49ers 33, Bucs 14: Grades

Here are my grades for the 49ers’ 33-14 win over the Buccaneers.

KAEPERNICK: B+. He was outstanding at improvising and passing on the run. He struggled in the third quarter (3-of-10 passing) when the 49ers asked him to pass almost exclusively from the pocket – his accuracy deteriorated, his passes got tipped and he stared down his first read. But in the fourth quarter, Kaepernick moved outside the pocket and made unbelievable plays – rolling to his right and throwing off his back foot to Crabtree for a 14-yard gain on third-and-12 to save the game in the fourth quarter, and breaking two tackles on a 10-yard scramble on third-and-6 to put the game away later in that drive.

RUNNING BACKS: B+. Frank Gore averaged just 3.9 yards per carry, but he had three big runs – a 10-yarder, a 12-yarder and a 13-yarder. And the Bucs could not handle Kendal Hunter or LaMichael James on outside runs – Hunter had a 15-yard outside run and James had a 21-yard outside run. Bruce Miller had four catches for 26 yards and he broke a tackle.

WIDE RECEIVERS: C. Anquan Boldin had only three catches. Michael Crabtree had five catches and a touchdown, but his 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty for throwing the ball in the stands was one of the dumbest penalties you’ll ever see. And Mario Manningham was a non-factor yet again – one measly catch for two measly yards.

TIGHT ENDS: B. Vernon Davis had another good game – five catches for 79 yards and a touchdown. He has scored a touchdown in five straight games. Garrett Celek caught one pass for eight yards.

OFFENSIVE LINE: B. Adam Snyder had no chance against Gerald McCoy. McCoy tossed him around most of the game, but Kaepernick only got sacked twice and the 49ers averaged 4.7 yards per carry. This group blocked extremely well “in space” on outside runs to the left. On the negative side, Joe Staley got beaten badly for a sack.

DEFENSIVE LINE: A-. They helped eliminate the Bucs’ ground game, which gained 39 yards on 12 carries. They also sacked Mike Glennon four times, but at least three of those sacks happened because Glennon held onto the ball for too long.

LINEBACKERS: A. Patrick Willis and NaVorro Bowman were excellent – Willis had six tackles and a sack, Bowman had 4 tackles and he knocked away a pass. Ahmad Brooks didn’t get any sacks but he forced Glennon to throw it away a few times.

SECONDARY: C. They gave up a 106 passer rating before the Bucs fumbled the kickoff in the fourth quarter and gave the 49ers a big lead. The 49ers cornerbacks played soft coverage and gave up a lot of short passes. The entire defense struggled when the game was close and the Bucs used their no-huddle offense. That’s something to monitor the rest of the season – how the 49ers’ defends the hurry-up offense. Also, Donte Whitner played a bad game. He slipped in coverage and was flagged 15 yards for hitting a player in the head.

SPECIAL TEAMS: A. Phil Dawson was a perfect 4-for-4 on field goals. LaMichael James was terrific on punt returns, averaging more than 10 yards a return. And Kendall Hunter recovered a Bucs’ fumble on a kickoff and recovered it in the end zone for a touchdown.

COACHING: B+. Give Jim Harbaugh and his staff credit for getting the 49ers up to play an early game on the east coast after a big win over the Seahawks. Not easy to do.

Still, the 49ers were stubborn making Kaepernick throw only from the pocket in the third quarter. Kaepernick was way more accurate when he threw on the run, and Snyder was getting beaten by McCoy inside. Moving the pocket was smart and it was working. The 49ers stopped doing it in the third quarter and scored just three points, allowing the Bucs back in the game.

The 49ers had only a six-point lead at the beginning of the fourth quarter. Kaepernick bailed out the team by improvising after avoiding a sack on third-and-12 at the 49ers’ 29-yard-line. He rolled out and made one of the best side-arm passes of the season. If Kaepernick doesn’t make the heroic effort and convert that third-and-long, who knows if the 49ers hold on and win?

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  1. Pretty close to coach’s grades, Grant =>

    “Defense [all aspects] A
    Oline B
    QB B
    RB”S B+
    Receivers B
    Special Teams A
    Coaching B+”

    (but coach’s look better !)

    1. I have to chuckle when people say CK is not a upgrade over Alex. Colin made a half dozen plays with his arm and his legs Smith could not. Without those it would have been a lot closer.

      1. dude….did you miss the season…….we all expected more from ckone……lets not sugarcoat it, he has had a disappointing season based on the projections from last yr…..

      2. MJ, are you being sarcastic! the same 4-9 team has won 4 out of 5 games, they have a very good defense that leads the league in ints and almost beat Seattle at home but lost in over time. Also, niners had to travel all the way to the east coast to play a team that has nothing to lose at 10am game time! There is no such a thing as a given win! what don’t you call up the Saints and they would tell you all about it. Its funny how you defend KC beating the sorry Faiders but Niners win is not a big deal. Come on man lets celebrate.

      3. They won 4 games…vs Miami, Atlanta, Detroit and Buffalo. Thats hardly anything to hang your hat on. The fact remains at the end of the day they are 4 and 9 (now 4-10) and the niners offense put up all of 14 points on them. This does not win you championships, but apparently too many niners fans are happy with just getting to the SB.

        The raiders are also a 4 win team too, and got 56 rung up on them, 49 of it by the offense. The chiefs defense made it a game, but their offense was putting the ball in the endzone, in a rivalry game which is always more difficult. I expect the Niners offense to put of 35 pts on a team like this, not 14 pts then getting relief from a special teams TD and their kicker. No ones ever going to be mad about a win, but getting all happy and celebrating a win like this should not be happening either. We used to get mad and complain when the Montana/Young era niners would play this poorly against a team this bad, we should have seen the back ups in the game outside of the last 2 minutes.

      4. MJ, you make a good point about Tampa’s opponents but i am happy to take the W. Even if it was only by one point right! As long as we make it to the playoffs then anything can happen :)

      5. Dude…

        I didn’t miss anything. I simply said CK made some plays that Alex can’t make. I didn’t say he hasn’t had some ups and downs this year. He’s an upgrade over Smith: he’s less expensive, trading Smith yield good draft picks, and he is as good or better than Smith overall after a lot less NFL experience. I sat through a lot of Alex Smith games where he couldn’t hold on to the ball, took a lot of sacks, made bad decisions, etc. I am glad for him that he’s putting it together on his new team now, but I have been watching football for over 35 years (went to the ’77 superbowl in pasadena). Sugar coating it is saying Alex was anything but awful before Harbaugh.

      6. Look, Colin is improving but he is not an upgrade over Alex Smith. Statistics get thrown around this blog a lot. Just look at Sunday’s stats: QB rating- Smith 158.3 (perfect)/KAP 102. For 2013- Smith 91/KAP 88.8. I would take KAP over Smith to complete a 40yd +pass but I would take Smith over KAP in the red zone in a close game. Which do you think is more important?

      7. Alex has played for 8 years and Colin , less then 2 years of actually playing, any talent scout or GM would take Kaep over Alex in a New York minute, even Andy Reid.

      8. The historically inconsistent Alex Smith once again had a ‘big’ day stat wise. It’s shocking just how short peoples memories are that they can suddenly overlook a season full of 130 yard passing days and think that one game makes a QB great. Anyone remember how you thought Alex had suddenly transformed into Joe Montana after that Saints playoff victory?? Where did that player go? Oh he showed up yesterday after a year or so absence, nice to see you again streaky Alex.

        He’s the exact same player that left here. Take away that run game the conversation would be about which QB the chiefs are taking in the first round.

      9. Take away the run game?? Frank Gore- the best running back in Niner history is playing behind KAP. That compaison to the Chiefs is nonsense. Without Gore where would the team and KAP be?

      10. If it was me I’d draft Mettenberger in the third if he lasts that long. Colin gets another year, while Zach rehabs that knee and learns the offense, to show he can learn to find more then one receiver while standing in the pocket and if not we get what we can for him and move on to a true QB instead of this hybrid flavor of the month stuff.

      11. Just as a counterpoint to the QB rating numbers…

        It’s all about what stats you look at. Those short screen passes being converted into long touchdowns really helped inflate Alex Smith’s QB rating. Don’t get me wrong; he had a great game. Happy for him; doubly so since he did it to the Raiders. But Charles was playing absolutely out of his mind.In the traditional QB rating, Smith gets full credit for the yardage and TDs that he frankly had little to do with.

        So let’s look at a different measure of a QB’s success: ESPN’s Total QBR, which purports measure the impact the QB had on win probability. This week, Kap put up a 93.4 (3rd best of the week), and Smith a 90.7 (5th best). Both fantastic performances. On the season, Kap ranks #7 at 67.9, while Smith is all the way down at #23, at 52.4. This suggests that on the season, Kap is doing more to help his team win than Smith. Like the traditional QBR, it isn’t perfect, and has it’s flaws. For example, Kap’s 3rd quarter slump doesn’t effect the rating much because it had little impact on the game’s outcome. This rating, too, has it’s weaknesses.

