49ers 24, Dolphins 31: Grades

These are the grades for the 49ers’ 31-24 loss to the Miami Dolphins, the Niners’ 10th loss in a row – a new franchise record.

QUARTERBACK: B-minus. Colin Kaepernick was the 49ers’ leading rusher. He gained 113 yards on 10 carries – 11.3 yards per carry. He would get an A-plus if he were a running back. But, he’s a quarterback. And although he threw three touchdown passes, he also threw an interception and averaged just 6.4 yards per pass – almost a full yard worse than the league average of 7.2 yards per attempt. And his go-to play all game (all season?) was the quarterback scramble. More on this below.

RUNNING BACKS: A. Carlos Hyde caught a touchdown pass and averaged 5 yards per carry. He ran hard all game. DuJuan Harris also ran hard and gained 15 yards on two carriers – 7.5 yards per attempt. And Shaun Draughn caught six passes for 49 yards.

WIDE RECEIVERS: C-plus. Jeremy Kerley, Rod Streater and Chris Harper all made key catches during the fourth quarter to keep the 49ers in the game. Torrey Smith also made a one-handed touchdown grab, but he dropped a couple passes and gained just 24 yards.

TIGHT ENDS: C. Vance McDonald had another solid game – four catches for 60 yards – but Garrett Celek canceled out McDonald’s performance by fumbling in the red zone.

OFFENSIVE LINE: B-minus. This group created holes most of the game, and not just for the running backs. Also for Kaepernick, who consistently scrambled through a gaping “5-hole” – the space between left tackle Joe Staley and left guard Zane Beadles. This group also was penalized four times for 45 yards, and Zane Beadles committed a fifth penalty – a 10-yard holding infraction – which the Dolphins declined.

DEFENSIVE LINE: A. Miami running back Jay Ajayi came into the game averaging 5.6 yards per carry, and the Niners held him to just 2.5 a pop. San Francisco’s run defense has been stout since they tightened the splits on their defensive line, as I told them to.

LINEBACKERS: F. Missed a bunch of tackles and hit Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill just twice.

DEFENSIVE BACKS: F. Jimmie Ward, who should be the free safety, gave up two touchdown catches playing cornerback. Antoine Bethea, who shouldn’t be playing at all, gave up one touchdown catch. Collectively, this group gave up 9.5 yards per pass and a quarterback rating of 130.6.

SPECIAL TEAMS: D-plus. Allowed a 78-yard kickoff return to Kenyan Drake.

COACHES: C. Give Chip Kelly and Jim O’Neil credit for outcoaching their counterparts, Adam Gase and Vance Joseph. Those two were bad. Kelly and O’Neil were not. They put their inferior team in position to beat the Dolphins at the end of the game. But, O’Neil still has no clue how to stop the pass, and Kelly’s best offensive play remains the quarterback scramble, which isn’t really a play. You can’t win a game in the NFL just scrambling, as Kelly learned when Kaepernick ran toward the end zone and got gang-tackled at the 2-yard line as time expired.

The Niners came close, but close doesn’t count. And now they’re 1-10.

Grant Cohn writes sports columns and the “Inside the 49ers” blog for The Press Democrat’s website. You can reach him at grantcohn@gmail.com.

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  1. Kap deserves a B+, because his receivers had an 8% drop rate. That interception was off the hands of the receiver as well. I think the defensive line improvement is due to the return of Dorsey….

    1. I agree with everything you just said. And if Kaep has a chance to run the ball then why shouldnt he? Thats kind of his biggest threat, It forces the defense to respect his play making ability.

    2. Thankfully for Kaep Bacarri Rambo can’t catch either otherwise the game wouldn’t have been that close at the end. What would Kaep’s grade been after that pick six that was dropped?

      1. Would have have dropped his grade. And if his receivers had made the catches they should have, it would have increased their grade….

        What if Billip’s had caught the pass from Joe Montana against the Bungles? What if I was a rich man? Dah da da, oh you know the tune….

            1. My point however is that if you’re going to bring up the offensive drops you can’t leave out the defensive ones either.

              1. Fair enough and duly noted. Let the records show that Brother CFC’s motion to record defensive drops has been ratified…;>)

              2. Yes but I keep saying in the third or late second. If he’s a system QB that can’t translate at least we still probably got at least two good picks before grabbing him. Unless his stock catches on fire before the draft Im gonna stick with taking him after pick #60.

              3. at least we still probably got at least two good picks before grabbing him.

                That’s assuming Baalke isn’t making those two picks, right?

      2. CFC,

        Rewatch the play that Rambo “almost” intercepted CK. 1:01 in the second quarter.

        BR never had a direct shot at an interception on that play. Harper had two hands up and ready to catch the ball and Rambo knocked the ball down with his right hand from behind. His right arm was fully extended and he had his left hand down. The only chance for an interception in that play, was a weird carom.

        The second replay shows this clearly.

        BTW, I’m not saying the pass was not good.

    3. Not sure why anyone deserves an A if you lose the game. The coaches should get a D for wasting time and showing no urgency when there was five minutes left in the game and they were ten points down. WTH? This team doesn’t seem to care whether it loses or wins if you watch their play in situations like this – again, NO URGENCY.

    4. Yeah, I don’t think it’s coincidence the run defense has improved so much since the return of Dorsey and they finally put Armstead on IR. Kinda hard to play d-line in the NFL with 1 good arm.

    5. Well, we knew that there was a 100% percent probability that Kaepernick was going to kneel pregame. But what was the over under that he was going to kneel on the last play of the game to tie it up?

      That is one soft man that should have put his head down and at least attempted a dive into the end zone to give us a chance to win.

    6. the dude put up 400 yards of offense. he deserves an A period. the only reason people are reticent to give him such is they lost, and they don’t like the dude. but this team stinks, and right now he’s the best player on it.

  2. I think this was about as good a game as niner fans could hope for. Close game Offense played good, D line looked good. Obvious holes in secondary and LB corp, but getting bowman back next year will help with that.

    And we still have our shot at good draft positioning.

