49ers 42, Jaguars 10: Grades

Here are the grades for the 49ers’ 42-10 win over the Jaguars.

Quarterbacks: A. One of the best games ever by a quarterback who completed just 10 passes. Kaepernick scored three touchdowns, one passing and two rushing, and he averaged 10.2 yards per pass attempt and 9.3 yards per rush attempt. He made 10 breathtaking plays in the first half alone – designed runs, scrambles, pump fakes, passes on the run, accurate passes downfield. He also seemed to make every correct call at the line of scrimmage, all though the 49ers burned two timeouts in the first half because Kaepernick took too long. Colt McCoy played the 49ers’ final offensive series and completed one pass in the flat to Bruce Miller.

RUNNING BACKS: B+. Frank Gore scored two touchdowns for the second week in a row, something he’s never done before. But he averaged just 3.7 yards per carry and over the past two games he’s averaged only 3.2 yards per carry. Kendall Hunter had nine carries and two were great, one was a 41-yarder and the other was a 33-yarder. Both carries were outside runs, tosses, sweeps. He has a burst to turn the corner which Gore lacks. But Hunter was not successful between the tackles where he rushed 6 times for only 3 yards. Bruce Miller had a 43-yard catch-and-run on the second play of the game. He lined up at wide receiver and the Jaguars didn’t cover him, pretended he was still in the backfield or standing on the sideline. Miller’s best play was a 13-yard catch-and-break-a-tackle-and-run in the fourth quarter.

WIDE RECEIVERS: B-.  Anquan Boldin dropped one pass but he had a good game, four catches for 56 yards. Kyle Williams gained 10 yards on a fly sweep and then 7 yards on a short catch and seemed to be getting into a rhythm on offense, but he never touched the ball again.

TIGHT ENDS: B-. Vernon Davis has been great all season and he was great today, catching a 31-yard pass and scoring a touchdown in the red zone. Vance McDonald did a lot of blocking but he did not receive a single pass.

OFFENSIVE LINE: A. Gave up zero sacks, almost zero pressure and they created enormous running lanes on power off-tackle runs and toss plays.

DEFENSIVE LINE: C. Got zero sacks and almost zero pressure on Chad Henne, a statue. The 49ers’ D-line got very little penetration against a bad offensive line.

LINEBACKERS: A. Patrick Willis and NaVorro Bowman and Ahmad Brooks and Dan Skuta were outstanding. Willis forced a fumble, had one tackle for a loss and six total tackles. Bowman knocked away one pass, had one tackle for a loss and 10 total tackles. Brooks had three tackles and one tackle for a loss. And Skuta had six tackles, one tackle for a loss, a fumble recovery and a touchdown. I’ve never typed so many stats for linebackers before.

SECONDARY: B. The safeties played better than the cornerbacks. Eric Reid had eight tackles and he batted away one pass. Donte Whitner knocked away a touchdown pass in the end zone in the fourth quarter. Tramaine Brock almost intercepted a pass but didn’t and then gave up a touchdown catch a couple of plays later. Tarell Brown gave up a few catches and he missed one tackle.

SPECIAL TEAMS: A-. The 49ers forced the Jaguars to start three drives behind their 20 yard line, Anthony Dixon had a 47-yard kick return and Kyle Williams had a 22-yard punt return. On the other hand, the Niners gave up a 40-yard kick return and a 16-yard punt return.

COACHING: B+. This was the week for Greg Roman and the 49ers’ offensive staff to get new players involved. The 49ers did a good job of that, but they could have done better. Roman gave Kyle Williams four touches on offense in the first half and Williams started to seem comfortable on his third touch. That bodes well for the rest of the offense. Still, Williams could have used more targets. Roman gave Kendall Hunter nine carries, but Roman should have given Hunter more. Roman called eight runs and one pass for Gore after the Niners took a 28 point lead. Those touches should have gone to Hunter. Gore took shots he didn’t need to take and he fumbled once. One more thing – Roman should have called a few passing plays for Vance McDonald. Roman called none for the rookie second-round pick. This game was a perfect opportunity to build the young tight end’s confidence. He has six catches and no touchdowns this season.

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      1. There is a game controller who is 8-0 as a QB and has only lost two games in the past two seasons he’s played in…just saying…nothing wrong with either when it gets you in the W column…

      2. Let me tell you the difference between a game manager which in Smith’s case generally meant don’t do anything to lose this game, and a game controller like Kaep.
        During the 2011 campaign, may have been the best defense the Niners ever put on the field. That year, the defense took the ball away from opponents at a record pace. +29 for the season. Smith rode that record breaking defense to an 8 game winstreak. With AS at the helm, our average margin of victory with that record breaking defense was 12.25 points per game. And that was with Gore, VD and Walker and Crabtree and Moss on that team.
        Fast forward, no Moss, no Walker, no Crabtree and no record breaking defense. Our average margin of victory during our five game winstreak is 22.6 points.

      3. Let me tell you why you don’t know football Baydouche. Never once with Alex or CK did you ever make mention of our offensive line. The offense was built around this unit as evidence of all the high draft picks used.
        When it was being constructed and the team struggled not once did you or any of your fantasy fairweather fans correlate any of the 49ers mishaps to this unit gelling. Instead you took blame with anything but.
        Now that Kap is having success, do you think maybe the oline has had any direct influence on this? Or how about when Alex was getting pummelled from 2007-2011? Do you think Baydouche the oline had any influence? Of course not, you are a fantasy football fan and just look at QBR, passing yards and all the skilled positions. This is why you have always been a joke. An offenses success and a QB’s success is all about his oline. Look at your buddy in KC, how’s that working out for him. Pffffff!!!!!!

      4. Kaep isn’t having issues. He takes less sacks than Smith. He’s moving the chains better than Smith, he is able to attack all parts of the field with the limited throws he’s had to make and keeps plays alive using his legs. THAT IS A FIELD COMMANDER to borrow a page from Jordan’s book.
        We have been so dominant, that he is not being asked to chuck it around.
        Now Prime, question for you. Why did you post under two different names in the same thread?

      5. I figured you would not understand. You probably don’t even know where they line up, your too busy looking at your QBR rating crap.

        2 questions for you.
        1.Who has CK made a better player out of not named Vernon or Q this year?

        2. How hard was it to admit you were wrong last night and stuffing your pie hole with crow ala 8-0 Chiefs?

      6. I’m really impressed by Bay’s and 23 welchers magic show of making the word game controller different from game manager. The best sideshow I have ever seen. Nice work men.

      7. My thoughts are that we have faced only two quality oppenents in Seattle and Indianapolis. And by quality I mean a team with an offense that can back up their defenses’ efforts or vice versa.

        The definition of the term manage also supports what you said Bay. You point out what Kaep has done this season despite the difficulties that this team has dealt with. Well, one of the definitions of manage is to bring about or succeed in accomplishing, sometimes despite difficulty or hardship. That fits more to what Kaep has been doing since the home loss against the Colts.

      8. MWN,
        I place the Seattle game on the entire team which includes Kaep. The Colts game is different. I feel the Niners were experimenting with formations, got too cute and it bit them in the ass.
        I also place that game 100% on the coaches. Keep feeding Gore that game and we win a low scoring game…. Kaeps biggest strength is that he gives the threat of running at any time. Against Seattle and Indy by lining him up the way they did, they took away his biggest strength. Good news is we are back on track.

      9. THAT IS A FIELD COMMANDER to borrow a page from Jordan’s book.
        We have been so dominant, that he is not being asked to chuck it around.

        Those two statements cancel each other out Bay. If you want an example of a field commander, then look no further than Drew Brees. Hardly ever is he not able to impose his will on a defense, whether they be weak or strong. Kaep isn’t at that point yet, but he will be very soon. I firmly believe that.

      10. I agree Bay, but it is that type of team that we have struggled against since the beginning of Harbaugh’s reign, and it has been regardless of who the QB has been under center.

      11. MW,
        what I meant was he isn’t being asked to chuck it around 30+ times a game. But when he does throw, he is able to attack the entire field. Deep shot plays and medium range plays. This is why we are top five in yards per catch.

      12. True, but he has trouble with only looking at his first option in the passing game and then running if he isn’t open, which is fine as long as the defense facing him doesn’t plan on it. Like I said, Kaep isn’t quite there yet in terms of being a field commander, but he will be.

      13. Bay fanatic says:
        Fast forward, no Moss, no Walker, no Crabtree and no record breaking defense. Our average margin of victory during our five game winstreak is 22.6 points.

        Who are the teams that the 49ers beat in their last five game winning streaks? The 49ers barely beat the Cardinals, Texans who had loss their last four games, before playing the 49ers at the stick. And St. Louis, Titans and Jaguars are lowly teams with losing records.

        What’s so funny is, you guys give Kap to much props, and he only beat five terrible teams with bad record. At the end of the season tell everyone how good Kap is, when he wins against formidable opponents that have winning record.

      14. Cape,
        I get that you are probably a 12 year old posting after 6th grade gets out. The Texans were the number one defense in the league and had lost two in a row not four like you said.
        They were a formidable opponent that had kicked the Seahawks ass the week before and only lost because Matt Schaub gave the game away.
        Regardless, the margin of victory during the winstreak is impressive.

      15. Bay fanatic says:
        The Colts game is different. I feel the Niners were experimenting with formations, got too cute and it bit them in the ass.


        Is there a word WINSTREAK? Or you meant “win streak” is impressive. You’re so smart Bay with spelling and grammar.

        BTW, you said the reason why the 49ers loss to the Colts they got too cute. Just admit it, the 49ers team got humiliated by a much better Colt team. A. Luck showed Kap who is the better Qb.

        It’s to0 bad the 49ers still trail the Hawks by a game. I bet you were praying that the Rams somehow upset the Hawks.

      16. Mid west…..
        Do you think ck was looking at one receiver when we struggled because he hadnt yet had the chemistry with Davis, an only Bolden? I think that had something to do with it. He looks like he’s going through more than one option lately. I said it from the beginning. Our O-line is built for power running. And they abandoned that in the first 3 games this season. Idk if CK can or can’t be the qb who throws all day without the receivers he’s missing right now.
        I agree with bay about the Indy game. They were trying to get cute and not run the ball. Since the second half of the rams game, they haven’t been stopped by a defense yet. Yes Houston’s offense is horrible, but their defense wasn’t. Tennessee at their house isn’t a walk in the park either. These two aren’t world beaters, but we didn’t struggle against them like the seahaks have. Shades of 11 are coming around again, except this time we have a duel threat qb that can put the ball anywhere.

  1. Every time Williams touches the ball, I hold my breath. This kid has been polishing someone’s brass to still be on this team. I do not appreciate his game….

      1. Coach, I agree. During preseason they had him catching out of the backfield, and he did well with that. This is a headscratcher for me.
        -Durable back, reliable on 3rd down
        -Special teamer
        -Effective kick returner

        I don’t get why they would keep James over Dixon, unless they want a backup for Hunter.

      2. Dixon is in the last year of his contract, making some $620,000, I read in one analysis (Would need to be paid more to keep next year). 49ers need to make space for Manningham and Crabtree on the roster and can get a pick, 7th round?, for trading Dixon.
        I like his play too. Special teams. No other back brings the size and strength to the power running game he does. Maybe the new kid from S.Carolina.

    1. Razor I think we will have to suffer a little longer with Williams. Ted Robinson said during the pregame show today that the 9ers were shopping Baldwin for another 7th rd pick and if they ca’nt get a pick for him they will release him. Which means we will have to put up with Williams until they activate Crabtree and then it will be so long Williams. They will not release any WR who is on the special team coverages. On a different note does it seem like the 49ers want to own every pick in the 7th rd.

  2. Offense did another fine job which has become the norm… Only thing I would have liked to have seen sooner is Gore and Kap sitting on the bench with such a big lead.

    Defense came out and shut them down but let up later in the game. Would like to see them step on their throats a bit more and Aldon should help with that.

    Great time for a bye and I don’t see any game left they can’t win if they continue to play to their strengths. Nice job, team.

    1. The reason the Defense let them get more yards later in the game, & didn’t “step on their throats”, is that most of the starters were taken out & the back-ups were given some reps…

  3. Good grades.
    We are missing Aldon Smith on defense.
    We need another wide receiver to step up. Will Manningham be back after the Bye? Is there any word on Aldon’s return?

  4. Quite good overall, defense could have been better than allowing over 300 yards to a JV team. But I know we are toilet paper thin at DL. Agree that the offense should have done a better job at incorporating other guys into the flow of things. They really should have given Gore fewer carries, we are going to need him to be strong for 19 or 20 games hopefully.

    1. Why? Is Baalke getting bored again? Dixon is a productive member of the team. And what would another 7th round pick do for us. That would be a stupid move. Hope it’s not true.

      1. Why is because there are another 5 or 6 spots that need to be addressed when some of the injured guys start to play. Unfortunately, we would have 60 players we’d like to keep to fill 53 spots. Better to trade for draft picks than just have another team pick them up off waivers for zilche.

      2. I’d rather keep a versatile player like Dixon (who can play FB, RB, ST coverage and return units) then these one trick ponies:

        Bubba Ventrone
        Kassim Osgood
        McLeod Bethel-Thompson
        Nnamdi Asomugha
        Perrish Cox

      3. Ventrone and Osgood may be one-trick ponies but those two have been a core part of the strong foundation for our special teams this season. It would be a good idea to hang onto them.

      1. Someone mentioned that the 49ers should try some bubble screens or a quick hitch with their WR’s. I think they tried that today with Williams and he either dropped it and or was afraid to get hit. My point is he seems to be too small stature wise for what the 49ers want to do with their wideouts.
        This to me is puzzling because Baldwin seemed to be a good fit but he can’t even crack the lineup on Sundays.

      2. Brotha Tuna says:
        how good can Baldwin be?
        With what we currently get from Williams what would it hurt to find out? I’ve seen what Williams can do and on paper Baldwin appears to offer more. Even if I’m wrong I hardly imagine that Baldwin will produce less then what Williams is contributing at worst it’s an even swap. No harm no foul.