        Football Outsiders (through last week) also gives an edge to Kaepernick; Kap has a DVOA of +8.4%, while rating Smith at -4.0%. He also leads in DYAR.

        There’s more to judging a QBs performance than the traditional QB rating; I’m not sure any one statistic truly tells the whole story. There are plenty of other statistical measures that more than justify the QB change.

      12. Euclidite- Good points all. One can make numbers sing if you try hard enough. To me, bottom line is that Kap is still young and growing–a good thing. Smith is still my choice in the red zone with the game on the line on a big stage, like the playoffs. I still maintain that Harbaugh moved too quickly on his QB decision last year.

      1. Matt
        Wont argue that CK can improve his accuracy but VD should have caught that first one (would have been a 50 yrd TD) He should have laid out for it instead of trying to catch it in stride, he was at the goal line anyways so if he leaves his feet the ball hits him in the chest and he rolls in for the TD. great throw by kaep on that one, rolling right throwing left almost on the money

      2. BOS is right. On the incomplete deep pass to VD the replay camera showed he had slowed down before speeding up to try to catch the ball. You got to keep your stride on deep routes.

  2. Exactly the same grade I’d give Kap. An A+ for his first half play. F- for the 3rd quarter and an A in the 4th. With momentum all with the buccs after cutting the lead to 6 I saw Kap make a couple of the best plays I’ve ever seen him make. After crab has the idiotic penalty Kap on a 3 and 12 makes a phenom play and rolls out and buys time to deliver a strike for a first. Then later on another 3rd he escapes a sack and runs for a first.
    The only knock is the red zone offense again wasn’t great. But a very solid game for Kap today

      1. Haha true. Offense looked much better today. We ran well vs a a solid run defense. Once we got conservative we began to slip. Seems we are peaking this season as opposed to last.

  3. Bruce Miller update via MM

    Concerning – Was wearing a sling. Too swollen to Xray. Will Xray Monday in bay area. Needed help pulling jersey off.
    Possibly Good News – “We’ll take a closer look at it, but it’s just a stinger.” Just the soreness, it feels like it (the pain) is all over.” MWill the injury be long term? “No, no. I’ve felt this feeling before.”

    We need this guy for the playoffs.

  4. I mentioned yesterday it would be a struggle for the Bucs’ D trying to contain Kap and Gore (hi Grant)… Their running provided big conversions and Gore has himself another 1k rushing season….. Hey, I thought Gore was done? Silly PD blogger……… Niners are on a roll while making their haters look just plain silly……. Ciao.

      1. Because we all know that for you to string together a football opinion or comment that dues not relate to hating Greg Roman is next to impossible. All you have is a big mouth!

      2. Cyberbullying is the use of Information Technology to harm or harass other people in a deliberate, repeated, and hostile manner= Prime Slime= Axel = Randy and many more. Mostly done by teenagers or unhappy, insecure middle age men.

  5. Jesus, Grant, give it a rest on beating the Kap from the pocket drum. He can’t JUST be a rollout passer. And though 3-10 from the pocket in the 3rd Q isn’t great, it isn’t a catastrophe. And you’re stubborn with your Gore analysis as well. Yes, he lacks explosion. We get it. But he does everything else very well. Relish it once in a while, geez.

      1. Chicago49ers, you’re right. But to disregard the need for some pocket passing and to disregard what Gore is doing well isn’t telling all sides of the story–which is the first thing taught in journalism school, yes?

  6. Grant you can blame Whitner for the slip but the head shot you ca’nt he had left his feet before the receiver was going down he didn’t target the receivers head it was as much the receivers fault as Whitners but while you are grading Whitner I’m pretty sure the TD at the end of the half was his coverage. If Crabtree hadn’t committed his penalty what would your grade for the WR’s have been.

      1. Prime you are probably right Lott would have adjusted his game but his reputation wouldn’t be half of what it is. He was a game changer because of his hits not his tackling or coverage

      2. Sorry to disagree, but Lott was intelligent as a player to be able to adjust his game to work within the framework of the rules. He could play the game in any decade and excel.

      3. Jack i agree with you that Ronnie would have problem playing in the NFL today. Every little hit is a foul but most holding and mugging is not called.

      4. Ronnie Lott made the pro bowl at both cb and safety. He’d be able to cover and hit. play the slot, cover 3, anything. ..

      5. The point that Jack is making is what Ronnie was known for was hitting and the new NFL takes a lot of that away. And though I get the point, I am going to be one of those also disagrees with the assertion (that he could not make it in the NFL today) because as Left coast and Big niner point out there was so much more to his game — than what he was most famous for.
        Secondly Whitner is no Lott. Where as Reid is a lot more like Lott. Notice that the hard hitter Reid does not make the same penalties as hitner. More like RL, he has adjusted to the new game. It helps that he entered the NFL at the time of the rule changes so he is not an old dog learning new tricks…..like an old guy (like me) trying to train old thumbs to speed type on a microscopically small I phone.
        Now if Reid could just use his head to protect his head.

  7. Personally I’d keep Kap on the move and on the run (which is what I think will be done in the playoffs). Keep the other team’s defense – all ELEVEN of them – thinking they might have to tackle Kap coming at them, while at the same time trying to defend his possible passing the ball too.

  8. This grading thing is stupid. All u need to know is that Kaep and Gore won this game today in the offensive side. Crabtree, Davis, and others benefitted from his umprovisation and Kaep benefitted from Gore’s strong running.

  9. We are peaking at the right time. And we will get better. Had Kaep made a better pass to Crabs and had VD made an attempt to dive for a ball, we would have had two more scores. Kaep is buying time with his feet more like Big Ben. He’s got to work on his mechanics though. His poor mechanics are why he is missing some throws.
    Overall AWESOME. Just hope Bruce Miller is ok.

    1. Even though you are a clown Im gonna have to agree with you. I thought this was CK’s best game of the year from reading the defense, extending plays and being the consummate leader on the field. No one wants to play the 49ers in the 1st round of the playoffs!

    2. Bay,

      Not to sure about the Big Ben comparison but the Niners are peaking at the right time, CK is getting better, the play calling is getting better, and how many times does a team knock off the home team after a bye. We are like the Giants a couple of years ago, and we will be hard to stop.

    3. He’s only getting better in that pocket. I don’t care what grant says about the third, he made very nice throws that were dropped. That’s no excuse it’s just a good sign of his accuracy and decisions in the pocket. I saw 3 of those third quarter throws that were bad, and one was the Boldin snatch of course. Pack your bags for Seattle because that’s where we are going, and we are going to win that game.
      We do not lose again this season.
      And it looked like millers shoulder got blown out. Didn’t look good the way he was hanging it.

      1. MD, i agree with you completely. CK is for sure improving but still can get better with more practice and coaching. Grant again continues to write about CKs performance in the 3rd quarter without mentioning what happened and how he end up having a low percent of completion. To my eyes CK made some amazing plays and we had bunch of drops since the Tampa Defense is very physical and they were hitting hard.

  10. How about Michael Thomas picking off Brady in the end zone to secure the win? Yet another example of how deep this 49ers team is.

    1. I am watching the game. Those Raider fans are just classy bunch. Anyone see the fan flipping off Charles at the back of the end zone?

      1. Not one or those 5 TD passes traveled more than 12 yards in the air. 3 TD’s on screen passes. 2 for 49 yards each. Takes a talented QB to throw a screen pass.

    2. I do I am leading 297 to 193 and I still have Calvin Johnson to play tomorrow and he is done after the 4 o’clock games. I am ranked #2 in my league and should move on next week for the league championship.

  11. “Still, the 49ers were stubborn making Kaepernick throw only from the pocket in the third quarter.”

    Rightfully so as the only way we’ll win the chip this year is if he can reliably do this. No one wants to see him on the run and throwing every play. He has to get comfortable throwing within that 5 yd circle known as the pocket where there are more places to throw the ball from than just his initial drop back position.

    1. Colin made some impressive scramble and throws against the Bucs, but there’s the problem. Against a good defensive team like the Seahawks, he will have a harder time escaping the pocket. In the last game against SEA the lineman chased him down. Against the Bucs he was able to outrun them.
      Colin is a great athlete and it’s always exciting to see him improvise a play against a medicore team. While his numbers seem better with Crabs back, they’re about the same: 150-250 yards passing.
      He’s slow to get the plays off, which will be a bigger problem in Seattle.
      Let’s face it the championship goes through Seattle and that Defense.
      What I’d love to see is Colin take a three-step drop and throw it. Or throw it away. He has to manage the game. Our D is just as good. We’ve proven was can slow down Lynch and get in Russell Wilson’s face.
      I look forward to Colin stepping up, raising his game, and then we go up to Seattle and take it.
      And before the douche baggy CK Fan Club of 23 and Bay start calling me a troll — back up your insults with some facts about the game and why you think the current play will be enough to get it done in Seattle.
      Heck, we might even have to play Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay in the cold. I know he hasn’t play in a month, but I would not rule that guy out and that first game of the year was a lifetime ago with the Niners this year.

