49ers 23, Cardinals 20: Grades

Here are my grades for the 49ers. They beat the Cardinals 23-20 on a last-second field goal by Phil Dawson.

KAEPERNICK: B+. Excellent in the first and fourth quarter, bad in the second and third quarter. He was flagged for a delay-of-game penalty on the final drive of the game, but he also made two beautiful throws on that drive – one to Anquan Boldin for 18 yards and one to Quinton Patton for 29 yards. Both passes were ropes, both were on the money. A couple of Kaepernick’s passes got knocked down at the line of scrimmage and this seems to happen every game, which is odd considering Kaepernick is tall – 6-foot-4. The fact that he tends to stare down his receivers makes it easier for defensive linemen to read his eyes and bat down his passes. His field vision, footwork and accuracy still were issues in this game, and he was uncharacteristically poor on third down (3-for-13), but he didn’t pull a Matt Ryan. Kaepernick made enough plays down the stretch to win.

WIDE RECEIVERS: B+. Anquan Boldin was very good – 9 catches for 149 yards and a touchdown. He had a 63-yard catch largely due to Patrick Peterson missing a tackle five yards past the line of scrimmage. Boldin’s best catch came in the fourth quarter with less than three minutes left. It was second-and-10. Kaepernick rolled to his left and fired a pass about five feet over Boldin’s head. Boldin jumped and caught it and got both feet in bounds for a gain of 17. Four plays later, Dawson made a field goal that put the 49ers up 20-17. Michael Crabtree did not have a good game, but Quinton Patton did. His 29-yard catch at the end of the game set up the game-winning field goal. Patton did a good job jumping and catching the pass over the cornerback.

TIGHT ENDS: C+. Vernon Davis had a touchdown catch in the red zone and touchdowns always are good, but other than the touchdown, this group didn’t do much receiving or blocking.

RUNNING BACKS: F. Frank Gore had 14 yards on 13 carries. Enough said. Kendall Hunter had two good runs but he only rushed two times. Anthony Dixon was worse than Gore – two carries for negative-five yards. Dixon caught two passes and LaMichael James caught one.

OFFENSIVE LINE: D. They gave up only two sacks against a good pass rush, but the 49ers’ offensive line created very little room to run and gave up five tackles for losses.

DEFENSIVE LINE: D. Carson Palmer dropped back 49 times behind a bad offensive line, and the 49ers’ defensive line sacked Palmer no times. That doesn’t bode well for the playoffs. It seemed like the only time the 49ers got pressure on Palmer was when the Niners blitzed. The 49ers gave up two three-yard rushes on a couple of fourth-and-one plays. It’s not often the 49ers lose the battle at the line of scrimmage and win the game.

LINEBACKERS: B+. NaVorro Bowman mostly was terrific – a game-high 10 tackles, a pick, a sack, a forced fumble and a fumble recovery – but he gave up a 24-yard pass to Rob Housler over the middle on the Cardinals’ last drive. Patrick Willis was good, but also gave up a pass to Housler – Willis completely lost him and Palmer hit him for a 30-yard gain. Ahmad Brooks was disruptive when the Cardinals didn’t block him, but he finished the game with just three tackles.

DEFENSIVE BACKS: D. Carson Palmer’s passes were all over the place in the first quarter. But from the second quarter on, the 49ers gave up 373 passing yards, two touchdown catches and a 113 passer rating.

SPECIAL TEAMS: B+. Phil Dawson missed a field goal and Andy Lee shanked a punt in the fourth quarter which set up a go-ahead field goal for the Cardinals. But Dawson made three other field goals, including a 56-yarder and a 40-yard game winner. And LaMichael James was excellent returning punts and kicks. He averaged 15 yards per punt return, and he had a 45-yard kick return at the end of the game that set up the game-winning field goal.

COACHING: D. The plays Greg Roman scripted for the first quarter were clever and successful – wide receiver screens and reverses. Then he went away from those and tried some no-huddle offense. That didn’t work. The 49ers didn’t score a point in the second or third quarter and didn’t score a touchdown after the first quarter. The 49ers had two third-and-ones and a fourth-and-one. They ran up the middle all three times and converted none of them. No creativity from Roman on those play calls. On the defense, Vic Fangio probably didn’t call enough blitzes, but he’s in a tough spot if the 49ers’ can’t generate a consistent pass rush with their front-four because he does not have lock-down cornerbacks.

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    1. was thinking the same thing….we are gonna need him too. I liked what I saw of him preseason, hoping that would transfer over into the regular season.

  1. I agree with your grades. other than the first quarter, roman was terrible. I hope roman leaves in the off season.
    I’m amazed at how the defensive line could not disrupt the o line.

    1. I would only want Roman gone if there was a better offensive coordinator that would be hired and actually stay for awhile. I remember all too well the years we had worse coordinators plus they didn’t bother to stick around so we didn’t even know if some of them were any good.

    1. Yeah, Steve, I didn’t like that, either. But was impressed with how when he saw what was going on Patton rushed over and in no uncertain terms gave Dockett the heave-ho. I like this kid Patton. He’s definitely a comer . . .

    2. Lots sneaky late shots on Kapernick, knee to stomach, after the slide, after the whistle, etc., and only one got the flag. Camera clearly catches more than the refs.

  2. Grant,

    You can’t have it both ways. Last week you downgraded Roman for throwing on 3rd and 1, this week you downgrade him for running it.

    1. Not trying to have it both ways. I wasn’t against taking a shot on third-and-1 against the Falcons, I just didn’t like the play. If you’re gonna take a shot on third-and-1, don’t do it with heavy personnel. Give yourself a better chance. Although running up the middle would have worked against the Falcons. Their run D stunk.

      It was clear early on that running up the middle wasn’t working in this particular game against the Cardinals. There is more than one way to gain one yard. You don’t have to run up the middle to get it. You can throw a short pass. You can run a naked bootleg.

      1. “He had a 63-yard catch largely due to Patrick Peterson missing a tackle five yards past the line of scrimmage.”

        That was against Powers, not Peterson. Arizona was in Nickle, and Boldin was in the slot.

      2. If you’re gonna take a shot on third-and-1, don’t do it with heavy personnel.

        Yeah it’s not like the defense is even less likely to expect a shot play with heavy personnel.

        1. If you’re going to take a shot with heavy personnel, it should be for 6 points. If not, get the first down. Trying to get a first down by taking a shot with heavy personnel is the definition of being too cute. Can’t get any cuter.

      3. So, the problem wasn’t with taking a shot with heavy personnel, but with the play design? Perhaps Jack has a point; you need to make up your mind.

      4. The thing that really annoys me is how often on those short yardage situations they resort to the heavy personnel with 6 or 7 OL. It makes it easier to defend the run, not harder, because you compress the defense, and defenses know that Davis is the only real threat as a receiver. It has worked pretty well down on the goal line getting Davis free – he’s gotten a few TDs out of those heavy packages – but that’s about it.

  3. Kap should be a C+. He needs to look to other options than his 1st receiver.
    Defensively backs; C. The passrush was MIA, and that makes it harder to cover anyone.
    otherwise I agree with the grades. I think a lot of the blame for the offensive woes go to Harbaugh as well. The game plan appears to become conservative as soon as the Niners getup by 10 or so points. When the Niners were up by 17 they should try some deep passes to break the will of the other team, not play it safe. I think the defense gets worn down with all these close games.

    1. c+ still generous. Did you see the play in the second quarter when he completely missed spotting wide open Davis AND Crabtree while throwing to Boldin in double coverage? Does this guy ever look off his primary receiver?

      1. yes I saw that too,pissed me off,Kap needs to be trained or Coached in going through his progressions and to take his time doing it ,not panicing

    2. C+ is more fitting. That delay of game at the end was ridiculous. How the heck do we consistently have this problem, game after game after game after game??

      1. I think that it’s because Harbaugh second-guesses the play from Roman and that takes time for him to change it. It also loses the surprise factor on the defense.

    3. break the will ,or go for the jugular,or Killer Instinct is exactly what is LACKING for the offense and there in lies the problem my friend.I was chewed out on Niner talk for stating your point,but I see if this is not changed the Niners will be one and done in the GBay.

  4. No problem with your opinion of the game but I thought Colin didn’t do much. Yeah the stats line says he was very good, but I think it was a lot more of the receivers bailing him out than anything else. He threw some horrible passes today. OL wasn’t much, receivers and linebackers led the way. DL did their job for the most part. Corners were weak, safeties only a little better. Coaching was pretty bad, Started with a bang then they turned into the same plodding mess that the Niners have featured far too many times these past three years.

    YMMV and pass the suid snacks…

    1. Did Kapernick turn the ball over?
      Did he have just enough passes on the money?
      Did he generally on average run a complicated offense?
      Did he make the best of a relentless pass rush that gave Wilson a tough time last week?
      Did he in the end help his team to put a up W even with some bad play calling and a one dimensional offense due to a non existent run game?
      He deserves at least a C+

    1. agree. you could see glimpses before he got hurt. he reminds me of a healthy Manningham, and may be a couple inches taller. Feisty player

  5. Coaching gets a ‘D’…
    No scoring for two entire quarters, back to back even,
    is a black eye for the offense as a whole,
    the QB in particular, and Harbaw + Roman.
    The better teams
    (Seattle, Denver, Green Bay, New England, New Orleans)
    put points on the board at least 3 out of 4 quarters.
    This inconsistency has been manifested earlier in the year.
    It will not work in the playoffs. Especially on the road.

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  6. This is actually the 1st time I actually agree with Jr. (I have been deleted by posting him as such!) on his Grades.

    Roman get’s an F! on my card. He is absolutely KILLING the 49ers chances of winning!

    When this Playoff Season is done (hopefully with a 6 Piece Of Silver) he get’s hired by the Lions.

    1. Folsom:

      You do realize, don’t you, that the 49ers are on a 6 game winning streak and finished with a 12-4 record?

      What chances of winning has Roman killed?

      1. should be 14-2 how about that,Panthers and Colts were ROMANs finest Hours, bad play calling,but wisdom is right”what chances has Roman Killed?” Oh Yeah lets not forget the Superbowl3 straight passes ,no naked bootleg,no run plays,no screen plays AT THE 5 YARD line,yeah Roman has not killed any Chances of winning.

    2. Two drives were killed by excellent penetration by the Cards D-line, which is a credit to them more than anyone has mentioned. Their DL is probably better than ours with Docket, Campbell and two good nose guards. That said, their D has been killed by misdirection, reverses, and play action which counters their aggressiveness. Roman had it going in the first quarter with two reverses plus the play action TD to Vernon, and could have utilized play action on at least one of those third/fourth and shorts. Here’s hoping he tailors the game plan to GB’s weaknesses.

  7. MAN 2. Tell the corners unless you’re 100% sure you’re going to make the int, don’t go for it. Stay with the man, make the sure tackle. We need to blitz. We can not leave our DB’s in coverage that long. It’s a disaster. As far as our offense, the line was terrible. The play calls were worse. We were way too predictable after the first qtr. They can’t coach that way, the players can’t play like that, and expect to make it to the SB. Hopefully we were just going through the motions. The new season begins Saturday.

  8. The D Backs are getting burned for chunk plays. We should be able to match up against the Pack, but the coaches should be working on the soft zone coverage they used.
    I love Kaep. But he’s struggling to be a pocket QB, it didn’t help that the receiving corp has been a one man show, Anquan, with help from Vernon.
    I think we will see more of the gunslinger Kaep he wants to be because the Niners are going to have to score TD’s in the playoffs.
    I’m feeling good about the Niners heading into the Wild Card.

  9. Good road win today against a very good defense. There were some positives to be happy about. QP may have emerged as another offensive weapon. I have been whining about our return game and sure enough LMJ busted a solid KR to set up the final drive. Kap was efficient during the final drive. Dawson is extremely reliable.

    There were negatives also. Palmer picked apart the D in the second half as did Ryan last week. What happens with Rogers next week? It is official, until whitner stops missing tackles, he cant change his name. Our D cant cover big athletic receivers. Thank goodness their kicker missed two field goals. Why no bubble screens to gore/hunter. Are Roman/Harbs giving up on Vance Mac?

    Let’s hope for decent weather next week and brace ourselves for ARod passing for 600+ yards.

      1. KY:

        Coming into this game, the 49ers ranked 5th in the league in converting red zone opportunities.

        PS: You are not as smooth as your name would suggest.

      2. Maybe you missed the part “Too many field goals not enough TD’s.” That percentage is based on scoring points. We score points, yes we do. But if we scored TD’s more than half of the times we reach the red zone none of our games would be nail biters.

      3. Rollo:

        I am pretty sure that everyone does. The fact is that, compared to the rest of the league, the 49ers have done well scoring TDs in the red zone this season.

  10. Coach Harbaw in a presser…
    (you cannot make this stuff up…)
    Anquan Boldin is a “football player”
    ” That sums it up. ”
    ” Only for the tough. ”

    Go ahead and reserve a time at Pebble Beach.
    Make it for two weeks from tomorrow, okay?
    The Super Bowl monkey is staying on your back
    all summer long. Until at least February 2015…

  11. Cards were the second hottest team next to the Niners going into this week…. Niners did what they needed to do and won their 6th straight – never easy against a talented division rival…..

    Now we get to sit back and watch these Cowboys choke. What a great Sunday….

  12. Agree with the grades, and happy for the Niners to take on Green Bay. Everyone is scared to face them at home in the winter, but the Niners match up very well. Rodgers had two picks and a pedestrian 85 QBR today. Lacy got 3.1 yards per carry against a historically bad Bears run D (they give up an average of 5.4 yards/carry!). No way Lacy does that against the Niners. Green Bay won because of a missed assignment by the Bears on fourth and long. They won’t get that lucky again against a team that knows how to play them.

    Niners 28 GB 24

    1. total blown play….they won’t run on us, we’ll play the big nickel. gore will be fresh because he didn’t get that many touches. The cold weather means the trenches will be critical. Our beasts in the trenches are better than theirs.

  13. Good grades except coaching grade….Niners beat a hot 10 win team from best conference in NFL, on the road. C or better for coaches is more accurate.

  14. The secondary was not that bad. The lock down corner statement is subjective.

    Most of Carson’s big plays came with plenty of time in the pocket. NO CB can cover guys for that long.

    1. This secondary excels when the D line is on its game. Today their pass rush was not on. So the secondary did okay considering weak pass rush and the WR talent they were up against.

  15. Q. Patton needs to follow todays game up with more clutch plays. That’s exactly what this offense needs…a 3rd WR that requires respect. Then our 4 WR sets (V. Davis as 4th) will be pretty scary. Of course that means that Kap has to 1) look to pass the ball to ALL of the receivers, and 2) not stare down his receiver.

    1. What Quinton needs to learn is where the first down is or find away to it after the catch. He could have gotten two important first downs.
      This is a good secondary and he found the ball in tight coverage. The rest will come with time on the field.
      He will get more calls and more looks from Kapernick after today. In my book he and Dawson were key to the closing seconds win.

  16. Grant how in gods good name can you give the O line a D and the RB’s an F. The O line was absolutely horrible in run blocking they were dominated. The RB’s did a hell of a job in not losing another 20 yards . The O line was very poor in pass protection the RB’s did a great job picking up Arizona’s blitz packages and the RB’s had a good day pass receiving. Games are won and lost up front and if the 9ers had lost this game it would have been on the backs of the O line not the RB’s.

    1. old coach:

      I too was trying to reconcile the grades for the o-line and the running backs.

      By the way, good call on Patton.

  17. Great game by the 49ers and I was incredibly encouraged by a number of things…. wait, where’s my Copenhagen? There it is…. Oh Yeah!!! (I’m like a hillbilly Koolaid man).

    I got the sense in this game that the 49ers didn’t want to show the new tricks and plays they had in store for the playoffs. The 49ers came out throwing in the first quarter and put up 17 fast points. Then Greg Roman, in my opinion, said, “We’ve got a comfortable lead and I don’t want to show our playoffs opponents everything, so I’m going back to Frank Gore.” After we went up 17 pts fast, and had control of the game and momentum, GRow (actually, I’m a fisherman so I’m spelling it GRoe) went to Gore for the same old boring ass, grind clock and lose the big game recipe we’ve watched so often this year that leads me to call for GRoe’s head after each big game. But today I’m defending GRoe. The game, even though we had to let it all hangout at the end, was about testing concepts and seeing how they held up under fire before the playoffs without revealing too much to future opponents.

    This game saw the 49ers going after the edge without Frank Gore in the game. Frank Gore is done. Want evidence? Without Gore we scored 17 points (actually, he did touch the ball once). The 49ers went with end-around plays to Boldin and guard or tackle pulling plays for Patton. Kaepernick threw and threw again.

    Even after the 17 pt lead, the 49ers were trying to get new receivers involved: They threw to Dixon and Patton often. They threw an awesome swing pass to La Micheal James. They even threw to Staley. They spread the ball around and even though they didn’t use Hunter enough in my opinion, they used him effectively.

    The first drive was awesome, and so were the second and third drives (even though the third was short because of Bowman’s INT). The 49ers opened the game passing to set-up the run. But if the 49ers are smart, in the playoffs, they’ll pass to setup the run not with Gore but with either James or Hunter.

    Frank Gore’s role on this team from now until retirement should be our redzone specialist and our pass blocking specialist, with the occasional run up the middle. He’s no longer good enough to be a major component to our offense. We have too many other explosive players in their prime who can move the ball more effectively. The trouble is Frank Gore will cry and complain about his carries and his playing time, but if Jim Harbaugh and Greg Roman want to truly compete for a Super Bowl this year, they’ll put Frank on the bench unless it’s short yardage, pass blocking or redzone plays.

    Now, going into the playoffs, it’s not just Crabtree, Vernon and Boldin. Now it’s Crabtree, Vernon, Boldin, Patton, Dixon and James. I would love to have seen GRoe try and get Jon Baldwin (who probably wasn’t even suited up) into the game. I would have loved to have seen Hunter get more snaps. I would have loved to have seen McDonald get more passes thrown his way, but to get Patton, LaMicheal and Dixon involved was huge.

    If the 49ers come out against the Packers with an open, spread attack, with the players listed above, AND NO GORE, the 49ers will dominate the Packers, and they’ll be a very different team against the Panthers than the one the Panthers beat at Candlestick by a little to a little less.

