49ers 53-man-roster prediction

Here is my 53-man roster prediction:

  1. QB Blaine Gabbert
  2. QB Christian Ponder
  3. RB Carlos Hyde
  4. RB Shaun Draughn
  5. RB Mike Davis
  6. RB Kelvin Taylor
  7. TE Vance McDonald
  8. TE Garrett Celek
  9. TE Bruce Miller
  10. TE Blake Bell
  11. WR Torrey Smith
  12. WR Quinton Patton
  13. WR Jeremy Kerley
  14. WR Aaron Burbridge
  15. WR Dres Anderson
  16. WR DeAndrew White
  17. OT Joe Staley
  18. G Joshua Garnett
  19. C Daniel Kilgore
  20. G/T Anthony Davis
  21. OT Trent Brown
  22. G/C Zane Beadles
  23. G Andrew Tiller
  24. C Marcus Martin
  25. G/T Fahn Cooper
  26. DE Arik Armstead
  27. NT Glenn Dorsey
  28. NT/DE Quinton Dial
  29. DE DeForest Buckner
  30. DE Ronald Blair
  31. NT/DE Mike Purcell
  32.  NT Garrison Smith
  33. ILB NaVorro Bowman
  34. ILB Ray Ray Armstrong
  35. ILB Gerald Hodges
  36. ILB Shayne Skov
  37. OLB Ahmad Brooks
  38. OLB Eli Harold
  39. OLB Tank Carradine
  40. OLB Marcus Rush
  41. CB Tramaine Brock
  42. CB Jimmie Ward
  43. CB Keith Reaser
  44. CB Chris Davis
  45. CB Rashard Robinson
  46. CB Will Redmond
  47. FS Eric Reid
  48. SS Antoine Bethea
  49. SS Jaquiski Tartt
  50. FS L.J. McCray
  51. K Phil Dawson
  52. P Bradley Pinion
  53. LS Kyle Nelson


  1. OLB Aaron Lynch


  1. QB Colin Kaepernick
  2. RB DuJuan Harris
  3. DE Tony Jerod-Eddie
  4. ILB Michael Wilhoite
  5. OLB Corey Lemonier
  6. CB Dontae Johnson

Injured Reserve:

  1. WR Bruce Ellington
  2. WR Eric Rogers
  3. WR DeAndre Smelter
  4. OT John Theus

Week 1 inactives:

  1. RB Kelvin Taylor
  2. WR Dres Anderson
  3. C Marcus Martin
  4. G/T Fahn Cooper
  5. NT Garrison Smith
  6. OLB Marcus Rush
  7. CB Will Redmond

Practice Squad:

  1. QB Jeff Driskel
  2. WR Devon Cajuste
  3. WR Bryce Treggs
  4. TE Busta Anderson
  5. C Alex Balducci
  6. OT Colin Kelly
  7. OT Norman Price
  8. DT B.J. McBryde
  9. DT Demetrius Cherry
  10. CB Prince Charles Iworah

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  1. They may keep Kaep & Ponder to see if they could get something out of Minnasota for either one. It will be interesting if other teams cut any good WRs that we could grab. I don’t know about cutting Harris-apart from the fumbles he may be the most durable and closet to Gore style back. Most of the rest makes sense because Trent loves his picks.

    1. Read the Viking blog. They are even considering Sanchez, so Ponder may be in the mix. Vikings have an additional third round pick, so a third for Ponder may be feasible. Hill is ancient.

      1. Seb,
        If the 9ers keep Kaep as their #2 they will cut Ponder and Minn can pick him up for nothing. If they cut Kaep [small chance] Ponder will be their #2 and they won’t trade him.

        1. I’d find a team that likes stats better than winning and trade Gabbert. Keep Kaepernick, and Ponder allowing Driskel another chance on the practice squad….

          1. If they keep Ponder, maybe Gabbert and TJE to the Broncos for Shaquill Barrett. Miller would love to get his Bro, and Gabbert would give them a veteran QB who would fit nicely under their salary cap.

        2. Coach, Minnesota, being a playoff team, will be low on the list to be able to snag Ponder. It would behoove them to give up their additional third round pick for him, because Shaun Hill is ancient and brittle. Vikings are a tad bit desperate.

          Niners will keep Ponder and not cut him, then try to trade him. Baalke would love to get a third round pick for him, and considering Goff went for 2 firsts and 2 seconds, he would be cheap at a third. Vikings are so desperate, they are kicking the tires on the Butt Fumbler.

          Once traded, it would free up a roster spot, and I hope they poach a player from either the Seahawks, Cards or Carolina, all opponents. It would weaken them and the Niners could derive good intel that might help them win.

          1. Seb,
            Are you saying they will keep Kaep and Ponder and then trade Ponder? I don’t believe that Ponder holds any value to anyone other than the Vikings because he knows there system. No one other than the 49ers wanted him all of last year and during this past off season. If the 9ers cut him he will be there for Minn to claim. imho

            1. AP really likes Ponder, and would welcome him back. Thinks he got a bad rap last time he was there, and liked what he saw in the preseason. Ponder was thrown to the wolves, and got the Alex Smith treatment. Ponder is older and wiser, and has benefited from his time off. his play on the field this preseason certainly improved.

              Ponder, with his play, would be attractive to the Broncos, because they saw Ponder beat them with his arm and legs.

      2. The Vikings are not trading a third round pick for Ponder. Neither are the Broncos. The Niners would be lucky to get a 7th rounder from any team for Kaepernick or Ponder.

        1. Man, the Vikings, nor any other team, aren’t even going to trade a 2020 7th rounder for Ponder. Dude was out of the league just weeks ago.

  2. Grant, great roster breakdown. To save us from straw-man arguments, is this your preferred roster, or who you are predicting the 49ers will chose for the 53 (my assumption)?

    Some thoughts…

    – Its been mentioned (by Kelly?) Wilhoite can play both ILB spots. Will be a tough cut.
    – Really happy McCray’s on the list. I think he’s the best ST coverage man.
    – Redmond will ont NFI this year. Hmmm
    – TJE is a close one, especially with Armstead and Dial dinged.
    – Yes, I think they keep 4 RBs too. Its been speculated they would only retain three.
    – Driskel seems like a safe PS stash. 0 QB ratings will do that.
    – 7 Defensive linemen, 4 OLBs should provide plenty of box depth.
    – I’m assuming Lynch is suspended and not in OLB limbo. One would think he’d tear up 2nd the 3rd team OTs in the preseason. Is he really as out of shape as people describe?

  3. So let me get this correct,christian ponder over colin kapernick….. lmao haaa haaa haaa whew lmao haaaaa haaa didnt have a good laugh in a while thanks grant.

      1. Top 10? Where in the Arena League?

        Nick you have always been a moron on here, not even sure why I respond to you! Cal guys=Low IQ

        1. Hey Monkey boy, did you actually read the article? Stats don’t lie. If you objectively analyze CK7’s performance, he’s a top 10 QB even with last year’s horrific performance.

          1. If they keep him, he’ll be starting sooner rather than later. But I’m a high risk, high reward guy. Mediocrity is overrated….

      2. Awww come on man. Yes, Kaepernick was pretty good last night against a bunch of backups. Saying he’s top 10 just silly.

  4. hey guys as soon as this tool says balke fired and a quick rebound by the team then colin cut i have to chime in. What a bafoon this cohn.

    1. By the way my 49er fan years were 1967-2014. Now I root for the other side. 1-15 would be sweet for the idiot boys Jed and Trent. Football’s version if Chris Cohan.

      1. Oh, you mean fair weather fan. Good riddance. Don’t let the door hit you in the a_s on the way out the door, if you haven’t already left.

          1. Yeah, KezarMike goes back a ways on this blog and with the team. He’s hardly a fair weather fan. It seems that Jed crossed the forgivable line with him. You’re not a big fan of Jed’s either, as I recall.

            1. I’m always hopeful that Jed will learn to stay out of direct football decisions, and that Grant won’t have to chase clicks so much.

              The would be a good start for both of them.

              1. The > That

                I’m hopeful that we’ll get an edit capability in this blog too. Mush for brains, that’s me.

      2. Told you. Those “fans” who claim they’ve been a fan since the 70’s! Never show up or root the team on in bad times. All the same!

  5. Grant, I know you are trolling me for advocating Kaep will be cut, but Chip likes him too much.

    I like your Skov pick and think Wilhoite is the odd man out, but Redmon over Johnson may be wrong. I think Redmon showed that he has not fully recovered from his knee, so he might be an IR candidate. Dorsey too.

    In an earlier 53 that I posted, I had Garrison Smith and Cooper making the squad, and Rush is a pleasant surprise.

    All I can say is that I think the Niners will be better, just because Devey and Pears are gone.

    1. With Dorsey an IR candidate, I think TJE makes the squad.

      I have a multi player deal proposal. Ponder and TJE to Denver for Shaquil Barrett. Denver needs a veteran QB and Miller would be happy to get his Bro. With injuries, Denver needs help on the defensive line, and Barrett is good, bur relegated to the second string. Barrett would be a big upgrade for the Niners.

      1. MD, sounds like you will lose it when he stays on the team, and may go ballistic if he is named the starter.

        I will still be a Niner even if Kaep leaves, but will just be resigned to more losing. With Kaep, they might actually have a better chance to win.

  6. Ponder interview is on the 49ers web site -no Kaep. Grant may be correct. Besides after listening to Greg Cosell this week and seeing Kaep in the system I think a trade for Kaep would be a better option. Ponder has more wiggle & repetitive accuracy.

  7. I’d rather keep Harris than Draughn.
    I’d rather keep Hamm than Miller.
    I’m on the fence between McCray and Cromarti.

    Other than that, I think you’re spot on Grant.

    I did hear you say you don’t think the Niners have a defense. You’re in for a pleasant surprise this season, this team has a talented, deep defense It’s young, and it’s a new system, so they will go through growing pains, but will be playing good football mid-season!.

    1. McCray is better than Miller/Cromarti on special teams, and I don’t believe Harris is as good of an inside runner as Draughn….

      1. I can’t argue against McCray, he’s always been a ST standout. I think DuJuan Harris is a better RB than Draughn, inside or out. He averaged significantly more YPC last season, and likely will for his career.

        Funny thing.

        Grant wrote during the live blog last night that if Hyde goes down to injury, Harris could lead the team rushing.

        He’s that good. Talk about explosive.

            1. I hesitate to call a rookie QB a disaster, even with as much draft capitol the Ram’s gave up for him.

              But yah, he sure has been playing like a potential 1st round bust, which could be labeled a disaster sooner than later.

              Grant, can you clarify something for me? I agree with nearly all of your projected 53-man final roster choices.

              However, during last nights live blog, after DuJuan Harris made a fine play, you stated that if Hyde get’s hurt, Harris could lead the team in rushing.
              Yet, you have Draughn making the team with Harris being cut. I am confused by the disconnect?

              My eyes tell me HARRIS is the more explosive, more elusive runner between the two. Harris can stop on a dime, reverse field, and explode away from defenders on a regular basis, something Draughn cannot do. And I believe Harris averages more yards after contact as well. And their career stats aren’t even close, which absolutely confirms what my eyes are telling me.

              – DuJUAN HARRIS has averaged 4.2 YPC throughout his career and 5.2 with the 49ers last season. Harris has a career 9.9 Yard AVG as a receiver.

              – SHAUN DRAUGHN has averaged a paltry 3.2 YPC throughout his career and 3.5 with the 49ers last season. Draughn has a career 6.5 Yard AVG as a receiver.

              That’s a full yard per rush better as a pro, and a whopping 2 full yards better with the same team last season. And Harris has averaged nearly a whopping 3.5 yards per reception than Draughn throughout their careers.

              Please tell me what I am missing. I cannot for the life of me understand why Draughn should beat out Harris.

              1. Yeah, I like Harris. But I think Taylor took his spot in the fourth quarter. I think he played too well to clear waivers. Modkins said Draughn is the No. 2 back, which is more of a receiver out of the backfield during passing situations like third-and-medium.

              2. By the way, Harris is also listed at a heavier weight than Draughn, and averages more yards after contact. That tells me Harris is at least as good running inside, between the tackles!.

              3. OK, so you’re going on what Madkins is telling you. That Draughn has somehow already beat out Harris for the #2 on the depth chart, to this point?

                Fair enough.

                I think Modkins is making a mistake on this one.

              4. Yes. Modkins sees Draughn as another Theo Riddick, who very successful as a receiver under Modkins last season.

              5. Are you picking Miller over Hamm based on what you have heard also? Because, as much as I respect Miller, I think Hamm has more upside as a TE.

                Perhaps they have plans of moving Miller around a bit, taking advantage of his versatility because right now, Hamm is the better pure TE, and has a higher ceiling as a pure TE.

            2. It’s the best thing for Goff. Came in never having called a play in the huddle or taking a snap from under center, and was overwhelmed. He made a number of big time throws in preseason, but also held the ball and took some unnecessary hits. The Rams are going to protect their investment as they should. I’m telling you guys right now, this kid is going to be a thorn in our sides for years to come. It is stomach turning to be defending a QB for a rival in the division, but this kid has it, and is going to be really good eventually.

              1. Definitely was overwhelmed by the speed of the game.

                The speed and deception of the pass rush especially. In College he was able to hold the ball and you find out very quickly you can’t do that at this level.

              2. Rocket,
                I agree with your take. I always laugh about how everybody knows rookies need time to develop but they consider them failures if they don’t start right away. It used to be considered a luxury to have the ability to sit for a year. Carson Wentz isn’t getting ripped and he got cracked ribs during his first or second game. He was injury prone in college. Goff will be fine after getting acclimated. He is the reason I see the 49ers struggling to get past third place in the division in the near future. The whole Rams organization will be a monster in a few years. Kroenke is dream owner; He’s loaded and stays out of the way of football matters.

              3. Big P, how many years now have people been saying the Rams are the next up and coming team?

                The 49ers are a QB, WR, and 2 years experience on the current roster from being a playoff team.

