49ers 7, Colts 27: Grades

SAN FRANCISCO – Here are the grades for the 49ers’ 27-7 Week 3 loss to the Colts.

KAEPERNICK: D-. His second horrendous game in a row. He completed just 13-of-27 passes for 150 yards. He also threw an interception and fumbled. Kaepernick is the kind of quarterback who wants to feed the ball to the receivers he trusts but he trusts just one receiver – Anquan Boldin. Kaepernick hardly looks for other receivers it seems because he doesn’t trust they’ll get open or catch the ball. So, it’s easy to stop Kaepernick, especially when Vernon Davis doesn’t play. Whatever you do, don’t let Boldin beat you.

WIDE RECEIVERS: F. Boldin had a decent game, catching five passes for 67 yards. None of the other receivers did anything. Kyle Williams had two catches for 12 yards and he is apparently the 49ers’ second-best receiver. If the 49ers wanted to lean so heavily on Williams in the passing game they should have played him in the preseason and established some go-to plays for him.

TIGHT ENDS: F. Vernon Davis didn’t play. Garrett Celek dropped a deep pass when they game was in doubt and caught a deep pass in garbage time. Vance McDonald caught one pass for six yards.

RUNNING BACKS: C. Kendall Hunter had a nice 13-yard touchdown run and then he disappeared from the game. Frank Gore rushed 6 times for 67 yards in the first quarter and then gained 15 yards on 5 carries the rest of the game. You wonder if he’s at the point in his career when he can only get his legs going for a quarter at a time against a bad defense. Do you expect him to have a good game against the Rams just four days from now?

OFFENSIVE LINE: A. This group created huge holes in the running game especially during the first quarter. They also gave Kaepernick time to pass but no one was open so Kaepernick held the ball too long and took three sacks.

DEFENSIVE LINE: C+. Aldon Smith had five tackles including one for a loss but he was a non-factor as a pass rusher. The Colts’ left tackle Anthony Costanzo handled him on passing downs. Justin Smith and Ahmad Brooks got in Luck’s face a couple of times but only Justin Smith sacked him. The Nickel front continued to struggle against the run.

LINEBACKERS: C+. Along with the defensive line, the 49ers’ linebackers gave up 4.6 yards per carry on 39 carries. They could not stop the run, particularly Ahmad Bradshaw in the fourth quarter when the Colts drove down the field and ran out the clock. On top of that, Patrick Willis injured his groin. Who knows if he can play in St. Louis on Thursday?

SECONDARY: C. Tarell Brown struggled. He got beat repeatedly by Darrius Heyward-Bey and was flagged twice for defensive pass interference. Eric Reid missed at least two tackles and Donte Whitner was flagged 15 yards for a helmet-to-helmet hit. Nnamdi Asomugha left the game in the fourth quarter with an injury. Carlos Rogers gave up key drive-extending catches to Reggie Wayne in the second half.

SPECIAL TEAMS: C-. Kyle Williams made two fair catches inside the 49ers’ 10 yard line and Kendall Hunter got tackled at the 49ers’ 13 yard line on a kick return and as a result, the 49ers’ offense started at least 4 drives inside their 15-yard line.

COACHING: F. Frank Gore ran effectively when Kaepernick was under center in the first quarter, but then Greg Roman abandoned those plays and went back to the Pistol. The pistol suits Kaepernick but apparently it does not suit the rest of this offense, especially Gore. Gore looks much more comfortable running the 49ers’ old-style plays involving power schemes and off-tackle weak-side plays.

The 49ers’ lack of another receiving threat opposite Boldin partly is the fault of the coaches. During the preseason they hardly played Marlon Moore and did not play Kyle Williams. That was the time to get those two going, not Week 3 of the regular season.

And by playing Aldon Smith, Jim Harbaugh undermined the integrity of the franchise just to beat the Colts. The 49ers still lost by 20.

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    1. TN, They pay the head coach 25 million to work all of this out before they ever play a game. They play what and how they play because thats the way the HC wants it done.

    2. No one is talking about Eric Mangini, but it’s likely the his influence has hurt the team. He may be whispering in Roman’s ear and steering him away from what they do best … pound the ball and control the clock.

      After the lone scoring drive – in which the run game looked dominant – why did they stop running the ball?

    3. On defense, I think the loss of Sopoaga is being felt. There’s nobody to anchor the middle like he did. That’s why the run D is not as good.

      Plus Fangio has a track record of starting out strong and then putting out weaker and weaker defenses in successive years.

  1. Is this still a playoff team? 1-3 by friday seems like a very stong probability. Are the coaches capable of making necessary adjustments to create a passing game? Why is Kyle Williams starting at WR? Can we stop the run anymore? Can we defend the pass without picking up a penalty? Can we run? So, so many questions about this team.

  2. Grant I agree with everything except Gore 11 carries and 7.5 yards per carry. YES 7.5 yards Only struggling when runs were in the pistol. You must give him 20 carries. You continue with I formation. 2nd half they sucked game planning. It is what it is. I hate the pistol. Go back to normal football. My 2cents.

    1. Greg, you just pointed out everything this team is bad at.

      Harbaugh is great. We spoiled Niner fans don’t get to dog the coach often, but this was by far his worst coaching effort. I’ll leave it at that.

    1. just because he analyzes it from a perspective that is not of a fanatic, you criticize him. did you drink the singletary kool aid, too? get real and be objective. jim jones and his gang are past history.

  3. Grant. I give you props. Thought you were crazy with your prediction. But you were spot on. This season may end up being a rough one. I haven’t seen our offense this bad in years. Bad play calling. Bad WRs. Bad qb play. Yikes

  4. No way did he jack up integrity. As alot of ppl already said, the niners hands were tied with the players union, im pretty sure aldon is done for the next 2 games, if not 4.

  5. Secondary deserves an F. Terrel brown and Carlos Rogers made way too many awful plays. Idiotic penalties extended drives. Sealed the game

    1. Seems like a lot of the penalties were of the ticky – tack variety. Why is it R Sherman can beat people up all the way down the field and not get a call and our guys seemed to get flagged for marginal contact? If the super bowl refs called the game like yesterday we would have won that game….just sayin’.

      1. I totally agree maui, ticky-tack calls! Tom open the game, the hit by whitner!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its shoulder to freakin shoulder!!!!!!!!!!!! 15 yards!!!!! next play, phantom PI!! 15 yards!! 30 yard in 2 plays, both calls suspect! That set the tone. Then in the 2nd half, on 3rd and long ( i think it was still 7-13) boom, holding on us! 1st down colts, they turned that into a long TD drive…game over!
        Then i watch the sunday night game and it seems as if T. Polamalu is mugging guys and getting away with it every play.
        Outside of the first 10 minutes in Seattle, it seems like all the calls have been against us! the worst part is that they are ticky- tack BS calls!

  6. Gore was fine when running traditional runs. He struggled when running out of the pistol. Has nothing to do with him being good for only one quarter.

    1. Absolutely Jack and they should have, I vehemently disagree with Grant on this issue,Gore has a lot more than a quarter in him. He and the Beefaloes in front were poised to get it done and we veered away from him.In my estimation this was a tactical error.

      1. Not only that but the run game was the only thing that seemed to work at all in the first half. Kaep was 2-8 for 37 yards and we still only ran the ball a handfull of times in the second half. As the announcers kept saying “the WR are not getting open” but even when they did CK was wildly inacurate. (even more reason to run the ball)

      2. Did you guys not see Gore point to the sidelines at least on five or six occasions asking to be spelled? The Gore of old would NEVER come off the field. IMO they need to become more reliant on Hunter now and not alter the game plan just because Gore isn’t in there.

      3. Asking to be spelled is normal. Most running backs ask out for a breather. Gore was angry and rightfully so, because they completely abandoned what was working. It’s inexplicable that the team would go away from the run game when it was the one thing that was effective on their only scoring drive.

      4. I recall Grant saying Gore can ‘t run outside 2 days ago and then Gore pops off 2 straight 20+ yard runs when they call that play. Frank is not the problem. Call the right play for the defensive alignment, execute the blocking, and commit to the run and he’s a 100 yard back that day. IMO JH & Roman’s game planning and calling are the problem.

  7. Harbough undermined the integrity of the team by showing a double standard for his stars, don’t forget last year allowing someone to lose his job due to injury. This says nothing of the continuous play clock issues, the fact that no WR is in a Rythem with the QB because they have played only a handful of games together, and he is too stuburn in his ways to accept the game plan needs to change. Two weeks of pathetic football and a short week to play a team that seems to hav our number.

    1. agree..Harbaugh has had a very poor start to the season. He should have sent Aldon to get help immediately. Aldon was worthless in the game in any case. I question H’s ability to manage and motivate players.

      1. +2
        Also going in to the game we were the most penalized team in the league (lack of discipline = poor coaching) im not sure where we are after the game but the penalties we got seemed to come at the most innoportune times and extended drives when we should have gotten off the field.
        Another note, as good as Reid seems to be playing he tends to miss tackles because he comes in too hot while that leads to big plays for the D when he misses it leaves a ton of space behind him. Thats something that needs to be shored up

  8. It seems that other pro coaching staffs have adjusted to how to defend the 49ers, and the apparent college level staff of the 49ers cannot seem to counter with the right adjustments of their own. Harsh reminders of the dark ages of Erickson, Nolan, and Singletary era’s. Three and outs by the SF offense, with the defense on the field way too much, and tired in the fourth quarter.

  9. Aldon Smith with booze on his breath is one thing;
    Kaepernick with those silly red headphones around his neck
    and a color-coordinated pink T-shirt…that is another story.

    Has he never watched the NFL veterans in a suit and tie,
    looking/sounding professional for the postgame interview?

    This is not high school or college football. Grow up.
    Stop sulking on the sidelines and moping at the microphone.
    Your facial expression/mood/appearance/outlook
    is starting to resemble your head coach, Mister Harbaw.
    (the man with the slack-jawed stare, hmmm?)
    You got a long season ahead of you, fella….

    1. Totaly agree! And what happened to our blue collar attitude? Maybe those works shirts should become dress code on game days as a reminder.

    1. Sub – you are right…Maybe Baalke can pull off a trade like Colts did. We need a proven wr NOW! Get it done Trent! Yes, these young wr’s looked good in practice but look who was covering them.

    2. The reason the corners look bad is because Aldon is “THE” pass rush right now. The Colts had a makeshift O-line today. They need another guy to help him out especially against good QBs. Now that he’s out for a while, can they get sacks from anybody else on this team??? Fangio needs to get a little more innovative soon!

