49ers announce final cuts, two trades and 53-man roster

The San Francisco 49ers just announced their final roster cuts:

  1. WR Dres Anderson
  2. OL Alex Balducci
  3. WR Devon Cajuste
  4. DL Demetrius Cherry
  5. OL Fahn Cooper
  6. QB Jeff Driskel
  7. TE Je’Ron Hamm
  8. RB DuJuan Harris
  9. CB Prince Charles Iworah
  10. OL Colin Kelly
  11. OLB Corey Lemonier
  12. DL B.J. McBryde
  13. OL Norman Price
  14. OLB Marcus Rush
  15. DL Garrison Smith
  16. ILB Shayne Skov
  17. RB Kelvin Taylor
  18. WR Ryan Whalen
  19. WR DeAndre White

The Niners  also waived/injured former fourth-round pick WR DeAndre Smelter and placed OLB Aaron Lynch on the Reserve/Suspended List.

In addition, the Niners announced they have traded S L.J. McCray to the Seahawks for a draft pick, and they’ve traded a draft pick to the Chiefs for WR Rod Streater.

Here is the 49ers’ 53-man roster:

  1. QB Blaine Gabbert
  2. QB Colin Kaepernick
  3. QB Christian Ponder
  4. RB Carlos Hyde
  5. RB Shaun Draughn
  6. RB Mike Davis
  7. TE Vance McDonald
  8. TE Garrett Celek
  9. TE Bruce Miller
  10. TE Blake Bell
  11. WR Torrey Smith
  12. WR Quinton Patton
  13. WR Jeremy Kerley
  14. WR Aaron Burbridge
  15. WR Rod Streater
  16. OT Joe Staley
  17. G Joshua Garnett
  18. C Daniel Kilgore
  19. G/T Anthony Davis
  20. OT Trent Brown
  21. G/C Zane Beadles
  22. G Andrew Tiller
  23. C Marcus Martin
  24. OT John Theus
  25. DE Arik Armstead
  26. NT Glenn Dorsey
  27. NT/DE Quinton Dial
  28. DE DeForest Buckner
  29. DE Ronald Blair
  30. NT/DE Mike Purcell
  31. DE Tony Jerod-Eddie
  32. ILB NaVorro Bowman
  33. ILB Ray Ray Armstrong
  34. ILB Gerald Hodges
  35. ILB Michael Wilhoite
  36. ILB Nick Bellore
  37. OLB Ahmad Brooks
  38. OLB Eli Harold
  39. OLB Tank Carradine
  40. CB Tramaine Brock
  41. CB Jimmie Ward
  42. CB Keith Reaser
  43. CB Chris Davis
  44. CB Rashard Robinson
  45. CB Will Redmond
  46. CB Dontae Johnson
  47. FS Eric Reid
  48. SS Antoine Bethea
  49. SS Jaquiski Tartt
  50. FS Marcus Cromartie
  51. K Phil Dawson
  52. P Bradley Pinion
  53. LS Kyle Nelson

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    1. Who would take him? The Cowboys are picking up Mr. Butt Fumble and the Vikings just traded for Bradford because Bridgewater is not expected to be ready for the 2017 season.

      1. We aren’t the only team that needs pass rushing OLB’s but yet nobody claimed him. What does that tell ya?

  1. As they kept CK7, do they suit him up for a extra $125,000 per game or do they sit him and hope to trade him during the season?

    1. This is Chip’s team now. All that front office nonsense takes a back seat to winning. That’s CK7 will start – because he gives the team the best chance to win.

  2. McCray to the Seahawks was a dumb move… Loved his passion and hard hitting, physical ways on STs. Would have rather seen him stay over the soft Cromartie. Keeping Wilhoite and TJE were also dumb moves. Would have rather seen Smith and Skov stick instead.

    This team seems to get softer by the minute… Can’t wait until Baalke is gone.

  3. Chip Kelly:

    – “Right now Blaine is No. 1 and will start vs. the Rams. Kap is No. 2. Only ones to be active on game day.”

    – “Blaine Gabbert will start Week 1; Colin Kaepernick will be No. 2; Christian Ponder will be inactive.”

    – “I’ve always kept three QBs” (Cites injury rate at the position)

  4. Surprising they kept 3 vet QBs. That doesn’t bode well for Kaep’s long term prospects.

    A little surprised they kept Miller and Tiller. Miller must be for STs. Tiller is unnecessary.

