49ers announce 2017 practice squad


San Francisco 49ers’ Joe Staley, left, and Darrell Williams Jr. perform a drill during the team’s organized team activity at its NFL football training facility in Santa Clara, Calif., Thursday, June 8, 2017. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

The 49ers just announced the members of their 2017 practice squad. Here they are:

  • WR DeAndre Carter
  • OL JP Flynn
  • TE Cole Hikutini
  • CB Asa Jackson
  • QB Nick Mullens
  • DL Noble Nwachukwu
  • WR DeAndre Smelter
  • OL Darrell Williams

The 49ers also will sign rookie RB Jeremy McNichols to their practice squad, according to Mike Garafolo.

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  1. Jeremy McNichols-RB, Boise State The 5’9” and 212lbs is simply an explosive, productive “weapon,” and all-around back not known by any ordinary man, woman or child. Think we’re exaggerating, do you? Well, consider this: McNichols as a junior accounted for 1,709 yards on 314 attempts at 5.4 yards per carry and 23 rushing TDs. Oh, is that not enough? Do you want more? How’s his passing catching game, you ask? How about 37 catches for 474 yards at 12.8 yards a catch and four touchdowns? How’s the Boise State tree looking? See Tampa Bay

    2016 Boise State Highlights:


      1. I thought this was interesting in regards to RB JOE WILLIAMS and recently signed RB JEREMY McNICHOLS – SPARQ, Analytics, and the 2017 NFL Draft:

        The higher your pSPARQ score is, the more athletic you are. A player with a pSPARQ score over 130 is an elite athlete, even by NFL standards. A player with a score below 100 is well below the NFL average. A player’s z-score signifies the number of standard deviations his pSPARQ score is from the mean. A score of zero means the player is athletically average at his position; a score of 1.0 means the player is in the top 16 percent of similar players in the NFL.

        2017 NFL Draft Rankings:

        16) JOE WILLIAMS – RB Utah: Age 24, Ht 5110, Wt 210 lbs, pSPARQ 126.2, z-score 0.4
        17) JEREMY McNICHOLS – RB Boise St: Age 21.7, Ht 5085, Wt 214 lbs, pSPARQ 126.0, z-score 0.4

          1. 49reasons

            I never did understand the pSPARQ designation….thanks for clearing it up…It appears to me, that the 49ers have set themselves up for one helluva’ running game far into the future….does the pSPARQ give any measurement(s) as to pass-catching abilities other than athleticism ?

            Again, thanks for the info….

              1. NIKE created SPARQ as a formula to measure and score athletic performance through four tests: 40-yard dash, short shuttle, bench press (or kneeling powerball toss) and vertical jump. The score is then adjusted for the player’s weight.

                However, Nike removed public access to their SPARQ calculator database, so Zach Whitman of Three Sigma Athlete re-engineered Nike’s calculation methodology, and created pSPARQ. Whitman also expanded the areas measured to include additional tests from the NFL Combine:The list of inputs for pSPARQ, are as follows: weight, forty-yard dash, ten-yard split, short shuttle, 3-cone drill, bench press, vertical jump, and broad jump. pSPARQ is also normalized by position, so players’ ratings are weighted depending on the tests that matter most to each position, and players are graded against their peers.

                Both SPARQ & pSPARQ are formulas devised to measure athletic performance. As we know, there is a lot more that goes into making a great football player than pure athleticism, but it’s nice to have a broader formula for measuring pure physical athletic measurables nonetheless.

                It’s no secret that Kyle values highly athletic players, at all offensive positions with the possible exception of QB. And if there’s one thing that jumps out at me when it comes to most of the players he’s targeted for overhauling his offensive roster is athleticism, in terms of speed, burst and acceleration. He likes RB’s who can hit top speed in an heartbeat, allowing them to burst through a hole or crease and get to the second level of the defense in an instance. He covets receivers who are athletic enough to quickly create separation through a combination of both speed and athleticism, as well as refined route running technique. It’s not a coincidence that his first official roster as HC is less about size (this is a small, but extremely athletic group of skill position players). He likes (and needs) quicker OL’s who are light on their feet, and he even covets FB’s and TE’s who can do more than block. He wants offensive weapons all over the field who are fast and quick enough to separate and stretch a defense, which fits his offensive philosophy of attacking defenses by stretching the defense both vertically and sideline to sideline.

                I don’t know how many games the 49ers are going to win this year (my prediction is 7-8) but I do know that Kyle will continue to be an aggressive play caller, and the 49ers will use athleticism to pressure opposing defenses at every turn. It’s going to be exciting to watch if the interior of the OL can protect Hoyer, and create running lanes for Hyde, Breida and Mostert, while even the FB and TE’s aggressively stretch the field and find soft spots in the defense.

                It should be fun to watch. GO NINERS!!!

              2. Oregoniner, I might have you confused with someone else who has family down in Houston. Whomever has been impacted by the tragic events in Texas, we’ve been working to help facilitate donations, food, water and supplies. It’s going to take a collective effort from across the country, to help Houston and all areas impacted by the flooding to recover, rebuild, and be stronger than ever before.

                In any event Oregoniner, I still hope your family the best. I used to live in North Salem, and there are a lot of great people in the great state of Oregon. GO NINERS!


              3. Thanks 49reasons….at last check…all’s dry…now if Hurricane Irma skips Florida And the gulf….

              4. Kinda crazy how important the Sparq rating has become. In 2012, when my oldest son was a freshmen in High School the Nike Sparq combines were open to anyone who signed up. My son and his friends went to the combine. One of his friends did extremely well and it put him on the radar for many colleges. College coaches were coming to scout him at the spring scrimmage just based on his Sparq rating. He ended up getting offers from most of the big D1 schools. He is now playing for a very successful program and getting playing time as a Soph. Sparq combines are no longer open to the public. Kids actually have to submit workout videos with official 40 times to get invited to a Sparq combine. A kid in our area will be a sophomore this year in high school. He’s never played a down of varsity football and he is being scouted by Alabama and all the big colleges based off his Sparq score. It’s crazy how scouting has become such a big business for these companies.

      1. 1st google hit I got said he was in 15&16, not 2012.
        Whoops! I was lead astray by Wikipedia….again. I see his stats back to 2012, so not sure on eligibility

  2. I know it’s the PS and players are usually insurance policies at this point, but I have to say that during the preseason, watching JP Flynn made me cringe.

    That guy is awful and was consistently pushed in the QB. I’m sure that there are OL candidates better suited for the 49ers and an NFL roster.

      1. True that BT, but man was it scary to watch him play.

        And I guess I was totally surprised to see the Niners thought enough of him to sign him to the PS.

        1. I’ve seen him fail to anchor. Someone posted a gif from Minnie’s or TC of Caradine blowing him up, and he didn’t look good in Pre. I’m hoping these guys know better than me.
          I guess Rome wasn’t built in a day……

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    3. His neighborhood chainsaw mishap which sparked a pile of weeds (probably neglected for years until a neighbor called Santa Rosa’s nuisance abatement agency noting it as a summer fire hazzard) that nearly burnt the neighborhood down.

    4. Posting to Cassie Baalke that women should not be at the table when men discuss football when there’s shopping to be done.

    5. Labelling everyone a racist who brings up a negative Kap stat.

    6. His war hero uncle stories about carrying a flag without dropping it while negotiating a barbed wire nest and bullets whizzing past, nonetheless, uncle took out a German maching gun nest w/o the flag dropping and said the flag kept him alive…..CassieBaalke and other vets corrected Seb on this whopper and said that soldiers in battle tend more to look out for each other.

    7. Posters, if I’ve forgotten any, please complete the top 10.

    1. 7. Posters, if I’ve forgotten any, please complete the top 10.

      Please don’t.

      I think TomD has said enough already and at great length many times over.

      TomD, you are just as tedious as Seb. This board used to be an interesting read. You’re ruining it with your tedious and off-topic rants about someone that nobody else cares about.

    1. yeah, think we’re starting to see how some members of last years D– aren’t getting much love from other teams either.
      So combine O’Neill, LB and Dline roulette issues, and other position mismatches with the DB’s, — then add the Chip “gassed out” effect and bad TOP, a perfect storm for our run D.
      Also- Robinson may have had fewer targets against him due to opposition content to run, and run. So hold on tight to see what he can do when he’s targeted more frequently- assuming run D is solid.

    2. I remember him. PFF had him as some super stud LB in their rankings. Really high grades. Think he was a Top-10 FA on their list.

      Gerald Hodges finishes season with 82.4 PFF grade (self.49ers)

      Gerald Hodges finishes ahead of some notable starters such as Danny Travathan, Kiko Alonso, Lavonte David and Derrick Johnson.

      Yet people act as if these guys, none of them football guys, are the be-all and end-all of ranking players. And beyond my criticisms, I think I’m in good company as Belichick says this about these ‘ranking’ services:

      Bill Belichick rips analytics websites, says they’re ‘not real accurate’
      The Patriots head coach isn’t a fan of websites that focus on analytics.

      “With all due respect to those websites, I don’t really know how some of that information is determined or evaluated,” Belichick said. “I know that in the past, we’ve looked at those websites — not any one in particular — but just in general we’ve looked at those websites and said, ‘OK, here’s their top rated guy. Where are we?’ Just to kind of gauge where we feel like the value of the websites are. If they’re rating them the same as we are, then maybe that’s something we need to keep a close eye on so we can start to track a lot of guys. If there’s a big discrepancy, then is there really any value to that? I’d say a lot of that stuff is, in my opinion, not real accurate, so take it with a grain of salt.”

      In fact, as Belichick pointed out, the Patriots are performing their own evaluations of a similar nature. But they’re apparently not reaching the same conclusions. That’s why he’s not a fan, because he doesn’t think they’re accurate — not because he isn’t a fan of advanced statistics.


      Anyway, I’ve watched what these sites claim vs what really happens and I’ve given up on all them. Take PFF. Chilo Rachel was a secret Super Star. Gerald Hodges an elite linebacker. They ignore their own data and come up with silly, cliche explanations that is disproven by their own data. Different authors will give you different opinions about players like the year they called Hyde Top-10 RB in one article, yet a different author (within weeks) ranked him in the mid-20s…

      So, yeah…

        1. I’ve said, for years, I think they’re good at counting. But I think their analytics are garbage. They just get too much, too wrong.

