49ers 34, Packers 28: Grades

SAN FRANCISCO – My grades for the 49ers after their 34-28 win over the Packers:

KAEPERNICK: A. He outplayed Aaron Rodgers and shredded the Packers’ defense despite having no rushing threat, one wide receiver and one tight end. Kaepernick may be the only quarterback in the NFL who can pull that off. Here’s his final stat line: 29-of-37 for 412 yards, 3 TDs, a 129.4 passer rating, 9-for-18 on third down and 1-for-1 on fourth down.

I give him an “A” and not an “A+” because he had to burn three timeouts to avoid delay of game penalties. He still struggles getting the play off before the clock runs down. That’s going to be a factor next week in Seattle.

WIDE RECEIVERS: B. The Packers handled the 49ers’ read-option run game, but they forgot to cover Anquan Boldin. That was a bad strategy. He caught 13 passes for 208 yards and a touchdown. The 49ers took advantage of the fact the Packers were missing their starting Nickelback, Casey Hayward. That was a good strategy.

Kyle Williams caught three passes for 32 yards. He was nothing special. No other wide receivers caught a pass. I’d imagine the Seahawks will try to take away Boldin next week and force Kaepernick to throw to someone else.

RUNNING BACKS: C. Frank Gore had a bad game, 21 carries for 44 yards and a touchdown, but he didn’t have any holes to run through. Neither did Kendall Hunter. He had one 24-yard run in the fourth quarter, but besides that he had just 2 yards on five carries. He looks like he’s got miles to go before he’s as explosive as he was before he tore his Achilles’ last November.

TIGHT ENDS: B+. Vernon Davis had a great game, six catches for 98 yards and a touchdown. Vance McDonald caught one pass and dropped one.

OFFENSIVE LINE: C. They were terrific in pass protection, Kaepernick had all the time he needed when he dropped back to pass. Joe Staley did a great job against Clay Matthews. But the offensive line was horrendous at run blocking. They could not move the Packers’ massive D-linemen, especially Johnny Jolly, who clogged the middle.

Iupati usually is the 49ers’ best run-blocker, but he struggled today. He was a waist-bender, meaning he played too top heavy and as a result had no leverage.

Jonathan Goodwin was flagged for two false start penalties.

DEFENSIVE LINE: A-. Justin Smith was dominant against the run. The Packers absolutely could not run the ball when he was in the game. But when Justin Smith took a breather for a few plays and Glenn Dorsey replaced him, the Packers ran it right down the 49ers’ throats. Justin Smith is just as important to this team as Kaepernick.

Aldon Smith played well against David Bakhtiari, recorded 1.5 sacks. Ray McDonald also had half of a sack.

LINEBACKERS: B. NaVorro Bowman had an outstanding game, making eight tackles and knocking a way a third-down pass in the fourth quarter. He also forced Eddie Lacy to fumble near the Packers’ end zone, and that was the difference in the game. Willis made five tackles, but he didn’t play as much as he normally does because the 49ers’ were using a lot of their Dime defense. Ahmad Brooks made just one tackle, but he batted down a pass as well.

SECONDARY: C. Eric Reid played well despite missing a couple of tackles. He intercepted a pass and made a few big hits. And Donte Whitner didn’t give up any touchdowns, which is a bonus.

The cornerbacks played poorly, though. Carlos Rogers couldn’t cover Randall Cobb (7 catches, 108 yards and 1 TD) and neither Tarell Brown nor Nnamdi Asomugha could cover Jordy Nelson (7 catches, 130 yards and 1 TD). This is going to be an issue all season.

Overall, the defense did not tackle well, but that’s to be expected Week 1. These players logged very few minutes in the preseason.

SPECIAL TEAMS: A-. Phil Dawson missed a 48-yard field goal, but that was this group’s only major blunder. C.J. Spillman made a spectacular play on kickoff coverage, tackling Jeremy Ross at the Packers’ nine –yard line.

COACHING: A-.  Greg Roman could not figure out a way to get the 49ers’ running game going. That’s a first. Luckily, Kaepernick bailed him out.

The 49ers finally played well in the red zone, scoring touchdowns in three-of-five trips. Give Roman and red-zone coordinator Geep Chryst credit.

But this group, particularly Roman, still needs to improve on getting the plays called quicker. Part of that is on the quarterback, but part of that is on the play caller, too. After the game, Harbaugh put it all on the coaches, saying “that was us not getting the plays in on time.” Roman needs to fix this problem by next week.

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    1. Great win. Really a great team effort. I didn’t like a the penalties on both sides. I thought Roman could have done a better job going to run plays earlier in the game and being a bit more creative with them. A screen play would have been a good call. Overall, a real quality win, especially with no injuires. Sets a great tone for the season.

  1. VD had 2 TDs and McDonald did make 1 catch early for 15-20 yds. Does that change the TE grade. And Kyle Williams was open twice for huge gainers. 1 overthrown 1 underthrown so I think we are ok at that position beside Boldin

      1. VD had that one glaring drop that might have been important at the end. Kaepernick has better chemistry with him this year at least – but his timing with KW is nowhere near good enough. In all, we left three long TD passes on the field. And had too many missed tackles and penalties. We did just enough to beat a good (not great) Packer team (only Rodgers is a challenge there). We’ll need to play appreciably better to beat the Seahawks at home.

      2. Kyle Williams has done nothing in his career to miss entire preseason and still win the starting #2 wr spot. WHY DIDNT QUINTON PATTON PLAY? Williams is nothing special and Moore neither. Patton needs more reps. Seattle has a real secondary we wont be able to win with 1 wr nxt week.

      3. Brian,

        I’m with you 100% regarding your assessment of Williams. I would rather see Patton and think he’s more gifted physically and skill wise. He just needs more familiarity with the offense, but his time will come as the season progresses.

        People are blaming CK for under throwing that long pass. Yes, that’s fair, but that ball was catchable. If Williams had used his hands instead of his body, he should/would have caught that ball. Williams needs to step up or sit on the bench.

      4. Williams had the corner beat, but Kaepernick underthrew the pass, allowing the DB to get his hand in there to break it up.

    1. “I’d imagine the Seahawks will try to take away Boldin next week and force Kaepernick to throw to someone else.”
      I think the scouting report on Boldin was that he catches balls even if he is covered. There is NO taking him out of a game.
      Here’s a scouting report from a former SF scout back when Boldin first went to Baltimore. http://blog.playmakermobile.com/blog/2010/07/baltimore-ravens-scouting-report-anquan-boldin-dont%C3%A9-stallworth.html

      Boldin will do fine against Seattle.

  2. Think you have to grade on a curve here. This was the Packers, not the Browns. I think the secondary played great against a very good team. Same with the running backs. YMMV and a win is a win…

    1. Ghost,
      Perspective gets lost sometimes. We played against a future hall of fame QB. Also, there many holding plays that were not called. On that long pass to Nelson, Justin Smith was clearly held. Had that not happened, Smith would have sacked Rodgers, end of play, end of drive.

  3. Thanks for the write-up, Grant. Couple of things.
    1. McDonald did catch another pass over the middle. He may have caught another one. He was not shut out.
    2. Nnamdi only blew one coverage that was obvious. I think you need to go back and look at the film on this. Brown messed up once or twice and was victimized on an awesome Rodgers pass and Jordy’s tapdance catch.

    1. Remember that Rogers extended that play. TB stayed with him a long time, and stayed close to a back-side pass. Yes, if he’d driven on the tackle, he might have foiled the reception, but it was pretty good coverage.

    2. It’s unreasonable to blame the DBs for some fantastic connections between Rodgers and Nelson. What troubled me in the otherwise happy afterglow of the victory was that the Niners’ pass rush overall was underwhelming considering the Pack has a 4th round rookie starting at left tackle and a below average O line overall. The poor tackling is not unusual for the first game of the season.

      Hard to believe that this is only the 11th game Kaep has played. He plays like a veteran.

      1. Good point. The Steelers had excellent coverage against the Packers during the Super Bowl but it wasn’t good enough. He consistently hit his receivers in very, very tight windows. They have excellent chemistry.

      2. It’s unreasonable to blame the DBs for some fantastic connections between Rodgers and Nelson.

        On that tip-toe catch it isn’t Mood. Brown just stood there and let it happen.

      3. I think you’re being harsh on Brown there MidWest – Brown was running with Nelson, but Nelson saw Rodgers looking for him and cut off his route. The ball was there before Brown could recover.

      4. I agree with your remarks – and wonder why more people aren’t making the connection between the inconsistent pass rush and big numbers given up by the pass D. No secondary can hang with NFL receivers forever, and with AR back there, it just doesn’t make sense to give him that much time. I am not optimistic that Fangio will adjust that part of the defense, however; he seems dead set against making blitzes a major part of the scheme (we were the 4th-least blitzing team in the league last year).

        Also, I’d agree with Harbaugh that the delays in getting plays off are more on the coaches than Kaep; we had this problem with Alex in there as well. This championship contender has way too many burned time outs, late snaps, and procedure calls – those are coaching issues that MUST be fixed.

        One other thing: I’d like to see the stats on the Niners’ 2nd-down efficiency under Greg Roman. I bet it’s pretty poor, as measured by avg. yards, 1st downs, and TDs gained. He seems to not have a Plan B if his 1st-down call doesn’t work out as planned. This is one of the main reasons the offense was so ineffective under Alex; he didn’t have the arm to convert those resulting long 3rd downs. Kaep makes Roman look a lot better with his ability to do so, but he shouldn’t be in that position so often.

  4. Nnamdi had a couple of really bad plays. But also had a couple of really good plays that ended drives. Seems like the same story with him. When he’s in man and pressing he is much better than when he is in soft coverage.

  5. We beat the Packers. That will always get an A grade from me. Boldin was ridiculously great and made some catches that would and should have been incomplete passes. He made everyone look great. Agree with the comment on poor tackling in the first game of the season.

    1. Touche…. those catches were great,hence the fact it was a great move to get. Just as good if not better than the hawks move for harvin

      1. Steele, so far it’s better. Niners gave up little to get Boldin, and Boldin is currently playing. Harvin may look better in the long term, but short term it’s all Boldin, all day.

  6. Great game in a playoff atmosphere. Mistakes were made by all three parts of our team. Any secondary is gonna look bad against rodgers, now if this happens against a bad team, then we have a problem

    1. No, his attitude toward the team, the organization, and the coaches has left him with miniscule access to any “inside” information. He’s essentially a bystander looking in.

    2. I don’t think the correction is going to be easy. This problem has been around for some time even before Kaep took over. As Harbaugh stated most of it is on the coach’s not getting the plays in on time. It was just that last year announcers etc. always found it convenient to always. blame the rookie QB for the delays of game. Also it seems like a lot of players are always lining up wrong and need to be constantly corrected. The offense is very complicated so that might be a continuing problem.

