49ers 3, Panthers 23: Grades


Here are the 49ers’ grades after their 23-3 loss to the Carolina Panthers.

QUARTERBACK: C-minus. Brian Hoyer completed 69 percent of his throws despite getting hit 12 times, four of which were sacks. He had to throw quick, short passes, which is why he averaged just 5.5 yards per attempt. He did throw one beautiful deep pass which should have been a touchdown, but Marquise Goodwin dropped the ball. Had he caught it, Hoyer would have averaged 6.8 yards per attempt and his passer rating would have been 87.7, which would have been respectable. Hoyer was not the 49ers’ problem.

RUNNING BACKS: C-plus. Carlos Hyde gained 45 rushing yards on nine carries. Most of his rushing yards came between the tackles – the 49ers outside zone running game still isn’t working. Hyde also caught 6 passes for 32 yards. He was the 49ers’ second-leading receiver. Matt Breida was a non-factor as a change-of-pace back.

WIDE RECEIVERS: D. Pierre Garcon gained 81 yards on 6 catches. He should have another catch for roughly a 20-yard gain, but Hoyer’s pass was wide left. Garcon was very good. Marquise Goodwin was horrible. He let a perfect deep pass drop through his arms because his eyes didn’t follow the ball into his hands. Goodwin may be another track star who can’t play the game because he can’t learn the fundamentals of catching the ball. Is he the reincarnation of former 49ers wide receiver Renaldo Nehemiah?

TIGHT ENDS: C. A few months ago, I predicted rookie George Kittle would catch 60 passes this season. Today, he caught five passes, which puts him on pace to catch 80 this season. He could have caught a sixth pass in this game – he was open downfield – but Hoyer got sacked as he was attempting the throw. Kittle is the 49ers’ second-best receiver after Garcon.

OFFENSIVE LINE: F. Trent Brown committed a false start, Brandon Fusco committed a false start, Daniel Kilgore committed a holding penalty and Zane Beadles couldn’t block anybody. The Panthers interior pass rushers schooled him. I have a feeling Beadles won’t play next week and Laken Tomlinson will be the new left guard.

DEFENSIVE LINE: C. The 49ers played very well against the run, allowing only 3.1 yards per carry, which is a big improvement from last season. But this team has zero pass rush, which is troubling because the past three years, the 49ers spent their top draft pick on defensive linemen. This year’s top pick, Solomon Thomas, was invisible most of the game. He generated zero pressure as a pass rusher. The Niners should have drafted someone else with the No. 3 pick.

LINEBACKERS: C. Reuben Foster was terrific for the eight minutes and 13 seconds he was healthy. Then, he hurt his ankle and left the game. The issue with him always will be durability, not talent. He’s the 49ers best defender when he’s on the field. His replacement, Ray Ray Armstrong, was not good. He committed a pass-interference penalty and later got juked during a run play, then compounded the mistake by reaching out and grabbing the running back’s facemask. NaVorro Bowman was solid – he recorded five tackles. But he gave up a touchdown catch to Jonathan Stewart.

DEFENSIVE BACKS: C-plus. The 49ers defense gave up just 56 percent completions and 6.8 yards per pass attempt, which reflects well on the defensive backs – the didn’t have the benefit of a strong pass rush. And they force two turnovers. Free safety Jaquiski Tartt intercepted a pass and Rashard Robinson forced a fumble. But, cornerback Dontae Johnson gave up a 40-yard touchdown catch when he played man coverage while the rest of the defense played zone coverage. How did Johnson make that mistake? The 49ers defense isn’t complicated. It contains about eight plays.

SPECIAL TEAMS: C. Bradley Pinion’s net punting average was only 39 yards, which is low. But the punt coverage team did a good job against Christian McCaffrey, who gained just seven yards on three punt returns.

COACHES: D-minus. That was the best Kyle Shanahan could do? The supposed offensive genius who prepared all offseason for the Panthers and had faced them four times the past two seasons couldn’t score more than three freaking points? I picked the 49ers to win this game because I thought Shanahan would have the coaching edge over the Panthers. I figured he knew their defensive personnel and schemes better than they knew his. Wrong. The Panthers’ new defensive coordinator, Steve Wilks, who was on their staff as an assistant before his promotion, completely outcoached Shanahan. Wilks had a great read on Shanahan’s play-calling tendencies and Shanahan made no adjustments. He kept calling the same stuff that wasn’t working. He kept motioning his tight end even though that repetitive movement created no advantage. And he kept calling play-action passes even though the 49ers were losing, the offense was averaging just 3.4 yards per carry and the Panthers were blitzing because they expected the Niners to pass. Those play-action passes served no purpose, and they led to an interception on the second play of the third quarter. Shanahan gets an “F,” but the entire coaching staff gets a “D-minus” because rookie defensive coordinator Robert Saleh was decent. He mostly succeeded at slowing down Christian McCaffrey, who caught just five passes for 38 yards. Who would have thought the Niners rookie defensive coordinator would be their best coach against the Panthers?

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      1. That’s laughable. This is the one time I have agreed with every one of Grant’s grades. There’s usually 1 to 4 things I disagree with. Grant and I had long discussion about Hyde. I disagreed with his take. We also debated Foster or Cunningham, I took Foster. We debated Bowman. We debated dozens of draft picks.

        You come on here with an unfamiliar name and label me as Grant’s boot licker. You couldn’t be any more wrong. The trolls are out tonight.

      2. What GC grade was off? We stunk. If we win 5 games, I’ll be surprised. We have a rookie head coach, backup QB, decent WR’s, decent RB’s, terrible OL, overrated DL, improving LB’s and horrible DB’s. We are rebuilding for at least the next two years. That assumes we drafted well this year. Obviously, won’t know for a while.

        Thomas does concern me a bit. DL is tough transition, but you would expect to see some flash from the 3rd pick in draft. Nothing, not in the pre-season, nor now. In fairness, do any of our DL look like top 10 picks? Buckner was good last year, total non-factor yesterday. Armstead, again nothing, year 3. We didn’t play the Cowboys, we played a team with a ton of questions. This team doesn’t get better until the talent does.

    1. The moment the team struggles, Grant goes into Bill Paxton mode from Aliens and he takes a majority with him…including some of the reliable “sage” posters….

      This is ONE game, lots to work on, give Shanny and the team a chance….it’s not “game over man!”….it’s “game one”…

  1. Those stupid 4th down attempts near midfield completely changed the game. Those 6 points were big. Other than the one long play, Carolina was not moving the ball well. Just poor game management. You’d think he would have learned something from the Super Bowl loss.

    Shanahan seems to be kinda like that kid who does good in a class but doesn’t think he needs to pay attention. Then eventually everyone passes him up.

    1. Actually when looking at it, I think it makes sense to go for it when around the 40 yrd line, unless you have a great punter. The reason being that the estimated net gain in field position will be around 20 yrds as more often than not punters will kick the ball into the endzone. This makes the risk worth the reward in that scenario…
      The problem I have is the play call… running a slow developing run play to the interior makes no sense when looking at the match up of their DT’s (being the best combo in the NFL) vs our Guards (being the worst combo in the NFL)

      1. Nah. At that point the D was holding up good, and that extra 20 yards probably prevents the points from going up.

        This is just another area that the 49ers excelled in with Harbaugh at the helm.

        That performance yesterday was worse than the openers for both Tomsula and Kelly.

    2. Shanny needed to run more at times. I wonder if he didn’t want to show too much offense in this game.

      Anyway besides the coaching I just think we need players to make plays. I never thought we would win this game but was looking for some play making.

      If Cam had a better game this would have been a more embarrassing loss. Panthers are good we are not. Seattle will be interesting to see if someone rises up…

  2. One of the biggest gambles was having Armstead drop to 270 and moving him outside. The TV I had access to wasn’t the best. Anyone see how he did?

    Even as a rookie Armstead was one of the better interior linemen at tallying quarterback pressures. At 293 he routinely fork-lifted guards into the backfield on passing downs. Does he have the same pass rush value outside at 270? Time will tell of moving him outside just to avoid position redundancy was a good move. If he struggles this season pressuring the quarterback, might be time to let him put the lbs back on and move inside.

    1. I don’t think he is any good. Freak size and all but was just ok at Oregon.

      Solomon Thomas is a tweener , hope he develops into something special. I question the hype but we will readdrsss at bye week.

      We all have to give this team time. JL seams to make changes as needed. So if armstead isn’t the right fit he’ll be gone

  3. F is too good a grade for the offensive line. I predicted 4 wins. If the guard play doesn’t improve, it will be hard to het that number.

    All I’ve heard for months is Shanahan’s offense is predicated on the run, then play action. The preseason pass stats between play action and regular passes was night and day. Hope Tomlinson is good, or night will last 17 weeks.

  4. Not all failure is the same, just like not all success is the same. This loss doesn’t feel like a loss of futility, where there isn’t anything to learn from the losing, like it often felt under Tomsula and Chip. That line, despite how bad they were, looked pretty impressive at times in pass protection, weak links and all.

  5. Zane Beatles was atrocious! He got beat 5 times that resulted in sacks, pressures, n turnovers. He is the weakest link on our Oline. We can’t win w him! We need to get Tomlinson up to speed ASAP for the team to have a chance at moving the ball n scoring!!

  6. Coaches get an “F” in my book.

    Gave the Panthers mid-field position twice on 4th down gut runs behind a horrible OL, and a serious lack of creativity at the goal line on another 4th down.

    Saleh doesn’t know what a blitz is, and apparently, the only defensive play in his playbook is “soft zone.” The only reason we were still in the game in the second quarter was because Cam couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn.

    Zero half time adjustments… except to somehow get worse…

    They let go of their top pass rusher in Brooks instead of releasing Bowman, who has obviously lost about 5 steps. They overpaid skill players but refused to address the OL…

    I hate Chip Kelly and wanted a Shanahan hire instead, but if this is the best Kyle can do with months of preparation and a “hand built” roster, I’d rather have Chip. This was flat out embarrassing.

  7. Your grades are spot on Grant.

    I see a potential long term problem with the 49ers home field. Kyle’s offense is predicated on speed and quickness. Levi’s playing surface looks incredibly slow. Not only is the turf soft, I’m told the soil consists of more sand than most natural grass fields, because they’ve had problems growing the roots deep. And anyone who’s played touch football on the beach knows it’s hard to run fast in sand.

    Seems to me this surface favors a power run scheme with less misdirection. If a Kyle Shanahan team plays 8 games a year on this slow surface, isn’t that a huge problem? Seems to me Kyle’s scheme likely works best on a fast surface like FieldTurf.

    Now, when it comes to injuries, most players prefer natural grass as a general rule. The problem is that the field at Levi’s is not only super slow, it likely ranks as at least as dangerous if not more so than FieldTurf because of the poor condition of the grass.

