49ers 32, Cardinals 20: Grades

SAN FRANCISCO – Here are the grades for the 49ers’ 32-20 win over the Cardinals.

KAEPERNICK: C-. He was 8-for-11 passing to Vernon Davis and 8-for-18 passing to everyone else. The Cardinals absolutely could not cover Davis and Kaepernick took advantage. Kaepernick also threw an interception in the red zone, fumbled the ball in the pocket and fumbled a snap which he recovered. He was 1-for-8 on third down until late in the third quarter.

RUNNING BACKS: B-. Frank Gore had three good back-to-back carries on the 49ers’ 18-play touchdown drive. He gained six yards and then five and then nine. Gore finished the game with 101 yards on 25 carries, but 57 of those yards came on three runs – a 10-yarder, a 15-yarder and a 32-yarder. Take away those carries and Gore rushed 22 times for 44 yards. The past few weeks Gore has maintained a respectable yards-per-carry average by breaking a few big runs per game. Kendall Hunter only rushed three times but he had one nice 6-yard TD run.

WIDE RECEIVERS: D. Anquan Boldin caught just three passes, but one was a key 6-yard gain on third-and-2. Kyle Williams caught just one pass – a 14-yard gain on third-and-7. Jon Baldwin caught one pass for nine yards. Marlon Moore gained nine yards on an end around.

TIGHT ENDS: A-. Vernon Davis had one of the best games of his career – 8 catches, 180 yards and two touchdowns. He was the entire 49ers offense most of the game and the Cardinals’ defense never adjusted to him. Vance McDonald caught just one pass for 7 yards.

OFFENSIVE LINE: B. They dominated the Cardinals’ defensive front on the key 18-play drive. That domination allowed Greg Roman to call 8-straight runs.

DEFENSIVE LINE: D. They gave up 5.2 yards per carry against a bad run offense. They gave up 8 yards per carry and a touchdown to the rookie scat-back, Andre Ellington. Granted, Glenn Dorsey pulled his hamstring in the first quarter. Still, the 49ers’ run defense was bad. Justin Smith and Ray McDonald practically were invisible.

LINEBACKERS: C+. Patrick Willis made the play of the game, stripping Larry Fitzgerald in the third quarter when the Cardinals were in field goal range and trailing by just 2 points. Corey Lemonier also played well, forcing a fumble and sacking Carson Palmer in the end zone for a safety. Still, this group did not play particularly well against the run.

SECONDARY: B. Tarell Brown gave up four or five catches. Tramaine Brock gave up a 75-yard catch-and-run touchdown to Fitzgerald. Those two didn’t play well. But Carlos Rogers played well – he intercepted a pass and made 8 tackles, although he gave up a 53-yard pass to a receiver you’ve never heard of, Brittan Golden. And Donte Whitner played well – he made 7 tackles. And Eric Reid played well – he had an interception and a fumble recovery.

SPECIAL TEAMS: A-. They forced the Cardinals to start drives behind their 15 yard line five times. Phil Dawson was 3-for-3 on field goals. Andy Lee landed three punts inside the Cardinals’ 20 yard line. The only negative was Kyle Williams fumbled a kickoff in the end zone at the beginning of the second half. The ball bounced away from him and he jumped on it at the 49ers’ 6 yard line and the 49ers ended up going-three-and-out on that drive.

COACHING: C-. The 49ers did not coach well until late in the third quarter. The Cardinals’ halftime adjustments were better than the 49ers’ halftime adjustments. The Cardinals had two opportunities either to tie the game or take the lead in the third quarter. Then, Greg Roman called one of the best drives of his NFL career. He had the guts to call 8-straight runs against a good but tired run defense. In the past, Roman tended to get cute in those situations but he showed no cuteness today. Just eight-straight runs for the win.

On the other hand, the 49ers’ passing offense still has big problems, especially at wide receiver. The 49ers’ wide outs caught just five passes for 53 yards. Wide outs not named Boldin caught just two passes for 25 yards. If Vernon Davis gets hurt again, the 49ers passing offense could become one of the worst in the NFL. Even with Davis, the 49ers may not enough talent to outscore playoff teams. The 49ers’ coaches must make more of an effort to develop Kyle Williams and Jon Baldwin and Vance McDonald. One catch a piece is not enough.

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    1. Blogging: F
      Failure of blogger to note that Ray McDonald played one-armed and the 49ers were using a 275 lb DE at nose tackle after Dorsey’s injury… which led to weak run defense. Instead, he gave a D and C+ to the DL and LBs.

      Vernon Davis was not “the entire 49ers offense most of the game” as he had 7 catches and 171 in the first half, and 1 for 9 in the second half.

      Knocking Gore and the RBs for not consistently ripping off 7 yard runs against a top-3 run D seems like overkill.

      Dinging Brock for the missed tackle on Fitzgerald’s 75-yd TD but not mentioning Whitner is a fail.

  1. Team looked bad out there today. And no, a win is not a win as you’re only as good as you show on the field. Our offense is completely out of sync right now and we’re struggling to find an identity. That said, we have 10 games left to figure it out so let’s see what the coaches can come up with.

      1. CK is not getting it done. WRs corps is pretty weak at best. Let’s trade for a decent WR and give up some picks to make it happen. Perhaps release a key veteran in another area to free up cap space. It’s a huge glaring weakness right now, although it’s not the end of the world, yet.

  2. I dislike in your grades when you say (take away those runs and…) that is how the run game works sometimes. You lean on the defense until they break. That should not factor into the running backs grade. His final output is what matters.

    I’d give Kap a C+/B- he threw the ball well in the first half (on 1 or 2 down). And when the game mattered most he orchestrated a drive that went 89 yards and 9+ mins. The two TOs are obviously what is holding him back from an A outing. No way anyone should give a qb with 2 TOs, one in red zone, an A. But I’m sure some fans will. But today Kap played well. And it seemed he gained some confidence back.

    1. Gore’s final output was skewed by three runs. His final output was not indicative of how he played. He averaged 2 yards per carry on all but three runs. Before the Cardinals’ run defense was worn down and tired, they dominated Gore. The Cardinals’ run defense wouldn’t have been worn down and tired if the Cardinals’ offense hadn’t kept giving the ball back to the 49ers.

      1. If you take away Vernon’s two TDs Kap only had 150 yards and was 14-28 with a pick. All plays should be factored in final grades. Big plays happen.

      2. Maybe even it out then by at taking out the runs where the OL gave him no chance.

        Gore also failed to recognize a blitzer once that led to a big hit from Kaep’s backside (though otherwise his blitz pick up was outstanding as usual).

      3. This was not a good game for Kaep. He was handed the ball in the Red Zone twice to start the game and failed to get the team in the end zone. We settled for field goals… then to top it off had a red zone int. and the fumble. If the team scores early on in those situations the cards cant wear down the D with runs. The truth is he is the reason the Cardinals were in the game.

      4. skewed by those runs????

        how many running backs or run games consistently get 4.5 yards per carry over every play???

        2-3 yards and a break out run. that’s how run games work. that’s the game of football. unless you watch too much college football or something. if you’d watch football in the 70′s and 80′s offense was even worse to watch since there weren’t as many dynamic passing games (there were some…Air Coryell for example) to supplement the 3 yards and cloud of dust run games back then.

        i don’t know where you come from with some of your analysis.

      5. Gore had a great game when you consider the opponent and the way he ran hard and protected. No back in this league is as COMPLETE a back as Gore. His pass protection is # 1. He runs as hard as anyone. He catches passes out of the backfield and he hardly ever fumbles anymore. Yeah, he’s lost a step, but he’s the best on this team. No back in this league could do what he does for us except Ray Rice,

        Kap is certainly having his struggles. I’m really eager to see if his play changes for the better if Crab and Manningham can come back and find their legs. If he doesnt throw to them, he won’t have any excuses. I’ll give him time.

      6. Let’s take away Joe Montana’s 5 yard slants for touchdowns, Barry Sander’s chunk yard carries, Jerry Rice’s yards after catch, and see what their averages really are! What are you talking about Grant??? Barry Sanders has more tackles for losses than any back in history but we do not say let’s take away Barry Sander’s long runs and see what his average really is per carry! While you are at it, let’s take away Vernon’s two td catches and long yard receptions and give him a D for his performance!

      7. Grant,

        Instead of trying to put together these LAME excuses for why Gore had over 100 yards, just ADMIT you were WRONG about Frank Gore being done.. if anything he’s as good as evere. Gore might have lost a step, but still a top 10 RB! Even if you wanna play games with the stats, the Cards came into the league 3rd against the run, they’re pretty good. The Cards’ offense is pathetic, but their defense is legit.. the fact Gore went over 100 is a testament to his greatness!

    2. I tottlay agree runs don’t all come out in 20 yard gains or the rushing record would be 3000 yards and ya that needs to be A and how did the coaching staff get a C they had a good game plan and it worked and yes a win is a win people are so stupid sometimes cardinals have a really good run stop defense

    3. I too laugh when people say “take away those three runs…” The reason why Gore was able to make those three big runs was because of the “little” runs that set that up. Gore also did a great job of picking up blitzes (with the exception of the one gaffe where Kap got smashed). I would, however, like to see Hunter utilized more in space. Niners don’t scare anyone to the outside, so defenses are just crashing in off the edges.

    4. There’s no justification for taking away the three long runs. What’s the ypc if you take away the three shortest runs?

      1. The three big runs were good and he gets credit for those, but they skew his yards-per-carry average and do not reflect how he played for most of the game.

      2. BASG quoting Joe Staley:

        “Yeah, that’s the thing with those early runs, those two-yard runs, those body blows that he throws. As we keep feeding him, those are going to turn into bigger runs for us and that was a great example of it today. He was able to turn out those eight-yard, 10-yard runs as the game went on. He’s a great running back and it’s just unbelievable what he can do back there, how tough he is and all the intangibles he leads for this football team,” Staley said.

      3. The funny thing is that as a contrarian Grant would slam FG if “all his runs were exactly 4.5 yards long” I can see the headline now “Gore is Done: cant break long runs like he used to”.

        It all comes down to Grant proclaiming an oppinion and then either crowing about it (if it comes true) or doubling down (if it’s proven untrue) and continuing to insist that he was right all along. Dont believe me? Check the comentary regarding FG after the next game. It will be either “horrible game, told you so” (bad game) or “if you take away all the good runs then carry the 1 and divide by the remainder his average is only…..” (good game)

        One thing for sure. What you WONT HEAR GRANT SAY, EVER: “I was wrong” or the more face saving “I might not have been as right as i originaly thought”

        1. Pro Football Focus gave Gore a +1.3 running grade. That’s a B. I still don’t understand the outrage. Gore did not deserve an A yesterday.

        1. That is fair comment. I wasn’t using that to argue why Gore was bad. I was using it to argue why Gore’s grade should be in the “B” range instead of the “A” range.

      4. Grant,

        You have to understand the nature of grade inflation. Form many people, an “A” is no longer a mark of excellence, but rather of competence. They do not understand that an “A” is for something exceptional, that a “B” is above average, and that a “C” is average. Thus, they expect their child (er, favorite player, that is) to receive an “A” for anything better than a poor performance, or maybe even an “A” for “effort”, as a poster stated elsewhere on this thread. For such people, a “B” is a bad grade.

        Additionally, such people often want to base grades on potential and past performance as well. So, when they see you give Gore a “B”, they think of the great physical attributes he has, and the past great games he has had, and instead of asking if this performance was excellent, they see Gore as excellent and thus will construe any competent or better performance by him as excellent.

        I thought Gore had a very nice game yesterday. He was much better than average, but it was not an exceptional game for him. A “B” is, in my opinion, the right grade for him for his performance yesterday.

      5. Let’s take away Grants 3 good articles the past 2 years and then see how good he is. :P

        Grants is a never has been journalist… he was made to look like a rookie by saying Gore as over and now is back peddling faster than Deion in his prime.

        Grant do us all a favor and give up this blog to someone who has a freaking clue of what he’s talking about because you are clueless

    5. On one of the red zone trips, Boldin dropped a TD on a nicely thrown ball. On several other occasions, passes were either batted down at the line or defended well with tight coverage. CK played a lot better than C- … I give him a B.

      Gore gets an A. On the runs he got stuffed, the o-line was not giving him any holes to run through. On one occasion, Gore was dropped for a loss after Bruce Miller missed a wham block. Had Miller made the block, Gore had a huge hole and would have had a big gain.

      So for Grant to say if you take away this or that is ridiculous and ignorant. Gore gets an A for his effort.

    6. I totally agree. You can’t just take away plays and then downgrade the overall performance, like if it wasn’t for those 3 HRs he would have he would have gone 0-4 today.

  3. Grant you are right the 9ers do have bad problems at WR. I told you last week that the problem with the 9ers passing game is the lack of talent at WR. Other than Boldin they are TERRIBLE. I want you to go back and take away B. Sanders top 3 runs [like you have been doing with Gore lately] in each game and his stats would look very avg, that’s the way a lot of great backs play. CK’s grade should be a solid B I find your QB grades tend to be one grade lower than they should be and if the WR’s are as bad as you and seem to think they are then CK must be doing a lot right to keep this team winning.

