49ers 6, Rams 27: Grades

Here are the grades for the San Francisco 49ers’ 27-6 loss to the St. Louis Rams.

KAEPERNICK: D-. Don’t get me wrong – he was putrid. Passer rating of 59.2. Skipped passes to open receivers. Missed receivers in the end zone. Stuff Kurt Warner must have taught him. But I can’t give Kaepernick an “F.” He had zero running game.

RUNNING BACK(S): F-. Reggie Bush slipped out of bounds on his first touch of the game and tore his ACL. The other two running backs – Mike Davis and Kendall Gaskins—rushed 15 times for 10 yards, and fullback Bruce Miller dropped a pass in the red zone.

WIDE RECEIVERS: F+. Offensive coordinator Geep Chryst still can’t figure out how to get Torrey Smith involved. Smith finished this game with just two catches for 19 yards. The Niners’ best receiver was Jerome Simpson, who wasn’t that good. He had three catches for 34 yards.

TIGHT ENDS: F. Garrett Celek left the game with a concussion. Vance McDonald caught the first pass of the game then caught no more. Vernon Davis caught six passes but gained only 24 yards.

OFFENSIVE LINE: F. Trent Baalke assumed starting center Daniel Kilgore would be healthy this season, which is one of the biggest reasons the Niners are so awful this season. Kilgore still is injured, and his replacement, Marcus Martin, gave up a safety today after getting pushed back two yards into the end zone.

DEFENSIVE LINE: B. The 49ers’ run defense wasn’t that bad. Other than the 71-yard touchdown run, Rams starting tailback Todd Gurley averaged only 3.2 yards per carry.

LINEBACKERS: C. NaVorro Bowman had 13 tackles, but none of the linebackers ever touched Rams quarterback Nick Foles.

DEFENSIVE BACKS: C. Gave up two big plays—a 66-yard touchdown to wide receiver Tavon Austin on a “bubble” screen, and a 49-yard catch to tight end Jared Cook. Cook was wide open over the middle after a 49ers’ blitz failed to reach Foles.

SPECIAL TEAMS: F. Bruce Miller got penalized three times on special teams before halftime, and punter Bradley Pinion hurt his calf.

COACHES: D. Give Eric Mangini credit for holding the Rams’ offense to one third-down conversion on 12 attempts. Mangini is a decent defensive coordinator. Geep Chryst is the worst offensive coordinator in the NFL. He has no clue how to get players into the flow of a game. He just calls plays and substitutes players liberally. At the beginning of this game, he substituted running backs almost every play. Players burned more energy running on and off the field than they did playing the game.

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        1. Turns out, based on Lowell’s blog, that The Weasel did not block Grant. It certainly would not have surprised me had he done so however.

        2. Wow, Grant Cohn got blocked from Jed York’s account. Funny, Jed still lets me insult if I choose to, but even I get tired of kicking at the bald tire of the 49ers. All I got to say is Fire Tomsula, get rid of the Crapper, sack Baalke.

    1. Tomsula is not coming back, I saw him yesterday filling out a job application at Little Caesars, he knows pizza better then football.

      1. Hmm, Mountain mike’s Pizza is opening at Fernando’s in my area and maybe tomsula is going to be the pepperoni cutter as Lowell Cohn says he swing a good meat clever better then coaching.

  1. Geep Chryst is showing his stint as OC of the Chargers was no fluke.

    However, he isn’t being helped by the play of, well, every offensive unit on the team.

  2. Pretty awful. Bench Kap, sign a couple of running backs, find an O-lineman or three somewhere. We need some tight ends too, maybe a punter. Maybe put some meth in the gatorade. Something.

    Jed should then hire someone like Mike Holmgren as President of Football Operations and let the heads start rolling. And Jed should probably take a two-year around the world trip and leave the Niners to the professionals.

    Otherwise, it’s raining a lot up here.

  3. On the ST grades, Miller deserved to be called out, but Pinion gets an F for getting injured? He can be critiqued on his 9 punts, but he’s a chump due to a muscle tightening up?

    1. BT,

      I had the same thought. Even more so on Celek getting concussed. I’m sure Grant isn’t saying that Celek gets an F for his concussion, but it sure read that way.

      1. I dunno, Ex, after Grant’s ‘who will help him (CK) up’ pre-game comment and his swarmy over-written, passive-aggressive Bleacher Report post-game missive he comes across like a kid pulling the wings off of flies. He’s so enjoying skewering the Niners that he forgot he used to keep his BR articles kinda-a-little-bit professional.
        SF is so phuqued this year that all he would have to do is sit back and watch them self distruct and smile and write a bunch of ‘See? Told ya!’ pieces; but that’s not who he is.

  4. That bubble screen TD looked like Ward and Acker both covered the same guy. One of them stuffed up. Kind of mistakes you just have to live with when you have a young secondary, though.

    The Gurley TD was a result of Tank, who was manning that gap, slipping from the snap, which gave the OL an easy task of pushing him aside, and the LBs were easily blocked out of it.

    The Jared Cook reception came, I believe, after Brooks gave them a cheap first down on a facemask after the RB fumbled. That was a scheme failure seemed to me, as it gave Reid too hard a job of getting across to cover the TE. But would need to see it again. Regardless, it was a play that probably should never have happened if Brooks doesn’t give the dumb penalty.

    Aside from those plays, the D was ok. Some simple execution errors that need to be fixed, but there is still some hope that the D has some reasonable pieces in place for the future. With a semi-competent offense the 49ers might have stood a chance in this one.

    1. Brooks also had a face mask at our four yard line on third down that gave the Rams first and goal at the two. His good plays come at a high price on many occasions.

  5. 1. In 3 losses to NFC West opponents this year we scored 7, 3 and 6 points while giving up 47, 20 and 27. We are a bad team. It is hard to imagine us winning another game.
    2. Vance Mac has never caught more than one pass in a game and has never scored a TD.
    3. Baalke traded up in the second round to draft him.
    3. Reggie bush’s nfl career is over.
    4. We need a speed back to compliment Hyde
    5. We need to make major changes in our football administrative offices. Baalke needs to go. Jed needs to recuse himself.
    6. York is not a traditional NFL owner who is obsessed with his teams success like: rooney, Jjones, arthur blank, mara. I think jed is an entertainment promoter who is transfixed with booking major events at levi stadium – lady gaga, cirque soleil etc. He should step aside from football operations and bring in some knowledgeable people to help find a new GM and begin the rebuilding process.

      1. I think we lose out the remaining games. I am not sure we can beat the Browns. We may end with good draft choices but the guy doing the draft is not good at all.

    1. So, what positions will our new GM address in the 1st 4 rounds of next year’s draft? I’ll take a crack at it. BTW, I’m assuming we’ll have 5 picks in those 4 rounds. Here’s my crack at it.

      OT, QB, WR, ILB, TE

    2. Concise assessment of the 49ers situation: While Baalke has demonstrated some ability in the area of acquisitions, his tendency to micro manage head coach’s decisions puts the organization in a position to fail time after time.

      All micro managers share the same philosophy: They’d rather fail, but be in control than succeed with someone else in control. And then, of course, make the person who they are in control of completely responsible when they fail. Not Trent’s fault, oh no. Gotta be Jim’s fault. So Jim, a perfectly competent defensive line coach has to be the fall guy even though Trent chose to elevate him two (not one) steps above his level of competency. Huh?

      Does anyone have even the most remote hope that this disaster of a franchise has a chance to rebound next year?

    3. Couldn’t agree more. I am dumbfounded as to why no one is talking about Mike Shanahan. He could turn this franchise around. How about Holmgren as GM and Shanny as Head Coach. That would be the beginning of the turnaround. As it is, I am so tired of hearing Tomsula (a great dline coach) taking the blame for each loss, yet nothing changes. If you are claiming responsibility for the losses then you must fire yourself. Otherwise what does it mean that you are claiming responsibility? Do something about it. I wouldn’t mind seeing Tomsula return to D Line. Baalke has also worn out his welcome. Time to get some real football minds in charge!

