49ers 41, Chargers 6: Grades

Here are my grades for the 49ers in their 41-6 preseason win over the San Diego Chargers.

QUARTERBACKS: B+. Colin Kaepernick completed three short passes and then left the game.

Colt McCoy was decent, completing 8-of-15 passes for 56 yards and a touchdown.  His longest completion was a 12-yarder.

B.J. Daniels played well, better than McCoy. Daniels completed 5-of-9 passes for 76 yards and a touchdown, and he ran 6 times for 54 yards and a touchdown. I don’t think the 49ers can afford to try to put him on their practice squad. Another team probably will pick him up. I think Daniels has earned a spot on a final roster.

WIDE RECEIVERS: A-.  Quinton Patton and Lavelle Hawkins were the stars. Patton ran a quick screen pass 45 yards for a touchdown, and Hawkins tipped a pass over the middle to himself and broke two tackles and ran 30 yards for a touchdown. Patton will make the team, and he could be the No.2 receiver before the season is over. If Hawkins makes the team, he probably would make it as the No.6 receiver.

Marlon Moore played the first series and caught a pass on a screen. He broke a tackle and gained 11 yards. He most likely will be the starting split end Week 1.

Jon Baldwin played with Colt McCoy and caught two short passes. He also let two other errant passes clank off his hands. I expect Baldwin to make the team. He’s the only big deep threat and red zone threat wide receiver on the team and Kaepernick needs someone to fill that role.

Chuck Jacobs caught a touchdown pass. If he makes it to the 49ers practice squad, he’ll be a good developmental guy for the team.

Austin Collie dropped a perfectly thrown deep pass. He’s out.

RUNNING BACKS: D. LaMichael James was bad – two carries for negative four yards – and then he left the game with a knee injury.

Anthony Dixon was even worse – he ran seven times for 12 yards – although he made some good blocks at fullback, played well on special teams and caught a TD pass from McCoy.

Kendall Hunter gained 14 yards on four carries. He looks fast, but he doesn’t yet show the explosiveness and quickness he showed last season before he tore his Achilles.

TIGHT ENDS: C. Vernon Davis, Vance McDonald and Garrett Celek each caught a short pass. MarQueis Gray hardly played. Expect him the 49ers to stash him on their practice squad.

OFFENSIVE LINE: D. The first-team offensive line struggled creating holes in the running game, and the second-team offensive line just struggled. McCoy and Daniels were running for their lives all night. Offensive line is one of the thinnest position groups on the 49ers. They can’t afford any injuries to their starting five.

DEFENSIVE LINE: B. The starters didn’t play a single snap. The second-team couldn’t stop Fozzy Whittaker from running the ball up the middle. He rushed ten times for 59 yards. As thin as the 49ers’ are at offensive line, the defensive line might be just as thin. Glenn Dorsey hasn’t done much this preseason, and who knows when Tank Carradine and Quinton Dial will be ready to play?

LINEBACKERS: A. Cam Johnson was the player of the game. He had six tackles, 2 sacks, 2 tackles for loss, 2 QB hits, 1 blocked punt and 1 TD. I think he’ll make the 53-man roster.

The other backup outside linebackers – Corey Lemonier and Dan Skuta – also played well. Both recorded one sack. If the 49ers hadn’t traded Parys Haralson, he might have been the sixth-best outside linebacker on the team.

Michael Wilhoite intercepted a pass. Nate Stupar made nine tackles. Nick Moody made one. Any chance Stupar makes the team over Moody?

CORNERBACKS: A. Perrish Cox, Tramaine Brock and Michael Thomas each gave up a few catches, but they were short catches and they didn’t give up any yards after the catch. Thomas played particularly well against Keenan Allen in the slot. Brock undercut a route and picked off a pass. He’s a good fourth-string cornerback.

SAFETIES: B. Eric Reid and Donte Whitner didn’t play. Neither C.J. Spillman nor Trenton Robinson did much. Craig Dahl played well, six tackles and an interception. Robinson may not make the team if the 49ers want to keep six wide receivers.

SPECIAL TEAMS: A-. Phil Dawson made a 47-yard field goal and a 40-yarder but missed a 52-yarder.

Both Patton and Hawkins had good kick returns. The 49ers have about five good kick returners – Kyle Williams, James, Cox, Patton and Hawkins.