    1. I don’t think Baldwin and Williams are terrible. I think they’re underused by the coaches. If developed properly they could be good.

      1. Grant this is one of those differences of opinion that eventually we will find out who’s right, the only problem is we won’t remember to check 3 years down the line but i’m willing to bet that Williams and Baldwin will be out of football in 3 seasons and CK’s performance will show an immediate improvement if Crabtree and Manningham can come back slightly heathy this yr. MM and MC at 80% are far better players than Baldwin and Williams

      2. Clearly Kap will be better with both Crabtree and Manningham. However, I disagree with both Williams and Baldwin being out of football in three years. Williams is quick and gets out his breaks well. Plus, both he and Baldwin are relatively young. They just need to be given more of a chance to succeed.

      3. We’ll know by season’s end. I’d say Baldwin will end up having been slightly better in KC with Matt Cassell and Williams will end up having been slightly better with Alex Smith than either were with Kaep. And I’m assuming they’re more polished than they were as rookies and 2nd year players.

        Then again, after 4 games, Ginn was on pace for 44 catches and Collie looked decent today for New England.

      4. old coach may think that some of these 49er receivers could be out of the league in a couple of years, but in the meantime why not try coaching them and maybe they will develop into something respectable. They don’t have to become superstars but just steady eddies who can contribute to the big picture.

      5. The fact that Kyle Williams was at one point the 2nd WR tells you all you need to know about the passing game woes. Williams is a 4th receiver, at best.. he can beat the 4th best CB on most teams.. asking him to beat a starter is an exercise in futility. let me get this straight.. KW is good, but underused.. Frank Gore is done.. gotcha!

      1. Um, Grant gave the WR’s a D for their production. But he obviously believes they can be more productive and he included Vance w/ Kyle and Jon.

    1. All I can figure is that the minus must be for McDonald only having one catch. But seriously, Davis was enough for that to be an A/A+, IMO.

  4. C- seems right. Kaep hasn’t been so hot of late but was better than an F+ last week, he didn’t fail his team. 49ers let ARZ. hang around today and in some ways played to their (ARZ) level. 3 series inside the 10 and came away with 6 points, that’s not good.

  5. “The 49ers’ coaches must make more of an effort to develop Kyle Williams and Jon Baldwin and Vance McDonald.”

    The only way they can do that is by forcing it on Kaepernick. This game against Tennessee is going to be a tough one for the offense.

    1. Exactly, make Baldwin or Williams the primary target more often. Call some smoke routes. The Cardinals had success with those in the third quarter.

    2. Jack I agree this Tenn game is going to be a very tough game not the kind of game where you start forcing passes to 3rd yr players who haven’t developed.

      1. The Titans have one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL this season, my fellow Bruin Alterraun Verner. It probably will be better to get Williams and Baldwin involved as opposed to forcing it to Boldin who has a tough matchup.

      2. I don’t see Boldin catching many balls this week. baldwin and Williams will be lucky to match their output this week If the 9ers win this up coming week it will a repeat of todays game lots of Gore and Davis with a ball hawking defense and the best special teams in football and other than the Jacksonville game that will be the recipe for wins until MM and MC get back.

        1. The 49ers are putting all their eggs in the Manningham-Crabtree basket and I don’t like that strategy. Why not develop Williams and Baldwin, too? Manningham and Crabtree are rehabing major injuries and may not be effective this season.

      3. Jack there are reasons they don’t get thrown to. Sometimes bad is just bad. There are a lot of players who just don’t have what it takes to play in the NFL does the name AJ Jenkins ring a bell. I don’t care if Harbaugh had started him and Alex Smith and CK had forced him the ball 10 times a game he did not have what it takes to play in the NFL and neither do any of the WR’s currently on the 9er roster other than Boldin and possibly Patton. IMHO

      4. Williams is bad, there is no denying that. He looks tentative and gets pushed around a lot. Sure he is fast but he is not a starting WR in the NFL.
        Baldwin needs more opportunities before we can label him but KW has been in SF awhile and he hasn’t shown anything to say he can be productive. Time to cut bait with the guy. He does nothing.

      5. There isn’t an inept defense in the NFL. All defenses will be able to take some aspect of the offense away.
        Not one NFL defense has shut down all of SF’s weapons.
        In Seattle, Kaepernick ran for 87 yards on 9 carries. They were in the game until late in the 3rd.
        In Indy, Gore and Boldin were weapons that Indy couldn’t shut down. The team was in it until the 4th quarter.
        You have to pick your poison on defense and hope that your offense puts up more points than SF. I don’t see need for Williams or Baldwin. They had the opportunity to step up and haven’t.
        There are other opportunities with their proven play makers and SF doesn’t have its hands tied. They don’t have to develop Williams or Baldwin.
        Peterson is one of the best Corners in the league. Mathieu rates as one of the best rookie safeties. Still SF moved the ball.
        Seattle has great corners, still Kaepernick torched them for 87 yards on the ground.
        Tenn might be able to shut down a WR, but SF has many ways to beat you. This team is finding ways to win. It was good enough to make the Super Bowl last year in spite of injuries. I don’t see any reason not to believe they won’t continue to win ugly and often.

      6. Doesn’t explain why they are worse now than they were before. Williams 1st yr was essentially 2011 and in 13 games he put up 20 catches on 30 targets w/ 3 TDs and a 12.1 YPC.

        It’s possible that the # of plays he’s played this season already trumps his 2011 total (since he was behind Josh Morgan (for the 5 games he was healthy), Braylon Edwards (for 9 games) and Ted Ginn.

        Baldwin sucked in KC, but he at least averaged 16.3 ypc on his 20 catches last season with the awesome arms of Matt Cassell and Brady Quinn.

      7. Williams can’t be cut right now. He handles return duties. He is a horrible receiver though. There is no question about his ability as a receiver. I wanted him cut after the 2 fumbles in the playoff game. We currently appar to have the worst starting wide receivers in football. Yet, we somehow have not made that trade for a Wideout. I hate the thought of hoping injured players come back and show previous form. Not off of those major injuries. Maybe the Niners make that trade this week.

  6. That 75 yard TD for Fitz was on Whitner for taking a bad angle and not wrapping up.

    Carlos Rogers gave up a 53 yarder to a guy off the practice squad which set up the 2nd Arizona TD. He was burned by this scrub at a college football bad level.

    1. I’m a bit concerned about the secondary; Palmer missed quite a few throws to open receivers throughout the game. A better QB could have really hurt the team on some of those.

      1. Marcus Cooper had another monster game with KC. Yes, he’s going to get burned here and there. I just don’t like the arrogance of thinking that we could sneak a big, fast, young CB onto the practice squad. Harbs comment earlier in the year, “We’re the San Francisco 49ers. We can do whatever we want,” ignores that there are 31 other professional organizations out there that will take advantage of every big mistake we make.

    2. Whatnot,

      I think you might want to look at Brock’s effort on the coverage and the the tackle on that play. I think you’ll have a change of opinion.

    3. Whitner played like sh*t today. Failure to wrap up on the long TD and a completely blown tackle near the goal line. Eric Reid, again, was superb, and will be a 1st Ballot HOF.

    4. I’m with whatnot on this one. Whitner went for a big hit and completely whiffed. Brock may have played it poorly too but Whitner was terrible on that play.

    1. Gore did run well today, although I think he ran harder against Texas. I think his blocking is not what it once was. He still throws good blocks but he seems to miss a player he should block to settle for another that isn’t even a threat. He did that a couple of times in the Super Bowl as well and it cost the team big time. The RB is supposed to hit the first player to break though the line not let them get by and then look for someone to block at the line of scrimmage.

      Williams is too tentative on his punt returns. He fair catches almost everything. He darn sure isn’t justifying his spot by his special teams play. It seems like he is playing scared and doesn’t want to get hurt. Neither Williams or Moore played much in the preseason and were awarded their spots by default and it is coming back to bite the team in the rear.

      I think what Cohen means by taking away Gores three big runs is that a running back also has value in picking up consistent yardage so as to keep drives alive. If you consistently get four yards a carry you don’t set up the QB for to many 3rd and longs. That’s what actually keeps drives alive. That was the rap on CJ at Tenn. He would get a whole lot of no gains and then break a long one every so often which would save his YPC average but kill drive continuity. The younger Gore used to use his legs to push the line even when there wasn’t much of a hole. He still has drive in his legs but not like he used to have. I think a lot of you need to watch some old films to see the difference.

  7. Tight end was a solid A. Davis had a great game.
    O line: C. The pass blocking was weak. They allowed too much pressure.
    Coaching Defense: B.
    Offense: D.
    The offense is out of synch. The play calling is simplistic.. There are no screen passes, no passes to the backs, no slants, no hitch passes, or any thing else to get players with the ball in space. There are no delayed draws or misdirection plays.
    Since VD will get a lot of attention there should be more throws to McDonald.

    1. I agree 100% that they need to all of those plays, but even without doing them, the Niners still had a solid offensive game plan. I like the creativity today. There’s always room for improvement especially when it comes to Kap looking off safeties and/or not staring down his receivers. AZ had 10 defended passes today. That’s an obscene number especially when you consider he had 13 incompletions.

      1. Strongly agree Stan on the need for CK to look off the DBs more. DBs & LBs were reading his eyes, Big Time.
        It’s great to compete and try to make plays, but on the fumble he should’ve conceded the sack and covered up.

  8. Kaep still needs to work on ball security. The pick was tipped so less of a concern to me than being careless with the ball in the pocket when getting sacked. Hopefully experience will help with this.
    Different qb but still the same red zone and third down struggles. Those were supposed to be solved with the change.
    Injuries are really taking their toll on the D line. The secondary played well considering there was minimal pass rush.
    They won with defense, turnovers and field position. 2011 revisited only with a few more offensive mistakes and a lot more injuries.

  9. Carson Palmer is a stiff and why the Niners didn’t blitz him more I have no idea.

    I too agree that the Niners receivers aren’t as big a problem as most. If you l00k at what GB played with in the 2nd half today as well as at the Pats receiving corps, the Niners have a better collection of skilled players. They just need to utilize their personnel more.

    Roman did a much, much better job today than the previous two or three weeks. Still would like to see more play-action rollouts, WR screens and utilizing McDonald more over the middle.

    One last observation….does Kaepernick know how to pump fake? He did, however, do an excellent job of looking off the safety on Vernon’s second TD. He needs to do more of that as he had 10 passes defended today.

  10. I disagree with the “ifs”. If Alex Smith calls the timeout in the superbowl, do we win it? If Crabtree doesn’t get hurt, are we 6-0? If Fox news and CNN actually reported unbiased news would anyone watch? If isn’t reporting. If is what losers say to justify their own shortcomings. If is what a beat writer puts in to get hits.
    I don’t see any 49ers saying “if”. I see them going out every game and doing all they can to win. They are trying to find their identity. Peaking too early is a recipe for disaster.
    This team is doing what winning teams do. They are doing what Super Bowl teams do. They are finding a way to win in spite of adversity.
    I will say I liked the end around and the screen they threw in today. It shows the coaching staff sees the areas of concern and are addressing it. As a fan, that’s something to get really excited about!

    1. I agree. They have a ton of reinforcements coming too in the form of: Dial, Carradine, Manningham, Crab and Wright. Niners only have two more games left against teams that if they lost to, no one would be shocked (Seattle and NO). That’s not say they won’t lose other games, but their schedule is favorable and the bye week will come at a perfect time. Just need to see more progress on both sides of the ball moving forward. Hopefully, Dorsey’s injury isn’t too bad either.

  11. Gore had 101 yards rushing against one of the best run defenses in football right now. I thought Gore was done? Doh. Blogger gets an F-………

  12. Three changes:

    WRs, I’d give a C. Problem is they need more opportunities to be involved. I’d only give a D I’d they were dropping passes and not making plays from their opportunities.

    TEs: C’mon, at least an A if not A+.

    Secondary: B- I think. WhiFner gave up that Fitz TD trying to get the big hit. Rogers got straight burned and was a shoelace away from giving up a 9 route for 6.

    Agree with everything else!

  13. Harbaugh is telling Roman “we have a stud QB, let him loose”

    Roman says” we have the best run blocking line in all the NFL”

    Result=Identity crisis on offense.

    1. Nah, I think Kap has his opportunities. He just misses them. Like Boldin being wide open today and even passing his field of vision in front of the end zone today. That stuff shows up on film and teams occupy the box more if the QB is shaky in the pocket as he has been.

    2. Prime Point,
      I don’t know which and whom is saying what to whom, but I do agree that this offense has a split personality at this moment. And that translates into an identity crisis at an inconvenient time.

      One personality says go back to the foundation in which this team was built upon. The other is we have this new talent that functions best in something very foreign to the foundation. College crazy wild west versus the bar room brawl out of an NFL pocket.

      So we see a team that toggles between the two personalities. That was clear to me this week. The change of personality means a change of both personnel and formation. On the plus side two very different offenses with appropriate skill sets. On the negative side, no surprise to the defense as the change is telegraphed.

      So my Q is:
      Is there a hybrid formation that the Niners can play both personalities out of? What about a set that allows for a quick and little toggle between the two to hold onto the guessing game as long as possible while providing the appropriate fit for the skill sets? Is it possible to spread that hot mustard in the bread and butter sandwich?

