49ers 34, Texans 3: Grades

SAN FRANCISCO – Here are my grades for the 49ers’ 34-3 demolition of the entire Texans’ franchise.

KAEPERNICK: F+. He gets the plus for hitting a wide-open Vernon Davis on a 64-yard touchdown pass. Besides that play, Kaepernick completed 5-of-14 passes for 49 yards. That’s a 46.4 passer rating and that’s dreadful. At least he didn’t turn over the ball. He’s still hardly looking to throw the ball to anyone but Anquan Boldin or Vernon Davis. Occasionally, Kaepernick throws to Bruce Miller. As a result, Kaepernick keeps missing open receivers. On one play, Kaepernick missed a wide open Kyle Williams deep down the field.

RUNNING BACKS: B. Frank Gore had two 26-yard runs and a 16-yard run. He gets credit for those runs. Besides those runs, he gained 13 yards on 14 runs. He gets credit for those runs, too. Kendall Hunter and LaMichael James both rushed well in the fourth quarter. Bruce Miller caught a pass and blocked well.

WIDE RECEIVERS: F. Anquan Boldin caught two passes for 21 yards in six targets. No other receiver caught a pass. So far this season, 49ers’ wide receivers not named Boldin have caught 13 passes for 112 yards. That’s an average of 2.6 catches for 22.4 yards a game.

TIGHT ENDS: B. Vernon Davis caught a deep touchdown pass and converted two third downs on the 49ers’ first drive. He also got open deep in the third quarter but Kaepernick under threw him. Kaepernick did not throw a pass to Vance McDonald or Garrett Celek.

OFFENSIVE LINE: B. They only gave up very little pressure and just one sack. Anthony Davis gave up a few tackles for losses to J.J. Watt. The O-line created some big holes in the run game, especially on power runs off tackle and on whams. But overall, the 49ers’ O-line struggled to move the Texans’ defensive front in the run game.

DEFENSIVE LINE: B-. They got pressure on Matt Schaub once, maybe twice. The one sack Schaub took was a coverage sack – he held onto the ball forever because his receivers were covered. The D-line gave up 131 rush yards on 30 carries – 4.4 yards per carry. An average performance, but Tony Jerod-Eddie’s fourth quarter interception bumps up the D-line’s grade.

LINEBACKERS: B. NaVorro Bowman had 13 tackles and Michael Wilhoite had 11. Ahmad Brooks had just 3, but he hit Schaub once.

SECONDARY: A. Tramaine Brock was outstanding. He picked off Schaub twice, returning one for a touchdown on the third play of the game. Tarell Brown knocked away two passes. Eric Reid dropped an interception but he did a good job jumping the route on the play. He also missed a tackle in the first quarter. Donte Whitner stripped Ben Tate in the third quarter.

SPECIAL TEAMS: A. C.J. Spillman made two tackles inside the Texans’ 15-yard line on kick returns. Phil Dawson made both his field goal attempts.

COACHING: B. Right away, Matt Schaub handed the 49ers the lead prompting Greg Roman to call the most conservative game plan possible. It worked. After the Texans fell behind, the only way they could win the game was if the 49ers handed it to them. Still, it would have been beneficial for the 49ers if Roman had used the game as an opportunity to establish a No.2 receiver and to get Kaepernick back in a rhythm. Not counting the first game of the season against the Packers, Kaepernick has completed 47-of-93 passes (51 percent) for 557 passing yards (139 passing yards per game, 6 yards per attempt), 3 touchdowns and 3 interceptions and a 66.5 passer rating the past four games.

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      1. yeah, i stopped reading after grants first sentence. Shaub deserves an F for 3 picks and losing the game. Kap gets a D or a C maybe, but he won! With a td and zero turnovers! Horrible numbers but won the game! ala Mr. Smith……who everyone says is a ” better QB right now”!

        So if your keeping score, Mr. Smith can have a win with a similar stat line and get kudos, but when Kap does it he gets an “F”.

      2. The TD he threw was irrelevant to the outcome of the game. and even with that 65 yarder he threw for 113 yards and less that 50% completion rate. C.McCoy could have led us to this victory, which was really on the D and the run game.
        Im not complaining, on the contrary, I LOVE that game plan, but there is no denying that CK HAS to improve if we are to go far in the playoffs because when we face superior Offensive teams he has to at least be respectable. The last 4 games he is treading dangerously close to Tebow territory

      3. >>C.McCoy could have led us to this victory, which was really on the D and the run game.

        Hmm, good point there BOS. If the D keeps playing like this (even at less than full strength), I’m feeling better about our overall chances if Kaep has to miss any playing time. Which is a good thing, you don’t want to be overly dependent on any one player for victories.

      1. I would give Romo an F+ for breaking not only the Dallas passing record, but the hearts of his team and their fans with one of his patented game losing choke throws.

    1. I am with you jordo, 34-3, impressive also the texans were the #1 d!, I am worried about mc Donald’s injury, does anyone know when carbine and the other rookie do can be activated? Lots of injuries but still a strong team!

      1. Rebel,

        I believe there is a 21 day window that starts after October 15th. You have to activate the players on that list in that 21 day window.

  1. F+? Grant, we know you’re more intelligent than that. You don’t need to write controversial things just to get page views. Kap made TERRIFIC calls at the line of scrimmage. He took only one sack. He had a QBR of 72.9 out of 100.

    In the words of Chris Berman, c’mon man!

      1. Chris Carter is the creator of the term C’monman. It caught on to be used by all and to go on as a center piece for a segment on screw ups — also originated by CC.

      2. That is true, BruceZ, but Boomer still says it. In my opinion, he says it with the most enthusiasm, so he was who I chose to say it to Grant.

      3. No argument there Brady. As a fan of CC I just like to put the cred where the cred is due.

        Your points on the grade are spot on for me. The Kap ran a decent Smith game management / run first offense that helped the defense win the game on turnovers if nothing else. That is no worse than a D plus plus. And I am giving him a C minus for doing okay considering the new offensive changes and current WRs.

      4. totally agree, you gotta give credit where it’s due, so I’m glad you pointed it out.

        And absolutely, your point is completely correct. An F is for those who failed. When you win by 31, you didn’t fail. Kap wasn’t the most accurate, but he made perfect calls at the line of scrimmage, and he executed the game plan. No way any QB should ever fail for going turnover-less in a 31 point victory.

    1. He had a QBR of 72.9 because the game was never in doubt and QBR is based on win probability added. Basically all a 72.9 means is that he didnt mess up in the 2 minutes that the game was in doubt.

      1. Which warrants a little better than an F+, right? F+ is the next thing above failing. Failing would be when he did mess up when the game was in doubt. If Kaepernick had played a flawed game, they would not have won 34-3. I’m not saying he was A+, but you can’t fail him just because the defense and run game were great. If he pulled a Flacco and threw 5 INTs, it wouldn’t have been a blowout SF win. THAT would be deserving of an F.

    2. Brady, Grant deserves no flames here. Kap really didn’t play well tonight. Forget the QBR stat, grade based on what your eyes tell you while watching the game.

      1. my eyes tell me the Niners didn’t do much with Kap. They do not tell me he was terrible. Averaging 4.0 yards per throw and turning the ball over 4 times is terrible. Averaging 7.5 yards per throw and not turning the ball over is at least mediocre.

  2. How are you giving an “F+” to Kap? He’s not exactly the one calling the plays for him to run. When you consider the Niners won convincingly, Kap had ZERO turnovers and he even threw a TD, there’s no way he should be receiving anything lower than a “C.” Believe me, no one has been a bigger critic of Kap than me, but be realistic with your grading if you want your readers to take your articles seriously.

      1. If Kap’s performance deserves an F, what does Schaub’s performance deserve? The whole point of a standardized grading system like the A-F rubric is to be able to compare performances objectively. At the very least, Kap gets a passing grade because the team won, and he didn’t turn it over.

    1. +1000

      Have been reading more Niner Nation blog because there’s way more in-depth writing, less infighting, and it doesn’t have threads that don’t change for days in order to generate more comments from seansationalistic BS! Reading some comments it’s no-effing-wonder our fan base is referred to as “whiners.”

  3. Can’t agree more with the QB grade. He did not play well at all. 4 completions through 3 quarters of football? C’mon. He was a wide open Vernon away from having 50 yards in an entire game!!! Granted we did win but it wasn’t due to our qb play, which since week one has been among the worst in nfl. People on this site ripped Smith for being a “one read” or a “check down” QB and truth Kap only makes one read every throw. People ripped alex for not being able to throw for yards, well how’s Kap doing in that department. Kap is our QB and he has my full support but the bottom line is the guy is playing like crap. Maybe it’s the fame and commercials distracting him. Who knows. Whatever it is, it needs to change immediately. Watching this pass game is just sad and pathetic.

    1. gimme a break! this game was a blowout 90 seconds into it! the only way texans get back in it is stupid mistakes from over aggressive play calling ( like passing the ball! remember texans vs seahawks last week!?)
      Of course you try to discredit the best play kap made to justify “horrible QB play”. That play and the one to AB that led to an early td were the only plays he really looked down field.
      There was “horrible QB play”. By the texans! Just got home from the game and look here to continue my excitement from the game i just watched and the only vibe here is how bad Kap was! You would think WE LOST 34-3 instead of the other way around! whata a joke!

      1. I’m thrilled we destroyed them. But I’m not ignoring facts. And that is that Kap and our passing attack is among the worst in the league. The reason we are winning is not because of our passing, it’s our defense and run game.

      2. JShaw
        You can say what you want but deep down inside you know that over the past 4 games the Qb play sucked. If this was 2011 where getting out of the cellar was the only thing that mattered then people would overlook the “how” and be just happy with a W. We have moved past those low expectations now its SB or bust. Do you think we win the SB the way Kaep is playing right now?
        You dont have to answer that here but deep down you know that CK’s play is subpar. That doesnt mean he sucks or that AS is better in the longterm. Just that CK needs to pick up his play dramaticaly because at this point its not even average. and the reason the “vibe” here is what it is is because people understand that unless he improves we will not win it all this season. If CK played lights out and we only won by 7 I would have felt better than I do about the win

    2. Kaepernick definitely deserves the F.

      On the plus side, it is refreshing to be able to criticize the QB without having the Litany of Excuses shouted in your face. We weren’t allowed to criticize Alex for being Alex or else we were haters, but we can freely criticize Kaepernick for being Alex.

      Hopefully the Colin gets back to being Kaepernick soon – I’ve had way too much of Alex in the past 7 years.

      1. On the plus side, it is refreshing to be able to criticize the QB without having the Litany of Excuses shouted in your face.

        Did you not bother to read the comments before you posted, or are you drunk again? Your fellow haters have been freely explaining the reasons for Kaepernick’s struggles, and they’ve been presenting the same reasons that they previously dismissed as Alexcuses. Smh.

  4. The Way Grant gave these grades, it’s as if the reason the Niners won was because Matt Schaub was on the other team!
    No one got good grades except for the secondary!

    The offense is a work in progress without the Read Option. I don’t think you can put it all on the lack of WR. Don’t we have two good TE’s on the team?

    What about lining up a slot WR in the backfield like what Den does?
    What about putting Kendall Hunter as a WR or SLOT?

    1. Hey fan, I’ve heard for the last 3 years the offense is a work in progress. This isn’t Caltrans and we aren’t building a highway. At some point, you should see some results from all the “work”.
      I love that SF beat a team I thought would challenge them. They have 3 more easy wins coming up and then a bye week. Not much to complain about, so it’s easy to point out the offensive woes. Pardon me for taking the low hanging fruit.

      1. Matt,
        That’s pretty funny. This isn’t Caltrans. Well it shouldn’t be a WIP, but that’s what it is.
        I don’t think the AZ will be easy. They have a top 10 Defense. A mediocre Offense.
        Hey a win’s a win. Beats losing. We’ll have to see what happens when they face a competent team with a good coaching staff.
        6-15 for 115 yards. Yikes.
        Gore had 3 big runs, and then 13 yards on 14 carries. Double yikes.