  12. Not saying this because I want Alex as our qb or that I think getting rid of him was the wrong move. But the dude is BALLING today
    Alex- 16-19 277 5 TD. Wow. Overall I like the guy as a person and root for him to do well. But Kap is still my guy.

    1. Jamal Charles is the ONE balling. Matt Flynn could make those throws. Its all about Jamal breaking long runs, but that one throw down the side on the wheel route was a nice pass from Alex.

    2. Adam Alex played well but Charles had 197yards and 4 of the 5 tds receiving. So it was the same Alex check down that translated to TDs due to great play by Charles.

      1. If you watched the game you’d know they weren’t check downs. They were rb screens, designed passing plays that the KC coaching staff saw as a weakness in the faiders defense, and obviously exploited the hell out of them, and the 4th TD to Charles was a great down field throw, hitting him in stride and Charles just turned on the jets. Belittling without knowledge is pretty poor judgement.

    1. Lol 5 yard passes and Charles doin the work. Some things never change. And I’m sure your hands need lotion after that phantom game. 33-14. That’s what I’m happy about.

      1. Watch the game why don’t you. Smith played absolutely great…which is costing us our 2nd round pick’s good position! Boo Alex!

  13. Holy crap AS is having a career day. It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Maybe it will be a KC\SF Super Bowl. I hope so cause I think we would bury AS….hey bein a nice guy only goes so far.

    1. +1 coach!
      Great game by Alex and especially J.Charles. Alex put the ball in JC’ hands and Charles did the rest.
      KC’ defense pulled back the reins to early in this game and gave O-town a little life.

      But except for the c-hawks winning in NY, this was a great football day with my team winning and the raiders and c-boys losing.
      Almost a perfect day (lol).

    2. IMO I’d like to get Baltimore back. Facing the chiefs in a superbowl would be a pretty cool story. They better hold up their end, because I know we will! Wheeeeew!

  14. The Saints are getting a dose of karma. They got that bogus call versus us. A gift. Since then lost 2 out of 3 and been blown out in losses.

    1. You see Dallas right now? The cowpokes are choking away their lead on the Packers because they choose to pass every down instead of handing off to Demarco Murray when he’s going for 7 yards per carry and they had a big lead. Dallas is too stupid, lol.

  15. agree with the grades and analysis.

    perhaps it’s just a numbers game but i’m disappointed that good/ok players come here and we can’t fully utilize their talents- Manningham being the most recent/obvious, but Ginn and many others before him (Belichek seems to take every NFL reject and get good use out of them, and with Tully Banta-Cain he even round-tripped us/him). not only makes me wonder how good LMJ or Manningham might be somewhere else, but just how good is our coaching if it squanders talent? high class problem, and I’ll put away my rattle/binky til after we win another SB

    1. Fesnyc Manningham looked very good last yr probably would have ended up with over 50 catches if he has stayed healthy, maybe since his injury he’s lost a step.

    2. fesny,
      Belichick re-signed Banta Tully Cain because he was familiar with the Patriots defensive system. He also, re-signed an old Andre Carter after he played one season in Oakland.
      Belichick comes from a defensive background and his players fit into the system he’s molded.
      Cain and Carter fit that mold.

      1. I think Carolina will win next week. The Packers are the one team that I don’t want to see the 49ers play in the wildcard round, and they are in position to steal that division.

      2. out of that division i believe the packers have the best QB, the defense and the crowd. so i agree with you however i have to admit that today i was cheering them on to beat the cowboys.

  16. Raiders look horrible, but some of their problem today are 6 turnovers.
    Dallas defense is always pretty bad. I quess it’s not exciting to draft linebackers, safeties and interior linemen. So I vite for Dallas.

    1. Man you ain’t lying. Packers just tied it up. Dallas was up 26 -3 and let Green Bay back in the game because they refuse to run the ball. Demarco was averaging 7 yards a carry! Crazy team.

      1. It’s a passing league, but sometimes you live and DIE by the pass…Murray was having a great game…Garrett, the puppet that he is, lost this game…

      2. 18 for 134 by Murray. If he got 30 carries today Allas would’ve won and that game would’ve been over a half an hour ago. Jack is right, that’s bad coaching. So much for Callahan fixing the play calling there.

    2. Dallas was right for going for more points was dumb in their play calling. They were killing them with the run and went away from it. What I don’t agree with is when Harbaugh has the opportunity to put a team away and doesn’t take it. The Dallas game in 2011 comes to mind, he could of gotten the ball back with a first down and if they don’t turn it over still kick the field goal while taking more time off the clock. I just think when he chooses to go conservative its too early to do so when the game is not decided with the other team hanging around score wise. Other wise I don’t mind the conservative approach.

  17. But according to grant they are light years better then the Niners! Not! See des leave the field early , what a punk! What chaos! Hope miller is ok!

      1. Don’t. He plays great when he is supposed to have a bad day and horrific when he should be lighting it up. At best, you should only have him as your third option at QB.

    1. I would sign a very good backup… Like an Alex smith and start Romo for 3 quarters, sit him in the fourth and win games. :-)

  18. Clear cut,
    my power rankings now look like this

    San Francisco
    New England
    Kansas City
    New Orleans
    San Diego

    1. Looks good except beating the raiders that bad would only move the chiefs to #9 for me. I wouldn’t take them over the bengals on any day.
      I like the dark horse at 10. They are playing with the big boys and sleeping vs the scrubs of the league. Chargers could be a first rd danger.

  19. Howabout this – Tony Romo has more fourth quarter interceptions when the game is either tied or the Cowboys are up by a touchdown or less than ANY QB since 2006.

    How was Bill Callahan supposed to fix this?

    1. Bill Callahan & Jason Garrett f%cked up just as much as Romo with their mind boggling play calling. You have a RB in Demarco Murray average just short of 7.5 yards a carry – and you run only 4 times in the 2nd half with a 23 point lead??!!

      1. They just said on NBC that the last play ran by Dallas was called by the coaches to hand off to Demarco Murray but Romo checked out of it & threw a pass only to have it picked off. LOL!

      2. Tony in Romo made to mistakes. First he changed the call from coaches for a run and then apparently did not clue in designated receiver.

        Happy to have Kappy

  20. His third quarter passing wasn’t as bad as the drops. His pass to bolden when he got hit was on the money. The other one to bolden on the sideline was on the money and through a right window. If you call that inaccurate ill trust those throws again being caught and held by Boldin anytime. Not much you can do with the batted balls, except look off the defender at the line. He could have used that. His third quarter wasn’t as bad as it appeared. It wasn’t great but if those were caught they score. Basically it wasn’t his accuracy that was bad. I do agree with the grade though. His play clock managing is horrible.

    1. MD, also you need to consider that Tampa has the most INTS and one of the reasons for the ints is due to the tipped balls. CK had no turn over and that is money baby

  21. Note to Brotha Tuna Breatha:
    copyright, schmoppyright
    (it is called poetic license, bubba)

    You gotta question for my unicorn, pal?
    Ask him – he is standing right behind you
    (ya wanna stand up straight now, fella??)

    Colin: 65% completion ratio, 203 total passing
    and a 40% success rate on third down; whereas
    Cam Newton hooked up 66% of his passes for
    a total of 273 yards (5 of 11 on third down = 45%)

    Both 10-4…both wildcards, but they own the tiebreaker.
    Okay, Cam…. Colin, you rookies can take a seat now.

    The Chiefs just put up 56 points and their QB connected
    on 85% of his passes for 287 total yards. Yowzer.!!!
    We are talking about a QB rating of 158.3 …..Wow.!!

    Talk about a balanced attack? Check out Kansas City:
    two rushing TDs by two different players and
    two team members hauled in passing TDs. T-E-A-M.
    Oh yeah… and no unsportsmanlike conduct penalties.
    I’m just sayin’…. Alex Smith for President, okay?

    1. Alex who? We don’t care about a team with the 4th easiest schedule who can only beat losing teams, lol……….. Niners Biatch!!!!!!

    2. And your man crush can thank Jamaal Charles for getting him all those yards, with an honorable mention to Raiders D for being crap-tastic…Jamaal Charles is the reason the Chiefs won, not your precious

      1. Sorry, but that’s like saying that Kaep should thank Boldin for getting him his career day against the Packers earlier this season. It was a dual effort for Kaep and Boldin then just like it was for Smith and Charles today.

      2. No, but both Boldin and Charles do their jobs well. If they didn’t, both Kaep’s performance in the season opener and Smith’s today wouldn’t have happened.

    3. Alex “eternally bitter” Smith,
      The real Alex Smith seems to have made a good transition why not accept that and move on bud?