  14. Take away Vernon Davis two Touchdowns, he gets a C grade and the Cardinals win blah blah blah . I really do not care about the grades or the predictions. What I do see, and I don’t pretend to be a expert in the NFL, is that the league has many great players, but really I do not see any great teams playing.

    1. Neal says:
      October 13, 2013 at 10:13 am
      Actually I could careless who wins the Raiders game. Don’t give a crap about the Raiders and your boy toy Alex Smith. I am not a couch potato and watch sports all day. I watch one football game a week, which is the Niners and most Shark games. That is it. Also I had no idea that Jordan had knee surgery.

      Maybe you should watch more games then it will make more sense for you. Instead your selling vacuums. Now I know why your really 23J, you have zero clue!

    2. PP Time= Alex the Great= Randy = Fan 77 = Axel.

      You have been thrown off this site, more times then Alex Smith rolls to the right and throws the ball out of bounds. LMAO !!!

      1. Yeah yeah 23 Jordan you said that earlier. Just cut and paste more of your used vacuum sales pitch over and over. You salesmen are all the same, one script for all. BORING!

      2. In keeping up with Grant’s analysis , “if” you ever run into a real vaccuum salesman who is as big as a fridge, your going to get your a$$ handed to you. Just saying. Not cool to make fun of someones job.

      3. I have had a couple of Vacume salesmen , come to my door, they are actually pretty good sales people.?Are you telling me that a Vacume salesmen is lower on the ladder then a lawyer?

      4. PP Time= Fan 77 it appears that you have not passed in life, you are the village idiot on here, you laugh at Cancer Patients, you constantly get thrown off this site, you have more profiles on here then Alex Smith gets sacked during the season. Let’s face facts, you are really not a good human being. I actually feels sorry for you , being a lonely bastard and this site being your social life.

      5. Yeah yeah 23 Neal Jordan, I’ve heard that same pitch over and over again. It does not bother me anymore that people think I mock cancer patients. That is a lie. Why do you think I got banned moron? I was defending myself.
        At the end of the day I move on. You will always be dumb. Can’t spell, bad grammar, poor sales pitch. I actually feel sorry for you impersonating/ being 23 Jordan. It’s so clear now.

      6. PP Time = Alex the Great= Fan 77 = Randy = Axel

        You have so many profiles on here , you can start several families, must get confusing, on who the hell you really are. You can mock my grammar and say how could I of pass High School , blah blah blah. You have failed in life, and it is too bad, that you have to be so defensive and co-dependent for this site. You are delusional and I do have pity for you, somebody like you can’t possibly have being being a sociopath. How do you live with yourself and mocking Cancer patients is beyond me. Get professional help.

      7. Yawn Neal 23 Jordan. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in Canada. The one thing I most thankful for is Im not you, never will be you and not even close to being the loser you are. Find a spelling tutor soon! Happy Thanksgiving my neighbouring idiot American!

  15. With Dorsey out, the 49ers were desperate at NT and the Cards were chewing up the D with their run game. I felt a big loss coming.

    The coaching staff responded by calling a clock chewing run game, despite the reputation of the Cards run D. I give the coaching staff a good grade for stealing a victory when there were literally no NTs remaining.

    1. Good call Brodie,

      The momentum was clearly swinging in AZ’s favor in the 3rd quarter. They were taking a page out of the Colts game plan and having success. But, that turnover by Fitzgerald in 49ers’ territory followed by the clock milking drive put a dagger in the Cards.

      Although AZ came into the game with 3rd best run D, they were giving up 3.3 yards per pop. The Niners stuck with the run and had success as I had expected.

  16. What was Gore’s ypc if you took away his three shortest runs? Grant, don’t be a dumby. There’s no justification for taking away his longest runs or his shortest runs. Similarly for Kaepernick. Your grades are idiotic. Our running backs were above average. Our quarterback was above average. I realize I’m falling into your trap of irritating the fans to get more views and posts. On the other hand it doesn’t impress anybody here when multiple posters are pointing out your failings. And lets not mince words: you are failing at this.

    As I said earlier today: stick to what works for you. You are a good writer when it comes to illustrating the atmosphere of the locker room . You are lousy at analysis.

  17. Good for Colin but that two-dollar hat at the interview looked like a kid trying to be “cool.” It’s one thing to be terse, another thing to be unpleasant. Colin hasn’t figured that out yet but the gangsta look is definitely out of style…

    1. And take off that ridiculous glove on your non throwing hand. It messes with the centre QB snap exchange and looks terrible. Wrist bands and that’s it!

      1. No but CK does. Maybe he should trying going without it to get a better feel/grip for the ball. You should try it sometime. Try catching a ball or handling a ball with one hand bare and the other with a glove. Report back to me ASAP!

  18. Taking away positive big plays from a guys stat line and twisting saying he had a poor game is the most retarted thing I’ve heard! Why not jus take away all the bad plays, incompletions, and just use does stats to evaluate a players game lol! Same for gore, he rushed for 100 yards on a good run defense so give him his due! Why are you guys such a nervous wreck! Alllllllllll the time lol

  19. Grant, you can’t take away the best three carries and then knock the players game. Do that during Barry sanders career and you would think he was the worst back ever.

  20. Overall: D+. In the last 2 weeks, the Niners have proven they can accept a game when the opposing QB hands it to them. Grading them as a SB contender, this was a poor overall performance – despite abysmal play by Carson Palmer, it was a 2 point game in the 4Q. If we are to beat Seattle, Denver, and the other top teams in the NFL, the team has miles to go. I understand wins are wins, and since the 80s passed I no longer grade this team on style points, but watching this team closely…they are simply not playing that well.

    Kaep: D. I’m tempted to go lower, again grading him as the franchise qb on a SB contender, but he made the connections to Vernon count. To be fair, if Alex had played this game, I would have given him a C+/B-., but I hold Kaep to a higher standard: because I believe he has the talent, and because we have the right to expect it having jettisoned Alex for Kaep (which i was strongly in favor of). While Kaep had some beautiful throws, at times he doesnt see open receivers; and while he does scan the field, at times he does not scan the field effectively. He simply has to get better. He now seems to run tentatively.

    RBs: B+. I shudder to think what this offense is like without Frank G. I think we could win some games, but it’s not an experiment I’d want to try.

    Defense overall: B. Took control of the game early, and with any offensive performance this should have been a 42-3 rout. But the pass rush was unspectacular and they seemed to tire vs the run in the 2nd half. DBs were ok – special mention to Reid who might round into a fearsome weapon come December.

    WRs: F. Boldin is a beast, but either scheme or a top CB (P.P.) seem to be able to shut him down. And I swear to god, there are times I see him on a pattern and think he’s a lumbering TE. And will someone please page KW and tell him to wake up, and that he missed the game. The fact that Kaep/G.Ro can’t get KW involved in the game is a shared failure, and suggests that KW’s hands are lacking. Hope I’m proven wrong on this in the future.

  21. Aldon Smith was missed today, we should of buried Carson Palmer several times and we did not. I would not give them a D, perhaps a C + as they came through at the end.

  22. The Cardinals justified their 3-2 record. Impressive defense. Ellington is a stud. But we’re better and we won. However, why they hardly ever play Hunter, one of our best offensive players IMHO, baffles me. And why they don’t dink and dunk.

  23. Until the final minutes you would have had no idea that Justin Smith was even on the field. I hope the rookie DL guys can play or that may be our first round draft pick next year. Smith has had a great run, but he is done. I also hope those rookies can play immediately or we are going to have to get some warm bodies to play DL with all of the injuries.

  24. Grant,

    I think you’re ignoring both Gore’s (and this coaching staff’s history). Frank Gore has always been the type of back that hits 2, 3, 4 yards per carry but then bust a big run here and there 20+ yards. The last two years Frank has benefitted from G-Ro’s innovative running formations and run scheming. Now that Gore has slowed down and not busting 50, 60, 70 yard runs, and G-Ro’s scheme is new, it’s expected that there will be some “coming-down-to-earth” in the run game. So we’ll get some short yardage, but we’ll still bust a few big ones. We need to find a way to get Hunter or LMJ in on those big run plays…those two guys have the ability to take it to the house from anywhere on the field. But also don’t forget, the Cardinals are ranked #3 against the run this year. They’re defense is no push over and we still were able to grind it out against them.

    I get grading down the coaching or Kaep, but mostly because we missed out on 21 points in the red zone in the beginning of the game. Kaep has got to learn how to protect the football. I understand that he has a pitcher’s back ground so he “winds up” for his passes, but that’s no excuse for not protecting the football! It seems like he’s lost a fumble or almost lost a fumble each week this year. That’s coaching…they fixed it with Alex, they need to fix it with Kaep, and FAST!

    Our WR’s SUCK!!!! Crabtree and Manningham (and Patton) can’t come back soon enough! K-Dub…I like his fight, but either we’re not scheming well with him, or he’s not an NFL receiver (a la Ted Ginn). Unfortunately, I think it’s the latter. Boldin is doing an okay job as the stand in #1…that’s not what he was brought in to do, and that’s not where he is this at stage in his career. He was brought in as a compliment to Crabs & Manningham, but their out. That being said, we knew that we’d be getting healthy during the year, so I see why Baalke didn’t trade for a #1 or even #2 WR. The problem is that we haven’t been getting Vance McD nor LMJ involved enough in the passing game so teams can just squat on Boldin, double Davis and ignore K-Dub and that alone shuts down our passing game.

    On the bright side, our team IS turning a corner. Our defense is back to its ball-hawking ways like Harbaugh’s first year. Eric Reid is a STUD (and is getting better each week). I think we’ve survived all of the injuries very well. As we get healthy over the course of the season, this team just might be the real deal this year and take it all the way.

    1. Have you seen the Panthers this year? Ted Ginn is playing really well as a WR. That indicates to me it is more about the coaching, play calling and scheme than about our WR’s talent. At what point does J Morton the WR coach become accountable? He really hasn’t done much with any of our receivers except overall top 10 pick Crabtree and it took 4 years to develop him into a legit #1. I suspect if our guys were playing on the Patriots, Broncos, Saints, Packers they would have plays designed to get them open and the coaching to make them productive. JH/GR/JM are way too conservative when it comes to the passing attack. I don’t think Kap is the problem. If you are open, he can put the ball on you even in a small window.

      1. Mauidave you may be right but sometimes bad is just bad. There are a whole lot of players currently on NFL rosters who are special teams players only without the skills to become contributing position players IE AJ Jenkins oh and Williams and Baldwin.

  25. Grant
    “Gore finished the game with 101 yards on 25 carries, but 57 of those yards came on three runs – a 10-yarder, a 15-yarder and a 32-yarder. Take away those carries and Gore rushed 22 times for 44 yards.”

    Take away Dwight Clarks “The Catch” and he just has an average game.
    Take away 3 TD passes by Steve Young in the Superbowl and he only has 3 TD’ instead of 6.

    OK, my sarcasm is not very good (alright, downright lousy), especially when using monumental past games to make a point. But how can you infer taking away these runs from F.Gore leaving him with 22 carries and 44 yards?
    The team and the NFL won’t have any issues recording the full content of Gore’ work today.

    Frank Gore has not cooperated with your “his legs are gone” comment you made last month. Now your recent comment almost comes across as sour grapes against FG for nullifying your Sept. 17th analysis of him.

    Other than that, I agree with your grades.

    1. Yep, Gore’s success rate was at 48% which is good, and success rate is a much better way of looking at it. Because 22 carries for 44 yards might seem bad at first glance but it clearly all depends on the situation. A carry for 1 yard on 3rd and 1 might not look good when looking at yards per carry but thats clearly a good play. Just as a carry for 20 yards on 3rd and 25 is a lesser play even if it yields a ridiculous yards per carry average.

  26. Do you really think anyone with an IQ over 40 actually acts on these ridiculous “I make this much money at home” posts? This is a FOOTBALL board.

  27. How can anyone say, “take away those runs” blah blah blah. The running game is essentially your body blows in a fight. You punch, punch, punch until boom a liver shot that drops your apponent. Those big runs early are like knock down punches to the face. They’re not that common. Lets not forget AZ had the third ranked run defense in the league.
    Our problems are two people. Johnny Morton and Greg Roman. That’s it!!!

  28. grant, did you watch the game? that interception in the end zone was a TD to Bruce Miller IF IT WASN’T TIPPED

    while the passing game isn’t an all out ariel assault, the Niners under Harbaugh have never relied on their passing game to win games (other than the Packers who just gave it to them). you need to swallow this bit of reality. understand it. I don’t know if you’ve played too much video game football, watched too much of the “Greatest Show on Turf”, or think that the game of football is what Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers and Brady (in the 2nd half of his career) are doing with an all out passing attack? Those are dynamic and flashy offenses and work very well for the few QBs that can run them. But everyone else plays normal football. You know, run the ball, pass the ball, play defense, control the ball, play field position….

    The Niners passing game will only supplement their run game and defense. That’s where all their success has come from over the past 2 and half seasons. Sure they’ll play around with changing it up with the Pistol, read-option, fly sweep etc… but it always comes back to the run game and good defense.