    McCray I’m not surprised about. He’s a terrible safety, and Cromartie is also good on STs.

    1. That doesn’t bode well for Kaep’s long term prospects.

      Disagree, I think it’s indicative of what Kelly wants at the quarterback position. A running threat, which we all know is more prone to injury….

      1. No need to keep 3 QBs with fairly substantial NFL experience under their belts. My guess is they still want to shop Kaep around. If they get no takers by week one 4, Ponder makes way for Lynch.

          1. He did in 2015. But I can’t recall him ever keeping 3 QBs with fairly substantial starting experience. If they kept Driskel I wouldn’t have been surprised. But keeping Ponder as the #3 is very strange.

            1. Not sure why you think that is strange, Scooter. I don’t know what they are paying Ponder, but I can’t believe it is much. Why wouldn’t you want to have a lot of experience at the most important position in sports and playing for a coach who routinely has “needed” more than one QB throughout a season?

              1. That 3rd spot is usually for a developmental prospect.

                While Kelly’s QBs are expected to provide a running threat, his offense doesn’t revolve around the idea of exposing his QBs to injury. As a runner, the QBs are still expected to avoid getting hit wherever possible.

                If you get down to your 3rd QB, chances are your season is over. If your offense leads to the 3rd QB likely needing to spend a bit of time on the field, time to rethink the offense.

              2. Valid points, but I would point out that Baalke and company have shown no success at selecting QBs (maybe mostly because they wait until the last few rounds) or WRs for that matter. Kap was the exception when he was good, but I attribute that pick to Harbaugh.

                Next draft seems to clearly be the draft for skill positions. Hopefully, Baalke is not leading that draft.

              3. Scooter,

                That tells us what they think of Driskel as a prospect. He’s got a long way to go. I didn’t think they’d keep 3 QB’s but when the position doesn’t feature a true unquestioned starter, it kind of makes sense. The competition may continue for awhile.

              4. If they kept Ponder because of a lack of faith in Gabbert and Kaep, they should have traded for another QB.

              5. Easier said than done. We just saw what it took to acquire Bradford, so trading for anyone average or better was likely going to cost a kings ransom.

            2. Not to me it isn’t. Driskel can run and looked smooth as butter executing the zone read, but couldn’t throw. Ponder can run and throw. I don’t think Chip had a chance to have a number 10, a number 12 and a number 36 drafted stable of quaterbacks that could run and throw during his tenure with the Eagles….

              1. If he wanted a stable of 3 decent QBs at the Eagles, I’m sure he didn’t have to add Foles to the deal to get Bradford.

                Cubus could be right though. If we look at Ponder as basically Thad Lewis – a guy off the street as he was – rather than a QB with two and a bit years worth of starting experience and former first round pick, maybe it makes sense. Just a low cost 3rd guy in case of the worst.

                Still wouldn’t be surprised if one of Kaep or Ponder are gone before midway through the season.

              2. Also, Scooter, I think you are inherently assuming that a 5th or 6th year guy can no longer be consider a “developmental” prospect. I’m not saying you’re wrong, just something that I noticed. I would tend to agree with you, but I suppose it doesn’t have to be that way. Especially, if that 5th or 6th year guy is cheap. Still, I guess it would be strange to think that a QB that has been in the league 5 or 6 years hasn’t already shown what he has or doesn’t have.

              3. Yeah, I don’t consider any player that is past his initial 4 year rookie contract to be a developmental player anymore. They can still improve, but are not developmental guys.

              4. Scooter,

                I get what you’re saying, but maybe Ponder is like Big P, as he said himself, sometimes it takes him a while for the light bulb to go on, but when he gets it, he gets it much deeper than those who picked up on things right away.

                If so, then Ponder might still turn into something. Maybe the 49ers see that in him…

              5. You could be right. And it could just be they really like all 3 QBs. Time will tell.

                What I will say is that we may have the worst #1 and #2 QB combo in the NFL, but at least we’ve got a decent #3!

  5. Come on Grant….man up and admit how WRONG you were. You had Kap not making this team and not only did he MAKE the team, but no one who isn’t blinded by hate sees Kap starting games no later than week 5-6 at the latest….and that’s IF Kelly don’t name him the starter for game one vs the Rams…This is why guys like you and Tim K. have no credibility amongst the fan base. You guys throw out the wildest nonsense and when you’re proven to be wrong…as is often the case…neither of you are man enough to man up and admit it…

      1. Unfortunately if may also be how long will it be before Baalke puts him in deep freeze. Kawakami thinks it’ll be about four weeks if Blaine is still on his feet. With the coming schedule it may be Ponder and Kaepernick by week five. Maybe Ponder starting if Baalke has his way.