    4. You are so pathetic. I use to be a Alex fan and wish him the best but now i am a Colin fan and would not trade him for anybody as long as he is a San Francisco Forty Niner. With that said, Alex had a great game and it was nice how his running back which is one of the best in the league had 8 receptions for 197 yards and 4 TDs against one of the worst defenses in the league. However, I am sincerely happy to see you joyful so move on to your Alex site.

  22. Sleepless in Colchester …

    Ponder this: is the Niners OL play actually better with Snyder than Iupati? Before you burn E at the stake, consider the recent uptick in the outside running game. Is that Snyder, the RBs themselves, or playcalling?

    Jack … ?

    1. “is the Niners OL play actually better with Snyder”

      Much like in 2011 the offense has picked up since he started playing.

      1. The improvement in 2011 was more about Chilo Rachal finding his way to the bench. It wasn’t so much that Snyder was good (he wasn’t), it was that Chilo was horrific.

  23. Are we still talking about Alex smith trust me whene he plays a good defense in playoffs he is done all they have to do is keep everything in front of them and tackle ( not like Raiders) because Alex can’t throw more than 30 yards and often dose not throw recivers open cus he doesn’t trust his own arms tenth

    1. Colin will be a beast once he fully develops u can see his progression he dose not seem paranoid comp % is overrated 3rd down convertion and big plays is more important

    2. Are the Broncos a good defense…what about the Chargers…so basically you are saying he hasn’t played a good defense all season?

  24. Bloody brilliant performance by Kaepurnicus today. He showed why he is the chosen one, arming the 49ers with weapons grade plutonium as they enter the playoff wars……

  25. And for the Crabtree debacle. I actually like it. Not to say I want him to do it again, but it shows that he won’t tolerate bad throws and wants to win. Sometimes that gets their qb’s head in the right place. I liked the fire, just not the penalty.

    1. Unacceptable MD.
      Crabtree is one of my favorite 49er players, but there are different and more professional ways to show your displeasure than costing your team a 15 yrd penalty.
      I hope he never does this again because it sours the game.

    2. MD, i love crabtree but his stupid act was completely unprofessional. I don’t care if the pass was inaccurate but you can not throw the ball and put the team in a hole! Also his action was disrespectful to Colin. So should Colin throw the ball every time he drops a pass! Just not expectable and if it happens again i would bench him.

      1. I hope you are right Bay, because a tantrum looked a bit selfish. Either way though, it hurt the team effort and is to be avoided going forward.

      2. Bay,
        Dez Bryant walked off the field on his team with a little more than a minute left, what repercussions should he face?

        Personally, I believe he should receive a substantial fine by the cowboys as well as one from the league offices.

        I also feel that the same applies to my boy Crabtree regardless of who his tirade was directed at.

        We cannot have players taking upon themselves to mete out their displeasure on the field whenever things don’t go their way.
        This is the pros – not high school ball.

      3. AES,
        agree it was selfish. You have to weigh several things when addressing the incident. You address it behind closed doors. It’s never happened before so we can chalk it up to frustration from a great player that is focused on winning.
        If we were regularly dealing with this type of behavior then we find a replacement.
        Looking at our situation that is as far as we take it right now. We are in the middle of a 4 game winstreak and have won 9 of our last 11. We just knocked off the Seahawks and we are getting ultra healthy. The last thing we need is to create an internal issue.
        Stay focused! We are rollin at the right time and no one wants a piece of this right now.

      4. Definitely a selfish act but you gotta love the competiveness and the fact he came back on the next play and made a huge play and converted the 3rd down.
        This incident is nothing compared to the Dez Bryant as he has repeatedly shown an immaturity that has been a major distraction to the team. Crabtree is hungry to prove he is back and that’s all it was. I don’t believe a fine is warranted nor any discipline required. He’s been a good soldier. Lets just chalk it up to some good emotion.

    3. Gents I agree it was stupid and shouldn’t be done again. I still liked the fire, if it was due to the bad throw. If it was due to a no call then it’s unacceptable IMO. Players have their way of showing frustration. And MC doesn’t have a history of doing things like this. That’s why I have him a pass this time. Only due to the fiery side, it’s good to see some emotions once in awhile. If Willis, bowman, or J Smith did something like this, I wouldn’t be that upset either. Because they don’t have a history of these kind of acts.

      1. MD,
        I see your point about the fire. But in a close game a 15 yrd unsportsmanlike conduct penalty could be ruinous for the team.
        If CK doesn’t roll out of the pocket and make a great throw on the run to Crab’ for a 14 yrd pick-up and important 1st down, this game is still to close to for comfort.

        I agree that this was a first for Crab’ but I don’t believe he should get a free pass. No player should do anything foolish that hurts their team’s chances regardless of the score or who his anger was directed at.

        If the Org gives Crab’ a free pass it sends a mixed/bad message to the locker room. Players need to learn how to be professional and disciplined at all times. Not doing so, will ultimately reflect on the Org.
        Hopefully, this was a first and a last foolish act by Crabtree.

    4. I believe he did not throw the ball in the stands, he threw it back to the line of scrimmage, and hit a Tampa players shoulder pad.

  26. 49ers offensive performance by personnel group:

    14 rushes for 92 yards
    11 passes, 7-8 for 62 yards, 1 TD, 1 Sack, and 2 scrambles for 15 yards

    3 rushes for 5 yards
    11 passes, 6-11 for 35 yards

    9 rushes for 36 yards
    4 passes, 2-4 for 57 yards and 1 TD

    1 rush for 0 yards
    9 passes, 4-6 for 49 yards, 1 sack, 2 scrambles for 27 yards

    6 rushes for 13 yards

    First Down play calls:
    16 runs for 75 yards
    12 passes, 6-11 for 95 yards, 1 TD, 1 sack
    Avg of 6.2 yards per play on 1st down.

    1. First guess would be that 23 formation is too much of a giveaway that a run is coming, we only rushed out of it and none of them appeared to be successful unless that was one run for 13 and 5 for 0.

      1. “23 formation is too much of a giveaway that a run is coming”

        3 of those were at the end of the game when they were killing the clock up 30-14. They did throw a TD pass out of it against Washington.

      2. I’d be curious to see the season long stats for each formation to see which ones ended up being the most successful. Although, as above clearly the situation of the play needs to be tempered with the numbers.

    1. oneniner,
      That would be nice, but my allegiance to Alex Smith ended when he went to KC. But if this happens all the members of team Alex should rejoice.

      1. you are over blowing it as usual…..nothing wrong with being a fan of multiple teams……

        you act as if we get paid to be fans…..

        I have a primary team and secondary teams……i.e never claimed to be a lions fan but when barry sanders was playing i never rooted against them……

        obviously your allegiance to alex wasn’t “ALL IN”

      2. Chicago49er is one of the excellent commenters on this blog. Obviously also a diehard fan. Love that he’s all in. He reminds me of many Bears-Bulls-and certainly Blackhawks fans. But in the Bay Area we’re tempted by multiple teams. Most Giant fans don’t like the A’s and vice versa, but there are some that like both. Not so with ChiSox and Cubbies? Anyway, I don’t HATE the RayDuhs, but there hasn’t been much to admire from that team for years.
        So to One Niner’s point, I’d say yeah, he seems very much a Niner Fan (tho not a fan of the QB switch and he didn’t go all DS or Alex4Zero on us). Besides, c’mon, he doesn’t need our permission. ; >)

      3. Oneniner,

        You are a water down Niner fan, you love ALEX , you really want to be a Chiefs fan, you really want Alex to prove he is better then Kaep. You would root for the Chiefs over the Niners, and if the Chiefs won, you would love to tell this blog, I told you so.
        Now as for me, I was a huge Joe Montana fan, I loved Joe, did not like like Steve, but when the Chiefs played the Niners in KC, I was rooting as hard as possible for Steve and the Niners to win, was hoping Joe would have a occasional choke, a day off, a bad throw, a interception, did not happen that way, and I was very disappointed, hated when Joe, got a TD pass, and he celebrated after the throw. That was one of the worst days being a Niner fan. Wanted the Niners to in badly. You on the other hand, that is another story, now your comeback will be a insult or something stupid , you have been thrown off this site , more times then Mr check down throws screens.

    2. One does not get to a pro bowl off a single game, and as great as a season as Smith has had, his best yet (and who were all these people saying he’s reached his ceiling? the guy keeps getting better ever year), there are a few qbs who will make it before him, guys like Brady, Manning, Rivers, and possibly Luck, Rothlisberger, and Dalton. Now, if Smith can throw another 6 to 8 tds, no ints, and get 600 more passing yards, he might be the first alternate to be called up if Manning or Brady are in the SB and chose to sit out.

      1. MJ, oneniner,
        I don’t have a problem with 49er fans cheering on other players. Hey, I’m a huge Cal Bears fan and continue to follow Aaron Rodgers.
        But I don’t look and hope for Rodgers to have a better game then CK so I can begin the stats comparisons for the next few games like a few here like to do.