      2. I think the biggest hurdle right now for Kaepernick is that he doesn’t have a veteran QB who understands the playbook that he can dissect his play with. Last year, Kaep had Smith who knew the playbook and understood the speed of the NFL.
        Now, he has McCoy, who has terrible experience and is trying to learn the playbook as he goes. Skelton just joined the team as well and can’t be much help. So, what Kaep is seeing isn’t soething he can digest with a veteran who understands what he’s seeing.
        I attribute it a lot like learning CPR from a Baywatch Actor. Sure, you can go through the motions, but you don’t know why or for what reason you’re doing it.

      3. There’s no way that I would have stuck with Smith this year, it was time for him to go, but I am surprised that Colin is not improving as a pocket passer.
        It almost seems as if last year was a magical ride. Maybe Alex did help him.
        But end of the day, other young QBs are starting without the benefit of having a vet behind them.
        Joe won it all in his 3rd year.
        Aaron Rodgers came up guns blazing in his 3rd year after sitting for 2.
        Something hasn’t quite clicked yet in running a pro offense. He’s not even a threat in the read option.
        They must really think Colt McCoy sucks.
        And if that’s the case, how can the GM and front office not find a viable replacement if Colin went down? Even the Redskins have a rookie backing up a rookie last year.
        Colin also said he only took a week off after the Superbowl.
        He’s a hard worker, so that’s not the issue.
        Maybe we just have really bad coaches.

      4. how about that defense!? Huge game for them! No 52 or 99. Namdi just lost his job to Brock. Everyone has criticized the D for allowing 25-30 points over the last 12 games or whatever. Instead we bash the offense?
        This was a case were the D took that game over and won it! Early, often and throughout! The offenses only role was to run clock and hang onto the ball! Based on their objective, you could argue that Kap and the offense deserved an “A”! im just sayin

      5. my biggest concern in the losses was the lack of a running game! It takes so much pressure off of Kap as well as the defense. We are back to the basics! Running as successfully as we have been the last to weeks alleviates the lack of spectacular QB play for me.

        The offense IS STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS! We miss Delanie, crab and MM ! LMJ, KH and KW are all coming back from injury. Baldwin and Boldin are new and VMAC is a rookie. And Kap has less than 16 starts to his name.
        3 games we should win and then a bye! Plenty of time to gel and get healthy

  5. Kaepernick gets a B- from me. He managed the game well, had no turnovers and the throw to Davis was outstanding. He may have been wide open but CK had someone in his face and he threw a nice tight spiral just where it needed to be to hit Davis in stride. His reads need improvement but his accuracy is very good. We have gotten so spoiled. F+! Ha. Were you even watching when Alex Smith had started 15 games???

    1. B-? A B would imply that a QB played above average. And 100 yards and under a 50 comp percent is far far below average. We won but it was not because of Kap. He played horribly.

      1. Adam, are you not taking into account other factors? How about making the correct calls at the line of scrimmage? How about averaging 7.5 yards per attempt? How about posting a QBR of 72.9? How about leading the team on drives that resulted in 27 points?

        Context has to be taken into consideration here.

  6. Marcus Cooper was today’s game-changing star cornerback with the Chiefs, who are 5-0. And B.J. Daniels, according to reports, may soon be the No. 2 with the Seahawks. Who put these guys on the waiver wire??? I don’t get it.

  7. Agree with the grades, especially the QB grade. Need better play from that position, he was rated the 2nd worst QB in the league through last week by PFF and I can’t imagine hes helped his case this week. We need him to regain his 2012 playoff form if were going to catch the Seahawks. Luckily our defense will probably shut out the next 3 opponents so he’ll get time to work out the kinks.

  8. Kap Played well. Its weird Russell Wilson could have the same stat line and people would say he’s playing out of this world. Bottom line is Kap really didn’t have too many opportunities to build up his fantasy points and he really came out hot on his first drive which is all he needed to do. At the end of the day if you watched closely he played very well and looked a lot more comfortable throwing to his receivers in man coverage than in weeks 2 and 3. Lets not forget he really had a lot of pressure up front coming down on him so he had to make quick decisions. He only had 15 pass attempts and if Vernon Davis catches up to that ball like he usually does (hamstring injury) and Baldwin comes down with that catch we’re looking at a totally different stat line. But what I liked is he didn’t look shaky, he didn’t see ghost in the pocket and ran, and this rag tag put together offense is looking like its on the verge of clicking!

    1. Steve,

      Funny, I saw the same game you did. Apparently, nobody else did. I’m starting to get the feeling that there are some agendas working here. We keep getting these comparisons to a QB that is no longer on the roster anymore. Bottom line is that Kap is the QB and that’s all that matters. Winning is what the Niners are all about. Let’s hope we keep it up. Go Niners! Go Kap.

      1. I’d give him a C.

        1. The 1st drive was perfect. He completed passes. We scored a TD to put us up 14-0 and seize control of the game.

        2. No turnovers.

        3. One sack and one nice scramble for 11 yards.

        4. He threw a TD to Davis. He only threw 15 times. It was a blowout. We didn’t need him to throw 40 times. 6-15 for 115 yards. Remember Houston was the #1 defense in the NFL.

        5. He looked a lot more composed and less uncomfortable in the pocket.

        Sounds like a C to me.

    2. Kap didn’t play well in my view. The Vernon overthrow really irritated me, but not sure how much Vernon’s hammy played a part in that.

      Besides that, he badly needs to work on his pocket presence. There are times when he can step left or right or simply just step up in the pocket and still look downfield to deliver a pass. It’s like he can either throw from the spot he immediately stands when he comes out of his drop or he has to move out of the pocket to throw the ball. He doesn’t a new pocket when things break down really well (That is, when a simple movement like above can buy you another 2 seconds).

      This thing about Boldin (Besides Vernon) being the only receiver on the field is aggravating…and I think again it comes back to pocket presence…giving his guys enough time to win their battles.

      For the most part he actually did look better in the pocket compared to weeks 2 & 3, but I think he still has a lot of work to do.

    3. Steve
      I feel that R.Wilson has really regressed this year. whether its a sophomore slump or teams have caught up to him or even a lack of O weapons but his game has been subpar this season as well. Aside from his scrambles he has not done much in the passing game but his team keeps on winning and that masks his play a bit. In the game vs the colts he was great at scrambling for first downs but didnt do much passing (aside from the TD to kearse) If CK scrambled as well as RW does and converted key third and longs the way RW does his overall play would obviously elevate. I said this last year and il stick with it. I wish CK had the pocket presence and scrambling acumen of Wilson, its so demoralizing to consistently convert 3rd and 9 with ur legs so much so that it slows down the rush because they dont want to get burned by scrambles

      1. I would agree with you that Kap could work on some things but those type of things will progress as he starts to mature as a NFL qb. People forget now that Aaron Rodgers had those same type of problems when he first started in his 3rd year. Those are things that he will get better at. But 2 things to point out, although I think Wilson is good and will be fine for that team I never thought he was spectacular he is very inconsistent with his accuracy and misses wide open wide receivers alot and besides a 3 game stretch last year where he had great games against bad teams he didn’t really play that well. And 2.) I thought kap mad alot of improvements in the last 2 weeks. I always thought he felt uncomfortable throwing in man to man coverage as he doesn’t like throwing to covered receivers and giving them a chance to make a play on the ball and last night he showed his willingness to do so. And he looked very comfortable doing so on the first drive. There were some plays left on the field but 3 of his passes were tipped at the line and two more should have probably been caught. When the ba went up to davis on that miss how many people were surprised that vernon didnt catch up to that one… I know I was.

  9. Um 34-3 and Kap gets an F+
    Romo threw for over 500 yards and a bunch of TD’s and just one pick so does he get a B+?
    QB’s primary job is to get wins. Kap did not play very well, but he did not make many mistakes either. A C is the more accurate grade.
    The O line played against one of the best defendsive teams and one of the best defensively linesmen in Watts and played very well. They deserved a B+.

    1. Simply put, it is not possible to give an F to a winning QB…unless you are gRant. It is illogical. Now Schaub on the other hand…SMH.

      1. PS. Dallas may have a good O when Romo doesn’t choke like today but they don’t have anywhere near a championship caliber D. They play in the worst division in the NFL and have a losing record but I’m sure gRant would give him an A today for all the fantasy numbers.

      2. Yes, it is possible and not illogical. He’s giving out individual grades right? So, that’s based off quarterbacking…a la making plays with his arm. Based on that, it wasn’t a good showing. No problem with the grade.

      3. Just,

        So what grade would you give a Shaub-like preformance? F-? Can’t get any lower, right?

        In my mind, there’s far more separation btwn CK’s winning performance and MS’s losing performance than F+ to F-, and I’m not sure there’s really any argument.

      4. Well, numerically an F+ might be a 69 whereas Schaub’s F- might be like a 10 or even a 0. That’s a steep difference still within that one letter.

  10. Fangio gets an A

    Aldon and Willis hurt? Blitz St. Louis. Zone blitz Texas.

    Scheme to simplify the roles of Lemonier, Wilhoite, Dobbs, Jerod-Eddie so they can play instinctive and aggressively.

    If RayMac turns out to be OK, this was the perfect game.

    1. The D was good and Fangio must have watched the Seahawks over Tex tape and then added is personal touches.
      I am worried about the run defense; it is not what it was last year. The loss of Ian Williams was a big guy factor there. Nose is an issue this season. Willis is another reason. Hope the injury is short lived.

  11. It’s just a shame that the Seahawks got so lucky to win in both Houston and Carolina. They should be getting a little bit nervous in the great northwest.

    1. They sort of got lucky against Carolina too. Wilson isn’t much of a pocket passer and just hucks it up hoping his receiver will make a play. So far he’s completed a few but today it was a game ending pick. He is basically a really good running back playing QB ala M Vick.

      1. Yup. It’s amazing how Russell Wilson runs around back there and people still can stop him.

        He throws it up for grabs and gets all these PI calls to bail him out.

        Right now Luck is standing tall as the real deal.

    2. Seahawks lost because of the lack of their valuable 12th man and a pretty good Indie 12th man. Lets hope SF finds their loud.
      They also lost because of their vulnerability to the deep pass. Indie had WR Hilton. We have WR …… ????

  12. Someone said that the Niners won tonight “convincingly”….

    Listen fellas, the only way to win “convincingly”
    is against a worthy opponent who challenges you
    to play one of your better games.
    Houston played poorly and that is the story.

    Given our prior up and down performances,
    why waste that final drive? No matter who is taking the snap,
    the Niners should have been pushing for another TD.
    The backup, whoever they insert, needs to show he can score.

    I would have voted for leaving Kaep in and telling him
    to throw at least once per every three downs.
    With such horrible passing numbers up to that point,
    he deserved one more series to build confidence in his
    ability to connect with a wider variety of receivers,
    as many of us have already noted (#2 and #3 reads).
    Right now, against a quality opponent,
    we would suck eggs. Do we look playoff ready????

    1. “….Listen fellas, the only way to win “convincingly”
      is against a worthy opponent who challenges you
      to play one of your better games….”

      And what in your Alex-infested simple mind constitutes a “better game” ? … Stats ? … or the final score ?

      I’m thinkin’ the latter would be the actual qualifier …

      “…Right now, against a quality opponent,
      we would suck eggs…”

      Despite Shaub’s NFL record tying pick-sixes .. the Texans
      were considered a quality team !

      So … let’s take a little inventory, here …

      Niners beat Green Bay … then lost the next two ..
      then hammered the hapless Rams ..
      and then spanked another “quality” team !
      The Niners beat 2 out of three teams considered
      quality … which makes them 3-2 .. in week #5 ..

      Where do they “suck eggs” ?

      Alex … your man-crush on the real Alex Smith is growing
      tiresome .. maybe you would have a more appreciative audience .. at the Chiefs blogs ..

      Ya think ?

      Don’t get me wrong …
      I will continue to root for AS to win ….

      (at least 3 more games this season)

  13. Grant Cohn is a total douche! I’ve been following this blog for years because I enjoy the feedback from guys like crab, prime, old coach, etc. But I’m done reading his garbage. He has a personal vandetta against Harbaugh and Kaep. Grant should move to KC and start covering the Chiefs. Remove Alex Smiths di*k from your mouth and cover the team from a neutral matter. Or just stop covering them all together. I bet the team hates having you around the facilities. I sure the fu*k would.

