49ers 31, Vikings 32: Grades

Quarterback Brian Hoyer throws a pass to fullback Kyle Juszczyk.

Here are the grades for the 49ers’ 32-31 preseason loss to the Vikings.

QUARTERBACKS: B-plus. Brian Hoyer played very well against a defense that ranked third out of 32 teams last season. He threw a perfect 46-yard touchdown pass down the middle of the field to a wide open Marquise Goodwin, and threw another perfect touchdown pass over the middle to Carlos Hyde. The throw to Hyde was even more impressive, because Hoyer threw to ball into traffic. He had to move a linebacker with eyes by looking left before throwing back to the right. When he left the game at halftime, his quarterback rating was 143.3. Outstanding. But he missed an opportunity for another long completion to Marquise Goodwin down the sideline. Goodwin beat the cornerback by a step or two – he would have scored a touchdown if Hoyer had thrown the ball out in front of Goodwin and hit him in stride. But Hoyer underthrew the pass, which forced Goodwin to break stride and slow down. Hoyer can’t afford to come up short when the opportunity for a big play presents itself. The Niners aren’t talented enough to overcome those mistakes. Still, he played well overall, and established himself as by far the best quarterback on the team. Backup quarterback C.J. Beathard sailed four or five passes over the heads of receivers. His best throws were screen passes. He is not ready to be a starting quarterback.

RUNNING BACKS: B. Carlos Hyde excelled as a receiver – he caught three passes for 45 yards and a touchdown. But he continued to struggle as a runner. He came into the game averaging 2.6 yards per carry, and tonight he averaged 2.7 yards per carry. He consistently is a step late hitting the hole. When he does hit it, he doesn’t make himself skinny enough, so defenders quickly knock him off balance. He’s an easy target. He hasn’t had one long run during the preseason. He may end up splitting carries if he doesn’t improve soon, because his backup, undrafted rookie Matt Breida, played well tonight. He averaged 4.1 yards per carry. Third-string running back Raheem Mostert played even better. Mostert averaged 6.5 yards per carry and gained 130 all-purpose yards, including an 87-yard touchdown catch-and-run during a screen play. A lot of teams would love to have Mostert right now – the Chiefs come to mind. They just lost their starter for the year. Mostert has played himself onto the 49ers roster. With him, Hyde and Breida looking like locks to make the team, you have to wonder if Joe Williams and Tim Hightower will get cut. Hightower almost certainly will get cut – he didn’t play at all in this game and he’s old. If the Niners cut him, I doubt any other team would sign him. Williams might get cut as well. If he does make the team, he would be the fourth running back, and he wouldn’t suit up for games because he’s non-factor on special teams. For the Niners to keep a fourth running back, he would have to play special teams. Williams could end up on the practice squad.

WIDE RECEIVERS: B-plus. Pierre Garcon was excellent – he caught six passes for 64 yards in the first half. He’s a quality player. Marquise Goodwin may be a quality player as well – he made the nice touchdown catch I described above. But he dropped that underthrown deep pass later in the first half – the ball hit him in the hands. Goodwin should have caught that pass. We’ll see how consistent he’ll be during the regular season. He still has a lot to prove. The last receiver I’ll mention is rookie Trent Taylor. He made a tough catch over the middle of the field as he took a hard shot to his back. He seems to have a bright future.

TIGHT ENDS: C-plus. None of the tight ends caught a pass. Rookie George Kittle should have caught a long pass – he was wide open after running a corner route – but Beathard overthrew him. Kittle also made the key block during Mostert’s 87-yard touchdown. Garrett Celek played with the starters and made a nice block during Hyde’s longest run of the game. Celek probably will make the team. Logan Paulsen could be the odd man out if the Niners keep only three tight ends. He played late in the fourth quarter with the third-stringers, which doesn’t bode well for his future. Vance McDonald started for the third preseason game in a row.

OFFENSIVE LINE: B. The starting offensive line was solid in pass protection – it allowed only one sack. It wasn’t great at run blocking, but it wasn’t bad either. It didn’t allow Vikings defenders to fly into the backfield. Trent Brown was especially good – both in the run game and pass game. He may be an elite offensive tackle. Joe Staley, the other offensive tackle and the best player on the team – left the game early with a knee injury, which didn’t seem serious. We’ll find out more on Monday.

DEFENSIVE LINE: A-minus. The starting defensive line was excellent. DeForest Buckner, Arik Armstead and Elvis Dumervil each recorded one sack during the first two series of the game. Armstead in particular was an absolute force. When he recorded his sack, he beat two blockers. Collectively, this group held the Vikings top two running backs – Dalvin Cook and Latavius Murray – to 23 yards on seven carries. The only player on the D-line who didn’t do much was the rookie – Solomon Thomas. Armstead played ahead of him in the Nickel defense.

LINEBACKERS: A-minus. Reuben Foster may already be the defense’s best player. He recorded eight tackles in just the first half. He looked like Patrick Willis. Foster will be a pro bowler if his shoulder doesn’t fall off and he doesn’t get in trouble like Aldon Smith did. The other inside linebacker, NaVorro Bowman, was solid. He recorded four tackles. But he got juked by Latavius Murray after Murray caught a short pass over the middle. That was troubling. And Bowman didn’t play on third down or during the two-minute-drill defense – he went to the bench and Jaquiski Tartt played linebacker. It seems the Niners will use Bowman only on first down and second down during the regular season. Smart.

DEFENSIVE BACKS: D. Eric Reid made a nice hit to stop the Vikings on third down. Other than Reid, this unit was brutal. The Niners defensive backs couldn’t cover anyone. Sam Bradford completed 79 percent of his passes – that’s a joke. It seemed the defensive backs were playing zone coverage a lot of the time and leaving wide receivers wide open. That zone coverage stuff isn’t going to work – offenses will tear it shreds. The Niners have to play more man-to-man coverage. Give the young corners a chance to show they can cover man to man. Rashard Robinson made a nice play in man coverage when he broke up a deep pass down the sideline. He played well. Rookie cornerback Ahkello Witherspoon did not. He was bad. He couldn’t cover or tackle.

SPECIAL TEAMS: D. This group gave up a 108-yard kickoff return for a touchdown in the second half. On the positive side, backup kicker Nick Rose made a 55-yard field goal. I’m not starter Robbie Gould could have made that kick.

COACHES: A-minus. Kyle Shanahan was magnificent. He figured out a way to eliminate the penalties – the starters committed only two. And he created a terrific game plan. He got the ball into the hands of five different players during the first two drives – something Bill Walsh always used to do. The deep touchdown play-action pass with the fake reverse to Garcon was just beautiful. And the short throw to fullback Kyle Juszczyk where Shanahan moved the pocket and made Hoyer roll to his left – that was a great way to keep the defensive line off balance. Scheme will not be an issue for the 49ers offense this season. But, scheme could be an issue for the defense, or at least the pass defense. As I mentioned above, that soft zone coverage won’t cut it. Defensive coordinator Robert Saleh has to try something else.

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  1. I agree with everything you said Grant and yes that secondary scares the hell out of me could you imagine what an Aaron Rodgers or a Tom Brady would do to them. Your right it’s man to man or bust

  2. The DB had his arm across Goodwin’s arm on that deep sideline ball. That one is on Hoyer. I don’t think he has the arm strength to hit the deep ball on the outside to Goodwin unless he gets the ball out sooner. Goodwin is too fast.

    1. The DB had his arm across Goodwin’s arm because Goodwin tried to catch it over his shoulder. He should have stopped, jumped and caught the ball at the highest point. I’ve seen him do that in practice.

  3. That’s how long it takes the ball to leave his hand once he starts his throwing motion. Not what I was referring to.

  4. D-Line: What is Thomas’ role if Armstead is ahead of him in Nickel and Tank is damn near elite at Big End?

    DBs: Bradford is known for his high completion % due to easy passes. Despite Bradford’s success, he was shut out. But the secondary is still a huge concern.

    1. I pointed out last week that Thomas was buried and Tank shone through. I keep seeing Solomon having trouble with real NFL linemen. I pointed this out prior to the draft that it might be a problem for a player of this type.

      Glad to see Foster doing well. Hope it continues.

      Armstead needs help along the line in order to shine, I think.

      Witherspoon is still very raw, he will get better. The DB scheme doesn’t fit though. Wonder why S. is calling this type of system. Is it the personnel or something else?

      I thought perhaps Kerley, Hightower, Bibbs, Paulson may be on the chopping block after Brooks got cut/traded because they were less than stellar or one dimensional (Blair and possibly Dial too but he is more versatile).

      Carradine and Lynch are making this team guys!

      Williams is too, don’t think they give up on him so quickly. Sorry your draft crush fizzled Grant but he will be around.

      Just remember that a lot of players you see featured today will be gone in two weeks.

      This team is still in preseason form.

      1. “I keep seeing Solomon having trouble with real NFL linemen. I pointed this out prior to the draft that it might be a problem for a player of this type.”

        Yup, I remember your pre draft comments. He had the big bowl game, but some people (us and a few others) were worried that he wasn’t long enough to play End and wasn’t strong enough to play 3T.

        Then he had a strong Combine so most people thought he was strong enough. But, as it stands now, he doesn’t have a position. Nickel End? Maybe, it’s certainly an option (still might not be long enough). But I would prefer Lynch and Dumervil on the edges.

        I really hope I’m wrong about Thomas.

        1. I saw Thomas as a ‘tweener and didn’t want him. I really wanted Jamal Adams or Reuben Foster. We got Foster, so I hope his shoulder holds up. Reid is a good fit for SS in this scheme, but I worry that he is too fragile. Let’s hope that things will click for Thomas at some point.

        2. Long enough? Long enough? Did you let Baalke get into your head? Or is because you’re heard this cliche from announcers and draftniks for so long you actually think it’s true?

          Chris Long, the outstanding DE for the RAms was 6′ 3″ and an outstanding player until age and balky knees diminished him. Same with Dwight Freeney (6′ 1″). But it’s not like there aren’t plenty more where they came from (height wise). Cliff Avril 6′ 3″ Cameron Wake is 6′ 3″. Khalil Mack is 6′ 3″ Frank Clark is 6′ 3.” All those guys play well and get at the passer. And the list goes on and on and on and on…

          Nelson Adams
          Mario Addison
          Tyson Alualu
          Robert Ayers

          In fact there are 6 defensive ends in the NFL whose last name begins with A. FIVE of the six are 6′ 3″. Some are good. One is very, very good. And you can keep going. And you’ll find more and more and more ranging from great to camp fodder.