        I know that you and oneniner are 49er fans, but it’s the others who call themselves 49er fans and berate a bad game by CK and then use Alex Smith’ stats to validate their agenda.

        I love Adrian Peterson as a football fan, but I’m not going come on here and compare his stats to Frank Gore, especially when he has a better game then Gore.
        I think you get my drift.

      2. Fan you sound so silly with the Matt Flynn comparison! come on please do not compare Matt Flynn and his numbers with Colin. Matt Flynns numbers is the result of Green Bay Packers offensive system. If Matt is just an amazing QB how come he did not do anything once he signed a big contract.

      3. Chicago Niner,
        Everyone is talking how the passing game has improved but the numbers are the same. There are other QBs with lesser talent around them that are putting up bigger numbers.
        Look at Matt Cassell!

      4. Fan, you are correct but there are so many other factors to consider here. This Jim H and Grow team is a power running team and is not designed for throwing 40 to 50 passes a game. At least not yet. Also let’s compare Matt Cassell, how long has he been in the NFL and why his production was very poor in KC but it was very good in New England? Coaching and offensive system as well as the surrounding talent will impact the QBs performance. I agree with you that CK is not a true pocket passer but his style of play can be very productive in a right system. Now if the fan base would rather have a true pocket passer for our future QB then we must hope either ck develops to that or the coaching staff agree with that strategy and draft another option just in case.

      1. Who cares? A TD pass is a TD pass no matter how far the initial throw is. Now let’s concentrate on the win by the Niners.

      2. This 5 yard pass is the same one that Colin cannot throw to save a series.
        Colin is the Niner QB — God love him and be with him, as he will have to get better if the Niners have a chance to get lombardi trophy number 6.
        Matt Flynn had better numbers and he git waived 3 times this year.

  27. Great to see that we throttled the Bucs today but even better that Roman finally has been letting Kaep utilize his God-given gifts.

  28. Being back in the Bay Area is nice. I got to hang wth nonjudgemental niner fans, listen to knbr and get a broader perspective of the niners. The dude on knbr said Colin is the X factor. We don’t know what we’re going to get. The niners dominated an yet it’s still. Game in the 4th quarter.
    It took a gift special teams to put it away. A win is a win and I’ll take it. Colin played great first half and so so 2nd half. I’m no concerned Abu the scrambling, we know he can do that. I wanna see a check down or throw when the pressure is coming. A fast read I think he can get there next year, but in 2013, he had to play better to beat Seattle in Seattle. Ok worries about the time management.
    Smith threw 5 tdS? Where was that guy when he was here????

      1. Thanks for the correction Prime, i stopped watching after his 4th int. How have you been Prime! I have not seen you around lately!

  29. Kaep excelled today. He was more aggressive and didn’t just throw well when on the run. He did some Tai Chi with the ball and pushed-the-needle-through-the-D with some great sideballs. Instead of waiting for the perfect pass to appear, he took off running. My only gripe is that he has a tendency to slide before passing the first down marker. In any case, he becomes more like the QB we want when he takes off.

    Loved the change-up with the RBs, both Kendall and LMJ added to the Gore repertoire. Kendall rocked today. He didn’t just pick up the fumble on the special teams play, he grabbed it mid-flight and threw himself into the endzone before he could be downed. Brilliant.

    Sometimes Vernon bugs by not stretching himself out for the first long bomb, and Vernon not seeming to care when the pass was intercepted (but then negated by penalty). You play full blast all the time, as there is never a guarantee the officials will call what we think they will call.

    Now, we must win our next two, as Carolina/NO will be at five losses next week, which would move us into the #5 spot…which is precious, as that at least would put the possibility of playing a final postseason game at the Stick if the NFC wildcards are boss this year.

    The win helped to wash out the sorrow from the news of Peter O’Toole’s death. Just as gridiron football is becoming a more conformist game, so we lose the last of the true hellraisers. I loved working with him, RIP ‘awrence’.

    1. Vd tapped him down after the pick. If you go back, you’ll see that. Plus the lb stopped running and started celebrating with some of his teammates until they told him to run it in.

  30. If the 49ers make it to Seattle in the playoffs they will lose. The noise, the fact that the Seahawks would rather take a 5 yard defensive holding penalty than allow a completed pass, and a strong running defense makes a loss a near certainty. What would they do any different? I’d love to read a logical (not emotional) reason why I’m wrong but I just can’t see a playoff win in Seattle. Interestingly one of the two teams to make a close game of it in Seattle this year was Tampa Bay.


    1. Simple. Pain. You kick Sherman and and the rest of those clowns right in the nuts. That’s how we won last week and how we will win the next time we play those fudgemunchers…

  31. Glad AZ won.
    - The 49ers have the Titans 2014 3rd rounder. At 5-9, the Titans pick should be a mid-high 3rd.
    - AZ will be still motivated to play SeAdderal hard Sunday. Wear and tear on the SeaRoids is good for the rest of the NFC.
    - SeAdderal will likely win Sunday, so the 49ers can still clinch wildcard before Monday.

    Then the question is… rest as many starters as they can the next two games and be 6th seed, or play the starters hard the next two games to go for a possible 5th seed?

      1. I think seeds 3-6 play wildcard weekend.

        The 5th has an outside chance of hosting the NFC Championship if the 6th knocks off the first seed… which makes it tempting to go balls out the next two games with the notion Carolina could pull an upset.

    1. “The 49ers have the Titans 2014 3rd rounder. At 5-9, the Titans pick should be a mid-high 3rd.a”

      The loss of Goldson and others to free agency means that the Niners will also get a 3rd round compensatory pick. That means they get three 3rd round picks. Good place to take a chance on a WR, though I hope they take one in the earlier rounds.

      1. FYI – Jarvis Landry, Junior from LSU late first round projection. Makes tons of big plays, is perfect for Kaep, but Baalke may be gun shy over drafting a 1st round WR.

      2. The 49ers should wind up with 3 third rounders (1 high, 2 low) and 2 low second rounders. Makes Baalke look really good… especially if Tank recovers.

        On the other hand the Rams have Washington’s first rounder, likely the #2 overall.

    2. Good post Brodie; way to keep it in perspective. I feel the same way about the Cards in Seattle next week. Had they been eliminated yesterday, they would likely have just gone through the motions up there. Let them go to Seattle hungry. I’d love to see Fitzgerald run right through Richard Sherman a couple of times.
      We should clobber the Falcons next Monday. The last game at the stick-atmosphere should be absolutely electric.
      I have the feeling that our last game in Arizona won’t matter. But if it does, and we can’t handle them, then maybe we don’t belong in the playoffs after all.

    3. I’m usually one for resting the starters in case of injury. But with Kap finally getting in a groove, Crabs getting his legs back under him, and guys like Reid and Brock still gaining valuable experience, it’s hard to pull them completely from those final games.

      1. If the 49ers rest starters (they might not and battle for the 5th seed instead)… I think it pays more to rest defensive front 7 players, anyone nursing injuries and key vets (like Gore).

  32. Grant,
    nice job on the grades today. I think the receivers deserve just a little higher grade. Crabtree had his idiot moment. However he put a great move on a DB in the end zone for the first TD, and he completely lost a DB for a deep ball that Kaep miss fired on. Also got deep on another ball that Kaep chose to check down.
    He’s working hard down field, while he didn’t get rewarded with a td, I’ll reward him with a good grade for his effort.

    1. WRs get maybe a B before idiot moment.
      Crabs idiot moment = F
      That brings WR grade to a D+/C-.
      Crabs somewhat redeems himself with his next play saving game from going into the loss column thanks to idiot moment. So WR grade adjusted to C.
      I agree with Grant.

  33. the Niners lead the Cardinals by one game…
    for the #6 seed. Note to Coach Harbaw:
    Impress me some more why doncha?
    Seattle has finished their ‘shakedown cruise’
    and is ready to take care of business
    in the post season. Pete Carroll is optimistic
    (& you, sir, have a Super Bowl monkey on yr back)

      1. Good point MW, but if Davis experiences any concussion symptoms this week after not being checked for one, it could result in a fine (if not worse) for the team.

  34. For those of you that kept it positive and had faith, great job. Hope we give Gore and Miller some rest next week and play Dixon and Hunter. Let’s start making moves to be at full strength for the playoffs.

    This year we get #6

    1. I’m sticking to my story, the 49ers don’t lose another game this season. I was wrong about 11-5 but I will be right about them getting healthy and hot at the right time and winning on the road in the playoffs. Called this in the offseason. And it’s working brilliantly. Lol
      You watch!

      Oh and that Onelame isn’t a real 49er fan. :-0

      1. On the positive, how cool is it to see Crabs getting wide behind a defense with regularity? That boy is working hard. He wants it.
        Hit a couple of those in the next two games and it will open up the underneath stuff for him.