    1. LOL so you’re calling Grant the guy who predicted Kaep would take Alex’s job in his first start against the Bears, one of the first people to say Kaep should keep the job, a guy who has Alex’s **** in his mouth? You guys are so irrational it is ridiculous.

    2. Haha! Seriously though Grant has been fair to both Kaep and Alex. Kaep hasn’t had a good game in quite a while, so the negativity is well founded. However, I’ll be the first to say that I’d rather have a bad Kaepernick than a good Alex if I’m starting a new team.

      1. Crabs,

        We’ve been here before so don’t let Grant get the best of you. As JH. Would say, “you’re a trusted agent!” The blog would take a hit without any of our regulars.
        Grant is just trying to keep the hits coming. He was hard on Alex and I was too. Kap is a man. He knows he has bigger fish to fry. The effort he gave last night was fine against the Texans. We’ll need a bit more against Denver in the Super Bowl. I told you we were going last year and we’re going again this year. The adversity we’re having with these injuries is going to make us that much better later this season. Hopefully our draft pi ks give us a boost when they return from injury and Aldon comes back twice the man on and off the field. In the famous words of our friend Hofer. ” Arrows Up!

      2. Jordan

        This blog is pretty self run by the regulars , yea Grant can make some controversial comments but it is the regulars that keep this place running 24/7. Crab is one of my favorites on here, when he talks people listen and he is just a big fan, like the rest of us. As fans we should care less in what Grant’s grades are. It is a Big win for us and that is what manners, not a kid who has bigger dreams and you will get a better job in a couple of years, if he can remain objective.

  14. I can’t understand why anyone would question the game grades. How can you possibly expect to get an overall “A” grade on either side of the ball when you win by only 31 points? The defense was basically average tonight and the offense was garbage.

    The 49ers were lucky to be playing such a lousy team as the Texans, otherwise they would’ve lost for sure.

    Come on, Grant, sure it was far from a perfect game by the Niners, but for the defense to not get a A- average grade is laughable.

    Equally laughable is CK getting an F+. No TOs, Grant. That, plus the fact the 49ers won the game take any F grade off the table.

  15. Grant your harsh rating of CK isnt a way to a hidden agenda of you to setting up a campain to get Hundley here is he declares hehehe

  16. A lot people giving Kap a C, or better, and are furious with grants grade. Well what does a C mean? A C is given to those who do average, middle of the pack. And in my opinion 6/15 (40%) and 110 yards are FAR below average. Now he did not turn the ball over, which is expected when you throw only 15 passes. And we also won, because of our run game and defense. Defense put the offense in scoring position and our run game put the points on the board. So yea I can see how a Kap received a F, you can argue he deserved a D, but anything higher and your just a homer. He played far below the average qb today.

    1. Adam,

      How can Kaep be given an F+?

      His team won.

      He had no TOs.

      He threw a perfect strike to VD for a TD (if it wasn’t perfect, it wouldn’t have been a TD, there was a DB who would’ve tackled VD had the pass caused VD to break stride).

      Did Kaepernick play particularly well? No, but there’s just not enough room between an F+ and an F- (loss, 3 INTs, one a pick six, like the game Schaub had).

      The lowest you can give CK is a D+, not good, and really, what’s the difference? The kneejerkyness and hyperbole that Grant exhibits in his writing sometimes, is just plain irritating.

  17. Grant ..
    Consider this …
    When I was back in school … an “A” grade
    pulls an “F” grade up to a “C” …

    Now ..admittedly … I have no idea which curve they
    used to grade when you went to school … but ..
    that 64-yd pass to Vernon deserved an “A” …
    (it was picture perfect !)

    That being the case … Kaep should be given a final grade
    of a “C” … by my reckoning ..

    What say you ?

    1. Disagree, Grant graded by position and based on Kap’s play I think the F is accurate. He added the + because of that “perfect” play to Vernon. Besides that, he has a long way to go with pocket presence & movement. He has to stop looking for one WR. Forget Vernon, he’ll be there. We have to get other guys involved. Until then the pass game will be stagnant.

      No curve grade needed when grading on individual position groups as he did.

  18. Kap wasn’t great.but Alex Smith more often then not had similar games and.his fans gave him alll the credit for a win.like this!What a joke every nfl mind including andy Reid would still.today take kap over Smith who.some fans gave 6 plus years of patience no matter what and.crucify kap.who wins more often then.not like crazy!Smith threw 40 times today with no tds and.one pick! Why did the chiefs win? Nothing to do with Alex

    1. Desmond
      You clearly didnt see the game. “nothing to do with Alex”??? from his own 2 yard line he threw a 45 yard pass (Remember AS CANT throw deep) to D Avery that later on in the drive resulted in a TD. But what does it matter Alex Smith is the QB for the chiefs not the 9ers what he does (short of winning 3 more games) is irrelevant to this 9er team. If you feel compelled to compare CK to AS feel free its hard tpo avoid it but dont defend CK by saying “yeah but AS did this or that” CK is his own man and he needs to be held acountable and not graded on a “curve” this is the NFL there are no curves. especially not when u want to tout him as a elite QB which RIGHT NOW he is clearly not

  19. Grant,
    Why aren’t you adding the Packers game in Kap’ overall equation?

    That just doesn’t make sense unless you are determined to give a low overall grade for only 4 games.
    CK has played 5 games and his overall numbers should reflect that.

    1. AES
      GAME GRADES not first 5 week games or season up to this point grades, the last tidbit about his last 4 games was to illustrate how poorly he has played and had nothing to do with the grade he received for this individual game

      1. Grant,

        You’re killing me. Are you saying that Maps performance week 1 was a fluke? I assume you’re joking. 412 yards when his opponent dared him to throw was a fluke. You must have fallen down the stairs last night before you did those grades. An F+?? Hilarious.

      2. Is that your reason for not applying CK’ stats against the Packers?
        Because “fluky things tend to happen in week 1″?

        Grant, disregarding CK’ stats against GB is not balanced or appropriate sports analysis. It’s based on opinion, and fluky opinion at best.

  20. Changed my name in hopes on getting a response. Grant every week you say that Kaepernick missed a wide open receiver and that is one of your points in every grading. My question is, is there 1 wide open receiver a game or is there many and you are just choosing one as an example? I went to the Seattle game and did not see any receivers wide open but when I watch on tv they don’t show the whole picture. I agree with your grades but if receivers aren’t getting open than we can’t fault him. I remember if teams had a good QB,RB and WR that’s all they needed we have all 3 plus a above average OL and above average TE we should not have any issues on offense we have more than most. So is it the play calling (which I think) or is it the QB?

  21. A grade of f+ is a joke!!! everyone is entitle to their opinion however all the offensive production issues is not only because of CK! We are missing D. Walker big times and losing Crabtree/Manningham has really put more pressure on this offense. CK is a very young QB without alot of experience and trust with the other wr so he will struggle until there is more chemistry. Ck did not play well but he also did not have any turnovers that would cost the team.

    1. We’re missing Jerry Rice and Joe Montana too. Why waste time talking about players not on the team? This offense has been coined a “work in progress” since Walsh left.
      We won and there is more infighting and bickering than when we lost to Seattle. There is just no pleasing the fan base.
      As for Grades, we aren’t grading the offense as a whole as an F. Grant broke down each category. I don’t think Kaepernick deserved an F anything but I understand the critique on his play. Maybe we should go to the C/NC option instead. Probably wouldn’t generate the responses an F does though.
      It’s like watching a train wreck here. Certain responses are a guaranteed 250 responses. Here’s a few: A Smith. Kaepernick Struggling. A 49er loss prediction. Disagreeing with Jordan23.
      If you want better sports writing stop making it so easy to pick a lightning rod topic and just tongue in cheek it. Your responses dictate the direction of this blog and right now, Jerry Springer is making TV time for this.

  22. I’m really concerned about Kaep’s playing! Yesterday was not a “game manager performance”. Yesterday was a QB not able to hit open targets, or read pre-snap to convert on 3rd down. It was an offensive coordinator who’s beginning to doubt whether or not his guy can sustain a drive with his arm. This exposes why the Seahawks make us look like crap. Take away our run game force Kaep to win with his arm…so far this year, that’s happening. Apparently Kaep can’t hit the quick passes to force defenses to loosen up the front, so teams like Seattle keep stacking. I’m trying to be patient because two of our top two receivers are out, but come on, you gotta make something happen! I don’t need 300+ yards, just give me necessary production, move the chains.

    Next up Arizona! We’ll see what Kaep can do.

    1. I agree. I am really concerned about Kap now. Why can’t he throw to any WR other than Boldin? I watched Pryor of Oakland yesterday and he played with more confidence. He can throw to different receivers. Kap plays like a nervous nellie. I don’t get it. What happened from last year?

  23. “When I go in to get an MRI, I’ll have a better feel for what’s wrong with me,” said McDonald, adding that he believes he will be fine. This is encouraging….

  24. Gro sucks. Kap deserves a C grade. Add that throw Vd couldn’t catch up to and he’d be over 200 yards. This game was dictated early with shaub’s ineptitude. The real problem is Gro’s inabilty to game plan for teams with good db’s. These cb’s are nothing to sneeze at. They’ve maybe right behind Seattle’s.
    This game reminds me of the Seattle game late last season minus the noise and weather. Once the ball started rolling, it was hard to stop it. Our key was to weather the storm and get our guys back. We are still in track.

  25. F plus, Matt Schuab was F plus, got you’re QB mixed up. KAEP is a C, you can’t separate the game plan from the players.

    1. Perhaps if we had Rice and Taylor playing in their prime, Kaep would be doing better, we have the worst receivers in Football, which make Kaep a F Qb according to the grader. Also every QB missing a guy wide open, it happens in every game.

      1. Grant,

        Now that’s funny!

        I didn’t know that you were grading on a full alphabet scale, when you gave CK an F+. That would equate to a B-, on the traditional five letter grade scale. I think that’s a little high. I think CK’s performance was a C-.

        Seriously, though, a win, no TOs and a perfectly thrown TD pass to VD doesn’t equate to an F+ grade. No way.

      2. OK now it makes sense…the scale is from A-Z not A-F. So an F+ is pretty good. You know watching the game I was fired up because we were dominating the Texans, no contest. Just because JH decided to let the air out of the ball and just pound them into submission doesn’t mean Kap’s stats deserve an F+. He barely had a chance to throw and get in any kind of rhythm. Not his best game to be sure but an F is a little harsh.

  26. A win is a win is a win. The only concerning thing about this game is the injuries and wether or not we went too far back into what worked for us offesnisively. Yes we are a running team but to do anything special we will need a passing attack. Crabtree and Manningham can’t get back soon enough.
    Overall it’s a win and that’s all that matters.

    1. Leo,

      Prediction? Calling a QB who had thrown pick sixes in three straight games not very good, while accurate, doesn’t really qualify as a prediction, does it?

      1. except that Schaub posted a 95 qb rating very recently, and runs a top 5 offense, so he has the potential to be good……. he just isn’t

        1. He’s a product of their run game and play-action game. The Texans would be a Super Bowl contender if they had a good QB but instead they’ll win 6 or 7 games this season.

  27. C- for Kaep from me. Apparently he was playing against the NFL’s #1 ranked defense. Apparently they also have the #5 offense. That he managed a blowout against that caliber of competition gives him a passing grade – a passing grade for managing, not for passing.

      1. C minus or D plus for me. An offense that gets a few touch downs and does not turn the ball over says that its captain/manager did enough right to keep him out of F category.

        This QB performance though troubling and a let down from our expectations was not a complete failure.

  28. Another positive that I haven’t seen mentioned was the cut down in penalties. Solid D, great special teams play and no turnovers. A win is a win.

  29. I join the ranks who give Kap a C grade.

    He did just enough to get a win. On this game, he did not need to do anything fancy or cute.
    He did not commit any time clock penalties it turn overs and did an adequate job of time possession.

    His numbers aren’t going to garner much in the way of fantasy points but we made important ground on the c-hawks and I feel much better about that.

  30. Everyone is saying that apparently Houston has the #1 ranked defense in the NFL. Well just goes to show that stats never are a quality indicator of anything football.

      1. Who me? I’m just looking at HIS winning percentage. You know like some of you smith jock riders do for him. Make sense now sucker?

      2. >>HIS winning percentage.

        Ah yes, the md logic. A player exists entirely outside of context of his team. Are you sure you are not watching golf, md?