          It’s easy to say JJ Watt is great player. And they do. But it’s their constant failures that expose them. When Chilo Rachel narrowly misses their all-pro team and is the 49ers Secret Superstar, or Gerald Hodges is one of their Top-10 Priority Free Agents, yet they fail as players and can’t make teams…

          I know they’re just not in the ball-park. Which means they don’t know what they’re doing.

          So, timing how long it takes for a lineman to sack a QB. Good data. Blaming the line for a QB who has created his own sack because he held the ball for four seconds and didn’t see two different oper receivers… That’s garbage-time analysis. And that’s the problem. They blow context.

          1. This depends on the position group largely imho.

            For the Oline If I know what the rest of the line is doing I should know what a particular player should be doing. *Note* On a bad oline this becomes harder as if someone gets blown or another player misses their assignment this can throw everything into chaos… and its harder to understand what the assignment priorities are for each player. But in general if I can see the run action, where the rb is going and where each lineman is going, etc., I should have an idea of who did well and who didn’t.

            Defenses are harder for me to tell, this is because while they are conceptually more simple, they are also dependent on the offensive looks, and we don’t have the added benefit of every other players action to give the coverage away.
            This is particularly true in coverage for DB’s. Often we see a wr running down the sideline with db trailing, and yell at the trailing db. However, often it is the help defender who reacted to late or misread the play. Imagine a cb is tasked with covering anything from the flat to about 20 yrds back and should pass off anything beyond 20 yardsto a safety.
            At the snap the wr runs down the field so the cb goes with him then slows down in order to stay in his assigned area. The qb then throws the ball, but the help defender bought on a play action or forgets he has coverage overtop. So when a deep ball is caught it looks like the original db in coverage was burned or was lazy.
            If the route tree of the offense doesn’t show all the other defensive player’s responsibilities its very hard to tell who screwed up in coverage.

      1. The whole idea that BB is looking at anal lytics blog sites for answers is eye opening. Glad he dismissed them, and I think that his staff is much better at the analysis, assessment, game prep and game management department.
        Just like I think the Niners know best about their players, and trust they can game plan and scheme competently.
        Sure I am happy to throw out suggestions, and am happy when they do 9 out of 10, but they are the ones with all the responsibilities, and they are the ones being held accountable.
        Glad BB is not a fan of anal lytics. I am not, either. Of course, he just won another SB, so he really does not need any advice. However, a 2-14 team needs all the help it can get.

        1. Seb the entire NFL reads my posts and then acts accordingly.
          I’m like a NFL guru for the league with my in depth knowledge and outside the box thinking.
          Looks like Shanny and Lynch followed my suggestions regarding the practice squad to a T.
          I’m so good at this NFL thing!

          1. No, Prime, they saw you touting Trubisky, and thought you were clueless to want a second string QB when the defense gave up historic yards rushing.

              1. 80, the Browns are silly to start Kizer week one.
                My theory is sit and learn for at least the first 10 games if not the year.
                Then again the Browns have never done anything the right way.

              2. Exactly why I wouldn’t have taken him with the 2nd overall pick, not to mention pay for the right to do so.

              3. Trubisky looked excellent in the preseason. Obviously it’s 3 quarter speed football against lesser competition, but his command of the offense and accuracy were impressive none the less. They are doing the right thing by letting him sit. He is still inexperienced in terms of games started and they have made a large investment in him, so no reason to rush him before he’s ready.

              4. Trubiscuit will struggle to develop with even fewer reps now that the season is underway. I like Jackson’s approach by getting Kizer invaluable experience as the starter, which should expedite his development….

              5. Or Kizer gets shell shocked and loses confidence and takes the losing personally.
                Of course Raznocchio you would want him to play. That’s your mentality when it comes to QB’s. Null and void.

              6. Hue Jackson(knows a little bit about quarterbacks and offense)on Kizer:

                “Absolutely (I can take some losing),” said Jackson. “I’m just not swimming in that lake, that’s all. We’re going to make this happen. We’re going to work through this because I think he’s talented. This guy has the right stuff and if I’m worth my salt as a coach, I’ll get it out of him and if he’s willing to do the work, he’ll rise to the occasion and I think he will.”

                Asked if he should take the kind of caution Primenocchio suggests:

                “Why?” Jackson said. “I’ve been down this road before. I didn’t make a decision to make him the quarterback because I had fear in it or not know how it’s going to unfold. I have a vision for it. It might not go that way. If it does, great. If it doesn’t, we keep working through it. But I probably felt better about this one, making this decision than some in the past because I think the guy can do it. I really do. I don’t ever want to put something on someone too soon if they’re not ready, but he’s demonstrated that he’s ready. He keeps passing every test”.

                Jackson started Flacco as a rookie, and Kessler. He re-iterated that he’s in for the long haul with Kizer, which means he believes the Browns landed their franchise quarterback when they drafted him No. 52 overall out of Notre Dame.

                “I’m going to ride this with DeShone, you know the good, the bad or whatever comes,” said Jackson. “(And) earning it with your teammates is putting in the time every day and doing what you need to do as a quarterback in this building — come early, stay late, the hardest worker in the building, that’s what our quarterbacks have to be because your teammates are watching that and that’s earning it each and every day.”

                Kizer passed one of the Jackson’s biggest tests during preseason: the ability to quickly process all that transpires in the seconds it takes to run a play.

                “He has the right feel, the right temperament and when he comes over (to the sidelines), the conversations we have are the kind of conversations you want to have with your quarterback,” said Jackson. “He gets it. Sometimes he’s able to tell me before I can even get it out.”

                Kizer is gonna struggle, most notably during the beginning while playing full games against NFL DC’s that will make adjustments, but it’s those exact struggles that will build the foundation as part of the process towards achieving franchise status. He did beat out a veteran in Osweiler, comparable to Glennon or Sanchez, and Kessler who started most of last year….

              7. “…I think the guy can do it. I really do.”

                Agreed. I also think Trubisky could be good in a year or two.
                Kizer, having some pro style experience, is a year ahead of Trubisky,Watson, etc.

              8. Have you learned anything from history Raznocchio?
                Flacco had an all world defense and veteran laden team behind him.

                Who has Jackson developed and what winning team that he’s coached can he draw experiences from?

                The Browns are gonna ruin Kizer cause they won’t win more than 3 games.
                If that’s what you call valuable experience, well that’s no surprise coming from you.

              9. Big difference, Hue Jackson and Dowell Loggains. I have my doubts whether Loggains has the ability to develop Trubiscuit, because he’s no where near ready. Kizer proved himself ready, and credit to Hue Jackson for getting him there, because he was far from being ready entering the draft….

              10. Primenocchio, you should know that experience is only attainable on the field. If you can’t get on the field, you will not advance your craft. No way around it. Best to take the training wheels off when the quarterback earns it, like Kizer did….

              11. I guess Raznocchio that you were not paying attention to what the 49ers did with Alex Smith and the Packers did with Rogers.
                Your metaphor of military and football show your ignorance.
                I am not surprised

              12. Primenocchio, Trubiscuit needs all the experience he can get, but he won’t be getting any because he couldn’t earn the job. Kizer earned the job, and he’ll be getting invaluable game experience that will expedite his development. Prescott showed he could do it. Wentz showed he could do it. Even Bridgewater, who the Vikings traded up into the bottom of the first round for, started by week 3 and showed he could do it. You fail to mention Rodgers was sitting behind Farve, not Sanchez or Glennon. Please don’t embarrass yourself further….

              13. Flapping off with no substance.
                Let’s just see how many games Kizer can win on that awful team and then determine how valuable of an experience it is.

                And for the record Dak didn’t earn the job, he was forced into it through injury. Just good luck or he too would have sat and learned behind Romo.

                Wentz was the 2nd overall pick and again, fell into a good situation with a good supporting cast.

                Before Trubisky was drafted the draft experts said he would be better off to sit and learn. The Bears are doing the right thing with him.

                And Teddy Bridgewater? Same as that guy that played here wearing #7,who you remember brought your family all those great memories? Yeah that guy who had 10 good games in the NFL and now he’s done too.

                Smoke that in your pipe druggie!

              14. I don’t think it’s that simple Razor. Trubisky performed as well or better than Kizer during preseason but the Bears have a vet they can start and feel reasonably good about. The Browns don’t really have another option and gave the job to Kizer even after he struggled against TB. There is no perfect way to develop a young QB but if you are going to play them early you better have an OL who can protect him or you run the risk of killing his career before it starts.

              15. They did have options rocket, they could’ve easily gone the year with Osweiller as their QB. Then that way Kizer could’ve easily just sat and learnt the playbook and got refined in it.

                The best way to develop a QB is to provide an environment in which they can learn the game and learn how to be a pro. A lot of that comes from your peers, not your coaches.
                Beathard will be a way better QB because of what the Niners have created around him.
                That’s the right way to develop a young QB

              16. Kizer wasn’t given the job. He competed against the veteran Osweiler, and Kessler who had almost a full season as the starter and won the job. Trubiscuit hasn’t digested the entire Bears playbook. Pretty evident when you watched him play that they gave him what he was able to handle, and nothing more. Facts are the facts. Trubisky couldn’t beat out Glennon or Sanchez, which aren’t options I’d brag about….

              17. Beathard won the backup job, and is an injury away from getting invaluable NFL game experience. Trubiscuit won’t even be active on game days. If Glennon goes down, Sanchez will be the starter. Why else would the Bears keep Sanchez? If Trubiscuit were to start right now, all they could run primarily is their 2 minute offense. It’s pretty amazing that Beathard was able to learn Shanny’s offense so quickly, as complex as it is.Not to mention that Hoyer is injury prone, and to Rocket’s point about offensive line capabilities, the 49ers interior is porous, thereby increasing the odds that Beathard sees action sooner, rather than later….

              18. Once again your feminine emotions cloud your reasoning Raznocchio.

                Kizer earned the job against 2 guys who should not even be in the NFL. That’s not earning it, that’s winning it by default fool!

                And what the Bears are doin with Trubisky is the right thing in terms of his development. They need him to be good for the next 10 years, not next year.