    In my humble opinion, the 49ers could have put the Cardinals away early by leaving Frank Gore on the sidelines. Instead GRoe decided he could show our future playoff opponents less by running the same, tired Gore plays. That lost us momentum. I don’t fault GRoe for doing that. Here’s to hoping the 49ers go spread, pass to setup Hunter runs against the Packers. If the 49ers try to play power run football in the playoffs with Frank Gore, we won’t make much noise.

    Another concern is something I was writing about last week. We aren’t getting pressure with our base four down linemen. That was obvious, when, on the Cardinals’ last drive we needed a stop and Fangio had to blitz every play and Carson Palmer still got the Cardinals in position to tie the game with a Jay Feeley field goal. That’s a concern. We need to get to Aaron Rogers without the blitz, especially if Carlos Rogers is limited against Green Bay with a pulled Hammy. But defense and even our secondary isn’t the issue. The issue is our offense making a transition away from Frank Gore to a spread attack, with Kaep throwing the football all day long and using Hunter and LaMicheal’s speed to run outside the tackles. GO Niners!

      1. Ribico: I don’t care what they did in the second half. The first three drives showed, I hope, who we’ll be in the playoffs. PASS TO SETUP THE RUN, and dump Frank!

        One other thing I failed to mention above…. we also showed a little hurry up offense. That’s also encouraging. Hurry up, no huddle with help beat Seattle.

      2. Ribico….. Jacks post on the second half balance attack is right, BUT did they not go away from throwing more that worked in the first half when they put up 17 because of primarily throwing?

    1. Spitblood says: “If the 49ers come out against the Packers with an open, spread attack, with the players listed above, AND NO GORE, the 49ers will dominate the Packers”

      No Gore? Man, i don’t know what you been smoking…. but it must be some poooowerful sh*t!

    2. Gore is not finished. He still has something in the tank. The problem is that it is easy to stack the box against him. He is a down hill between the tackles runner and still a very good one at that. But there is a reason Dansby said they would force him to slide out to take his strength away from him. There is a reason Hunter had the best average. He can slide off tackle better than Gore. There is a reason why the passes to side lines worked in this game in first quarter. The tightly stacked box is the nemesis of the Niners this year until they get that outside threat in there to stay.

      Last year Kap was the outside run threat to Gore up the middle with read option / pistol set. It was a good combination while it was new. But this years teams have learned to to stretch the box as well as some other tricks just enough to contain both.

      If Kap was a better pocket passer then the passing game could open up that box real quick. But that is still a work in progress.
      What I have said all along is the RX change up fix for this year is a formation that has an outside LMJ and teamed with Gore for both threats at the same time. This also plays to Kaps single read skill set at current time.

      This type of double or triple back formation is what they should have gone to in the second half to stretch the box to the sidelines and keep them guessing. It is called stength to strengh. This multipe threat at any moment would get Gore back to churning out some yards and take some pressure off Kap.

      Think of Gore as superman between the tackles. Think of a stacked box as his kryptonite. Think of an outside runner such as LMJ or Hunter (lined up with superman) as the means to taking that kryptonite away.

      1. great post. totally agree. Gore can’t bounce it outside, AZ has a physically dominant DL plus downhill LBs, and that combination favors the D when we try to run in the box.

        I’d like to see true read-option where Kap can option to throw behind the strongside LB, with either VD or Crabs/Boldin running the slant. Haven’t seen us try that this year, but it’s what made the read-option so effective at the college level

        WR T G C G T TE WR
        QB RB

  18. Grant,
    Almost a carbon copy of last weeks grades. And again, I would have to give CK a C+ like I did last week.

    CK is improving, but it is coming in small increments. What I don’t like is the lapses that seem to occur for 1-2 qrtr’s at a time. I thought that he again tried to force passes that weren’t there, such as the one to Boldin on the sideline when he had an open Crabtree or VD as the better option. Obviously, this is part of the growing pains that we will get with CK, but as we enter the playoffs CK will need to see the field better as well as make quicker/better decisions with his passes.
    We could thank Phil Dawson for kicking a 57 yrd field goal to save the day in this game.

    I’m good with your grades overall.
    I am concerned by our DB play and the lack of a pass rush. Palmer is a statue in the pocket, so coming away with no sacks is disconcerting.
    I don’t know much about the extent of Rodger’ injury, but if he is not available against the Packers things could get shaky with Aaron Rodgers passing.

    Aside from Rodgers’ injury it looks like we came away unscathed and I’ll take that along with an ugly win going into the playoffs any day of the week.

  19. Roman is so bad that the 49ers actually won more games and scored more points than a year ago, despite missing their best receiver for most of the season.

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      4. Thanks for that info it says exactly what I think about corrupt government and the fact that there is no rep or dem party anymore.

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      5. ninermd:

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      6. >>Now have a seat and turn on your mainstream media coverage from CNN, NBC, abc and listen to them like a good little lamb. Just like those republicans do on Fox.

        I’d love to hear what MD considers his sources for “real” news. That would be hilarious to the nth.

        But different blog, different forum. Here, we’ll just have to settle for his take on how to win football games.

    1. roman called a great first quarter today. it looked like we finally turned a corner just in time for the playoffs. but then he takes his foot off the gas (or so it seems) and goes back to up the gut calls in predictable situations. i’m hoping this is all just a setup and colin finally gets unleashed against the pack…again lol

      1. The 49ers didn’t win the division or even get a first round bye. I’d say the games they did lose, NO and Carolina in particular, play calling was an issue. Had they won either of those games, they’d have a 1st round bye.
        Unless SF wins a Super Bowl, I hold Greg Roman accountable for a failed championship. Either way, I suspect he’ll be gone. Whether it is to a college HC position or if he goes somewhere in the NFL is trivial. The point is he’ll be gone.
        It would be interesting to read some takes on which SF coaches will move on to new coaching positions on new teams.

    2. Sooooo we’ve put up great numbers vs top defenses?
      Forget to figure in the schedule jack? You think it’s play calling and not the qb playing better and making more plays with his feet? You’re going to stick with this roman is god philosophy aren’t you?

      And for the record I’m not saying he’s horrible, but I am saying he could use some improvement in his calls too.

      1. Average rank of defenses faced in 2012: 15.2

        Average rank of defenses faced in 2013: 12.8

        Never have said Roman is god. My take has always been that this is Harbaugh’s offense and Roman is working within that framework. The offense will be the same regardless of who has the OC title.

  20. biggest concern is lack of sacks. it seems to happen every week. we play what is supposed to be a “suspect” 0-line and we can’t close the deal quick throw or not. our run game will be there when we need it but can our pass rush come back? in fangio i trust…

  21. Grant, can you please answer the following questions? I would greatly appreciate it.
    1) How does the OL for the Pack rate as opposed to the Cards? I thought the Niners faced the 2nd and 1st worst rates tackles last week and today?

    2) Do you see injury concerns to both j smith and a smith that they are not being upfront about? I cannot understand why they are not getting sacks?

    3) Can we as Niner fans be encouraged by
    This win as this team beat Seattle last week or should we concerned that CP threw for so many yards when AR is next week?
    It seems fans here are upset instead of
    Seeing this as a victory. I would appreciate your thoughts, Jason

  22. A lot of people have been skeptical of LMJ returning but the guy is killing it. I had a feeling the last kick return would be a good one. He’s complete changed out STs

    1. Saturday looks warmer than Sunday…. but we’ll win either way. Not worried about Green Bay. And I’m not worried about Carolina, either. I am, however, worried about Seattle at home and GRoe going power run with Frank Gore, slamming an older back up against their D line. That’s not a formula for success…. and that’s been proven time and time again.

  23. T.Brock did not play well today. In fact the entire secondary had problems today. Now they also did not have a pass rush whatsoever from the 3rd Q on, but still, they gotta cover better than they did.

    The key next week is stop Lacy and Jordy Nelson. Give Cobb the underneath catches but no big plays. That’s what GB’s offense is about.

    Now one question, does Pattons and Boldins productivity today make the Niners think twice about resigning Crabtree?

    1. Prime,
      I Hope you had a wonderful holiday. Well you got your wish that you want the 49ers to play the Hawks at Seattle. But first, the 49ers need to win against the Packers in the frozen thunder at Lambeau field. And maybe if the Eagles beat the Saints at Philly and there are no doubt the 49ers will beat the Packers because the Packers defense is questionable, A. Rodgers alone can’t win the playoff game.

      The 49ers might end up playing the Panthers at Carolina and the Eagles might have to travel to Seattle and play the Hawks.
      Honestly, this playoff game is not all about the Hawks and the 49ers anymore. All this teams that made it to the playoffs can win any given day against any teams. It all depends who makes less mistakes and penalty and who will play better than the other does.

      1. Lol is the same guy who said the packers won the central division this morning. Like I’ve been saying for two years. Seahawks fan est 2010.

      2. Cape the way the 49ers have played the last 6 weeks we could go anywhere and win! Wether it’s the frozen thunder or tundra it won’t matter.
        The scary thing is and if you have been listening the 49er players have already decided they are going up to Seattle. They want it more than I do. Right now who in the NFC wants to play the 49ers?

      3. NinerMd,
        What I meant was the Packers won the North.
        But you know what; I hope that the 49ers do beat the Packers so they can play the Hawks at Seattle. And will see how far your arrogance goes after they get beat by the Hawks and the 12th man in Seattle.

      4. Prime,

        Do you honestly think that the Seahawks don’t feel the same way? They want the 49ers to come back to Seattle and give them a beating again. It doesn’t matter what you think or what i think. The bottom line here is the stage is set in Seattle and we are just waiting for the 49ers, if they do ever show up in Seattle…

      5. Capeman its funny how Seahawks fans think the loud noise will affect teams in the playoffs. The 49ers or whoever has to go up there, wont be intimidated. Its the playoffs. Now maybe the Eagles will have a tough time because they have zero playoff experience, but the other teams, wont, especially the battle tested Niners. But hey, you guys keep clinging to the fans to win you a game, not your players.

      6. Capeman don’t count your Seachickens too early. You still have to play the game so don’t convince yourself too early that you advanced past the 2nd round!

      7. FDM,

        In the last two meeting between these two teams, the Seahawks owned the 49ers. Kap is 0-2 with a 42-13 drubbing and 29-3 beating by the Hawks at Seattle.

        The 49ers own the Hawks at Stick a 13-6 loss and a 19-17 loss to the 49ers.

      8. Capeman this is the playoffs, regular season, past games, throw all that out the window. That means nothing. Do you really think the 49ers are worried about the 12th man? They beat Seattle a couple weeks ago, they know how to do it, its not that difficult. Russell Wilson has been game planned for by Fangio and it worked to a” T”. The Cards used that blueprint and beat you with it, at HOME. Do you want me to explain to you how to beat the Seahawks?

        Its all about who can out prepare the other, right now that is Jim Harbaugh and staff. Who is playing the best football in the NFL right now, the Niners. Be afraid man, in fact the entire NFC should be worried about the red and gold. We are just finding ways to win, ugly or pretty, we just keep rolling.

      9. Id love to see Sean Payton get another chance at Carroll in the playoffs. He might be one of the best when it comes to playoff game planning and play calling!

      10. Prime,

        I think you should be more worried first playing the game at Lambeau in the Snowy, Cold and windy weather. To tell you frankly I’m not counting anything, in my opinion if you think that the Seahawks aren’t Dangerous in the Playoff, you people better think twice before making any plans for the Super Bowl. Guarantee it’s going to be a lot tougher playing the Hawks and the 12th man in the playoffs at Seattle in December.

      11. Cape, worried?Have you seen the 49ers play the last 6 weeks? Who is the hottest team in football right now besides the 49ers? NOBODDDDDDDYYYYY!!!!!

      12. Prime,
        You should be afraid to come to Seattle. The Seahawks and the 12th man owned the 49ers at Seattle. You’d better throw all your blue print you say out the window, because Kap and the 49ers will struggle again if they play the Seahawks at Seattle.

        And you said the 49ers have won the last six games but some of those games were very close calls. If you’re relying on the last two wins against Atlanta and the Cardinals, your team is in trouble because if the 49ers only score 17 points in the 1st quarter and struggle in offense in 2nd, 3rd and the 4th quarters, that’s not going to cut it in the playoffs. Especially, when playing much more formidable opponents I guarantee you even the 49ers defense won’t save 49ers in winning. The Atlanta game N. Bowman save the 49ers from losing the game. Lol!

      13. Prime,
        By the way, in your remarks the 49ers are the hottest team. Wrong, they were just LUCKY team to escape from the losses to the Seahawks and Atlanta at the Stick and the Cardinals at AZ.

      14. Cape actually the 49ers were unlucky. The refs decided the division with their call in New Orleans.
        Now your team was lucky. Let’s talk about the Texan game, or the Ram game in St Louis.

        Lastly let’s talk about how you are a dbag and disappeared when your team struggled and finished 2-2. Let’s talk about that.

      15. Luck now? How many more ridiculous arguments are you gonna try? You don’t go on a 6 game win streak on luck. You do that by finding ways to win any which way. December molds playoff teams and the Niners were perfect in December.
        Hope to see you in late January. And please bring the 12th man, it will make it much more enjoyable!

      16. Prime,
        I thought that you were pretty smart man. But you know what you disappointed me Prime. Didn’t you read on my early Post what I’ve said it is not all about the 49ers and the Seahawks anymore? Because any given day this group of teams that got in the Playoffs can win against anybody, the better team that plays better that day will win. And yet you continuously try to make an argument who’s the better team in the playoffs. I’ve only said that 49ers need to go Lambeau and play the Packers and if they beat the Packers, they might have to play the Panthers at Carolina. Before the 49ers play the Seahawks at Seattle and maybe for the NFCC.

        What’ so funny is, I wasn’t even trying to make any arguments with you about the 49ers and the Hawks. That’s why I retaliated to your post and to your ridiculous arguments in a negative way… It seems you and your Groupies think I’m trying to make an argument about the 49er’s and Hawks that is not true. I’ll wait when that time come when this two teams play head to head until then.

      17. Capeman,

        You were the one who brought up luck. How did anyone misinterpret that?

        The Seahawks are the ones who have been playing with a horseshoe up their collective butts this year (actually, they started last year with the Monday Night fiasco against the Packers).

        The got lucky breaks against Carolina, Tampa, Houston, and St Louis (in St Louis). They should’ve lost at least two of those games.

        On top of that, the Seahawk record has been largely built on illegal play by the defensive secondary, which they got away with up until the end of the year. It made me laugh to see the confusion on the faces of the Seahawks in their last few games when the refs called a few of the D holdings, and D PI penalties. It looked like they were thinking, “But we’ve gotten away with these obvious penalties, er, physical play all year. What gives with this calling one out of five of our fouls, now?”

        BTW, I passed “the frozen thunder” off as a spell check error. At least, until I saw your “correction” from “thunder” to “thundra”. Come on, man.

        Also, you respond to an post, you don’t retaliate. You retaliate to an attack.

        Finally, you are no one to judge if anyone is “smart”. It’s like looking to Nicki Minaj for an opinion on opera. Your posts are typically riddled with poor grammar and misuse of words. Please don’t come on here knocking anyone for not being smart, it makes you look like more of a dope than your takes on football. Which is impressive, just not in a good way.

      1. Ribico, you’re beginning to sound like this ignorant Bay fanatic. Rib, I don’t have any beef with you. And I think you’re a lot smarter than Bay and some these Clowns are.

      2. Exgolfer, i guess you don’t have a life Bradah during the Hoilday? I have, that’s why i’m spending my time with my family and relatives during the Holiday rather then posting on the blog. Now if you don’t like it that’s too bad Bradah.

      3. Jack,

        You know what Braddah your sarcastic remarks doesn’t amuse anyone at all. You sound just like those Clowns you mocked all the time on this blog.

      4. Capeman,

        I do have a life, thanks. It’s funny how your “vacation” to “Oahu” directly coincided with the seahawks getting worked, at home, by the Cardinals. Despite being the recipients of four (FOUR!?) Palmer picks. Very unsettling for the Seahawks and their fans.

        Even if you actually were on vacation, I’m sure you would’ve graced us with your astute comments had the Seahawks managed to clinch last week.

      5. “Braddah” Jack (or is it “Bradah”? Capeman spelled it one way in his “retaliation” (response) to your post and the other in his “retaliation” (response) to mine. Oh, well, who knows what goes on in Cape’s adled brain.),

        Cape says you’re starting to sound like a clown. Better start looking for some make up, a cazy wig and a red nose.

        When you have collected those items, ship them off to Cape. They’ll go perfectly with his tin foil hat.

      6. >>He didn’t have a phone cord long enough to reach the islands.

        As a Seahold noisemaker, he was totally unnerved by the relative silence of Hawaii.

      7. >>Rib, I don’t have any beef with you.

        Sorry dude. You may not, but I, along with the rest of the board, has a texas steer-sized beef with any Seahold fan coming into our house and talking a bunch of crap smack. We may have squabbles amongst ourselves, but there’s nothing like some drive-by 12th clown to unite us.

        Put on your big boy pants and deal with it.

      8. Exgolfer said, well who knows what goes on in Cape’s adled brain.)

        Maybe you’re confused in the word ADDLED to your comment ADLED? Before you to start criticizing other people, you should be carefull with your spelling the correct word as well. Especially, English is your first LANGUAGE.

        And by the way, Braddah is an endearing way to call somebody, and it use to replace a name if we don’t remember someone’s name in Hawaii. FYI, for addressing the female, we call them Sistah.

        Maybe you can teach me how write a good sentence with correct grammars and spelling. Because I know well that English is your first Language and you’re very good at it, I may say.

        Your hypocrisy and your belief that you’re way better than other people are, makes me laughed. Don’t worry as soon Jack send me me all the items he collected i’ll send the Tin foil hat right away to you.

      9. Cape,

        Admittedly, a bad time for a typo, but I think you understood my meaning.

        The only reason I questioned your intelligence was because you questioned that of a fellow 49er fan. If you don’t want to get hit, don’t strike first.

  24. Grant,

    You realize you gave the offense better grades than the Defense in spite of the fact that defense repeatedly gave the offense a short field to work with and got them two turnovers and only allowed 20 pts in spite of being on the field the majority of the time for the final three quarters.

    How do you justify grading the offense higher than the defense in this game.

  25. What??? Another delay of game? No way. That’s not a problem for this offense. Because Jack, and Claude say so.
    And what? Bad grade for the rb’s? Why would the coach call those plays when try were throwing all over that defense? Oh that’s right they had a pretty good lead. Oops another “myth” right Claude? Idk what you’re doing grading like this Grant. Claude and Jack say nothing’s wrong with this team because they are blowing leads and winning games with FG’s and late pick sixes. Nothing to be concerned about!

