49ers 6-round mock draft

This is my final* 49ers mock draft of 2016.

TRADE: Pick 7 to Tennessee for Picks 15 and 42.

TRADE: Picks 105, 145 and 178 to New England for Pick 91.

Round 1, Pick 15: William Jackson III, CB, Houston.

A big cornerback who excels playing press-man coverage.

Round 2, Pick 37: Emmanuel Ogbah, OLB, Oklahoma State.

A speed-rusher with the length and power the 49ers want from an outside linebacker.

Round 2, Pick 42: Tyler Boyd, WR, Pittsburgh.

A versatile wide receiver who can line up outside or in the slot, similar to Jordan Matthews.

Round 3, Pick 68: B.J. Goodson, ILB, Clemson.

A 242-pound inside linebacker who ran a 4.62 at his Pro Day. “Will go higher than many expect,” according to Pete Prisco.

Round 3, Pick 91: Paul Perkins, RB, UCLA.

Arguably the second-best running back in the draft behind Ohio State’s Ezekiel Elliott. Perkins is durable, quick and a perfect change of pace for Carlos Hyde.

Round 4, Pick 133: Kevin Hogan, QB, Stanford.

A smart, mobile quarterback who fits a run-first offense. Basically, an experienced version of Carson Wentz minus Wentz’s arm strength.

Round 5, Pick 142: Joe Thuney, T/G/C, North Carolina State.

A smart, athletic offensive lineman who can play anywhere on the line. Probably could start immediately at guard.

Round 5, Pick 174: D.J. Reader, NT/DT, Clemson.

Athletic nose tackle who also can play defensive end in the Niners’ 3-4 base defense.

Round 6, Pick 207: Dadi Lhomme Nicolas, OLB, Virignia Tech.

A third-down pass-rushing specialist who can rush from any linebacker spot.

Round 6, Pick 211: Brandon Shell, OT, South Carolina.

A right tackle who gave up zero sacks in the SEC last season, according to Pro Football Focus.

Round 6, Pick 213: Jarrod Wilson, FS, Michigan.

An All-Big Ten honorable mention under head coach Jim Harbaugh last season. Similar athletically to Eric Reid.


*Unless I do one more.

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  1. Nice. I hope they trade to get more picks in the top 3 rounds. You haven’t mentioned a Kap trade. Do you not see one happening?

    WJ3 is thought by many to be the best corner in this draft not named Ramsey. Very nice. Also like the Ogbah and Nicolas picks, and love Reader. I haven’t a clue about Goodson, but I like that you added two skill players in the early rounds.

      1. I think so, because I think Elway lowballed both the player and the team. I think there’s an outside chance he ends up with NYJ after a trade of some sort on draft day.

        I think Jed actually likes Kap’s video game skillset and wants to see what Kelly can do with him, but Baalke would rather get him out. Jed likely put a high price on Kap, and any reports that the 49ers would accept a 3rd/4th for him are like the reports that they were sure to hire Gase last year: impressions gleaned from Baalke’s negotiations that don’t reflect reality because Jed overrules him.

        1. Grant

          O.K…..more russian roulette… three days left, and the FO is still hedging it’s bets that someone is going to stumble in out of the weeds and say “Here’s seventeen million bucks, now give us Kaepernick”… IT AIN”T HAPPENING ! He’s not worth what we’re asking, and they’ve called our bluff, so compromise, and let’s get on with business. IT’S GETTING SCHTOOOPID!!!

          Man!…what egos! ! !

      2. Fantastic mock. Hogan in the 4th, #133, seems too early for me. I’ve got him listed at #174 (CBS Sports has him at #169). Other than that, it’s a good one. .