        That may be the big 49er story for the first six weeks.

    1. Antoine, Grant is omnipotent. He will not deign to respond if he does not feel like it, then he will speak from on high, and direct the narrative to fancy his whims.

      Grant is the Master and Commander, and we are all his servants. Its OK, at least we have structure, and the lunatics are not running the asylum, or at least at times, it does not feel that way.

    2. You couldn’t make this stuff up! The CK saga has Grant and his father all bent out of shape. They’ve lost their moral compass. This episode has shown them to be no better thinkers and humans than the folks who rant nonsense at Fox News.

      1. That, to me, is the most surprising. For a team that needs help getting to the qb, doesn’t make sense unless they think their interior linemen can do the trick.

        Also the amount of ILBs is somewhat surprising.

    1. Jack, after reading up on the IR with designation to return rules, I see the player needs to be on the 53 this week. I expect Redmond will go on IR with this designation soon enough. Probably bring back a RB when they do.

  6. I cannot for the life of me why they did not keep Rush.. he was a sack machine. constantly getting in the backfield. So, so stupid. But they keep Wilhoite’s slow moving ass. What am i missing here?!?

    1. Agreed. He was one reason to be excited for preseason. He will not clear waivers. Someone will pick him up. But they kept wilhoite smh……

    2. Simple. Rush was the 5th best OLB on the roster, so would only ever suit up if there was injury. He isn’t particularly good on STs or against the run. So he lost out in the numbers game because he didn’t offer enough versatility for a bottom of the roster player.

  7. Biggest surprise for me are the WRs, only 3 of them were in TC. That really says a lot about what the staff thought of that group. DeAndrew White definitely a surprise.

    Try and guess what position they’re drafting next year in the first few rounds.

    1. After all the talk and excitement by fans on this forum about the UDFA WRs, and how they were going to make the roster, were better than Patton, etc., not 1 did. Reality check.

              1. rocket/scooter,
                My two draft crushes made the team: Blair and Burbridge. And I felt that even after Bruce Miller making the jump to TE that he would still make the roster.

                I did expect much more from Driskel, but then again, I was hoping the team would draft Dak Prescott so you can’t win them all.

                On another note; enjoying the Alabama vs SoCal game. Nice defensive battle so far.

  8. Well it’s official, Blaine Gabbert is the week 1 starter. My condolences to Seb, Razor, Rebuild. It wasn’t even a contest, only in your minds.
    The storm didn’t even have enough fight in him. He used all his amo to protest against his country.
    So now we prepare for the tears, excuses and anticipation of when CK will play. Hahahah!!!!! Losers!

    1. Prime, I congratulate your boy Gabbert and wish him luck. I think we should prepare for the Rams, just so there aren’t anymore losers….

      1. Gabbert is not my boy but he has my full support, as does the oline and every other 49er.
        Not once did any of you Kap lovers ever recognize the thought of him not being the starter. That was ignorant. Now it’s time to give Blaine the praise he deserves for winning the job. He earned it.
        People will say he was not great but at least he earned it over a guy who wasn’t as invested as he should have been!

        1. He earned it? What did he do to earn it? Nothing. I will give him my full support, but when he throws short of the sticks continually on 3rd and long, don’t come crying to me….

    2. The only 7torm we’ll be seeing early on is from the incessant babbling that will continue on about how great Chip is going to make him.

        1. Not really. I commented that this is the first time Gabbert has a good coaching staff to work with which should mean an improvement in his play. The Kelly miracle worker stuff has mostly come from the Kaep huggers.

          If Kelly replaces Gabbert with Kaepernick this season and it is not due to injury that will be a first for him in the NFL.

          1. Not really. I commented that this is the first time Gabbert has a good coaching staff to work with which should mean an improvement in his play.

            I think Gabbert looked better last year than he has this year. How long you figure we’ll have to wait to start to see the improvement?

            1. 9/12

              He was fine after the first series against Houston, played better against Denver, and then barely was on the field against Green Bay. Other than the miss on the deep post to Patton he was 3-3 with a TD (swing pass to Patton ruled a lateral).

