49ers 7-round mock draft: Post-free-agency edition (1st wave)


Here are the players I think the 49ers will draft based on the moves they’ve made so far during free agency.

TRADE: The 49ers will send pick No. 2 to the Cleveland Browns in exchange for pick Nos. 12, 33 and a second-rounder in 2018.

Round 1, pick No. 12: John Ross, WR, Washington. My favorite player in the draft.  Ross can play any wide-receiver position, but when he lines up in the slot of a twins set he forces the opposing team to change its entire defensive structure because he’s so fast and safeties can’t cover him.

Round 2, pick No. 33: Zach Cunningham, LB, Vanderbilt. My favorite defensive player in the draft. Cunningham is a true three-down linebacker who is athletic and tall enough (6’4″) to cover tight ends that are displaced from the offensive formation.

Round 2, pick No. 34: Obi Melifonwu, SS, UCONN. Another 6’4″ defender who can cover tight ends. Melifonwu is a rare athlete who runs a 4.40 40-yard dash and weighs 224 lbs.

Round 3, pick No. 66: Quincy Wilson, CB, Florida. A 6’0″ cornerback who excels in press coverage, which the 49ers will feature under defensive coordinator Robert Saleh.

Round 4, pick No. 109: Joe Williams, RB, Utah. My favorite running back in the draft. Williams averaged 7.1 yards per carry the final seven games of 2016. He is a phenom.

Round 4, pick No. 143: Eddie Vanderdoes, NT, UCLA.  A nose tackle who’s strong, quick and agile. Vanderdoes is similar to Grady Jarrett, the starting nose tackle for the Falcons — Kyle Shanahan’s previous team.

Round 5, pick No. 146: Josh Carraway, DE, TCU. A situational pass-rusher who struggles defending the run.

Round 5, pick No. 161: Jonnu Smith, TE, FIU. A move tight end who has the speed (4.62 40-yard dash) and agility (4.18 20-yard shuttle) Shanahan wants at this position.

Round 6, pick No. 186: Aviante Collins, OG, TCU. A guard who has the speed and agility to play in Shanahan’s outside-zone running scheme.

Round 6, pick No. 202: Corey Levin, OG, Chattanooga. What I wrote about Collins.

Round 7, pick No. 219: C.J. Beathard, QB, Iowa. A strong-armed quarterback with a quick release who comes from a pro-style offense.

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  1. Impressive, I really like your first three picks. Ross is an “OW” for sure. In addition to stretching to field vertically, Ross excels at short routes and isn’t scared to go over the middle. He fits Kyle’s offense like a glove.

    Getting Cunningham would be a coup and would fill a need. Obi has a ton of potential.

    1. I kind of hate the Melifonwu pick, and I think we’re getting poor value from the Browns trade but besides that it’s ok. According to draft value chart, we should get their 1st, both their 2nds, and their first pick in the 3rd.

      To me, we have two players on the roster who provide what the scheme needs at SS in Reid & Tartt. We need either a FS, or Corner, depending on what we do with Ward. I think there will be some really good pass rushers available at the top of the 2nd, and would prefer that we go that direction.

    2. Worst Idea ever. Horrible Business move. Gamble Wide Receiver and Gamble Picks in Second with No Kirk idea. Come on. . Why would you do that if you could have a good chance at Getting Cousins for a second and with the 1st Round pick with Redskins they swap and you can either get Corey Davis, Ross, or Williams. And Still have the second pick in the second round. Maybe they could even bundle their 2nd and 3rd pick and move up to get McCaffrey or Williams in late first… If Redskins swapped firsts and gave Niners. Niners could then make a business move with combining there second and third for late first with like the Patriots or Steelers. That way…. Niners could get Cousins. One of the Three Top Recievers and Mccaffrey. Or they could get Cousins and 2 of the top 3 recievers in the draft. Then in Free Agency, Sign a top Defensive line Stud. Hightower Type Middle Linebacker. And One Free Agent young Lineman. Take a risk on Cals or Miamis quarterback in Middle Rounds and just draft young, big trench bodies. Or if Washington is just stubborn and does not do a good business move on there end just to get back at Shannahan.. The niners could trade down with Browns. Draft Ross with 12th. With the 2 second rounders from browns trade those with late first round team to get Mike Williams Reciever. One of those two reciever or both should become a star. Then they still have their own second round pick to try to give to Redskins for Cousins or just go about your normal draft after that with all best talented defensive players and a 4th round caliber pick for Cals QB or Miamis QB and Hope Cousins comes in and you can have a patriot setup with a possible Grappolo backup. And they still could sign with their money a Detackle like Poe from Chiefs. Middle linebacker Hightower. And a Top young Offensive lineman….

      1. Well they aren’t going to get Cousins this yr. I don’t think they want to give up any picks for him, when he will be free to go next yr. without giving up draft picks to get him, but for me, I’m not really sold on Cousins, by next yr. he will be 30 or 31, to me that is getting old to give a hefty contract to a player that might have a couple of years left in him.

  2. I usually wait 2 weeks to start mocking drafts but at first look I love the swing for fences John Ross pick. I’d argue even going with the local kid RB from Stanford. Could be the third down and return guy and immediate impact on and off field. if he is there at the top of the second for sure, but maybe reach at 12… Anyway the focus on defense is on point. I kind of would like to see another pass rusher instead of the safety. Good start though.

  3. I like it, Grant. As you know, I take issue with Joe Williams. Not a fan. With regards to Melifonwu, I think he could move up into the first round similar to the way Bryon Jones did. I also think the Chargers are the best non quarterback seeking trade partner, because they may want their choice of Adams or Hooker. Thanks for the effort, appreciate it.

          1. Did I fail to mention he’s a fumbler too? I just think he lacks the mentality to succeed at the next level. I could be wrong, but I just can’t get on board with that pick….

            1. He fumbled six times in college. I wouldn’t call him a fumbler. Tiki Barber was a fumbler, but he corrected his issue.

              1. He’s a fumbler……Kyle W put him at the bottom of the depth chart and he showed no heart and retired. Utah was decimated with injuries at the HB position which forced wittingham to give him a call. I don’t think he is fully vested in football or holding on to the football. I am a huge utes fan and season ticket holder. He did put up big numbers but does fumble and bailed on the team. No a guy you want in your locker room. Pains me to say this but jaamal Williams from byu will be a better pro. Bank it and I hate byu

              2. He fumbled 4 times in 5 games this year, which got him benched and ultimately in Wittingham’s doghouse. That was before retirement if I’m not mistaken….

              3. “It’s a long season and I want to be a leader for this team and contribute to a bunch of wins this year and get to a bowl, a playoff berth,” said Williams, who fumbled for the fourth time in his past five games Saturday. “I’m going to fight for my spot and continue to have the starter attitude and just go out there and fight.”

                I think that was after the game against their cross town rivals. I believe the headline read, ‘Senior Running Back Troubled By Fumbles Again, Benched Briefly By Coaches’.

            2. Couldn’t agree more and I am a huge ute fan. He doesn’t have football in his blood, i can’t see this FO taking him

          2. Heh, that’s a good way to put it regarding McCaffrey’s decision not to play in the bowl game. Though teams won’t view it the same way.

              1. It might not be popular, but I think I’d prefer Kamara over McCaffrey if we’re talking top of the second round.

              2. Williams ended up in Wittingham’s doghouse due to fumbling. Kamara is a much better receiver out of the backfield too….

              3. Joe Williams carried the ball 210 times last season. Kamara never carried the ball more than 107 times in a season.

              4. Exactly. He’s got low mileage on him, and I wouldn’t discount his 40 receptions last year to go along with 4 TD’s. He scored an additional 9 times on the ground despite only carrying the ball 103 times. He would be Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde this year, with a shot at taking over after Mr. Hyde’s rookie deal is up….

              5. Interesting you call Williams a fumbler and not Kamara even though Kamara fumbled the same number of times on fewer touches…

              6. I forgot to mention the reason Williams was yanked during the game and ended up in Wittingham’s doghouse was, because the 4 fumbles you noted occurred in 4 out of 5 games;>)

          3. Hey Grant, you should be a an assistant Gm to Lynch. That’s a bone head idea trading our overall 2nd pick in the 1st round to Cleveland. Your still thinking like the old GM for the 49ers:) No wonder the 49ers won’t get anywhere with that kind of idea.

    1. I think Pocic if there in the 3rd round would be a great value, and he reportedly possesses the intelligence required for the position….

      1. I like Pocic, but the best for us I think is Pat Elflein because he can start at center, and can play guard and tackle.

      1. Kilgore isn’t very good when he’s available to play, and Shanny puts a premium on the position. The last good center we had was Goodwin, and the last good one we had with a nasty disposition was Newberry….

        1. “Kilgore isn’t very good when he’s available to play”

          Huh? When he’s on the field he plays well. The downfall of the Harbaugh regime was his injury in Denver. And then of course the Thanksgiving night tweet.

          1. He’s a backup at best, Jack. I know you’ve been a fan of Kilgore at center, but the position has needed to be upgraded for years. Martin was supposed to be that guy, but was another Baalke bust. That’s why we find ourselves in the position we’re in at the pivot….

            1. I’m not a fan of players. I go off results with and without. They’ve been better with him in the lineup.

              1. They’ve been better with him in the lineup.

                They need better than a backup at the position. They need an All Pro with a nasty attitude….

              2. Pocic. I wouldn’t take him at the top of the 2nd, but I’d trade back up in the bottom to grab him….

            2. Razor, I agree. I remember Kilgore rolling the snap to Kaep., and several times, he let his man run right past him.

              Pocic would be a good replacement, and even Elfheim, but maybe they should stick with Beadles, and let Kilgore play RG.

