49ers 9, Seahawks 12: Postgame report

Stay tuned for my 49ers team grades, which I will post shortly. In the meantime, check out my postgame Periscope report below.

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  1. Last year we couldn’t stop good teams, meh teams or bad teams. Add a legit pass-rusher and this defense becomes a very solid defense.

    The offense… Well, let’s put it this way, the first year with the Falcons… Matt Ryan had one of his worst years ever as he, and the Falcons, struggled with it. But, in the end, it paid off.

    So, basically, I’ve been expecting growing pains all year. And I really doubt CJ Beathard will be ready to run this offense this year.

    1. A legit pass rusher such as Ahmad Brooks? Breaking news, we no qb…..tragic because the rest of roster is solid aside from the wr group. #7 is a better option than Hoyer, theres no doubt left in my mind.

    1. did you watch the same game I did? Hoyer was under pressure most of the game. Unlike Wilson, Hoyer is not a runner, but on this day the coverage was better than our receivers ability to get open. Of course you can’t win the game if you can’t hold on to the ball and the drops killed us. As far as the pass to Celick at the end, Hoyer didn’t see the receiver running down the sideline, and he was open. If that was the speedster, I can understand why he didn’t throw it to him. We do have a defense now that could stop everything but Wilson. No spy, a major problem.

      1. Lol! Hoyer wasn’t under much pressure today. The OL actually did a good job in pass pro most of the game. Hoyer held the ball too long, which can partly be attributed to his receivers not getting open, but was mostly just Hoyer not playing well.

  2. Beerows points out:

    Overall: The outcome was the same as San Francisco’s last six games in Seattle. But their three-point margin of defeat shows that the gap between the two teams may not be as large as it’s recently been. The 49ers’s dropped their last six games in Seattle by an average of 17.7 points. Grade: C+

  3. QB – F
    15/27 = 55% completion rate, 99 yards, no throws over 14 yards. Safe to say that if CJB isn’t starting during week 4, the tank is on.

    RB – A
    A very tough place to run in, and Hyde made it look easy. Wish nothing but the best for Hyde as he learns this offense.

    WR, TE – D
    Hyde’s great running game should have opened up the pass attack, but I guess the lack of talent rears its ugly head. Goodwin starting to make the case for being a roster cut.

    OL – B-
    A sizeable improvement over last week now that Zane “Turnstile” Beadles isn’t there anymore. Still need more talent in the interior

    DL – B-
    Not exactly the best showing, but RW isn’t exactly easy to contain and sack. Hard to blame the defense when the offense had possession for 23 minutes out of 60

    LB – D
    Lots and lots of missed tackles. Foster can’t come back any sooner.

    Secondary – D
    RW didn’t exactly light it up, but his receivers did him no favors. On every other play, he made some great throws into soft coverage and it seemed that on every play, there was someone open.

    Coaching – F
    Literally 0 adjustments on offense and so many check-down throws on 3rd and long. The heck is with these play calls?

    Special Teams – B+
    Seems that Bolden and Taylor have solidified their status as competent returners. For once, this unit looks cohesively solid.

      1. Correct, but coaches sometimes need to discipline their QB for not being smart. Nevertheless, the lack of talent on offense was pretty obvious even before pre-season and the FO really needs to use money to sign offensive talent and draft a real QB.

    1. He doesn’t have Matt Ryan, Freeman and Jones to make his play calls look good. He chose Hoyer, so this is his bed to lay in. Sitting on a 6 yr contract enabled a foolish move like that…..

  4. Sick of hearing about how SHANAHAN is some genius. ZERO TD’s and two losses. What does he see in HOYER a 7 time RETREAD who is just horrible. CJB is the guy who should be playing. You call this a rebuild so let the rookie take over. CALL OUT YOUR QB Shanahan! The guy is horrible. Tell me how well he knows your offense again, please! Don’t tell me you can’ t win right away. This team is young and next year it’s one more year OLDER with no guarantees. THE CARDS are pedestrian, SEAHAGS look like sheeeeet, Rams are too! WIN NOW! That means put the kid in you freaking GENIUS!

    1. Still not convinced the OL is competent. At least CJB will be willing to get sacked a dozen times a game and not bat an eye — unless it gets poked out.

  5. Next week we will hear the SOS…..it’s only 3 games, then 4 games, blah blah blah. Sick of watching losing football. Make the change with BETHARD you idiots!

    1. Yeah, doesn’t really matter who’s at QB if the Niners are intent to get a prime spot in next year’s draft, whatever it takes.

    2. This sounds a lot like get rid of Smith and put in CK7. What a mistake that was. Let the coach coach and see what happens. He could have no confidence in the offense understanding all of the plays and the play book may be very limited at this time. You play to your strength and the opponents weaknesses. It appears that our talent is not sufficient to overcome even the weakest points of the Hawks defense.