    Grant do you think Kaepernick has been improving week to week? From my eye test it seems he has gotten better

    1. I agree McNiner55. He’s improving game by game. Now if his receivers could catch the ball and worry about the hit afterward….

  3. Way too hard on Colin. I’d say that was a solid B+ performance. He’s rounding back into the QB he was four years ago. Considering who he’s working with, I’d cut him some slack…

  4. Hey Grant the raiders are wining 17 to 7 are you getting worried your prediction will be wrong? Be nice to have an o like the raiders. I did not think I would say that in my life time!

  5. Also Celek has been so disapointing….. How long has he been on the team 4 years now? And he just got a contract extension? Vance McDonald on the other hand is having a great year compared to what he was having before. He is showing a lot of improvement in the passing game.

  6. Grant, Kaep deserves a B+ because he got his team in position to win. That pick hit his receiver in both his hands.

    The Linebackers deserve at least a C. They helped shut down Ajayi. Bellore actually was not putrid. he did a decent job.

    DBs deserve a D, because the pass rush was ineffective.

    Other than that, I agree on your grades.

  7. That first TD Ward “gave up” wasn’t his fault. I don’t think there was much he could do on that play – Brooks let the TE get a free release and Tartt was slow getting across. That second TD though… ugly. Overall, the secondary really struggled in pass coverage today.

    Also, you were and are right on about the DL. Having Dorsey back has also made a big difference though. He was excellent. It isn’t coincidental that Ajayi’s biggest run of the day came when Purcell was at NT.

      1. Remember when everyone saw him dominating O linemen who arent even in the league anymore and wanted him to play? lmao. I hope the same doesnt happen to Marcus Rush. I agree Glen Dorsey was a huge reason the D line has started to stabilize.

  8. The best thing that Kap did was to take what the defense gave him, limited his bad throws (I counted 3), and did not look down after the first read and start running. In fact, he seemed to see the field decently, threw to as many as 9 receivers.Unfortunately, except for McDonald and Hyde, the rest of the receivers are backups at best with Torry Smith as a #3 receiver..

    A solid B for the offense as a whole.

    1. I want Mack as an inner, what a beast totally fooled newton, raiders blowing out panthers, I rember when we had franchise players! Hope we have fun like this someday!

  9. Won’t win many games, if any as we have seen this year, with a running QB.
    Sprinkle whip cream on top of it from time to time, (TD pass to Smith ??)
    it’s still la merda!

  10. I can’t believe Kaepernick gets knocked for Torrey Smith getting hit in BOTH hands and the ball flying up in the air and the defender catching it.

    That was Kaepernick’s fault huh?


  11. For those that dislike Kaep, you better hope Kelly gets fired because if he doesn’t Kaep will be the QB next year. 296 with 3 TDs 110 yards rushing sounds like a dual threat QB not just a running QB.. Like him or not he is starting to play well with a pathetic supporting cast.

    1. If Kelly or you or whomever hates Kap, think you can win consistently with his style, you are going to be here again, next year at 1-10.

  12. Kaepernick was awesome in garbage time today. Of his 296 yards passing, 164 of them came in the 4th quarter after back to back possessions that netted -1 and -2 yards and saw the game blown open by the Dolphins.

    This was a classic “just good enough to lose” performance.

    1. He came 2 yards away from tieing the game up at 31-31… He played great today.. You don’t want to admit that, that’s your right. It doesn’t make you right that’s for sure. One thing I can tell you, Gabbert has NEVER played this well…

      1. Kaepernick played great today once the game was out of reach. Yes, he accounted for 409 yards of offense. 201 of those came after the team was down by 17 points in the 4th quarter and the game was essentially over.

        All of that yardage added up to 10 points. And yes, they ended up 2 yards short of tying the game.

        Like I said, his performance was “just good enough to lose”.

        1. He is improving in a lot of areas that he has struggled in. Going through progressions better. Taking the check down. Staying in the pocket longer. The guy is improving every week. He has nothing to work with… My opinion though.

          1. He has not improved in going through progressions. He looks at the 1st read, if it’s open, he throws it. If it isn’t open, he runs it. Too predictable!

            1. Sorry, Prime, But Kaep stood tall in the pocket and went to his second and third read many times. With the magic of replay, he just destroyed your myth, like the slow windup one, too. Kaep threw the ball well. Not perfectly, but enough to make it close.

              I think the storm is coming…

              1. The storm has already come. But not the kind your thinking of………….Let Kap make the pro-bowl a few times, then I’ll join your cult, Seb.

                I declare, you are drinking the Jim Jones cool-aid……………

              2. Saw, in the JH style offense, the QB was not the focal point. The running game a la Bo Schembechler and his 3 yards and a cloud of dust was JH’s template. Gore was the work horse, and he gashed them.

                Kaep did not put up big passing numbers, because he was not asked to, and he was content with just winning. Kaep under Tomsula had Devey the QB killer, and turnstile Pears. He survived, but needed 3 surgeries.

                Now, with Chip, he is winging it and putting up big numbers. Still needs to win, but with the improvement in the defense, they might have a chance.

                Dont worry I stay away from that koolaid. My sister was classmates with one of the nurses who went down there.

                I am having a refreshing Little Sumpin’.

          2. I’m seeing the same guy we’ve seen for a couple years now. He’s going to give you around 200 yards passing, 50-60 yards running, complete less than 60% of his passes, give you a highlight reel play or two, but the overall consistency necessary to score and win games is just not there.

              1. So what happened the previous week against Tampa? The old game manager had a lot of help from his defense and ST’s last night.

              2. Why, the same thing that happened to Wilson and the Seahawks this week. Tampa Bay is a dangerous to play against right now.

              3. They weren’t that tough to play 3 weeks ago. KC had them at home and Smith played poorly. Last night he was given a KR TD, a safety and short fields. He’s the same guy he’s always been: low production safe throws, and relying on defense. I like Alex but he’s a limited QB and you see it every time he’s relied on to win a game.