  7. Great read Grant! Lots of upside, I dislike clay Mathews but he came to play! That def was fired up, reminded me of romanowski, borderline dirty but you are happy if he is on your team!

    1. Hahaha
      Highlander (aka goldilocks) is crying all the way home. He should have spent less time brushing his hair and more time practicing.

  8. I think the only grades that counts are these:

    If the 49ers win: A+
    If the 49ers lose: F-

    Kind of like life:

    If you wake up in the morning: A+
    If you don’t wake up and you’re dead: F-.

  9. Boldin is a straight gamer,I have watched his entire career.
    We are extremely fortunate to have someone who has been twice to the big game on our squad.

    1. The thought of Kaepernick throwing to Boldin AND Crabtree makes my head spin. The duo of Boldin and Crab is going to be formidable.

      1. We are lucky to have Boldin and Davis, both are All-Pro’s, Kaep will throw the ball around more as the season matures. Hard not to throw the ball to someone else when these two guys were open all of the time.

    2. Patton is the secret weapon for next week. I’d like to see them give him more than a few opportunities. I think his synergy would mesh well with Boldin.

      1. I was thinking the same thing about Patton. We need him to play and have an impact next week.

        I have wondered all offseason if the 49ers would look past the Packers a little, thinking more bout the Sea-Chickens.

    3. Where are those that said he was too old, slow, can’t get open, too expensive? That was the best game any receiver has had since TO left.

      1. I believe the Packers over-committed to stopping the run, mostly played zone coverage and as a result, Kaepernick’s throwing windows were humongous.

      2. Kap and the receivers (boldin and VD) did a great job of exploiting the zone coverages. Thats looking like to be the niner offensive game plan going forward. Zone up and CK passes. Man up and CK/gore(hunter) will run it all over your face.

      3. Grant
        Do you care to reevaluate your position that ” Getting Boldin for a 6th rd pick and paying him 6 million this year is a bad move by Balke because he is old and not worth the $”?

      1. I didn’t think it was dumb. I think he looked at it as SF would go for it on 4th down coupled with his teams history of being unable to stop Gore. Instead, he trusted his pass defense and put the 49ers in a passing situation.
        It’s a gamble that didn’t pay off.

    1. “When asked about the decision, McCarthy said: “I’ll tell you what, man. You’ve got the question (about) what it was supposed to be. We went for third-and-6. Obviously, the play went into another sequence of plays where there were two fouls called. I don’t really think that even factored in the game. So if that’s your criticism, then that’s fine.”

      1. Sorry I just don’t have empathy for a guy who drinks his ass off, and falls off the wall. I feel sorry for the people and perhaps kids that saw the guy fall. Tragic yes but if this same guy drove after the game, and killed a family of five and himself, no one would feel that it it tragic for him.

      2. I am referring the recent problem of fans falling to their death Neal, drunk or not. And I would still feel sorry for him if he drove home drunk…sorry that he made the wrong choice.

      3. I have none for the guy, do I feel sorry for his family I sure do, if you lived or was friends with a drunk, you may have another opinion, they are self destructed.

      4. An extremely vague story about an intoxicated man falling to his death, and you call him a drunk who would have driven home wasted and possibly kill a family because he’s such a horrible and irresponsible person.

        Quit making assumptions and get over yourself.

      5. It would be extremely difficult to do but yes I would Neal. I could probably not forgive the choice that he made, but I would forgive him because feeling hatred towards the person wouldn’t change anything. It wouldn’t bring back my loved one and I would filled with nothing but dark emotions. Forgive the man and not the sin.

      6. When a loved one heads out for the day then doesn’t come home is as hard as it gets. The person that dies doesn’t know anything, but the people they leave behind its traumatic. Emotions of the family range from anger to sadness to disbelief. I don’t feel sorry for the people that accidently die, its those that love that person that have to continue to live. I know the burden, I am still living it 3 months after my wife of 40 years didn’t come home. The reasons for death become irrelevant, its the fact they leave and expected to come home and they don’t! It sucks big time.

      7. I’m sorry Under. This probably wasn’t the best thing to discuss given what happened to your wife. My upmost apologies for my insincerity.

      8. Midwest no apologies is necessary, life goes on and its for the living. Discuss what needs to be discussed I was just trying to point out the dead have it easier then the living no need to feel sorry for the dead they are dead and oblivious to the joys/burden of life.

      9. Under,

        I can’t imagine your pain, I am also sorry for dragging this out. If I had to do it all over again, I would of ignore this post all together.

    1. Good grades overall, although I would give the DL and coaching staff a B. There was no reason that Eddie Lacy had the game that he did and Rodgers’ jersey was too clean at the end of the day.

  10. We didn’t get much in the run game. Except at the end when we HAD to. It seems like knowing how to win is an important factor for presumptive contenders. CK is developing his game beautifully.

    1. Yes. All the work he puts in is showing and he is really blossoming into a pocket passer.
      The run game is another story. Hopefully the coaching staff can “look at the film” and figure out the problems.

      1. JFC. What is it with you guys? E… Bay… MSC… Get over your Alex obsession, listen to old coach.

        Care to talk about any other irrelevant topics? “The Handshake”? How will Randy Moss help this team? What’s your thoughts on Dashon Goldson? Hard or dirty hitter? Will he hurt the team?

  11. 9ers beat a playoff level team with a top 3 QB by what should have been 9 points if Dawson makes a very makeable field goal. That’s an A. The seahawks looked very mediocre against a very avg non playoff team. That’s a huge plus for the 9ers. Alex Smith led the Chiefs to a dominant win and that puts the 9ers just 7 more wins from getting an extra 2nd rd pick in next yrs draft. It was an all around pretty damn good day for SF.

    1. I wouldn’t put too much stock in the Panthers playing Seattle tough. Seattle only beat them by 4 points last year yet almost won the division.

      1. The panthers have a good defense, plus it was an east coast 10am road game, which the Seahawks seem to be bad at. Given all that, I’m not lowering my impression of them and fully expect next weeks’ game to be one of the hardest games all season.

      2. Jack, you sound like someone that didn’t watch the Carolina game closely today or at all. Seattle had some serious pass protection issues that Wilson covered up today in the game with his scrambling. Stats don’t tell the whole story. Last year the hawks offense struggled as well but they had the training wheels on Russell early in the season. This season? Just watch…that offensive line is going to be an issue for them.

      3. NinerNation,

        Carolina’s defense tied for the 9th most sacks in the NFL last year, so the fact that Wilson was forced to scramble doesn’t surprise me.

        Seattle also was missing four key players on its defense in Chris Clemons, Bruce Irvin, Brandon Browner and Cliff Avril yet only gave up 7 points on the road.

        The Seahawks game today was very reminiscent of some of the early 2011 49ers wins. Cincinnati comes to mind.

      4. It looked to me like the Panthers D Line got tired in the 4Q. Their pressure faded just as RW went into Hero Mode on the game winning drive. Wilson carried his team yesterday; pretty impressive. CK was even better against a better team.

    2. Coach,

      I agree with Jack on this one. The Panthers are not a team to sleep on. They played quite a few close games last year. We’ll see what happens next week. I’d love to see the Niners take their home opener from them. My god would that be amazing… But it won’t be easy.

      1. Pete next weeks game will be very difficult especially with CK’s continuing problems with the play clock, I just think that seattle is eminently beatable on the rd . I believe they could lose half of their road games this yr and I don’t believe the 9ers will lose 4 on the road.

      2. Oldcoach, you are right we need to clean up the time management for Seattle and go to a more hurry up offense. But Jim H stated the issue was the plays were not getting to the QB on time! I hope we have a better plan to get to line faster specially if we are going to use all the motions with a very loud crowd! I also believe Scott Tolizen had a few very good hints for the defense to stop the run today!

      3. Speaking of Seattle, I only watched bits and pieces of their game today. How did they only manage to score 12 when Wilson threw for 320 yards. No run game? Turnovers?

      4. Sloppiness. Holding penalties when they were 1st and goal and end up being driven back 30 yards.
        Carolina did a great job of making Wilson throw from the pocket. Most of his yards came in the middle of the field. Once the field was shortened, Seattle stalled.

      5. Panthers almost always blow tight games but having said that Seattle looked good, not great. Any time you win on the road it is a positive. Lynch was in Least Mode yesterday, kinda like our run game. Their O line is suspect both running and pass protecting.
        Carolina was able to run pretty well so I look for Gore to have a better game next week. The thing that makes Seattle tough is that noise box they play in. You would think the coaches would have a plan for that by now. I have a feeling Kap is extra determined to bounce back from the blow out game like the rest of the team. If he has another big day we will be in good shape…Go Nners!

  12. I’ll take it for Granted you are surprised Mr. Lacey did not average 3 yards per carry…
    That officiating crew should be fined. F

    1. The refs allowed the Packers to play physical with the F but called everything on the 49ers! Defense was being held all the time! go back and take a look at the packers ol and how they were holding. CK was hit after he was sacked on the head and no call. And Fabios tackle out of bounds should have ejected him for trying to hit a defenseless player and they he actually threw jabs at Joe S.

  13. I have to give kudos to the Packers. I hate them about as much as any team the 49ers play. The unfair historical advantage they get from the officials at Lambeau makes me grind my teeth. But they played a hell of a game today. They looked to their game with us all offseason and it showed as they played a great game and for us fans, a very entertaining game.

    That being said, losing to us after looking to our game for so long and planning for us for so long and then playing so well and continually coming back from behind over and over has to be a real heartbreaker for them. Kind of reminds me of how I felt after all those 49er-Packer games during the Farve era.

    1. @Doimngo
      Amen , the love the Packers get in Green Bay is Disgusting , but they did play well to day, I knew they would come to play and it’s nice to see them on the Losing side for once or should I say 3 Straight

  14. Thanks, Grant. We beat a very good team today. They are much better than I thought they’d be, with much improved o- and dlines, IMO. The Pack is really good, and I would be surprised if they didn’t win their division and make the playoffs. The fact we beat them speaks volumes about Kap and the rest of our team. That being said, I was very surprised Roman hardly ran against them. This made us one-dimensional and easier to beat. Can anyone enlighten me about that? My other concern is needing Boldin so much to win the game, as you so rightly pointed out. But, as in last year’s playoff, we have Vernon, who is capable of bigger days than today. Bottom line: There are tough competitors out there, returning to the Super Bowl is not going to be easy, but we very well might do it. Next week, we face the outrageously unfair home advantage of Seattle. Let’s see how we can do using sign language. If we can beat them there, we should be able to go all the way, barring injuries.