              4. You tell me, Big P, when was the last time a number one overall pick did not only win the starting job over a guy like Keenum, but can’t win the back up job over Mannion. Does not bode well, Big P. Does not bode well. That’s a whole lot of development instead of Rosie….

              5. BigP,

                A number of us in here speculated Goff would have to sit for at least half a season before being able to play, but as you said, the rush to judgement is too tantalizing for some to ignore.

              6. Razor,

                I don’t want to get into this to the point we did last week, but look at the situation. Keenum is going to start because he’s played well. If he hadn’t they might have thrown Goff in there to take his lumps which would have been the worst thing to do. They will put him in a position where he can learn and not have any setbacks which is why Mannion will be the backup to start the season.

              7. Yea, Rocket in an ideal world, you sit him. If you have a guy like Farve or Brady. I would remind you, the Jaguars plan was to sit Bortles. The pressure to put him in was too much to resist, and his arm was dead by the end of the season. There is no pressure to insert Goff, which should be concerning to everyone but Keenum and Mannion….

              8. Prime,
                They have an owner who is filthy rich and wants to have a successful franchise. He also stays out of football matters. They moved to L.A., they are building a massive new stadium and they drafted their franchise QB. They have momentum, even if you can’t see it. The 49ers are a joke right now. Kaepernick’s antics are the only reason people suddenly pay attention to the franchise. They’ll win just enough games to avoid the possibility of drafting an elite QB prospect next year, which will just push this cycle of futility into the future. I’ve been saying this since Kelly was hired.

              9. Razor,
                I have brain lock until I fully understand something. Once I understand something I have a much deeper knowledge of that subject than the people that initially picked it up faster than I did. That’s just how I think, so I understand the ‘light turning on’ analogy as it pertains to rookie QB’s. You would think that 49er fans would have a little more perspective after the Alex Smith experience. I expect Goff to do well in the future.

              10. I disagree. I think Kelly will be a great fit in SF but will need time and some weapons on offense.
                I also believe Jed has had enough of the spot light on him and will allow Baalke and Chip to work together. People forget the debacle of off- field issues, retirements and free agent departures, coaching staff purge a coupe years ago had a huge toll on this franchise. You don’t recover from that without starting all over. That’s what they are doing.
                Baalke has done well to rebuild the oline which in my opinion will be one of the best in football this year. How many sacks did they give up this pre-season?
                The dline is also an area of strength and the secondary is gonna be fast and very capable.

                As for the Rams, they have all the periphery of being a good team but somehow never get in right. Goff is 2 years away and they have Gurley and a decent defense. Id say they are no better off than the 49ers. Seattle is on the decline and same with the Cards.

                Like I said, its a 2 year rebuild and a QB and WR and experience away form being a contender again. Its really not that bad as you and Rocket make it out to be.

              11. “You would think that 49er fans would have a little more perspective after the Alex Smith experience.”

                Hey BigP, since this is his first time working with a good coaching staff maybe we should extend that to Gabbert as well. Just a thought.

              12. Rocket, you are 100% right it is too soon to label Goff a bust.

                However, I see my opinion he was under developed in terms of understanding complex offensive systems and coverages in the NFL has proven correct. That was one of the things you defended Goff about quite fiercely, how with Dykes he was well advanced in this regard for a spread QB. Turns out, all the rhetoric about how much responsibility he had and how advanced he was, was just draft speak. As I said.

                And so despite the positive traits he displayed at Cal, I really can’t get on board with drafting a guy #1 that hasn’t displayed the mental aptitude needed for the position. Because to me that is the #1 quality a QB has to have. Huge risk the Rams have taken. I think he definitely has a high chance of busting.

              13. The Rams basically gave back all of the picks that they got from Washington and in the end both teams will lose.

                And to think, Washington got their QB of the future in the same draft in the 4th round.

              14. Scooter,

                However, I see my opinion he was under developed in terms of understanding complex offensive systems and coverages in the NFL has proven correct. That was one of the things you defended Goff about quite fiercely, how with Dykes he was well advanced in this regard for a spread QB. Turns out, all the rhetoric about how much responsibility he had and how advanced he was, was just draft speak. As I said.

                Understanding the system is not the main problem Scooter. His problem is dealing with the speed of the defense and blitz packages he’s seeing. He’s having to concentrate on remembering verbiage and taking snaps under center at the same time. It’s a lot to take on which is why I have said from the beginning that he needed to sit for at least half of his first season. As a pocket QB he was very advanced in progression passing and looking at multiple options has been clear in his preseason play. Go through the reports on him in College and everyone one of them talks about how quickly he was able to decipher defenses and get through his options. What he is doing now that he can’t, is holding on to the ball too long.

                And so despite the positive traits he displayed at Cal, I really can’t get on board with drafting a guy #1 that hasn’t displayed the mental aptitude needed for the position. Because to me that is the #1 quality a QB has to have. Huge risk the Rams have taken. I think he definitely has a high chance of busting.

                Yes I know, you’ve been saying this for some time now and I still disagree with you. We’ll see how it turns out.

            3. Why is Goff a disaster? His born QB skills (or lack thereof). The Rams are bad at developing quarterbacks, or bad at keeping them intact?

              Goff’s preseason play’s been poor. At few times even comical. But his release and footwork keep me very optimistic. I just don’t want him beating the 49ers.

              1. Grant, is Goff’s “slow in every way” typical rookie problems adapting to NFL speed and complexity, or do you think Goff is innately slow processing his reads?

                He’s only 21 years old. I think he has a bright future, except when he plays the 49ers. (Unless the Rams wreck him)

  8. Harris stays Taylor practice squad
    Kaep stays Ponder released and Driskell practice squad.
    Redmond IR Jonson stays untill Lynch returns.
    Whalen to the practice squad [if eligible?]

  9. Does anybody think Colin played well enough to be #1 or #2? I’m guessing the distractions would be secondary to Kelly’s critique. For me, just well enough to make them scratch their heads over the decision.

    1. I’d say much of the rust was knocked off, and the potential is there to play better moving forward. Remind me again what it is Gabbert brings to the party?

          1. It has in the past and I am not looking for failure, just correction. He made at least two mental mistakes last night. One was a rookie mistake should of never happen, he got away with it by diving for the first down.

              1. Totally agree with that. I am not enamored with any of our QB’s at this point. Just waiting for one of them to win me over with QB play. Kaep looked okay last night. I was impressed with one part of his game, he actually had touch on his short passes, that’s a plus and a improvement for him.

    2. Definitely played well enough to be #2 but he didn’t beat out Gabbert for the starting job. I get the sense that Chip Kelly is all about the science of football and could care less about all the social crap. Where I think Chip will have a problem is with players who are focusing on social issues right before games instead of focusing on maximizing their game performance. I think Chip will knock CK’s importance to the team down a few notches due to the distraction he’s caused. In the balance sheet of roster value CK is still well above Driskel and Ponder even with the distraction credits so I think CK makes the team but is the backup.

      1. Logic: “Kaepernick may be the second-best QB on the team so he’ll be our backup.”

        Not the way the Niners’ front office is thinking.

          1. If I had to guess right now, I think they’ll keep Kap as #2.
            But to Grant’s point, I imagine that I’m <.500 at guessing the FO

    3. I think Kap played well enough to stay on the roster, but the offense is definitely not as crisp when he’s in there. I don’t think there is any doubt that Gabbert will be the starter, but I still have this feeling that Kelly is holding out hope that Kap will improve enough to take over at some point this season if Gabbert struggles.

  10. The players released shows the team’s improving overall talent. I remember when the 49ers were good and a number of released players eventually became quality players on lesser teams.

  11. Razor-Gabbert has been through the whole offseason program with the 1’s . Question I believe is if this is a rebuild year who will fetch more for a trade? Kaep smoothed enough out last night that I believe someone like Minnesota may be interested.
    Kaep will or should fetch more in a trade based on perceived potential & system fit. Vikings are built more like the 2012-14 Niners.

      1. No one is trading for Gabbert because he will be the starting QB for the SF 49ers this year.
        I know a lot of you Kap enthusiasts don’t like hearing that and really, most 49er fans are not excited about it, but this is it, like it or not.

        I just cant believe the once storm creator, lost to a guy like Blaine Gabbert! Really!

        1. I understand your jubilation over the demise of Kaepernick, but let’s not get carried away with the expectations of Gabbert. I’m fine with him being the starter. Let’s see what he can do with what will more than likely be his final opportunity….

          1. I’m not happy about my team spending a high 2nd round pick that turned into a one hit wonder Razor. Nor am I excited about Blaine Gabbert. This I said is what we have been dealt with.
            I’m just tired of the hype still surrounding CK when he hasn’t even played well enough to warrant consideration to start.

            1. Prime-

              I have to ask you a question and I am being sincere……………What the h–l is it with Seb and Kap? Kaps flash in the pan was years ago. He throws the ball with the same precision as a large water balloon. He still runs way too much, even in a Kelly offense.
              Did I miss something with the Seb/Kap dynamic? I know people have their favorites, but this is something else………………..

  12. I agree with the 53 Grant. I think they will keep Kap over Ponder, I think D Johnson will make the team and W Redmond will start on the IR. Also think someone outside the organization will make the team as a WR…that position group is grim

  13. Let’s put things into perspective here. Kaepernick struggled against primarily starters in the Green Bay game but played well against the the backups with the Chargers. That does not seem like a justification to keep Kaepernick on the roster at his current salary. He needs to be released or traded if he is not willing to take a pay cut.
    In regards to the roster, I say Johnson makes it with Redmond to IR. TJE will also win a spot because Miller will not be around much longer.

  14. I can’t see the team’s motivation to cut Kaepernick. First he’s still a better choice then Ponder. Put him(Ponder) against 1’s and you’ll see why he was painting his house when the team called. Second, I doubt they are worried about him getting injured. how many 2nd string QB’s go down on IR while in practice? None that I can think. Teddy’s injury was a freak occurrence. Third, Baalke can’t really afford any more egg on his face and releasing a player that he could have received a 4th for just a few months prior would be one big huevo. Last but not least they have plenty of cap space so keeping a $15m back up although odd is not impossible.

    The sitting and the socks will get less attention with him in the back up role and will eventually go away, unless he becomes the starter but they’ll need him at that point and likely it’ll be a smaller matter by then anyway, I hear there’s some voting thing going on in the Fall that’s probably going to distract people from what Colin is wearing on his feet.

    Anyway, from a team perspective their best move is to keep him as their back up. Continue to try and trade him if possible and know that you have a QB that can likely win as many games as your starter waiting in the reserves.

      1. With him as the back up the story will be relegated to the pre-game show where it will slowly die away the longer he stays on the bench. They wont continue to broadcast the anthem and people eventually won’t care anymore. They’re going to be more interested in which of the two nightmare presidential candidates we’re about to end up with.

        1. Nope. Media will ask coaches and players about Kaepernick daily, and they will continue to broadcast the National Anthem. It’s the only big story associated with the 49ers.

          1. If local reporters are wasting time asking about that subject after the season has started then shame on them and I hope people respond by taking their readership elsewhere.

            I disagree that they will continue to broadcast it and once he season has started and he’s on the bench nobody is going to care.

            1. I guarantee you the media will continue to ask about Kaepernick daily and television will broadcast him every time he kneels during the National Anthem. You must be new to this country.

              1. I think the attention is already starting to dissipate. With Reid and another player with the Seahawks joining in. Also, the meeting with the Green Beret alleviated many concerns according to him….

              2. Unless you’re George Zimmer that guarantee is good for squat.

                By week 5 nobody will be broadcasting Kaepernick doing anything but holding a clipboard.

              3. As long as he’s in the league he’ll be one of the most famous, visible players in it, even from the bench. That’s the way it is.

                This team is COLIN KAEPERNICK andthe49ers.

              4. That might be how you, your father and possibly Ray Ratto see it but those of us that call ourselves fans don’t. I can see how you wouldn’t understand that seeing as how you aren’t a fan of the team.

              5. That’s the way ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Bleacher Report, Fox and CNN see it. They’re not fans of the team either.

              6. Grant some other scandal will happen by then. This is the NFL, drama and controversy run rampant. This is a non issue as soon as tthat happens. I mean we are all 49er fans and pretty sure we are done with it.

              7. Right now every NFL site out there’s top story is tracking the cuts. It’s already the third or 4th headline if not lower on every site you mentioned. When the regular season starts it’ll slip farther if mentioned at all.

                I get that you’ve made this subject personal but you’re wrong that it’s going to continue to get the attention that it has. The only way it’ll even get talked about again past the first few weeks is if he becomes the starter or wears something else stupid.

              8. If Kap’s on the bench I think the story dies back a bit, but every time a reporter doesn’t have any other question in mind they may go for the low hanging fruit to keep the issue alive. We will also see Colin continue to make statements that roil the waters.
                Gabbert starts I guess, but if his play isn’t that good there will be the specter of Tebow, er, Kap looming over his shoulder. On the Niners at least it will be like Tebow.
                I’m not predicting a trade, but if he’s cut (not predicting that either) a team might take a flier on him as a freebie at a reduced salary. Only some teams would consider doing that.

              9. The story will fade. The fact he’s now received some support from other players as well as showing a willingness to compromise by kneeling, will take some of the heat off. He’s also said he’s going to donate a million to charity which will shut up some of the faux outrage.

                If they were going to cut Kap, I don’t think they would have played him last night. I think Kelly just wanted him to get some extended playing time to make up for what he’s missed.

              10. They may not be on the same page, I don’t know, but Baalke has kept him around, and Kelly continues to play him and back him publicly, so I would be surprised to see him cut; especially when they don’t have much behind him.

              11. Grant Cohn September 2, 2016 at 9:47 am
                Don’t blame the media.
                Why not? What compels a journalist to choose one subject over another to write about? There are a dozen subjects that are more pertinent that are football and 49ers related but those aren’t the subjects being chosen by the media to discuss and write about, so why not blame the media for their choice in subject matter?