          6′ 3″ is an extremely, despite the cliches, common height for DEs. And there are plenty of 6′ 2″ (and shorter) ones to go with them. There is, literally, nothing ‘tweener’ or ‘too short’ about him. Despite what Baalke though or the cottage industry of idiots reinforcing everyone must be 6′ 4″ or taller to play on the defensive line in the NFL…

          He’ll make it because he can play in the NFL or he won’t because he can’t. But it won’t be because he’s 6′ 3″.

          1. No it was his quick ascent that made me wary. His lack of meaningful experience and few impactful games only made me more reserved.

          2. “Long enough” I bet I could make a list of QBs that are under 6’2″. There are always exceptions to the rule.

            All we heard was that Thomas would start at Big End and kick inside. People like you said it was a lock. Oops, my bad, everybody said he would be LEO first.

            People also loved his motor, despite the fact that he has some of the worst tape I’ve seen when it comes to effort.

            So, keep on basing your scouting reports on one bowl game. Some of us actually saw a guy that didn’t finish plays, couldn’t quite get there from the edge, and took plays off. Let me know when the Invisible Man shows up.

            1. PHX Cardinals 1st Rounder Nkemdiche looked awful Yr 1 and was ‘redshirted’. Critics said he’d be a bust. Give Solomon some time before you pass judgement…

              1. AZ,

                He was the third overall pick of the draft. He will be praised or criticized every week regardless of his team and position.

                I not passing a final judgement of Solomon. I said as much last week, even citing him missing time as an excuse. We may know if Thomas is a stud or bust in 10 weeks or it could take 10 years. But as of right now, he has shown little.

          3. It’s less about overall length for me, and more about body type/ athleticism. Thomas is not quite big enough to handle 310 lbs OL on the interior, and not quite a quick twitch, hyper athletic edge rusher.

            He’s talented enough to find a role though. It’s simply a question of whether he has the tools to live up to top 5 draft status that has me pessimistic. He’s a tweener, that’s just a fact. I felt he made more sense as a 2nd-3rd round talent. I pointed out more than once how silly the Aaron Donald comparisons were because Donald is shorter and significantly heavier, so it wasn’t an honest comparison. Donald is just as swift footed as Thomas, but he’s able to leverage his strength better than Thomas.

            1. I’m not saying Thomas doesn’t have a bright future though. I’m just saying it was a luxury pick. Why take him, with the questions about his tweener size/athleticism, when the team had bigger needs like CB, Safety,, long term QB, etc? If they didn’t get lucky with Foster’s drop, I think we would all be a little disappointed with the draft.

              1. Oh, and I’d like to give a shout out to the Seattle Seahawks for making it possible to draft the heat seeking missile that is Reuben Foster. This kid has been special since the day he stepped on the football field. And by the way, for all of those people who worried about his shoulder, Reuben was leading with that shoulder and punishing people with it last night. If he keeps himself clean off the field, he’s going to rival Patrick Willis for the coveted greatest-ILB-in the-history-of-the-49ers award, and dare I say, he might even surpass him? He’s that good.

                Grant, are you still of the opinion that Cunningham would have been a better pick? Is Cunningham the difference maker Foster clearly is?


        3. Adams and Foster would have been quite a haul in this draft. Not sure a Seattle-type defense plays to Solomon’s strengths.

        4. I agree with what grant as mentioned before. We should have taken Hooker. They said he looks like the next Ed Reed. We had linemen already!

        1. Oh I know but he was way over hyped on this board and nationally even though he had not had that much game tape to merit the hype.

        2. Thomas is finding out (what he probably knew) the brute force that worked in college won’t work in NFL. However, every D lineman realizes that and the successful ones develop and use proper technique. Despite the vociferous negativity of Thomas’ naysayers, I have no reason to believe Thomas won’t successfully adjust to NFL. I watched him improve substantially in both years in college as the seasons progressed.

          1. Mood: Didn’t he spend quite a bit of time working with several NFL “emeritus” type defensive ends this summer? Based on that, I would have expected that he would know that brute force wasn’t going to cut it and that he would need to use “moves”, which I assumed he was learning. Still as Rocket says it’s only 3 preseason games. But based on who he worked with this summer, I guess I’m a bit a surprised. OTOH he hasn’t been awful just not noticeable (which last year probably would have been a major positive).

            Also, this concern over Thomas is heightened because Foster has been so noticeable and to us fans looks good on TV.

  5. Last year D couldn’t stop the run. Now there is a nice DL coming together + Reuben Foster. So now this year its gonna be shred by pass. Bowman may only play 2 downs, but when serious game planning kicks in, he will be isolated early and his weaknesses brought forward with a spotlight. With weak DB’s around him, look for throws against 9ers in early downs to trend high. Until Saleh shows teams this won’t work.

  6. Witherspoon has been real disappointing to say the very least. Only thing keeping him on the 53 man is that he was a
    mid round draft pick. Reaser is even worse, another Balkee ACL bust. Hightower looks like he won’t make the 53 with the fine play of Mostert throughout the preseason. Joe Williams should make the cut as a 4th round pick. Look for a trade, possibly Kirley to NE for secondary help or ? Good job Grant on the periscopes lately, very informative. Keep them coming as you do them very well.

    1. “Williams could end up on the practice squad.”

      With the Niners remaining lack of talent and depth, a 4th rounder going to PS would be simply embarrassing.

      1. Yah, I don’t see that happening. Seems to me that the 49ers know Williams is the #3 RB, the question was whether Mostert could win a job over Bibbs and Hightower. I think Williams is locked in as the #3, behind Hyde and Brieda, so no reason for him to get much work right now. He’s not starting, and in fact he may not even suit up early in the season. Mostert has stood out , but I think he ‘s battling for the 4th HB spot. And I think he should win it based on his value as a runner, returner, and gunner.

        1. Williams will be insurance in case Hyde gets hurt, or struggles, and will get a chance to start next season, if they don’t resign Hyde. Breida is the top change of pace back, and Mostert is the all purpose back, special teams ace, so they won’t need to suit Williams up unless they suffer injuries, knock on wood.

    2. Don’t be too hyped up or put down about any players based on Grant’s game reviews. If a coach calls a decent game, he’s “magnificent” — the best thing since sliced bread. If a rookie screws up on coverage, it’s off-with-his-head. By Grant’s early verdicts, Niners would have traded Hyde and McDonald, and cut Bow — or was is the other way?

      That said, I greatly value Grant’s objective observations of what actually happened on the field. I just tune out his opinions. I hope Grant does all-22 analysis of the regular season games and I look forward to reading his observations.

      1. Well said. I enjoy reading Grant’s takes, but he’s easily influenced and changes his mind constantly. He hasn’t been a student of the game for very long so we got to cut him some slack.

        1. Yeah, it must be me. I take a long, long time and amount of data to form an opinion and a comparable time and amount of opinion to change that opinion :)

          1. You and me both. I like a large body of work to analyze and comment on before drawing a conclusion, but in this age of Social Media, the instant analysis is what most rely on.

  7. Very poor so-called zone coverage. A really good QB will light it up versus this crew. Run blocking ok, backs slow to hole. Pass rush featured several out of control blitzers easily evaded and giving up big plays as a result.

  8. Its gonna be a year with highs…and lows however now the niners have some pieces to work with. Like that Mosert…might like him better than Hyde. I would trade Hyde in a second for a Corner or Guard if posdible.

    1. The 49ers don’t run it well but zone coverage is a hallmark of the Seattle defense. They have specifically run a cover 3 more than any other defense.
      Fangio also ran a ton of zone coverage.

      The truth is the niners don’t have the talent on the back end. There isn’t a single player I would say is good, are best players only being average back there.

  9. I read somewhere that we used the #3 pick in the draft on a stud defensive lineman. Anyone know anything about this? I keep checking for someone that looks like that in the game but haven’t seen him yet. Stat sheet doesn’t help either. I’m really confused.

    1. They did, but a certain 2nd round pick (cough- Carradine) has taken his game to a whole new level. Tank does in fact look darn near elite as a 6tech, thanks to his overall athleticism, super human strength, and improvement setting the edge against the run.

    1. I think the greatest argument against doing it. Is that the most important position on this defense is the FS,
      Case in point, before Earl Thomas was injured qb’s were completing about 14.7% of their passes down the deep middle (The weakpoint of the single high look)… after he was injured opponents were completing about 71.4% of their passes in this area. No team can afford to give up a completion percentage that high down the deep middle.
      The other reason is if this is a long term project, then you have to take that view and say this is where we think he will play best for us in the future. Winning one more game this year means if it ultimately causes the team to lose a bigger game down the road when they plan on being contenders.

  10. The first thing that I thought of in the off season was how the 49ers might have a great D-line and front 7 but get killed by their DB play. I questioned moving Ward to FS without having a replacement at CB. Once Brock was released, the situation became especially dire. The 49ers will probably be in the top 10 against the run this year but dead last against the pass. The only good thing is that they will have a decent offense that can hold onto the ball. An offense that will huddle.

    Kelly was a fool. With all of the injuries the 49ers had last year on defense, he kept running a no huddle offense that couldn’t even stay on the field. Four and out, bring out the winded defense! This team had more talent than a 2 win team last year even with the injuries. Kelly and his DC made zero adjustments last year. Grant is right in saying that they were awful. That’s probably being kind!

  11. Grant you were 100 percent correct that the 49ers should have drafted a CB 3rd.
    Had they done that, scored the draft picks, gotten foster then they could have gotten a solid guard with that 3rd round pick. They would be in much better shape. Witherspoon is meh.
    Solomon will make some plays but I think he was not the wisest pick at 3.
    Time will tell.
    Your game analysis was spot on….one question-do you agree with them playing Joe Williams so little since KC and that he should not be in the mix more? I know you said he might be cut but you had a lot of very positive analysis of him during practice and I’ve been a little bummed he hasn’t been used more earlier in games.

    1. Until Williams shows he can pass block, pass receive, and NOT FUMBLE THE D^@# BALL when running it, he’s not going to see much time on the field.

      Unfortunately, OL was probably the weakest position in the last draft — indeed the weakest it’s been in years — and the Niners would have been hard-pressed to find a quality center or lineman at any of their draft spots without heavy overreaching.