              19. Primnocchio, your thoughts are clouded if you believe Glennon or Sanchez have any business starting on a NFL team.

              20. Fox feels he can win some games with Glennon so he doesn’t feel he has to throw Trubisky into the fire. Jackson never wanted Osweiler so that wasn’t going to happen.


                Kizer won the job off a poor outing in TB. There was no competition. The Browns had no intention of starting Osweiler. I don’t know how it will work out for either young QB, but Kizer is being put into a tough situation and if they can’t give him a solid running game and protection, they run the risk of hindering his career instead of helping it. I hope he does well but it’s going to be a major challenge for him.

              21. What’s so valuable about taking a beating and winning less than 5 games?

                I’d build up his confidence through watching. Let him develop physically and intellectually and then when he is ready play him.

                Why throw a draft pick out there to take sacks and be confused if he indeed is not ready?
                What’s wrong with Bears approach? They obviously had a plan with Glennon and Trubisky. It’s working.

                Like I said. Let’s see how ready and capable Kizer looks this week against the Steelers and beyond.

              22. So you’re saying Kizer didn’t earn the job, and that he hasn’t digested the playbook. Interesting.

                Fox isn’t an offensive mind. I could care less if he believes Glennon or Sanchez can win more games than Trubiscuit. I would trust Jackson, who got Kizer ready when he was no where near ready to lead a NFL team into a campaign….

              23. Raznocchio says “Primnocchio, your thoughts are clouded if you believe Glennon or Sanchez have any business starting on a NFL team.

                Some people are saying the same thing about Hoyer.
                But when you are a bad team, you have to develop your talent. And that process involves having vets pave the way during the rebuilding period. It’s called being a bridge for simple minds like you.

                That’s what Hoyer is, Sanchez and Glennon.

                You never could understand the simple things could you? I can easily tell your a no pain no gain kinda of idiot aren’t you?

              24. Prime, you wanted the Niners to draft Trubisky so much, you bet 200 bucks. You did not want Trubisky to sit, you wanted him to start and supplant Kaep, so Kaep could not return.
                Now that he is benched, you are claiming that you wanted him to sit and study, all along. That is jsut like your claiming you predicted the Niners would sign McNichols.
                Prime, you do not have a speck of originality in your entire body. You just parrot everything.

              25. Quarterbacks drafted in the 3rd/4th round usually need a bridge. Quarterbacks taken 1 or 2 overall shouldn’t need the Glennon/Sanchez bridge. It seems your feminine emotions have your stupid is as stupid does mind clouded, Primenocchio Gump….

              26. Razor,

                I’m saying Kizer would ‘ve had to have been terrible to lose the “competition.” I have no idea how well versed he is in the offense, but he struggled against TB.

                The Bears are taking things slower with Trubisky but It certainly isn’t due to how he played in preseason. He was very good and played both in Shotgun and under center so I’m not sure why you think he doesn’t know much of the offense.

                Just two different teams taking different approaches with their young QB’s. There is no foolproof method.

              27. Raznocchio pay attention you might learn something.
                How many NCAA teams are utilizing a pro style offense? Answer: not too many.

                That’s why QB’s coming out in any round should sit and learn the complexities of a NFL playbook let alone reading defenses.

                How many QB’s in the last 5 years have come out and shown they are ready week one since being drafted the previous April?
                List please?

              28. Raznocchio is just sour about Trubisky because he could not collect the $200 on our bet that his sorry life was relying on.

                The college game has done nothing to help these young QB’s coming out and be ready to play day one in the NFL.

                Razor is just sour. In reality he knows QB’s should sit and learn and that’s the best way to develop your draft picks.

              29. Rocket, when you state that Son Of A Mitch isn’t playing, “certainly due to how he played in the preseason”, it sounds like you didn’t watch Trubiscuit start with the one’s against the Titans to start the second half….

              30. Seb says “You did not want Trubisky to sit, you wanted him to start and supplant Kaep, so Kaep could not return.

                Seb, Kap never had a left knee to kneel on when it came to returning to the 49ers.
                Shanny read my posts about Kap and that just vindicated his decision.

              31. Raznocchio says “Primenocchio Gump, Shanny drafted one from Iowa. Try and keep up.

                And thank you for proving my point. QB’s that have played on pro style offense are more capable in grasping the NFL play book.
                But it doesn’t help with the speed of the NFL and the complexity of reading defenses.
                That why CBJ won the #2 job but he is not nearly ready to be a a starter.

                Like I said what QB’s in the past 5 years who have come out and shown they are ready day one on teams with zero supporting cast?

              32. Primenocchio Gump says, “And thank you for proving my point. QB’s that have played on pro style offense are more capable in grasping the NFL play book”.

                And I return the favor of thanks for proving mine, that you don’t draft a 13 game starter from a dink offense number 2 overall. Good thing Shanny listened to me, and not you!

              33. I don’t care where a QB is drafted. My point for the 100th time is they should sit and learn a year or two.
                Why can’t you understand that, too many acid drops?

                The 49ers might have made a mistake not taking Trubisky. It could be magnified more by taking a undersized DT who might not play every down or a down at all with the emergence of Buck and Double AA and this new scheme.
                10 sacks remember?

                It’s also pretty clear Shanny had his guy already pegged in CBJ and as I said, is developing him the right way.

                For all hot air and girly Pom pomin you’ve done about Kizer, that kid is in an impossible situation. Like always, Hue thinks he can coach his way thru anything and his ego will let himself down yet again.
                Why do you think the only HC job he could land was in CLE? Cause they are about as clueless as you!

              34. Ms. Piggie says, Feminine emotions. Tsk, tsk. You’re a winner Razor.

                I didn’t play the femininity card first, Primenocchio Gump did, so I thought it only fair to pick it up and throw it back in his face. If you’re going to stick your snout into something, best to make sure you’ve done your homework.

              35. Primenocchio Gump says, How many NCAA teams are utilizing a pro style offense? Answer: not too many. That’s why QB’s coming out in any round should sit and learn the complexities of a NFL playbook let alone reading defenses. The 49ers might have made a mistake not taking Trubisky.

                Yet Shanny drafted a quarterback from a Pro Offense in the 3/4 round, and he’s won the job backing up Hoyer. Maybe you should figure out what you mean, that way the rest of us could understand what the hell you are saying.

                Primenocchio Gump says, It could be magnified more by taking a undersized DT who might not play every down or a down at all with the emergence of Buck and Double AA and this new scheme. 10 sacks remember? That nose is growing so long, your grub worm in a turtle neck won’t ever get over his inferiority complex.

              36. Razor repeating what I say without a rebuttal just reiterates what a dime store hooker you are.
                You could never hang on this blog when challenged. Why? Cause you are a little puttana!

              37. Ms. Piggie says, just back away slowly from the feminine emotions rant.

                You wanna play tug of war with me, you’re gonna end up pulled pork.

              38. Primenocchio Gump says, Razor repeating what I say without a rebuttal just reiterates what a dime store hooker you are.
                You could never hang on this blog when challenged. Why? Cause you are a little puttana!

                Ha! Someone’s on the rag. I can’t help it I called you out on your double speak. First you say you can’t find pro quarterbacks in the draft, and then you put Shanny down for finding one. Then you go on to say he’ll regret taking one over Trubiscuit that started 13 games in a gimmick offense. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Maybe you and Ms. Piggie should go out and get you some ham, because it’s obvious you two have had too much bologna….

              39. Razor,

                It was already determined that Glennon would be the starter going into that game. Trubisky played pretty well in that game too. His play was a revelation as the Bears had made no plans to start him. He gave them something to think about.

              40. Rocket, he didn’t do diddly poo in the 3rd quarter when the ones were still out there. It wasn’t until the 4th quarter against scrubs that he turned it around.

              41. He had a 3 and out on his first series. They moved the ball from there on out. That didn’t cost him the job. He played well throughout the preseason.

            1. Oh don’t kid yourself Seb. There was considerable discussion.
              I’m meeting with upper management when I’m in SF this week.
              I’ll make my game day prep suggestions for them against the Panthers.
              I’ll let the blog in on my intel later this week.
              Stay tuned.

              1. Easy there, Primenocchio Gump. I know you’re easily amused but you’ll end up staining your shorts, and mom wouldn’t like that.

              2. Razor – is getting dumb and dumber

                Maybe too much of seb is rubbing off on it.

                Noticed razor is quick to throw insults when you don’t agree with it.

          2. Prime, you may want to claim to be a savant, but you have a lot of catching up to do if you want to seem as smart as me, Just 2 days ago, I postulated that the Niners should kick the tires on Xavier Cooper, and was heartened to see them follow my advice. In fact, they liked him so much, they signed him.
            Try harder.

            1. Not true. I was the one who said the Niners should pick up Cooper as I have seen him extensively.
              I also was the first to predict that Kittle would be the feature TE.
              I am that smart Seb. You need more seasoning.

              1. Well this is much better than you spewing invective.
                Hope to see more of your analysis and predictions.
                I could use a good laugh.

              2. Oh don’t get to ahead of yourself Seb. You’re still a moron when it comes to football.
                That’s why the Niners and the rest of the NFL read my posts instead of yours

              3. OK, Prime, dazzle me with your brilliance. Who will be the 10th PS player?
                If you refuse to answer, I will just conclude you are a gutless wonder who is too afraid to make a prediction because you will not want to look foolish.
                I will be bold and speculate Otha Peters, because of his versatility and STs contributions.

              4. Oh, and don’t wait until they announce it, then claim you knew all along. That not only will make you look clueless, but also pathetic.

              5. There you go again. You cant predict something that already happened, it just makes you look clueless and pathetic.
                I am talking about the 10th player, not the 9th.
                I expected more from you, but you disappoint me again. You always brag about being so savvy, yet you cowardly take a dive when given the chance to shine.
                McNichols. Yes, and the sky is blue and my grass is flourishing.

              6. I predicted that awhile ago. The 49ers staff clearly reads my posts.

                This stuff is too easy Seb. I’m right again

              7. Some other posters may want to differ from you, they are adamant that the Niners never look at blogs. Go ahead, predict things that have already happened. I will stand by my Xavier Cooper pick.