Cox gained 21 yards on two punt returns. He’s been an effective returner all preseason.

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  1. “Jon Baldwin played with Colt McCoy and caught two short passes. He also let two other errant passes clank off his hands.”

    In the replay it was clear that the defender knocked the ball away.

    1. What replay u watching? Clear drop. Same issues last night he has had his whole career. They traded him for Jenkins for a reason.

    2. Are you guys talking about the pass into the end zone?

      In live action, it looked like the DB tipped the pass, but the replay showed that it hit Baldwin in the hands.

      Even though the ball hit him in the hands, the fact he was diving for the ball mitigates the drop. Still, you expect a professional WR to catch far more of those than they drop.

      1. I saw the replay and it looked like the defender got to the ball first. Green thought it was a drop until he saw the replay, then he changed his mind. Neither of us thought it was a clank.

        A clank is when you are an all pro tight end and you’re uncovered in the end zone, but you clank the catch and cost Dallas a Super Bowl win. Now that’s a clank.

  2. The O-Line is VERY thin. Looney is not dependable. He was dominated by the Charger’s 1st, 2nd and 3rd stringers. The guy didn’t get a break tonight…I bet the Niners are scouring the waiver wire for a veteran O-lineman. Now I know why they brought Snyder back to the team. He’s their best OLinemen off the bench…gosh.

    The other dudes across the line, Omameh and Bykowski get a break, they are developing. They’ve come a long way, but they are not back up material at this point, so I imagine they end up in the PS.

    The RB’s, outside of Gore, don’t inspire much confidence. I don’t imagine we will see much of LMJ out there, I hope not, with Hunter back in the line up.

      1. He was in PS, he did play at least in practices. He’s got a year under his belt, and looked the worst of the bunch, including this year’s rookies.

  3. Baldwin may be the only big deep and red zone threat wide receiver on the team, but with Boldin, Moore, Williams and Patton ahead of him, he probably won’t be suiting up on game day. Particularly when Manningham returns.

    I suppose an injury could open a door for him.

    1. Moody is probably a better cover guy than Stupar. Stupar might be a better plugger. It’s a little easier to compensate for a guy in the run game than in coverages, so by that reasoning I’d keep Moody.

  4. Two TD’s for BJ,Hawkins is hungry,hopefully he stays,I like Jacobs too hopefully he makes the PS,Stupar with 9 tackles reminds me of Blake C could use him on ST if possible.Dixon must stay,great locker room guy.I don’t see how he played horrible,he has improved his game,and he played behind second and third string O line,give my boy Boobie a break.

  5. Depending on how the season plays out, would the 49ers save enough money to justify cutting ahmad brooks next offseason and promoting Johnson or Lemonier to starter? Enough money to add to the pile that has to go to Aldon Smith and Colin Kaepernick? Also I think Crabtree won’t be resigned since Kaepernick could make any joe smoe look amazing. Iupati I’m still on the fence whether they resign him or not, I have a feeling he would take a hometown discount. Just a thought.

    1. If Lemoneir comes on strong this year, Brooks is probably traded next year. He signed a pretty nice contract recently, but he won’t play it out in SF (unless he suddenly turns all-pro).

      1. Reading this article, I’d say we’re actually in a much better spot than many teams out there because we’re getting AT LEAST what we’re paying for with most of our player contracts. We know Kaep will be resigned. And even if he isn’t at the end of this season, we still hold his rights going into the next season, and could franchise him two more seasons after that–obviously worst case scenario, but he and his agents know that. Same goes for Aldon. As long as we get Iupati signed, I think we’re solid. Crabs… I’m with you guys, his injury clarified the order of priority in terms of re-signings.

  6. Hawkins is a playmaker, we need to find a spot for him. He was the same way at Cal…just not sure why hasn’t been able to stick in the league. Actually, he looks a lot like Patton out there.

    1. Hawkins has a history of letting his emotions push aside his self control on occasion. Case in point was the Vikes game. But return game and run after the catch make a case for him.

      WR is tough on the decision department this year. We now can see some talent float to the surface but with flaws intact for many of the WR hopefulls. Injuries, hands, behavior, etc.

      Baldwin is the better part of the KC deal. But is he valuable enough to bump Collie or Hawkins? Through my looking glasses, I don’t think so.