  12. My 53

    QB 2

    HB 4

    FB 1

    WR 6

    TE 3

    OL 9

    DL 10
    C Jones
    D Jones

    LB 6

    CB 5

    S 4

    K 1

    P 1

    LS 1

    1. Not that there was ever much hope, but if/when Hoyer gets injured, the season is simply over. The game is still too fast and complex for Beathard, and Barkley is not credible as a backup. Long-term, not the end of the world, assuming Cousins is reunited with Shanahan next year, but will be painful in the short term.

      1. Don’t get this. Beathard had two pretty good games against KC & DEN. Now he has one game where he throws several errant passes, and now the game is “too fast and complex for Beathard”?? I don’t get this gross overreaction to one game.

        1. Typical sports blog posting. There is only so much one can say about a FB team in preseason. Got to come up with instant half baked ‘sky is falling’ analysis in order to post! Brothers dies well next PS Game and we’ll see posts he should start by end of season?

    2. If the Niners carry 6 WRs, Bolden (speed/ST) makes it over Bourne (larger, slower, less versatile). And unlikely they keep 10 DL. C. Jones or Dial loses the game of musical chairs (and a bit surprised the latter hasn’t been dealt yet).

    3. 80, nice 53. My only differences would be Bolden instead of Bourne because of Kick offs. Celek over Paulsen because he is a better pass catcher with equal blocking skills. Blair over Chris Jones because Jones has a high motor, but Blair can get to the QB.
      I, too, had Rose as the kicker, because he has a longer range, and both are not deadly accurate.

    4. Thanks for the feedback guys. You all could be right about Bolden over Bourne. This was one of my tougher calls. I strongly considered going with 5 WRs because I don’t think Bourne or Bolden have done enough to guarantee a spot on the roster. In the end I favored Bourne because of his size and his involvement in the passing game against KC.

      Dial would be the first to go for me. I took 10 DL because of Saleh’s rotation philosophy.

      I think Shanny still wants Paulsen, but Celek has made a case for himself.

      I like Chris Jones slightly better than Blair. It could go either way.


      Good call on Rose. It took last night’s FG for me to get on board. I guess you could tell how good a rose would look before it fully blossomed. Not surprising considering your occupation.

    5. It’s a good list #80, but I’d go with:

      5 safeties (maybe even 6), meaning Either Jones or Colbert make the squad (or both because they are both core special teamers). I’d say C. Jones is probably on the outside looking in. 8 OL’s, making either Theus or Gilliam out because they won’t carry 4 OT’s (2 C’s, 3 OT’s, 3 OG’s). 5 WR’s, stashing either Boldin or Bourne (or both) on the PS. Gould is proven, so he probably gets the nod at PK.

      1. You could be right. I went with 4 T’s because of Staley’s age and I was spooked by last night’s injury. My 53 is light on DBs, so I can see Colbert making the team since he can play S, CB, and ST.

  13. Geeze Guys,
    Hold off on bashing Solomon Thomas.
    I was one of the people who questioned the logic behind his selection as I felt he made Armstead redundant.
    However, it is way to early to make a judgement on that selection. Thomas is extremely young and is behind on the learning curve due to the rules which caused him to miss mini camp.
    As a rookie, I only expect him to play on passing downs and as an interior rusher a good/great year would be 6-8 sacks. It has to be understood that no interior lineman got double digit sacks last year, even Aaron Donald only had 8 sacks and Michael Bennet got 5 sacks and I’m sure we fans would all love to have them.

  14. The defense shut the Vikings out in the first half and had held Bradford to 77 yards before the final drive of the first half which they played in a prevent and gave some easy catches. The secondary was very good as was the entire defense in the first half.

    The problem with the run game is the blocking. None of the RB’s are able to get consistent gains. The OL are giving up penetration and not holding blocks on the backside. Hyde got what was there and was a big factor in the passing game. Williams is not going to get cut but the forever changing views on players from one week to the next around here never ceases to amuse. I’ve suggested Hightower would be cut for weeks now but there was an article written by somebody – rhymes with rant – and agreed upon by many others that Hightower was going to make Hyde expendable and take snaps away. Now he’s on the forum cutting block. No loyalty in here for the offseason darlings.

    Hoyer played very well the first two drives but was inaccurate at times on the following 3 drives. Still a much better showing than the previous 2 games and against a good defense.

    Nice to see Buckner and Lynch back and pressuring the QB. Both make a huge difference when they’re in there. Armstead sighting was great. Now he has to show up and play like that when it matters.

    Good game from Trent Taylor. Great hands and can take a hit too.

    Fewer penalties as they get more live reps in the system. They are starting to play instead of over thinking now.

    Really good showing against a pretty good team and beat their starters on both sides of the ball. Definitely something positive to build on.

    1. ” rhymes with rant..”
      Now, who could that be” ;-)

      > The problem with the run game is the blocking.
      I watched a few drives in slo-mo and I am inclined to agree with you. The blockers are not getting to their defensive player on time to create the hole. Hyde is not one of those backs (e.g., Gore) who can seamlessly slip thru the hole by momentarily reducing their collision cross-section. Joe Williams may be that guy, but he’s not there yet, The blocking has to be much better if the running game has to take off.

      > Hoyer played very well the first two drives but was inaccurate at times on the following 3 drives.
      I noticed that too. The knock against Hoyer is that he gets worse as the game (and the season) goes on.

      1. Mood,

        Good observation. It takes time to implement a new system and one like this even longer because it is complex in the amount of motion, blocking movement and play action. We have to be patient and let it develop because it’s going to take awhile. Atlanta’s running game struggled in Shanny’s first year there too. 18th in overall yards and averaged 3.8 a carry. Great execution in this type of scheme doesn’t happen quickly.

        1. Yes, I completely agree that such precise offense takes a little time to work as a well-oiled machine. However, the efficiency and aggressiveness with which the Shanalynch team has gone about re-engineering the composition team makes me optimistic that the offense will jell sooner than later.

      2. The OL didn’t allow penetration last night. Vance McDonald did on one play to the left, but otherwise the run blocking was fine. Hyde has to make himself skinny, knife his shoulder sideways and slither through the hole or else he won’t succeed in this scheme.

        1. I disagree. There were multiple times – not just when Hyde was in there – that tacklers penetrated and forced the RB’s out wider than intended. One time Hyde was hit right after taking the handoff due to a blitz that wasn’t picked up. I get your point on fitting through a hole, but there aren’t many there and Hyde made good gains on some of his opportunities.

          As I mentioned above, it takes time for all parties involved to develop a cohesiveness in this type of blocking system. Atlanta struggled the first year they transitioned but once they got it, it became a strength. Same thing will happen in SF eventually.

        2. Grant,
          The OL did show a few leaks but not many. I did not see a whole lot of the simultaneous/synchronized blocking that moves D- linemen off LoS that creates those nice holes for cutback in ZBS. I also didn’t see much effective blocking on the second level. But Staley was one ice pretty quickly and Theus is just getting is bearings. I think run blocking will continue to improve steadily and that 9-7 record you predict is 25-30% likely!

          1. I thought, for the most part, the tackle and tight end at the point of attack on the outside zone runs blocked well. There was one empty set shotgun play when Trent Brown got knocked backward a yard or two.

            1. I tend to agree with rocket. Backside defensive pursuit is still an issue. The OL is getting there, but still a half second too slow to develop.

              And ZERO chance Joe Williams gets cut. He’s #3, but sort of #4 because of Mostert’s Special Teams ability.

              1. Backside pursuit isn’t the OL’s fault. It leaves that backside DE unblocked by design. The play caller has to keep that DE honest by calling play action bootlegs.

  15. Grant,

    We haven’t heard much regarding Mostert in training camp. Did he show much in practice?
    Is his running style similar to Brieda or Williams or how would you describe it and is their an NFL Comp?

      1. It’s possible.
        He may well get cut in spite of his great showing last game, it’s tough to say without having any knowledge of how he has looked in practice.

  16. Vikings second/third stringers are somewhat better than the 49ers second/third stringers. Who cares?

    The first string offense did very, very well against the VIkings (#6 (points) defense, #4 (rating) pass defense, last year). Though I fear the running game is going to struggle this season.

    Mostert is looking like he’s leapt ahead of a Wiliams, Bibbs & Hightower. Not only did he do well with the #2s, he’s a core special teamer giving him more over-all value to the team than any of the aforementioned. I’m also wondering if Brida is the #2 back now. He’s been pretty good regardless of which ‘string’ he’s played and coming in with the #1s was kind of interesting.

    Starting defense looked great.

  17. Grant,
    Good grades all around.
    I’m sure that Shanahan had some flashbacks of the Superbowl game watching a team make another big comeback for the win. Good thing this was a preseason game and not a regular season one.

    I’m still waiting for S.Thomas to breakout (a little disappointed in him so far). Our TE’s did nothing to distinguish themselves last night. Once this group gets going it will add another weapon to what is shaping up to be a potent offense.
    I was a huge proponent for the team to draft R.Foster and elated that they did. He is going to be a game changer.

    I’ve become a big Matt Breida fan. There was one run last night in which he ran inside the tackle and broke a couple of tackles to gain about 5 yards. The play had the potential to be a loss be he had the vision a balance to make something out of nothing.
    If Breida was wearing number 21, I’d swear I would have easily mistaken him for the great Frank Gore.

    Our secondary will be our weakest group on defense this year. Robinson is looking more like a rookie than a player that has been hyped for greatness.
    But the important thing is that our first team looked very good against a very good Vikings defense.
    The 1st half alone was better then the freakin’ Mayweather vs McGregor fight!

  18. The next six days are going to be very interesting! Just who will be retained and let go? Wonder if there will be trades between now and September 2nd? Would like to see some if possible but it always takes a willing partner, and that’s not always easy to find, despite the fevered ideas of some posters. I also wonder if additional players will be let go like Ahmad Brooks, early so they can possibly find employment, and not just with the 49ers, other teams too. Should be interesting…

    Don’t expect that Hightower or Bibbs will stick around. Would not be surprised in the least if Barkley is also let go.

    Popular cuts who will stay – Hyde (Grant should rewatch the game and see that Hyde ran well despite not having very good running room), McDonald, Lynch, Bowman, Reid (who people still don’t appreciate), Reaser (in all likelihood unless they pick up a better option), Kilgore (remember he wouldn’t make the team), Robinson (makes me laugh when I read cut him), Johnson, Ward and I’m sure I’m forgetting a few others from the end of last season until now. It’s a good thing we aren’t running the team.