    1. They called run plays as much as they could afford to, but you keep getting stuffed for no gain or a loss, and you have to pass automatically on the next two downs.

    2. I am glad we did not run against them since CK end up with over 400 yards passing and we won the game! Great game plan and i love the fact that this coaching staff changes things up depending on the team we are facing. They knew packers were focusing on stopping the run so they just attached the packers secondary. GO NINERS

    3. From the outset they didn’t try to run. It was all pass. Very frustrating to me, because many times we went 2-10 and 3-10 or longer. If you are saying that from the very beginning the Pack was loading the box, I didn’t notice that. (I didn’t record the game so can’t go back to look.) Whatever the reason, though, you can’t fault success. But I wonder if they were saving their run schemes for next week.

  15. In the latest poll question 60% of you voted for Rogers over CK as to who is the better QB right now. Anyone want to change their vote?

    1. I will admit that I voted for Rodgers and will keep my vote as is with the main reason being that Rodgers has a Super title to his name while Kaep is trying to get one of his own.

      1. I also voted Rodgers and it take takes more than 11 games to overtake Rodgers. I’ll take Rodgers with our receivers and running backs before I’d take Kaepernick with their receivers and running back.

      2. I didnt vote because its too tough of a question. Its hard to say Kap, sinc Rodgers has that SB ring and a crazy high career QB rating. One thing for sure: Kap is closing the gap at light speed!! Say what you want about Kap only having 11 games, but the fact we are even having this discussion proves my point.
        Kap just showed up Rodgers……wait for it……as a POCKET PASSER! After the play-off game, it was clear Kap was a far superior athlete. Manning circa 2004! Only question was if he could get the mental part.
        As for who is better now, yesterday i couldnt have argued against Rodgers. Today i could. Rodgers still might be a tad bit better, especially as a pure pocket passer, but there is NO QUESTION who i would want going forward…..with where Kap is now, being younger and having his whole career ahead of him…..that gives Kap the edge and id take him with any set of WR’s or RB’s!!!!

        And if you countered me with the old ” you gotta win one game, today,right now all or nothin” id still take Kap because he can beat you with his legs and arm….making him impossible to prepare for

      3. I saw mental mistakes by Kaepernick that are attributed to youth and inexperience. He took a sack on a scramble by running himself out of bounds instead of throwing the ball away.
        He is having a hard time breaking the huddle (might be play calling) in time.
        He has incredible upside, but he isn’t “there” yet.

      4. The fact there is even a question of who is better between a guy in his ninth season and somebody who has started 11 games tells you all you need to know. As great as Rodgers is, he wasn’t doing in his 11th start what Kap is doing now, and that start came in his 4th year in the league.

        There is a reason Jaws has gushed about Kaepernick having a chance to be one of the best ever and that is because there is nothing he can’t do on a football field. Being as good as he is this early in his career is mind numbing.

      5. Good point Rocket but the fact remains that Rodgers has a ring and Kaep doesn’t. Rodgers is still the better of the two until Kaep wins the Super Bowl.

      6. I’d still rank Rodgers ahead of Kap too Mid, but the SB ring argument rings hollow. Trent Dilfer has a SB; Dan Marino doesn’t. There is no question as to who the better QB is. It’s a team game no matter who the QB is.

    2. Rogers is a great qb with a super bowl ring and he has proven to be a top 10 QB in this league so i am not surprised but CK has the potential to be a hall of fame QB if he continues to improve and have games like today.

    3. Stupid question. Of course Rodgers is considered better. Kaep has played what, 11 games? That said, if u were to ask nfl coaches who they would rather take right now to start a franchise (current age included), most would take Kaep.

  16. I disagree with your assessment of Hunter. The commentators, even though they were extremely bias towards Green Bay, said Hunter looked explosive. I’m not sure if that was just talking points or a real assessment. I thought he hit the hole hard and didn’t stutter like Gore did.

    On several occasions I watched both backs take inside blocking assignments instead of picking up Matthews on the edge. I’d downgrade their grade to a C- for their failed blocking.

    Receivers also failed to block for Kaepernick on the read option. I initially thought it was Williams who missed the block, but was corrected. It was Moore who whiffed his block on the edge. Overall down field blocking sucked.

    The Defensive Line wasn’t worthy of an A. Rodgers had plenty of time to throw. Aldon Smith was gifted his .5 sack. McDonald had already tripped Rodgers from the ground and Aldon just happened to get an arm out. Aside from that there was nothing to write home about. They earned a solid B on run defense and a C on pass rush. Overall B-.

    The rest of the grades seem pretty spot on.

    1. The pass rush was lacking for much of the game. I was hoping for more than 4 pass rushers more frequently. But the Green Bay Oline “had their hands full all game” with the holding.

  17. Why didnt Patton play? Cause he is a rookie and that was a playoff atmosphere on the field. Boldin looked great and we were pass efficiently. Patton will be good. But I think it’s best he watched this particular game from the sideline. If we had opened with the browns maybe he could have gotten out there. But this wasnt a “test your rookies” type game.

      1. But he’s in the rotation; zall good.
        How did the Pack not run that screen to Lacy a couple of more times? Thanks, but Duh!

      1. Good point and also it was a very clear message to the NFL that if you put your focus to stop the option and the run we will shred you with the passing game!!! I love it

  18. Curious,
    Kaep threw for over 400 today. There were MANY in this room that said this wasnt that type of offense. What do you have to say now?

    1. It’s going to depend on the matchups and gameplan from week to week, but this is still a run-first offense and always will be. Obviously the ground game never got going today but they had a ton of success throwing it around. Not to mention Kaepernick will always have the ability to put up big numbers no matter what the gameplan is.

    2. I say thank goodness for fantasy football so guys like you can stay entertained. But of those 412 yards passing, none of it was for a big explosive plays. It was all YAC yards. Average pass play was 10.4 yards.
      If you watched the game you would have seen that the 49ers very much so were trying to run the ball but could not. Forced to pass. CK showed he could win without running but as for a new offence, it was not.

      1. Prime you are so funny man! please lets enjoy the win and lets stop the Alex fan crush stuff and admit that CK is a better QB. Can we do that.

      2. Sure thing Chicago, but please show me where I brought up Alex in my comment? Or was that you a hater who cant let it go? Yup, exactly! Keep hating!

      3. “But of those 412 yards passing, none of it was for a big explosive plays. It was all YAC yards. Average pass play was 10.4 yards.”- Prime Time

        First of all, complaining about 10.4 ypa is idiotic. 10.4 ypa is baller.

        Secondly, From ESPN stats+info:
        Colin Kaepernick completed 8-of-15 passes for 212 yards and a touchdown on throws at least 15 yards downfield. His average pass was thrown a career-long 13.7 yards downfield. Kaepernick completed 54% of those deep attempts last season (including postseason), 3rd in the NFL. Anquan Boldin caught 5 passes at least 15 yards downfield, tied for his most in a game since 2008.

      4. Prime, you don’t have to bring his name up, you were all in his jock straps but we are cool. you may call a hater its all good

    3. I would say that in the last few Super Bowls it came down to the team who was the most balanced on offense and defense.

      1. Balanced in play-calling but not results Jack. That is what I am referring to. This team will need a better showing in the run game if they are going to win it all.

    4. Love that the Niners are no longer this boring conservative team, Kaep is the real deal and has the opportunity to be one hell of a QB.

      1. I agree Chicago 49er, he is still learning the ropes and he is going to be phenomenal , their is still a small residue of AS lovers on here, and if AS could of thrown for 400 yards today, the cult would be on fire today, the only thing is, it would take AS a little more then two games to do that.

    5. The main take-away from the offense today is that it Kaep needed to be on the money for four quarters as the running game wasn’t getting going and the Pack kept coming, and he delivered. He keeps that up and this offense becomes almost impossible to shut down for any extended period of time.

    6. Bay,

      Good point and my response would be that offenses evolve depending on the players you have and what you see from the defense. This was Kaps first 300 yard passing day nevermind 400 yards, so this was not the norm. However, what it showed is that if a defense loads up to stop the run which the Packers did, then the Niners are capable of beating you threw the air just as much. It’s a great option to have no doubt about it.

  19. Grant – How do you think the 49ers will overcome the crowd noise in Seattle? I think that was and will be their biggest issue esp. with the lag time of getting the plays in. It is nearly impossible to get audibles and correct protection when you can’t hear anything. Side note: UCLA will win or lose to Nebraska?

    1. I wonder if they’ll take a two headed approach. They’ve had all off season to try to come up with communications for Seattle. I think they could use the billboard approach that college teams use. BJ Daniels and Colt McCoy be prepared to stand on the sideline holding up cards.
      Second, I think they’ll script plays. 15-25 as Walsh use to do.

      1. haha…wouldn’t that be something if they take the Oregon approach, quick snap/ read option, and try to tire out Seattle’s D. I hope they can indeed come up with something to negate that 12th man. I can’t stand them.

    2. The crowd noise is tough to overcome. About the only way you can deal with it is to have everybody disciplined enough to watch the ball and know the silent count. It’s almost like you have to pretend you are deaf and rely on sign language because you can’t hear anything over the roar of the crowd. It takes a lot of composure.

      1. FAKIA,

        All you need to know about CK’s composure:

        52 Spicolli takes a cheap shot at CK.

        CK gets up, ignoring 52, turns to the refs indicating a flag should be thrown.

        JS rushes over to defend CK.

        CK, instead of joining in on going after 52, tries to stop JS from getting a penalty.

        That’s composure.

        CK has it all, everything, and that’s why Jaworski was drooling over his potential.

  20. All I have to say is thank heavens that Baalke stole Boldin for a 6th round pick. Kaepernick to Boldin is already a killer combo. What a game today

    1. That was a huge move for this organization. Boldin alone was the reason we lost the super bowl and if you remember when he played for AZ he use to be a pain in our tail! I just heard his press conference and i love the fact that he is humble and use to be a 49er fan growing up! If he can keep up this type of production we need to keep him next year as well.

      1. Amen. I find it hilarious that Locker, Gabbert (LOL), and Ponder were drafted before Kaepernick. Dalton too, but as average as he is, he’s not nearly as bad as the trio drafted in the 1st (after Came Newtown).

        I hope everyone is finally realizing that Kaep is a much better player than Newton.

      2. I honestly thought the team moved up to Draft Dalton and settled on Kaepernick when Dalton went just ahead of them.
        Either way glad he’s here now. I do think this staff would have made a winner out of whomever they drafted. See AS.