      3. Naaaa. Just the wins and “qb rating” a career of 91.6
        Smith is a whopping 78…..
        But hey shaub is a 2 time pro bowler, pb MVP, and and passing leader in a season. I’m just saying…..
        He did take that franchise to their only playoff appearance’ with conservative qb play. But hey he was winning, so if its good for your hero in KC it’s gotta be good for shaub… Right? You couldn’t possibly suck if you’re winning for your team. And have a good passer rating for your career.
        Lol what’s good for the goose ribico. In your world of blue eyed lust for the #11 shaub even though he’s struggling is a damn good qb.
        Boy the hypocrisy is a biotch. Ain’t it?

      4. >>But hey shaub is a 2 time pro bowler, pb MVP, and and passing leader in a season.

        Yup, all the things or previous QB was lambasted by the likes of you for *not* being. I’m glad you’ve pointed those things out though, it sounds like *you* have a new QB’s jock to inhabit.

        Hypocrisy is not a biotch, (or even a bitch, homey), it’s an md. Enjoy your Shaub and his stats.

      5. Sarcasm needs to have an element of truth somewhere for it to work, md. You fail on both counts. Shaub does not “just win”. Even with a top ranked defense. He may have in the past, but to quote your homie bud, Jordo, “The NFL, Not For Long, son”.

      6. MD,

        One thing you’re overlooking, Schaub had been in the NFL for several years (Atlanta) before he was traded to Houston and took over a ready made team.

        In other words, he had everything going for him, as far as his career passer rating stats go, anyway.

        Smith never had that luxury, between being thrown to the wolves as a 20 year old rookie on what was basically an expansion team, the injuries, and the bad coaching, of course his career passer rating isn’t very good.

        Besides, the comments I’ve seen saying Schaub isn’t very good are referring to this year, not his career. Certainly you’re not saying that Schaub has been good this year, are you?

      7. Lol ribico…… For a guy like you who trolls every smith comment, my sarcasm makes perfect sense. But why would I argue with a denial freak like yourself. Lol back peddling gets you no where. You were caught again doing whatever it takes to troll in the name of smith or defend him to no end. Leave! And leave now for your own sake!

        Ex…… Not at all. He is struggling more than any qb in the league. With the help of his running game and defense they are 2-3…. He played ok last week vs Seattle and went total Texas qb and threw that horrendous pick 6. He reminds me a lot of a qb that use to be around here that got credit for wins and the defense and st, and running game didn’t do squat for the team apparently. And were in NO way the real reason the team won. I never thaught shaub was any good. He’s had a solid team built around him and arguably the best defense, running game, an receiver in the league the past 3 seasons. But hey. All of the wins and success are because of him. Kind of like Alex smith here and in KC. Guys like ribico and others love to bring up all he does in win, and slams our starter now for giving us a winning record against tough teams and the toughest schedule in the nfl the first five weeks, I guess smith could
        Have done better… Psssht! It was sarcasm ex. But thank you for asking, unlike the troll from the east coast wouldn’t do. So now he gets to look stupid.
        Wheeeeeeeeeew! Go NINERS!!!

      8. >>Guys like ribico and others love to bring up all he does in win, and slams our starter now

        I do *not* slam our starter. Not our starter now, not our previous starter. That’s your game md, and a pathetic one it is. If you search the blog history you might find a comment or two from me about Kaep’s performance, but not the nonstop diarrhea that came out of your @ss while AS was winning for us.

    1. Grant, you are starting to really confuse md now. Shaub regularly throws for over 4,000 yards a season. He must be good, right?

  31. My confidence is starting to decrease every game watching ck throw. I can’t put my finger on it as to what his problem is. But he needs to get back to last seasons form with his arm. I know he can make the throws, so the skills aren’t the issue. He isn’t limited like a certain ex qb we had. But for some reason he looks like it. Hopefully this weak schedule coming up will help him get back on track and build some confidence with his receivers. Go 9ers!

    1. Md

      Different teams are giving him different looks. He also has a head coach who is telling him not to run unless he absolutely has to. He’s not taken any abuse physically. That is very important.

      No, he certainly does not look like he did against the Packers. Corners are played g bump and run against our receivers so they are not exactly wide open and they are not making plays except for Boldin. We are going to be just fine. We are about to reel off the next 11 Md. We don’t lose again this year.

      1. It may be true brotha, but his accuracy isn’t coaching. It’s been horrible since week 2. I called smith and other qb’s out for it. And I’m doing the same with ck. I know he can throw the ball, just waiting to see some consistency with his accuracy and reads. He hasnt played well lately. There’s no denying that. I give him the benefit of the doubt with the identity crisis a couple of weeks ago and the level of the opponents. But he’s missing some open receivers and his reads are slow.

      2. At some point JH will tell him to pull the ball down and run when the DBs are pressing and are in man cover with their backs to the QB. R Wilson does this all the time and he gets away with it by being shifty and avoiding any big hits. Kind of like a scat back. Kap can just slide or get OB. JH is playing it safe for now but Kap still has the ability to drive defenses nuts. Can’t wait to see what happens when he gets Manningham back. He knows how to get open and will force teams to account for him. All they have to do now is account for AB & VD. A 3rd guy in the mix will make a big difference. And if Crabs gets back before the playoffs, look out.

    2. Gro is the problem. His play calling is set for AS not kap. He’s terrible at adjusting his play calling to kap. His half time adjustments are bad too. Did you see the camera pic of him smiling after the VD TD? Gro, you suck as a play caller.

      1. Exactly! G-Ro is handcuffing the offense..Til he’s gone..you’re gonna see plays like,,taking gore out the offense for 2011 Nfc championship game in the 4th quarter, a pitch reverse on ya own 8yrd line..3 straight passes on three downs in superbowl without running Gore on any of them, A screen called on 3rd and 15 like yesterday. running Gore,James and Hunter into the teeth of a defense..I can go on and on.. Same script..Different day…

    3. As I see it,
      Kap’s problems right now are grounded in this team offensively going through some big changes. He was never very good under center. The plan at the start of the season was apparently a whole lot of read option and gun formations.
      But for reasons of team make up, team histoy, opposing defenses figuring out that latest college stuff, injury threat and poor backups, the coaches changed course. They went back to the Smith offense for lack of a better title. Smith not being there probably further complicated that as some pointed out here.

      Another change that was made was getting away from calling plays from the coordinator’s box on the fly. This means fewer clock penalties but puts more pressure on Kap to read defenses.
      So his decision making is squeezed into a Manning type read window. Less on the fly input from sideline and less after the ball is hiked. More sticking to a preset plan and/or Kap being really good and reading defenses and there change ups. This is uncomfortable ground for the kid from the pistol happy Nevada.

      Not only is decision making a challenge but formation as well. Kap is not comfortable in the pocket. One factor is that it is as if he is a short QB in the pocket as his passes, though high in speed, have minimum trajectory. So they need lanes and they can be batted down and sometimes nearly picked off (high spd makes it a nearly). He is more comfortable out of the pocket and throwing on the run but defenses are shutting that down. When that happens runs up the middle are the game plan of choice so the Niners are back to the pound it in offense.
      In a way Harbaugh has decided to redo preseason. For my tastes this was done in a bit of a drastic manner but that is JH — all in. I say that because the read option still works; other teams are using it successfully.

      I am expecting that Kap will get better as he works his way through the learning curve and gets more comfortable in a more mainstream NFL offense. This should have happened in preseason. Now it is a crash course in the heat of battle. If he passes the course watch out opposing D’s all options are on the table.

  32. San Francisco was in game-management mode because of what the defense was doing. There’s not a throw he can’t make. Take your F back to bitch school…

  33. While Colin K. is busy looking cool (‘he think’)
    with his sleeves rolled up, his vest, and those ear phones
    (all color-coordinated, didya notice….?
    ……howza ’bout the sneakers, my man? same tint?)

    …some guy name of Terrelle Pryor is winning in Oakland
    (just having returned from a concussion)
    connecting on 78% of his passes (18 of 23)
    for a QB rating of 135.7 percent.
    P.S. You know how the Raiders have been rated as a whole
    for the past several seasons…. weak, huh?

    So then we have Colin beating who? oh, Houston.
    The defense and the running game get all the credit, huh.
    His stats: 6 of 15 (40% completion ratio) – QB rating 89%

    And, no surprise, Coach (let me just jabber/gobble) Harbaw
    has nothing to say about any sort of
    “areas which need correction/improvement” in your game.
    Glad he’s happy. Yesterday, if this is fantasy football,
    most of us will take Mr. Pryor over you, Kaep.

    So you just stay focused on your funky color-coordinated outfits,
    keep on listening to those silly (I be cool) earphones.
    Your season will be ending early….. Kapurnicus.
    Yesterday’s performance will not take you deep in the playoffs.
    Believe that.!!! Just ask yourself:
    “why are the Niners so nervous about replacement QBs…?”

    1. How come every time you feel real good
      Somebody drops you a piss off bomb?
      How come every time you roll the dice
      Somebody offers you the wrong advice?

      Oh no, not again, just when I’m feeling happy
      Oh no, not again, just when you’re feeling fine

      Take it slow, don’t go fast
      Looking good never lasts
      Different day, same old song
      Then somebody drops you a piss off bomb

      In and out, round about, try to sort your feelings out
      Can you see the full moon rising?
      Break the spell, ring the bell, trapped inside your private hell
      Can’t you see the far horizon?

      Down, down, drag you down, just when you’re feeling happy
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      Take it slow, don’t go fast
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      How come every time you feel real good
      Somebody drops you a piss off bomb?
      How come every time you roll the dice
      Somebody offers you the wrong advice?

      ‘Round, ’round, turn you ’round, just when you’re feeling happy
      Down, down, drag you down, just when you’re feeling fine

      Take it slow, don’t go fast
      Looking good never lasts
      Different day, same old song
      Then somebody drops you a piss off bomb

    2. Some perspective please,
      He is just a kid who is into statements and hipness. But that is okay because, he is a kid who stays outa trouble and works hard.
      He is a kid with a lot of confidence like it or otherwise. And like it or otherwise that confidence will kick your sweat the small stuff butt.

  34. Schaub was just terrible, he handed the game to us. But the Front7 contained Arian Foster, so they get a B+. I thought the pass rush was just strong enough to keep a harried Schaub thinking/worried.

    DBs were terrific as noted, and I am about to gladly and publicly eat crow for questioning Reid based on his college game tape – he’s a more fluid athlete than those tapes showed, and he seems to be a heads up guy and a fairly good tackler.

    Kaep – I’m torn on this one, but I’m going to go with C+ – I continue to grade this team as a SB contender, which normally means pretty harshly, but I saw Joe win ugly plenty of times. If we had needed Kaep to make more throws at any point of the game it would be one thing, but we did not, and the game plan reflected that. And he’s hampered by having one old man to throw to (Boldin), one great athlete with stone hands (VD), and 2-3 other guys whose names escape me (because they’re never called).

    Special mention to Lemonier, who is stout, strong and fast – kid is going to be a player – and the Skuta (c’mon folks, he’s Waingro from the movie Heat…let’s just hope DeNiro is nowhere around the sidelines)/Wilhoite combination, all playing pretty darn well with big shoes to fill. I also laugh at the recollection of the ownership and many of us fans slagging off on Ahmad Brooks – all the dude does it be strong at the point and then reliably put pressure on qbs over the course of a season – he’s the most underrated player on the roster. And if W/Hitner ever goes down, all we need to reduce is find a bighorn sheep to replace him – the dude is just a bipedal battering ram. He must have to file down the horns every night ;-).

    1. Fesnyc,

      Nice post. Fair and balanced. That Waingro referent e is hilarious. He was a sick dude! We are not a super bowl contender. We are about to be super bowl champions. Our defense is changing gears. Its about to be tough to get anything from our D!

      1. thanks 23Jordan, i’m glad someone at least got the Waingro reference! hopefully that means Skuta continues to play ferociously. yep, we’re going to be getting healthy at just about the right time. peaking in Jan/Feb!

  35. Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson are in Kaep’s head. He has stunk up the joints since Seattle spanked him in Game 2. Kap is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Cant read defense. Cant run with reckless abandon now because of McCoy being #2. Lock in Boldin and Vernon no matter what. Cant go through progression with receivers.
    On the positive side: Kap’s asking price come contract extension has become much more cap-friendly with these 6/15-114yd games.