            1. The team is not there.. They have Hyde on Offense that is it.. He put up great game against the #3 D in the NFL…You guys are fools if you expect any QB to win with this roster… Not one decent Wr and a sh***y line… Put Gabbert back in and re hire Tomsula…

              1. Nobody with a grain of brain matter wants Gabbert back in there. That train has left the station…;>)

              2. And meanwhile, our old “game manager” managed to win in double overtime against the SB champions……Great move Harbaugh…great choice…….

              3. The move that jinxed the 49ers for the next 5 years! You should never lose your job to injury, that’s just me and the football Gods are shaming the 49ers for it!

              4. So what happened the previous week against Tampa? The old game manager had a lot of help from his defense and ST’s last night.

            2. I come to the same conclusion, Jack, but from a slightly different perspective. My take is that Kap brings a running game to the party that no other QB in the league does. Over 100 yards yesterday, and he looked like a gazelle on a couple of them. But it’s a passing league, and while his passing percentage (63%) looked pretty good, his accuracy…not so much. Credit to the receivers; as I watched, I saw almost NO passes where the receiver was able to catch the ball in stride, allowing for RAC yards. Lots of throws slightly behind, or high, allowing for an immediate tackle. It might sound picky, but Brees, Brady, Rodgers, Rivers, et. al. do it right all day long. And having been a long time fan of the team we used to know as the San Francisco 49ers, there’s a pretty high standard. I once read that Walsh would have the offense re-run plays if Montana didn’t put the ball “one foot in front of the numbers”. Now THAT’S a standard of excellence, and one that Kap clearly can’t match.

              On the other hand, at least the team didn’t give up or phone it in, even when they were down 30-14, which, for me at least, made the game watchable. But that’s a pretty low bar for the team we used to know.

              1. Yes, I would like to see Kaep deliver the ball on the money and in stride. However, he missed all of the OTAs and half the preseason games, so he did not have the luxury to get lots of reps and sync up with his receivers. He never threw to Kerley before the season, and Streater is new, too.

                I would also like to gently remind you that Joe had Jerry Rice to throw to. I do not think that any of the recent WRs remind anyone of JR.

              2. Kaeptain Flash struggled with accuracy even before this year. His best season was his first when he started only 7 regular season games.

                If memory serves, that Montana guy did pretty good prior to playing with Jerry Rice and even when he became a Chief.

          1. It was consistent enough to go to back to back NFC Championship games. But that was when he had a dream staff, the defense took away the run and the secondary had an enforcer. The offensive line was one of the best in the league and he had receivers that could catch and a Hall Of Fame running back….

              1. Actually the defense allowed 27 points. But even then Kaepernick was just good enough to lose and the final offensive play ended on the 2.

              2. We need the off season to get here… I’m sure we will win a pointless game next week against the Bears.. They have way too many injuries…

              3. Ya your right Kaep lost the SB not the coaching staff.. Not giving to Gore 1 time at the 5.. That’s Kaep fault.. Wish we would of had Gabbert then.. We would of won!

              4. Right. They were running the ball.

                And it was the defense coming up with the stop in the end that sealed the win.

              5. You’re infatuated with Gabbert for some odd reason.

                No I’m not, but there sure were many in here and all over the place that were. Where are they now? Sitting in the caboose…;>)

              6. Well I keep bringing him up because I remember how you were sucking him off all off season long.. That’s why… It’s funny cause in the beginning of the year when Gabbert was the QB you were defending his piss poor games. Now that Kaep keeps improving every game you come up with lame excuses on why he put up good numbers… You obviously dislike Kaep and that’s fine. I personally dislike him as well but I don’t come up with bullsh*t comments about his present and past success.. It’s weak to say the least especially coming from a knowledgeable fan like yourself.

              7. I said Gabbert would be the starter. You disagreed and I explained why. Eventually I was right. Sorry.

              8. I gave you credit Hammer for being right. I give you credit every time and anyone else for that matter when there right. I think your wrong this time about your assessment of his play that’s all.

              9. I know you disagree. The guy had 113 yards passing through the first 3 quarters today. He padded his stats with a strong finish against a D playing soft to chew up clock.

                You’re the perfect fan for York and Kelly.

              10. If I recall you were the biggest supporter of Kelly. I want nothing to do with yorks. In fact I stopped going to games and I have stopped buying anything Niner related. I will stay a die hard fan and stick this out cause that’s how I was brought up.

              11. I was way wrong on Kelly. Fans thinking Kaepernick played well today are perfect for York and Kelly. They can point to that “improvement” as a way to not make big changes.

              12. It will be extremely difficult to keep the status quo having won one game. Someone will need to be offered up as a sacrifice….

              13. Well you got me mistaken. I would love massive changes. Get rid of everybody including Kaep. Start fresh! I’m just saying that he has improved every week and that today he played real well. Not easy to do with this offensive talent he is playing with. You can’t say that someone else is perfect for York when YOU were the biggest Tomsula supporter! LOL…

              1. “He gave it everything he had and wanted to get in the end zone,” McDonald said. “It’s a great game and awesome to be part of it. You just want to be on the other side of it.”

                “I knew it was a chance it could be my ball on that play, and I expected to make it,” said Smith, who blamed himself for the loss because of a pass that bounced off his hands and into Alonso’s for an interception to start the second half.

                The Team, the team, the team must learn how to finish football games. That really is the bottom line, Jack Hammer….

              2. McDonald’s comments show that losing has become common. No way a guy like Brent Jones gives an answer like that after losing a game, let alone the 10th straight.

            1. The stats say otherwise and I don’t subscribe to your garbage time theory but anyways dude just enjoy the game and enjoy when our guys do good. Have a good day

              1. It was a good day. The 49ers made history. The Raiders and Panthers put on a good show. And this Sunday night game has been pretty entertaining too.

        2. Jack,

          There is no “garbage time” or “out of reach” when the losing team was stopped on the two yard line, going for the tying score, as time expired.

          I’m not saying CK has turned it around, but he played pretty well against the dolphins.

          1. He was mediocre passing the ball until the Dolphins got up 3 scores and loosened up.

            As I said in my initial comment, he was just good enough to lose.