    Wide eyed fan ideas of a blazing outside receiver running 9 routes on the outside and stretching the defense just isn’t going to happen. That’s not the 49ers. Accept it.

    1. Look, all serious fans know who the Niners are and what is their M.O. You have summarized it very well. Grant knows it, too. However, he is not really doing analysis here. He’s awarding ridiculous grades to stir the pot and get over a hundred comments quickly. He’s also playing to the fantasy football gallery.

      This team is built for winning in the post-season. It’s not by accident that they were six yards from winning the sixth Lombardi and a couple of punt return fumbles away from the going to another one.

      I’ll bet the FO is carefully analyzing the case for doing a deal for a receiver over the next few weeks – Nicks, Gordon or Britt. Let’s see how things develop.

  29. I could quibble here and there on grades, but I think you missed a lot when you called Justin a non-factor. What, no stats? If you didn’t see that Justin was a major player in this victory, then you didn’t see a whole lot of what I saw. It’s not just about who makes the tackle in this D.

    1. You don’t win Super Bowls in September and October. You hope to weather the storm, get healthy and start getting on a roll in November so you’re playing your best football in December and January.

      1. Our D line and WRs are banged up but you are right. Get Aldon back, Dorsey healthy with Carradine and possibly Dial worked into the rotation and the pass rush will be coming on at the right time. Same with adding the 3 injured wideouts into the mix with Kap to get a little chemistry going and the O could be peaking come playoff time. Still a lot of football to go.

      2. Here’s a related article worth reading in Bleacher report!
        Colin Kaepernick’s Re-Emergence Reminds Us How Dangerous the 49ers Could Be

        Might just have to go to the sight. Probably won’t post from my phone

  30. Tremaine played bad but rogers played good but they pretty much let up only 1 big play a piece. Watch the game again.

  31. Grant, Good grade’s, the grade you gave kap and vernon is about right and the special team. But the rest of the 49ers teams grade should be C-. The AZ Cardinals beat themselves today. Mid way in the 3rd Quarter, the Cardinals were about to score, If Avery hadn’t commited the turn over at the niners 10 yds line, the momentum would turn around to the Cardinals favor.

    1. LOL, I am so happy that AZ end up beating themselves by giving a safety to the Niners and a fumble after a nice gain. GO NINERS

  32. And a grade of “F” to the fans who did the Wave while an opposing player was down on the field, injured. Disgusting.

  33. Denver is 6-0 because of their offense.
    KC is 6-0 because of their defense.
    Seattle is 5-1 because they always make the clutch play when they need it.
    Niners are 4-2. How? That’s hard to figure out.
    They stunk in the two losses. Their offense is a WIP. They beat up on three inferior teams to right the ship but at the same time they sometimes played down to the level on the competition.

    1. Fan77,

      Why do you seem disappointed that we won. We won because we played like we should always do. We played tough physical football. We relied on the run game. Those inferior teams you talk about have a total record of 8 wins and 10 losses. 2 of those teams have a .500 record and are members of the best division in football. The NFC West. Your assertion that these are weak teams is not necessarily accurate. We’ve played the toughest schedule of anyone in our division. This is what happens when you go to the Super Bowl. I don’t recall seeing Seattle or Kansas City or Denver in the Super Bowl last year. Take a look at their strength of schedule this year. I’m certain we can handle Jacksonville as well. They all did.

      1. 23 Jordan,
        Look at the teams the beat, Rams, Houston and Cardinals. Even though the score is lopsided, the play of the offense has been inconsistent. To your point, the Chiefs beat the the Raiders 24-7 but it was a close game until the 4th quarter. The Chiefs are building a team identity of being tough as nails. Like the SF Giants when the won the pennant. Tenacious. Not fancy.

        Right now the Niners have that freddy P softy thing. We should expect dominance, be a juggernaut team.
        That’s not the case. You watch Seattle and they have that swagger, they are more physical then the Niners. They have a QB that somehow gets it done and makes a crazy scramble when he needs to.

        The Niners are 4-2, but it doesn’t feel right even thought they have the talent.
        The Chiefs shouldn’t be 6-0, until you watch how they play Defense and yeah the Offense is ugly, but they do just enough when you least expect it.
        That Defense can do one thing that gives them a great chance to beat the top teams, and that is they can pressure the QB.

      2. Fan77,

        Can you expect the Niners to be dominant with all the injuries we have? Judge the team when they are close to full strength. Who led this team receiving last year? We lost Culliver, crabs, Williams, Willis, now Dorsey. All that and we’re a game behind Sedately. The game they beat us at home. We are getting reinforcements this week. If for nothing else, Meaningful becomes a threat, a decoy. Our d line gets some help. We are in great shape.

      3. How is it trolling if the question whether or not the team has a true identity? Every team has injuries that’s not a valid excuse.

      4. 23 Jordan Neal thinks two rookies and two injury prone WR’s are comin in to save the day. Have you heard of conditioning, game shape? Of course you have. Apparently you work out 7 days a week, 7% body fat, top two salesmen in the country. The best of the best!

      5. Bay,

        Fan77 learned his lesson the other day when the blog exposed him focusing my name on another blog. Let’s be the bigger men and set an example and shut the name calling down. If a guy has an agenda here, it will always be crystal clear. Prime is the outcast here. If you find a response to one of his lists here from me from this point forth, it will the last post you see from me on this blog. He’s a child and if we’re gonna engage with a child, we may as well be children too. Do what you wish. I just offered you that bit of advice because we are on the same page. I know you’re a diehard, I am as well. Let’s keep it football even if he won’t. Go Niners!

      6. How quickly can these reinforcements assimilate their bodies to game shape? That is the $64 question. They’ve got 3 weeks to prove they can be better than the man ahead of them. Manningham is obviously capable of doing it. The need makes Dial and his girth an interesting prospect too. Carradine if healthy could really play the role of a rookie Aldon Smith bumping Skuta. It will become very clear after the bye….

      7. 23 j says “Prime is the outcast here. If you find a response to one of his lists here from me from this point forth, it will the last post you see from me on this blog”

        Yeah you will just use your other profile Neal. Nice try little man.

      8. Razor i’m not positive but i believe that Harbaugh and Fangio soon after they drafted Carradine said he would play Justin Smiths position [DE\DT] only. Not A. Smiths position [OLB\DE]

      9. I don’t always agree with Prime or Fansince77, but I do not think of them as trolls by any means. We have a couple of others on here who fit that designation much better — Mr. Capey and the one who has misappropriated Alex Smith’s name.

        Well, I might include OneNiner as a troll, but that is more because he continues to promote his prejudice toward misunderstood Alaskan rodents than because of his views on the team, as one sided and simplistic as they may be.

      10. 23 Jordan,
        What lesson did I learn? you said you weren’t going to even answer my posts!
        And that you’re a little boy who freaked out over your precious name and that maybe you don’t want other people reading the stuff you post on here.
        You called me out for saying that the AZ Cards run D was over-rated, and then you post and say the AZ Cards was stout.
        And I’m the troll….
        Bay Area Nincompoop calls everyone a douchebag who disagrees with him and yeah he’s allowed to post whatever he wants.
        Go figure….

      11. Eric Carmen was one of the best self taught guitar players of his generation. Did you know he attended John Carroll University, the same school as Greg Roman?
        I met him one time at a club in Vegas. Most down to earth guy you will ever meet.

    1. He gets credit for that. He also had 10 carries for 20 yards in the first half. That could lose a game against a better offense. Palmer gave the 49ers their first 8 points.

      1. Just an observation. To get the ball inside the opponents 15 twice and come away with only 6 points was disappointing to put it mildly.

      2. How could 20 yards on 10 carries lose a game against a better team? Grant, admit you made a mistake on Gore’s grade. Gore was great today. 100 yards against this defense? 41 yards on the 89 yard game changing drive. Gore runs hard and we know that. Defenses get paid to stop him. The Cards had the 3rd ranked running defense. That was for a reason.

        1. The Cardinals’ defense was gassed and demoralized on that drive. The Cardinals’ offense had committed too many turnovers. The 49ers’ lack of a first-half running game would have hurt them against an offense that didn’t turn the ball over early and often.

      3. Grant,

        Different situations create different circumstances. We may have had success throwing the football against another team. It’s all hypothetical. We ran and we’ve run more lately the cause it’s what we do best. Not every play is gonna get us 5 yards on the ground. That 89 yard 18 play drive was a masterpiece. The longest drive(play wise ) in the NFL this season.

      4. Remember back in 2011 when Gore ran for 141 yards against the Lions? In that game, he racked up 102 of those yards on only two carries. Too bad he had a terrible day.

      5. >>Considering he is done, not a bad job. Gore deserves an A.

        Yeah, that “done” guy is #5 rushing in the league. It’s a good thing he is facing gassed defenses game after game.

      6. Grant gaining 20 yards on 10 attempts is not going to be the only factor for losing a game. Here is my question for you, do you believe the running game (10 attempts, 20 yards) had any impact on setting up the pass to VD or the running game outcome in the second half by tiring the AZ defense later in the game!

        You dont have to get 4 yards plus on every carry to have an effective running attack in the NFL! its all about keeping the defense honest and pounding them so eventually they crack!

      7. @ribico
        Gassed defenses? All defense’s get tired during a game. What do you mean?
        Our o line pounded them, tenderized them as Harbaugh insinuated. It’s a grind man. Has he lost a step? Yes, maybe even two. He still a serviceable to good back. Pass blocks well and finds the hole to keep the sticks moving.

      8. Reading these comments rightfully defending Frank Gore makes me remember Sinaed O’Connor ripping up a picture of the Pope on SNL. In this case, Grant is Sinaed and Frank is the Pope. No one should rip Frank. He is a Niner icon and he leads this team on and off the field. Not calling him a Pope, just saying he has and keeps earning his “sacred” place in Niner hearts.

      9. Grant maybe you should try the grading post, after you’ve watched the game again. Although you can see plays that develop a whole lot better in person. You can’t see as much on the field that cameras can give you. Like how “gassed” a defense might be, or points made by professionals that call the game. Your grade on the RB is atrocious. Every week you’re slightly changing a grade when someone seen it differently. Try watching it again before grading. Ill bet you have a more accurate point of view when you have the knowledge of the in
        Person and television feed.

      10. >>Gassed defenses? All defense’s get tired during a game. What do you mean?

        Check upthread, big. That is me poking fun at Grant’s reasoning for Gore’s success.

      11. “Palmer gave the 49ers their first 8 points.”

        So its Palmer’s fault his tackle got beat instantly in the end zone ?

  34. ” The 49ers did not coach well until late in the third quarter. The Cardinals’ halftime adjustments were better than the 49ers’ halftime adjustments.”

    That is incredible comedic writing. I commend you.

    These are my two sentences:
    The 49ers won the first half 22-14. The 49ers won the second half 10-6.

    1. The Cardinals’ halftime adjustments WERE better than the 49ers’. (Everybody’s halftime adjustments are better than ours.) Arizona moved the ball MUCH better in the third quarter. The 49ers looked bad offensively in the third quarter. Halftime (and other) adjustments are a serious weakness of our coaches, especially Roman.

      1. You can move the ball all you want but if you can’t score points it’s meaningless. I’m sure the Cards coaching staff is enjoying their moral victory.

    2. What was missed here is what was revealed by the comments of John Lynch and the other broadcast dude: in the 4Q, as the Niners were going Monster Mash with the ground game, they mentioned that at least Roman was good to his word. He (Roman) had told them in the pre-game interview that he wanted to “loosen the Cards up in the 1st Half” then run it down their throats in the 2nd. When the play calling is viewed in that context we can see that they had a plan and let it unfold. They didn’t have some epiphany late in the game to give Frank the rock. Maybe Grant was at the game and didn’t hear that call, but it’s beyond obvious for those of us who did.
      Yes, Az made Halftime adjustments, who doesn’t? Oh, and they were brilliant too. Dorsey goes down in the 1Q, so they decide to run up the middle after Halftime. Wow, they’re strategic and tactical geniuses! Move over Sun Tzu! Those who’ve watched this coaching staff may remember that Fangio usually takes one or two series in the 3Q to adjust to the other team’s adjustments.

      1. Yea Tuna I noticed the tardy adjustment as well. Took a half time for them to figure out that they could target the middle — almost a quarter late. That could have been a game changer if more timely.

  35. Gore was the player of the second half. Tough running through small holes. Arizona has a really good run defense – the best in the league before this game. 100 yards on 25 carries. Grade: A for running backs.

    Vernon Davis may be in contention for offensive player of the week. He was fabulous. Grade: A+ for tight ends.

    For once Greg Roman did the logical thing in the second half – stick with what’s working.

  36. Oh, and Donte Whitner did NOT play well. He wasn’t terrible, but he completely missed an easy tackle on Fitzgerald (probably planned to blow him up) and handed Arizona their first touchdown.

    1. They scored twice on similar plays. Notice the ball passed to wr near his teamate in traffic, almost like a long distance screen/pick play. Fitzgeralds td and also the other one against Brown. A new wrinkle.
      I wonder if it’s legal.