      3. You do reslize that Baldwin was active for the 4 games prior to today right? He was inactive today because he was sick all week.

      4. In the 4 games Baldwin has been activated he has 6 targets, 3 catches, 28 yards.

        In those same 4 games Williams had 2 targets, 1 catch, 14 yards.

        To put the importance of the #2 WR for the 49ers into perspective, in those same 4 games FB Bruce Miller had 6 catches for 46 yards.

  5. Top 5 best things about today’s game:

    1) We had no major injuries going into the bye week. This is why the D-line played a little soft. “Just get out of the game healthy, we know we’re gonna win.”

    2) Kyle Williams just gave LMJ a spot on the active roster coming out of the bye. This is Kyle William’s last season with us…and maybe his last active game. His only value that Harbaugh has attributed to him his reliability as a
    returner…he gave that up today, over and over again.

    3) Anthony Dixon is developing into a stud player. He’s been boosting his value this year as a runner (especially in short yard situations), and today’s kick return only helped his overall cause.

    4) The 49ers (players AND coaches) are starting to mature into a true championship team. Today they entered a game that they were supposed to win, and handled business from the opening snap until the end of the game. They didn’t get into a “struggle.” Instead they out-schemed and out-played their opponents in every category and made it look relatively easy. So what we didn’t get sacks or pressure, we only gave up 10pts, and that was only AFTER fumble deep in their territory.

    5) Kyle Williams just confirmed for coaches/Baalke his value and made an easy choice to clear a roster spot for Michael Crabtree, Quinton Patton and Mario Manningham when they’re activated again. At the very least, he’ll be benched/deactivated and Marlon Moore will be cut…but I think they both will be cut.

    1. In thinking some more about why they would trade Dixon, I think I get it now. It must be that they are not willing to spend more on his position. Someone is going to get a steal for a 7th round pick.

      1. They won’t trade him. He plays an unheralded role on special teams and short yardage. After today he might even see some return time on special team.
        As a depth guy and good locker room guy, it would be foolish to trade him.

      2. Like you, I think Dixon is very capable. In fact, I think he should be on the field more. But this is the last year they have him under contract, and I surmise they know they won’t be able to afford him next year. Why else would they try to deal him? They probably figure they can make due without him, and now is the only time they can do it.

      3. prime i agree. I love the way boobie plays! Coaching staff should give him the ball more often and rotate between Frank, Hunter and Dixon. We can then sprinkle several plays with LMJ. But Dixon is a key special teams player and if he gets cut, Seahawks will pick him up.

    1. That is irrelevant, the point is, we DOMINATED inferior teams! That might not seem like a big deal, but if you watch football, you know it rarely happens. Denver might be the only other team this year that has not only won five straight against lesser opponents, but completely dominated them while doing so.

      1. Bay and jshaw seem to revel in the glory of 40+ point wins…. May I remind you that this is the NFL, and parity is as close as “on any given Sunday,…” The important amount of points is one (1) …more than the other guy. You want blowouts? Go watch Pop Warner.

        Dixon should be kept, and Williams waived; the same with LaMichael over Baldwin, and put him in a position for swing passes and crossing patterns. Get him to the outside and watch our point spread grow…Baldwin’s just tall…trade him to the Warriors.

      2. Oregon whats your point besides beinginsulting? We all like a 40 point victory…. Doesnt always happen. The teams we crushed we were supposed to.

      3. “We all like a 40 point victory”

        No, no, no Baydouche, fantasy football fans like 40 point victories. Real football fans will take a win any which way!

      4. Forth

        I’ve tried to encourage Bay to do the same thing. Do you see who starts the insults. Its really unnecessary. That’s why I don’t engage with prime and the insults. Someone has to be the bigger man. Thanks for trying to encourage the guy to do so. Keep it football, not personal.

      5. Jordan,
        go look at my interactions with any of these guys. 90%+ they trail me. I iggy them, they attack and make it personal.
        Tough to ignore a personal attack but look to see who starts it the majority of the time with most of those guys…

    2. Cards or Titans. The 6 wins this season have come against teams with a combined 15 wins, which can go no higher than 17 depending on the Sunday/Monday night games.

    3. Who cares what the record of the teams they beat is? They have to beat them either way, good record or bad. You beat teams that are bad and you get grief about it or you lose to teams that are bad and you get grief about it. Any win in the NFL is tough.

    4. Or the Broncos who have played a lot of the same teams the Chiefs have. Some people aren’t happy with a win. They want a win with some flash and fantasy stats.

    5. Probably Titans, they are more competitive with Locker. They probably beat Seattle with Locker in the Lineup rather than Fitzpatrick and his 3 INTS. All around they way we beat the Titans is the most impressive.

    6. oh Grant you are too much! You grade the coaches a B after dominating the Jags by 32 points and your reason was because Frank played too much or KW was not involved enough. Now you are questioning the 5 win streak due to playing poor teams! I am really interested to know who is your NFL team? Would share with us please?

      1. The best part of this 49ers win: I stayed off the blog until today so that I could enjoy the win without some unnecessary criticism by Grant that made little to no sense.

        You can please everybody and this bodes especially true with Grant’s perception of the 49ers.

        I’m surprised Dixon is on the trading block. I would have thought the remaining games and playoffs were more valuable than a 7th rounder.

        I think Baalke is getting a little too busy and cute with all these garbage picks. I’m pretty sure Dixon would resign on this team for peanuts to be a part of something special.

    7. The Titans have a slight edge over the Cardinals in terms of being the strongest team that we have faced during this stretch.

    8. Grant,
      the best team that we played during our five game win streak were the Texans. At the time they were the number one defense. They had just come off a humiliating loss to the Seahawks. A game in which they scored 20 unanswered points. All they had to do was wear the clock down. And with a couple of minutes left, Schaub throws a pick six.

      They came into San Francisco still suffering from that loss. Lets cross our fingers that we bring in Allen. The legacy Niner teams were always savvy enough to bring in a rental player to lock that Lombardi trophy down….

  6. Special teams a A, even with Cardiac Williams with his fumbles. You usually grade too low, but Williams is a severe handicap.

    1. KW is not an NFL caliber WR. His days are numbered and I’ll be the happiest man alive when his sorry arse is off the team.

  7. Coach: thanks.
    I realize we have been spoiled by having the GOAT, Taylor and Owens; but wide receiver appears to be a big area of concern.
    If he comes back at full strength Crabtree is very good. I love Boldin, but I wonder how many years he has left. We don’t have any one other than Vernon who scares defenses down the field. Kap seems more comfortable throwing down the field. We need some one who can get deep.

  8. Surprised at the high grade for the running backs. If you take away all the positive yardage runs and tds they got nothing going on the ground.

    Congrats to the Niners on the win. A nice roll to be on heading to the bye. Rest up and keep it going in the second half of the season.

    1. surprised CK received an A! if you take away his two running tds and one pass he did not produce in this past game. LOL.

    1. If Moody is one of the guys reactivated, he could help take Boobie’s place on coverage teams. I think it’s about roster spots and getting some return value on assets. A 7th is better than getting nothing for releasing a guy. Any takers for KW? Moore? Baldwin?

      1. Moore and KW have no value. Baldwin could possibly be worth a 7th, because he has some production at the NFL level and has a lot of potential.

    1. I’m having trouble understanding how they are getting beat with that group of receivers. Decker, Thomas, and Welker would be a beastly combo on any team with a halfway decent QB. They happen to have the better Manning.

      1. Looks like they’re falling back asleep. Perhaps waiting until after the game would be best rather then random projections based on a single half of play.

      2. Primeslime sounds like you spoke too early. Washington is weak. Like your sports knowledge.

        Prime why would you post under two different names in a thread?

      1. Jack,
        I was referring to your statement about Denver, not Cal. As for the Golden Bears, I knew they would suck once they hired Sonny Dykes.

  9. Over the past three games, Colin Kaepernick’s passer rating has been 100.

    Cam Newton’s passer rating has been 130.

        1. Because Newton had a bad game and threw three picks, not because the Cardinals outplayed the Panthers. The Panthers out-gained the Cardinals by more than 100 yards. Newton hasn’t thrown a pick since that game.

        1. They did. Newton forced the first two interceptions. He hasn’t been forcing passes since that game and he’s passed better than Kaepernick since then.

      1. The last good defense the Panthers played they scored 6 points. They’ve beaten 3 of the worst teams in football the past 3 weeks. Newton has played better the past few games but still hasn’t shown an ability to lead his team past better opposition.

      1. Cam has over twice as many career starts than Kap. And he was the first overall pick while Kap was the 6th QB taken. He finally has strung a few good games together, so what.

      1. I don’t know which side of the argument you were on (or whether you were even on a side), but…

        who has more wins was the exact argument people used to justify Alex Smith > Cam Newton.

        but many 49ers fans disagreed that Smith was better saying his supporting cast was vastly greater.

        now, Newton is outperforming Kaep and the supporting cast argument no longer applies?

        plus, Kaep will be 26 on Nov. 3 and Cam is only 24. if Carolina offered Cam for Kaep straight up, I think I’d go with Cam.

      2. It does seem like Newton may turned a corner the past three games. Then again, the Panthers’ last three opponents rank 27th, 30th and 25th in terms of opposing QB passer rating against.


        Atlanta is ranked 31st, so I expect he will roll into the 49ers game with a 4 game streak of playing well. We’ll get to see how he adjusts to playing a defense that isn’t in the bottom quarter of the league in terms of how well QBs do against it.

      3. Stats, wins, and supporting cast aside, Kap has it between the ears and Cam does not. I would take Kap over Cam right now straight up.

      4. if Carolina offered Cam for Kaep straight up, I think I’d go with Cam.

        Cam Newton would only come to this team if he is allowed to bring his suggestion box.

      5. I see what you are saying but I could care less about the past. Ck is our QB and he will be the one we will support. In a very limited nfl experience ck has demonstrated huge play capability. Is he the best QB right now?maybe not but I would take him over most nfl QBs including cam and Alex. Anyways he is the man right now so let’s just support him and hope he continues to improve

  10. The passing game is still a problem.
    The pass blocking has not been great at times but mostly it is the lack of a thirdoption to throw the ball to.

    1. Grant’s grades on Kap are a little overrated.
      Two wasted TO early in the game by Kap, an overthrown pass to Boldin that only counted because of pass interference, take away his TD runs (like grant did to Gore) and the Kap has a mediocre game.

  11. “…..This was the week for Greg Roman and the 49ers’ offensive staff to get new players involved…..”

    Somehow .. when I read that .. I could see Grant flashing a
    little smile, cuz he got a chance to use that line in this thread ..

    but, I dunno … Kyle had two fumbles… one out of bounds
    .. and the other .. he got lucky with …

    I liked it better seeing Anthony Dixon back there
    returning kicks

  12. Good overall grades Grant.
    You made an obvious statement about Hunter having a burst to turn the corner that Gore lacks. We’ve known that for a while now.
    But you failed to mention anything about Gore’ great blocking today especially on CK’ TD run where he essentially took 3 defenders out of the play. That block alone should have had some kind of recognition from you.

    Kyle Williams muffed a kickoff that luckily went out of bounds and returned a short kickoff out of bounds that looked like it was heading out of bounds for a penalty.
    Those two bad plays (even though they did not cost us) by KWill may have prompted A.Dixon replacing him on KO returns.
    But your grade for ST is fair.

      1. Ok, maybe that’s why he mentioned the Hunter has burst around the corner that Gore lacks.
        That comment must have reflected team play as well.

  13. Your analysis and negative comments are as always, absurd…. the team won 42-10, your critical nature is mis-placed, you should look for another line of work, maybe babysitting… the team has won five straight, you believe Kyle Williams should have more touches, he will not be with the team when Manningham and Crabtree return… wake up !!!

  14. You may have noticed that on occasion, I’ve been impatient with your game analysis. Not this time. Right comments for the right reasons. It’s time GRo incorporated his 2nd round talents VMac and LMJ into his plan. With MM they should be able to drive some of those 8 defenders out of the box

  15. Not to say I told u so, but I called 6-2 at break when everyone thought the season was over after the colts. I will also state that that I called the Niners beating the seachickens @ candlestick…they will and win west and beat seachickens again in championship game. Once they get all their players back, they r simply a more talented overall team.

      1. The only one that had Smith and the Chiefs being
        8-0 before the season began was the guy soused off of Jack Daniels wearing a lampshade on his head, a muscle shirt on his back, and a pink tutu on his bottom while screaming to everybody, “This is *hick* the tear that Japsonbille goes all *hick* the may.”

  16. Dez Bryant’s temper tantrum was classic. What a complete tool!
    Didn’t he punch his own mother in the face?
    Cowboys are falling apart, 2-6 Giants are back in it. Might be worst division in the NFL.

  17. Grant, I would appreciate your feedback on this please. I watched the entire game and came away extremely concerned by the lack of qb pressure we applied.
    1) would Dial be an upgrade over McDonald with a bum bicep?
    2) Would the coaching staff be hesitant to sit McDonald in favor of Dial?
    3) It seems like everyone is so concerned with getting back healthy WR’s but there is no mention of the concern of pressure on QBs, especially ones that we will face on 12/8.
    Thanks Grant

    1. as DC Niner stated, Dial is more of a Nose Tackle than an End. Dial could play End, he has the size, length and athleticism. But he was a run plugger in college and it appears that is how the Niners want to use him. McDonald’s End position often requires more penetration and edge containment than Dial appears to possess right now. Tony Jerrod-Eddie would probably be the first guy put in for McDonald. I’m not sure if Dobbs plays on that side or not, he always appears to be on the Right Side in for Justin Smith. I don’t know if Dobbs plays both Ends positions. If Dial played End, I could see it on expected run downs. As for Carradine, I’m not sure how far along he is at this point to push Dobbs or Jerrod-Eddie for playing time.