      1. It didn’t but it could have and it’s a poor error to occur this late in the season and in that game situation. Thankfully it did night hurt us but I do think it is a concern. Our game management is a problem.

      2. I’ll answer it for you. They had 1. Taking the delay instead of calling timeout was the smart way to manage the game. Without that timeout they may not have been able to ground the ball in time after the Patton catch.

        Try to understand the game situation.

      3. It’s not the point of winning I was making. You three act like there are zero problems with this team and that myths are the norm from what fans see.
        Again how many times did they run the ball in the first half when they put up 17. Compared to the second half when the put up 6? Are you really saying they adjusted well at halftime by going balanced and not continuing the throwing?

        Not concerned about the timeouts and delay of games this team had faced for 3 years now? That’s a myth? Lol

        Claude… Fact is you have no argument besides they won. And again I wasn’t arguing that fact. But then again you won’t give your take on problems this team has that could cost them in the playoffs, because they are perfect in every way.

        Ribico…. They continue to let their foot off the pedal and continue to play prevent/soft defense and changing offensive game plans that are working. Then we very well could get a kick in the teeth. You can spin it all you want. A win is a win, but how far do you think this luck will last on the road in the playoffs?
        I’d rather not gamble and would like to see them finish teams off when they are down. Excuse me for wanting that.

      4. Or…..get a play in and executed in time, and you don’t have to take a 5 yd penalty or a timeout.
        Is that too much to ask????

      5. In that situation I would rather get the right play called. 5 yards wasn’t that much to give up when looking at the risk reward.

      6. Jack Hammer says:
        December 29, 2013 at 8:19 pm
        In that situation I would rather get the right play called. 5 yards wasn’t that much to give up when looking at the risk reward.

        Jack get your head out of stat world. You’re acting like it doesn’t happen every game. I’m gonna send you some coffee to wake you up. It’s a problem dude. Whether you call it a myth or not.

      7. ninermd:

        The 49ers dropped back to pass 15 times in the second half and ran 8 times. How is that not enough fact for you?

        Please identify the comment in which I said the 49ers were perfect. Good luck; it doesn’t exist. Yet another straw man.

        I am sorry that you are allergic to facts, but it doesn’t mean the rest of us have to be.

      8. MD,

        It’s happened 7 times in 16 games, and on 4 of the drives when they’ve been called for a delay penalty they’ve ended up scoring.

        Now hurry up with that coffee, actually make it a mocha with extra whip. Chop chop.

      9. Hey Jack. It’s happened 8 times, and it’s 4th worst in the league. By 1. You keep telling yourself its a myth and no big deal. We will see in the playoffs.
        Get some coffee.

      10. claude balls says:
        December 29, 2013 at 8:30 pm

        The 49ers dropped back to pass 15 times in the second half and ran 8 times. How is that not enough fact for you?

        Please identify the comment in which I said the 49ers were perfect. Good luck; it doesn’t exist. Yet another straw man.

        I am sorry that you are allergic to facts, but it doesn’t mean the rest of us have to be.

        Please tell me why on earth you have a problem with me stating the 49ers sat on a 17 point lead and let the cards get back in the game. Are you that stupid? Again how many times did the 49ers run the ball in the first half when they put up 17 again? If the coaching calls that are conservative and delay of game problems are a myth. Then the 49ers must not have any problems right? Like I said Claude. Stick to copy and paste and calling people out on wrong predictions. Because you know nothing about football. Never have. Type up your stats and ignore what happens on the field in crucial situations. You’re a joke.

        First I was to hard on my team when they had problems in certain areas, (smith) and now I’m making more stuff up with conservative play and delay of game penalties that need to improve. Ok Claude. You got me. Everything is juuuuust peachy. Like they were in the smith era. Send me some of those rose colored glasses. If you can take your lips off of Hammers nuts for a minute.

      11. MD,

        It’s actually 9, but 2 of those are on the punt team which makes it 7 on the offense as noted above.

        Maybe it is you that should get his head out of the stats. Go back and look at the situations in which these penalties occurred. The tastiest fruit is at the top of the tree my friend.

      12. ninermd:

        I’m sorry; I didn’t see where you explained how 15 passes and 8 runs was conservative. Perhaps that’s because you didn’t and because you can’t.

        The 49ers’ chosen strategies have led to 6 straight wins and a 12-4 record this season. Tell me again, what the problem is.

      13. Since you’re so fixated on problems MD here’s the one from today, 3rd down. After converting 3 of 7 3rd downs in the first half the 49ers went 0-6 in the second half.

        In the second half the 49ers called passes on 5 of those 6 3rd down plays. In total they called passes on 11 of 13 3rd down plays on the day.

      14. Lol Jack…. And where is 7 offensive, and 2 st delays good? Since when does screwing up at something and making the dreaded top 5 list in penalties deserve an excuse like its no big deal?

        And as far as the second half. Those 3rd down passes. How far were the distances? We’re they far distances due to bad running plays? Look it’s this simple. They passed heavy in the first half and put up 17 points. They balanced it out in the second half and came out running, and put up 6 and struggled. Why on earth would they go away from their heavy passing attack from the first half? Are you seriously telling me that the second half adjustments were as good as the first half play calling? Vs a team that’s weak in passing and #1 vs the run? Do you honestly think NE, Den, and other top offenses wouldn’t stick with what they had success with and bury a weak secondary team? Since when has harbaughs staff put their foot on opponents throats and finished them early. And I’m talking about a solid opponent. And the defense…. I’m going to guess you’re going to say they didn’t play conservative the past two games either. So dude. Champions finish teams when they have them on the ropes. Always have.

      15. MD,

        It’s not a big deal when it doesn’t keep you from scoring or affect the outcome of the game.

        The 2 ST’s delays were due to field position. 2 on the offense were due to trying to draw the defense offside, and the 1 today was to preserve the final timeout.

        Again, they have failed to score only 3 times all season on drives where they’ve incurred a delay.

        They have bigger issues with false starts and personal fouls than delay of game penalties.

      16. “How far were the distances? We’re they far distances due to bad running plays?”

        Let’s look at them and you decide.

        1 – 3rd and 8 after 2 incomplete passes. Inc to Crabtree
        2 – 3rd and 4 from the 4 after a run for 2 and an incompletion. TD Pass to Boldin
        3 – 3rd and 4 after a run for 4 and pass for 2. 63 yard completion to Boldin
        4 – 3rd and 10 after 2 incompletions. Kaepernick scrambles for 4
        5 – 3rd and 1 after runs of 8 and 1. Gore stuffed for loss of 5.
        6 – 3rd and 5 after pass of 5 and run of 0. Pass to Crabtree for 11.
        7 – 3rd and 6 after run of 3 and incompletion. Inc pass to Crabtree.
        End Of Half
        8 – 3rd and 8 after incompletion and run of 2. Incomplete to Boldin.
        9 – 3rd and 6 after run of 4 and run of 0. Pass complete for 5 yards
        10 – 3rd and 1 after runs of 8 and 1. Dixon stuffed for loss of 5.
        11 – 3rd and 14 after run of 1 and sack for -5. Complete to Boldin for 8.
        12 – 3rd and 18 after sack for -13 and run for 5. Kaepernick scrambles for 5.
        13 – 3rd and 2 after runs of 8 and 0. Incomplete to Patton.

        “They passed heavy in the first half and put up 17 points. They balanced it out in the second half and came out running, and put up 6 and struggled. Why on earth would they go away from their heavy passing attack from the first half?”

        They ran the ball 10 times in the first half, and 11 times in the second half while calling 22 passes in the first half and 16 in the second. Still more passes than runs. Typically when teams have the lead they will run the ball a bit more to keep the clock moving. Are you seriously telling me that the second half adjustments were as good as the first half play calling? Vs a team that’s weak in passing and #1 vs the run? Do you honestly think NE, Den, and other top offenses wouldn’t stick with what they had success with and bury a weak secondary team? Since when has harbaughs staff put their foot on opponents throats and finished them early. And I’m talking about a solid opponent. And the defense…. I’m going to guess you’re going to say they didn’t play conservative the past two games either. So dude. Champions finish teams when they have them on the ropes. Always have.”

        They ran the ball 10 times in the first half, and 11 times in the second half while calling 22 passes in the first half and 16 in the second. Still more passes than runs. Typically when teams have the lead they will run the ball a bit more to keep the clock moving.

        The team moved the ball in the second half, the problem as I said above was they could not convert on third down. They struggled on 3rd and short. Bummer.

        At the end of the day they ended up beating a team on the road that came into the game tied for the second longest win streak in the league and the 4th best record in their conference and had only lost game at home previously all season.

      17. Never mind my question to you jack. My playback is working now. And the times they threw on those third downs most were third and longs. Guess why…. Because they tried to pound the ball in on second downs. NO misdirections, No Draws, No WR quick hits. Nope good old fashion Roman between the tackle running on 2nd down. Didn’t do that in the first half. He used two of those three I mentioned earlier. Lets look at the big plays in this game. Passing plays produced fits at times for their defense, the run didn’t do a thing. And this was in the 2nd and 3rd quarter when the decided to start slowing the pace down and running more between the tackles. Mid 4th they tried a toss to Hunter that was a pretty good gain. They get into trouble again with a 3rd and long and CK got flushed. Again a second down run. Between the tackles. The second to final drive they come out throwing and it’s working, they actually ran on FIRST down with hunter and get 8 yards. Surprise surprise. Then they do the same 2nd down run with gore. NO gain! 3rd down and 2 they’re throwing ck misses and Dawson nails a huge FG. Again the the 2nd down runs and a sack hurt the drive. Predictable

        The final drive they throw. But they have to. And torch their secondary again. Watch the game again and compare the halves and tell me where the imagination was in the 2nd half. That matched the first half play calling. On both sides of the ball.

        Oh and on another note about the play clock problems. I watched Arz like I watched Seattle jump the snap because they know sf has to snap it. HUGE disadvantage for a road team in a loud place. It’s no myth.

      18. And hammer
        Two of those runs in the first half were end arounds by receivers. Great calls, with some imagination and mid direction. Brilliant calls that helped the offensive scheme. The second down runs between the tackles in the second half…… Not so much. It’s predictable and kills momentum and drives. Especially if you gain nothing or have a penalty on first down.

        Like I said. I’m not one of the fans who say we lose or stink because of his play calling. I’m saying the TEAM seems to like to sit on leads and get conservative. And that’s a recipe for disaster in the playoffs and on the road, especially the play clock problem. I loved the no huddle calls in the first half. What happened to it in the second? If bet if we didn’t have that lead they would have stuck with it for a drive or two.

      19. MD,
        you are correct on most of your points. They did come out with a brilliant game plan. They had the Cards completely off balance. The two teams didn’t even look like they belonged on the field together.

        I do think that at some point you decide to go back to your bread and butter with Gore. BUT, as coaches you have to analyze how the running game is going put your ego aside and not be stubborn. We were getting owned up front period.

        This coaching staff has left us in some dog fights. Fangio’s version of the prevent is frustrating. The fact that he blitz’s less than ANY team in the NFL is frustrating. Add to it that our DB’s give wide receivers huge cushions when we get up, also frustrating.
        The game plan that Harbaugh came out with not only was brilliant, it had the Cards set up for a variation of plays that could have been run off of those. Instead we shut it down, continued to run Gore when he should have been resting and ultimately let AZ back in the game. I think Harbaugh needs to realize that he isn’t playing versus San Jose St that is going to lay down when you get up by two scores. Jim should have learned a valuable lesson last year in New England. No lead is safe. Peddle to the metal Jim.

        Lets end in a positive. Kaepernick continues to develop. And he attacks while protecting the ball. In his last 6 games he has 1 Int. This last game he found backs in the flat three times which is also encouraging.

        Without Crabtree in the lineup
        55.8% 185 ypg 86.6 QB rating
        With Crabtree
        61.8% 232ypg 101 QB rating

        I knew I loved Patton when I saw him rush up and shove a D lineman off of Kaep. This is no rookie. He’s a man out there. He did drop a slant earlier in the game on a third down, but the catch he made to win the game was huge for the team and for his confidence.

        G-Ro did for a quarter step outside of his comfort zone and called a creative game plan. Lets hope he and Harbaugh have a few more of those up their sleeves in the playoffs.

      1. I will try since I am his master. What he wants 2 more bottles of miller lite.

        Dude has no common sense instead rants on emotions.

      2. This coming from an idiot who actually stated if you don’t play madden you don’t know football, and an idiot who claims every fan has a primary and secondary team. And one who loves taking backhand slaps at our coaches and qb. Yeah onelame continue with the lame beer comments, because you sure as hell have no respect or knowledge about anything 49er football on this blog.

  26. Grant,
    I am surprised that you think it odd that Kapernick’s passes get knocked down considering his height. I had said many blogs back that this was going to be a problem for him despite his height because as you say he throws ropes. His intermediate and short passes in particular are hard and fast, straight line tight rope ropes. The limited trajectory will be a problem. The pure speed and heat will make it less so. Translation knock downs with less interceptions.

  27. A few weeks ago, Grant made some comments
    about the lack of sustained drives by the Niners;
    (none with more than 3 first downs).

    Summary for today (Niners):
    8 plays, 53 yards…. 3 points
    7 plays, 41 yards….. 3 points
    5 plays, 22 yards…. TD
    4 plays, 72 yards…. 3 points
    3 plays, 42 yards…. 3 points

    Summary for Green Bay:
    15 plays, 87 yards…. TD
    10 plays, 49 yards…. 3 points
    7 plays, 80 yards……TD
    6 plays, 41 yards…… TD
    6 plays, 77 yards….. TD

    This indicates to me that the Packers
    have the edge next week. Please advise.
    Thanks for the earlier stats, Grant.

    1. You do realize, you Alex Smith loving tool, that the Niners played a much better defense than the Packers did…but don’t let that knowledge get in the way of you being a troll…

    2. Hi Alex Smith Fan,

      You seem to be engaging in anti-social behavior, probably as a result of some sort of chaos in your life or upbringing. In a young man such behavior can be expected at times, but your past posts reveal that you are an older person, and if bad life experience has brought you to this state, then I am sorry. These are some treatments that might help, they are available from any licensed therapist:
      Cognitive behavioural therapy
      Cognitive bias modification
      Empathy training

  28. Observations…

    Offensive Line D- They were beaten individually and collectively, even when they didn’t face stacked boxes.

    Running Backs A+ for not getting hurt or turning the ball over behind that awful blocking.

    The Defense played 72 snaps. About 15 more then I was hoping for.

    The pass defense has been shredded that last two games. WRs wide open. QBs with clean uniforms. Baled out with great plays by MLBs. Now we face Rogers.

    Miller’s absence showed today. Tukuafu presence telegraphs run. Miller didn’t.

    Dixon is a pretty good pass catcher. What we lose in wham blocking with Miller out, we can gain in more dynamic play calling.

    If Dallas wins tonight I’m going to be (slightly) POd. The Niners could have rested starters today, easily handled the Cowpies Saturday, then on to Seattle on 8 days rest. There are no crystal balls so I can’t complain.

    The 49ers ended the regular season with a road win on a short week against a division rival that won 7 of its last 8 games. I’ll stop griping and happily take that.

    1. coach … but..but.. but ..
      Dallas WILL be goin’ to the Super Bowl this year ..

      (Jerry bought ‘em all tickets a couple weeks ago)

  29. So the Eagles will win this game. isn’t that better for us? I mean, who has a better chance to beat seatterall between the Saints and Eagles? my thoughts would be the Eagles only because they can play in the cold. The Saints get owned in the cold, especially up there.
    imagine folk going crazy throwing against them and Shady running those funky formations. Seattle is not an offensive team and is philly puts up some points, they could win.
    what do you think?

    1. It will be entertaining to watch the Eagles crazy offense go up against SeAdderals defense in that noise. Maybe the Eagles offense can force the SeaRoids Defense to play 80+ snaps.

      1. I thought Seattle hosts the lowest seed. If SF wins (5t seed) they go to Seattle and Philly (4th seed) goes to Carolina. Did I get that backwards?

  30. Please, please, please…
    will somebody give Kapurnicus a CD copy
    of the Green Bay Packers press conference today.
    Colin, please observe how classy and professional
    Randall Cobb looks. Take a cue, rookie; buy a suit & tie.

    Oh, yeah… if you wanna go casual, then observe the way
    QB Aaron Rodgers wears his Division Championship
    cap facing forward… so we can read the logo… CHAMPS.
    You will not receive any respect for dressing like a punk
    with your cap on backwards and the stereo earphones….
    oh, except maybe from Coach Harbaw in his khakies. Honk!

    1. Hi Alex Smith Fan,

      You seem to be engaging in anti-social behavior, probably as a result of some sort of chaos in your life or upbringing. In a young man such behavior can be expected at times, but your past posts reveal that you are an older person, and if bad life experience has brought you to this state, then I am sorry. These are some treatments that might help, they are available from any licensed therapist:
      Cognitive behavioural therapy
      Cognitive bias modification
      Empathy training

    1. Correctly predicted:
      NFC West (Seahawks)
      NFC North (Packers)
      NFC Wildcard #1 (49ers)
      AFC West (Broncos)
      AFC North (Bengals)
      AFC East (Patriots)

      Incorrectly predicted:
      NFC South (PREDICTED: Saints; ACTUAL: Panthers)
      NFC East (PREDICTED: Cowboys; ACTUAL: Eagles)
      NFC Wildcard #2 (PREDICTED: Falcons; ACTUAL: Saints)
      AFC South (PREDICTED: Texans; ACTUAL: Colts)
      AFC Wildcard #1 (PREDICTED: Ravens; ACTUAL: Chiefs)
      AFC Wildcard #2 (PREDICTED: Colts; ACTUAL: Chargers)

  31. I’m getting sick and tired of getting a double digit lead, only to play conservative and let teams back in games!!!! Roman/Harbaugh, it’s like you’re playing PREVENT OFFENSE.. Knock this bleep off!!!

    1. You’re wrong. That’s a myth! Be happy with these wins. Our luck will continue in the playoffs if we keep doing this. All that matters is that we won. It doesn’t matter that they need to work on some things before the playoffs. Right Claude, ribico and Hammer?

      1. Yeah, it was nothing but luck It wasn’t intelligent scheming.

        Sorry if that adjective confuses you.

        There are plenty of things to work on. Offensive and defensive scheming and play-calling aren’t at the top of the list.