  6. After the fiasco of cutting Hayne, then having the RBs average 1.5 yards a carry. I am almost glad the Niners lost, because it put a big spotlight on the FO and coaching failures.
    The system is broke, the personnel decisions were obtuse, the scheme incoherent, the players lack discipline, the coaching incompetent, they settled for FGs, the offense too simple and predictable, the whole team is shooting itself in the foot, and the Niners are floundering with little hope for any comeback.
    Other than that, I am hopeful. At least I saw them trying to roll Kaep out. I actually saw a couple screens. There was an effort to do more quick passes. They did run the hurry up for a few plays. I actually saw a man in motion for 2 plays. In the end, they did line up with 4 receiver sets. They did try a third down bomb. They did not waste time outs and did not incur a DOG penalty.
    Other than that, it was a train wreck.

    1. The RBs averaged around 0.5 ypc. Not 1.5 ypc. Unless you consider Kaep a RB. Which at this point might be the best solution for the team – put Gabbert at QB and Kaep at RB.

  7. in the movie, at least Michael Corleone could give the word to take Fredo on a one way canoe trip to the lake. i don’t think we’re going to get that lucky with Jed.

    1. Jed is among the worst owners in prof. sports. Everybody knows that. However, it is jeds man baalke who made this team from top to bottom. U think a high draft pick with this man at the controls is reason for optimism. Just remember, he tried to make us think that Tomsula and this coaching staff would be superior to Holmgren-a 49er alumni trained by Walsh-and his coaching staff. Think about that during next years draft.

  8. Can owners be suspended for personal fouls? What Jed York has done to 49er fans is like a chop block, leg whip, and chlothesline tackle on a defenseless player all rolled into one.

  9. Kaepernick: C- He missed wide open TD and at least one other wide open receiver (as usual), but he had absolutely no time to pass, even on rollouts.

    Running backs: N/A Horrible job run blocking.

    Receivers: See above

    TEs: A+ McDonald caught a pass!!! Church bells ring throughout the kingdom

    Offensive Line: F- They were simply beaten up.

    Defensive Line: B. Would be an A except for Tank’s tank on that 741 yarder.

    Linebackers: Played fast in the first half. Eventually wore out from being on the field all day.

    DBs. (see Linebackers) Tarrt made mistakes, but you can tell he’s doing to be good!

    Special Teams: Purple Heart. I’ve never seen a team injury its own punter by wearing him out. 10 punts, 11 first downs.

    Coordinators: N/A Not much Mangini can do if the O can’t maintain drives. Not much Chryst can do with a such a poor right side O-line, and Nobody From Nowhere 2.0 at running back. The constant widowmaker short passes Chryst called in (including the red zone ones) were pretty stupid.

    1. I see players slip on the sidelines all the time. Walking on slippery surfaces in cleats is dangerous. I’ve got to think a player injured in the way Bush was injured would have a pretty good lawsuit against the NFL and the stadium.

  10. The Offense is broken, so either the Ninets can make significant changes or accept that the offense will be in the bottom of the NFL.

      1. Well, you have to write the suggestion out and put it in the box. The 9er front office isn’t allowed to read this blog…

          1. They’re not interested in any of our suggestions because it could show that we are smarter than them and it won’t bring them an immediate profit.

    1. Seriously, I thought the linebackers looked quick early on. They eventually wore down because the O couldn’t maintain drives.

  11. Grant, I thought you were generous in your grades.

    I can accept boring football when you win games, boring football and losing badly are a deadly mix.

  12. Chris Biderman @ChrisBiderman
    Mike Florio says Anquan Boldin won’t be traded because he’s dealing with a knee injury. 49ers list him with a hamstring.

  13. Eric Branch Retweeted Ian Rapoport

    “Reggie Bush injury worse than expected, MRI confirms Torn ACL and MCL”

    1. this is exactly why he will never be an nfl qb they gave him that look knowing he pre determines his play in the huddle and wont deviate from it

  14. York needs guidance-he needs to contact the nfl office and ask for help in choosing a top football management guy to come and clean house! Now, not later! The sooner there are changes-the quicker the turn-around. Stop Baalke now from making personnel changes. If the nfl can’t help,
    Then York needs to be open and work hard at finding a good man on his own. Stop wasting time Jed, it’s just going to get worse!

    1. With all the money on the SF peninsula (including Silicon Valley), a small consortium should come forward and submit a proposal to buy the team.

      1. Someone told me that an NFL franchise is worth about two square blocks of homes in the neighborhood where I grew up on in the Peninsula. They could do a 1031 tax free exchange with the Yorks.

        1. seems to me that ya’all are pushing all the blame on Jed and the good DR. – both of those sycophants are scared shiftless by the MAMA bear – as is Uncle Eddie – start pounding on her

          there’s enuf pocket change in silicon valley to get the Ohio crowd out of town for good – they don’ give a shift about the Bay Area

        1. I was thinking that this is more like the Pete McCully reload that Joe Thomas engineered. McCully was the closest thing that BallKork could find to Tomsula, having been a defensive backs coach prior to being named HC of the 49ers. McCully had been a coach with Thomas’ Redskins and brought the soon to be famous East Coast offense later adopted by Bill Parcells (yeah, that Bill Parcells who says, somewhere in there he said, we’re gonna run the ball. (I’m not sure that he said they would average 22 yards per game though). McCully went on to become an assistant for the NY Jets (one super bowl 1969) and was not heard of after this other guy was hired much later and invented the West Coast Offense. So, like Mark Twain said, History don’t repeat but it often rhymes. Baalke ryhmes with Thomas and Tomsula rhymes with Bill Parcells, and that rhymes with East Coast Offense….And one of the best things in my life was watching the Bill Walsh, West Coast Offense beat the piss out of those east coast pricks from Section 32, upper deck at the stick. And, OK, sorry I don’t do rhynes so good and sorry for the rant but I thought a little history for the yutes that post here might be OK.

        2. You mean the one in which we were promised a unique blend of WCO and Coryell-esque deep passing attack?
          Hostler had started his career as a linebacker coach before being promoted to a QB coach where he did more harm than good to Alex before finally taking the reins as OC.
          It was at that point that I decided that a unproven HC from a defensive background is too overwhelming a failure risk.

  15. Looks like Alex Smith got out just in time…lol. He deserves to be on a team thats competative.. Karma is a bitch..Go Chiefs!

    1. Alex Smith is in the purgatory west division because no matter how well his numbers may look, he can’t get past the Broncos. The freaking raiders might give him a few headaches this season as well.

    1. Mike,
      What are you right about?
      That AS is marginally better than CK?
      If that’s all you have to hang your hat on, I must say that you set your bar sadly low.
      When AS can start in the SB give us a qualifying call bud.

  16. If someone signs Hayne the 49ers are screwed.

    Other GM to Baalke – “If you give us a draft pick, we won’t sign Hayne.”

  17. This team is a disaster. Attitude reflects leadership. The leadership top to bottom is a disaster. It’s a shame we have to go through 8 more games of this. Jed York is terrible. Trent Baalke is terrible. Kaep is playing terrible. Defense is terrible. I can’t wait to see what happens. This is a reali life soap opera. While Harbaugh is in Ann Arbor just continuing his winning ways

  18. The whole 49ers teams looks awful in the entire game especially the Qb Kap and there will be a lot changes in the 49ers comes next season. Start making some changes with management fire Baalke, Tomsula, Kaepernick. And the OC coach and DC coach. A lot of player changes with the 49ers next season.

  19. I’m not sure how the wavering system works, can Hayne come back into the starting roster if he is not picked up by another team. If so that would be a shame being that he would not be able to escape what is now a train wreck.

  20. Smith ‘game-managed’ his way to a pretty decisive victory against the Lions without his star running back today. How did Kaepernick do without his star running back today?…on yea.. that’s right…Kaepernick used his golden legs to..to..to..not do much…oh yea.. that’s right, Alex used his legs to….wait for it…score a touchdown. I forgot….why did we bench and then trade Smith for Kaeperpick? Take your time.

    1. Lol yeah detroits stout defense is miles better than stl’
      Dude! You’re something else. You act like they ditched an elite qb for ck.

  21. Let’s look at the standings at the end of the year. Guess who will have a better record. Once again…take all the time you need to answer.