  18. The niners are 6-0 averaging over 30 points a game when I’m working and ct watch the game! They’re 0-2 averaging 5 points when I’m off and can watch the game lol

    1. Can you make sure you are working during the playoffs? And the games against the Saints & Seahawks while you ‘re at it.

  19. The rich get richer:
    Niners most likely will have 6 picks in first 3 rounds of 2014 NFL draft.
    1. Own first rounder
    2. 2nd round pick from Chiefs
    3. Own 2nd round pick
    4. 3rd round pick from Tennessee
    5. Own 3rd round pick
    6. Projected 3rd round compensatory pick for Bucs signing Dashon Goldson.
    The compensatory picks are awarded during annual NFL owners meeting . Next meeting is in March 2014.
    The formula used by NFL for ompensatory picks is based on players salary, playing time and post season honors.
    Goldson’s contract with bucs was 5 years for 42.25 million.

    1. Why is everyone so excited about next years picks? Alex was a top#1, Jenkins was a #1, we waste our picks, and give away the players that we pick before we even test them out. How many of our ’11 and ’12 picks are PLAYING for other teams now? More picks only mean more bad trades. CK can’t get through his 3rd progression, so if AQ or VD aren’t open, it’s back to read’nrun. We don’t develop WR’s, and don’t keep our #2 QB’s. Who’s our #2, #3…? really….

      1. WOW might want to do some research… 1.) How many 2013 picks are contributing right NOW! Reid, Lemonier, Vance McD, Dial now that he’s healthy and 2.) 2011 produced KAP, Aldon, Culliver, Kendal Hunter and Bruce Miller.

        Admittedly we had missed on the 2012 draft but when you draft as well as Baalke all across the board you can afford to miss.

      2. Rib – Maybe even 2 years from now, Lattimore will be considered the steal of the 2013 draft. Oregoniner is a glass-half-empty kind of dude. He needs to attend some Tony Robbins seminars with Jags head coach.

  20. Grant, you were much too generous,
    giving the Niner coaching staff a B+.
    As you indicated ahead of time,
    this was a prime opportunity for Greg Roman
    (with Jim Harbaw’s full approval… )
    to have tested/reinforced the depth of our offense.
    You mention the eight carries for Gore after we had
    built a 28-point lead (putting the game out of reach).
    Coach Roman totally wasted the game with regard to
    cultivating Kendall Hunter’s role. Of his nine carries,
    six of them came on the final drive with McCoy.
    Garbage time. Just running out the clock.
    Harbaw & the fans will all regret that decision if & when
    we need a more experienced/confident Kendall Hunter
    in the post season, huh?
    And if you really believe Kaepernick deserves an A grade,
    “one of the best games ever by a QB completing 10 passes”
    then how do you begin to rate a QB with 354 passing yards,
    four passing touchdowns, 68.2% completion ratio?….
    Peyton Manning, 45 – 21 winner over Washington.
    Manning had thirty (30) completions.
    Just as with the running game, Coach Roman failed
    to use today’s game to cultivate/enhance the passing attack.
    Setting aside the six passes thrown at Boldin, we have
    Colin aiming only 3 at Bruce Miller and 3 at Ken Williams.
    Our rookie QB had three receivers getting 52+ yards each.
    (Oh yeah: two other Niner receivers got 7 yards and 6 yards.)
    Manning had three of his guys with 75+ yards each. Plus,
    five Denver receivers picked up more than 29 yards … each.
    Now that, Grant, is a balanced attack. This is what
    Coach Roman could have tried to develop today.
    You pegged it in your previous column. Therefore,
    the coaching staff deserves a C+. This will become clear
    when we meet New Orleans on week #11.

    1. I thought they deserved an A. It’s not easy travelling across the country and then overseas and play a dominating game. The Jags are brutal but the 49ers could have easily taken them lightly. Instead they played as hard as ever. The boys looked focused and dialed in and that’s a credit to the coaching staff.
      As for this experimenting with different players that’s a joke. This coaching staff knows what they have in each player. Getting touches is obviously earned not given just because you play a bad team.

      Hunter is getting more and more as each week goes on and I assume they will do they the same with MM an Crabtree. As for Williams, he is terrible. How many more opportunities do we need to see him not get open, fumble or get rag dolled at the line? As for Baldwin and Moore, guess they don’t fit in with what the coaches want.

    2. I didn’t get to watch the game but followed the stats on my iPhone.
      It sounded like the Niners were running some kind of Alabama offense in route to scoring 42 points!
      I think the big question mark is what happens to the offense when they face a good team that has a good scheme in place that can shut down Bolding and VD and have a group of LBs to reduce the effects of Kap’s running.
      Those teams are out there.
      Still, the is the most impressive series of wins in the Harbaugh era.

      1. Five wins in a row. Five times in a row we go over 30 points and you say,

        ” I think the big question mark is what happens to the offense when they face a good team that has a good scheme in place that can shut down Bolding and VD and have a group of LBs to reduce the effects of Kap’s running”

        Fan… I ask you again, you are a fan of what? Not the 49ers I see. So who are you a fan of?

      2. Fan what I think Baydouche is asking of you is to cross your fingers, close your eyes and swing. Don’t be an intelligent fan who looks at things logically, blindly believe they can and will overcome all. Just like he did with a former QB who played in SF!

      3. I think I’m saying the same thing Grant brought up. I have no complaints with the wins.
        What happens when the teams has to complete more then 10 passes was my question.
        Bay sometimes you can be very sensitive, I can see why Summer’s Eve decided to sponsor your posts here!

      4. Prime, why did you post under two names in a blog thread?

        Also you see I paid up my bet. Given that you are a real estate attorney ( so you say ) We’ll ethics are involved in that. Given that you bet me and lost and welched on the bet, doesn’t that pretty much mean you have none?

        I hope I never find your real name because I would make sure the internet was littered with your name and lack of ethics…..

      5. Wearing WRONG looks good on you! The thing that is laughable about your bet with MW is you are or were too stupid to even look at their schedule to see there was 6 wins on paper alone. Then again being the women you are, all emotion, never any logic or reason to your thinking.

      6. Bayarea says “I hope I never find your real name because I would make sure the internet was littered with your name and lack of ethics…..

        Are you playing Internet tough guy. Kinda like how you stalked DS? Now back to your crow and tacos?

      7. “What happens when the teams has to complete more then 10 passes was my question.”

        Maybe you missed the Packers game? And the Cardinals game?

      8. More than 10 Fan and when 5 of those have to go to someone else not named Boldin or Davis. Maybe Crabtree and or MM solves that.

      9. I didn’t watch the game, so my comment was directed as a negative. I win is a win, whether they score over 10, 20, 30, or 40.
        I’m just noticing the recent pattern of targets to Boldin and VD, and very low production from anyone else.
        The Niners are a talented team and Colin is a talented QB.
        The stats are great and they can’t do anything about the teams they face.
        My question is that this is not a diversified offense in terms of passing, and it may never be.
        Either it’s being stripped down because Colin is not maturing to be a consistent multiple progression QB, and maybe the coaching staff doesn’t feel like they need to be.
        The Packers game was an anomaly, the pattern now is to run 60% of the time, and pass very little.
        The beat a team where Colin only threw it 15 times and completed 6 passes.

      10. It’s a very diversified offense in that they are completely multiple in almost everything they do. Their ability to spread the field out of 22 personnel is a perfect example of this.

        As I said yesterday, there is only 1, maybe 2 teams in the NFC that can matchup with this offense. Come January, we’ll see what they can do and who they have to play.

      11. Hey Jack.
        Yeah we traded posts about it. I’m not criticizing anyone and I think you’re adult enough to realize that.
        The Alabama comment I wrote earlier was comparing how they choose to play and win.
        I do agree that the 22 personnel is the best. It would be great to see it evolve into what the Pats used to do with Hernandez and Gronk.
        There are a few potential teams that might cause problems, like Carolina and maybe Washington. They were up against Denver and then the wheels fell off. I didn’t catch any games, so I’m slowly catching up. What the heck happened to Kyle Williams?

    3. Kaepernick only threw one pass in the second half, total. That is at least in part due to the fact the game was already out of reach. You’re perfectly justified knocking the coaches over how they should have handled that. But to compare Kap’s performance to Manning’s makes little sense; the game situations were radically different. Manning was down at the start of the 4th, while the Niners had the game well in hand before halftime.

      But if you really want to compare, you have to consider Manning’s three interceptions, too. Dude threw a touchdown to the other team. If you buy into the ESPN’s total QBR, Kap enjoys a 99.8 to 52.7 advantage. He led in the traditional rating, too.

      What they asked Kap to do, he did extremely well. That’s why he deserves an A.

  21. A perfect game, except the the almost non-existent pass rush and Williams butter fingers.

    Many were saying this season is alot like 2011. Williams punt catching skills could make this season exactly like 2011.

  22. Grant,
    Off topic. The weather reports for the London area call for heavy winds, do you if it will affect travel plans for both teams?

  23. Three weeks ago if you had asked me what part of their game was it most important for the 49ers to improve over the bye I would have said the health\play of their WR’s. Although its still important for the WR’s to improve I now believe their pass rush is more important. Good QB’s are going to pick this team apart if first of all J. Smith and McDonald don’t get back to their pre injury levels.
    Secondly they need A. Smith back on the field and playing at his pre rehab level and lastly T. Carradine needs to be healthy and providing a push to collapse the pocket.
    If there isn’t a great improvement in those areas it won’t matter what the WR’s are able to do, we will get killed by avg QB’s little own the better ones we will face in the playoffs.

    1. OldCoach – Absolutely! I feel great about the game, but the pass rush was like a wet noodle vs a terrible O-line, even in obvious passing situations.

      Lemonier is a great pick up for a 3rd rounder, but he’s not Aldon. I think he will be hot and cold, doing great against OTs that can’t handle his explosive first step, but getting shut out by OTs that know how to get out of their stances quickly.

      We need Tank and Aldon for the playoffs… or else!

      On a note, I’m hoping part of the pass rush problem was due to Fangio getting vanilla in the 2nd half. Maybe he was saving his stunts, blitzes and zone blitzes for later games to get a look at how new players were doing one-on-on.

  24. Hey guys, what’s the chance the 49ers try to keep Dixon, but trade Kyle Williams for a 7th rounder? I know Kyle just had a crappy game, but thoughts on that. The only reason the 49ers would be putting Dixon on the trading block is that Marcus Lattimore’s rehab is going great (i.e. cutting well, good burst, etc.). Otherwise why would they be trading their second best short yardage guy? If it’s about finding roster space, Dixon is the wrong guy to let go of in the middle of the season.

    1. I think it has to do with money. Next year he’s a free agent and he’ll get more money elsewhere. They get something for him now or never.

      1. It may also be that they want to ease Gore’s workload for the second half. They were talking yesterday about Jewel Hampton. The thing that limits Dixon’s playing time in the offense is his inconsistent blocking and blitz pickup. The only 49er back worse at blocking is Lamichael James, who can’t block at all. But they like Hampton’s blocking and it sounds like they may cut or trade Dixon and activate Hampton.

  25. As a liberal grader when I taught, these grades are fine.


    Colin still looks like a boy amongst men. He got away with a lot of stuff against a truly horrible squad. He throws too low and his accuracy isn’t what it really needs to be. This team as a whole and on both sides is too slow and too ponderous to hang with the Saints or the Seahawks. The talent just isn’t there on the DL or at WR. Pure and simple. Williams is pure poison. LJ doesn’t have a pro game and he will be exposed again. Hunter is not the pre-injury player.

    The Niners looked very good today and they should against a team as bad as the Jaguars. But I’ll tell you what, KC looked a lot better and so did Alex. He balled today. (I’m not an Alex guy, but give credit where credit is due). The Niners would have lost against the Chiefs, that’s a fact. I hope they can pick it up but any jubilation about today should be tempered with who they played. YMMV and that’s fine…

    1. Asinine Razor??? We obviously watched a different game. Colin changed the play at the line most of the time. I don’t think he really sees what is going on when he comes up to the line of scrimmage. More burned time outs again this game as well.

      As I said YMMV, but they were playing the Jaguars man, and if you re-watch the game you will see he has serious problems with just letting go of the ball and getting it to the receiver. He throws too flat and so he gets his passes knocked down a lot. He aims the ball instead of just letting it rip. That’s all well and good for the Jags, but come crunch time he needs to step up his game. You disagree, that’s fine.

    2. The Niners would have lost against the Chiefs, that’s a fact.

      No, it’s not. It’s an opinion offered in answer to a hypothetical question.

    3. Kap is still learning to see the whole field ghost but you are selling him short. He needs work on putting more air under his deeper throws but his accuracy and willingness to throw into tight areas is already very strong and will only get better with time.

    4. Ghost Of mustard says:

      Colin still looks like a boy amongst men. He got away with a lot of stuff against a truly horrible squad. He throws too low and his accuracy isn’t what it really needs to be. This team as a whole and on both sides is too slow and too ponderous to hang with the Saints or the Seahawks. The talent just isn’t there on the DL or at WR. Pure and simple.

      That’s a good analogy, I agree with you. That’s what, I was trying to emphasize on some of my previous comment. The 49ers team is going to have a tough time against the Seahawks and the Saints who one of which who will go to the Super Bowl.

  26. “Colin still looks like a boy amongst men”. Was there any reason to read any further after this asinine statement? Most unlikely….

  27. Razoreater will have a postgame statement for us on week #11…
    Kaepernick vs Brees.
    Mano a mano.
    Looking forward to it.

  28. Green Bay vs Minnesota (24 to 17 at the half)

    The Packers third down efficiency is 7 – 9… Wow.
    Aaron Rodgers passing: 150.3 QB rating….Wow.
    13 of 16 for 169 yards gained …. two touchdowns.
    81.3 completion average; zero interceptions….
    Again, wow. So if Kaep was given a grade of A,
    then how in the world do you accurate rate the
    QB who has already won a Super Bowl ring….?