              12. Grant, I thank the lucky stars that Kaep is the only big controversial thing to talk about.

                I am so glad that we are not talking about Drunk driving or sexual assaults or domestic violence.

                Dont blame the media? Why not? They deserve it.;p

              13. Grant Cohn September 2, 2016 at 10:11 am
                You want me to explain journalism to you? Try it for a few years and get back to me.
                Dismissive and immature, how old are you?

              14. I don’t buy it. He sat on the bench during the anthem in the first two preseason games, and nobody noticed. Why? Because virtually nobody pays attention to a guy who doesn’t play. If Kap is not the starter (which you seem pretty sure of) there’s little reason to believe that him sitting or kneeling is going to be a story once the real games start.

                Moreover, this “you must be new to this country” line can easily applied to anyone suggesting that a long American (or media) attention span can be counted on.

      2. I agree he’s a huge distraction. I don’t believe they keep him unless Chip wants him as the starter at some point this season.

      3. at least there is a story cohn. Its actually now a story that will involve a ton more athletes. It will be less of a distraction as the season moves forward. If anything the kneeling instead of sitting, the support of some teamates and his 1 million dollar donation will ease the tensions. TRUST THAT

      1. Nobody is going to confuse me for a Kaepologist but the player out there isn’t one that is 100% focused on wanting to be the best player he can for the team that he’s a part of. By his own doing his focus is just not on football at all right now. If it was, he’d likely be the starter but it would then be Kaepernick as 1a and Gabbert as 1b.

        1. Not so sure I agree with that. You’re basing that on your view of Kaepernicks potential. Here’s the tale of the tape:

          Colin Kaepernick
          6’5″ 233lbs
          4.53 40

          Blaine Gabbert
          6’5″ 234lbs
          4.61 40

          Big Difference? CK had Jim Harbaugh. Blaine Gabbert had Jack Del Rio/Mel Tucker/Mike Mularkey/Gus Bradley. I’m not so sure Gabbert’s upside isn’t much higher than Colin Kaepernick’s anyway. CK is probably a better runner but Gabbert is a much more natural thrower.

  15. I think they keep Wilhoite, but not happy about it. I wonder if Redmond goes IR if he is dinged up- maybe move him there later. Waiver wire peaks- Center, WR, ILB. Trades- Miller…. maybe D Johnson and if anyone would take Kap, I would move him w Ponders play.

    I wonder if they would ask Kap to restructure his contract to stick around? At this point, couldn’t hurt since he sabotaged his own career with his recent stance on social issues- apparently pissing off most owners.

    1. September 3: Prior to 4:00 p.m., New York time, clubs must reduce rosters to a maximum of 53 players on the Active/Inactive List.

  16. 4 X consecutive SuperBowl Contestant, and Buffalo Bill ex GM, Bill Pollian, once said if you bat over .500 you are winning playoff games.. Baalke is batting 21% .

  17. Marcus Martin will be cut. He has been horrible this preseason and they didn’t have Zane Beadles take snaps at Center during practice for nothing

    1. They had Beadles taking centre snaps so they don’t need to suit Martin up on game day. But he will be retained, and be the primary backup at centre in case of a long term injury to Kilgore.

  18. 6th For Miller seems right
    Personally I’d rather keep him for leadership in the locker room and the potential Chip used him in creative ways on the goal line. However I don’t know if the roster has room for a tweener

  19. 1. Kap stays because he’s one of the top 2 QB’s on the team.

    2. Financial argument for cutting Kap is very weak. No decent backup for Gabbert will cost the Niners a lot more than some hypothetical savings in 2017. Ponder hasn’t shown enough to be considered a Gabbert backup. Playing with 3’s & 4’s means diddly.

    2. Beadles isn’t a center. Yes he played a few snaps there in TC but that doesn’t make him a center.

    3. No Wilhoite means no backup for Bowman. He stays. Pretty sure it was Skov’s out of position play that allowed two TD’s late in the game. He’s cut, no one else will pick him up.

    4. Kelly is backup left tackle. He stays. Wouldn’t make it through waivers anyhow.

  20. With Eric Reid and Jeremy Lane joining Kaep in his protest and a # of 49ers going directly to Kaep after the anthem and hugging him I wonder if we will be seeing more and more players joining in this protest as the year goes by?

    1. I think a lot of that was due to his willingness to compromise with the kneel down. It also shows quite clearly that Kap’s relationship with his teammates is not the problem it was rumored to be. Lane doing it in Seattle was a really strong statement. A player from a division rival saying he’s standing behind Kap speaks volumes.

          1. Most of his teammates hugged him right after the anthem. I don’t see any division here. He talked to the team right after this first broke and I think that ended any chance of problems in the locker room.

              1. You would know that better than I with the access you have, but it hasn’t shown up on the field from what I’ve seen.

              2. The division was reported 2 years ago. Why cant anyone admit that he is not the best teammate? In the NFL, this stuff does not get reported too often because its a brotherhood. Very rarely do we hear players call each other out and when they do, its pretty accurate.
                You think his teammates want to be going from city to city answering this question about his protest? Its a selfish distraction brought on by a guy who’s not even worth talking about since his play is that of a back up.

              3. Sounds like the team has his back, unlike the FO who has stabbed him in the back.

                Chip is a master strategist to use this to create a unified locker room. It is now the Niners against the world.

              4. It’s the Niners against the Niners. Some players will support him. Some will privately resent his actions during the Anthem. The team will mirror the country.

              5. Sorry Grant, I totally disagree. The team, now that he has heard Kaep’s reasoning behind his protest, think that his heart is in the right place.

                Kaep does not hate America. He wants America to be even greater. He is fighting against injustices. People who are hating on him do not care about injustices. Some even want Kaep to be injured. Sounds like true sportsmanship. NOT.

                If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem

              6. He has high-jacked all the headlines from the people who deserve the ink. Some players won’t like that. Kelly won’t like that.

              7. if they win who cares. Whatever your predicting in win totals this year ill add 3. Ill be right. youll be …………

              8. yes all the black players support his cause and the white players do not. considering the team is comprised of over 70 percent black. Ill take that as pro kap

          2. I agree with you, Grant. Kaep’s stance, whether ppl agree with it or not, is a humongous distraction and it has to put the players and coaches on edge. I wonder if some of the black players feel pressure to “pick a side” causing further distraction and discord. It’s also true that the media is like a dog with a steak bone – no way they are letting go of this as long as CK is doing his thing.

    2. Absolutely!
      And after the emotions settle down, the real conversation will begin. Maybe its time to stop putting bandages on a deep wound that needs serious attention – no matter which side of the isle we chose.

    3. Yes, OC, I think we will.

      I found it surprising that so many on here assumed that no other players, or at least very few, would support CK.

    4. OldCoach
      If African-American NFL players read this little historic tidbit, many more may soon join in with Kap.

      Jon Schwartz : The Intercept
      “Before a preseason game on Friday, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the playing of “The Star-Spangled Banner.” When he explained why, he only spoke about the present: “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. … There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

      Twitter then went predictably nuts, with at least one 49ers fan burning Kaepernick’s jersey.

      Almost no one seems to be aware that even if the U.S. were a perfect country today, it would be bizarre to expect African-American players to stand for “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Why? Because it literally celebrates the murder of African-Americans.

      Few people know this because we only ever sing the first verse. But read the end of the third verse and you’ll see why “The Star-Spangled Banner” is not just a musical atrocity, it’s an intellectual and moral one, too:

      No refuge could save the hireling and slave
      From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave,
      And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave
      O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

      “The Star-Spangled Banner,” Americans hazily remember, was written by Francis Scott Key about the Battle of Fort McHenry in Baltimore during the War of 1812. But we don’t ever talk about how the War of 1812 was a war of aggression that began with an attempt by the U.S. to grab Canada from the British Empire.

      However, we’d wildly overestimated the strength of the U.S. military. By the time of the Battle of Fort McHenry in 1814, the British had counterattacked and overrun Washington, D.C., setting fire to the White House.

      And one of the key tactics behind the British military’s success was its active recruitment of American slaves. As a detailed 2014 article in Harper’s explains, the orders given to the Royal Navy’s Admiral Sir George Cockburn read:

      Let the landings you make be more for the protection of the desertion of the Black Population than with a view to any other advantage. … The great point to be attained is the cordial Support of the Black population. With them properly armed & backed with 20,000 British Troops, Mr. Madison will be hurled from his throne.

      Whole families found their way to the ships of the British, who accepted everyone and pledged no one would be given back to their “owners.” Adult men were trained to create a regiment called the Colonial Marines, who participated in many of the most important battles, including the August 1814 raid on Washington.

      Then on the night of September 13, 1814, the British bombarded Fort McHenry. Key, seeing the fort’s flag the next morning, was inspired to write the lyrics for “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

      So when Key penned “No refuge could save the hireling and slave / From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave,” he was taking great satisfaction in the death of slaves who’d freed themselves. His perspective may have been affected by the fact he owned several slaves himself.

      With that in mind, think again about the next two lines: “And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave / O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

      The reality is that there were human beings fighting for freedom with incredible bravery during the War of 1812. However, “The Star-Spangled Banner” glorifies America’s “triumph” over them — and then turns that reality completely upside down, transforming their killers into the courageous freedom fighters.

      After the U.S. and the British signed a peace treaty at the end of 1814, the U.S. government demanded the return of American “property,” which by that point numbered about 6,000 people. The British refused. Most of the 6,000 eventually settled in Canada, with some going to Trinidad, where their descendants are still known as “Merikins.”

      Furthermore, if those leading the backlash against Kaepernick need more inspiration, they can get it from Francis Scott Key’s later life.

      By 1833, Key was a district attorney for Washington, D.C. As described in a book called Snowstorm in August by former Washington Post reporter Jefferson Morley, the police were notorious thieves, frequently stealing free blacks’ possessions with impunity. One night, one of the constables tried to attack a woman who escaped and ran away — until she fell off a bridge across the Potomac and drowned.

      “There is neither mercy nor justice for colored people in this district,” an abolitionist paper wrote. “No fuss or stir was made about it. She was got out of the river, and was buried, and there the matter ended.”

      Key was furious and indicted the newspaper for intending “to injure, oppress, aggrieve & vilify the good name, fame, credit & reputation of the Magistrates & constables of Washington County.”

      You can decide for yourself whether there’s some connection between what happened 200 years ago and what Colin Kaepernick is angry about today. Maybe it’s all ancient, meaningless history. Or maybe it’s not, and Kaepernick is right, and we really need a new national anthem.”

  21. My best guess at this point:

    QB (2) – Gabbert, Kaepernick
    RB (4) – Hyde, Draughn, Davis, Taylor
    TE (4) – McDonald, Celek, Bell, Miller
    WR (5) – Smith, Patton, Kerley, White, Anderson
    OL (9) – Staley, Garnett, Kilgore, Davis, Brown, Tiller, Beadles, Martin, Theus
    DL (7) – Armstead, Buckner, Blair, Dorsey, Dial, Jerrod Eddie, Purcell
    ILB (4) – Bowman, Armstrong, Hodges, Wilhoite
    OLB (4) – Brooks, Carradine, Harold, Rush
    CB (7) – Brock, Ward, Davis, Robinson, Redmond, Reaser, Johnson
    S (4) – Bethea, Reid, Tartt, McCray
    ST (3) – Dawson, Pinion, Nelson

  22. The league will do like the NBA and make protocol for the anthem. the league allowed a little drama to get week 4 pre season ratings. Bet this week there will be a change in policy prior to 911 anniversary to avoid drama that will cost the league $

  23. 1. A man arrives at the gates of heaven, where St. Peter greets him and says: “Before I can let you enter I must ask you what you have done in your life that was particularly good.”

    The man racks his brains for a few minutes and then admits to St. Peter that he hasn’t done anything particularly good in his life.

    “Well,” says St. Peter, “have you done anything particularly brave in your life?”

    “Yes, I have,” replies the man proudly.

    St. Peter asks the man to give an account of his bravery.

    So the man explains, “I was refereeing this important match between the 49ers and Los Angeles Rams in Los Angeles. The score was 0-0 and there was only one more minute of play to go in the second half when I awarded a penalty against the Rams at the cop end.”

    “Yes,” responded St. Peter, “I agree that was a real act of bravery. Can you perhaps tell me when this took place?”

    “Certainly,” the man replied, “about three minutes ago.”

    2. A guy took his girlfriend to her first football game.
    Afterward he asked her how she like the game.
    “I liked it, but I couldn’t understand why they were killing
    each other for 25 cents,” she said.
    “What do you mean?” he asked.
    “Well, everyone kept yelling, ‘Get the quarter back!'”

  24. I’m surprised Dontae Johnson goes and Reaser stays. Also, do we really need 4 tight ends? I’m sure we can replace Bruce Miller on special teams. Dontae Johnson could do that.

    Why not renegotiate a lower salary for Ahmad Brooks and let him go if he doesn’t take it? I’m sure there will be roster cuts from other teams that can do what he’ll do a lot cheaper.

    1. The 49ers aren’t short of cap space, but they do need all the talent they can keep. Brooks is in pretty good shape and has looked good in PS. There’s nothing to be gained other than some cash for the Yorks by doing as you suggest. So, on that basis alone, I’m against the idea.

  25. While I disagree with sitting during the anthem and the wearing of socks that depict police officers as pigs, Kaepernick taking a knee for the anthem last night was a big step forward in my mind. Perhaps this move was made after talks with teammates and folks like Boyer.

    Taking a knee is what all football players are told to do when there is an injury on the field. In this case the injury isn’t football related, but the issue that Kaepernick is demonstrating for.

    Eric Reid joining with Kaepernick shows that he is not alone on this in that locker room. Same for the way that the other players are treating him. It’s not hard to see that he isn’t being ostracized, but instead accepted in much the same way that he was prior to the protests. Now I know that like all of the other commenters on here I don’t have first hand knowledge of what is happening in the room, but rather basing this on reports from those who are.