            1. “Kilgore, who turns 29 years old this week, had been in the midst of his first season as a full-time starter along the San Francisco offensive line, and though he’d played more than 90% of the club’s offensive snaps, he hadn’t been all that effective, grading as just the league’s No. 30 center, according to Pro Football Focus.”


              1. PFF grades aren’t very reliable. Look at what the offense did in 2014 while he was in there and then after he got hurt. Almost night and day.

      2. Scheme fit and versatility. He’s a four year starter. He has quick feet and good technique. He’s athletic and really good in pass protection. I think he would be good value in the 4th or 5th.

  4. Good mock Grant. I don’t think Cunningham will drop that far as I’ve said previously, but if he did that would be a great pick. Quincy Wilson seems to be a polarizing player. Some have him rated as a 1st round pick others where you have him going. I haven’t seen that wide of a perspective on a player in awhile. Other than not addressing the QB until the final round, you’ve done pretty well covering all the bases with good options. Well done.

      1. At that point in the draft about the best you can hope for is somebody you can develop to be a backup and Beathard could be that in time. It’s impossible to cover all the areas this team needs in one draft, but you came pretty close. I’d be thrilled with a draft like this.

  5. If we could have this draft, Grant, it’s a dream come true. Excellent mock.

    Hate to sound like the guy in the commercial who drafts a ridiculous player then yells, “SuperBowl,” but, how about 9-7 ?

    1. have you seen the teams we have to play in 2017. 9-7 would be like winning the Superbowl!

      Really happy with the direction of the team right now but anything better than 6-10 would be a welcome surprise.

  6. I like Ross but he is a bit undersized to play outside and he had major injuries to both knees. That said so did Frank Gore and that worked out OK.

    Not sure where the pass rush will come from in your mock though which was arguably our biggest need.

  7. That would be a darn fine draft. I especially like your first two picks, though I guess that shouldn’t be too surprising that I prefer the guys getting drafted earlier as they are the better talents.

    However, while this is a draft I would really like, it isn’t what I think the 49ers will do. If they move down to no. 12 my guess is Forrest Lamp or one of the CBs would be in play. At 33 and 34, McCaffrey + either an OL or CB, whichever they don’t grab in round 1.

    I expect a QB in round 3 or 4 (probably Kaaya or Peterman). And I also think an edge rusher will be draft in round 3 or 4. With the other 4th rounder, a LB. After that, another LB, another RB (unless they like Davis for some reason or sign a FA), DT, TE, OL, FS (I think Rudy Ford as a later round pick) and possibly a SS. That’s more picks than they have, but those would be the main options I expect.

    1. Oops, forgot to add a WR in the later rounds too. Stringfellow is a guy I think they may look at.

      The reason I don’t think Ross will be their target is they already have Kerley, Goodwin and Robinson. All of them are small WRs, two of which are fast guys. I expect the 49ers will only keep 5 WRs on the roster. If they add Ross, that would be four small speed guys + Garcon. It is possible that is the way they go, but I think they will look for something closer to what they had in Washington. So someone like Josh Morgan/ Leonard Hankerson. Stringfellow or perhaps Jehu Chesson in the later rounds may fit.

  8. I like your draft, Grant. However. the only reason Cleveland will trade into the 12th pick with the Niners if they are enamored with Trubisky? Other than Trubisky, I do not see Cleveland making that kind of move.

    Zach Cunningham, to me, is not a great value pick as say drafting an edge rusher, and there should be some good ones to pick at 33 or 34.

    Love the John Ross pick, as he is super quick and that damn speed of his. I believe the Niners are keeping close tabs on his health, especially after his shoulder surgery this week or next. With 4.22 speed, John Ross is even worth the 2nd pick in the draft. I know a lot of people will disagree with that, but Ross is also a lethal kick-off returner and he has excellent hands. Ross is not a flash in the pan, he is difference maker and he has attitude to go with it.

  9. Thomas and Allen sure look too good to pass up.

    But the Niners have so many holes, the trade down is their best bet

  10. Ur delusional! Bolles/Ramcyck OT, McCaff RB, Lamp G, Mixon RB, Orlovsky C, Davis QB, Shaheen TE, Stringfellow WR, CB or S, PK. Back to our roots!!

    1. If you don’t rebuild OL all that speed is useless because most QBs find it difficult to throw while flat on their back! Remember they finished DFL in offense in 2016 and Cousins won’t consider the job in ’18 w/o a total rebuild of OL. Not going to happen.

      1. Your sentiments are shared, Larry. The problem is two-fold. First of all, this draft is weak for offensive lineman. Secondly, you can’t fill all the holes in one season. That’s why I suspect we are hearing Shanny may stick with a power running scheme this year, because players like Brown and Garnett aren’t ZBS style players. I believe 2018 is where they’ll target the offensive line, but I do think it would be wise to take a center like Pocic, if he somehow is sitting there at the top of the 3rd round….

      2. I still think that Niners two best FAs are still available if they’d go get Hightower and Hankins!! Maybe Bell too?

  11. i had also though of trading the second pick to Cleveland for more picks. i like where you’re going with this one.

  12. If the Niners don’t trade the 2nd pick, and are not enamored with any of the qb’s, or even John Ross, the best pick will be Solomon Torres – he’s just too good to pass up. Torres has a non-stop motor and still has a lot of upside.

    1. Walterfootball says on their website that Thomas is being rated higher by fans and the media than what teams at the Combine rated him.

      1. I disagree with Walter. King Solomon isn’t quite as refined technically as Allen, but he’s more explosive, athletic and seems to possess greater stamina. Combine that with a relentless mentality and I’d say he’s a Pro Bowl caliber player. That’s what we need at 2….

        1. I’m not arguing with because I believe Thomas is the best prospect in the 2017 draft. However, Walterfootball is saying NFL teams are turned off by his “tweener” size. That is a huge mistake in my opinion, but it is just my opinion.

  13. Great mock, but one with a few caveats. First, I highly doubt the Browns will trade up from the twelfth spot unless they take Trubisky with the top pick, a scenario which is highly unlikely. The second caveat is that I do not expect Ross to make it past the third pick, let alone fall out of the top 10 because he is a better version DeSean Jackson. The third area of concern is with the selection of Cunningham; I would personally pass on him because he is a bad tackler and grab T.J. Watt if he falls down this far. The fifth problem is I do not expect Melifonwu to fall out of the first round. Finally, there is no way Williams will be drafted by the 49ers; Shanahan and Lynch have stated and shown they want players with high character on the team, so digging several feet into the ground to meet the character level of Williams is out of the question.

  14. I think Shanny is still looking for his prototypical X receiver…and I don’t think that is Ross. If we do trade down and go WR, I’d expect it to be either Corey Davis or Mike Williams (hopefully Davis). Garcon can play the X this year (maybe next) but he’s much more of a Sanu at this point than a Julio.

  15. Mike Williams or Corey Davis could well be in play at #12…I’d take either one over Ross because we now have two very fast WR’s. What we don’t have is any proven big WR’s. Both Williams & Davis are 6-3 with good size. Another option: S Peppers. Cunningham’s multi-talented…I only wonder if he’s stout enough for the NFL. I like Melifonwu, too…2nd rd may be a tad early, we’ll see. Another option: Mahomes. I think Coach would love to work with this kid. Wilson’s an excellent pick. Williams tore it up after he came back…but, he’s not much of a receiver and not so good at picking up the blitz. Brian Hill would be a great pick because he’s a workhorse, great size (6-2-220) catches the ball & blocks well. Vanderdoes is a good run-stuffer…other options: Watkins, V. Taylor, Tomlinson. Carraway…how about Trey Hendrickson..15 TFL, 9.5 sacks, consistent performer. Jonnu Smith’s good…but what about Cole Hikutini, Louisville, 49 rec. 656 yds, 8 TD’s. Collins has agility, but at 295, he’s a lightweight among OL. Nico Siragusa, big but mobile OG for SD St. I’d like to see more emphasis on a pass rusher…love Jordan Willis of Kan St. 6-5, 255, ran 4.53.

  16. My picks r simular but jr@ 1 injury prone.like him but dont want another ellington. I go with C Davis or m williams. 2) reuben foster.zach misses alot of tackles.had enough of that last year.2) c mcCaffery or chris samuel. 3) Obi. 4) davis webb 4) vanderdoes. 5) zay taylor 5) tight end ingram. DB was or strength last year and we picked up FA. And still need to see what redmon can do. If we take injured player. Sydney jones sounds good

    1. Other players I like are tj watt, d Barnett , j Willis ,Devin cook, j Allen . I know we’re running Seahawks d. Hope we can find players like Seahawks. Maybe we can trade some of our dbs for another pick .Baalke drafted 7or 8 last 2 yrs

  17. Ross and the LSU running back are the glamour picks on offense, and I don’t think Shanahan and Lynch are going to go that way. They’re going to make AAA quality, long-lasting structure a priority in their draft philosophy.

  18. RED FLAG – On February 10, 2017, it was revealed that Ross was diagnosed with a torn labrum in his shoulder. He injured his shoulder earlier during the 2016 season, and re-aggravated it on December 31 in a loss against Alabama. The injury required surgery, but Ross decided to put it on hold until after the NFL Scouting Combine and pro day workouts

    No way this guy plays a full season……

      1. A few blog posts ago, I suggested that the Niners may want to trade down with Browns even if it means a small loss in draft points. I’m glad that one of my humble, inadequately-informed random thoughts has the approval of a superior football mind!

        My logic is that the need for Browns to score a 1-2 punch with their hometown QB boy is enough bait for them to move up and make this trade. After Garrett, there’s really no top-10 talent in this draft — but it’s brimming with talent at 10-60 range.

    1. I’m always the first to say it’s the Browns so anything is possible but even this seems a bit far fetched.

      My question would be, what piece of information are you going off of that separates Trubisky so much from the other “top” QB candidates that the Browns think they have to make such a trade to get him? Rather then say wait until 12 or make a less drastic trade up for the next or third next QB option.