  35. I thought that keeping Kap in the pocket most of third quarter as well as other times was for the same reasons that they have been doing this all year.
    First the defense took away the outside lanes and second, Gore is more comfortable for his launch when Kap is under center. So get the Gore threat between tackles back and pretty soon those outside lanes open up again.
    It was only a matter of time before the Buck D would try to adapt to the Niners obvious outside the numbers game planning (Hunter andLMJ sweeps, Kap scrambles and bootlegs). So in the third when the Bucks D had adapted, the Niners tightened up to pound the middle.
    This was, I thought, a good plan for this day. But won’t work for tougher opponents because of two problems that better teams have and will capitalize on.
    A. Kap is still not that comfortable in the pocket as third Q demonstrated.
    B. They change formations and personnel thus telegraphing there intentions.
    I like that they are getting Hunter and LMJ in there for a threat to the outside over left tackle combined with Kap to right scramble for run or throw. They are beginning to use the other tools in the tool box more. This is a good start. This stretches the field left and right and was effective today for awhile. Then they switch over to the pocket passing and between the tackles run during third quarter. But both are with personnel and formation switches so D knows the intent and it becomes two dimensional/singular threat at any given possession.
    Where as if they could put it all in one package, that is combine Gore with LMJ/Hunter at the same time to offer the triple ground threat (left, right and center) out of one set then I believe that would pose a formidable threat to the best defenses out there.
    The diamond formation also gives you a full back or tight end for the primary blocking back. That formation also gives Kap a more comfortable pocket as it can be expanded on the fly with a couple of (eyes forward for read) steps while still maintaining ground game.
    Today was closer to what I want to see from the Niners. But I want to see Gore and an outside guy (Hunter/LMJ) combined together in a formation for that three headed plus monster to truly leave a defense both stretched wide and back on their heals guessing.

  36. The 49ers are in control of the fifth seed in the NFC, even if they would currently be sixth, if the playoffs started today.

    The Saints and Panthers play again in week 16. Whoever loses will be behind the 49ers, and they will stay there, as long as the 49ers keep winning.

    1. The 49ers need that 5th seed so Seattle can be tenderized before the 49ers devour them in the NFC Championship game……

      1. It would be nice if the Lynch and Wilson were a little ginger leading up to the NFCCG. Nothing permanent, mind you. Just enough to slow them down a bit.

      2. Exgolfer That would be nice but i just do’nt see any team over coming the technological advantage seattle has at least this yr. I’m betting crowd noise will go infront of the rules commitee this year

      3. OC,

        If it doesn’t, it should. Home field advantage is one thing, their corked stadium is another.

        Smart for them to design it the way they did, but it’s not fair. If the NFL doesn’t allow the fans to have presonal noise making devices, why should the stadium be allowed to be one giant noise maker?

      4. Exgolfer i read something recently that said the NFL will pass a rule regarding crowd noise before they break ground on a new stadium in LA. The league fears that with the technological advances that have been made since seattle’s stadium was built the new stadium could be literally impossible for visiting teams to win in.

      5. Old coach, it’s very interesting you mentioned the crowd noise! I
        Most certainly agree with your opinion that artificial crowd noise is unfair to the visiting team and should be reviewed by the NFL. Now I am one of those crazy fans that will scream my lungs out the whole game to root for my team but if the sound is artificial and they are using technology to produce the sound then you are unfairly allowing some teams to gain a huge advantage by disturbing the communication.

      1. The ‘come through in the clutch’ button that never works and the Dallas Star with the gun to it’s head in the middle are my favorite.

  37. Fansince 77 says:
    December 15, 2013 at 9:52 pm
    “This 5 yard pass is the same one that Colin cannot throw to save a series.
    Colin is the Niner QB — God love him and be with him, as he will have to get better if the Niners have a chance to get lombardi trophy number 6.
    Matt Flynn had better numbers and he git waived 3 times this year.”

    Every dog has their day. I remember M.Flynn throwing 6 TD’ a few years ago when he replaced an injured Aaron Rodgers towards the end of the season. Did that make him better him a better QB than Rodgers? If I recall, as impressive as that game was for Flynn, it wasn’t enough to keep him in GB.

    BTW, Flynn’ stats were better than R.Wilson’ yesterday as well. Perhaps the c-hawks would like Flynn back? Nah!!
    Fan77, can you at least admit as an educated football fan that there is no way Flynn makes some of the throws that CK made yesterday, right?

      1. That 52 yarder was 60 yards, plus, in the air.

        52 yards + 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage + 3 yards into the end zone.

      2. Maybe as a bias niner fan is hard for me to pick on our QB when he threw 2 tds and secured us a victory. but even the tv announcers with years of football experience called Colin Houdini for breaking tackles, being elusive and extending plays.

      3. It wasn’t just the distance it travelled that was impressive. That thing was a missile that didn’t have a whole heck of a lot of air under it compared to most passes that travel that far.

        We know Kap has an incredible arm, now he just needs to learn to put a little more touch and less steam on some of his throws and we’ll have the Plutonium Harbaugh was talking about in regards to Newton the year they were drafted.

    1. AES,

      No he can’t because he’s really DS. He hates Kap. Just look at all the backhanded compliments he gives Kap. He criticizes him after every game. No matter how well Kap plays, he has something negative to say. Kap balled yesterday. Threw darts all day. Ran like the wind for 1st downs. However, DS/Fan has everything negative to say. What a clown.

  38. Off topic, but if the NFL so desperately wants an 18 game season, why not give each team two byes? Also, to fix the problem with the short week that comes along with the Thursday night games, only teams coming off a buy will okay on Thursday night.

    1. I think the NFLPA would insist on two byes ..
      also .. maybe expanding the rosters to 55-60 players
      might seem prudent as well ..ex

      1. Expanded rosters would be great for the 49ers.

        How does someone spell “bye”, both “bye” and “buy” in the same post? Good question.

    2. ex,

      That idea was floated around when they were talking about it previously, but the players don’t like the idea of extra games period. If anything they want less, at least in preseason. The could achieve a longer season artificially by including an extra bye and keeping it at 16 games. Wouldn’t help them with Stadium Revenue, but would give the Networks an extra couple of weeks of game broadcasts and allow the Owners to get more from them in the TV deals.

      As far as the rosters go, I think the time has come for expanded rosters but failing that, at least let teams dress more players on gameday. That has never made any sense to me. You’ve got 53 on the roster; let the teams dress them all and have them active.

      1. Rocket,

        I misquoted myself (i.e., didn’t write what I intended to write).

        What I meant to write, was if the NFL wants 18 weeks, or more, of football, they don’t need to add games, just add byes. Sure, there will be a bit of shortage of good games from time to time, but the players won’t be as beat up by the end of the season and there will be more revenue to carve up.

        And maybe the fans win since one or two preseason games could be eliminated, without the owners losing any precious income.

        Plus, there would be the added bonus of having only teams coming off of 11 days rest, instead of only 4 days rest, before playing in Thursday night games.

  39. went to my first raider game to watch alex smith in my niner colors

    never been to a more unsafe enviornment, it was horrible…gangsters, gangbangers, the dregs of society…hard pressed to find any family or kids….

    it was a disgrace….i will never be back….so many gangsters it was crazy

    Go Niners

  40. oneniner says:
    December 15, 2013 at 6:24 pm
    you are over blowing it as usual…..nothing wrong with being a fan of multiple teams……

    I won’t ever have to make this clown look silly again. This idiot is NO true 49er fan. Like I’ve been saying for years. Thx for driving that last nail onelame. You’re a disgrace.

    And as far as pro bowl for smith because of that game. Lmao.
    I’m sure most would think Charles cemented his spot in the pro bowl. Throwing 5 year screens and having the RB do the rest is what you and other lame brains try to push for smiths agenda. It’s funny that the highlights I was watching and players of the day were ALL about Charles. But from someone who is a multiple team fan, I guess I see where your distorted brain comes from.

  41. 49ers looked solid in a win against a team that has been coming on lately – especially defensively. Cowboys lost in embarrassing fashion. The only thing that could have made my Sunday better would have been watching Richard Sherman laid out or Golden Tait knocked out. Other than that, it was a great day.

    1. I agree, always nice seeing the raiders get stomped out, the cowboys losing a heartbreaker (sucks it was against the lame packers) it would have been nice to see tenn finish and the Jets, overall it was an alright day of football.

  42. oneniner says:
    December 15, 2013 at 6:28 pm
    49ers vs chief – obviously i will root for the 49ers…….what i won’t do is root for alex to play poorly…..

    Lol yep root for the other qb to do well vs “your primary team”
    So pathetic. Cape man and Stan you have a new friend. Since he’s not a 49er fan trolling on this page.