  7. Teams must cry at night looking at our pass rushing depth. Lemonier will challenge Brooks next year. Clearly higher upside.

      1. With the “Hurry-up” offense becoming more fashionable around the League, rotation will be a necessity.
        Speaking of pacing, I thought CK brought the guys to the line a little quicker last night; an overdue improvement.

      2. Rotation makes a lot of sense this year. Lot for Fangio to play with on the outside. It seems less luxury of rotation for Ray and Justin however.
        B T good points – one Q? Defenders need breathers in Hurry up but Hurry up also can limit rotation opportunities…..yes no maybe?

      3. Absolutely yes, in terms of one drive. When you get your opportunities to sub you need to use them to keep the fourth quarter from getting away from you. So against Brady/P.Manning/Philly, the DC has to sub one DL & one OLB and one DB for a whole series? OK. Maybe the DC needs ‘Pitch Counts’ for his troops. Long drives may require some Pit Stops for Aldon, Cowboy, etc. Adjust. Adapt. Evolve. Win the natural selection competition! Change is the only Constant; embrace it.

  8. I believe McDermott lost the competition to Jennings when he got knocked back on his ass on a punt near the endzone….

    1. Yeah, I saw that. The NFL supposedly told teams prior to preseason that they were going to actually start calling it when deep snappers got run over. Apparently, the word didn’t filter out to the refs.

  9. I want to see Patton and Hawkins on field together. Kyle williams should be #5 wr. -Boldin Moore Patton Hawkins Williams. Cam Johnson and Lemonier are studs for backups I hope Fangio rotates our pass rush this year. Our 4 backup lbs Lemonier Johnson Whiliote Skuta could probably start for alot of teams right now. Cam Johnson may be the #3 olb now after that game last night.

  10. I agree with the grades. I think McCoy made some great moves to even keep plays alive.
    I think some here are too dedicated to past players. Dixon and James should be replaced to make room for an extra receiver and an Extra LB in Stupar. Stupar is a special teams ace taking Dixon’s spot. Name any kick returner you’d like to replace James.

    1. I don’t know about cutting Dixon or James. Dixon is one of top ST players and adds great depth for pounding the ball at the end of the game to preserve Gore or prevent injury to our other backs. James has a very high upside. We’ll see how high JH and Baalke think it is come Saturday. All I know is that it’s going to be real interesting when Marcus Lattimore gets healthy.

      I do agree that we need to find some space for the WR, but short the league letting us carry 56 guys on our roster, I just don’t see a way. We have so much depth at every position now (except O-Line), it’s hard to justify cutting many guys. Some of the guys on our IR/PUP could start on just about any team in the NFL, and the three rookies (Carradine, Dial, & Lattimore) will likely all bump somebody off the roster once they’re healthy. So even if you cut guys for WR’s you can’t justify keeping Hawkins, Jacobs, or Baldwin, over Crabtree, Manningha, Carradine, or Dial. I think the biggest surprise was how strong Patton seems to be coming on. If his play carries over to the regular season…bye-bye Manningham, and possibly Kyle Williams.

      1. I think Tank could be a monster difference-maker if his knee is right.

        Lattimore, though, despite the big name and the big stats, and despite his toughness, instincts, and power, will never have the speed, explosiveness or elusiveness to be a great all-around back. I think he could be a great short-yardage back. We’ll eventually need to pair him with a better version of Kendall Hunter (which, once Hunter gets in full swing, may be Kendall Hunter),

      2. Sully,

        I get why you say that, but you have to realize the advances that have, and continue, to be made as far as surgery, recovery and rehab go.

        By all accounts, Lattimore has been doing everything asked of him in his rehab, and more.

        You may ulitmately be proven right, but we won’t really know anything about what Lattimore can and can’t do, until we see him on the field.

      3. Good points Roc.
        Turns out the Niners appear to have that “good problem to have”. Would not have thunk it a couple months ago.
        But along with it comes a headache of tough decisions in the next 24 hrs.

  11. Kaepernick will get traded next year instead of getting his $150M contract, and that’s a-ok, because BJD is a superior QB!