    Any chance Jed will take a good hard look at FieldTurf – artificial turf? It’s highly regarded as the best artificial turf in the league, and some studies of college playing surfaces suggest FiledTurf may actually be safer than grass.

    1. FieldTurf at Levi’s is a terrible idea. I don’t agree that the field is slow. The problems we saw yesterday have more to do with poor execution and coaching than the field.

  8. Good grades, but I would give all the coaches an F. They did not prepare the players properly or thoroughly enough.
    Putting a man in motion is just a waste of time if the man in motion stops. They should have exploited the defensive speed by doing reverses, counters and misdirections.
    Lack of adjustments. The Niners were shaped, and did nothing to counter that.

    1. Thought the prep was good. What the coaches were trying to do worked. At some point the players need to execute. This wasn’t a mater of coaching. It’s strictly a lack of talent. We have guys on this team that are really just hold overs until the next draft.

      1. This was all on the coaches shoulders. They need to accept blame. The players were not prepared. Proper coaching will eliminate or at least reduce the self inflicted wounds.
        The defensive line coach should be sighting along the line of scrimmage, so he can tell a player to move back so he is not offsides. That, to me, is fundamental football, but nowhere to be seen last game.
        A player cannot even line up correctly? The coach should have prepared the player better. I would like for them to line up in a base set, and run many different plays from the same formation. Then the players will never have to worry about where to line up.
        Sounds like you are giving up and waiting til next year. I want them to fix the problems now so they can win games. In poker, you gotta play the hand they dealt you. Sometimes you can get away with bluffing with a small pair, but many times the other team will make you lay your cards on the table.

  9. Niners need to upgrade the Guard position. I hope they are assessing every player on every practice squad, and maybe they should look at Fahn Cooper.

    1. so they should upgrade the OG position with Cooper the OT?
      Is this a serious suggestion?
      God, I just asked him if he’d made a serious suggestion….it’s the Seb-verse indeed!

  10. Everybody is a coach. We all knew that the team does not have the players yet. The penalties were stupid how can they not know where to line up on the line.

  11. C minus for the quarter backs you must be smoking drugs Hoyer gets an F he can’t feel pressure in the pocket he stared down his receiver and threw into triple coverage and you give him a C – this guy didn’t score one touchdown

  12. Don’t know if I would look at the Niners from Grants point of view. This is a yong team, starting and rotating several rookies and young players along with new head coach and general manager. I don’t think it should be about what went wrong yesterday, although what went right and how to build off of it.

  13. KS had weapons of mass destruction in Atl, which is why Ive questioned how good he really is. Once he went with Hoyer, my suspicions were confirmed…..he and his hand picked qb are frauds. It’s been said by many that #7 doesn’t fit KS offense, not even Bill Walsh could convince me that Hoyer is a better qb in any offensive scheme. What a disgrace…..

    1. Posters ragged on me about pointing out the Niners might need an OC, but after Sunday happened, I feel vindicated.
      KS cannot do it all. An OC might have helped prepare them better, so they could actually get a play off in time or without a flag.
      It was embarrassing to see Hoyer trying to run the hurry up offense. Personally, I thought he was trying to milk the clock, even though he was down by 20 points.
      We wanted to know if we would see the Viking game Hoyer, or the playoff game Hoyer. Now we know.
      The league pundits and fans have pontificated that Kaep is not good enough to play in the league. Now, I will question their football knowledge, because some QBs looked like Pee Wee football players. That argument was destroyed by the cold hard facts. Guess some fans who said they would rather lose without Keap than win with him, are getting their wish.
      If JL is worried that fans will stay away if Kaep is signed, I will pledge to attend a game if they sign him. Those stands looked like they were still in the preseason. It was so empty, some mentioned that a few fans had their own personal beer vendor.

  14. 49ERS VS Carolina, week 1 grades:


    QB: Brian Hoyer actually looked fairly sharp on the opening series, and he threw an absolute pearl on 3rd and 2 from the Panthers 42, that went right through Goodwin’s hands at the Panthers 5 yard line. After that inexcusable drop, it was all downhill from there. In defense of Hoyer, the Panthers did a great job of whipping the 49ers up front, and getting interior pressure right up the gut all game long, and we know that’s the best way to disrupt a QB. The 49ers had their fair share of drops as well, and none bigger than Goodwin’s whiff on a deep ball, but not enough to affect my grade. GRADE: C+

    OL: Uggh! The OL was a concern heading into the season and they wasted little time reinforcing the concern. Hoyer had a tough time stepping up into the pocket, thanks to Carolina’s ability to manhandle the interior of the 49ers OL and get pressure up the gut. I’m honestly questioning whether any of the 49ers offensive linemen fit this scheme. Just like during the preseason, they were constantly a step slow trying to execute Kyle’s run blocking schemes, often finding themselves out of position and reaching at the Panthers defenders in desperation. In fact, the entire offense looked out of sync in large part thanks to poor play on the interior of the OL. Brandon Fusco and Zane Beadles were entirely outclassed today from start to finish. ShanaLynch will need to move mountains next offseason in order to rebuild this unit if they have any hope of executing Kyle’s offense effectively next season. GRADE: F

    RB: Hyde certainly looks more explosive than ever, hitting the holes with authority and burst,. However, the running game in general continues to look out of sync. Carlos also looks like he’s improved as a receiver, but the rest of the offense did nothing on the ground, gaining 11 yards on 5 carries, which once again points to ineffective offensive line play. Kyle’s offense simply cannot function effectively if they cannot run the ball consistently, and I have my doubts that there are any quick fixes on the horizon this season, barring another trade or two. GRADE: B-

    WR: Mostly ineffective throughout the game. The speedster – Marquise Goodwin, set the early tone by letting a perfectly thrown deep pass go right through his arms on the Niners’ opening possession. Pierre Garcon continues to be the ever-so-dependable receiver, hauling in 6 receptions for 81 yards, but none of the other WR’s had much of an impact, and Goodwin’s drop was a BRUTAL way to start the day! Taylor is a rookie, and Boldin was inexplicably inactive to return kicks, and the lack of size at WR could be a big problem moving forward, especially in the redzone. GRADE: C-

    TE: I thought George Kittle looked good for a rookie, showing good hands and the ability to separate. He’s got a ton of potential. That’s about all I have to say about this group because other than Kittle’s decent debut, none of the other TE’s showed up on the stat sheet, and I was less than impressed with the group’s overall performance, including blocking and pass protection. GRADE: D+


    DL: WTF? Hard to believe after today’s performance that this was the position group that is supposed to be a strength on this team. I questioned Solomon Thomas’ selection with the #3 overall pick, but I figured at the very least, the pick of Thomas would be the icing on the cake in the defensive trenches, giving the 49ers a young DL they could build around. Well, while they definitely looked better against the run, their inability to as much as sniff Cam Newton early in the game, gave him an opportunity to knock off the cobwebs and get into the flow of the offense. The 49ers simply got whipped where it counts the most, in the trenches on both sides of the football. The lack of any QB pressure today has me more dejected than anything else I witnessed. GRADE: D

    LB: For a short stint to start the game, superhuman LB Reuben Foster once again looked like a Demigod, and nothing like a rookie, making plays all over the field. He had 3 tackles and a big pass defense before I could even settle into my lazy boy chair and crack open a cold one. Unfortunately, I nearly vomited in despair when he couldn’t stand up, and lost my sh_t after I saw the slow motion replays of what looked like a serious knee injury. Thankfully, it wasn’t nearly as bad as it looked, and Foster should be back to full strength in the very near future. They are going to need him because it looks like NaVorro Bowman has lost yet another step. GRADE: C+

    SECONDARY: The DB’s actually played better than expected, even though they caught a few breaks when Cam Newton failed to identify blown coverage. I thought Rashard Robinson played very well, as did nickel CB K’Waun Williams. Tartt was OK (and made a spectacular INT) and Reid was solid, but I am not a fan of the way DC Robert Saleh is scheming up this defensive backfield. The combination of no pass rush and soft spots in the coverage made for a SUNDAY WALK IN THE PARK for Cam Newton and company. This is a recipe for failure, and one the 49ers need to get fixed, if they plan on winning any games this season. GRADE: C+

    SPECIAL TEAMS: Nothing much to say about special teams. No big runbacks, but no huge blown coverage on kick returns, so this grade is more or less inconsequential. GRADE: B

    COACHING: While I realize it’s tough to run any offense if you don’t have the horses, it seems clear to me that, at this point, that the OL may be more or less incapable of running Kyle’s offense, and that’s a tough pill to swallow! While I put a lot of the blame on his OL, I wasn’t very impressed by some of Kyle’s decisions, and play calling today. We knew going in that the interior of the OL was going to be a major issue this season, and it’s highly unlikely that Tomlinson (or Garnett) will make much difference. However, Kyle failed to find a way to limit the damage the interior of the OL was doing to his offense and a few calls in particular had me shaking my head. 2-11 on 3rd downs, on top of 3 turnovers on downs? That’s not going to win games in the NFL. I’m not sure how Kyle can scheme up this offense to mask the deficiencies on the interior of the OL (in fact I doubt he can), but something has to change if the 49ers are going to be at all competitive in 2017. GRADE: D-

      1. Bowman has lost 2 steps. One after his gruesome blown knee, one after the ruptured achilles.

        He’s nowhere near the same player he was when he should have won DPOY in 2013 (he came in 2nd to Luke Kuechly even though Bow outplayed him). Not even close. He’s a 29 year old defensive player with the equivalent mileage of a 36 year old player. I’ve also noticed that he seems to get a little better after his legs have loosen up as the game wears on, and then he seems to run out of steam sometime early in the 4th QTR (or maybe that’s just in my mind, lol).

        We used to see him command the middle of the field, from sideline to sideline, but those days are over. There were a number of times yesterday, watching replays, when I thought to myself, the old Bowman would have been here (X on the screen), but the 2017 version of NaVorro Bowman, the guy still recovering from 2 major leg injuries, this Bowman is 3 or 4 steps behind (the other X on the screen) the play, leaving the team exposed outside the numbers.

        Listen, Bow is one of my favorite 49ers over the last decade, and I couldn’t think more highly of him as a player, and person. He is a class act on and off the field, and works as hard as anyone to inspire his fellow teammates. A guy couldn’t ask for a better teammate! But the guy I’ve seen on film this season is more-or-less a shell of his former self. He’s still a starting 2 down ILB, but no better than the average MLB now at best, and we’re talking about a guy who was the best ILB in the entire league for the span of 2 years (2012-2014), and for the time being, probably the 49ers second best inside backer of all time.

        The good news is that a healthy Reuben Foster, may end up better than Bow or Willis! From what I have seen so far, Reuben is looking like an early HOF candidate, and even better than the amazing Patrick Willis. Although unfortunately, an early ankle injury could hamper Reuben’s run at DROY.