      2. Lol yeah brilliant scheming when you pull your defense back and give them time to throw, and then abandon the pass with momentum in the passing game and try to grind it out for a half with the best run defense in the game. Brilliant Claude. Peachy world you dwell in must be nice. Tell me Claude does this team do anything wrong? Is it a crime in your bleeding heart anti dominate world to want to improve on things that could be better? You’re already 0-1 about smith. Quit trying to redeem yourself with jibberish and lame arguments. C’mon Claude please tell me how they don’t have any issues on this team. I’m dying to know how perfect they are

      3. claude balls says:
        December 29, 2013 at 9:31 pm
        Yeah, it was nothing but luck It wasn’t intelligent scheming.

        Sorry if that adjective confuses you.

        No what confuses me is how you can sit there and honestly think that blowing a 17 point lead is intelligent scheming. Damn the throw first mentality that gave us 17 points and played to their weakness on defense. Yes cheers to blowing leads and relying on your defense to finish it off after continuos short drives in the second half. Behind intelligent scheming of course. Great game plan. It’s going to win 4 games on the road and a superbowl.

      4. ninermd:

        Only in your tiny little mind is calling 15 passes plays vs. 8 runs “damn[ing] the throw first mentality”. Let me make it simple for you. 15 is almost twice as much as 8.

        Let me make it even simpler. Did the 49ers win the game? Yes, they did.

        Name for me any game the 49ers lost this year because they went “conservative” after getting out to a big lead.

  32. Im not concerned about Kap.Not concerned about our d giving up so many yards..Im concerned about how whenever we get up by ten points this coaching staff just thinks theyre going to run Gore uo the middle for 3 quarterd..Conservative thinking is going to kill us..Ive been saying it all year..I was telling my buddies after the 1st quarter watch the Cards will get bqck in it..They just shut down when up by ten..Im telling you guys now its going to come bqck to ruin us..I have never seen this team put the dagger in someone..not once..if the Patriots are up by 20 in the 3rd they keep attacking till theyre up by 40…We go up by ten and just shut down..Its mind boggling..Heres Romans playbook..Gore up the middle. ..Gore up the Middle. .Gore uo the Middle …punt ….hope defense can hold….

    1. Nor Cal Mafia:

      Gore runs outside the tackles more than all but two RBs in the league, but don’t let that get in the way of a good rant.

      Just sayin’.

      1. Hey Claude get on your stats site and answer how many times do the 49ers run on second down between the tackles. Do you even watch these games? Or do you just run to the stats line?

      2. ninermd:

        … how many times do the 49ers run on second down between the tackles …

        I don’t know. Do you? By all means, educate us.

      3. Of course you don’t Claude. That’s why I’m asking you to shut up now. Because you’re defending roman like you did Smith. But the problem is…. I never said it was just the offense packing it in with leads. So tell me how the defense is perfect to Claude. Tell me where I’m wrong in my outlook on this team and any issues they might be able to fix.

      4. Claude,
        That is because he is forced to run outside not because it is his strength. Teams know this and force him to slide.
        He has had some yards on it and an occasional big surprise gain. But from my perspective, Hunter today was better in the forced to the outside.

      5. ninermd:

        Only you would cite a statistic that you know nothing about to support your position.

        You are the one who manufactured an imaginary problem that has cost the 49ers exactly zero victories this season. It would seem to me that the burden is on you to support that claim. Since you can’t, maybe you are the one who should shut up.

        As for the defense, I never said it is perfect, just like I never said the offense was perfect. All I did was point out that you don’t know what you are talking about. Neither the offense nor the defense has to perfect for that to be true.

        If you are as wrong about Roman as you were about Smith, then I feel very good about the 49ers’ chances in the playoffs.

      6. Lol I’m waiting Claude. You tell me
        Where I’m wrong. Tell me how we put up 17 points in the first half with only running the ball a couple of times and attacking their secondary, and in the second half coming out trying to establish the run as if we needed to. Tell me Claude. What makes this team and that second half so perfect. I know it sucks that your cred is shot, after doing this same crap with smith, and Hammer smacked you around in the stat bowl, but now you’re just a desperate troll with Zero knowledge about the game. C’mon Claude answer some questions with answers instead of questions for once. Tell me what this teams needs to continue to work on for a stiff run. Ill only ask for 2 things. Man up Balls. Throw your outlook and thoughts on how perfect they are.

      7. ninermd:

        You are wrong in so many ways, but let’s go with these:

        The 49ers scored 23 points against the Cardinals, who gave up an average of 15 points in their previous three home games. I noted this fact previously, but given your allergy to relevant facts, I am not surprised that you missed it.

        The 49ers called 15 pass plays and 8 runs plays in the second half. That’s not conservative play calling. Again, this was mentioned earlier, but you don’t seem to understand it. Are there too many numbers for you to follow?

        The 49ers won a road game against the hottest (second hottest?) team in the league, a team that beat Seattle in Seattle the week before. If only the 49ers had competent play callers.

        Now, feel free to point to the facts that show you are right. And I mean real facts, not your ignorant subjective opinions. What game(s) has (have) the 49ers lost because because their play-calling became too conservative after taking the lead?

        You have now claimed three times that I wrote that the 49ers are perfect. I never wrote any such thing. It’s amusing that the only arguments you can even attempt to refute are the ones that no one has made.

      8. How am I wrong? It’s great they won. But you honestly think its good blowing leads in a matter of minutes going into the playoffs on the road? Idk what kind of football team you like to watch, but I’d like to see my team finish teams off when they have a 10+ point lead. Again YOU made it out to be about only Roman and trying to spin it like I’m not glad they held on to win. Ill say this again. I predicted that they wouldn’t lose another game after New Orleans and I’m stickin to it. BUT if they continue to dominate at times and sit on leads and go basic, it could be trouble. If you still don’t think they went conservative in the second half. Then I challenge you to find me some misdirections, sweeps, no huddles or WR quick passes in the 2nd half. Because I saw them in the 1st. Second down between the tackle running was a major flaw in the offense play today. Watch it again. And quit looking for fights. I don’t hate my team, so you basically have no ground to stand on. Unless again you’d like to tell me how they are so perfect

      9. Damn ninermd. Even your brain is ashamed of you. Claude keeps schooling you on facts but u keep repeating the same old kindergarten logic. Listen to your masters “boy”

      10. md,

        If you insist (falsely) the Niners went conservative after building a lead, here’s (more false) logic that should assuage you (assuage: ease your pain, mitigate your mania):

        After it became apparent, from out of town scores, the Niners had nothing to gain from winning or losing, they dialed it way back as to not reveal much more to possible playoff opponents. By games end they were basically just playing for pride. And, the proud team they are, they pulled it out.

        Does that simplistic scenario fit your limited world view?

      11. Ribico….. It’s a shame, I didn’t know you were on the team and actually knew that they were “holding back” because they had nothing to play for. If I’d had known you were that close to the coaching staff I’d have asked you tons of questions. So I have one for you now. In the Atlanta game where they had everything to play for. (Now this is just my outlook) but how on earth did they blow a 10 point lead in minutes in that game? Did they feel bad for atl? Maybe they didn’t want to show Arz some of their plays for next week? Remember I’m just a humble die hard looking for answers to the concerns I have with my team going into the playoffs. So please guru of this coaching staff. Tell me. Was it actually them hiding back.

      12. There is one problem with a successful team. The arguments are really pathetic. In the good ole Singletary days there was real hatred and vitriol on this blog. The arguments were laced with malice at a level reserved for despicable people. Posters blood boiled. It was fun.

        This watered down argument is like 2 middle school girls arguing over a boy. It’s really disappointing. Well, at least we have a win and a successful 12-4 season to enjoy.

      13. >> I didn’t know you were on the team

        And I didn’t know I was debating with GRoman, as you seem to know exactly what his mindset is.

        The problem with your ilk, you boil down problems to the most obvious thing that stands out to your limited mental acuity. Damn the stats and reality that says otherwise. Two years and last year, the problem was obviously Smith. So get rid of him for our new franchise QB and it’ll be offensive output the likes we’ve never seen.

        Ooops, no? Didn’t turn out that way? The problem is now obviously Roman and his lack of “killer instinct”. Spitblood’s whipping boy is Gore. Some other joker, it’s Harbaugh. If the Niners do not get back the SB (I’m an ardent believer but lets face it, the odds are long) I’m sure you’ll have a long list of things GRoman didn’t do right. But if they don’t, the reality is that there are teams that are better than Niners. Deal with it.

      14. ribico:

        Just so you know, those of us who can read beyond the fourth grade level saw your use of “(more false)” in front of “logic” and understood what you were doing.

      15. So let me get this straight ribico. By me saying I’m not liking them get conservative with leads, and the game yesterday shows this, as I broke it down last night, I’m a roman hater? I challenge you to go back to my first comment and show me where I said it was just Roman.
        No instead you and your twin like to lump others into this imaginary world of roman hating. I asked last night where the imaginative calls were they ran in the first quarter. I’m still waiting for an answer as to how they didn’t get conservative in the second half compared to the first. Including the defense. The only thing that needs to be questioned is your agenda. How on earth do you lump me into a roman hater? Again tell me how they matched the imagination they had in the first half. See ribico your problem is you were wired by Claude to attack someone you have a personal problem with. You twins lumped me into the roman hate club. Have fun with that

      16. >>how on earth did they blow a 10 point lead in minutes in that game?

        Here’s a clue for you md, with no coaching secrets revealed – there is more than *one* team on the field at any given time. If that “other” team does things known in the sport as “making plays”, anything is possible.

        Clear it up for you?

      17. ninermd:

        Nice try. Show me one comment where ribico, I or anyone has lumped you into “the Roman hate club”.

        You can’t because it never happened. No has claimed you were a Roman hater. We only claimed that you were complaining about a relatively insignificant problem that has caused the 49ers to lose precisely zero games. We also pointed out data that tended to disprove your claims. I understand that you cannot refute those points, but it doesn’t mean that you get to make up fictional arguments for us and respond to them.

        That a bad habit you have. When you get your ass handed to you in an argument, as you are want to do, you frequently try to change the other person’s argument into something they never said so that you have something, anything, you can respond to. You did it last night when you accused Jack of having a “Roman is god philosophy”, and you are doing it now.

      18. Claude I don’t get you. Had Jack made the comments that MD made, you would have follow suit. I mean if you want to be a stickler, did the items that MD brought up cost us the games? No. Did they turn the games into nail biters? Yes. You stat cherry pick. They don’t tell the entire story.

        Just like NFL QB’s don’t grow on trees, neither do great NFL coaches. What this year has shown us is that our offensive line is not as dominant as we thought it was. Especially against teams like the Panthers or a rejuvenated defense like the Cards, the Rams and the Seahawks. Yet in a hand full of games I watched Roman’s stubbornness take over especially versus these opponents, only once did I see it pay off once with Gore’s 4th quarter run versus the Hawks. I also saw Roman inexplicably go away from the run when it was working perfectly well versus the Colts.

        I just don’t see MD being out of line in his thinking. I actually fully agree with him. If you want to call him out and just go off of the W / L result, then it is you that is missing the boat. Just like we expect players to get better, we need to expect these coaches to get better. Learn to put opponents away versus letting a dangerous opponent hang around.

      19. Lol my ass handed to me? Bay is right. You skimp through the points you want to make and never have an answer for the other side of the debate. I’m sure your mirror is tired of losing debates with you.
        I’m still waiting for your (ass handed) proof that they didn’t get get conservative in the second half. I unlike you watched the game again and put out the difference in play calling in the second half. The half we struggled in. Where is your post to that Claude? You aren’t fooling anybody Claude. You’re a snake that slithers past the issues that expose you and start a whole new argument. So for now on. You better get used to me answering your questions with questions. Just like you do. C’mon Claude tell me why you are outraged with my comment about the second half conservative calling. Third time I’m asking.

      20. Excepted ribico. And let me say I apologize for not posting that it wasn’t just about roman but the defense also. I can see where you could get that wrong. Since I didn’t actually say it was just about roman. But I’m sure being the double poster you are Claude. It could get a little tough. My Bad.

      21. Bay:

        First, let me say that I appreciate the tone of your message. It wasn’t antagonistic, and I will try to respond in kind.

        Let’s be clear on a few things.

        1. I have agreed with so many of Jack’s positions not merely because Jack expressed them, but because I thought he was right. When I think he is wrong, I don’t agree with him. It’s pretty simple.

        If Jack had taken the same position that ninermd did, I would have disagreed with him. I would have done so more respectfully perhaps, but that’s because Jack has a track record of supporting his opinions with relevant data and of not throwing out assertions without a factual basis. ninermd doesn’t have the same record. His opinions are rarely supported by any facts and are often directly contradicted by the facts. He doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt that other commenters get.

        2. I didn’t call ninermd out for having a different opinion. Go to the 4th quarter live blog thread, and you will see that he called me out. I merely responded.

        3. The coaches’ alleged tendency to let dangerous opponents hang around instead of putting them away has not cost the 49ers a single victory this season. I can only get so worried about a “problem” that hasn’t caused any losses. The team is 36-11-1 under Harbaugh, Roman and Fangio. There simply aren’t that many problems with this team.

        The good news is that the offensive problems that have led to actual losses seem to be improving. Crabtree’s return has helped the offense a great deal, and Kaepernick seems to be more comfortable in the pocket and improving. He’s nowhere near perfect, but he’s only in his third year. He will get better.

        4. Of course the coaches can and should improve. And Roman has. Despite the injuries at WR and TE this season, the offense scored more points than it did last year and did so against tougher defenses. It also has enjoyed more success in the red zone. I presume we are going to give Roman some credit for those things.

        5. Finally, Roman is running Harbaugh’s offense, and Harbaugh doesn’t seem to have a problem with Roman’s performance. As I have said all along, Harbaugh’s track record and the team’s success since he arrived buy him, and his staff, a lot of deference from me. Those guys clearly know a lot more about successful football coaching that I do.

        In sum, to the extent there is any real problem with the 49ers’ offense, I don’t think the problem is Greg Roman.

      22. ninermd:

        Your argument has been reduced to “I know you are, but what am I?” It’s weak, it’s pathetic, and it’s tiresome. Either support your assertions or find another topic to be wrong about.

        And just because the play-calling wasn’t as wide open in the second half doesn’t mean it was too conservative, or conservative at all. The simple fact is that you cannot identify a single game that the 49ers have lost because they became too conservative after taking a sizable lead.

        Perhaps Harbaugh and Co. know what they are doing.

    1. I don’t think you remember what the Singletary teams were like. Heartbreak is what we had back then. Winning 12 games in a season is reason to celebrate. Expecting to play in the Super Bowl every year is foolish. Having the opportunity to play in January 3 years in a row is fairly exceptional.

      You guys are crazy.

    2. Harbaugh and Roman: “Here are three play-calls for you to choose from.”

      Singletary: “Go make a play.”

      Yep, we were definitely in a better position with Singletary.

    3. Worse than Singeltary? Nor Cal Mafia you are insane. You guys always go overboard with you’re analogies. It was an accomplishment when Dingleberry’s teams could cross the 50 yard line.

    4. Then by all means, let’s bring Singletary back.

      When did a sizable portion of the the Niner fanbase become collectively unhinged?

      1. What was your favorite Singletary moment? Let’s choose one:

        1. Pulling his pants down during a halftime speech with his team down 20-3 to the Seahawks.

        2. Kicking Vernon Davis off the sideline and then throwing him under the bus in the post game presser, “Can not play with ‘em. Can not win with ‘em. Can not coach with ‘em. Can’t do it.”

        3. Hiring Jimmy Raye as the OC. Enough said

        4. Against the Saints, Singletary called a timeout with 12 seconds left on the clock til half time in order to kick a field goal instead of letting the clock run all the way down so the kick was the last play of the half. The early timeout caused the team to have to kick off to the Saints before half instead of just jogging to the locker room.

        Although #4 is probably the least known moment it is my favorite as it perfectly encapsulates the incompetence of a man who supposedly had an incredibly high football IQ. People that want to complain about Harbaugh and Roman need to go back and relive some of the Singletary/Raye days.

      2. (reposted with one link)

        My favorite was the Coach’s Corner “interviews” on Letterman.

        The “Singletary” who had that half vacant/half maniacal stare going on about player’s motors, counting men in the box, Brian Piccolo and a non-stop stream of non sequiturs. lol.


        (others, do a search on the ‘tube)

      3. Singletary was a hell of a player, and he’s pretty good at motivating, but he couldn’t coach the x’s and o’s of the game. When the players figure out you don’t have any answers behind the fire and brimstone speeches, it’s over. The ironic thing was, Singletary had a number of interviews for HCing jobs and nobody hired him. I think Jed respected him so much he let it cloud his judgment on what kind of HC he could be.

  33. we just beat one of the hottest teams in the NFL, at their home, in a game that eliminates them from the playoffs and our team grades. This team is a division rival who just beat the number 1 seed in the conference snapping their home winning streak that reaches back across two seasons. They also have arguably the best defense in football.

    Now read our grades above.

    Now remind yourself what a bad (d’s and f’s) football team looks like. It shouldn’t be that hard considering that this franchise was fairly terrible 4 short years ago.

    That these are Grants grades doesn’t surprise me. That there are apparently many fans that are so spoiled as to think that these grades are appropriate does.

    I’m not saying that what we saw today deserves straight A’s. I am saying that if you step back and realize that beating a team on the road that is better than several of the playoff teams deserves an A overall.

    1. My grammar here is awful… But there’s no edit function, so there’s nothing I can do about it. Hopefully some sense can be made of this.

  34. There is one aspect of the niners game that I do agree with Grant (that he’s stated in the past). When the O coordinator sees that Gore is not gaining any rushing yards, and, when they notice that the opponents D line is getting to Kaep, I really wish they would roll Kaep out more. I get so frustrated when they make calls which requires him to stay in the pocket. I’m just thinking out loud.

    1. Which would hardly be surprising. What if you took away several of the Cardinals highlights? This is the team that snapped the Seahawks home streak, last week.

    1. Sean,
      It is because of the stacked box. Take the opposing D out of the tightly stacked box and you get your Gore power run again. It is that simple.
      Not to complicate further but the stacked box works against the Niner’s because the pocket passing game is limited.

      But there are solutions because the tools are there just need the proper X and O fix.

      1. Agreed,
        but I would say both a better Card front D than Niner O and D fronts today and pulling up extra help to stop the run / rush the pass.
        I remember one play where they pulled everyone up as they read the telegraphed run set and then essentially dared the deep pass.