  22. It turned out to be the best thing to happen to Smith. That first year they went 11 and 5. I’m not dumb, he’s not Aaron Rogers but he’s a hell of a lot closer to Rogers than Kaep. Kaep is more like RGIII. In 2010 Mike Holmgren said Smith had the smartest football mind of any QB he’d ever met..he reads defenses, he stays in the pocket, he sees all the recievers and he makes good decisions… he throws the long ball well when he needs to. Like i said last year…It’s okay to admit when you were wrong. I was wrong about smith in 2007. I hated him. Then I started to pay attention… And I admired I was wrong. The Kaep sniffers aren’t there yet…or they are hiding now.

    1. Sorry, but when a QB does not complete a pass to his WRs all year, he is not elite. I liked AS, and thanked him for the classy way he handled his demotion, and wished him well. However, AS has never played in a SB and probably will not this year.
      Kaep is finding out it is a lot easier to QB when the defense is stout, and his O line can block. His regression is alarming, and puzzling. He has all the physical tools, but his head is not into the game. He should drop his GF and concentrate on football. He should put down the ping pong paddle, and informally work out by throwing passes to his receivers even in his spare time.
      AS is unlucky. His teams have been bitten by the injury bug. He is a competent QB, but his long game needs work.

      1. Do you even watch chiefs games? Not complete a pass to receivers all year? His QB rating is 90.3…what’s Kaeperpicks? 18 for 26…and a rushing touchdown…sounds more like Kaepernick than…Kaepernick. Pretty good for a guy who doesn’t complete passes to receivers.

      2. Do you even watch chiefs games? Not complete a pass to receivers all year? His QB rating is 90.3…what’s Kaeperpicks? 18 for 26…and a rushing touchdown…sounds more like Kaepernick than…Kaepernick. Pretty good for a guy who doesn’t complete passes to receivers….and this year he actually has receivers

        1. There was a 19 game streak when he did not complete a pass to a WR. Look it up.
          And no, I do not watch Chiefs games. I would rather watch paint dry.

          1. Get your stats right if you want to rip AS: that streak was about TD’s to a WR…he’s completed plenty of passes to WR’s

      3. Sorry, but when a QB does not complete a pass to his WRs all year, he is not elite. 

        That also means the receivers were crap. Look at what Bowe, Jenkins, and Avery have done since being let go by the Chiefs.

  23. Well the seed has already been planted by Jed. Tim Ryan on KNBR this week commented that the talent on this team is not that bad. Really, Tim? He then proceeded to blame the problems on Kap and his execution. Not defending Kap here, but the problems go way deeper than the QB. Tell it like it is Ryan.

    1. The team has alot of problems, but Kaep magnifies these shortcomings because he can’t do anything on offense. Teams have no respect for him at all, and he’s doing nothing to make teams pay on a consistent basis.

      I know alot of you either don’t want to admit it. You need to wake up. Storm is coming, turned out to be a mild drizzle.

      1. Fan, you know me as a die hard Kaep fan, but when I see him missing wide open players and even uncovered players, I will admit that he is hurting the team.
        Geep is not doing Kaep any favors with his ineffective schemes, but the turnstile O line would hamper even Joe Montana. I hope to see Gabbert play, so we can decide if all the fault is on Kaep, or if it is a perfect storm of an offense.

        1. Seb,
          Yeah I know people think I hate kaep, I don’t. I can’t stand incompetence. He’s leaving too many plays on the field and every game it just gets worse and worse.
          He’s not improving. Every QB has bad games but this goes way beyond that now.

          He’s not getting it, and the coaching staff doesn’t trust him. It’s part of his own doing. This happened last year too.

          1. Kaep is playing himself out of a starting role. Leading a team to a 2-6 record should not assure job guarantees to any QB.

            1. By the time the season is over, I won’t be surprise the 49ers record would be 4-12 at least. Worse ever the 49ers franchise has ever had wiht this delusional owner and GM..I’ll bet Baalke and Jed are probably wondering what went wrong with all their plans in winning a SB. Everything they’ve done so far has come back to bite them in their a.ss!

    2. Ryan is probably thinking of the defensive players, being one himself. Unfortunately, there is another important component to the game, and the lousy O line has been compounded by sub par play at QB and elsewhere.

  24. Yea…Detroit’s stout defense is the reason…lo. They were 20th until today…now they are thè 27th. You seem like a bright guy. The Rams are ranked 30th in offense. The Chiefs are ranked 20th in offense, 20th in defense….I guess you’ld say they’re 20th in spite of Smith huh?….by the way..until this year Smith had 1 receiver…and it was mostly his running back Jamal Charles…sorry..you were saying?

    1. Alex is consistent too, but at least he’s tough. They lost games they shouldn’t have this year. But at least their offense is interesting to watch.
      Niners have the worst offense and that’s just not acceptable.

    2. Good to know alwxcuses are flying in KC too. Funny how his TEAM has a good game for once and you all of a sudden show up. 145 yards today. And that ONE reliever you say he has or had he couldn’t even get him a td for 19 straight games. And that was with Charles. Get real. Yes the Chiefs are better than the 49ers all
      Around. Excite qb. He’s garbage and KC fans can’t wait to get rid of him.
      One win will be forgotten when he fails again. He gets the wins but not the losses. Classic alexcuse. I’m done. Arguing over two scrub qb’s
      Let’s talk when the draft comes up and KC is 3 slots behind SF

      1. Dude do you even watch games or just read the stat lines?
        45-10. Ran for one, and threw another to a WR!
        What did he ever do to you that you hate him so much?
        Oh I know — not suck as much as you thought.
        Meanwhile we have Kaep! He’s our Tebow!

    3. Mike, I was referring to the stout Niner defense of 2012-2013, and the good offensive line during those years. Kaep has neither this year, and AS cannot pound his chest because he beat a 1-6 team.
      So I am saying that revisiting the Kaep /AS arguments are pointless because neither QB is elite, and neither have a top 5 defense, or a decent O line. You can keep bringing up stats to prove your points, but I am WAY past AS, and he is never coming back.

  25. There is one more possible win and its quite possible it might be for the number one pick. Right now I even think the Lions are better then the Niners, so really maybe no more victories this year.

  26. I know He’s not.coming back. He’s better off. I just like to see karmic justice. Harbaugh went for the flashy hot blonde and ruined our chance of going to another super bowl in my lifetime. I’ve been watching the Ninersrs since John Brodie’s last year. I was 10 years old. I’ve seen a lot of football. Bill Walsh wouldnt have swapped Smith until Smith started losing. And to the other statement?… I listen to Chiefs radio and all but a few callers and pundints love Smith. He’s not gonna lose his job anytime soon…

    1. Compared to the previous QBs, AS was a Godsend because the QB was the limiting factor on those teams. KC had a stout defense with pro bowl players, so many thought AS was the last piece to the puzzle. However, AS did not make it to the SB and KC was out of the playoffs last year. AS may never get them to the SB.
      Good for you. I hope you enjoy your new team. I will just stick with my Niners, warts and all.

    2. Karma??? He’s got a losing record in KC,
      Hasn’t won a playoff game
      Couldn’t hit a wr for a td in a year and a half
      Got boo’d in KC too.
      While since he left ck went to a super bowl
      And NFC title game.
      You’re an idiot if you really think Alex smith would be any better with this roster and coaches this season.
      Oh my karma is a bit** because Alex smith is doing so well. Smh. Where is this rock you’ve been living under?
      This is how it works.
      Alex smith blazes the NFL and has big success, while ck sucks and is the worst qb in the NFL.
      Then you can talk about the two.
      What a joke!

    3. Come on dude with Alex Smith we would not have reached the SB thats why Harbaugh moved forward with CK so get over it he isnt around here anymore ,just like CK his days are numbered here,we need better

  27. These SNF announcers said in conversation with Peyton they asked him about his arm and his accuracy. PM said that lack of accuracy is often a sign of indecision. This may speak to some of CK’s issues.

    1. Brotha,
      I’ve read Bill Walsh saying something similar in his thoughts on QB development. I’m inclined to agree with you that this explanation may explain Kap’s inaccuracies to some extent.

  28. We should have known better when this joke of a coaching staff let the players take cell phone breaks during camp and et the players dictate things because of the younger generations lack of attention span. The team looks undisciplined unorganized and no confidence in the coaching staff to lead them to victory

  29. If you ever get a chance, find a copy of “Finding the Winning Edge” by Bill Walsh. I’ve read it twice. Read what he has to say about QBs. I think you’ll find out a lot about what it takes to make a good QB. I think you’ll find he would have kept Alex and never would have signed Kaepernick.

