49ers 23, Saints 41: Grades

These are the grades for the 49ers’ 41-23 loss to the Saints.

QUARTERBACK: B. Avoided throwing passes outside the numbers to his left – his biggest weakness – and posted a passer rating of 102.3 against a terrible defense. Threw for 398 yards, two touchdowns and one interception. Also fumbled once.

RUNNING BACKS: B-. DuJuan Harris is the best running back on the team – even better than Carlos Hyde, whose hype outpaces his production and durability. Harris rushed 10 times for 59 yards, and caught five passes for 83 yards and a touchdown. He also fumbled during garbage time. Backup running back Mike Davis fumbled at the Saints’ one-yard line during the 49ers’ first series of the second half when the game was still a game. The Niners should cut Davis tomorrow.

WIDE RECEIVERS: B. Quinton Patton played his best game as a pro, catching six passes for 106 yards. Torrey Smith and Jeremy Kerley combined to make five catches for just 40 yards.

TIGHT ENDS: A. Vance McDonald and Garrett Celek combined to make seven catches for 160 yards and one touchdown.

OFFENSIVE LINE: B+. Gave up just one sack, and the offense averaged 5.5 yards per carry.

DEFENSIVE LINE: F-. Recorded one sack and gave up 248 rushing yards on 42 carries. DeForest Buckner gave up an 11-yard gain when he misdiagnosed a run play and tried to rush the quarterback. And Quinton Dial gave up a 75-yard touchdown run when he let the Saints offensive line push him out of his assigned gap.

LINEBACKERS: F+. Nick Bellore broke up a couple of passes early. That’s the only nice thing I can say about this group.

SECONDARY: F. Tramaine Brock let a pass bounce off the back of his shoulder and into the hands of Michael Thomas for a touchdown. And Jimmie Ward gave up a 1-yard touchdown catch to Saints’ rookie wide receiver Michael Thomas despite being in press coverage. Hard to do.

SPECIAL TEAMS: A. Phil Dawson was the Niners’ best player, and kick returner JaCorey Shepherd was their second-best. He averaged 34.7 yards per return.

COACHES: F. Look, we know Jim O’Neil knows nothing about gap integrity. But he also knows nothing about combination coverages or how to play wide receivers short and long. Or in and out. Or two deep with man under. Or a stay concept with man over the top.

Although if you asked him if he knows those things, he probably would say, “Yeah, yeah.”

Yeah, right.

Grant Cohn writes sports columns and the “Inside the 49ers” blog for The Press Democrat’s website. You can reach him at grantcohn@gmail.com.

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  1. These grades are spot on! I would not tweak any of it.

    I see people saying Kap sucks or Jim Oneill and his defense sucks, but the biggest story and possibly only story of this game is 4 turnovers while Saints had 0! Kap’s boneheaded pick and O’Neill defense are not without blame but fumbling 2 or 3 times in the redzone is a big dagger! That is 14-21 points left on the field!

    Good work Grant

    1. various observations and blah blah ehhhhhh

      1. Are we ready to declare Carlos Rogers another baalke bust. What has he really ever done. If you take away game 1 from last year and this , the answer is nothing. We all know the first week of the NFL is a bit on an anomaly.

      2. Didn’t Ezekiall Elliot run all over OR in the national championship game. Dont we have 2 OR DL on our DL?

      3. Follow up thought about Saban and harbaugh from earlier in the week. Saban had a never ending flow of talent who did not have to meet the academic requirements of Stanford. Harbaugh took a less than mediocre team to the NFL championship game in year 1. Saban did not do anything in Miami except run away. It is unfair and irresponsible to declare Saban superior to JH.

      4. We stink . We scored some points because their D stinks. I dont seen another win this year with possible exception of Bears game. Time to completely clean house.

      5. #TheMunchkinMustGo

    1. 80, you nailed your Saints prediction. Missed the Niner score by 7.

      Guessed the winner and missed the exact score by 7 points is impressive.