  10. I’d like to see more meat and potatoes, no more gimicky crap. The first year, you had the off set lines with passes to Staley and sopoaga. The next year, it’s the pistol. This year it’s the three and out….smdh

    1. They need to do this season what they did for (hate to bring him up) Alex Smith in 2011…simplify the offense, pound the rock, use play action and…heaven forbid…screen passes…

  11. More importantly than anything Grant said, Kaepernick does not trust the players that are on the field. Conversely, these players have to know he does not trust them and they aren’t running patters like they should. Kaepernicks 1st game last year, he threw the ball to everyone. Now all of a sudden, he doesn’t trust everyone else and throws the ball to Vernon and Boldin. He’s trying to be too fine. He’s throwing every ball 70mph everywhere. No touch, he making horrible throws off balance and he’s lost back there right now. The run game isn’t the only game hat needs to go back to basics! Take Kap and the pas game back too. Gore ran well. We should’ve given to him 30 times and Kendall for 10 more carries.

  12. On the bright side, We haven’t given the Rams anything to see on film. I look at this team and I see we have absolutely no identity. I see we have no idea what we are doing out there. I don’t recognize this team at all. SMH! Somewhere in a big house in KC, my boy Alex is chuckling inside!

  13. yeah.It was a bad game all around people..Can’t lie about that..When we lose..We Lose BAD..it seems..the common thread of those losses-Our weaknesses show up big time..Lack of 3rd down conversions,turnovers,not making the critical stop,not making the crucial adjustment..bad penalties..Kap just doesnt trust what he sees outta his wr’s..so he bails..Theyre not open most of the time…but im wit ya there Grant..Roman doesnt know how to gameplan and adjust..He’s gotta go im sorry..Im not panicking even though the loss sucks..There are alot…alot of 1-2 teams rite now..Sum are 0-3..Maybe its our time to be one of those “hot teams” at the end..instead of all year.Like the past two..We hit sum bumps last yr.But this is looking a roadblock..But we can get thru this..Imma play the silver linings card here..Maybe its a good thing that were one of those sneaky teams..in the back.while others are in the front..But rather than to think of playoffs.Its one game at a time here..Im not abandoning ship yet..Some have..But im not..Ive seen the good the bad and ugly for a decade..This is a lil set back..but we have a better gm,coach and front office that can weather this storm..than in yrs past..

  14. I love the game of football. I love watching football when the niners aren’t playing. I’ve been a niners fan since I was 11 years old. Thats 29 years. I have never felt so embarassed and despondent .

  15. There are several key things I find very distressing about the niners. First is half time adjustments. In 2011 this staff came out with great half time adjustments to either win or put up a fight. I see none of this so far. The second thing is the inability to stop the run, we get glimpses of the defense stopping the run, but that’s all. The third is lack of quality receivers. They knew going in they would only have Boldin and Crabtree, they really needed to do something more. Finally, I don’t think Kaep has great vision when it comes to peripherally look for receivers or throwing them open. We need this offense to step up, the defense can only carry this team so far.

  16. Accurate grades, I agree with Grant almost completely. Glad you didn’t mail it in this week.

    Some nits to pick: 1) the helmut to helmut foul on Whitner was clearly a bad call, 2) Gore was wonderful on the scoring drive, however, he was running against only 6 or 7 in the box, when they dropped 8 and sometimes 9 in the box we couldn’t run, that is when we needed a creative passing game. How come we could move on Green Bay when they committed to stopping the run, but not the Colts?

    Addendum: Can any one explain why we never run pass plays from a bunch formation? It seems to me that it would be one way to gain some separation.

  17. Has Harbaugh gone banannas? It seems like he has totally abandoned his own formula for wins. Maybe it’s karma for blindly throwing Alex to the trash heap. I understood when Kaep got the job that it was difficult to ignore the raw talent… But Kaep seems to have the personality and football IQ of a 12 year old kid. Where is the game managerment? Where is ball control? Why is the defense being exposed? Why is our qb sulking alone on the sideline with his $500 haircut? Why are the chiefs 3 – 0? The answer is obvious. We all thought that Harbaugh was the reason this team turned the corner, but obviously Alex was a part of that too.

    1. Kap had nothing to loose last year, that’s why he played free and easy. This year he’s supposed to be the man, the one who brings home the trophy. It might take him a while to get used to the pressure of performing at a consistent level. It took Alex 8 years…………..

    1. marijuana is the greatest plant on earth…

      he got busted for blowing a .15…but keep hating…

      it’s almost free, half the country now scrub

  18. Grant, I think a lot of your reactions are over the top. When they were playing well previously you predicted big things, now that it is not going well, you are giving the whole team bad marks. The last two games the defense has played decently despite almost nothing from the offense. It was pretty late in the game and the Colts only had 13 points. If the offense could have done anything, it might have been a different story. The main problem I saw today was the play calling. Really bad game from Roman. He just seemed incapable of linking successsful plays together. He killed a lot of drives with low percentage plays. The team today needed something positive on every play. They could not afford no gain or a loss on any set of three downs. There is a lot of negative energy around the team right now. I think the Seattle game was in some ways their entire season. They needed to compete in that game to have a change to win the NFC west. They got crushed again and think their preseason expectations and hopes were dashed.

    Where do they go from here? Don’t know. Too much talent in IR, draft picks included. Unless something dramatic happens, I’d say this season is probably lost. In some ways better to miss the playoffs, get better draft picks, than limp into the playoffs (playoffs!?) as a wild card. I would try to build for the future. Get playing time for Baldwin, Harper, and Patton. See if anyone of those guys has something. Kyle Williams just doesn’t add a lot value anywhere I am afraid.

      1. You’re a weird guy. I am nowhere near the most negative or pessimistic person commenting here and yet you are focusing on my post. If don’t have anything to add besides name calling, I doubt Grant wants you here.

  19. Sam Bradford:
    93.1 63.4 % 651 5 2 326
    overall rating – completion % – total yards passing – TDs – Int. – Yds per game
    Colin – 81.6 59.7% 539 3 3 270

    Our man, Colin, is coasting along at #23 in the quarterback ratings.
    How much did he spend on that (1 and 3) haircut? $500…!

  20. I appreciate Grant’s hard-hitting commentary and out of the box thinking. He was one of the few media people to call this game correctly. His grades are fair, even generous, at least for the KR/PR disasters in this game. Colts were very beatable but our team has lost its passion and heart for whatever reason. Agree with grant that we wasted 4 camp games by not developing players who would start.

  21. When 95% of fans were euphoric/happy after the Green Bay game, I slammed the team with mostly D’s for a simple reason: imho it was obvious we were outhit in both trenches and the d-backfield, and only a freakish Kaep-Boldin combo allowed us to prevail. You cannot win consistently in the NFL if you’re losing the physical battle every week. Witness Seattle and today’s game. O-line created holes early today but we failed to get any push after that. O-line over-graded above imho.

    Kaep: to the surprisingly (?) large number of Kaep naysayers, I remind you that last year’s stunning performances were neither a mirage nor an acid-trip memory. Those games happened. He passed for those yards. He ran for those yards. He threw those touchdowns. He had that QB rating, etc. Suggesting he lacks ability now, after he’s already shown he can play at a high level, suggests impaired vision, judgement, and/or fan appreciation.

    Is Kaep playing at his level, the top form he showed IN THE NFL PLAYOFFS? No, he is not. He has regressed. Mathematically this is obvious, and it is obvious on inspection. This is the NFL folks, played by human beings and tough highly talented bastards who want to rip your head off, and this one is a kid who hasn’t even started for a full season and was suddenly being puffed up by Madden and every other sponsor to be the Second Coming. Measured by the slack given our last qb incumbent, one would think vast quantities of the fan base wouldn’t begin to stir until Kaep was on his second year with his third coordinator – year 6, perhaps. High quality players (even the sieve-like Packers have Pro Bowlers on D) have taken Kaep (and our coaches) down a notch, and he deserves a D (if you’re charitable) or an F (under the notion that great qbs made mediocre receivers very good). If you’re a franchise qb, you’re supposed to make things happen, all excuses aside. But just because he got an F here doesn’t mean this kid’s goose is cooked: I remember feeling about the same way at a similar time, 1982, when our SB winning team and MVP qb Joe Montana had some very crappy games. Now just because Joe had found some extracurricular highs and was playing poorly, it didn’t mean he wasn’t on his way to becoming the greatest ever QB to grab a pigskin. Back then, there were also some very mean bastards who delighted in beating him into the dirt. Some eventually ruptured disks in his back, tore his shoulder and elbow up, and his knees. And still 3 more SB wins ensued. With our last incumbent qb, if you gave up on him in his first few years, it was because he never had those amazing games. Kaep has had them, as a NFL newborn. Give up on him now and you’re just showing spite, which is fine if you actually don’t love the Niners.

    RB: agree with the grade. I said Gore wasn’t done yet and I was right. Depleted, perhaps, but not done.

    D-line: C. Our D outplayed our O, but in 2010 and 2011 our D gave the ball back to our O time after time, never had a chance to rest, and still got it done.

    Coaching: D+. Super Bowl letdown is a fact and it’s a fact you have to deal with. The only reason it’s not an F is that our amazing injury luck/karma from 2011 has totally reversed and our guys are going down like the French on the road back from Moscow. Age is a beech, and the coaches can’t stop it when your 5th or 10th year pros are no longer 2nd or 5th year pros.

    WRs: D/F. Not sure I can remember any of their names…

    I said before the season that we would probably not win the division but we’d win enough games to be in the playoffs, and i’m standing by that. Our schedule is front-loaded with tough games this year, and everyone from Kaep to Whitner to Iupati to VD has got to learn that just because you were in the SB, it doesn’t mean the rest of the league is going to bow down and hold your cape. In my own professional life, I found that every time I thought I had mastered the business and was a world-class player, the competition immediately and unceremoniously slammed me down to the turf. The competition is always trying to kill you. Yes, kill you, at least metaphorically. If you’re good, you have what they want, and they won’t rest until they defeat you. IMHO this is a large part of why teams don’t repeat. Yes, the players age in dog years, but to win you have to want to leave your liver on whatever field you’re playing on. Because if you don’t, I will.

    Shutting up now…thanks for letting the old man rant. Go Niners!

    1. Good comments all. Kap is definitely regressing to his mean this year and it does not help that he lost his go to guy Crabs. I predicted that neither Baltimore nor the Niners would get back to the SB and is tick to that. I do think we were overrated this past spring and summer.

    2. “D-line: C. Our D outplayed our O, but in 2010 and 2011 our D gave the ball back to our O time after time, never had a chance to rest, and still got it done. ”

      Again, poor decision have come to hunt the team. For example: Maracic. Why bring in a FB, Maracic, whom they don’t need, instead of replacing Williams with another DL? They should have brought back Tufuku.

      They’ve done the same thing with the CB and WR position. In the WR position, except for Boldin, none of the other scrubs would start for most competitive NFL teams.