  2. The first two picks I can get behind, the rest no so much. And Booker is easily the second best RB in the draft.

    1. Todd McShay has a high grade on Perkins, and as a UCLA fan I can tell you he has amazing vision and elusiveness. I am a big fan of his, especially knowing that he always goes all out and rarely “dances” for a loss. Thuney I like in the later rounds not just because he can be “first man” off the bench at multiple positions, but Pro Football Focus has him as one of the most underrated players in the draft: “Two straight seasons of strong play at multiple positions put Thuney on our radar. He finished as a top-20 guard in the nation in 2014 and followed it up with a top-five performance at tackle in 2015. He doesn’t have the length to be a tackle in the NFL, but he’s still good enough to get a shot with his floor being a solid guard. With only 14 pressures surrendered on 843 pass blocking attempts in two season — and a plus-24.1 run blocking grade, which ranked fifth in the nation among offensive tackles — Thuney brings versatility and production to the team that drafts him.”

            1. No, I’m just pointing out that Gore fumbled the ball as well.
              Whoever drafts Booker is going to have a great RB.

      1. I would take Perkins over Booker as well. PP is the perfect fit for Kelly’ scheme. Explosive first step, can run inside and outside, very good vision and instinctive. Oh, and stays healthy by having the ability to avoid the big hit.

    1. If Ramsey is off the board I could see it being for Stanley. If Ramsey get’s anywhere near 5-7 I think he’d be their target.

      1. Rumor has it that the Chargers are expected to draft Tunsil, but the overwhelming name that keeps within that organization is Ramsey’s.

  3. That’s very good Grant. Kind of like when I’m famished to sit down to eat, and I inhale my food only to realize, I’m still hungry….

    1. Kelly hasn’t been run first for the past two years. The Eagles threw the ball 300+ more times than they ran it over that span. This is why Grant and I argued forever over the importance of the QB’s running ability. Kelly has changed to more of a passing system which is why they were likely interested in Goff.

      1. Trent Baalke agrees with me.

        Baalke: I think I said this the last time we all got together – through the process of meeting with Coach and knowing him from his days up at Oregon – people forget he wants to run the football. His offense is based on running the football and running the football well. The last couple of years at Oregon he had some smaller backs, but you’ve got to look deeper into that. He had what he had at that time, but he also had Jonathan Stewart, and…who was that other guy?

        Q: LeGarrette Blount?

        BAALKE: LeGarrette Blount. I’m talking big backs. Big, power backs that ran well between the tackles. He wants to run the football. He wants to play a physical style of offense, which then opens up the passing game. Our philosophies on personnel match up very well.

        1. Believing Baalke is a fools errand. Baalke doesn’t lie, he just doesn’t know that what he says as facts are just his opinions. Yes, he wants to be Bill Parcells. Yes, Kelly likes to run. But is Kelly Parcells? No, but Baalke would have you believe they’re one and the same. Kelly knows how to adapt. He is a genius. Baalke has never adapted in his life, and will continue to fail as long as he demands that his coaching vision be followed.

          So, does Chip like to run? Yes, if his personnel dictates. Yes, if the rules of the game favor it. But not for the reasons Baalke espoused above. I mean, if you really try to glean what Baalke’s saying above, it’s a whole lot of nothing.

        2. I’m not saying he doesn’t want to run the football. I’m pointing out that for the last two years it has not been run first. Maybe he’ll change that in SF, but his offense in Philly became more pass oriented in year two and three.

              1. No. The Devil is powerful. Baalke is from the hell hole governed by Parcells thinking, though.

            1. Grant he was simply wrong in saying that. You can’t agree that any offense that averages the amount of pass attempts that Kelly’s has over the past few years is a run first style offense. The numbers contradict the statement completely.

              If Kelly has decided to change his scheme and not attempt nearly as many passes then sure Baalke will be correct but as it stands it was an erroneous statement.

            2. There is a difference between based on running the football and a run first offense. Based can mean the overall success of the system relies on the running game being successful. That doesn’t mean running it more; it means running it effectively.

        3. Grant -When Baalke answered the question was he speaking to the reporter or was he speaking to Kelly. I agree with Johnny Christo. Baalke wants to tell his HC what the offense is going to be instead of letting the coach do his thing. That way he is never held accountable It’s always the coach’s fault if things don’t pan out, He goes, we win again!