    1. I agree about Ward. I didn’t like what I saw from him against GB in the preseason. I would still like to keep him as a replacement for Bethea or Reid. But he could be a bust at Safety as well. He shouldn’t get a long term deal with his durability issues. Not worth big money.

      1. Ward is better suited for FS, I’m not very high on Him either but, our front 7 is so terrible it makes every body look like trash.
        I actually like our CB / S , it’s our scheme and lack of talent up front that sucks. Buckner is raw, Armstead is playing hurt, Dial and all of our LB are back ups at best.

  2. We also know that Jim O’Neill knows how to put his guys in position to make history. His D is the first in NFL history to give up 100 yards to a rusher 7 straight weeks.

    1. They were trying to get 2 100 yard rushers going in the same game but were stymied by the game clock.

      There’s always next week.

  3. Kapernick played well enough to toy with us. He once again he made people think that he might be the future. He is not. He is not a good qb.

    Grant, grades were spot on.

    1. Leo Nomellini November 6, 2016 at 7:58 pm
      Kapernick played well enough to toy with us.
      There’s really just one pathetic lowly soul that continues to be “heartened” by these performances.

  4. “even better than Carlos Hyde, whose hype outpaces his production and durability.”

    Carlos Hyde, you mean the best running back in the NFC? ;)

  5. Grant, must disagree with your assesmnt of 49er Offense and especially Kapernick. Remember passing stats always include RAC (Run After the Catch) much of this was by receiving running back or reciever. Many times I saw passes overthrown or behind the reciever.

    4 turnovers is not a B performnce, if this stat did not exist then much closer game.

    What I experinced was a team lacking congruance from lack of leadership and execusion. The offense should be graded much lower.

  6. He is one of the most talented for sure. Problem is his durability which is a massive problem. Talent is there no question…Most important trait of a RB is availability which is a BIG F right now..

  7. Kelly says no changes to the defensive staff will take place even after making history for all the wrong reasons… I say get lost loser. F U Jed!!

      1. In-season changes? Fire O’Neil and promote Tarver as interim DC… Kick Baalke to the curb and then blow this whole team up after the season – coaching staff and FO. By keeping O’Neil and Baalke employed Jed shows he’s nothing more than a clueless loser… Other coordinators around the league have been fired for much less. Only in SF under Jed’s rule is suckage acceptable.

        1. What I mean is no matter who you fire right now won’t make a difference this year in trying to win games. Yes they can fire Baalke but that’s Jed’s boy so I doubt that happens. The best thing to do is just make sure they get that top pick which seems like it’s going to happen unless the Browns go winless but I agree somewhat with you I’m just saying that there’s nothing they can do right now with this horrible roster.

  8. Grant you can try and spin it as much as you want about the coaches but this roster is the worst roster in the NFL(even the Browns) Harbaugh would not win 4 games with this pathetic roster.

  9. Totally agree. The only thing you could have added is that O’Neil needs to be fired. This is by far the worst defense in the NFL.

  10. 9ers Offensive stat line supports grades, but they came out and scored 3 freakin’ points in entire 2nd half. We need a new category called ” Offensive Competitiveness” and that is a “D”. This game was never really in question from the start of the 2nd quarter. Pathetic, both D and O sad to say. But hey woohoo won the special teams battle. Thanks Trent.

  11. Grant, I only take issue with your TE grade. I do not think they deserve an A. With their drops, they should be at most an A-.

    You are spot on in your assessment of O’Neil. His defense is so bad, it might set records in futility.

    O’Neil should have been fired 4 weeks ago.

  12. Keep fooling yourself with a QB that is about to be 30 and is not accurate. Can you trust him to win a game on his own or bring you back on his shoulders–no!! Look across the bay –that’s what it looks like to be a QB in the NFL. I hate the Raiders,but they got one and we have a gimmicky toy that got figured out in 2012. Racking up first 1/2 reads on swing passes does not mean progress. Fumbling in the 2nd half and skipping balls -that’s reality.