        1. Mm’hmm. First of all, March draft crush reports are usually pretty credible, cause you know nobody is lying out of their butt right now. Second, in your time, how many of your journalist peers have ever gleemed direct knowledge on how a head coach truly and honestly feels about a potential top draft pick? If these sources are so credible and so willing to talk to mr Big Matt Miller then why is nobody else suggesting a similar trade or that they’ll simply pass over Garrett and take Trubisky. I mean, is Matt Miller really got that level of sources to know that type of information? Maybe he does. Maybe it’s just the lying season.

          All I know Is that I wouldn’t start making crazy draft trades to pick #1 and #2 based on a 30 second video in the middle of March.

          1. Trubisky seems like a QB Hue Jackson would like. Trubisky is an Andy Dalton clone, and he’s much cheaper than Jimmy G. Wouldn’t cost the Browns much to trade up to No. 2. I wouldn’t be surprised if that trade happens.

            1. What if we traded up to one and kept #2?
              Garret and Trubisky? Now that would be the shocker of the year!
              If the Browns take a QB that high it will be the Clemson kid.

            2. The only QB he’s drafted as a HC is Cody Kessler so there’s your template.

              If the 49ers are in fact targeting Ross you have to ask if you believe that the fastest receiver, ever, will make it to pick #12. If you are the 49ers and you believe there’s a chance he wont you aren’t going to make that trade for a near trade chart value deal. In fact unless the Browns end up with the #1 pick again it’s below chart. Not sure any team would give up their top choice of player to a team wanting to draft their QBotF for a below chart offer.

              1. CBS currently ranks Ross 18th.

                Jackson had more success with Dalton than any other QB, so it makes sense he would like Trubisky.

              2. Yea, I don’t think Ross gets past 10 unless it’s the shoulder surgery. I think the most realistic trade scenario involves the Chargers moving up for either Adams or Hooker, and I’d be willing to take their 2nd round pick for the privilege….

              3. For the sake of argument that offer would need at the very least a 4th rounder added to it just to be a fair deal. That’s not including the premium the 49ers can charge for the risk of losing their player and that the trading team wants a QB. That offer would have to be closer to something like two second round picks and a third or two seconds and two fourth round picks.

              4. Jackson can like him all he wants, but I think you have to ask yourself if he likes him THAT much to take number one….

              5. Well CBS had Goff as the #1 QB last year and Prescott as #7 so what does that tell you about their rankings?

              6. “Well CBS had Goff as the #1 QB last year and Prescott as #7 so what does that tell you about their rankings?”

                That they were pretty close in terms of where they were draft? :-)

              7. I’m saying he’d trade up to 2 for him. Much cheaper than Jimmy G.

                1 or 2, don’t think it matters when you’re talking about a guy that couldn’t beat out UFA’s for the starting job, and only has one year starting. I’ve also heard Jackson say he wants an Alpha personality at the position, Hue know Trubiscuit isn’t that guy….

              8. “Well CBS had Goff as the #1 QB last year and Prescott as #7 so what does that tell you about their rankings?”

                That they were pretty close in terms of where they were draft? :-)
                Ha! No that is true, Prescott was the 7th QB taken. That’s pretty good for CBS. At one point I remember they had Cook being taken #15 overall. If I remember I think they kept Nkemdiche in their top 8 as well.

              9. Grant Cohn March 13, 2017 at 6:47 pm
                If you say so.
                I’m better at the draft then you are.

              10. I only went back as far as 1970 but since then the only team that’s ever had both the first and second picks in the draft are the 1992 Colts. They didn’t trade up either, they traded Scott Chandler to the Buc’s for their first round pick. Waa waa.

                Both first round picks by the Colts ended up being busts which is not surprising given the 1992 is considered one of the worst of all time.

              11. Grant Cohn March 13, 2017 at 7:26 pm
                Cliff Branch ran a 4.17.
                Hand timed.

      1. Exactly. It is also more likely the Browns have set themselves up to make a run for Garoppolo during the next off season or trade up to the top pick to take Sam Darnold in the 2018 draft.

        1. Cleveland needs a QB in the worst way. Hue cannot go another year with a stop gap QB. He needs to show the Browns fan he has a franchise QB.
          This waiting till next year is bunk. Fans pay big money. They don’t wait to be told it will happen next year.

          1. Cody Kessler college stats from USC: 3 year starter
            1261 att 67.5% 8.2 avg 88/19 td/int 1 int for every 4.63 TD’s thrown

            Trubisky 1 year starter at NC
            572 att 67.5% 8.3 avg 41/10 td/int 1 int for every 4.1 Td’s thrown

            They already drafted a better prospect then Trubisky last year. Why would they go all apey over his less experienced clone?

            1. If you couldn’t tell that I wasn’t being serious when I said “They already drafted a better prospect then Trubisky last year.” then you’re forcing me to go back to putting :) at the end of all my posts so people can tell when I’m kidding or not.

              I mean really?

  19. Grant,
    In a post you made a while back you said the current 9er O linemen didn’t fit KS”s blocking schemes. In your mock you didn’t pick an O lineman until the 6th rd even though they haven’t signed any OL in FA. Why the change of heart?

      1. “You can find athletic linemen late in the draft. Mike Shanahan always did in Denver.”

        Yup, like Deyshawn Bond.

      2. Atlanta gave Shanahan higher round guys (through FA admittedly) in Levitre, Chester and Mack. They had also drafted Mathews in the first round the year before Shanahan joined.

        While you can find OL for the ZBS later in the draft, I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see them take one early this year.

            1. They didn’t draft Joshua Garnett, but it would be somewhat surprising for them to spend another 1st-round pick on a guard just one year later.

              1. I think Lamp or Beadles would compete at centre with Kilgore as well, and Beadles may even be moved to RT if they have concerns over Brown being able to play in the system.

                Do you think Garnett is a good fit for Shanahan’s offense? I hope he is, but I’m not convinced.

              2. Garnett ran a 4.64 20-yard shuttle, which is very good for a guard. I think he’ll fit.

                Brown ran a 4.78 20-yard shuttle. I think he’ll fit as well.

              3. I hadn’t heard Forrest could play center. I know he’s projected to move inside at the next level. With respect to Toth, I agree but I think he has a better chance to start in the league than Bond….

              4. If Garnet and Brown are considered good fits for the scheme, then OL will indeed be a lower priority than I have suggested.

              5. Kilgore ran a 4.68 20-yard shuttle, so he seems to fit.

                Beadles ran a 4.86 20-yard shuttle, so he probably doesn’t fit.

              6. Did you two read a report where Shanny seemed to be leaning towards more of a power running game due to personnel?

              7. Razor, I wouldn’t put too much credence in that article about shifting to more of a power scheme. Highly doubt he will change such a core component of his offensive system.

                Thanks Grant. That surprises me about Beadles, I thought he would have done better than that.

                Thoughts on Chase Roullier as a late round pick?

      3. yeah and it only takes 3 years or so to develop late pick O linemen. If KS wants to win sooner than later he better use at least 2 picks in the first 4 rds on O linemen.

  20. I’d like to see a pass-rusher and an offensive linemen taken earlier, but hell you can’t address everything in one draft. Nice job Grant, I would be real happy if this played out!

  21. Straw Man Prevention: My comments assume this is Grant’s prediction of 49ers interests, not Grant’s exact personal dream mock.

    – Like the trade back. 85% normal chart, which is outstanding in this weak trade back market. Would the Browns package Isaiah Crowell as part of a deal? Say 12+33+65+Crowell instead of 12+33+2018 2nd?
    – Like pick 12. All the sudden the 49ers have multiple weapons on offense.
    – Like pick 33. Zach Cunningham would be a great addition.
    – Hoping 49ers move 34 up if there’s a “faller.” Edge, TE, another WR. (some mocks have Davis falling to 21)
    34+66 gets around 21
    34+109 gets around 28
    34+143 gets around 31

    Thanks again Grant. I’d be very happy with this draft.

  22. If the Browns love ) Trubisky, the trade could happen anytime between his March 21 pro day and the draft.

    Doing the trade well before the draft might be desirable for the Browns.

    1) Browns trade up for pick 2
    2) Browns Take Trubisky at 1
    3) While on the clock, Browns trade pick 2 for much more than they paid for it. Plenty of time to weight two options…

    Cheapest for 5th year options.
    1) Browns take Garrett pick 1
    2) Browns take Trubisky pick 2

    Manufacturing Draft Picks
    1) Browns take Trubisky pick 1
    2) Browns shop Garrett while on the clock for pick 2.

    A win/win for the Browns. They get two cornerstone players to build their franchise in Garrett and Trubisky. Or… they get the QB they were after, and trade pick 2 (Garrett) for far, far more than they gave the 49ers for it.

    1. I’m going to backtrack on cheapest 5th year options. I think its dictated by draft order, not position. Option and Franchise wonks corrections welcome.

    2. Its a good point, but also highlights exactly why the 49ers shouldn’t trade pick #2 until they are on the clock. Even if the parameters for the trade are all worked out well in advance.

  23. (Sorry, I messed up my edit… again!)

    If the Browns love Trubisky, the trade could happen anytime between his March 21 pro day and the draft. Doing the trade well before the draft might be desirable for the Browns. Plenty of time to weight two options…

    Cheapest for 5th year options.
    – Browns take Garrett pick 1
    – Browns take Trubisky pick 2

    Manufacturing Draft Picks
    – Browns take Trubisky pick 1
    – Browns shop Garrett while on the clock for pick 2.

    A win/win for the Browns. They get two cornerstone players to build their franchise… or they get Trubisky, and trade pick 2 (Garrett) for way more than they gave the 49ers.