  6. RW containment was one of the most worrisome issues for me: outside pass rush + contain are the only ways to stop/slow RW….he needs to be “funneled” into center of field, between tackles. But he’s always breaking outside contain, and AA, Buck, etc. are getting push up middle but RW just outruns anybody laterally to the outside to extend play.
    AA in particular was beating his T regularly in last SEA scoring poss., but when AA tried to shift towards sideline to get RW — AA looked too stiff and slow in transition from upfield rush to sideline pursuit of RW…
    RW made all 9ers DL in pursuit look like they were in slowmo…

    But if one can be positive about a loss– this game beat last week for sure:
    — Hyde gets going
    — even Breida got some chunks in 4th q (both Hyde’s and Brieda’s ydg helped by SEA DL being gassed in 4th q.)
    — perhaps Tomlinson effect kicking in?
    — run D ok till 4th q…gassed
    — good inside pressure from DL in 2nd half- SEA OL being gassed helped

    the “F” stuff:
    — passing game wayyy not good- Goodwin, Hoyer, etc.– time for even more KS trickery. Perhaps Bolden Jr. & Goodwin can open up some underneath stuff for the TE’s, RB’s, etc. — I’m not sure Goodwin’s scary enough anymore to do this w/o another speed/deep threat.
    — the “Wilson test” for D outside contain and pursuit: FAIL (but the Wilson test is the toughest one in NFC)
    — apparently the refs continue their selective blindness to 9er opposition.
    — did I mention 9er passing game blew chunks?

  7. First impressions are that the DL played well overall. There was better penetration and run defense early. Linebackers could have played better and DBs too but Ward Tartt and Reid played well. Even Johnson and Robinson played ok save a few instances. Unfortunately, ran out of gas.

    The Offensive line played better but still needs much improvement. QB, WRs and TEs played poorly. RBs played very well. Only part of offense which shined brightly.

    Coaching uneven. Shanahan for all his hype leaves a lot to be desired so far and his personnel moves become increasingly suspect. I suspect that he is young and needs to learn but hope he learns quickly and adjusts. Saleh has done a good job with the D so far and looks better than the head coach BT comparison.

  8. There is no moral victories. This is not a rebuild year. If you play the game right you win. This organization is the worst still. Shanahan is not a GENIUS! SOS when the game is on the line we have them at the 15 and play soft. you’re supposed to go 4-12 SO BLITZ THE CRAP out of them at that point. How many times in the past years have you heard KEEP THE EDGE? The rusher has to force the QB inside. BUT YEAR AFTER YEAR SOS! Give me a smart player over a selfish player every day!

    1. Yeah Charlie. Been following the NFL since 1967 and it still surprises me how many NFL coaches play so conservatively and take so few chances even when they continue to lose. If I’m gonna go down, I’m gonna do it throwing the kitchen sink!

  9. On a positive note, I’m really surprised that the defense is really solid. The inexperience isn’t really showing, and could end up being a top 10 defense this year, top 5 somewhere down the road.

  10. Any REAL top offensive coach can get a decent productive game from NFL players, even ordinary ones , witness Bill Walsh, Mike Martz, but of course there are very few of these coaches which is why I cringe when I hear of a young offensive coach being ballyhooed, much less someone implying he’s a “genius” for some reason. Kyle S. has had a very inconsistent career as far results go.

    Probably best that the team tanks in hopes of getting a top young QB next draft but of course there are no guarantees in getting one even with the top choice. I have very low expectations for Beatherd but my guess is that if Hoyer continues to stink, that Beatherd will get a couple of starts near the end of the season just so the team can see what it has. If they REALLY wanted to win NOW, well …Kaep is tons better than Hoyer.

      1. Actually Martz got MUCH higher production from those guys than they had ever gotten. Shaun Hill owes his subsequent career and pension to Martz and JT had one freakin’ game where he looked like Dan Marino for thirty minutes.

      2. “much higher production from those guys than they had ever gotten”

        wtf, gotten where? with what teams and OC’s?? Shaun Hill’s career as NFL backup– that’s the pension? That’s evidence of Martz’s enduring offensive genius?? — where you lump him with BW???
        The NFL figured out Martz’s offense when Bulger flamed out in STL…
        maybe you mean compared to O’Sully’s backup stint behind Aaron Brooks with McCarthy in NO? or as 3rd stringer in GB? Or you’re comparing JT O’s performance in NFL Europe?
        jeez…time for those grades, Grant…

      1. Oh come on, if Kaepernick played today, we would’ve won this game !
        Hoyer is so predictable and absolutely no threat for the run .
        And as for accuracy which was supposed to be the deal, well he’s thrown more interceptions this year in two games then Kap threw all last year.
        we’re looking at zero wins.
        Like last year was Kaeps fault…

        Hope the bigots and the flaggers are happy with their outcome

  11. Personally, I see progress from the last two years. Sure this looks like a team still full of sad sacks and some questionable coaching, but I keep reminding myself how historically awful this team was last year even with a mildly resurgent Kaep who has never a world beater. There are still holes to fill so I believe by mid-season Lynch should have exhausted the wavier wire. Give Hoyer some time along with the OL and assess them with some games under their belts.

  12. Those that doubted Hyde turn your your football knowledge in… This guy has ran behind a cr*p Oline since he has entered the league(well his rookie season it was ok). This guy is an Elite talent at RB…. I told everyone they will resign him at years end… No QB, No WRs(Garcion soild#2)… A rookie TE and a very average to below average O line…. I rest my case….

    1. On his two big gains Hyde had a huge holes to run through, although on the last one he bounced off the line and then found a hole. On Hydes first long run Breida would have scored because with his speed he wouldn’t have been caught from behind. Brieda actually makes himself smaller and needs less space to get through.

    1. lack of outside contain on RW was the major reason for loss — as this game was decided in 4th qtr (which is a bit of a positive from last week)…game was decided ultimately by RW getting outside of 9er DL inside push… keeping drives going, gassing 9er DL’s …although it’s wayyyy speculative that Hoyer could have made a drive to get another 3 pts.

