the 49ers couldn’t re-sign Aldon if they didn’t want to. They should have the money under the cap to fit him you’d think.

  9. With Mangini as the head coach, I’m wondering if they might on some passing downs and specifically against some opponents, start running a 2-5. I’m thinking three OLBs or maybe two OLBs and Tarrt (in this case 2CBs, 3 safeties, 2 ILB, 2OLB, 2 DL). There would be a mixture of players that could line up on the LOS or near it, yet more players would have at least some skill to drop back into coverage. Maybe this could help disguise some of what the defense is up to. Might be useful against TEs like Jimmy Graham. IDK, just thinking out loud.

  10. Bruce Miller charged with vandalism foir chucking a phone against a wall, but not for domestic violence/abuse.

    Good news, I guess?

    Could’ve been much worse.

  11. Some very good comments above and some head scratchers as well. It is pretty clear Trent Baalke is trying to rebuild the defense once again to a top 5 ranking.
    You can never have enough linebackers, and you can never have enough guys to play in the secondary. If they cannot crack the lineup at their position, the special teams is where they make their mark. It is a great development process.
    Overall,I like all the draft picks based on potential. Now lets see what this staff can do with them in terms of developing and contributing. I am predicting a 10 win season

  12. I get it now…..except one

    Arik Armstead = Replacement for Mcdonald/J.Smith
    Jaquiski Tartt = Jimmy Graham cover guy
    Eli Harold = insurance for A.Smith and Brooks
    Blake Bell = insurance for Miller
    Mike Davis = insurance for Bush and other RB’s
    DeAndre Smelter = future Boldin replacement
    Bradley Pinion = ????
    Ian Silberman and Trenton Brown = Oline depth
    Rory “Busta” Anderson = future backup to number 1 TE

        1. I loved the measurables on Tartt. I’ve got a hunch he catches on quicker than normal. Do you think this could be the end of Dahl?

          1. Either Dahl or McCray will likely be gone. As much as I’d like it to be Dahl, my gut says it will McCray that says bye bye.

              1. Dahl is the turd you can’t flush. McCray will need to prove he can play Safety in a pinch….

        2. I think Tartt will be used in a situational role to begin with. Likely playing in Dime and covering TE’s.

  13. I can see why Baalke did not get along with Harbaugh. Harbaugh probably challenged Baalke’s every move in the 49ers war room during the prior 3 drafts and did not put up with the Vudu “listen to the board” crap that Baalke just pulled out of his arse.

    Baalke will be gone in a couple of years. Mark it down!

    Grant, to answer your question. No, the immediate future does not look good for the 49ers. Expect several years of sub-8 win seasons.

    1. keep dreaming……..Baalke is going now where for the next 2-3 yrs…..

      T. Baalke is better than 3/4 of the all current NFL GM……

      1. The thing that keeps Baalke in the game is that he does have certain skills that make him an asset. It’s just putting together a roster outside of free agency that is his really big problem. They really need to get someone else to run the draft.

    1. Yes, when he’s healthy. He needs to get on the field first. These salvaged title players are risk and high reward gambles. I hope this kids is the same post ACL injury.

  14. And pretty sure Dockett is under contract thru 2016. If Armstead isn’t ready for whatever reason, Dockett could still be strongside DT.

  15. Based on the way Baalke is drafting we will be running the wishbone or wing t so we wont have a Left wr or Right wr let alone a slot. :)

    1. It would be funny to roll out some completely B.S. offensive scheme in preseason just to piss the league and officials off. Just for a quarter or a half, but it would be funny to watch them trip over themselves.

      I’d hire a professional bowler and put him at QB. Sprint right option but instead of throwing the ball, he would bowl it to a empty spot on the field where a predetermined linemen was responsible for falling on it. I’d make sure Goodell’s reaction was caught on a 1000 FPS camera and when questioned about it during the post game I would simply refer to it as the “Cinnabon” offense. I would do this for absolutely no reason other then the fact that Cinnabon isn’t an official sponsor of the NFL and that would piss Goodell off even more while leaving him without a reasonable cause for punishing me. After I got the call from the Goods, I’d change the name to the Deez Nutz formation and see how far I could take it……

  16. Hey did you see what Matt M. just posted on Miller, Charged with misdeamonor vandalism! Does this change his status at all?

  17. “However, if he stays clean, I see no way they let him go. ”

    When you make that statement are you assuming that he will return to 2013 performance? His return last year was underwhelming (relative to his previous performances). Or do you think they have a minimum acceptable performance expectation under which they would keep him (i.e. he doesn’t have to return to 2013 or earlier performance, just be good enough to justify keeping him around albeit, hopefully, at a lower salary).

    One thing that sticks with me regarding Aldon last year is that John Harbaugh raved about him during the scrimmages. Then of course Aldon was out for all of those games, but outside of one game (where he managed two sacks), he never returned to the performance level expected of him by the fans/analysts. Of course sacks aren’t everything, but I believe that all of his statistics were down (i.e. sacks, hurries, etc.).