            1. How about the 1st half drive on which Celek fumbled? That was a good drive. That made two good first half drives.

              Of course, two good drives in a half don’t make a great performance, but he wasn’t terrible in the first half.

              1. The Celek fumble came after his only pass of that possession.

                Look, he had 132 yards passing through the first 3+ quarters.

                The Dolphins loosened up after going up by 17, and the 49ers nearly doubled their total number of plays over the last 11+ minutes of the game. During that time they also almost doubled their offensive yardage for the game. Alas, they only scored 10 points and were stopped short.

                The fourth quarter was a mirage.

              2. Miami wasn’t playing a prevent. They were playing man regularly and bringing pressure right till the end in fact. The difference was Chip called more passes once they went down 3 scores and the urgency increased. Kap had a good game, not a great one, but a good game.

                My fear is that the York’s overreact to any perceived improvement and use it as an excuse to keep things status quo next year. The bottom line is they lost another game and the talent level is still a huge problem. That doesn’t change because you came close in Miami.

              3. I agree with that, Rocket. I started out by simply saying that there wasn’t any garbage time in this game, given that the result came down to the last play. Which morphed into giving the opinion that in this one game, CK played fairly well.

                I too am concerned that JY will be encouraged by late season, relatively meaningless, improvement. Ironically, though, if CK plays at yesterday’s level, or better, the rest of the season, that might be the lever that gets JY to fire Baalke.

        3. Nah, Kaepernick played well. The offense actually looked like a competent NFL offense. Today was definitely a step forward for this offense. I can’t really stand CK and his stupidity but you have to give him credit for his play. The o-line was decent, Hyde looked pretty good. The WR group is subpar so you have to wonder how good Chips offense could be with a legitimate #1 WR plus some solid complimentary players.

    2. Haters gonna Hate,really garbage time? tell the truth and shame the devil,that was NOT GARBAGE time,sorry but you are just WRONG and Hating on Kap and yes Kap has gotten better each Game,it`s no Fluke either,GET RID of Baalke and this team will be better next year.

      1. James I think every 49ers fan is past the hate phase with Kaepernick.
        Let’s be truthful now. Is Kap worth extending at 14.5 million next year?

          1. Definition:

            “Garbage time is a term used to refer to the period toward the end of a timed sporting event that has become a blowout when the outcome of the game has already been decided, and the coaches of one or both teams will decide to replace their best players with substitutes.”

            The game wasn’t decided, ergo, there was no garbage time.

        1. Niners mounted a furious comeback to almost tie the game. That is not garbage at all.

          Garbage time is when they roll over, run the ball to run out the clock, and do not use their time outs to stop the clock.

            1. If Kaep had made 2 more yards, I would have called it an A performance.

              Yes, Alex had a B+ performance, but he also had decent targets to throw to. I was surprised at how open some of his receivers were on that last drive. Looks like the Denver defense was gassed. Just goes to show their lack of depth.

              1. If If If If.

                It didn’t happen. He came up short.

                Alex Smith did not in a tougher situation. He not only threw the TD, he also threw the 2 point conversion.

              2. Smith has 7 wins in his last 10 starts. Kaepernick has 1.

                Kaepernick is 3-13 in his last 16 starts.

                Even with all the dogmeat teams that Smith was a part of early in his career he never had a 16 start stretch like we’ve now seen from Kaeptain Flash.

        2. Garbage time as I know it is when a team that is woefully behind scores a meaningless TD late that has no bearing on the game as a whole. That was not the case here.

            1. I disagree. The game was close late in the 3rd quarter until Miami put up a couple of TD’s to take a bigger lead and the Niners responded with a quick TD drive right after that. Miami didn’t let up on defense. They continued to play aggressively and the Niners made some plays.

              1. The 49ers ran 73 total plays all day. 33 of those came after the Dolphins went up by 3 scores with 11:31 left to go. The Dolphins took their foot off the gas.

              2. No they didn’t. There was no prevent being played and the Niners were making contested plays. There were more plays run because they went to a strictly passing offense and were moving the ball. It’s pretty much the same thing the Chiefs did last night. I realize it’s still a loss but you are off base with the garbage time reference.

              3. Byron Maxwell gave such a large cushion on fourth-and-15 in the fourth quarter, he conceded the first-down catch to Chris Harper. That’s just one example.

              4. The game turned when the 49ers had back to back possessions that netted -3 yards and the Dolhphins went up by 3 scores on the 4th. From there it was pretty much dink and dunk, keep everything in front of you and force them to work their way down the field.

                The Chiefs faced a different situation. They were always within a score.

              5. They took a holding penalty on the first of the series you are referring to which killed that possession and then gave up a sack on 3rd and short of the following one. It’s not like they were getting shut down and then just woke up. They had put together a 91 yard TD drive before those two possessions. Then put together another long yardage TD drive after those two possessions.

                All you have to do is rewatch the 4th quarter to see there was no letting up by Miami and it would have been stupid to do so considering there was most of the 4th quarter left when they went up by three scores.

              6. They nearly doubled their offensive output once they were down by 3 scores.

                The Dolphins played it almost exactly like we saw a number of times by Harbaugh and Fangio.

                For all intents and purposes the game was done at 31-14.

              7. They nearly doubled their offensive output once they were down by 3 scores.

                That is traditionally what happens when you have to score quickly and go to an all passing offense. The game is close, then one team gets a lead and the other team needs to change gears to come back. We see it every week.

                The Dolphins played it almost exactly like we saw a number of times by Harbaugh and Fangio.

                Miami did not play a prevent. They also continued bringing 5 man pressure frequently which Kap beat a number of times.

                For all intents and purposes the game was done at 31-14

                Being at the two yard line with a chance to tie the game says it was not.

              8. The Dolphins were playing with house money.

                Kaepernick was terrific on the opening drive. On the 4 other possessions in the middle of the game prior to falling behind by 2 scores Kaepernick was 4-9 for 30 yards and an interception.

                The Dolphins got up by 2 scores and Kaepernick suddenly improves. Then with the game tight again they shut him down.

                Then, the lead gets stretched out again and voilà, Kaepernick and the offense starts moving the ball again.