      1. “They should have brought back Tufuku.”

        They can’t. Based on the way they released him they have to wait for 6 weeks to re-sign him.

    3. Kaep’s success last year happened, but you have to understand the reasons why. The primary one being the success of the read option. Now that teams are defending it better, it forces Kaep to do things like move in the pocket, read defenses after he’s turned his back to them on a play fake, read through progressions quickly and correctly and take what the defense is giving him (instead of looking down the field all the time).

      And the secondary one being he was, to quote Harbaugh, the “hot hand.” But prior to that, we’d only heard how inaccurate he was. What if the true Kaep is as inaccurate as he’s shown himself to be in the past 2 games, along with about 3 games last season, and most every practice that the reporters have observed?

      There’s a very good chance that Kaep will get better in the pocket with more experience. There’s also a very good chance he hasn’t regressed so much as defenses have figured out how to defend him and the pistol better.

      1. And meanwhile Alex Smith is still winning. I said last year this was a bone headed move and I stand by that.
        When Alex was here under Harbaugh, the game plan was specific. We ran the ball well, short to intermediate passes with the occasional deep ball. we won the field position battle every game, turnovers….it was a recipe for success. We seemed to game plan for a close game victory and it worked. Now it looks as though NOBODY on our coaching staff has a game plan. It’s utter chaos at best. We’re losing the field pos. battle, we’re losing TOP, it’s frustrating to watch. We put all our eggs in the Kap basket. Now we got to live with it. SMH!!!
        I still believe we have the best roster in football, however, Willis, Aldon, Nnamdi, Vernon, Crabs, Manningham, LMJ and Lattimore do us no good watching from the sidelines.

      2. Harbaugh and Roman figured CK could carry the load because he was so dynamic last year. But the NFL has the smartest coaches of any sport. Once there is film on a guy, they will figure him out and his tendencies. Roman and Harbaugh haven’t adapted and Kap is overwhelmed. They gambled at the WR position and it’s killing them. At least Alex was hard to game plan for because all he did was be efficient and took what the defense have him.
        Like I said earlier, Luck threw 18 of 27 passes for 164 yards. That’s game manager through and through. He took what the Niners defense gave him and they won.

      3. I can’t say I agree with this. You can’t really say his problem in the last two games as been inaccuracy. He hasn’t been making great decisions: when to run, who is open. Also is is a lot easy for defenses to scheme for the 49ers if the running game is not on track and the receivers can’t beat man coverage.

      4. We used to criticize Alex for having the deer in the headlight look and no pocket presence. Well now we can say the same about Kapernick. He is no longer a threat to run with the read option, and after the GB game, teams have figured out how to defend the pass. And yet in the first quarter Gore had 60 yards! And then they stop running the ball?
        Oh my lord I admit I’m not a smart football coach in any shape or form but why would you stop doing what works?
        Did you see that at one point the Colts had 11 guys within 10 yards of the line of scrimmage? No one is afraid of Kap beating them through the air once they take out Boldin. Not once did he challenge the defense with a deep pass.
        He doesn’t have a look of a QB that beat us. Luck does.
        Just as fast as Kapernick rose to have the number 1 jersey, he’s going to fall and fall fast and hard.

      5. We need Alex Smith back! yeah RIGHT! Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!

        You guys kill me. Wouldn’t hear a word about Smith if the Chiefs had played anyone this year. Jaguars, Cowboys and Philly. Those 3 teams won a total of 16 games last year. We would be undefeated if we started the season against those 3 teams as well. Tell me where the Cheifs are come week 10. Let’s see where the Niners are. Remember your comments from today. I remind you of them.

      6. 23 your comprehension is worse than your spelling. Alex is smart, CK is not playing smart. CK looks like a rookie with uncertainity in every part of his game. Why? Cause teams have figured out how to play him. Make him make decisions in the passing game and stop his scrambling. It really is Randal Cunningham 2.0.

        Now all you Kap worshippers, where are you now to defend him. I’m not saying Alex is better, he isn’t. But all the things like rocket arm, athleticism, make down field throws, 300 yards passing 100 yards rushing, where is all that?
        The schedule has been unkind. But when you play consistently bad two weeks in row, there is a problem. Blame the running game against SeA, blame the WR’s against the Colts but at the end of the day, CK has been equally terrible.

      7. I didn’t say we need Alex back. I was just said Colin is playing like Alex at his worst.
        Maybe we should sign Josh Johnson.
        Colin Kapernick has all the tools but it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t put it all together in one season. Vince Young was great, and now he’s out of the league.
        Russell Wilson is playing okay but makes a play when he has to. There’s no question that the spotlight is now on Colin. His play is not good and we can’t blame the WRs.
        23 Jordan, you gave Alex no slack in the NFC Championship game. Well the Giants D is 10X better and more experienced then the Colts D, and for 3 quarters Colin could only complete 2 passes to Boldin.

  22. Mr Blake, just wanted to thank you once again for all the great wr and db’s over the last 3years that you did not get. Harbough is also a great judge of the above-or he would have sreamed and yelled.

  23. I think those grades are pretty spot on – if I was feeling generous I might give the RBs a slightly higher grade as it isn’t their fault the coaches keep going away from the heart of the team.

    The defense played ok, but continues to struggle stopping the run, in particular in nickel. The penalties in the passing game were killers too.

    I’m glad to hear Aldon is taking a leave of absence to sort himself out. It is important for him and the team he fixes his problem.

  24. Maybe they can hire a couple of outside consultants, since Harbaugh and Baalke are clueless in finding top talent in the corner-back and receiver position.

  25. Maybe Lemonier will get some OLB time now with Aldon “Capt Idiot” Smith on his way to rehab. Start playing some of these rookies, they need to develop and we can’t play all of our defensive starters 95% of the snaps. Should have been rotating in the backups more to keep the starters fresh, but this seems like a foreign philosophy to Fangio.

  26. Ugly loss. Losing Crabtree and busting on the Jenkins pick is killing this team. The frustrating thing for me is to see Roman call plays without the personnel to be effective. Their only legitimate receiver is Boldin, and he is a more of a #2 or 3. Nobody respects the other guys. Davis is good, but not at his best as the second option. It’s easy for teams to focus on him. As bright as Kaepernick’s future is, he’s being asked to do too much with too little and is playing like crap. He hasn’t even played a full season yet and their best receiver is on short term IR. They need to get back to basics on offense, they can turn it around. My other concern is that they just aren’t playing to their potential. Something is off with the energy of the team, and I’m not quite sure what that stems from. SB hangover, missed draft picks, knucklehead player. Maybe knucklehead coaches…I’m not sure.

    1. Big P,

      I can’t argue against a single thing you wrote, at least not with any conviction.

      The point I’m closest to somewhat disagreeing with you on is that CK is playing like crap.

      Considering his realtive inexperience and the situation (running for his life much of the time, his only legit receiver was AB, etc.), I’m temped to give him something of a pass. But it can’t be disputed that, at times, he is missing wide open receivers and looks like he’s rushing.

  27. haven’t been on here in several years. everyone knows that we are running the wrong style of offense. Alex Smith is as better for the regular season than kap. if we don’t beat the rams, bye bye February play. don’t hate on grant when he has been right.

  28. I thought that we should have signed Brandon Lloyd this summer. We lack speed at WR. Maybe try Baldwin who is a big target if not fast. We need to shake things up. The problem in Seattle was much more than the noise as we saw today.

  29. Time to play more of a real 4-3, with aldon out. P willis too. ….dobbs and Dorsey in the middle with Brooks, bowman and wilhoite behind them.

    Suit up Baldwin.

    Use screens and draws

    Zone blitz

    Is la Michael ready yet?

    Unify the play callers, I hate that Roman calls one thing geep calls anothet

  30. This is Tree Dog, some reason it leaves my name off.
    I am upset and is want coaches to be held accountable.

    1) Is our D that bad and/or are we aging in key areas?
    2) Why the hell is Baldwin not being integrated into the games. He had size and speed that would have to be accounted for, aka stretching the field and and extended the secondary.
    3) Man I’m pissed. Statement, not a question
    4) No Willis and Smith thurs night, who will step up?
    5) aghhhhhhh!!!!!!!

    1. Agree with your reactions, Dog. Especially #5.
      Your name doesn’t show up on the blog because you added a web site. Take that out, and you’ll see your screen name on your posts.

  31. we have always lacked speed at wide receiver. for ne way to say it’s not time to push the panic button… you are wrong. it is time to push allllll buttons. start the run first and the screens second. How about running the run option. how about letting kap be kap. this is the year where our O should run… wild… let it be.

  32. The Niners lost at home to a team who was missing 6 starters. On paper, the Niners won’t find a much easier opponent than the Colts. Terrible coaching…and what does Mangini do for this team?

  33. Horrible performance.. Also I’m glad Terrell brown lost those 2 million cause he’s been killing us honestly I rather call up Darryl Morris from the PS

  34. I agree with the trade for Josh Gordon. If we stand any chance of reviving this season we need a capable WR now. If and when MC And MM come back that would us three experienced wideouts and a good potential rookie receiver in Patton.

  35. Here’s a stat for ya: Over the last nine games, the Niners D went from being one of the best, to now one of the worst.
    He’s great and beating the Packers. He has to dig deep and look at his decision making. He’s way too talented to have so many 3 and outs. I wasn’t even paying attention in the 2nd half, even when the score was close. The writing was on the wall. He doesn’t have that swagger anymore.
    Look at how Luck just carved up the D, how he hung tough in the pocket to make the throw.
    If they lose to the Rams, then the season may be done.

  36. this is the bottom line…. our run D is trash and most popularly our pass D is trash… we need reform. we to protect from our base outwardly. we will NOT survive pass next week with put a win. we need Lloyd, we need to run first and stay with the run first philosophy. why did we abandon the run?

  37. The thing that concerned me the most after last week’s loss to the Seahawks was that so many players were saying “we gotta look at the film”….all I could think about was Singletary not knowing what to do and just saying “gotta look at the film”. I wondered if maybe Harbaugh has never been in the position before and actually doesn’t know how to fix the problems that we’re facing…

  38. Well, the Packers are 1-2, Atlanta is 1-2, and the 49ers are 1-2. Three games into the season and I can boldly say that these 3 teams are still playoff teams.

    CK7 is looking very skittish, Boldin is the lone playmaker and is being taken out the game for lack of other playmakers, FG is looking old, and the O-line is crumbling under a pass rush.
    Yet, all we have to do is get into the playoffs even if by early results, we look like a wild-card team.

    If we are still playing in quicksand 6 games into the season I would be very cautious in saying we are a playoff team, but three games in still gives us plenty of time to right the ship.