    1. I know you were responding to Rocket, but if AS gets double digit sacks and regularly puts pressure on the QB this season (and stays clean) the 49ers will pay to keep him in my opinion.

    2. Cubus,

      I think sitting out the first 11 games and being unable to practice was the reason for his ineffectiveness last year, but the team has protected themselves in the event he doesn’t bounce back and his struggles continue into this season. I fully expect to see the old Aldon though and as long as he doesn’t do something stupid off the field, I see no way he isn’t signed to a long term extension complete with behavioral clauses.

      1. Rocket- it is still a question as to how much his lower impact was because of his injuries or the decline of Cowboy in the middle. This coming season should answer that.

  18. So assuming Justin Smith retires, who do people think will be the starting DL in the 3-4 front, and who will be the starting DL in the 4-man front?

    My guess is as follows: 3-4 front:
    – LDT: Arik Armstead
    – NT: Ian Williams
    – RDT: Glenn Dorsey

    4-man front:
    – LDE: Aaron Lynch
    – LDT: Tank Carradine in obvious passing downs/ Glenn Dorsey or Quinton Dial on other downs
    – RDT: Darnell Dockett
    – RDE: Aldon Smith

      1. I agree Razor. Also I think Dial will be in at LDT, possibly in rotation with Armstead until he can get up to speed. I’ve said it before, but I love the idea of Lynch/Tank/Dockett/Aldon on passing downs. Imagine taking the snap on 3rd and long with those 4 coming at you. That should allow us to drop back more into coverage.

        The more research I’m doing the more I’m liking the draft. The only real concern is ILB for me. Obviously they’re liking Bowman’s progress, but if Bow goes down then we’re down to Wilhoite and Moody/Bishop/Wheeler as our starters. Down right pedestrian. All are solid against the run but neither can cover. Offenses would easily exploit that group.

          1. Yea, I believe Scooter was the first to propose using Tartt as that Hybrid S/ILB in the same fashion as Kam Chancellor many, many weeks ago….

    1. I’d predict Tank, Dorsey and Dockett in the 3-4, but expect a lot more rotation than previous seasons. I agree with your 4 man front.

      1. He did, but he was typically lined up as a 3-tech. I think he’ll slot into J. Smith’s role in the 4-man front, but maybe he plays LDT. For mine the LDT should be better against the run than Dockett is.

  19. All this talk about how Armstead was rated at pick 35 fails to consider something that I myself was not aware of, not sure about the rest of you. Armstead played with an injured ankle, displayed grit playing through it, and as he began to heal, his play started to improve….

    1. Just think of his large frame bull rushing his opponent. Imagine him getting under the guys pads and pushing him up. Remember what Aldon did to Incognito? He might just pick him up and throw him.

    2. Yup , especially when basketball guys are considered soft compared to football guys. Now I have seen lots of crazy maniacs on the Court that loved pain so maybe he has the grit and gusto we all want! Seems well spoken and a good guy but no indication if he will be a holly terror on the field!

        1. Matt Miller spoke in regards to this.
          Part of that was due to his role within the defense. This can be understood becuase they placed him in a frog like stance on all fours with both feet at the same level. He was then asked to read to control his man and read the play… No one is going to be very quick out of that stance and I believe his stance will get better.
          The downside is while some people rave about him playing on a bad ankle I would argue that is par for the course with Dlinemen. Few play at a full health due to the nature of the position.

  20. I grade the draft in 3 stages (before, during & after)…sort of like a relationship with a chick.

    1. Pass eye test (before)
    2. Good results/production (during)
    3. Commitment (after)

    It’s not rocket science.

    1. Hey , I’m selling Crabtree’s jordans on ebay. Buy them :) only $275 right now. You can pit them in your man cave.

      1. Hello sir, how are you?
        I would love to purchase the Crabtree Jordans for $275 sir but I’m barely getting by these days. My man cave really is a cave. These stinky, ripped hand-me-down clothes prove I’m down on my luck. So would you take a buck fifty ($1.50) for the item?…..By the way, that’s a very nice watch you have on. Wow!

        1. Loll, how have you been? Wondering if you’ll stop cheering for crabtree since he’s a raider now. What did you think of the draft?

          1. Big niner – The only picks I liked were Harold, Smith and Smelter….as for Crabtree, I lost respect for him the last 2 years….He’s lazy on and off the field. Good riddance.
            Wish I had different screen name/avatar now but I am an unknown cheetos-eatin troll in here without it. Lol…….not that I’m a big deal anyways.
            Thanks for asking bro.

  21. Does anyone have a link to tape on Armstead outside of the 3 that are available on Draft Breakdown?

    1. I don’t know that many people are saying we could have gotten him later. You simply have no way of knowing. For all we know the Chiefs may have been sitting there really hoping Armstead fell to them.

      1. You’re probably right Scooter, and my perception has been thrown off by a few using it in their comment multiple times.