    GRADE @ QB–c or c- at best

    1. That Raider QB has a monster O line that they spent a lot of Cap money on to attract FAs, and He has Amari Cooper, who was a first round pick.

      They have another first round pick, I think his name is Crabtree, who is having a good year, too. Guess Baalke lowballed him and let him go, thinking he was all washed up.

    2. I am seeing steady improvement from game to game in Kap. I am hopeful that if he gets a year with Kelly he will be a much better QB

  13. B might be generous for Colin. Inconsistent accuracy plagues him as much as Blaine.
    His passing yards stats were padded by McDonald and Harris catch and runs. It seemed to me he lost his mojo, his confidence, after the Davis red zone fumble. His face got that spooked look on it, and he didn’t play as well after that. I liked that the team moved the ball at times, but note to us: Saints’ D isn’t very good.
    Note to Sean Payton: You still got problems on your Defense, dude, if SF can move the ball on you.

    1. Tough to give Kaepernick lower than a B when he passed for the second-most yards of his career. I don’t downgrade quarterbacks for RAC. RAC is good.

      1. Well, you’ll note that I didn’t actually say ‘If you take out the two….’
        ; >)
        I was glad to see some competent offense, some drives, so a C+ would be too low, but he fell out of his groove too easily for me, and some of his misses were eye-rollers. It reminded me of when GB took over last year, a ray of hope, but…..meh.

    2. Go ahead, diss a QB who passed for 398 yards, 2 TDs and had a 102 QBR.

      Maybe Kaep got more rattled when his pocket collapsed like a house of cards and he was bludgeoned by 3 defenders.

      I am happy. I actually saw him do a pump fake, something I mentioned in previous posts.

      1. And against what defense?? The guy had a horizontal pass that went 47 yards. The guy had another 5 yard pass that went 65 yards. 2 passes that ANY qb on ANY level could make that went for 112 yards.

        How you forget the horrific INT and his lost fumble.

        The guy is just not good. I don’t want to hear about yardage when we have seen many bad qbs have monster days, or does Matt Flynns 480 yards, 6tds vs the Lions in 2012 slip your mind.

        The Saints are the 2nd worst passing defense in YPA and the worst in yards per game at an even 300.

        All this did was buy Colin 1 more game than he deserves. Its sad because we won’t see a change probably for 2 weeks, but that change must come.

        1. Grant,

          I know. That wasn’t a shot towards your grades.

          The yards were nice, but the bottom line is the 23 points scored by the offense were 7 below the average the Saints had allowed coming into the game.

          The Raiders looked pretty good last night though. You might have been right on that Del Rio thing a couple years ago.

          1. I think the Raiders will be a dangerous team in the playoffs. They can grind it out orplay an aerial passing game. The only thing that might hurt them is their defense. Aldon Smith still a possibility?

    3. It’s funny to see the constant back and forth between the Kap vs. Gabbert supporters. Doesn’t matter what either one does, the other side will trash it while making excuses for their guy.

      The irony is, they are pretty much the same player. Neither one is consistently accurate, and both get rattled as soon as any pressure gets near them. Kap’s numbers were fools gold yesterday, inflated by short passes that turned into huge gainers due to breakdowns in the Saints secondary. He also airmailed several easy throws, missing open receivers 10 feet over their head. Problem is Gabbert was doing the exact same thing while he was playing.

      Instead of arguing for one or the other, it’s time to understand that neither are the answer and this team needs to start over at the position.

      1. No, anytime a QB throws for 400 yards, it is a lot better than a QB who throws for 120 yards.

        Kaep does have talent. Too bad the FO will drive him away like they did JH. I expect Kaep to go to another team loaded with elite players but just lacking in the QB department. Kaep will take the league by storm, again.

        On this team, he can pass for almost 400 yards, and they still lost, because this team’s defense is truly putrid.

        1. As opposed to the 9 times Colin has thrown for ~120 yards or less in his career?

          Out of 51 career starts (50 plus the more than half vs StL in 2012) he has thrown for roughly 120 yards or less 9 times. Thats almost 20% of his career.