    1. Alex was not a great QB, but he did have a pretty good first season with Harbaugh. He led the team to some comeback wins, and he became a game manager. Maybe he didn’t get past the Giants, and people like to hate on him, but do they even remember the WRs? Who thought they would even get that far? Harbaugh was outcoached, and the Giants had the championship mettle. Manning didn’t have a good game either.

      In the SB year, he got the team to 6-2, was playing pretty well. Not bad for a 2nd season. Harbaugh went with Kaep because he was a weapon. Kaep was exciting, that was also an outlier year. Teams didn’t know who to deal with the Read Option.

      I don’t see why people give him a pass for choking in the SB or the NFCCG the following year. They comment on how Kaep was the offense blah-blah-blah. Well now we know why, he can’t read defenses, and wants to run around and go freestyle, so he runs for yards and look like the hero. He deserves the cred for the GB game, I’ll give him that.

      Meanwhile people still hate on Alex Smith even when he’s on another team. He’a play about above average at best, but he occasionally has some nice, efficient games, like the game against the Lions.

      The KC line is just as bad, if not worse then the Niner Line. The difference is that while Alex may not have a strong arm, you can at least run some kind of offensive scheme.

      The problem with the Niner Offense is teams flat out smell blood on Kaep, know all his weaknesses and are taking away everything he wants to do. He is a one read QB, that’s why he’ll miss Patton in the end zone. And he was late to Davis on that pass too.

      You can see how teams are taking away the roll-outs too.

      I remember writing that Kaep really wasn’t that different after the Minny game. and the Kaep lovers got all over me on it. They believed he was improved.

      Oh yeah? Is that right?????

      1. Fan, maybe if they put a man in motion to pinch in the DE, Kaep could roll out without a player in his face. The Niner coaches should anticipate that the defense will assign a spy, and devise plays that takes advantage of having a spy occupied so there should be a weakness in the defense. Kaep should draw the spy towards him, then hit the TE the spy just left.
        Giving up and not rolling out Kaep will just make him a sitting duck. Even when the spy tries to tackle him, Kaep can use his speed and mobility to elude him.
        In last game, Kaep did roll out, so the Rams only sacked him 3 times in the pocket. That is twice as good as the previous game when Kaep did not run and was sacked 6 times.

    2. Sorry, but if you knew about Bill Walsh, he was pretty ruthless when it came to personnel decisions. He cut Ronnie and Roger who both played for years afterwards.
      Bill Walsh also brought in a raw QB who could run fast to supplant Joe. The Joe vs Steve controversy divided families. Bill Walsh would have brought in Kaep in a heartbeat.

        1. I have read the book years ago, but you should acknowledge that he brought in Steve Young to supplant Joe Montana. Bill Walsh broke down Steve to unlearn his bad habits and taught him how to be a pocket passer. Then Steve was able to sit and study the master for years before getting the starting job.
          Like I said, many other posters will tell you that Bill Walsh was pretty ruthless when it came to players, and had the philosophy to get rid of a player too soon rather than too late.

              1. 6.5 years of lousy quarterbacking for the 49ers says differently. Alex Smith was never going to get the 49ers, or any other team, to the Super Bowl. To call Alex a game manager is being generous.

                I can’t believe his name is still being mentioned by 49er fans. For anyone who isn’t paying attention, Chiefs fans have given up on Alex Smith. Too many limitations in his game. As poor as kap has been playing, he still has more potential than Alex.

              2. I find no reason you ignored what I said and came to your own biased and foolish conclusion.

            1. Smith was and is a loser. Kap is as well. The Chief Blog is located elsewhere, not here. Kap is washed up. Just like Smith was before Harbaugh got here and we drafted 2 1st round linemen. Smith developed happy feet and Kap has them now as well. A bad offensive line will destroy any QB. They are both fractured. Neither will ever win a Super Bowl.

    1. cubus, don’t you think that, if we were competent surgeons, we would put in a new oline before we took out the Kaepernick? IMO, if we had a good oline, we would be competitive with Kaepernick. Sure we’d want a better QB, but they’re hard to find.

      1. George:

        Did you see the link I posted above where he missed seeing a wide open Torrey Smith on the LOS. Instead a safety happened. He also missed a wide open Patton in the end zone when he had plenty of time to see him. He’s never going to get any better, imo. Yes, the OL is a huge problem as is Kap; but it’s time to move on because there isn’t any upside left.

        1. Also, don’t forget that Kap’s compensation is guaranteed for injury. Better to have less expensive QBs and use the savings to sign some free agents.

        2. My bad. That wasn’t the play that resulted in a safety. Still, with Torrey’s speed there was a good chance he could have had a 93 yard TD. Do you really think the skill players have confidence in Kap?

          1. No, I don’t think they have confidence in him. I think it would be easier to rebuild the oline through the draft than to find an elite QB there. And even if you do draft a QB who in TC shows signs of being elite, you don’t start him, you groom him. If you do start him, you run the risk of ruining him, unless your oline is really good. So it would be wiser IMO to hold onto Kaepernick until we can replace him with someone else who is clearly better.

            1. I think we’ll be able to find a journeyman QB that we can bring in at a lot lower cost, until the drafted QB is ready. With the savings bring in a good Oline free agent. There’s nothing a rookie QB could learn from Kap except how to be the hardest working guy in the weight room (that’s what Reggie Bush was quoted as saying). And, of course, that is the most important characteristic for a QB (said with tongue in cheek).

              1. Cubus,

                Someone did a breakdown of the price tag on FA QB’s some time ago. They’re not as cheap as you would think. And there’s a reason they’re FA’s too. For all of CK’s many flaws, I think George is right about having someone better than CK before cutting him loose.

                Now, if another team is dopey/desperate enough to offer a good trade package, that would be different.

                But the 49ers do need to fix the OL first. With the current OL, I have a hard time seeing a FA QBwith options signing with the 49ers.

              2. “With the current OL I have trouble seeing a FA QB with options signing with the 49ers”
                Hah! With the current OL I have trouble seeing a drafted QB signing with the 49ers! They’d rather attend Seminary or join the Army.
                It’s not just the injury to Kilgore and the bail out by AD; Looney and Martin are flame outs, so there’s nothing in the pipeline when it’s needed. Thomas looked crummy too in pre-season; just lost. For a guy who espouses Parcells’ approach to drafting, Trent has left the cupboard bare.

              3. Ex: I’m not talking about getting a FA QB with the intent of him being a starter beyond a year (to let the rookie QB get up to speed). Here are some 2015 QB cap hits. CK is listed for comparison.

                CK: $15.3 million
                Brian Hoyer: $5.2 million
                Chase Daniel: $4.8 million
                Josh McCown: 3.9 million
                Mark Sanchez: $3.75 million
                Ryan Fitzpatrick: $3.25 million
                Shaun Hill: $3.25 million
                Matt Cassel: $1.76 million
                Colt McCoy: $1.375 million
                Mike Glennon: $850 thousand

                Of that list Mike Glennon, I think, would be a good pickup.

                I agree that the OL needs to be strengthened substantially and cutting Kap will save us about $9 million, which I’m suggesting to be used on OL. Who knows, behind a good OL, Gabbert might be good enough for a year or so. The point is that you don’t take a $16.7 million cap hit for a player like Kap.

              4. Cubus,

                Ah, I think I get what you’re saying. Get a QB who resembles an NFL QB and do the best you can, but realize the team is in for a couple of rough seasons, while rebuilding.

                Am I inferring correctly?

                BTW, if I didn’t make it clear, I didn’t think you thought that any FA QB would be the solution.

              5. BT,

                While I agree the OL woes wouldn’t be as bad, had Baalke done a better job restocking the roster, the OL missing both AD and Kilgore has been devastating. The OL line would look a whole lot better if AD was at RT, Pears at RG, and Kilgore at C.

              6. That’s pretty much it, Ex. But I also believe we have to get a new coaching staff. The current staff doesn’t seem to be able to develop QBs. Further while many other NFL teams have “internet age” football strategies/game plans our staff is still rubbing two sticks together.