    We’ll see how this plays out over the next few days because we don’t even know for sure if Kaepernick will be on the team after 1pm tomorrow afternoon. If Kaepernick is on the team, here is what I would like to see on Monday night 9/12: As a sign of unity it would be a great statement to see every player on the 49ers take a knee for the anthem, and then go out and beat the snot out of the Rams.

    1. Works for me, although I did plan on inoculating them from Whooping Goff. Looks like they’ve already received the vaccine….

      1. Yeah I don’t see that happening either, but the taking of a knee instead of sitting on the bench is a better symbol, and I think it will win him much more respect from some who don’t agree with the stance.

              1. You are right. The only way to get to middle ground is to stop labeling, listen and try. It’s hard as hell, especially with a topic like this because it seems like it is just too easy to disregard what some are saying because of our own prejudices.

                This is part of why wearing those socks was stupid. That kind of stuff almost forces people to take sides and not be willing to listen.

              2. Exactly, Jack. Fanaticism on both sides of the divide are what perpetuate and aggrevate the issue. Only when people start moderating their views, trying to see both sides of the argument, does real change occur.

              3. You are most likely correct, Grant. Which I believe will only exascerbate the issue and escalate tensions.

                But, as I said the other day on this. Sometimes that is necessary before a middle ground can be found. Basically, sometimes people have to get so fed up with the constant fighting before they are willing to make peace.

              4. Forget BLM for just a minute, look at the conversations on this board. There’s been a lot said, but he listening needs a ton of work.

                And also, it’s clear at least to me by choosing to kneel instead of sit, that Kaepernick is willing to moderate things in an effort to be more clear.

              5. And also, it’s clear at least to me by choosing to kneel instead of sit, that Kaepernick is willing to moderate things in an effort to be more clear.

                Maybe he read, The Art Of The Deal…; > )

          1. If the 49ers and the NFL allowed an entire team to disrespect our country like that then it would seal the deal for me. I’d walk away from the NFL I used to be an NBA fan – even had season tickets but I haven’t watched an NBA game in years. I just got tired of the horrible officiating. Home teams get every call in the NBA. Superstars get special treatment. I couldn’t stand the home cooking even for the team I followed. NBA games felt rigged to me. After the Donaghey situation it was easy for me to remove myself and my money as a fan. Won’t be any different for me with the NFL. And I really think the NFL has to watch out on this topic. A lot of people either think CK is 100% wrong in his protest or they don’t know if he’s right but they don’t want to tune into a football game for a social justice lecture. If you look at youth participation in football the NFL isn’t a sure bet to continue as the king of spectator sports. Participation in youth football is 40% lower than it was just 5 years ago in my area. Parents are worried about injuries. When parents don’t pass on love of the sport to their kids or kids don’t participate in the game the NFL could seriously lose a ton of fans & money in the not too distant future. Supporting a message that is interpreted by many as America Hating is a seriously slippery slope for the NFL.

              1. True. And an owner wants revenue from ticket sales and concessions. I’ve got to think York and many other owners would have a tightening of certain muscles if they saw an entire team refuse to stand for the National Anthem.

              2. Which would make even more awesome.

                York should look at it as a business opportunity. Once people burn their Kaepernick jerseys they’ll need to come back to buy a new one of a different player.

              3. Jack, a veteran suggested yesterday that people should stop burning Colin’s jersey, and that those true Americans should donate their #7s to homeless veterans.

              4. That’s just not reality, Grant. A team doesn’t have to be united in all things. They only need to be united on field. Even then, in football anyway, it can break down between offense and defense.

                Take the Ravens in their first SB year, Ray (The-Guy-Who-Got-Away-With-Murder) Lewis often would snarl to the press that all they wanted from the offense was to not f— things up. Some team unity.

                The Oakland A’s of the early 70’s hated each other, almost as much as they hated Charlie Finley, and they won three straight WS.

                Sports is littered with teams that had players who didn’t get along that well and still won championships.

                The only place teams must come together, is during the game.

                This appears to be another one of your comments, that at first reading, looks like it’s on point, but upon further review, it’s off the mark.

              5. I’m talking football. Do the Patriots still take the field as a team or do they get introduced individually?

              6. Come on, Grant. Taking the field together doesn’t tell you anything about team unity. Every team takes the field together. What’s your point?

                Some good football teams are united away from the field and others aren’t. It’s what happens between the lines that counts.

                Is it better if a team is totally United? Sure it is. Does it happen often? Hell no.

                Especially in football. The roster is too big, and there’s too much competition for everyone to like everyone.

            1. “Supporting a message that is interpreted by many as America Hating is a seriously slippery slope for the NFL.”

              Not trying to convince those same people that it’s not America Hating, is a very dangerous slippery slope for Democracy in America.

              1. So this will probably be TMI but I’ll say it anyway. My wife’s family is of hispanic heritage. Her immediate family has been in Texas for 4 or 5 generations. Pretty much as Texan as it gets. Many of her extended family live in Mexico. Family gatherings consist of a mix of people from the US and Mexico. ALL of her family are extremely patriotic. Her father died recently and was buried in his Air Force uniform with a US flag pinned to his lapel and Taps was played at the funeral. He has a US Flag still hanging at his house along with many items displaying his patriotism. The family grew up in a poor part of town outside Houston. Her parents were the first generation to go to an integrated school. At the time, if you spoke Spanish in school you were beaten up and then suspended. These people know about real oppression.

                My wife is an architect by education but switched careers several years ago to be a high school teacher. She taught school in an area of economically disadvantaged kids with a heavy illegal immigrant population. At this school, kids routinely refuse to stand for the National Anthem at sporting events. We were at a family gathering and my wife was relaying to her family about all the kids who refuse to stand for the anthem. When my wife tells kids to stand up she has been told, “this isn’t my country,” and “F this country, I’m Mexican.” When my father in law heard those stories he became UNHINGED. All of her family was in disbelief that people who have so many opportunities would be so disrespectful as to refuse to stand for the National Anthem. Even the family members from Mexico thought it was horrible and disrespectful for people to dishonor America in that way. I remember my father in law saying that we even stand for the Canadian National Anthem at sports events because it’s the respectful thing to do.

                To many people, including my wifes family from the US and Mexico, they will always believe refusing to stand for the national anthem is America Hating. And I’m not sure an NFL owner wants to be in the business of trying to convince those people that political stunts pulled by people in his teams uniform is not America Hating.

              2. Houston,

                It sounds like your wife and in-laws are wonderful people, and that wasn’t TMI, at least not for me.

                I also understand how you’ve arrived at your opinion of CK over his sitting / kneeling during the NA.

                What I would ask you is, have you read or heard all of CK’s statements in which he more fully explains his thought process? If you did, you might not be so unforgiving of CK. His heart sounds like it’s in the right place and most people would want what he wants, even if you don’t agree with his method of expression or his path to get there.

                Is that really that big of a deal, though?

                At first, I didn’t love the approach Kaep took to his protest (I totally agreed regarding the issue itself, though), then I read an editorial by Dr. Harry Edwards in the Chronicle. It was a fantastic essay and it made me realize that, while uncomfortable, it was exactly the right way to move the discussion forward.

                I recommend you check the article out. It’s well worth the read.


              3. Houston,

                Also, an inference could be drawn from your post above that I doubt you intended: “These people know about real oppression”.

                Some could assume you’re saying that black people haven’t really been and aren’t really still being oppressed in this country. I imagine that, if you were comparing oppression, it would be between your in-laws and CK. If so, I would point out that CK isn’t protesting his own oppression, but that of black people and all people of color in this country.

                Just like some jump to the conclusion that “Black Lives Matter” has an “Only” between the “B” and the “L”, when in reality there’s an “Too” at the end.

              4. Houston,

                One final point: If your in-laws were still being treated in the despicable way they were treated years ago, if you believed you might help bring about change by not standing for the NA, wouldn’t you do take the opportunity?

                If that’s what you believed, I think you might.

              5. Houston I wasn’t thinking anything about the NFL being more than self serving on any issue including civil rights.

                As for exgolfer, well done. I was a dorm mother for two years and Harry Edwards was one of my residents. He was amazing then and now.

              6. I’ve read it all and I know exactly where he’s coming from. I think he’s wrong and I have direct first hand experience with what CK is protesting. I have the experience that CK does not have. Police are part of the solution and not the problem. I truly believe CK’s protest is misguided and ignorant based on memes promoted through social media. CK’s opinion is based on Tweets and ignorance rather than any basis in fact or truth.

              7. Harry Edwards for Exgolfer:

                It’s late so I’ll be brief. Harry told me that he was from the worst neighborhood across the river from St. Louis Mo. He came to SJS as the national high school champion discus thrower.

                There was a group of black athletes who tried to intimidate young black athletes. Harry arrived before school started and was housed in a WWII barracks that was near the football stadium. After Harry was asleep in an upper bunk, a two leaders of that group made a call on Harry. I don’t remember what their message for him was, but he reached out from his bunk and lifted one of them up to his face, told him no, and then slammed him through the flimsy partition that separated sleeping areas.

                Harry was never like that in the dorm. He was quiet and very private.

                Harry was big, very strong, and moved fast. SJS wanted him to play football. He played basket ball instead. The 49ers were interested in Harry, and he told them no. They told him to come and see them when he flunked out of school.

                He wasn’t talkative but when he did talk, he had something to say.

                I ran into Harry years later at the Bus Station in San Jose. He told me about grad school and I told him that I was going to Thailand with my family to work. He told me that there might be a revolution in Thailand and that I should be careful. I was careful but there never was a Communist revolution in Thailand, but it was clear that Harry knew more about where we were going than I did.

                I spent a lot more time with Bob Bonds (also a freshman my first year) who was the older brother of Bobbie Bonds. Their mother liked their first name.

                Bob played football at SJS, but not baseball. I suppose he couldn’t hit a curve ball. He was also a national champion in high school high hurdles. Winters tried to train him for the decathlon, but he kept vaulting all the way out of the pit.

              8. HT,

                Thanks for the insight. Very interesting. Sounds like Edwards was mature beyond his years. He still is, IMO. Wise man.

      2. Grant,
        I don’t think Jack was predicting that the whole team would take a knee but was commenting on what a great sign of unity it would be if that happened.

          1. I don’t think it’s a pipe dream to think that the entire team could join in solidarity against injustice towards a race by bad apples….

            1. No kidding, Razor.

              Sheesh, this idea that everyone has to think and act same or the team is necessarily in discord is making me nuts.

              1. BT,

                Yep, I mentioned them above.

                Teflon Grant felt like that example doesn’t apply, saying he was talking football. What he failed to acknowledge was, I also mentioned the first Ravens team that won the SB. The defense had no use for the offense on that team. Ray (Where’s your bloody suit, you murderer?) Lewis was constantly demeaning the offense in public, sneering things like, “All we need them to do, is not screw things up for us.”

                I’m not sure why Grant addressed the A’s example not applying and ignored the applicable Ravens example. I’ll let you fill in that blank.

              2. Kelly must be happy to be able to check that box, because according to VMac, this issue has brought the team closer together….

              3. That we agree on, Grant, that is the goal. I’m just saying it’s not a requisite for success. In any sport.

              4. It pretty much is a requisite in football unless the team has a defense that’s the best of all time or close to it.

              5. Grant,

                Of course football coaches are tying to “unite a team behind something”. It’s called winning. The players don’t need to like everyone, think the same way, act the same way, like the same things, have the same outlook on life, none of it. What they do have to do, is understand that the team’s success, and theirs, depends on everyone doing their job. Sorry if this is news to you.

                Does it help if the players all like each other. Sure. Does it help is all the players thought and acted the same way? I guess, but it would be creepy.

                There were players who weren’t crazy about Steve Young.

                The Jimmy Johnson Cowboys were a mess.

                There are Seahawks who don’t think that Russell Wilson is “black enough” (this may die down, now that Lynch is gone).

                You’re living in lala land if you think that most football teams are one big happy family.

              6. “The players don’t need to like everyone, think the same way, act the same way, like the same things, have the same outlook on life, none of it. What they do have to do, is understand that the team’s success, and theirs, depends on everyone doing their job. Sorry if this is news to you.”

                I didn’t say that. You’re missing the point. A football team has to unite behind an issue, like hating the head coach or front office or resenting experts’ opinions or whatever. This issue does not unite.

              7. Grant,

                Some players will buy in to each of those tactics, while others will shrug their shoulders and others still will roll their eyes. None of those things you mentioned will ever “unite a team behind something”. Not an entire team.

                Again, the only thing required to let a team win, given it has the relative talent to win, is that enough of the players do their job.

                From the irony department:

                Grant: “It would, and it’s what’s necessary, but it’s a fantasy. Too many players on a football team.”

                Your comment to Jack, when he mused how nice it would be if the entire team took a knee during the NA before the Rams game.

                It’s funny, because that’s the exact same argument I used when saying no team is going to have all of the players on the same page, because there are too many players.

                On one hand you use an argument, on the other you dismiss it.

              8. Grant,

                BTW, there is middle ground on this issue. People have to be willing to take it. People have to be willing to listen and work together.

                Most people in BLM don’t advocate violence and most cops aren’t bad.

        1. Grant doesn’t want symbolism to mess with a great story that he and his associates (as he himself has maintained) will prefer to be just about that villain Colin Kaepernick.

            1. Grant thinks your imagined symbolism would be worse. Of course it would provide more to right about. But the Kaepernick alone story is much easier to deal with and with less risk. I should have used easier instead of great, and I shouldn’t have used Grant instead of the media. I apologize to Grant.

              Jack, in your fantasy, that appeals a lot to me, there are very few black players that wouldn’t be risking their career. Eric Reid took a big personal risk, but he is probably in a stronger position than most players for now.

              1. right > write

                I really need an edit function when I’m involved with what I’m trying to write, write, write.