              8. Sorry you cannot claim that about Cooper. That was predicted by me many moons ago and Lynch read my post.

          1. No, Ore, that was a good first step. They have assembled a good coaching staff, signed a boatload of FAs and hit a grand slam in the draft. They have gotten to the 53 cutdown, and on paper, this team is a huge upgrade, especially on defense. Now, they really need to win a game.
            Brick by brick.

            1. Says the guy who wanted Chip back for another year.

              Looks like the 49ers listened to me again Seb and signed Nichols.
              I win again.

              1. That’s not true Seb. I win because the 49ers are reading my posts and executing them.

                It’s just that simple. I win cause I’m right.

              2. I declared victory when I succeeded to get you to spew expletives.
                You have only succeeded to make yourself look like a pathetic troll.

              3. Seb you are just a sore loser because now Shanny and Lynch read my posts and adhere to my outside the box thinking and as we’ve seen, execute my advice.

                Just watch the game plan against the Panthers. It will be exactly how I call it.

  4. I am a little surprised the 49ers didn’t sign a 2nd FB to the PS. I thought Tyler McCloskey played pretty well during the preseason.

    Grant, what is the backup plan at FB if something unfortunate (knock on wood) happens to Jusz?

    1. On his periscope video grant speculates that their is no back up plan to FBI and this could hurt big time if juice gets hurt.

    1. Asa Jackson has not been on an NFL roster for the entirety of 4 seasons. He missed a lot of time due to suspensions (adderall) and injury, which apparently don’t count in terms of eligibility. He’s at least a handful of games short, probably more, but I don’t know the exact amount.

  5. Notable change between the Lynch/Shanahan era and the Baalke times……the Baalke PS was almost never made up mostly of Niners players that just competed in TC, but looked entirely different. Lynch signed almost all from the team he brought through TC.

    1. I don’t think you are correct. The 2016 PS consisted of all TC guys minus WR Chris Harper who came from NE.. In 2015 I count all 9 on P squad who were in TC..

  6. Rosen Looks atrocious! There is no way he goes top of the first rnd….. Kyle wouldn’t touch that guy. No feel in the pocket at all….

    1. Well Rosen is coming alive! Not going to lie I talked to soon about Rosen Lol! Impressive comeback on his part… He has great physical tools no doubt….

        1. I watched the first two possessions. When I came back UCLA was down bigly, so I turned off the tube and listened to Steely Dan. Missed a great comeback, but heard some great ?

        2. A few weeks ago Rosen was viewed by many as being a brash, mouthy know-it-all who wouldn’t fit the 9ers–someone who would ‘talk back’ to Shanahan. I kinda like Rosen–we’ll see how his season progresses.

          1. Yep, amazing what an epic comeback will do. He’s an exceptionally talented QB who has been grossly underrated not just here, but in some scouting circles too.

            Rosen was great at times, but really rusty and lucky at others. He should have been picked on one of the TD passes and threw a prayer for another but we saw some of the special traits he possess’. Hadn’t played a game in almost a year, learned his 3rd system in as many seasons and played behind a sieve of an Oline, but still found a way to win. He has been getting a bad rap as a poor teammate and leader, but he was exceptional in both areas in that game. Big step forward for him but they have to protect better. He took a beating yesterday and he’s not going to make it through the season if that continues.

  7. So I just read a season preview of the 2017 49ers on Philly.com, and whoever the hell write that said, “Joe Staley and MARCUS MARTIN will help shore up the Oline”. L O FREAKING L. Have these guys even paid attention to the 9ers? Got my laugh for the night. Wooo. ???

    1. No. It’s not just the press, it’s amazingly bad in the whole industry.

      Take PFF, one group rates Armstead a trash player. Another group tells us he’s been the best pass-rushing 3-4 DE in the NFL for the past two years and, on a snap-per-snap basis, has out-performed Calais Campbell, JJ Watt, etc..

      They tell us the Browns Front 7 is #24 in the NFL while the 49ers is 32nd. But the best Browns LB (47.2 in their system) is worse than the worst 49ers linebacker (Eli Harold 50.7) in their ratings. Buckner, at 82.2 was not only the best rookie DT last year, but has a higher rating than the best Browns lineman.

      They gave Bowman a 85.4 rating because, despite his problems in man coverage, nobody is a consistently better run linebacker and he can play zone fairly well. Yet that doesn’t seem to count as they talk up the remaining trash LBs of the Browns.

      And while Myles Garrett was their top, over-all prospect, Solomon Thomas is not chopped liver and was their #1 run defender and #6 pass rusher in their college ranking system while Reuben Foster was their best linebacker.

      So not only do they have other issues, which annoy the **** out of me, they’re hypocrites as they don’t even follow their own rankings. My feeling is that if you’re supposed to ‘The Football Analytics Website,’ you should be basing your opinion on your analytics, not with the Flavor Of The Day. And Myles Garrett being superman is the Flavor of the Day.

  8. Good for Smelter. Virtually every pundit and blogger I asked was adamant Smelter wouldn’t be on the practice squad.

    But it was a sign they saw something in him when he made the 90 man roster. When he survived the initial cuts two days ago, I felt good about him making the practice squad. Hope he keeps plugging away at it.

  9. I thought this was interesting in regards to RB JOE WILLIAMS and recently signed RB JEREMY McNICHOLS – SPARQ, Analytics, and the 2017 NFL Draft:

    The higher your pSPARQ score is, the more athletic you are. A player with a pSPARQ score over 130 is an elite athlete, even by NFL standards. A player with a score below 100 is well below the NFL average. A player’s
    z-score signifies the number of standard deviations his pSPARQ score is from the mean. A score of zero means the player is athletically average at his position; a score of 1.0 means the player is in the top 16 percent of similar players in the NFL.

    2017 NFL Draft Rankings:

    16) JOE WILLIAMS – RB Utah: Age 24, Ht 5110, Wt 210 lbs, pSPARQ 126.2, z-score 0.4
    17) JEREMY McNICHOLS – RB Boise St: Age 21.7, Ht 5085, Wt 214 lbs, pSPARQ 126.0, z-score 0.4

      1. Shoup,
        Breida became my TC/preseason crush. I went as far as saying that he reminded me of F.Gore and M.Faulk. Yes, that was a little over the top, but I see the ability to hit the hole, break tackles, speed, change of direction and the ability to catch. These type of skills will make MB a viable football player.
        The only thing I would like to see is a change in jersey number, but hey, I can get used to 49.

      1. As white, I always played the English Open. Pawn to Queen Bishop 4, if I’m not mistaken. As black, I liked the French Defense, Pawn to King 3, if memory serves me….

        1. Ah, next time I am in you neighborhood break out the chess board. Back in the day using the Harkness rating system I was a class A player. Been a loooong time since I last played.

          1. Yea, I haven’t played against another human in years. Play every once in awhile on the computer. I don’t even own a chess set, but If we ever get together again, I’d try and give you a couple good games. I think I was the 3rd chair on our team, out of 4. No where near great, but slightly above average. Certainly not good enough for a rating. We could always play online somehow. I laugh, because I remember getting Les to play on paper during class. He was one of the smartest kids in school, straight as an arrow too, so getting him to do that was a feat in itself. I was a bad influence on him. Blonde hair, fair skin and when I would embarrass him, or we’d get caught, his cheeks would turn rosy red. I think he’s a teacher in Mishawaka now. I always thought he’d be a scientist or something. His father was a doctor. He got me into Dungeons and Dragons too. He was a great dungeon master…;>)

            1. Back in surfer daze we all played on our block by the beach. I was competitive among duffers, but there was this one guy who almost always kicked my butt.,really sucked too, cuz he was a miserable low life junkie, but he could play. I got mad and went out and read a book on strategy and it ruint me; couldn’t beat anybody for 3 months. So I went back to my old way (with a quart of Ranier Ale by my side) and could only beat him if he got overconfident or was too loaded. Haven’t tried lately, but I wasn’t too good against the computer 15 years ago.

              1. “I got mad and went out and read a book on strategy and it ruint me; couldn’t beat anybody for 3 months.”

                lol – nice

              2. Brotha, that’s funny. The Pattons were brothers I grew up with, and stoner friends of mine. I used to go over there, and we’d all hang out playing chess with some good smoke and music.

  10. Think we can do better than Flynn for offensive line , get someone with more upside , thoughts . Grant you nailed it they went right after a defensive linemen. Good call .

    1. whom do you suggest should be in Flynn’s place on PS?
      who are your candidates?
      why would your choices be a better option to Flynn?

    1. my thoughts are wondering what your thoughts might be on the subject…
      do you have any specific LB candidates?
      what specific LB position/s on Saleh’s D do you think we need backup with?
      I’d love to hear your specific ideas…

      1. I’d still like to hear 9er since 78’s specific suggestions…
        I’d even like his take on the options you just posted Seb…

        1. I wonder if “49er since 78” will have any suggestions, or just prompts to get others to post opinions?
          Let him suggest some or comment on your suggested players Seb…

            1. My bro in law would drag me to games in the 79 and 80 seasons, because no one else would go. I eventually inherited them, after the Glory Years, because he was a big basketball fan, too.
              I have seen it all. My father was a big Niner fan since the ’60s.
              I am just perusing the cutdown lists, and studying the players mainly from playoff teams and future opponents.

              1. been fan since ’73 (with team pic- Spurrier as QB!), when I played pop warner. 1st game at stick monday night, ’75 or ’76, America’s team with Staubach vs. Plunkett….something like 45 to 35….a shootout with 9ers on short end, as was their wont in those days.

  11. My only head-scratcher on the PS is DeAndre Carter. Trent Taylor and Victor Bolden are the same type of players.
    Carter makes the positon a bit redundant imo.
    More help on defense seems to make more sense.

  12. My August 21, 53 squad was pretty close, but missed out on several cuts.
    Barnes- Magnussen
    Kerley- Bourne
    Dial- Blair
    Brooks- Pita
    Hightower- Mostert
    Vance was traded, which left room for Celek
    Blair, Williams and Garnett on IR were surprises.
    Glad the Niners poached Xavier Cooper, I liked him in the draft.
    I also liked McNichols in the draft.
    Guess the Niners wanted their own players on the PS, and continuity will help the team. Still, there were some painful cuts around the league, and quality players are still available.