  13. Grant,
    Very good take on the game.

    I was surprised we played as close as we did. It has been quite a while since we have played in Seattle and I didn’t lose interest before half time. It was fun to watch a game in that stadium in which we had a chance up until that last minute. I am very optimistic about the future.

    Hoyer is at best a decent place holder.

  14. The 49ers could have sold the farm for Jimmy Garrapolo and still been competitive this year.
    If we had Jimmy G or AJ McCarron, we win the game today.

    This team showed its close but in this league, a QB makes all the difference.

    1. They might have done better this year but would it have been in their long term best interests. Hey they would have done better if they kept Kaep. You have to consider that they are not that concerned with wins this season. You don’t waste resources that you will need to fill other holes. Lets wait and see a bit before we make these evaluations.

      1. Kaep had better teams to play with and never beat Seattle. In fact he was the reason most times we lost up there.
        But now with a rookie laden team he MIGHT HAVE DONE BETTER?
        That is so weak.

  15. Let me see……we heard all preseason how SHANAHAN wasn’t going to show his hand! So, are we still in preseason?
    Win now you POS!

  16. Why do sports teams keep hiring RETREADS? Like loser coaches and LOSER QB’s. All off season we heard HOYER knows Shanahan’s OFFENSE! How is that working out for you KYLE? How about CJ BETHARD a guy who has a set of nads! NO….we will hear the SOS that he’s to young blah blah blah! Once again another year just wasted. Horrible stadium and a coach who is now more clueless on offense himself!

    1. Why? Because that’s the way of the world. In EVERY area of life. There are only a very FEW individuals who can make a real difference in any field . And a lot of the time they are prickly individuals who go against the grain and the mental midgets don’t like them. Belichik was hard to take, remembet? And Harbaugh and yeah, Walsh was tough to be with too, Eddie D fired him more than once and took it back the next day. Jed no doubts regrets the JH firing every day and now he’s paying THREE HCs with a six year contract with the latest . Well, no money out of my bank accoung. Kyle S has to prove he is anything out of the ordinary. Normally in sports, you see some evidence of that early . He may be a career ass’t coach … we shall see soon. (And yeah, their move will make them hundreds of millions … And it will mean nada to me as a fan)

    2. You really shouldn’t blame coaches after just 2 games, let alone the 1st season they’re here. Teams who do that “cough” Browns “cough, tend to stay bad forever.

      You’re right about Hoyer though, he’s a journeyman back-up QB for a reason. If Beathard ain’t the starter soon, it means the Niners want to tank for that high pick, whether it’s a QB or someone mega-talented to build the supporting staff.

      1. So Tomsula and Chip shouldn’t have been let fo in your estimation? Hmmm…

        I agree that it is way too early to throw in the towel on Shanahan, given that he is still new to the job, but holding him accountable for questionable decisions is ok in my book. In either case, I will give him time to develop.

      2. It makes a lot of sense to fill all the positions and fill the QB position last. That way you get the advantage of better picks until the final piece is put into place. It is to their advantage to use this season to evaluate players and get players ready to play in their system while simi-tanking for draft picks. Don’t you think they could have used all that cap space this season if they were really concerned about wins the first few years.

        1. I don’t believe Hoyer was ever considered to be our long term QB when we signed him. He is a QB that was familiar with Shanahan’ offense so it made perfect sense to bring him in.

          While Hoyer is certainly not setting the world on fire he is a serviceable QB.
          And to his credit, the two passes that Goodwin has dropped could have been game changers which could have had us praising Hoyer rather than roasting him.
          I want to win as much as the next 49er fan, but what I was hoping for when we brought in the new regime was to see steps forward and not a steps back.

          The defense is looking pretty good and once Foster comes back it will be even better.
          For me, watching the defense improve is a big step forward.
          The offense has some catching up to do but once they master the KS plan things will get very interesting around here.

  17. Funny how reporters like COHN are afraid to ask the tough questions, like how is that HOYER knowing your offense working out. I’m calling a spade a spade and HOYER has been a hack for years and you expect this leopard to change spots? My goodness go with CJB he’s way better than Hoyer!

  18. You guys losing your minds over this loss crack me up. The 49ers performance against the Seahawks today was much better than any time over the past 3 years. The Seahawks have a much better team than the 49ers. That the 49ers were able to keep this game close is a testament to good coaching. Did you guys forget the 49ers only won 2 games last year? Brian Hoyers only redeeming quality is he knows Shanahans playbook. Hoyer is not a good qb. We knew going into this year that Hoyer is a stopgap and thats it. I see this game as improvement over last year. All you drama queens who think you know more about coaching an NFL team than actual coaches should try to get a job with the 49ers. Who knows, Jed may actually take a meeting with you if you sit outside his office sobbing uncontrollably while you suck your thumbs.

    1. Are you kidding HOUSTON? A LOSS IS A LOSS IS A LOSS! There is no column for MORAL WINS! Anyone can start winning just ask HARBAUGH. He had a MALIGNED QB (Smith) and goes straight to the NFLCG. Yeah, they might of had a few more pieces but NAME a wide receiver from that team? The point is if you coach right, and make the right decisions you can beat anyone. What we have seen is the SOS just a different package. You think a BILL WALSH would’ve coached like SHANAHAN has these first two games? Coaching like a deer in headlights!

      1. And a tantrum is a tantrum is a tantrum. And your unrealistic, to the point of hysteric delusions, doesn’t make Shanahan a bad coach or make anyone happy with losing no matter how much you tantrum around the board.