  19. Yes sir, coaching matters, always has, always will. The first quarter the Niners simply dominated both sides of the football. I still don’t think we have seen much of the scheme that is going to be unleashed during the regular season. Hoyer has a stronger arm then I was led to believe. Foster freeze is going to be all pro maybe in his first season. I don’t understand the disparaging of Thomas. Armstead was playing havoc in the Vikings backfield. The defense is a heck of a lot better then last year, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need improvement, it certainly does. The secondary is the worst unit on the team followed by the o-line. I suspect the o-line will improve as the season wears on, can’t say that about the secondary. CJ, lots of work to do but his presence in the pocket is uncanny. He looks like he belongs there, now if his arm and decision making improves we may have something there. It looked like he was pressing last night. Special teams are not so special as of yet.

    What this team needs more then anything is repetitions. The more reps it gets the better this team is going to be.

  20. From a “bad” 2-14 team to this is refreshing. When I read the comments what I gather is, finally, we are talking about issues competitive teams face. I really enjoyed watching the methodical movement of the chains and the gang tackling. The offense showed signs of sophistication and the front seven appear to be working well. The 49ers are improved and will get better. When they showed Lynch in the press box with his wide grin of a proud father, I felt confident the team will move to another level.

  21. I think we have no idea what this coaching staff is doing by the number of snaps people are playing. We’re jumping to a lot of conclusions about players like Thomas, Breida and others based on what we saw in one game. I get the feeling this coaching staff is shopping players for trade right now. Some players you expect to get reps sit on the bench while others play a lot. They certainly seem to have a different strategy. I am looking forward to cuts this week to get a better handle on how they’re operating.

  22. So when is it that Barkley is going to beat out Hoyer for the starting job?
    About the time SF re-signs Kap? OK, got it. But then who starts, Barkley or Kap?

    1. You could be right Prime, it also could be that the coaches are shopping our crowded DL to gain some depth at OL or DB. If Thomas is as you and other say he’s a huge disappointment. I think its too early to tell.

  23. TOP 5 GRADES:
    ED Aaron Lynch, 86.6 overall grade

    ED Elvis Dumervil, 86.1 overall grade ( His pass-rush productivity score of 33.3 was third-best among 4-3 defensive ends this week)

    ED Arik Armstead, 82.1 overall grade

    HB Raheem Mostert, 82.1 overall grade

    ED Pita Taumoepenu, 79.8 overall grade

      1. Mostert has been with 4 teams already. Not really sure what he can do as he’s never been given a chance. He’s playing his butt off trying to make this team though. Hyde, Breida and Williams are locks. The question will be whether Shanny keeps 4 RB’s and if he does, how many dress on game day because at least one will be a ST’s player for the most part.

            1. Williams in ball security doghouse, but he stays
              Mostert should have made his case last night, but the 4th game will clinch it if he dazzles again…
              Brieda for sure…
              Hyde will be on borrowed time if he doesn’t figure out the body control/vision/speed of adjustment stuff– he’ll be in the “progressive counseling protocol”
              4 HB’s going into season…Kerley on his way to yet another squad…

          1. I agree. Hyde is the starter. Mostert is a huge threat in the passing game, so he’ll make the team.

            Breida can run inside and is physical. Williams seems to be a perfect fit for the outside zone. I think we keep 4 HBs.

      2. I think it’s like this:

        Hyde is the starter. Breida is the change of pace back. Williams is Hyde’s replacement if he gets hurt. And Moster is the #4, but in reality #3, because of his work on ST.

        J. Williams will not suit up unless there is an injury.

        1) Hyde
        2) Breida
        3a) Mostert
        3b) Williams

  24. He was gone from all the OTAs in the summer. It’s a little early to start talking about his value. He is going to be a very good player and soon. You will see soon enough Prime. How about Foster Holy $$$p!

    1. He’s a situational player. He plays certain downs. How do you take a player that high and he only plays half the time?
      Bad pick.

      1. Where is Razor and is he still calling Thomas “King Solomon”? He may develop into an excellent player, but he’s king of nothing at the moment. Well, “King of the Tweener’s” maybe.

        1. Here I am. Did you call me? What part of a fun nickname did you miss. Boy, it must have really bothered you. I’m really sorry none of your guys were the pick, and you had to change your avatar so many times. May King Solomon* go on to conquer all his enemies!

          *Dis qualifier for those that have taken the name seriously as part of an anointing, and use it to bolster their illusory superiority….

  25. So Grant, in earlier posts you had Bowman and MacDonald getting cut, Hyde getting traded for a mid-round pick and Williams being the running back of the future. How does that look now?

  26. My last mock had the Niners drafting Hooker, but he is still injured, so he would have been a long term prospect. I wanted Hooker because he was the closest player to fit the Earl Thomas type player, like the Seahawks have to run their single high safety system.
    However, the shade thrown at Thomas is unwarranted. He will do a lot better once he starts playing, and there is good depth on the D line, so I liked the pick. Thomas started out slow at Stanford, but in that Bowl game, he was unstoppable.
    Niners may want to move Ward to CB, and move Dontae Johnson to safety. He played 7 games at FS in college. Vinnie Sunseri also seems to be in the mix. I really like Lorenzo Jerome, but he may be a step slow. I could see Tartt playing the Kam Chancellor role. Did not think Witherspoon had a terrible game.
    Hoyer cemented his starting job designation. Vance started, but I just think they were showcasing him to a team that just lost their TE. Foster is the real deal. Was surprised that Joe Williams was not the second RB, but Breida may make Hightower expendable. Dekota Watson and/or Pita may make the team now that Brooks was released.
    Some were calling for Armstead to be traded, but he is now a lock.
    Niners should package Lynch and Dial to a team to get as high a draft pick as possible. Think they were showcasing Lynch because he was playing at the end of the game, but he was cut blocked off his feet and allowed the QB to get to the pylon. DJ Jones may make Dial expendable. Mostert may make the team, but his trade stock has risen significantly, too. Several teams have just lost their RB, so the need is high.
    I generally agree with all the grades, and really liked what I saw during the first half.

    1. Which mock was that? The 100th or the 255th? You put out so many that you were bound to get at least one pick right. Moron!

        1. Good for you guy who needs praise.

          Did your prediction about Shanny and Lynch taking Kap back and a storm coming come true?

          I think Hoyer, who I am still not a fan of, looked pretty darn good last night. Its nice to see a QB with a quick release and able to read defenses. Old wind up would never cut it in this offense.

        2. How about your predicition for Hoyer. How’s that working for you Seb ?…..Maybe you should go to a team where a QB doesn’t throw 4 ints in the playoffs and has a running back/QB.

          1. TrollD, Hoyer, in his only playoff game, threw the ball like the DBs were the intended receivers. Hoyer threw 4 interceptions AND fumbled away the ball.

    2. Johnson isn’t moving to FS. This scheme requires bigger CB’s. Ward is better off at FS, where he can be a difference maker.

  27. Grant,

    I agree with your running backs assessment…How does Mostert not make the team after last night’s performance—-WoW !

    Noticed Pita Taumoepenu and Aaron Lynch were in on that final 4th QB drive….
    1. Pita looked like a wheat thin, constantly grabbed or shoved around like an eggshell in a windstorm by the OT, w/o Lynch’s strength to disengage, so was never a threat as a pass rusher—I expected more.

    2. What was truly troublesome that Aaron Lynch was the bookend to Pita during the Vike’s last drive.
    He came close, but never registered a sack–against the 2nd and 3rd stringers ????

    Like Bill Walsh said in his Maiden season in ’79. “When we reviewed game film, the DB’s weren’t even in the picture frame on most plays, men were running wide open.
    Welome back to the future of 1979, Lynch/Shanny—better start circling those potential DB roster cuts N-O-W to get 1st crack at them.

    Conclusion: W-O-W ! Well fans, I told you from the beginning, this was going to be like Bill Walsh in 1979 when he advertised neighborhood tryouts for the San Francisco 49ers in the San Francisco Chronicle—That’s how low Baalke’s placed us…..

    The good news: The D-Line showed well. So if we can get in on some of those early cuts after game 4, and help our D-Line with some fresh pickups, we should be in decent shape to work them in before the season

    1. Is it total ‘free agency’ for players cut by teams to get roster size down Sept 1? Can teams have any contact with players now who have high chance of being cut?

  28. The Quest4Six fantasy football league draft has been postponed until Wednesday due to there not being enough members. The league needs three more participants.

    1. I will be cannon fodder if you cannot find more participants. However, I just like to concentrate on the Niners, and do not follow the league too closely.
      Also, you may object to me. Imagine if I won, I would be INSUFFERABLE. ;p

      1. Hopefully not since it is only for fun Seb. However, I suggest you only join if you want to try your hand at fantasy football. Don’t just join because we need the people.

    2. Hey Mid, hope you don’t mind but I invited a friend of mine from San Diego where I live. He’s born and raised here and is (was) a die-hard Chargers fan. Anyway, now that his team is gone he’s basically a stray pet looking for a new forever home. He has an open invitation to hop on the Niner bandwagon but he’s not a member of this blog community so I’m not sure how you’ll feel about it.

      If you have any concerns just let me know and I’ll un-invite him (totally ok if so – as a Charger fan he’s used to being disappointed).

      Please let me know – thanks.

      1. To bad Kap didn’t have a long ball in his arsenal.

        Probably why the only “chick” he found was teammate, Aldon Smith’s, that permanently divided the 49er locker when it started a locker room melee

    1. TrollD, of course. Sure Hoyer did well, but imagine what Kaep could do with good WRs, an O line that gave good protection and coaches who are competent.
      First 4 games, Hoyer will have to face Kawann Short, Michael Bennett, Chandler Jones and Aaron Donald.

      1. I did see what Kap could do with competent coaches–remember Harbaugh ?

        Lets go back to 3 plays from the 1 yard line in the SuperBowl with a starting ProBowl offensive line; Anquon Boldin, Crabtree, Ted Ginn Jr, Hall of Famer, Randy Moss, Vernon Davis, Delanie Walker, Hall of Famer, Frank Gore.

        Who does Hoyer have compared with that group of stars……How about, No One !

        Hoyer had the Cleveland Browns and guess what he did with that lousy opportunity…..Became the only QB this century to post a winning record for them.

        What did Kap do with his opportunity and galaxy of stars from the 1 yard line in the SuperBowl…He got stuffed….No thanks. Not into stuffing that old.

        1. Yup, with JH, Kaep stormed into the SB after only 10 games, was 5 yards from winning it, and one pass from returning.

          1. Seb,

            You can run, but you can not hide, Seb.