    Except for Boldin (who can physically beat a defender off the line), K.Williams is easily being jammed at the LOS thereby nullifying one side of the field.

    I want to see Q.Patton on the field against the Rams. I’m still waiting for M.Moore to produce the way he did in TC.
    But Grant is on point; CK needs to trust his other WR’ to help relieve pressure off Boldin.

    Gore looked good today. When the holes were there, he hit them well enough for a 7.5 average.
    The two turnovers proved to be crucial. CK got blindsided on his fumble and threw to low allowing the defensive player to bat the ball up for grabs.

    Our defense (which made up for poor offensive efforts in the past), has been a step slow and our front 7 has been pushed off the LOS for two straight games.

    One last point. The Aldon issue had to be a distraction even if the team/Org tried to down play it.
    The stadium seemed to have a negative vibe today and I put that on the Org’ handling or lack of, in the Aldon situation.

    But all and all, we are going to right the ship and make the playoffs.

    1. Yeah alot of nfc teams are struggling after 3 weeks
      we’re 1-2
      Minn is 1-2
      Green Bay 1-2
      Falcons 1-2
      St.Louis 1-2
      arizona 1-2
      Panthers 1-2
      Eagles 1-2
      Redskins 0-3
      Giants 0-3
      Bucs 0-3

      Seattle and Saints 3-0
      Dallas 2-1,Detroit 2-1 and Chicago 2-0(as of now)

      If the playoffs started after 3 weeks..We’d be screwed..but thank god..It doesnt..relax people..

  39. I agree with almost all of Grants grades except for one. Am I the only one who saw Kap running for his li fe every time he went back to pass. Almost never a clean pocket to pass from. I honestly think our online is the most overrated group I have seen in a long time. An “A”, please give me a break!

    1. Agreed, but nobody ever seems to take into account the O-lines very inconsistent pass protection. Too bad Niner QBs can never seem to get the same protection the other teams give theirs, except when they play the Bears. LOL

  40. As much as some will hate to admit A.Luck was 18 of 27 passes for 164 yards. Do those stats remind anyone of someone? Yes game manager win in the NFL. Fantasy football numbers do not!

    1. Does the mean you’ll do us all a favor and take your lawn mover and go over to your boyfriend Alex Smiths Chiefs blog? Good riddance!!

  41. I want Alex Smith.
    I want Sopoaga.
    I want D. Walker.
    I want Goldson.
    I want Jean-Francois.
    I want Cam Johnson.
    I want Haralson.
    I want Ted Ginn as the return man (see him today?).
    Before the season’s over, I’ll want Jennings. You will, too.
    I don’t want money saved for the future.
    I don’t want 57 draft choices next year.
    I don’t want Kaepernick.
    I don’t want Aldon Smith.
    I don’t want Iupati.
    I don’t want an at-any-cost Crabtree.
    I don’t want the hoards of recent project draft choices on various forms of injured reserve.
    Not to mention AJ Jenkins.
    Not to mention L. James.
    Not to mention V. McDonald. Anybody been watching MarQueis Grey?
    You win now, baby. Your future wins are just a mirage.
    Coaches? Roman is college-level talent. Greg, there’s a play in football called a screen pass that takes pressure off your QB – look it up, it’s even on Wikipedia! Fangio apparently never heard of Andrew Luck. Sure never heard of something called a blitz. Off-season training? Well, make sure your starters never get any reps in the pre-season games. Here, Pete-the-Cheat knows how to coach. Played his starters all pre-season. What is your deal, Harbaugh?

    1. Agree with the coaching criticisms. But jeez, if you have success, your players on going to be sought after and you can’t keep all of them. Also, it took Alex 6 years! before he even reached “game manager” status, whereas Kaepernick has played all of 13 games, some of them brilliantly, and you are ready to dump him? That is crazy. I would sooner see the 49ers hire David Shaw than trade or demote Kaepernick.

    2. “Greg, there’s a play in football called a screen pass that takes pressure off your QB – look it up, it’s even on Wikipedia! ”

      I beg for a screen play with each down…..why on earth didn’t they have at least one to each side during the Seattle game is beyond me.

      1. Amazing that the very play we need in our playbook, we don’t run it. Slow azz linemen and a QB with no touch makes for a bad screen.

    3. Not wanting Aldon Smith and Iupati is just stupid, Iupati has struggled a bit this season but Aldon Smith has been the defensive player on the team so far, even with a mediocre game today.

  42. teams are struggling after 3 weeks
    San Francisco 1-2
    Minn is 1-2
    Green Bay 1-2
    Falcons 1-2
    St.Louis 1-2
    Arizona 1-2
    Panthers 1-2
    Eagles 1-2
    Redskins 0-3
    Giants 0-3
    Bucs 0-3

    Minnesota, Green Bay, Atlanta and the Giants will make the playoffs. Or at the very least, they will finish the regular season ahead of the Niners.
    Believe that. Coach Jim Harbaugh has stutter-stepped.
    More proof on Thursday in St. Louis.

    1. “Minnesota, Green Bay, Atlanta and the Giants will make the playoffs. Or at the very least, they will finish the regular season ahead of the Niners.”

      You’re kidding….right?
      Minnesota? Really?
      Have you seen the Giants play this year?
      Green Bay and Atlanta? Remains to be seen…

    2. The Vikings and Giants are not making the playoffs. The Rams are terrible if we lose Thursday than its time to jump 4 out of our first 5 games were against playoff teams from last year and if we can go 3 and 2 or even 2 and 3 we will be fine. look at the rest of the schedule after the Texans.

    3. Do u even know what they statically chances r for 0-3 teams to make playoffs? Exceedingly low. There is only a 24% chance 1-2 teams make it.

  43. If someone were to tell me near the end of last season that in 2013:
    - The 49ers are flying to St. Louis on a short week for a Thursday nighter
    - With a defense that was on the field all day the previous Sunday because the offense could not sustain drives
    - Minus Michael Crabtree,Vernon Davis, Patrick Willis, Aldon Smith, Ian Williams, Mario Manningham, Chris Culliver, Delaney Walker, Dashon Goldson and Isaac Sopoaga

    what would you say the 49ers chances would be?

    This is not a comment about 49er personnel moves. Just a cold, clear look at the challenge facing the team Thursday night.

      1. Good call. I missed RJF. The loss of Ian Williams will hurt this season more then the press is really talking about. Dorsey is good, with versatility his strongest suit but Ian was the true NT on the squad after Tukuafu was put on Waived/Injured.

  44. Three games into the season and we’re 1-2. Not what I expected, but the saving grace is that we have 13 more games and plenty of time to make adjustments.

    The best thing that can happen for the 49ers is that they have a taste of reality.
    The reality is that the 49ers may have been to busy listening to the media talking-heads about being the best team and the odds on favorite to win the Superbowl.

    Good reality check. It’s time for the entire team, beginning with Harbaugh down through the ranks to have a heart to heart meeting and get this team back to where it belongs; one of the elite teams in the NFL.
    The next few games will bare all things about who we really are.

  45. Blaming the offense for the poor play of the defense is an excuse and a poor one at that. At halftime the time of possession was close, 16:04 for Indy and 14:56 for San Francisco.

    The 49ers opened the ball to start the second half. The defense then came on the field, and just like the previous week in Seattle gave up a 10 play 5+ minute drive, 5:08 to be exact ending in a field goal. The 49ers then went on a 7 play drive that took 3:44 off the clock. Indy got the ball back and went on another long drive of 11 plays and 5:21 missing a long field goal. The offense didn’t go 3 and out in the 2nd half until the 4th quarter.

    The reason the defense is on the field so much is because they can’t get themselves off of it, especially in the 2nd half of games. They can’t stop teams on 3rd down between the 20′s so they just keep pounding the ball at them, and then pick up the 3rd down.

    1. penaltys have been killing them too. Big one today on 3rd down when we appeared to have stopped them when the game was close.
      Penaltys have been a big part of the problem the last 2 games. And clock/time out management is still an issue.

    2. Jack, the fact that time of possession was fairly even at half time despite how bad the offense was is testament to the defense. They were, for the most part, able to stop the Colts drives. The score didn’t blow out until the end after Kaep fumbled and the game was over.

      The defense is good enough to win games. It isn’t as good as it was, but still good. The offense has been pathetic the past two games, and that is why they are losing.

      1. Back to back 10+ play 5+ minute drives to open the 2nd half for the second week in a row. The offense doesn’t stick with the run, and the defense can’t get off the field in the 2nd half of games.

      2. Scooter, I have to agree with Jack…this just in…the defense is BAD.

        It’s nowhere near what it once was. The average of 29 points per game against the Niners in the last 9 games didn’t go down much this week. Granted some of that goes against the offense, but still, they allow drives to continue through, not stopping the run, giving up 3rd down and stupid penalties (Whitner’s hit not withstanding).

        The offense also has issues, so right now the team, just looks bad, but the defense used to carry the team…it doesn’t anymore.

        The vaunted front seven is a step slower and less stout than they used to be. If they don’t change their scheme from the conservative stay in your lanes and wear yourself out trying to push the pocket on every play they will simply wear down in games.

        The Seahawks demonstrated how effective hitting gaps and penetration can be. The Linebackers can make up for missed gaps if that happens from time to time, but letting the line push you and trying to come off blocks to make a tackle isn’t working anymore.

      3. EB, as with any time the 49ers lose badly we all have a tendency to over react about certain things. I appreciate the defense was poor at the back end of last season, but as has been well documented that coincided with key injuries to Justin and Aldon Smith.

        So far this season they struggled tackling in a big way against Green Bay, and that was ugly. Last week they did an admirable job for most of the game until offensive turnovers killed them. And today they did well in the first half, but failed in the second half to kill off drives. It was a lacklustre defensive performance today.

        However, by the end of the 3rd quarter the Colts still had just 13 points against what is quite a good offense. If the 49ers could have mustered anything resembling an offense today, the 49ers defense would have done enough to help win the game. They are a better than average unit. We are just used to seeing a top 5 defense, so anything less than that all of sudden is ‘bad’. It is an over reaction.

      4. ESPN’s Tom Jackson made some cogent points before the game. He pointed out that since Week#14 of last season the vaunted Niners defense has not been that good at stopping the run. I didn’t check his stats, but I suspect he’s right. Tom then pointed out that it’s poison in the NFL for opposing teams to think they just have to run you into submission; because they’ll just do it.
        The Niners D is pretty good but it’s definitely not great; not Playoff caliber at the moment. I’m pretty sure that scientific term for the offense is: sucky.
        Bottom line: our team isn’t as good as we thought it was. Can you hear that long whistling sound? That’s falling expectations. Now there’s time for the team to improve, and the offense likely will but I’ve got to see some things change before I accept any more stuff about the playoffs? Playoffs? PLAYOFFS??????!?