  43. Message to Crabtree:
    1. I had the same emotion watching you fail 3 straight times at the goal line during the Superbowl… Or maybe catching one pass during the play off loss to the Giants… Or maybe never having a good to dominant game against the Seahawks…

    Sure this is all past and you finally came on last year…which is still the past… what have you done for me lately? Suggestion, quietly get your footing down and timing with CK over the next two games then bring home a Superbowl. Nothing else matters. You contract will come. If not go to Jerry’s World and piss and moan with Dez (who by the way is a true dominant WR).

    All-in-all… we beat a team we should of beat. This is the same theme all year…with the exception of Sea and GB.

  44. I was probably indulging in wishful thinking, but I was hoping Eli and the Giants could have knocked off Seattle but they did not even put up a fight. What a bum. How this guy won two Super Bowls is beyond me.

    Now I am not sure who to root for in the next week’s Cardinals / Seahawks game. If Seattle wins the Niners clinch a playoff spot even before they take the field against the Falcons on Monday Night. On the other hand if the Cards win the Niners still clinch a playoff spot by beating Atlanta and can win the division in week 16 by beating the Cards and a Ram upset in Seattle…

    I think it is unlikely that Seattle will lose two in a row at home, so I will hold my nose and root for the Seahawks to put the Cardinals out of their misery.

    Here are the Niner Play-off Scenarios:

    49ers win division with wins against Atlanta and Arizona + Seattle losses to Arizona and the Rams (Unlikely but stranger things have happened.)

    49ers clinch playoff spot with a win against Atlanta or Arizona, or a Seattle win against Arizona.

    49er clinch fifth seed with win against Atlanta and Arizona.

    49ers clinch fifth seed with wins against either Atlanta or Arizona + week 17 loss by the loser of the Carolina / New Orleans game this week. (Carolina plays at Atlanta and New Orleans plays Tampa Bay at home).

    However if the Cards win, then

    1. Rick, it is a mentality thing… we should just win out. We need Seattle to lose last two PERIOD. But if we win, out who cares about AZ. Only thing would be to rest starters…

    2. Rick,

      I’ll tell you how Eli won two SB’s, he was on the right team, at the right time.

      The NYG’s won those two SB’s in spite of Eli the Elite.

      In the first, there was the prayer to Tyree and then Burress got so open, even the lame duck put up by Eli got there. His numbers in that game were average, at best.

      In the second SB year, the Giants won 5 of their 9 regular season games in the most unlikely ways imaginable (most of them having little to do with Eli), then he needed not one, but two muffed punts, two sure INT’s to be blown up by Goldson, and a Bradshaw fumble not called to overcome his below average passing performance in the NFCGC.

      Don’t get me wrong, Eli is a good NFL QB, but nowhere near as good as most think. Forget the wins, look at the numbers, they’re not very good.

      In my book, to be elite, you have to have both wins and numbers.

    3. I’ve pretty much decided that I’m not going to worry much about what other teams do, and am primarily concerned with what my own team does.

      49ers win out, and the worst we get is the 5 seed. With some incredible luck, they can win the division, but that seems unlikely so I’m just not going to worry about it.

      I’m just going to focus on cheering for the team to take care of what is in their control, and let the rest of the chips fall where they may. The important things now are winning and staying healthy.

  45. This was the fourth win in a row, we only have six more wins then the Niners are the Super Bowl Champs. It will be a ten game win streak to close out this season. On a lesser note but of great importance to me and brought a smile to my face – THE COWBOYS BLEW IT AGAIN, thankyou Romo I knew I could count on you in Dec.

  46. LMAO at the Seattle car dealership that has to pay $35,000 each to 12 people because the Seachickens blanked the Giants. Best part is where the idiot owner of the dealership actually is quoted as saying” We never expected that we’d actually be giving away the money.” Wow not only does that make you look stupid but it shows that you didn’t actually believe in the team, nice job parnelli.

    Stupid is as stupid does.

    1. They have special insurance to cover contests like that and i’m guessing it was part of a sales promotion. IE buy a high end car and get a chance in our raffle

      1. It mentioned that he had a policy that cost $7,000 but I’ve worked with commercial and non traditional type policies in my past and can tell you that he probably paid anywhere from 35%-50% copay on that policy as well.

      2. I haven’t seen a policy for a contest specifically but in a lot of cases those types of co-pays are the only way the carrier is willing to write the policy. Insurance is supposed to be protection against perils that you can’t control and a contest isn’t exactly the safest bet for an insurance carrier, they’re going to want either a huge premium or want the primary to take on a lot of the burden which is a high copay.

  47. That’s three weeks in a row now that our offense had played against some really good defensive unit, and CK (correct me if i’m wrong) has only thrown 1 interception. That’s some really good football! I know some of us here are not happy that our offense hasn’t put up more points on the board, but look around the league and see what the Rams, Bucs, and Seahawk’s defense been doing to other teams.

    1. As you point our Ricardo, that signals progress; which is hard to complain about. There’s still much growth to be had but he’s definitely making progress.

    1. Jack,
      I know you wanted a perfect prediction for the game but don’t take my favorite play of the game away from me.
      Got to love Hunter for that heads up. Before that my favorite play, special teams and otherwise, was a similar heads up by Dixon taking advantage of the Fisher Rams trickery. Twice burned, thrice we burn you.
      With the Rams we all knew it was coming. With the Buccs it was just uncanny heads up by Kendall on fire.

  48. Why hasn’t Seattle been given the division yet? They could lose the rest of their games, SF could win out and Seattle would own the tie breaker because of the better conference record. Am I wrong on tie breaker scenario?

    1. In addition, if Seattle loses out and the 49ers win out, Seattle won’t have a better conference record. Both teams would be 9-3 in conference games and 3-1 in games against the AFC.

  49. ninertime says:
    December 16, 2013 at 9:04 am
    “Look, Colin is improving but he is not an upgrade over Alex Smith. Statistics get thrown around this blog a lot. Just look at Sunday’s stats: QB rating- Smith 158.3 (perfect)/KAP 102. For 2013- Smith 91/KAP 88.8. I would take KAP over Smith to complete a 40yd +pass but I would take Smith over KAP in the red zone in a close game. Which do you think is more important?”

    Can you give me a rational reason why you still feel the need to compare Alex’ stats to CK’?
    I don’t see anyone comparing Adrian Peterson’ stats with Frank Gore’.
    Or Lavonte David’ tackle numbers with N.Bowman’.

    And why do some here continually bring up CK not playing up to high expectations when he was a 2nd rnd draft pick and fail to bring up the fact that Alex was the overall #1 pick which should also have high expectation?

    If you could point to me why its still important to bring up another player’s stats that plays for another team, it would be nice.

      1. Claude,
        No, not really. I think it’s an appropriate question.
        Did you read my entire entry?

        I would like to know why some posters still find it important to compare Alex’ stats to those of CK’.

        My interpretation: Sour Grapes.
        But I’m open to any rational reasons.

      2. AES,

        The comparisons will continue because there is such a diverse opinion on them between the fans. It’s unavoidable because so many are divested in their need to feel they were right one way or the other.

        What should be evident to everyone now however is that this offense is the same in philosophy no matter who the QB is. We had so many people in here talking about how Harbaugh was conservative in the passing game because he didn’t trust Alex Smith and how Smith limited what they could do in the passing game, yet the offense is the same with Kap. They still rely on the run and pass off of it as their bread and butter. Nothing has changed in the playcalling or majority of the offensive stats and production. The biggest difference was the Pistol and read option which they ran more of with Kap, but that has now been virtually eliminated from the game plan most weeks. What we have is a more athletic, less experienced player at QB, who ironically has to execute a similar gameplan to the QB he replaced who many thought was the weakness of the team, in order to win.

    1. AES:

      I read it. Given Smith’s long tenure with the team and the circumstances surrounding his demotion/Kaepernick’s ascension and the subsequent trade, do you really not understand why people would compare the two QB’s performances?

      As for your sour grapes speculation, I don’t think there’s a single agenda behind the numerous comments comparing the two. The commenters who bring up the subject seem to be divided pretty evenly between those who think Harbaugh made the right move and those who think he made a mistake, with some comments sprinkled in from those who haven’t formed/expressed an opinion on the subject.

      1. it makes sense in terms of human behavior to look back and dwell on the past because it feels good or bad to consider the what if alternatives.

        it just doesn’t make rational sense to go on about it. water under the bride and all that…. because even if you truly believe that Alex Smith is the better QB, we can’t just jump into the DeLorian and tell 2012 Harbaugh to switch back to Alex Smith.

      2. 100% correct . CB.
        My memory is failing me, but there was someone who vowed to post weekly stats of Kaep and AS, after the first week when Kaep torched GB and Smith with a low yds/completion.

      3. Claude,
        Thanks for your response. But I disagree with your comment that there is not a single person here that does not agenda.

        I may be out of line for making it an issue, but I stick to my opinion that there some here that compare Alex’ stats to those of CK’ as a dig at CK.
        There was a posts on Saturday that predicted a 49er win but in the same context also predicted CK would throw a pick-six.

