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  1. Man, these BS calls need to get toned down somehow. How does the biggest sport in the US not have enough oversight to fix their officiating?

    Nevertheless, this game was a pleasant surprise. I had a feeling that the defense would break due to playing way too many snaps in Seattle and it being a Thursday game. Good to see the offense light it up.

  2. Mcvay out coached Shanny. I hate To say it, But it took two special team errors to even keep this game close. Further the play calling & execution in the Red Zone is sloppy. Too many times they have gone to 4th down inside the 10.

  3. That offensive PI was so garbage I don’t even want to watch anymore games. The refs can’t make that call at that time in the game. Garbage!!!!

    1. Agree that was a bad call but that’s another reason the ratings & attendance are way down across the league. I could watch MMA with out flags, like that clean Jimmy Ward hit. The NFL will keep dropping if they don’t let clean violence be allowed along with nonsensical penalties being thrown out.

  4. – Rams O line outplayed 49ers D line. I’m hoping it was just exhaustion from the huge effort in Seattle.
    – NFL needs to eliminate two things: (1) Thursday games. (2) Travel out of time zone after a Monday night game. But $ is more important than player safety or football quality.
    – Run blocking not bad. Pass blocking awful. Goff would have gotten killed behind out O line. We need guards.

    1. “It’s still going through our review process, but we have DeForest Buckner playing 58 of 65 snaps. Four days after playing 67 vs. Seattle.” – Jeff Deeney

  5. The OPI was insane. OPI is usually only called when its very blatant. If the NFL always called OPI this way, Michael Irvin would have been just another receiver.

    1. I know. What’s in the water around here. Clock management has been an issue since Merriucci left. Even Harbaugh had clock issues. This is one of the main reasons I wanted Shanny and one of his ex players at QB, it’s not clean or working.


    “Officials making a borderline call to effect the outcome of a game like this is a travesty. What a joke” #49ers #49wz
    — Al Sacco (@AlSacco49) September 22, 2017

    Following the game, Hoyer was asked about the penalty on Taylor.

    “I don’t want to get fined,” Hoyer said.

    “I don’t see it because I’m throwing to the spot but in that time of the game, I mean, I think you would let people play,”

    1. I stopped missing Kap a couple years ago. He never developed into a good instinctive QB. I don’t care about the off field stuff. Just wanted him to get learn to make all the throws and read the D. React like an NFL QB. He should have a job as a back up though… anyway CK is no more let’s move on…

      Give Hoyer the brunt of this brutal schedule and then bring rookie in mid season :)

    2. “Anyone miss Kap yet?”


      To Hoyer’s credit, he bounced back and went on to have what was easily the best game of his young stint as a 49er. Hoyer ran for a 9-yard touchdown and hung tough in the pocket despite relentless pressure to finish 23-of-37 for 332 yards with two touchdowns and that interception, for a passer rating of 98.0.

    3. Oh, and BTW, Hoyer executed that TD run perfectly. He was still looking to pass when he started to roll out. That kept the D honest and maintained the running lane.

      Had that been Kap, he would have stared down his first read and the D would have closed the running lane. Just like what happened at the end of last years Miami game.

  7. They just made more plays then our team. Hoyer stabilized later in the game. Our D-Line was a not a factor. We had little pass rush. Maybe they were tired from short week.

    * Salomon Thomas seems to get over powered a lot.

  8. Just when the offense comes alive, the defense fades away. Typical of young, not quite there teams. Consistency is easy to say, hard to pull off.

  9. KS used to be an OC. Now he’s HC but doesn’t want to have an OC.
    What does that tell you about what he was thinking about his former HC….
    He thinks he’s better off to not have an extra guy to run games.
    He’s thinks it’s easier to make all the decisions by himself.
    maybe he doesn’t know what the role of a HC entails?
    Maybe he thinks an OC is really the HC.
    Well, results speak louder than words!

    1. Goodness… he should just call his rb coach the OC so people would stop complaining about this non issue.

      He could call his own plays and not change the responsibilities (like Sean McVay) but hey at least fans will be happy.

  10. It’s amazing how quickly people forgot how bad Kap was as a passing qb!

    Hoyer is on the team to help the team understand the offense for when we have the qb of the future. We’ve definitely had worse though and was kap really better at passing than hoyer. Don’t give me crap about his stats from dumping it off and taking off running all the time.

    Sure the read option worked when it was new but then defenses figured it out. Get over it, he’s not coming back to our team.

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