          Thats awful!

          1. Keep it in context. With an elite team and Frank Gore as the RB, he did not need to pass a lot, and was just content to win games.

            On a lower talent team that was gutted by Baalke, he did not pass for much because he had less than a nanosecond to throw, and for the last couple seasons, he did not have an elite WR to help him out.

            Also, the coaching staff did not utilize him properly. When I saw him roll out, he seemed pretty effective.

            1. You’ve pretty much just said what almost everyone knows. The 49ers won a bunch of games when Kaepernick didn’t need to do much.

        2. Seb-

          That’s all misleading. “Kap has talent”. Nobody has ever denied that he is a gifted athlete. He just sucks to death as a Quarterback.

          More telling, who does Kap make look better for playing this position? Wasn’t he attributed something like 1/3 of the sacks last year, because he has no natural feel in the pocket?
          Does he make the receivers look better? Don’t insult anyone by going there…….
          No more phony arguments, Seb. Everyone knows he’s a great athlete–he just sucks as an NFL starting QB

          1. Seb-

            This rolling out business of yours………I don’t recall seeing Walsh have Steve Young rolling out all day long. Once in a while that might make sense-might not. Depends on the Defense their playing.
            Kap is not only grossly deficient in consistent accuracy and reading the Defense, his mechanics are horrible. He could get away with that in College–not here.

          2. Blame Kaep for Devey? Devey almost destroyed Tom Brady. They were talking about TB needing to retire before they benched Devey. Martin, Devey and pears acted like turnstiles.

            Notice that when Kaep had decent pass protection, he passed for 398 yards? When they let him roll out he was more effective?

            Go ahead and blame Kaep for allowing 571 yards, you all are blaming him for low ratings, anyways. Next, you will blame him for letting Hillary win.

          1. He did it against the worst pass defense in the league and with a ton of YAC. Also, 2/3 of those yards came in the 1st half. The 2nd was a flop.

            1. Jack, dissing Kaep for having a decent game while ignoring the elephant in the room just proves your hate.

              Kaep could have thrown for 500 yards and you would still dwell on that interception.

              Do not blame Kaep for not making any second half adjustments, blame the coaches.

              1. I don’t blame Kaepernick for the loss. His numbers look good, but don’t tell the story. He benefitted from a ton of YAC. One of his best “passes” wasn’t even a pass, it was a 31 yard shuffle pass to Patton.

              2. Jack, YAC is still part of a pass, and that fly sweep was pretty effective, even if the pass traveled 2 yards.

              3. Freekin Seb-

                There you go again with that “hate” stuff. Anyone who refutes your points or looks at it another way, or uses their critical thinking skills…you call it hate.
                You know, your kind of knocking on the door of fascism. Just kind of flirting with it………………

              4. Heck it didn’t even travel a foot. It was almost a forward handoff.

                Your hero put up a bunch of yards. Yay! Crack open the bubbly and have a party.

              5. Saw, you probably think that all the screeds are locker room talk.

                I just consider it hate.

                Fascism is just ultra patriotism. Kaep, by upsetting the uber patriots who use his protests to spew venom, reveal their racism and hatred, even when he passes for 398 yards and 2 TDs.

              6. LOL! I completely support Kaepernick’s protest.

                The fact that he’s not a good QB has absolutely nothing to do with anything outside of what he does on the football field.

              7. Boy Seb you are fishing! Its amazing what accuracy Kap showed on the fly sweep. A clear example how stats are useless in football! Another clear example how dumb you really are!

              8. Prime, your glowing praise of the CFL just defines you.

                Did you know some one said a storm is coming?

            1. Seb–

              You don’t know what’s in the hearts of people.If Kap doesn’t agree with me, specifically how does that make him a racist? Or are you trying to tell me that the door only swings one way? That, because of the color of their flesh???