        4. People always forget that Bill Walsh may have been labeled as a passing guru, but he also had a strong running game. Maybe the best thing is just to have balance, then other teams will not stack the box and dare the Niners to throw.

  4. Tennessee will not trade their two picks for our #7. Then trade 3 mid rounders for New England’s one mid round pick? Kevin Hogan in the 4th round? When there is Cardale Jones, Connor Cook, Jake Rudock, Jacoby Brissett and Dak Prescott available in the 3rd round? A CB when we need a plug and play O lineman, pass pressure and a really good ILB? Perkins I like, Reader I like.. And your other picks are all guys that could contribute.. Too much deval on QB need in your Mock. Tunsil might be available at #7 and should be taken. He or Ronnie Stanley.x

    1. You only take Stanley if you think Trent Brown is a career backup. If Tunsil is available, you grab him right away and trade Joe Staley.

        1. Do it a year early instead of a year late.

          If you draft your LT of the future (Tunsil), Staley is redundant, and would fetch a great draft pick, because his contract is exceptionally cheap and he’s still a Pro Bowl player.

          1. I beg to differ. The Niners should try their best to retain veteran leadership, and since Staley is the lone holdover from the SB on offense, he should be kept and given respect. Also, with his salary he is a great deal considering other pro bowl tackles make almost twice as much

    2. Right on sentence one.. Hogan taken in 5th round.. And Tunsil was available but they passed.. The Stanford’s Josh Garnett was a good selection.. Correct on pass pressure and O lineman need over a CB in first round.. I also correctly selected Aaron Burbridge in the 6th round. Posted on CSN.. Kid, you couldn’t have handicapped much worse.

  5. Not my favorite effort for you Grant. I like the trade back but I don’t like waiting to 5 to go o-lineman. 49ers are coming off an abysmal year by the o-line AND they are shifting from a ground and pound style to an up tempo speed game. The entire o-line needs to be rebuilt and it’s going to take higher draft picks to get there.

    1. Trent Brown is good. Which OL will they target? Ronnie Stanley is the only top prospect they’re known to have met with.

      1. I like Conklin from Mich St as a mid 1st round pick. He is a worker who will come in and do what it takes to get better. I really don’t know his fit in Kelly’s scheme but for a mid 1st round o-lineman I think he’d be a great pick. In the next few rounds I like Dahl out of Wa St for a Guard with some athletic ability. If Ryan Kelly is available in the lower half of the 2nd, I think he’d be a steal if the 9ers could get him to anchor the line.

          1. Yeah, I’ve seen a few mocks that have Kelly going in the 1st round but there are a lot of mocks showing him falling to the 2nd round. To be honest, I wouldn’t hate it if the 9ers picked Kelly at 15 even though that might be a bit of a reach. The kid is very smart, very tough, and a really good player. He could anchor a line for a decade.

        1. Houston

          I began as a Ronnie Stanley backer, but over time (and lots of reading ) I am coming over to the Conklin side…NOT that I find any fault with Stanley, but that I’d like to see our Oline be a bit more aggressive, and that’s what I see in Conklin. Either of them would be welcome in MY niner Oline….

  6. Grant Cohn I love every picks 100% but the first round picks.

    Round 1, Pick 15: William Jackson III, CB, Houston.
    A big cornerback who excels playing press-man coverage.

    I don’t think he is a true number #1 at his position. Why not get Darron Lee, Treadwell, or Noah Spence? All three are true number #1 at there position.

  7. Interesting mock for sure and I like the overall talent. I guess there is a possibility they could trade down in the first, but Baalke hasn’t shown a willingness to do that, at least not a move that far down. I hope you’re right though because I’d like to see the Niners get another 2nd rounder.

    I have a gut feeling that they will be looking for a passrusher in the first. I think It’s going to be Lawson or Floyd. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to take Stanley, but I don’t think Baalke will go away from his comfort zone of defense.