        Patrick Willis’ rookie campaign was one to remember:

        Willis finished his 2007 campaign with an NFL-leading 174 total tackles, including ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY FIVE solo tackles, along with 4 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, and 5 passes deflected. In fact, according to the Niners’ own internal statistics, Willis was credited with (an unofficial) 203 tackles during that season, which equates to over 12 1/2 tackles per game. Wowza! Willis started his career like a house on fire, recording 11 tackles, including 9 solo, and a forced fumble in his first game as a pro, winning him the Diet Pepsi Rookie of the Week Award. Of course, one of Willis’s most memorable performances that season came against the a vaunted Vikings rushing attack featuring Offensive Rookie of the Year – Adrian Peterson, who managed just 3 yards on 14 carries. However, Willis’ most impressive statistical performance came in week 16 against the Bucs,. where Willis recorded 20 total tackles, 2 sacks, 1 forced fumble and 1 pass deflected, earning Rookie of the Week honors for the fourth time as a rookie. At the conclusion of Patrick’s first professional season he was named the Associated Press’ NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year honors as well as first-team All-Pro, and the NFL Alumni Linebacker Of The Year Award. Willis became the only rookie in the NFL to make the AP All-Pro squad, and was the first 49ers defensive rookie to make the Pro Bowl since Ronnie Lott recorded 7 interceptions, and 3 pick sixes.

        1. As I am sure you know, Bow tore all 3 major knee ligaments in his knee, his ACL, MCL, PCL, and his meniscus in January of 2014. At the time, some doctors told him he would never play football again. The knee bothers him more than he lets on. It’s a chronic condition and it can take NaVorro upwards of 2-3 hours to loosen up his knee prior to games. And it’s clear he lost some of his explosiveness, we’re talking both acceleration, and top speed, as well as the lateral explosiveness we are accustomed to seeing.

          And then he ruptures his Achilles Tendon, which stores and provides elastic energy when t comes to running, jumping, and general explosive movement. In fact, computer technology today suggest the energy stored in a healthy Achilles Tendon increases lateral quickness, acceleration and top running speed.

          Bow’s Achilles may continue to improve some over time, but then you factor in age and wear and tear, and it starts to cancel out the progress. Bowman will never be a top performer, the only question is just how much it’s affected his play. Instincts help, but if you watch Bowman move around the field compared to Foster, it’s really night and day!

  15. Beadles, Fusco, Kilgore, Hoyer, Johnson are all weak points of this Team. Of course Tartt and Armstrong are backups but Armstrong was esp atrocious. We also need a pass rusher. TJ watt has looked pretty good for the Steelers.

    Next draft, QB, pass rusher, O line. In that order.

    1. I had hoped we drafted Watt but we passed. We needed a pass rusher and don’t have one and what is worse is we let go of one of the better ones ones on the team with unproven ones and a rookie coach. Yikes.

      Additionally, our first pick is for a player who is out of a position we don’t really need and may not fit in the NFL. Said it at the time of the pick. Hope I’m wrong but don’t like what I’m seeing so far as this young man is getting buried by bigger lineman.

  16. By reading these comments one would think you’re all nfl coaches! Stfu and let the season play out. Last 2 season openers we kicked ass, where did that take us? #redandgoldtillimdeadandcold #ninerempire

    1. At least they won those first two openers. Now, they might not win a game.
      Big changes needs to happen They need to make honest assessments. They need to make adjustments. They must immediately bench the QB killer, Beadles.
      Yes, I am a die hard faithful Niner fan, too, but I am not going to accept incompetence and unprofessionalism.

      1. Yes, I am a die hard faithful Niner fan, too, but I am not going to accept incompetence and unprofessionalism.

        Oh yea, what are you going to do?

          1. East, after last game, Kaep is needed now more than ever.
            John Lynch himself has stated that he will constantly try to improve the team. I just want to hold him to his word.
            Before, he has stated that all positions would be competitive, and no one is on scholarship. Now we find out that Hoyer was handed the job with no competition. Now we find out that Hoyer is pulling a Gabbert.

            1. Kaep won one game last year. Can’t improve this team. He is a very limited QB.

              This is his draft profile from NFL.com. Sadly it has borne out to be true. He is a decent backup QB with a gimmicky offense. Still has not improved in the key areas to be a consistent QB. He is not an accurate passer and does not put the ball in play to maximize the effectiveness of the receivers. His win-loss ratio the last couple of years us all we need. If you think he can do better remember this is about the same OL you would use to argue about so please go elsewhere.

              “Kaepernick has enough physical tools to be viewed as a developmental backup quarterback prospect. Experienced, competitive, productive and durable but very raw in terms of making NFL reads and throws. Will need to become accustomed to making pro-style progressions and must improve overall accuracy. Arm strength is good but needs to tighten up his delivery and work on getting the ball out on time with more consistency. Can make a lot of plays with his feet but will be too confident at times and take unnecessary sacks. Kaepernick will likely attract a team with his measurables and outstanding intangibles. His stock has risen considerably with solid workouts, so expect him to be taken some time in the second to third round.

              Kaepernick is an excellent blend of height, build and speed for a quarterback. Possesses toughness and leadership qualities. Flashes good accuracy on intermediate routes. Shows enough arm strength to make most NFL throws. Won’t have many passes batted down. Can escape the pocket and pickup first downs with his legs.
              Plays out of the pistol, lacks experience under center. Has not been asked to make NFL progressions and reads. Not quick to check down or hit hot read against the blitz. Misses too many short passes. Doesn’t have consistent touch on the deep ball. Release is somewhat elongated and can dip down to sidearm at times.”

              Oh, and Seb. You don’t care that much anyway…

              sebnynah says:
              August 27, 2017 at 8:41 pm
              “Juan, you should commend me for my total fandom of the Niners. Frankly, I tout Kaep just to needle you. ;p”

        1. Houston, I am going to be like the little boy who told the world the king has no clothes.
          You will be conned into thinking the clothes are so fine, one cannot see them, and gush and exclaim how wonderful he looks.
          I will continue to make suggestions about how the team could improve.
          I have stated for years that the Niner coaches should consider time outs to be precious, and saved for legitimate challenges and the last 2 minutes of each half. Guess you think that idea is stupid and not needed.

          1. Did you forget the 49ers only won 2 games last year and had one of the worst rosters in the NFL in 2016? Lynch & Shanny are 1 game into a multi-year rebuild. Get a grip and stop being so dramatic Nancy.

  17. Soloman Thomas is not that great
    To draft #3 overall he should be in Von Miller territory……not even close.
    Thomas and Witherspoon were terrible picks. Terrible picks.
    They got lucky Foster was there late.
    He’s the only sure solid player in the top 3 rounds.
    Kittle looks good.
    Hoyer is so bad when a defense applies pressure.
    I disagree Hoyer was not part of the problem.
    Yes he was. He laid an egg and him and Shanny sucked both sides of it
    Pathetic play calls. Shanahan has an ego that’s so big…..those 4th downs.
    And our guards are horrendous. So bad.

  18. Grant,

    In your opinion how could we look so futile offensively when our players are better than previous teams.?

    Our guards were horrible the past 2 years and the offense looked better than what we put out yesterday. So disappointed in coach shanahan and the players.

  19. Back during the 1970s we were suffering from Stagflation (rampant inflation plus recession) President Ford put out these buttons: WIN for ‘Whip Inflation Now.’ Great slogan, but stagflation isn’t so easy to cure. Well, after a while people turned them upside down: NIM for “No Immediate Miracles.”

    As for yesterday, “on any given Sunday’ because (for most of us) hope springs eternal. The results, however, shouldn’t have been quite so unexpected.

    The fact is that, as units, the Panthers possess one of the best o-lines (especially the interior which is borderline elite) in the NFL and one of the best d-lines (including an elite DT) in the NFL. They’re not all elite players, though a couple are, but they’re all very good.

    Add in they’re experienced veterans and, as match ups, their strengths went to our weaknesses while our strengths were against their strengths. Well, one could hope and I always hope. But I don’t look at this as the 2017 Season Over Apocolypse.

    I think we’re a team that’s ascending, but is missing too many pieces. Even though we did put 30 new players on the 53-man roster this year.

    So ‘no immediate miracles.’

    1. Good take Moses. I’ll also add I never understood that whip inflation now campaign. How was the general tpopulace supposed to bring that about? Not purchase any (supposedly inflated) goods? Ask for a pay reduction?

  20. If this is our offensive line , and that’s the best they can do ,it’s going to be a long season . Our interior guards / center got beat like a set of drums . Defensive line looked ordinary at best , lb play the same . Secondary did little to make it’s case . Coaching ,let’s hope dad helps out . Sure didn’t look organized ,or micromanaged . I thought we might win 5-6 games this year , going to have to think that through again . You can definitely tell it’s all new to everyone . Still love my 49ers…..

  21. Spot on analysis. Shanny better figure out how to protect Hoyer. Again, undisciplined play by his Offense. Funny how the complete personality of the entire team changed as soon as Foster went down. Two play later a Panther TD. They did recover somewhat defensively but it was the Offense that lost that game, ripe for the taking with a woeful Cam Newton a well defensed McCaffrey..

  22. So how many new plays did shanahan bring that weren’t featured and unsuccessful in the preseason? Hoyer wasn’t throwing TDs in preseason games and that has translated to the regular season.
    The deep pass to goodwin looked like the same pass as all the preseason bombs. What I saw and haven’t seen anyone but the live game commentators mention is Hoyer underthrew Goodwin on the pass. Now Goodwin has to break stride and slow down to catch the ball. That brings up body position. Just like in basketball, the receiver must box out the defender who as a result of the underthrown ball is back in the play. Goodwin should have still caught the pass but he could have taken his eyes off the ball to find the defender.
    After the underthrown ball Hoyer severely overthrew Goodwin.

    1. Look at the shadows on the field at the time of that pass. I maintain he lost it in the sun. I guess that isn’t supposed to affect pros as much as us mere mortals. But still….

  23. I hope Brian Hoyer gets his Will in order before the Seahawks game. With that offensive line his family will need clear direction to keep everything out of probate.

    1. If that’s true someone on the practice squad will be actived soon. Does this warm everyone’s heart?

      Does it make you question JL draft and FA strategy? Knowing that our OL is key to the fortune of the year? Should they have been more aggressive given the amount of money available?

      1. Nope. I don’t question Lynch or Shanahan in the least. Look how many guys they brought in during the offseason. I don’t think you could be more aggressive than Lynch and Shanny were this offseason. They expected Zuttah to be good but he ended up playing poorly and getting cut. You’ve got Garnett injured and the other guy you traded for, Tomlinson, hasn’t been with the team long enough to know the line calls. These circumstances are unfortunate but they aren’t the fault of Lynch and Shanahan. The person I blame for leaving the cupboard bare is Trent Baalke. Lynch and Shanahan get a few year grace period before I criticize them.