              1. Saw. Kaep has been attacked so viciously, they have sent death threats against him. Guilt through association. Attacking Kaep is just piling on, and there seems to be latent racism behind the screeds. Maybe you are not inherently racist, and I know many critics are not racists, but since I have been the lone voice countering their screeds, I see the unreasoned attacks. Attack Kaep all you want, but expect pushback, and some one to counter your arguments.

                I admit I am a lone voice on this blog. NFL sports is pretty backwards and intolerant of progressive ideas. Homosexuals in the locker room? Prayer after the game? Reefer madness? Denial of CTE? Downplaying the dangers and refusing to consider league wide health care, especially for the aged warriors who have sacrificed their health for the sake of the game. Displaying false concern about CTE, then scheduling games with 3 days rest. Goodell and his obtuse punishments and illogical reasoning. He has way too much power, and just screws up all the time. Ref reforms, intelligible definitions and many other things could be discussed, but I will just return to demanding that Baalke be fired.

                The good thing about football is that with black players excelling, they get more consideration and popularity. Kaep, by just being a fan in the stands, would not get the attention or impact he has as the starting QB for the 49ers. Sports has led a lot of advancement and broken barriers. Jackie Robinson, Kenny Washington, Ali, Ashe, Doug Williams.

                I have never called you a racist, but just mentioned seeing the latent racism of fascists who hate. Dissing a QB who just threw for almost four hundred yards smacks of hypercriticallity.

                I would rather get back to criticizing Baalke, but if challenged, I will not hesitate to elucidate and expand on my thoughts.

        1. There’s at least 2 on the Gabbert side but you are probably right in regards to the one lone voice that believes in the greatness of Kaepernick.

          Not quite a Smithers vs every other lousy QB battle royal that’s for sure.

          1. Don’t think I have ever seen it this bad talent and coaching wise. The again Jimmy Raye/Singletary days were bad. At least that team had some talent.
            I cannot pick one player on the 49ers and say, man that guy is good!

          2. Seb-

            What I’m going to say here is going to blow your mind, is going to sound like Greek to you……ready??
            Everyone who does not like the play of Sackorpick does not hate him as a human being-they “hate” him as a QB. That being said, I will openly admit to that there have been a few 9er QB’s I have “hated”. Remember Scott Bull?? No? Well, as a 9er QB, I hated him. Except, he was a white dude……using your logic, it all gets confusing-me, saying I hated a white QB…….I sure as h-ll hated his QB play

            Seb, your so hyper-sensitive to the color of one’s flesh, rather than their heart and soul–fine, ok, whatever! We will all try to make excuses for little Colin for all of his bone-headed plays.
            But then it’s incumbent upon you-yes, you Seb-to get us a Warren Moon! I believe he is a Hall of Famer………..
            But I give you fair warning, Seb……..If the next QB plays like Kap-or Gabbert-I’m going to “hate” his sorry arse, too.

            Besides, theirs been no storm you’ve blathered on about. Where’s the freekin storm!!!!!!!

            1. Saw, he threw for 398 yards and 2 TDs. I admit he did not throw for 500 yards and 4 TDs. but he did play well enough to have a QBR of 102.

              Personally, I like QBs who throw for 398 yards and 2 TDs. I do not hate them, like you do.

              Other QBs? I remember Carmozzi and Druckenmiller. Even Doofus.

              1. Seb-

                Your starting to put a smile on my face with all of this “hate” stuff you go on about.

                You bloviated over and over about some storm. Where is it????????

              2. Yeah where is it? I’ll tell you, it’s back in 2012 never to reappear. Only in the eyes of one star crossed lover!

  14. Grant, I hope you ask about gap integrity again. If O’Neil still does not understand the concept, I hope you school him on it.

    1. No, Seb………

      fascism is not ultra-patriotism. It is used by people, usually politicians and/or the politically correct, to keep other people from questioning the point. That way, no light can be brought upon it.
      Wanna tell me how that worked out in the 20th century?