    1. BS…nobody is in his head. He’s still developing having less than a full season as a starter under his belt. He’s got 2 guys to throw to basically and the teams strength at this point is running the ball and playing solid D & ST which is a conservative winning game plan until the rest of the troops get back. For now he is a game manager but we have seen he can make all the throws and is a threat to burn you with his legs. We have weathered the 1st 5 game storm with a winning record despite all the injuries. Wilson BTW is looking like Johnny Football running all over the place and making crazy sandlot plays. I admire his grit but can’t see that as a long term solution. He really hasn’t shown much as a pocket passer. A lot of his big plays are made on desperation scramble then chuck & duck and hope you get a PI call or the receiver pulls a rabbit out of his hat. He is uncanny at that but again the odds aren’t with him for the long haul.

      1. It’s hard for maui, Bay. When you guys were saying the exact same things about our previous QB, it *was* hard to ignore you.

  36. OL was dominant. They bullied the Texans’ front all night long.

    Frank Gore is still a beast — despite someone on this blog claiming he was done. Nice job against the #1 D in the league, Frank.

    Our defense is deeeeeep and completely handled the Texans’ #4 ranked offense last night minus Smith and Willis. Brock is shining now that he’s injury-free.

    Kap did a fine job not forcing anything and sticking with the game plan. You don’t have to do much when Gore (who is supposed to be done) and the defense (who was in major trouble apparently) are this dominant.

    Niners are back to making the ‘experts’ and fans who think they actually know something (you know who you are) look foolish.

    And finally, the Cards and Palmover don’t stand a chance next week. That is all.

  37. I think JH and GR was smart to not use the WR’s we are depleted. All we need is another injury. This was the smartest game the 49ers have played in two years. Smart on O-D-ST and coaching. Sometimes you have to let these guys just breath. I am so impressed with the team. We have every reason to be like the NYG. No Crabtree, No Mario, No Willis, No Culliver, VD injured. But we just keep scracthing and fighting. In the words of AL Davis, “Just Win Baby.”

  38. An F is for failure, to me that clearly means losing. The 9ers won and CK did’nt turn the ball over so a grade of F is ridiculous. A C grade is avg CK’s stats and or performance were’nt any where near the avg for a NFL QB. So it seems pretty simple CK’s grade was a D maybe a D+ for the TD pass. I think a fully healthy V. Davis would have caught the earlier pass that CK over threw him on and once Davis is fully healthy, Manningham and Crabtree are back CK’s level of play will rise dramaticly.

    1. I mainly attribute these blogger’s ‘grades’ to sour grapes… After all, Gore was supposed to be done and the defense was in major trouble. Some people just have a hard time being proven wrong…

    2. Agree with that Old Coach. It was in the D range. As you said last night, just win baby. That covers up all warts.

    3. Did CK…
      - Audible into successful run plays? Raise the grade from an F.
      - Ball security? Raise the grade another notch.
      - Convert 3rd down situations? Raise the grade another notch.

      Looks like the season will hinge upon the emergence of a WR not named Boldin, and the D-line avoiding more injuries (a long term injury to RayMac could be catastrophic).

      Huge bonus if The Crustacean Sensation can come back to play at a high level.

      1. An F+ on the eyeball test for Colin. He just did not look like a confident pro QB back there running a pro style offense.

        An F+ for execution. 6/15 from the QB position is not good.

        Outside of a few plays, the Offense did not look good for the 4th straight week.

        They beat inferior teams. They caught Houston when they emotionally let down from the week ago. And then Schaub throws a pick 6 on the 3rd play of the game, that was it.

        An F+ for not showing progress in throwing to anyone but Boldin or VD. In the long run that is not good.

        An A+ for game managment and getting the win.

        Right now the niners don’t scare anyone. They need to find their mojo. It’s a long season. The game against the Saints is the target date to see how much better the team is playing as a whole.

        Sure there’s a lot of injuries but every team faces adversity so that’s no excuse.

        Way to call like it you see it Grant!

      2. Not really.. Ah D helped me get my credits & pass in high school so ah D is still passing in my book.. Barely , but still passing.

    4. Agree with Old Coach’s D. I once got a B+ in a class because the teacher wanted me to “have room to improve.” Well, you can’t give a QB any sort of F grade when he didn’t turn the ball over because it doesn’t leave any “room to get worse.” And you can’t give a 40% completion rating an average grade. No way.

    5. What we saw from Kap was a clear case of the Coaches shutting down the offense after they went up 21-0. Kap threw the ball 8 times in the remaining 2 and a half quarters and 15 times overall. The gameplan clearly changed when they got the big lead so trying to criticize Kap’s passing when he barely did any is missing the context of the game imo. He certainly didn’t look great out there, but he sure looked good on their first drive and when the gameplan pretty much takes the passing game out of the equation in the first half it’s hard to criticize a QB for not being more effective.

      I remember reading this same kind of stuff after the Niners lambasted the Jets last year. It was all about how bad Smith’s numbers were, the offense was lousy etc, yet they won easy and the offense shut down any attempt at being aggressive early on. Same thing happened last night so don’t read more into it than there was.

      That’s not to say the passing game is in great shape because it’s not, but gamplans change in midstream sometimes due to game circumstances and that is clearly what happened in this case.

      1. Good memory Rocket. That’s exactly what happened but I also think they have dialed down the expectation of what they want Kaepernick to do in this offense moving forward until he gains his confidence and full understanding of the offensive scheme.

      2. Yeah I agree with you FDM. They have clearly dialed back on what they were asking Kap to do early on and gotten back to the style they won with when Smith was the starter. Kap has tantalizing talent, but he’s experiencing growing pains as most young QB’s do, and this is a smart way to get him through it while not sacrificing wins in the process.

  39. Why continue to use Alex (over the last two weeks) as a comparison?

    IMO, comparing CK to R.Wilson makes more sense because there’s more similarities between the two then there is with AS.

    Wilson put up better numbers yesterday than did Kap. Wilson passed and ran for more yards but still lost.
    Wilson has all his Receivers at full speed and Lynch was running hard, but they still lost.

    Sure, CK has set the bar high for himself and the faithful, and we are not seeing him perform to that level in the past few games, but he’s won the last two games without his best receivers.
    Crabtree, Manningham are out for a while and VD was out last week.

    CK is not blowing anyone out of the water, but I’ll take being one game behind the c-hawks knowing the best is yet to come when we get all out WR’ back and getting a healthy Willis and perhaps a better Aldon Smith for the stretch run.

    As my buddy Hofer67 use to say: All Arrows Up!

    1. AES
      Wilson was missing his #1 Harvin. RW has played poorly this season. Aside from scrambling he seemes to have taken a step back as well

      1. MD
        As someone who you might calla “smither” I can tell you that I for one do not want the old Qb back, what we are trying to do is expose your and your ilk’s (the haters) hypocricy. When AS won last year you and bay and 23j went all ape shtt that he couldnt throw deep and that he only threw for 300 yards once and he was captaindoublecheckdown etc. when we told you that a W is all that mattered you regailed us with stories of Joe Montana and even managed to drag the honorable S. Young in the the mudpile.
        YOU said that with Kaep our O would be dynamic IMMEDIATLY. And for the first game or two it was but when the dust settled on the season CK had almost identical stats as AS. So now when we try to apply the same standard to out QB play the Haters use kaepologies to explain away his subpar play. NO ONE WANTS SMITH back but you have to be consistent and hold them both to the same standard.
        Does that sound fair to you?

      2. Bos…. Wilson didn’t have Harvin last season and played well. He is not a good pocket qb right now. Defenses that’s contained him have stopped their offense. The only offense they’ve had the last 8 quarters were his legs. Just like ck. defenses have had an offseason to prepare for them, thus the dreaded sophomore jinx. If they’re going to be great qb’s their qb IQ will have to be raised. Good coaching, good team and time is the recipe for them to be good. They both have the talent. Now they need some seasoning.

      3. And bos……..
        WRONG!!!!! I predicted smith would have a monster year. And you’re delirious if you think some of these clowns on here don’t wish they still had #11 back. What rock did you just climb from under?

      4. Oh and one last thing bos…… Years compared to 16 games. Care to disect that stat? Want to tell me how you know more than the head coach? Or how about you tell me how on earth this team would be better with Alex smith right now?

      5. MD
        Agree on the RW comments.
        I didnt say the team would be better with AS back, not only that but i DID IT IN BOLD LETTERS SO U COULD SEE BUT APPARENTLY U STILL MISSED IT so here once again
        ******* THIS TEAM WOULD NOT BE BETTER WITH SMITH********* there now i hope you see.

        what I was saying is that whats good for the goose is good for the gander, that is treat them both to the same standard, i know that AS was in his 7th year and colin is in his 16th start but when everyone was advocating the switch they didnt say ” bench alex now and have colin struggle for a while and then out O will be explosive” NO those people said that CK is better NOW and based on the first 5 games he clearly is not

      6. Jack not at all. I’m on my phone so it’s not as easy to see previous comments until ive posted one already. ive always answered in more than 1 comment. I don’t get rattled over opinions or trolls. So take it any way you want to Jack.

      7. Boston……. I have been criticlal of ck so far, but to post that unsaid he was better and didn’t keep it fair with critism was totally inaccurate. I’ve always stated that its team first. If you stink ill say it. But in NO way should anyone compare an ex to the new. Especially when the ex is playing teams that are bottom feeders and STILL isn’t a top 10 qb. I will say this right now CK is still better than smith. As far as the elites like Bree’s, manning and BR and others…. Not even close yet.
        Ck is a duel threat still, smith is not. Sorry and it’s not because I hate smith, but I’d still keep ck over smith.

      8. Good point Bos, but Harvin really hasn’t been incorporated into their offense yet. I’m sure he will an integral part when comes in, but they have no way of knowing how much he is missed vs Crabtree’ absence for us.

      9. MD
        Smith has more rushing yards and a higher average than CK and Peyton Friggin Manning has more rushing TDs. He isnt running this year (not necesarily a bad thing) and the lack of that threat is a detriment to his throwing game

    2. Because the Smithers aren’t over his benching yet. They honesty believe that smith is a better qb and could have taken this team to a 5-0 start, because he’s played cupcake teams and has ride the back of his teams st, defense and running game again. They will throw up his qbr, and bury the fact that he continues to throw 3 yard passes and continues to hit the first read only. Same old song and dance.

  40. I always like to listen to Ted Robinson’s take on the game (and the state of the team) on Monday mornings on KNBR.

    This morning he made an interesting observation on how Gore’s best runs still continue to come from plays with Kaep under the center, and Kaep’s best passes (and runs by other RBs) continue to come out of the shotgun and/or pistol formations. I wonder if the Niners may just never be able to integrate the comfort zones of Gore and Kaep. It’s up to the offensive brains trust to do the best under the circumstances. Anyway, Kaep is getting valuable experience in reading defenses even as Gore and the defense keeps Niners rolling.

    The second point Ted made was that the Niners team going into the playoffs would be different from the one they have played over the one that played yesterday. He compared it to the Giants of two seasons ago which had injury issues and started off slow but gained momentum, and healthy players, heading into the playoffs.

    Finally, I give Kaep a solid B or B-. He did what was asked of him, and generally played well against one of the top defenses in the league. He missed a couple of throws and there were a couple of drops. The Houston DBs are very, very good, and I thought that Wade Phillips schemed well against the passing game. On the running game, I thought that the Niners’ O line played their best game this season, considering the quality of the Houston D line.

    An excellent win against a good team — can’t understand the whining emanating from many fans.

    1. I heard the entire interview as well, I agree with what Ted said and I would grade Kaep a C plus. Our receivers suck, and Robinson stated that, in a very diplomatic way.

    2. Mood,

      Robinson is very good. I would suggest looking at Kaepernick’s performance on throws off play action compared to those without it.

    3. “I wonder if the Niners may just never be able to integrate the comfort zones of Gore and Kaep. ” The crux of the matter, in my opinion. Harbaugh’s style of football seems to include a heavy dose of power running, which means Gore. Interesting conundrum. Didn’t they bring James in partly because of his ability to run from the pistol/shotgun? They seem to have lost confidence in him. (At least he thinks so, judging from last week’s (now deleted) tweet.)