    We need to leave a cushion here. Room for growth.
    Of what benefit is a grade of A or even B now,
    if Coach Harbaw and the Niners fail to win the SB?

      1. Here’s all you need to know about the top 10 QBR: Buffalo was on the losing end, and all the teams had sucky defenses!

      1. QBR isn’t perfect but it paints a more accurate picture than QB rating. Tim Tebow had a QB rating near 100 in a game he went 2-8 passing in. It is a ridiculous measurement to base meaningful analysis on.

      2. The same can be said of QBR Rocket. I like both measurements to a certain degree. My comment was a simple observation, not a judgement.

      3. I don’t disagree with you Jack, just saying of the two, I see QBR as the more legitimate representation of the overall level of play. Neither is very good though.

  29. I think I need to lighten up. Been doing way too much fretting about the lack of pass rush and Kyle Williams amazing butter fingers.
    - The 49ers got the victory
    - No new major injuries
    - KC won which means an extra 2014 2nd round draft pick
    - Positive rumors re Aldon’s return and Tank on the horizon

  30. Going back to and including the muffed punt against the Giants in the NFCC what has Kyle Williams done to suggest he should continue to be on this team? He’s failed to emerge, once again, as a legitimate receiver and he’s shown that he’s not immune to repeating the same mistake that cost us a trip to the SuperBowl.

    Can we please move on and get a player that has a chance of making a difference and not costing us a game?

  31. Packers 44, Vikings 31
    Hint: This is not the same Green Bay team
    which the Niners saw on week #1.
    Aaron Rodgers was 24/29 ( 82.8%)
    He averaged 9.8 yards per reception
    Two TDs (just like you, Colin).
    13/18 (success on 3rd down)
    2/2 (success on 4th down)
    467 total yards (182 of those on the ground).
    Seattle, Detroit, New Orleans…. and Green Bay;
    where’s the easy path to an NFC championship?

    To quote James Harbaw: prepare for a football fight.

      1. Fan 77,

        I’m not sure that the Packers of old are back yet. Like you’ve said their defense give up to many points against opposing teams.

        A. Rodgers alone can win against good teams with a good offense. Packers defense struggle against teams with good Qb and team that can run the ball through the middle. Their corners give up to many big plays, they have tough time getting to the opposing Qb.

      2. I didn’t watch last night’s Seahawks game, but on any given sunday, thursday or Monday, any team can win.
        The Seahawks barely squeaked by the Rams and Carolina.
        Aaron Rodgers has nobody, all his players are hurt, and look at how he’s playing.

      3. Fan 77,

        I agree, that the hawks barely squeaked by the Rams last night. The Rams defense was relentless against Wilson and the Hawks offense. It looks like the Rams defense improved drastically since they last played the 49ers. Their WR got better and their running game has improved quite a bit.

        If the Rams continue to play the way they played against the Hawks, It won’t be a surprise to anyone that they’ll be the spoiler among teams that are already out of the race in NFC playoff. What so impressive last night were the two Rams defensive players Quinn and C. Long who are just unbelievable the way they sack QB Wilson six times.

      4. Capeman

        I guess you’re not the most knowledgeable Seahawks fan. The last time the Rams played your Hawks, Elision got sacked 6 times!

      5. Capeman,
        Seahawks are like the Chiefs. Their wins have been unimpressive.
        Still, the Niners have too losses and while they beat up on the teams on their schedule, certain aspects of the team are coming together while the 3rd dimension of the offense is still WIP. By 3rd dimension I am referring to whether or not the Niners Offense can utilize a 3rd option receiver. They are too reliant on Boldin and VD. Show me something, anything.

      6. 23Jordan,

        You’ve already forgotten last season 49er loss to the Rams? The49ers struggle badly against a very tough Ram defense last season.

        Kap and the 49ers barely escaped a loss to the rams at the stick ending the game a 24-24 tie in OT. Three times kap got sack in that game. And in the second game, they played the Rams at St Louis the 49ers loss to the Rams 16-13 and the rams again sack kap 3 times and held gore to 58 rushing yards. Last season the 49ers had a tough time playing the Rams even Kap was the starting Qb.

        This season when the 49ers played the Rams, the Ram rookies were inconsistent and there wasn’t any leadership among these young talented Ram team.

        The Ram’s defense is getting better they’re looking like the old Rams from last season. And the Rams offense finally has a good RB and their group of young receivers is getting the experience they need to play a lot better in the NFL in their position.

        When Bradford comes back from injury, he needs to be the leader of the Rams offense, that’s what the Rams need moving forward in competing in the NFC west. The Game last night against a very good Hawks defense, the Rams offense is showing a lot of progress from their previous games.

      7. Fan 77 says:

        You’re right the 49ers are too reliant with Boldin and Vernon. The opposing defense knows that. That’s why; if both Boldin and Vernon are covered, the 49ers need to rely on gore. If gore struggles, the 49er will need the 3rd option receiver it will takes away a lot of pressure off their Qb.

        Fan, who do you think that will step up for the 49ers to be the 3rd option WR? Most of their young receivers are unimproved commodity. They need to get a veteran WR with a lot of experience

      8. Capeman,
        I think the 2nd WR will be V MacDonald, or FB Bruce Miller.
        What’s missing is the threat of the vertical from either Ted Ginn JR or Randy Moss.
        I think the team is good enough to beat most teams 90% of the time. But they will hit a match-up that just sucks for them. Jack Hammer thinks it’s Seattle, I have a feeling it’s going to be another team, maybe the Rams. I don’t think the Saints game is going to be easy. Sean Payton has something to prove, and the game in NO last was closer until the 3rd quarter.

      9. Fan 77,
        I don’t see V. Macdonald and B. Miller being capable receivers making big plays for the 49ers offense, they make too many mistakes running their routes. These two big guys are too slow, and they don’t have the speed that Vernon possesses to get separation from the defenders.

        You’re absolutely right the 49ers are missing vertical threats; they need a WR that has a lot of speed that can run down the field to make big plays. You’re right the 49ers will beat teams that are below average and with fewer talents.

        In my opinion, the N.O Saints are going to be tough to beat at home; especially Sean Payton is back as the HC. This team is very good with S Payton. And their defense aren’t that bad either, they have a good defense to compliment there good explosive offense.

        The Seattle Seahawks is a dangerous team in the NFC, don’t let their performance against the Rams fool you, their defense is very good, and they have a young Qb that makes play. When the injured players for the hawk’s offensive line come back, they’ll be able to protect Wilson. Their substitutes left guard is getting beat by the opposing defenders.

        The 49ers better not take the Rams lightly when they go to St Louis, because this young talented Rams team will play the 49ers tough, their defense is relentless on opposing QB. The only question for the Rams is the Qb position.

      10. Gadfly,
        I cracked up when I read that. Always nice when someone can down a troll like that.
        The Rams don’t match up well against us. In Saint Louis they only managed to rush for 20 yards total against us…..
        We will down them by at least 20.

  32. Alex Smith (undefeated…) says:
    Hint: This is not the same Green Bay team
    which the Niners saw on week #1.
    They gave up 31 points to the 25th ranked offense and a team that has no QB. Those stats you proudly list came against a defense that is ranked 28th overall and 29th against the pass.

    You use this game as your example of why we should fear the Packers? Well played sir, well played.

    1. 7 was in garbage time, and the other was the opening kickoff.
      This Packer teams defense is pretty damn good. Don’t sell them short.

  33. I consider Kaepnernick’s game performance an A+ but his overall Quarterbacking skills to be in the B- to C+ range.

    The Jags are definitely an inferior opponent. But you gotta win the games you’re dealt. So that goes in the Kaep’s favor.

    But to me the Niner’s passing game still appears to be a simplified system of play action and half field reads. Kaep still mostly doesn’t go to his other receivers. He still primarily goes to Boldin or Davis either by designed play or a locked on read by Kaep. So Kaep’s execution of this simplified offense is sort of like being graded on an easy test level. A more advanced level of QBing would be Kaep sitting in the pocket and quickly and decisively picking apart a defense by throwing to the open or single covered receiver. But that’s not been Kaep or the offense (the Packers game doesn’t count because they gave him forever and a day to pick apart their secondary). That’s a more advanced form (Pro) of quarterbacking. Basically, I still sort of see the training wheels on Kaep and still see his tendency to lock onto his first couple of reads.

    1. You are both right and wrong. Besides Luck, out of the young QBs Kap probably has the most talent and QB ability. The kind of things you are talking about is common for most QBs at this point in their career. Do you remember 2003 Drew Brees??? Yea me neither. 2007 Aaron Rodgers wasn’t even starting yet. And even though Tom Brady was putting up decent numbers he still didn’t have the QB abilities you’re talking about at the time just a great Oline and receivers to throw the ball up to. Basically that level of QB’ing usually doesn’t come around until years 4 or 5. Also there are a few things you are failing to consider, 1.) He had more hurdles to get over as his college system did not translate to pro at all. Footwork at progressions was not something he learned in college. Yet he has made huge improvements in this area and I predict will only continue to improve since his rookie year. 2.) His receiving corps is super depleted. 49ers already don’t have the most talented receiving corps in the NFL and they lost their top 3 receivers from last year (including Walker). The coaches want him to only target these guys. Why would you waste a play as Kyle Williams as a number 1 target. And when Kap does go through his progressions and targets KW he hardly catches the ball. Sure some of those catches are tough but he’s a professional he is expected to make those. Every NFL QB relies on a receiver to make those catches including Aaron Rodgers with Jordy Nelson and even when he’s been wide open he doesn’t come up with the catch sometimes.

      1. *sigh* I’m not grading on an age curve. You either perform or you don’t. He’s doing his job and doing it well. But he’s not (yet) an elite pro QB passer. it’s that simple. and no, i didn’t miss any of the “details” you brought in my analysis.

      2. Haha well than double *sigh*, you pointed out that 3rd year QB KAP isn’t playing like 16 year vet QB Peyton Manning. Glad we got that settled.

      3. i get frustrated with fans (and sometimes blog writers) who generally lack objectivity (and usually lack football knowledge).

        it’s not just that Kaep isn’t fully developed. It’s that he still has to implement a limited offense. Other QBs, even young ones are running full NFL Pro offenses. Not perfectly but they are in there making their reads and getting rid of the ball.

        It’s like most six year olds have learned to ride a bike. They may not be expert riders but they don’t have training wheels either. Much of Kaep’s offense is designed to limit his reads and/or use play action to get receivers open vs. reading defenses and knowing where to go with the ball (nothing wrong with play action passing but like all tools, it can only be used so much in an offensive system).

      4. “Much of Kaep’s offense is designed to limit his reads and/or use play action to get receivers open”

        True, but that is the Harbaugh/Roman system going all the way back to their days at Stanford with Luck. I don’t think they are limiting it because of Kaepernick.

      5. Im not disagreeing with what you’re saying im just pointing out it could be a set of circumstances. Remember we dont always know what the coaches are telling him to do. He did this effectively last year where he made pre snap reads and spread the ball out to walker manningham crabtree moss and so forth. This year he may not have the same options to do so. If I had to take a guess it would be that the coaches are telling him to go with initial read no matter what unless its absolutely not there than go through progressions. This may not be about coaches trust in qb ability but lack of trust in other receiving options. As in it may be possible the coaches dont want him calling audibles to KW as the first read. His hands haven’t been reliable this year. And I started 2 years as a TE under Bobby Ross so I have a little bit of knowledge in a pro style system

      6. the Stanford offense implemented a lot of play action with limited read (play action by it’s nature has limited reads) because Stanford also had a run heavy offense. But Luck even at Stanford would also implement a full passing offense when asked to. It still uses West Coast Offense stretch triangle passing concepts.

      7. AFFP,

        The offense Luck is running now is almost identical to what Kaepernick is running here.

        The difference between the two, for me at least, is that while Luck can get through the progression and hit his 3rd or 4th receiver, Kaepernick tends to become less accurate when having to do the same thing. That’s where I see the separation between the two. It’s not the scheme.

      8. So, it would seem to come back to Kaepernick’s relative lack of experience in the system and, perhaps, to the relative lack of quality at the 3rd and 4th receiver positions.

        … which, I believe, were the points that STeve was making in his original comment.

      9. Razor,

        This is a bit dated now, but earlier this year PFF had Indy at 43.17% from 11 personnel compared to 28.63 for SF. They also had the 49ers in 22 personnel (1 WR) on 25.95%, which led the league at that point.

      10. I disagree with some of that. First, Kaep doesn’t have more ability than RG3, Cam Newton or Jake Locker. All 3 are just as big, have as powerful of arms, and running-wise Locker is slightly faster, Cam is just about as fast and RG3 (when healthy) at 4.33 kills them all. They all have more wiggle too, making them more elusive.

        Plus he had the benefit of a year and a half to learn the offense and a team talented enough to take Alex Smith to the Super Bowl had Ted Ginn not gotten injured.

        He’s also older than most of the young QB’s. To give you some context, he’s 3 months older than Matt Stafford and Mark Sanchez (by a few weeks), both of whom were drafted in 2009.

        And I still think Russell Wilson is amazing in terms of extending plays in the pocket. They are w/o their Pro Bowl C & LT as well as their starting RT… Kaep’s got the same straight line speed, but doesn’t have that shifty elusiveness. I don’t think he’d be able to extend the pocket to 4+ seconds were the tables turned. He has had some fumble problems this year, but at 3.2% it’s virtually the same % as Kaep’s 3.1% and last year, with his o-line in tact, it was only 1.2%. For reference, Kaep was 3.2% last year too.

      11. @ Jack,
        thanks, that was the point I was going for.

        You’re right, the coaches have implemented a game plan where #2 WR and 2nd TE are not the 1st reads. Much of Kaep’s passing are half field reads to Boldin and Davis by design. However the question is WHY is that?