        I agree with your comment that Alex has a history with the 49ers and that many fans will follow his efforts in KC on those terms.
        But please don’t assert that fans here don’t have an agenda that is filled with sour grapes.

      4. AES not all of us have agendas. I rooted for the 9ers to draft CK. I wanted them to make him our starter, if not last yr by the begining of this yr. I have been disappointed in his development this yr and have enjoyed Smiths play but one has nothing to do with the other. Ck is our QB for at least one more yr and Alex is a memory in the tail lights.

      5. AES:

        I think you misunderstood my comment. My point wasn’t that no one has the agenda you describe. It’s obvious that some commenters have that agenda.

        My point was that not everyone who has posted the stat comparisons has done so to further that agenda. Several commenters have posted stat comparisons to further the opposite agenda, namely, to get in a dig at Smith. Still others don’t seem to have any agenda when comparing the two.

  50. Grant, this up and coming game at the Stick, would be nice to see a write up on this memorial occasion sometime during the week.

    1. Lowell could probably do it better, just from personal perspective. I don’t mean that as a shot at Grant; he could compile a write up.

  51. Grant if you do a retrospective this week please speak to your pops or other old timers to make sure the article starts with 1971 not 1981.

    1. That’s because Brees didn’t get up crying after that. Unlike when playing against us I guess he didn’t think he needed the refs help to beat the Rams.

    2. Rico, I do not blame you for being bitter, we got robbed on the front of several thousand fans. What makes me even more bitter was the no-calls with regards to holdings in this game by the saints secondary.

  52. Granted, Bryant was not a part of those final 81 seconds — that time was spent watching Packers quarterback Matt Flynn kneel down and mercifully bleed out the clock after Tony Romo’s game-ending interception.
    Bryant then spoke Monday morning, according to the Star-Telegram, and said he regretted his actions.
    “I was wrong,” Bryant said. “It didn’t have anything to do with my teammates. I just … I couldn’t watch Green Bay kneel the ball down on the field after a tough loss like that.
    “I was very emotional. I cried when I got into the locker room. I didn’t want to show that stuff on the sideline.”

    I don’t know about you, but Dez’ excuse does work for me.

      1. frankly, Jack ..
        nothing coming out of “Jerry’s Zoo”
        surprises me anymore ..
        IMO .. Dez leaving the field was akin to
        T.O. slamming the ball on the star (twice) ..

        He made it all about him ..

      2. Hammer,
        I assume that was meant for me.
        But I’m not complaining about the cowboys as much as singling out Dez’ poor decision to leave the field with more than a minute left.
        Although he is Dallas’ problem, I feel that the league should levee a fine on him for such a bad display of sportsmanship that (imo) tarnishes the NFL brand.

        Mike Tomlin received a heavy fine from the league because he not only interfered with a play on the field, but in essence also tarnished the NFL brand by his act of poor sportsmanship.
        I would very surprised if Dez does not face any league reprisals.

    1. Completely unacceptable and unprofessional. If you have to cry to show your frustration for losing then do it at the side line. I am very positive there were so many other football players feeling the same emotion but they stayed with their teammates.

  53. I think all the talk of Carolina being able to go win up in Seattle is a bit foolish. Anyone else see what happened to them in NO, and the CLink is much tougher.

    1. I don’t necessarily disagree with you Jack, but Carolina’s defensive strength is their front-seven and Wilson’s numbers against those type of defense hasn’t been impressive. Now, can Cam and company score against that Seattle’s defense on the road?

    2. I agree with Ricardo. It’s not about what they did in the dome. It’s about how they may match up when it counts most. Of all the teams out there, the Niners and Carolina have the defense to give their teams a chance up there.

    3. Jack,

      The difference is in the style of offense each present. The Panthers don’t match up well with a strong passing offense like the Saints because their secondary is weakest part of their defense. They match up better with more run oriented offenses like Seattle and SF.

      Having said that, I still don’t see them being able to win in Seattle. The only team that has a shot imo is the Niners and even then it’s not a very good one as they would have to play an almost perfect game to pull it off. That team is as close to unbeatable at home as any team I’ve ever seen.

    4. Panthers are a chance due to their great front 7. It will be on the front 7′s shoulders to contain Lynch and get after Wilson consistently. But they would need to be disciplined with their rush lanes and not let Wilson escape the pocket.

      Those are two keys to beating the Seahawks in their stadium, because you won’t be scoring many points yourself.

    5. I don’t think it’s far fetched at all.
      Carolina vs New Orleans are division rivals. Much different type of game. (You know why)
      Carolina has the front to contain Wilson and a good running game and qb that can give Seattle fits. Not saying they will win if they went there, but they are one of 2 other teams that can and with a pretty good shot at doing so. I wouldn’t mind at least seeing them go in there and beating them up a bit, it would be a very physical game for Seattle.

  54. Tape viewers can fact check me on this, but my memory is that on Tampa’s scoring drive in the 3Q that we had a few backups playing up front. At first as the Bucs (& Refs) kept the drive moving I was concerned, but then I figured they were saving Justin and Ahmed and Aldon’s gas for the 4Q. It seems to have worked.

    1. Rest for the vets and getting new players such as Corey Lemonoir some play time.
      But never the less, the Niners do have a problem with no huddle that needs to be addressed.

  55. I think we need to start grading the coaching staff vis a vis other top tier teams out there. Look what Seattle did to the Giants last weekend. They knocked them down, then kicked their head against the curb.

    We seem to find various ways to keep teams in games, and one bad bounce and I guarantee you we will end up with another Carolina-type game on our hands. Heck, even the Indy game showed our willingness to just keep it close, especially when we were virtually dominating in all areas early in the game.

    We cannot settle for field goals, and we cannot afford not to deliver the knock-out punch when teams are losing momentum. Carroll and the Cheathawks are masters at this, and it will serve us well in the playoffs.

    You could have picked out several points in the game yesterday when if a ball bounced the wrong way, we could have been in trouble. And really, it should never have come to that.

    Coaching: B-

    1. I can see what you are saying but I am confused with your statement about the giants and the b- grade! How can you grade Niners coaches a b- when they actually defeated the same team that kicked the tails of the two time champion New York Giant with their elite Eli the Qb, and then traveled several thousands miles to Tampa and came back victorious! How do you then grade some of the highest paid super bowl winning coaches such as Tom Coughlin, Sean Payton, Shanahan and Bill Belichick for choking this weekend!!! Just wondering about your opinion!

  56. The quest for the eusive sixth! If only Gore was not done and the Cowturds were not playoff bound. May the Panthers grow hungry for sheco(ks, and may the refs notice blatant seadderal cheats. Maybe since the Nfl switched to tablets for the players with microsoft. Mmmm curious doesn’t a microsoft executive own the sheco(ks?

  57. I haven’t watched the game a second time yet, but from first viewing, I think Kap played his best game of the season other than the opening game against GB. Just seemed to be in control and making plays in tough circumstances more than I’ve seen him most of the year. A little off on a few throws but other than that he was as good as I’ve seen him.

    Tampa was also no push over, having won 4 of the previous 5 games and possessing a pretty good defense. No need to apologize when you win a game over a team playing pretty well, in their stadium, at 10 am in the morning. I’ll take it.

    1. I think so to. The third quarter was his ugliest. I watched that quarter again specifically. And noticed his worst throws were in that quarter, but two of his best were in that quarter too. The two I’m talking about are the Boldin drop when he was hit, and the third down throw Boldin dropped at the sidelines. That ball was fit into a very tight window to where I think Boldin didn’t think it would get through the defenders. It’s rare a ball hits Boldin in the chest. The VD pass on the sidelines was also a hit in the chest. The point of me watching them again was the fact that his accuracy was on. Not an excuse. Just good to see him making those throws on the money and in traffic.

  58. “So you’re saying there’s a chance” -Lloyd Christmas
    Niners could play at the Stick in NFC Championship.
    If Niners win final 2 games they are #5 seed and either Saints or Panthers will be #6 seed….Then if #6 seed and Niners both win 2 road playoff games, then Niners will host #6 seed (Saints or Panthers) in NFC Title game…. So whichever team (Saints or Panthers) is #6 seed, they would have to win in Seattle for Niners to host NFC Championship.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I think I got this right….lol

    1. Miller’ loss is big because he can do so many things well.
      Good blocker.
      Good receiver.
      Good short yrd runner.
      Miller’ loss is more of a hic’cup as opposed to a game changer.

      Dixon’ blocking and pass catching is not in the B.Miller category, but I think he could be a better runner.

    1. Dang! Miller’s a key cog in the offense. He took up much of Walkers SAK role while Vance McDonald’s learning the ropes.

      Look for 2 and 3 TE formations. 3 WR sets once Patton comes back. Heck, even two halfback formations… Gore and Hunter/LMJ going into motion wide.

      A big blow.

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