      2. Bill Belichick was 41-59 as a head coach prior to Tom Brady. Bill Walsh started out 0-7 in his first year as a 49er coach. You are an utter imbecile if you think this 49er team is ready to “win now.” Give Shanahan & Lynch some time before you start losing your mind.

          1. internet and smart phone triggered ADHD amongst lots ‘o millennial’s….
            they lost interest as soon as they read “Wanting immediate gratification”

    2. So BTW Houston you saying you’re going to be happy with 3 wins? WTF! Dude win now! Quit playing to your press clippings!

      1. I would be very happy if they underachieved this season. That is better than overachieving and losing draft picks. The type of game they played against Seattle was perfect. They were in the game and could have won with a few breaks. I for one would be happier with two wins.

    3. Charlie’s late on his Librium dose from Nurse Lucy…Kezar Mike must be his neighbor across the hall ….so the “losing minds” thing is a good call…I’m new here…are these guys regs? Chum-churners?

    4. “The Seahawks have a much better team than the 49ers. That the 49ers were able to keep this game close is a testament to good coaching.”

      +1 Houston. Remember last years early game against Seattle? We got blew out, weren’t ready to play, and showed no fight.

    5. Just like with Walsh, as soon as the team starts winning they’ll change their names and pretend they were on that band-wagon the whole time. Just like they did with Walsh. Savaged him. Called him all kinds of names. Said he needed to go back to college. They were just brutal.

      I think if we interviewed every person in CA that was alive, and was 10-years old or older back then, they’d all say they knew, from Day 1, that Walsh was a genius. Well, they didn’t. They thought he was some egg-head fraud and the 49ers needed a real ‘tough guy’ coach and Walsh needed to go back to college.

    6. Offensive rankings:
      Seattle #29
      S.F. #30

      Points per game
      Seattle #28
      S.F. #30

      Yards per play
      S.F. #25
      Seattle #29

      Defensive rankings:
      S.F. #9
      Seattle #25

      Seattle #6
      S.F. #11

      S.F. #3
      Seattle #17

      How did you come to the conclusion that Seattle has a much better team then we do?

      1. Because two games is too small of a sample to draw any valid statistical conclusions beyond those you can draw from historical performance and natural variability.

      2. Much better QB
        Much better single high safety
        Much better CBs

        The important positions.

        Their D line is somewhat better
        Kam is somewhat better than Reid
        Graham is somewhat better than Kittle

        It all adds up.

        1. And more established and experienced coaching staff. But yes, the talent level and quality of depth on the Seahawks is much better than the Niners at this point.

          1. “How close were they?”

            That’s the point. We hung with a team that has a better roster. IMO, we would have been blown out if we chucked it deep on every possession.

      3. Seattle is barely 1-1. They’ve played poorly for two straight games. The defense is getting old, Wilson is losing his locker room and the offensive line is a mess. You’re all living in the past, Seattle is a regressing team.

        1. I will say that o-line in Seattle is awful. I actually think the 49er o-line is better. Problem is Seattle is better at every other position. Seattle may win the division but they won’t go far with that o-line.

      4. CFC, how about comparative records over the last 4 years? Unless you are going to argue SEA is going to go from 1st to worst. 2 games in? How about SEA not having a rookie HC, coordinators, 15 rookie players?

        1. Take these 4 seasons for example:
          2011 13-3
          2012 11-4-1
          2013 12-4
          2014 Started 1-1
          If we’re only going off of what they’ve done in the past one would assume that that 2014 team is going to be OK after their slow start. They finished 8-8 even though they were playing with essentially most of the same team that had earned the previous records.

          Aging defense, imploding locker room. 8 or 9 wins at most this year.

        2. Funny, everybody thought that because the Packers shutdown Seattle last week that it must be because they had a good defense. No, it was just because Seattle’s offense is no good because that same defense is being hammered at the moment for 34 points.

      1. East, Shanny thought he could work wonders with Hoyer. What he forgot was Hoyer is Hoyer, a journeyman back up.
        How they thought they could get by is the most mind boggling idea.
        They’ve done pretty much everything right except addressing the QB position.

        1. Unless maybe they just have Hoyer as a fill in until either Beathard is ready or the draft their QB of the future. Meanwhile with Hoyer they can underachieve and get a higher draft pick for the coming season of multiple available QB’s.

        2. I think Lynch and Shanahan know exactly what they have in Hoyer, and have known all along. It’s all part of the long-term plan.

  19. I surmised if KS would be flexible, or rigid. Glad he played Tomlinson. Now he needs to improve the quarterbacking.
    The defense played well enough to win the game. The offense needs improvement.
    KS said he did not need an OC. Maybe he will make an adjustment. After 21 drives and no TDs, it sounds like KS could use help.
    Chip Kelly is available, and is getting paid anyways. Chip has a strong offensive mind, but was weak on defense. As OC, he would not have to deal with the defense, and maybe he could jump start this offense. If not Chip, promote Bobby Turner to OC and hire back Rathman as RB coach.

    1. See it’s comments like that, that make me wonder what your intent is on this blog.
      To draw attention to yourself or to infuriate fans?
      Either way, you are a little bioch cause asking for the 49ers to bring back Kelly is simply ludicrous.
      STFU Seb!

          1. I just say that when Prime devolves into spewing expletives. He could prevent me from claiming that by refraining from being crass and boorish, but he just cannot help himself.