        While I’m fairly certain the coaches know that featuring Kyle Williams with designed plays (other than an end around) is probably not a good idea, if the 49ers regularly ran a full Pro passing game there will be times when the defense dictates the read progressions go to the 1 on 1 match up on the Split End or 2nd TE. But they haven’t usually run a full field passing game since the Seattle game. The full Pro passing game worked against the Packers because they gave Kaep all day to wait for a receiver to get open (as opposed to reading the defense and knowing the receiver will be open or which match up to choose).

      12. STeve says:
        Besides Luck, out of the young QBs Kap probably has the most talent and QB ability.

        Dalton, RG 3, C, Newton and G. Smith, this young talented group of Qb are very good and intelligent. They already prove in their first year in NFL as rookies, that they have the potential to be great quarterback in the NFL.

    2. Most QBs are going to be reluctant to throw the ball to a receiver who’s covered AND won’t out-fight the defensive back for the football! Anquan Boldin is covered, but he will out-fight the DB for the ball.. and that’s why he gets thrown to so much. Spreading the ball around for the sake of spreading it around would be silly on Kap’s part. If only two guys can get open, that’s who’s getting the ball.. they’re also the only two starting quality guys he’s got, Boldin and VD. Kyle Williams is a 4th/5th receiver on most teams.. he’s #2 here which means he’s asked to beat a starting quality CB every week.. he can’t do that because he’s not talented enuff.. Kap knows this, everyone knows this. Until you give Kap some starting quality receivers to go up against starting quality CBs, expect him to rely on the receivers that beat their matchup.

      1. I’d Choose to throw to a covered Boldin over a Wide Open KWs more times than not. Don’t get me wrong, I think KWs has the potential to be a solid 3/4 WR, he runs great routes and is very quick, But can someone teach him to attack the football! Catches with his body, doesn’t fight for ball way too often. Drops too many passes.

      2. KW was unheralded coming out of college, and he is unheralded now. Ask yourself this: If we had never drafted him, would our record since that year be any different? I guess the answer is yes, in that we would have gotten to the Super Bowl two years ago and had a good chance of winning it. Thanks for all you do, KW.

  34. I saw Lemonier put big pressure on Henne on one play. I like when Fangio blitzes more. It makes the defense more deceptive.

  35. Grant,
    Kyle Williams seemed to be playing “scared”…by that I mean he didn’t look confident. With Manningham and Crabtree coming back soon, I think his spot should be in jeopardy. There are other guys to return punts (Cox, for one). It’ll be good to get Carradine on board…and Dial more reps. We’ll need both to contribute. As for Aldon, I’m taking a wait-and-see approach…while he could be back fairly soon, he could also be out for the rest of the season, which is why getting Carradine up to speed quickly is important. I’d love to see a RayMac, Dorsey, Justin and Carradine alignment in the hybrid.

  36. I’m baffled by a few comments that express the words “if you take away” this or that the numbers or game would look different.

    Since when do we “take away” anything that is accomplished on the field?
    Some people here will reach for anything to discredit a good win.

      1. Two weeks ago. People were hard on me for those comments but my point held water. Gore’s ypc “average” has been below 4 for a few weeks now, but his long runs have been skewing his average. He hasn’t had many long runs the past two games and over those two games his average really is below 4. Kudos to Gore for the long runs from weeks 3 to 6 but don’t think they’re sustainable and I think we’re seeing that already.

      2. Already thoroughly plowed that ground, but…….
        Two points made in rebuttal:
        a/It seemed like a selective use of data to make a point. If numbers tell the story, then all the numbers count.
        b/ Those dives and whams that only get a yard during the game are NOT wasted plays (though they don’t help 3rd down d&d much!). To use your boxing analogy, they’re the body blows that set up the hooks and uppercuts.
        Everybody in the league knows they need to key on FG. So keep them working on that and hit them from another direction. If it makes sense for other teams to keep running at the SF Defense even if not getting many yards, as has been noted here with regularity, isn’t it legitimate for the Niners to utilize that approach? A series of wins might suggest so.

        1. On carries of 14 yards or less, Gore is averaging just 2.6 yards per carry, close to the bottom of the league in that stat.

      3. I hear ya Hammer, but my post wasn’t necessarily aimed at Grant. I brought this up point to Grant a couple of weeks ago, but that is dust in the wind as the song goes (lol).

        There were a couple of posts (not Grant) that echoed the same comment “if you take away,” which obviously you can’t.

        Here’s a scenario: Some could say that if you take away T.Pryor’ 93 TD run against the Steelers that the raiders likely lose that game.
        That’s absurd. And it’s total hypothetical scenarios.
        It’s time to deal with facts.

      4. Grant,

        I don’t care either way, which is why I never said anything about those comments. Yesterday he had 2 TD’s and a 19 yard TD run that was significant for a couple reasons. As a team they put up over 200 yards rushing, with 4 TD’s.

      5. Grant,
        if the outcome was a loss, then you could point those details out. But to point those details out specifically about Gore, during an old fashioned butt kicking makes you come across as disingenuous or nitpicky. I think what makes Maiocco enjoyable to read is that he at least creates the illusion that he genuinely likes the team. I think sometimes you go too far out of your way to show that you are unbiased. My 2 cents.

      6. Grant’s a troll in the eyes of BA Fanatic because he calls it like he sees it.
        Just as we call the Chiefs out for their record against mediocre teams, we should do the same with the Niners and their current win streak.
        It’s great that they are winning, they are expected to. After the tough loss from in the SB, I told my buddy, who was a Bears Fan, that the Niners were going to play pissed and be 19-0.
        I expected them to be a SB contending team, while Bay Area Fanatic, I think you said they were rebuilding.
        If I’m tough on Colin, it’s not out of lack of respect or appreciation that he is the Niner QB, it’s that we had to put training wheels on him.
        It’s a team game while it’s great to win with a limited 2 read offense, we better have an alternative if a good team knows how to take that away, i.e, Seattle.
        The two times CK played them, he did not look good. Hopefully the 3rd and 4th time he has grown and expanded his game. The game this year was close until the 3rd quarter.
        Also, the team has no consistent pass rush. Not sure how the pass D will hold up against the top rated passers (which I would not include Russell Wilson as one of them). I do think Reid is coming along nicely and is less of a coverage liability then Goldson.
        Also – less penalties during the win streak. That means the team is focused.

      7. Grant your theory would be interesting if practically every other RB in the league didn’t have the same issues. YPC is always influenced by breaking a couple of longer runs. There isn’t one RB in this league that doesn’t have a number of 2 yard runs negated by a couple of 10+ yarders. The running game is about wearing a defense down and hitting a couple when you get the chance. No running game in this league gets 4-5 yards on the majority of their carries. It’s always about a few big gainers affecting the many short yardage ones.

        1. Gore is averaging fewer yards per carry on non-breakaway runs than most other starting running backs despite Gore running behind the best run-blocking O-line in the league.

      8. Grant i’ll take an educated guess and say Barry Sanders averaged less per carry than 70% of backs when you subtract his break away runs. So your point regarding Gore is………

        1. Gore is not Barry Sanders. Gore averaged 1 run of 15-yards-or-more per game last season. This season he had about three or four per game from Week 3 to Week 6 and that was a fluky anomaly as I’ve been pointing out. Gore has had just one run of more than 15 yards the past two games.

      9. “Gore is not Barry Sanders” you are right in fact Gore is not Kendall Hunter when it comes to being a break away threat. That does’nt mean i would want KH as my starter over FG. Gore brings so much more to the table that helps a team win than KH or even BS. Once again would i wa’nt BS on my fantasy team? Hell yes. Do i think he would be more likely to lead the 9ers to a SB than FG hell no. I know you love stats but by themselves they do’nt win SB’s.

      10. Gore is averaging fewer yards per carry on non-breakaway runs than most other starting running backs despite Gore running behind the best run-blocking O-line in the league.

        And of course you have thoroughly researched this and accounted for running out the clock situations right Grant?

    1. AES
      I agree with Jack on these comments; you seem to have missed the ‘joke’. No big deal, sarcasm can get misunderstood sometimes. It relates to Grant’s previous comments about Gore’s ypc average. Its just some back & forth, but to be expected on a site where the blogger makes bold assertions.

      1. Brotha,
        Thanks for the response, but again my comment was actually not directed at Grant. I was responding to someone who mentioned if you take away CK’ TD runs his stats aren’t that good.

        Grant is cool.

      2. AES:

        I think what Brotha is trying to tell you is that those comments (including the one about taking away Kaepernick’s TDs) were written sarcastically and were written that way to take a shot at Grant.

    2. Grant, you’re being criticized for biased interpretation and usage of statistics. You seem to have an opinion of Gore and are consistently using select statistics to back it up. I your statement: but don’t think they’re sustainable and I think we’re seeing that already.” pretty much proves your bias.

      btw. you’re not wrong that Gore doesn’t break many long runs. He hasn’t since 2009 or 2010. But when grading and evaluating him, you have to consider his entire body of work. That includes his few long runs, pass blocking etc…

      1. There are times when Grant too can be a homer and write with passion and excitement about the game. I’ve seen it. He truly has the ability to become a “fan”. Unfortunately that only pertains to when he writes about the Bruins : )

      2. well you’re writing doesn’t indicate it.

        under running backs grades you spend most of the space critiquing Gore’s lack of long runs. you don’t mention why he got the grades that he did. the natural inference is that your grade reflects your criticism. you’d think with a B+ grade you’d mention the positives which got him part of the B+ grade.

        1. I did mention the positives. He scored two touchdowns.

          PFF gave Gore a -0.6 run grade yesterday even with the TDs. They were much harder on him than I was.

      3. you mentioned the 2TDs and spent 80% of the space on RBs criticizing Gore’s lack of long runs. I think you can understand why your grading system and critiques are confusing some of us and irritating others.

        Again, I’m not saying you’re completely wrong. I just question your selective use of statistics. But here’s another way to think about it. By my eyes (non-quantified observation), Gore looks to be a consistent plus yardage gainer. Meaning the odds of him getting plus yards are significantly higher than your average running back (again by my non-quantified observations). Now you can say that Gore’s consistency is a result of the Niner’s superior offensive line’s run blocking. But you yourself mention that Kendall Hunter doesn’t run between the tackles as well. So that means Gore does have something working for him (vision, leg drive, experience…etc…) to get those plus yards.

        This reminds me of the 90′s debate of who the best running back was: Emmitt Smith or Barry Sanders. Smith’s proponents always pointed to the number of negative yardage plays Sanders got every year. Sander’s proponents always pointed to Dallas’s offensive line opening up wide holes that any running back could run through. The question was always, what could Sanders have done behind Emmitt’s O-line? I don’t think it’s as slam dunk of an answer as most think. While I think Sanders was an obvious hall of fame talent (and one of my favorite all time runners to watch) he always did run better from a spread formation (for many years he ran from a run and shoot offensive formation/scheme). I’m not sure if he would have or did run as well with a fullback and tighter linemen splits in front of him. Emmitt, like Gore had great leg drive and vision to run between the tackles. But yes he (and Gore) do benefit from an outstanding run blocking offensive line. But I don’t think that should take away from their talents as consistent between the tackle grinders.

    3. Yep, exactly. Take away the 3rd down grab by Boldin in the SB last year and the Niners win!

      You say Gore is at the bottom for runs under 14 yards, you need to remember that he is also at the top for runs over 20 yards.

      As Tuna says, committing to the run makes your opponent commit to defending the run, which in turn opens up parts of the field that are hard to get to if you cannot or do not stick with the run. It has a purpose.

      1. But Gore has had just one run of 15 yards or more the past two weeks and as a result his yards per carry average has plummeted.

  37. Agree generally with the grades, except:

    B- seems low for the TEs – they were obviously part of that dominant running game and when called on, Vernon did his thing against the secondary. Hard to say if McDonald’s lack of catches were a failure on his part, Kaep’s, or simply by design. I’d go with a B for the TEs.

    A is definitely high for the LBs. They gave up a season-high in running yards for MJD. Skuta did not appear effective on the edge, starting with their first edge run of the day, which went for nice yardage. He was then utterly beaten on a deep route that had a very shot at being a TD if Henne had any touch on his deep ball (instead, it was an open incompletion). Of course, he made up for it immediately by scooping up the fumble PW forced and scoring. B+, I’d say.

    For the coaching, B+ seems hard to argue with when they did what they were supposed to do to a bad team: Dominate on both sides. And I am flat-out thrilled that Roman is consistently sticking with the run, despite some of those per-carry numbers Grant cites (rightly cites). It’s the key to this offense. I’m thrilled also that they’ve proven doubters like Grant wrong by utilizing the read-option again, to great effect – just as it should be, it’s one component of this offense, not the be-all, end-all. I’m also very happy they designed plays for KW, but he clearly had a miserable game all around before making some positive plays on offense toward the end.

    That said, the total lack of pressure was very disturbing. I only recall one actual blitz (I’d have to watch the tape again; I’m really not sure about that number) against a guy with no mobility, who clearly has some difficulty reading coverages quickly. Against the next two QBs on the schedule, that ain’t gonna fly. Newton will run around until the coverages collapse and Brees will throw guys open all day. We MUST get more pressure against the good teams. We were fine against the Jags. But we don’t get to play them again this year.

    Here’s hoping Tank Carradine is ready to make an impact, and that Fangio will get off this stubborn philosophical insistence on not blitzing.

    1. *very GOOD shot at being a TD* – he meant

      And by the way – great, solid win in just the fashion a championship-caliber team accomplishes one against weak competition. Just what you’d want to see this team do in that situation. Very, very well done all around.

  38. Our secondary will not hold up in the playoffs or down the stretch if they don’t generate a pass rush. It’s getting scary that they aren’t getting to the qb. Manning, Bree’s, and Rodgers will light this defense up. Gotta get healthy and do it quick.

    1. I’m not so sure MD. If we still had Goldson at FS then I would agree. Having Reid as our FS has made our secondary stronger. I think they could hold their own in the playoffs.