    3. Prime, I knew the odds were stacked against him. Kaep had to rehab and miss too many practices. Gabbert got the majority of the first team snaps, so he should be more comfortable running the offense. During the off season, gabbert got to throw to his receivers, so he should have been way more accurate that Kaep. Those were the reasons I would not bet you, so I am smart enough not to get suckered into a fools bet by a fool. Gabbert had all the advantages, and Baalke preferred Gabbert over Kaep.

      So I did not lose to you at all. You and TrollD are still the biggest losers on this site. Kaep is still a Niner, so I am jumping for joy.

      Storms are coming, and I cant wait.

      1. No Seb you did lose. Only because you failed to see that Gabbert worked hard and earned it through the eyes of the coaches and his teammates.
        CK was too worried about himself, delaying the surgeries, rehabbing outside the organization and not being ready to compete when camp started. You make excuses but the reality is he lost the job and you lost the debate as to who was the better QB.
        Bet or not, you lost. Deal with it. Now let’s rally around the team and hope for some entertaining football from the 49ers,whom ever plays!

              1. No Hammer, you are the loser! First you pretend to be a 49ers fan then say you don’t care if they win or lose.
                So what are you a fan or a guy who has nothing better to do than argue with people who are fans? Last time I checked fans of teams care about winning or losing?

              2. Jack, I get to crow. So many, you included, wanted Kaep to be cut. Well, He is still on the team, and I think he plays before the 4th game. Heck, Chip might play him in the first game. If Chip wants to win, he will find a way to get Kaep on the field.

              3. You’ve got that right Razor. Last night was pretty good. Got a W with the Cardinal on the farm and my nieces boyfriend had a heck of a race with the World of Outlaws up in Washington.

                Really looking forward to Auburn/Clemson, and USC/Alabama tonight.

              4. Yeah, I’m not a big Will Ferrell fan. He’s made a career out of playing one character, which seems to be himself.

                John C. “Did you touch my drum set?” Reilly is comedy gold. Shake N’ Bake!

              1. No no, you cornered the spot on the poor sportsmanship award.

                Your belligerent bloviating and name calling just defines you.

              2. Seb you lost the debate, move on. Don’t beat yourself up. You went all on with a guy who wears bad socks, mistake number one! Don’t be a sore loser! Just get ready to be the back up! Hahahah!

              3. Prime, considering that I did not expect Kaep to be on the team, it is a major victory.

                Considering that you wanted him cut and off the team, it is a major loss for you. Deal with it

              4. No no no Seb. Nice try. Now you claim you thought he might not be on the team? But some how you kept telling me a storm was coming? How does that work?
                You lost, move on! Save everyone the hassle. Keep talking and we’ll just keep annoying everyone and I’ll keep telling you how you lost. You decide. I’m not working today, I’ve got all weekend!

              5. Prime, you just do not get it. Kaep is going to play, no matter what you say. Kaep is still on the team even though your hate filled screeds filled these pages. I am moving on, but your hate button is locked in place.

              6. He will play if there is an injury or maybe Ponder will play. Regardless the debate was wether CK would win the job and a storm was coming. Well according to Chip, Gabbert won the job, there is no storm coming, only in your hopes and dreams so therefore, as of today, you lost the debate. Again, regardless of what happens in the future, you were wrong, CK is not the starter, he’s the backup, maybe even 3rd string, no storm.
                I was right, you were wrong. Why is that so hard to accept?

              7. That’s a consolation if you need it. But really it’s now a competition between Ponder and CK as to who will dress. Ponder has come on for only being here 2 weeks. You are also forgetting the business aspect of CK’s contract. If he gets hurt, the Niners owe him his entire 2017 salary. If Ponder is capable of being a better back up what makes more sense?
                Face it Seb, your bubble has burst. No more hanging on for dear life, it looks pathetic. You lost! Bottom line!

              8. Prime, you are so delusional. You get boot in the teeth, so you declare that you won. Its pathetic.

                Get used to it, a storm is coming, and nothing you can do will stop it.

      2. You lost the bet, Seb…………..just because Prime won does not make him a Kap hater. Kap still throws the ball like an over-sized water balloon-often off the wrong foot-without understanding what the defense is showing him.