    4. It is a conundrum where the best solution is for Kap to adapt. Better that than change the rest of the offensive unit as they have learned a couple of games into the season.
      Once he is comfortable then they can fit in various read options off gun formations and otherwise.
      As for an actual integration — I would like to see a hybrid of some sort. I am thinking of a diamond formation where you can run standard pocket, play action and read option and maybe even a pistol all out of the same formation set.
      What I like about it is having a LMJ and Gore in the backfield at the same time. LMJ goes outside and FG goes inside for both lateral spread and pound it threats. In addition LMJ opens up a read option pistol version. Dixon, Miller and Hunter can come in to confuse further (who is outside and who is insided?).
      What makes me like this is not telegraphing by changing formations. One formation with multiple options and threats.
      Kap and Gore have their respective comfort plays. Kap has more fake options which he is good at. Kap has blockers to both sides for roll outs likewise targets to both sides.

    5. “Kaep’s best passes continue to come out of the shotgun and/or pistol formations.” He has a rating of 69.7 from the shotgun this season.

    1. Pro Football Focus ‏@PFF 54m
      Even with his end of game INT, the +8.9 grade we gave Tony Romo is highest of season for any QB

      1. The Cowboys went toe-to-toe with the best team in the league right now. How many other teams can go toe-to-toe with the Broncos right now?

        I don’t think the 49ers’, Seahawks’ or Chiefs’ offenses are good enough to keep pace.

        Terrance Williams broke out yesterday. The 49ers could use him.

      2. Jack and Grant thats the point regarding T. Romo he will make you believe that he is a world beater. He has the skill level of a superstar and just when you think he has gotten over the hump he makes a play to lose a game. He reminds me of Steve DeBerg late in his career, in the words of Bill Walsh hes just good enough to get you beat. Is it going to be different this year? I will belive it when i see it. Expecting Romo to be different is like rooting for the Cubs….you’re just going to get your heart broken.

      3. >>I don’t think the 49ers’, Seahawks’ or Chiefs’ offenses are good enough to keep pace.

        Those team’s defenses will have something to say about what the pace is.

      4. Unless they have added a column for “Being in the game” W’s and L’s are the only things that truly matter. Romo is the reason they have a L instead of a W. Being in the game is an excuse for losers to make themselves feel better.

      5. Romo was great but the guy didn’t get any pressure all day and had receivers wide open on practically every play. The game was fun to watch but the defenses didn’t show up. It was Arena Ball.

        Grant the offenses of those teams you mentioned aren’t on par with Denver, but their defenses are far superior to both Denver and Dallas. Dallas is now 2-3 for a reason.

      6. Grant. Really? Toe to toe? Lol first off the 49ers, chiefs and seahaks. Are running teams. With better defenses. Apples and oranges. Didn’t you claim the cowboys defense would be a great one? Face it grant. That cowboy pick was a joke. Hey don’t feel bad. I picked the NYG facing the 49ers in the NFC championship game.

      7. Dude the Broncos are so overrated !! Call me when they play a real team. & noo the Cowgirls dnt count. Theyre having a hard time in the worst division in football !

  41. Grant,
    you are WAY off base on this one. I give the Niners kudos for making adjustments. They have simplified things and are going back to ball control. The QB cannot get an F when he is running the offense that the coaches have instructed him to run. He threw the ball 15 times. As a QB you cannot get into an offensive rhythm that way. The danger in taking the ball out of the QB’s hands completely is that they are going to damage his confidence.
    No one knows what the coaching staff is doing.
    Personally I believe it’s one of two things. They either believe that they have some foundational issues with their young QB and they are starting from square one to rebuild his foundation. Or they are fearful that they are an injury away from losing the season completely because they have zero confidence in the backup. I am leaning towards this because of the Skelton signing.
    I believe the coaching staff is making one very critical error. There seems to be zero attempt at working to force feed the ball to one of their young receivers. An attempt to build chemistry that would be invaluable towards the end of the season. It’s beyond critical that chemistry with Vance McDonald and either Patton or Baldwin be developed now. NOW. Doing what they are doing makes it seem like they are putting all their hopes in Crabtree saving the day at the end of the season. Bad plan.

    1. The coaching staff is simply going with their team’s strength – running the ball, controlling the clock, playing tough defense and throwing the ball efficiently…

      Look, we need receiving help and until Manningham and Crabs get healthy, we’ll continue to play to our strengths (hopefully you didn’t listen to the clueless ‘experts’ saying Gore was done). Very simple, really.

      1. Just listening to the players interviews this morning it is my opinion that Kaepernick is dealing with a low confidence problem. This is what happens when the publicity gets to you and you start believing your hype. Then when the Colts and Seahawks punched him in the mouth, his confidence was rattled.

        He is young, this will happen. I think the coaches are putting the training wheels back on to keep the game simple for him, re-establish the running game and make the passing game less complex. Its clear after last night they don’t want him doing too much where as at the beginning of the year they thought he could carry them. Not the case. Especially when the supporting cast is not healthy and the replacements have not stepped up.

      2. Well said FDM. Harbaugh has a way of keeping players confident and it is clear CK was rattled after Seattle. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise so the 49ers could get back to the basics, run the ball an take it out if CK’s hands.
        Big bright spot last, T.Brock. I see him starting next year next to Culliver if he can get healthy. So good to seethis guy get his chance, step up and compete.

    2. Part of the reason he only threw 15 times was because, like you said, they couldn’t get any rhythm because they couldn’t sustain drives. Some of those throws were pretty bad and he had time to throw. Colin didn’t complete a pass in the 2nd and 3rd quarter.

      He has to start figuring it out. Thank God he only has Colt behind him. Maybe they want to find a QB that can push Colin in practice because whatever happened to the guy last year under center, he’s not there now.

      And yeah — since you like to rip on Alex all the time, he was running the plays that were called for him too. And just as he has the team moving, he gets pulled so Harbaugh could sneak Colin in to run the pistol, like the Giants game. How’s that for rhythm?

      Holla Douche!

      1. FanDbag77,
        like I said, you are not a fan. It’s quite clear. What’s your point to rip on your teams QB? He’s not going anywhere. He’s our for the next ten years + I promise barring injury.
        Oh and your guy Smith, the guy that got benched for Hill, O’sullivan, Troy Smith and Kaepernick, he’s in Kansas City now. If you want to follow him, I’ll give you the web address to that blog…..

      2. FDM,
        every fan has his time table as to when they are going to give themselves permission to be critical of a player. YOU YOURSELF SAID THAT IF AS DIDN’T IMPROVE IN 2011 YOU WERE GOING TO STOP PULLING FOR HIM. Do you remember that? Quit being a Dbag yourself. CK won the NFC championship game last year. Had Smith done that? CK played in a Superbowl last year. Had Smith done that?
        The league has adjusted to CK. I am confident as a fan that Harbaugh is mentoring this kid to adjust and grow. Will I be critical of his play at some point? Yes. However I would be an idiot to be critical of a young QB with less than a years full of starts. Especially one that lost his #1 and #2 wide receiver. Be a fan, I am.

      3. Hey Jack,
        any constructive thoughts? Care to share your thoughts on why we only passed 15 times? Put together some notes on your blog and share them with your four readers….

      4. Wow, I see Bay is out telling us who can be a fan again. CK is the starter, he can be criticized, just like last years starter…get over yourself…

      5. Seriously bayarea, how hypocritical can you be? Alex did not have a bad stretch like Kaepernick is having right now under Harbaugh and you ripped him all the time and yet Kaepernick is getting a pass because hes “the teams QB.” You’re making yourself look like such a joke

      6. TK,

        BayTimex has been doing this for a while now. The funniest thing is, he has no ability to understand how hypocritical he’s being.

        For the record, I think he was wrong to rip Smith, just as I think it’s wrong to to rip CK now.

      7. I don’t think people are ripping Kaepernick, mostly people are just saying he hasn’t played well since week 1(which is an understatement) and we need him to get out of this funk and get back to his dominating self if we are to win this division. I’m more concerned than anything.

      8. He threw 15 times because we were in control of the game after we went up 14-0. He was 4-6 with 3 3rd down complexions for 1st downs in that initial drive.

        . I wasn’t critical of Smith after 1 year of starts. I waited 17 games. Lol. If Kap doesn’t give a damn what twitter followers, bloggers or blogs posters say about him, don’t you sweat it bro.

        We know we have an upgrade at QB. Our offense in in flux. We have injuries at WR. However, we have a good coach. If he can make Smith serviceable, just think what he’s going to do with Kap. I think it’s good that Map is playing like he is now. He got too much too soon. He’s got more commercials than any QB in the league. I like what Luck said about endorsements. He wants to earn those things 1st. Kap will learn because we know he’s bright and focused. He will also not be as expensive as we thought he would be when the season started.

      9. Michael Bay Pot Kettle Black Fanatic,
        You’ve been called out as a hypocrite. A double standard. Colin is your “Precious.” You can’t see that he’s not playing to a level.
        You will never give Smith any credit for the success he had on OUR team. He was two fumbles away from wining the NFC championship game in 2011.
        But that’s the past. He’s on another team and Colin is our quarterback. If he was playing at a consistent level you will not have all your panties all twisted up.
        We are treating him the way you treated Smith. Which is harshly and unfairly.
        My wish is for Colin NOT TO SUCK, and to start playing like a Pro Bowl level QB.
        Right now he’s down there at the bottom with the likes of Christian Ponder, Blaine Gabbert, Carson Palmer.

        And before you say, well he has no WRS, what did Smith have during his tim here? Let’s see: Josh Morgan, Braylon Edwards, Arnaz Battle, etc……

      10. 23
        Not pickin a fight with you, but i think CK DOES care what twitter/blogers say about him. He tries to play it off like he is all cool and doesnt hear the criticism but then why would he “favorite” all the negative tweets and then say on NFLN that it gives him “fuel” to play better and prove the critics wrong. Despite what he says, i think he is acutely aware of whats being said about him positive or negative and ussualy thats not a good thing for someone young who is inexperienced and hasnt proven to himself that he really belongs at this level, I thought that he bought in to his own hype a bit too much before the season (positive) and a bit too much negativism after the sea game (which shook his confidence a bit)

      11. Bos49,

        I mean Kap does not allow it to affect him in a negative way. I’d want it to serve as motivation for myself as well. He’s always been told what he couldn’t do. He will get us a super bowl.

    3. BayTimex,

      What’s with all of the Kaepologies? I happen to agree that Kaep is fine and I’m happy we have him instead of Smith, but given your position on Smith’s play when he was the 49er’s QB, I would think you’d be ripping CK right now. Actually, now that I think about it, it’s par for the course.

      BTW, Patton has a broken foot, so it’s going to be hard for the 49ers to develop him, NOW, as you put it.

      1. Seriously could you imagine what he would do if Alex Smith had a stretch like this under Harbaugh?

        47-93(50%) 557 yds(5.9 ypa) 3 tds 4 ints passer rating of 62? Not to mention the 3 fumbles lost..

        There would be billboards populating SF begging Alex to be benched.

      2. Tkam… 16 games vs 8 years of experience. How hard is that to comprehend? The fact of the matter is this kid played lights out last season. So we know what he’s capable of. With smith we know he’s not capable of what ck can do physically. This kid took this team to the superbowl with his arm and legs last season, an has faced a very tough schedule so far this season and came out with a winning record. So as of right now this is why the comparisons are stupid, oh and the fact that smith isn’t a 49er anymore. Seriously… What kind of 49er fan continues to lobby for a qb that got traded away for a better one? Think about that Smithers.

      3. Wow, the 3 Stooges don’t know when to quit, do they? When they’re not being hypocrites, they’re responding to arguments that no one made.

        I have one question. Which one’s Moe?

        And that thread in the 49ers-Texans prediction post was hilarious. I could see heads exploding as I read through it.

      4. >>16 games vs 8 years of experience.

        Does not explain your crap the last two years.

        >>What kind of 49er fan continues to lobby for a qb that got traded away for a better one? Think about that Smithers.