        1. They knew what they were walking into though and the OL is critical. They wavered with Garnett for a long time before putting him on ice. That was a rookie move, for sure. And they still have a problem at center which they didn’t address after they knew Zuttah would not work out.

          1. Not sure exactly what you expect. The 49ers signed or traded for 29 players in the offseason. Many of those players were offensive lineman. They were by far the most active team in the offseason. Lynch and Shanahan remade the entire roster in 1 offseason. There is no doubt some of those moves didn’t work out. There is no doubt the o-line was putrid against the Panthers. It’s the first game together after trying to piece together a winning team. Give it time. It won’t be this year but I expect Lynch and Shanahan to be successful once they get all the pieces together.

            1. They largely didn’t address the OL and that is the key issue for me. The OL is the key to the the entire offensive system and that was only lightly addressed (Zuttah) and it was found wanting and then there was no additional moves to bolster that line. Guards were an issue yo begin and nothing was done either in the draft or FA. The line is paper thin at tackle as well which is a concern as well. These coaches did a lot to bring in people for TEs and WRs but little for the guys to protect them.

              1. Disagree. I think they did address the o-line but the plan didn’t work out. They expected Zuttah and Garnett to be starters this year. Zuttah was a Pro Bowler last year and Garnett was a 1st rounder. My opinion is the 3 starters in the middle of the o-line for game 1 are not the guys Lynch and Shanny expected to be starters when they were developing their plans to remake the roster in the offseason.

              2. But they knew Zuttah wasn’t up to task and Garnett wasn’t well. Zuttah was a center from what I understood. He may have been a pro-bowler but he certainly didn’t have his heart in it and they knew that early on and didn’t do much to address this shortcoming. This was also true of the rest of the interior of the line. This is a shortcoming in the FO in my opinion. We criticized Baalke for not addressing ILB last year I think we can certainly look at this group for not addressing this important position too.

  24. Star Lotulei and Kawann Short are capable of embarrassing most of the guards in this league. They are a big part of why the Panthers were in a super bowl. Still, I agree that Beadles was terrible. AS for getting pressure on Cam Newton – That’s a tough one.
    At 6’5″ he can throw over the D linemen even when they put their arms up.

    It takes a LONG time for an offense to get their s**together. Don’t slash your wrists, people. It will come – eventually. Grant, your talents are wasted as a beat writer. You should be advising Shanahan on the offense and making the draft choices instead of
    that know-nothing-about-football John Lynch.

  25. I’m shocked at the negativity here. What did you expect? They replaced over half the team . Many are late round picks and undrafted players. Most disappointing is all the criticism of Shanahans. There isn’t a single person here who has even 1% of Shanahans knowledge or experience. I think many of you should go back to bed and have a good cry. You’ll feel better.

  26. The picture of the 49ers stands in the 2nd half was embarrassing. There were so few people left in the stands each fan had their own personal beer vendor. That was pathetic.

    On a different note, did anyone catch any of the Jaguars v Texans game? That Jags defense may be the best defense in the NFL. Those are some tough hombres and their LB crew is the fastest group in the NFL. Leonard Fournette is the real deal. If the Jags can get even average QB play, they could be good. Pretty damn impressive. Let it be known I’m calling it now – the Jags win that division.

    1. Hou I was at the game. It was probably a sell out. The reason why the seats were empty is because all the fans in the upper decks watch the game from the concourse.
      I met a guy who is a season ticket holder and he told me it’s too hot to sit in his seats because there is no shade so people like him come an hour early to the game and sit all along the lower bowl concourse.

      Between the people in the stands and the ones inside the concourse, guarantee it was a sell out.

      1. Wow! Thats interesting. I had no idea. Hopefully, those fans in the concourse find a way to cheer from their seats when the team returns to glory.

  27. thanks for the coverage/forum Grant and the grades seem about right. I might upgrade Hoyer to a C, but that’s to continue being my contrary, ornery self… but a C grade doesnt cut it in the NFL, not if you want to win. he’s fine for now. btw, i believe the knock on Hoyer has always been the “holds the ball too long” thing. oh well.

    maybe it was just me but i was finding it hard to stay awake during even the 2nd quarter. normally i’d just say this is an effect of age, but generally the first game of the season is exciting enough to have me looking closely for signs of strength or weakness. oh well.

    it seems like an “oh well” kind of year.

  28. Who would of thought the Rams would be leading our division , that the Pat’s would loose ,to KC at home . Jag’s look like a team on the way up . Things are different this year for sure . NYG beat by Dallas , Arizona looks old . Seahawks wildness showed up . There are alot of questions to be answered , but who has the answers ?

  29. That game reminded me of low-level Harbaugh including the sideline blowout. If KS is self-aware when he sits down with his father to go over the game film he will be open to the thought his personnel may be less than what is required to effectively run his offensive system. Walsh had the same problem. Perhaps playing a simpler offense, maybe more running between the tackles, while introducing more difficult material would be the ticket. This is a basic education method. Way more going on with this team I assume the 49ers will be very active on the wavier side.

  30. I’m surprised by the overreaction going on.

    This was a bad matchup for us. On defense Carolina has a suspect secondary but they have the best DT tandum in the NFL, while in contrast the niners have the worst guards in the NFL. (It’s a minor miracle that Hoyer survived… even so, by the end of the game he had a little Jim Everett in him.) Because of this, the niners couldn’t take advantage of Carolina’s suspect secondary
    On Defense the 49ers have a good interior rush, but that is also exactly where Carolina’s oline is strongest at, and with no edge rushers to compliment it, qbs like Cam will easily be able to escape. This brings us to the secondary play, which is a weak unit and cannot be asked to cover for very long.

    Then there are the outlying factors… this is a young team that is trying to learn a new scheme on both offense and defense. Shanahan’s offense is very complex and even in Atlanta with Ryan, Jones, Coleman and the like they got worse before they got better. So of course they will have some issues when going against an established veteran defense.

    On the plus side…
    *Hyde looked good and ran hard in spite of the interior line constantly being pushed back, forcing him to try and find holes that were constantly being squeezed.
    *The Defense – didn’t get run over, only giving up 3.6 yrds per rush and they only gave up a total of 23pts in spite of constantly playing with a short field. Granted some of that was on Cam but still it showed improvement from last year.

      1. Rocket and I were chastised for pointing out the obvious flaws on this team early on and not flying the flag of exuberant enthusiasm!

        1. Yeah its ridiculous. Every year fans seem to think a Coach will make all the differences and forget that a major reason we have struggled is due to a severe lack of talent. Forgetting that even Bill Walsh didn’t win with a talent lacking roster either… to win you need a certain amount of talent.

            1. Something that is interesting is that a pass given to Shanahan would not be given to Kelly or Tomsula for the kind of errors seen yesterday. Neither Shanahan nor Lynch are above critical analysis.

            2. Grant,

              Talent was a huge issue yesterday. Oline was severely outclassed, coverage was very poor at times but bailed out by Newton overthrowing people, Dline got no pressure because we don’t have an out side pass rusher that is a difference maker. Neither one of us knows what went into preparation so not sure how you decide there was lack of it. There were no glaring Coaching mistakes or breakdowns I saw that would lead to that opinion. They just got beat on both sides of the ball by a better team. They made mistakes sure, but so did Carolina. That’s football.

              1. Talent was not the issue. The issues were penalties, lack of focus, fundamental mistakes, play calling and time management. You don’t need talent to get those things right. Yesterday was a return to Weeks 1 and 2 of the preseason for the 49ers.

              2. I agree Grant. The 49ers hurt themselves that first half.
                It seems that Shanahan has to be a better coach overall and not just the offense.
                It looked to me that the entire team looked unorganized from lining up to substitutions and discipline.
                All of that falls on coaching.
                Veteran teams like the Panthers just waited for the 49ers to make their mistakes and capitalized.
                No way was their talent superior. It was just calculated game planning by Carolina and errors by the 49ers.

              3. Talent was not the issue.

                It was and will continue to be an issue. It’s an obvious problem and will take time to fix.

                The issues were penalties, lack of focus, fundamental mistakes, play calling and time management. You don’t need talent to get those things right. Yesterday was a return to Weeks 1 and 2 of the preseason for the 49ers.

                Every team in the league makes mistakes. The Panthers also made mistakes yesterday. That was not the difference in the game. There was one undisciplined penalty taken by Tarrt, the rest were just players making mistakes that players make and even more so when they are learning complex new systems. Coaching and preparation were not the problem yesterday; the Panthers being more talented and experienced was.

              4. You never see the forest through the trees, Rocket.

                7 pre-snap penalties — self-inflicted errors due to lack of focus.
                Marquise Goodwin drops a touchdown pass because he took his eyes off the ball — fundamental error takes seven points off the board for the 49ers.
                Dontae Johnson covering man to man when the rest of the defense is in cover three zone — lack of focus gives the panthers seven points.
                kyle shanahan’s poor clock management and play calling, especially on fourth down at the end of the 1st half — six points for the panthers.
                Play action when the panthers had stopped honoring the run — interception deep in niners territory that leads to another seven points for the panthers.

                None of those issues had anything to do with talent.

              5. LMAO. This coming from a guy who hasn’t been right about practically anything regarding this team this offseason and made a terrible prediction on what their record would be. I expected you to start trying to cover your butt and blame the Coaching staff at some point but I didn’t expect it this early.

                You said talent wasn’t the issue. It was preparation and discipline. You are flat out wrong. They were prepared as well as a team in this situation can be. They were not undisciplined with the exception of the penalty taken by Tartt. False starts are part of the game. It’s not a result of being unprepared or undisciplined. The two formation penalties were the WR lining up wrong and that is likely going to happen once in awhile considering all the formations and play combinations they are still learning. The Steelers took 13 penalties yesterday and still won the game. Talent wins games. The Panthers made just as many mistakes as the Niners did yesterday. Still won the game pretty convincingly because they are the better team.

                The penalties the Niners took were not ideal obviously but that didn’t lose them the game. They lost the game because the Panthers were better on both sides of the line.

              6. You’re so far off, it’s painful to read. 20 of the Panthers points came as a result of self-inflicted errors by the 49ers. That has nothing to do with talent, as you mistakenly claim.

              7. Lack of talent on interior line IS a prob….which will require at least another season to fix…ATL fans were calling for KS to be fired in ’15 while the Falcon line was still figuring things out…
                This offense is at least a year away from any consistency in run game…hope Hyde holds up till the Oline is sorted….
                And…Breida/Washington/Mostert will be a small factor till Oline is working. We might be in for a tough year, but optimistically:
                — Hoyer takes the beating this year while the OL figures things out…
                — then we start showing some run game flashes later this season, with Hyde/Breida and hopefully Mostert & Williams will contribute too…
                — so late in season we start seeing KS’ system coming together….If Hoyer and Hyde hold up…
                — don’t be surprised if 2018 draft is OL heavy, along w/Safety, WR, and LB help.
                So we’ll be seeing another 5-6 ugly games….