                There’s a pattern there.

              9. You are over simplifying Jack. The Niner offense moved the ball pretty well for a good portion of the game, but made mistakes that ended possessions or stopped them from getting started. As I said, prior to the two possessions that resulted in -3 yards, they had put together a 91 yard drive. It was no surprise they were able to put together more drives in the 4th quarter because they had already done it previously.

                Out of 11 possessions they had 6 drives of 50 or more yards and put together 8 and 9 play TD drives before they went down by 3 scores in the 4th. They had shown they could move the ball on the Miami defense before they turned it on in the 4th.

          1. I agree. Garbage time is defined way differently than Jack assumes it is defined, just like saying Kaep is a cancer in the locker room when they played their guts out for him.

  13. Can’t wait for the next Jed Coach/GM/QB search caravan.

    Step 1: Leave 49er headquarters in car pool—Jed with the Silicon Valley Billionaires Club laughing, sipping martinis in a Limo, paid for by the PSLers they screwed over.

    Step 2: Next car following Jed: Who cares. Joan from accounting will survive, after that, fans can name whose in that car.

    Step 3: Go to the airport, fly to a few cities on fake interviews of renowned coaches like Saban, Myers, etc.

    Step 4: Circle back to 49er headquarters to announce you’ve just hired insider Tom Gameble and he will hire the coach.

      1. Good poke at the Jedster, Cassie. He’ll also say he wants to “win with class” … oops, sorry, I was thinking of something he said that feels like 10 years ago. This time he can’t say that because he isn’t winning, period. Boy, do I hate Mom, Dad, and little Jed.

  14. The biggest take-away from this game was ..
    the announcers kept saying that Kap was playing
    like the old Kap … (the good one) … and
    this kind of adulation can only mean one thing …

    Seb will be insufferable for the next week or so ..

      1. I learned a few things from him. Did you notice that he made a remark about how Trent Brown lines up and that when he’s in a certain position (bent over at 90 degrees with hands not in the dirt) that the play was almost always a run.

        1. Hell yea I noticed. That’s what I’m talking about. Charles knows his football, Collinsworth is just a talking head. Maybe we should add him to the staff….

      1. Cassie, when what I predict happens, I get to crow. Kaep showed all his detractors that he is a powerful weapon.

        He was pinpoint accurate throwing into tight windows and had good touch. He extended drives with his legs.

        I do not need to preen, Kaep did all his talking on the field. He showed good leadership skills mounting that comeback try. I am disappointed that he could not get those last 2 yards, but being in a game tying situation at the end of the game is way preferable than being blown out again.

  15. Another Sunday, another loss… Another Sunday Baalke, Kelly, his coaching staff and Kaepernick are still employed by Jed York… Gee, wonder why we keep losing? Next week outta be fun…

  16. During the Harbaugh days there was a great amount of handwringing around here after wins that were a lot closer than they needed to be. Games that often saw the 49ers go up by 2 or more scores in the 4th quarter, then end up close because they’d get conservative on offense in an effort to spin the clock and would loosen up on D, giving up yards and points but also making them chew up clock.

    This exactly what we saw today from the Dolphins.

    Through the first 48:29 of the game the 49ers ran a total of 40 offensive plays. After falling behind by 17 points with 11:31 left to play the 49ers ran a total of 33 plays.

    The game ended up a lot closer than it really was. The 49ers of the first 48:29 were who they really are. The rest was just window dressing.

    The kind of fools gold that Jed York knows the fans will just eat up.

    1. The kind of fools gold that Jed York knows the fans will just eat up.

      I already ate, but yea, I want to see them improve week to week with effort and emotion, while at the same time lose. I don’t want to see them jeopardize their 2nd overall selection at this point with a cheap win….

      1. The Bears should have won the game today. Two drops in the end zone on their last drive. One was a drop by a wide-open receiver.

    2. Jack,

      Yes, it was a brilliant plan by the dolphins to stop the niners on the two yard line as time expired.

      I get what you’re saying, it just doesn’t apply in this case.

      BTW, was that incomplete pass on the dolphins final possession smart?

      1. Sure it does. They let the 49ers do whatever they wanted underneath, forcing them to chew up clock. They were up by 7 so they were not in danger of losing the game. We saw this quite a bit during the Harbaugh days.

        The incomplete pass was a bad play call. You run the ball there and force the 49ers to burn a TO. I do like the aggressiveness that Gase showed though. A completion there puts the game away.

        1. Jack,

          You can’t possibly think that the Dolphins were happy that the 49ers had a chance two chances to tie the game from inside the ten yard line at the end of the game.

  17. Niners are improving, and have not given up. They have 2 winnable games coming up. Kaep showed that he gives the Niners their best chance to win, but they need to stop shooting themselves in the foot.

    Let me give the coaches a little hint. Their defense will make adjustments so Kaep will have to make audibles. Their defense will make an adjustment at 5 seconds, so Kaep will not have time to audible again.

    It would be much preferable for the Niner offense to shape the opponent than the defense shaping the offense. Niner coaches should better prepare and train the offense, so they can just line up and snap the ball.The hurry up offense was not executed efficiently, and may have cost them the game.

    1. Kap is a poisoned chalice. He will play just well enough to fool you into thinking he is a real qb. He is not. He is a great athlete with a cannon for an arm. He can not throw with anticipation or with accuracy. I hope that the coaches, Baalke and Jed are not fooled into drinking from this cup once again. If they are they will be disapointed.

      We need a new quarter back. It is time to move on.

      1. Kap is a more athletic version of Tebow. Does this and that well. Struggles with this and that. And is a huge diversion. Tired of hearing he coulda shoulda woulda except for this and that. Time for him to try baseball. Can we agree, he ain’t worth $14 million?

  18. One of the things that I find fascinating is how slow and methodical is the 49ers offence. They have a fairly decent pace during the game and can run a number of plays in short a period of time. Of course, this creates problems for the defense when you race thru three and outs. The real puzzling thing is the offences inability to run of plays quickly. In the last two drives of today’s game they were very methodical and appeared to waste a lot of time. You would think that a no huddle offense would have a second gear when the clock was against them. Very frustrating.