        “Smithers” are not “lobbying” for anything. Here’s a novel idea for your missing brain, mb – Keap is our QB, we like him. We like his game, even though his stats and play are not up to expectations at the moment, earning Fs from Grant (and for the idjit who said “Grant had Smiths d*ick in his mouth” I invite him to look back at the grade Grant gave Smith after the team *beat* Seattle, incidentally the last time that has happened).

        Kaep, CK, #7, whatever you want to call him is our QB and we support him – we don’t $hit on him like you and your brainless cohort did on AS for the entire 20111 – 2012 seasons. Got it?

  42. Grant,

    Your grading system is ridiculous.

    The 49ers just won a game 34-3!! against the #1 defensive team in the league and the #5 offensive team in the league.

  43. Kap did not get an f. He got a solid d. Not minus or plus. Not an f because he won and did not turn ball over. The problem is that our coaches are now having to sigjificantly coach around his weaknesses. Granted that happens a little bit for everyone “we want to put our players in a position to succeed” is something that harbough has said multiple times. But they are now doing it much more than they hoped to do (I think).

    Also I don’t think that the lack of another Wr is totally on our receivers. Kap has repeatedly not looked at or been able to recognize opportunities to throw to them.

    Things may turn out just fine but kap does not look good right now. Even when he runs he looks tentative, slow and fragile.

  44. Taking stock after the first 5 games of the season its looking pretty good. Before the season looking at the first 5 games (4 playoff teams + rams who gave us problems last year) people said that if we get out 4-1 or 3-2 we will be in good shape. Factoring in all the injuries on D i feel pretty good about that side of the ball. Our run game is trending in the right direction and that should improve as well once we fully commit to the power run game as opposed to the pistol/shotgun. The only area of “concern” is the pass game.
    Looking objectively CK does not look like the confident/unshakable QB he was last year and in the playoffs. He seems to second guess and have happy feet and when plays break down looks indecicive about scrambling or throwing downfield on the run. He never really read the D last year but i hoped that would improve with offseason study.
    He took a step back this year which is not uncommon for 2nd year QBs. Now the next step in his development is overcoming adversity and adjusting to the adjustments. Jack Hammer had a good blog post a few weeks back about how teams overload rush from the right and spy him, Now he needs to figure out a way to be effective vs that strategy . I am confident that he will get his Shhtt together I just hope his growing pains ( he is sure to have some more this season) dont preclude us from going far in to the playoffs

    1. Good points Bos.
      CK has not looked like the player we fell in love with last year.
      Last year he had the swagger and confidence that we had not seen in these parts since the days of Montana, Rice, and Lott.

      This season he is much more serious and curt before cameras and in interviews. But I’m ok with that because this is occurring off field.
      Yet, something is missing in CK’ attitude and game so far this season.

      The swagger and confidence level seems very low this season, and his play just does not exude the fire and intensity that I saw last year.
      It’s true that defensive D-cords have figured out how to nullify the Pistol/Read.
      So basically, CK is learning how to read defenses with each game. But that will make him that much better and prepare him for the stretch run.

      The last few games have bumpy for CK, but I expect him to continue to grow and become the unquestionable franchise QB we know he can become. He’s already shown us what he could do. Now it’s time for him to continue to get the swagger and confidence back.

  45. IT seems to me that the football IQ has suddenly taken a dive on this blog.So as not to offend unnecessarily I will say “if the shoe fits,wear it”. CK may have not played a spectacular game,but he didn’t have to,nor was he even called upon to do so.The Texans were considered to be one of the top defensive teams,and the game plan was to pound the the rock,and play defense.Our team executed exactly what they planned.As far as the grades,I think they are a little low for a term that did exactly what they were told to do,against a tough D.

    1. >>IT seems to me that the football IQ has suddenly taken a dive on this blog.


      DRTY, for yucks go back and read some of the commentary around here in previous seasons when the QB “may have not played a spectacular game” but the team got the tough win against a quality opponent. Or the whining even when the team got a BIG win against a not so quality opponent. Nothing “sudden” about the drop of football IQ.

      1. And this clown and this post says it all.
        Talking about whining??? Still crying over a qb that doesn’t even play here anymore. That’s all you need to know about first…. Fan hood and second football IQ on this blog. These (smither) genius’ like ribico here truly believe they know more than a coach who took this team to two NFC championship games. But hey. What does a coach of the year know? There are blog sites out there that have “fans” that know what they’re talking about.

        Ill keep it real. You have trolls, like ribico and others who fish for a fight by bringing up Alex smith.
        You have guys that always hated Alex smith because he sucked for so long, that will never let it go either..
        Then you have the realists, fans that don’t care who the qb is and calls the bad plays and players what they are. Fans who care about the team and want winners. Ones that don’t make excuses for a single player if they aren’t a top level player. If you’re good you’re good! If you’re not you’re not.

        The topic of the season so far is the smith to ck comparison brought up by trolls under an alias name now, because they bet their lives on smith.

        Truth is. Smith is the same reliable backup quality qb, that doesn’t make mistakes, but can’t win a game on his arm or put the team on his back.

        Ck is a struggling talent. Searching for his footing in the nfl. A sophomore if you will, fighting new wrinkles coaches are throwing at him. He is in NO way the ck he was last season. I’ve never given Garcia, dilfer, smith or any other qb after Joe and SY the excuse of injuries. And I won’t now. Ck needs some seasoning and he needs to raise the bar ASAP!

        Our front 7 isn’t as strong as it use to be, our secondary is the actual MVP of the first quarter. J Smith is looking old and useless, Carlos Rogers is the scrub in the secondary. Aldon smith is a walking jail sentence.
        Our OC is lost when its not a simple game plan.

        So there you go. Lets see how many of these so called fans whine about my outlook on
        J Smith
        And aldon smith.

        These players and coach have Not been our strong suit this season so far. THAT’S a realist outlook!

    1. Would argue that Colin is the better “QB” right now. Pryor runs too much and doesn’t do it smartly….a la his concussion.

    2. One QB’s team is mostly healthy and facing the league’s 4th easiest schedule while maintaining a losing record… The others is dealing with tons of injuries and the 9th hardest schedule while maintaining a winning record… It’s hilarious questions from kids like this that make me LOL. Ciao.

    3. Pryor gets better every week. His brain is starting to catch up to his physical talent and he’s making plays. The Raiders may have their guy which would make life a lot easier for them going into next season.

      1. Yeah he is Jack. Very underappreciated but very valuable in so many ways a lot like Walker was here. I’m impressed with the WR’s progress as well. Moore and Streater look like they could be pretty good as time goes on. Amazing what happens when you have a QB who can make some plays.

    4. Ck for this reason…. Pryor has a deep threat. And threw 2 bombs up to burn a crappy cornerback. Other than last night. What has he done to win them games? I’ve seen him look lost in the pocket and make some horrible throws. Put him in against a texans or seahaks or now I can say GB defense and see how he does. He looks like a poor mans ck from last season.

    5. Kaepernick and Pryor have 1 common opponent this season, Indianapolis.

      Pryor, 19-29 217 yards 1TD, 2 Int, 13 rushes 112 yards, QB rating of 70.6. This was Pryor’s lowest rating in his 4 starts.

      Kaepernick, 13-27 150 yards 0TD, 1 Int, 7 rushes 20 yards, QB rating of 49.9. Kaepernick has 2 games with lower ratings, a 20.1 and this 49.9

      1. All you’re doing is peeing in peoples Wheaties. You wont change anybodies opinion about the player. If they love him despite his flaws then so be it.

    6. “Terrell Pryor has completed 72.7% of his passes inside the pocket (4th in NFL) this season, ahead of Drew Brees, Matt Ryan and Aaron Rodgers” ~ ESPN Stats & Info

      1. He’s going against the Chiefs this week. Let’s see how he does against that pass rush. He’s a gamer, that’s for sure.

  46. Let the Niner coaching staff tell me I am wrong:
    but a 40% pass completion ratio cannot possibly
    be part of an offensive plan. If Kapurnookie
    is connecting on 80 or 90% of his passes, guess what?
    They WILL direct him to keep on throwing.

    This ‘hold the ball’ … ‘run down the clock’ stuff
    will always be trumped by the better advice:
    score as many points as you can as quickly as you can.

    The only exception is if we are leading, or expect to score on our next drive, and…. we are killing time near the end of the first or second half.
    A strategy designed to seal a close win.
    Then we should:
    (a) run the ball a lot and
    (b) try not to go out of bounds at the end of any play.

    To say that Mister Harbaw and the coaching staff is happy with Colin’s play yesterday…. Puleeeze.!!!

    1. I think you should learn to spell the names of the players and coaches. Your point, whatever that happened to be, gets lost in all the silliness.

    2. They’re happy with two crushing wins in a row while laughing at wannabe trolls like you… 35-11 & 34-3 says it all. Go checkout Trolling For Dummies. Highly recommended…

  47. A few thoughts:

    CK is not playing well. Definitely not an F+ because he did what they asked him to do. Probably more of a C performance. The issue is that CK has been a C for several weeks this year. I seem to recall a Nevada fan stating on this blog that CK would have games in college where he was on fire and unstoppable. And then he’d have games where he seemed to disappear. Harbaugh needs a way to find consistency where CK plays to a certain standard. It’s the only way to sustain success in the NFL.

    The 9ers have been the beneficaries of 2 straight opponents who have made so many errors they basically gifted the game to the 9ers. A team that plays ball control/field position can give the 9ers problems. That may be the case with the Cardinals. Their defense is playing really well. Time for CK to step up.

    Tremaine Brock really stepped up his game. I remember wanting him cut last year or year before. Now I’m glad they have him. On the Int for a TD, either the F ran the wrong route or that was a horrible play design. There is no way the F and the B should both be running 3 yard outs on the same side of the field. Your just asking for the outside CB to come off his man and either knock the B 0ut or intercept the ball. If that’s the Texans play design, then it’s really stupid. Either way, Brock made them pay.

    1. Did what they asked him to do? Usually when you have 20 or less pass attempts it usually signals offense efficiency. 6/15 isn’t exactly efficient. Now, I laid that stat out there but I’m grading off what I saw with my eyes. Plus, I have gamerewind and watching it again hasn’t changed my opinion (That I agree with Grant’s grade).

      I’d argue that this is probably Kap’s 3rd F grade outing of the season.

      Week1: A+
      Week2: F (+ or -)
      Week3: F (+ or -)
      Week4: B+
      Week5: F (+ or -)

      Kap badly needs to work on his pocket presence. There are times when he can step left or right or simply just step up in the pocket and still look downfield to deliver a pass. It’s like he has to either throw from the spot he immediately stands at the end of his drop or he has to move out of the pocket to throw the ball. He hardly ever creates a new pocket when things break down really well (That is, when a simple movement like above can buy you another 2 seconds).

      This thing about Boldin (Besides Vernon) being the only receiver on the field is aggravating…and I think again it comes back to pocket presence…giving his guys enough time to win their battles.

      For the most part he actually did look better in the pocket compared to weeks 2 & 3 where he was downright skittish in the pocket, but I think he still has a lot of work to do.

      Agree with you 100% on Brock though…after that 2nd pick I pretended to call Fangio to tell him that Brock’s the #3 corner…end of story.

      1. 6/15 is definitely bad but CK didn’t make any dumb mistakes. I’m not sure about creating a new pocket as you said. The thing that stood out to me about CK was his absolute horrendous footwork. His footwork has never been great but it has been downright terrible in a few games this year. The game last night was the worst game I’ve seen him play as far as throwing off balance or just not setting his feet even when he had plenty of time.

  48. Barrows does a pretty good job putting CK’s performance into perspective. Spoiler alert for Grant i do’nt think he sees CK’s performance as an F performance.

    1. No comparison between these two bloggers really – or Grant vs most bloggers for that matter. I compare Grant to a Skip Bayless type with much less success.

    2. Honestly, I’ve been sucked into it as well but we’re debating up and down this blog about how badly Kap played. :-)

      I think hands down that everyone here will agree that he did not play well…so we’re left debating how well he didn’t play.

      Grant, we need another blog to solely focus on WHY Kaepernick isn’t playing well right now vs. debating how bad he’s playing. :-D

  49. It’s funny to read the opinions and compare them to a couple of years ago, or even last season when Smith was starting.