            Anytime you cherry pick all things Baalke you hate, and the one thing you like under him: kap winning the Len Eshmont Award, I’ll call you on.

            Kap’s also a locker room cancer…..Stealing Aldon Smith’s girlfriend, near his gun-safe, and causing a locker room melee over it, is not something to aspire to.

            I know your response will be: “he won the Len Eshmont award.”
            My response: The Len Eshmont Award standards under Baalke lessened and was not worth the paper it was written on, hence, all the assaults and gun running through airports.

            1. And of course Baalke has to award his own draft picks….It’s like the CEO awarding himself the CEO of the year award….If Baalke doesn’t award his lousy draft picks Jed would think he drafts lousy players.

              1. Bah, TrollD, defend Baalke all you want. That just shows how little football knowledge you know.
                The Len Eshmont Award is voted on by the PLAYERS, not Baalke, so the players determined that Kaep showed leadership and courage, which makes sense since he started a movement despite death threats.
                I saw Eric Reid kneeling, so it looks like he is being ‘divisive’, even with players standing around him to give support.
                Someone was playing your anthem- the Beatles, Fool on a Hill.

              2. Eric Reid is as dumb as you for kneeling. He’ll be gone next year anyways.
                He then can join his buddy who’s unemployed cause he bit the hand that fed him.
                Wonder how Kap is handling all the non attention and no pay check?

              3. After Charlottesville, people and players are seeing the need to stand up against oppression, be it rogue cops or KKK Nazis.
                Guess you are now hating against another Niner player. Do not understand how you can call yourself a fan with all your hatred against players on a team

              4. America has been dealing with race issues since the dawn of time.
                You think a washed up QB is going to change anything?
                Kap is being silent because he knows his big mouth is what got him in this position in the first place!
                You know, the one where no storm is coming?

          2. Sebbie… Your true feelings were disclosed last night (see below). You are one shallow hypocrite–a being of principle you are not.

            sebnynah says:
            August 27, 2017 at 6:18 pm
            If Hoyer can play like that, I will not mind if Kaep is blackballed. Looks like the defense is playing NINER FOOTBALL.

              1. Cassie, like a bad penny…..
                I was referring to the fact that Hoyer is competent enough to be the starting QB of the Niners, and do not think Kaep will be blackballed forever. Some team will be so desperate due to attrition and/or poor QB play, that Kaep will get his chance.
                I noticed Eric Reid taking a knee, so maybe the Niners will not hold Kaep’s kneeling against him. Sure am glad they still left the door open, because Hoyer did well, but may not last due to the extremely hard first part of the season. If the Niners go with only 2 QBs, Kaep would be way superior to an unproven rookie who sails passes.

              2. No Sebbie… You got so caught up in Hoyer euphoria that you dissed Kaep’s standing–the injustice which you were calling out so loudly, so piously. Shallow Sebbie. You wouldn’t give a rat’s bum about Kaep if Hoyer plays well. Golly gee Sebbie. Read the quote again…

                sebnynah says:
                August 27, 2017 at 6:18 pm
                If Hoyer can play like that, I will not mind if Kaep is blackballed. Looks like the defense is playing NINER FOOTBALL.

              3. Cassie, reading is fundamental.
                IF Hoyer can play like that.
                Kaep is being blackballed, but he will get a job once attrition and/or poor QB play makes some team desperate enough.
                With all the players continuing the protests, the blackballing of Kaep is failing. The NFL thought that if they conspired to blackball Kaep, everyone else would be so cowed, no one would dare to protest. Looks like that strategy is backfiring on them, and they are just getting another black eye.
                Irregardless of Kaep being blackballed, I have stated many times that if a QB can come in and lead the Niners to victory, I will respect their right to choose a different QB. Kaep opted out, and I thought that he was tired of being stabbed in the back. I did not object when Cousin’s name was being floated around because I conceded that he may be superior to Kaep. Before Hoyer’s good outing, I did not think the present Niner QBs were all that more superior to Kaep.
                Cassie, quit trying so hard. It just makes you look small and vindictive.

              4. backpedaling, linguistic baffle-garb, he should have been Spicer’s replacement @WH!

                “I will not mind if Kaep is blackballed”– becomes: “do not think Kaep will be blackballed forever”

                And….the bonus: more baffle-garb when Barkley gets makes another team b4 Kaep!! Then the minding of blackballing will restart anew!

              5. Sebbie… Your statement stands on it’s merits. Read it again–you posted this (below) as Hoyer was red hot…

                sebnynah says:
                August 27, 2017 at 6:18 pm
                If Hoyer can play like that, I will not mind if Kaep is blackballed. Looks like the defense is playing NINER FOOTBALL.

                Ultimately, you’re willing to dismiss the blackballing if Hoyer plays well. Whether Hoyer plays well or not is not the issue–YOU are willing to dismiss. What does that say about all your wailing against race/social activism–based blackballing???? You shouldn’t be dismissing if it were that important to you. So much for righteous commitment to principle. You’ve been revealed…

              6. HaHa!!!!

                Seb points to bad behavior to justify other bad behavior….when it suits his purpose! The KKK, a group known world-wide for having a collective I.Q. of one above plant life, and Sebs uses them as justification to play Don Quihote………

              7. No, Cassie, I was just commenting on how many are pontificating that Kaep is not being blackballed., but he is being blackballed, and that I am not concerned as much because I think it is backfiring on the NFL.
                Concerning Hoyer, If he continues having extended drives and scoring TDs, obviously, they will not sign Kaep, but that does not mean it will preclude Kaep from signing elsewhere.
                And no, I will not be upset that Hoyer does well, because I am not insisting Kaep only sign with the Niners. I will be glad Hoyer does well because that means the Niners are winning games. You think that I only want Kaep, and want the Niners to lose because Kaep is not signed by the Niners.
                No. I still will wish Kaep well, wherever he lands, and hope the Niners do well, too. You are ascribing false narratives to my post. I will not diss Kaep and think the blackballing should continue, I think some team will become desperate, and Kaep will get a chance to play some time this season. Maybe after Trump is impeached.
                I will mind if Hoyer does not play well, and Kaep keeps being blackballed by the Niners, because that would mean the Niners are losing again, and they are refusing to play the best player that gives them a chance to win.
                Still trying so hard to oppose me. The stench of Baalke continues.

  29. CJ Beathard: I chose not to give him a standard grade, so it’s an incomplete, and here’s why.

    1. Bright Lights, Big City: CJ knew the 2nd string job was up for grabs with a strong performance. He knew this performance would take place before the NFL’s 3rd ranked defense, before a capacity house of maniacal Vike’s fans, face paint, 12th man, etc; and it’s a dress rehersal for the Reg. Season—in other words, this was Beathard’s 1st start with the 1st team in a ‘real’ NFL game.

    His adrenaline simply shot through the rough and the moment became to big for him….Lets chalk it up to a learning experience and let him take a seat in the classroom under Hoyer’s wing for 2017.

  30. Grant what’s your take on Joe Williams. The way you described practices, he sounded like the best on the field. Then preseason starts and he’s struggling to see playing time. Has he been that bad, or are they trying to hide him and stash him on PS…. thoughts???

      1. That’s against the 2’s and 3’s. I really think our OL needs some help run blocking in the new scheme. They just don’t have it down yet. All the RB’s that play with the 1’s have about the same YPC. Once the opposing team substitutes in the 2’s and 3’s the YPC goes way up. To me that seems to say more about the OL then the RB. Hyde may not be a fit for the scheme but none of the other RB’s are having great success against starters either.

          1. Maybe, or maybe there’s too much contact from DL and LB’s for them to get the extra 2 yds. I still think if you put Williams in with the 1’s he’s putting up the same YPC as the other guys or put Hyde with the guys Williams is playing with and he’s averaging 5.1 YPC.

            Hyde is in the top 5 for yards after contact, so you can’t tell me its all on him.

      2. Running back snaps are a puzzle. Shanahan seems to be featuring different backs in different games. Some of the less discussed skills (ball security, blitz pick up, running the right hot route) could be a snaps factor. Why get Hoyer killed just to get some backup running back snaps?

        1. ball security doghouse therapy for Williams, that is…
          or they’re stashing him knowing what they have, so they need to see more from Brieda & Mostert…

  31. Eric Branch‏ @Eric_Branch 3m3 minutes ago

    Santa Clara D.A.’s Office: Pretrial motion in ex-#49ers LB Ahmad Brooks’ sexual battery case will be heard on Sept. 29. Will set trial date.

  32. Jeff Deeney‏ @PFF_Jeff 48m48 minutes ago

    Replying to @mattbarrows
    Theus played 50 snaps, most of anyone on offense.
    Overall grade: 74.5
    Pass Block grade: 58.4 (two hurries allowed)
    Run Block Grade: 84.6

  33. Jeff Deeney‏ @PFF_Jeff 1h1 hour ago
    Aaron Lynch played most of his 35 snaps in the second half but racked up 8 pressures (1 hit, 7 hurries) while earning a 90.1 pass rush grade

    1. John Theus might prove to be one of the big preseason winners. When Joe Staley left the game with a knee injury, Theus was his replacement. Garry Gilliam entered camp competing with Trent Brown, and potentially looking at the swing tackle role otherwise. Gilliam could still be in the mix, but Theus would appear to have the edge for the swing tackle role.


  34. Niners will have to make difficult and painful decisions. The 53 cut down will see some very talented players being cut.
    I hope they can manage to trade away as many bubble players as possible, maybe even bundling players to get as high a draft pick as possible. Many teams, with all the injuries, have dire needs at multiple positions. It would be worth it for them to trade away a single pick in order to get multiple players.
    The Niners need to create space on their squad to poach 3 players from the 53 cutdown day. They should obtain an O lineman from the Cowboys, a DB from either the Cards or Seahawks, and a player from the Pats, just on general principle to weaken them a little.

    1. Doesn’t matter what players as long as its from Dallas, AZ, and NE based on principle?

      I told you to stop smoking all that ganga Seb. It’s making your mind into jello.

      1. 2 major weaknesses on the Niner team is O line and DBs.
        Cowboys have an elite O line, so the third string may be talented, but cannot survive the cuts. I also want a DB from either the Seahawks or Cards because they have deep DB talent, and they could possibly give good intel, too. I would love for the Niners to obtain Tedric Thompson, because he was the player Seattle chose with the Niner pick they traded away to get Foster.
        It would be a strategic move to prevent the Pats from cutting a talented player, and hoping he makes it to their PS. Weakening the Pats is a good strategy, since they are odds on favorites to win the SB.