    1. The Browns already have an idea (and perhaps hard offers) for Garrett. They know exactly what they can get for him.

      This makes the trade from 12 to 2 very clear. If 49ers price is significantly less than offers they are getting for pick 1 (Garret), its a guaranteed profit.

    2. The Browns could make it clear they are going quarterback at 1. Gives them five weeks to shop pick 2 (Garrett).

      They could clean up bigtime (good) or just take Garrett (also good).

      1. It would be clear from the Browns standpoint.
        1) Can you get more than 12+33+2018 2nd for Garrett?
        2) If yes, by how much?

      2. Brodie:

        So, just to be clear, in your scenario, the Browns have to take Trubisky with No. 1, because Garrett could generate a lot of trade offers for other teams to move up to no. 2, whereas Trubisky could not, correct?

        If they trade with the 49ers for #2, I would think the Browns would just pick Garrett and Trubisky. Why engage in further machinations? However, given the Osweiler deal, who know, maybe they just enjoy making these deals for the fun of it. They seem to have high picks and a lot of picks most years, but what do they have to show for it?

        1. Cubus I agree. Drafting Garrett and Trubisky in the first two picks is the way I would go. Edge+QB transforms a team.

          But there’s a small chance the Browns could trade 2 (Garrett).
          – Garrett’s made two public comments about wanting to play somewhere warm. He’s backtracked, but…
          – Clowney and Fowler had serious training camp injuries. The Browns could be a little spooked by this variation of “fast but fragile” syndrome.
          – They get blown away by offers for the Garrett pick. Tempting for an analytics driven front office.

          Grants scenario 12+33+2018 2nd is about 2,200, 85% chart.
          Offers for Clowney will be far more. For an analytics driven organization, if there are slight reservations about Garrett, I can see them manufacturing draft capital well above 12+33+2018 2nd.

          And they already know what those offers for Garrett already are. They were made during and since the combine. If they made the trade for 2, they would get Trubisky and already know exactly what pick 2 would fetch with Garrett on the board.

          1. 1) Trade 12+33+2018 2nd for Niners pick 2
            2) Choose Trubisky at 1
            3) While on the clock, trade pick 2 for way more than 12+33+2018 2nd.


            1) Trade 12+33+2018 2nd for Niners pick 2
            2) Choose Trubisky at 1
            3) Choose Garret at 2

  24. I hope we can trade down like you predicted, but what teams do you realistically think will? HAve you heard anything rumors?

  25. I don’t pick up the Browns phone call. Knowing they would have hometown boy QB at 2 they would easily take bpa garret at 1. So if we refused to play nice they waffle and potentially walk the Trubisky card up for 1, leaving us with garret at 2. And if they wanted both players bad enough the Browns give up the moon when our 10 minutes are ticking away. Screw giving them the deal early. They take garret at 1, and blow off Trubisky, that’s fine.

  26. No way this front office goes past round 4 without drafting a QB. A 7th round QB will net nothing in the future. At least within the first four rounds you can develop a decent enough talent under your control for 4 years. Even if you bring Cousins in next year -come Year 3 the drafted player will likely be worth higher value on the market for trade bate if he’s not your starter. A 7th round pick will be Cody Pickett-cut.

    Good info on Watson:

      1. Looks like it -I liked Peterman too. I’m just thinking Shanny will find someone within the 1st 4 rounds like with Cousins in WA. Everyone thinks Watson is like Winston, but Greg Cosell says he’s more like Alex Smith or Bridgewater.

              1. Bandit,
                Actually Chad Kelly would fit the Favre mode better than Mahomes. Kelly has had a couple of off field issues, but if he’s still on the board in the 4th rd. he’s my choice.

              2. Kelly has major learning disorder. He might very well struggle to pick up this offense. I’d take mahomes over him.

      2. My understanding is they measure ball velocity at something like 30 yards downfield. So I am guessing it is only on the deep passing portion of the field drills it gets measured. Watson and Kaaya tend to loft their deep passes, so it stands to reason they will have lower velocity.

        They should take measurements at various different distances and on different pass types.

        1. IMO, the appropriate measure of “velocity” would be how quickly the ball reaches a pass catcher at 30 yards downfield. The trajectory matters only to the extent that the ball should not be batted down. It’s the horizontal speed that determines how quickly the ball gets to the 30 yard line. A lofted ball will spend more time in the air going up and down, and hence take longer to get there.

          1. Agree, Mood. A lofted ball is not a good choice because the point here is to measure a velocity under conditions that allow for comparisons between various QBs. Therefore, a pass with only one vector component should be used; in this case the one parallel to the playing field (horizontal). So probably something like a 20 yard pass, imo.

            1. Deep ball is part of the repertoire, so good to measure. The 18 yard out is also a crucial test for velocity. It’s good to have common denominator for comparison, but real world tests reveal plenty.
              Scooter’s notion of splits makes sense too.

              1. Real world tests are important, but, imo, there needs to be one test that can be easily reproduced by QBs and also easily reported or understood to be a standard. A lofted pass could have a different launch angle for each QB and that would need to be measured and taken into account when conducting comparisons. Kap, for example, usually throws a “flat” down the field pass whereas Aaron Rodgers’ deep balls tend to have more air under them.

          2. How the ball gets to the target 30+ yards downfield shouldn’t matter, so long as it gets there and has the receiver in good position to catch it.

            To appropriately measure velocity they would be better off setting up a test where the QB needs to drill the ball in hard to a specific spot 10 to 20 yards away, like what can happen in a game fitting a ball into a tight window in the short to intermediate areas.

        2. Jim Druckenmiller was known for his outstanding arm strength and so is Kap. Didn’t serve them well.
          And the other side of the spectrum Ken Dorsey was known to have a nice smooth arcing long pass, yet he never made his mark in the NFL.
          The great QB’s don’t need to have a cannon for an arm – they just need to hit their target consistently.

          1. Accuracy is the number one trait a succcessful QB must have.
            Mitch Trubisky has that quality.
            All the other stuff can be taught.

            1. Agreed Prime.
              I like Trubisky as well and if the Shanahan and Lynch feel that he is worth a number 2 pick I’ve got no problem with it. According to the talking-heads he’s a stretch at number 2, but maybe Shanahan see’s something in MT that I see as well – a little bit of Matt Ryan.

  27. Finally Sebyan has a piece of mind there’s no more Krapernck. Hope Seb you can finally move on with your life but your hero has no home. Everything coming to this tard he deserve no respect to the American flag. :)

  28. 49ers need a tight end with great hands along with great height/speed. OJ Howard would be superb with 4.5 speed as would Evan Engram with 4.4 speed and catches balls one handed. Game breakers are necessary and one I’d get who is overlooked would be Curtis Samuel who ran a 4.31 at the combine and can be RB, WR and KR. Talk about Offensive Weapons. That’s what we need.

    1. You’ll need a Qb to throw the football to the receivers. That’s why Kyle Shanahan got veterns like Garcon, Goodwin, Robinson, Kerleys to give the 49ers some offense. Won’t surprise if Washington trade Cousins to the niners before draft day.

  29. I just looked into my crystal ball. The Niners will trade their #2 pick to Washington for Captain Kirk Cousins. You can take that to the bank. ;)

  30. Shanny wants his guy. He’s not gambling on waiting until next year. That’s ridiculous in his mind, and mine too. So much can happen. That gives us a playoff QB, a quality backup in Hoyer, with Barkley providing competition for that No. 2 spot, and an opportunity for our draft pick to learn from three quality players. It’s the perfect scenario. KC is not waiting a year. He’s going to go for it now. I’ll bet ya!

    1. Lynch will save KS from himself. Lynch will not overpay for a player who he could get for free next year.

      If Cousins played like Ryan, I could see your point, but he played more like Wentz. Last game with the playoffs on the line, he threw a pick, so that was not clutch.

        1. Prime, maybe you do not realize this, but the longer Kaep is unsigned by another team, the more likely he will return at a lower cost.

          You should be extremely disappointed that Kaep has not signed yet, because that would close the door on him coming back.

          1. You can not be as dumb as you appear to be by your non stop Krap posts. No mater what happens you seem to think it all favors Krap.

            1. Less than 2 weeks ago, he was the starting QB of the San Francisco 49ers. I was just being a fan.

              You, by calling him an expletive, are a hater.

              1. Your love for Krap goes way beyond being a fan, it borders on obsession. Let him go and find a new love.

              2. He was the starter when the season ended. Less than 2 weeks ago he was on the roster. Big difference.

  31. Congratulations, Grant, you have bought into my trade back with Cleveland scenario. We even agreed on Obi Melifonwu. Think the Niners could get more draft picks. Maybe 12, 33, 65 and a 2018 second round pick. Niners could also throw in 6tth and 7th round picks to sweeten the deal.

    Still want to draft defense, first, but if Lynch can land a couple more defenders, they may be able to go with a WR in the first.

    Think Ross is elite, but not so durable. Maybe Williams would be a better long term prospect.

    Like the Zach Cunningham pick, but think Joshua Dobbs is a superior QB. If you wait until the 7th round to pick a QB, maybe Cooper Rush is an option.

    1. Seb, No wonder the freakin 49erw didn’t go anywhere the last 4 years while Krapernick was in the team. The guy is “Cancer ” to the team. Seb you and Grant think alike that’s why you guys get along. So please Seb do yourself a favor take (Just Me ) advise and find a new love, Krapernick won’t be coming back home to you: )

  32. Trading the 2nd round pick worth 2600 points and getting in return the 12th pick (1200 points), Cleveland’s 2nd pick (580 points) and next year’s Cleveland 2nd pick (est. 400 points) is a total give-away of 2600 points for 2180 in return). Cleveland’s entire motive for the 49ers 2nd pick is to pick a QB. The 49ers can get far more from Cleveland.