    1. Kaep was a senior, graduated, started 4 years and won over 30 games, while being the first to run for 4,000 yards while also passing for 10,000 yards.
      Just saying.

        1. I think it was a great guideline that might be somewhat outdated. These ain’t your daddy’s quarterbacks anymore, but as a reference point, I think it’s fine.

          1. College is full of spread and other gimmicy offenses now that lead to bloated stats.This was not the case at the time that Bill Parcels was drafting qb’s (for the most part).

              1. tjf

                ‘close …but no cigar’ The “run and shoot” began at aportland State with ‘Mouse’ Davis coaching, and June Jones QBing. Together they rang up some numbers that in todays’ game would be unbelievable….

      1. Tim Tebow:

        In 2006 he didn’t play much, being behind Chris Leake who was in the process of leading Florida to it’s second National Championship in two years, though he made the SEC “All Freshman” team. In 2007, he had a 172.5 passer rating, 3,286 passing yards, 32 touchdowns, and only six interceptions. He also rushed for 895 yards and 23 more touchdowns. In 2008 it was the same passer rating, 2,747 yards passing, 30 touchdowns by air, and another 12 by land. Add to that 673 rushing yards. In 2009 his passer rating dipped to 155.6, but he still threw for 2,895 yards and 21 touchdowns. He also rushed for 910 yards and 14 TDs.

        A remarkable dual threat-quarterback and competitor. He of course was a Heisman finalist three times and won the award once in 2007, and lead the Gators to a National Championship.

        Vince Young:

        Vince Young was amazing. We all remember Young’s Texas Longhorns and their epic game for the title against USC. The one that propelled him to a Top-5 NFL prospect. Young was also a two-time Rose Bowl MVP trophy, won the Manning Award, the Davey O’Brien Award, along with many other awards. He finished second in the Heisman to Reggie Bush, but some think it should have been his.

        His college stats were fairly impressive, but his ability to run, his leadership by example and his overwhelming desire to win (as he carried Texas by his will) is what made Vince Young one of College’s all-time greats.

        Chris Weinke:

        Chris Weinke played quarterback for Florida State starting in 1997. In 1998 Weinke led his team to a 9-1 record and a No. 2 ranking before a season-ending neck injury. In 1999 he led the No. 1-ranked Seminoles to an undefeated season and a national championship. He defeated a team called Virginia Tech—who had a quarterback named Michael Vick. But Weinke wasn’t done., in 2000 Weinke led the nation with 4,167 passing yards and won the Heisman Trophy. He also won the Davey O’Brien Award and the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award. His only ‘failure’ that year was losing to Oklahoma in the National Championship game.

        I could go on. The list of ‘great college QBs’ who flamed out in the NFL is longer than there are hours in the day. College stats don’t mean bupkis.

        1. Don’t forget Jamarcus Russel.
          Kaep , on the other hand, led the Niners to the SB after 10 games starting, was 5 yards from winning it, and one pass from returning.

          1. Seb,
            Kaep’ 2012 season will always be a part of 49er folklore. But he will also be known as the QB who begin to descend almost as quickly as his rise.
            Personally speaking, it’s a sad story. I really wanted CK to succeed.

            I thought that the Jaguars owner might take a chance with Kap because he doesn’t seem to fit the “good ol’ boy” network of NFL owners, but even Shahid Khan passed on him.
            I’m a little confused by Spike Lee’ crusade to have the NFL get CK on a team, but that won’t happen and Lee of all people should know that.
            Would Spike allow Roger Goodell to force him to hire an actor for movie?
            That’s my Kap take for the day…

        2. Moses. Is it scheme, overall makeup of the qb or are NFL defenses just that different, stronger/faster? I find it mind boggling to see these qb’s kill it in college and end up being a dumpster fire in the NFL. And then there’s Brady who was ok at Michigan, a 6th round pick to NE, and becomes one of the best ever to play in the pros….wierd

            1. Pretty much this. Plus college defenses are fairly simplistic. Then you add in an athletic QB is generally, even in college, si one of the very best athletes on the field and can use that athleticism to dominate his less gifted opponents…

              You end up with QBs like Tebow who are amazing in college and total failures in the NFL where the mental aspect they never had to develop is king.

              1. Thanks for the input. Some QB’s benefited by sitting a few seasons (Rodgers) others excelled right off the bat (Prescott, Ryan, Wilson) Like you said mental makeup. I wonder if by sitting a few years guys like Tebow would have had a better career. Most rookie QB’s back in the day held a clipboard for a few seasons.. now it’s get him in there immediately, throw him to the wolves and pray for the best.

              2. If anyone has been watching the 49ers the last 10 years, the last thing you do is throw a young QB in year one.

                Unless you have a pro bowl RB, WR, TE and oline, it makes zero sense to put a kid in that situation.
                You want him to be good for 10 years, not year one. That’s why the development of a QB is essential in that you build them up to your scheme and philosophy.
                And what’s wrong with letting the kid mature and learn how to be a pro for the first couple years?

              3. Prime, I agree. Which is why I get irritated with all the “start CJ now” chants. He is not ready yet. Montana and Young sat at the early going.

              4. There is a reason why this new regime has come up with the philosophy “brick by brick”
                Means doin it the right way, methodical and calculated.
                There is no rush on this rebuild and the 49ers are doing it the right way.

  13. Glad Hikutini, Flynn, Jackson and Williams made it to the PS.
    Both Carter and Smelter give depth in case of a WR going down due to injury, and they probably could help on STs.
    I am not sold on Mullens, and everyone knows who I like for QB, but since that is unlikely, Joe Callahan, Garrett Grayson and Joe Webb may all be upgrades.

  14. Tjf like skipper at guard , like the QB from Minnesota ,showed good leadership , and a don’t quit attitude he got cut didn’t think much of mullens ,lb doing some checking , still don’t have that answer , but having one on the he ps would help so it doesn’t turn into last year . Rb ,looking at tb hard knocks ,about him ( no decision on him yet . Like how te shaped up, think everyone is on the same page there . So I think having a lb on the practice squad would help . You don’t agree ?

    1. Ok, I’ll bite…

      LB on PS needs to fill a LB spot lacking depth specifically:
      –.Coyle as Bowman’s depth??? Not good. This position needs a better 2nd MLB — and platooning amongst others on squad (Watson, etc.) ain’t gonna do…JL/KS taking a big roll of dice not getting a true replacement for Smith of solid MLB backup.
      –He’s a dev. player for KS, he’s 3rd QB– get used to it.
      TE shaping up:
      — we’ll see how good Celek is in 2-3 TE sets– blocking mainly– why he was kept instead of Bell (Kittle & Juice as pass threats, Celek & Paulsen as block assets) (and… I didn’t crow about claiming “McD out- Celek in” after Vance was sent away, well I guess I’m crowing now).

      P.S.-I humbly submit relying less on prompting others opinions, then checking to offer specifics, and more on your intuition and observations of play.

    1. As good a description as any of the concept of the PS= i.e: to develop players that show promise in a few areas, but need more coaching and far more practice time.
      Flynn has backers (Benton) and so remains a dev. player.

    1. We could sign CK to a practice squad contract. He could simulate Cam Newton and and RW (less so).
      But there is no way he signs that contract.

  15. Tjf ,here are some I looked at ,ol tiller /kc .Andrews /eag. Both can play guard or center .Really liked hiencke(QB) from mv / ,, and one I think got overlooked on DL tupou/ from ATL. LB still looking , one from Carolina ,is all . But still a reach .. don’t think we should have 2WR on practice squad. Like having Williams OT , guess I’m looking at it as if your going young we should go with it and develop young , but to what works in our style of play / players.

      1. same issue as brining Boone back– as you noted (proud of you for once) that Boone (and I submit, Tiller) are not for outside zone scheme as guards.

  16. RB Matt Breida – No. 22
    WR Victor Bolden Jr. – No. 17
    WR Kendrick Bourne – No. 10
    CB Ahkello Witherspoon – No. 23
    S Lorenzo Jerome – No. 26

    I was hoping Breida would get No. 26.

              1. and another thing…until Tyler was “poached” from the Lambs, teams were already adjusting to BW’s WCO short pass game, so Bill had to get the ground game more productive/respected/feared. Adding balance to O attack.
                In fact, the Lambs gave us a few key players to help establishing 9ers as a power in early 80’s:
                -Reynolds (or hacksaw if that helps)
                -Kemp…and…to continue bringing up the past-
                Chargers: Fred Dean
                Eagles: Charley Young
                Pats: Russ Francis

              2. I think the key acquisition was Dwaine Board, who could not break into the Steeler lineup, so he fell into the Niner’s lap.

          1. Seb,
            You’re right. Tyler wore 26.
            Trying to remember what other 49ers RB wore number 22.
            Terry Jackson
            Amp Lee
            Vic Washington
            Spencer Tillman
            Don’t remember any of them making a big or any impact.
            Hopefully Breida changes that.

              1. what a bummer seeing Ricky go to Eagles, taking our SB winning running game with him….
                watching ol’ Amp do his 2 yards and a cloud of, no– a pile of bodies, and Young having to make a running game happen personally…

              2. apologies to Amp…the Ugh comment still applies, but the post ’95 SB season’s ground game dropoff was incorrectly linked to Amp…it was Derrick Loville…double Ugh.

          1. I would add that if #49 Miller didn’t go nuts in S.F. motel last year, made the 2016 team, etc., that he might very well be on team now, as backup to Juczw….whatever his last name is.
            (What is up with eastern european (Polish, mainly) names, I mean just how many of those goofy consonants do they need?)

        1. No he wasn’t. His old teammates said he had ‘the heart of a pea.’ Even Walsh admitted that Cooper was a mistake and tried to make him a TE where he was ‘meh.’ Really talented. No heart.

          1. He was one of the better players on that initial SB team. Looked up some names. Paul Hofer, Bill Ring, Ricky Patton and the unknown Lenvil Elliot who was used on the drive before The Catch.
            They had WRs like Mike Wilson and Mike Schumann.
            On defense they had LBs like Bobby Leopold and Craig Puki. They had Saladin Martin, Milt McCoy and Dan Bunz.
            Earl Cooper caught critical passes in the drive before The Catch to get them to the SB, and caught a TD pass in the SB. He also was a 2 time SB champion.