  35. Seb,

    Now that Baalke’s character risk draft strategy means no more 49er players with weapons in airports, or gunvaults, will you go to another team ?

    Because, last I heard, when Kap’s buddy Aldon, had that party and Kap stole his girlfriend, starting a lockerroom melee, things have quieted down.

    Perhaps you like a more dramatic brand of football, and need this type of persona ?

    May I suggest looking up a twitter feed for Johnny Manziel….There isn’t a more pool partying, melee going Quarterback (other than Kap) than his parties….Kap isn’t around, and you could get back to your festivities for real this season.

  36. Can someone explain to me the league rationale for a single cutdown day? I’m trying to come up with advantages for teams and players but I’m drawing blanks.

      1. sebnynah says:
        August 27, 2017 at 6:18 pm
        If Hoyer can play like that, I will not mind if Kaep is blackballed. Looks like the defense is playing NINER FOOTBALL.

          1. Saw, just keeping it real. If Hoyer does well, Kaep will not return. I also think the blackballing will fail, and some team will sign him.

    1. Rib,

      The Coaches lobbied for it both so they could see players longer and so they would have enough to play the 4th preseason game with in the event of injuries.

  37. Good call, Grant, for bringing up the scenario that Bowman may becomes a 2 down player.
    However, even before the first preseason game, I surmised that the Niners should throw some deep passes.

    1. Yeah, right Seb.

      And the moment you heard the man throwing that deep ball was Hoyer, all you said was this:

      sebnynah says:
      August 28, 2017 at 8:57 am

      Sure Hoyer did well, but imagine what Kaep could do with good WRs, an O line that gave good protection and coaches who are competent.

  38. sebnynah says:
    August 28, 2017 at 9:48 am
    Bah, TrollD, defend Baalke all you want. That just shows how little football knowledge you know.
    The Len Eshmont Award is voted on by the PLAYERS, not Baalke.

    TomD’s Take: Seb, I was the one that pointed out to the York’s that Baalke was stashing bust draft picks on the 49er roster for 3 years after the draft so the York’s would not know he drafted lousy players….(Remember Brandon Thomas—cut by the Browns one second after his 1st practice).

    So I know that phony Len Eshmont Award to Kap under Baalke was a joke….The paranoid Baalke threatend to cut anyone who did not vote for Kap that year.

    1. And don’t tell me ‘wormtongue’ didn’t have a hand in it (probably a dagger in it also). Guido’s still in the house, so, although the names have changed, like a haunted house, there’s still mysterious passageways leading into Shanahan and Lynch’s offices that Paraage creeps into after midnight to take micorfilm of their paperwork. So like Harbaugh, they’ll still have to watch their backs why the young Caligula/Nero and henchmen lurk.

  39. or this:

    sebnynah says:
    August 28, 2017 at 9:00 am
    Hoyer, in his only playoff game, threw the ball like the DBs were the intended receivers. Hoyer threw 4 interceptions AND fumbled away the ball.

    1. Seb,

      Obviously you want competent play from your QB’s, so Y-O-U posted how incompetent Hoyer is.

      Simple solution: You’re not happy with our QB’s so go root for your Raiders. (If theres’s a football god, let them sigh Kap so Seb will leave with him).

      1. TrollD, you were dissing Kaep for throwing picks in the playoffs, I was just reminding you of some salient facts.
        Hoyer does have that legacy, despite your convenient amnesia, so before you anoint him as the second coming of Joe Montana, look at his record.
        You think that I cannot be a fan of a team, while just posting statistics, but that is what most fans do if they want to improve a team. You are the real Raider troll, because I remember you rooting for them.
        I am not brain dead like you are, and know the Raiders would never sign Kaep because they have Carr.

  40. Niners should do a 3 for 1 trade with the Bears. They should trade Tim Barnes, Kendrick Bourne and Aaron Lynch for the second round pick of the Bears.
    Bears lost their starting center, Kevin White is still injured, and Fangio may want a former player. Bears are being decimated with injuries. Bears could possibly get 2 starters for one future draft pick.

    1. Why would we get rid of Lynch when we just cut another pass rusher in Brooks?
      What the bong is wrong with you Sebnnoying?

      1. I wonder why they played Lynch until the end of the game. Maybe they are showcasing him for a trade.
        My prediction came true, again.

        1. Bwahahahahahaha.
          Maybe they are showcasing him does not equal your prediction came true you ninnie.
          How’s your Niners re-sign Kap prediction coming? You win again hahaha

              1. BT, I changed my mind after Barkley kept on throwing picks. One is allowed to change their mind on this site. I also did not say definitively that Barkley would supplant Hoyer, but that he could out compete Hoyer.

            1. Aah, baloney, Sebs-you blathered about the 9ers resigning Kap.-a fantasy, by the way.

              Question-since when has kap been good going through his progressions……….?

              We all saw the same QB–why do you try to BS us?

              Answer-because there is a psychological component involved……….

              1. Saw, I still think that Kaep would give them their best chance to succeed, even with Hoyer doing well, because I think Hoyer may not survive unscathed, since he will be confronted with elite pass rushers. However,as long as Hoyer is doing well, Kaep will never be signed with the Niners.
                Answer- I have seen Kaep progress through multiple progressions, but have also seen Kaep plant his right foot and have a pass rusher in his face so he could not even get past his first read.
                You saw the same QB? You mean the SB QB who set playoff rushing records and has a 4-2 road playoff record? I am sure your selective amnesia has wiped those facts out of your psyche.
                Answer- Your obsession about me is very unhealthy, so maybe you should question your own motives.

  41. Quarterbacks
    – Impressed by Hoyer’s ability to quickly get rid of the ball.
    – What I saw echos the statistics… without play action the pass game falls apart. The pass game will be tied to the run game this year.

    Running Backs
    – Not sure we should read too much into snaps. Seems like Shanahan is featuring different backs each game.
    – Loving the pass catching of the running back group.

    Defensive Line
    – Loved the disruption of the “Starting” unit.
    – Left sacks on the table. Made Bradford (Bradford?) look fleet of footed. Will have to watch containment in regular season.
    – Thomas had quick penetration on a few plays, but the quarterback was going the other way. If his initial speed move doesn’t work, offensive lineman seem to tie him up. I saw a few times he was given the ultimate compliment with double teams. His speed is evident chasing down plays too.

    – Loved how Foster closes from a distance. He went from hash mark 4 yards off the ball to sideline 4 yards behind the LOS in a blur, arriving under control with bad intentions. OCs will already have to account for that trait when they game plan.
    – Can’t wait till they start blitzing Foster.

    Defensive Backs
    – Was Ward activated? The camera work didn’t give me a good look at the SHS spot.
    – Robinson was fast, but he didn’t turn and locate the ball. He could get nabbed for face guarding PIs in regular season.
    – The safeties are hitting. Lots of white shirts around the ball on run plays.
    – 2nd have backups were a puzzle. Let WRs get wide open. Played way off the ball. (caches playing them at their weakest techniques?)

    1. I saw a few times he was given the ultimate compliment with double teams.

      They’ve done that the last two games. I think it’s pretty funny the doubting Thomas’ in here, but the last two teams have respect for him already to target him with two players. They used to do the same thing to Justin Smith, and it creates opportunities for other players. People tend to forget that. This time next year, Solomon Thomas will be strong enough, and experienced enough to defeat double teams. Take that to the bank….

      1. They will be doubling Buckner, and now Armstead, so that will leave single blocks for King Solomon. It may turn out to be another Cowboy/ Aldon situation. That is why I think King Solomon may get as many as 11 sacks.

        1. That’s if he gets to play. Looks like he wont play much in the base defense and now that Double A is healthy and capable, he might not come out in nickel.
          What a waste of a pick when the dline was already talented!
          Should have gone safety, corner or QB with that pick.

          1. sebnynah says:
            August 28, 2017 at 9:00 am
            TrollD, Hoyer, in his only playoff game, threw the ball like the DBs were the intended receivers. Hoyer threw 4 interceptions AND fumbled away the ball.

            Prime Time says:
            August 28, 2017 at 11:37 am
            What the bong is wrong with you Sebnnoying?

            What’s Wrong with Seb, Prime ?

            I’ll tell you what’s wrong….Seb wants to play GM and says there’s something wrong with Hoyer that Shanahan and Lynch haven’t spotted…..Is it his windup, Seb….Maybe he has to long of a windup ?…….Let us know, will you?

          2. Won’t deny we need safety and DB help, but if he ends up being a guy who consistently draws double teams then it’s not a wasted pick. Guys like that have a ton of value.

          3. It was a weird draft. Daniel Jeremiah said only 6 of his top 20 were free of injury or off field concerns. He called them “the clean six.” Of the clean six, Thomas was my choice. Without injury concerns Hooker or Lattimore could very well be my choices.

            And if we’re going to have redundancy, defensive line is the place to do it. Compare the Falcons 2nd half Super Bowl pass rush vs Brady to the 49ers 1984 pass rush vs Marino.

        2. Sebs-

          I shall remind you of an often used phrase used for all pro sports, nearly every year….


          And no Rudy Kipling poem can do away with that description……………..neither can sunny zoo..

      2. Razor,
        It’s not not just strength — Thomas is plenty strong for a 21-year old, and will get stronger. It’s learning technique and dealing with double teams. Thomas is smart and a very hard worker, and he will get better steadily. Linemen work in the trenches and don’t make eye-catching plays like those operating in space (e.g. LBs and safeties). So many fans tend to underestimate their value.

        1. With as much work as Thomas missed this spring I was guessing he’ll emerge more as the season progresses. I’m not worried about him at this point.

      3. The disparaging of Thomas after 3 games is laughable. He may not prove to be worthy of the pick and then again he may prove that he is. Come on guys after 3 pre season games and no OTA’s your down on the guy. He will probably take the same road Armstead did – they don’t like the draft position so they will look for anything to diss him. The dissenters may prove to be correct but after three pre season games – Come on.

        1. As someone critical of Armstead I still agree with your point here UC. My criticism of Armstead is based on two years of little return, but there still has to be common sense and patience used when viewing these players long term. Thomas has just scratched the surface and played maybe a little more than a full games worth of snaps over the first 3 preseason contests. Players have to be given a chance to develop no matter where they are selected and it’s impossible to give an educated analysis based on how little we’ve seen of Thomas so far.