              8. It can’t be half as painful as watching you try and make excuses for having a poor read on the team. Penalties, dropped passes and breakdowns in the secondary are not Niner related issues. They are football related issues. They happen every game to practically every team. The Panthers missed out on at least two TD’s to open receivers. McCaffrey fumbled in his own zone. They took penalties. They won because they were able to take advantage of more opportunities than the Niners did. That happened because they are more talented, more experienced and just flat out the better team.

                If you are going to accuse the HC of not having his team prepared and disciplined you can’t base it on weak sauce like this. If you want to go down that road you might as well criticize every team in the league for not being prepared or disciplined. NE blew a coverage and left Hill open for an easy TD. I guess Belichick needs to work on his preparation and discipline skills.

              9. 20 of the Panthers’ 23 points were the direct result of 49ers self-inflicted errors. That is the definition of beating yourself. I’m sorry you can’t see that.

              10. No you aren’t understanding. Football players are going to make mistakes. That happens to every team every week of the season. The key is taking advantage of mistakes which the Panthers did. The Niners in contrast did not take advantage of Panther mistakes. The type of mistakes the Niners made are also not a reflection of a team being unprepared or undisciplined. If they had no answer for anything the Panthers were doing and got blown out, then you could make a case that they were unprepared, but that wasn’t the case at all. The types of penalties they took were also not a case of being undisciplined. They were player error (false starts) and players still not being 100% sure of all the formations. If they took a bunch of unnecessary roughness penalties or unsportsman like conduct, then you have a case for that but that didn’t happen either.

                You made a statement that the issues the team had were in not being prepared and undisciplined. That is not accurate.

              11. Pre-snap penalties stem from lack of discipline and focus. Same with blown coverages. All stem from a lack of preparation.

                Discounting the litany of mistakes the Niners made by saying, “Football players are going to make mistakes” is inane. The Niners made way too many mistakes to overcome. Everyone understands this except for you.

              12. Pre-snap penalties stem from lack of discipline and focus. Same with blown coverages. All stem from a lack of preparation.

                Wrong. I’ve played and Coached this game longer than you’ve been alive and you are just flat out wrong with this statement. A single player does lose focus sometimes that is being human and happens in every game every week. It has absolutely nothing to do with preparation and discipline. It doesn’t matter how long you are Coaching or how many times you run a play; there is going to be human error once in awhile and a much great likelyhood of it when you have a new Coaching staff installing new systems and incorporating a bunch of new players on both sides of the ball.

                Discounting the litany of mistakes the Niners made by saying, “Football players are going to make mistakes” is inane. The Niners made way too many mistakes to overcome. Everyone understands this except for you.

                I’m not discounting them. I’m saying penalties and mistakes happen in this game and the key is to minimize them and take advantage of them when they go in your favor. Some of the best Coaches in this game saw their teams take more penalties and make more mistakes than the Niners did this past weekend. It doesn’t mean their teams weren’t prepared and undisciplined or they’ve forgotten how to Coach. It means in the heat of a game players make mistakes sometimes no matter what you do to try and avoid it.

                Taking false start penalties and not converting on 4th down did not cost the Niners this game. They had chances to stop the Panthers after the mistakes made and couldn’t do it. That is not a case of being unprepared or undisciplined. It’s about the other team being better than you in those situations.

              13. “I’ve played and Coached this game longer than you’ve been alive.”

                What’s your name? Where did you play? Where did you coach? Did you play or coach in the NFL? Because the NFL coaches I speak to weekly agree the 49ers were unprepared and undisciplined and lost because of self-inflicted errors.

                “The key is to minimize them.”

                The 49ers maximized them.

                A blown coverage led to the Panthers first TD.
                Two ill-advised fourth down calls led to the Panthers next six points.
                An ill-advised play-action call down 13 in the second half led to the Panthers next 7 points.

                The 49ers beat themselves.

              14. What’s your name? Where did you play? Where did you coach? Did you play or coach in the NFL? Because the NFL coaches I speak to weekly agree the 49ers were unprepared and undisciplined and lost because of self-inflicted errors.

                Who are these Coaches? What is it that leads them to believe the team was unprepared? Do you or they know what undisciplined means? Do they disagree with the fact every team has self inflicted errors every game? That talent wins games?

                A blown coverage led to the Panthers first TD.

                A blown coverage led to a Tyreek Hill TD against NE. Cam Newton missed multiple passes to wide open receivers. That’s football. Doesn’t have anything to do with preparation and discipline instilled by the coaching staff. It’s a player making a mistake which happens multiple times in every game.

                Two ill-advised fourth down calls led to the Panthers next six points.

                No the defense not being able to do their job led to those 6 points. You can question the calls, I would question the first not the second, but at the end of the day that didn’t put the Panthers in position to kick those FG’s. The Panthers moved the ball and got into position to kick those FG’s.

                An ill-advised play-action call down 13 in the second half led to the Panthers next 7 points.

                Suggesting a team not use it’s offense because they are down 13 is the height of arrogance on behalf of someone who has never played the game. It also didn’t give the Panthers a TD. The Panther offense scored that TD.

                It’s clear or should be, that the Niners were getting beat on the lines not giving the offense much of a chance for success and the defense much of a chance to make plays in the passing game.

            3. Probably a combination of the two. Goodwin letting the ball sail right through his arms is talent. The interior of the OL lacks talent.

              I’m certainly not about to give Kyle a pass, he failed to deliver in week one. That’s not up for debate. But let’s not pretend this team has enough talent that fits his system on the OL. And a #2 WR should never let a perfectly thrown deep ball go right through his arms practically untouched.

              Grant, do you think the 49ers OL will be capable of running the outside zone, and protect the QB from interior pressure at all this season? Not only do I see both OG’s as well past their prime, most of the starters on the OL seem like poor scheme fits to start with. I used my rewind/slow-motion a lot yesterday, and it seems like all of the offensive lineman, with the possible exception of Staley at LT, were consistently a step slow getting to their spots down the line and/or upfield, and I saw a just about every O-Linemen reaching and lunging for their blocking assignments. Linemen lose the explosive power of the big muscles in their legs if they are out of position. I HAVE SERIOUS DOUBTS that Kyle has enough to work with on the OL this season, especially on the interior. I don’t see Tomlinson as the answer for the turnstyle Beadles has become. He’s horrendous now, and clearly nowhere near as strong and nimble as he needs to be. I think I could have disrupted their rushing attack yesterday, no joke! I’m not big, but I am quick enough to fill those gaps and aim for the legs. I may have been more disappointed in the DL, just because I expected sooooooo much more out of this defensive unit, and recognized the OL defisiencies going in. On the flip side, I more or less expected to see the team struggle on the interior of the OL. Bothe guards are completely washed up and Kilgore isn’t much better. We see how important the OL is for an offense. That’s why the Seahawks are in a spot of bother unless they make some changes, or guys turn things around, and we see how easy it is for the Cowboys on offense behind a juggernaut of an OL!

              The only saving grace from game 1 is that Reuben Foster dodged a major bullet and didn’t tear up his knee on the play. His foot got caught up on this god-awful grass surface, and could have been as bad as it first looked. That’s about the only positive I took away from Kyle’s debacle of a head coaching debut! He’ll get tyhis thing right eventually,

              1. Watch the replay of Goodwin’s drop. He took his eyes off the ball. Didn’t track the ball into his hands. That’s not talent — that’s fundamental. You don’t need talent to track a ball into your hands.

                Beadles is awful.

              2. Agree on many of your points 49 except that the ball was a bit under thrown. Still should have caught it.

                I have decried some of these shortcomings for some time. We will see how the season goes but we may be in for a tough ride and worse if Rueben gets hurt for a long time.

              3. lack ‘o talent between the OT’s is indeed the reason for:
                — play action not working after 1st Q.
                — pressure on Hoyer up middle…lack of C/OG quality along with dominant DT play from CAR meant the pass game could never be consistent, so Play action and run game overall suffers.
                — at a minimum, OG play needs to get WAY better, or the example of CAR DT’s abusing out C/OG’s will be a common issue for us all to whine about for the next 8 weeks or so..

    1. Overreaction Sunday was just a Category 2 tropical storm. By Monday, it had picked up moisture from the collective tears of the disappointed fanbase and has now developed into a full fledged Category 5 Hurricane Grant….

    2. Shoup,

      Same thing has happened the past couple of seasons. Unrealistic expectations, followed by the reality punch to the face, then the moaning, frustration and finger pointing. I could set my watch – If I still used one – by the homer predictions that are based on nothing tangible. This is a game that relies on cohesion and endless hours of practice. We have a first time HC and new Coaching staff trying to teach a mediocre roster new systems on both sides of the ball. It takes time and talent to become a winning team in this league and the Niners have just started the process of rebuilding.

      The only reason the Niners weren’t blown out of the building yesterday was because Cam Newton was terrible coming off a long stretch of inactivity. We can talk about this mistake that mistake the Niners made blah, blah, blah, but the Panthers were a much better team that played a lousy game overall and still beat the Niners handily. That is the difference talent and years in the same scheme make.

      Shanahan is a great offensive mind, but he’s a first time HC who will need time to grow into the role and build a roster that fits his style of play. Right now he has journeymen all over the roster with a few high end talents sprinkled in. He needs a QB, replacements to the OL, pass rushers, CB’s you name it. Baalke did a horrific job and set this team back years. I believe things will turn around eventually, but it’s going to take time and patience.

      1. True but they have made some mistakes along the way too Rocket. It’s not like the new regime is all sunshine and daisies, either. The most glaring to me is not addressing the OL in the draft or FA in a significant way. We have essentially the same guys as last year.

        Baalke was bad on offense, no doubt, but he did get some decent defensive players. I would have hoped that they tried trading down the three and couldn’t (which is why we took Thomas). In either case I think we needed a pass rusher and the season progression will prove this. I believe we needed one last year.

        1. No argument, but the truth is the talent on this team was not going to be improved enough in one year to make up for years of poor drafting. They did attempt to improve the Oline through FA and Garnett getting injured set them back, but yes they could have done more. Problem is there were and are too many holes to fill in one offseason.

          I agree on the need for pass rushers. It’s been a need for a few years now and it keeps getting little priority in the draft. I don’t get it either.

          1. Rocket:

            There’s no doubt that, in hindsight, Baalke was terrible in just about every category. But at the time of the drafts (with the exception of AJ), most analysts on TV pronounced how great of a GM Baalke was (admittedly, this coincided with Harbaugh as the HC). Many bloggers nicknamed him the draft Ninja because of his ability to move around the board and set up draft trades. I don’t know where you stood on Baalke at the time he was actually drafting as opposed to today. IIRC, you didn’t want Armstead (and neither did I), preferring Peters instead.