                Do you see a way that the team could be competitive as early as next year (without rehiring Harbaugh)?

              7. Cubus,
                Just one thing to be kept in mind on the inexpensive QB path that you suggest — there is strong chance that the first-round QB Niners would draft will flop after 2 years of training and riding the pine. To improve the chances of drafting a QB most likely to succeed, the Niners would first have to hire a GM who is a competent evaluator of QBs.

              8. Mood:

                Agree. Although I didn’t state it in the post response to Ex, I’m on the record as someone who wants Baalke replaced for the reasons you state. If Baalke doesn’t go, then I don’t see much hope for improvement. A possible solution might be to promote Tom Gamble to interim GM while a search is conducted for a GM. It’s possible Gamble might be a good choice for GM; but I don’t know much about him although others seem to think that he is a fair to very good GM prospect.

              9. Cubus

                If Yorks decide to fire Baalke, they should hire a GM with a clear offensive philosophy and a plan for the future. There is an obvious dearth of offensive talent evaluators in the Niners F.O. currently. Gamble may or may not be the guy.

                Dad John (not Jed) needs to reach out to the Rooney, Mara families and Kraft for help. I think John may have garnered some brownie points with these respected owners because of the work he’s doing with the league on drawing up guidelines for concussion, etc. These owners may appreciate that the resurrection of the Niners is good for the league.

              10. Cubus,

                Anything is possible, I guess, but they would have to catch lightning in a bottle for it to happen.

                I think the 49ers have decent talent on the defense, and Hyde can be a top ten RB. On offense, the OL obviously must be fixed, they need help at WR and TE. On defense they have potential, but could use help at LB and DL.

                Most of all, they need a QB.

                If they draft a legit QB, who is ready to contribute immediately, make other good draft picks and FA signings, it’s not impossible for them to be competitive next year, but it doesn’t seem like something to bank on.

      2. George, that’s what a competent organization would have done starting this off-season. As much as I think that rebuilding the OL should be the priority, I think CK has played his last season here, and I won’t be surprised if he plays better with another team. With his resume, he would get another shot as a starting QB in this league.

        1. I agree he has probably played his last season here, but I think that’s because they’ll use him as a scapegoat to hide their mishandling of the coaching situation, especially on offense, poor drafting of olinemen, and Aldon Smith.

          1. George, there is a good chance that you are right when saying that CK will be the scapegoat. Nothing surprises me anymore with this organization. What a mess.

          2. Absolutely. Colin is a broken QB right now, and his poor play is a product of poor coaching and playing behind the leagues worst OL. Yet another football team fails to build behind a young QB. What a shame.

            And, we all know how this is going to play out. Kaps going to be the fall guy, and the team will likely repeat the cycle with yet another young QB in the coming seasons.

  30. Arm strength is somewhat misleading. Some players can throw 80 yards, but they aren’t good passers. Good passing has to do with accuracy, timing, and throwing a ball with touch so it is catchable. This all involves understanding a system, the receivers in the system, and having great anticipation. It is a plus to be able to throw a ball on a line for 35 yards, but not if it is off target or arrives in such a way that it is difficult to catch.

    Remember, the goal of passing a ball is to make sure it is caught … by your intended receiver.

    You look at how complete an inventory of throws a quarterback possesses — from screen passes to timed short passes to medium range passes and down the field throws. This complete range. For the scout, not having a complete inventory does not eliminate the quarterback. But you are looking to evaluate in all facets and distances and types of passes in throwing the ball.

    There have been quarterbacks of greatness, Hall of Fame quarterbacks, who didn’t have a complete inventory of passes. But you’re looking to see the potential of the quarterback in each area. You can see where the emphasis of the offense would be if he were with your team.

    A quick delivery , one that is not telegraphed to help the defense, gives the quarterback an advantage when he finds his intended target. That’s when it is essential to get the ball “up and gone” with no wasted motion. Some of this can be acquired by learning proper technique. But to a certain degree, a quick release is related to a quarterback’s reaction time between spotting his receiver and getting the ball “up and gone.”

    Touch is important, especially in a medium range passing game. One of Joe Montana’s most remarkable skills was putting the right touch on a pass so that it was easily catchable by a receiver, who often did not have to break stride.

    The ability to read defenses is not something that players have learned to a high degree coming out of college. Even if they have, the pro defenses are very different. But most systems require quarterbacks to look at primary and secondary receivers, usually based on the defense that confronts him. You can see if he locates that secondary receiver — or maybe even an emergency outlet receiver — with ease or with a sense of urgency.

    This should work like a natural progression, not a situation where it’s — “Oh, my gosh, now I must look over here … no, over there.” You can see which quarterbacks handle these situations with grace. These are the types who have a chance to perform with consistency in the NFL.

    Mobility and an ability to avoid a pass rush are crucial. Some quarterbacks use this mobility within the pocket just enough so they are able to move and pass when they “feel” a rush. But overall quickness and agility can make a remarkable difference. As an example, there were some very quick boxers in Sugar Ray Leonard’s era, but he was quicker than they were and because of that he became a great champ. Bill Walsh

  31. Ok Jets, you can have #7 for 2016’s second and third round picks or you can give us a conditional 2nd rounder from 2017 that turns into a first if he is your starter for all of 2016.

    1. Isn’t it amazing how Kaepernick’s value sky rockets when the topic switches from how worthless he is to how much can we get for him in a trade.

      1. Not really. I’m going off of precedent. Alex Smith was worth two second round picks and the highest he ever accomplished was a divisional round victory. Colin has been to the Superbowl so there’s no reason to assume he can’t command similar if not even better picks then Alex did.


        1. When they think it facilitates their point=”Highest he ever accomplished was a divisional round victory”

          When they think it facilitates their point=”Did you forget the NFC Divisional round victory? Did you forget the Vernon post?”

          Lol. Htwaits FTW. Alex Smith sucks. His greatest accomplishment was having to lead a team from behind after it produced five turnovers for him. Kaep looks like he sucks too, but he has accomplished more in a short time than Smith ever has, or will. Smith may have completed the last pass in the Super Bowl, but he never would have gotten them there. Both of them benefited from a ridiculously talented roster and neither of them are good enough to overcome weak supporting casts.

        2. There’s a big difference between then and now Coffee. Smith was on a slow but steady incline. Kaepernick however is on pace to end his short meteoric rise with a nausea – inducing fall.

          1. Which is why it was supposed to be nothing more then a conversation starter until sour grapes showed up turned it into something else.

        3. C4C

          …I love your logic…but the best that we can hope for in a ‘Kaep trade’ is what he gave usyesterday…nothing. For those who can’t see that this has been a three year dose of comic relief…too damned bad! He’s always been Harbaugh’s boy, and he’ll always be Harbaugh’s boy….just cut him…there’s no trade value there.Our FO is totally stupid….

          1. OREGON,
            C’mon man, where is your compassion?
            Kicking Kaep when he’s on the ground can make someone believe that this is your revenge for what happened to your boy Alex.
            Oh, my bad, this is about what happened to your boy AS.

            Actually the person who you should be directing your angst at is winning games at Michigan these days.

  32. It’s scary when you see a juggernaut team dominating despite poor play from their aging QB.

      1. LOL Razor. Not really. I went into this week with a feeling that I was geared up to take a loss because I believed that I would choose the wrong defense (which I did) and was lacking a good #2 WR. However, I did not expect Dalton to have that kind of an outing and Carr to put up a clinic.

  33. “Offensive coordinator Geep Chryst still can’t figure out how to get Torrey Smith involved.”

    Yes, Chryst is not good. It doesn’t help though when the only passes the QB can hit consistently are dump offs in the flat on bootlegs.

    Good to see the turf at the dome take the same type of punishment from the CK7 as the turf at Levi’s.

    Wasn’t there supposed to be a storm coming this year?

    1. I figured it out!

      Jed and Baalke are smarter than all of us.

      Jed and Baalke reviewed the last 20 years and realized that the GM that got the best players over the those years was the one that had top ten picks (Scotty M) and realized that for Baalke to make better picks he needs top then picks. They realized that this has been his only flaw in regards to drafting.

      They purposefully told players to worry about their health, planting the idea about retirement and then purposefully hired the worst coaching staff alive.