          1. Rocket, I like Armstead but I am not sold on him. I hate excuses but his first year with Tomsula and turmoil eh and his second year needs no explanation. For me this is his first real year and I am expecting him to be double teamed which is a good thing for the rest of the defense. My hopes here is that both he and Buckner will require double teams. That makes it a 9 on 7 game. I will take it. If that happens this could be a really good defense even with mediocre play from the DB’s

          2. Except according to PFF only JJ Watt was more effective in sacks, pressures and hurries from the 3-4 end in his first year. His second year his shoulder got significantly worse and and 1-armed DE is just a liability and yet he, once again, graded well as a pass-rusher.

            So I just don’t really know what kind of standards you people are holding.

            1. I disagree with PFF then because he wasn’t a consistent pass rushing threat imo and was a liability against the run. He has enormous potential but hasn’t come close to realizing it to this point. He needs to become a dominant point of attack player and do it consistently.

        2. I think what’s laughable is that people overlook what they want and then collect a single performance to prove their point. Thomas hasn’t been bad all pre-season as some would have us believe. We don’t even really know what the make up of the DL will be fore sure yet. We also don’t know how this GM and coach are using snap counts or are they shopping players. Its way too soon to call it a bust for Armstead or Thomas.


          1. Willy, the point with Thomas was he might be a good player, there is no denying that, but DLINE was not an area of need for the 49ers.
            To take a guy that high who is not a sack specialist, and wont play every down, it could be wasted pick when the 49ers could have addressed more specific areas of need in safety, corner, or QB.

            1. Prime, you know what, you are correct it was not a position of need, but keep this in mind if he and Buckner, Armstead live up to their draft status this could end up being one of the great lines in Niner history. Can’t argue with you on other needs because like I said its you are absolutely correct.

              1. Thanks Under. I agree with you in that this could become the best dline in football in a couple years. But as this team sits right now, there are so many areas of need.
                One of those was not dline this past draft.
                Ill root for the kid regardless, it was just one move that I didn’t agree with, with this new regime.

              2. The big IF we get to the QB. My beef with Thomas was he wasn’t likely to be a sack artist and that was an area of high need along the defensive line. That would help the secondary.

              3. Exactly East. Thomas was decent at getting to the QB, 3.5 sacks in 2015 then 8.5 in 2016. Not great but decent.
                Now can that translate to the NFL?
                Well can he get ahead of AA, Buckner, Lynch, Dummervil and Tank on passing downs?

            2. Prime, you’re correct we needed more help at safety, DB, OL and QB above DE.

              Lynch/Shannahan have to live with the pick and so do we. They’ll pay for it if it blows up. They have no one to blame but themselves for that one.

              He’s on the team. Do we know for certain that he won’t play every down, or are we just guessing based on one preseason game? He’s behind in his prep coming late to camp. I am not concerned yet. If he’s on the bench by game 3-4 we really have an issue.

            3. I sometimes wonder what the Niners would have done if Chicago had selected Solomon, as at least some in the FO thought they might do. Would they have been able to trade #3 to a QB-hungry team who liked Trubs at that spot, in exchange for a high first and next years first? If unable to trade, would they have pulled the trigger on Foster at that point? Is there a scenario where they’d have taken Adams?

  42. This is an actual description of the person who uses the word irregardless from an actual dictionary:

    irregardless (by Urban Dictionary)

    Used by people who ignorantly mean to say regardless. According to webster, it is a word, but since the prefix “ir” and the suffx “less” both mean “not or with” they cancel each other out, so what you end up with is regard. When you use this to try to say you don’t care about something, you end up saying that you do. Of course everyone knows what you mean to say and only a pompous,rude a$$hole will correct you.


    sebnynah says:
    August 28, 2017 at 11:33 am

    Irregardless of Kaep…

    TomD’s Take: Seb, really sad. Not into words from year 1795, like your NFL offensive ideas. Please get help when inventing words.

    Irregardless is a word commonly used in place of regardless. Most dictionaries list it as nonstandard or incorrect usage, and recommend that “regardless” should be used instead.[2]

  43. Nostradamus (Grant) –
    You called the long ball…nice job! I agree with your grades and your post-game report was tremendous.
    I’m headed to Vegas Friday night, you got any tips on any college football games Nostradamus??

    1. “A personnel director said he agrees with Seahawks CB Richard Sherman’s take, that Kaepernick is unsigned because teams want to keep players in their place.
      “I think Kaepernick refuses to not be himself, in a way,” this director said. “

      1. I think what they mean is get on board, buy in, team first.
        Leave the personal agenda for the months of March till July.

        Kap was all about Kap. He never studied hard. Went outside the organization for medical help.
        Publicly stated he didn’t care for working on his mechanics.
        I could go on but the point is why would any owner want a guy like that? He had 10 good games in his career. Then regressed.
        This black ball thing is a joke.
        He sucks, that’s the bottom line!

  44. One pre season game…. and Grant went from saying Fosters shoulder will never be good to he is the best defensive player on the team.

    More rediculousness

  45. Tim Kawakami ✔ @timkawakami
    He’s fast everywhere, but Reuben Foster running on artificial turf is just something else.
    7:19 PM – Aug 27, 2017

    Evan Sowards @EvanSowards
    7:19 PM – Aug 27, 2017

  46. NFL5 best NFL performances that mattered in preseason Week 3

    Reuben Foster, LB, San Francisco 49ers

    A few weeks ago, we wrote how Foster could end up being the Defensive Rookie of the Year and we certainly are not backing off of that following Sunday night’s game against the Minnesota Vikings. He was flying around all over the field, making eight first-half tackles, including one for a loss.

    The 49ers are still waiting for No. 3 overall pick Solomon Thomas to get going, and he could start the season on the bench or in a rotation. But they appear pretty stout in the front seven, with Aaron Lynch playing like a man possessed, Arik Armstead improving his performance and even Elvis Dumervil chipping in with pass-rush productivity. If Foster keeps playing at this level, the 49ers might take a big leap defensively this season.
    — Eric Edholm is an NFL writer for Pro Football Weekly.

  47. One preseason game won’t change the fact that the team has a woefully thin OL, no proven QB backup, WR corps that is below average beyond starters, the DB looks extremely shaky, special teams are very unstable and an unknown factor, the learning curve for the new offense is steep, and the risk of injuries is a real killer at just about any position.

    I thought no the Panthers game will bring everyone down to earth, hard.

    This is still a developing team…

  48. Niners Wire 53-man, version 6.0:

    Running back (4)
    Carlos Hyde
    Matt Breida
    Joe Williams
    Raheem Mostert

    I wouldn’t be surprised. Mostert is a core special teamer. Breida has outperformed Williams. Because Williams doesn’t do special teams, I actually feel he’s more of a bubble player than Mostert who brings special teams value while Williams doesn’t.

    Wide receiver (5)

    Pierre Garçon
    Marquise Goodwin
    Aldrick Robinson
    Jeremy Kerley
    Trent Taylor

    Bit of a shock considering all the talk about a #6 WR.

    Defensive line: 3-4-5 technique (5)

    DeForest Buckner
    Arik Armstead
    Tank Carradine
    Solomon Thomas
    Quinton Dial

    I just don’t see Dial making the roster. But who knows…

    Safety (6)

    Eric Reid
    Jimmie Ward
    Jaquiski Tartt
    Lorenzo Jerome
    Don Jones
    Adrian Colbert

    That’s a lot of safeties! But two of them are core special teamers.


  49. Thomas is getting double teamed. Someone will get double teamed when we only rush four men (5 on 4). I haven’t seen many people declaring that he is already a bust, we just have concerns that he may not be as good as advertised.

    1. That is precisely right. People on here were declaring him rookie of the year and king. I am waiting to see what he becomes but am one of the ones who would have been ok if we passed on him.

      1. Agree. The collective euphoria (on the part of many posters, but not all…) immediately before and after the draft led to the mass proliferation of the term ‘King’. Pull up some of the March/April/May archives and search for ‘King’…and count the instances.

        Thomas may work out nicely as the seasons go by–I hope so. But to have him fitted for his HOF blazer this summer is a bit premature. Again, hope he does well. I want him to.

        1. Yep, I gave him the nickname, King Solomon. I was very happy they took my guy, but to suggest that it was a literal crowning is absurd. Can’t have too much fun in your life with all the fun-suckers lurking nearby….

    2. “we just have concerns that he may not be as good as advertised.”
      Not sure what ads you have been reading. It was conventional wisdom that this first round draft was very shallow at the top — in fact, it fell off sharply after Garrett. It was understood that Thomas was rather raw talent at 21 with 2-years of college experience, and who would miss much of off-season practices because of NFL rules. Thomas may have been overdrafted at position 3 considering that #2-15 picks were of comparable potential, but I’d rate the collective wisdom of Shanalynch, Peters, Mayhew and the scouting team far above those of us armchair GMs over whether the Niners need a foundational linemen over a free safety. This team does not seem to be Baalk-nized over their choices, or having glaringly blind spots about talent deficit. Needless to state that we all will know much better in December :>)

      1. “Needless to state that we all will know much better in December.”

        Whenever someone is the slightest bit critical of Thomas, they are met with something like, ‘it’s only 3 games in, too early to say’. So yeah, it needed to be said. Just like it needed to be said when people were crowning Thomas and Williams two weeks ago.

        1. Slightest bit critical? The doubting Thomas resistance has been in full effect since the draft, and even beforehand. They continually assert they knew better, and then serve up their same talking points as to why they know better. Yet this same group trusts the staff in other matters, i. e. first time DC, Saleh, first time HC, Shanny, and first time GM, Lynch. It makes you wonder if there’s an underlying agenda, because the glee with which some make their case does not go unnoticed….

          1. No agenda with me. Sincerely want Thomas to become a rock along the 9er D line…9ers have a great tradition in this arena. Hope we can take it to the next level in ’17.

          2. The doubting Thomas resistance has been in full effect since the draft, and even beforehand. They continually assert they knew better, and then serve up their same talking points as to why they know better.

            Wholeheartedly agree Razor. Not calling him out, but EC9 showed this by saying Thomas is getting double teamed and then says he may not be as good as advertised. Call me crazy, but when the opposing offense sets out to double team someone in the front seven, that is usually an acknowledgement of how good he is and what he is capable of. Many wants Adams, but this was a team that was horrific with the pass rush and even worse against the run, so it makes sense that Lynch and Shanahan wanted Thomas.

            1. Yea, that’s why I held my tongue. The pick made perfect sense for the reasons you touched on. I will sit back, and watch the kid grow into the force I know he can be….