    1. I’m the same. But with number retirements and cursed numbers (83) what are you going to do? I mean Bleacher report did an all-time numerical for the 49ers. This is the best #83 they could find:

      83: J.J. Stokes (1995-2002)
      Most of the 49ers’ receiving numbers are occupied by legends, but 83 is a bit weaker. Still, you could do worse than Stokes, who was Taylor’s replacement as Rice’s second banana before Owens took over the role a few seasons later. His 4,139 receiving yards on 327 receptions certainly aren’t shabby, even if he didn’t quite live up to his draft status as the 10th pick.

      I wouldn’t wish 83 on anyone…

  17. Kyle having faced the Panthers twice a year, knows how to beat the Carolina D. They still have two inexperienced CBs. I think we can score on them.

    Defensively, we have to get pressure to help out our corners. Carolina also needs to get pressure. This game hinges on OL play.

    1. you mean our chances hinge on our OL play…
      I predict CAR pressure up inside, forcing most short ydg plays to flats/outside of tackles.
      But, with Breida & Mostert, along with Hyde in rotation, outside runs might be productive. Celek & Paulsen in 2 TE blocking sets for “stretch” runs.

    2. I meant what I said. Which was that the OL is important to both teams. Carolina’s OL has to protect Cam and his shoulder. We have to be able to run to set up play action passes.

    1. here’s where the faithful can both fulfill their demonstration of said faith by plonking $$ on 9ers, then, miracle of miracles, etc., etc., your faith is paid back $admirably$.
      but don’t forget the 1099 for this, right???

  18. So, if Garcon goes down, it looks like Bourne would be his replacement (if out for a number of games or the season, maybe they would activate Smelter). I wasn’t paying attention to Bourne during the offseason or preseason, but is he a possession receiver willing to make the tough catches in the middle?

        1. Bourne would be active for ST I think and so available on the spot. Smelter may be a better Z, but versatility won the roster position. Bourne may be faster.

          1. Bro Tuna

            I agree on Smelter being the best replacement for a ‘dinged’ Garcon, but I also think that Bourne or Robinson could (would) fit the bill….It’s nice feeling wealthy before our first meaningful game….

    1. I would say Aldrick Robinson would fill in at X as he did last year when Jones was off the field. This is the third team that Shanny has had Robinson on. There’s a trust level there at X.

  19. Incomplete sample, but my memory from the games was Yes. He caught some crosses. Went up for the ball and extended for errant throws. Has some speed.
    Aldrich could line up there in a pinch.

  20. Dang. Seahawks just did what I surmised teams should do.
    They just signed Austin Calitro LB, to their practice squad. Bet he will give good intel on the Niner locker room dynamics, and play calling tendencies.
    I sure hope the Niners return the favor.

    1. that’s ok Seb, Calitro in a paid mole, Jed knew SEA had him on their radar, so some of that “Ohio” $$ is going to him as a dbl. agent.
      We’ll get all the dirt on the turmoil and strife you hope is in their locker room.
      In fact, Calitro may even be able to insinuate himself into the spec. teams leadership– to sabotage the ball tee, over inflate footballs, etc. Agent Provocateur!

      1. Sorry, Jed threw him away, and Seahawks promised the moon. Right now, he is probably spilling his guts since they play in 2 weeks.

        1. Oh Sebbie… A little over the top, no? Spilling guts? C’mon… The 9ers are implementing completely new approaches to the game as a team, and your guy Calitro has been around how long????? You are quite the drama queen.

        2. Jed didn’t throw him away– he cannily cast him out on a line, Caroll bit, now he acts as a decoy with lots of dis-info to spread…such as:
          — Bowman injury a ruse, he’s as good as ever in coverage,
          — JL vs. KS palace intrigue,
          — Celek their new offensive super weapon,
          — Hoyer, Kittle, & Jusczw.s..c..k, whatever, as new “Walshbone”
          — and your fav: secret re-sign of Kap to take over from Hoyer in walshbone!

            1. that’s “Meester Biiiig” to you, and me… otherwise known as meek, mild mannered Dr. York….working at a metropolitan sports franchise, keeping an eye on that “Ohio” $$, for the feds, of course…
              As Jed has royal blood, dad brings up the rear…

              1. Why are you so interested in Jed’s cabana? Is that Spanish for caboose?
                Just kidding

                You are correct on the “Meester”
                (I tried to work in “Moose & Squirrel”, but it was weak attempt I abandoned.)
                OK, in a daring attempt to be funny but not offend anybody…..
                …(fingers crossed)…,
                Could “Natasha” have been an early prototype of our First Lady?
                Just going off statuesque physique and accent. But no question, the actual First Lady is prettier.

              2. yeah, the current FLOTUS doesn’t look like a tall skinny vampira, and Natasha could never save enough rubles to even get 1 pair of shoes like Ivanna…
                But you can get her accent in print: “But Booorrrisss”

              3. I should have described “Mr. Big” as:
                ” his secret identity– Dr. John York, a mild mannered executive of a major metropolitan sports franchise, Mr. Big fights for untruth, corporate thinkspeak, and the fine art of running a losing sports franchise as a profitable business.”

        1. “That was funny.”

          Nearly as easy as pushing a ‘like’ button and much more expressive of what you thought of their post.

          1. I’m sure we all realize that amongst today’s youth, the “like” button is the equivalent of the Rat pushing the button and getting food dispensed, until it eats itself to death.
            Good Morning all!

      2. Sun Tzu advocated that exact strategy. Send spies and provocateurs to spread lies and create dissension to weaken the opponent. Sometimes one can defeat the opponent without striking a blow.
        Nowadays, we have blog trolls who attack die hard faithful Niner fans to create turmoil. TrollD is a perfect example. An obvious Raider troll, with the ad hominem ad nauseum attacks, with not an iota of football knowledge.
        I am just a die hard faithful Niner fan who wants the Niners to win multiple championships. I also want to calmly and civilly discuss the Niners with fellow Niner fans.
        This aint my first rodeo, and know that Cassie was directed to be a gadfly, because of my telling the truth about the FO politics. Even with a cancer like Baalke being fired, she lingers, and the stench of Baalke will never go away as long as she is here, haunting my posts.
        Prime is just Prime. Ignorant, hate filled and obnoxious.
        Saw is a wannabe troll, just like East Coast, but they try so hard, it is almost comical.
        tjf seems to be my new nemesis, but he seems harmless enough. This tag team approach is expected, and just means that they consider me such an imposing threat, they try to gang up on me. It is as if I am controlling their psyche, and dominate their thoughts.
        I will continue to post, and will engage in pleasant conversation with like minded Niner fans, while my detractors will continue to yap at my heels. I see some are complaining about scrolling past my comments, but that is weak sauce. All it takes is one finger, and they could use the middle one for all I care. Many have engaged me, and some have finally learned their lesson. Some never learn.
        I heartily invite posters to scroll past my comments, and will try to be civil, but when I respond in kind, I hope the detractors do not whine and cry about how mean I am. They sure like to dish it out, but cannot take it.

        1. jeez, does he think he’s bloody Martin Luther (the orig.), nailing his principles on the church door?

          wait…i think my psyche is under attack!

          It’s hard to concentrate….I’m starting to use caps at the beginnings of my sentences, what’s happening???

          My thoughts are…are…. umm…, oh yea….can we talk about when Kap is coming back?

        2. Sebbie… “This ain’t my first rodeo.” A Sebbie cliche, used when he’s ticked. I’m tickled that Sebbie thinks I’m a pawn of the 9er FO. Ha! Delusional Sebbie!

          Below are the first few bars of ‘The Ballad of Sebbie Nynah’ Sung to ‘Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier’ (YouTube it, a classic)…

          The Ballad of Sebbie Nynah

          Born in a trailer park in Mo-ja-ve
          Most putrid place in the land of the free
          Raised by feral cats under a Joshua tree
          Was playin’ with grenades when he was only three
          Sebbie, Sebbie Nynah, legend in his own mind

          Got slugged in a pub by an angry man
          No beer was spilt cuz’v his steady hand
          He laughed it off as he struggled to stand
          Ev’ry one thought he was mighty grand
          Sebbie, Sebbie Nynah, the man who don’t know fear

          More to come, so much rich Sebbie material to work with…

            1. Seb- since you now control my psyche, I’d like to put in a request for a YT video of your other “Uri Geller-like” abilities….any bent forks about?

              How about imprinting an image from your mind onto some film in a camera…

              wow, he’s sending the image over the web….it’s showing up faintly in the monitor….it’s…it’s…I think it’s, YES!! ….# 7 — wow, that was bloody amazing…

              1. There was the time he jumped in front of a BART train as it was entering the Powell Street Station back in the day. A toddler had fumbled a lollipop onto the tracks. He jumped down, snatched it, and sprung to the platform as the lead car clipped is shiny 9er jacket. Sebbie licked the lollipop to remove the crud and handed it to the kid. Legend has it the kid was named Colin and was visiting San Francisco with his family. Sebbie, Sebbie Nynah….

    2. seb,
      We can send half the team to the seahags and it won’t make a difference – they could beat if they were sleep walking because they are just better than us at the moment.
      I believe that we will be on our way to much better days once we beat the hags.

      1. AEs, I will respectfully disagree. The Niners have vastly improved their defense, so at least they will be competitive.
        Seahawks have Michael Wilhoite on their squad, and have added Garrison Smith, Mike Davis and now Austin Calitro to their practice squad.
        They put Marcus Cromartie on IR.
        5 players, almost a tenth of the team. 5 different positions.
        Still, the Seahawk O line is in flux, and if the Niners can generate some pass rush, they can make a game of it.
        The coaching will be crucial, too. The good news is that KS knows how to attack their defense, and Saleh schemes like the Seahawk defense.
        Sure, the Seahawks look formidable, but the Niners may not be making those unforced errors that gave away the previous games.

        1. Seb,
          Wooooha! Let’s see how they do in the first few games of the season before crowning them as “vastly improved.”
          We have many young players learning how to play at NFL speed level – positive results may take some time.
          Young players make great mistakes. I don’t see a vast improvement until the second half of the season.