  35. Note to Roman,
    You baffle me. You had a game plan in the first half that stretched the field left, right as well as center and then even into the down field beyond and with some surprise sprinkled in as well. In that first half I was convinced that you had this very smart plan in place based on the tape from that last week game of the Cardinals handling of a, similar to 49er, Seahawks offense.
    So tell me; why oh why did you go back to the boring predictable let them dictate offense of old in the second half that played right into their highly effective plan from last week. Were you using the creatively mixed up first half to set up the ground and pound the heavily fortified box in the second? Or was it a second half —
    Death wish? Shoot myself in foot moment? Singletary OC subbing in your chair as you go for a beer break???

    Please, please do me just one favor before your next moment of replaying the return from the dead. The next time a team loads the box – and trust me they will – put LMJ or Hunter in with Gore – yes with Gore – for a double back formation for a simultaneous double run, multi dimensional threat and best of all as a surprise package / to eliminate the formation change telegraphing. Or as a two back option you could possibly even use Dixon (as a fairly decent outside threat) in a role as full back plus outside back. If you stick to it and establish it, it should give a defense in a box one more thing to ponder.
    Yes you already tick off different skill set run plays but you do it by changing formations to suite the play and player. That takes away the element of surprise, limits the options and limits the dimensions at any given down. Now I am asking that you take this one step further and put this all in one package with many options. Kap has trouble getting to the third read so don’t force it instead replace one WR with one more back field player. This gives a full house of run skills on every down to shock and awe the defense.
    Two or three back offense with side line as well as middle threat and extra blocking and extra back field receiving target options (aka West Coast) will help Kap rip that box apart and then will help Gore get his yards back. Then full circle, Gore takes the heat off Kap for repay thank you. A single package of many threats will keep them guessing and worried and stretching that defense to the breaking point i.e. single coverage on that first and second read of Boldin and Crabtree (or that new guy in town). Dictate, surprise and play to your strengths, that is all I am asking for.

    If interested, I have the formations (full house diamond or like) with a whole lot of options to fit the skill set of this team, all of it, free for the asking. In return I ask nothing but a Niner W. I can smell its sweet success from my QB couch.

    If you should give this X and O Px the college try and I end up wrong about this, then I will eat my highly prized 49er hat from the bygone Walsh the Wizard era.

  36. All roads lead to KAEP. This is not hate talk. For or Against. We are entering the playoff with the biggest X-Factor, going against the Green Bay Packers. Last year Colin ran for 181. This year he passes for 410.
    Now we’re playing at Lambeau. We have not idea what to expect from Colin. It doesn’t matter if this is only his 30th start or whatever it is. How he plays wild determine how far this team goes. If he plays like he did in the 2nd and 3rd? We are one in done.
    For all that potential, it’s clear there are limitations to his game. And it’s come full circle with the Packers, when it started like Colin can do it all.
    Yes, this team is 12-4. And that’s nothing to sneeze at, and he had a hand in it. At the same time, this team is 12-4. It’s an elite, upper echelon team and so the standard is high and the expectation are high.
    If we read back on the posts during the game, all of us fans can see Colin’s potential, and his shortcomings, his struggles with reading the offense and throwing to the check-down. I was a cool SF sports bar and the whole bar was screaming for him to throw it to LMJ in the flat, and he did and we cheered!!!
    And then the dude next to me, said it best, “Colin’s first read is Boldin, his 2nd read is the pass rush, and that’s a problem.”
    I seriously doubt that dude was Bay Area or 23 Jordan!

    1. And none of them won on the road the final week of the season and then all of their playoff games on the road. Last time it’s happened was 1969.

      1. LOL….I heard Berman give that stat on ESPN and then you had to crap all over that Jack with reality. 1969?Welp, 69 is my lucky number!

  37. Grant and Jack,

    You guys love to quote stats as the tell all. I think Kaep has a QBR of 82 and a passer rating of 110 over last 3 games. So what is that telling us?

      1. And as an example not of stats but specific to this weeks winning moment, it was this flawed QB whom threw the pin point pass to the new guy in town to set up the W in the closing seconds.

    1. I’m not on the “fire G-Ro” bandwagon but if he leaves because of coaching job opportunities who would you guys prefer…….

      Norv Turner (if he is let go)
      someone already on our offensive staff

      …anyone else?

      1. I think it was Jack, who mentioned,
        ( a few threads ago) … that Geep Chryst was
        the Bolts OC when Harbs was a player ..

        ya think he gets a shot ?

      2. I like the Chryst suggestion. I think Geep would get serious consideration since he seems to have the same Harbs approach to offense.

        snippet from Geep’s bio….

        1999-00 – San Diego Chargers – Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks
        2001-03 – Arizona Cardinals – Quarterbacks
        2006-10 – Carolina Panthers – Tight Ends/Offensive Quality Control

        “In 2009, Chryst was part of an offensive coaching staff that helped the Panthers become the first team in the history of the NFL to garner two running backs with more than 1,100 yards rushing in the same season. His tight end unit also posted the most productive receiving season for Panthers tight ends in a decade, that year.”

      3. I wonder if Jim Schwartz gets fired in Detriot would he reunite with Jeff Fisher’s staff on the Rams with the domino effect having the Lions hiring G-Ro?

      4. Chryst was part of an offensive coaching staff that helped thePanthers become the first team in the history of the NFL to garner two running backs with more than 1,100 yards rushing in the same season. His tight end unit also posted the most productive receiving season
        So he’s run first and looks to the TE as a primary WR…Pass thanks I’ve seen enough of that the past two seasons already.

    2. Tim Walton has done his job, so unless he leaves or gets canned for no reason I don’t see Fisher (if he is still the HC of the Rams) using the Schwartz any time soon.

      1. It will depend on whether owner Stan Kroenke believes that the team is ascending or descending and if Fisher is the right one going forward.

      2. It would be funny if Jim Schwartz did end up with the Rams since he has that bad history with Jim since the “Harbaugh Handshake”. The beef with Schwartz would only grow even more sandwiched between the rivalry with Pete Carroll . Good times….

      3. You make a good point MidWestDynasty…it didn’t take long for Cleveland to ax Chudzinksi (sp?), and they were a mess that wasn’t his fault…

  38. Jack…so who is more responsible for the offense going through awful stretches of no productivity the last couple of games…kaep? Roman/Harbaugh’s play calling?

    1. Kaepernick has made some big plays the last few weeks, and he’s also missed some. For me most of the game resides on the players, not coaches. Coaches didn’t make that fantastic play to get into position to win the game.

      The one thing I disagreed with that the coaching staff did today was going for it on the 4th and 1. Always take the points, especially on the road.

      1. It sure feels like the play calling lacks rhythm. And when the offense is in a funk, we seem to stay in it longer then most teams do with this type of talent. That doesn’t have anything to do with play calling?

      2. If you want to blame them getting into a funk on playcalling, then you should also blame the playcalling on them scoring more points this season than last against defenses that ranked nearly 3 positions higher on average.

      3. Agree 100% on the 4th down. I just don’t know what got into Harbaugh that time. It might have been a good play if we were dominating their D line but it was obvious that on this day yards would be hard to come by running straught ahead. Bad decision, bad play call, bad result.

        I had a bad feeling that the missed field goal and the failed 4th down attempt would come back and haunt us before the day was over. However, all’s well that ends well. There are no style points in Football. A win is a win..

        Go Niners.

  39. What a great win against a tough team on the road to close out another fantastic year! Proud to be a niner fan and proud of my team who fought hard all year long! Go niners and good luck in the playoffs!

  40. Green Bay wins off of two gift TDs – one busted coverage on fourth and eight, and one Aaron Rodgers fumbled forward pass that somehow got advanced while the Bears just stared at the ball on the ground. This team should not scare anyone. The Niner offense may be problematic, but they will playing against the 25th ranked defense minus Clay Matthews.

      1. A severely roided out chump. Has anyone checked out dude’s face lately? His brow is outgrowing the rest of his head. Yes, he broke a bone a bone in his hand, but I bet it was caused by steroid induced osteoporosis.

  41. I don’t want to sound over confident about our week one playoff matchup vs the packers but idk how not to. We handled them early this season with them at full strength and us dinged up (now it’s reversed). Rodgers did not at very well this week. We have their number in recent history. Only thing that’s iffy is how the weather will factor in. Nonetheless, let’s go niners.

  42. found this posted by a Green Bay fan……..

    “I went from celebrating a big Packers win against the Bears to visualizing Colin Kaepernick running wild all over Lambeau again. I dread seeing that pompous kid flexing his tatted muscle in Green Bay. Unfortunately, hard to see how the Packers defense (with or without Clay) are good enough to stop him.”

    1. I see a shootout taking place next week. Our pass defense has been very suspect, and a big reason for that is the absensce of our pass rush. Where’s aldon, brooks, cowboy??? Our defense is built off of our front 7 and secondary feeding off eachother….especially is Rogers can’t go.

      Fortunately, GB defense should not be able to tame our running game or passing game. Its going to be a shootout that we should be able to finish out on top, but it’s going to be very tough.

  43. how much prepr time do the packers deveote this week to defending the read option…i think roman and kaepernick may be in their heads, to niners advantage

    1. Unfortunately, I don’t think the Niners can run the read option anymore without Bruce Miller.

      The Packers can be beat through the air, I hope Roman gets a clue. Don’t worry about them intercepting the ball, the entire team only got 10 picks for the season.

      1. Final note on Green Bay: Football Outsiders DVOA has the Packers defensive ranking as #29 through week 16. Their defense sucks I tells ya! But can the Niners take advantage? Only Roman knows….

  44. The problem is that after taking a lead, 49ers become complacent in almost every game. They just try to defend the numbers they already put on the board and try not to score more touchdowns after the taking comfortable lead.
    They lost almost lost 4 games in similar fashion but miraculously didn’t loose.
    I hope that 49ers were just tweaking up for the play-offs because they can not beat Green bay if perform like today.

  45. Once again GRo and Harbaugh are getting a bit of a bashing for their play calling. I don’t like some of their calls, in particular the heavy personnel plays in short yardage situations which never seem to go anywhere (yet they persist!), but today wasn’t really an issue of play calling or getting too conservative. They stayed pretty aggressive on offense for the most part. The Cards were allowed back into this game through poor execution at critical times by the offense and a complete lack of a pass rush.

    The lack of pass rush is the biggest concern for me – it was a big issue at the end of last season, giving QBs too much time to pick apart the coverages. They will need to generate more pressure than they did at the end of last season, or than the past two weeks.

  46. The problem is that after taking lead, 49ers become complacent in almost every game. They just try to defend the numbers they already put on the board and try not to score more touchdowns after taking comfortable lead.
    They almost lost 4 games in similar fashion but miraculously didn’t lose.
    I hope that 49ers were just tweaking up for the play-offs because they can not beat Green bay if perform like today.

  47. Sucks to see a great walk off the field in a dismal season. I have to say Gonzalez is a class act. Although I don’t want to see him succeed vs our team or get a superbowl. It would have been nice e to see him leave the field with a shot at a playoff shot. Legend and a class act.

    1. Absolutely agree, Md. He’s been a bright spot since he came into the league, both on and off the field. Wish him the best.

  48. I am a fan of Roman. You haters need to get off his back. That opening drive against AZ was brilliant. Ckone inconsistency is the issue.

    1. Why can’t he make things easier for kap who is struggling with his offense. I don’t see other young qb’s like r. Wilson having to do all the audibles kap has to do.

    2. This coming from a clown that loved Alex smith when he was the int king, and called him a cold blooded assassin.
      If this jerk likes him, then there must be room for a lot of improvement. Onelame it’s no secret you love him, our qb is another question. Hmmmm wonder why. You Claude, ribico, and others might be happy with barely winning and conservative calling when a lead is built, lets just hope these late game wins by the skin of their teeth don’t come back to haunt us 49er fans that don’t have two favorite teams to root for in the playoffs. Not all of us have two shots onelame.

  49. I disagree with several of your grades.

    CK is too high- he should have a C. His lack of field vision and inability to go through a progression really cost the team points. The 9ers should have put the game away in the first half. 9ers should have been up by 21 or 24 points at half and that has mostly to do with CK not finding open guys. The passes to Boldin and Patton in the 4th quarter weren’t great throws. They were great catches.

    RB’s and O-line should both be higher – I’d probably give them both a C-. You have to give some credit to the Cardinals here. Their run defense has been the best in the league for several weeks now.

    Not sure how you give the coaching a D in a win. The strategy was great in all 3 phases. Romans play calling was not great in the middle of the game but the results were worse than the play calls. At some point, players have to execute. At worst, the coaching deserves a B.

    1. Houston how do you give a QB a C when he completes 62% of his passes for 300 yards and 2 tds and gets the win? Especially when his OC got away from what was winning the game in the first quarter? The coaches lacked a killer mentality not the player. That is why I agree with all of the grades.

    2. Hey BAF, I understand the stats and I agree those stats in most cases should earn a higher grade than C. My point is that the 9ers were poor on 3rd down through most of the game. There were wide open receivers that CK missed on several occasions. Once CK develops his ability to read defenses then those types of games will be 49er blowouts. The halftime score should have been 24-7 or 31-7 but CK missed several opportunities. Those blown opportunities resulted in an unnecessarily tight game. That’s why I think CK deserves a C.

      1. Bay….. There is no way the OC changed the flow of the game. In the second half he called more of the misdirections, qb quick hits, end arounds, tackle wheel routes, and no between the tackle runs on 2nd down. The second half calls were exactly the same as the first. It’s just CK’s fault he didn’t execute them. And while we’re at it, the defensive calling was the exact same as the first half also. Maybe the defense didn’t want to give their playoff opponent any secrets for next week.
        No way they got conservative with the lead. You’re a hater and know nothing about football. I suggest you take onelames advice and get yourself the golden tool of football knowledge. Madden 2014. It’s the only way you can have knowledge for this game.

      2. Houston,

        Kaepernick missed a couple of throws, and yes the score could have been 24-7 at halftime. On the red zone trip right before the half he had a throw away on a sprint right option while a defender hung onto his left arm, and then his third down pass was batted away at the LOS.

        The grades are always purely subjective, but I don’t see a C. His play wasn’t just average.

      3. Houston do you think folks on here expect every pass to be completed? I’m asking because reading through the game day blog, I see a lot of posts with CK’s throws that miss. I understand he needs improvement on his vision and reaction at times, it just seems sometimes his grades/opinions are a little harsh when he has a couple of bad drives. Do you think the bar is set a little high for him in his first year as a featured pocket style qb?

      4. JH, I don’t have the coaches film like I think you do so I’ll be interested to read any breakdown you do. There was a particular 3rd down play in the 2nd or 3rd quarter where CK rolled right and had Crabtree and Davis open for easy first downs but CK chose to throw to Boldin who was double covered further down field. This was a really bad read by a QB who was locked on to a single receiver the entire play. There were at least 3 other instances where receivers were open but CK made the wrong read. That’s why I think a C is justifiable. I am probably grading him harder than I should but I think he left a lot of yards and points on the field.

      5. NinerMD, I think the bar might be a bit too high but in my opinion the guy really does have the talent to become the best QB in the league. I’m judging him against the performance I think a top 5 QB would give and he just isn’t there yet. He can get there but he needs to work on his progressions and his footwork.

      6. Houston,

        That play was in the 3rd quarter, and I agree that he should have gone to Crabtree who was wide open because Peterson fell down.

      7. Yeah MD,
        I’m with Houston on this one. Kaepernick should be doing more.
        I get that he’s 11-2 in his last 13 games. I get that he’s only thrown 1 Int in his last 6 games. I also get that his completion percentage is a hair under 62% since Crabtree’s return and that his passer rating is 101 during that span. But dang-it he is still missing some reads and locking on to his primary read. For a guy that has just completed his first full season as a starter, he should be light years ahead of where he is. Kaepernick sucks.

      8. Cmon Bay, why the unnecessary hyperbole? No one said Kaepernick sucks. CK’s completion % was 34th among QB’s with 100 or more attempts this year. His yards per game was 34th in the league. Even with these stats I said I think he can become the best QB in the NFL. Saying the kid has work to do does not equate to saying he sucks.

    1. Lions should be in the market. Schwartz has underperformed with the talent on that team. Plus the man is a first class delta bravo so he deserves what he gets.

      1. I think Stafford needs some remedial coaching to reach his full potential. Would Detroit see GRo as that guy? Would a major University expect GRo to have success at recruiting QBs? I’m not a Roman hater, but just looking at strengths………

      2. I’m not sure Detroits roster is a good fit for GRo’s scheme. There would be some serious roster shuffling – especially on the o-line for Detroit to be able to switch from the spread to a more balanced attack.

    2. Yeah hopefully Roman and Fangio are on various lists… Fangio’s great but I think they can’t keep Ed Donatello in the wings much longer. What happens if Fangio leaves a year after Don Don? Then who do they turn to for continuity?

      1. I just don’t see Fangio as a head coach and quite honestly I don’t think he necessarily wants to be a head coach. Fangio may be the only man on the planet self-aware enough to actually know he’s a great DC and that’s where he should stay. He may have learned the Dick LeBeau lesson of staying where your successful instead of moving on to be the head coach of a bad team. Roman may go but I’d be surprised if Fangio left.

      2. Agreed Houston – I get the impression he is quite happy being a DC. And even though I’d like to see him make more use of the zone blitz, especially when the straight 4-man rush isn’t working, I’d be loathe to lose him since the D has been so successful for 3 straight years. No guarantees Ed Donatell (or anyone else) will be able to generate the same kind of success.

      3. I heard Fangio say in an interview earlier this year that while he would like the chance to be a HC, at some point, he is happy in SF as DC.

    3. The Browns; another do-over. I dunno.
      The Cowboys; sigh. JJ dumped Rob Ryan too soon. One year? He brought in a new system, needed two years minimum. So Jerry changes to M.Kiffen, who brings in a ‘new’ throw-back system that hasn’t worked this year (sure, injuries) and now talk about changing DCs again. Kiffen may not be the answer, but revolving door isn’t so great either.

  50. A few questionable calls in the New Orleans game is the difference between a 3rd division title and securing a 1st round bye! Keep that in mind as the team travels to GB…

    1. If the 49ers win and the Saints lose on Sunday, the 49ers travel to Seattle the following Saturday. 6 days rest vs 13 day rest… all reversed if not for that horrible call.

      To add to the fun, AZ would have been a very deserving wildcard team. 3 NFC West teams in the playoffs if not for the phantom roughing call.