      1. Being a student of history, I know all about the evolution from warriors, despots and royalty to the new geopolitical developments. Capitalism is dead. Communism is dead. New social structures are emerging.

        The rise of fascism in the 1930’s exploited people’s fears, and allowed the dark side to be expressed. Kinda like today.

        Being hypersensitive to pushback just means you have not developed a thin skin yet. Crying that I am being mean to you does not make me want to refrain from continuing. Guess what? I am not a politician, and this election proves that sometimes it does not matter what is said, or what is advocated.

        1. I dont know what the hell your talking about half the time, with your “hate” this and “hate” that……….You falsely extrapolate that the people who despise Kap are in the same boat as those who have threatened him. That is false.
          You want to push back by calling people names? Push, baby-push away!

          Actually, Seb, I can’t think of one time when you have been mean to me-really mean to anyone else, either-but for the purposes of your argument, you have to paint it that way, don’t you? Everybody sees thru that stuff, Seb.
          Kap sucks, and you can’t change that.

          1. Whats more, Seb-
            you did blather on about the Kap storm–where is it?

            You have been strangely silent-for the most part-when Kap has his usual Crap game……………..
            Go out to the end of the Russian River sometime during November. Theirs your bloody storm!!!!!!!

        2. Seb-

          I know you know everything about everything that ever was anything. That comes out in so much of what you say.

          But that spin of yours doesn’t help Kap-he still sucks.

        3. One thing isn’t going to change, regardless of what social structure you want to adapt, Seb-you reap what you sow.

          And Kaps reluctance to work on his mechanics are reaping a bitter harvest for you and Kap.

          Lets see how he does against a good defense now-let alone a great one. Then we’ll hear u say “we waz robbed”! Your going back to the old Seb-just killin me…………..

          1. Saw, back in 2014, Kaep went intentionally to Arizona to work on his quarterbacking skills with Warner. Too bad his DJ coach in 2015 told him the out route was a fail safe fall back throw, and that he should throw it with 15% less speed.

            Now that Kaep is fully healthy, he just threw for 398 yards. Chip is finally getting Kaep to play in his system, and I only expect him to get better once he syncs up with his receivers. In the first half, Kaep was being utilized correctly.

  15. sebnynah

    November 7, 2016 at 12:58 am

    That Raider QB has a monster O line that they spent a lot of Cap money on to attract FAs, and He has Amari Cooper, who was a first round pick

    Seb, your crazy is showing. The announcers stated that carr’s throwing motion has been modeled after Farve, Brady, and Rogers, slowed replays of each time Carr used their motions in a winning effort. Kap has problems simply maintianig his own

  16. Pros: Kaep played his best game in two years…against a lousy defense. Saints aren’t good.

    Cons: We will see the real, talentless 49ers against the Cardinals and Patriots. One win remains on our schedule, the Jets.

    Keep up the good work Trent and Jed!

  17. In a previous post, I mentioned that they need to stop shooting themselves in the foot. They need to stop the unforced errors. They need to protect the ball better. They need to stop the self inflicted wounds.

    Mission accomplished…….NOT.

  18. @Jack Hammer

    I don’t disagree with your view of Kaepernick, but keep in mind that we once had a best ever QB who was constantly criticized nationally for “dink and dunk” passing and massive YAC numbers. Of course, us homers, praised him for perfect timing and accuracy which allowed his receivers to catch the ball at full speed.

    Kaepernick’s two longest YAC plays were more to do with dropped coverage than perfect timing even though his timing and accuracy was fine on those two plays.

    The fumble at the one yard line on the best drive of the day was a crusher for a team like the 49ers this year.

  19. I think the critics of Kaep’s grades this week are letting their preconceived notions about the his overall value as an NFL QB get in the way of simply evaluating his performance on a particular day.

    How’s this sound: Tom Brady goes for 24/39, 398, 2 and 1.

    I don’t think anyone puts up a fight when TB’s grade is a B, here. Sometimes bad quarterbacks have decent days due to YACs and luck, just like good QBs have bad days due to drops and tips.