            What’s my point? To be honest, I’m not sure. I’m kind of thinking that while we are in the heat of events happening, few of us have much perspective on what is really happening. It may be the same regarding KS. Right now, I think most of us believe that KS will be a great HC. But it might turn out that his ceiling is being a great OC. I hope not, but maybe. Fire away at this post, because as I’m nearing the end of typing, I’m thinking of deleting it (since I’m not even sure what I’m trying to say or what it means).

            1. Cubus,

              I think you may be onto something here. Many of us just don’t know what to expect at the time. Baalke’ s many moves proved to be mirages. This crew is young and while there is lots of expectations it may just be that. Let’s hope it is more however!

              Even so, out of the gate there have been missteps. The draft, while good may still be wanting. Our DBs are challenged our OL is basically the same as last year and our pass rush is non existent. These are big glaring areas that could be difficult to surmount. A pedestrian offense and a middle of the pack defensive group could but without a good OL and decent pass rush it will be a long season no matter who your QB is.

              1. East:

                I like to tell myself that Shanahan’s flaws are readily correctable because he has the knowledge to succeed in the NFL. I don’t believe that was the case for Tomsula or Kelly.

                I just hope KS has or can readily acquire the additional skills to be HC. A positive in this respect is that his old man should be able to provide a lot of help.

            2. Cubus,

              I’m not sure what you were trying to say either lol. All I would say is expectations should have been low for this season considering all the factors involved. I have no idea what Grant has been smoking this offseason but his take on this team has been really out to lunch culminating with a 9 win prediction. The homers I expect it from, but anyone who seriously and honestly analyzes exactly how big of a job this is and the amount of Coaching and personnel changes that will be needed to improve it, knows this is going to be a long season.

              As to Baalke, I was calling for him to be fired more than two years before it happened. It was painfully obvious once Harbaugh walked out the door that the talent on this team was substandard and the draft picks were failing. He couldn’t assess talent very well on the offensive side of the ball and continued selecting injured players that didn’t pan out. He really set this team back a long way and it’s going to take time to recover.

        2. Granted but they could and should have addressed the OL more especially after Garnett was done and they saw tha t Zuttah was a dud.

  31. I’m sure glad we got rid of Andy Lee for Pinion… Another wonderful Baalke pick.

    And I hate to say it but Levi’s sucks. Not only does it feel like a boring corporate building but the design is a flawed disappointment. I’m not calling for a dome here but the ‘open air’ design does nothing but cook the fans so I’m not surprised by the empty seats. As much as they needed a new stadium, I’d take the ‘Stick and its atmosphere back in a second…. Not sure if Levi’s will ever feel like ‘home’.

    As for the team, they’ll definitely improve and I trust Lynch and Shanahan will eventually right the ship but there will certainly be more pain in getting there… Anyone who was expecting a 9 win season is simply fooling themselves.

  32. Except for the statement about drafting someone else besides Thomas at #3, pretty much spot on with the grades. That’s a little reactionary, considering the Niners gave up only 3 ypc yesterday.

  33. The fan base in here is as bad as the Niners played yesterday. What a bunch of yokels, after one stinking game all these conclusions. The team has lots of work to do.

  34. How about some patience for a team that won 2 games. Thomas shouldn’t have been drafted, shanahan is terrible… All after 1 game against what will probably be a top 5 defense and a team that went 15-1 two years ago. I’ll quote Aaron Rodgers Grant….R-E-L-A-X.

    1. How on earth did Tomsula win 5 games? He wasn’t a good coach but at least his teams were ready to play every week. I keep seeing excuses that we are in rebuild mode but Tomsula wasn’t given that same leeway. Rams are rebuilding too and played well with a first time HC. This is the NFL and we were a undisciplined poorly coached team yesterday.

  35. It was week 1! We were supposed to lose this game right? We’re not the ones who are supposed to go undefeated, it’s the damn patriots, who got smashed by the chiefs! We have nothing to worry about guys, did you expect a 180 degree turnaround on week 1?

    Too many experts on here stating what our problems are, if you know so much you should be getting paid for your football expertise instead of being the know-it-all keyboard coaches!

    I’m not claiming to be an expert myself just trying to think positive and not over react to a week 1 game we were supposed to lose!

    1. This is a blog site, not the Niner coaches room. I certainly have never gained a dime from posting, but they are paid hundreds of thousands, and even millions, to put an acceptable product on the field. Mission not accomplished.
      Sure, if the Niners were 14-2 last season and played in the SB, I would not deign to suggest my ideas to improve were needed.
      However, this is a 2-14 team that just lost the first game because they were incompetent. The team was unprepared and could not make adjustments. They need all the help they can get.

      1. Seb,

        I feel sorta foolish saying this, but I think it needs to be said again: The coaches and the front office do not read this blog. If they did read it they should be fired for wasting so much time.

        This is a fan blog for venting and sharing of ignorance. I do enjoy reading the take of “some” of my fellow fans, but to presume that coaches and the front office peruse these comments is bordering on delusional.

        1. Leo, let me assure you Seb crossed that bridge and has been pasturing on said delusional fields for quite some time. He thinks that not only do our coaches and FO read his idiotic postings but also the likes of Aaron Rogers. The best we can do is pat him lightly on the head, chuckle and move on.

        2. Leo, Jed himself assured me he reads these blogs, and gets the message loud and clear.
          Eddie dismissed the columnists and said he never read them, but recently, he said he lied and read every word.
          I have it on good authority that Joan in accounting reads this site, and when she finds something interesting, she passes it along to the proper channels.
          If Bob Lange is competent, he would winnow out the chaff, and disregard 99% of what is written. But for those nuggets of good ideas, he should communicate those ideas with people who might benefit from them.
          Considering time outs to be precious, and saved for legitimate challenges and the last 2 minutes of each half, is a sound strategy. Maybe you think the Niner coaches are competent, and do not need that kind of advice. However, when they waste them like a drunken sailor, maybe they should read these posts. Sure, they should be concentrating on making the players more disciplined and under control, but there are many assistants who should be looking everywhere to find new ideas that might help them improve, who can pass them on to the OC to help them win. Oh wait, KS said he does not need an OC. Too bad he scored only 3 points last game.

          1. If Jed personally assured you that he reads this blog, which I doubt, I would not really take that to the bank. I am reminded of a recent conversation I had with a fellow traveler in the airport who, in a brief exchange, harangued me about a number of dubious conspiracy theories he was convinced were true. His eyes got wider, his voice louder, his teeth clenched and he looked like he was about to have a stroke. I agreed with everything he said and quickly excused myself relived to be away from him.

            Seb, it’s just football. Enjoy watching our team play.

        3. “they need all the help they can get”….what a guy…

          and….a 14-2 record last year would NEVER keep our Legend from “deigning” to offer his football wisdom to the team– the claim that he would withhold his posting advice to this site is truly delusion-speak… the “Seb-verse” is open for business….

          this one will come back to bite you Mr. Legend, when the team starts doing well, as they eventually will, just not this season…we will remind you of this latest bit of grandstanding…

      2. Total bull. We lost because our players weren’t as good as their players. That’s the simple truth. Do you really believe that you are more knowledgable and experienced than Shanahan?

  36. This was a hotly contested game. Cam was having normal 1st game tightness with his throws and the 49er defense played a part in that.
    This was what I thought the NFL was supposed to be about until:

    The Zebras decided to become the show, that they are really the stars–who the fans come to see….Almost a parallel universe in which Jed, Paraag and the suits thought they were the show, flexing their muscles by showing that pesky, no nothing coach, Jim Harbaugh, who’s the boss by whisking him out of town…..That is , until Mamma York took over the team (according to Gary Plummer, by hiring Lynch and Shanahan, showing Jed that the suits are background, signing checks only.
    The NFL should pull a Mamma York, and slap those refs down who think the game is about them, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Lynch/Shanny have sent copies of those atrocious calls that turned a competitive game into a blowout by the following calls:

    1. 3rd and long when Newton passes 20 yards downfield to a receiver who, draped over a Niner defender to prevent him from an interception, causes an incomplete pass…..Great defense, they can go rest now, right ?……..Wrong, somehow, in our parallel universe, the refs decided that the rules changed and it was the 49er who committed a PI resulting in a fresh set of downs and a score.

    2. 3rd and long when Newton goes 15 yards downfield but the ball was inaccurate by 10 yards overhead…..49er safety, Tartt didn’t know this when he timed his tackle perfectly, and as the ball went by the receiver, tackled him.
    Great play, 49ers off the field, 3 and out, high-fives all around, right ?….Wrong, the refs flagged the Tartt for a penalty on his tackle
    Don’t know about you, but the last time I checked, 49er Db’s don’t have the luxury of standing 20 yards away in the defensive backfield with a tape measure and noting the trajectory of the pass heading 10 yards off the mark…..No, Tartt in a split second decision noted the pass was head toward and open reciever. lowered his head and didn’t blow the receiver up like he could have, so politely made a soft tackle to get the defense off the field w/o an unecessary ruffness call…..Great play right ? Wrong. That is, the refs thought is was and rewarded the 49er politeness with another flag and another score.

    3. Micromanaging the 49er offensive line, then on 3rd and long, Elvis Dumerville lights up the 335 Lb Carolina OT on his way to a Cam Newton sack and possibly causing a fumble, when the Carolina tackle decided to grab him around the neck with his full body weight. Dummerville still mangaged to carry himself and the OT 10 yards before slamming into Newton, causing his arm to fly forward and the ball to hit the ground……Where were the refs on that one? Only 3 players were involved with the football focal point— in the offensive backfield there was no one else, so they had a perfect view for a holding call or unnecessary roughness, because you could see the same player who injured Reuben Foster was having a field day trying to injure 49er stars , so have Dumerville’s neck a could yank……Call something, right ?…..Wrong……Crickets, silence, no call.

    3. This one’s on the 49ers……Still a close game when Goodwin misses a perfectly thrown long ball.

    I blame the refs for this loss. Absent those calls, Cam continues to feel the pressure and eventually makes a mistake.

    Making those calls kept the 49er young players on the field longer and against that nasty Caroling O-Line, grinding them, was directly responsible for the injury to Rueben Foster and a 49er loss.

  37. * Forgot to note above the refs not allowing Shanahan the time out he clearly asked for—-another fact that suggests the game has become about the refs—-if they don’t like your mannerisms–a young upstart coach—the refs think, we’ll show ’em and ignore their time out signals.

  38. Positive news:

    1. There’s time to fix things next game, like replacing Beadles for that 1st round draft pick, OG, Laken Tomlinson.

    2. Overall, though, the 49ers gave up just 287 yards of offense to Carolina — a stark contrast to the 529 all-purpose yards allowed to the Panthers in Week 2 last year.

    1. More positive news.

      It’s clear that the 49ers will have lean toward the O-Line year’s draft/Free agency. But this coaching group has shown (at least in the preseason) the ability to improve each game.