      3. LSX,
        that is hilarious. Makes you realize that while GMs may have more information and access than us normies, they are still just people, who like every one, are highly prone to group-think, uninspired choices, pressured decisions, and a lot of them are just guessing or listening to the speculation of talking heads.
        Definitely thankful it worked out for us.

      4. Gentlemen, I am excited too, but the season just started. Let’s take it week by week.

        Maybe I am superstitious, but I don’t like to count the chickens and all that…the Super Bowl is the goal and Kap hasn’t taken us to victory there…YET.

  21. Great coverage grant, but i also agree that our next opponants will scheme to take boldin out of the game. Moore and davis should see more action next week. Great dog fight today.

      1. I’ve always enjoyed that dopey/confused/dumbfounded look on his face after a really bad/stupid throw. I enjoy it even more when he turns it over and throws a hissy fit.

  22. Closing out the Dallas/G-Mem Game, Collingsworth & Michaels characterize the 9ers win as controversial because of the PF calls. Right. We cheated. Jeez; spare me. Fine.

    1. Tuna, Collingsworth or worthless still talks crap about the niners every chance he gets. How about Joe Buck! but the fact that we have a W and Packers have a Loss is all that matters at this point. Let them talk their typical bs. GO NINERS

      1. Yeah, and what’s the chance Fabiola gets a FedEx envelope at his locker Tuesday morning? Hmmm, Fabiola is an auto-correct of Fabio, but I like it.

      1. And how many points did the Cowboys score off the turnovers? This game should have been like 63-31 if they had truly capitalized on the TO’s…

    1. Good luck with that. Hope it’s better than your A. Boldin trade analysis. What was your take? Old and slow? Can’t get separation?
      Yesterdays’s news? OK. And the Cowboys beat the Giants on their Home Field, barely, even with 6 turnovers? Wow, impressive.

      1. The Cowboys do this every year. Come out blazing then fade. Romo is not a leader. He is not a guy to carry a team. Takes too many chances and now he is brittle.
        Add that Garrett is not a quality coach, a meddling owner, the soap opera in Big D will self destruct by week 10.

      2. Grant- stats don’t always tell the story. If the hawks adapt their defensive game plan to stop Boldin, his stats will be squat. But if he draws the coverage away from other guys (who produce), we can win. I usually dodge quantitative predictions, but I’m not embarrassed to do so. So both VD and Boldin excelled. There’s a blueprint for Sneaky Pete. Roman’s job is then: (?).

      3. Wilson. Grant’s initial take on the Boldin acquisition, in my best memory, was just that it wasn’t a particularly good supplement to Crabtree. His ideal was a speed receiver to compliment Crabs’ possession receiver skills. As the discussion evolved he pretty well dissed Mr Boldin. I then, and now defer. Based on his question to me, he remains skeptical. Mr. Cohn, without need for my permission, may choose to argue a different position. Whew! I’m a f-ing diplomat!

        1. He had an excellent game, but the Packers inexplicably lost track of him on more than a few plays. I doubt that happens again this season.

      4. Grant-
        I haven’t watched tape to confirm this, but I think GB’s dedication/obsession to the r/o stop caught them up like Junkies, and warped their judgement. That helped but didn’t enable Boldin. He enabled himself. He is a FIERCE m-fkr. He will be a Force all year. That’s where you and I differ.. I absolutely will send you a worthy bottle of wine if AB has a Randy Moss/SF kind of year.

      5. No, you didn’t. Your initial comments seemed to be about “fit”. This can be a legitimate question. My take is that as the conversation evolved , you got increasingly negative in your analysis of Boldin, perhaps to bolster your arguements. As I speak, Michael Irvin annoited Boldin as the Player Of The Week.
        Yes. It is indeed Week#1. That counts.

      6. My point about Moss, is that if that’s all AB produces, then you’ll be right, it was a waste. So if that’s all Boldin produces, you’ll be correct.

      7. If I recall correctly Grant’s point about Boldin was about fit with Crabtree – two possession type WRs playing opposite each other. I was in the camp that thought it could work – it worked out alright for the Cards with Fitz and Boldin, but since Crabtree is out injured, and Boldin is now paired with a speedster in KW, we have no way of knowing for sure whether Grant’s point was valid.

      8. And somewhere along the way, Grant was wondering (Grant correct me if I’m wrong) if the Boldin aquisition was worth the 6th round pick we gave up.

      9. >>Cowboys had a so-so game, but the Giants inexplicably turned the ball over on more than a few plays. I doubt that happens again this season.

        Fixed that for you, Grant ;)

      10. The Giants couldn’t have handed the game to the Cowboys any better. Cowboys look like the same team to me; way more passes than runs, and were susceptible to big plays due to bad Safety play. They were very good in pass protection though, I’ll give them that. The fact the Giants were still in position to win the game with 2 minutes left after giving Dallas all of those TO’s tells you all you need to know. Dallas is not a SB contender, but they will be competitive in that division because all of the teams are flawed.

    2. OL, RB, and secondary looked weak for Dallas. They will finish 9-7. If they have to travel to SF or Seattle, they will lose.

      1. Good times, good times. Inside the 49ers: The characters will draw you in but the good natured smack talk will keep you coming back.

  23. “Kyle Williams caught three passes for 32 yards. He was nothing special. No other wide receivers caught a pass. I’d imagine the Seahawks will try to take away Boldin next week and force Kaepernick to throw to someone else.”

    FWIW – here’s a comparison of pass-catcher distribution around the league:

    Kaepernick – 2 WR, 2 TE, 2 RB
    Aaron Rodgers – 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 RB
    Tom Brady – 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 RB
    Drew Brees – 3 WR, 2 TE, 2 RB
    Jay Cutler – 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 RB

    Kaep doesn’t seem too out of step with the rest of the top QBs in the league. Do I want the other WRs to get more invovled? Yes. But it’s week 1 and Q was doing just fine on his own. Let’s take a deep knee bend before hitting the panic button.

  24. Vance McDonald had a nice catch. More importantly he got big time snaps. I thought Celek would be #2 TE until Vance had time to learn the playbook, but he must be picking up the system quickly.

  25. Really excited about this team and this win even if the lack of a running game was disappointing but hey Kaep more than made up for it. I’ll give the secondary a pass for this week considering it was the Packers as far as coverage goes but the missed tackles were inexcusable. Tackling has been a strength of this team for awhile now and hopefully this week was not a sign of things to come because that was the only thing that kept this game close.

    1. Agreed!

      Well, that and a few stupid penalties. It seems the Niners have been starting a trend of being hot headed asses from time to time and cause their own problems. If Staley doesn’t lose his head we don’t have a controversial call.

      1. Staley did nothing wrong, running over to the guy who just collared your QB out of bounds and grabbing his jersey should never warrant a personal foul. Clay threw 2 punches [weak ones albeit] while Staley was holding his jersey, he never struck him. Terrible call before the terrible call.

      2. Staley did what an OL will do in that situation. If he gives up a sack, he can’t say diddly, but I assume he felt like he HAD to deliver a warning or a retaliation; he wisely chose the warning, but got blamed for the retaliation. Boldin ran over to break things up too, but some ass shoved him so he whacked him; don’t stand for any stuff. If the Refs don’t provide protection, the guys feel like they have to handle it themselves. A big F for the zebras.
        I’ll never have an iota of respect for Fabio again. But everybody get ready, cuz there’s more of that crap coming from Rams and Seahawks.

      3. Bray, as an athlete that played team sports and football all my life i completely agree! Staely did not do anything wrong by going to defend his QB and sending a message that we are not going to tolerate threats! In a situation like that some times you have to be agressive or it will send a bad message to the rest of the team! Stately did not even throw punches he just had a heated conversation.

      4. I’ll agree Staley really didn’t do anything wrong, but it didn’t matter in the ref’s eyes.

        Actually, that was a bad example, but there are other places where over hyped Niners have caused issues with dumb penalties. It shows the passion of the coach, but not enough control…again, the same as the coach.

        I love Harbs, but this aspect of the team performance needs to be nipped in the bud. You can’t give NFL teams extra yards and keep drives alive.

  26. I wonder if Tolzien was a factor in sniffing out the run tendencies although most of the run plays screamed run on TV as well.. Generally all the shifting, resetting and audibling just takes too much time sometimes, cant really blame Kaep on that. Also more often than not it gives the play away, which more than makes up for the matchup advantage – at least thats what it looked like yesterday… Boldin is a beast and a gigantic steal, no doubt about it and it was telling how Harbaugh reacted to that question in the post-game press conference…

  27. Kaep on Boldin: “he played like a grown man today”. yes he did.

    i still think the grades are high – more pass rush will be needed in the games ahead – but nice to get a win behind us and looking forward to an epic game this sunday night.

  28. A telling stat- 367 of 412 passing yards were to Wide Receivers and Tight Ends. Big departure from the dink and dump to RBs methodology we have seen in the past.

      1. Yeah maybe,
        but I go back to a core group that used to stand on their soap box and claim that the lack of 300 yard passing games was due to the “system” that Harbaugh was running. Under Harbaugh we will “never” see that type of play.
        Yesterday afternoon I watched a QB sit in the pocket and dissect a very good playoff football team. He consistently and accurately delivered the ball down field. He was unstoppable. And he didn’t run. I am sure they are saving that for the next time they see Green Bay.
        I am worried about our running game though. Our identity is a power running team that confuses you with a variation of formations. Where was that? And did anyone notice that Gore has lost a step? Hunter at this point looks like the better back. Keep a close eye on distribution of carries between the two from this point on. If we continue to be mediocre in that department, do they mix in Lattimore towards the end of the season?
        Last part of my rant, critical that we mix in more McDonald, and other WR’s. I am sure that after watching this last week, immediately teams are going to work to take away Boldin and VD….

      2. Bay Harbaugh did’nt suddenly change his O philosophy and become a gun slinger and the run game\gore didnt lack production ion because they were lacking. GB sold out to stop the run. Even their DB’s were crashing the line of scrimmage. Regardless of who the QB was yesterday the 9ers were going to throw the ball alot. I do’nt expect to see another passing performance quite as prolific as yesterdays again this season. No one is going to use GB’s game plan after seeing the 9ers tear them up.

      3. old coach:

        You say that only because you actually watched the game and don’t have an agenda that distorts everything you see.

      4. Claude

        Who has an agenda? Kaep threw downfield lasers while enjoying good pass protection. 412 yards is a result of the downfield throws. Kaep will go 400+ again, and it won’t take long for him to do it. That’s what happens when the passing game goes North-South rather than East-West.

      5. E the only way CK goes for 400 again this yr is if the running game is shut down again. I just do’nt see that happening, the only reason GB was able to stuff our running game was because they put together a really bad game plan that sold out to stop the run. After seeing what CK and the 9ers did to that game plan i do’nt think there are any D coordinators out there stupid enought to repeat GB’s mistake.