  8. I hope they get one of the top 4 defenders @7 & jump back into the 1st ahead of Denver to draft Cook, Baalke seems high in him. Wouldn’t that put more pressure on Elway for a CK trade? Thoughts???

  9. I think Kelly is going to run allot. So he can figure this team out. We have a D that was shuffled into a devasting combination. Our O line was a merrtgoaround. Rb could not stay threw a whole game. About the sixth game we will see the Offense develope. 8-8 or better. As for Kap. Compete or be benched and then let go next year. Ck needs to man up.

  10. Once again, your mock does practically nothing to upgrade the DL. You’re adding a pass rusher first…that won’t work. How’s Ogbah going to pressure the QB? It’s likely Dial will shift to NT because nobody knows when/if both Dorsey or Williams will be ready to play. So, that leaves a huge hole at one of the DT/DE positions. All of which is why I’ve advocated for Buckner from day one. Upgrade your DL…then you add pass rushers, ILB, secondary, etc. I think Henry’s the 2nd best RB, but there are a number who’d be excellent additions, including Booker, Dixon, Procise, etc. Love the Boyd pick.

    1. Reader is a monster. This draft addresses DL very well, although I think it’s pie in the sky to believe Reader falls that far.

  11. Grant, I really like your last mock draft! I really love the picks of Ogbah,Boyd,Goodson, and Reader! Artie Burns could be the pick in round two as Ogbah could be your pick at 15. You are starting to come around about Ogbah as I been pounding on the table for him since you been mocking. Also, I would pick Victor Ocho over Dadi Nicholas. Other than that,you are my GM of the Year!

  12. Solid draft Grant.

    I like the first 4 picks seems like they could all start right away, the caveat being that Ogbah is likely a part-time starter in the nickel. I think we need about that many immediate starters for this draft to be called successful.

    The biggest issue with this draft is not taking OL higher. I just can’t see Brown or Davis fitting Chip’s system. I think we need a definite starter at G or OT from this draft, I don’t think a 5th rounder is going to cut it.

    1. Thanks, Leo. The only Day 1 tackle the Niners are known to have met with is Ronnie Stanley, and the only Day 2 tackle the Niners are known to have met with is Willie Beavers, who probably will move to guard in the NFL. Makes me think the Niners like Brown, as they should.

  13. IMHO – Baalke will pick Leonard Floyd, DE/EDGE out of Georgia if he keeps pick 7. This is a Baalke kind of guy. Size, speed, and length. A junior prospect with an added year of pro football. I have UCLA’s Perkins at round 5. Note also Indiana T – Jason Spriggs would be ideal for zone blocking.

  14. OK Grant I know you said this is your last mock but what if the 9ers can’t find a trade partner, who do they draft at #7?

  15. Grant…. Will you be doing a live blog during the draft? If so let’s make a draft day mock. For all of our mocks going on I’m pretty sure the actual picks will be all over the map. So when the Niners pick is up, we guess who the pick will be. More of a fun thing.

  16. Trent Balkee has never picked a guy in the 1st round that people thought he should pick. I believe that holds true to this draft. Pick number 7 will be a reach, but it will also be a good player. Hell if it was me and Buckner was on the board ID go him. Armstead, Dial, and Buckner would give us a hell of a beefed up line. Runstoppers plus pass rushers. Remember this was a D that was at its best when they only rushed 3 or 4 guys.

    1. Steele, I beg to differ. Last year, I thought that Armstead would be chosen, and defended him against many detractors.

  17. Oregon QB Vernon Adams declares that he’s better than Jared Goff and the second-best quarterback in the draft:

    “If I’m not as good as (Goff), then I am better than him,” Adams said. “I’m not going to sit here and say he’s better than me because there’s nothing that he’s doing that I can’t do. … So, yeah.” Adams was then asked if he’s also better than Carson Wentz. “He’s the only quarterback in this draft that I can literally say, ‘He’s better than me.’ I’ve seen him at the (NFL Scouting Combine), he made every single throw. I’ve been watching him since we were both freshmen. He’s legit. He’s a legit quarterback,” Adams said. We’re higher on Adams than just about anyone other than Vernon Adams.