    … or some such hooey …

    1. If only the team had allowed Daniels to play exclusively at QB this offseason through camps and practice, he might have already been named the number 2. Instead, I think this keeps Kaepernick’s contract numbers down in comparison to if they only had McCoy behind him. i.e. instead of the 75 to 90 million over 4-6 years he could have demanded, it could fall to the 60 million that he deserves.
      I don’t think the team puts more than 15 million a year into Kaepernick because he runs the chance of being hurt due to his mobility and the system they run. The addition of Daniels saves the team about 5 million a year in the new contract IMHO.
      Before we crown him the best of all time, lets see how he does this season. Teams are going to do exactly what Baltimore did. A rusher will hit Kaepernick every time he snaps the ball. They aren’t going to respect the option. They are going to knock him down on every play.
      I’m hoping he torches them early and often while York gets some pointers from Kraft to loosen the chains on those yellow hankies when they start hitting Kaepernick.

      1. I would add that very few teams have defenses like B-more and the flip side is when they did decide to get hands on Kap, Gore gashed them for big yards.
        It’s not like Kap has a M Vick type frame. He’s a big man & any defensive player would have to hit him hard to get him to the ground, running the risk of an unnecessary roughness flag, imo.

      2. Matt
        They talked about this during ther NBC sunday night 9ers vikings game, the in house retired ref (i dont recall his name) said that if CK “feighns being a runner then he is not protected under the QB rules if however after the hand off action he drifts back he IS covered by the excessive contact to QB rules” and they showed splitscreen images of CK ducking after the play action fake (pretending he had the ball) and of him just standing there and said ” left is protected by the rules right is not”

      3. Baltimore was not able to really contain ck! Ck had more than 300 yards passing and a good game in general except the first qt! The reason we lost was too many big plays allowed by the defense as well as the TD on the special team! Ck has the potential to become a great all pro QB for us and his pure athletic ability and arm strength as well as accuracy will create major problems for defenses.

      4. Faith I think you nailed it on the head. My only concern is the health of both FG and Kaepernick.

        BOS I didnt mean to imply Kaepernick wasnt protected when handing the ball off, but rather that SF runs the spread and will expose him to more unprotected hits

      5. Matt
        Gotcha, I agree im not a huge fan of the called QB run. If he has to scramble to extend a play or to avoid pressure i can live with that but keeping it on spread options exposes him to waay to much contact for my liking. Besides i think he is talented enough to beat them from the pocket and not rely on the “gimmick”

      6. Even with 100 percent QB practice, it is hard to see Daniels being handed #2 (right or wrong NFL experience counts for so much in backup) however he would have made a strong case considering both the competition and his starting point.

  12. IMO pre season analysis – the weakest link on the niners is the backups on the offensive line. There was so much talk about how bad our receivers are, I think you can put that to rest. I didn’t see much of a running game, didn’t seem to matter who ran the ball the blocking was terrible. Baldwin dropped two passes one was for a TD. Both passes were tough but catchable. Lee attempts at the new punting technique, well lets just say needs more work. I like Dawson as our 3 point man.
    This team has the potential to be the best ever Niner team in history, which would make them the best ever team assembled in the NFL. There is going to be lots of players released that are picked up by other squads. Our back up QBs will be fine as long as they do not make mistakes. Daniels seems to have quite an arm he may move above McCoy as the backup to Kap as the season progresses. I can see why they traded PH to the Saints as Johnson and Lemonier looked great.

    Bring on the season the Niners and us fans are ready.

  13. Grant,

    Lay it on us! I know you’ve been huddling in your bunker tweaking your 53-roster ;) ! I’m itching to see what you (and everyone else) come up with before tomorrow! I”ll post mine as well!

  14. OFFENSE~

    QB (3): Colin Kaepernick, Colt McCoy, B.J. Daniels
    RB (3): Frank Gore, Kendall Hunter, LaMichael James
    FB (2): Bruce Miller, Anthony Dixon
    WR (6): Anquan Boldin, Kyle Williams, Quinton Patton, Marlon Moore, Jon Baldwin, Lavelle Hawkins
    TE (3): Vernon Davis, Vance McDonald, Garrett Celek
    OT (3): Joe Staley, Anthony Davis, Adam Snyder
    OG (3): Mike Iupati, Alex Boone, Joe Looney
    C (2): Jonathan Goodwin, Daniel Kilgore