      6. Old Coach

        400 yards is not a tremendous threshold to hit these days, it only seems like it to teams that don’t have (have not had) top-notch QBs. It only took Kaep 39 attempts to hit his 412, and his 68% completion percentage, while also hitting for a 10+ YPA, is the measure of the QB, not the measure of the other team’s scheme. I’m fascinated to watch next week’s game. I think the Niners are going to go out of their way to embarrass the Seahawks.

      7. Didn’t Josh Freeman have a 4000 yard passing season recently. <– to reiterate E's point that passing yardage stats are not that meaningful.
        However, that does not in anyway discredit the complete dominance that CK displayed yesterday. More importantly, he did that with zero help from the running game (in the positive yardage department). I don't think any of our previous QBs since Jeff Garcia could have won the game yesterday with no running game. CK is just on a whole nother level.

      8. Green Bay did us a huge service yesterday and a disservice to the rest of the teams on our schedule. The Packers vowed to stop the 49ers running game and they did. But now our passing game was tested and it flourished. So if you are a defensive coordinator what do you do? Stop the run or get killed in the air?

        SEA will most definitely try and take Boldin out but that will leave either Gore and Hunter more room or Vernon, V Mac, and either K. Williams,Patton,and Moore to do some damage.

      9. E you are right in general it not a tremendous threshold, but it is for a Harbaugh QB. I believe the only way we will throw the ball enough and our wr’s will have the room for the kind of yac they got yesterday is if a team game plans us like yesterday. I do’nt believe they will and Harbaugh will go back to being Harbaugh. CK’s stats wo’nt be Smith like but they probably will be in the Andrew Luck at Stanford range.

      10. Bay: I agree about the running game being an issue, but the Niners haven’t been a Power running team despite their reputation. They have been a trick you running team. They get yards because you don’t know how and at which angle the blocks are coming, etc.

        I love our pass protection line, but they really haven’t been great running the ball when we need 1 to 3 yards. Remember that’s why we needed Brandon Jacobs last year? We never really did find the power running back answer. We found other ways to get first downs, but I haven’t seen our line move anyone at will when they need just a couple of yards. I’m not sure why, but that’s clearly something we need work on still.

    1. Yep. And there might be a lot of ways to skin a cat, but with threats further than 8 yards down the field. The skinning had a lot more options to do so now.

      1. Absolutely ninermd, just a little jab at the seriously tired veiled attempt to knock someone who isn’t on the team anymore. I usually steer clear of an obvious troll, but I couldn’t help myself!

        Who else CAN’T WAIT until Sunday night?

      2. Obvious troll, huh? So we’re not allowed to say anything about your brother after 8 years of hearing you retreads telling us #11 was not the problem? I get it, for 8 years we were constantly asked to just shut up because we didn’t know what we were talking about. Then when we’re right we should just shut up since the dink and dunker is finally gone. When do you stand up and admit we lost 8 years to mediocrity that had just as much to do with the QB as any coaching/personnel issues.

      3. Fourth and Alex,

        I was happy the 49ers had Smith at QB under JH. I felt he was the best QB the 49ers had on their roster and that he played pretty well.

        When CK emerged, I felt a bit badly for Smith, but was excited to see the much higher ceiling that CK had.

        As this year, and his career, continues, I fully expect CK to show himself to be one of the best, if not the best, QB in the NFL.

        CK being a clearly better QB than Smith doesn’t make Smith garbage.

        The only thing I, and many others you refer to, objected to was the incorrect analysis of Smith’s play.

        You guys were wrong about Smith being terrible, now he’s gone, and been replaced by a huge talent, let’s just enjoy it, shall we?

        We would really forget about how silly that Anti-Smith contingent was about the QB, if you guys would just stop bringing it up. Really.

      4. CB,

        Holy crap, that was funny. It would’ve been funny on it’s own, but putting into to the context of this blog made it so much better. That was maybe the most on point reference in the history of this blog.

        You may or may not have meant it to be, but “Which one of them is Ryan Arrington?” is a trick question, along the lines of “If a plane crashes on the Texas – Arkansas border, in which state do you bury the survivors?” or “How do you pronouce the capital of Lousiana, Noo Orleens or Nahlahns?”

        None of them are RA. RA is too calm and reasoned.

  29. This was the toughest game for the 9ers to play.
    1st…. to win 3 straight against the same team is tough enough.
    2nd…. GB wanted and NEEDED to win this game as an early measuring stick for their season.
    3…. To come out and shred that Swiss cheese (holes in their defense) of the packers after adjusting to what they wanted to stop, was nothing short of brilliant. GB took away two parts of the 49ers offense, and CK made them pay the only other way they could.
    4…. Coming back in the 4th after losing the lead was also huge.

    The GB packers had all of season of pain and anger towards our team and they went out yesterday an put their best effort out. And our team weathered the storm and still beat them. This game was an impressive one IMO.

    On another note. The missed FG. Being there yesterday in the baking sun, the ONLY big wind gust that went over the stadium was right when we were kicking the field goal. Literally as he started to kick it. Weird timing but hey it happens.

  30. March 2013: John Harbaugh predicted the 49ers will be pleased with their end of the bargain.

    “I think they feel like they got a great deal,” he said. “I know they got a great player. They got a great leader. They got a guy who’ll be a perfect fit in their in their offense in a lot of ways. They’ll realize that right away.

    Thank you John Harbaugh for fixing our offense!

    1. I was pleased right away, but never ever thought that Boldin would completely ruin a secondary like he did yesterday. Great friggin game, best trade value ever. A SIXTH ROUND PICK?!?! For ANQUAN BOLDIN?!?! Are you HIGH?! A lot of WRs drafted in the sixth round don’t get 200 receiving yards in their lifetime, much less in a single game.

  31. I don’t understand the C grade for the offensive line. As you noted, “they were terrific in pass protection.” I also think that the 49ers’ inability to run says as much about the resources the Packers devoted to stopping the run as it does about the 49ers’ allegedly horrendous run-blocking.

    For anyone interested, here’s a good photo of Joe Staley’s personal foul against Clay Matthews: http://www.sacbee.com/2013/09/09/5718890_a5718857/kaepernick-uses-his-arm-to-topple.html

    1. Agreed Claude. Pretty tough to sustain a running game when the defense is selling out to stop it. There is a reason Kap threw for over 400 yards. That is what the defense was giving him and he made them pay for it. The penalty assessed to Staley was a joke. He is sitting there holding CM’s jersey while CM is throwing punches at him and he gets called for a penalty. The officiating crew was awful all day but that was the most egregious call. Matthews should have been called for a second penalty and even thrown out of the game for throwing punches.

      1. CB and FAKIA,

        You could see from the camera angle behind Staley that Matthews got in two or three punches, with Staley not retaliating, it was that obvious. I don’t know how the refs who were right there missed that. I would hope Matthews gets a huge fine. Especially in light of his chirping leading up to the game.

        And how about CK’s poise through the whole thing? He was trying to keep Staley away from Matthews.

    2. That pick answers who I’d want by my side in a bar fight.

      Your comment on the OL can also be applied to the grades on the RB. Frank Gore sold out his body on more than one occasion for the protection of his QB yesterday. The game called for him to sacrifice himself and he did it very well. There’s more to a RB grade, IMO, than number of yards gained. The grade has to take pocket blocking, down-field blocking as well. And for that, the RBs get a grade upgrade.

  32. Since this is the first time that all of the starters have had this much playing time the first game is almost more like a 5th preseason game. There were some ugly performances out there yesterday.

    1. The Cowboys were gifted that game last night as were the Jets. Can you honestly come away from week one saying that Dallas and NYJ were the better teams in those games? OK Dallas looked sharper then NY but they couldn’t capitalize and put the game away off of all of those turnovers. Then they nearly lost the game if Eli didn’t hand it to them on a silver platter.

      I expected SEA/CAR to be close but not in the way that it was. We all saw why no one has been talking about the Steelers all off season, they are a disaster. Jackonsville wont be a competitive NFL team until they start Henne.

      I can give NE and IND the benefit of the doubt for week 1 but those games shouldn’t have been that close. Although I’m happy for the Bills fans that it looks like they have a pretty decent young QB.

      1. All Week 1 games are ugly, but the Cowboys stopped the run, forced six turnovers, moved the ball at will on offense and beat a good team. Ware and Witten look excellent. Murray and Romo look very good, too. I wouldn’t be surprised if they start the season 4-0.

      2. The trend in week 1 was teams having a tough time running the ball. Terrelle Pryor is the league rushing leader right now. In all only 4 running backs went over 80 yards so far, we’ll see how it goes tonight.

      3. The Cowboys were aided by the fact the Giants benched their Starter for fumbling. I was not impressed with Dallas at all last night. With the ridiculous differential in turnovers and mistakes they should have won this game easily but couldn’t put it away until the last int with under two minutes left in the game. Their pass defense was bad too. Very mediocre team in a mediocre division imo.

      4. I am not sure one can say with a straight face that the Giants were a good team last night. They certianly didn’t play well. Just ask Tom Coughlin.

      5. Grant:

        I am sure they did, but it wasn’t all them. My point is that if you watched last night’s game and concluded that the Cowboys played excellently and beat a good team that was playing well, it’s because you wanted to see that.

      6. I agree with Rocket. Had Coughlin just put his starting back back in the game for that last drive NY wins the game. Instead, the errant pass by Eli that was tipped by the back is what cost them the game. Eli was scoring that TD and Dallas quite frankly wasn’t going to be able to do down the field with 34 seconds to take the lead back.
        6 turnovers and they won by 5 points.
        I don’t think there is a team in the league who isn’t hoping to face Dallas after what they saw last night. Dez Bryant’s tirade at the end of the game (Dallas’s last offensive series) was a classic example of why they aren’t a championship caliber team.

      7. “With the ridiculous differential in turnovers and mistakes they should have won this game easily but couldn’t put it away until the last int with under two minutes left in the game.”

        That sounds an awful lot like some of the comments made by the anti-Smith crowd after the Saints playoff game.

      8. Grant Cohn says, “All Week 1 games are ugly, but the Cowboys stopped the run, forced six turnovers, moved the ball at will on offense and beat a good team.”
        Here is a list of teams that stopped the run week 1.
        Tampa Bay (though like Oakland they couldn’t stop the QB)

        While Dallas caused 6 turnovers, they had 3 of their own.
        There is a lot to fix across the league. The Dallas team that took the field last night is not a team that could win a Playoff game.