  51. Grant:

    Ahmad Brooks announced that he won his appeal three days ago. Given your previously-stated strong and certain opinion on the play, I am surprised you had no comment on the outcome of his appeal. Did you miss the announcement (Maiocco broke it) or choose to ignore it?

    1. My vote is for the ‘choose to ignore it’ option.

      I think Grant’s ‘strong and certain’ opinion had a lot to do with the fact that he had picked New Orleans to win, and if the penalty of Brooks was not called, his prediction would have been wrong.

      For some reason Grant seems to become defensive when one of his predictions prove wrong. No big deal if your predictions are wrong Grant. It’s just a game after all.

    2. That was a total BS call. People like that buffoon Peter King were calling it a clothesline which IMHO is asinine. That type of tackle happens in every NFL game every week. O-lineman block d-lineman in that same fashion in every NFL game every week. The problem wasn’t the tackle. The problem was Brees looked like he got hit too hard, period end of story. Not sure why Grant ignored it but winning the appeal is proof the NFL agrees that the hit was legal and no flag should have been thrown. That one call cost the 49ers the #1 seed and homefield advantage through the playoffs.

    1. Given that the 49ers will be on the road in the playoffs, it’s good to see that their success rate in away games ranks 4th in the league.

      Roman has to go, I tell you. He’s horrible.

    2. Very impressive. I like the fact that they’re improving and improved on 3rd downs also. Td’s sound a lot better than fg’s especially during playoff time. I know some on here are happy with just fg’s and late come from behind wins. And now that you posted this good news I think I’ll start a campaign for Roman as being the greatest OC in history. Nobody can argue that. You have to be one extreme or the other on here. Right Claude? Anybody questioning my campaign will be considered a hater and stupid.

      1. ninermd:

        What the hell are you talking about? Show me where I wrote that Roman is the greatest OC in history or adopted any “extreme” position regarding Roman. All I did was call b/s on some ignorant comments regarding his play-calling. It doesn’t mean that I adopted the equally extreme exact opposite position.

        You really need to work on that reading comprehension problem you have.

      2. Show me where my comments were ignorant about his conservative at calling in the second half. And again show me where I said it was just him. Comprehend that Claude. You’re arguing a point that wasn’t what you think it is. But please continue. It’s getting fun waiting for you to actually come up with a reason as to why you’re lumping me into this roman hater category.
        Peachy world Claude. It’s all in or nothing at all. This is how you made it, guy!

      3. ninermd:

        Sure, avoid my challenge and issue your own. That’s weak. But that’s OK because your challenge is an easy one.

        1. Your claim that Roman’s play-calling was conservative in the second half was ignorant because he in fact called more passes than runs in the second half. Calling more passes than runs in the second half isn’t conservative play-calling, especially not for a power run offense.

        2. I never claimed that you said it was just Roman. Stop making up fictional arguments for me. I’m doing fine with actual arguments I have made.

        3. I never lumped you into any “roman hater category” and you can’t point to a comment where I did. That’s simply more fictional b/s from you.

        Your turn. But we both know you won’t do it because I never wrote the things you claim I wrote.

    3. The overall red zone numbers have been good, but I still see them settling for FG attempts too often in certain games where points are at a premium, yesterday being another example along with Seattle a few weeks ago. Now I believe they were 50% in the Red Zone yesterday as far as TD’s, which isn’t bad, but having to settle for FG attempts twice inside the 10 and 20, is not good. They have to figure out how to convert those short yardage opportunities both in the Red Zone and out.

      3rd down percentage was also poor yesterday so that needs to improve.

    1. Thanks, MWD

      >>ROAD GAMES
      >>N.Y. Giants

      Woo-hooo! Not so good for Niners (then again, if Giants are anything like this last season, no problem) but great for me!

      1. Ribico why excited about a regular season game in NJ. When they will be there in a little over a month? Save your change and get a superbowl ticket.

  52. Although the playoffs remain here is how the pick’em league finished the regular season:

    Coffee’s for Closers
    Lt. Dangle
    Jack Hammer

    1. Pretty bad year for me. I’d like to tell the cowboys, Giants, and Dolphins that I hate you and thx for never winning when I picked you.
      Good job Crabs and Rocket. Well played.

    2. Not a bad showing by you Coffee. You came out of nowhere and took the crown in my fantasy league plus you are in the top 5 of your pick ‘m league. Pretty impressive.

  53. Onelame…. Since I’ve noticed you are always butting in without actually reading comments and begging to find a new team to join since team Alex is dead. I couldn’t help but think of those poor poor kids that always got picked last in sports. A little help for you, you scrub.


  54. Unless the Browns have Cowher lined up they were foolish to fire Chud after one season. Just another example of why they perpetually suck.

      1. Yes they were, along with the Nolan and erickson/Donahue years. The only thing the Yorks did right was hand over the keys to their son. Do you remember the fans strike that was supposed to happen when they were running things? Man after all that glory of the 80′s and 90′s we did hit rock bottom.
        Trust me I’m thankful for Jed, Harbaugh, and Baalke.

  55. Everyone has an opinion on what is what. My opinion is that many fans have forgotten the pre Harb years. Let me refresh you – run, run, pass, punt. Series after series, game after game, season after season that was the Niners way of playing. The Niners won 12 games this year which is better then last year. There is only two NFL teams with a better record. There were two losses that should of been wins, the Saints and the Panthers. Three of the Niners losses were to NFC playoff teams the other loss was too an AFC playoff team. Nothing to be ashamed of. The Niners beat two playoff teams during the season, the Packers and the Seahawks. I just don’t understand the disharmony amongst so many fans. Some in here are taking shots at Roman and CK. I very rarely have a problem with Roman and I do understand CK has issues. What’s new, our QBs having issues, its been that way for over ten years.

    The Niners beat a damn good Cardinal team and if you read the comments it seems that we were blown out and looked horrible. I will take 12-4 with Roman/CK versus 3-13 with Shanahan/RGIII. The Niners are four wins from winning their sixth trophy, they are two wins from playing in the NFC championship game for three years in a row. What’s the problem?

    Also the NFC is represented by three Pac 12 head coaches and all three are in the playoffs and each reached the playoffs in their first season. Carroll, Kelley, and Harbaugh have played each other a few times in college. Its going to be interesting playoffs for sure.

    1. Under….. Fair enough. I do see some comments that are killing Roman. I don’t agree with them all. However posting things like I’m airflow concerned about the conservative calling after getting leads, will get you lumped in with the roman bashers. And I’ll say this again, it’s not just the offense who sits on leads and gets conservative. But hey being a fan with some concerns that could bite them in the a$$ in the playoffs is a hating thing to do around these parts. It’s like Alex smith drama all over again. Bleh!

      1. MD don’t get me wrong I have concerns also, but it just seemed to me that some were just going overboard with their comments and have forgotten how far the Niners have come in the last three years. By the way does anyone know when Harbaugh throws the read flag – has he been correct once this year?

      2. undercenter:

        I believe he’s either 2 of 8 or 2-8; I can’t remember which. For the life of me, I cannot figure out Harbaugh’s strategy/approach/thinking when it comes to challenges.

  56. Jim Schwartz got fired. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Wonder if he got a firm handshake and back slap on the way out the door.

  57. “49ers are 5-1 under Harbaugh when opp throws for 390+ yards but had to sweat ‘em out. Those games decided by 4, 3, 7, 1, 3 and 4 pts.” From ESPN’s Mike Sando.

  58. Monday, bloody Monday. We’re up to 6 coaches, I think we have the potential for there to be 4 more; Garret, Munchak, Philbin and Allen.

    (I know the song says Sunday)

      1. To me, that sideline thing was completely inexcusable. The dude is on the Competition Committee. That’s like finding out the District Attorney is embezzling. The fact they missed the playoffs provides a convenient additional rationale.

        Glad Schwartz got whacked…one of the local reporters (Grant?) called that one not too long after the handshake game, gotta tip my cap on that one. Detroit has too much talent to be this bad.

      2. I don’t think so Coffee. The Steelers were in the playoff hunt until the Chargers squeaked out a win against the backups on the Chiefs. The Steelers would be in the playoffs had Succop kicked the rock through the uprights.

      3. Not to mention MidWest that the Steelers team has some serious issues on the OL, and had to rely on quite a few young guys on D (especially at DL and OLB). They improved as the season went on. Tomlin will stick.

      4. The Rooneys do not fire coaches. Do you realize that they have had only three coaches going back to 1972?. Noll, Cowher, Tomlin.

        Not gonna happen…

  59. Lost in the great throws to Boldin and Patton was the 41 yard return by James to set them up. Another big play in a big moment.

    1. Great point. LMJ is getting more comfortable in the role. He looked good yesterday. Although, for all this speed he supposedly has, he did get caught from behind lol.

    2. Not at all. That was the game clincher right there. Especially with golden leg. When he missed the kick earlier and snapped his streak I gave a little clap and other fans were looking at me like I was crazy. We had a 17 point lead and my superstition came through. I’m kind of glad he missed then instead of the playoffs. Ok enough about that. Lol

      I’ve noticed LMJ has learned that the speed of the nfl doesn’t allow you to dance around and be elusive through juke moves. It seems he has been running harder and staying in his lanes. Playing more disciplined in the return game. He’s going to break a big one soon.

    3. Great day on returns for LMJ. He also *gasp* caught a pass. I hope they continue working him in to the offense a little more each week. He can be such a great weapon if they get him the ball in space.

      1. Hey Rocket,

        The play that LMJ caught the pass on was the same one they ran in NO when Kaepernick took the sack instead of taking the drop off.

        There were a couple of big plays yesterday when Kaepernick did that. The LMJ play is one, the other was the throw to Dixon. Another good sign of development.

      2. That’s great to see Jack. Kap is starting to take what is there instead of forcing something that isn’t, which is a big step in the progression for him. Yesterday he involved more players in the passing game than I remember at any point this season. That is a great sign going forward.

      3. Good point Jack. Kaep has actually appeared to be a little better in his progressions the past few weeks, including a few dump offs. Still a work in progress, and missing some potential big gainers, but some encouraging signs.

  60. Hey Grant, I think a great stat to judge a coaches pay would be:

    Head coach – Salary paid per win
    Offensive Coordinator – Salary paid per point
    Defensive Coordinator – Salary paid per point

    This definitely isn’t full proof to guage coaches value but it would be interesting to see where the 9er coaches land.

  61. First off great win. I’m laughing at how people are all over Roman for shutting it down after getting up 17-0. One, the playoffs are coming so why show anything in really a meaningless game. Second of course when your up you stick with the run. Why throw it around and limit your possessions?

    1. I’m laughing at people who thought this was meaningless. If it were meaningless, they would have sat Gore and rested up his ankle.

    2. And you didn’t stop to think they would rather have the 5th seed and not the 6th? You’ve got to be kidding me. Did you go to ribico’ school of secrecy? And now you should get flak for even saying he “shut it down” in the second half. Claude grab your clone and bash away at this tyrant for suggesting such a thing. And lastly FDM… How is it good in any way to shut down your offense at any point in the game when the starters are still playing? They didn’t have a 30 point lead in the 4th quarter. Wow

      1. Riiiight Claude. How about you scroll on up and show me you can comprehend my posts and tell me why I’m this huge roman hater. Oh and since fdm said they were holding back and playing conservative why don’t you troll on here and label him the same?
        The hate you have for being wrong about smith is killing your integrity Claude. I suggest you stop trying so hard. I am a fair fan. I don’t hate or blow bubbles up players or coaches ars. Just quit. You look pathetic. Not only from me, but you troll every Jordan and Bay post they put up. It’s sad that I can see your pathetic anger about being wrong through a blog. It’s sad

      2. >>And you didn’t stop to think they would rather have the 5th seed and not the 6th? You’ve got to be kidding me.

        with Seattle and NO firmly in control of their games in the second halves, the point was moot. The seeding was set.

        I don’t even agree with my theory, it in no way fits Harbaugh’s MO. But it’s just as good an answer as any as to your silly question “why the Niners would let their opponent back in the game?”

      3. ninermd:

        Read ribico’s 7:05 am comment and tell us what his comment means. Your 8:30 am comment suggests that you can’t do it.

        You are correct that I can’t point to anything in your posts that reveals you to be a Roman hater. Then again, I never claimed you were a Roman hater, so your challenge is pointless. Like most of your comments.

        Why are you bringing up Alex Smith?

  62. Tim Kawakami is on fire today on Twitter.

    “Really believe most of the anti-Roman anger comes from fans who will not and cannot ever fault Harbaugh or Kaepernick for anything.”

    “Infallible. He appreciates your worship.” RT @AJGullotta Harbuagh shouldn’t have to clean up Roman’s mess, but he has too.

    “If it was up to many 49ers fans, they’d throw it 70 times and run 8 flea-flickers a game. And they’d be 5-11.”

    “it’s easy being an arm-chair OC. If a run play fails he should have passed and if a pass play fails he should have run.”

    1. It’s not about what plays should have been run it’s about showing up with more weapons then the other guy and barely surviving the fight if at all.

      1. I know I know, 12-4, playoffs, superbowl etc… I’m not ignoring any of it I just still feel like he isn’t tapping the true potential of these players.

      2. They’ve survived 76% of their fights with him as the coordinator.

        This is Harbaugh’s offense. Being upset with Roman is being upset with Harbaugh, but why would anyone want to challenge Harbaugh? That’s a key part of Kawakami’s take that I have also been saying for most of the season.

      3. Time to stop flogging that dead horse Jack. We’ve all heard the it’s Harbaugh’s offense enough by now. Yes he has final say on it but just how often do you suspect he’s changing or overriding Romans plays? My guess is that it almost never happens. Otherwise why wouldn’t Harbaugh simply call the plays himself. If Harbaugh was constantly vetoing Romans calls it would totally emasculate himas the OC and no head coach is going to do that. Roman calls the plays and he’s the one that should be held accountable for the production of the offense on game days.

      4. Harbaugh has made some crucial mistakes that have winded up costing the team, such as his decision to go with WR Brett Swain after the Braylon Edwards debacle or his decision to keep a hot Frank Gore on the sidelines during the final three plays of the Super Bowl.

      5. CfC:

        The fact that Harbaugh isn’t changing Roman’s plays suggests that he approves of them. Roman is calling plays the way Harbaugh wants him to call them.

      6. “If Harbaugh was constantly vetoing Romans calls it would totally emasculate him as the OC and no head coach is going to do that.”

        Not really. The only people who know of those exact discussions are the coaches who are on the headsets.

        “Roman calls the plays and he’s the one that should be held accountable for the production of the offense on game days.”

        Then you should be congratulating him for directing an offense that put up more points in 2013 than a season ago despite playing defenses that ranked an average of 3 positions higher, while improving the red zone touchdown percentage by 3.5%.

      7. Did we forget that we have Eric Mangini as a Senior Offensive Consultant???
        He was brought in to make the difference in Winning the SB or losing,
        So WHO’S GOT IT BETTER THAN US?!?!?!?

      8. Then you should be congratulating him for directing an offense that put up more points in 2013 than a season ago despite playing defenses that ranked an average of 3 positions higher, while improving the red zone touchdown percentage by 3.5%.
        I’m not sure that a 9 point increase over the year before is exactly pat on the back worthy but if that’s all you got then I’ll give him credit for it. Again I’ll give him credit for the red zone increase as well but what does 3.5% actually get you? One more TD in the red zone then the year before? woohoo!

      9. Claude says,
        ” The fact that Harbaugh isn’t changing Roman’s plays suggests that he approves of them. Roman is calling plays the way Harbaugh wants him to call them.”

        The great Claude who gets upset with people for assuming is not the one assuming. Claude I remember the presser versus the Colts when Jim was asked why did you stop running. He wasn’t very protective of Roman that week. Without him coming out and saying it, he was saying the Roman should have called more runs. Harbaugh had the ability to veto Roman during the game and he didn’t.

        they don’t have enough time for Jim to listen to the play come in and change it in the event that he dislikes the call. I think if you see a play come in during a critical moment of the game and Harbaugh dislikes it, then he will call a time out. That is a more likely scenario.

      10. They did it without their best receiver for the first 11 weeks.

        With the amount of whining around here and elsewhere you would think they had actually done worse.

      11. Tim K is right on the money. This is Harbaugh’s offense. It was his offense before Roman joined him at Stanford and will be his offense after Roman leaves, if that happens.

        The offense has been good enough for 36 wins in 3 regular seasons. Good enough to reach the NFCCG, SB and now a 3rd consecutive playoff appearance.

        Now I know we all think we have the answers, myself included, but lets all try to understand that there is a big difference between calling a game at a stadium live and criticizing after the fact in the comfort of your living room.

        I really don’t like the calls made sometimes, but at the end of the day, these guys win games and my complaint that they don’t put the foot on the throat wasn’t even applicable yesterday, because they did stay aggressive for most of the game. They just didn’t convert some short 3rd downs and a 4th down. If you want to complain about the playcalling yesterday, it would have to be that they were stubborn with the short yardage calls and should probably consider going away from the tight formations in that situation especially when their Oline is getting whipped up front.

        Other than that, I thought it was a pretty well called game yesterday and it was more on the players for not putting up more points than it was the playcalling.

      12. “IMO, they don’t have enough time for Jim to listen to the play come in and change it in the event that he dislikes the call.”

        Those conversations are ongoing throughout, not just between plays. In most cases offensive playcallers are discussing the next play call right after sending in a play…. “If this happens then we do that, if that happens then we do this. Crap a sack, ok here we go.”

      13. Bay:

        Sorry, but I having a hard time following your comment. What exactly is the problem with my comment to CfC?

        The idea that Roman is some play-calling loose cannon Harbaugh can’t control is silly. If Harbaugh didn’t like the way Roman schemed the offense or called the plays, Roman would not continue to have those duties. The fact that Roman continues to call the plays is pretty strong evidence that Harbaugh is happy with the job he is doing.

      14. Claude,
        go off an a tangent much? You made a comment
        ” The fact that Harbaugh isn’t changing Roman’s plays suggests that he approves of them. Roman is calling plays the way Harbaugh wants him to call them.”

        I disagreed with you. To which you responded,

        “The idea that Roman is some play-calling loose cannon Harbaugh can’t control is silly. If Harbaugh didn’t like the way Roman schemed the offense or called the plays, Roman would not continue to have those duties. The fact that Roman continues to call the plays is pretty strong evidence that Harbaugh is happy with the job he is doing.”