          1. Honestly, the vastly improved part will have more to do with the new DC than it does with personnel.
            The Dline is largely made up of the same players but the new scheme will be a better fit for them, as last year it was a 3-4 with no Nose Tackle… I don’t even know how you run that (and apparently neither did our DC.)
            The LB’s should be better provided Bowman can stay healthy and hasn’t digressed too much.
            The DB’s are worse, last years backups are starting this year.
            All that said, at least teams wont be able to just hand off the ball and get 7 yards… they will have to make a good throw and catch first.

          2. AES, you are correct that the Seahawks on paper look formidable, and they are a playoff team.
            However, in that last game last season, the Niners came within 3 points of beating the Seahawks.
            If the Niners can reduce the unforced errors, the defense can stop the run, and Hyde can get the running game going, the Niners will be competitive.

            1. Competitive is all I ask. Maybe one more draft and a couple more high caliber FA can put us in the playoffs next year.
              This year is a honeymoon year for the new regime and they will get a pass for this season – oh wait, the ol’ Chipper didn’t get a honeymoon season did he.

        2. Sebbie… Unfortunately, you’ve concluded that KS doesn’t want to take his team to a SB. Yes Sebbie, you said that several days ago. Guess we should get rid of the HC, no?

          1. No, Cassie, I just said that Kaep wants to direct a team to the SB. KS said he wanted to go in a different direction.
            You are the one assuming KS does not want to go to the SB, not me. I actually think they both want to go in the same direction, but he is just trying to justify not signing Kaep.

  21. Maybe it was my distracted watching, but I don’t recall much of a screen game shown in Pree by SF. Flats and shoots and curls, but not so much RB screens. They require timing that needs reps.

    1. I don’t think Shanny showed diddly poo from his offensive playbook during preseason. Should prove to be a tactical advantage early through the season….

  22. I think the 9er-Panther game will be close and low scoring…something like 20-17. I believe we get this one and go 1 and 0. Weather should be decent.

    1. If we get this one, It’ll be largely due to Kilgore excelling and the guards playing at least competently. And Hyde needs to take advantage of this gift of the Oline gods…

      1. Yes, and I think the defense will play well. They’ll give up some chunks of yardage, but there will be some timely stops, and possibly a turnover or two. I don’t believe we’ll see a 45-9 blowout with Newton tossing 5 TDs and McCaffrey running for 170 yards on 10 carries.

            1. They are gonna use Jimmie Ward to blanket McCafferey if healthy. Otherwise it will be a combination of Foster and Williams.

              1. whomever has primary coverage on McCaffrey, they better make sure he gets popped each time he crosses the LOS, his value in passing game will be timing sensitive, throw him off step, make QB look for next read.

          1. Put Solomon Thomas in the backfield in some goal line/short yardage situations. I believe he has decent hands and I suspect he can block.

            1. One thing I noticed about Thomas, if you do something to piss him off or if he makes a mistake and pisses himself off, he’ll make a play on the next snap. If I’m the coach, I want him to stay pissed off;>)

  23. I just got off the phone with Kyle. I told him to run the “wheel” route to the “Juz”. He said I read his mind. Look for it Sunday. Niners in a close one, 27-24. ;>)

      1. In fairness, Bow addressed Lynch and Shanny having an open mind including moving him. I agree with his assessment of his value. But yeah, this is the second year that Grant’s been writing his obit.
        Bow should’ve re-used Mark Twain’s (and Willie Nelson’s):
        The reports of my demise are greatly exaggerated
        See also:
        Gore, Frank

        1. I remember his first injury during rehab, he did a question session on an ESPN chat or something. I got a question in about if he was confident he could return to form, and his answer was filled with a conviction that you couldn’t ignore. We’ll see how he does this year, but I’d never bet against him. He’s a rare breed….

        2. I think this qoute. “‘He’s this. He’s that. NaVorro Bowman should be traded.” was a shot at the writers. There were some that said he should be traded and those that tried to say the Niners were expected to trade him.

    1. Yea guys, Bow being done is greatly exaggerated. I’m not saying he can cover every te or rb in the game, but no LB can. Heck, there are CB who can’t cover backs and te. But the heart and leadership in that man was greatly underrated. And he will shine. Love me some Bow

    2. Nice, Grant gave Bow a huge incentive to prove him wrong, Just like Lowell would do with Bill Walsh. Masterful psychological maneuvering.
      Any team, even this one, that came off a 2-14 season, should have every player prove their worth.
      Yes, the focus on the injury may have hurt, but this is a brutal sport, and those questions will be raised because past history has set precedents, and 2 major injuries would side line many other players. It is a credit to Bow, and his dedication to the craft, that has led to him regaining his top form.
      His statements just prove how closely they read the social media. Guess his wife is more involved than I knew before.
      Hope she knows that some fans have appreciated Bow’s play, and he has made me very happy, especially his pick six that sealed the Victory against Atlanta. Bow is all football, and he plays it the way it should be played. Hope he can play for many more years, and help lead the Niners into the playoffs. Hope Foster turns into another Patrick Willis, so there will be a return of the Dynamic Duo.
      I like Bow, and think he can be a leader. This first game will be a litmus test, especially with McCaffrey challenging the ILBs.

  24. Does anyone know why we haven’t signed all 10 PS players yet? I count 9 currently and was wondering if that is normal for it being so close to game time?

      1. they’re still looking for a PS candidate that can walk on the rice paper runner without tearing it
        then pick up the last SB trophy with their forearms, after it’s been heated to 250 deg. F.

  25. Hey guys Atlanta just released hageman dt , decent back up dt . Still haven’t found a LB to the teams liken . ,, And is it me or has there been s bunch more trading going on ,its got to be more than the normal .

      1. Sept 3, 2017. sebnynah
        Niners should look at Ben Bouleware ILB, who was just waved by the Panthers.
        I know he is not elite, but he would provide good intel on their first opponent.

  26. I mentioned Ben Bouleware, because he could provide good intel, since the Niners play the Panthers. He could be an eye witness account to tell how Cam Newton looks.
    Another LB from a top 10 defensive team is Shakeel Rashad. He sounds like a diamond in the rough.

  27. Sounds like Ben Bouleware will be signed to the practice squad pending a physical. That’s an interesting move. I’ve always found the idea that the intell a player can provide is limited during the season, as compared to game film, but given that it’s a week one matchup, it does seem like he could provide some valuable information concerning how the Panthers are planning on deploying their newest weapons like Christian McCaffery in particular.

      1. Good point #80. There very well could be some throws that Cam is still unable to make.

        If this move is primarily a short term strategic one, I like the way ShanaLynchSaleh are thinking. We’ll see.

        1. Not sure any of that will make a bit of difference. I think the team (and the rest of us) is in for a reality check this weekend at the hand of the cats.

          Remember rookies make mistakes and just like our team doesn’t show everything in preseason neither do other teams. The game is about to get faster and fiercer for a whole bunch of rookies.

          With so many changes I fear that inconsistency alone will be a key difference in week 1.

          1. Way to carry the banner high East. Gotta love the positive vibes.

            I’m not sure it will make a difference either, but I’m not about to stick a fork in my team in the first month of the season. With the youth movement in full swing, there will be plenty of growing pains to go around this season, but anything can happen on any given Sunday.

            1. Just bein realistic 49. I know it isn’t something everyone likes but it helps keep me grounded.

              I know anything can happen any given Sunday but that’s true for anyone and not a good or realistic argument. There is a reason why the Green Bays, the New Englands, and teams like them are favored year after year.

              We are basically a franchise team and like any new franchise they generally stink. We may too. I hope we don’t but I don’t have great optimism. I said something similar last year and people poo pooed my cautious nature. They were over the hill ecstatic about the new coach and new draft choices and how they would wreck the opposition and possibly get into the post season.

              That’s a pipe dream. I’ll cheer loudly if it happens but it’s like winning the lottery.

  28. If Cam is sharp, it won’t matter how well we play….it’s gonna be a loss. He threw 2 passes in pre season…..I hope they get after him early and often. Don’t let him find that rhthym…..

    1. Yes, but I think the Panthers will not throw much. They will pound the ball and test the Niner run defense.
      The other big question mark will be- Will the O line protect Hoyer and give the Niner WRs time to get down field.

    2. If Cam can throw at even 70%, this a great opening schedule gift from NFL, I doubt they try to test front 7 pounding it…I suggest cam uses this game as a warm up against our DB’s….if he’s at 70% that’s still enough to shred our backfield. If Cam’s is at least competent, Hoyer’ll need to be ready for a shootout.

      If Cam is truly hobbled, then front 7 will get the brunt.

    3. He’s an ESPN QB. Makes a few high-light reel plays, but they really don’t show all the stupid ones and how inefficient he is as a passer. And 2015, which many thought to be a break-out, was more of a a fluke until he shows otherwise so I’m not convinced that Mr. 86.5 QB rating with a 58.4% completion rate is all that and a bag of chips.

      The bottom-line in Carolina since he took over is that the Panthers win when their defense is killing people which happened in 2015 (#6 — 15-1) and 2013 (#2 – 12-4).

      When their defense has been average, or worse, (which is every but those two) they lose (24- 35-1). So I’m not impressed with the hype. He may be great for fantasy football. But in the real NFL, he can’t carry a team like a great QB can.

      1. how heavy was chicago for Barkley to carry when we lost to them last year, with many of the usual suspects from that game still in our DB crew?

  29. Thinking Cam’s arm ain’t up to par, cousin is mad they waited to get it set. Taking that into account ,think there going to run a hole lot . Think we going to see them nursing him up ,for the next couple of games . Don’t think he will throw for 400 yards either ..PS looks set , still not big on Flynn OL ,or 2 WR . The LB from Carolina , won the Lambert award . And can play ,did good in college ,a little small ,I thought . Like that we retained most of our selections . Looks like we have some really good players there to develop , looks promising . Prediction for Carolina game , sf wins 21-17 . Defense rules the day . Special teams accounts for one score .

  30. League source: Former Clemson LB Ben Boulware visiting #49ers. If he passes physical, he’ll likely be 10th member of SF practice squad.
    11:59 PM – Sep 4, 2017
    4 4 Replies 70 70 Retweets 160 160 likes

    1. Interesting addition. Not exactly lighting quick but has good instincts. If nothing else, he’ll be a great interview.

      1. I was in consultation with 49ers brass but I am not convinced he is a good addition. Shanny and Lynch are aware of my thoughts.
        I’m just glad they know they can use my expertise as a resource Seb. I know you are jealous but only the smart survive.