      1. With Chip as offensive coordinator he would install an offense that would suite Kaep and then they might bring him back. lol. That would make Seb happy.

    2. Please…just stop! Kap isn’t coming back! Your end around argument on flexibility is so obvious!

      And the OC choices are insane!

      1. 21 drives and ZERO TDs. Being rigid and there may be 42 drives and 0 TDS.
        KS is in over his head. If he cannot make an adjustment, he is too rigid and inflexible.
        I do not need to drive the Kaep debate, Hoyer is doing it for me.
        59 rating versus 90.7 QBR……Tough choice.

        1. Kap is not the answer. That is your problem you think he is the answer to everything!

          Seb 1+1= Kap!

          He was able to get one measly win last year! One. The same as Gabbert! Please go away! If he had won more you would have a better argument. But you don’t. The past performance is way in the past and his style of play had been neutralized.

          1. East, with that defense last season, even Joe Montana would not have won. With this defense, and even just a little better quarterbacking, the Niners could have won this last game.
            RW showed why a mobile QB is an asset, and how to win a game. Break containment, and use your legs to convert third downs.
            You believed Hoyer was way superior to Kaep, But so far, he has imploded when under pressure. He also amply demonstrates why an immobile QB is limited. Seahawks ignored the possibility of a scramble, and they could pass rush to a spot where he would be.
            I am not going away, so quit whining. Maybe you should just ignore my posts like many others have learned to do.

  20. Bring back Kaep
    Hoyer sucks
    Thrown more interceptions in two games then Kaepernick through all last year…
    No run threat…
    This is supposed to be an improvement what a joke .
    And to watch Goodwin watch the ball go through his hands undefended for two or three touchdowns in the first 2 games while we cut Jeremy Kerley really tells me where the coaching staff is at.
    They’ve improved both lines o and D but the choices other than at tight end have been atrocious …

    No talent geniuses here

    Wish we had a quarterback that could run and throw.. oh yeah that’s right we did !
    yet there he sits with no gig while the guy we have throws the ball to the other team is absolutely no threat on the ground, pathetic….

  21. So how is that SHANAHAN thing working out so far? Die hard here, just sick of hearing about how this guy sheeeeet don’t stink. Look at that DRUNK SARKISIAN tonight in ATLANTA dialing up play after play. People always get caught up in the HYPE of guys like SHANAHAN. He’s no different then any other coach who is a LOSER. Until he starts to win he’s just like them. I said the same about HARBORE. Tell me what championship has HARBORE WON? ZERO, NADA, ZILCH! So, he’s a LOSER! There can only be one winner each year and the rest are LOSERS!

    1. now we know what the “tweeter in chief” does on a slow news night…this guy’s got “The Donald’s” mojo goin…”Loser’s” are VERBOTEN!! Charlie’s a Winner!! Along with Mike of Kezar…

    2. C Brown, you are a fing idiot. Either that or a 3 year old running around GIMME GIMME GIMME!!!!!! WAH!

      Advice of “patience ” would obviously be lost on you so I don’t even try.

  22. All you people saying this was a good showing by the Niners can you show me where in the standings is the MORAL VICTORY COLUMN? Do I have to slide a window open, is it hidden?

    1. With a whole new system and young players everywhere in a place thats a nightmare for them If say it’s a pretty good showing, especially with the best defensive player on the field going down.
      When this team is 2-2 in a couple of weeks will you be so negative then?

      1. Oh come on, if Kaepernick played today, we would’ve won this game !
        Hoyer is so predictable and absolutely no threat for the run .
        And as for accuracy which was supposed to be the deal, well he’s thrown more interceptions this year in two games then Kap threw all last year.
        we’re looking at zero wins.
        Like last year was Kaeps fault…

        Hope the bigots and the flaggers are happy with their outcome

          1. If I were you I wouldn’t be speaking of intelligence. He had one of the highest test scores And is far more intelligent than you could ever hope to be…
            your argument is just a disguise for your racial intolerance or overbearing fake patriotism

          1. That was last year and the year before. Kap is so much better now!

            BTW, why are we even discussing a guy who doesn’t play for the 49ers? Doesn’t even play in the league?

          2. And how many has Hoyer throne in 2 games?

            Not to mention the indisputable statistic were 49ers had more drops then any other team last year .that’s not the quarterback

          3. And how many has Hoyer thrown in 2 games?

            Not to mention the indisputable statistic where 49ers had more drops then any other team last year .that’s not the quarterback

          4. sorry
            I was including preseason

            Still see Kay played only 12 games with 16 touchdowns and four interceptions on a team with no receivers (except Kereley) and not much of an offense line….

            1. The team had same number of receivers as now, as I remember. Smith was on the team. He could catch! Quintin Patton is still an active receiver in the NFL as I remember? Not sure what you’re point is.

        1. Like it or not, Kaepernick is not a good fit for Shanahans offense. I also felt like CK was better than any QB on the 49er roster but I also think its very clear that Hoyer is a better fit for Shanahans offense.

          On Colin Kaepernick
          Executive 3: “I don’t like the guy as a player. I don’t think he can play. I didn’t think he could play at Reno, I don’t think he can play now. … You don’t think if he was a good player, 20 teams would be lining up? … He’s inaccurate, inconsistent reading defenses. He needs everything to be perfect around him, and he needs to run a certain offense. When he was rolling, they had an unbelievable defense and a great running game with an amazing offensive line. Everything was perfect. And you consider that, why isn’t there a debate about RG3? He just wasn’t a consideration.”