  18. This memo is for Seb.

    Seb, while I’ve found your debate tactics juvenile- (the purposeful memory lapses of what other write)-I can get past this. What I have a difficult time with is your purposeful misunderstanding of George’s heart attack. That is, commenting that you hope he finds happiness when you know nothing about the man, and George counseling you on exactly this misunderstanding is mindboggling. Perhaps a medical website for more insight would be helpful, however, it appears the only medical website you know is the sanitarium you’re typing from. Remember seb, less of you, more for us. Please extend this courtesy.
    Thank you in advance for not mentioning gun references while responding to George. Everyone knows you seek solace at the gun club and we’re appreciative of your efforts to no longer cause nightmares with your overuse of them. Thank you in advance.

    1. Keep them coming, TomD. Seb, or Po Niner, or 40 Niner, or BetterNinerFanThanYoMama, or whatever he’s calling himself these days needs to hear this.

      1. George, to set the record straight, on sfgate, there was one troll who was banned constantly. It is childs play to set up another account. I was so disgusted with that behavior, I swore that I would not create many names, and stuck with one name. I was Nynah on sfgate. On this site, I have been sebnynah. However, posters like Pork sil JC seem to morph constantly, so maybe you should admonish him, instead of me, who will continue to use sebnynah.
        I have also recognized posters who use different names to attack me, so this is old hat to me. I kinda expect it. I see you are still making references about my mother. I did not think you would continue to stoop so low, but I guess it just reveals your true nature.

    2. TrollD, you were the one fantasizing over breaking into gun lockers and creating nightmares, but seem to want to project that image upon me. After another gun massacre, you seem to be making light of the subject.
      I want less guns and more stringent controls.

  19. Seb, I never thought once of using the word, heinous, in describing you, and I won’t start here. However, your teetering on the edge here. Watch it.

    1. Yawn, do your worst. You cannot touch me. I just need to remind the world that you wanted to trade Kaep for Tebow, even with a million picks.
      BTW, the Super Bowl Champions want Kaep, and are content to wait until after the draft, so they will only have 2017 draft picks to offer for him.
      All I watch is a TrollD who delights in attacking me, with no effect, and looks pathetic trying.

    1. Hogan needs good pass protection due to his windup when throwing, and I don’t see the 49ers improving in that category.

      1. According to PFF, Hogan’s accuracy percentage under pressure last season was 61.2. Goff’s was 64.7. Wentz’s was 56.0. Cook’s was 53.4.

      2. While I don’t have the numbers on pass release times, I don’t think Hogan’s delivery has any windup that makes his passes take a longer time to deliver despite his throwing motion being a bit odd. He is not fazed under pressure and moves reasonably well within the pocket, but not as well as Goff.

  20. 6 picks before we draft an offensive lineman! I think Baalke would lose his job on the spot. Obviously it’s more fun to pick skill positions in a mock draft, but that would be quite a surprise.

  21. For the record trading out of #7 lets Baalke off the hook.He has more than enough picks to reshape this roster. He also could have supplemented it with free agency but failed miserably.
    This draft is boom or bust for him and getting 14-16 picks makes no sense when we need both impact players and depth. That means it starts at #7 or higher! Don’t blow it Trenton!

  22. Grant, I like your strategy, but do not see the Pats trading with the Niners. However, If that happened and the Niners gained such a trove of players, I would jump for joy.
    Jackson may be the BPA, and if Tank and Harold emerge as starters, the pass rush is not such a critical need, and Ogbah has a big upside. If AD comes back, waiting for Thune and Shell may be acceptable. I have mocked Nicolas many times, and Hogan, too. I prefer Prosise, but also think Perkins is a good choice.