      I heard that when the 49ers won the first game, the reporters could hear/see Baalke slam his fist on the table and yell “c’mon. Pissed off his plan wasn’t working.

      8 year plan is right where they want it to be. The same time it took from 2003 to 2011.

  34. What in the wide world of sports was Bruce Miller’s main malfunction? The guy might have been loaded. I have never seen Miller play out of control I guess he showed me. Maybe he thought the ball was a cell phone. PTSD time to be IR’ed and get to those anger management courses.

  35. NFL Total QB rating:
    #24 – Alex Smith…. 49.6
    #25 – Colin Kaep….47.5
    (guess whose team won yesterday?)
    With Kaepernick as QB,
    the Niners are dead last in the NFL
    in terms of total points scored: 109
    Our differential is minus 98.

    Time for a change, hmm? “he sits”

    Don’t look for any Levi’s stadium sell-outs, ok?

    1. Did you know that there are teams that have scored points and play one less game?

      Right now Kaep is being outplayed by a couple of rookies and journeyman like Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh McGown.

      It’s bad. Kaep needs to go out in a blaze of glory, dare to get hurt so he can collect his 31 million.

      Gabber makes 2 million. Put that guy in.

      1. Yes put Gabbert in. The awesomeness will continue with Gaskins as our RB. If Gabbert can just hit open receivers and move the ball we’ll be better but not by much. Kaep is completely lost.

        1. Wilson,

          I problem with Kaep is that he has all this potential, but he he can’t unlock them because he has limitations. He bails himself out by the great spectacular plays, but you can’t build an offense around that. So that’s what is happening now. He’s getting boxed in and doesn’t have any countermoves. He’s screwed until he can learn how to throw a few more punches.

          Teams will stack the box knowing he can’t pass. So if you have a crappy RB, you better have a QB that can at least go through some type of progression, and throw fast within 3 secs.

          We saw in the preseason that Gabbert was more comfortable in Chryst’s system.

          Keep’s stock has fallen so fast and so low, any QB will be better right now. It’s not that Gabbert is great, he’s the guy on the team.

          You can’t keep putting Kaep out there anymore. There’s only one Shareece Wright and he plays for the Ravens.

          1. Preseason is worthless Fan. This coaching staff doesn’t have the fortitude to bench anyone as we’ve seen. Gabbert may or may not play better, it doesn’t change the ineptitude in coaching. He will probably bring a little spark and there’s not film on him so he’ll have a few games lead over defenses. Like I said, if he could just be consistent it’d be an improvement.

  36. For those of you discussing and expecting trades, you will be disappointed. Baalke has put this roster together and he believes that it should be a winning roster. He is not going to give up on the players he put together. All GMs make mistakes, great GMs identify their mistakes cut them or trade them and move on. Baalke will not do this. What will happen is that Baalke will use Tomsula and perhaps CK as scapegoats. He will get to choose the next Head Coach and we will continue with an offense that is behind the times by a few generations. These years of being a niner fan will be painful.

  37. I agree with all your offensive grades but how can we be so kind to the defensive side of the ball when they gave up 27 points to the 30th ranked offense in the league, 191 yards on the ground and 197 through the air and not a single sack?

    We are a joke. Offensively we’re JV.

    1. I was thinking the same thing Wilson. However, I suspect that it is human nature to want to find something positive. So, the defense played relatively better than the offense hence the higher scores for the defense. But as you point out it was the 30th ranked offense (announcers were saying the 49ers and Rams were the two lowest scoring teams in the NFL). The defense did do a very good job of stopping the Rams on 3rd downs – but they got killed by the big play.

      I feel bad saying this, but I honestly am having trouble rooting for the 49ers to win. If we win a few more games, 1) we won’t have top draft picks, 2) the odds that HC, OC, DC and Baalke get fired go down substantially. Basically, at this point in time, I think the team needs to be blown up.

      1. I do see the value in looking for positives. We’re terrible except on stopping the Rams on 3rd down. They did play better on defense than on offense. Compared to what we’re used to on defense its awful. We were a top 5 defense for years and to fall to 31st? Man. Our coaching staff doesn’t have this team ready to play, they don’t seem to have the fortitude to bench poorly performing players.

  38. Gabbert would likely have limited success for a game or two, might even get a win. Once teams take a look at the type of plays they’re calling with Blaine instead of Colin that success will quickly evaporate and we’ll be right back or probably even worse off then we are now. If Gabbert was even remotely decent the team would have gone to him by now, the fact that they haven’t says everything there is to know about how the coaches feel about their chances with him.

    Nothing venture nothing gained? What do the 49ers gain in the long term from starting Gabbert for a couple of games? Is it really likely that Colin’s game is going to evolve simply because he’s forced to hold the clipboard for a few weeks? Not likely. If he had already proven to be a better passer but was simply going through a rough patch then I can see the benching having a positive effect on him. Help bring back the player that he is underneath. However that isn’t the case with Colin, he’s never been a great passer. He was an average one when he had a better offensive line and run game but that’s all, average. The best one can hope for by benching Colin is that he’ll return to being an average passing QB which would be fine if the rest of the team wasn’t a hot mess but it is and average isn’t going to cut it anymore.

    The team benefits more by leaving Colin in for the rest of the year. He’ll either miraculously improve or hopefully at least do enough to garner some trade value.

    1. That’s exactly what most people have been saying. This team needs to be rebuilt. Nobody would succeed with this team but Kaep isn’t the type of QB who makes players better. Like Smith before him, he benefitted from a ridiculously talented roster. Those teams are long gone. Gabbert won’t change anything outside of a possible one game spark. Leave Kaep in. Let the village burn and rebuild it. I don’t think anybody will trade for him because the team will either pay him or not pay him. The team had leverage with Smith because he was under contract at a modest sum and his play had been mostly effective prior to his being replaced. Kaep wouldn’t stay unemployed for more than a minute if released, but I also don’t see the team being able to leverage him into draft picks. There is no momentum and his salary gives him leverage in terms of dictating possible trade scenarios. If he doesn’t like a particular (hypothetical) interested team, he can refuse to restructure his contract or he can demand an extension. I just don’t see it happening.

        1. I don’t want to see him fail. This is a bad team. I’d rather let it play out, get the draft picks and let a new HC pick his QB. The Kaepernick situation will play itself out after the season. He will be gone. Gabbert may provide some value to the team eventually, but he wouldn’t this year. He would get destroyed and his confidence would be ruined. Do you remember when Smith’s teammates referred to him as ‘Alex the Lion’? That wasn’t a compliment. Real good times.

          1. The team has a lot of wholes and rather then rush into drafting a QB, like they did with Alex Smith — although I never knew why they didn’t draft Rodgers, Gabbert could be a stop-gap guy, so the team can draft other needs with their high draft pick. Maybe get a D-Lineman. They need a functioning Offense to compliment a great defense for now.

            Kaep is needs a new start with a coach like Chip Kelly, who is innovative. I would love to see Kaep in that offense, he would do a lot better then Bradford.

            1. Fan,
              Well said. I agree with you that he may be a stop gap, which is why I don’t want him out there now. I look at Gabbert the same way I look at Smith or Kaepernick; he needs a strong supporting cast and a coach who believes in him. I don’t see either of those things on this team.
              I also agree with your draft take, but this team seems destined to repeat history. They suck during a year without a true franchise QB in the draft, but will likely place unrealistic expectations on the QB they inevitably take with their (very high) first round pick. It’s frustrating.
              CK would seemingly be an ideal fit for Kelly’s offense. It would be fun to watch but I want to see my 49ers at the top again. That’s my focus, I just wish it were Jed’s.
              Kaep would be an ideal fit for Kelly’s offense, on paper. I agree, it would be fun to watch.

              1. I don’t know why it repeated the fun to watch line, my Ipad 2 is crippled after the latest software ‘upgrade’. It’s ridiculous.

              2. Wow, this has to be the fastest ending, or at least truce, to a blog feud that I’ve ever seen. : )

                Seriously, if the strategy is to wait to draft a QB until 2017 or beyond, then I would think one should look at who might be available. Both Goff and Lynch are underclassmen and they might not declare. Under that scenario, I could see waiting especially if Cook looks like he’ll be drafted by someone else. Who do you see as a future prospect or is it just a hope that a good QB is on the horizon.