      Lets chalk this 1st game up to ironing out the 1st game kinks by a 1st game coaching staff…Lets see what kind of adjustments are made vs. Seattle to form an opinion, shall we ?

    2. Believe it or not Hoyer out threw Cam 190 something to 170 something. Yes yes I know, short checkdowns and such. But didn’t the Panthers possess those big WRs and TEs and, particularly, that impossible to cover rookie?

  39. Agree tomD ,the zebra’s had a say in it to. And if the offense managed to put a score on the board ,other than 3 , it would of been a bit different . Thinking about it now , the defense was the only thing that did show up. They didn’t dominate ,but they will grow together ,and get better. They offence still needs help , guard is our weak spot ,and every team we play ,will attack it . Until it’s addressed with a replacement,or better design. Dropped catches are inexcusable. Blown coverages ,missed assignments are inexcusable .that comes down to coaching . But the refs didn’t help , agreed .

      1. Go to the Raiders, Raider Fan. The refs kept the 49er Defense on the field longer, negating a 3 and out, which led to Fosters injury, loser.

        1. I agree, the officiating continues to be a black eye for the NFL. Watching FBS and the NFL, I can honestly say I see no difference in the quality of officiating from college to the pros.

          These NFL Head Referee’s are embarrassing, and it rubs off on their crews:

          Jeff Triplette (1999-present) is laugh out loud bad. Walt coleman (1995-present) is completely washed up. Bill Vinovich (2004-present) is insufferable. Pete Morelli, Jerome Boger, and Terry McAulay (1997, 1998, 2004) are all painful from time to time. Bill Leavy (1995-present) wouldn’t know his as_hole from his elbow. Ron Winter (1995-present) is going senile. Clete Blakeman (2010-present) is inspector clouseau and Hugo Cruz is his sidekick Cato!

  40. 49er since ’78

    Been trying to find confirmation on this and finally tracked it down…..Shanny not only had to deal with offensive line issues when the real bullets were flying, but incompetent refs who ignored a young head coach:

    Joe Fann‏Verified account

    Shanahan heated at the officials. Thought he called timeout before that delay of game.
    3:43 PM – 10 Sep 2017

    1. The O-Line issues undoubtedly affected Shanny’s play calling once he was in the heat of battle in a ‘real game’, so he dialed it back….The press wasn’t in the pits, so should back off his play calling criticisms now that the Niners know they have to make an O-Line adjustment, which I guarantee you will happen before Seattle…..Lets wait until next week, now that the Niners know what they have.

      1. Yah, it’s unfair to judge Shanny harshly this early. It was always going to be a struggle in the early goings. We’ll see if he can make some adjustment. When all you have is sh_t for noodles, sometimes the best you can do is make a sh_t casserole.

        Beadles and Fusco are both bums, and Kilgore is sort of playing down to their level. But when it comes to the struggles running the football, even the tackles have looked average at best, so we’ve got a major problem on the OL, and it could get worse (knock on wood) if they suffer injuries.

  41. Interesting read. I don’t think that these guys are above criticism. There were plenty of mistakes made and I don’t believe they started yesterday. I always wondered if the draft strategy and FA was the best as we needed a true pass rusher (still don’t have one) and the offensive line is still the same one that protected last year which someone bemoans loudly for not protecting his beloved (though oddly he wants him back thinking he’ll do better lol)


      1. GB always plays Seattle tough, they’ll win 10 games at least. Wade Phillips is one of the great DC’s in the history of the game. I figured the Rams would win about 7 games and finish 3rd in the division, but they could be better than that. The Colts were awful but to see a team dominate to that extent was still impressive.

          1. Jack:

            The last couple of seasons the Seahawk offense started slow just like the first game of this season. Wilson is very used to working with a poor OL.

  42. There is some hope with benching Beadles and plugging someone else in his place, and there is the possibility that the O line as a whole learns how to block in Shanahan’s scheme, and Shanahan recognizes the limits of what he’s got on the field. But Shanahan can’t transcend the level of talent he has, and like Bill Walsh did all those many years ago, he’ll have to modify his strategy to get the best out of what he has to work with.

    I won’t write off the D line quite yet. Let’s see how they perform as the season progresses.

    But I wish I had kept my mouth shut when I said 8 or 9 wins.

        1. Look, I like Magnussom and was one who thought he would make the team early. But if you think he is ready for prime time I have poster I would like you to meet,..

  43. Yeah he had his hands full ,refs . We’re not doing there job ,I agree with you. It’s not fair to him ,shanny . But even his dad , Walsh ,holmgren . Reid . Would of lost it on them .shoot you remember ray Rhoades in Philly ,lost it on a ref. Would it of helped , probably not . But the team would of seen it ,for what it was . Refs were a joke agree . But we have got to be better than that . More vocal would help .

    1. 49er since ’78.

      Thanks for the comparison of Shanahan to what other coaches dealt with.

      I agree with you, it’s a rebuild just like the other coaches had to deal with. We’re going to have to give Shanahan a pass this year while he’s still cleaning up the trash Baalke left behind.

  44. Fair grades, but the expectations and hype for this game far exceeded the reality of what our team is at the moment.
    We have a young team learning a system that may take up to 2 years to master. Also, many players on the roster could be looking for jobs elsewhere next year. So the loss yesterday was no big surprise for me.
    What disappointed me most was the lack of fire and interest the team seemed to have. The team can be somewhat excused for not looking in sync, but there is no excuse for poor and disinterested tackling. I was hoping that CJB would come in mid-way through the 4th Qtr only to provide a spark, but that may come sooner than later this season.

    Shanahan seems to have a laid back personality and perhaps this carries over into the locker room. But with so many young players it might be a good idea to take it up a couple of notches when addressing the team.
    I’ll be more interested in seeing how the team looks after 4-5 games.

  45. TomD ,agree they should have made some kind of adjustment . At guard , hope this week . Otherwise our QB is a sitting duck , against Seattle defense . The front part of our schedule is going to be ruff . We have to be able to score somehow . it’s not fun watching our team get beat like that .

  46. This will take time.

    Bill Walsh (Offensive genius) took over a 2-14 Niners team and they went 2-14, 6-10, and 13-3 his first three years. The key to that improvement was getting a great QB then hitting home runs with their DB picks and building a very good offensive line.

    Kyle Shanahan (supposedly Offensive genius) takes over 2-14 Niners team and I predict he will go 4-12, 7-9, and 9-7 in his first three years. The key to this improvement is getting a great QB then hitting home runs with their DB picks and building a very good offensive line.

    Tonight at 9:00-10:30 p.m. the NFL Network is showing A Football Life: Bill Walsh

  47. Offense and coaches will take some time. Hoyer is a nice bridge QB. chill on all that… Offensively we need better line play, cut down on penalties and someone for god’s sake make a play. Goodwin has to catch that pass. At least one of those a game and 2 extra attempts.

    Defense, where to start… ummm, I’ll go with the DL. I’m sick of hearing about Armstead breakout season time… the Niners got caught in the Armstead hype when we needed a started/stud that year, not a project. Soloman Thomas, hype again… this guy is undersized and needs a lot of work on technique to be effective. Hope he gets there but for now, playing with t he big boys he gets handled. Really wish we took one of the safeties. Ward you know was injury prone and Reid is always concussed. Tart we all thought was going to be a stud by now… but, not sure.

    Bottom line team needs time but players need to develop or just move one.

  48. Grant,
    A little off the subject but a question I think is a good one. With Shanahan being hired after super bowl, the 9ners had to rush to sign coaches last minute. What changes could be made with the coaching staff (additions) with a full off season next year. Or even who you think would be a good addition.

  49. Pro Football Focus‏Verified account
    Interior defender PRP leaders from Week 1

    Pass Rush Productivity: A formula that combines sacks, hits and hurries ( with hits and hurries worth 1/3 of a sack) releative to the # of times they rushed the passer:

    Deforest Buckner: 18.8
    Mike Daniels, GB, 17.7
    Eddie Vanderdoes, Oak, 15.0
    Jeremiah Ledbetter, Det, 13.0
    Cameron Heywar, Pit, 12.9

    Jeff Deeney‏ @PFF_Jeff · 37m37 minutes ago

     More

    Jeff Deeney Retweeted Pro Football Focus

    1 QB hit and 4 hurries in 23 pass rush snaps for Buckner who was pretty much most of their pass rush yesterday. #49ers

    9:47 AM – 11 Sep 2017

  50. I do want to make it clear that I certainly haven’t given up on Solomon. He missed all of the offseason stuff prior to training camp. He’s a rookie, and he’s a work in progress.

    My issues stem from where he was drafted, and the steeper hill he’ll need to climb thanks to his lack of relative size as an interior lineman. It appears that offensive linemen are swallowing him up physically thanks to his lack of size and insignificant physical stature on the interior of the line,

    Well see.

    1. I warned people about that! Now you see why I was a bit more grounded in my predictions regarding the outcomes of this new franchise team. Very steep hill to climb right 49?

      I mean Carolina is a mid tier team and they were playing with a rusty WB on the road.

  51. Next week the 49ers have a much tougher test. They play at Seattle without what has turned out to be their best offseason acquisition Rueben Foster. The defense is very different without him on the field. Kittle seems to be the other good acquisition on the offensive side. Still unsure why they gave Juice so much money? Turns out Hyde can get skinny enough.

    Seattle has been very tough for the Niners to beat at home and I expect they will play angry. We do not have a great pass rush so Russell Wilson will likely tear us apart and if he has time and no one can stop him, he and Graham will have a field day against our weak zone.

    Out of the first 5 picks this year only one is contributing in a significant way and he is hurt. Not good. Thankfully our sixth pick turned into a good one.

    Last year’s did just about the same if not better…

      1. Tom, I think the most they can do is replace Beadles with Tomlinson. (I assume they signed Tomlinson for that spot.) If they thought they had a better solution, they’d use it. The other guard, Fusco, is apparently they best they have. They can’t move Kilgore over. It’s a sad state of affairs. It’s clear now that an overhaul of the OL is priority #1, at least it is to me.

  52. Eric Branch‏ @Eric_Branch · 40s40 seconds ago

    Five of the six run plays the #Panthers had when Reuben Foster was in game were away from Foster’s side of the field. #49ers

  53. Ryan Sakamoto‏Verified account


     More

    1st Q @ 13:51
    Down: 3rd & 2
    Play: #49ers DE Solomon Thomas lined up at 4-tech. Got pushed off spot by RG Trai Turner-gave up 7-yard run

    12:16 AM – 11 Sep 2017 from San Jose, CA

  54. Tim Kawakami‏Verified account @timkawakami · 5m5 minutes ago

    Figured I hear this yesterday and today: Should the 49ers have taken McCaffrey instead of Thomas? /I totally understand the Thomas pick, FYI

    Great defensive linemen–if that’s what Thomas will be–have more longevity than all-purpose RBs. That’s why he was the better pick. But…

  55. Our team is a work in progress ,and the refs really stunk up the place . We shouldn’t call them zebra’s ,they should be known as the skunks ,or stinkers. The out fits match either way .