  19. Fortunately for us Kap will be here next year so we can count on another pathetic season but in the end a great draft position. His contract is too good to leave because nobody in the league would pay him anywhere near what he makes here plus I doubt anybody wants him. He is among the worst quarterbacks in the league and that will continue. He is a cancer in the locker room. Seb, your boy had sex with another players WIFE, separate from the other story involving a girlfriend. Believe it. It happened. Prime has it right on the money. They are professionals and are playing for their jobs. No player in the NFL wants to lose. Today was perfect. They didn’t embarrass themselves, they competed and they lost. Just making the statement that they still have a couple of winnable games is beyond belief. Why would you want them to win? Unbelievable. Lets hope things work out and we can get rid of that scumbag and start a new beginning.

  20. Grant the only player that deserved an A is Kaepernick the only reason the RBs were okay was because of the threat of Kaepernick running. He had 296 passing yards not to mention all the drop passes that probably would’ve put Kaepernick around 340+ yards and no I’m not a Kaepernick fan.

    Funny you give the RBs an A and yet they can’t beat the QB in rushing lol

    1. The 49ers could’ve easily won this game if it weren’t for Brent Celek and Torry Smith those turnovers were killers and if I’m not mistaken they both happen in Dolphins territory.

      1. It’s always someone else’s fault. Never Kap’s. The doctors, his coaches, his teamates, the refs, the oppressors, etc. etc. I don’t believe in coincidences. That’s the truth.

        1. It’s Kap’s fault I burnt my toast, not to mention the state of this franchise. I can’t wait until he’s gone so we can blame someone else….

        2. Not saying that but he did play good today and I did mention I’m not a Kaepernick fan up above. Those turnovers by Celek and Smith hurt us today and that’s the Truth

  21. I’m just glad we pawned Alex Smith off for 2 second round picks. That’s the best move Baalke has ever made in his entire career….

      1. Hyde? I never said Baalke knew what to do with them, but Smith is garbage. I appreciated his services and said as much when he left, but c’mon….

              1. Sorry Razor, but your Smith hate is showing in a very bad way. You are constantly blasting Smith when the reality is he is playing behind a bad OL and without his best weapon to pass to. Couple that with facing a strong defense and you see the results.

              2. What Alex Smith is, is the most patient QB on the planet. He doesn’t deviate from his game which is the dink and dunk, methodically move down the field offense. That’s why Reid loves him. Most QB’s can’t play this way for an entire game and will try to throw something more risky, but Smith just does his thing and doesn’t risk a bad play. When you have a defense that good behind you, not turning the ball over is a great play offensively.

    1. That’s the best move Baalke has ever made in his entire career….

      Not even close to his best deal Razor. The one with getting Boldin for a late round pick clearly trumps the Smith trade because it paid bigger dividends.

    1. Nope. Kaep made plays, and was only 2 yards from redemption.

      Keap just kicked his detractors in the teeth. He has made the Niners relevant again. No other team will take the Niners lightly, because, like Ariens said, ‘Kaep is scary’.

      Some game, these coaches will utilize Kaep properly, and he will score 7 TDs.

      Kaep will only stay if Baalke goes, so I hope Jed gets a clue, and lets Baalke be the fall guy to save his neck.

      With the performance Kaep had last game, I will hoist him on my shoulders and parade him around because he made me actually feel hopeful, and proud to be a die hard faithful Niner fan.

      Once Chip tightens up the game management problems, the Niners have a chance to win a couple games.

  22. Kap can’t perform when it matters…only mostly in garbage time. He will never be able to be the leader and carry any team consistently as a true franchise QB. Add in the fact that he is a cancer to a locker room for his personal agendas that should be done outside of the workplace…..He should be released immediately after the season. Very few teams will bring this selfish cancer into their locker room.

  23. The game in Kaepernick’s hands with the chance to win the game on the final couple plays and…

    Yep, same result as before. What a shocker. So totally not a clutch quarterback. When the game is on the line Kaepernick needs a pinch QB to win it for him.

    1. He made the wrong decision by not angling towards the pylon and attempting to dive for the win. At least he didn’t make a business decision in the biggest game of his life not to attempt to recover his fumble….

      1. Did you note how the Miami QB would sometimes take a hit instead of always sliding or going out of bounds? I believe Kap is afraid to take a hit when necessary. When he only needs another yard or 2 he will always slide or step out of bounds. He doesn’t need to take a hit on every run but once in a while would be nice.

        1. The Miami quarterback needs Zone Reading is fundemental classes. He wasn’t reading anything….

          Kaepernick didn’t slide again after the first one caused a sink hole in the turf….

        2. Naw, your macho bravado strategy will only get your QB injured. I want Kaep sliding as much as he can. Remember? He injured his shoulder, thumb and leg, so he should not take hits if he can avoid it. I would like to see him untouched.

          I agree with Razor that he should have headed for the pylon and dove, because he ran right into Suh, and got bent backwards awkwardly.

      2. Still he didn’t come through once again.
        Don’t know why the 49ers would extend him at 14.5 million and why you keep believing in his failures Razor.

        1. why you keep believing in his failures Razor.

          You win as a team and fail as one, Prime. It was easily his best game of the year against a reputable defense. I have no hate in my heart for the man. I don’t have to like him. I never betrayed him with Gabbert. As long as he’s a 49er and the starting quarterback, I’ll wish him well and keep it real….

            1. The failure to recognize the performance on the field is mind boggling!

              Oh I realize his shortcomings and for you to suggest I don’t is disingenuous. However, he’s the best we have at the moment. No sense in boggling your mind up over it, just gives you headaches….

    1. Start new. Draft the next triplets. Or trade for Garropolo and get Garett at #2. Whatever they do, don’t bring back Baalke or Kap.

      1. I think it prudent to bring McDaniels with him, thereby increasing the odds of his success and expediting the learning curve for the offense….