        I’ll tell you how I know for a fact that you are wrong. The first three games of the season Frank carried the ball an average of 13.6 times per game. After the Colts game, a game in which Gore bitched Jim out after the loss, Harbaugh forced an adjustment. Over the next five games Gore carried the ball an average of 21 times a game. That is a 62% increase. Harbaugh could have changed the plays during the Colts game, but he didn’t. But the fact that there was a drastic change in the amount of carries a game immediately after that game tells me that he laid it down to Roman to call more runs.

        There have been complaints up the wazoo about the play calling and the lack of creativity from both the fans and the media. This week for the first time we come with wrinkles again. Reverses, pass to Staley, pass in the flast to RB. My question is, if we are SO HAPPY with the way Roman has been calling games, then why change now?

        Any more assumptions for me Claude?

      15. Good luck getting a response on the actual subject with Claude Bay. It’s been two days and I still don’t have an intellectual answer as to how I was wrong about the difference in the two halves yesterday. But that’s just Claude being Claude. Just start answering his questions with questions. That’s his game. And going in circles with questions is a lot better then actually believing he’s got an answer or that he might actually agree with you. He’s the leader in trolls. I guess if he agrees with you he skips your post. If he doesn’t he will damn sure be the first one to try and call you out.
        It’s actually pathetic. Claude save face and put the past down. You were wrong get over it. No need to fish for every little thing to continue the honor of Smith.

        Oh and btw. 4th time I’m asking you to prove my outlook wrong. On the two halves.

      16. And Bay… The calls you’re talking about happened in the first half, which were great. Second half???? Different story. Claude here’s your chance again to solidify your trolling attack on my outlook. Tic toc

      17. Bay,

        I think we saw more wrinkles thrown into the playcalling this week because they knew it would be a struggle to run the ball against AZ. Often times this team struggles when they can’t run the ball, so it looked like the Coaches put in some plays to get the running yards another way.

        At their best, this offense is balanced but that wasn’t going to happen yesterday and I give the Coaches credit for knowing that and game planning to overcome it.

      18. >>I’m asking you to prove my outlook wrong. On the two halves.

        Not to insert myself into your argument with cb, but even if your two halves take is “right”, so what? It effected the ultimate outcome *how*? And it means *what* going forward? It means something between diddly and squat.

        Despite what the “gore into the middle” whiners whine about, if there’s one thing about the team is that it is unpredictable. Just ask the GB coaching staff that was all prepared for the read option onslaught first game of the season.

      19. Bay:

        I’ll tell you how I know for a fact that you are wrong. The first three games of the season Frank carried the ball an average of 13.6 times per game. After the Colts game, a game in which Gore bitched Jim out after the loss, Harbaugh forced an adjustment. Over the next five games Gore carried the ball an average of 21 times a game. That is a 62% increase.

        Your entire argument is based upon the assumptions that Roman was solely responsible for Gore averaging 13.6 carries/game in the first three games and that Harbaugh wasn’t involved at all in the gameplanning or the play distribution. Did it ever occur to you that Harbaugh signed off on the gameplans and approved of the play distribution in those games?

        The fact is neither one of us is privy to the inner workings of the 49ers’ coaching staff, and we don’t really know what happened, yet you think you know “for a fact” that Roman was off the reservation for three games and Harbaugh had to reel him in. You don’t. You’re just guessing that it happened because you don’t want to believe that Roman is doing what Harbaugh wants.

        Harbaugh could have changed the plays during the Colts game, but he didn’t.

        … which I believe is solid evidence that Harbaugh approved of those plays. How do you possibly read it any other way?

        In addition to confusing your assumptions with actual facts, you also seem to ignore that Harbaugh’s offense has remained pretty consistent for years and that it predates Roman’s addition to the coaching staff. Given that consistency, I think it is pretty safe to assume that Roman isn’t doing anything that Harbaugh doesn’t want him to do.

        There have been complaints up the wazoo about the play calling and the lack of creativity from both the fans and the media. This week for the first time we come with wrinkles again.

        Your belief that Harbaugh would make changes to his offense in response to questioning from the fans and the media is charmingly naive. It’s on par with your belief that the 49ers consider jersey sales when they make roster decisions. What has Harbaugh ever done that makes you think he operates that way?

        My question is, if we are SO HAPPY with the way Roman has been calling games, then why change now?

        Once again, you assume that Roman has had complete autonomy in game-planning and play-calling, with zero input from Harbaugh. That is, until a change is made, at which point you assume (with no factual basis) that Harbaugh stepped in and made a correction. That just doesn’t make any sense to me. There are multiple reasons why Harbaugh and Roman would decide to add wrinkles to the offense at this time, none of which have anything to do with Harbaugh being unhappy with the way Roman is doing his job.

        Again, I will point out that there is no indication that Harbaugh has stripped Roman of any responsibilities or reduced his role. To me, that is strong evidence that Harbaugh is happy with the job that Roman is doing, even if you aren’t.

      20. ninermd:

        It’s been two days and I still don’t have an intellectual answer as to how I was wrong about the difference in the two halves yesterday. But that’s just Claude being Claude.

        Really? By my count, I addressed that issue in seven different comments in this thread:

        December 29, 8:30 pm
        December 29, 9:56pm
        December 29, 11:02 pm
        December 29, 11:12 pm

        December 30, 10:01 am
        December 30, 10:38 am
        December 30, 12:02 pm

        It’s not my fault if you need something explained to you 8 times before you understand it.

        By the way, I’m still waiting for you to identify the game that the 49ers lost because they got too conservative after achieving a big lead. Any chance you are going to respond this year?

  63. End of the season time for Grants grades:

    Originality – B+

    Comprehension – A-

    Knowledge – B would of given an A- but the Dallas thing just irks the hell out of me.

    Readability – B+ would of been an A but the Dallas thing just irks the hell out of me.

    Interaction with readers – A

    Ability to irritate – A+

    I think Grant has elevated his writing to a very acceptable level and if he continues the upswing he just might go somewhere in the journalism world. I read many takes from many writers, whether you agree with him or not he is definitely ascending in his profession.

    1. Lol gold grades. Except the knowledge should be average (C) after the Dallas prediction and the “Gore is done” comments. :-)

    2. Under center since you started Grading for Grants performance i would like to jump in and share my grades as well:

      Irritability to create discussion = A+

      Creativity = C

      Creditability and knowledge of football= D

      Response to blog questions = B

      Overall Performance = C+

  64. To much time is spent discussing play calling and not enough time is spent discussing game planning, Game planning is where Harbaugh puts his stamp on the plays being called. This is Harbaugh’s team no less than this was Bill Walsh’s team when he was head coach. If you have a problem with Rombaugh’s play calling and you want to call for some ones job you have to start with Harbaugh. If you have a problem with the defensive game plan than you’re problem is with Fangio. So I have a question for anyone out there who has called for Roman’s job, would you also like to see Harbaugh fired?

    1. Nail on the head old coach. It’s easier to rip the underling than the HC. The problem is the HC is the one who wants to play this way more than anybody. I don’t think some on here can get past their desire to see a more aggressive, pass crazy offense. That is not what this Coaching staff is about or believes in and the continued rants and predictions of the team going to a spread, fire at will passing offense is pure fantasy.

      This has been Harbaughs MO from day one as a HC. He models is offense after Bo Schembechler and to a lesser extent, Lindy Infante. There are also traces of the WCO, but not so much in the passing game. As long as Harbaugh is the HC, this is what the offense will be. People need to accept it.

    2. Couldn’t be more right old coach. Personally, for the moment I’m not on the fire Roman train. I believe player execution is our archrival right now. You can’t help but see this is true from the tape…especially of the last few games. I think the play calling is there, our offense is healthy, but we won’t go as Gore goes…we’ll go as Kap goes. Like Grant highlighted in his other piece, Walsh believed that the QB sets/removes the limits on the offense.

      This is exactly where we are at the moment.

    3. Cleveland and DeeCee are dead-end jobs. Is Singletary still with the Vikings? Forget Texas. Roman to Detroit and Fangio to Tampa Bay…

  65. What are the best fits for Greg Roman if he does become a HC? Here are my choices:

    1) Washington Redskins
    2) Penn State
    3) Cleveland Browns
    4) Minnesota Vikings
    5) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    As for Vic Fangio:

    1) Cleveland Browns
    2) Detroit Lions
    3) Texas University
    4) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    5) Washington Redskins

    1. If I was Roman I would aggressively pursue Minn. What a marriage it would be between Peterson and Roman. Resigning Gerhardt would be my #1 priority, then trading for Alex Smith. Smith would be a perfect fit in an offense that rushs for over 2500 yards.

      1. Old Coach,

        Minnesota is a good fit, but Tampa may be better. They have a young QB who showed promise, a very talented back in Doug Martin and a better defense than Minnesota.

      2. Both of those teams would be good fits for Roman. I also think he would be interested in a College HCing job. This may be the year he gets a shot.

      3. The Redskins seem like the best fit for Roman. I’m sure that Roman would do a better job of managing RG3 than what Shanahan did. They also have a solid RB in Alfred Morris and scary option at TE with Jordan Reed. They just need better protection for RG3 and other weapons for him to throw to.

      4. It’s too early in his career to say that Jack. However, Shanahan in the meantime has proven that it was John Elway and not him that won the two Super Bowls for the Broncos.

      5. Mid,

        Shanny and Elway did it together. Elway had his chances and couldn’t do it until Shanny arrived. Most of the time it’s about chemistry and those two had it. The same could be said for the Shanahan’s and RGIII last year, but injuries and off the field issues killed them this season.

      6. It was reported that Shanahan wanted to quit the team after last season because of his belief that RG3 was getting too much favoritism from owner Dan Snyder. That doesn’t sound like good chemistry to me.

        It’s true that the combo of Shanahan, Davis, and Elway won those two Super Bowls, but it’s also true that Shanahan hasn’t been back on his own either.

    2. Oops. Posted this in the wrong place…

      Cleveland and DeeCee are dead-end jobs. Is Singletary still with the Vikings? Forget Texas. Roman to Detroit and Fangio to Tampa Bay…

    1. Funny how times change. We used to see GB and we knew that it was going to be near impossible to win. Go to one of their blogs and you’ll see how the roles have been reversed. The general consensus is that they don’t know how they are going to win this game.
      If they sell out to stop the run like they did earlier this year, Boldin will kill them again, especially with Crabs back.

      1. The Niners offense brings a lot to the table. Hard to prepare for a team that can come at you with so many different types of attacks.

        1. WCO (variation)
        2. Read option
        3. Power football
        4. ‘Wham’ bam thank you ma’am
        5. Fly sweeps.
        6. Pistol
        7. Passing attack to include passes to include lineman.

        Got to bring your A game to beat the Niners.

      2. Offensively we should have a good game. I worry a bit on the defensive side though. Pass defense has been awful and it seems to stem from the pass rush. We’re giving QBs way too many clean pockets. Brooks and the Smith brothers have to get going if we want another shot at the big game.

      3. The thing that worries me about this game is. It’s a very tough environment to play in, and it will be freezing on Sumday, it’s hard to beat a team 4 straight. And our pass rush hasn’t looked good at all the last two games. And we obviously like to sit on leads and go conservative on both sides of the ball. And we are still having problems with the play clock. On the road when it’s loud defenses have a big advantage when we continue to snap the ball with one second on the clock.

        We can throw the ball against them, but we know that in good weather, not bad.
        They can stop the run. Our strength on the road and bread and butter.
        If we do not pressure Rodgers he will kill us, especially with Cobb back.
        This isn’t a matchup I was looking forward to. Especially on the road. I am honestly more nervous about this game over the next game at Carolina.
        As we’ve seen the past two weeks nothing is easy with our team.

      4. MD,

        GB is not good at stopping the run actually. They are 25th in the league and the Bears ran all over them yesterday. We should be able to run on them effectively and throw for that matter, as they are 24th in pass defense.

        I share your concern on Rodgers vs. our defense the way it’s giving up passing yardage right now, but it’s not like they’ve shut him down previously yet the Niners have beaten them 3 straight times.

      5. Rocket excuse me for the post about they can stop the run. I knew that too. darn it. I actually had it out with a GB fan yesterday about that. What I meant to say was they can stop OUR run. They stifled us in game 1 and It wasn’t only Mathews. It will be difficult to run against them is my prediction for Sunday. I hope we see some of the first half play calling we saw yesterday. Though out the whole game. If its running I’d take it, as long as its not on 2nd down and between the tackles every series. If it’s working then have at it. We have to keep Rodgers on the sidelines. Should be interesting.

      6. MD,

        Got it. I think the issues running against them in the first game stemmed from them playing run first and the read option especially. That didn’t work out so well for them and this time around they also have to deal with Crabtree as well. If they try to put that much focus on the run, I think the Niners will put up another huge passing day like they did in game one this season.

    2. The modern sample size is pretty small – 2 games in the last 20 years? Packers won more playoff games than that in SF.

      It’s a new era now though, we take the Packers with ease.

  66. Wow Junior! I see you’re at it again. Why am I not surprised that the first chance you get to attack Frank Gore you’re all over it! Could it be because you made a total A** out of yourself when you wrote the following after only the third game of the season,

    “49ers flaws were exposed and the rest of the league was watching”
    “They’re missing key players: Michael Crabtree, Mario Manningham, Delanie Walker and Frank Gore. Yes, Gore is missing. More on him later.”
    “And then there is Gore. He may never come back even though he’s still a 49er.”
    “His legs are gone. They no longer have the snap or explosion or whatever you want to call the thing a running back’s legs need.”
    “Maybe he’s still tired from the playoffs. As you get older, it takes longer for your legs to come back. Maybe he’s trying to compensate in the weight room by doing more explosive exercises and only further fatiguing himself and ending up with dead legs. Whatever it may be, he doesn’t seem to be able to explode through tight holes or bounce runs outside this season.”

    Now we get this garbage from you,
    “RUNNING BACKS: F. Frank Gore had 14 yards on 13 carries. Enough said”

    Frank has had a great year, his stats are on par with Adrian Peterson and Marshawn Lynch, he’s a top seven back and was selected to the pro bowl. We haven’t heard a peep out of you since you wrote that article, mostly because you would have had to eat your words You waited until he had an off game due mostly to the offensive line play to sound off again.

    What the H**L is wrong with you Cohn! You’re like a little kid that constantly has to prove he’s right even when he’s incredibly wrong. Try being a man for once and admit your mistakes. I guess that’s probably asking too much from you considering your family history. Why don’t you just leave the Bay Area and spare us all of your ridiculous amateur opinions. You don’t know squat about football or journalism.

      1. What’s the matter Leo? You got a crush on Junior? Don’t you think that I have a right to my opinion? Maybe you think that only your opinion matters so go ahead and bring it! Let’s hear what you have to say about what I wrote. I’m waiting…..

      2. that was my opinion….the fact that you don’t have to read this blog if you don’t want to…its more of a fact than an opinion….

        my actual opinion is that you seemed to be getting really worked up over a blog about a sports team…true it is my favorite sports team and likely your as well….but if you’re going to get that worked up or stressed about it why not just stop reading it….its not like Grant is going to change his writing style from this point on because he had some sort of revelation from reading your comment….thats all i got…happy new years

  67. On another note besides the two day long Roman hater/lover crap.

    If we think we were screwed (which I do) in the New Orleans game. That cost us the NFC west title and another game at home. The NFL screwed Pitt royaly with a missed call in the FG miss in SD.
    I guess there’s a rule where you can’t line up to many ayers one one side of the center. Sd did it wasn’t called and KC missed the FG and should have had another shot at another one. Therefore Pitt is sitting home next week, and SD with the benefit of this non call are playing this weekend. Ouch! Pitt fans will be mad about this for awhile.

    1. Yea I saw that, ouch!

      But at 8-8 would you really find your team worthy of a playoff berth. I almost rather have a better draft pick at that point.

      1. How the tables have turned in the AFC and NFC…

        NFC is insanely more talented than the AFC and its filled with youth and good coaching….its gonna be tough year in and out…

        Alex Smith was very fortunate to make his way over there…he can have a lot of success and more opportunities in the playoffs

  68. To many threads to respond to, so I’ll just put my thoughts here.

    First off, I hope everyone had a great Christmas, Hanukkah, or whatever else you celebrate this time of year. Also want to wish everybody a happy New Year.

    Now I’ve only watched the game once, but as I’ve got little time to watch it again soon, here are my first impressions:

    The offensive playcalling was pretty good yesterday. Some misdirections, downfield passing, quick screens, more receivers involved and a continued effort to keep the hammer down in the second half. They had their problems offensively, not being able to run effectively and not being able to convert on the 3rd/4th and 1′s, but they were playing a defense that was excellent against the run and more susceptible to the pass, so the game plan was sound. Sometimes you have to put it on the players for not making the plays and imo that was the case yesterday at the times they failed.

    Having said that, I thought Kap had a strong game overall and again made some throws that few in the game can make. His accuracy is still off at times, but I’ve seen his game grow over the past few weeks and he is not making the crucial mistakes and turning the ball over that he was early on. His confidence looks strong and I think this team can win in the playoffs with the way he’s playing right now.

    Anquan Boldin is making the Niners look like genius’ for trading for him and only giving up a 6th round pick to do so. Many were waiting for Crabtree to come back to see what he could add to the offense, but what also has happened is his presence has forced teams to play Boldin honestly instead of shifting coverage to his side and he’s blowing up because of it. The guy is 33 but playing like a man in his prime. They need to find a way to get him to stay for another couple of years. He’s been that good on the field and in the locker room.

    The Oline struggled in all phases yesterday, but again, this is a defensive line that is tough to handle and coming off of a win in Seattle were playing at an all time high in confidence. Not a great day for the Oline, but they protected well enough to allow some key pass completions and didn’t get called for too many penalties. Hey you look for positives where you can find it.

    The defense is starting to concern me now. Not just because of the high passing yards, but because the Front seven has now played two below average offensive lines in back to back weeks and been outplayed both times. The pass rush hasn’t been there without blitzing the ILB’s, and that is going to be a problem if it continues. They’ve been solid against the run, but they are going to have to figure out how to get more pressure out of the 4 man rush. The good thing is even after giving up all those passing yards, they aren’t giving up a ton of points and have won both games, but this is looking too much like the end of last season as far as pass defense for my liking.

    Bottom line: The NFL does not grade on style. It’s about winning and the Niners did that again yesterday against a hot team coming off of a huge win and needing to win to get a shot at the playoffs. This was not a visually pleasing game for long stretches or on the stat sheet, but it was a W and that is all that matters at this point and going forward. Just keep winning.