          1. Yeah I keep hearing that he is not a good fit ….

            What proof or evidence of that do we have it all just another speculative opinion.

            but if Hoyer is a good fit then nothings going to fit this year at all!

            Smart people change and learn that’s what’s happened to Kaepernick

          2. Executive 3 is a gutless wonder who will not put his name to a screed.
            Kaep was the first QB in college history to throw for 10,000 yards while also running for 4,000 yards. He has set a playoff record for rushing for 181 yards. QBs who set records have value, and are good QBs.
            That is what they said about black players to exclude them. ‘Oh I do not think they are accurate or skilled enough.’ They even said that black QBs were not smart enough to read defenses.
            RGIII? He is trying to play on one leg.
            The funny thing is- Kaep would be perfect to run a KS system because KS had the QBs rolling out and throwing on the run. Kaep could do play action, and bootlegs are perfect for his skillsets.
            All I know is that Hoyer is not the answer. Throwing a rookie in may seem desperate. They should sign Kaep to a Prove It deal, and make it competitive. Giving the job to Hoyer with little competition may have been done to boost his confidence, but Hoyer self imploded.

            1. You are a broken record. Here is a scouting report to show you that his issues are long standing. From BR:


              He looks like Gumby. He did weigh in at 233 pounds but looks extremely skinny—especially for a running quarterback. I question if he’ll be able to hold up in the NFL with his build. He was durable in college but the pros are, of course, a different level.  
              I question his ability to read a defense. He is too careless with his passes. The stats may not back that thought up, but he turns the ball over far to often in the red zone. A college red zone is as close to a simulation to the NFL as you’re going to find. Windows are small and decisions have to be made quickly.  
              He threw an interception right before halftime against Hawaii, throwing across his body while on the run. He got picked against Fresno State, throwing a five-yard out too late and allowing the cornerback to get in front of it.  
              Mechanically, his throwing motion has been a widely discussed issue. His windup in his throwing motion isn’t as bad as some have made it out to be, it certainly isn’t of the Byron Leftwich variety, but it is there.  
              Like a lot of quarterbacks, Kaepernick won’t be able to play in the same offense he did in Nevada. Chris Ault installed a pistol and veer offense with Kaepernick never taking game snaps from under center.

              There are others that criticize his accuracy and touch.

              1. And the fact a guy who doesn’t have a good grasp on stars endorses your views tells me all I need to know!

        2. Of Kap players today we win the game?
          He couldn’t win a game vs them with a top 3 defense, when did you actually start watching this team? With just one int today Hoyer is already better than Kap. Here’s the realty… if Kap plays today we lose by 20 easily.

            1. Well, get your facts straight. Kap threw 8 int vs 4 Tds vs Seahawks and has a dismal record against that team. He would not fare better.

              1. I think we now know who Seb’s therapist is….Dr. R, is there a monday appt. available?
                and yeah east– show some respect for the degrees on his wall….will ya?

  23. The negatives
    Another key player down. Always happens in that crap bag place.

    The QB Brian (Hoyerable) was shaken from the start after his INT.

    Penalties at the wrong times.

    Receivers horrible. Especially butter hands Goodwin.
    Defense played well vs a team that usually puts up 23 on us.

    The running game

    The o-line didn’t play to bad vs a good defense.

    I’m seeing a lot of blame on shanahan..
    Grant stop sitting there and acting as if you should be the coach of this team. Great you know schemes but you’re embarrassing yourself with the (they should have done this talk) calling out bad calls and plays is fine. But dude.

    Anyways. I don’t know about most of you, but I feel the tide has turned either these two teams, yes in a loss, but the body language of that stadium and their players looked way different today. It was the 49ers making those big hits and actually playing more physical.

    The offense is clearly the weak link for this team right now. And they will start slow and eventually become a mediocre offense by seasons end. It obviously takes awhile for it to be picked up, but we don’t have the weapons atl has. I expected the offense to struggle early in the year especially two games in vs tough defenses. The CK talk is ridiculous, this talk about shanahan not being a good offensive coach is ridiculous. Those who came into this season thinking they would start off good needs to learn patience.

    I’m betting they will be 2-2 in the next couple of games. Which is a better start then the last 2 years. Give it some time. It will come together and next year they willing have the qb they need. You’ll see!
    Not one for “inspiring losses , but sometimes they exist and are needed.
    Mark my words the tide changed today between these two teams. In a loss!

    1. Ninermd,

      Hope you are right. I said the team would be 4-12 with 5-6 wins at most. Said it long ago. Stand by that. Mainly because of personnel turnover and new coaches. I know it is a high mountain to climb.

      Even so, the team has scored no touchdowns and it is now a record and it’s 3rd down efficiency is dismal. Those do not inspire confidence going forward. Both of these teams are not great teams so for this team to founder the way it has is a bit of a shocker. Not enough to rend clothing or anything akin to what some posters have done, but questioning some play calling and personnel moves could be in order.

      I certainly don’t question the QB choice unless people begin to make excuses for the inept offense only to remind everyone that this was Shanahan’s choice QB so he does have to live with that decision.

      1. East I hear ya…
        I just felt when the season started this is exactly what they’d look like due to the schedule. Offense would be bad at first and the defense would look pretty good.
        They basically spent the offseason during up one side of the ball. So it’s a positive they look pretty good this early with so many youngsters. They are definitely a lynch defense.