    Grant, your comments make me laugh out loud every week. Especially this year, it’s been much needed. Thank you for that.

    1. Great point. Kaep did have some clear luck. I mean McDonald, really, running like 60 yards. That won’t happen again in his career. Guy wasn’t covered. Plus, the Saints stink on D. Period. Terrible. Like us. They just have Drew Brees to cover for their junk.

  20. In Philly they called Chip’s stats misleading btwn the 20’s since he could not convert in the red zone or 3rd downs efficiently

    vs saints: 3rd downs: 2/9
    time of poss: 21 minutes vs saints 38 min

    1. 49ers lead the league in time defense spends on the field . In Chip’s Philly days their D averaged 3 more games on the field than the rest of the NFL

  21. Kelly was accused of losing the locker room in Philadelphia, so he created a newer, likable version of himself. He’s been less demanding and more sympathetic because he realizes how tattered this roster really is. Practice schedules were made to give players more rest. How could they not be on-board?

    When a team loses seven games in a row, there are usually clear signs of tension. You won’t find that down in Santa Clara.

    The lack of anger coming from the 49ers locker room makes you question the laissez faire culture Chip Kelly has created. Frustration isn’t mounting. Nobody is throwing a chair across the room. The 49ers have accepted the facts: they are the laughingstock of the NFL.

  22. .. Being bad will affect local revenue.. But Cervant said even if no one goes to the games a vast majority have already been sold for awhile bc of season ticket holders.. Yes being bad will hurt sales in merch and concessions.. But having $80M+

    ntodd51: For example each NFL team got $226M in 14 from TV right alone.. That’s the same no matter how good or bad the team is..

    1. *Source above: 49er Paradise

      Source below : Why your team s-cks, 2015 San Francisco 49ers
      York will show up at games this year in a bathrobe and slippers and piss down your leg. What difference does it make? The Niners are the full and glorious realization of the NFL’s most bloodless ambitions. They force fans to pay the most money possible to go to the least convenient stadium possible, all in service of a team that is now so wealthy, it can afford to suck in perpetuity. They don’t even feel obligated to take care of the field

  23. .. Being bad will affect local revenue.. But Cervant said even if no one goes to the games a vast majority have already been sold for awhile bc of season ticket holders.. Yes being bad will hurt sales in merch and concessions.. But having $80M+

    ntodd51: For example each NFL team got $226M in 14 from TV right alone.. That’s the same no matter how good or bad the team is..


    November 7, 2016 at 12:47 pm

    *Source above: 49er Paradise

    Source below : Why your team s-cks, 2015 San Francisco 49ers
    York will show up at games this year in a bathrobe and slippers and piss down your leg. What difference does it make? The Niners are the full and glorious realization of the NFL’s most bloodless ambitions. They force fans to pay the most money possible to go to the least convenient stadium possible, all in service of a team that is now so wealthy, it can afford to suck in perpetuity. They don’t even feel obligated to take care of the field

  24. Harbaugh pulled his team off Levi’s initial practice in front of SV billionaires as unsafel

    Since then, Santa Clara Mayor has threatened suit over field maintenance docs.

    1. The 49ers are collecting an approximated $446M in annual revenue, according to Forbes, and that translates to something like a cool $154M annual profit.

  25. The B grade for QB is very generous. Kap made the short throws to wide open receivers in the first half. These are throws of average difficulty that any pro QB can make. His half time QB rating was high because after those short throw Harris and McDonald made good individual efforts to get to the end zone. But there was the pick. Anyway, from the middle of the 3rd Q on, Kap couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. From where I sat, in the south end zone, I could see him throw grounders, throw well behind the receivers, and throw a pass over the the head of Patton who was wide open for a 1st down. Oh, and he threw a pass over the head of an open receiver on a sideline route. So, B for the first half but an F for the second. Can we experiment with Christian Ponder. As a fan with nothing to get excited about, it would add some interest to the next few games.

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