      3. maybe not but dont be suprised if have the team does and a ton of players from other teams. If that happens his cause will be unified and justified. Watch

    2. Yes 49reasons. That would be something I would like to see too. Harry Edwards might be involved in making Colin’s efforts more effective. The symbolism was much stronger last night, and much more effective.

      Your idea would show respect for 9/11, respect for first responders of all kinds, respect for those that have given their lives in service, respect for veterans, and for those now serving.

      Include the Green Beret guy kneeling too, and then everyone rising with the lines:

      “Gave proof thro’ the night that our flag was still there.
      O say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave
      O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?”

      That would be brave and that would be free.

  26. Taking a knee is still not standing. It’s just a way to curry favor with the far-left local sports media who, after all, only reported the pig socks after Mike Florio (whereas Mike Florio takes his cues from Maiocco and Barrows, as well as TK and Grant for most 49er stories).

    In Dallas, he could take a knee, he could stand on his head, or he could levitate on a magic flying flag, it wouldn’t matter. If he isn’t standing with his hand on his heart, he ain’t doin’ it right.

    Grant makes a great point above, that Reid’s joining in with CK (I get that his purpose was to moderate Kaep’s stance) could lead to more players doing the same, which would create two competing factions within the team, and fan attrition at the sight of this nonsense.

    Using one’s uniform as a platform for political protests is simply bad business in the NFL, and hopefully, our idiot owner isn’t too stupid to make the right call. Cut Kap and get on with FOOTBALL!

      1. making his stand on his own time is pointless. As you can see his stand has gathered national attention from all spectrums. He would never have garnered this type of hype on a subject by addressing the matter though other media outlets. His cause is gaining momentum and the fact hes now donating money and willing to show up at the sf acadamy says something.

    1. Alan,

      I am not a member of the media and was the first to comment on here about being upset with him sitting last Friday. For me, taking a knee was a step in the right direction.

      While I disagree with some of what Kaepernick has said or done, I do agree that it’s a topic that is worth discussing and trying to make better.

      As for using the uniform as a platform, who cares? It’s a piece of laundry and without it the message doesn’t spread the way that it has. If Colin Kaepernick was just a guy like you and me no one would pay attention.

      1. Where do you draw the line with political messages in a 49er uniform then? You think this discussion has merit. I might think a discussion about a sushi pipeline from the Pacific Ocean to Dallas has just as much merit. How would you like it if Armstead and Buckner started taping flounders to their helmets? Or how about Torrey Smith taking the post-game microphone after a win to protest pickle stacking (the uneven distribution of condiments on a hamburger) at Wendy’s?

        Where do you draw the line Mr. Hammer?

        49er nation extends beyond liberal SF, and we around the country have our own political stances we would like to see 49er players represent too, as long as you’re getting your issues represented.

          1. Right, because the next thing in line is that humans will be allowed to marry animals. Um, oh, wait, that’s a different argument.

            1. Ex – Some will say this is “off topic” but what you said reminded me of Brett Favre who was known to describe the place where he came from as “A place where men are men and the sheep are scared”

      2. Taking a knee was Reid’s idea. Kap hasn’t evolved a bit, he doesn’t deserve the credit for that. I applaud Reid’s motivation, but IMO he shouldn’t have got sucked into another man’s drama.

          1. Understood, and a much better optic for sure, but Colin couldn’t figure that out.
            As to your team unity idea, it seems to me that good for the 53 wouldn’t be good for the team/org. Consider that the negative reactions (some are inevitable) would then expand to the team. Then there’d be a lot more folks all over the country hating on the team.
            Bad for bidnez.

            1. Brotha,

              You can look at them as the bad guys, or the organization that had the guts to stand up for something. It could be something that is looked at positively down the road if change does indeed occur.

              Could be a watershed moment that would be great for business in the long run.

              1. By the way, that’s not a loaded response. Not being patronizing or dismissive like it may have sounded. I’m seeing further complications, but no reason to rail against positive thinking.

              2. It’s cool Brotha, I didn’t take it that way. This thing has many layers. I blame my positivity today on Christian Ponder engineering a great 4th quarter comeback for the 49ers last night.

              1. Only if you’re born in Africa. I’m not Italian American, because I was born in the USA. I just happen to be an American with an Italian heritage…etc.

              2. Thanks. I missed that one. I’m still back at Alcoholics Anonymous. I’ll stick with that.

                I appreciate all your contributions.

          1. It actually came about after a conversation he had with Reid and Nate Boyer prior to the game. When people are willing to listen change can occur.

            1. I’ve got outside the blog for long enough to read that. What a thing. Three guys working together for something worthwhile.

              Thanks for the help.

              1. Nate Boyer is a very responsible human being. His parent should be proud of him and his thoughtful approach to life. I’d like to have a beer with that guy.

          2. I read it in a quote of Reid after the game; possibly on PFT. Saying taking a knee might seem more respectful than sitting and Colin bought in. But I’ve since heard, as Grimey mentioned, that it came up during the three way convo with Boyer.
            Dr Edwards told Colin to explain himself in more detail, which he been doing.

      1. That’s just what I would expect from any football team standing for the National Anthem. No hands on their heats and no one is standing at attention. It’s just normal folks. Almost everyone does it unless they are under someones control like the cheer leaders in this picture.

    2. How many players ever have their hands on their heart during the National Anthem? How many fans? Have you ever taken a peak? Try it sometime, even in Texas. Most of them don’t even stand still.

    3. Except Dallas isn’t above reproach. There our plenty of authentic pictures on the internet showing some current Cowboys, including Tony Romo, who aren’t holding their hands over their hearts, during the anthem.

      The problem, the way I see it, is that, even though IMO Kaepernick has a legitimate reason for protest, he’s using the wrong forum. I believe in this case there truly is a slippery slope. Where does it end? I don’t want my favorite past time, which is professional (and some college) sports, to become and endless platform for political and social activism. I want sports to be my getaway from the social and economic divisions that saturate life in America. I recognize these problems are real, and require citizens to take a stand, but IMO there are more appropriate places and platforms for social activism in this country than sports.

      I don’t want to watch sports become a platform for civil rights anymore than I want it to be a public platform for the religious right, protesting a women’s right to choose, or arguing against marriage equality. Nor do I want to turn on my TV on Sunday, and read signs in the stands, arguing against reasonable gun laws, and pushing the absurd notion that the 2nd amendment was crafted by our forefathers in order to protect the right to bear all arms, including assault weapons, and cop killing-armor piercing bullets.

      Let’s keep sports above the fray when it comes to political and social activism, and let’s make it place where both sides of the political spectrum can come together and celebrate the things that we have in common, and enjoy the beauty of competitive sports, in the United States Of America, a place that, despite real problems, issues and challenges that confront us in the 21st century, is still one of the greatest countries in the world!

      1. And, by the way, the same people arguing that Colin’s stance against police brutality makes police officers a bigger target, and puts them at greater risk, are the same people who argue against the ban on assault weapons and hollow point bullets, which, by the way, every sheriff association and every police department in America have been practically begging for, in order to make them harder to aquire and easier to confiscate.

        The hypocrisy on the issue of respecting and protecting cops in America would be laughable, if it weren’t so tragically pathetic!

        1. Now, doesn’t this discussion feel better than the 49er prospects? It may be a long time before results are seen in either situation.

          1. Well at least I see some progress being made with my football team. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about politics, civil rights and the American conscience, which seems to be going backwards on an annual basis.

            1. ….just a thought…..take it easy…..you’re really wound up….big problems take sustained efforts, not sprints…..
              Deep breath, hold it a little longer than comfortable, then let it out slowly. Think about your favorite person, or favorite ice cream. Smile.
              -works for me

              1. BroT – Look how long it took us to keep them dominos from falling in SE Asia. Not to mention a lot of brothers (of all colors) who returned in body bags.Anyone who thinks the feelings Forrest Gump had for Bubba (and vice versa) was made up Hollywood, has never been in combat.

  27. Kaepernick and Gabbert are both bad. The teams record will be about the same either way. This team just isn’t very good. The QB of the future isn’t on the roster. Kaep’s potential has been overshadowed by his deficiencies for almost three years now. I hold my breath every time he makes a throw where the WR isn’t visible on the TV screen. Gabbert’s best attribute is the lack of drama he brings to the table. It’s a bad situation that’s not going to reverse itself anytime soon, regardless of who starts. They will be bad/average for an extended period of time.

      1. 2 years. Both you guys are so pessimistic about everything but when it came to CK 2 years ago, you both thought he was the messiah. Like always, half ass backwards.
        This roster is young and talented. Its missing a few key parts and NFL experience, but its a 2 year rebuild, not 10 like you guys make it sound like!

        1. I don’t know how long the rebuild will take. I can’t even guess at this point due to the question marks and gaps in the roster. I was very optimistic a couple of years ago. Not just about Kap, but the team in general. Since then Kap has shown an inability to play in the pocket while lacking confidence, and the loss of key players showed a glaring lack of young talent due to poor drafting by Baalke. Throw in the ineptness in dealing with Harbaugh, and we have a team competing for the bottom of the league.

          You are so convinced there is only two more years until this thing turns around, but are basing it on adding hypothetical players at areas of need. This team doesn’t have a QB, dominant pass rusher or a #1 WR. Their best offensive player can’t stay healthy. The GM has shown no ability to draft offensive skill positions. What exactly are you basing this 2 year time line on other than hope?

          1. The offensive line has depth, quality, and experience. A rebuild always begins there and masks deficiencies in other areas. They have a stable of RB’s that are very capable and right now they have a game manager at QB who with Kelly’s play calling is able to win some games. He is a decent enough to be “bridge QB” for 2 years, unlike the other guy.

            A draft for a #1 WR and QB is essential but within the next 2 years, with what I presume picking in the top 10 is not that far off.

            The dline is young and set for the next 5 years. Same for the secondary. This defense is underrated with maybe one or 2 playmakers away from being really good.

            Yes QB and WR and #1 pass rusher are missing but what they have right now and with the upcoming draft projections, those are areas very capable of being filled. Now you are gonna say Baalke has not had a track record of drafting for the skilled positions, but with Gamble and Kelly on board, I’m sure between the high picks and the 3 working collectively together, they can get it right.

            Tell me how this team is so far off and why? What other areas do you see as big holes?

            1. Prime,

              I agree that the Oline looks solid, that is the area of the team I’m most encouraged about. The Dline is unproven and young, but has a ton of potential if the twin towers live up to their draft standing. Safety seems pretty good but Tartt needs to take the next step this season. Everywhere else has question marks.

              The pass rush is weak even with Lynch. He’s a good complimentary player but not a guy who is going to dominate. Behind him we have….what exactly?

              ILB features Bow and some journeymen caliber talent. Armstrong is a little better than that, but with him it’s attitude problems.

              CB features a bunch of #2’s and 3’s. No #1 CB to speak of. Maybe Ward will become one, but right now we are relying on a lot of mid to late round draft picks to develop.

              WR features Smith and a bunch of late round/UDFA’s that have yet to show whether they can compete at this level.

              TE is looking better with McDonald starting to hang onto the ball. We could be ok here, but a lot is riding on McDonald being consistent.

              RB looks ok as long as Hyde stays healthy….but he’s currently sitting with a concussion. If he’s out we go back to the carousel of bodies we saw last year hopefully with better results.

              QB what else is there to say that hasn’t been said already.

              So there is my breakdown of this team and where they are at. As you can see I don’t share your view of the overall talent and standing of the roster. They have to hit it big in the draft for another 2-3 years before they’ll become a playoff contender imo, and that’s only if they land a franchise QB.

          2. Rocket its hard to dispute your arguments as you make a good case for your stance. We already had a small discussion on this matter. I just can’t go into a season thinking we are the worst or near the worst. I am not denying reality only being a fan of the team/game. Like I said before I wouldn’t bet on the Niners on any game this year but I think like I do every year at this time 19-0 baby 19-0. Probably won’t take long before reality to set in!!

            1. UC,

              I would never try to change your mind on how you view the team. The statements I make are usually in response to overly optimistic viewpoints I disagree with, but I’m never going to try and tell someone what type of fan to be. Your enjoyment of the team is really all that should matter.

          3. I’m good Tuna, but I’ll have to admit, it feels good to vent, as inappropriate as it might be on a sports forum.

            I think it’s amazing

        2. Prime,
          It’s the same old tired story with you; You attack people that don’t agree with your opinion of the moment. I have never said or even insinuated that Kaepernick was a messiah. Never. Not once. I said he should have been released last year. This team will not be a playoff team for a minimum of five years.

          1. In 2011 I said the guy was junk then, even after the SB. You guys laughed and said he was the franchise. Don’t deny being on the bandwagon. Its easy now to say he is terrible, I said it when he was at his peak, he was nothing but a flash in the pan. I remember arguing with you about him.
            5 years away from being a playoff contender? You are so wrong!

            1. I argued with you about the rascist insinuations and constant insults you threw at him. Remember when you would constantly imitate Kaepernick with your stereotypical thugged out rapper voice? I politely reminded you that he didn’t talk like that. Remember when you lauded Smith’s ‘intelligence’ when talking about QB’s while completely ignoring Kaepernick’s own academic achievements and education? I’ve been ready for the next great 49er QB since Steve Young retired.

              1. P says “Remember when you would constantly imitate Kaepernick with your stereotypical thugged out rapper voice?

                What are you talking about? I was able to do that via text? Its true I’ve never liked Kaepernick but that was because of his play. Never once did it get racial. You folks in America are little sensitive right now about this black and white thing. I live in Canada, it comical how you guys perceive this. Just friggin get along everyone!

              2. Prime,
                You used to imitate Kaepernick in the same fashion that Jerry Maguire imitated Rod Tidwell, except Kaepernick doesn’t talk like that. Remember? “Aight!” Smh. You’ve always hated the guy. Hate. I saw the great potential and now I just see stunted development with Kaepernick. I’m honest. I also see how the front office has done damage to this team that will be irreparable for the short term. Nobody else wanted Kelly. I think he’s a very smart and talented coach, but I also believe he is the wrong person, at the wrong time, for the job. Three years from now we’ll still be talking about how if Kelly could just find the right QB to run his system…..right before he heads back to the college game.