    1. This was not a visually pleasing game for long stretches or on the stat sheet, but it was a W and that is all that matters at this point and going forward. Just keep winning.

      Well said Rocket.

    2. Good stuff Rocket…

      I agree with you about Boldin…I say we sign him for at least 2 more years, at least until we can groom someone under him. I like Patton’s potnetial, but we desperately need quality depth at WR, especially with Crabs injury history.

      And agree again about the defense. We can only hope they turn it up a few levels in the playoffs and get back on track. I also hope Rogers is good for Sunday. Pack like to play 4 wide so that will be a big issue if he can’t go.

    3. Couldn’t agree more about lack of player execution vs. play calling. Our offense hit a different gear (or two) last year in the playoffs and I kind of anticipate that again. Like I said yesterday, what wasn’t good about the win is the way our D was getting torched through the air…a la last year’s playoff team. That’s fine as long as our offense is ripping it like we did last year also, but that’s something we really haven’t done all year.

      Boy, this will be interesting. Go 9ers!

    4. Spot on rocket. The lack of pressure from the front 7 was a major issue at the end of last season. Not sure what is going on this year, whether guys are banged up, just plain tired/ drained, or opponents are adjusting schemes to successfully find ways to nullify the rush (I’m guessing a combo of all three). But they need to find a way get after the QB or the offense will be under significant pressure again this post season.

      1. And at least one of those sacks by Smith came late against the Bucs when they were backed up at their goal line and chasing the game, and Glennon held the ball for an age. Can’t recall Smith’s first sack of that game.

      2. Cheers – so both came at times when the 49ers had a good lead and Bucs were chasing the game, giving the pass rush a better opportunity to tee off.

      3. Not a good trend heading into the playoffs that’s for sure. Everybody needs to pick it up now, and hopefully Skuta is healthy as well.

    5. GREAT post, Rocket…plus 1k.
      Why is everybody so down on Kaep and Roman?
      It is a W, on the road against a team that just beat down on Seattle in their house…F#$%ING COME ON 49ER FANS!


  69. Weather. com forecast for Green Bay sunday:



    Chance of snow:

    NW at 11 mph

    That’s like a spring day in Green Bay. Elements won’t be an issue at all.

    1. 18 degrees isn’t an issue with a west coast team?
      Trust me being from the valley of California when I go to the snow those little aches start getting a little worse in the cold. I know that even an 11 mph breeze sucks in below freezing temps. You’re from the east you should know about cold weather and its effects it could have on the body. Have you lived their your whole life Rib?

      1. True, but we also need to consider that a lot of our players are from the east so they should have an idea of waht to expect…kap’s actually from wisonsin, although he did leave at around 8 yrs old

      2. Originally bay area, been east coast the last 28 years md.

        As one of the “real” fans, I don’t need to remind you how a west coast team spanked the Bears in sub-zero temps in 1989 NFC Championship. Yeah, yeah. I know different team. Last year’s beatdown of the Pats in a Foxboro freezing sleet wasn’t good enough?

      3. Leo… When leaving cold weather for awhile the tolerance go’s away pretty quick.

        Rib. Why you have to bring up another sat on a lead game up again? Lol yeah I remember that year in Chicago.

        I’m just saying I’ve been reading a lot of “we got this easy” and” we own GB” talk. Playing over there isn’t going to be easy. This team and Seattle are the last two I want to lose too. Ill stick to my prediction and say we don’t lose again. But this cocky arrogant chant from Niner fans never goes the way they say. Shush with all that Freddie P talk. Playing in the cold isn’t easy, and they did shut our ground attack down the first game. Just sayin

    2. The cold might be. The temperature will make that ball rock hard and difficult to grasp. It could make things interesting what with the arm cannon that Kaeperdini has.

    3. I agree with Rib. If that is indeed what they play in next Sunday, the weather will not be an issue. It will be cold, but not the extreme cold that affects the players negatively. The Niners are also built for less than perfect weather with their running game and play action based passing offense.

      1. There might be some palms planted around Turlock, not so much Reno. The beach? Kings Beach on Tahoe?
        Is someone Geography Impaired? Ha

      2. >>Midwest Dynasty, what makes you think the cold wont affect Kaepernick?

        He had arguably his best game as a pro in very inclement Foxboro weather. That game was in the high 20s / low 30s, not the teens. But if it’s dry in GB, that should make up for it.

      3. Hey Ghost,

        Looking out my office window on the University of Nevada campus, I see no palm trees. I do see quite a few leafless deciduous trees as well as pine trees, and I see some snow that has not melted since our early December storm. At home, I still have a sheet of ice next to my driveway and snow in my backyard.

        If I were to drive from the 4500 foot altitude of Reno (or the 5000 foot altitude of my home) to any of the beaches at Lake Tahoe (6250 foot altitude), I would see quite a bit more snow and many more pine trees. Please, do tell me where I can find the palm trees and sunny beach near Reno — I could use a break from the ice and snow.

        Just a guess here – you have never been to Reno or Tahoe, have you? Or, did you perhaps mix up Kaep with Josh Johnson, who played at San Diego?

      4. JPN001,

        I would guess he’s never been to that area in the winter time. People don’t realize how cold it gets in Reno or just how significant the elevation is on the weather.

        Heck I was in Las Vegas about a month ago and saw snow.

    4. Weather Channel is saying 12 degrees, low of 5. But who trusts weather forecasts anyway?

      Did anybody see the post-game interview with Reid and Willis? Reid said he has never played in a cold game in his life. Willis just smiled at him.

  70. “49ers had 3,000-yd. passer (Kap 3,197), 1,000-yd. receiver (Boldin 1,179) and 1,000-yd. rusher (Gore 1,128) for first time since 2001.” Damn that Greg Roman!!!!

    1. Jack, I’m with you on that point but you really meant to say two years back to back. Gore and Crab did it last year for the first time since 2001.

      1. They did Jack, it just happened to be from a combination of two players instead of one. Smith/Kap threw for over 3500 yards last season.

      2. Ah, sorry. I overlooked that one.

        So, I know it’s WAY early, but what would be your stab at those stats next year? Kap’s passing yds and TDs? Does Gore rush for another 1K or are his carries cut into by Lattimore?

      3. Rocket, was thinking the exact same but I guess you have to honor the small technicality of all the yards coming from a single passer.

      4. Real,

        The stats for Kaepernick are tough because we don’t know who he will be throwing to.

        I think that Gore will still be the main guy next year, and Lattimore will replace Dixon as the 4th/short yardage RB.

        I’ve just started a project for next seasons team, but probably won’t have it done for a few weeks. Waiting for this season to end first.

      5. justdareal,

        Absolutely, but the underlying point is that the offense has produced this kind of production for the past two years. We like to rail on the Coaches far too often without also giving them credit for putting together a pretty effective and balanced offense a majority of the time.

    1. Jack, did you change where you do your blogs now?

      One thing people keep talking about with Green Bay is their rushing attack with Lacy…but that won’t be a factor against us as it isn’t with most teams we play.

      This will be a game that our pass rush will be needed and if Rogers is out with a hammy then maybe even an early sneak preview at our top CBs next year (I think we’re cutting Rogers).

      1. Real,

        Yeah, the traffic at webzone is about 20x what I was getting on my own blog. Need to go where the eyes are. I’ll still use ninerchatter for film breakdowns though, easier to work with.

        Regarding Lacy, we’ll see. He’s not far behind Gore this season.

      2. Lacy had 41 yards on 14 carries in his NFL debut. Frank Gore had 44 yards on 21 carries that day as well.

        One could think a rookie left tackle starting his first game might have been a concern.

  71. Anyone concerned with our defense heading into the playoffs? They made critical plays in the playoffs last year but for the most part got gashed in every game.

    1. I’m a little concerned as I said in my post above, but at the same time while the stats are ugly, they aren’t giving up huge points and the majority of passing yardage is coming while they are in the lead which is often a result of playing not to give up a big play while allowing the shorter completions. Palmer hit on some big plays yesterday, but until the 4th quarter, they didn’t finish drives with points.

      1. The really big concern is that I’m not sure that we’ll always be in a two score surplus. Last year, we traded scores like people trade Apple stock and what kept us in it was our O’s ability to keep the pace (Well, until the super bowl). I just don’t want us to return to that form but rather play like we have all season.

    1. I’ll preface this with the fact that I love woman, but now I know where some of the most foolish questions are coming from. For the record, I’m not a fan of play by play given by a woman either……cue the jokes.

  72. Grant,

    I would like to make a suggestion about your grading system:

    How about grading aspects of the game instead of positions? run game, passing game, run defense, pass defense and special team.

    Football is the ultimate team game. It takes an offensive line to block for the running back and to block for the QB. It takes receivers getting open as well as the QB making the correct reads and accurate throws.

    In the case of the running game, the stats speak for themselves; it stunk. But was it the running back’s fault? Did he run into the wrong hole? Was he easily armed tackled? Did single tacklers consistently tackle him? Did he take a poor angle? Was he easily caught from behind? Did he fumble? Or did the line not open up holes for him? Was the strategic and tactical game planning good? Did they run into 8 and 9 men boxes consistently? Certainly the running backs share a significant degree of fault but then so does the line and coaching which you have also negatively graded. But to what degree? What’s a fair grade for each of their contributions to the poor run game? Would you consider grading on a curve when considering if an opponent was specifically trying to neutralize a player (8 in the box, double team receivers, play soft coverage against underneath passes and the run?…etc..

    Without and in depth play by play analysis of each player’s contributions; all you can do is comment on the collective result of the run game. however, commentary on specific plays by players is valid descriptive information for the collective end result analysis.

    They ran up the middle all three times and converted none of them. No creativity from Roman on those play calls.

    I disagree about the creativity part. In fact I think there was TOO MUCH CREATIVITY from a tactical standpoint. Those runs attempts for 1 yard employed trap blocks like pretty much all of their runs. IMO to get one yard and with the defense geared to surge, pinch and shoot the gaps; pulling a lineman for a trap block takes too long to develop. The defensive linemen just blew it up by getting into the backfield before the blocking could develop. They should have just run it straight up man blocking that may employ an iso double team. Keep it simple and just use brute force which is supposed to be the strength of the Niner’s offensive line to drive the defensive line off the line of scrimmage to gain a single yard.

    1. Not me. If Justin was standing in the neutral zone pointing out that movement then it should have been a neutral zone infraction. If he wasn’t, then why can’t he move around? I think one of the Refs reacted to Justin and they then flagged him to cover their own ‘whoops’.

  73. question for all of the Niner fans who
    enjoyed the thrilling last minute winning drive
    by Kapurnicus. How many of you would have
    wanted to see a similar scenario if the Falcons
    had tied on their last drive
    (instead of Bowman) howzabout Kap being asked
    to go the length of the field to secure the win?

    Okay, now one more question. Rather than
    score big and wrap it up early, what if….
    next week’s game vs the Packers depends upon
    Kap’s ability to succeed with a 1 or 2 minute drill.
    How many of us actually believe he can do this
    week after week… a la Tom Brady…?

    Please advise. Someone tell us he was lucky yesterday.

    1. Even though this not the question….I would take Kap over Alex in a game defying 2 minute drill.

      That being said, no he is no where near Brady status when it comes to this. For the most part no one is. You have to earn that “clutch” title. However, if it came down to a 1-2 minute drill with the ball in Kaps hands I would feel very hopeful that he could get the win, but it wouldn’t be completely suprising if he came up short, a la last year’s SB. But he’s growing and I believe soon he will earn that reputation.

      And I don’t believe in luck, so no he was not lucky, he just had a good game and a great drive.

    2. How about this…. Ck after 3 post season starts has the highest qb rating total in sf history. Maaaaybe he’s made for the playoffs. Now is Alex smith ready to beat a winning team yet? Nope!
      Season over after this weekend.

  74. If/when the Niners go to the Super Bowl, I doubt Roman goes anywhere. Reason wont be any openings left by time the game Super Bowl ends.

  75. Well, I had an interesting day watching the game. Instead of my usual 49er crew over, my two daughters came up for a holiday visit with my son-in-law and future son-in-law, both ex-college players. What was interesting was as former college players, how fast they saw and then could describe what multible players had done on any given play that I would need to rewatch several times to see. It was a humbling experience and quite different than watching a game with my buddies. I’m really looking forward to watching the game next week with my usual crew, though. I won’t feel so dumb, lol.

    1. But it sounds like you’re in for some great, insightful football viewing for years to come! Congratulations on raising daughters intelligent enough to mate with football men!

    1. I think that’s a great pairing if it comes to fruition. I always thought Tedford would make a great NFL HC. If he can go somewhere and make an impact, he may very well get that opportunity.

    2. Razor,
      I heard those two names bandied around yesterday as well. I’m a big Tedford fan and felt that Cal was premature in firing him. But college football is big business and when your team does not expectations the coach is going to be dismissed.

      Tedford has a pretty good pedigree of when it comes to preparing QB’ for the NFL. He could be a huge shot in the arm for Stafford and the Lions offense if he is hired.
      This is the one coaching (Lovie and Tedford) move that I would be interested in the most this off season.

  76. Also I would like to chime in about the weather. The Super Bowl is being played in the Giants facility. The weather there isn’t very warm at that time of year. Seattle weather also sucks so I see the Packers game at Lambeau as a tune up for the up for the up and coming cold weather venues.

    1. I hope there is a blizzard. It really doesn’t make sense to hold the biggest game of the year in a North Eastern city during the dead of winter. It could have a huge impact on the participants, depending on their style of offense. It should be played on a neutral field in ideal conditions.

    2. Under, there is a big difference between Green Bay in January and NJ in February. Green Bay average in Jan. is a high of 27 degrees with a low of 9, whereas NJ average in Feb. is a high of 40 with a low of 27 degrees. Sunday’s game is likely to be in low teens or colder.

      1. Thanks Space for the Info. Should mean if we get by the Packers in the cold then it should be a piece of cake going into Seattle and then NJ. Speaking only about the weather when I say a piece of cake.

      2. You’re absolutely right, the weather forecast at Lambeau Field will be wet, snowy and cold at night. It will be very difficult handling on to the Football at times and their footing on the field will be slippery. The weather at Lambeau field at game time calls for 5 degree Fahrenheit, and 20% snow and 10 mph wind, and the humidity 85%. This weather condition on Lambeau field will surely present a tough task for both teams.

      3. Capeman, what’s changed? Are you realizing that the playoffs are a new season and anything can happen? Not quite the same type of posts you were leaving a few weeks ago, dude.

        Are you starting to realize that the 49ers are in this thing now and that the Seahawks aren’t invincible?

        There is still time to buy some 49er gear! LOL

      4. Space born,
        I was just agreeing with you, on what the weather is going to be at Green Bay on Sunday playoff game between the 49ers and Packers.

        But, I still believe that the Seahawks is going to win the NFCC game regardless who the team that will come to Seattle to play the Seahawks and the 12th man….They are destine to win it all this year.

      5. Cape, you’re a good man from what I’ve read here, and I know you’re trying to be objective with your prediction. But after saying Seattle “are destine to win it all this year”, you need to go wash your mouth out with soap! And since you typed it, wash your hands, too!

  77. When the final seeding was complete after phi-dal game I was thinking I will be rooting for the Saints so we will play Carolina and NO will play at Seattle, however, now I’m thinking I would like to play Seattle after we beat GB.

    #1 we’ll be riding some momentum after the game, and #2 Seattle will very likely come out the gate very slow and with a few timing issues coming off the bye…. if we strike hard and fast we will likely walk out of there with the W and on to the NFCCG…

    As opposed to facing them after they once again dismatled the Saints and have a lot of confidence….


    1. Doesn’t matter to me either way. At some point they will likely have to win in Seattle to move on. It’s not about when it happens to me, but more about how they deal with the issues they’ve had there previously. Seattle looks vulnerable right now but the Niners not only have to beat them on the field, but get past the mental aspect that seems to pervade the locker room when they go there.

  78. If anyone works for an airline and can travel quickly, the ticket prices in GB are pretty darn cheap. Just fyi……

    Question for the regulars who have looked at tape- any dissection of where the problem was with the run game? I understand AZ has the stout front 7, but a successful run game should be able to produce anywhere unless they are constantly putting 8 in the box. Would be curious to know how Iupati graded out vs Boone and Goodwin.

    Also, while there were some blitzes, and stats on how Palmer has managed it? Seems like we send either Willis or Bowman when we do, would be nice to see a Corner blitz occasionally, or send a Safety.

  79. This is really informative post and I personally would like to appreciate the efforts. We are also dealing in same field hence found this informative to add in our process also. Once again thanks for your post.

  80. Capeman says:
    December 30, 2013 at 4:18 pm
    What I meant was the Packers won the North.
    But you know what; I hope that the 49ers do beat the Packers so they can play the Hawks at Seattle. And will see how far your arrogance goes after they get beat by the Hawks and the 12th man in Seattle.

    You know I personally don’t care about misspelling’ or wrong predictions. But when a so called Seattle fan comes in here and can’t keep the knowledge of the nfl straight. I have to call you out. I understand Seattle fans are new at this NFL thing, and I know you had tons of time to look up the right answer after you went back 10 years ago with the Central division. Now my question’to you are Why are you here? Where were you after the seahaks got slapped around to the real two top teams in the division?
    Capeman just go away, and take Alex blah blah and onelame the secondary chiefs fan with you. This is a 49er blog, and when they smack the crap out of your team in that noise box, you will just disappear and not face the music afterwards.

    1. 23Jordan alias MD,

      You know what braddah tumbs up to you.You don’t go around the bushes you go straight to the point. I applauded you in what you said in your post … For one thing Braddah nobody disappeared when the Seahawks loss to the 49ers and to the Cardinals.

      Now, if you still want to make a wager if somehow both the Seahawks and 49ers do meet in the NFCC game we can bet Cash and the one that losses disappear on this blog for good.

      1. Lol me and Jordo don’t name troll. Bro.
        And you didn’t come around after those two losses for like 4 days. I don’t bet on my team. It’s bad luck and I’m not actually on the field playing. So I have no input on how the outcome is.

      2. Ahi po’o,

        Did you mean Haole Boy instead of (HaolieBoy)? You seem to be in denial Braddah. I don’t know if you’re a Kaikamahine or a Keihui Ahi Po’o. Oe ho’olohe to kou Makuahine.

      3. Cape you starting to sound more nervous and concerned by the entries. Dont worry it will be over soon, Hawks one and done in 2 weeks!

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