    1. Cosell slaps down Larry’s argument (which mirrors many of the talking heads’ arguments) that Armstead was a disappointing pick and didn’t “produce” in college. Cosell basically says if you don’t understand what a 4 tech is supposed to do in terms of disrupting the pocket and setting up the play for other teammates, you’re going to fall into the trap of looking at solely tackles and sacks. Also, if the ball gets run to the other side of the formation, how can Armstead get dinged for not “producing.” Cosell seems to indicate the Calais Campbell comparison is a possibility and really likes the pick.

      1. Also, Cosell, like everyone else, notes that Armstrong needs to refine his technique.

        I think if Tomsula is able to work Armstrong over in training camp about keeping his pad level low, he should be able to be a rotational player in our DL stable this season. Oregon runs a very similar 3-4 front to ours and thus the transition should be smoother than say with Tank Carradine coming from the FSU 4-3 front.

        1. Asusoron- Tomsula is now the head coach. I don’t think we should still consider him in the position or to having the time to work with D linemen on their technique.

          1. I wouldn’t assume that given Tomsula has Baalke and a couple of ex head coaches on the staff. I imagine for a first round pick, Tomsula might find the time to work with him as part of a technically targeted schedule. Most of his work will come in the weight room, and I hope Justin Smith shows him the correct method of madness….

    2. This draft’s talent peaks and valleys assured most GMs picking 3-14 and mid 20’s-32 would be hailed as visionaries…

      and any GM picking 15 (even the great Ozzie Newsome) would have been ripped a new one for “reaching” or “refusing” to trade up or back.

      Pick 15 really was what Barrows called “no mans land.” The dumbest GM picking 14 would come out smelling like a rose. 15 kind just plain smelly. That’s just the way to cookie crumbled.

      If Ray and Gregory had their stuff together, Baalke would be getting praised by the very people that are ripping him now.

      Praised maybe for that bold trade back for that extra 2nd rounder+Armstead (or Perriman)… or praised for that great trade-up for White (“and it only cost a 3rd rounder”)… or Praised for standing pat and choosing Parker/Shelton/Gurley.

      It was amazing Baalke was able to score an extra 4th and 2016 5th. Had he been offered a major trade back to the 20s, he would have jumped on it. Everyone (including Trent) knew Armstead would still be there. Naturally Trent has the sense not to admit it, least he alienate Armstead.

      I would have traded up 46 for DGB, but I give Baalke credit for allowing talent to come to him, and not (truly) reaching for a middling ILB.

  22. I was concerned about the lack of production Armstead had in college.

    However, the more I think about what Baalke said about the pick, the better I feel. I think his 4 technique comments really are the explanation for his lack of stats at Oregon, not necessarily his role in our 4-3 under D. A guy who has 2 gap responsibility in college can’t shoot a gap and rack up sacks. However, in our D, he’ll likely be a 1 gap defender, and can be much more productive.

    1. Eddie D, listen to the Cosell segment above. He takes Larry Kruegar to task on that very assumption that detractors are making about lack of “production.”

      I like Larry Kruegar and appreciate what he brings to their show, but I (and Cosell) disagree with him on this point.

      1. Thanks, I hadn’t listened to that.

        For those who aren’t familiar with a 4-3 under, I think this is a pretty instructive link. And when reading it, I feel good about our d-line. I think Tank can be a legit 5, Dorsey/Williams a legit NT (maybe 1 tech?), and Armstead has the potential to be a very good 3. Obviously when healthy, we’re legit at all 4 of the LB positions. Safeties are at the top of the NFL when healthy, so the question is our 3 corners.

        Link: http://ravensall-22.blogspot.com/2014/08/what-is-4-3-under-and-how-do-ravens-use_4.html

        1. Its funny, I see Tank and Armstead as the complete opposite to what you’ve said here. I think Tank can be a 3-tech (under tackle – J. Smith’s spot) and Armstead will likely best project to 5-tech LDE (Ray Mac’s spot).

  23. I agree with most of it, but the differences/changes are in CAPs

    LWR: Torrey Smith
    RWR: DeAndre Smelter
    SLOT: Bruce Ellington
    LT: Joe Staley
    LG: Brandon Thomas
    RT: Anthony Davis
    TE: Vance McDonald
    H-BACK: Blake Bell
    QB: Colin Kaepernick
    FB: Bruce Miller
    RB: Carlos Hyde
    SCAT: 2016 draft pick (probably a second-rounder)

    LDT: Arik Armstead
    NT: Glenn Dorsey
    RDT: Tank Carradine
    LOLB: ALDON SMITH (will get re-signed)
    LILB: ROOKIE OR FA (wilhoite has limitations)
    RILB: NaVorro Bowman
    ROLB: Aaron Lynch
    LCB: Tramaine Brock
    SS: Antoine Bethea
    FS: Eric Reid
    NICKEL: Jimmie Ward
    DIME: Jaquiski Tartt

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