              3. P says “You used to imitate Kaepernick in the same fashion that Jerry Maguire imitated Rod Tidwell, except Kaepernick doesn’t talk like that. Remember? “Aight!” Smh

                Are you high?

            2. Prime,

              I honestly don’t get what you want people who supported Kap to say. I have always supported him as I did Alex Smith, and thought he had the talent to become a franchise QB. That is very different from proclaiming him a franchise QB. I always included a caveat in my opinion of Kap which was that to be successful long term, he would have to develop as a pocket passer. No QB can maintain success in this league without being able to play from the pocket. It doesn’t work, and there are many examples of great talents that couldn’t do it. Kap appears to be one of those QB’s.

      2. Rocket,
        You and I were talking about this extensively during their coaching search. I’m not pushing some new agenda. I’m blown away by the short sightedness of fans sometimes.

        1. No I didn’t mean it was something new you had brought up. Just that you hadn’t been around for awhile due to getting banned for whatever reason. It’s good to have you back.

          1. I didn’t mean it like that. I just meant that this is something you and I had previously discussed in depth and were in agreement about. It was meant to be in response to Prime’s attack. We generally think very much alike. The few times we have had disagreements we have found common ground and understanding after further discussion.

            1. Absolutely and that is why I am happy you are back. This forum is a lot more interesting when there is disagreement and a balance of differing opinions. I often disagree with Prime, but he is definitely a passionate fan.

      3. Not by me Rocket. As you know I think the QB situation stinks. I had hoped that Driskell would look more like Dak and less like, well a PS QB. But that is the reality. Controversies aside the 49ers are going to look pretty pedestrian out there with this stable of QBs.

        1. EC,

          I was making light of BigP’s post which mirrored my own thoughts and experiences. There are a few on here that don’t want to read anything but Unicorns and Rainbows. I think our QB situation is a joke, but Jack keeps saying we should give Gabbert a chance. There really is no other choice at this point.

      1. HT,
        I’m not sure I understand your question. I’ve seen enough of Kaepernick to believe his deficiencies outweigh his physical attributes and potential. Many of his pre draft concerns are identical to what plagues him now. I’ve never viewed Gabbert as a good QB. He has outstanding measurables and poor accuracy. I think they’ll have about equal success with this team, which isn’t much.

        1. You wrote that he had been going down hill for three years. I count two years (seasons). That’s all my question was about.

            1. HT,
              I don’t disagree with your continuity statement at all. I’ve blamed Jed and Baalke for their behavior and have been a Kaepernick supporter. I’m just to the point where his deficiencies are the same as they were in college and he hasn’t improved in those areas. Throwing motion + trouble going through progressions = bad quarterbacking. This is year six; he still has the same issues and hasn’t shown basic progression in many areas.

  28. any of you that think keeping Ponder over Kap is good idea are crazy.. As long as we have Blaine Gabber as the starter .. we will lose… Kap is 10 times more talented than both. Our issue is the GM.. Balke and his arrogance has put us in this state. he needs to go . Think of all the players we have passed on in order to draft a injured player .. and not one of the injured guys we drafted has worked out .

      1. It really is sad that someone’s career that was so promising has diminished considerably. That’s the irony in the NFL. You are only as good as your last snap!

  29. “This is a phenomenal organization,” Kaepernick said. “I’ve had great conversations here. I’ve had great memories here.”

    Umm, aren’t you the guy that wanted out of this phenomenal organization?

  30. Kaepernick was never so promising in my eyes. I wanted him replaced after they lost the SB. He was the Shane Spencer of football, just waiting to be easily figured out. He had his small window of being a surprise element just like Spencer. He’s a one-trick athlete, not even a complete athlete. He’s not even nimble and quick-footed in the pocket. He’s just fast once he has a head of steam as a runner.

    He just happened to be on a very talented team that would have won if Alex Smith took back his position.

  31. Per @MikeGarafolo, “sounds like #49ers QB Colin Kaepernick will likely make the roster. He stated his case to be 1 of their 2 best QBs”

    1. “No surprise, especially after Chip Kelly said he’s 1 of 2 best QBs on #49ers, but hearing it’s all but certain Colin Kaepernick makes team.”

      Matt Maiocco Twitter

          1. Then those fans know he will be a major distraction and if he gets hurt, affect the salary cap in 2017.
            I love how you still hold out hope even after seeing his poor performance and lack of improvement. Loyal but yet and little twisted.

          1. Razor,

            No gnashing over QB spilt milk on my part.

            Must be confusing me with Seb. My expertise is in the personnel area which is why I quote Bill Pollian or Charlie Casserly.

            The point of contention with me is at the intersection of reality and twilight zone. That is, I can anticipate those making the roster and those not talented enough for roster consideration….I’ve always stated Gabby will be the starter opening day, which opened the door of mockery from the Kap supporters (twilightzoners). However, I’ve also mentioned that the 49ers will be a 2-14 team regardless.

            My main emphasis will, and always will be that it all starts at the top–Owner, Gm, Coach and assistants.

  32. Matt Maiocco ✔ @MaioccoCSN
    No surprise, especially after Chip Kelly said he’s 1 of 2 best QBs on #49ers, but hearing it’s all but certain Colin Kaepernick makes team.


    1. Considering this FO, Grant was well within his rights to assume the FO will behave in a classless and clueless manner.

      I think Chip threatened to quit if Kaep was cut.

  33. I believe that if Baalke\York force Kelly to cut Kaep it will be the beginning of the end for Kelly and the 49ers. If he truly believes that Kaep filling the #2 qb spot gives him a better chance of winning and the GM and owner ignore winning to cut someone they are uncomfortable with he will be back in the college ranks within a year.

    1. Coach,

      Agreed. Is it possible this group is thinking ahead to next years top QB’s and coach?

      Rarely does the phrase “plan ahead” fit the same sentence as Jed/Trent, because they’re too busy defending PR blunders such as Tomsula’s press conference fart, Tim Kawakmi’s unpaid dinner bill or ripping off the Girl Scouts of America.

  34. my prediction this year. Kelly pulls a rabbit out of the hat. Goes dual qbs in the games this year for a different look. Kap plays series in each half

      1. Sounds like Red Hickey’s “shotgun offense” in the early 60’s. There were times he had 3QB’s on the field at once. Brodie, Mira and Kilmer with Waters coming off the bench.

          1. Razor are you sure their names weren’t white and blue, if they were red, white and blue we could start a whole new patriotism argument around here.

  35. SF 49ers:

    the 49ers have two straight road games. They visit the Panthers and Seahawks in Weeks 2-3. Yikes.

    Prediction: The under is the play here. I don’t see a lot to be optimistic about right now with this team. The offense is going to struggle even with Kelly changing things up. I don’t think Kelly will be able to orchestrate a significant turnaround in Year 1 in San Francisco. –

    See more at: http://athlonsports.com/nfl/examining-overunder-2016-win-totals-nfc-west#sthash.NxQYvwte.dpuf

    – See more at: http://athlonsports.com/nfl/examining-overunder-2016-win-totals-nfc-west#sthash.NxQYvwte.dpuf

  36. Fans,

    whether you’re a 49er beat writer or fan both know their method of operation….ESPECIALLY WITH NEW COACHES. They live by their credo: “loose lips sink ships.” That is, they believe they’re hiding a new offense (Kelly’s) like Fort Knox hides gold.

    If a quarterback is released, Baalke and Jed believe it will directly impact their bottom line cascading to a downward fiscal avalanche.

    That is, last year fans rebelled against Jed’s 49ers in protest by not showing up to the embarrassment of the NFL, leaving the York’s hot dogs to rot. Rumors of defaulting PSLers had reached the point that the 49ers would have to sue their own fans to get their money.

    So, if a quarterback were to be released, Seattle would sign him, then pump him for Kelly offensive secrets—so the Jed and Trent think.

    However, as under Tomsula, the 49ers face the weak sister of their division in the Rams. If they can hold off releasing a QB until they beat the Rams then they can prolonge the brigade of fan no shows and defaulting PSLers.

    It’s always the bottom line with the York’s. Why do you think they couldn’t wait until SuperBowl week was over before bumping the Girl Scouts of America Event. Because a larger, more profitable event presented itself during Superbowl week and their greed overruled their common sense that they would be found out!

    1. Chances are a team that picks up Ponder could do the same thing, or better. He’s probably been studying the playbook while Kaepernick has been reading Malcolm X.

  37. I feel like a fool. I spent my time reading and responding to posts in this thread and I should of taken a wider perspective. I had no idea that the white guy standing near Colin was former Green Beret Nate Boyer – second from right, next to a kneeling Colin. The TV crew was clueless, and if it was mentioned here I missed it. I know I read his last name here so maybe I missed the reference since I didn’t know his name.

    I new that a Green Beret had offered to stand with Colin for the National Anthem out of respect for his civil rights position, but I thought he meant for them to both be standing.

    My question for a few folks is who is the America hater in that image? The man kneeling or the man standing at attention with his hand over his heart? Both? Neither?

    1. When a person turns to wrong, is it a want to be, belong?
      Part of things at any cost, at what price a life is lost

      At what point do we begin, fighter spirit a will to win
      But what makes a man decide, take the wrong or righteous road

      There’s a thin line between love and hate
      Wider divide that you can see between good and bad
      There’s a grey place between black and white
      But everyone does have the right to choose the path that he takes

      We all like to put the blame on society these days
      But what kind of good or bad a new generation brings

      Sometimes take just more than that to survive be good at heart
      There is evil in some of us no matter what will never change

      I will hope, my soul will fly, so I will live forever
      Heart will die, my soul will fly, and I will live forever

      Just a few small tears between someone happy and one sad
      Just a thin line drawn between being a genius or insane

      At what age begin to learn of which way out we will turn
      There’s a long and winding road and the trail is there to burn

      There’s a thin line between love and hate
      Wider divide that you can see between good and bad
      There’s a grey place between black and white
      But everyone does have the right to choose the path that he takes

      I will hope, my soul will fly, so I will live forever
      Heart will die, my soul will fly, and I will live forever

      I will hope, my soul will fly, so I will live forever
      Heart will die, my soul will fly, and I will live forever

      The thin line between love and hate

    2. Are there any America haters in the picture of Dallas Cowboys standing for the National Anthem, while not at attention and without their hands held over their hearts? I think they are just Americans who love their country in their own way and don’t very often think about the sacrifices the flag and anthem have come to represent. It’s sort of like trying to figure out what that American flag pin that any American politician is required to wear means to that individual.

    3. He offered to talk and listen to Kaepernick about sitting during the anthem because he wanted to help with the issue. Colin took a knee instead of sitting and issued a statement about the reason behind his tweaked stance. I’m not sure how it only be construed as anything but a positive step.

    4. HT,

      Boyer said he was going to continue standing and would be behind Kaepernick until Colin felt it was time to stand up next to him. (I’m obviously paraphrasing a bit here)

      1. Jack, Boyer is a very special American. I understand, from what Colin said, that he invited Boyer to the game. I think, along with Eric, they make a great team for this issue. Among them, they cover a lot of territory.

    5. Don’t beat yourself up. I did not know about Boyer until the KNBR morning show (Murph and Mac) brought it up this morning.

      Certainly Grant did not think it worthwhile bringing up the Boyer story. I wonder why?

      1. That brings up an interesting point Rick which is that some people think Colin is grandstanding. If he is, he is doing it backwards. So much went unnoticed, even last night.

      2. Unfortunately Grant was forced to get his news from channel 5 which was clueless before and during the game. They were more interested in catering to the pole results that they were running during the news cast leading to the game. No one learned anything from those clowns.

  38. 49ers vs Rams (new market, will do anything to beat 49ers to appeal to LA Market)
    49ers at Panthers
    49ers at Seahawks
    49ers vs Dallas
    49ers vs Cards
    49ers at Bills (Greg Roman knows 49ers)
    49ers vs Bucs (Winston QB, threw for over 4,000 in Rookie season, better this year)

    0-7 start

    1. Rams: Their #1 draft pick (Goff) has been a disaster and is relegated to third string. No way Case Keenum is beating the 49ers on their home field.
      Panthers: Lost best cornerback. Post Super Bowl hangover..
      Seahawks: Lost Lynch. O line a disaster area.
      Dallas: Romo out for 8 weeks. Going with a rookie.
      Cards: Division game at home. Last year played the cards tough at home. A puncher’s chance at an upset.
      Bills. What do you mean Greg Roman knows 49ers. This is an entirely different coaching staff than when Roman was here.
      Bucs: Home game. Much improved D can put pressure on Winston.

      I would say 5-2 after seven games.

    2. 49ers vs Rams (new market, will do anything to beat 49ers to appeal to LA Market–therefore will make dumb stale fisher mistakes and lose)

      49ers at Panthers- not as good as they were last year. will come back down to earth but still beat the 9ers

      49ers at Seahawks– beginning of the end for sea chickens and their slow demise has started.

      49ers vs Dallas–rookie QB, every year cowboys have more hype than needed

      49ers vs Cards– QB is too old and it will show this year

      49ers at Bills (Greg Roman knows 49ers)– team on the rise and will beat the 9ers

      49ers vs Bucs (Winston QB, threw for over 4,000 in Rookie season, better this year)–team on the rise, but the bucs are always who we thought they were until they actually start winning.

      5-2 start.

      oops forgot to mention that we will trade for alex smith just before game one.
      basically blaine gabbert but accurate. exactly what chip needs.

      1. If only Harbaugh believed as much in Alex as he did for his project pet Kap. Funny, though, the idea of trading for Alex Smith to work Chip Kelly’s offense. He would do so quite well, me thinks.