    1. No wonder he’s worried, if he avoids a Pick6 and/or a sack, he still has to face the PhillyFans in the parking lot!
      Also that’s the chintziest wedding ring I’ve ever seen; Crackerjacks box?

  39. The grades all seem fine to me. While this game felt like a trap game all week, it really ended up being the game it was supposed to be. A top 4 team in the NFL versus a team that currently doesn’t belong in the NFL.

    There really should be a quality review committee that reviews a teams strategy and willingness to put a quality product on the field. If the team falls below a set standard during a year and an adequate plan is not put in place by the following year, then they should be put on notice by the third year. In the 4th year they should be pressured to sell to a hungrier owner or a city that is better prepared to support an NFL franchise. In an era that has created more parity that ever before, it is unacceptable to see what we saw yesterday morning.

    I was happy to see another decent game plan from Roman. Two games in a row where they mixed formations. Sprinkled in some pistol. Let Kaepernick do what he does best which is create when nothing is there.

    In the last two games since Harbaugh took the training wheels off of Kaep, he’s responded with 50% third down conversions against the Titans, and 67% against the Jags. 2nd game in a row over 61% passing. Without the drops it would have been 70% this game. Also during the span in which they went back to “their roots”, Kaep has carried the ball 18 times for an average of 7 yards per carry and 3 td’s.

    My only two issues with yesterday are personnel related. First, why were Kaep and Gore still in the game during the 4th quarter? Very poor decision especially to continue to run Gore in the 4th. My second issue is the way they continue to use Hunter. Hunter is not Gore. Hunter is better out in space, you need to get him to the edges. When they did he responded with a 30+ yard run and a 40+ yard run. One run was left end, one was right end. Hope Roman quits being stubborn and uses a player according to their strengths.

    Kyle Williams should and will be gone when Crabs returns. Just not NFL quality in terms of consistency. IMO he seems to be a head case.

    1. Bay,
      Your “Quality Review Committee” is a really good idea from a fan’s perspective. But the guys who make the decisions aren’t fans, they’re businessmen, and you know what that means. The only line is the bottom line. They won’t be closing teams down until the fans don’t watch and the $$$ flow slows. You can see the attitude in almost everything they do. Games in Europe? That’s not for the good of the teams, the players, or the fans. It’s just a blatant grab for more money. Thursday night games? Again, not good for players, teams, and unless you’ve got access to the NFL channel, it’s not all that good for fans. Another blatant grab for money.

      I agree with your point on playing key players when the game’s already decided. Dumb. I was shocked to see Kaep, Gore, as well as the starting D players out there in the second half, let alone deep into the 4th quarter. Tempting fate doesn’t seem like a good idea…

      I doubly agree about Kyle Williams. Who does this guy have pictures of, and what are they doing?

    1. I’ve thought Iupati has been over rated for a while now. Mostly because of his suspect pass blocking. I haven’t watched closely enough to comment on his run blocking (which is supposed to be his strength). I wonder if Iupati is playing his way out of a contract extension.

      1. He will go the way of Nicks. Meanwhile, the 49ers will extend Mr. Boone who can play either tackle position and insert Mr. Looney or another who wins the job….

      2. Grant:

        I am somewhat surprised by the McDonald numbers. Given the seemingly low number of targets going his way thus far this season, what has he been doing/not been doing to earn such a low number?

    2. That backs up what Iupati really is: a powerful run blocker who struggles often in pass protection. That is why they should not overpay to keep him and use a pick in next years draft to find his possible replacement. If the terms are reasonable then resign him, but he’s not an elite all around OG and shouldn’t be paid like one.

    3. Grant, what do you think the chances are the 49ers re-sign Iupati? I think they are pretty low and will need Iupati to be willing to take well below what he could get on the open market…

      49ers will take an interior lineman in the 1st 3 rounds of the 2014 draft.

    1. 49ers were at the top or near the top of the league on 3 and outs earlier in the season weren’t they? That is a big change.

  40. This is the first released power ranking for the week. My issue is this, if they are going strictly off of record, then KC should be number one. If they are truly going by “power ranking” and taking everything into consideration, it should be
    1. Denver
    2. Seattle
    3. San Francisco
    4. New Orleans
    5. Kansas City
    6. Cincinnati
    7. Indi ( dropping them. Just lost their #1 receiver for the year )
    8. New England ( hesitated on this one. Lost to Jets and almost to Miami )
    9. Carolina
    10. Green Bay ( lost Cobb, Finley, Jones and Jennings from last year )


  41. How is special teams an A-??? Kyle Williams did a horrible job, which is why he was replaced by Anthony Dixon! You have to account his judgement into the grade as well.

  42. I’ll go out on a limb and predict the 49ers make the trade with the Browns for Gordon tomorrow….2nd Round Pick and maybe a player or two…..

      1. Again, I’ll take a stab at believing Mr. Baalke was waiting for that eighth win from Kansas City to solidify the deal….

      2. Hey I m with you… I would do that trade ASAP.,, but the fact of the matter is that this trade could of been done when the chiefs where 7-0 and needed ONE win over the next 9 games.. The point is that I believe he is willing to aquire him for no more then a third. That’s not going to get it done… I hope I m wrong but I doubt it..

      1. Actually Campbell made the plays yesterday. The old Miami Dolphins receiver Hess fumbled a punt return untouched and dropped a 4th down pass both in the final five minutes of the game. The Chiefs were begging to be beat.
        Against a good quality opponent, the Chiefs will be one and done.

      2. Against a good quality opponent, the Chiefs will be one and done.

        The same thing was said about the 2011 Niners Bay. The Chiefs aren’t a team to be taken so lightly.

      3. Forth

        You have to realize how much better we are with Gordon. He is under contract for 2 more years. Boldin is a free agent next year as well as Manningham. Crabtree is a free agent in 2014. Of course they all may not play at one time, however, formations are available when they can. The goal is to be able to beat anyone in the playoffs. Mainly Seattle and Denver. Man I hate Seattle.

      4. 23Jordan,

        The Seattle Hawks fan hates you too, Jordan. I guess, the reason why you hate the hawks so much, is because they’re the only team that humiliated kap and the 49ers twice in their last two meetings? The two blow outs by the Hawks were just too much for Bay and you to take.

        23 you better get used to it, the Hawks are going to be a top of the NFC west, not only this season but also for many years to come. Don’t forget the Rams and the Cardinals, these two young teams are going to get better and they’ll soon be competing with the Hawks and the 49ers for the west title.

      5. Bay fanatica says:

        Yet the Browns almost beat them with their third string QB….

        You seem to forget that Jason Campbell was a long time starter for the Redskin and Raiders; he had a lot of potential coming out of college. But Jason’s career took a big turn downward, having been injured most of his NFL career and spending a lot of time in the disabled list, slowed his development.

    1. I don’t understand a Josh Gordon trade.

      Let’s look at the Niners personnel:
      TEs: Vernon Davis (stays on the field pretty much 100%, and creates mismatches in the secondary on passing downs).
      Vance McDonald- promising young player that get can get underneath Davis and tough to bring down due to size. Could end up being a solid possession receiver with tough YAC.

      WRs: Anquan Boldin: Great possession receiver. Fights for ball. Can play slot in obvious passing downs.
      Mario Manningham: Solid #3 type receiver (has ability to get open and make sideline catches)
      Michael Crabtree: Good #1 receiver. Lacks speed but makes up with it with route running and exploding out of his cuts.

      On obvious passing downs, I don’t see where we even have room for 4 WRs, especially since Vernon Davis will always be in on such downs to block, run routes or decoy. On obvious passing downs, it makes more sense to have the following personnel on the field:

      WRs: Crabtree, Boldin, Manningham
      TEs: Vernon Davis
      RBs: Kendall Hunter or Frank Gore

      Adding an additional WR would only result in taking out Manningham. So unless they’re planning on cutting him, I just don’t see there being much room for Gordon to come in.

      Now for 1st or 2nd downs (when you have a RB and a FB or extra TE), it might be nice to have Gordon opposite Crabtree, but again to do that you have to take Boldin off the field or use him as a 2nd tight end, because Vernon shouldn’t come off the field on any down, unless he’s injured or needs a play off to catch his breath.

      So unless I’m missing something, where do you see Josh Gordon fitting into things towards the end of the year???

  43. Frank Gore has forced 14 missed tackles this season, tied for 14th among running backs with Rashard Mendenhall and Fred Jackson. But Gore is averaging just one forced missed tackle every 11 touches, and that’s near the bottom of the league, worse than Mendenhall and Jackson and Bilal Powell.

    Marshawn Lynch has forced 40 missed tackles this season. Reggie Bush has forced 36. DeMarco Murray has forced 25. Maurice Jones-Drew has forced 17.

    Most running backs would look good running behind the 49ers’ O-line.

    1. Has that ever been a big part of Gore’s game?

      Frank Gore is on pace for 292 carries, 1236 yards and 14 TDs rushing and 16 catches, 192 yards receiving. Those are pretty much his 2011 numbers. I continue to see no evidence that his legs are gone.

      1. PFF isn’t done grading Week 8, but they graded the 49ers and Gore currently averages 2.2 yards after contact per attempt, and that ranks 18th in the league and he has fewer total yards after contact than Peterson, Lynch and McCoy.

      2. OK we promise not to pick on your boy Hundley anymore, even though it’s clear hes overrated, if you drop your ridiculous campaign against Frank Gore.

      3. Perhaps Gore’s total is higher than the others because he has more carries, or it has dropped off the last 2 weeks.

        He is off pace from last season. Last season he was averaging 5.5 yards per carry through 8 games, compared to 4.2 this season.

      4. Jack:

        Last season he was averaging 5.5 yards per carry through 8 games, compared to 4.2 this season.

        How much of that would you attribute to the increased use of pistol/shotgun formations this year?

      5. The arguments have already been made Grant you just refuse to accept them. Gore is doing what Gore does. His legs have been fine and the running game is a key part of the offense again. Let it go.

        1. Gore is doing what Gore does.

          Another good argument, Rocket. You’re on fire. Gore averaged 5.5 yards per carry last season through the first eight games. He’s averaging 4.2 yards per carry through the first eight games this season even though he’s had 12 breakaway runs already. Those breakaway runs account for 44 percent of his total yardage and that’s the highest percentage in the league. Last season, Gore’s breakaway runs accounted for 27 percent of his total run yardage.

      6. Not too much Claude. I think it has more to do with an increased number of carries, especially in the second half of blow out wins while trying to spin the clock.

      7. Jack:

        Thanks for the response. That would certainly seem to explain his lower ypc the last three games.

        I know you have tracked Gore’s performance with Kaepernick under center vs. his performance in pistol/shotgun formation for individual games. Do you know of a source for such information for every game, or at least on a season-to-date basis?

      8. Another good argument, Rocket. You’re on fire. Gore averaged 5.5 yards per carry last season through the first eight games. He’s averaging 4.2 yards per carry through the first eight games this season even though he’s had 12 breakaway runs already. Those breakaway runs account for 44 percent of his total yardage and that’s the highest percentage in the league. Last season, Gore’s breakaway runs accounted for 27 percent of his total run yardage.

        We are half way through the season Grant. Comparing 8 games to a full season is not exactly accurate measurement. Marshawn Lynch is also averaging 4.2 ypc with 3 fewer 20+ yard runs. Has he lost his explosiveness?

        You put way too much into stats without looking at everything that contributes to them Grant. PFF is a good site and I like what they do, but they are not the bible on what is good and what is not in NFL performance. You have to look at each individual game situation and what the player did with what he was given. You cannot make sweeping judgments based on how the numbers add up without considering all aspects for how they were achieved.

      9. Rocket,

        “We are half way through the season Grant. Comparing 8 games to a full season is not exactly accurate measurement.”

        He is comparing the first 8 games of both last season and this season.

      10. Last season, Gore’s breakaway runs accounted for 27 percent of his total run yardage.

        If he only meant the first 8 games that is not how I understood it from this comment.

    2. The unique part about Gore is that he is the best 3 down back in the league. His ability to pick up the blitz and block down field is unmatched. Lots of other backs do a lot of individual parts of the game better than Gore. His running inside, blocking and ability to catch out of the backfield make him extremely valuable to this team. Blitzers know Gores reputation. They are looking for him when they blitz. That’s part of what made Smith so effective against the blitz. Kap is better I believe as well.

      1. disagree… right now either our Oline is greatly over rated or frank Gore is. I hate hearing about how great a blocker a rb or wr is… normally to me its a way of explaining why they are good player dispite the fact that they cant run,catch, etc…
        I love Frank but as a player he is no where near as good as he once was.

    3. Comon Grant did Gore steal your GF!!! Frank Gore is a great running back who is’nt spectacular. You ask anyone who has ever coached the game they will tell you that they would love FG on their team because he is the most complete back in the game. Thats right thats how important blocking is to the game. Put your stats down for a min and you might appreciate the nuances of the game. Would i want FG on my fantasy team? Hell no. Would i want FG on my team? Hell yes, hell yes, hell yes!!!!!!

      1. The real question is, why does it matter? Unless Grant’s mission is to try and convince those that like and love Frank Gore to suddenly rethink our take on him I just don’t see why he’s bothering.

        I believe Gore is the best RB the 49ers have ever put on the field and given that he had major injuries at a young age it’s remarkable that he’s still producing at such a high level at this point in his career.

        Rather then attack him statistically why can’t you just appreciate his total game and what he’s done for this team as a whole?

      1. They give him a +6.8 blocking grade and a +3.7 run grade.

        PFF’s running grades don’t make much sense to me though. They give Adrian Peterson a +0.9 run grade for the whole season, and yet across the board his numbers are better than Gore’s.

      2. PFF’s numbers are arbitrary Grant. They base them off of a criteria they have devised, and that’s why what may look one way to them looks different to us. That’s also why I caution using their rankings as the standard for rating players. We know AP is the best RB in football and for him to be rated that low doesn’t make any sense unless somebody else has set the rules for the numbers.