  24. I understand a former player but does it matter? It’s not even about the supposed affair. It takes two to tangle and nobody but those involved know the whole story. It’s about what kind of person he is. Some teamates don’t give a squat and others do. That’s where you get the divided locker room. He’s definitely not a leader and never will be. He’s a loner. Untrustworthy. If you can’t trust someone in the locker room, or in your home, you sure can’t trust them on the field. On top of that he is nothing more than a mediocre NFL quarterback. If the ultimate goal is to build a team that can once again win a Super Bowl, I just don’t think Kap is the guy you want to build around. We’ve been there. They tried it, while he was in his so called prime. It didn’t work. It never will. Get rid of the cancer before it kills the patient.

    1. Kill the patient? At 1-10, he is dead as a doornail. I want to see wholesale changes, but not at QB.

      You may say he is a cancer, but that team played like a band of brothers. It sure was nice to not have the outcome of the game decided until there were 2 seconds left. Some other games, it was decided before the end of the first quarter.
      Kaep led them, they responded. I saw a gritty determination, and there was no quit in them. It was disappointing not to get the win, but i have never been prouder of this team. They played their guts out.

  25. Too close. Dodged a bullet. Still the team is gonna have to really work at losing the next few … don’t know if they can do it … Cleveland probably can’t be caught anyway …

  26. The Kap expirement is over…he got us close for a time because he had a great D and Oline to help hide his weaknesses. Then the rest of the league caught up to his act and then it was over. Football is secondary to him now…he has his money now and his new personal activist agendas are primary to him at this point. It amazes me how people here still want to retain a non-franchise QB whose time has come and gone and views football as secondary to his activist agendas that should not be in his workplace.

  27. I just finished watching the game tonight, as hopeful it makes me feel. I see the same QB that can not close.
    Great athletes are defined on how they perform when the moment arrives. Sorry, but Kaepernick has demenstrated over and over to not be able to close the game out.
    This franchise needs to move on.

    1. At this point, I am surprised Ponder hasn’t seen the field. What is the point of keeping him inactive with the other two QB’s no longer under contract?

      1. You think Ponder will be able to show Kelly his command of the playbook and Kelly’s schemes in an actual game that Kelly hasn’t assessed in practice ?

        1. Mood – Ponder has been running the opponents’ offense with the scout team. Maybe Chip should let him run the best of their plays for us. How could it hurt?

      2. Ponder was on his Couch until the Niners called him late in TC. Why in the world does anyone think he is somehow a better option for us? If you want to see Ponder play, look up some youtube footage of him sucking badly for Minnesota. They aren’t playing Ponder because he’s barely good enough to be in the league.

  28. I thought about it:
    Kap gets another F:
    badmouthed the fans
    Praised Fidel
    Didn’t respect teh flag again.
    Boycott 49ers.

  29. B-? Are you f%#king me? More like an A-. He had over 400 yards in offense. This assessment of Kap’s performance is not very objective. He ran so much because our crappy receivers can’t get separation. Give the guy a break!

  30. The only beneficiaries of a win at this point are Jed, Trent and Chip. I’m on Chip’s side, but not The Dynamic Duo. Sorry Chip, we need to lose big to shine the light on the 2 problems. Jed and Trent do not deserve even the temporary relief of a meaningless win

  31. Kaep did well, but needs to improve. He needs to prepare more thoroughly. He should have the attitude that the defense cannot make the superior move, because the offense will attack regardless, and the defense must play flawlessly, or the offense will exploit the defense’s weaknesses.

    He needs to be crisp, decisive and efficient. Kaep must stop wasting time, because last game, he wasted time outs and wasted time before the snap, and that may have cost the Niners the game. They need to learn from their mistakes so they do not repeat them.

    I want Kaep to never ever walk up to the line of scrimmage, look confused, and call a time out. He should be able to call a fallback play at a moment’s notice. In fact, they should take a page out of the Bill Walsh playbook and script plays. They should take it further and script scenarios, so the team can line up and run a play solely based on down and distance.

    Kaep needs to realize that if he stops wasting 10 to 15 seconds every play, he might save enough time to get at least 2 more sets of downs. 2 more opportunities to score. Their execution of the hurry up offense was mind numbingly slow.

    Kaep needs to be more deceptive. He should practice facing in one direction while looking in another direction. It will make his job easier. He needs to work on his pump fakes. He needs to fool the defense with misdirection plays.

    If Kaep can learn from his mistakes, he will improve. So far, he has not won, but he cannot win all by himself. The haters will call him a cancer, but I saw the whole team play their guts out for each other.

    Believe me, I have seen cancers over the years, and this locker room is tight, despite the record. I credit Chip, and think his people skills have improved. Still needs more improvement. Hope he stops being such a motor mouth delivering dissertations. I have noticed the answer brevity of his last few PCs, and he does try to answer the questions. I would like Chip to have a better handle on the personnel. He did not need to dodge questions about Reid. Since e under went surgery, Chip should have been in the loop about the assessments.

    All in all, I am happy with the progress, and expect better results now that the offense is syncing up, and the defense is maintaining gap integrity. These past 10 games have been torture, but so was the election. Like Job, I will grin and bear it, because it can get better.

  32. The Niners will most likely not win another game this season. But, that is probably for the best. Time to give the rookies experience and try to get the number one pick in the draft. Time for the Niners to also start considering QB possibilities in the draft.

    1. Take a look at the schedule. The Bears, Rams, and Jets are all teams capable of playing at very low levels. I would hate to see it, but could easily see 2 more wins this season.

  33. Well Grant got the Raiders prediction wrong for sure, but OSU did beat the Ducks so the countdown continues for Chip to fly up to Oregon. Can’t believe Grant will go 0 for 2 on predictions this week.

  34. Niners are 6-21 since Harbaugh… Too bad they didn’t mutually part ways with Kaepernick and Baalke instead… But no worries, Jed will get it right this time :/

  35. The glaring need on this team continues to be a playmaking wide receiver and a pass rusher. It looks like the problems with the run defense have been fixed for the most part. Also Kap has become more and more comfortable with Chip’s offense with every passing week.