    DE (3): Justin Smith, Ray McDonald, Tony Jerod-Eddie
    NT (2): Ian Williams, Glenn Dorsey
    OLB (5): Ahmad Brooks, Aldon Smith, Corey Lemonier, Dan Skuta, Cam Johnson
    ILB (4): Patrick Willis, NaVorro Bowman, Michael Wilhoite, Nick Moody
    FS (3): Eric Reid, Craig Dahl, Michael Thomas
    SS (3): Donte Whitner, C.J. Spillman, Raymond Ventrone
    CB (5): Carlos Rogers, Tarell Brown, Nnamdi Asomugha, Tramaine Brock, Perrish Cox


    K (1): Phil Dawson
    P (1): Andy Lee
    LOS (1): Brian Jennings

    1. OFFENSE~

      QB (3): Colin Kaepernick, Colt McCoy, B.J. Daniels
      RB (3): Frank Gore, Kendall Hunter, LaMichael James*
      FB (2): Bruce Miller, Anthony Dixon*
      WR (6): Anquan Boldin, Kyle Williams* , Quinton Patton, Marlon Moore, Jon Baldwin, Lavelle Hawkins
      TE (3): Vernon Davis, Vance McDonald, Marquese Gray
      OT (3): Joe Staley, Anthony Davis, Adam Snyder
      OG (3): Mike Iupati, Alex Boone, Joe Looney
      C (2): Jonathan Goodwin, Daniel Kilgore


      DE (3): Justin Smith, Ray McDonald, Tony Jerod-Eddie
      NT (2): Ian Williams, Glenn Dorsey
      OLB (5): Ahmad Brooks, Aldon Smith, Corey Lemonier, Dan Skuta, Cam Johnson
      ILB (4): Patrick Willis, NaVorro Bowman, Michael Wilhoite, Nick Moody
      FS (3): Eric Reid, Craig Dahl**, Michael Thomas
      SS (3): Donte Whitner, C.J. Spillman, Raymond Ventrone
      CB (5): Carlos Rogers*, Tarell Brown, Nnamdi Asomugha, Tramaine Brock, Perrish Cox


      K (1): Phil Dawson
      P (1): Andy Lee
      LOS (1): Kevin McDermott

      * Traded by week 6
      ** only on team because of injury to Culliver
      -Celek might be traded if he does make the team and Gray goes to the PS. When Dixon is traded, I’m activating Nate Stupar from the practice squad.

  15. QB (3)


    FB (1)

    WR (5)

    TE (3)

    OL (8)

    DL (6)

    OLB (5)

    ILB (4)

    CB (5)

    S (5)

    Specialists (4)

  16. Despite the good outcome and play by newcomers, I was discouraged at how tentatively LaMichael James ran the ball. It appeared he was entranced by the Charger’s intent to get to him, certainly not moving decisively or showing the blazing speed & moves he was renowned for at OR. Very disappointing. I think we may need Marcus Latimore sooner than planned if he can’t show some of his former brilliance.

  17. The amount of people who saw players against 3rd & 4th stringers last night, & suddenly think they’re better than the starters or deserve a roster spot is hilarious.

      1. I never said definitively that Wallace was making the team. Instead it was that he would be competing with Tolzien for the 3rd spot. I also changed my stance fairly quickly after watching Daniels’ performance against Minnesota. That all cleared itself up fairly quickly.

        Hawkins makes a couple of nice plays against bottom feeders and suddenly he is worthy of a roster spot? Gotcha. Crazier things have happened.

      2. Jack, Hawkins didnt make a couple of nice plays: he made the 2 BEST plays of the pre season. What i love about him: he has the speed to take it to the house every time he touches the rock! That tip to himself last night…..the concentration it took…..the whole time he knows he’s gonna get cracked!! That kind of toughness you cannot teach. and you also cannot teach that type of speed/explosiveness!

      3. Against real NFL players that’s at best a 10 yard completion. Good concentration though. The type of play you expect a vet to make against a bunch of scrubbinies.

      4. I think I agree with Jack on this one. Every preseason a handful of you young whippersnappers get all excited about a guy dominating mostly 2s and 3s. Last preseason it was Tolzien. A couple years back it was Kory Sheets who I think is now in the CFL.