      3. I’ll ask again – has making defenders miss ever been a big part of Gore’s game? How do his 2013 numbers compare to his numbers in 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, etc.?

        Some context would help evaluate the meaningfulness of that stat.

        1. Gore forced 41 missed tackles in 2012 behind the same O-line. Gore is less elusive and less explosive than he was last season. He’s forcing fewer missed tackles and averaging fewer yards after contact per carry – 2.16 this season as opposed to 2.64 last season. And his yards per carry average is down more than a yard per carry from what it was halfway through last season.

    4. If you look at the directional split for rushing: Left Sideline, Left Side, Middle, Right Side, Right Sideline, Bush and Lynch’s carries are almost the same..Heavy in LSL, RSL and Middle, light in LS, RS.
      The sideline runs probably give a runner more chances to break a tackle. While Frank’s directional stats are more even, and have more runs in RS and LS than Bush and Lynch.
      And what’s consider “breaking a tackle”?. When a runner got away when a defender grabbed the jersey for a second but couldn’t hold on?
      A defender bumped the runner’s leg, the runner lost his balance but stayed up and kept running?

    5. Grant please give up your silly arguments about Frank and how he would of or should of type of statements! you are starting to appear like an annoying stat nerd that does not make any sense. You might be doing this to get us fans or even trolls to response so there is a conversation but for an intelligent writer this discussion is just so ridiculous. I do not care from what angle you are looking at this ultimately Frank Gore is one of the best running backs in the NFL today and in the 49ers organization period. Frank is still playing well at age 30, he might not have the speed and the burst but he can squeeze between the smallest openings to get yards. Please just move on to another discussion such as roster moves after the bye week or how niners can become a better team offensively or defensively.

      1. Razor

        Yesterday after the game, I called Kap a game commander as opposed to a game manager. We can get done anything we want with him. The beauty is, with Map, we are more diverse. Our running game is the strength, but if we have to throw it, with Kap we can. Watch when Manningham and Crabtree come back. They are going to complete this offense. Gordon, in my opinion, would put us over the top!

      2. Kap is playing within the system and not turning the ball over. That is the key. He’s also running much better than he did earlier in the season. Maybe the foot injury was more serious than was let on.

  44. On the blog, look at game day when our team plays well and carry that forward to the next day. Then go back in the archives for a game day in which we did not play well and look at that day and the entire week on the blog.
    Anyone notice one big difference? I’ll give you a hint. One group is noticeably missing after a good showing by the team and the QB…..

    1. Would you prefer that that “group” be here making ridiculous, unsupported criticisms about the QB during and after those wins?

      Because we went through that in 2011, and it was not fun.

      1. No,
        not at all, I am merely pointing out that the lack of being a fan within this group. Guys like Fan77 ( who might be DS ) isn’t around whooping it up for the team when the ship is right. Prime is absent, negative folks like FDM, oneniner, Claude, LSX and ex golfer.

        A little word of advice, whoop it up a little when your team wins five in a row and scores 30+ points in each game during that winstreak…. Otherwise your negativity becomes painfully obvious.

      2. Bay:

        I can’t speak for anyone else, but I have no interest in posting comments during games. I think that I would find it a distraction, and I don’t like to be distracted during the games.

        A little word of advice, whoop it up a little when your team wins five in a row and scores 30+ points in each game during that winstreak…. Otherwise your negativity becomes painfully obvious.

        Not as obvious as needless continuing criticism of a player during a 13-3 season in which the team went to the NFCCG after a nearly 10 year playoff drought. Again, given those two options, I’d prefer silence from the naysayers every time.

      3. Bay, i really cant stand grant and his style of criticism and back handed compliments. I used to be much more active on this blog……but Grant’s childish manor of journalism has pushed me away and im sure many others feel the same way. If it wasn’t for you guys, the bloggers, id be done with this site altogether.

      4. I like how some people on this blog like to group people into categories and assume double posting and various alias when someone happens to write a comment that does not fit their narrative, and how they take one comment about their hero, in this case Colin Kapernick, and get all bent out of shape, yet it’s okay for them to bash someone’s else’s hero, let’s call him Alex Smith, ad nauseum, and then these people have the audacity to call those that don’t agree with them trolls or non fans, when they did the exact same thing when Smith was winning ugly with his stats.

        They are the Pot Kettle Party, very similar to the other political party.
        Their comical stupidity add entertainment value to this blog, but not any statistical football analysis. Now that Grant is maturing and growing as a journalist, and less of a fan boy, and hurray for Grant, they now call him out too.

        These are the people that were happy their golden boy went to the Super Bowl and lost the game, because he had great stats.

        Bay Area Fanatic, in case you haven’t figured it out, I am a troll, not for Seattle but for Summer’s Eve. The more I write to incite that vinegar mouth of yours, the more you call people douchebags, and the more the benefit from being your official sponsor!

      5. And there’s Claude everybody……..
        Still bitter an bringing up old news Alex. Way to go Claude. Bay you’re right. An these are Claude’s friends, so what does he do? Goes for the old news and brings up 2010. Shame on you Claude. You’re better than that

    2. 5 wins in a row all by double digits. All this with a ‘declining’ Gore and ‘underachieving’ QB. Winning while not clicking on all cylinders is a sign of a great team.

  45. I couldn’t watch the game yesterday so I can’t fairly judge your grades Grant.

    Thanks for cashing in on our bet yesterday Bay. It feels so good having that extra second pick.

    1. MWN, Bay, Clause and anyone else.

      Now do you think we should trade that pick for Godson? Put your G. M. hats on. What do we do with all the new players coming back? What trades or cuts do we make?

      Sounds like this should be a new blog post before the trade deadline Grant.

      1. Here’s what I would do.

        1. I’d definitely trade for Gordon. Trade Dixon and a #2 pick( ours preferably) for him. We need him to hep us stretch the field. Our chances against Seattle are great with him.

        2. Trade Williams for a 7th or cut him if we can’t get one.

        3. I’d even consider a rental of Nicks for a 4th rounder and Dixon.

      2. With Manningham coming back?

        With Crabtree possibly (I’m hopeful, but I’m not counting on it) coming back?

        With Gordon’s lack of familiarity with our system and with/to Kaepernick?

        With the season already half over (that’s slightly depressing)?

        With him being one more bad test result away from a season-long suspension?

        No, I don’t think I would trade a 2nd round pick for Gordon. I’d trade a 4th, but I don’t think Cleveland would do that trade.

      3. I actually agree with you in trading for Gordon Jordan, but I don’t think the Niners will do it. I’d do it because they have a surplus of picks again and I’m skeptical that Crabtree especially will come back resembling anything like his play last year.

        I also don’t think the Browns are that interested in trading Gordon anymore based on how well he’s played the past few weeks and will be seeking a bigger return than the Niners want to pay.

      4. Claude

        The players coming back from injury are a gagamble, that’s why the trade for Gordon is key. Cleverness won’t take a 4th. There are other teams vying for his services. He’s a talent and they will get more than a 4th if they trade him. You can’t fleece Lombardi. He wins the deal, we win the super bowl.

      5. Claude… You need to stop bringing sound logic into this. It’s ruining the atmosphere.

        23J – “I’d even consider a rental of Nicks for a 4th rounder and Dixon”

        I believe I value draft picks much higher than you.

      6. jordan:

        Yes, counting on Manningham and Crabtree coming back anything close to prior form in 2013 is indeed a gamble. But, so is trading for Gordon. In addition to the above-mentioned issues, I also don’t know the players would respond to such a trade. If there is any chance it would cause resentment/a morale drop, I wouldn’t do it.

        That said, I am not adamantly opposed to trading for Gordon, and if Ballke/Harbaugh think it would improve the team, I certainly am going to defer to them.

      7. Rocket

        I do think Cleveland will trade him. I think Lombardi has a thing for building his own team. He’s old school. We just have to give a little more than normal. There’s a super bowl at stake for us. Gordon, Crabs, Boldin, Manningham and VD??? That lineup could handle Seattle and Denver for sure. Like you said Rocket, I don’t think we’re gonna do it though. Debartolo would’ve done it in a flash!!!

      8. “The players coming back from injury are a gamble”

        True, but so is Jordan. Claude makes a good point about building Chemistry, and learning the offense quickly so late in the season. Gordon having an impact this year might be just as much of a gamble. If it were definite that he wouldn’t make a significant impact until next year, I’d personally rather the team wait until the off season and utilize their rewards member discount card to bargain shop.

      9. Pete

        Who has more picks than we do? So many that we cut players who end up starting for other teams. What’s the point in drafting a guy if we don’t have room for him on the roster?

      10. I don’t see the returning guys as a gagamble at all, though I can see how some fans might think so. The coaches and trainers know better than anyone how they are coming along.

      11. 23J – You are right. The Niners might be looking at a similar situation to last year. A ton of picks, and finding difficulty to package 7th rounders together to move up (assuming that’s what happened this past year). However, there is still good value in the 4th and 5th. This draft is supposed to be pretty deep as well. So, personally, that’s my take. But I’m not one to question Baalke when he makes his mind up, so if they trade, then I trust it was the best option available.

        On another note: I’m really anticipating Patton’s return. I’m a fan of him and his gold teeth. He has shown the presence to shift his route when the QB starts scrambling (although he has only played in a couple games). Still though, I like what I have seen so far.

      12. It may be too late now, but I’d have done this in a heartbeat when it first came up. There’s no guarantee on Crabtree this year. Plus, there’s a good chance he’s bolting (Dallas?) after next season. Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t Manningham and Boldin also FA next season?

        With their history at drafting WR, the abundance of picks and Gordon’s age, it just made all the sense in the world for the 9ers to take the gamble. The payoff would have been landscape altering. Is there going to be a WR where the 49ers are drafting in the 1st round that could shift the balance of power like that? Missed opportunity in my book.

      13. Jack,

        I don’t see the returning guys as a gagamble at all, though I can see how some fans might think so. The coaches and trainers know better than anyone how they are coming along.

        You can’t replicate game situations; that’s the problem. All we can go on is the normal time line for players returning from injuries and their performance. Suggs had a similar injury to Crabs last year and though he returned within 6 months, he was not the same caliber of player. I don’t know how close to 100% Crabs will be, but I’m pretty sure he won’t be the same level of player he was last season, and if that’s the case there is an argument to be made for improving the position via trade.

      14. “All we can go on is the normal time line for players returning from injuries and their performance.”

        You’re right, that is all that we can go on. Fortunately the coaches and trainers are there everyday and know more than us about how ready they are to go.

        “I don’t know how close to 100% Crabs will be, but I’m pretty sure he won’t be the same level of player he was last season, and if that’s the case there is an argument to be made for improving the position via trade.”

        And one can just as easily make an argument that the 49ers don’t need to improve the wide receiver position. Especially when you take into account what they have done to this point in the season, and the personnel groupings that they run most often.

      15. Jack,

        They can probably beat most teams with what they are doing now, but against Seattle I think a 2nd and 3rd WR becomes more important. I hope Crabs/Manningham comes back and can play well enough to keep them honest; I’m just not sure that will happen.

      16. True that Jack, but having the extra options opened up the underneath stuff for Gore and Walker. The more you have the better chance you have. I honestly think the defense played well enough to win in Seattle in week two. It’s all on the offense to be able to sustain drives and not turn the ball over in the next meeting.

      17. Guys I would hate for us to make the same mistake we’ve made for the past 2 years. We felt like we were set at WR and when the playoffs started, we suffered in the pass game. We managed well last year but I want us to dominate this year! That’s why I would love this trade for Gordon.

      18. “True that Jack, but having the extra options opened up the underneath stuff for Gore and Walker.”

        On that drive they ran 10 plays. On 5 of those plays, including the TD, they were in 22 personnel and had only 1 WR on the field. On 3 of those plays they were in 21 personnel, with Crabtree and Kyle Williams as the wide receivers. They also ran 1 play out of 12 personnel, again the receivers were Crabtree and Williams, and 1 play out of 11 personnel with Crabtree, Williams and Moss as the receivers.

      19. I still don’t believe that it is worth trading for a WR that is one drug test away from a possible yearlong suspension, regardless of his talent 23. Here is my take on what I would do in the upcoming offeseason if I was the Niners’ GM:

        LET ‘EM WALK

        WR Anquan Boldin
        C Jonathan Goodwin
        WR Mario Manningham
        CB Tarell Brown
        FS/SS Craig Dahl
        QB Colt McCoy
        CB Tramaine Brock (only reason is because I think a team will overpay for him in FA)
        RB LaMichael James
        RB Anthony Dixon
        WR Kyle Williams
        WR Marlon Moore
        DE Justin Smith
        CB Eric Wright
        ILB/OLB Darius Fleming

        EXTEND ‘EM

        TE Vernon Davis
        RG Alex Boone
        QB Colin Kaepernick
        FB Bruce Miller
        ILB Nate Stupar


        CB Carlos Rogers
        OLB Ahmad Brooks
        DE/NT Glenn Dorsey
        WR Jon Balwin

        RESIGN ‘EM

        SS Donte Hitner (such a dumb name)
        WR/ST Kassim Osgood

        A few name are excluded off of here because I think that they will be cut before the end of this season.

      20. Jordon,
        if Manningham and Crabs are 85% by mid December then we are good. If we were going to make a push for a WR, it should have happened at least a month ago.

        What the Niners should have done is showcased a running back over the last few games when we jumped to big leads. Then we could have used that player as trade bait.

        Now it’s too late. Regardless of the receiver, there are no short cuts. They need enough time to “get” the playbook.

        I have faith that when Crabs comes back, they will ease him in. He may even be a decoy for a game or two. Just having him on the field should open things up for Boldin even more. Then by late December… Rock and roll baby…..

      21. Midwest I think the 9ers have to bring back Brown and Brock. I believe along with those 2 Culliver and Reid set this teams D back field up for 5 to 7 yrs. I would resign whitner for the right price.