              3. Cubus,
                I’m a grown man, not a bully. He made a good point that I agreed with. I would have appreciated his take even if I disagreed with it because it was thought out. Hopefully that can lead to healthy conversation in the future.

              4. Appreciate that outlook, Big P.

                So with regards to my question: I still don’t understand what your (and several others who agree with you) strategy is for the QB position. Seems to me like there are some good pocket-oriented passers potentially available in the 2016 draft. With the caveats I mentioned on Lynch and Goff above, I don’t understand when you would decide to get a new QB. What would you do with Kap? I just can’t see having a cap hit of $16.7 million next year for Kap. At the very least, I would trade one of those ubiquitous late round picks that we always seem to have for Glennon or someone similar.

              5. Cubus,

                For me personally, the QB question is based on the Coaching staff we have after the season. If the blow it all up as they should and bring in a HC with some experience and offensive inclination, then I think they should draft a QB with their first pick (I think Goff will declare and is the best QB in the draft), and sign a vet. I would also draft a second QB at some point as well. You then start the vet and let the kids develop for the season or at least as many games as you feel it takes to get them comfortable.

                If they keep Tomsula, then I would trade for Glennon, draft Olinemen and a pass rusher with the first 3 picks and hope for the best.

              6. Rocket:

                I agree. Most of what I’ve posted assumes that the GM and CS will be blown up as it should. If not, then I fear dark times are here to stay.

                Since OL seems to be a position that few rookies can come in and just play, I think I would like to see some of the cap savings from releasing/trading Kap used to bring in a good OL free agent (assuming any would be willing to join this dumpster fire).

              7. Cubus,
                I don’t think there is much of a Kaep hit. :) It was basically a two year $25 million deal. The QB position is important, but they need to make major changes across the board.

                – Get rid of Baalke. Hire a GM and let them hire the coach.

                – Hire a new HC with a proven offensive system and ability to develop QB’s. Let that HC choose his QB. (Kyle Shanahan would be my choice.)

                It’s extremely important that the GM and HC have a good working relationship. Baalke seems equally as abrasive as Harbaugh, if not quite as loquacious. No quality HC candidate wants his roster dictated to him by a GM that sucks at drafting.

              8. Big P:

                According to spotrac, the Kaep hit is $16.7 million next year with dead cap of $7.4 million. If I’m understanding correctly, that is a savings of $9.3 million if Kap is released/traded. That kind of money could potentially get us an experienced OL like Alex Mack, whose salary next year is $8 million (according to spotrac he is not owed any bonuses next year). I don’t expect to get Mack or equivalent for only $8 million but we should be able to get a good experienced OL. For perspective, Staley’s cap hit next year is $8.3 million with dead money of $8.8 million.

    2. WOW…C4C

      That’s akin to continue hitting your thumb with a hammer…”It’s gonna’ feel so good when it quits hurting”. Please tell me that you’re joking or that you switched off the game when we were up 3-0….

      1. Benching Colin for Blaine at this point is nothing more then a knee jerk reaction to building negative pressure against the player. When you consider the players and their skills and body of work Colin is still the superior player even when he’s struggling. It takes a good game from Gabbert to look like a bad day from Colin.

        Although the grass is greener, in our case we need to look further then the adjacent field.

        1. Blaine Gabbert from his Jags days is not an improvement. And while I accept he is not likely to be a whole lot better (if better at all) now, we can’t know for sure without trying. Who knows, maybe he just needed some time away as a backup?

    3. I think it was the late Giant’s GM George Young who said, “A good back up qb can win you three games, but not six games.”

    4. C4C,

      This topic tends to go in extreme directions at times, but this post laid it out pretty good. My hope for Kap was that he could transition into a pro style QB over time while he was still winning games in the development stage. I’ve had a lot of patience with Kap because the physical talent was so good and the team continued to win while he was learning. Unfortunately the development has come to a screeching halt and the wheels have come off. At this point it doesn’t matter why to me, just the fact that we have a QB who has fallen off a cliff and he is one of many things wrong with a very bad team.

      I’ve resisted the calls for Gabbert because I’ve seen how he responds to pressure. He is not some breath of fresh air who will automatically make everything better. The fact he is viewed by some as a sort of savior shows how far this franchise really has fallen. Having said that, at some point I would guess Tomsula will go into survival mode and start desperately trying anything to create a spark, and I would imagine inserting Gabbert will be one of the things he tries.

  39. The sport of choice for the urban poor is basketball
    The sport of choice for maintenance employee’s is bowling
    The sport of choice for front line workers is football
    The sport of choice for supervisors is baseball
    The sport of choice for middle management is tennis
    The sport of choice for corporate executives is golf

    The fact is the higher you go the smaller your balls get

    Our Front office must be playing with marbles.

  40. Like Jed, and Pharoah, Seb’s ego is a constant battle as he clutched his vorpal sword in hand to sleigh his longtime foes–beware the jaws that bite, the claws that catch anyone offering to improve the 49ers by jettisoning the inferior talented Kap and Hayne (in Seb’s world his own Pro Bowlers)…True Niner fans recognize a lack of talent when they see it and only want to improve the 49ers by pointing this out…Beware, Niner fans as Seb rests near the 49er stadium with eyes a flame, gurgling and chortling at those that defame, his misguided talent evaluations from his slithely grove.

  41. Remember all the 49ers fans who said Michael Crabtree was done? Now he’s on pace for a 1,000yd season. Amazing the difference a good QB can make.

    1. I thought that the knock against Crabtree was that (1) when healthy, he was a good #2 receiver wanting to get paid like a #1 receiver, (b) he couldn’t stay healthy season-to-season, (c) showed signs of being a malcontent when things went south for the team. Not sure if many contended that he was done.

      On a related note, I wonder how Carr the Younger would do with Niners O line. Maybe he can backpedal fast after the snap to avoid Martin from sitting on his lap.

      1. Even when there’s time Kaepernick is inaccurate. Not sure I can recall a pro QB throw so many worm burners or hit so many people on the sidelines.

        1. I agree, Kap has been hitting more new lows rather than receivers. His confounding inaccuracies is probably a combination of hearing footsteps, mental indecision, inadequate mechanics, insufficient field vision, and more.

          At this point, we know who he is, and what it takes to get him playing well. Even if the pass protection is below average, Kap needs a functioning running game to put together a solid game. At this point he is not going to get one from the current Niners roster.

          So the logical thing now is to bench Kap — not because we do not who Gabbert is –we know him too well. Kap should be benched because there is nothing to be gained from playing him — only risk of injury. For the next draft it will matter little if Niners go 3-13 or 4-12 with either QB.

    2. I’ve always said he would be a 1,000 yard receiver in a pass oriented offense. He’s a decent receiver, he just isn’t the player we thought we were getting. He’s an ideal #2 or #3.

    3. Crabtree was still coming back from injury last season. He was a 1000 yard receiver here when healthy so it’s not surprising he’s returning to form the further away he gets from the injury. It doesn’t hurt to have Amari Cooper on the other side either. The Raiders hit the lottery with that kid.

  42. Was anyone else encouraged by Simpson’s debut? I know he dropped some passes, but he was thrown to ten times out of the 33 snaps that he played. He seemed to be able to get open. No doubt he benefited from T. Smith being on the field (61 snaps). I’m hoping that the dropped passes were simply rust and he’ll improve.

    1. Inside every hardened criminal beats the heart of a ten-year-old boy, and he played with the same enthusiasm. Simpson, Smith, Smelter might be the future….

  43. I know it is impossible to stop cheering for wins, but I am feeling oddly content after every loss. I think I have officially gone to lose out for the greater good mode.

      1. Scooter,

        No doubt losing so many games can leave a lasting effect, but losing like that may be the only way Jed makes the changes he has to make.

        I’m also encouraged by the fact the Raiders have made a huge turnaround in a short time under a new Coaching staff, which is what the Niners will hopefully have next year if they really go into the tank for the rest of the season.

  44. When my computer locks up now and again, it’s usually due to conflicting demands. A force quit and reboot takes care of it.
    Colin needs some kind of reboot. A temporary benching like the Garcia precedent could possibly help, but no guarantees. I’m idly wondering if it would be therapeutic for CK to say to him as he goes out on the field “So you remember today’s Game Plan?”
    “Okay then, call your own plays and make them work, I’m turning off the headset for a while.”
    That’s a fantasy of course, but it might make him cut through the ‘Noise’ in his head and just Ball.