        Hawkins has had several years to impress teams in this league. He hasn’t put it together yet so he probably never will amount to much. Honestly we only have 3 healthy receivers worthy of being on this squad right now- Boldin, Patton and *maybe* Moore. Once we get Crabtree and Manningham back (fully healthy?) we will have a solid set, but for now the WRs look pretty weak. I’m not sold on Williams at all either.

      1. Hawkins has been making plays for 2 weeks now! and he definitely deserves a spot over Baldwin based on performance! I realize he wont, due to Baldwins Guaranteed money, thats the politics of sports.

      1. I don’t think that the team would risk utilizing a potential star WR in Patton as their KR/PR. It would better to have someone at that position that has a less likelihood of seeing the field.

      2. They also had Kaep in there for a few plays as well. Both he and Patton needed the reps.
        Williams is another option but it would be beneficial if he too was just utilized solely as a WR given his injury history.

      3. I agree with Jack here! During the regular season the coaching staff is going to put the best player out there that can contribute to the team so if patten is the one then he might be returning kicks or punts! We will see.

  18. Grant, i have to correct you: Collie did not drop that deep pass. It was perfect coverage by the defender. His arm came up, in between Collie’s hands, and knocked the ball away. In real time it looked like a drop. In slow replay, you could see the textbook play by the defender. Regardless, Collie wont make the team.
    My 2 cents on how the WR’s played in pre season:

    Patton: he earned his roster spot these last 2 weeks. He’s not being “awarded” one due to his high draft spot (like AJ Jenkins)
    Hawkins: this kid deserves one too, i dont know if he will get it though, i hope so!
    Moore: solid but not spectacular. I know he can contribute on ST’s and he has good size. he makes it
    Jacobs: on the field, hes been a top 3 guy this pre season, i know he wont make the 53, he’s my first choice for the PS.
    Baldwin: i see how he wore his welcome out in K.C. 2 drops last night, one in the end zone! Has the best size, but the worst hands of this group. He does not deserve a spot on the 53 but he will get one.POLITICS!

    Collie, Hall: gone!
    Osgood: gone too unless he hangs around as a gunner!

  19. I wonder if anyone is being shopped to open spaces for the possible emergence of Johnson and Hawkins? Hope we pass on Osgood with what Hawkins has shown……
    And, GASP, if we are so deep at OLB, as we appear to be, dare we not sign Aldon and put some of that money towards Iupati and T Brown? Perhaps a sign and trade? Is Brock and Cox now making Brown getting an extension less likely?….. do we extend Bolding and Nnamdi? Some interesting questions moving forward.
    Wow, what a stacked team for years to come. My extra seats are selling well and I am aiming to get seats at Levi Stadium next week- good times to be a 49ers fan!

    1. I certainly see why we traded Parris. It took 2 years, but we finally got to see why the FO drafted Cam Johnson! beast! and Lemon-yay is a beast too! These guys are so young and energetic, and there job on this team will be to come in and attack the QB! Think about this: its the 3rd quarter, the opposing tackles are worn out, then these 2 kids come in like the energizer bunny, fresh as can be, blitz, sack !!! 49er victory!

      1. Well, hopefully Fangio sticks to being more aggressive, as he has been showing in pre-season, as well.
        The depth is pretty striking, especially if Dobbs and Dorsey can also provide some minutes while Tank rehabs…….. I am surprised that there isn’t more talk about how this defense can be remarkable. Time will tell, especially week 2 in Seattle- and for those complaining about Levi Stadium pricing, go see what they are asking per ticket prices for that game on the secondary market- SRO is $275-300 in the upper deck.

  20. Man, Grant, did you watch the same game I did? Anthony Dixon was excellent.

    Provided a great touchdown catch with a nifty move at the end. Without the move, he would have been forced out of bounds.

    Made the last key block on the Hawkins bobble TD. A running back that far upfield to make a block for a TD inspires other players and other players definitely notice that stuff.

    You’re too emotional and use adjectives poorly when describing players. I am starting not to believe your analysis of training camp when others can’t see what’s happening.