      1. With AD coming back (Hopefully), and the emergence of Trenton Brown, tackle may not be a critical need, but when Baalke resigned Devey and signed Beadles, I see a glaring weakness at guard. I hope they draft Joshua Garnett. Maybe they could draft Ryan Kelly, and let Killgore switch to guard.
        Hmmm they had Staley playing a RT, so maybe Stanley and Conklin are their targets. I hope they draft Spriggs in the second, but some mocks have him going late in the first.
        Ignoring players they are targeting? That is the standard MO of Baalke, so he does not tip his hand and give a ‘competitive advantage’ to an opponent.

      2. Watching Perkins juke, kinda reminds me of Barry Sanders. You may be right about Prosise, but his pass catching skills may make him a good fit for the Chip Kelly scheme.

  23. Goff has Aaron Rodgers type attitude.

    Wentz is Alex smith.

    I think goff will do well under pressure.

    My goal for draft is for Baalke to trade every one of his 12 picks for the 3rd overall pick and draft tunsil.

    That way I’ll know that we got atleast one starting caliber player.

    1. Shish,
      I’ll take Alex Smiths attitude any day of the week. If Smith and Rodgers had switched career trakts, I believe Smith would not have developed into as good a QB as Rodgers did [Rodgers is just more talented] but if Rodgers had to survive what Smith had to go through he would no longer be in the league. imho

  24. This draft will be interesting. While Baalke and Kelly are on the same page on player’s physical measureables, I’m not sure they agree on the level of the minimum mental capacity they want in their players. Baalke seems to like players who have no other career options open to them beyond pro football so that they will sacrifice their bodies to whatever extent needed. Kelly appears to lean towards players who are adaptable to a new system and make quick decisions on the field.

    Of course I’m speculating here. My suspicions grew after Baalke drafted Culliver way too high in third round over Sherman who went in the fifth. Sherman was an ascendant college player who had switched from receiver in his junior year and improved significantly in his senior year. He was an extremely motivated player in college. His key measurables ( in Baalke book) were superior to Culliver’s. I hope Kelly can sway Baalke against drafting immature players and numbskulls.

    1. Branch is doing his typical stir the pot thing. At least when Grant stirs the pot, he makes one think. Branch is such a lightweight, and sooooo predictable.
      If Branch thinks that Cook is perfect for a Chip Kelly offense, it just confirms my assessment of his football knowledge.

  25. QB Wonderlic scores, courtesy of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

    Carson Wentz: 40
    Kevin Hogan: 38
    Jared Goff: 34
    Jeff Driskel: 29
    Cardale Jones: 25
    Dak Prescott: 25
    Connor Cook: 25
    Christian Hackenberg: 24
    Jacoby Brissett: 24
    Paxton Lynch: 18

    1. If Wonderlic score equated ability to play QB in the NFL the past 11 years would have turned out quite differently.

        1. In those days, many of those players suffered from dyslexia that was not diagnosed and reflected poorly on their tests.

  26. This mock will include trading back to the Bears since I think the Titans will move up to number 5 to get ahead of the Ravens.
    I also think the Niners will move up into the first round, and give up their second and third pick to Washington for the number 21 pick. then they should trade back with Cincy because many mocks have the Texans, Vikings and Bengals all going for WRs, so Cincy will be extremely motivated to jump in front of them to have the first choice. Bengals will give up the 24th and 122nd pick for the 21st pick. The Niners will move up with the Falcons, and give up a 4th, 5th and 2 sixes for their third round pick. Atlanta has only 5 picks, so they may be eager to get more picks.The Niners get the 81st pick and give them the 122nd, 145th, 178th and 207th picks.
    Finally, the Niners go bold and trade Blaine Gabbert to the Broncos for their second round pick and a conditional 4th round pick next year.pick.
    In total, the Niners get picks number 11, 24, 63, 72, 81, 105,133, 142, 211 and 213.
    Using the Draftek 200 big board, I mock- 11-Sheldon Rankins, 24- Darron Lee, 63- Joshua Garnett, 72- Su’a Cravens, 81- Paul Perkins, 105- Cardale Jones, 133- Brandon Shell, 142- Nick Kwiatkowski, 211- Dadi Nicolas, and 213- Keith Marshall.

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