        I’ll say it again I wanted a boring offseason with some o-line upgrades. We don’t have the horses for this scheme it seems the balance leftovers are still submerged in the roman between the tackles smash mouth football. So credit to shanahan for running the ball today and not trying to force Hoyer to win with his arm. Seems he did adjust to Hyde’ style this game.

        As far as the qb signing, what else did they ha e this year? I truly believe they thought cousins was going to be here.

        Hopes aren’t high for a great season, but I still believe they ha e the potential to improve by at least 4 games from last season. Which kind of sucks because I want mayfield. Lol

  24. Bringing up ol floppy afro head white guy from Turlock is just as ridiculous as B Hoyer being a starting about..Please stop with the commi…I mean Kap references..me and every other person with a brain would rather see Beathard before the want to be ghetto white guy from a shltered up bringing Castro..I mean Kap

      1. Good ol liberal argument…Haha..Racist..yeah right..facts are facts ..you guys are just the typical liberal hacks that are everything wrong with this country..oh you offended me oh you hurt my feelings..oh you’re racist..please..no facts just typical liberal jive…please tell me what in that statement wasn’t true..typical liberal pc crap that is killing this country and feminizing the men to be like Seb or razor

        1. Rib,

          I think Diesil is Darren. The only things missing are the Michael Savage references and the ‘my girlfriend left me’ sob story.

      2. @80: Every blog that isn’t moderated eventually goes to hell. Grant’s Dad soon found out he had to moderate his blog. This blog has become far too political and may be beyond saving. Calling anyone who doesn’t agree with your point of view a racist is really ridiculous. I am not talking about you.

        1. Just,

          Good point. I now understand why people say no politics. It’s a slippery slope that always devolves into Alt Right Vs Alt Left. I apologize for talking politics in the past. I never changed a mind. All I did was add my manure to the compost.

      3. Sorry I did admit my mistake and counting Houers preseason performance, however I will still stand by the fact that I find him a subpar sub mediocre quarterback that is not a threat in any circumstance

    1. Yeah, ask Kaep about being a “white guy” when as a kid traveling with his family he was pulled aside in hotel lobbies, asked “what are you doing here?”

      F that Trump. Now every jack@ass and his mother thinks it’s cool to go spouting off racist BS, just because they have the license to be “politically incorrect “.

      1. Ribico….. do you believe everything people tell you? As I recall some stories of the “oppressed” one hit driven miles for special haircuts. And from what other students say, had a “great” life at Nevada.

        Cmon man. This dude doesn’t know the first thing about being oppressed or the struggle. Not even close!

        This oppression talk now a days is ridiculous in its own right. Especially from a privaliged mix millionaire who grew up in the suburbs.

        1. Kaepernick’s protest isn’t about wrongs done only to Kaepernick. Saying Kaepernick enjoys “white privilege” is kind of making his point right there.

      2. I agree. Calling Kaep white is dehumanizing him. If you need to call him anything, call him what he is -a Mulatto. Half black, half white. I just call him an American.
        Although, some consider him black because he has one drop of black blood in his body. Talking about his afro is code for the haters.
        I am hopeful, there was some inappropriate posting a little while ago, and it disappeared. Maybe this will be cleaned up, too.

  25. We should bring in the white guy with the funny afro that flops to the side..ya what’s his name ..the guy who had his shirt tucked in and said please and thank you mam when we drafted him..You know the guy who grew up in the suburbs with every chance to succeed in life who now wears pig socks endorses Castro and acts like he’s from the hood?Yeah that will fix this team allright

    1. Diesel
      You been drinking too much diesel
      You’re not clever enough to hide your bigotry in your opinions .

      Please find a mirror, look into it and tell yourself many many times how much better you are than anyone else…., it won’t help but it’ll make you feel better about yourself ….

  26. It was good to see the DL playing pretty well for the most part today. PFF had Buckner with a grade of over 90 on the day, and not surprising, he seemed to be man-handling whoever he went against all day. But I thought the rest of the DL did a pretty good job too. Tartt also played well, as did Ward when he was on the field. Getting some good play out of those high round defensive picks of the past few years.

    1. Yup! I thought most of the defensive players played pretty well overall (Ray Ray excluded and a few other blunders here and there). Armistead seemed to come alive and Lynch was very active. Glad to see Solomon contribute.

    1. Not so sure I wouldn’t rather have Mitch Trubisky instead of Solomon Thomas. Forget Barkley. The What Could hv Been with the draft could haunt Lynch/Shanny.

      1. With Trubisky he cold have sat the whole year behind Hoyer and learnt the offense to a T.
        Then next year he could step in week one and be the guy.
        Now unless we get Cousins or Jimmy G, we are 2 years behind at the most important position in football.

      2. No. Trubisky is not the answer either. You forget that the Niners traded back, and eventually got 2018 second and third round picks. Now the Niners are poised to have 5 picks in the first 3 rounds, and plenty ammunition to move up, if necessary.

  27. Hoyer is a backup

    But watching all the college talent I see why the low level teams are basically tanking. QBs will be 4 deep maybe 5 plus Cousin as a FA.

    Sucks for fans now but these deep QB classes only come every 10 years or so.

  28. CFC has a good point here. That Seattle team out there looked beatable at home for the first time I’ve seen in a long time. At least against the 49ers. Hoyer threw for 99 yards and 1 int but had a chance to win or tied the game late in the 4th. Seattle’s OL is probably the worst right now.