      9. Grant,

        Dallas had something to do with it, but it was more a case of the Giants playing poorly. Dallas really didn’t have a great game on either side of the ball. The offense once again was not balanced and the passing game didn’t look very explosive. Defensively they gave up big play after big play in the passing game and if the Giants hadn’t shot themselves in the foot so often they could have taken advantage of that weakness all night. The one area I will say they did well in was pass protection. They gave Romo a clean pocket and protection most of the night.

        Overall however, the Cowboys looked like a mediocre team that got a win gift wrapped and handed to them by another mediocre team.

      10. Yea Dallas looked great in giving up 3 TD’s to little Victor Cruz! One of ‘em for 70 yards untouched!!!! Remember Hakeem Nicks….86 yard pass…would have been a TD too if he was not so slow!
        What a super bowl, bound secondary! Makes ours look like 4 All-Pros. You gotta be kidding me Grant, first, to make such a bold statement on a 49er website, and 2nd, to keep pounding us with such nonsense!

        How much respect would you have for a reporter that ran a SF Giants blog, but said the Dodgers were gonna win the world series, and then kept spewing that vomit all year long? At least the Dodgers have a shot, unlike Dallas. Grow Up! Dont forget how your bread gets buttered or by whom is bettering it!

  33. Colin Cowherd this morning:
    ” Is Collin Kaepernick the toughest guy in the league to prepare for?”
    “I think he is……. that defines who the best quarterback in the NFL is today.”
    Colin says Colin is the #1 QB today!

    1. Hey Crabs,

      I agree but the thing is when you stop the Read option, it appears to leaves a receiver wide open, yesterday it was Boldin and last year against the Falcons it was Vernon. I love your enthusiasm.

  34. How can we give the Coaching a A- when Harbaugh said it was the coaching fault in not getting the plays in faster? This will be a disaster if this happens this Sunday.

    1. I think we just about have to script 12-15 plays to start the game on Sunday. I also think JH-GR held back showcasing some of the new toys the O has as their disposal. VMac will have a big game IMO.

      1. Bay,

        Are you saying that Harbaugh was delaying the process with Roman call playing? I don’t think so intentionally. I loved that we went for it on 4th 2 and Kaep and Boldin came through.

  35. Grant,

    I’m man enough to admit I was wrong. Mathews blew up some of the read option hand offs as you predicted. I figured that Mathews would have to make a quick read before crashing. He didn’t. I didn’t watch closely enough to tell if Mathews made any pre-snap fakes to crew up the option read.

    What I’m surprised is that the Niners didn’t simply run right at him. Straight Power at him. Their running game was shifting and moving so much (which is Harbaugh/Roman’s thing for getting blocking angle and number advantages) that it seemed like any advantages it should have given the Niners, it just made the O-line look like it didn’t have it’s footing to just drive and knock back the Packer’s D line.

  36. Bowman missed tackles yesterday and is overrated in this article. He looked slow all day.

    The run was stopped up the middle. Packers dominated in this area. It was me screaming for 2 quarters for Roman to run the always successful Kendell Hunter sweep. It finally happened with success in the 4th quarter. Roman is much smarter than I. I did not understand the decision not to run the Kendell Hunter sweep when the middle was obviously plugged.

  37. Bayarea….. You have a good point, but you don’t see the big picture. The pack spent all their resources trying to stop our run, we beat em with the pass, nowwith what u said teams are gonna gameplan to stop davis n boldin, then our run game will kick into high gear. So bbasically its pick your poison. This isn’t the alex niners. We have multiple ways to win on offense. Not just dink n dunk n let our d win it. Im not Saying Smith wasnt a good qb but when was the ltime he put 400yds. Im not suspect on our run game. Its like roman said, we will take what they give us. Do u wanna lose with kap running or passing? Pick your poison

    1. Jack, good points on your previous five questions on your blog. I never thought McCarthy would stick with the run and came in close to what I thought it would be, somewhere between 16-20 attempts. I made the prediction before the game with my buddies that Lacy would put it on the ground and give the 49ers a short field. Wish I had posted that one here.

      I thought Bakhtirari did fairly well against Aldon, though it took a lot of jersey to do it, lol.

      It was nice to see some rotation on the DL, especially for Justin with both Williams and Dorsey getting some time there.

      But these delay of game penalties and forced time-outs to prevent them have to get fixed. What do you think is the real problem?

      1. Thanks Space. I think the delays come down to both the coaches taking too long to get a play down, and Kaepernick not getting them out of the huddle quick enough. Unfortunately its not a simple blame it on one guy type of thing.

      2. I believe the clock issues are 80% CK and 20% coaching. Once he gets to the line he just looks frazzled hes not calm and cool. He is a better QB than A. Smith in every way but one, at the line of scrimmage Smith was cool and deliberate. Remeber how Harbaugh would’nt criticize Smith no matter what well I think he is doing the same with CK in regards to his lack of ability as a game manager.

    1. Great to see the league admit a bad call but I’d rather see the officials stop making them. There was a guy standing right there behind Matthews who could clearly see him throwing punches at Staley and he ignored it. That is either incompetence or preferential treatment of one team over another. Either way it does not paint the officiating in a positive light. This crew in particular seems to have these kind of situations every season and it’s unacceptable.

    2. While we are talking about inexplicable calls, does anyone know what led the officials to call the 15 yard penalty on bowman when he chased Rodgers out of bounds?

      1. Bowman apparently said something that caused the ref to throw the flag. Apparently mouthing off is a sin but throwing punches like Matthews did is status quo.

      2. Midwest:

        I couldn’t figure out what was going on. The announcers just blew by it, which pissed ticked me off, and I haven’t seen anything about it today. Do you know what Bowman said that was so worthy of a penalty?

      3. it looked like he gave a shove to one of the packers bench players who was standing in that crowd on the sideline. not that terrible

  38. ” Frank Gore had a bad game, 21 carries for 44 yards and a touchdown, but he didn’t have any holes to run through.”

    An example of Grant experiencing cognitive dissonance (“cognitive dissonance: discomfort experienced when simultaneously holding two or more conflicting cognitions”).

    For running between the tackles, there has to be holes since a fundamental property of matter is that two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time. If there were holes, Gore would have exploited them, just like he did on the play where he scored.

    The Packers made it a priority to stop the run, and they succeeded. Maybe the Niners should have run outside more. But they chose not to.

    The wrong conclusion that Gore did not have a good game is typical of fantasy football-playing fans, who just look at the stat line. (These fans also do not appreciate good TE play in the blocking game since it doesn’t show up in the stats). Gore had some textbook blocks in picking up blitzes that all young RBs should learn from. Our RBs should get a solid B rating at least.

    1. Great points Mood. Some just look at numbers without trying to determine why they were what they were sometimes. A defense can take away things if they over load resources to do so. The key is not playing into their hands and taking advantage of the areas they are leaving open, which the Niners did.

    2. +1 – and more supporting data in link below from Mark Purdy at mercury news…


      MARKUP — Frank Gore’s blocking on blitz pickups. It’s so underrated and so outstanding. Gore also threw a great downfield block on a 15-yard scramble by Kaepernick in the third quarter. He should buy Gore lunch and dinner every day of every week. Oh, almost forgot. Gore also power-drove with the ball for the touchdown that resulted in a 31-28 lead by the 49ers in the fourth quarter.

  39. We can put away this handwringing that occupied the majority of last season:

    Why isn’t the team using Vernon Davis?

    How are the Niners ever going to find the end zone from the red zone?

  40. Grant if you are at harbaughs press conference today can you please make sure he is asked about time management. I want this addressed. It possibly cost us a SB victory and we burn 2-3 needed time outs every game. This is Bs

    1. That has been a problem going back to the first year Harbaugh was here with Smith Adam. It just seems at times they can’t decide on a play quickly enough and Kap is breaking the huddle with single digits on the play clock. That is unacceptable and shouldn’t be happening in the 3rd year of the system. It’s a big problem that needs to be rectified immediately.

    2. While it’s an excellent question and brings up a valid point, I just don’t think you’re going to get an answer that satisfies your curiosity. There’s no reason to say how you’re going to fix the issue before going into a stadium that prides itself on causing the problem.
      Unfortunately, we’re going to have to wait and see in the Seattle game. While we’re on the subject, do you know if there is a rule in the league banning the use of placards for play calls?

    3. I seem to remember hearing somewhere that both Roman and JH are involved in the play calling…like it goes through an extra filter before getting to the QB. Maybe there is some disagreement on some calls that slows the process down?

  41. Our offenses seem more complicated then it should be, with all of this drama before the snap. Let’s have a little less conversation and more action please.

  42. I’ll leave the grades to Grant but I have differing opinions on his observations.

    The Oline was excellent. GB sold out to stop the run having 8 and 9 in the box regularly. There was not going to be much running of the ball and that was by design for the Packers. They wanted to force Kap to beat them with his arm and he did. The pass protection was phenomenal.

    The Secondary did a poor job of tackling, but the coverage was very good for most of the game. There were no Packer receivers running loose in the secondary making big plays. Almost every big pass completion the Packers had was contested or had a Niner DB very close to making the play. Sometimes you have to tip your cap to the other guys and this was the case. Asomugah blew the tackle on the late first half drive and I think it’s because he really didn’t want to risk a shot on his collarbone, but other than that he was pretty solid. There isn’t a secondary in the league that isn’t going to give up catches and yards to the Packer passing game. The key is limiting the damage and the Niners did that overall. While GB had 4 TD drives, they also had numerous 3 and outs especially late in the 4th quarter. Not a great game defensively, but better than it looked from the final score. Tackling was the biggest issue and that is pretty common across the league in the first week of the season.

    The one area I saw some negatives was the pass rush. This Packer Oline was starting a 4th round pick at LT and have a bunch of no names across the line but really held up well against the Niners. That is a bit of a concern to me because it continues a trend that started late last year and continued through the playoffs. The pass rush is not getting there consistently and that has to change in a hurry or there could be a lot of high scoring games in the future.

    Bottom line is they beat a very good team for the 3rd straight time, Kap proved he can beat you with his arm as much as he can with his legs, the Oline played extremely well, and the defense had some very good moments. Not a perfect game by any means but they are 1-0. That works for me.

    1. Nice analysis. I think you’re conclusion on the collar bone of Asomugah is enlightening.
      There were points in the game where I felt like SF should have used blitzes to create pressure. I don’t think you need a % per say, but rather let the game dictate the amount of blitzes you bring.
      This first week was a nice test for Kaepernick’s pocket presence. Next week, the test will be containing their QB and getting the plays in.
      Carolina did a nice job of making Wilson throw from the pocket. It was pretty obvious Wilson wasn’t comfortable from the pocket, but he was still able to be successful. I don’t think a pass rush will be as effective as keeping him contained.