    I continue to believe we are not as far way as a 1-10 record would indicate. We have a QB on the team who has won in the past and has indicated (to the tooth gnashing chagrin of his many detractors on this site) that he can still play and that he is ideally suited to Kelly’s system.

    If we can get a playmaking wide receiver, a pass rusher, and a top class inside linebacker on this team, I can see a push for the playoffs as early as 2017. If we ditch Kap and start all over with a rookie QB, we will suck for another three or four years.

    Kelly likes Kap and Jed is going to give Kelly another two years at least. Therefore I expect Kap to be on the team next year. With 50 million dollars in available cap space, it should not be too difficult for them to fill the holes at the WR, linebacker, and pass rush position.

    NFL is a year by year league. Carolina went from 15-1 to a .500 team. Dallas went from a 3 win team to 10-1. I am hopeful the Niners can rebound in 2017.

    Go Niners.

  36. I was pleasantly surprised. Miami is a good solid team and could have easily blown out the Niners. There is a reason why they are on a 6 game winning streak. They are talented and playing well.

    I was pleasantly surprised with Brooks. He did not jump off sides once. he also set the edge well, and had some tackles behind the line.

    I was amazed at Bellore. He was not hot garbage that let the runner run right past him. His run defense was stout, and he made plays.

    I am glad the coaches took my advice and stopped using Hyde to run into the teeth of the defense. I saw them lining Hyde deep so he could stop dancing side ways. He attacked downhill, and I wish they had used him more in the second half instead of abandoning the run to just pass.

    I am saddened with Skov. Wish he would have played more, but he was injured by one of his own players.

    I was encouraged by the coaching. They actually made adjustments. They need to work on their game management skills, but they devised a game plan that had the Niners poised to tie the game. Too bad they wasted too much time, and did not prepare Kaep adequately.

    All in all, I hope the Niners win next game, even if it means losing their number 2 draft position. Getting a win to stop the losing streak is way more important. Winning , like losing, is contagious. I hope they win out, just to frustrate the haters.

  37. The Colonoscopy had a decent game yesterday. When the cheek’s were spread out, he would run into the hole and met resistance, he then plunged through the muckity muck and gained some intestinal fortitude. However he still is a pain in the butt.

    1. LMAO.

      I just turned 60 and have had one colonoscopy. I remember being brave until the doctor started the insertion process. I gave one loud yell, heard the doctor tell the anesthesiologist to up the medication, and the next thing I remember is waking up and the doctor telling me what a great job I had done in cleansing my insides in preparation for the horrible procedure.

      Oh the indignities of getting old. Whoever coined the phrase “Golden Years” was full of sh**.

  38. Thoughts and prayers out to the people at Ohio State University and anyone who has a loved one or friend attending or in that area.

  39. I want to see Ponder play. Sooner would be better. No, I don’t have much hope for him but I think that everyone, except a few Kap worshipers, realizes we don’t have a qb we can win with. What do we have to lose?

    Will you join me on the Ponder Parade?

    1. Leo,
      I’m ok with a cameo appearance from Ponder. But there is a reason why he is the 3rd option at QB. His biggest indictment is that he can’t even leapfrog Gabbert for the backup job.

      I said at the start of the season that Gabbert is probably our best passing QB and Kap is our best running QB. At the moment, Chip seems to prefer Kap’ running and he is hoping that Kap’ passing will improve. It has, but only incrementally.

      The issue with Kap is inconsistency. When he went to the Superbowl in 2012, one thing that a lot of us were saying after that season was, Kaepernick is going to be a great QB once he learns the nuances of the game and becomes a better pocket QB. He never did, and in fact regressed.
      Now four years removed from the Superbowl, the FO is still waiting for CK to get back to his 2012 play.
      Well, my thinking is that Kaepernick needs to be much better than his 2012 play if he is to become a true NFL QB.
      And the question is; how much longer does the FO continue to wait?

      Kaepernick, Gabbert and Ponder are not our future at QB. They are merely “bridges” for our next QB (whoever that might be) when he comes here.

            1. ex,

              I’m definitely opinionated but I would not agree with dogmatic. I am not remotely religious and I don’t dismiss other opinions without providing reasoning as to why I disagree. People may disagree with me, but they will always know why I have taken the stance I have.

  40. anytime a player puts up 400 yards of offense they deserve an A period. his interception came off the hands of his intended receiver. you may not like kaep but he’s coming along nicely.

    1. That pass was late and over Smith’s head, which allowed Lippett to blast him from behind as the pass arrived. Would have been a difficult catch.

      1. Grant,

        The pass wasn’t perfect, for sure, but Lippett didn’t “blast” Smith. All he did was wrap him up and make a solid tackle. I just too another look at the play.

        Smith should’ve caught that pass, at the same time, CK should’ve thrown a better ball. This is one of those cases where two things are equally true.

        1. Yes, Smith should have made the catch. But it would have been a difficult catch. He had to reach above his head while taking a hard shot in the back.

            1. Indeed. And Kaepernick is making $14.5 million a year. The least he could do is throw the pass on time and below Smith’s head.

              1. Where he put the ball becomes irrelevant when it hits the receiver in the hands, but times have changed. I would also argue Kaepernick has contributed and sacrificed more to this franchise than Mr. Smith. Since he’s been here, he’s made $38 million with 53 receptions. That comes to about $772,000 per catch. 208 pass attempts 46 rushing attempts. That’s only $56,000 per throw/run. I’d say it’s a bargain!

              2. I’ve seen Derek Carr just throw balls up in the air to Cooper and Crabtree expecting them to made which they do most of the time. Did you see Crabtree make that big time catch against the Panthers? That was a jump ball throw trusting his WRs to make a play and Crabtree did

  41. Well, the fact is that Kaencernick couldn’t win the SB with the best team in the league, does anyone with more than two grey cells think he can get them there next season. He most certainly will be gone after next season, if not before, so why would any sane organization waste their time with this clown. The locker room is tight? Laughable. You don’t have an F’ing clue what is going on in the locker room. It is anything but, trust me. Writing 1000 words per day on this blog is not proof of knowledge. On the contrary, it proves the opposite.

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