          1. Not true Seb. Its more like a round table. Its not a dictatorship. They listen, I listen and most times they follow my suggestions.
            Well see what happens next. Look for my game plan later in the week.

            1. I thought you lived in Canada.
              No, Prime, they saw you betting 200 bucks that they would draft Trubisky, and then drafted a defensive lineman. They sure seemed to do the exact opposite from what you wanted.

              1. I do live in Canada. Not a better place to live. We all respect each other and violent protests never happen. We don’t have racial tension cause we all get along. Canadians are known as good people who don’t adhere to violence to make a point.
                So not sure why you are so scared to meet me this week when I am down there. I guess you are just paranoid.

                Lynch wanted to go conservative with his first ever draft pick. I think they will regret that pick.

              2. No. Prime, one cannot be the subject of your vitriole, and be called a coward, then assume you want to hug me and pat me on the back. I am a lot smarter than you, and will not unnecessarily put myself in danger to a hate filled troll.
                Speaking of cowards, you turtled again when challenged to name the 10th player. Handsback was the first to name Bouleware, but you were given a chance to show your brilliance, and fell flat.

              3. Seb I would not lay a finger on you, that’s not my style.

                And you are not smarter than anything but a tree branch. Oh wait, a chainsaw moment already caused you problems, never mind.

                Its hard for you to accept I know that the 49ers read and adhere to my posts and not yours. That clearly means they know my expertise and your lack there of!

              4. Prime, I called the Xavier Cooper selection. You were too busy declaring they read your posts, you missed that.
                Try harder.

              5. Seb I advised Shanny to use play action this week against the Panthers to move the safety from deep to the line. Also to use multiple shifts and formations to confuse the young secondary of Carolina.
                Just watch how correct I will be. The 49ers are thrilled with my input.

                If you still wan to meet this week, ill be in early Friday morning. Maybe we can grab a coffee? Don’t worry, Ill buy, I know things can be tight when you are a landscaper.

      2. Sebbie… I can’t wait until you take that back country hike in Yellowstone…. Grizzlies have thump, and very quick hips.

    1. JR, if you’re referring to Boulware, that’s my take, unless it’s for intelligence he can provide about Carolina. Then, again, would they sign him to the PS just for that? I don’t know.

  31. Seb could care less about George’s heart attack…Notice Seb rips George 1st, then asks how his ticker is….
    But it’s Seb’s style, 1st the middle finger, then Seb asks how your family or ticker’s doing ?…….Liar and Loser, thy name is Seb.

    George says:
    September 3, 2017 at 12:32 pm
    please learn to control yourself. Labeling someone dumb because they complain about your comments is, if you keep it up, likely to become your ticket out of here.

    sebnynah says:
    September 3, 2017 at 12:56 pm

    Glad you had learned your lesson, and do not engage me. Notice that I have left you alone?
    George, I hope you will not devolve into spewing screeds…

    Hope your ticker is going strong…………………..

    1. That’s why I never mention ailments. Seb files it in his notebook and uses it down the road to dance on your grave.

      However, Seb did not follow this strategy and mistakenly mentioned his uncle and wife and kids (which I highly doubt unless she likes her spelling checked on her grocery list she accidentally left out too long on the kitchen table).

  32. Ben Boulware 2015 Clemson Highlights:

    TomD’s Take: Excellent practice squad additon….Esp. the intel he brings regarding Carolina’s D a week before gametime.

  33. This blog has turned into the Seb vs TomD banter show….

    Reminds me of the days of oneniner vs everyone else…

    My scroll finger hurts…

        1. Kap won’t return, you two can go away now….TomD just confirmed this with Lynch/Shanahan…..(FYI: They also stated they like Nick Mullens game better than Kap’s , ie, practice squad)

  34. TomD’s Take: Thank the Football Gods Marie is running the team (per Gary Plummer), not Jed:

    NFL Moneyball Is Hurting the Browns, Jets, Bills and Competitive Balance

    “The NFL should award a trophy to the team that finishes the preseason with the most cap space and the most future draft picks.

    The trophy would give the Browns, Jets, Bills and any other dedicated tankers something to play for aside from the first pick in next year’s draft. Many of these teams are so Moneyball-damaged that they will trade away the top pick anyway.

    An unprecedented number of teams threw in the towel on the 2017 season before it even began. The Browns released cornerback Joe Haden and guard John Greco, traded offensive lineman Cam Erving for a fifth-round draft pick and flushed Brock Osweiler (and nearly $16 million) down the garbage disposal. The Jets traded defensive terror/resident malcontent Sheldon Richardson for a second-rate receiver and a second-round pick. The Bills gutted their roster of Sammy Watkins, Ronald Darby, Reggie Ragland and Cardale Jones in an August-long fire sale.”


  35. sebnynah says:
    September 4, 2017 at 10:30 am
    Kaep was a senior, graduated, started 4 years and won over 30 games, while being the first to run for 4,000 yards while also passing for 10,000 yards.

    TomD’s Take: Which is why he’s a running QB…..QB’s nowadays throw for half of that (5,000) yards in a season.

  36. Cassie Baalke says:
    September 4, 2017 at 8:44 am

    Sebbie don’t lose that number…

    Reply: It’s the only one you have,

    use and you’ll remember, Prime was right and you were wrong

  37. Cam Inman‏Verified account
    #49ers working out DB Leon Hall today, per source. He also auditioned 3 months ago. 10-year vet would add experience to young secondary
    12:55 PM – 5 Sep 2017

  38. I just found out the Ducks are practicing in my town. We are on fire here in Oregon and the smoke is just crazy in Eugene almost like pea soup fog, not so bad here on the coast but still smoky. Ah just found out we are not allowed to watch them, well that sucks.

    1. Undercenter,

      Was wondering where all that smoke was coming from here in the Wasatch Valley
      (Salt Lake City).

      Best wishes…..We also get a smoke filled valley from California’s fires, as a normal interaction with the jetstream.

  39. http://ninerswire.usatoday.com/2017/09/05/10-bold-crazy-and-optimistic-predictions-for-49ers-in-2017/

    Prediction No. 1: 49ers won’t finish last in NFC West

    Prediction No. 2: The 49ers will rank among the league’s top half in sacks

    Prediction No. 3: Kyle Shanahan will win coach of the year
    Agreed. From 2-14 to a playoff berth.

    Prediction No. 4: 49ers finally beat the Seahawks
    Agreed, can’t wait.

    Prediction No. 5: 49ers will have a top-20 passing attack

    Prediction No. 6: Reuben Foster will win defensive rookie of the year
    Agreed :-)

    Prediction No. 7: Brian Hoyer will have a career year
    Agreed, if he stays healthy.

    Prediction No. 8: Eric Reid will be named to Pro Bowl and earn new contract with 49ers
    As an alternate maybe, no new contract.

    Prediction No. 9: Marquise Goodwin will lead NFL in yards per reception.
    Disagree. He’s shown that he is more than just a deep threat.

    Prediction No. 10: NaVorro Bowman will win comeback player of the year

    1. # 80,

      After cleaning house, Las Vegas has the 49ers at – 4 vs. Carolina, so I agree with you

      What do you think of this Leon Hall workout today for the Niners…..I like it because of his analysis below and the fact that we need a guy on the team who doesn’t lose track of the ball–something he can teach the youngsters…..Hope they sign him.

      1. I think Hall would be an upgrade over Johnson and Reaser once he gets acclimated to our scheme. We should have signed him weeks ago. Maybe he had a poor workout the first time. I hope he’s ready to go.

  40. Leon Hall (10 yr Vet)

    Positives: Has a solid frame with good chest thickness, broad shoulders, defined upper body with muscular arms, tight hips.

    Hard worker who plays until the whistle … Smart, instinctive defender with very good field vision and quick reactions, especially attacking the ball in flight (43 pass deflections, 12 interceptions in 50 games) … Has natural hands and very good ball skills, timing his leaps to get to the ball at its high point … has the ability to slip a block and make the tackle in the backfield … Well-respected team leader who plays with aggression and never takes a play off.

    Explosive hitter who keeps his pads low

    Never gets lost in coverage and is quick to locate the ball in a crowd … Takes good

    angles to close on the play


    1. CassieBaalke,

      If Seb takes that vacation in Yellowstone, after he fries his baconcheeseburgers for dinner, I hope he leaves that greasy frying pan in camp.

      Apparently, Grizzlies can smell bacon from 5 miles away, like a land-shark that can detect a drop of blood in the water from 1 mile away.

      1. CassieBaalke,

        Grizzlies are also smart…..While living in California’s state capitol (Sactown),
        spent lots of time reading about the conquistadors/Spaniards at the State Historical Library.

        They used to chain one back paw grizzlies to a pole inside the bullfighting arena in the gold country and put a pissed of bull inside the arena to take it out (they found out over time the grizzly would make short work of a bull mano y mano).

        Anyways, bull would line up the Grizzly , just as he would a red caped bull fighter, snort, scratch his hoof 3 or 4 times, then charge it…..The grizzly simply side stepped the bull and as the bull charge by, gave it a swipe with the (5) switch blade knives, it calls claws, and severed the side of the bull, exposing its ribcage.

        Well, as the bull howled in terror trying to escape the grizzly, it hopped up in the arena stands trying to get the hell away.

        Meanwhile, the grizzly, still pissed, not at the bull, but at the people who chained it there, sought its retaliation.

        The folks who chained the grizzly were stupid enough to entertain guest in the 1st row, and were working on all the ammenities–wine, food, laughter, etc, when the bear pulled the stake out of the ground with its strength, charged into the stands (not after the bull which attacked it) but massacered the people who put it there.

        Source: Eye witness chronicler of Spaniard living in the gold country; Sacramento State Historical Library.

        1. * Forgot to mention the bull hoped in the stands, and gored several people, as the stadium played host to a full house for this event.

          “Well, as the bull howled in terror trying to escape the grizzly, it hopped up in the arena stands trying to get the hell away.”

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