    2. -Q: Do the missed tackles by Asomugha have anything to do with his collar bone injury?

      -HARBAUGH: No. I mean, as a group we weren’t pleased with our tackling. We talked about it after the game. It’s not what we’ve been accustomed to the last couple years with our defense.

      We had a few too many missed tackles.

      -Q: Do you attribute that to the first-teamers not getting a lot of snaps in the preseason?

      -HARBAUGH: Well, I just attribute it to, it’s an area we’ll seek to improve in. And there’s a lot of good tackles.

      Eric Reid made some fine plays, open-field tackling, and also a real fine play in the special teams, a big play. Two good tackles there.

      Something that we’ll seek to improve.

    1. He must have hit enter before he got all the leaves over the hole of his trap. He wants one of us to list a % so he can slap back with a Stat line.
      There isn’t a % of plays. It’s dictated by the game and the situation. Move on.

      1. The blitz thing comes up often around here. The reason Fangio doesn’t blitz more is becaue he wants to play man under and keep his safties deep to keep everything in front of them. Live to fight another down.

        He only blitzed 7 times yesterday, and 5 of those was on 3rd down. Each time they got off the field as a result.

    2. I don’t think they should blitz much at all. Keep it for really big situations in the season when you need a surprise, in a game that you absolutely need, for example, to get into the playoffs or capture home field. Other than that you bring it as a wrinkle during the playoffs in situations when the opponent is not likely to expect it.

      Our secondary isn’t that good. You can argue that it reduces the time the QB has to get rid of the ball, but on the flip-side when a blitz is beaten you get beaten bad. I’d rather force teams to drive the ball down the field against us as our defense as a whole is tough to keep a consistent drive going against.

      1. Your last paragraph is on point Fourth. That appears to be the philosophy that Fangio applies, and it has worked pretty well for them so far.

    3. I’m not a big fan of frequent blitzing. So I favor Fangio’s and formerly Nolan’s) approach of limiting blitzes. But I do expect our linemen and OLBs to win enough of the one-on-one match-ups against rookie or below-average O linemen, or use stunts to generate enough QB hits and hurries, if not sacks. I had expected Aldon to have more success against Bakhtiari as the game wore on.

      1. I agree Mood. The thing with Bakhtiari is that while he’s a rookie he goes up against Matthews everyday in camp, so he gets a lot of good looks to prepare.

      2. I agree Mood. Blitzing is a tactical strategy that loses it’s effectiveness if relied upon too often. The reason Fangio doesn’t blitz is that the front 4 can usually cause enough disruption without it allowing him to keep 7 in coverage. Every team in the league would do that if they could. It doesn’t always work and yesterday there were some inconsistencies with the pass rush in general, but you always want to keep as many in coverage as possible if you can get away with it.

        There was actually one play yesterday that almost burned us when Rodgers over threw his outlet in the flat on a blitz. If he gets that throw on target, the RB would have had a huge gain. That is the risk you take when you bring the blitz. As it is they used it quite effectively in the situations it was called.

    4. Jack, I think the key this season won’t be about sending extra guys on the blitz often, but mixing up who goes after the QB and who goes into coverage. Sending the same 4 guys every time just becomes predictable, even if they are your 4 best pass rushers.

      There was a 3rd down blitz call they had with Willis coming and Bowman filling the gap he left – Rodgers threw to what he thought would be an open receiver but Bowman closed and knocked it down. Brilliant scheming.

      1. Scooter,

        That was a nice blitz, almost identical to one they used in GB last Sept that resulted in an interception by Bowman in the second half.

  43. Great point on getting the play off at the line next week, Grant. FOr whatever freaking reason, this has been a problem going back through last year, but Harbaugh, Roman & Kaepernick can’t seem to figure out how to fix it, or aren’t spending enough time fixing it.

    I’d say tell Roman to stop all the b.s. jimmy jacking around at the line. It’s not fooling anyone as another commenter on here pointed out during yesterday’s game. It’s not effective at all when you do it on every other other play. Maybe throw that in when the defense is trying to be a little extra aggressive to get them thinking a bit, but no need to do this crap every other down.

  44. How many here were rooting their asses of for A. Smith yesterday? We are now 1 game closer to 8-8 and a extra 2nd round pick. With Baalke’s ability to wheel and deal we maybe able to move uo into the mid 1st rd again while still having our own 2nd rd pick. Go Alex!!!!

    1. Coach who do you like in the first round for this team? There are a lot of Qb’s coming out this year. Since we don’t have a need there do you think we’ll go defense?

      1. I think we will draft a corner. If we end up in the SB and KC ends up around 9-7 or 8-8 we could trade up into the top 15 and score a pretty damn good corner. We could draft a QB in the 3rd rd where we should have 3 picks if Daniels does’nt work out

      2. They could also go after a WR in the first round Coach. A good majority of our receiving corps will hit free agency after this season.

      3. Midwest I think i would stay with Crabtree resign Boldin, QP could be our #3 and draft a WR with our other 2nd rd pick. Maybe packaging it with one of our extra 3rd rd picks to move up in the 2nd rd.

      4. I agree with old coach. It’s almost a certainty the Niners go CB with the first or second pick next year. It obviously depends on FA too, but they are old at CB overall and will have to inject some youth into the position.

      5. Crabtree is under contract along with Patton, Harper and Baldwin, but (if I recall right) every other WR is a free agent. It would be great if Boldin were to stick around, but how much will it cost the team to make it happen? If Boldin has a career year he will most likely be gone. Add Moore, Manningham, and Williams to the list and we could be very weak at WR, especially if Crabtree isn’t the same after coming back from his current injury or continues struggling to stay healthy.

      6. “If Boldin has a career year he will most likely be gone.”

        Boldin has a history of going where the money is, if i’m remembering my AZ cardinals history correctly. (but who wouldn’t leave the cardinals?)
        That history suggests that he won’t stay in SF for what Trent & Co are willing to pay him. But…
        In my naive, rose-tinted glasses, I am hoping that at this point in his career, he’s made enough money, and really just wants to be in a place where he can win, have fun, and be appreciated. So maybe he would stay for a home-town discount. Or, if Crabs doesn’t return to form, and no other WR emerges strongly, the FO might be willing to pay him a little more than expected. Who knows.

    2. Count me in! I was monitoring scores all morning. 7 more wins to get that 2nd rounder!

      With great D, KC had the game in hand at halftime and played vanilla the rest of the game. While the stats weren’t spectacular, KC played effective, no turnovers, ball control offense. (sound familiar?)

  45. Great 49er performances seem to get overshadowed by media sideshows.

    After beating Detroit all we heard about was the handshake. After dominating Pittsburgh the national press was all over the power outage.
    After yesterdays epic passing performance, it will all be about the “should have been 4th and 2″ (despite the fact that Staley did nothing and Matthews would have been ejected for double personal fouls).

    No matter. The 49ers will keep rollin on.

  46. I love it! NFL just confirmed that Joe Staely did not commit a personal foul or unsportsmanlike conduct after Mathews tackle! So he will not be fined and Niners should have been granted a first down! Feels good baby.

  47. Perhaps Baalke will call New York up this morning and offer them a receiver for a 4th round pick. The question is, who do they want. Manningham has a history there and took a pay cut. Williams is showing he is capable after the knee injury. Moore might be the best option but that pick would probably fall to a 5th rounder if we’re lucky.

    1. I don’t think we get anything but a 7th round for Moore.

      I would keep all WRs for the next 4-5 weeks and see how the Niners offense and playmakers play out. Who will step up consistently. Then make a bold move before trade deadline.

    2. >>Perhaps Baalke will call New York up this morning and offer them a receiver for a 4th round pick.

      Perhaps he should call them and arrange a RB for WR trade. Kendall Hunter for Victor Cruz? Yeah, yeah I know never happen, but talk about a guy to take the top off.

    3. I think we already have 13 picks so more picks for next year may not be the best move considering it is only a #7…not going to enhance the draft much. Still blown away we got Boldin for a #6 so you never know.

  48. I have a comment about Kyle Williams.

    Positive: He looks the part after being injured. Meaning back to his normal self, which is a #3 slot WR at best. Now I hope he proves me wrong. I love the deep routes and the energy when he doesn’t make a big play. Patience grasshopper, you will have your chance… CK is a bad boy.

    Negative: Since I don’t have sideline cam or coaches film I can’t tell what is going on in the secondary. So not sure if he is getting open and this is why CK kept going to Boldin. BUT for these long passes, especially the under thrown one…. DUDE you have to jump up and fight for the ball or draw a PI!!! Nothing is easy in the NFL, go make a play or sit down and let one of these other young promising WRs get in there.

    1. I like your take on Kyle Williams’ game.

      He wasn’t ideal, but far from the bad play I keep hearing about. His “drop” looked more like a good play from the DB. He got wide open on a sideline bomb, but Kaep was getting hit so the ball came up short.

      Kyle may not be Jerry Rice (or Crabtree, or even a classic #1 WR) but he’ll get his catches. He got open and looked spry as ever. I’m optimistic.

      1. It was a great play by the DB, but KW didn’t extend his arms to catch the ball away from his body, thus allowing the DB to be able to get in there and break it up. And as others have stated, it was a little bit underthrown, so he should have made a more aggressive play back to it, which would have given him a better shot at catching it or drawing PI.
        This was his first game back, with no preseason. I think KW will be fine, but if not, I like Patton’s chances.

    2. I think Kap just trusts Boldin to make the catch, open or covered so he throws it in tight windows. Not so much with the other guys yet. Williams is smallish so he needs to be open in space to catch & run.

  49. Seems like the running game was an afterthought yesterday. But then again, with so many passing lanes available, why rely on the run.

    The 49ers sent a clear and sobering message to the league yesterday: We can beat you in the air if you stop our running and option/read game.

    The few concerns I did have with yesterday’s game was our poor tackling, poor run blocking and poor offensive clock management.
    These are areas that need to be tightened up if we are to go deep into the playoffs.

    Also, my thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the young man who tragically lost his life at the game yesterday.

    1. It was the 1st game…I saw lots of sloppy play around the league so I’m confident the Niners will tighten up the talking/blocking because they are typically very good in those areas. The play clock issue is a head scratcher…should be fixable though. And as for the opposition it is pick your poison. We now have the talent/balance to run or throw. I was thinking we would average 27-28 points a game but maybe if Kap keep playing like last game it will be in the 30s. With our D & ST we will win a lot of games.