    1. A tale of two trade back markets

      Oakland traded 3
      Miami’s 12+42

      Cleveland traded 2+139(2017)
      Philadelphia’s 8+77+100+12(2017)+2018 second

      Chart goes out the window near the top of the first. Its a weak trade back market, closer to 2013 than 2016. The 49ers would be lucky if they got 12+39+2018 2nd. Its “only” 85% chart, but pretty good consider the relatively even talent between 2 and 12.

      There are no red “Trade Back” buttons under a GM’s desk. Lets brace ourselves for yo-yo’s that will scream “reach” if the 49ers stand pat… or “stupid trade” if Lynch makes a deal like 2013 (as if a GM would say “no” to better offers).

  33. I wouldn’t trade that #2 pick. Wait till draft day and see if Cleveland has the balls to pass on Garrett then we are in the drivers seat to trade or take Garrett for ourselves.

  34. Your right Beau, they are NOT going to trade the number 2 pick to Cleveland. No way. No how. That’s a Baalke move. Those days are over. Kyle wants his QB. His whole world revolves around his offense and especially his QB. He is drooling for Cousins. If he can get him with the #2 pick, it’s a done deal. Washington is not going to wait a year and get nothing for Kirk, and they are certainly not going to franchise him a third time. It’s going to happen, and I think it’s great. Welcome Captain Kirk.

  35. Said it earlier, but I’ll repeat it. I just wasn’t impressed by the few games I saw Garrett play, which given conventional wisdom borders on heresy. Garrett admitted to taking plays off in the article I’ve linked below. I want somebody with a high motor and who plays with passion and leads by example.


    “Sometimes you do look back at it and say, ‘Dang, I could have gave more effort there or I loafed it a little.’ But you work on those things.”

    1. Cubus, if (a big if) Matt Miller’s report the Browns really like Trubisky and its not lying season nonsense, all the more reason for the Browns to trade up for pick 2.

      1) Trade picks 12+39+2018 2nd for the 49ers pick 2
      2) Take Trubisky at pick 1
      3) While on the clock, trade pick 2 for far more than 12+39+2018 2nd

      And the Browns already know what they can get for Garrett. They must have had offers for the 1 at the combine already. They know exactly how much profits in the trade.

      1. Brodie,
        If the 9ers trade back with Cleve I really hope we take less in the 17 draft to get the Browns first rd pick in 18. If the Browns are the Browns during the 17 season we could very well end up with a top 3 pick in the 18 draft.

  36. Picking John Ross over Corey Davis and Mike Williams lol ???? horrible draft and then wait to the 7th round for a qb lol you stink at this

  37. Is all this chatter about Hooker being the next Ed Reed… real?!! Look, I’m all for Seeing what Jimmie can do at FS… BUT Ed Reed… I don’t know man… hmmmm…I actually think our secondary is more os a strength… pass rush is key. But if we had a true Ed Reed roaming for the next 10 years! Wow

  38. Prime, the answer to your question is 2. One of the mandatory curriculum requirements of Summerfield Waldorf School is that all parents must roast at least 2 doobies per day, but more importantly you MUST grow outdoor, in the ground only, to be at one with the earth. Driving a Vanagon Westfalia or a Subaru Outback is not required but recommended. ;)

  39. I only just noticed Marcus Cooper was signed by the Bears on a 3 year deal worth $16M overall and $8M guaranteed. That’s ridiculous. He showed promise as a rookie for the Chiefs after they claimed him from the 49ers, but he’s generally stunk ever since.

  40. Not a bad mock Grant. Everyone has already remarked on your top picks, but I would also praise Vanderdoes (I am also a UCLA alumni, so we may be biased in this regard), Beathard if we wait until the 7th for a QB, and Aviante Collins.

  41. Grant, I agree with your trade idea with the Browns and also agree that the trade market for this year is weak and will dictate a lower than usual take. My question for you is this. If we did get pick 33 (to go along with 34) would you consider trading 33 on the morning of Day 2 of the draft when it is extremely valuable? Perhaps a team would give up a 2018 1st rounder for it, giving us more ammo for our QB hunt next year. (we would have 2 #1’s and 2 #2 in a QB heavy draft.

    1. John Lind – Teams could very well offer their 2018 first for pick 33 or 34. If they fall in love with a player and think they will go deep into the 2018 playoffs it could happen.

  42. Grant likes the trade back option. I will double down and trade back twice.

    Niners should trade back with Cleveland and swap the Number 2 pick and a 6th and 7th round picks (202,219) for the Browns numbers 12, 33 and 52, along with a 2018 second round pick.

    The Niners should trade back again with Baltimore. the Niners should trade the number 12 pick for the Ravens number 16 and 78. Number 12 is worth 1200 points. 16 is worth 1000 points and 78 is worth 200 points.

    Baltimore would want to jump ahead of the Cards and Eagles, who both need DB help.Both Cleveland and Baltimore, by moving up, would be able to grab the players they covet.

    The Niners, by moving back 14 spots, would gain 2 second round picks and a third round pick, along with a 2018 second round pick. Since the Niners need bodies, these would be shrewd moves.

    On the Draftek draft board, players ranked 16-26 includes-
    Marlon Humphrey CB, Reuben Foster ILB, John Ross WR, Desean Watson, QB, Haason ReddickOLB, Malik McDowell DT, Christian McCaffrey RB, David Njoku TE, Forrest Lamp OG, Quincy Wilson CB, and Garrett Bolles OT.

    The Niners would have pick numbers 16, 33, 34, 52, 66, 78, 109, 143,146, 161 and 186. Using the Draftek draft board and picking within 5 spots of the number, here is a double trade down mock draft.

    16- Haason Reddick OLB
    33- Obi Melifonwu S (Or Budda Baker S)
    34- Carl Lawson DE
    52- Raekwon McMillen ILB (Or Zach Cunningham ILB)
    66- Carlos Watkins DT
    78- Chris Godwin WR
    109- Davis Webb QB
    143- Derek Rivers DE (Or Julie’n Davenport OT)
    146- Jordan Leggett TE
    161- D’Onta Foreman RB
    186- Kyle Fuller C

    1. If the Niners wanted to go bold, they might draft Christian McCaffrey at 16. Sure would be nice to draft the son of a former Niner.

      Lynch should also sign TJ MacDonald, who is the son of Tim MacDonald. It might help bring back some of the Glory Years’ Mojo.

  43. Grant????? Or is this Trent baalke in disguise? Cause this looks a lot like baalke picks except some reason we would be taking a hurt receiver with first pick!

      1. Watched a breakdown last night. On some plays at safety Melifonwu looks great. Knifes into the backfield for TFLs. Shows speed+range batting passes down. But on several plays he looked timid un run support. Had slow reaction times. On one deep pass play he seemed to loaf. Floating in space as his corner battled the receiver one-on-one.

        He certainly shows flashes. High ceiling. Taylor Mays floor.

    1. ” The niners foolishly did not follow my advise and signed Demarcus Ware. He could have been here to help the team rebuild.”
      – Grant Cohn

      1. I wanted Ware for his leadership, but can only wish him Godspeed.now.

        Ware, even at his advanced age, would have been better than any 49 on the squad. Sorry to see him retire, just like with Patrick Willis, but they both knew their bodies’ best.

  44. Horrible mock move down to 12 and all we get is a 2nd this yr and next wtf? We need a big bodied wr last I saw we signed the fastest player in the NFL….Cunningham is a athlete not a football player. Just horrible

      1. Everyone was happy when Harbs came to rescue Stanford. Nobody in the athletics building was unhappy when he left for the Niners after four seasons.

  45. I truly like this mock draft. As you aware the points do not work for your trade down, but in a year of non qb top 5 picks I think the Niners would take this trade down in a heart beat.

    The only options I would consider is the TE out of Alabama at pick 12, Shannahan loves his TE’s and he is a true #1, the Niners got the WR from the Bills for speed, but still love Ross

    At pick 33, if one of the top 4 qb’s fall, I would not mind taking a flyer on one of them. Good value contract and could be the back up for Cousins if we get him in 2018. Or could becom the starter ;)

    I am also a DE pressure guy, with pick 34 if you get best pass rusher available it will only help the existing DB’s.

    Still your draft hits the spot, with so many team needs as long as they do not whiff it shoul be ok. The trade down is my favorite part

  46. Grant,
    I’ve said this before regarding your mock drafts in past years, your love affair with speed over talent reminds me very much of Al Davis late in his career.

      1. You think he’s better then a player that got picked at #7 but you think he’ll last to #12. I don’t think there’s any certainty that Williams goes before Ross and the first and possibly second receiver will be gone before #12.

          1. Maybe but that’s only conjecture, the reality is, he went #7. Unless you can poll all 31 other GM’s you don’t really know how high someone else was targeting him.

            Still a possibility that Ross goes before Williams in which case I would expect two receivers off the board before #12 comes along.

            1. Fun fact since 2000 there have been an average of 1.6 receivers taken in the top 10 of the draft. Top 10 receivers are either feast or famine, there would either be 0 taken or 2 or 3. There were more drafts with 2 or more taken then there were with just one. 10 of the 16 seasons counted had an average of 2.1 receivers taken in the top 10.

            2. He has a great 40 time but is slight and has an injury history… even currently he has an injury. To top it off this draft has Williams, Davis, and Zay Jones (after the combine) who are all potential first round picks.
              Long story short I think all of this lowers his value and he will be there at 12. I would postulate he will go between 17-23.

              1. Zay Jones is still a late first to early second prospect and that’s with the combine. Davis is also injured at the moment. The only thing really holding back Ross’s stock is his build. He really showed well at the Senior Bowl and then topped it off by setting the record at the combine for the 40, that’s not just a great 40 time it’s one of the fastest ever run not timed by hand.