      2. Sorry shish, we already has this debate. Alex Smith has serious limitations when it comes to arm talent. Blaine has a much stronger arm, and can make more throws, which means a more diverse playbook.

    3. Greg Roman’s doesn’t have more familiarity with this 49ers defense. Niners start 3-4, and with a lucky bounce or 2, 4-3. 0-7 is hogwash!

  39. Colin Kaepernick and kneeling:

    “As far as taking a knee tonight, Eric (Reid) and I had a long conversation with Nate Boyer who is a military veteran, about how we can get the message back on track and not take away from the military, not take away from pride in our country, but keep the focus on what the issues really are. As we talked about it, we came up with taking a knee, because there are issues that still need to be addressed, but it’s also a way to try to show more respect to the men and women that fight for this country.”

    Eric Reid on why he chose to kneel with Quarterback Colin Kaepernick:

    “I just wanted to show my support for him and the cause that he is trying to bring awareness to. I had an in depth conversation with him before the game and he saw a lot of backlash about him sitting down and he wanted to make it clear that his message wasn’t to disrespect the military or to disrespect the National Anthem in any way so he decided to change his position by taking a knee to be more respectful to the military and national anthem but still wanted to bring awareness to the issues that he believes are in this country and I whole heartedly agree that there are issues in this country. I think it is very brave of him to continue to stand up for what he believes in while also changing his physical position to be respectful to the military.”

    1. Sir, being factual and reasonable is too hard for the unwashed masses to grok. Better punch it up; more bombast and belligerence. ;p

  40. Grant,
    You should Google ‘Colin Kaepernick memes’ and look at the images. Regardless of how you feel about him as a QB, it’s the gift that keeps on giving from a comedy perspective.

  41. Grant, if only you were right about Kaepernick being waived. If only! No one wants him off the team more than I do. The very last time I liked him was when he played for Reno-Nevada. But, he played just well enough to force Kelly’s hand to keep him. I don’t blame Kelly or Baalke for Kaepernick making the roster: I blame the Chargers 3rd string secondary, which had two ripe chances at interceptions only to drop the balls. Had they caught6 them, the so-called drives Colin engineered would have ended abruptly. And, for the rest of the game, Kap would go back to hearing footsteps behind him and forcing passes that land far away from his targets. Now, we’re stuck with his ungrateful ass for another season. Worse, he is doing well in recruiting others to not salute the US flag.

      1. The talkers on NFL net speculate that the SF FO will want to protect itself against the injury clause into 2017 and will ask Colin to renominates it out so they can play him this year. He’ll decline and then be cut. Their scenario.

        1. And so then you can look competent when in reality you have no idea about football and just come on here spitting non sense?

          Kaep is a has been! Get over it!

      2. Grant,
        Do you believe that they will keep Ponder and then cut Kaep in a few weeks or do you think they will make Driskell the #2. I don’t believe that there is any way they would make Driskell #2 that early in the season.

  42. Since I am known for wild speculation, I want to throw out another whopper.

    Kaep did not characterize the Baalke talk as good. Why? Baalke said his talk was good. Maybe it was, from his point of view.

    I do not have any inside knowledge, so this is pure speculation. My opinion is that Baalke told Kaep that since he is now back with the Niners, he should drop all activism and concentrate on football. He addressed Kaep like he was a piece of meat, and he was going to control him. Kaep remembered, and acted.

    That went over like a lead balloon. It was like Baalke was snapping a red flag in front of a bull. Keap probably reacted by affirming his right to protest. The timing of all this controversy was explained by that conversation. Kaep forgave the previous slights, and wanted to move forward, but he did not forget. When Baalke spoke his good conversation, he did not understand the repercussions. Now he knows.

    All this distraction is exactly what the FO did not want to happen. Someday, they will learn. Baalke should work on his people skills. First thing he should learn is not to characterize a conversation as good, when the other person did not agree at all.

    Kaep may have been bent out of shape by not being allowed to compete with his sore shoulder. Maybe he thought that they held him back so Gabbert would win. All of this speculation could be false, but with this FO, I kinda knew they would screw up somewhere.

    LOL, now they have to grin and bear it, but I bet Baalke is seething.

    Kaep, by silently and non violently protesting to fight injustices, has the moral high ground. The FO is still mired in the morass. Kaep showed he was reasonable by compromising and kneeled instead of sitting down. Kaep destroyed many criticisms of showboating by donating a million dollars to help communities. Kaep already has helped raise considerable sums for unfortunate children with heart issues.

    Kaep has effected change, I bet, with all the interest, police are being more careful and courteous. No matter what, police should explore more ways to deflate and resolve possible violent situations and police the populace by acting with dignity and respect.

      1. Prime, do you know why I think Kaep will win the starting job?

        Kaep made throws past the sticks. Kaep also threw a swing pass right on the money.

        Gabbert started off a game by missing a wide open Hyde twice, even with no pressure.

        1. I don’t care what you think. To even anknowledge what goes on in that pea brain is confusing enough. You have no logic, no ability to critical think, you are just a horn that blows non sense!

            1. Seb you once were projecting CK to come on the scene and take the 49ers back to the promise land.
              Now you are biting your grass stained stub finger nails in the hopes he makes the team. You telling me I’m nervous?

              1. Seb and Prime the sexual energy around here is so thick you can cut it with a knife. You know how Hollywood couples get nick names like Brangalina well its looking like Sebtime around here. Maybe not how bout Sebprime.

              2. Coach, I could ask about your own repressed fantasies, but will refrain.

                Maybe it is sadomasochistic tendencies with Prime being the punching bag.

  43. While I do not support the cause Kaepernick believes in, I applaud the fact he will be donating money to organizations supporting it; however, stunts like the socks he wore needs to stop or the message he is trying to convey will just ring hollow.
    For those who question why I do not support what Kaepernick is standing for, it is because the issue has several more layers to it that are being ignored or skirted over.

      1. It is too long to even go into htwaits, but the reality of it is that there are various both sides of the debate choose to ignore in order to satisfy their own narrative. What needs to happen is for both sides to admit to each issue and work towards resolving them.

  44. First chance to check in since this morning, quiet day for the most part. News that Colin is likely to be kept certainly isn’t surprising. Who would choose Driskel or Ponder over Kaepernick? Besides Grant of course.

      1. HT I have been in Thailand for the last week for work and just jumped in to see how things were going before I head to the airport to come home. My first thought was that I was really glad I didn’t waste hours of my life this past week on all this stuff. The second was how crazy the reaction to all this has been. Grant’s right this won’t slow down for sometime.

  45. Grant,
    If you get the chance watch a replay of the 6:00 csn sports net central. Ray Ratto expresses a very different point of view than yours regarding what kind of legs this Kaep story has. he believes that the story has come very close to running its course, I would love to hear your opinion of his take.

  46. Cant wait, The long ordeal will be over soon.

    Chip needs to seize the day. he needs to go bold. If he selects Kaep, he will impress me, because all cautious types likes Gabbert because he took all those snaps with the first team while Kaep was rehabbing.

    While I think Kaep can throw past the chains, keep the chains moving and shows how he can keep drives alive with his legs, Gabbert has also scored and has total command of the playbook.

    Chip may look at ball control, accuracy, mobility, ball security, adaptability, deceptiveness and leadership in determining who to start.

    I just hopes that Chip focuses on one criteria- who has a better chance to win?

      1. Prime, you are losing it again. Kaep is one good assessment from starting. I am relieved, I was not looking forward to that clown avatar.

  47. Nah ..

    Here’s what the Chipster is gonna do …

    He’ll cut the Blain-train .. and keep
    Ponder for #2 …

    (hey Seb … izzat bold enuff
    for ya ?)

  48. Okay I finally get it, this team has a QB controversy. There are other problems like a defense that can not get off the field. I am hoping its just a matter of figuring out who is going to fit in where and it will quickly come togeather. Right now I see it more of a problem then the QB.

    I see the season differently then most, I see the schedule as a way to gauge the team. Got to beat the best to be the best so I say bring it on. I see the team as being good and somewhat talented with a good coaching staff and with a break here and there eh who know’s. I guess that’s why I am harping on the defense cause I see this team having a chance to do something and you got to have a defense to do it.

    You see it doesn’t really matter who the QB is, Ponder is a fine example of why it doesn’t matter its a easy system. Never hurts to have a Mariotta kicking around but the offense can click with any of the three QB’s. I have watched quite a few of Kelly’s QB and all of them played reasonable well and at times great. Mariotta was great almost all of the time.

    You all can continue to harp on the QB thing but getting off the field seems to me to be a priority. If you can’t stop the other team then how important is a QB anyhow?

  49. I can’t see how some on here still really believe Colin kaepernick is going to get any better. He looks identical to last year and the year before. Slow release, runs for his life when he doesn’t have to, can’t get past read 1, inaccurate as all hell, can’t complete a 6 yard pass two times in a row, and stares down his target!
    It’s like listening to idiots who know damn well Hillary Clinton is a crook and a liar but will still vote for that racist anyways! Must be the fluoride!

        1. No. I was just joking about the danger of fluoride. It has been proven by Harvard. Attempts have been made to discredit the studies, but they offer no evidence. The joke wasn’t about anyone.

      1. I guess the pledge “to protect and to serve” only applies to those who agree with you politically? What kind of banana republic do these cop think they are in?

        Kaep’s points are becoming more and more crystal clear.

          1. That analogy would be “we traffic controllers are not going to track Air Force One because the President said something about us we didn’t like.”

            I’d have much more sympathy if their gripe was about money.

        1. I guess the pledge “to protect and to serve” only applies to those who agree with you politically?

          It probably has more to do with the socks Kaepernick wore rather than his seating during the singing of the national anthem.

      2. Not that anyone involved would care, but I seriously don’t like that letter. These are sworn officers. They are going to choose what to respond to and what to shrug off? I think the SC Council and Chief better get out in front of this.

  50. My 53

    QB- Kaep, Gabbert, Ponder

    RB- Hyde, Harris, Draughn, Davis

    WR- Torrey, Patton, White, Kerley, Anderson, Burbridge

    TE- MacDonald, Celek, Bell, Miller.

    OL- Staley, Garnett, Kilgore, Davis, Brown, Cooper, Beadles, Tiller

    DL- Armstead, Purcell, Buckner, Blair, Dial, Smith, TJE

    OLB- Brooks, Harold, Tank, Rush

    ILB- Bowman, Armstrong, Hodges, Skov

    CB- Brock, Ward, Davis, Robinson, Johnson, Reaser

    S- Reid, Bethea, Tartt, McCray

    ST- Dawson, Pinion, Nelson

    IR- Dorsey, Redmond, Smelter, Ellington, Rodgers, Treggs

    PS- Driskel, Cajuste, Theus, Taylor, Balducci, Anderson, Iwora, Cherry, TBD, TBD

        1. No, AP likes Ponder, so if the franchise RB wants him, maybe they will try to get him. Minnesota, being in the playoffs, will not be able to get Ponder if a lower team claims him.

          Baalke, who loves draft picks, will gladly accept a third round pick. Goff, who went for a couple firsts and seconds, make a third round pick a steal.

  51. My guess at the 53:

    -QB (2): Gabbert, Kaepernick (personally I’d cut Kaep, but they probably won’t)
    -RB (4): Hyde, Draughn, Davis, Harris
    -TE (3): Celek, McDonald, Bell
    -WR (6): Smith, Patton, Kerley, Burbridge, White, Anderson
    -OL (9): Staley, Beadles, Kilgore, Davis, Brown, Garnett, Martin, Kelly, Cooper
    -DL (7): Armstead, Dial, Dorsey, Buckner, Blair, Purcell, TJE
    -ILB (5): Bowman, Hodges, Armstrong, Wilhoite, Bellore
    -OLB (4): Brooks, Harold, Carradine, Rush
    -CB (6): Brown, Ward, Davis, Reaser, Johnson, Robinson
    -S (4): Reid, Bethea, Tartt, McCray
    -LS (1): Nelson
    -P (1): Pinion
    -K (1): Dawson

    Bruce Miller and Andrew Tiller will be somewhat surprise trades/ cuts. Redmond will go to IR with possibility of return – he doesn’t look 100% just yet. Smelter will go to IR. I’ve gone with Kelly over Theus as Kelly is the only OL left on the roster I have heard got reps at LT behind Staley.

    Wilhoite sticks because he’s Bowman’s backup. TJE will stick at least initially due to the various injury concerns hanging over the top guys on the unit. Rush will beat out Lemonier, but may then make way when Lynch comes back (or it could be TJE if the other DL are mostly over their injury issues by then).

      1. No Garrison Smith? I thought they might keep Lake at NT, but Smith has been a pleasant surprise. He can penetrate and be disruptive, and seems to have a nose for the ball.

        1. Another guy that is superfluous. He’d be the #4 NT behind Dorsey, Dial and Purcell. He’s done well against 3rd stringers, and the 49ers will no doubt try and get him on the PS if nobody claims him. But they simply don’t need 4 NTs. And with injuries to Dial, Armstead and Buckner they need a guy that plays DE more than a NT right now anyway, so TJE gets the nod.

      2. Tiller is superfluous. He’d be the #4 OG on the roster behind Davis, Beadles and Garnett. And they need to keep Martin as he is the only backup at centre. They’ll let Tiller go and keep a younger player in that spot.

        1. I was trying to watch Martin in live action, and I didn’t see him get pushed back or whif on any blocks, but still not much movement against backups.
          Full 22 would be a better test.
          Last year he and Thomas and Silberman were flailing around against SDs backups.

  52. Exgolfer I answered your question about Harry Edwards. It’s way back there where you asked the question. Do a search on this:

    Harry Edwards for Exgolfer:

    I threw in a bonus relative of two very famous Giants Baseball players.