  37. How many drops from our recievers today? How many yards would have been added to kap’s stats?
    How can we say this game was so close? When your top two Wr’s and Dt’s out, what can you expect? The opposition will run down your throat and give you no chunk passing yards. Think about it, we’re still winning.

      1. Yeah, sometimes it’s not beautiful. We’re lucky we get some reinforcements coming soon. We were worried about placing players on the practice squad. Now, we won’t. They’ll replace the injured ones.
        I love lemonier’s play so far. If Dial can do the same, we’ll not drop off much.

      2. Frank Gore was a beast, plain and simple, he got the job done, and the D-line got the job done, even with the mash unit, The grade is a big W, that’s all that counts.

    1. Big Niner, good teams will find ways to win good or ugly period. Do you remember the days we just could not get a W!

      1. Yep, considering our injuries and the odds stacked against us returning to the super bowl. I think we’re chugging right along .

  38. If you take away all of the good what you are left with is the bad. Under your criteria you probably graded to high. Bottom line is they won the game and they would not have won it were it not for the plays you want to take away. That doesn’t make any sense to me at all. I think you need to save the ink on this one.

  39. The big carries skews frank gore’s overall stats? Wtf is that?
    Then I guess Alex smith should only have 25 yards a game, because YAC skew those stats. The defense was worn down and that’s the only reason? That’s reason enough. I’m sure their defense has been tired at some point in all of their games. They still maintained the 3rd overall running defense in the league. I don’t know if you expect 150 yards rushing every game, 400 yards passing, 5 turnovers, and no penalties every game, or you’re bitter at this franchise. But that statement is of a young uninformed blogger. I usually like your posts, but that comment may be bringing to light what some on here have claimed about you. Following in your dads footsteps? Cred took a hit with that comment Grant.

    1. He’s a Raider fan. What do you expect? I guess the oline’s punishing play had nothing to do with their defense tiring.

    2. NinerMD, I posted the same exact point. Its so silly to selectively remove the big plays on both side of the game and then grade the position or players poorly. Most games in the nfl will depend on a few plays which will change the outcome of the game.

  40. Grant,
    Corey Lemonier and Aldon Smith play the same position yet you classify Smith as a Lineman and Lemonier as a Linebacker. Why? I would even say that since Smith plays in the Base defense(not right now obviously), and Lemonier mostly plays nickel, then Lemonier is more DL and Smith is more OLB.

  41. The only time you can make that, ” take away those runs” statement is when a game has been decided and a team is padding their stats. This was hardly the case.

  42. grant you write that the cardinals defense never adjusted to davis—he had 7 catches for 171 yards in 1st half with 2 tds…1 catch for 9 yards in second half…seems to me that they adjusted to davis pretty well after the 1st half–care to explain your comment?
    you covered your bases later saying the cards coaches made better halftime adjustments

  43. While I agree with a lot of Grant’s concerns, I think he grades a little too hard. The offense is nowhere near how they were clicking last year. The schedule eases up a little, so I am concerned but not panicked.

  44. Don’t know if anyone else has said anything about this yet but the Wave that was done today was pathetic and idiotic. I sure hope no one on here was stupid enough to participate. A. The wave isn’t for football. B. It’s a huge distraction for every real fan that is trying to pay attention to the game. And C. It’s just annoying. I don’t understand why fans find it fun. Today’s was especially bad. Do the wave and cheer loudly while a player is being carted of on a stretcher? I know they weren’t do it because of that but it was definitely untimely and stupid. I hope the wave is banned from Levi stadium. Idiotic fans should be as well.

    1. I always sit in my seat and shake my head in embarrassment if the wave starts. I’ve had folks around say “c’mon it’s fun” or c’mon help keep it rolling. I’ve stated that it started in Seattle and I absolutely hate that city and its teams. And when I’m at a dance club I also don’t participate in a conga line, or electric slide. I wouldn’t be caught dead doing the wave. And in defense of the crowd they did give a pretty big cheer when he was carted off. I at the time didn’t notice he was still down while the wave was going on. Players like staley need to concentrate of football not what fans are doing. It wasn’t out of disrespect. The sf fan base has never been known for cheering other players injuries. Bad timing? Yes. Bad decision to do that stupid thing? Yes. Intent to rub in an injury? No chance.

      1. Agree, it was fan boredom during a longish stoppage of play that allowed that nonsense. I don’t have a problem though with the players at the time trying to dampen it or later mentioning it because it could be perceived as disrespectful. Likewise with Jed; just trying to raise awareness.

  45. If you didn’t see the Tenn vs Seattle game, the Titans lost starting RB Chris Johnson. They are already missing starting QB Jake Locker as well as backup RB Shone Greene. In short, the Titan offense (run by QB bust Ryan Fitzpatrick -17/29, 171 yards, 0 TDs, 2 picks) can’t throw and can’t run. If not for the fluky busted field goal attempt returned for a TD, the Titans would not have scored any touchdowns today. The Niners should be able to take of business provided they learn to pass against the Titan 11th ranked D.

    1. I agree. Someone posted last night that the Titans game was going to be a tough win. Hardly. The moment Locker went down, that became the easiest game on the schedule.
      Chris Johnson has been a dud all season. SF just needs to get out healthy and continue to roll. Our first 3 game win streak under Harbaugh in regular season. Now we have to go make it 4

      1. Matt

        In case you are referring to my post, I posted yesterday that the Niners should not have as tough time against the Titans compared to the Cardinals.

        Old Coach asked why I thought so.

        Even without Fitzpatrick’s limitations in reading defenses, and Chris Johnson’s injury yesterday, they are just not a very good team and the coaches don’t appear to be that great either.

        Niners will most likely employ a heavy run dose since the Titan’s defensive line is not particularly impressive (Morgan, Hill, Casey and Pitoitua). The DBs are their strength but that’s nothing a successful run game cannot deal with.

        I expect a close game in the first half with the Niners pulling away in the later third and fourth as they wear out the injury-depleted Titans,

        Tanier had a funny entry on the Titan’s offensive gamplean in his column today:
        “You are the Titans, so your only source of scoring — especially against a great defense like the Seahawks — is fluky, non-repeatable plays. So try the following:
        Chris Johnson no gain. Ryan Fitzgerald scramble. Chris Johnson no gain. Punt. Chris Johnson loss of four. Chris Johnson gain of three. Maybe Kendall Wright does something. Interception. Injure the opponents’ kicker, so the punter/holder must kick and the ball boy must hold. Return the botched snap for a touchdown! Continue the Johnson plays and scrambles until you have lost. Don’t worry, the game won’t last long.”

      2. I didn’t mean to imply it was you Mood. I honestly don’t remember who posted it. I think it was OldCoach but regardless, I didn’t post it to be antagonistic. I just disagreed with the assertion.

      3. “Our first 3 game win streak under Harbaugh in regular season. Now we have to go make it 4″

        Perhaps my recall of ancient history is incorrect, but was not Harbaugh the 49ers’ head coach in 2011 when the team had winning streaks of eight games and three games in the regular season? I sure seem to remember him as head coach that year.

  46. Colin (a win is a win) Kaepernick.
    Colin (can’t wrap up a ‘W’ against AZ for 3 qtrs) Kaepernick.
    Sooner or later, ya gotta ‘take charge’ early against
    teams like this. Otherwise,
    you may not have the extra juice
    needed when you face a Tom Brady or a Peyton Manning.
    Don’t believe me? Just as Drew Brees, okay?

      1. They put up 41 in that game, but you’re absolutely right Adam in that Kaep threw for four TD’s, in Foxborough, in December, where Tom Brady hadn’t lost in forever…as for you, Mrs. Smith, keep thinking Kaep doesn’t have any juice to beat the elite, because he already has…

    1. Yeah and Alex passed for a buck & a quarter and couldn’t put away a crap Raiders team until the 4th and that was pretty much the D taking over.

  47. Grant,
    I will take the liberty of adding a new grade at least for today.

    Grade: 49ers fans at Candlestick – F

    Our Org has been represented by championship football over its storied history. Legendary players have graced Candlestick Park wearing the Red and Gold as well as great players from opposing teams.

    Watching fans at the park doing a wave while a player is laying on the ground waiting to be removed by a gurney was nothing short of classless and embarrassing.
    49ers football has a foundation built around champions, we as fans should know that and act accordingly especially in certain situations.

    1. Note to Jed York: Before you decide to go on Twitter to voice your displeasure with fans for doing the wave during Campbell’s injury, you should look yourself in the mirror and think about your role in allowing Aldon Smith to play in a game 2 days after hitting a tree while driving in a drunken stupor.

    2. I was there and was as mad as anyone about people doing the wave. But I don’t believe the wave and injury were related. The section that started it was trying the whole 4th. However, the wave was very untimely and still idiotic.

  48. Grant I agree with some of your grades however your grade for the running game and LBs is just silly! How can you make a statement that if you “remove the big plays Frank Gore would end up with 44 yards!” No kidding Grant, if you remove the big plays most teams would either lose or win the game. Frank Gore again had a great game and should receive an A for keeping the offense on the field while giving the defense a chance to rest. Also, the key plays by Cory for the safety and strip by Pat Willis should alone give the LB an A grade since the safety and the strip changed the dynamic of the game.

    I wished you would grade the game based on the overall outcome and final status rather than selectively just analyzing some of the plays.

    1. IMO, this is not going to happen. The Giants would ask for a high pick, he would have to learn the offense, and this is the last year of his contract. Also, I have read, the Giants like him, he likes them, and he has said he would like to sign with them again.

      1. George – The Giants are old, have no depth and have too many holes to fill. They can’t afford to resign Nicks. Besides, Victor Cruz is their guy. Cruz just signed a big contract extension. Giants need draft picks.
        Most players enjoy playing for Niners and with Levi’s stadium opening, players will want to be part of it. If Nicks produces, he won’t be a rental.

      2. Crabs,
        I’m not down with that move. Nicks is going to want a huge payday after this season, far more than what he is worth. He has never played sixteen games in a season and supposedly wants Mike Wallace money. Crabtree is a better player but will likely want top dollar as well. Calvin Johnson and A.J. Green are the only two receivers that I can think of that are worth that type of money at this point. Green has hinted that he won’t sign a new contract with the Bengals after his rookie deal. If you are going to overpay a guy, overpay a supremely talented one. I think Baalke needs to hire a consultant to help with scouting receivers leading up to the draft. Receivers seem to be his blind spot.

      3. Justin Blackmon has more value. Nicks reminds me of Owens when it comes to catching the ball. He has untimely drops.
        If you’re going to pick up a WR, Blackmon is a better option. He is 2nd year in his rookie contract. Provides future investment over Crabtree.

      4. I can’t see that signing any WR will somehow cause CK to throw the ball to him.

        CK is locked onto either Boldin or VD at the moment. He is simply not trusting himself or the other WR’s to throw it their way.

        Boldin and VD have become CK’ security blanket and it has paid off over the past few games, but unless he begins to utilize the other WR’s the offense will sputter when we face good DB’ like the c-hawks and other teams with very good DB’s.

        CK will need to get over his security blanket reliance on AB and VD if this team is to go far into the playoffs, period!

      5. Crabs,

        We don’t want Nicks, we only trade for a receiver that we can keep after this season. We’d need to give up the 2nd rounder for Gordon. I was against it before but it’s crystal clear that we have to have a set of trusted agents as receivers. Gordon buys us a bit more time for Manningham and Crabtree. Nicers need to give up our 2nd, not K.C’s. Do it now and let’s get this offense up to speed along with our D getting healthy. We will be set.

    2. I’m not to excited about a rental. We need those draft picks. 12 million is impossible for us to spend on him next year. I Like him as a player though.

      1. Big Niner – Aldon will be freeing up some money for Hakeem Nicks. ;)
        Nicks may take less to play for SB contender in beautiful new Levi’s Stadium….. creative financing helps too.

    3. Solid player. But if we trade for Nicks then we really have to re sign him. And he will make around what Crab will make, so why trade and get him when we have a wr just as good we can sign?

      1. Adam, agree completely. If the Niners were likely to resign him, then this would be an interesting proposal. (Crabs and Nicks??? Yes please!) However, I’m not convinced that this is feasible given current contract priorities. I don’t think there is any way the Niners let Aldon Smith walk, even with his off-field issues. Iupati won’t be in contract talks until the offseason, just like Kaep and A. Smith. On top of that, it takes time to develop a synergy between QB and WR, and it’s not guaranteed that would happen right now.

    4. Yeah we shouldn’t go after Nicks.Gordon or Blackmon is what we need goin forward..britt would be a rental like Nicks…but he may take less to stay wit 49ers after rental is up

  49. hey Grant! Frank also had runs of 6 yards, 9 yards, 8 yards, and
    7 yards. Take away those and he’s down to less than 1 ypc. We better
    dump this guy.. his legs are so gone, it’s pitiful to see him hobbling around out there.

  50. Vernon Davis had a career game, and he had really really good blocking and he gets an A-? Do you realize he had one of the best tight-end games ever?