  21. 53-Man Roster


    QB (3)
    Colin Kaepernick
    Colt McCoy
    B.J. Daniels

    RB/FB (5)
    Frank Gore
    Kendal Hunter
    Anthony Dixon
    Bruce Miller
    Jewel Hampton (BUBBLE)
    LaMichael James (BUBBLE/IR/PUP)

    WR (6) –
    Anquan Boldin
    Marlon Moore
    Quinton Patton
    Kyle Williams
    Jonathan Baldwin
    Lavelle Hawkins

    TE (3)
    Vernon Davis
    Vance McDonald
    Garrett Celek


    Joe Staley
    Mike Iupati
    Jonathan Goodwin
    Alex Boone
    Anthony Davis
    Daniel Kilgore
    Adam Snyder
    Joe Looney

    Ray McDonald
    Justin Smith
    Will Tukuafu (maybe gone when Dial comes back into action)
    Ian Williams
    Tony Jerod-Eddie
    Demarcus Dobbs (gone when Tank Carradine is activated)

OLB (5)
    Aldon Smith
    Ahmad Brooks
    Corey Lemonier
    Dan Skuta
    Cam Johnson

    ILB (4)
    Patrick Willis
    NaVorro Bowman
    Michael Wilhoite
    Nick Moody


CB (5)
    Carlos Rogers
    Tarell Brown
    Nnamdi Asomugha
    Perrish Cox
    Tramaine Brock


S (5)
    Eric Reid
    Donte Whitner
    Craig Dahl
    C.J. Spillman
    Bubba Ventrone


Special teams (3)

    Andy Lee (P)
    Phll Dawson (K)
    Brian Jennings (LS)

Scott Tolzien, MarQueis Gray, Lawrence Okoye, Marcus Cooper, Nate Stupar, Chuck Jacobs

 – there’ll be more of course

Crabtree, Manningham (likely traded after activated), Darcel McBath, Tank Carradine, Quintin Dial, Marcus Lattimore (IR all season), Luke Marquardt (to the practice squad when activated)

  22. I’m not sure why people are so down on LMJ. Maybe he didn’t come prepared for Season 2, but the dude has definite value as another dimension on this team. Has the ability to take it to the house on any given play. Perhaps it would be wise to give him an extra season to see f he developes before canning him. On the other hand I’m not sure Anthony Dixon has much value on this team other than special teams. He performs several functions win the running, passing and special teams but he’s not so great at any of them that his functions couldn’t be replaced.

    1. Yeah, JH isn’t going to show anything in a meaningless PS game. I’m sure they have some plays for LMJ to get him in space to make plays. His forte is not pounding the rock between the tackles. Dixon has played well all pre season he’s adds value in multiple areas so I’m guessing he stays.

  23. With so many new “stars” on this roster .. the one guy I’ve not
    been hearing much talk about … but really intrigues me is ..
    Michael Wilhoite

    Could be this guy is in “beast mode” training, and could
    end up being a keeper .. I just don’t know if there’ll be room
    on the roster for him

  24. I’ve learned to care less about the players and detach my emotions to the specific names and only focus on the Win column. Trying to figure out the draft, 53 man roster, PS group, etc. is a total waste of time. It’s fun. But still, a waste of time. Harbaugh and Baalke would cut their mothers if they didn’t produce a Win. So, I’m not getting involved in the names. Rip the names off the back of the jerseys. Just cart out 46 nameless pieces and make sure they execute the plan. All else is noise, emotion, fanaticism and meaningless. GO TEAM! 15-1 plus 3 more Ws after that.

  25. Wow, a lot of nitpicking going on here. The only thing to be learned from that game was the Niners back ups are more talented than the Chargers back ups. Which is actually very positive. We have depth everywhere except the O line. Having said that if you insert one of the back ups into the starting line up, surrounded by pro bowl caliber players it is not going to spell doom. Really, what teams 8th lineman is top shelf?

    Next, JH is famous for holding everything close to the vest, even paranoid maybe, and the play calling/schemes were very vanilla. Come game time against GB he’ll trot out the big boys and unleash the real Niners, with the crazy formations, gadgets and all on the O ( chalk them down for 28 pts/game) and The D will be top 3 keeping them in the games. ST is solid now with Dawson & Lee. All 3 phases are stocked with talent.

    Additionally we have the most players in the league on PUP/NFI that will be ready to fill in as the season wears on keeping everyone fresh and hungry…the competition never stops.

    It’s going to be a great year…Go Niners!

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