  53. 53 in advance of cuts

    2-QBs- Gabbert, Kaepernick

    6-WRs-Smith, Patton, Kerley, Anderson, White, Burbridge

    4-RBs -Hyde, Draughn, Davis, Taylor

    4-TEs-McDonald, Celek, Miller, Bell

    8-OL-Staley, Beadles, Kilgore, Tiller, Brown, Davis, Garnett, Cooper

    4- ILB- Bowman, Wilhoite, Armstrong, Bellore

    4-OLB- Brooks, Harold, Carradine, Rush

    8- DL- Dail, Armstead, Buckner, Jerod-Eddie, Dorsey, Purcell, Blair, Smith

    6-CBs-Brock, Ward, Robinson, Johnson, Reaser, Davis

    4-Ss- Bethea, Reid, Tartt, McCray

    3-Specialists-Dawson, Pinion, Nelson

    Injured- Williams, Redmond, Rogers, Ellington, Lewis, Smelter (though he may Take Anderson’s spot on roster)

    Aaron Lynch

    Probably Driskel, Cajuste, Treggs, Anderson, Balducci, Kelly, Cherry, Iworah and 2 more I’m not so sure about

    I think Hodges gets the axe. He’s shown next to nothing in his play and I think that Armstrong is a better fit and Wilhoite is more versatile.

  54. Despite all the advantages, Gabbert hasn’t done diddly poo to secure the number one job. To many fans chagrin, not only will Kaepernick remain on the team, he’ll be the starter sooner rather than later….

      1. This might dispel the notion that there are no dumb questions. Just kidding. Shall we begin with the off season program? How about not being medically cleared to fully participate in OTA’s? Once cleared, Kaepernick suffered arm fatigue and Gabbert benefited from 2 weeks worth of first team reps. Anymore questions?

        1. You do realize Razor that this argument goes two ways. CK had all the advantages of being a starter and did everything in his power to get demoted and has done nothing to prove he should be starting either.

          1. I’m assuming Gabbert has a raincoat and umbrella, because there’s a #7torm looming in his rear mirror. What week do you think Kelly inserts Kaepernick to take over?

    1. If Kelly names Gabbert as starter, doesn’t that mean he’s secured the number one job? Or, channeling Grant, do you know Kelly’s mind? ;)

      1. Maybe your eyes are better than mine. What did Gabbert do to shut the door? Chip may name Gabbert the starter, but until he shows he’s the man, that door will remain wide open….

        1. Not scintillating, but we don’t have any scintillating QBs on this team. No turnovers. In all 3 preseason games, left the game having secured the lead. But preseason don’t mean s*, we’ll see what happens once the full Kel-nado(tm) is unleashed.

              1. Let’s talk our opponents into playing their 2nd and 3rd stringers every game this season. Then it *would* be a lock!

              2. If he throws two picks like he almost did then he’s as good as gone too. The what if game is very easy to play.

          1. Let me throw this out to the board. When can anyone remember a multiple player (not multiple draft picks) trade happening in the NFL? How often do single player for player trades happen? Not often.

              1. Blame me for the GMs in this league being so mentally limited to not be able to execute a multi player trade. In basketball and baseball, they do it ALL THE TIME.

        1. “I said they were desperate.”

          Thank you for letting us in on this piece of inside information. Carnac has nothing on you.

    1. That’s cuz Baalke wanted 2 1sts and a lifetime pass to Prince’s museum for Ponder, but the Vikes took the bargain deal instead.

          1. That’s interesting, Jack Hammer. I think it’s a very similar situation, in that Daniels will play with the same leash and collar as Gabbert, while Wentz will eventually take over. So I would say Daniels/Wentz = Gabbert/Kaepernick

            1. Seb,
              Daniels at Missouri:
              12,515 yards 68% completion rate 101 TD’s.

              Gabbert at Missouri:
              6,822 yards 60.9% completion rate 40 TD’s

              If Daniels were a few inches taller, they wouldn’t belong in the same conversation.

              Bradford, despite his injuries, is a much better QB than Kaepernick and doesn’t provide much distraction. This likely isn’t a one year rental; Bradford has a good chance to be in Minnesota long term. Teams don’t usually make a move like this unless they are seriously concerned about a players ability to fully recover their injury. Bridgewater’s knee is likely much worse off then what they are disclosing to the public.

              1. Did you even watch Daniels play this preseason? There was no beauty in his performance to be drank with these eyes….

              2. Big, you may like Bradford, but personally, I like 2 legged QBs.

                Daniels? harumph. He is a career backup.

              3. Seb,
                Gabbert is a career backup that was inferior to Daniels when playing in the same system.

                The fact that teams would rather give up a 1st & 4th for a supposedly one legged QB kind of shows what teams think of Kaepernick, both in the short and long term prospect department.

              4. Well, that Prince clause was too much of a deal breaker, even for Ponder. Baalke probably wanted Hershel Walker compensation. ;p

            2. “If you say that Daniels is a great QB”

              Please show me where I wrote anything close to that.

              “I will question your football acumen”

              GASP. Oh what will I ever do?

              1. Baalke also said he had a ‘GOOD’ conversation with Kaep, even though he was threatening to trade him all the way up to the day of the draft.

              1. I think the fact that he’s still on the team amid all the naysayers speaks pretty loudly. They(as in Baalke) wanted to trade Harbaugh too. How’d that work out?

              2. Razor,
                I’m not sure how you correlate a failed trade with support of Kaepernick and his guaranteed salary. The fact that they were willing to trade Kaepernick tells you what they think of him. That’s just how the NFL works.

              3. BigP, if they were so confident in Gabbert and believed Kaepernick to be as inept as those convinced, not only would he have been traded, he would be released. Kaepernick’s ceiling is much higher than Gabbert, and at some point this season, Chip Kelly will see if he can catch lightning in a bottle again with the high risk, high reward of Kaepernick, over the mediocrity of Gabbert….

              4. Oh Officer Hammer, you and your infatuations with jock straps. I hear one of Dr. Marvin’s patients (TomD) has cancelled and he now has an opening….

              5. Razor,
                Gabbert makes $2 million. Kaep makes $12+ million. The production is about the same.

                They tried to trade Kaep but were unable to because the Bronco’s thought he was overpaid and wanted the Niners to absorb part of his contract, yet the Broncos were willing to give Osweiller $16 million a year before he left for the Texans.

                The team would have released him if he didn’t have the surgeries. They were unable to because of his rehabilitation.

                The high reward factor of Kaepernick has been overshadowed by his inadequacies as a QB for a few years now. They are the same inadequacies he had in college. The longer he plays, the more the league is able to capitalize on those seemingly insurmountable inadequacies. He hasn’t developed as people had hoped and he’s in his sixth year. If you can’t see that it’s because you don’t want to.

              6. The production is about the same.

                I looked up Gabbert and noticed he doesn’t hold any NFL records except for constantly being last in ALEX. If you like getting 7 yards on 3rd and 8, Gabbert is your guy.

                The team would have released him if he didn’t have the surgeries. They were unable to because of his rehabilitation.

                The only thing stopping them from releasing Kaepernick, is the lack of confidence in Gabbert.

                The high reward factor of Kaepernick has been overshadowed by his inadequacies as a QB for a few years now.

                Kaepernick still has high reward and that’s something Gabbert never possessed. Gabbert is in peak shape, had the majority of snaps with the starters and still was not able to shut the door. Kaepernick will get his chance to step out from under the shadows and shine or melt….

              7. Razor,
                I presented facts; You’re expressing your opinion. You responded to my accurate statements with inaccurate statements and your opinion. Kaepernick holds the record for most rushing yards by a QB. He also holds the record for the fastest back to back pick sixes in NFL history after the opponent told him they would intercept him if he threw it outside of the lines.

              8. BigP, you can present your facts to Chip Kelly. I prefer to die on my feet with Kaepernick, while you prefer to live on your knees with Gabbert. No Biggie…P

              9. I think they both suck. I’m not defending Gabbert and you’re displaying your ignorance by suggesting that I am.

                “I prefer to die on my feet with Kaepernick, while you prefer to live on your knees with Gabbert.”

                Last time I saw Kaepernick he was on his knees, while Gabbert was standing. Next time I see him he’ll be holding a clipboard…..for Blaine Gabbert. Your argument just got destroyed so you resorted to personal attacks. No biggie.

              10. I think they both suck. I’m not defending Gabbert and you’re displaying your ignorance by suggesting that I am.

                One sucks better and he told me you’re no Biggie…lol

          2. Check that…Wentz/Daniels > Gabbert/Kaepernick

            “#Eagles are planning on starting Carson Wentz against the visiting #Browns if he’s recovered enough from his rib injury, sources said.”

            1. Is that pressure to play the sore ribbed number one quarterback the Eagles are feeling? Too bad the Rams pressure fizzled….

    2. They must have some doubts about Teddy’s timetable to return or his ability to do so 100%. No sense trading a first when you already have a franchise QB, unless they’re worried they no longer do.

      1. I have my doubts Teddy ever makes it back to the field, and the Vikings demonstrated they are having the same doubt by paying through the nostrils for another NFL bust….

      2. I read that the first look by docs made them think he’d avoided arterial and nerve damage, a good sign for a long term recovery. Maybe there are complications. Or maybe Bradford is like a baseball card that can be continually traded when Bridgewater returns.

        1. Brotha,

          -The initial reports were gruesome.

          -The Vikings released a statement that there wasn’t any arterial or nerve damage (sidestepping cartilage and other ligament issues) and that they were hopeful that he would make a full recovery.

          -The team gives up a 1st and 4th for Bradford.

          It seems like they ‘hope’ Bridgewater will recover while moving forward with Bradford.

          1. Didn’t you say Kaepernick and Gabbert were 2a and 2b? I hadn’t heard the announcement of Gabbert as the starter. Link?

            1. Do you really need a link to tell you who the starter is at this point? Pretty desperate thinking if you’re holding out hope still.

              1. Official announcement is what we’re all waiting on. Are you now saying that Gabber separated himself as the starter?

              2. “Are you now saying that Gabber separated himself as the starter?”

                Nope, what i’ve been saying all along is that Colin separated himself from the chance to be the starter.

              3. Nope, what i’ve been saying all along is that Colin separated himself from the chance to be the starter.

                All season long? Nah, this still the same Blaine Gabbert that has never shown any ability to be a starter in this league….

  55. Fans, (Esp., Seb),

    Time to put this Kap debate to bed as the season begins.

    As you know, I quote the famous GM’s of the league and last night on the NFL Network, Charlie Casserly dropped a the big one.

    He stated if he were the 49er GM he would ask Kap to drop the injury clause guaranteeing his 2017 salary if injured. If Kap answers in the negative, Casserly would cut him now.

    Seb, if you drop your carpel tunnel syndrome suit against the PD for your prolific Kap love manifesto posts, maybe Kap and yourself can hop the next jet to Sydney and visit your amigo, Hayne, Islands in the stream, and plot your next NFL Roster.

      1. Eventually I will be the victor here as the season plays out. Are you saying Charlie Casserly and TomNostradamusD are both wrong?….Seb, Seb, Seb, such negativity.

        1. There is only one way for Kap to last the season…He has to drop the injury clause, and as Mr. Casserly stated, renegotiate his K (forgot to mention that part of Casserly’s statement.

          1. The 49ers are currently what, 43 mil over the Kap. Do you honestly think the Jed and Baalke bean counters want to subtract another 14 million (Kap’s 2017 salary) leaving them just 29 mil. to sign Clemson QB, Deshaun Watson, draft picks and FA’s??

            Let this play out Seb, and once more, you will reluctantly call TomD winner again.

            By the way, I meant to offer congratulations on your Kap prediction. You were right when you stated a Kap storm will be coming!

    1. If you ask Jed and Trent, you man has divided the locker room.

      Have you not ventured out of that bubble of yours enough to realize that yet, another 49er player sat with Kap during the Anthem?

      Have you not yet begun to wonder when those statements by Roger Goodell to the Jedster about taking his football team from him if further league emabarrassments occur on his watch and to cut Kap because the armed forces are a large NFL contributor, cash cow commercials.

      1. If you ask me, Seb, You and your Kap supporters are the negatives you hypocritically accuse me of being.

        I am the one who is trying to blow this Kap/49er front office / USA Wide negativity storm away.

        Roger Goodell is trying to make this Storm go away.

        Only you, Seb, and your supporters are still rooting for this storm to continue.

          1. TrollD, I see you are spamming again. In 4 hours we will know. Until then you may continue to embarrass yourself, but if Kaep becomes the starter, you will soil yourself.

      1. I suppose if his offensive line is playing well that he’ll have a good game. I don’t like our secondary or our pass rush at the moment. It’ll only be his 4th full NFL game but if he continues to show the calmness and poise in the pocket he did in pre-season I’m sure he’ll do fine and have a good day like most QB’s will against us this season.

            1. They do go hand in hand to compliment one another. I share your faith in O’Neil, but it is a rookie quarterback. If he can’t take advantage of him, it’s going to be a faithless bunch of Sundays….

              1. Oh, he was impressive. No doubt about it. Should have gone number one. I’m definitely intrigued, but I think it will come down to how well he deals with the adversity that is sure to come his way in one form or another….

  56. Coffee,

    Great post. It goes to the heart of what I’ve been saying for years–that the paranoid Baalke cuts better players than his recent draft picks so he looks good to Jed.

    He holds onto his picks to the detriment of the team and another team only needs seconds to determine Baalkes picks worthless.

  57. Jimmy Harbaugh’s Wolverines draw blood on the Warriors with a 90 yard drive culminating in a TD. The road to National Championship has begun….

  58. 49ers Cuts to 53: QB Jeff Driskel, WR Dres Anderson, OL Alex Balducci, WR Devon Cajuste, DL Demetrius Cherry, OL Fahn Cooper, TE Je’Ron Hamm, RB DuJuan Harris, CB Prince Charles Iworah, OL Colin Kelly, LB Corey Lemonier, DL B.J. McBryde, OL Norman Price, LB Marcus Rush, LB Shayne Skov, DT Garrison Smith, RB Kelvin Taylor, WR Bryce Treggs, WR Ryan Whalen, WR DeAndrew White

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