      5. Scooter,

        I couldn’t agree more. The defense is not the reason the Niners have lost the past two games. They weren’t great yesterday, but they weren’t bad either and that was against a pretty good offense.

        In the past two weeks, the defense has held two pretty good young QB’s to pedestrian numbers in the passing game. It’s come at the expense of more rushing yards than you’d like to see, but at the same time the strategy has worked because the points against were low until the dam finally burst in the 4th quarter. The defense has played well enough to win the past two weeks.

        The problem with this team is an anemic offense punctuated by head scratching play calling. First off, I don’t care how bad the receivers are; there are ways to get people open and the Niners don’t seem to have an ability to find it. Tom Brady is playing with a skeleton crew in NE that is starting two rookies one of which was undrafted. Don’t give me this excuse about not having WR’s. This is Coaching plain and simple.

        They seem to have become enamored with Kap and are trying to do everything through him instead of doing what they did best the past two years which was the power running game and play action. After having huge success with the running game in the first quarter scoring drive, they ran the ball 9 times the rest of the game; 4 times in the second half. That is not the Niner offense we’ve seen work for most of the past two years. This team is not blessed with creative minds in the passing arena, I wish they were but they’re not. Their strengths lie in the running game and play action passing.

        Indy did nothing special on defense yesterday. They crowded the LOS and played man coverage. That’s it. Same as Seattle did the week before and the Niners have no answer for it. They’ve gone away from what worked so well against GB like the Motion and bunch formations. They didn’t call many option or roll outs for Kap, instead just having him drop back and trying to find somebody 10 or more yards down the field. Here’s an idea when DB’s are playing man and following the receivers down the field, float a RB or TE out, throw him the ball and let him pick up the yardage. How about some crossing patterns that make it hard for the DB’s to stay with a receiver, or the bunch formation that makes it difficult to read who they are picking up? I see no offensive game planning to exploit what defenses are doing and that concerns me. I also see a discombobulated game plan that seems bent on sticking to what was planned during the week instead of adjusting on the fly. If the run is working, then stick with it. Don’t force the passing game you worked on if it isn’t there. If you keep running effectively you will force the defense to change up what they are doing.

        The Niners are beating themselves right now. They are not adjusting to what is being run against them and until or if they can deal with that, this offense is going to struggle. It’s not always about personnel and in this case that is a very small part of it imo.

    3. Honestly Scooter, I have noticed since the beginning of last year that the Niners have had trouble stopping big backs. They always seem to get a push for 3-4 yards or more. Fast backs don’t get much usually and the Niners usually don’t allow big runs so it wasn’t that noticeable, but those consistent runs are enough to keep giving teams a chance on 3rd down. No over reaction, just a long term observation.

      Justin Smith was injured, now he’s getting old. Aldon was never that amazing as he needs Justin to help him if he’s not able to over power a lineman and besides that…he’s in question for the foreseeable future anyway.

      Worse than the Defense though is the Offensive line. They have never been a power rushing team. It’s always been the creative runs that have kept teams on their heals and guessing that have allowed the Niners to have a running game.

      Why is it they can’t just line up and get 1 – 2 yards in short yardage situations like everyone else in the league seems to be able to do at least 50 % of the time? That’s why we got Jobs last year even though that didn’t pan out. We still haven’t fixed short yardage running, we just didn’t need it much last year because we had everyone by surprise. now the offense has been picked apart and adjustments needs to be made.

      Lastly, Kaep has started to get happy feet and like others have said, doesn’t see other receivers. I don’t blame him as they seem to drop passes a bit, but he’s throwing too damn hard too.

      Lots to fix right now. This will be up to coaching to change it.

      1. EB, everyone has noticed the 49ers have struggled to stop teams that commit to the run, especially teams with a decent sized back. It is also pretty common knowledge that the nickel defense is the largest issue when it comes to defending the run – the base defense is generally ok.

        I’m not saying they don’t have some concern in this area, I’m just saying that the team can win with this defense if the offense plays better.

        One thing I think Fangio could do to help the run defense in nickel is play a more traditional 4-man front. Both DEs are OLB/DE tweeners, and not necessarily the best run stopping guys. Having one DE in there that is more of a wide body (say Dobbs) but can also generate pass rush may be an answer. With Aldon out indefinitely this may be the way they go on 1st and 2nd downs when the opposition goes 3 WR sets.

      2. Exactly…something needs to be done and it seems like coaching more than anything and scheme more than anything. However, some guys also don’t appear what they used to be.

      3. Also keep in mind EB that this is not a new thing. The Seahawks have known this for a while, it is just now that other teams have cottoned on that to beat the 49ers D you have to commit to the run, and the best bet is running it with 3 WR sets to get the 49ers in nickel.

        For the best part of two seasons the 49ers have gotten away with teams making themselves one dimensional by the 2nd half because they couldn’t run against the 49ers base D in the first half. They are now wise to this.

  46. WR and coaching grades are too high. You need to invent something worse than an “F” for today. Then, invent something worse than THAT. DB grades are also too high: Tarell was wretched, Rogers can’t cover, Asomugha is useless so far. Only Reid is a faint bright spot.

    1. I thought Asomugha was actually ok today. Brown was the biggest issue. Its like these guys alternate who is going to be lousy each week.

    2. If you watched the game. Nnamdi have up 0 catches and had a td saving tackle when he hurt himself. Was the one corner who played well today

    3. Other than the penalties and the blown coverage on the catch by Wayne, I thought the pass defense was very good yesterday. No defense is going to be perfect and the expectations are getting unrealistic. When you hold Luck to 167 yards the pass defense has done it’s job. This was a 13-7 game 3 minutes into the 4th quarter with the Niner offense doing nothing to help. The defense is not the issue here and the DB’s overall have been solid.

  47. The Rams game is pretty close to a “Must-Win” for September. If the offense is shut down a third week in a row, something will need to change – either aspects of scheme, or the OC. Roman risks getting Cameroned if he does not get the passing game going soon. This team has too much talent and too many expectations to perform so abysmally.

  48. Valid points about 49er 3rd down defense. Two years ago: nails defense, and ball control offense. Met it’s match in NFC title game. Last year, DL gets hurt, secondary gets exposed, and Kaepernick brought a new dimension, but fell short. League has adjusted. Now what? Coaching. Harbaugh gets the emotion part, but excess emotion seems to lead to mental mistakes (penalties). This franchise used to be about smarts (e.g. putting players in the right positions to make smart plays). This staff doesn’t seem to be able to deliver, week in/week out. Is George Seifert available?

  49. I want one play caller period! !!!!!! The other coaches can just concentrate on making in game adjustments or balancing the play calls. I also think there should be a trick plays list.

  50. The worst part of the NFL is that every time you see a hard hit, there is a penalty flag thrown right after it. This is crazy. That hit from Whitner was a tone setter. Then it turned into a momentum builder for the Colts. 3 defensive penalties that lead to 1st downs from T Brown. Wow, he killed us today on defense.

  51. If there is one more delay of game, we should all stop watching. What happened to designing a scheme around the premise that your 11 guys can beat the other 11? Enough with the bulls–t, “innovative” college schemes. I still think back to the pitch to Ted Ginn in St. Louis, when 49ers are deep in their own zone, on the road, in a dome. How about their brilliant first offensive play call in the Super Bowl? That was brought back for illegal procedure.

  52. While the sky isn’t falling, it’s gonna be difficult to get deep into the playoffs as a wildcard team with the current level of play. Niners seem to have a tough time against coaches who are from a defensive background. Not sure why. Anyway, I hope that the short week on the road won’t end up like the Ravens game of 2011.

    1. “deep into the playoffs as a wild card team…”
      I just read that teams with a 1-2 record make the playoffs 24% of the time. If the sky isn’t falling, it’s sure cracked!

  53. Trent Dilfer says the niners need to commit to the read option more andtthat the league hasn’t figured out how to stop it. What do you think?

    1. Trent is out of the league, and I don’t much care what he thinks. He was a lousy QB anyway. And the Read option is last year’s Wildcat. It’s old news. DCs *have* been stopping it, and the risk of injury is too high, IMO.

    2. They haven’t learned how to stop it. We’re too busy trying to protect our QB to put it in play. LMJ might allow us to use it more. His speed made it more effective last year. Coach can’t worry about Kap getting hurt and has to let the guy play ball. It’s like Kap is also playing not to get hurt as well. He’s in cautious mode. He does not look fluid now. It’s like he worried about getting hurt more than Harbaugh is. I guess an injury wouldn’t be good in a contract year?????

    3. Read option would be yet another weapon in the arsenal, but it will work only when the other weapons are operational. Right now, the passing game is in shambles, and the opposing defenses have the luxury of putting a spy on Kaep, keeping a close eye on the ball during the exchange and sealing the edges to contain the QB’s outside runs.

    4. Trent Dilfer was the same guy that before the Super Bowl last year said he doesn’t think coaches can figure out the read option. Well, John Harbaugh figured it out and we lost. With the off season every other team has as well. Read Option especially isn’t going to work if no one respects your run game or pass game.

  54. Wasn’t Eric Mangini (defensive mind) supposed to help them game plan better against opposing defenses? Yes, only 3 weeks in, but this is ridiculous. They have played pathetically these last two weeks. There are some injuries, to be sure, but this team has too much talent to revert to its old ways (post- Mariucci and pre-Harbaugh). Harbaugh, Roman, Fangio & Co. just saw their old pupil march in to Candlestick with his squad, and absolutely stuff them. The Colts are decent, but c’mon.

    1. I am quite impressed with the Colts. Their coaches had a great game plan, the players executed, and played tough. The Colts, as visitors, played a tough Niner team, and played without 6 of their starters. They deserved to win the game.

      I would have never in a million years imagined that D Heyward-Bey would amount to much, but he is contributing nicely to the Colts. I wish Baldwin would start contributing soon….like next week.

  55. your analysis of Gore is completely irrational. you’re going out of your way to support your previous claims (not the first time you’ve done this).

    Gore ran just fine. and in fact it is seriously questionable why they didn’t run more with him in the 2nd half. apparently there are reports that Gore wasn’t happy about it too.

      1. You mentioned that Hunter disappeared from the game after a 15 yard run. Does that mean that he didn’t play another down or was just ineffective?

      2. Then I don’t think that it is that the team is trying to “preserve” Gore. It sounds like they are trying to put the ball in Kaepernicks’ hands and see what he can do (which isn’t working out too well at the moment).