  51. Looking at the QB rankings, it’s funny that the entire NFL world projected Russel Wilson and Colin Kaepernick to be top five rated QB’s based on last year. There is no accelerating the learning process. Both are taking their lumps this year and both will get to a point where they are top five QB’s. The good part is that they are both winning while they go through that process. Here’s to hoping Russel loses a couple before we meet in December : )


    1. I hope so too Bay. The Seahawks switched to a short, controlled passing game against the Titans. This allowed them to limit mistakes, and let their defense control the tempo. The 49ers are really trying to execute the big play, so mistakes are to be expected. The thing that surprises me the most is the number of passes getting deflected at the line from Kaep. I’m curious as to what the root cause is here. Hopefully that’s a simple solution.

      1. Yeah,
        still staring receivers down. If he ever learns to pump fake, and to look off a safety and go back the other way, he will be DANGEROUS with that cannon.

  52. Also an observation. After watching the Seahawks, they are only a slightly above average team IMO. A good team plays well at home and away. The Seahawks though they are winning have such a huge drop off when they play away, that it really highlights the importance of the benefit of the noise level they receive with that home crowd.

    1. They played okay against the Titans at home. It was a tight game but eventually the wheels came off the Titans offense.
      Russell Wilson is a WIP QB, he just waits for the pocket to break down and then takes off running.

  53. Grant, Good analysis overall. I’ve come to know you to be critical, so of course people like me would be a little more lenient in the grading, but as long as you can provide some logical justification behind them, which you have, you will have my respect on the grades.

    A couple points:

    T-Brock was covering on the 75 yd TD, but Whitner was there trying to deliver a shoulder hit instead of wrapping up. The defense suffers when he makes decisions like that.

    D-line had extra stress due to losing their last anchor in Dorsey. In the 2nd half, the Cardinals spread out the D by hitting quick small gainers on the sidelines, then ran it up the middle when the run support drifted out. Good game plan by the Cardinals to take advantage.

    Lastly, you are correct regarding skewed data, but be careful about interpreting what this means overall. Depending on who interprets it, an outlier can be considered both the rule, and the exception. Also, we have a saying in the south regarding the big play. You get it where you get it!!

  54. is it possible….

    Except for our week one victory over Green Bay,
    in my humble opinion,
    the New Orleans Saints played better football
    yesterday in Foxborough in their
    last minute 27 – 30 loss to the Patriots
    (after leading New England late in the 4th quarter)
    than what we have seen for the last five weeks
    from the 49ers (including the three sloppy wins)
    over essentially mediocre teams.

    On week #11, if a 7-2 SF team meets an 8-1 NO team
    (playing on the road in New Orleans…
    … our 3rd away game out of the next 4)
    I expect us to come away at 7-3,
    having been handed our lunch.
    Out-fought and out-coached.

      1. Not only moist, but stinky too. I wonder what this guy is like in real life. It would be fun to talk to him, and take a crap on him.

      2. He’s a lot like Grant actually. He posts things here for hits/responses that lack anything other than inflammatory remarks.

    1. I don’t know why Grant hasn’t banned you. Unless you are a Cohn creation who’s sole purpose is to incite the room and create more blog hits.
      We are here to watch our QB develop. The Smith shipped has sailed. He’s currently on a team that is winning with the same formula that the 2011 team had. Smith has not been a difference maker. He is protecting the ball. His defense leads the NFL in scoring and takeaways.
      Two weeks ago Smith completed 51% of his passes. He followed that up this week by completing 45% of his passes. This week he averaged 4.13 yards per pass. I for one am glad he is having “team” success, but I do not for a second miss him. Focus on the big picture and where we will be in a year and it makes the mistakes we have now tolerable. Especially since we are winning.
      Had we still had Smith, we would STILL be reliant on every other part of the team playing at a high level. Except for one Cardinal game and one Saints game, he is who I thought he was….
      Who else wants this troll banned?

      1. Lameareafanatic says “Had we still had Smith, we would STILL be reliant on every other part of the team playing at a high level”

        That’s how you win championships baseball guy. You rely on all three phases of football. It’s not like baseball son where you can win with good pitching and poor hitting. Football is a game that requires efficiency from offense, defense, special teams and coaching.
        It’s not fantasy where one guy can tilt the game.

        As for your learning curve excuse, just wondering how many more starts does Kap need before you put away that card. It’s week 7 and your still making excuses he is young. He’s played 17 games, three of those playoffs games which he played lights out. He’s not a rookie anymore. Just admit you wet the bed on Kap too early like the rest of your fantasy club.

      2. Bay – I agree, the “Great Grant” should ban the zombie cockroach troll.
        Zombie trolls/dead walkers just ruin our blog. They want to eat your brains out or have a quick nibble on your nuts.
        To kill them, don’t waste valuable ammo shooting them in the chest, shoulders or through their wrist brace. One shot between their beady little eyes should do the trick.

      3. Primeslime,
        it makes me all fuzzy inside that the room now sees you and fan77 for the Dbags that you are.
        Let me school you a bit. You used a baseball analogy, so I will correct you. Hopefully you learn something. You referenced baseball as a sport where you can win with good pitching and no hitting. Your words douchebag not mine. Well if you look at the Chiefs right now, if their Defense is the ( pitching ), Alex Smith is the ( hitter ) who is doing NOTHING right now. Three of his last four games he hasn’t thrown a TD. His last two games he’s completed 51% and 45% of his passes for QB ratings of 60 and 56 for a whopping 4.13 yards per pass. And they STILL won. So yes Primeslime, you can win in the NFL when your passing game sucks as long as you can run the ball and the defense is the strongest part of your team…..

      4. The room? You act like the room are your boys, your honeys that got your back but in reality, you are the one who looks foolish every single day.

        Bay if you have watched any Chiefs game you would see that their offensive line is dominating, their run game is perfect and Alex is distributing the ball to all his playmakers. Next their defense is awesome and Reid has come in and put Alex and the rest of the personnel in a system to succeed.
        See baseball guy, all 4 phases doing its part. I could tell you this over and over but you would never get it. Now back to embarrassing yourself with your limited knowledge of football!

      5. How is he distributing to his play makers when he hasn’t thrown a TD in three of his last four games? Last game 4.13 yards per pass? That has “don’t screw this up” written all over it. You making things up to cover for your lack of knowledge?
        Lets get this straight ONCE again. You are the multiple poster. Sometimes multiple posting in the same thread to show that someone agree with you. ( talk to yourself much?) You have called children names, you’ve been banned from this site. You hate on our current teams QB. And you’ve made fun of cancer patients under one of your “other blog names”. But you are the credible one?

      6. Bay,
        “Never argue with a fool; onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.”

        You are boxing against DS’s lobotomized shadow, let it go already.

      7. I asked that Grant ban the guy last week. Not gonna happen. Grant makes the same type of inflammatory comments himself. Look at his ridiculous grade and comments on Frank Gore in the post game grades. He downplays Gore’s performance so that we will respond. I hope he doesn’t really believe what he typed. That would be awfully shallow of him. I’ve never criticized him before but he can’t believe that Gore didn’t have a good game yesterday. Maybe he missed the gam end just saw the stats.

      8. Big P,

        Very well said. I’m done with Prime. Bay, you should be too. Let the guy follow up your Intellegent post with insults. He has nothing else better to do. If you ignore him, it hurts him. You have to remember. He is an adolescent. He’s young. He needs the attention. I don’t have anymore for him. If I respond to a post of his on this blog, I’m that fool that Big P speaks of. Don’t be that fool. You don’t need Prime. He needs you. Notice how he responds to your posts with insults. He’s just as big a troll as the guy Alex No pressure. Let him suffer, ignore him. He’s low hanging fruit. Keep posting insightful information pertaining to the Niners.

      9. But Grant,

        You downplayed his runs, his yardage. I know you saw the game. Arizona sent 7-8 guys to slow gore down. Of course he wasn’t gonna break every run for 7 yards. However, he was very good. He runs into the teeth of the defense and gets the tough yardage. So many backs in the league can’t do that. The Arizona defense wasn’t gassed, they got worn down by Gore and that massive offensive line and tight ends pushing them around. We broke them on that 89 yard , 18 play drive.

        1. Fitzgerald broke them when he fumbled near the red zone and committed the Cardinals’ third turnover, a complete demoralizer.

          You say Gore was very good. I say he was good. Not that big of a difference. I don’t understand the outrage.

      10. Crab15
        Off topic, but see if you can find Carneros Brewing Co. Beers down there in SoCal. Relatively new local guys up here focusing on lighter Lagers and Pilsners; good stuff. Founded by the Ceja family who have a great story. The family emigrated, worked in the vineyards and saved their money. They started a vineyard management company and bought up some land and now grow there own grapes for Ceja Winery, and now a couple of sons have the brewery going.

      11. Hey Grant,

        Not outraged. I’m good. I’m a big fan of Gore. He’s our rock. I’ve been at the stick when gore was all we had on offense. He’s always been a team Guy and he knows who he is and what he can do. That’s why he was able to scream at JH at the end of that Colt game. He legit and always has been. That’s why we are running the football now and he’s doing his part. We’re good Grant. You just lost me when you watered down his performance by using the Grantcuses! Like, the defense was gassed, his big runs made his stat line look better than it was, He wasn’t running well when he had 22 runs for 44 yards. Gore is the dude Grant! Until 2014-2015 at least.

      12. Lameareafanatic says “That has “don’t screw this up” written all over it. You making things up to cover for your lack of knowledge?
        No I don’t because what I see is a total team effort and it’s working. Soft schedule or not they are winning.

        Meanwhile all I hear out of you is Kap is young, still learning. Totally different tune from last year where he could do no wrong. Funny how your agenda and hypocrisy changes based on a different player and situation.

      13. What would be great is not to censor people but give the reader the option of individually banning a poster. Kind of like having a spam filter for blocking certain email addresses. There is probably someone who like reading this guy but for the rest of us just drop him into the junk list.

    2. I watched that Saints game and they only played 55 minutes of awesome football. They couldn’t get a first down to use the game and gave Tom Brady one more chance to win the game. TB had thrown a pick the previous series.

      The Niners went from a SB team after beating GB and Colin picked up where he left off, to a WIP. What happened? NFL Defenses caught one.

      Bay Area — You bash everyone and anything that goes against you. You first claim Colin is Jesus, and now that he’s coming back to earth, you say, “Oh this is a rebuilding year.” You ripped on Alex non stop before the switch, how were you a fan of the team then? And now we’re calling out the team’s medicore play, a lot of which falls on Colin, aside from those two nice throws to VD the team was still flat. If it wasn’t for P Willis causing that fumble, the Cards were moving for the go ahead score.

      Before you rip on Alex and the 6-0 Chiefs and the soft schedule, that team went 2-14 for a reason. Yeah it was QB play. Matt Cassell was a turnover machine. The Chiefs have 30 new players from the year before. Alex played awful in the Raiders game. But when asked to make a play, he’s done it. It wasn’t his fault Donnie Avery fumbled at the 9 yard line.

      I sure hope Colin starts to work on getting better. Like Smith he seems very limited in seeing the field. Jon Baldwin was running right in front of him but he chose to scramble. That’s a running QB, not a passing QB. It’s his 3rd year 17th start, with a strong team an competent coaching staff. I don’t want to hear that this is a rebuilding year from you Bay. It’s SB — AND WINNING — or bust.

      Why does that change now that your boy toy Colin is QB?

      1. “I sure hope Colin starts to work on getting better.” It is pretty widely reported that Kaepernick is one of the hardest workers on the team, one of the first to get in and start working. You can not criticize him for this.

  55. According to Christian Gin, this is the first time the 49ers have scored more than 30 points in 3 consecutive games since… wait for it… 2003! Our team is terrible.. just terrible… lol. and against 3 good defenses too..

    1. In thinking more about the game, I believe the score was a good reflection of the match-up. The Card’s defense was as advertised –stronger against the run than the pass. As the game progressed, we scored on turnovers and with the pass, then later the run as the their defense tired. Kap showed again he’s a stud passer and Vernon a stud pass-catching playmaker. Call him a tight end if you want. I think of him as our top wide receiver. As for our defense giving up 20 points, the Cards offense isn’t bad. After Dorsey’s injury, they became two-dimensional and dangerous. But our secondary has improved — credit Reid and Brock — so a 32-20 score makes sense to me.

      1. I know, how does anyone get all butt hurt over a solid W? Any time you put up 30+ on a good D you have done well. Same thing with holding the other team to 20 or less. That combo is going to win a lot of games.

  56. For those that still think Romo is a good QB because he keeps his teams in a game up to the point that he chokes:

    “”No. We only play to win. I don’t give a damn about playing close,”

    1. He flashes really well in games sometimes. His TD throw with pressure in his face into the right corner of the end zone was a thing of beauty. It is a 60:00 game though……..

    2. I’m not old enough to recap half of Marino’s games, but seeing as he wasn’t a perennial playoff contender, are Romo and Marino similar in any way?

      1. No. I can’t remember Marino choking in the clutch and single handedly blowing games for his team like Romo often does. Marino never winning a Super Bowl was more of a team failure than an individual one.