      22. I agree Coach but I don’t see it happening. As of right now, Brown is projected as one of the top 5 CBs on the 2014 free agent market so that alone ups his price. I also expect some team to overreact to what Brock has done so far and will overpay to get him.

      23. Jordo…. I would have liked the trade in the offseason, but halfway through would be a waste IMO. Chemistry is a HUGE part of this offense. And until 5 games ago, they had none. Now that they have this chemistry back (going back to what we do well) they are dropping 30+ on teams. Plus there are some question marks.
        1 is he a good blocker
        2 would he be willing to be a 3rd or 2nd option willing to block?
        3 will he stay out of trouble?

        With the off field problems some players have had in this roster and still trying to keep pace with the seahaks. I wouldn’t feel great about tweaking a well running offense at this time. To many question marks for me this late in the season. No bueno on a trade

      24. On that drive they ran 10 plays. On 5 of those plays, including the TD, they were in 22 personnel and had only 1 WR on the field. On 3 of those plays they were in 21 personnel, with Crabtree and Kyle Williams as the wide receivers. They also ran 1 play out of 12 personnel, again the receivers were Crabtree and Williams, and 1 play out of 11 personnel with Crabtree, Williams and Moss as the receivers.

        I’d really like to see more spread formations used against Seattle whether that be with 3 WR’s or moving Davis out. Running the tight formations plays right into Seattle’s strength imo. When they can crowd the LOS they are really tough to run or pass against.

      25. “I’d really like to see more spread formations used against Seattle”

        Why? Their best half against Seattle in their last 3 meetings was the second half of the 1st meeting last season. They moved the ball up and down the field on the Seahawks, scoring a TD, a Smith int in the end zone, and a FG. Then killed the clock on their final possession.

        On those 3 drives they ran 22 personnel with 1 WR 13 times, 12 personnel 6 times with Crabtree and Williams at WR, 21 personnel 5 times (primarily with Crabtree and Williams) and 11 personnel 1 time.

        They utilized more than 2 WR’s on 1 play out of 25, and gained 191 yards. Given that information, it makes no sense to keep saying that you need to spread it out against Seattle.

      26. Jack,

        My reasoning is based on the fact that the teams that have given the Seattle defense the most trouble this season (Houston and Indy) incorporated multiple receiver sets and not only passed, but ran out of them much like Seattle has done to the Niners.

        Even in the win last year, the offense struggled quite a bit, so what I’m saying is change it up and learn from what others have done to have success against them.

      27. Rocket/Grant,

        In the first quarter of that game the 49ers moved the ball well. They picked up 34 yards on their first 5 plays, and then missed on 2 shot plays to kill the drive. On the second possession they went 60 yards on 10 plays and kicked a FG, (Moss dropped a pass on 1st down that put them in a tough down and distance).

        So they gained 98 yards on 18 plays, avg 5.4, and they were in 22 9x, 12 4x, 21 4x and 11 once.

        In the second quarter they got away from this and went 3 and out on 3 straight series. They gained a total of 12 yards on 9 plays, and ran 11 personnel 6x, 22/12/21 only once.

        In the second half they came out and went back to what worked in the first quarter. They utilized more than 1 receiver 1 time and gained 191 yards on 25 plays. On those 3 drives they ran 22 personnel with 1 WR 13 times, 12 personnel 6 times with Crabtree and Williams at WR, 21 personnel 5 times (primarily with Crabtree and Williams).

        This started because I don’t believe the 49ers need to add a receiver to be effective against Seattle, to which Rocket stated that “having the extra options opened up the underneath stuff for Gore and Walker.” I have since shown that to be an inaccurate statement, unless you both feel that Crabtree and Williams were enough to open up the underneath stuff.

      28. Jack,

        I’m referring to the fact they had Moss as well as Crabs and Williams. Better caliber options than Boldin and a seemingly now forgotten Williams. I don’t view the Niners first game against the Seahawks last year as being a good offensive game. They ran the ball well and got the short completions but they won barely and have since been blown out twice. They need to incorporate some different looks imo, including spreading them out. Do to them the same thing they have done to the Niners in that regard.

      29. They’ve tried and failed miserably at that the last 2 games against Seattle.

        Let me ask you this, was Moss better than Boldin?

  46. it seems that Coffee’s for closers disagrees with
    my theory that the Niners do not match up well
    against Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.

    Please note strength of schedule so far:
    we faced teams with a combined 12 – 25
    while Green Bay’s opponents were 14-23.

    Somehow, the Coffee Man wants to use statistics to
    “prove” me wrong. Please look at the bigger picture, sir.
    As they say, “do the math.” All of the math, okay?

    Note to Coffee Man: your attempt went wide right or maybe left….

    ” They gave up 31 points to the 25th ranked offense and a team that has no QB. Those stats you proudly list came against a defense that is ranked 28th overall and 29th against the pass. You use this game as your example of why we should fear the Packers? Well played sir, well played. “

    1. “where’s the easy path to the NFC Championship?”

      There is never an easy path. As per your theory that the Niners “don’t match up well”, I think that’s been proved wrong with 3 straight wins against the team. The Niners are not the same team from week 1 either. The Packers are good, and are certainly capable of beating the Niners, but to claim that they don’t match up well is unfounded at best. Packers D showed week 1 that they were pretty good. That would be a tense game if they were to meet in the playoffs this year.

    2. the only loser here is someone with the Chiefs QBs name posting on the niners blog! go back to your super team KC chiefs and wish you luck.

  47. I can tell you have never been a teacher Grant and not just because you are a young guy. When giving Grades you grade the individuals; not the results based on all the other factors it takes for them to have success.

    Case in point:

    TIGHT ENDS: B-. Vernon Davis has been great all season and he was great today, catching a 31-yard pass and scoring a touchdown in the red zone. Vance McDonald did a lot of blocking but he did not receive a single pass.:/I>

    Now based on your analysis, both TE’s did what they were supposed to do but one did not have a pass thrown his way. McDonald cannot throw a pass to himself so why would you penalize him or your grade for the position? The TE play was excellent in blocking and in the case of Davis, making some big plays in the passing game. A B- grade makes zero sense.

    DEFENSIVE LINE: C. Got zero sacks and almost zero pressure on Chad Henne, a statue. The 49ers’ D-line got very little penetration against a bad offensive line.

    Now I’m sure you watched the game Grant and if you did you would see that the Jags used a 3 step drop on the majority of their drop backs. They were throwing it quickly which negates the pass rush. You aren’t the only one missing this as I’ve read a number of people up above make the same statement. Henne was getting rid of the ball as soon as his foot hit that 3rd step. It’s called dink and dunk. He threw short passes in front of the DB’s the entire game with the exception of the TD throw in the 3rd quarter. The Niners gave them that because you want the opposition to take 8 mins to move the ball into scoring position when you are up 28-3.

    I’m really not sure what some of you want this team to do so you can be happy with their play. They have won 5 straight games convincingly, scoring in excess of 30 in every one of them. The defense is balling without their best pass rusher, the running game is gouging opponents, the Niners are scoring a lot of points. What’s the problem? I’m not saying everything is perfect but trying to downgrade this team based on style points or strength of opposition is nothing more than looking for negativity for the sake of it. Enjoy the wins because it doesn’t matter how you get them; just that you get them.

    1. “I’m really not sure what some of you want this team to do so you can be happy with their play.”

      We don’t ask for much Rocket, Just 5000 yards of offense, 20 TD’s, 80 Sacks, 15 Picks, and 10 Forced Fumbles each game. We are reasonable fans here.

    2. Great comments. Didn’t get to Henne but gave up just 10 points. The Niners have a winning combination of offense, defense, and special teams. I also see improvement in Roman’s play calling. Good things are happening!

  48. Glance at Mister Harbaw’s back;
    see the Super Bowl monkey holding on tightly.
    As someone said above, there are “tense” games ahead.
    What will our HC communicate to the rookie QB
    when the chips are down, late in the second half,
    against the New Orleans Saints and Mister Brees?

    If by chance we get beat on week #11, who still
    believes that we will bring home the Lombardi trophy
    this year? Hope-a, hope-a, hope-a.

    1. “If by chance we get beat on week #11, who still believes that we will bring home the Lombardi trophy this year?”

      49er faithful no matter what. I never believe we “will”, rather, I am a firm believer in the capability of this team.

      1. My guess is that if someone offers a 7th for Boobie that Baalke might take it just recoup something. If not they keep Boobie and release someone like Stupar. But that’s just looking at one roster spot, and they need to free up more than one.

      2. BT Makes sense. Teams know the 49ers are in a roster pinch. That’s the why they got measly 7th rounders for Parys Haralson and Cam Johnson.

      3. I’m no expert (I prune roses for a living) but it seems like Dixon would fit an offense with zone blocking schemes running deep “I” formations.

        Dixon’s never panned out as the inside power runner who can hit the crease like Gore does. On the other hand, his upright style might lend itself to wide runs behind good a good zone blocking line.

        It would simplify his reads. If the D overreacts, Dixon could use his size and momentum to cut back and hammer through the line. A simple scheme. Student body right, or cut back. Toss in a counter play once in a while.

  49. Hahahaha, what a bunch of nerds we are! I’ve been gone for three hours and we’re still going around on Frank?
    For the record, I’m in complete agreement that Barry Sanders was better than Frank is, even though I’m a big fan of Frank’s. But they’re different players who bring different things to their teams. So even though they played the same position, they can’t easily be compared.

    1. Gore is amongst the best 49ers ever. Barry was amongst the best running backs to ever play in the NFL. Barry was quicker, more elusive and could score from any part of the field. Serious game changer. How many times did Barry score from 50, 60, 70 yards out and NOT get caught from behind.

      As much as I love Frank, if he could have stayed healthy, my vote would have been for Garrison. Lattimore will run more like Hearst ran..

      1. Ghost
        Carefull with that: joe Greene, Lambert, Nomellini, Harvey Brown, Tatum, Lott, LT(#1), Butkis, Millen, Olsen, D.Jones, Reggie White, Randy White, Dave Wilcox, Lilly, Otto, Shell, Upshaw, Culp, Sugar Bear, Little George Atkinson, Lynch, etc., etc., etc.

    1. Football is graded by wins and losses. The rest is only for discussion purposes.

      Does that stat mean the Panthers are easily better than the Niners?

      Using stats for football is akin to looking at Michaelangelo painting through a pin hole. It only gives insight into to a micro-percentage of the whole picture.

    1. Hundley has been pretty good overall but you see limitations in his passing game at times. I think he may stay at UCLA another year quite honestly.

  50. Grant the point i’m trying to make is you can use all of the stats to prop up your arguement you want but stats do’nt win championships T. Owens has better career stats than either J. Taylor or D. Clark who do you want on your team to lead you to a SB victory? Well you can flush all of your stats, i’ll take Taylor or Clark. Gore does’nt have the edge in stats but when it comes to heart and game intelligence he surpasses all those stat stars.

    1. There are many ways to measure a players value. Stats is one. Wins is another. I like the “30 second personnel manager” game. Ask yourself “If (player name) was suddenly gone, how hard would he be to replace?”

      By this measure Gore has huge value. Perhaps the best pass blocking running back in NFL history.

      1. Gents,
        I’ve seen Clem has some decent games. He is capable. He’s got a couple of years under this offense and a strong arm. Last year the Rams defense played Seattle tough. Lets hope they can do it again.

  51. This discussion about Frank reminds me a little bit of Walter Payton’s later years in Chicago. He was still The Man, but they’d drafted his eventual replacement Neal Anderson who had to share reps and was a step quicker on outside runs. When pinned down by reporters Coach Ditka said (my best recollection on the quote): Neal Anderson is our best running back. Walter is our best football player.
    Grant does great diligence on finding and reporting stats. Stats are an important tool, frequently revealing patterns that aren’t obvious or debunking popular misconceptions. But analyzing numbers isn’t the same as analyzing football. Grant breaking out short runs vs breakaway runs isn’t wrong, although it needs to be seen in context. But I’d argue that when grading a player’s performance context and the ‘intangibles’ need to be included. One commenter said he doesn’t value how a WR or RB blocks since that’s not their (primary) job. Coaches usually disagree because they value Full Service Football Players.

    1. Brotha i just wish Lawerence Phillips had been “full service football player” if he had been the 9ers might have won another SB.

      1. I remember after Phillips whiff on a blitzer Steve Young hold his concussed head, complaining forcefully “another unblocked man.” That might have been the play that put him out of football.

  52. Look who just topped the list of all pro rookie cornerbacks through
    the first half of this season. Why, it’s none other than Marcus Cooper, late of the San Francisco 49ers. And look who remains from that memorable 49ers draft of 2012 — soon to be none. Why, oh why, does everyone seem to give Baalke and company such credence? I just don’t get it.

      1. And if you are going to mention Cooper, it was Baalke who drafted him in the first place so he deserves cred for that don’t you think?

    1. And Darryl Morris might just be pretty darned good to. Not a draft pick but a free agent addition that Baalke gets credit for Los.

  53. The Niners are getting better as the season goes on. The Seahawks are going in the opposite direction…… We just have to stay healthy and continue to get better.
    The tough stretch for the Hawks are their last five games.
    Saints….No way Russel Wilson matches Brees point for point.
    49ers….. We get our revenge at home.
    Giants in NY…. Giants will be in spoiler mode
    Cardinals…. Match up very well against the Seahawks defensively
    Rams….. Every time they’ve played it’s physical and close….

    1. Hey Bay,
      I wish the NO game was in NO. I didn’t catch tonight’s game so I’m not sure how much they suck.
      Either they are a team of destiny, as a lot of their wins have not been impressive.
      To your point, Niners have been crushing the teams that play with their own brand of smash mouth.

  54. what do they say?
    it is better to be lucky than to be good.

    —– – Russell Wilson (at 7 and 1 )

    ( paraphrasing Kapurnicus, sorta )
    Winning is all that matters, hmm?

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