      3. except he had 21 carries in game 1. if he’d been around 10 carries for each game you might have had a leg to stand on.

        basically, as Cosell pointed out, the o-line’s been horrible in the run game (i don’t watch every game like he does, but in the 1st 3 weeks, they’ve got to be one of the worst) and at this stage of his career, there are ways to stop Kaep.

        if history has taught us anything, the Tom Brady’s and Peyton Manning’s of the world can turn guys like Austin Collie (15 td’s in 25 g w/ Peyton, 1 td in 16 g w/o) or Deion Branch into threats.

      4. Gore showed his legs are certainly not gone and exploited the outside area that Grant said he couldn’t anymore. The problem is they stopped doing it. Whether he’s on a pitch count or not, there is no excuse for not running the ball when it is working.

      5. whatnot,

        The run blocking was good yesterday. The Oline was not the issue against the Colts in the run or pass. It was play calling more than anything.

      6. I can understand limiting Gore’s carries, but they should have run more using Hunter.

        I’m a firm believer in pitch counts (in games and though seasons) for defensive front 7′s, especially pass rushers.

        Before the salary cap, Defensive Coordinator George Seifert stockpiled up to 9 defensive linemen. The team finish seasons strong.

    1. i think it’s a combination of things that have been mentioned here. i do agree that Gore is sort of on a “pitch count”. I think it’s less of a formal carries count than an effort to rotate in the other backs in particular packages or situations which has the same effect of limiting Gores carries which I do believe is a secondary but very real intention.

      But the emphasis on passing by Kaepernick. I believe is also a combination of the coaches falling in love with his skills and potential and forgetting about his inexperience. But it’s also a game situation issue to when the run game sputters they’re stuck relying on Kaep’s arm. I think they’re less willing to be conservative and play for field position. Possibly because the defense isn’t as dominant?

      It was wrong not lean on the power run game in the 2nd half. Play Action is at this point the only way the receivers are going to get open…at least to a degree that is comfortable for Kaepernick.

      I think Roman and Harbaugh need to re-examine their passing concepts to better fit their current receivers. Not having a speedy Davis to challenge the seem to stretch the coverage and draw it away from Boldin killed them. Also, not having an aggressive receiver who is also very quick and slippery is hurting them. The Niners obviously miss Crabtree. Boldin is a different kind of receiver. There are some routes he can run and others he’s not as good at…like those deep crossing patterns. Kyle Williams looks scared out there.

  56. The rest of the league, except for Green Bay, has figured out how to neutralize the Niners. The problem is that the Niners still think they can win games yesterday’s gam plan, and have yet to figure out that most compentent teams in the NFL will beat the Niners.

    This is a one man team: Boldin. Take away Boldin and the Niners don’t have anyone who remotely strikes fear in the opposition; not Gore–who as Seattle and now Indy have shown, can be stopped– and even less the bunch of scrub WR’s the Niners have collected over the past year.

    This team does not, in my view, appear in danger of scoring a TD or even a field goal–and I doubt they will score against a tough Ram D. You don’t get the feeling that they are going to score…quite the opposite.

    1. I wonder if that would still hold true if the Packers starting CBs had played in Week One instead of the rookies. Would we be 0-3 if they had?

    2. Chess,

      The Colts stopped Gore?????? What game were you watching?????i don’t think the Colts stopped Gore. I think Harbaugh stopped Gore. We keep running the football,we win the game. Rewatch the game. Where did he get stopped?

    3. Chess GM,

      You’ve got it backwards. The only success they had yesterday was with the old game plan. When they went to power I, Kap under center, they ran the ball effectively. The problems stemmed from going away from that and trying to throw the ball and play out of the pistol. The offensive problems are being caused by not doing the things they used to do and not being able to formulate an effective passing game; not that teams have caught up to them.

    1. The play calling has only been bad because they’ve put their faith in their young superstar QB who has made the case the last two games that he doesnt deserve that faith.

  57. 49ers should be on the phone with Cleveland right now about Josh Gordon, while I think the receivers as a group are getting a little too much flak there is no doubt he could help open up this offense.

    1. Forget about Gordon. His next suspension will have him outof the league for an entire season. He’s not worth trading for.he’s got about 6 failed drug tests in his career counting college and pros. He has 1 every year for the past 4 years. Like Aldon, he likes the pot. I say no to Gordon.

  58. Gooosh…

    Maybe Harbaugh shouldn’t have made that foolish comment after the Green Bay Packer game, that the Packers forgot to bring their brass knuckles?

    Obviously the 40Whiners forgot to bring their brass knuckles to the Seahawk and the Colt game.

  59. I know it’s only week 3. Still lots of football left, but isn’t it funny that the 49ers, Packers and Falcons are 1-2. While Seahawks, Bears and Saints are 3-0?

    1. Every year everybody gets all surprised at game outcomes in the first 4-6 weeks of the season. It’s the New Order beginning to shake out as we find out which teams are on the rise and which on the slide. It’s not that encouraging for SF at the moment in that regard, and I’ll agree with a comment made somewhere above on this thread that even in the week#1 win we were getting out hit and out hustled.

  60. grant your support for your claim that gore has lost his legs was that the niners hadn’t run him outside for the games vs green bay and seattle…today he had at least 3 runs outside, all for big yardage..your point disproved you then say he can only be good for a quarter,,,the niners never tried an outside run to gore in the 2nd half, despite the fact that the colts hadn’t shown an ability to stop it in the 1st half

  61. all the supporters of the move to replace smith with kaepernick said that kaepernick would throw receivers open–now they are saying the receivers aren’t getting open

  62. all I have to say is that Smith is still the better qb now for the next two years. everyone in the bay understated Alex. Alex will be in contention for the SB A’s for the 49, Idk

  63. Chuck Pagano called it a signature win.
    Interesting way to describe the efforts of a
    ” no-name ” defense. No heros; no Aldon Smiths.
    (no QB sack/DUI stat leaders…)
    Something in Coach Harbaw needs superstar players.
    (Maybe ’cause he always wanted to be one?)
    Whereas Mr. Pagano knows how to prepare a group of men,
    dedicated to playing as a unit, and voila…. they get it done.
    The result? … a signature victory over last year’s
    Super Bowl runner up.

    The Rams see the blood in the water.
    The sharks are circling around what is left of the niner season.

    1. Harbaugh needs star players and Pagano does not……..that is why pagona has luck! The most highly regarded QB to come out of college in 15 years!!!! Your an idiot! You are the court jester of this blog! A complete fool, who’s sole purpose is to make others laugh.

  64. Is it time for a start by Colt McCoy?
    How many of us believe that right now he has a chance of beating the Rams… and Colin does not (that was a rhetorical question).
    Given the overall state of our team, many are anticipating a loss on Thursday in St. Louis; however, three in a row, at this stage in Kaep’s career cannot be a good thing. Mentally. So sit him down and bring in the guy with more experience. Colt has the maturity to lead this team to a bounce back, regroup, we-can-do-it victory. Yes, the QB who is capable of “game management.” Who knows? Colt might continue to earn the starting slot in week 5 and 6 and 7. Let him run the starting offense in practice. Put Colin in charge of the scout team. Here’s a tip: Colin may have more to learn at this point from Colt McCoy than from Jim Harbaugh.

    1. Sure homer, lets put this all on Kap. Not the defense, who is either hemorrhaging yards and yellow flags. Has nothing to do with the lack of pass catchers or the coaches who, after dominating the 1st quarter with the run……seem to forget all about it the rest of the way.

      Im not freaking out for this reason: a lot of the answers are on the roster, just not healthy. The run game will look better when both LMJ and KH are a 100% and dont forget about Lattimore. If CC does not get hurt, Namdi is not on the field (probably a good thing) Ian Williams won that NT job, and he is greatly missed, but also is Tank and Dial , those guys are gonna give us the depth we lost when RJF and Sopo left. KW is not cutting it as a #2. When VD, MM and MC come back, KW is now a really good #4. At this point, i dont see how Baldwin could be any worse than KW, QP and Moore.

  65. To the guys who criticise Kaep and bringing up Smith should realise 1 thing that Smith isnt our QB anymore also if our coachingstaff was sure that we could win more with Smith he would not have been replaced permanently by Kaep, now you guys whine about that we lose 2 in a row but hey difference with now and before with our ex QB at the helm is that we lost this last 2 games as a team cuz everyone let us down, and when we lost with our former QB it was because of him most of the time cant deny that.

  66. before I say this I want to say Aldon Smith was wrong he lucky he didn’t kill someone, 2nd I don’t know if the organization handled it right maybe what happened was the plan all along. But here is my question and I am only caring about the team when I say this if Aldon is going to be gone for whatever many weeks for drug and alcohol rehab why don’t the NFL say okay we are going to suspend you while you are in rehab that way when you are done you can go back to work. I equate this to if someone is arrested and bonds out after a couple of days in jail when they go to court and are found guilty and go back to jail the original jail comes off of the sentence.

    1. I think, and this is my opinion, that if the league sees him sitting out games and attending a rehab facility that when the time comes for a suspension they won’t do it. I believe he and the niners see that he has a problem and want to put everything behind them as soon as possible

      1. A rehab is not a suspension.
        In a perfect world, the league would run a suspension (if they feel its merited) concurrent with his rehab time in order not to punish the player with an extended amount of time off.

        But because of Smith’ multiple violations the league may not be as understanding.

        I’m treating the Smith rehab issue as completely separate from the league’ form (if any) of discipline.
        At the moment, depending on the extent of Smith’ addiction, Aldon may be gone for a long period of time, but I’m ok with that because he obviously is in need of help.

        If the league does come down hard on Aldon, look for him to take even a bigger hit come contract time.

  67. Watching this offense is laughable. All defenses have to do is run man and double Boldin (which is basically what grant said earlier this week, and I argued against) and we are completely shut down. It doesn’t even matter if the corners are good or not. They’re capable of covering this horrible excuse of a WR core. Patton, Moore, Williams are all pathetic. We can’t just wait for manningham and Crabtree to return. They may not be much help. I know there’s not much but we may need to look into trading or FA. Maybe Baldwin should be activated, big bodied guy that can get open, just can’t catch real well, but none of our receivers can anyway. I would like to see more tradition style of running the football, the stuff that worked in the first quarter for gore. Enough of this cute pistol crap.

    As for the defense. Where to begin. The stout run D we were so accustomed to the last couple years is gone. Niners have allowed the most rushing yards in consecutive games since 2004. And there’s no sign of improvement whatsoever. I can’t see losing sopoaga as that big of a deal. And the secondary, holy crap. I’m almost glad the niners saved 2 million on browns contract because he’s playing like absolute crap, along with Rogers and Nnamdi. Nnamdi was the only corner who didn’t look absolutely lost yesterday. I believe he have up 0 catches and had what may have been a TD saving tackle on the play he hurt himself. And then there’s Aldon, our alcoholic. He’s like that family member who keeps messing up but you love him and keep trusting him, only to keep getting disappointed. I for one hope he takes this rehab seriously and straightens out. He has the chance to be one of the greats rushing the passer.