    1. There is no reset with Kaep. He’s in way over his head. This is more then a QB who isn’t seeing things right. He’s never had good fundamentals to begin with. He was in a read option offense and now he’s asked to do things he’s never done, with bad mechanics. He’s not dumb He knows the problems, and the league knows the problems.

      The SB year was all a fluke, the outlier, he’s playing back to his norm.
      Starting him was a big mistake because he really wasn’t ready. I mean, he really is going to have to claw his way back from the bottom somewhere else, like with Chip Kelly.

      Last year I mentioned swopping Kaep for Foles. I’d take that trade now. I’d trade Kaep for a turkey sandwich, it’s not going to happen.

      Why the hate on Gabbert? Kaep is playing like Gabbert in Jacksonville right now.
      Gabbert had a decent pre-season. He played better then Kaep. Do we recall how bad the offense was in preseason? It’s more of the same!

      What was the common factor? Kaep was the starter.

      It’s 8 games in. Kaep came in when Alex had the team at 6-2, and now the team is as 2-6. We must be in some alternate timeline since the switch. Now we need to go back to what it should be!! Bring Gabbert in at halftime!

      1. “It’s 8 games in. Kaep came in when Alex had the team at 6-2, and now the team is as 2-6. We must be in some alternate timeline since the switch. Now we need to go back to what it should be!! Bring Gabbert in at halftime!”

        SMH. Alex was 6-2-1 three years ago with a loaded team. Kaepernick was 5-2 with the same squad. Kaepernick took that same loaded team to the Super Bowl. He took that same team to the NFCCG the following year. Kaepernick is 2-6 on a bad team. Smith is 3-5 on a team with serious playoff expectations. Neither are good QB’s. Comparing two completely different teams is nonsense. It’s like comparing Garcia’s last year with Smith’s first year.

      2. I agree with all that Fansince77 but Jim Tomsula is too incompetent to make any changes that would mean it would have to include a series of follow up changes. I actually believe he would not know where to start and finish. He is the kinda coach that rolls out the balls and says, “fellas, go get er done and hugs them while doing it”. He would be an outstanding highschool coach, but NFL, not even close.

        My 2 questions are, 1. the teams offensive line has struggled since week 2. Not one significant change has been made. How is that possible. Sure Tiller subs in but how have we not seen more changes than that. Does he really think its going to improve itself? Does he not know or see the changes required. They have continually fielded the same lineup with the same result.

        Second question. After every game they have lost, Tomsula comes to the podium and says the loss is on him. Of the 6 loses, he keeps saying they will find the answer but the loss is on him. Ok then, very admirable but what have you done to fix that? Nothing which reverts back to my question number 1.

        I cannot see the light here. I actually think its going to get worse with more and more players coming public with their frustrations. This 49ers team is in complete disarray.

          1. If he does not and someone, whoever it is does? They cannot see the debacle unravelling?
            I am starting to believe in this whole theory about the Yorks and Baalke orchestrating this whole mess. I don’t know the reasons, its really hard to believe what the final goal is in all this, but every now and then I shake my head because, how did it get this bad in less than 10 months? It must have been premeditated.

            1. FDM,
              Jed messed the whole thing up, just like his father did before him. He’s not a football person and he has no business running a team. He’s hiding in his office and taking advice from Baalke. York forgets that he pays Baalke because Baalke probably tells him what he wants to hear. I never sensed that Singletary had much respect for Jed and everybody knows that Harbaugh despised him. He’s a wannabe that was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. People don’t like or respect him. He knows it and it drives him up the wall. He wants to be the reason the franchise succeeds but he never will be. It will be interesting to see how he handles the media around the Super Bowl. I expect him to hide other than a few scheduled photo shoots. I’m sure the NFL will encourage his seclusion.

              1. He is the owner and the only way he will make changes is if the wallet is affected. Right now that stadium is killing it in revenue. He is not worried about winning. The only reason he hired Jim Harbaugh at 5 million a year was because they needed a new stadium and an energy to create sales. Now that he has what he wants, why should a losing season matter? They will call it a rebuild and ask fans to be patient. Meanwhile, Jim Tomsula and Trent Baalke take the heat. Once that boils over he will fire someone to appease the masses. Its almost criminal.

              2. FDM,
                You’re 100% spot-on. I’ve been saying that since last year. I imagine there are a lot of turned backs and fake phone calls when Jed enters the locker room. He doesn’t belong there and he knows it. He’s an outsider on his own team. It’s time to start a humiliation campaign……

              1. I would suggest you worry about more releavant matters than me losing it. Maybe like trying the blog business. Oh wait, tried and failed. Oh well.

  45. My projection at the end of preseason was that the 49ers would be a below average team the first half of the season and an above average team the second half (because of a somewhat softer second half schedule and more experience playing under the new CS), evening out into an 8-8 record. Unfortunately, they have been a bad team the first half and will be lucky to claw their way up to a merely below average team the second half.

    Part of the issue is the second half schedule is a bit tougher than it looked to be in preseason, but most is that the offense is dysfunctional. The defense is not good, but it is doing well enough to be effective given an average offense.

    While I do not think Gabbert is a truly viable alternative, the 49ers cannot keep sending Kap out there. He is so far gone he cannot notice Torrey Smith standing at the line uncovered. As posted above, he has developed tunnel vision and is focused on protecting the ball. This is different from not being able to see the whole field post-snap. That is a limitation. What he is currently experiencing is a debilitation. He is not taking chances at all, and given his other limitations, it has rendered him non-functional.

    A comment above suggested he just go out an ‘ball’. Sadly, I do not believe this version of Colin Kaepernick has that in him any longer. This one cannot get the footsteps out of his head; cannot make a decision, even to run; and cannot execute when he does makes a decision. If he still has it in him to just go out and ‘ball’, I do not think it will happen this year. The Arizona game might have done away with that Kap forever.

  46. even if 9ers good I will not ever return to levis. I can go to Kaiser with less wait. Btw, I think Kaiser sucks and I do not go there either. get a grip 9 ers fans, why subject yourself to this product AND this experience. It’s a simple NO. too bad, I had reasonable expectations.

    1. How could they compound their error? Resign him? Trade for running backs? Check out free agents? Force Hyde back into action too soon?

      There are a lot of choices.

  47. Matt Steinmetz ‏@SteinmetzNBA · 17h17 hours ago
    49ers are lowest-scoring team in NFL and last in point differential. That makes them officially worst, right?

    1. Matt Maiocco ‏@MaioccoCSN · Nov 1

      The 49ers, as a team, have 13 yards rushing. Colin Kaepernick has 17 yards rushing. You read that right.

  48. Tim Kawakami ‏@timkawakami · 2h2 hours ago
    Fisher’s Rams D held the 49ers to 189 yesterday. But not even an improbable #–4th time in 6 games the 49ers have been under 200.

    Jeff Fisher once told me holding an opponent under 200 yards is always his goal, set there because he knows it’s almost impossible…

    1. I thought the Jim Hoslter days were bad, at least the 49ers averaged 14 pts. per game on a coach that was elevated to OC, like many, many other 49ers coaches, w/o experience .

  49. Tim Kawakami ‏@timkawakami · 6h6 hours ago
    This isn’t about PR. It’s about terrible decision-making and a corroded roster. But if it was about PR, the 49ers are the worst at that, too

    Kawakami ‏@timkawakami · 6h6 hours ago
    The GM is socially awkward and stubborn. The owner hides. The coach is in over his head. The QB is lost. The locker room is adrift.

    Tim Kawakami ‏@timkawakami · 6h6 hours ago
    I’ll say this again: Last season, 49ers people blamed all the bad PR on Jim Harbaugh. That was laughable then, more ridiculous now.

    1. The Jenkins draft info. above makes sense now, because we realize now that Baalke knows nothing about the modern passing game.

      1. What we do know is that San Francisco is now a true laughingstock around the National Football League. A dramatic regression at quarterback, no real idea of what’s happening from the coaching staff, and a sense of everything collapsing from within.

        It’s a house of cards that was set afire because of ego and ineptitude from the current front office, York and Baalke included.

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