            2. Mid when you rush 4, against 5, someone always gets doubled teamed?

              It wasn’t Thomas every time because he didn’t play on every down, and depending on the window or angle of the play that DT would be the guy getting double teamed.
              Last nights game showed that.

              1. Sorry Prime, but I not able to watch the game and have to go based on what everyone on here is saying. What you also stated does not change that Lynch and Shanahan needed to address the pass rush and run defense and did so by drafting Thomas.

              1. Razor,
                I think that Thomas will eventually be a key player for us, but at the moment he’s more of a “prince” than a “King.”
                I watched some of his Stanford games and he showed some good power, motor and speed. He dominated in some game and got knocked around in others.
                Once he learns the nuances of the game he could very well receive his king’s crown.
                But like a head coach once said; “if you want to crown (his) their as#@%s, then go ahead and crown their (his) arses!”

              2. Uh, it was a nickname and “prince” Solomon doesn’t work. Maybe you’re taking the connotation literally instead of the fun in which it was intended. Thank you, and have a nice day.

            3. Mid,

              Never said anything about the double teams. I simply noted that he disappeared in the two games. I did this because some on this board with some very sharp names were already calling for him to be crowned rookie of the year after a good show vs. KC. My point was that the kid was a possible reach a pick we probably didn’t need, there were questions about his suitability which were legitimate. I said after the draft and I still want him to succeed beyond my wildest imaginings but I also think that the silly cheerleading that occurs for players who have yet to play a down if NFL football is a bit over the top.

              By the way, when hace you known Razor to hold his tongue about anything…?

        2. #80 I wasn’t inferring that your observations were irrelevant, I think you are rather astute myself. Expectations are always high on number one picks. No he didn’t have a Foster freeze type of training camp, he also did not have a bad one either. I think we as fans need to sit back and enjoy the ride, I have a feeling its going to be a good one. Going to have bumps but eh….

          1. UC,

            I wasn’t talking about anybody in particular. My point is that the #3 pick will always be judged on a weekly basis until they prove themselves to be good or bad. If we drafted Adams and he underperformed we would have been critical of him. Some would have said why take Adams when we had Reid, we should have drafted Thomas or a CB.

            1. I did make the comment just wanted to make sure the air is clear. I try real hard not to make anything personal here. We just differ with this one – NP.

            2. 80,
              I’m waiting for Thomas to show-out as well, but he is doing ok thus far.
              He will get better and stronger as he gains more game time experience.
              Unlike Foster, Thomas’ position is much more physical in that he makes contact against the defender on every down. The potential is there and he will eventually come around.
              One this is certain; I’m pretty sure that we didn’t pick the next Reggie McGrew or (please no!) Kentwan (Kant-win) Balmer!

    3. 3 days ago, GM Lynch had no concerns that he may not be as good as advertised. If he doesn’t have them, why are the doubting Thomas’ relevant? You all have the right to your opinion, and I have the right to not take mine or yours as seriously as you all seem to be….

      “There’s a lot to work on because simply from the fact that with the rule where he wasn’t allowed here during the offseason, he didn’t have any practices. So his first practice was in training camp, and so there was a learning curve — to get used to things, and the way we do things. Solomon, I think, has been excellent. He’s been everything we’ve wanted and more. I think we all saw that on display at Kansas City. So much that even against Denver, in his early reps when he was in there, they were sliding the line towards Solomon. So he’s already garnering the respect that we thought he would.

      “The coolest thing is to watch him come out this week — he gets better every day. He’s got some unique qualities. You don’t get drafted that high unless you have unique qualities. We think he’s gonna wreak havoc for years to come. I don’t think people should be surprised, he’s a guy we’re gonna kind of take it slow with as well. He’s 273 pounds, and so he’s not a guy who’s gonna play every snap of every game. We’re going to pick our spots as to where we feel like he can be most impactful and effective, and we’ve got the depth at that position to be able to do that. But he will make his presence known. I’m confident in that.”

  50. Come on guys,we are supposed to be excited.Feels like we haven’t had a start like that in a decade,passes on time,quick release points,solid pass PRO and decent run blocking. The running takes reps over a whole game to get in a grove usually if you stick to it you will pop some big ones later in games.(I believe Grant even mentioned Hightower talking about it early in camp.)seemed surreal,against a pretty good D.if the offense plays like that a full 4 quarters we will be better than expected.
    the corners worry me the most,seemed like we played them soft all night always a big cushion.alot of easy completions,was it smoke and mirrors or is that how we play them all year?
    who’s the 3rd Te?

    1. Yes sir! The one knock on Foster’s game was block shedding. It looks like that’s not a problem. Foster had a great line in Bama, so he often got to flow freely. That didn’t mean he couldn’t shed blocks, it meant he didn’t have to. Absence of evidence isn’t evidence of absence.

      1. “Absence of evidence isn’t evidence of absence.”

        Nice – I do believe I will use that one myself. Consider yourself plagiarized, good sir!

        1. Thanks, but I didn’t come up with that one. I believe it was first used when talking about the possible existence of aliens. It has since been used against Atheists. Rumsfeld even used it to explain the absence of WMDs.

          1. Ah, I suppose I should have known.

            Well whatever. If anyone asks me for my source I’ll tell them I got it from #80.

            Then people will be like “well, if Jerry Rice said it then it must be true…”

          2. — what we know we know…known knowns
            — what we think we know…possible knowns
            — what we’re sure we don’t know…known unknowns
            — what we’re not sure about what we don’t know…unknown unknowns,
            it’s clear to me….

              1. Let’s replay this classic:

                “I sure hope the team stops giving head slaps like I have been seeing other teams do when one of their players makes a play.
                .I noticed the Niners continued the practice, but they are just touching the head, not giving brain jarring head slaps.”


              2. sadly, your travel companion on this journey is a boor– on the journey and upon arrival at the destination…the companion being yourself, that is…
                and if the stench of Baalke still lingers…take a shower, or a mudbath…or mental floss.

      2. The other knock is his over physicality which may lead to injuries. Additionally, there are still the character concerns. To me he’s still worth the risk and potentially the most impactful player in the draft, especially at the spot drafted.

        1. Haha!!

          Not bad Sebs!!!!!!!!!!!
          Actually, the journey is probably more important!

          I still owe you money……………….

    1. I liked this.

      “The coaches didn’t want him — ‘He’s too small, he doesn’t take on …,'” McCloughan said. “I said, ‘Whatever. If I’m wrong I’m wrong. I’m taking him.'”

  51. Apologies in advance…
    I know that this is probably not the perfect platform for this, but I hope that my blog family here at the PD is sending out prayers for our neighbors in Texas.
    It’s unfortunate that we see this during disasters, but it’s amazing to see people of all races and creeds come together to help each other in times of need.
    Special thanks go out to our first responders and civilians for helping their communities and saving lives!

    1. Yeah, buddy.
      And if we CAN treat each other like human beings sometimes…….. wth the rest of the time?

      I’m old. I think about things like The Meaning Of Life.
      For me:
      The meaning of life is watching healthy, happy grandchildren grow up.
      I’d suggest that speaks to every person, every tribe, every race of people on our third rock from the Sun. We have plenty in common. Do we need invading space aliens to unite us? C’mon, there exist plenty of challenges to band together against.

    2. I don’t care if it is the perfect platform. It is the right thing to say AES. The people down in Texas are in my thoughts and prayers.

    1. Razor,
      I look for Shanahan to rest Staley and many of the starters this Thursday. Also looking forward to the 53 man roster.
      I’m still staying with 4-6 wins this season, but now leaning towards 6-8. Should be a very entertaining season.

      1. I’m still 4-6, because of the run blocking, and pass defense. Until they upgrade the interior offensive line, I don’t expect it to get much better. We don’t have a corner that can turn while running with the receiver, locate the ball and attack it at its highest point. We need a true shut down corner, and we don’t have one….

  52. Nice words AES! Agreed. Grants grades are fair. No arguments really. I think everyone should relax a little and give the team a chance to actually play a real game before deciding someone is a bust, or great for that matter. Personally, I think four games is adequate to make a good argument. I’ll stick with my 9-7 prediction, and I have them sitting at 2-2 after the first fourth of the season (WLWL). There will be plenty of time to critique, but preseason? Come on. Here’s how I have it playing out. (WLWLLWLWWLLWLWWW) ;>)

  53. Juan,
    Yes, preseason is really a chance to get the guys into game ready situations and of course, it’s a great opportunity for rookies and young players to show out.
    I predicted that most of our wins would come in the 2nd half of the season when Shanahan’ offense becomes more acclimated. But we may surprise a few teams (potential playoff teams) along the way.

  54. Not sure why some people are down on Thomas. He’s been decent the first three preseason games. Holding his own despite no preseason before TC. May not be getting on the stat sheet, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t doing his job.

    1. I think the concern, for me at least is,is the 3rd overall pick a run stuffing DT,or is he a Reggie White/Warren Sapp type DT?

      For being chosen that high, he better be a disruptive force run or pass and play on all downs.

      I’m not saying he can’t be, I’m saying when you are a rebuilding team and don’t draft for need, the guy you take better be the best in the draft and do a lot!

  55. Considering the Niners traded back, eventually obtained second and third round 2018 draft picks, and still got the player they coveted, it was like hitting a home run. The fact that they actually got both players they coveted in the first round, it was like they hit a grand slam.
    Yes, there are Doubting Thomas’s, but with both Armstead and Buckner commanding double teams, King Solomon may shine. He may not be tearing up the league in the preseason, but he will do just fine after he gets more comfortable playing. I envision him getting multi sack games, because he has such a quick initial burst. I even think he may do as well as Aldon, as long as they utilize him like Fangio used Aldon. 11 sacks may be wildly optimistic, but King Solomon has the talent to accomplish that.
    Sure am glad they did not listen to delusional posters who wanted Offensive players early, and concentrated on defense for the first 3 picks. Thomas was a need pick, because they saw what happened when Ian Williams went down and Armstead became injured. Defensive line depth is critical for success. Foster now seems like a steal, but he was also a huge need to replace Bellore, who not only jumped out of the gap the ball carrier ran through, but succeeded to block his own players.
    Fans will be ecstatic mid season, because they will like Thomas’s production, and the weaker late schedule will see him and others getting to the QB more. Having that stout D line will make the DB’s work that much easier. Those tall D linemen should get a hand in the air, disrupt the QBs line of sight, and possibly get some tipped passes.

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