    1. Sorry Adam but I have to disagree with most of what you said here. First off Patton and Moore have barely been on the field. How do we know what they can do if they aren’t playing? Williams has had some success in the past as a slot guy and on wheel routes, yet we haven’t seen any of that so far. Not having Davis is a killer and to expect a rookie to step in and replicate the production is unrealistic.

      Defensively the secondary has been fine the past two games other than penalties. I have no idea why people are ragging on the DB’s who have held two excellent young CB’s to under 200 yards the last two weeks. What exactly are you expecting them to do? They have given up a lot of rushing yards but it’s been because of playing in Nickel most of the time. If they don’t play Nickel in those situations they leave themselves open to the passing game. Even after giving up those rushing yards, the defense hasn’t given up a lot of points until late in the game when they are gassed due to the offense doing nothing on the other side.

      The one thing you said that I do agree with is that they need to get back to their identity which is power running and play action. They’ve gotten way to enamored with Kap as a conduit for everything they call. They have to give him some help with scheme and play calling.

      1. MD
        I suspect the guilty party could be #7 with the coaching staff acting as acessories after the fact. By being annointed by Jaws and having that monster game vs GB we now believe that CK is Brady/Manning not the Alex Smith/game manager he was last year when we were sucessfull. I found it odd that we winged it vs the packers but we got the W and you couldnt argue with CK’s results but maybe 13 games in to his career #7 isnt quite ready to be the end all be all QB and we should scale him back to where he was sucessfull last year (220-260 passing yards per game on 22-28 attempts)

  68. If the morning after the Super Bowl, I knew that going into our fourth game of the season we would be without the following players I’d have been pretty freaked.

    Aldon Smith

    Micheal Crabtree

    Patrick Willis

    Vernon Davis

    Mario Manningham


    Ian Williams


    Chris Culliver

    Delanie Walker

    Dashon Golston

    The team we will see on Thursday night is a far cry from the one we saw in the Super Bowl.

  69. On Aldon. I’m just speculating here, but a number of rehab programs insist on a full emersion for patients, at least early on. I could easily see that stretching out for a few weeks. Perhaps after a bit he could still be a resident for a few more weeks, but on a work furlough basis to train with and eventually play with his teammates in games. This will be as though he had appendicitis or some other treatable ailment.
    Go get treated, get well, get strong and come help.

    1. Most in patient rehab programs are for a period of 28 days, and you are to stay on premises. I have a feeling he will be gone for at least 4 weeks.

  70. My Niners are being uncharacteristically undisciplined. I hope we have enough strong veteran leaders on this team to right the ship.

    Kaepernick went Hollywood on us this offseason. He is now learning that when things are good, life is easy. He is now dealing with adversity, and not handling it well. He’s young, inexperienced and he’s pressing. I think it was a big mistake barely playing him in the preseason. He needed all the reps he could get with these young receivers. He has zero chemistry with them.

    Aldon. We need to figure out a game plan for this young man. This season his off the field stuff is having and will continue to have a huge impact on the team. Long term we need to figure out is he worth the big contract given his lack of maturity. Parties, DUI’s, stabbings, semi automatic weapons.
    Brooks same thing.
    Here is what I think we need to do to right this ship. Unbalance the offense. Run 65% of the time for the next two or three games and live with the outcome. Go to a shorter passing game to work on building chemistry and trust between our young QB and our young receivers. Then slowly open it back up. Had we stuck with the run, we would have won yesterday IMO.

    There’s no sugar coating it. They look bad. Coaching, game planning, WR, QB decision making, penalties on both sides…….

    1. Jack,

      The Colts gave the 49ers a taste of their “past” medicine. They played tough D, ran the ball effectively, and played low risk ball on offense. That’s not surprising given that Pep Hamilton – former Stanford OC – is their offensive coordinator.

      I think the 49ers can regain some of past prowess, especially in the run game. However, my concerns are on defense. Fangio’s defense has gotten successively worse each year – which seems to match his track record. The loss of Sopoaga to FA and Ian Williams to injury are huge in stopping the run. On top of that, their secondary is nothing special.

    2. The Colts used the 2011 Niner offensive gameplan and won the game. Harbaugh needs to get a handle on the fact they changed something that wasn’t broken and get back to it.

  71. One perspective to keep in mind. Every year, there are 4-5 teams that no one thought would do anything (ie. Dolphins), or had some glaring liability that get off to a quick start (ie. Saints). Then, around week 8, all those teams come back to earth and lose like 6 of their remaining 8 games. The 49ers are going to stagger into the bye 4-4 or 5-3. They will get better as they get healthy and their young talent improves. Obviously, that assumes they don’t incur many more key injuries. I just think they are going to be a team that no one is going to want to play towards the end of year, and no is going to want to face as a wildcard team.

    1. Houston,
      It looks like Baalke has had too many misses in recent years. I remember soon after JH was hired, Baalke and JH stated that they always had contingency plans. Well, I want to know what was their contingency plan at WR – Kyle Williams? What about CB and nose tackle?

  72. Shame on the 49ers to be arrogant pompous asses and have second rate receivers. Other then Boldin, I would bet, most of these guys would not be playing for at least 15 teams in the NFL, maybe 20. Kyle Williams would not be a #1 receiver in Arena Football.

    1. Crab,

      I know you asked Grant but I know the answer right now: none of them can play until week 7 at the earliest, and of the three, Manningham is the only one that could possibly make that timeline and that isn’t likely due to him needing some practice time. From what I’ve read, Crabtree will be out until late November at the earliest and Lattimore is likely going to spend the season inactive.

    1. Jack, you and fans on other blogs have identified these issues, but why can’t the 49er coaching staff? Is it out of stubborness or do they think what they’re doing on offense will eventually start working? Do you think with only three days before a road game that they’ll make some changes or stay pat?

      1. Space,

        In the past I was a Roman apologist, but there was no reason to go away from the run like he did yesterday. After that first series he never came back to the off tackle runs that were so successful on that opening possession.

        “Is it out of stubborness or do they think what they’re doing on offense will eventually start working?”

        I think those are the same things, in that they do think it will start clicking eventually so they are being stubborn and keep doing the same thing expecting different results. By now they should be seeing that the read stuff is struggling. Stay away from it for a bit.

        “Do you think with only three days before a road game that they’ll make some changes or stay pat?”

        They need to just tweak their game plan a bit. Put the read stuff on the shelf for a few weeks.

        This is another must win game. Before the season started I had them going 2-2 through the first 4 weeks, so we’ll see.

        1. You don’t think the 49ers were trying to keep Gore fresh for Thursday night’s game? It’s not like Harbaugh and Roman forgot about Gore.

      2. It’s not just Gore, it is the entire running game they forgot about. They gave the ball to a running back only 4 times in the second half, and 16 times for the game, against one of the worst run defenses in the league that was missing a starting linebacker and safety.

        The majority of their successful plays, both running and passing came with the qb’s hands under the center.

        They were down only 13-7 and driving when Roman decided to get cute, the Colts smother a Kaepernick run and essentially that was it for the drive and the game.

      3. Jack, in Harbaugh’s post-game pressor, he was asked about getting away from the run game too early. His response was that they wanted to get into a more balanced offense.

        What happened with when you are being successful with something you stick with it until the other team’s defense stops it? In this case, it was the 49ers OC stopping it, not the other team.

      4. If it was about keeping Gore fresh we would have seen more of Hunter and Dixon. As Jack said, they abandoned the running game completely. That’s just poor game management.

        I know it sounds ridiculous but they need to go back to the offense they ran with Smith. That is what they do best and Kap will be more effective if that power running game is working. If they had Crabs and Manningham on the field with Boldin and Davis, then I could see going more pass oriented, but they don’t have experienced receivers nor the ability to scheme them open it appears, so go back to power run and play action.

        1. That logic doesn’t make sense. Hunter may be on a pitch count too because of his Achilles and I doubt the 49ers have much confidence in Dixon.

          The Rams shut down the 49ers’ under-center offense last season in St. Louis, so how can that be the ticket to victory on Thursday?

      5. Grant,

        Hunter had what 5 touches total? He’s not being overused. Gore can handle more than 11 carries which is why he was pissed at the end of the game. It’s got nothing to do with pitch counts when you abandon the run game completely.

        As for the Rams, teams change from year to year as we’ve seen in SF. Dallas ran all over the Rams yesterday so if I’m Harbaugh and Roman, that’s where my game plan starts.

        1. I didn’t say Hunter was being overused. It seems like he’s being brought back slowly.

          The 49ers probably would have given Gore more carries if they didn’t have to play in St. Louis on Thursday. If he carried the ball 25 times against the Colts he’d have nothing left for Thursday night. I think that’s what the coaches were thinking.

      6. Oh and good call on the game yesterday Grant. You picked a Colts victory and said they’d do well in the running game. Well done.

      7. If they were trying to save Gore it was a bad plan. If it’s 13-7 in the 4th quarter and nothing else is working, you need to change the plan.

        Hunter looks just fine to me. Again, what is the point of having him active if you are afraid to use him?

        1. I agree it was a bad plan. Hunter is active because the Niners don’t have better options at running back. He doesn’t look all the way fine to me. If you take away his 23-yard run and his 13-yard run, he’s rushed 9 times for negative 5 yards.

  73. Interesting choice by Peter King of the coach of the week: consultant Chris Ault with KC.
    “Andy Reid hired Ault, who coached Nevada and developed Colin Kaepernick into an NFL quarterback, in the offseason to help his team in a variety of ways. Ault’s job is shrouded in mystery. But you can see his effect on both offense and defense. Andy Reid has adopted some of Ault’s stuff into his West Coast offense—Pro Football Focus had Alex Smith lined up in the pistol eight times Thursday night—and he’s also been active in helping the Kansas City defense against the wide-open offenses the Chiefs will play this year. I can only guess why Ault’s role is top secret: Kansas City travels to Washington Dec. 8. Ault and Kyle Shanahan, before Ault took this job, exchanged some ideas informally last winter. I can tell you Reid’s staff values Ault highly, and he had a big hand in divining what Chip Kelly was doing on Thursday night.”

  74. Question,
    a great defensive end commands $15-18 mil per year. Right now would you pay Aldon that type of money over five years?

    1. Mangini didn’t have two Pass Interference calls and two unsportsman like conduct calls on him. We are undisciplined as a team right now.

  75. Last season in St. Louis, Gore gained 34 yards on his first 3 carries and then gained 24 yards on his next 20 carries. All of those carries came with Kaepernick under center.

      1. “You think they run certain looks and sets that benefit Kaepernick but also hamstring Gore?”