                Would I bet the farm he’s gone by #12, no. But I do think it’s possible. I definitely believe 2 receivers go in the top 10. At least for the moment. :)

              2. Ross is considerably more athletic then Fuller as well. Tenth of a second faster in the 40 but also out jumped him in the broad jump by seven inches and out leaped him in the vertical by three and a half. They’re also listed at about the same weight but Fuller is taller by an inch which would make him ever leaner then Ross. Ross also has longer arms by nearly an inch.

                Ross is a better prospect then Fuller was so there’s no reason to assume Ross won’t be drafted higher.

  47. I know it’s highly improbable, but here goes..the Browns want the hometown boy so bad that they trade their #2&3 this year and 3 next year to move up to 2 and switch with the 49ers first round spot.

    They would pick and move back into the first using the newly acquired second. And do the following:

    1-12-Mike Williams- WR – Clemson
    1-27-Patrick Mahones-QB- Texas Tech – from KC for the Browns #2 pick
    2-34-Jarrad Davis – LB – Florida
    3- 65-Kevin King – CB – Washington
    3- 66 – Carl Lawson DE – Auburn or Joe Mathis – Washington
    4-109- Ethen Pocic C – LSU
    4 – 143 – Jaleem Reeves-Maybin – LB – Tennessee
    5 – 146 – James Conner – RB – Pitt
    5 – 161 – Chad Wheeler – G – USC
    6 – 186-Justin Davis – RB -USC
    6 – 202- Derrick Griffin- TE – Texas Southern
    7 – 219 – Isaiah Mackenzie – WR – Georgia

  48. We here in the Peanut Gallery, to include Grant who conducts this orchestra, fall into our draft crushes. Local talent can especially draw homer interest. To wit: Kevin Hogan. In an article today on PFT that mentions some mutual interest between the Browns and Gino Smith, Hogan is mentioned as on the depth chart but given ‘no chance’ of beating out Cody Kessler, and Smith would be competing to start. That’s a rough assessment given the level of competition.
    There was a lot of love for Hogan on this site, and plenty of scoffers too. As I recall I kinda liked him as a guy who could develop into a solid back-up but I wasn’t drinking any koolaide. It looks like it wasn’t even close.
    QB evals by us amateurs are fraught with danger. They are like retried beans:
    They need to be taken with salt, should be spiced up a bit, and may lead to unwelcome later emissions of a gaseous nature

    1. I like Hogan, and if the Niners trade back with Cleveland, maybe the Niners could throw in 6th and 7th round picks and the Browns could trade away Hogan to the Niners.

      I hope the Niners and browns work out a deal where both sides are happy, and both sides improve their teams. Make it a win/win situation.

      1. You just had explained to you that Hogan is not as competent as G.Smith, but you still like him and would want him? Smith is going to get cut, then sign with a 1-win team and be favored to make Hogan completely irrelevant but you want to give up a draft choice for him?
        You’re Albert Einstein, you are.

        1. I knew you were throwing shade my way because you know I have touted Kevin Hogan many times. I think Geno Smith is talented, but he is also a brainless twit. Maybe he will do better with a fresh new start, but he truly was a cancer in the Jets locker room. Kevin Hogan is an Albert Einstein compared to Geno Smith.

          Still think Hogan could become a good QB in this league, especially if he able to sit for a couple years, work out to be able to withstand the hits, and studies hard, although he is comfortable snapping the ball from under center.

          I think the Cleveland deal could be accomplished without Hogan, but since I sweetened the pot for Cleveland with 6th and 7th round picks, they could easily reciprocate but adding Hogan.

          I want both teams to feel like they are getting a good deal. Obviously, you want to try and pull a Baalke to gain an unfair advantage.

      2. Seb, where did you get the rumors that 49ers are going to trade the the #2 overall pick in the 1st round to Cleveland? Sanahan and Lynch aren’t stupid like Baalke that’s why he got fired :)

    2. I liked Hogan while he was at Stanford, but his throwing motion makes that of Old #7 look compact in comparison.

        1. Hogan was forced into starting, and ran for a TD in his first game. Cleveland was not a good team to judge QB play from, because the Browns were generally inept.

          With a good supporting cast, Hogan could become a good QB. He is a Stanford grad, so he is familiar with the pro set, and I think he is smart.

  49. Horrible Business move. Gamble Wide Receiver and Gamble Picks in Second with No Kirk idea. Come on. . Why would you do that if you could have a good chance at Getting Cousins for a second and with the 1st Round pick with Redskins they swap and you can either get Corey Davis, Ross, or Williams. And Still have the second pick in the second round. Maybe they could even bundle their 2nd and 3rd pick and move up to get McCaffrey or Williams in late first… If Redskins swapped firsts and gave Niners. Niners could then make a business move with combining there second and third for late first with like the Patriots or Steelers. That way…. Niners could get Cousins. One of the Three Top Recievers and Mccaffrey. Or they could get Cousins and 2 of the top 3 recievers in the draft. Then in Free Agency, Sign a top Defensive line Stud. Hightower Type Middle Linebacker. And One Free Agent young Lineman. Take a risk on Cals or Miamis quarterback in Middle Rounds and just draft young, big trench bodies. Or if Washington is just stubborn and does not do a good business move on there end just to get back at Shannahan.. The niners could trade down with Browns. Draft Ross with 12th. With the 2 second rounders from browns trade those with late first round team to get Mike Williams Reciever. One of those two reciever or both should become a star. Then they still have their own second round pick to try to give to Redskins for Cousins or just go about your normal draft after that with all best talented defensive players and a 4th round caliber pick for Cals QB or Miamis QB and Hope Cousins comes in and you can have a patriot setup with a possible Grappolo backup. And they still could sign with their money a Detackle like Poe from Chiefs. Middle linebacker Hightower. And a Top young Offensive lineman….

    1. Probably logic doesn’t play that much into it. We’re talking drafting QBs, Cleveland Browns, and Browns drafting QBs. Those aren’t areas known to harbor logical plans and actions.
      Clearly, trading 12 to 2 would be a panic move, but that franchise needs a sense of urgency, and Hue needs to,gets his hands on some young prospect before his job turns into a pumpkin. Hue has to get something going, Lynch can plan his moves.

        1. No, Trubisky will be taken by the Jets, who initially were excited about him, but now are ignoring him. Ignoring him while really badly needing a QB just shows how transparent they are, and how desperate they may be.

          I think Cleveland would do better by trading up, and selecting Fournette. Fournette will not last until 12. Then the QB may not be as critical if they have a run game. Right now, they have Qsweiler, and he may be good enough to hand off the ball to Fournette.

          Maybe Fournette will become another Jim Brown type.

    1. It doesn’t seem to me that it is in the best interests of ShanaLynch to assume that Cousins will be signed by the team for the 2018 season. Also many say that we should wait until the 2018 draft to select a QB because there will be a better crop of QBs coming out of college. I have two issues with this:

      1) How do we know that the 49ers will have an early enough pick to get a good QB in 2018? Every year there are a fair number of teams that are looking for a QB. If the team performs fairly well in the 2017 season, they miss out on the best prospects.

      2) Last year many on this blog and elsewhere believed that QBs such as Kaaya and Watson would wind up being top 3 to 5 picks. Now the 2017 draft QB class is being chastised as one of the worst classes in recent memory. How do we know that the same thing won’t happen in 2018?

      My point is that kicking the can down the road in the 2017 draft under the assumption that we’ll get either Cousins or a top draft QB is optimistic. ShanaLynch needs to have a contingency plan and for that reason I think they have to select a QB within the first 4 rounds of the 2017 draft.

          1. Among Trubisky, Kizer, Watson, Mahomes, I’m guessing at least one will become a good starting quarterback. Well worth a day one pick.

            But I have no idea which one. This draft will get GMs fired for taking a quarterback… or skipping a quarterback.

            I can see teams trying to replicate the Raiders 2014 draft. Defensive stud first round. Quarterback in the high second (or late first).

            1. After Mahomes I’m really hard pressed to pick a true #2 that I like most. I like Trubisky for some reasons and I like Watson for others. I’m also warming up a little bit to Webb. I think the only one I feel most convinced is not going to do well in the NFL is Kizer. (sorry Razor)

              1. It will be interesting to see where Kizer ends up when Mayock updates his post combine rankings….

              2. Trubisky buys time by taking a few steps to evade the rush, then throws accurately. That trait along will intrigue teams. But he has so little film…

              1. Yes. I use Carr as an example. Drafted high 2nd round. But worth high first round.

                Raiders drafted Mack 5, Carr 36. I can see some teams (trying) to replicate that.

      1. Agree about wanting Cousins this year. To be clear, I’m all for trading for Cousins. I’d rather see him in camp in 2017. I don’t think we should involve picks 2 or 34.

        Agree about the 2018 draft. Shanahan can get 5-6 wins in 2017. I think we are already out of the Darnold-Rosen draft range.

        BTW… have you seen Darnold highlights? For a 19 year old he’s superman. Throws an amazing ball. Quick release. Big. Tough. Movement skills. If he was in this draft, the Browns would take him 1, the 49ers would choose Garrett.

              1. Jack,
                I believe that Darnold is as different from Barkley as Luck was from Hogan. Same schools, same systems very different QB’s.

              2. Darnold is bigger, stronger, more mobile, stronger arm, fearless in the pocket, but other than that they are exactly the same.

              3. Barkley was a sure fire #1 pick after his freshman season too.

                I’ve got nothing against Darnold, but I’m also not ready to hail him as the next great thing quite yet either.

              4. Not jumping on the hype train just yet I understand, but Darnold is superior to Barkley across the board. The only thing they have in common is playing QB at SC.

      2. Cubus,

        There have been a few discussions on this previously and I agree with you. It makes little sense to ignore the QB position in the draft in hopes of getting somebody better in 2018. The more resources the team throws at it the better chance of finding a long term option.