    1. If we are going to draw conclusions 2 games in, this Thursday will be an interesting test. Rams have looked better than both SEA and Niners so far.

    2. SEA Tackle Ifedi literally stood watching Buck and AA smack into each other after getting upfield, then Ifedi stood and watched them turn and try to go after RW…come to think of it, not much to do as an OL while watching RW get away like the “F”ing Road Runner…
      where was outside RW contain? Where was Ray Ray?, where was Harold?

  29. Hoyer is a JOKE! Prediction here. Hoyer will lose every game he starts. He’s that freaking bad. CJB is a better option right now.

  30. Charile Brown says:
    September 17, 2017 at 5:34 pm

    “There is no moral victories. This is not a rebuild year.”

    I’m sure glad this isn’t a rebuild year. 16 new coaches, 32 new players, including 15 rookies. Yea, this isn’t a rebuild. If they don’t win the Super Bowl, I’m really going to be upset. Of course, according the Dr R and other geniuses, if they bring back Kaep (3-16 in his last 19 starts), all will be better. Is this the bizzaro world?

  31. Thank God you people weren’t around in ’79, you would have been calling for Bill Walsh’s head. In case you hadn’t noticed, they’re playing in the NFL, not the little sisters of the poor league. Considering the scope of the rebuild, they are competing quite well, but it’s going to take time. Patience kiddies. And your punishment for your impatience and stupidity is: You must write on the chalkboard 100 times:
    Kaep is not coming back
    Kaep is not coming back
    Kaep is not coming back
    Kaep is not coming back
    Kaep is not coming back…………………and so on.

    When your finished, go straight to your room. Your grounded.

    1. Haha..you should get your head examined Dr..You’re little confused whiteboy from Turlock would only Excel in the arena league..No one in the NFL is falling for one read and run..let me guess liberal…It’s not fair!Wah waaaah waaaah!Bruce Jenner line 1

      1. Bruce Jenner line 1

        Dude, you can call her all you want but another far right conservative is not coming in here to back up your unhinged ranting.

  32. Oh I feel great about myself..you can sit here and judge but let me tell you little liberal girly men a story..unlike Kap I’m actually a full minority,Mexican American..I grew up in a gangster infested neighborhood in East San Jose..I was in fire camp cya program in mariposa by the time I was 16 ..My wife is Mexican born and raised in watsonville which is gang infested she was in and out of juvenile hall and group homes all her life..Matter of fact when we first met I used to take her to a state sponsered tattoo removal at saint Dominicans hospital in Santa Cruz..We got together worked hard and now live a very comfortable life in the suburbs of the East Bay with two kids..So forgive me if I don’t feel remorse for a spoiled little half breed from a sheltered life raised by white people who makes millions of dollars to play football..Cry me a river..I don’t care what color you are,I hate people that cry and make excuses for themselves of every color..

    1. But that doesn’t fit your liberal poor me ,I deserve this I am owed that narrative does it?I like to watch history channel WW2 in color and see how real men fought and died for this county so cupcakes like Seb and #80 could walk around asking for handouts telling everyone how bad they have it…

      1. Not taking the political bait anymore. I’ll just say that my grandfather fought in WWII. He came home and worked himself to death supporting 11 children (all of them by my grandmother). From what I know about him, he would have cleaned your clock if you falsely accused him of taking handouts just because of his political views.

  33. This team is not far away as people think..we need a QB a receiver and o line help….This team has drafted defense heavy the last 10 years and tried to rely on other teams cast off to win..Not gonna work

  34. Agreed. If only fanatics would have some patience. If you don’t like Hoyer, and that is perfectly understandable, why in the name of the Lord would you want Kaep? They both stink. Hoyer is a stop gap until KS feels that CJ is ready or they sign or draft the true QB of the future next year. I think that KS thinks, and I agree, that it is too early to throw CJ in there. Why screw the guy up, and possibly get him hurt? Let him sit back and watch and learn, at least for half the season, which I don’t think is enough, but pressure might force KS’s hand. The idea that you can’t learn unless your out there is foolish. You can’t learn on your back either, or on the injured list. A bad early experience can mess with the kids confidence. He must be fully prepared. I don’t think he is yet. If Hoyer continues his ineptness, which isn’t all his fault obviously (See offensive line), we will see CJ down the road. Patience is a virtue.

    1. Hoyer is pulling a Gabbert. Starting CJB is a desperation move.
      If they truly want to win, they will sign the best player that gives them the best chance to win.
      You think a QB who has a 90.7 QB rating stinks. I disagree, especially when he is a SB QB who has set records, has a 4-2 road playoff record and can put his foot on the half yard line, then sprint upfield untouched for a TD.

  35. I don’t think so Seb, I know so. He’s 3-16 in his last 19 starts and 11-24 in his last 35 starts. That’s stinking, regardless of a deceptive QB rating that can be pumped up in garbage time. If you had coached anything like I have for 25 years you’d know that statistics are deceiving and that wins and loses tell a much better story. He stinks. That’s why he continues to be unemployed.

    1. Juan, the problem with your assertion is that Kaep played well in the first half, but did not do so well in the second half, because the coaches were incapable of making adjustments. Usually, garbage time is in the 4th quarter, but Kaep did not shine then.
      Even so, Kaep does have an 88.9 career QBR, so he does not stink as bad as you claim. A player who stinks should not be able to set playoff records.

            1. True but the snake was called the snake cause he could throw it on a rope. The other guy had a riffle but could not hit a barn with it.

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