  50. What goes around comes around…
    So all of the niner fans who are celebrating the win over Green Bay know that… according to Murphy’s law…
    one of our players will someday fumble the ball deep in our end of the field
    and three plays later our opponent will have an extra 7 points.
    Here is the question: Eddie Lacy/the Packers get their dose of bad luck early in the season with his fumble on the 14 yard line.

    How late in the season do we want our turn with such circumstances? Or would we rather wait until the playoffs to suffer such a disappointment. Keep it real. This is no fantasy league. Mr. Lacy handed us the game. We did not win it; the Packers gave it away. Study the final score, okay?

    1. It is obvious that this post had to be thought through overnight given the fact that you had absolutely nothing to spout off after the win yesterday. Find your bridge and crawl back underneath it.

  51. I AGREE with Brian and Nick in their disappointment/assessment of Williams. If he slow up as the long ball is coming to him so that he can only catch it with his arms extended in front of him there is NO Way the DB can stop the play without running right through him and drawing a flag. As soon as Williams sees the ball is going to be short he has to be thinking about drawing the defensive penalty on that play. That is pretty basis receiver play that gets coached as early as High School – so I don’t get why Williams just looks like he doesn’t know what he’s doing out there. Play Patton and put him on the bench.

    1. If Kap throws that ball a yard further it’s a TD. DB made a good play but KW was open deep which I take as a good sign. He really hasn’t had much live action yet so I’m guessing their chemistry will improve. I have a feeling that JH knows who gives them the best chance to win so I’m happy with the W and geeked for week 2.

      1. Thanks. What’s the lag time between the end of the PC and the posting of it as a video after-the-fact (or as a transcript)? Have you noticed?

      1. Claude

        That’s more to the point. I just love watching the actual delivery. The guy is such a weirdo. If anybody knows where the PC is going to be re-posted, I’d be interested…

      2. “That young man works very hard on being a tough guy, he’ll have some work to do on his image after that slap. If you’re going to hit someone come with the knuckles.”

      3. @ Jack:

        Thanks; that is great. I suspect certain members of the media are going to have a field day tsk-tsking over this one.

      1. Let’s not be hasty. That was the best comment yesterday, but the Harbaugh comment from today that was relayed by Jack may be its equal.

      2. Harbaugh’s words have already reached Green Bay. McCarthy, “Clay Matthews is not a dirty player. I addressed Jim Harbaugh’s comments in a team meeting and that’s all I’m going to say.”

    1. I could care less what Smiths’ stats are E just as long as he and the Chiefs get to 8 wins so that the Niners can have an extra second round pick.

      1. MWN

        Actually, you couldn’t care less, but that’s neither here or there.

        I’ll be doing this comparison on a weekly basis, however, so get used to it.

      2. colloquially, both forms of the expression are acceptable, despite the fact that, as you point out, one of them doesn’t make sense.

      3. MWN

        I’ve moved on. A lot faster than most. Took one half against the Bears last season and I was done with the earnest little guy in favor of the bold grown man.

        The comparisons are just for fun. If you’re my peanut gallery, so be it.

      4. Took one half against the Bears last season and I was done with the earnest little guy in favor of the bold grown man.

        Your dig there is enough proof that you haven’t E.

      5. Tarzan says “I’ll be doing this comparison on a weekly basis, however, so get used to it”

        Once a loser, always a loser. One team is rebuilding and the other is primed to get back to the Superbowl. So what a fascinating comparison that nobody cares about except the people who could not accept Alex as a winning QB in SF. Now they want to continue the debate and for what reason? Laughable!

      6. Prime the only reason why anyone would compare Alex Smith to Colin Kaepernick was because for all those years, the “Alexcuses” finally were identified as legit.
        Same offensive coordinator, same offensive system, head coach who knows offense, real wide receivers who are NFL caliber, an offensive line who can run block and pass protect, a running game, and a top 10 defense and overall, talent on both sides of the ball. What else did I miss?

      7. FDM

        Alex had 24 games to play under Harbaugh with the same (or better) players that CK has played with for just 11 games. Do you watch the games with your eyes shut?

        The difference between watching the 2011-2012.5 Niners and the 2012.5-2013 Niners is shockingly awesome.

        I was the biggest Alex proponent on here until the Bears game. And then I finally faced reality. How could I not?

        How can y’all not?

      8. Oh that’s right Tarzan, you are craving for the attention, I forgot, my bad! Keep talking Alex, well be talking football. Cheers!

      9. E no doubt Kaepernick is a better QB with more potential. My point is, its about winning games and Alex Smith whether anyone wants to admit it or not, won games under Harbaugh just like Colin Kaepernick is doing. Coincidence?
        It may not be as fashionable as Kaepernick, but he did win games. No one can deny that.

      10. No FDM,
        the 2012 AS led team won primarily on record setting defense and record setting field goal percentage.
        Had AS played with the porous defense and non existent kicking game that Kaep played with towards the end of last year, he would have been lucky to win one game.
        AS would not have come back to win the Falcon game, and he would not have come back to make the superbowl exciting.
        The guys that say, “move on”, or “get over it”, should just man up and admit, Alex was just ok. He is a game manager. He’s a dinker and a dunker. That’s it…..

      11. Dinker, dunker, game manager, potato, tomato, he won games. Now if your a fantasy football lover or a true football fan, that’s different.
        Bay hate, we know where your passion sits, passing yards and jersey sales. Thanks for coming out and please continue the wild predictions, between you and Tarzan, it’s Comedy Central!

    2. Thanks for putting that together E. The most important stat you missed though.

      Smith: 1-0
      Kaepernick: 1-0

      Did you watch the KC game?

      1. No. I was busy. Was it a barnstormer?

        And for the record, a W is a W.

        But for entertainment value, which is why we all watch the game, the stats I posted do matter.

        The most telling is 10.6 / 5.1 …

        Jim Harbaugh is the best QB talent evaluator in the NFL, and his pick of Kaepernick proves it. What a great time to be a fan watching the Niners…

      2. Nah, I got caught up in the Seahawks game. I don’t mind your statistical comparison at all. It will be interesting to see how it plays out, but through one week that 10.6 ypa number was amazing.

      3. E,

        Thanks for the “couldn’t care less” correction above.

        I do think you meant to say “barnburner”, rather than “barnstormer”, though.

      1. rib
        play nice. you’re not an idiot. you know i’m not an idiot. i called Reid the future HOF FS. he’s on his way. I called Kaep the best QB in the league after watching him play two games last year. he’s on his way. i predicted Dorsey to the Niners, predicted Carradine, Lattimore, and Lemonier would get drafted.

        so, idiot? no. fakia? yeah, that’s me…

      2. Actually you are an idiot. Why, cause you think Steve Young was a sub par QB, you seek attention with continuing the Alex Smith debate and you openly admitted changing your screen name a half dozen times. That to me equals what you are, an idiot!

      3. I can’t help, but to comment on the Steve Young statement. I have always thought Steve Young was over rated. He was a great front runner QB.

        When things were going well, he wanted to keep pushing it and was good at keeping plays alive and getting the ball in the hands of his guys, but when under pressure? Not so hot.

        I wish I could find the statistics, but I remember at one point he had only a handful of come from behind victories at a much, much lower ratio than all the other elite QBs.

        Does anyone have that stat?

      4. >>you know i’m not an idiot.

        Then stop playing the one with the stupid useless postings like the one at the top of the thread.

  52. What some here seem to be forgeting is as 9er fans we ALL have to be rooting our collective asses off for A. Smith this yr. If KC ends up 8-8 we should be able to move up into the top 15 of the draft and get a really good player. Which would also let us use one of our extra 3rd rd picks and move into the middle of the 2nd rd and possibly get another outstanding player but none of that will happen unless Alex plays well enough. GO ALEX.

    1. That is how it should be coach, but unfortunately that is not how it is. Some around here would still rather cling to the hope that their uneducated statements about Smith being a bust you couldn’t win with and who would be a backup or out of the league by now, can somehow still be proved correct. Extreme narcissism is tough to overcome.

    2. I’m hoping for that 8-8 or better bigtime. Where do KCs 7 wins come from?

      September 15 Dallas Cowboys
      September 19 at Philadelphia Eagles
      September 29 New York Giants
      October 6 at Tennessee Titans
      October 13 Oakland Raiders
      October 20 Houston Texans
      October 27 Cleveland Browns
      November 3 at Buffalo Bills
      November 17 at Denver Broncos
      November 24 San Diego Chargers
      December 1 Denver Broncos
      December 8 at Washington Redskins
      December 15 at Oakland Raiders
      December 22 Indianapolis Colts
      December 29 at San Diego Chargers

      1. B2W,

        I see Dallas, Philly, NYG, Houston, and Washington as possible wins, Denver x 2 as probable losses, and the rest, as games they should win. Looks like 7-9 to 10-6.

      2. B2W,

        Tennessee, Raiders x 2, Cleveland, Buffalo, Chargers * 2, from the looks of last night, possibly NYG, from the looks of tonight, possibly Washington.

        With one under the belt, that’s 10.

    1. That’s a misleading URL. Moreover, the article was obviously written prior to, or in ignorance of, the NFL’s announcement that the real officiating error was calling a penalty on Staley.

      1. The funny thing is as the play unfolded, I thought not only would they pick up the flag on Staley but that Matthews would get ejected for the illegal hit AND the punches/slaps to Staley’s head. I guess we got into their heads!

  53. Didn’t see anyone comment on another “bizarre” (IMO) call by the refs yesterday. Andy Lee’s leg gets hit while he’s still in the air after a punt and no penalty is called because his leg turned to the left on his kicking follow-through??? So I guess the Ref said he turned his leg intentionally to get contact??? Has anyone ever seen another call like that???

    In the first place, contact is still contact, and I think the kicker has the right to follow-through anyway he wants to, and second, if Andy Lee really has that type of body control WHILE HE IS COMPLETELY UP IN THE AIR AND NOT TOUCHING THE GROUND WITH ANY PART OF HIS BODY, then he could have been one of the all time great ballet dancers.

    This was the weirdest call I’ve seen in about 25 years when a Ref called a 15 yd. penalty for “giving him the business” at the bottom of a pile.

  54. I love how Harbaugh takes an underhanded shot at Clay “Fabio” Matthew’s manhood:
    “I could see two punches thrown to Joe’s head — well, one punch and one open slap, which . . . if you’re going to go to the face, come with some knuckles. I think that young man works very hard on being a tough guy. He’ll have some repairing to do to his image after the slap.” – Jim Harbaugh

  55. I disagree with the grade for the running backs. Part of the reason Kap had all day in passing situations, and some of the receivers with their YAC, is because Frank Gore made block after block. He is a beast in pass protection. So I would have given him a D for his running but an A+ for blocking… so maybe I give him a B- overall.

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