        1. Exactly, IMO — if you don’t have a franchise QB the team should draft a BPA QB in the first 3-4 rounds every year.

      3. cubus

        I agree with you…every year we have about 5 or 6 ‘hot’ QB prospects, and we all drool about the possibilities of them becoming 9ers…then they either get busted up, stepped on by their dog, or something similar that turns them into yesterday’s mail and they’re never heard of again until they retire from the CFC. The machinations are already at work on these supposed ‘trades’, each of which has already been gone over by both Shannahan and Lynch. This as as usual triggers our Pavlov’s dog imitation, and fills the blog with all sorts of imaginary results. Did anyone stop to consider that Shannahan AND Lynch are probably pretty good ‘poker players’ and know about keeping their cards close to their vests ? Where did we all get the idea that they WANTED Cousins ? It might simply be a ruse (or raise) to flush out the other players….We have Hoyer…we have Barkley…and I think that (as per cubus) we have a plan for a top 4 QB in the draft.We’ll know in about 3 weeks….

      4. Cubus, this is something I mentioned previously. A lot can happen between now and 2018. Assuming they will sign Cousins in 2018 is a risk, and not something they should simply bank on happening. Still need a contingency plan.

        I would be surprised if they don’t draft a QB before the end of day 2 of the draft.

      5. Cubes,
        I agree. And have stated your point 2 quite often. Most people overvalue future prospects. I guess it’s the fact that we want to think positively. However, if Sam Darnold regresses or gets injured, Jake browning plays just as spotty as he has in the past and Lamar Jackson continues to get buy on his athletic ability then next year’s class could be even worse.
        He’ll, even if one of them really stands out but the rest stay the same and the 49ers don’t have the number 1 pick… the waiting game will have failed the 49ers.

        1. Waiting will land Cousins, so drafting a QB is not critical.

          Still, there may be 10 QBs in the 2018 draft class would would be better than any of this year’s candidates.

  50. It is such a rich draft. Here’s another approach.

    2. O.J. Howard – TE – Because he puts this offense in Passing Gear. O.W.

    34. Obi Melifonwu – SS – Because he can cover Jimmy Graham.

    66. Curtis Samuel – WR/RB/KR – Because he’s the change up.

    109. Demarcus Walker – EDGE – Line size and 16 sacks in 2016.

    143. Ethan Pocic – C – Because you have to bolster the Center position against injury.

    146. Jeremy Cutrer – CB – Has the size at 6’2″, coverage skills, and hits hard, loves to play the run.

    161. Ejuan Price – OLB – Tough guy, used as situational pass rusher, moves to ILB as well.

    186. Erik Magnuson – OT – Friend of Coach Harbaugh.

    202. Aaron Jones – RB – Natural Outside Zone Runner, feels the holes, good burst.

    219. C.J. Beathard – QB – “Little Ben”. Good call, Grant

  51. Most cap space remaining, per official NFL accounting: – Biderman
    49ers: $73.9M
    Browns: $61.4M
    Jaguars: $47.0M
    Titans: $42.3M
    Raiders: $41.6M

  52. Don’t think we need to have a big tradeback cuz there are a couple of guys who will be impact players, and i still hope that we can get Cousins of Garoppolo for a reasonable value (2nd rounder and 5th rounder and a 2018 3th rounder).

  53. http://www.mercurynews.com/2017/03/14/jim-harbaugh-is-even-ruthless-in-a-family-basketball-game/

    “We’re playing, and you can picture the kind of game it is, right? Allison happens to hit a couple jumpers and we’re playing to seven, and we’re up maybe 5-1. Next thing you know, Jim starts going over the top of Allison (John’s 13-year-old daughter) for rebounds, he’s boxing her out 10 feet away from the basket.”

    “I get him with my right arm bar across his chest and I’m trying to body check him into the pricker bushes behind the driveway, and he just powers his way to the basket, lays one over the top, a reverse layup off the board, and all he could talk about is how he won. He picks up Jack and says, ‘Doesn’t it feel great, Jack, to win? Doesn’t it feel great to win?’

  54. There is a lot of talk about the 49ers trading back. How about the opposite? What if they trade up and draft Myles Garrett?

    That’s one way to minimize risk.

    1. Nick,
      How much would you be willing to give up to move one spot. If Cleve really wants Garrett it seems like they would ask for quite a bit.

      1. Based on draft value, they’d have to give up #2, 66, 109, and 143. That’s a 1st, 3rd, and two 4th round picks. That’s a steep price, but if they can swindle Cleveland with something better, it might be worth it. Perhaps package Armstead in the deal.

      1. I actually think it would be a good pick. Jones isn’t raw in terms of technique or experience at the QB position, and he did not suffer the level of injury that some of the prospects drafted by Baalke did.

    1. Wth-Oh! LOL! This looks like the dreaded Win, Place or Show Ribbons for FA. Every year some teams ‘win’ free agency. Doesn’t always translate right away to wins.
      (PS- But Patriots actually seem to be winning it this year)

    1. Why would they? He won’t sign with Cleveland. They want to pay him $24M to be an involuntary indentured servant for 2017 and then get a comp when he leaves?
      Cousins will ball for his mates if he has to stay in DC this year, but it’d be asking a lot for him to,lay it all out for guys he doesn’t know and coach and org he resents.
      That seems dumb to me.

      Two off-the-wall QB rumors out of Cleveland today. Me thinks smoke to hide their true intent in the draft.

      1. Yeah it doesn’t make a lot of sense unless Cousins were willing to sign a long term deal. This seems like a rumor created to try and outdo the Osweiler trade.

        1. I guess there’s no chance that Cleveland would get Cousins and then try to pass him on to the 49ers? Too many moving parts and not enough commitments in writing to take the risk – unless for some reason the Browns were convinced that Cousins would play for them if they couldn’t unload him to SF. The reason why I’m even considering this idea is that the Browns have already shown they want draft picks and will pay for them. In this case they would get draft picks from the 49ers which presumably would be a better haul than what they pay Washington. But the odds of making all of these moving parts work without written legal commitments is too remote to take on that kind of risk.

  55. Right on the money Cubus. This idea of waiting until 2018 for Cousins is preposterous. Such a needless gamble. Get him now! And if Washington is dumb enough to negate everything and keep him, then they need to move on to one of the top QB’s in the draft by at least round three. My pick, and always has been, is Mahomes.

  56. Ian Rapoport on KNBR this morning said there is less than 0 interest so far by teams for Kraep though he thinks he will eventually sign for not much more than the NFL minimum as a backup or backup to the backup. The chances of the Niners re-signing him, according to Ian, is less than 0. Is it colution by the owners? Or is it just film study by the GM’s and coaches? I say a little of both.

    1. How sad and yet amusing. And of course Rapoport is only stating what is obvious to anyone except imbeciles — Kaep is not nor will he become NFL starter material. He simply doesn’t have “the right stuff.” No one’s going down the rabbit hole with Kaepernick again.

    2. Your need to exaggerate what Ian Rapoport had to say about the market for Kaepernick is entertaining. Anyone that interested in what Rapoport said can always go to KNBR and hear it for themselves. It is low key and not a bit relevant to the 49ers or Kaepernick.

  57. I love Ross,but I think we trade down to 6 with jets,and take Corey Davis the kid is a high character player checks all the boxes for a #1 receiver and check the film, never seen him get caught from behind,just like Jerry Rice.kid has skills

  58. ~Mach 2.0/No Trades~

    (1)1. King Solomon QB Killer
    (2)34. Gareon Conley CB
    (3)66. Ethan Pocic C/G/OT
    (4)109. Jeremy McNichols RB
    (4)143. Josh Harvey-Clemons SS
    (5)146. Elijah Lee LB
    (5)161. Damore’ea Stringfellow WR
    (6)186. Chad Kelly QB
    (6)202. Blake Jarwin TE
    (7)219. Samson Ebukam OLB

  59. I love the Solomon pick razor but I think we go offense this year to many years of defense under ballke,if we traded back 3-5 spots picked Davis or Ross do u think Solomon would still be there middle of round for a trade up to snag him?

  60. This is how far out of touch Seb is.

    2 years ago I proposed the trade of Kap to Denver for Tim Tebow and draft picks when Kap was still a hot commodity.
    Seb mocked me, saying he wouldn’t trade Kap for a boatload of draftpicks.
    I stated to Seb, they both have similar skill sets–running QB’s, limited accuracy–but Denver was interested if the 49ers could pay 1/2 the salary.

    Well, guess who has a pro career, Seb ?

    Tim Tebow gets first hit and makes diving catch for Mets

    So put that in your pipe (with whatever else is in that bong) and smoke it


    Updated March 13, 2017 6:40 PM

    March 14, 2017 at 1:48 pm
    Look out though, a storm is coming! LOL! What a joke!

    Kaep is not nor will he become NFL starter material. He simply doesn’t have “the right stuff.”

    1. 49er in the Andess

      March 14, 2017 at 1:57 pm

      How sad and yet amusing. And of course Rapoport is only stating what is obvious to anyone except imbeciles

  61. ESPN ranks 49ers as the 4th-most improved team in free agency

    March 14, 2017 at 1:12 PM • 66 comments

    By David Bonilla

    1. I’ve been touting Kareem Hunt for awhile. Other than McCaffrey, probably the best pass catcher out of the backfield. At 220 is willing to take on the defender in pass blocking. I’m on board TomD.

  62. I wonder if Paraag Marathe has been taking a back seat during FA negotiations this year. He has a reputation for being a skilled negotiator and securing team friendly deals. The FA signings this year seem like a departure from previous years.