        Absolutely. When they get into the gun/pistol with Gore in the backfield everyone in the stadium should know where he is going by now. It’s between the guards.

        When they put Kaepernick under center, Gore is much more effective. It was painfully obvious yesterday.

      2. Lameareafanatic, apparently there was some boo birds booing CK after the fumble towards the end of the game. My GOD, what should the organization do now? Decisions decisions!!!!!!!

      3. Prime only a king sized douche like you would boo a QB that is in his 13th start. Real niner fans didn’t truly begin booing Smith until roughly his 3rd year.
        I’ve been ignoring you lately since you are a foreigner commenting on American NFL football from overseas. You call people out like you know better. This isn’t the Gray cup. Stick to what you know. And in the future, cheer for a football player because of his ability, not because he has big beautiful eyes…… Douche.

      4. Lameareafanatic where I’m from has now bearing on football knowledge so nice try. You have tried to counter my knowledge and every single time you come out looking like a baseball guy trying to talk football. It’s impossible for you to hang so stop embarrassing yourself.
        As for the booing, you were the moron who said organizations base decisions on jersey sales and booing in stadiums. So, that’s why I asked what should the Niners should do now with CK?

      5. Bayarea it sounds like you are making some excuses for Kaepernick. Only in his 13th start means what? We should give him some slack when the franchise decided to go all in with him last year. This team is ready to win now so regardless of his experience, they thought and you touted him out loud that he was the future and a franchise QB.
        Now we should hold back the finger pointing because this is only his 13th start? That’s weak.

      6. This is what the CK worshippers/fantasy football fans do. They see 300 yards passing and wet their tighty whities.
        The league now knows how to play CK. There is film on him and coaches in the NFL will always find a way to game plan against the new fads. Pistol done!

        Guys like Bay have no clue. They look at the box score and form opinions. They don’t understand the history of football because he is a baseball guy pretending. Since when do owners like York, Kraft and Jones base personnel decisions on how many jerseys they sell or which fans are booing who? Dumb!

      7. Prime only a king sized douche like you would boo a QB that is in his 13th start. Real niner fans didn’t truly begin booing Smith until roughly his 3rd year.

        … when he played with a separated shoulder that Nolan insinuated wasn’t really injured.

        Gotta love those “real” fans.

      8. BTW Lameareafanatic, Canada is not over seas dummy. Do they teach geography in US schools? Better yet, did you attend a school?

      9. When CK has some receiving options, you can judge him. Otherwise it’s the same same Smith sniffers bitching to the Smith haters and vice versa. They need to get back to basics and run the ball. They don’t have receiving threats and the defense isn’t the same as it has been. They aren’t going to get better with Aldon out. The same people show their true colors every year. If you want to see Alex Smith fail, go watch the Chiefs. If you want to watch him succeed, go watch the Chiefs. I’m a Faithful that looks forward to seeing how my team (the 49ers) rebounds from this. You guys try so hard to differentiate yourselves from one another, and ultimately end up looking like the same people.

  76. Grant you say the 9ers lack another receiving option after Boldin. Go back and watch the 2nd half over again. Gore was wide open over and over again. If teams are going to use a spy on CK it will leave the RB’s open out in pass patterns. Yes the 9ers need another WR who can create space [Manningham and Crabtree eventually] but until then CK has to play with a lot more vison. I would have given CK an F and the O line a D+

  77. Even great teams have yrs where injuries and illness kill them, this may just be one of those yrs. Manningham, Crabtree, James, Willis, {possibly} Davis, Asomough, {possibly}A. Smith, I Williams, McDonald and that’s just through the first 3 weeks. It just might be one of those years.

  78. For some reason E stopped his weekly comparison of Kaepernick and Smith. I’m not sure why, but I’ll pick it up for him.

    Smith: 64-105, 61%, 669 yds, 4 TD’s, 0 Int, 92.1 rating, 3 wins-0 losses

    CK: 53-94, 56.4%, 689 yds, 3 TD’s, 4 Int’s, 72.5 rating, 1 win-2 losses

      1. It’s fun to compare the “Game Manager” to the “Chosen One”.

        It appears that the “Harbaugh Effect” may have skipped a generation.

      2. I get how the comparisons are fun for some fans but really at the end of the day is it not just about winning?
        Does it matter how many yards someone throws for?
        There is no comparison in terms of talent and potential from Smith to Kaepernick but one comparison that does matter is how the moving parts co-exist with the starting QB. We are seeing an ffense in disarray, why?

      3. FDM,
        Who would you like Kaepernick to throw to? The only option with Vernon out is Boldin, who is an ideal #3. For the most part, Kaerpernick and Smith ran the same offense last year until the playoffs rolled around, and both played well. Teams are now running on the defense, the defense isn’t creating turnovers and the running game isn’t as effective. The formula isn’t the same and the results were similar for Smith when the formula didn’t work during his tenure. It’s frustrating, but I don’t see a quick fix. They need to establish the run or die trying. They simply don’t have a legitimate receiving corps right now. Crabtree’s injury and busting on Jenkins hurt this team big time. You can’t win many games with a #3 as your #1.

      4. BigP:

        The running game was productive in the first half when the team ran a traditional offense, but Roman/Harbaugh went away from it for some unexplained reason. That Gore would get no carries after the first drive of the 3rd quarter is mind-boggling.

        Going back to that offense also would likely help the defense as sustained offensive drives would provide it with more of a chance to rest and to work on correcting problems.

      5. Claude,
        I agree. The lack of receiving options also magnifies the need to get back to basics. I feel like Roman is trying to update his résumé with the play calls. Time for meat and potatoes.

      6. Big P not saying you said this but when the 49ers lost to the Giants in the NFC Champsionship game it was Alex Smith not the WR’s. Now its the WR’s and not Kaepernick.
        Looking at the current roster of weopons, I’d say Boldin, MacDonald, Patton, and Moore are much more talented than at the time Crabtree, Swain, and Williams. Is that fair to say?

      7. BigP:

        I’m not comfortable speculating as to Roman’s motivation. It just as easily could be that he and Harbaugh have decided to go with so much Pistol because they believe that it better suits Kaepernick’s talents. However, as Jack mentioned, just because the Pistol better suits Kaepernick doesn’t mean it better suits every offensive player or even most of them.

      8. FDM:

        The receivers probably even out, but the loss of Davis would seem to tilt the scales.

        That said, in both cases, you can make the argument that the blame lay more with WRs … and the curious decision by the coaches to abandon a successful running game.

      9. BigP,

        You are underselling Boldin big time. He was the #1 option for the Ravens every year he was there. He’s not a top #1, but he’s no #3. I’m also not ready to dump on the other WR’s when they have hardly had a chance to see the field. They are inexperienced, but if they don’t get any plays how do we know what they are capable of? Take a look at the dogs breakfast Tom Brady is working with right now. You can scheme to get receivers open. Unfortunately it doesn’t appear as if ours can, at least they haven’t done it yet.

      10. FDM, they are/were both bad units. Davis was healthy and productive at the time though. I’m not blaming the receivers, I just don’t agree with the play calling considering the state of the group. All of their receivers are playing one to two slots higher than they should be and are outmatched against the competition. I agree with the people that think we should get back to basics and running the ball. I also agree that is what the team is built for.

        I’m not selling Boldin short, I’m just acknowledging the reality of the situation. He was forced into the number one slot because of Crabtree’s injury. He’s facing better DB’s. He had Torrey Smith in Baltimore and was supposed to be across from Crabtree here. He would be better in that scenario, as would Williams, Patton and Moore.

    1. One qb has played against 3 playoff teams. One an has played against 3 teams that didn’t go to the playoffs and won 2, 6, and 7 games last year. Very impressive. I want Alex back. We really need him now. Harbaugh blew it. (MAJOR SARCASM!)

      1. How does any of that matter today right now 23 welcher? Chemistry is everything in sports and right now Kaepernick has none of that with anyone, including Boldin.
        The crystal balling is pointless today and based on your commentary during the game yesterday, looks like you are turning quickly on Kaepernick. I guess spit and vinegar is your thing.

      2. At least we can say that you haven’t sold out the team after two unexpected loses Jordan. I stopped posting during the game because this blog is so bipolar.
        There are a stable few. The rest run around posting quotes and predicting the end of a legacy. It’s gotten quite pathetic and annoying. There is more stability and confidence in a Hollywood marriage than there is on this blog.

      3. “Chemistry is everything in sports and right now Kaepernick has none of that with anyone, including Boldin.”

        He has plenty with Boldin. According to a tweet from Branch earlier today, Kaepernick’s QB rating on passes to Boldin is 108, and on passes to everyone else it is 11.

  79. The report I keep hearing is how the 49ers defensive guys play the most reps and minutes than any other team. I’m wondering if this is part of the cause for our sudden decline. As they say it’s not the years it’s the miles and we look older and slower out there than we should be. Even if we make it to the playoffs and Super Bowl, our defense will be so tired and banged up that we won’t be effective. This might also help explain why we play great first halves and then fall apart in the second. I think this is a major issue that no one seems to be talking about.

      1. Jack – Hilarious story! With all this off-field trouble with Raven/Niner players, maybe it’s time Jim and John get a good father-son talk from daddy!

  80. Irony of ironies:
    Coach Jim Harbaw trying to talk to us about balance.
    Really! … the fantasy of a fanatic…
    What does a psychotic man know about balance?
    His idea of balance is to go ahead and play Aldon Smith…
    in a meaningless game, a contest he was destined to lose,
    and then play the next one without him… only four days later
    (by the way, losing to the Rams will be the nail in the niner coffin).

  81. Turnovers and more turnovers, aided by penalties, poor play calling, receivers not getting open, CK not seeing them when receivers do get open. The Niners are not a very good team right now. They do not do anything good and now some want to blame CK. I will take the same stance as I did with Alex, – its a team game and when one part of the team breaks down all other parts pay the price. The QB is not responsible for wins/losses – the team is.

    The Niners have lost one important part of their game – the short passes, ball control, the type of passes of which nauseates so many fans (true west coast). I want to get back to “Wam” bam thankyou ma’am type plays. What happen to the fly, where has the outside run game gone? We don’t run the screens anymore. Right now I feel most of the problems emanate from the failure of the coaching staff to make in game adjustments. Do the same thing over and over again and get the same results = ( )

  82. We all think we are better qualified than the NFL coaches with our rants and complaints. It’s fun to have our opinions but do you think we are qualified as NFL coaches at their positions – I doubted. Just enjoy the game and leave the coaching to the professional.

  83. One qb has played against 3 playoff teams. One an has played against 3 teams that didn’t go to the playoffs and won 2, 6, and 7 games last year. Very impressive. I want Alex back. We really need him now. Harbaugh blew it. (MAJOR SARCASM!)

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