  56. Kevin Lynch with the Twitter typo of the day yesterday when he accidentally called the coach “Shabby”.

    Given the play of the team through preseason and yesterday it was actually a pretty accurate description of the job he’s done so far.

      1. Any thoughts on previous post on who could be added or removed from staff next season. Couldn’t hire coaching staff until last minute, any thoughts?

          1. Or get more in tune with the entire game.
            Watching him on the sideline, when the offense is off the field and the defense on, he stands so far away from the play.
            It seems like he is getting ready for the next offensive series instead of watching the game.
            He seems to be a guy who won’t give up play calling but they need more structure and that’s up to him.

            1. Prime,

              He looks like a guy who’s been a coordinator his whole life and never been in charge of a team.

              This team is incredibly undisciplined, the penalties are the easiest thing for us fans and the reporters to point to. Then you’ve got guys missing assignments on D, backs/receivers not following the right tracks on O.

              As a commenter above stated, the only difference between Shabby, Tomsula, and Kelly is perception. Yesterday’s performance was the worst by the 49ers in a season opener since the days of Singletary. Ouch.

          2. Shanahan might want to consider hiring an offensive coordinator.

            Or everybody can accept the fact that it’s just one game for a team that is in a rebuilding phase. Or is that way too difficult a task to accomplish?

            1. Forget it Mid. This is going to be Grant’s MO all season now that he has to try and save face for his erroneous take on the team.

              1. The Niners still can win nine games if they clean up the self-inflicted errors. I’m not changing my opinion just because they were unprepared for the season opener.

      1. “And an ignorant thing for fans to latch on to.”

        What’s ignorant? Stating that the product on the field hasn’t improved? Shanahan doesn’t deserve a break at all, and the only reason some give home one is due to his name. With the exception of a couple possessions in Minnesota this offense has stunk.

  57. It’s clear that the first game showed that all the optimism for success early on was overdone. But more than anything else, I think it showed that if your oline isn’t stout, you’ll never overcome a good front seven, in other words the better defenses, without a good, nimble pocket QB capable of making plays. We clearly have neither. But even if we did have such a QB, his career probably wouldn’t last very long without that stout line. Possible exception: Russell Wilson.

    1. Who also struggled yesterday without good protection and a running game.
      Time is the enemy of the 49ers until everyone gets onboard.
      We might be preaching this same message

  58. It is one game and people are acting like their on the Titanic and she just struck an iceberg. Relax, it’s a long season.
    Panther’s defense is very good and the Niner’s O line is very bad; which is not a good combination. Next week will be more of the same.
    The Defensive line needs to put more pressure on the passer. They should be able to do so against Seattle. However; there is almost no chance they can beat the Seahawks. All I hope for next week is less mistakes and some improvement in performance on all levels.

    I had no problem with KS going for the TD on 4th down, because a field goal would have done nothing. Going for it at mid field was a statement from KS; we are going to be aggressive, I expect the Offense to perform and I have confidence in the Defense to bail us out if the offense fails. And let’s be real; this team is not good enough yet to win on talent alone.

    1. Well,

      Moving the same O-Linemen to different positions–Kilgore to a guard spot is equivalent to rearranging the deck chairs on board the Titanic.

      Mangagement needs to send a message and sit one of them next week, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see Magnuson at center, Kilgore at right or left guard and Laken Tomlinson at right or left guard.

      1. Tomlinson’s strong suit is left guard, so Kilgore would go to the right side guard position.

        In his alignment, Shanny could still employ his stretch zone running game as Kilgore is still athletic enough to pull.

        1. *They could use Magnuson on double teams–he’s a strong run blocker alone and apparently a solid pass blocker.
          Magnuson NFL Profile, NFL.com:

          STRENGTHS Has starting experience at both guard and tackle. Solid athlete with loose hips and good lateral movement. Average feet but a clean, smooth kick slide. Understands his angles as a zone blocker and will give ground to gain ground on his cut-blocks. Patient on reach blocks and waits until feet are in position before locking up. Can adjust in space to connect with moving targets. Dependable in space. Decent block engagement. Operates with capable mirroring ability in pass protection. Has the balance and footwork necessary to redirect his weight back inside against stunts and counter moves.

          1st team All Big Ten Offensive Team Award

  59. Tom:
    I’m not so sure changing a starter on the O Line is equivalent to changing the deck chairs. I think of it as adjusting the ships course by a degree or two is see if that helps right the ship and avoid the iceberg.
    How’s that for taking a metaphor and running it aground? :)

    1. U could be correct. But my alignment replacements definitely would cause confusion with Magnuson at center vs. Seattle’s 12th man…..However, if Shanny continues to stick with his outside zone run scheme, Kilgore has to play right guard—he’s the only one athletic enough to pull, although Grant had an interesting take on Tomlinson’s ability to do the same at left guard……These leaves Tomlinson at center (who can’t pull).

  60. 2017 NFL Draft prospect profile: Erik Magnuson, RT/G, Michigan

    Height – 6-foot-5

    Weight – 310 pounds

    40 Time – 5.17s (projected)

    Powerful run blocker. Sustains blocks and consistently creates movement at the point of attack
    Balanced in pass protection, sits back into his stance and anchors well
    Gets out into space well
    Looks for work in the open field
    Plays with a nasty streak and finishes blocks
    Versatile. Started games at both guard spots and right tackle for Michigan


    1. In short,

      My starters in Seattle–left to right–are the toughest, nastiest O-Lineman the 49ers have. I’m almost afraid on the field vs. Seattle’s front seven would start more melees than Brazillian fans after an unfair would cup call.
      Seattles not used to the Niners standing up to them……Here’s my starting 5 vs. the Hawks:

      LT—Joe Staley
      LG–Laken Tomlinson
      C—-Erik Magnuson
      RT—Trent Brown

  61. We need some confidence,offense has no swagger,that’s why Shanny went for it on 4th I think.should have ran the ball more early it was working, tried big play action plays to early after the Goodwin miss. Should of went back to the run.(and Grant it was not a perfect pass Goodwin had to slow down and turn his body to the left,he still should have caught it but it wasn’t out in front of him away from defender.)
    I thought the d played well they were on the field all game,to only give up what they did was impressive.Every point the Panthers scored was on a short field,except one td.
    Online worries me the most,should have brought Boone back would have been a huge upgrade over beadles.

    1. OK, a “nearly perfect” pass. I call it a pearl as soon as Goodwin slowed up a step, the ball fell right into the like a gift from heaven, right in the sweet spot for an easy, breadbasket catch with the defender getting a touch. That’s simply has to be a catch. Goodwin blew it, he barely even had to slow up but he didn’t make a play. Regardless, Goodwin was in perfect position when the ball arrived. That’s as close to perfect a QB needs to be. Goodwin simply whiffed for some reason. If he has a good game in the next couple weeks, that drop will be old news. But man, the difference between catching that ball for a quick strike TD, instead of a FG, is huge…… like yuge!

  62. Below is a list of the snap count for the defensive players (courtesy of Niners Nation):

    Dontae Johnson 67
    Jaquiski Tartt 67
    Eric Reid 67
    Rashard Robinson 67
    NaVorro Bowman 66
    DeForest Buckner 53
    Arik Armstead 51
    Ray-Ray Armstrong 45
    Solomon Thomas 43
    Earl Mitchell 38
    Tank Carradine 31
    Eli Harold 30
    K’Waun Williams 29
    Elvis Dumervil 16
    Dekoda Watson 15
    Don Jones 15
    Xavier Cooper 14
    Lorenzo Jerome 12
    Reuben Foster 11

    The SAM linebackers, Harold and Watson, played 30 and 15 snaps, respectively. Bowman played 66 snaps and Ray-Ray/Reuben a total of 56 snaps. Did someone else play SAM linebacker yesterday? Or were they perhaps swapping out the SAM linebacker with the NCB, Williams, during obvious passing plays? Or maybe one of the other DL (Tank, Armstrong or Dumervil) might have played some snaps at the SAM?

  63. I agree with your grades Grant and I also agree with your assessment that it was more about the mistakes than talent. The difference between winning and losing in the NFL is thinner than Seb’s hairline. You just can’t make that many mistakes and even compete, let alone win, even against a slightly better than average Panthers team. Even with all of those mistakes, physical and mental, by both players and coaches, they were still in the ball game until late third quarter. This is the FIRST YEAR of a massive rebuild. What do you fellow bloggers want beside the team playing mistake free football? Do you think they should have rolled out 53 Hall of Famers on opening day? Does any team do that? Should all the rookies play like ten year veterans? Like winning and losing, the difference between the talent levels in the entire NFL team by team is thinner than Seb’s financial portfolio. The 53 players that made the Niner’s roster are PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL PLAYERS. Most have been playing football since they were smaller than the helmet they wore as pee wees. Not prepared. Boloney. They didn’t execute what they were coached. Don’t blame that on the coaches. That’s laughable. Any true athlete would agree. These guys have all practiced the plays, over and over again, and once your on that field, it’s up to you as an athlete, let alone professional athlete, to execute the plays correctly, including being in the right place at the right time, knowing the snap count, and most importantly making the plays when given the opportunity. What you can blame on the coaches is coaching technique, the scheme, the plays called, time management, and personnel matters. I’ve never heard one player in my lifetime of being an athlete, a 25 year coach and a fan blame their mistakes on the coach. Believe me, there’s plenty of blame to hand to the coaches yesterday. Personally, I thought the coaches gave up on the run to soon, and the fourth and three call was as dumb a call that I have seen in quite a while. The time management was beyond incompetent. Lot’s of issues with the coaches. I agree that KS needs an OC. Again, first year of a rebuild. Growing pains. Relax, take a deep breath and don’t crucify the entire team and coaching staff for losing the first game of the season in what we can all agree on is a REBUILD YEAR! The first of a few I might ad. Patience! No one is more disappointed with yesterday than me, believe me. I really expected the players to come out and execute much, much better, and expected KS and his staff to make better decisions. They didn’t. They lost. Let’s hope they learn from it, correct the mistakes and compete. They have enough talent to compete and win. And frankly, lets talk about the players who are actually on the roster, not former players, or players we should have drafted. Quit talking about how another QB (Seb) MAYBE would have done much better. It’s just asinine. You don’t have a clue as to what a player who is in his pajamas on his couch at home watching the game like you would have done if he was out there. Ridiculous.

  64. Furthermore, anybody that honesty thinks that ANYONE of any prominence in the Niner organizantion, or any other organization, player, coach, front office, gardener, you name it actually reads or better yet takes advise from people on this blog or any other site are INSANE and seriously need to get help, NOW!! Come on!! Get a grasp on reality. Jeesh, the ego’s!!

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