    1. Not really. They all follow a very similar structure. The difference is the guy in charge is more aggressive.

    2. The GM sets the $ range in which the negotiator (Marathe) operates. From what I have read, Marathe does an outstanding job in coming prepared to the negotiation table with detailed analysis of the player’s past performance and uses that latter as a basis for negotiating incentives. He’s pretty upfront with all the agents and as a result the Niners have good relationships even with the ones with reputations of being difficult, such as Drew Rosenhaus.

    3. Looks like all the deals are pretty modest, and fair for the players.

      It was interesting to hear Lynch praise Paraag, so I guess Paraag is sticking around.

      It does, however, sound like Lynch is using Paraag as a tool, and Paraag is not dictating policy.

        1. I just remember Dec 3, 2015, when Tomsula left and would not come back until Paraag lost his job as team president. Somehow, Jed kept Paraag, even though he was fingered as the source for the leaks.

          Maybe he was just doing the bidding of Baalke, when he leaked like a sieve, but I will also blame Paraag for the anal lytics that justified the ACL strategy. The timidity concerning game management and punting from the opponents 38 yard line was also another example of anal lytics, so hopefully, they will stop using anal lytics as policy, and just as a tool.

          Glad Lynch put his foot down and has stopped the leaks, but even before Lynch’s name came out, there were whispers of a third GM candidate.

          Lynch, in praising Paraag, was telling the world that Paraag is just an employee, and his focus on the contracts is all that Paraag is being asked to do with this new regime.

            1. We will see. If Paraag is sitting next to Jed, and is not sitting in the coaches’ booth, then my facts will prove out.

              1. You have no actual facts, Seb, and you have no special insight. You have misconstrued your thoughts and absurd opinions about things as Reality. You’re an idiot, Seb. A blathering idiot.

            2. It’s conjecture, as none of us are privy to the private going on behind closed doors. These aren’t facts anymore than it’s an alternate fact that Elvis is alive and well and retired in Topeka Kansas.

          1. Why are you so sure that it was Marathe that was leaking stories?

            And if Marathe and York are so terrible to work for how did they land the hottest coaching candidate available along with a GM that you’ve praised quite a bit?

              1. Huh? They also landed the hottest coaching candidate in 2011.

                When the team had a good head coach Marathe was hardly talked about by fans. Those in the know praised him for his ability to manage the cap and set up team friendly deals.

                Now after two years of bad coaches and 6 years of a GM that failed Marathe is terrible again?

                Come on.

              2. Jack,
                I remember Marathe getting ripped pretty bad before 2011 when he was the 9ers guy in the replay booth. I think it was Ralph Barbieri leading the charge.

              3. Paraag, by sitting in the coaches booth and dictating plays, was an anathema to me.

                He should just stick to contracts, and since the new contracts seem fair all around, he will not be getting praise for only writing team friendly deals like the Kaep one. Lynch is the new sheriff in town.

                Yes, I am jumping for joy now that Baalke is gone, and Lynch is like a breath of fresh air. I am glad that he will be using Paraag as a tool, not as a savant.

                Soon we will see if the anal lytics have been deep sixed. If they draft another ACL player in the third round, I will be extremely disappointed.

              4. Old Coach,

                See a pattern here? The critics of Marathe are the press and the fans — two contingents with little knowledge of the inner workings of the franchise. The fans of Marathe are the ones who actually matter to the running of the franchise as well as those in NFL circles.

                While Marathe is not perfect and may have mishandled some interpersonal relationships (few of those who have worked with Harbaugh haven’t mishandled interpersonal relationships), he needs to get credit when the franchise is doing well as much as the blame when the franchise is in the doldrums. The irrational antipathy of some fans towards Marathe is beyond stupid, IMO.

              5. Coach,

                So do I. And the coach stunk.


                You missed the point yet again. This is a theme with you.

              6. Jack, you keep saying that I am missing the point, but I have been spot on about Paraag. I am not the only one who has mentioned Paraag as the leaker. Read those articles by the BASG.

                Too bad Jed went back on his word.

                About those team friendly deals, maybe FAs avoided the Niners like the plague because they knew that Paraag would only write team friendly deals, not only because Baalke was a skinflint.

                Now that Lynch is in charge, he has signed 11 players. He must have directed Paraag to write up fair deals.

              7. Bah, Paraag is hailed by the sycophants as some financial guru that the Niners could not function without.

                Wrong. Joan in accounting could also draw up those contracts, and 31 other teams are doing just fine without Paraag writing their contracts.

                Old Coach, thanks for reminding Jack and others that my comments are not made in a vacuum. Paraag is not a football guy and he was making football decisions.

              8. Lynch is going to sign or draft another 30 players so the fact that he’s already signed 11 is no big deal. He’s trying to fix a mess.

                As for Marathe and team friendly deals, he’s still working the same way. Those 11 deals total less than $30mil in cap space and the 49ers now have the most available of any team.

            1. Seems like Lynch respects Praag for his salary cap ability. He praised him for putting the Niners in a good position financially.
              He’s just a excuse for you Seb as is Baalke because they didn’t believe in a Kap.

              1. Everyone needs a numbers guy on the team.
                The idea that Praag had roster control is ridiculous. Jed gave Baalke way too much rope.

  63. #80 ..

    The Brownies should just go with Osweiller …
    I mean… they paid enough for him … right ?

    After all .. as someone posted earlier …
    The Dog Pound is used to losing anyhoo !

  64. ^ L Kabong ..

    I’m surprised you can count that high …
    OTOH … what are you doin’ here .. ??

    ya know .. since you brought it up

    1. ??? LOL!? Aspiring writers………?
      Bay? Tim? DS9? Jordo? MonkeyPunk? Hofer? Clem? Clawed? DClark?
      Angus? Adam? Adam707? AndrewFromRishikish?DaveFromMaui? BostonNiner? Spaceborn? 49erGirl?
      Eggs-zactly which old timers were the aspiring writers?
      Mary? Bob Padecky? Old School? Crab15?
      Do tell.

      1. Lol, I remember this group of people. I believe we lost a majority of them the second Alex Smith was traded. We haven’t saw Hofer since he got benched. Lol

      2. Brotha,

        I think he may be referring to Eric Branch and Maiocco.

        Wonder what happened to Andrew from Rishsikesh. I’m planning a trek in the Indian Himalayas this summer and may pass thru Rishikesh..

          1. It’s pretty awe-inspiring, Razor, to walk on a trail with peaks above 20,000 feet lining the horizon that are too numerous even to be named (some just have a number). The downside is that one has to hike quite a bit to get to the some of these trek destinations in the Indian Himalayas, unlike driving for a few hours up to a trail head here in a Sierra wilderness for a weekend of backpacking and fishing !

          2. Razor,
            Wishing you a happy birthday in advance. I have a few more months to go before that age. I can’t do Sikkim this time because it’s a 10-day trek. I will do a 5-6 day trek in first half of June before monsoon arrives. If you are serious, gmail me at MoodIndigo

      3. Excellent! Name calling when someone disagrees with you. Worried about the strength of your arguement?
        Well, if you’ve been here for years, we haven’t missed your more recent absences. Thanks for the drive by.

  65. Scott Wright‏Verified account @DraftCountdown Jan 29
    Could see new 49ers GM John Lynch taking a long look at Stanford DE / OLB Solomon Thomas, an athletic high-motor pass rusher, at #2 overall.

          1. Mocks have the Steelers drafting DBs and WRs. Reddick was a choice, too.

            Lawson is rated 38th on the draft boards.

            1. Hey, if you want to ignore some info I assume you were unaware of, go ahead. Mock drafts may have the Steelers pegged for something else, but the Steelers are one of the worst teams when it comes to hiding intentions. Guys they overtly show interest in are guys they want.

              They sent Tomlin (HC), Colbert (GM) and Porter (OLB coach) to Auburn’s pro day, and Tomlin took Lawson aside for a 1-on-1. That’s what they do for guys they like. This after interviewing him at the combine as well. They are genuinely interested in him.

  66. If Cook, Mike Williams, Watt, Reddick, Charlton, Watson, or Trubiscuit is available @ #34, who would you pick? What a dilemma.

          1. Actually, I like him better than Ross, because he is big and tall.

            Ross may crumple with the big hits. I think Williams would be more durable.

              1. He would be smart to do that, but they will try to hit him like a ton of bricks every time he touches the ball.

                If you follow the path of many rookie WRs, they tend to get injured because they have not had the time to work out, and bulk up to be able to take the hits.

              2. Sebnnoying day 7 and Kap remains unemployed.
                From starting QB to an after thought!
                Wow! Probably see you tomorrow with the same info.

  67. I know that many of the 49er problems start at the very top and filter down. Baalke was merely part of the problem in a very dysfunctional front office. I never quite bought that he didn’t want FAs. He didn’t spend money for reasons he didn’t always share. I’m sure his book will be interesting reading. Always struck me as a company man. Hopefully the culture has shifted. The tandem of Lynch and Shanahan seems to be saying and making decent moves, at least offensively. Let’s hope they continue to make good moves and have a rally good draft.

    Interesting article

  68. I see Cordarrelle Patterson was picked up by the Raiders in a Prove it deal.

    Wish the Niners could have done the same thing.

      1. He is a first round player, so he does have talent. Other than Garcon, he would have been better than any of the other Niner WRs.

        1. “He is a first round player, so he does have talent”

          Yeah I know he has talent, as a return man and gadget player.

          The fact that he was a first round pick is irrelevant. Blaine Gabbert was a first round player too.

  69. That trade does no make sense. The eagles gave up more for jump 6 spots last year, we would be dropping 10 spots and all we could get is 2 extra picks? what would make sense would be for the 2 overall get browns 12, 33, 97, next years 1st

      1. MM points out an interesting “fact” that PFT did not mention, in 2016 C Zuttah was named to his first Pro Bowl. Really solid acquisition for Lynch and Shanahan, frees up more draft flexibility.

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