      2. Not. Romo is mobile, Marino was a statue, but he had a command of his offense similar to Peyton Manning, deadly accuracy and a quick release. I don’t remember him choking, just running out of time on comeback attempts. He was fab in 2:00 Drill and the Hurry-Up, but their offense was unbalanced and they didn’t have the running game to put the game to bed in the 4Q. Also, bad weather in the playoffs negatively effected the aerial attack; the old Parcells Rule.
        I’ll disagree with you about him not being a perennial playoff contender; he was exactly that and it’s surprising that he only made the Big Dance once.

  57. note to Chicago49 and gsixty:
    (keep on reading, you homers)

    Unless you are ready to place substantial bets
    on a Niner win against the Saints in week #11,
    then maybe you need to watch some film.

    Our boys need every one of these next three games
    (vs the Titans, Jaguars and Panthers) to prepare
    for a credible performance (win or lose) on week 11.
    Just imagine though: the Saints (at 5 and 1) will be
    warming up for us against the following:
    (the Bills, the Jets, and the Cowboys).

    Speaking of wins and losses (the Kaepernick mantra)
    Our next three opponents are a combined 5 – 12
    while the Saints will go up against a combined 8 – 10.
    The softness of our upcoming schedule will hurt us…
    unless the coaching staff improves their game, hmm?

      1. I don’t see this guy as a troll — he isn’t saying anything outlandish, just voicing his opinion. Don’t like his posts, ignore them, it’s really that simple…

      2. Ah there is the oneniner we all know and love. Two things oneniner, first, using a gay slur should get you kicked off the site. You should be familiar with that since you are one of two bloggers to be banned from this blog before.
        Second, you called me “gay”, but I am not that one that had the monstrous crush on blue eyes…… Look in the mirror much?

      3. And using derogatory mother insults is okay Bay? You quickly forget that you did that right hypocrite?
        Stick to baseball,easy boring game, fit for a slow dumb American!

    1. Jack all in all a very fair and balanced post game reaction. I think Grant could learn a little from you its not always about content alone it has a lot to do with tone. Good Job

      1. Thanks for checking it out BigP. The comments section is the one thing that bugs me about the site too. I need to see if there is a way I can make it easier.

      2. I’ve always read it Jack. I mess with you sometimes but I always follow it up by saying I love the passion because sometimes words don’t express the tone. I’d love to start a fan podcast at some point, maybe when my little girl starts preschool next year. It would be a lot fun. Keep up the good work.

  58. ” Kaepernick’s performance was uneven again this week, but he leaned on Davis and made plays when needed. His stats were respectable (16-for-29 passing for 252 yards) but his two turnovers were avoidable mistakes. He still stares down receivers too much”

  59. Not mentioned in the RB grades is that Bruce Miller had a couple of solid runs, including a clutch 4th down conversion.

    I recently re-watched the 1990 Super Bowl vs the Broncos for the first time in many years. I had forgotten what a great weapon Tom Rathman was for that team. His ability to run the ball brought an element of unpredictability to the run game and opened things up for Craig.

    I’m not saying Miller is Rathman by any means (those were his 10th and 11th career carries), but I wonder if getting him a couple carries a game wouldn’t be a good thing for the team.

    1. I’ve been advocating that for over a year. Wrathman was and is my favorite Fullback of all time. He could do it all well. His ability to carry the ball, receive and block was outstanding. A key cog to that offense. This coaching staff seems to incorporate some of Mr. Walshs’ offense as a ‘gimmick’ to make things fun for the players, but I believe if they incorporated some of those plays from the ’84, ’88, and ’89 teams that featured Tyler/Craig and Wrathman, they could execute them quite well with Gore/Miller….

  60. Probably said elsewhere, but your passion gets in the way of what is in front of you. Vernon Davis blocked just fine. Had one of the biggest days of any tight end in the history of football. On top of that, AZ knew he was one of two playmakers on the field. A-


    The secondary and the linebackers played better too. Consider how many 3-and-outs they are saddled with and how often they are run on the field. Two big plays but the rest of the day pretty darn stifling.

    Grant, I am frustrated too. The Niners should be rolling teams like AZ. But they won by more than 10 again. They won the turnover battle again. They did more things right than wrong. Let logic rule man and save the hate for a truly bad day.

    1. Gene, I think our offense is too conservative to roll over a decent team, and I think Arizona is in that category. When we play them in their house, it’s going to be tougher.

  61. A win is a win is a win is a win. Doesn’t matter how you win them, Grant. I thought you would have learned that from dad by now. If he had been grading Joe Montana during the 1981 and 1984 seasons, he would have handed out lots of C’s and D’s. Doesn’t sound right , does it? But Montana won when he had to win. And lots of times, Montana won ugly. It didn’t matter. Nobody remembers the ugly wins. They remember the signature wins and the Super Bowl trophies. They don’t recall the struggle it took to get there.

  62. No …
    the sky isn’t really falling ..
    just because Kaep didn’t throw a 400+ yd game !

    But, he doesn’t get a good grade, b/c he hasn’t met
    that criteria since Week #1 … but he did win, though !

    Sure .. by some standards .. it might have been an ugly win ..
    but a win, nonetheless !

    Seems to me .. The Joe .. (and Steve) also had similar games ..
    and they still managed to take care of bid-nezz,
    come the time for the play-off push …

    For me … the entire team deserves an A+ .. for the win ..
    (be it ugly .. or pretty) ..
    and that’s the real bottom line !

    A wise man once said …
    “….You don’t win Super Bowls in September and October. ..” **

    1. I respect that opinion but it’s toough for 49er fans knowing we were so close to winning a Super Bowl last year and this year it seems like a more difficult task. That’s a tough pill to swallow. We need to get better and be able to compete with Seattle and Denver.

  63. Right now the focus needs to be on what do we need to do to beat Seattle at home at the end of the year, because that game is looking huge. We can’t seem to figure out their secondary because we have no decent WRs. Either play calling will have to change or we need to get new personnel. Either way, it’s not totally bleak- Seattle didn’t do much on offense in that game either, especially not in the passing game.

      1. That’s the big ‘if’. They need to get healthy in time. Crabtree most likely will not be 100%, and he’s a guy that has to be 100% to be productive, as we’ve seen in the past from his previous foot injury. Manningham is a great #3 type of guy so I hope once he reaches full speed Kyle Williams will slide off the depth chart, and maybe the roster as well.

      2. It is a big if but i believe its the only way we win. I also believe that MC at 80% is still a huge step up over Baldwin and Williams

      3. Forth,

        Williams won’t get cut. He may not have a job as a receiver but he’s out kickoff returner and punt returner. We can’t cut him. LMJ can’t be trusted to return punts and it appears as though he’s lost his job as the kickoff returner and I think he’s in JH’s doghouse. He is gonna get traded sooner or later. JH doesn’t like guys crying on twitter.

      4. @Coach

        A lot of people talk about MM and Crabtree returning. I put little faith in this. D. Thomas in Denver took awhile to get back from similar injury. Plus he will not be in football shape and may re-injure. MM same for him… these guys could be non-factors this year. IMHO the team needs to plan on them not contributing.

        Same with Aldon Smith

        Same for Tank and Dail. They have not even played a snap.

      1. Big Niner,

        Looking forward to the reports this week from the beat writers on the progress of the players coming off of the PUP and who is getting added to the 53 and who is getting cut. We are about to lose a few good men in the next 2 weeks.

      2. Once Niners get all their main parts back we will be on another Super Bowl run. We were one playing from winning it all. Crabtree was held on that play. Held like a little child holding their mother, who’s being removed during a drug raid.

      3. Crab,

        Yes, he was. Especially considering the BS, drive extending, PI that was called on Culliver (I think it was Culliver, anyway) just a few minutes prior. Call it both ways refs, call it both ways.

        Not to mention the two Ravens holding and lifting Bruce Miller out of the hole through which Jacoby Jones ran the KO back for a TD.

        Of course, these things hardly bother me anymore. At least, not when I’m asleep.

      4. I thought the worst call in that game was the offensive PI that was not called on the Ravens one play before the long TD pass to Jones. Without the penalty it was 3rd and 10 and the coverage that was called had wHitner doubling the inside receiver to take away the possibility of a 10 yard first down pass. I think that if it had been 2nd and 20 the Niners would have been in a different coverage and would have been much less likely to give up a big play in that situation.

  64. Against Seattle (even at home), we cannot afford to

    1. allow their offense to pick up three first downs
    on each of their last two drives (that’s a total of six)

    2. go 3-and-out on our own last two drives,
    coming away with a total of one field goal.

    Against the better teams, we will need bigger defense
    and an offense which can score a touchdown (or two)
    in the last few minutes. The game we played yesterday
    would not beat either the Patriots or the Broncos.

    Talking to you, Coach (slack-jaw) Harbaw

    1. Against good teams we need to score more points than they do…..

      I’m sorry, let put this in haiku form so that you’ll comprehend.

      Against good teams
      we need to
      score more points than them

      1. We’re 4-2 with the next 6 games against the Titans, Jags, Panthers, Saints, Redskins, and Rams. It’s not hard to envision us winning 4(+) and being 8-4 with 4 games to go. The next 4 games we play the Hawk’s (at the stick), Bucs, Falcons, and Cardinals. We should win at least 2 of those games, at a minimum putting us at 10-6. It’s hard for me to envision 3 of the NFC North teams (Lions, Bears, Packers) making the playoffs when they’re beating up on each other. GB and Chi have yet to play each other. We should have Crabs, Aldon and Manningham back by the playoffs which completely changes how a defensive coordinator can scheme.

        It’s not like we haven’t seen wildcard teams win the superbowl in recent history. We’re still very much in the hunt.

      2. 23jordan, are you serious, you’re saying that the niners record will be 13-3 at the end of the season? I’ll say 10-6 record is pushing it. Please, Kap and the 49ers team is nowhere to an elite team. haha..

  65. What a combo…!
    We have Colin pushing
    The Hundreds brand clothing (sweatshirt)
    and sporting his chill pink earphones and
    wearing a ballcap… oh yeah… backwards;
    and we also get Coach Harbaw (quote):
    “tough…hard-nosed…gritty… determined,
    and ….pounding/grinding…the meat.”
    (complete with hand motions) and a smile!
    Do not tell us that these two ‘personalities’
    will bring home a Lombardi trophy anytime soon.
    They are each way too wrapped up in themselves.
    Somebody gimme a synonym for the word narcissism.

  66. +1…….. Razoreater

    Even a registered Democrat
    (who routinely votes independent/republican)
    cannot help but laugh at that one.

    1. Spaceborn – Good troll info.
      How about the troll that makes fun of Kap’s pink headphones during breast cancer awareness month? Grant still won’t ban her.

  67. Notable PFF Grades if anyone cares:
    Carlos Rogers +4.5 overall, +3.3 pass coverage
    Brock -.1 overall, +.7 pass coverage
    Eric Reid +3 overall, +3.2 pass coverage
    Jerod-Eddie, -1.5 run defense( ouch)
    Justin Smith -2.5 run d, +3.3 pass rush

    Kaep +.3 overall, .5 pass
    Vernon +3.5 overall, +3.6 pass
    Staley +4.8 overall, A.Davis +3.8 overall

    1. Weird how Rogers was graded as having a better game than Reid. I thought that Reid was the best player in the entire secondary.

  68. Does someone have an explanation/comment
    about the last few series yesterday?

    1. allow the AZ offense to pick up three first downs
    on each of their last two drives (that’s a total of six)

    2. go 3-and-out on our own last two drives,
    coming away with a total of one field goal.

    If it is simply viewed as “garbage time” for the starters,
    then why don’t we see one of those
    “gotta have/willing to trade” backup QBs in there,
    honing his craft? When & where & how are they gonna
    show us that we can trust them in crunch time?

  69. One of the positives for Kaep in this game is his deep passing accuracy showed up for the first time this year, 3 of 4 with 1 drop for 124 yds 2 tds. He was dominant throwing deep last year so hopefully this turns into a trend.

      1. He was only decent throwing deep week 1, 3 of 10 with 1 drop for 87 yards and 1 td. Most of week 1′s success was short and intermediate route success.

      2. If Kyle hadn’t dropped that ball, he would have the same amount of yards, and Clay Matthews was coming after him all day. I hope you’re right about the trend, but he threw the deep routes well in the GB game.

  70. PFF gave Glenn Dorsey a +0.9 run defense grade and he played just four snaps. And he received the highest run defense grade on the team.

    The lowest run defense grade went to Justin Smith – a -2.5. PFF gave Ray McDonald a -0.5 run defense grade.

    1. “The lowest run defense grade went to Justin Smith”

      That may have something to do with Arizona averaging 6.25 ypc to on runs to their left, compared to 4.58 ypc on runs to their right.

      1. Jack,
        On another subject;nice recap on the yesterdays game. You have been quite accurate all through this season. Your blog is a great resource for unbaised information , keep in up!

  71. Does Lamichael James have a future with us? It appears like another bad draft pick. Can we use him in a trade for a receiver?

  72. The QB is still a question mark for the Niners. Right now I don’t think CK is a very good QB. CK has all the physical tools to be a great QB, there is no denying that. His upside is huge, but right now he is mediocre at best. His footwork needs lots of work, his vision is easy to read, his touch passes have little touch to them, he feels phantom pressure (sound familiar), and he needs to learn how to read defenses. Great QBs are suppose to make other players better around him, that hasn’t happened as of yet. CK took over a very good team and played well last year but this year, eh he isn’t getting the job done. I have zero worries about CK getting better, he will! Experience will fix most of CKs problems.