    The belief by some was the Niners were running the offense they did because they didn’t trust Alex Smith, yet it was pointed out then that they did the same kind of thing at Stanford and now after a brief fling with the Pistol as the base offense, they are back to doing it with Kap. At some point you just have to accept that this is what this Coaching staff is. There is never going to be a Packer style passing game under Jim Harbaugh at least with Greg Roman as OC. These guys are throwbacks when it comes to offensive philosophy with the Pistol being the one area they tinkered with outside the normal comfort zone.

    1. Disagree with you completely. With Kaep they tried to go in that direction already. It’s already been done. Also, I believe if we didn’t lose Crabs and Manningham, we would still have a wide open offense.
      With Smith they never opened it up hardly ever. Maybe three times in two and a half years.

      1. Bay,

        Even in the games where Kap has had a lot of success in the passing game, they haven’t opened it up and this has never been a wide open offense. The change they made with Kap was using more Pistol formation which they have now dialed back on.

        The current offense is the same one they ran with Smith and Kap for most of last season. There was little difference in the gameplan run with Smith and Kap in the regular season last year. It was still a run first philosophy. The passing game became a bigger fixture in the playoff games against Atlanta and Baltimore because they got far behind.

        This team is and will continue to be a running offense that passes off of playaction first and foremost no matter who the QB is.

      2. Bay,

        They ran as much as they passed against GB. The second half of the Colts game? Where in the world are going with that?

        The Niners do not open it up unless they have to in a game they are behind in and if they stop running the ball it usually winds up in a loss on the docket.

        This isn’t, nor has it ever been a wide open offense. It’s a run first offense that relies on play action for success in the passing game both with Smith and now Kap.

      3. I think the offense is more or less the same. CK is a much better athlete and downfield passer than Smith, which combined with his competitiveness, made him more attractive to Harbaugh. Harbaugh wants to throw the ball deep, pure and simple. It sets up the running game and play action. It’s never going to be the greatest show on turf, but I do think the attack can be explosive with a healthy WR corps.

  50. I’m not into giving grades, but the defense was excellent overall with the Secondary again looking strong as they have in almost every game this season. The pass rush is obviously not the same and the run defense is not going to be as strong without Willis, but for missing as many players as they are, I’m really impressed with the job Fangio has done to keep these guys playing at a high level.

    The Oline was dominant for stretches last night and very good overall. The RB’s all benefitted from that. This is the Niners of 2011 folks; get used to it.

  51. I would be more worried about Kaepernick’s performance if it weren’t for the fact that the 49ers ran the ball on 69% of their offensive plays. That doesn’t give a QB much to work with in only 15 attempts when struggling percentage-wise. Had this been a close game that forced more passing, those percentages could have changed for the better with just a few more completions on more attempts. Or I suppose it could have went the other way as well. We’ll never know, though, because the game was never really put on Kaepernick. I guess we’ll see how he fairs in these next few games against opponents that you would think he should be able to raise his grade point average against. I gave him a C- for this game.

    Still, it was a good win. There were plenty of positives considering the injuries the 49ers are still working through. They’re back in the division race now with some winnable games ahead. I’m not going to complain too much about QB stats with a win that put us in that position.

  52. gotta disagree with the offensive grades…and the playcalling

    it was ball control run them down 49er football following frank gore..

    just what the doctor ordered at home against a good football team.Go Niners

  53. On a totally different note, did anyone see the Seahawks/Colts game. I have never seen so much grabbing and holding as I see with Sherman and Browner. IMHO, Sherman and Browner are the worst in the NFL at committing penalties in coverage. Their major success is that they hold so often and so blatantly the officials only call it a few times because they don’t want to call it every play. The NFL really needs to get that under control.

    1. Agreed. Especially considering that pass interference that T-Brown had called on him last night. That’s what Sherman and Browner do on majority of their snaps!

    2. Hous i’ve been saying the same thing since our game up there last yr. I just do’nt get it. It might be borderline as to whether they hold or not but it is without a doubt illegal contact beyond 5 yards. Its like Carroll is related to every official.

    3. That’s what they do……the league is letting them get away with it. The Wr’s need to pull a page out of soccer and over emphasizeyhe PI.

    4. I’ve known it was there but the camera angles down the sidelines with the Colts really showed how bad it was. I especially liked the 2 point conversion where the guy absolutely mauls Reggie Wayne and then Wayne pushes off to catch the 2 point conversion. The defender goes nuts about the push off. It’s to the point of absurdity now.

    5. Seattle’s D is not all that once you get them out of the noise box. A good D no doubt but the home field advantage is smoke & mirrors. I totally agree that they get away with a lot of contact that our guys get called on.

  54. Honestly, I’ve been sucked into it as well but we’re debating up and down this blog about how badly Kap played. :-)

    I think hands down that everyone here will agree that he did not play well…so we’re left debating how well he didn’t play.

    Grant, we need another blog to solely focus on WHY Kaepernick isn’t playing well right now vs. debating how bad he’s playing.

      1. They were going after freeman before he went to the Vikings. You know they sold him on playing with peterson but a shot for payback against his old team twice a year ala favre vs the packers had to intice him. Oh and 3 million didn’t hurt much either.

  55. 1. Schaub throws a pick six on third play of game.
    2. Texans can’t score on following possession.
    3. Kaepernick leads a TD drive on Niners first possession, converting three third down situations. Niners are up 14-0.
    4. The Niners were in perfect position to let Schaub be Schaub, which is what they did, and they came away with a dominant victory over a team that should have beat the Seahawks last week.

    “Right away, Matt Schaub handed the 49ers the lead prompting Greg Roman to call the most conservative game plan possible. It worked. After the Texans fell behind, the only way they could win the game was if the 49ers handed it to them.”


    “Still, it would have been beneficial for the 49ers if Roman had used the game as an opportunity to establish a No.2 receiver and to get Kaepernick back in a rhythm.”

    Not really. They have established a No. 2 receiver, his name is Anquan Boldin. He is having to play as a No. 1. because of Crabtree’s injury. He is the only decent WR on the roster at the moment. Forcing throws to bad receivers is what lead to two consecutive losses previously.
    Kaep had four turnovers during a loss at Seattle and got an F grade. He gets an F+ for having no turnovers and doing exactly what he should have in a dominant win against the Texans. SMH. All good, I hope they can continue this streak and get some of their weapons back by the playoffs. If they can, they have a chance to be a dominant team.

  56. Multiple Fs, really! Glad I didn’t have professor Cohn grading my finals.

    Grading Rule #1 No winning team gets an F. Especially one that wins 34-3. Especially against a team ranked #1 D and #5 O.

    Grading Rule #2 Kap was on the field and led the team to victory – last time I checked that’s a QB’s job, to win games. No F. Maybe a D+/C- for weak performance but he won so can’t get an F.

    Grading Rule #3 Receivers were on the field and the team won. No F. Maybe a D+ for weak performance but the team won and they contributed. So, can’t get an F.

    Grading Rule #4 Schwab gets an F. He lost and he earned it. led his team to defeat. Now that was an F performance.

    Really is it that hard to be objective?

    1. So let me get this straight. If ur on the field and your team wins u dont get an F no matter how u played? then whats the pint of giving grades? (rhetorical question, there is no point to grading)

      1. Yep, it’s a team game and the goal is to win, period. Part of everyone’s grade is based upon the team winning or losing. Part of the grade is based upon individual performance. This ain’t tennis or golf.

  57. looking over the stats from the game and some things that stood out:
    3 penalty’s for 17 yards!! Penalty’s killed us in out losses!
    gained 2.5 yards more per pass than HOU 4.6 to 7.1
    out gained them on the ground by 40+ yards
    zero turnovers to 4
    actually lost the TOP battle.

    I’ll be the first to admit that i got caught up in the “Hype” surrounding Kap!
    The simple fact is that he has a rocket arm and can do things great QB’s do, like make any throw with ease. He also is less than 16 starts into his career and that shows too. As i stated last night, with all the injuries, new guys, loss of guys in free agency….this offense IS STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS!
    A talented young QB going through early struggles isn’t my biggest concern. All the penaltys and the lack of a rushing game WAS CONCERNING!!
    Getting back to our basics ( running and playing D) will take pressure off of Kap and allow him to progress. Getting healthy will be a huge factor too. Winning games while you learn your craft is terrific. We hung with SEA and IND for the first half of both games! Not being able to stop the run as well as dumb penaltys eventually killed us in those games.
    We have a style of football (over the last 2 1/2 years) that dominates games DESPITE OUR QB!!!! getting back into that form will take pressure off of Kap and allow him to progress! The last 2 wins were a result in getting back to the basics! overlooked due to the sub par QB play is the fact that OUR TEAM LOOKED GREAT!

    Question: would you rather the QB looked great ( ala Tony Romo) and the teams looks like $h!t? or the QB looks bad but the team looks great!

    1. Jshaw
      Agree with all your points, cant understand why I argued with you about QB play the last few days. (it must have been the CK vis a vis AS topic, cant help but stir up debate)

  58. So, I’m happy They’ve gone back to meat and potatoes. Wham plays, counter plays, trap plays etc…..even the zone blitz, lol. It’s like someone has been reading my humble opinions.
    Ok, so I’d also Like to see a safety release option. So one of the routes could be a sideline out pattern or a soft spot 7-8 yards outside of the hashes; kinda like Bruce Miller’s patterns except with second TE or a scatt back.
    Gro has become to predictable. A lot of yesterdays drives stalled because he’d call a run play on first, pass on second and long and a pass on third and long to. These plays were called directly after a successful drive, heavy on the run. Instead, call a play action pass.

  59. Huge win for the good guys! Kaepernick played fine. Everyone is o concerned with stats around here. The F+ grade is laughable.

    And I’m not the least bit surprised to see bayareafanatic is still the biggest tool on the blog

  60. We should be happy that our run game is back on top, two weeks in a row. Frank Gore has found the fountain of youth, and he looks like Forest Gump, hell they have the same initials too.

    1. Just saw that. Although nothing is imminent. They can have COLT back, lol. I’d give a third for him. Nothing higher.

      1. I really like the idea for more long term than short term. Manningham and Boldin will have short tenures with the team and we might even lose Crabtree. But if we don’t we got a nice WR corps for years to come with Crabtree and Gordon on the outside and Patton working the slot.

      2. Schaefer said on twitter that the niners and browns have discussed a trade for Gordon but is unlikely to happen cause of Mario returning and Crabtree ahead of schedule! Go get Gordon!

  61. PFF grades are out! Notables:
    Staley +3.7, +2.6 Run Block
    Vernon Davis +2.8, +1.5 Pass, +1.1 Run Block
    Kaepernick 0.7, 0.2 Pass
    Anthony Davis -2.8, -2.9 Pass

    Tarell Brown +4.1, +4.3 Pass coverage
    Tramaine Brock +2.8, +2.5 Pass coverage
    Hitner +2.6, 1.3 run, 1.2 pass
    Bowman -1.4, -3.5 run defense

  62. An F is what Colin did vs Seattle and Indy. So I’ve thought about it and a D would be appropriate for the game. He did far below average but still managed a win.

    1. Yeah an F is probably an overreaction, I think a D+,C- is probably more accurate. Still need to see improvement though

  63. I’m really excited about Quentin Dial coming back soon. 350 lbs of beef in the middle. Should help free up our middle linebacker’s. Think Wilfork.

  64. Here are some article ideas grant:

    1-has the talent on team diminished under Trent and Jim? Most of our best players being from the previous regime. Coaching aside would the team be better off from a personnel standpoint with scot mccloughan ( think I just butuchered his name) and Nolan. Vs Jim and Trent.

    2- when harbough says stuff like we really wanted to keep him on practice squad, etc. Is it his way of always talking positively about his players or just plain ignorance. As we all knew that bj would get picked up by Seattle. And Marquis grey, Marcus Cooper, Hawkins, Austin,etc would get picked up by other teams.

    3- would the niners have won the superbowl with smith last year instead of kap? Maybe going through each game kap played and comparing if smith would have been able to win them.

    Has not handling that situation the best permeated the team. For example players not trusting him. Or trying to hide smaller injuries which might lead to bigger injuries. It just seems like since his decision to pull smith a bunch of injuries have hit the team.

  65. I was pleased to see coach Harbaugh maintain at least the appearance of a football coach on the sidelines rather than some of the rabid dogs on here.

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