    I mentioned awhile back and Old Coach alluded to this also, CK and Gore have different talents that do not mesh very well. CK flourishes under one scheme and Gore flourishes under a different scheme. I personally feel this is what makes the Niners offense look so poor on many occasions. The Niners are a power running team and need to scheme for that. I love Gore his legs are not tired and he was never very fast, but maybe sadly this might be the last year Gore plays for the Niners.

    As far as LaMic is concerned he has a lot of potential, but probably not on this team. He would be fine on the Saints, Packers, Patriots, Ravens and Eagles. I am very disappointed in LaMic’s tweets even tho I like his ability a lot, it may be time for him to go. What scares me if we let him go is that he will become a standout player for someone else.

    As far as getting back players I do not see immediate help, it takes time to get in football shape. Maybe 3 to 4 weeks after they begin practice they might be able to contribute.

    If Lemonire continues to get better then I am thinking Aldon just might be done with the Niners.

    1. Under i hope Smith is not done with the 9ers. Getting his substance issues under controll could help him on and off the field. Once he has served his suspensions \sentences [ I hope the NFL counts his time in rehab, i think its the whole point of the policy] i would like to see him back on the field again.

      1. I also do not want Smith to leave but there is a possible prison sentence in store for him after rehab. It is just a feeling that I have I could be dead wrong as I have zero facts to base my feeling on. I am a firm believer of second chances but with Calif and its zero tolerance of assault weapons I just don’t know if he will be back.

      2. Undercenter remember Smith is a member of the 1% and the wealthy do far better in our justice system than do the middle class and the poor. I could see him doing 6 months

      3. I think you’re overreacting here Under. First of all, Aldon has no previous criminal record. His guns were registered. He lacked the appropriate safety features. The charges are not a mandatory prison. He is looking at a probation term if, and that’s a very big IF, it goes to trial.

        On to the CK critique. I thought I was reading a Russell Wilson critique. You can plug his name in place of CK. It’s the same issue. It’s the way the league is attacking that read option.
        We live in a society that is built on instant gratification. Ck is going to struggle. He is also going to be the QB of the future.

        Comparing 2012 to 2013, we were 4-2 in at six games in. The big difference, we lost to an inept Minnesota team. Then we lose to a weak Giants team.
        This year, we lost to a very good Seattle team on the road. We stayed in that game until the end of the 3rd. We lost to a very good Indy team. We were in that game until almost the 4th quarter.

        Losing receivers is a big blow to any QB. Losing your number 1 receiver as a 1st year QB is huge. He’s making the most of his opportunities. The mistakes he’s making are the mistakes young QBs make.

        Before anyone throws Luck’s name out there, I am pretty sure Kaepernick would look even better throwing to those receivers and counting on Richardson for the running game. T.Y. Hilton and Reggie Wayne are great targets. He also has a 15 year vet behind him to help guide him.

      4. Old Coach very true about the wealthy.

        Matt I have kept quiet for many months now concerning our team and QB. I don’t care what Wilson is doing only what CK is doing. Right now CK isn’t playing good ball, I am not at all an anti CK guy, your right he is our future. However, he is struggling and I am sure he will get thru it. But the fact remains he isn’t playing good ball. We really are not featuring the read option at this point. I just wanted to point out what I feel is wrong with CK. Remember its only an opinion. Frankly I think more of the problem with the offense is the compatibility of Gore and CK. Both good players but very different players one is old school the other is the new school. Hard to scheme with different types of schools.

  73. The Titans have the fifth-best DT in the NFL according to PFF – Jurrell Casey – four defensive linemen with positive run D grades on PFF – Casey, Mike Martin, Karl Klug and Ropati Pitoitua – two of the top-six cornerbacks on PFF – Alterraun Verner and Jason McCourty – and the No.4 safety – Michael Griffin.

    1. But we have the best offensive line in football that no one, not even the most knowledgable fans on here ever talk about or give credit for. They are the reason we won yesterday. Not Frank Gore, it was Gore and the five guys upfront who won that game.

      1. Prime,

        The 49ers arguably have the best run blocking O-line, but pass protection is another issue. They sure seemed rather ordinary at pass protection last year when Alex Smith was the starter, and I think defenses not knowing how to handle Kaepernick when he took over made the pass protection seem better than it really was later in the season.

        Now that defenses are scheming for Kaepernick better and the 49ers are trying more to protect him (limit his running), the pass protection looks ordinary again.

      2. Gadfly I think they have protected well in each game except for maybe the Seahawks game. CK has had time, that has not been the issue. The issue has been his inability to make decisive decisions. Also the play calling and the impatience of getting away from the run has also been an issue.
        No doubt all those guys are better run blockers but overall it clearly is one if not the best in the NFL.
        Once Roman gives CK more simple pass plays to work with and another guy steps into the #2 WR spot, they will be better balanced overall.

    2. This has the makings of a trap game for the 49ers. Tennesse is a better team than most give them credit for.

      The last time they went to London they lost to Carolina the week before. It was Carolina’s only win that season.

      1. I think the lesson learnt was against the Colts and the pounding they took in SEA. If those two games were not wake up calls then I don’t know what is. The fact they are looking up at SEA being a game back should be great motivation til they meet late in the year.

      2. Tennesse is definitely better that people think.

        Chiefs D is also very dangerous no matter the knuckleheads on this blog think.

        Jack I have a question for you: Do you think the Niners should have kept Ted Ginn over Kyle Williams? KW is not a threat to go all the way. And since he’s not adding much as a #2WR, wouldn’t it be better to have a proven vet like Ginn? I think he had two scores or something for Carolina one game, can’t be sure. He also started off hot and was averaging 20 yards a catch, but has since cooled off.

      3. Fan that’s Teddy Ginn. Starts off hot then cools down once the physical hits start to total. All I remember about T.Ginn was his go to move: run out of bounds

      4. No Fan. If Ginn was here he’d have numbers similar to Williams. Unless the coaches put Williams, Baldwin, McDonald, etc. as the first or second option they won’t see the ball.

    3. This isn’t going to be accurate Grant when you take into account that Locker is out. That means less conversations on 3rd down and therefore less offensive plays. This fifth ranked defense is going to see a lot more plays per game with Fitz as their QB and Johnson out.

      It’s reminiscent of the 49ers in 2008-2010. They had a great Defense, but they played 45 minutes of a 60 minutes game. So the numbers didn’t match the play.

      But then we heard that the Texans were a top ranked D. We heard Az had a great run D. We hear a lot that sells advertising space for the NFL.

      Tennessee won’t lose by 50, but they also won’t be an offensive challenge. I expect SF to put another 30 points up and only allow 11.

      Dallas on the other hand will be in trouble with Murray out 3-4 weeks. Randle is going to be a nice fantasy add…

  74. Grant, Congrats you generated major response and lots of good opinions. Your use of the term skew is both inappropriate and statistically incorrect. Running backs and OL are supposed to wear down defenses and there becomes an inevitability to longer gains. If a defense commits to jamming the gaps with 8 defenders, a dual purpose guy like a TE is going to break free and be one on one with a LB. did ya see that happen? It’s a team game. Your grading system is unsophisticated, but obviously provocative to your readers

  75. Justin Smith has a -2.0 run D grade on PFF this season. Of all the defensive linemen who have played more than 300 snaps, only 3 have a lower run D grade than Justin Smith – Sen’Derrick Marks, Olivier Vernon and Jared Allen.

    1. The 49ers defense gives up a yard more per carry on rushes to that side. (4.3 on runs to the right side of the 49ers D, 3.3 on runs to the left side)

        1. He’s averaging 56 snaps per game this season. Last season he averaged 61 snaps per game before the New England game.

      1. If my math is correct, J Smith has played about 85% of thedefensive snaps this year. Opponents are averaging 66 plays per game, he is averaging 56 snaps per game.

        I believe he was around 93% of snaps played last season.

  76. In the last 4 games have there been any passes attempted to Gore? I don’t remember any.
    Gore Hunter and LMJ are good receivers out of the backfield. Maybe we should try throwing the ball to them a few times a game. Get them in space and see what they can do.

    1. “What a big pickup for us,” said nickel cornerback Dunta Robinson. “We want to thank San Francisco for releasing him and allowing us to pick that guy up. He added depth to an already deep secondary.”

      And they thought they could sneak him on the practice squad…..riiight.

    2. He also got beat a couple of times against the Raiders and one was a long TD by Denarius Moore.

      I’ll keep saying this every time somebody makes a statement like “how did they let him go?”

      He was a 7th round pick, did not start in College and did not separate himself in the preseason. That is why he was not kept and the fact he is playing well for KC does not change those facts. KC had room on the bottom of the roster to pick him up; the Niners did not. Let it go.

      1. KC’s Pass rush is making that entire secondary look like pro bowlers. They are getting major pressure on the QB. Must be nice. That defense is good.

  77. A gutsy win by a team missing Crabtree, Williams, Aldon, Cully and Dorsey. I’ll take it.

    Fangio is loathe to play rookies, especially ones that missed training camp (like Dial and Tank). Even if Dial turns out to be a super-talented 5th round draft steal, coming in cold to an NFL NT position would be tough (and even dangerous). Hope Dorsey hammy is OK.

    1. Brodie2washington, keep enjoying the string of wins, because the niners schedule won’t be soft after the 9th week of the NFL season.. They’ll be facing a much more improve teams in their schedule, if the 49ers fan are thinking that Kap can repeat the same success he had from last season, its highly doubtful he would be able repeat it again.

      1. Do you mean after the bye or after their ninth game? Let’s just take the last eight games to be safe:

        @New Orleans
        St. Louis
        @Tampa Bay

        True, the Saints and the Seahawks are both tough, but which of the other teams are improved or improving? If anything, Atlanta (1-4) and Tampa bay (0-5) seem to be regressing, and Washington (1-4) does not appear ready to claw its way back to respectability. Neither St. Louis nor Arizona (both 3-3) are doing much to show they are anything but average. Carolina at 2-3 might be better than their record indicates, but the 49ers have them at home and after the bye.

        Yes, they could all improve between now and when they play the 49ers, and yes, all of them could beat the 49ers “any given Sunday”, but to claim that “They’ll be facing a much more improve [sic] teams in their schedule,” other than the Saints and Seahawks, is just not supportable with the current data. And it is these types of post, based on conjecture and twisted hope for failure, intended not to discuss football but to push your agenda, that make you trollish, my friend.

  78. Well Grant if anything your grades always get a rise out of the group.

    The offense struggled in the RedZone again which is troublesome, but they made some big plays and ran the ball well.

    The skewing of yards per rush is a silly argument. Every RB in this league has similar games like this and it’s the 3-4 bigger runs that make the yardage stand out. If you hold Gore to that standard then you are describing every other RB in the league at the same time.

    Kap is still struggling in a couple of areas from what I can see. He is still not looking beyond the first or second read for the most part and he also isn’t running aggressively when he does take off. He looks like he is trying not to get hit and it’s diminished his effectiveness in running the ball. The Coaches have probably been on him to be smart when running the ball but it’s gone to the extreme in conservativeness. There was a 3rd and 2 deep in their own end when Kap just needed to put his foot in the turf and run off of Staley’s backside and he instead tried to bounce it outside to avoid a hit and wound up losing a yard. Nobody wants him to get hurt, but he needs to be able to pick up a couple of yards when it’s there even if it means taking a hit.

    Up and down game for the defense. Dline was in disarray with all of the injuries and it showed in the run defense for parts of the game but there’s only so much you can do when the injuries pile up.

    Willis looked rusty and blew a couple of tackles but he’ll be back up to speed the more he plays.

    Pass rush was decent even though it didn’t show up in the way of sacks. They forced Palmer to throw it before he wanted to a number of times and Lemonier got the sack for the safety so not a bad day overall.

    The secondary played well at times but gave up two big plays which resulted in about half of Palmers yardage totals on the day. The first one to Fitz was a clear example of players trying to make the highlight reel instead of a good solid play. Fitz should have been stopped for about a 7 yard gain but Brock went for the pick and missed and Whitner explicably went for a forearm shiver and whiffed completely when he should have just made a tackle and there’s your 70 yard TD. Just a completely stupid and selfish play on behalf of both players and it cost them a TD.

    The one given up by Rogers seemed to be a clear case of Rogers misjudging how fast that WR was. By the time he realized Golden had some big time speed it was too late. Big mistake but did not result in the TD.

    Other than those two plays, the secondary again was pretty solid all around with the exception of Tarrell Brown giving up a few catches and getting lucky on an offensive PI that would have been a TD. Not a great day but not terrible either.

    The Cards defense is legit and I expected the offense to be in tough but after a slow start, the offense actually got it rolling in the run game and Kap made some plays to Davis that were the difference until putting the hammer down with the 18 play drive in the 4th quarter.

    I’d love to see the Niners target some other receivers more often and Kap’s accuracy and read recognition are still off at times, but the offense looks better each week and it’s due to them getting back to the power run game. They have to stick with it and keep building the passing game off of it.

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