        1. Saw, I offered to bet him, but he declined, so I did not lose to him at all.

          I did bet a clown avatar with George, but will have to wait til my son comes back from Ashland.Still, even if it not done right tonight, I will bear that clown avatar for 4 weeks,. I also had another gentlemans bet with 49 for a dollar sign. I won that because Kaep did not throw a pick. I waived the outcome because he was attached to his avatar, but he said a bet is a bet and will change for 4 weeks.

          So I won, and I lost bets, but the biggest losers were all of Kaep’s detractors, who will have to live with the fact that he is still on the team.

  9. Good
    – Dorsey did not go on an injury list. Could be ready for opener?
    – Lemonier gone
    – SS stud Bellore retained (perhaps as a result of McCray shipping out)
    – Miller stays. Maybe Chip will surprise with some I formations. Will have SS value
    – Ponder stays.

    – Garrison Smith, Shayne Skov, Kelvin Taylor, DeAndre White, Fahn Cooper, Jeff Driskel,
    Prince Charles Iworah, Devon Cajuste clear waivers and make PS.

  10. George I lost fair and square, and will accept a Bozo the clown avatar for 4 weeks. I will accept my punishment and endure the taunts, but will not care because Kaep is still a Niner and is one play from starting. He will play this year, and Maybe Chip will go genius, and figure out how to utilize them both to their maximum potential.

    I congratulate Blaine Gabbert for winning the competition, and look forward to rooting for him to lead the Niners into victories. With an improved O line, a pass rush, and so far, healthy RBs, the Niners are well stocked in talent to succeed. Chip, with his system, gives me hope that the offense will be much improved.

    Last year I would call out the plays ahead of time. My son would look at me and ask- ‘If you can figure out what is going to be run, dontcha think the opposition might, too?’
    Chip needs to be way more unpredictable.

    The year before, my main goal for the Niners was just to be able to get off a play on time.
    Last year the breathtakingly incompetent game management drew my contempt and ire. It will only get better with Chip because it could not get worse.

    Baalke does deserve praise for actually trying, and not being content to sit on his hands.
    He did execute trades, something I was derided for but now was proven correct.
    However, he broke one of my rules. he never, ever should have traded McCray to Seattle. That is helping the opposition, which is counter productive. Not only are they trading away a thumper, who will fit Nicely into that defense and special teams, Baalke divulged the playbook and tons of intel that they will be extracting right away.

    Genius move Baalke. Now an arch nemesis will know exactly what the locker room dynamics were, and will have a boat load of assessments on personnel, especially the weaknesses. Practice intel will be greedily extracted, to help them defeat the Niners.
    Baalke did exactly what I did not want the Niners to do. I wanted the Niners to obtain a bubble player from the Seahawks to gain intel.

      1. Prime, I did not bet you, so I did not lose to you. You fool, you should have bet that avatar, and I probably would have taken it for all year. I may have lost to a gentleman for 4 weeks. You lose again for the rest of your life.

        1. You didn’t lose the bet because you were a coward but you did lose the debate as to who would win the job and that supposed storm was comin.
          Well CK only 3 years removed from being the next best thing lost to Gabbert, Blaine friggin Gabbert. WOW!!!

          All offseason and camp you pumped CK’s tires that he would win the job and Kellly would make him this or that. Well son, you were wrong and lost the debate/arguement. Be gracious and take it like a man! No more excuses.

    1. Hey Seb – if you will teach me how to have my own avatar, I will proudly wear it for you. The way things have been going it is probably more fitting for me than you.

      1. gravatar.com

        sign up and then find an image you wish to use. save it to your computer and then load it at the gravatar sight. you must sign in with the same email when you comment for it to be displayed.

        1. Thank’s Razor – I’m trying to think of something that would project me as a fan who has watched the 49ers for over 60 years and has seen so many things to like but now is having trouble seeing the like things. Do they have a Mr. Magoo avatar? I’m thinking I’ll even change my name to stop the hate mail. BTW, you seem like you’ve been a fan for a while. I recall very clearly when we last had a GM as bad as Baake (Joe Thomas) but I can’t remember when they didn’t have a quarterback controversy. My favorite was Joe Reed because he could also sing the national anthem (back when everyone stood). OOPS, did I say something wrong again? Seems like a lot of the “FANS” are now shocked. The only thing that is different now is that it has morphed into a racial thing whereas before it was always about which guy was a bum quarterback (the voice thing was like a tie breaker). Like the good old days, I think it always should only be about which guy is a bum quarterback. Signed: Respectfully, Mr. Magoo.

        1. You better not let your address get out. If you have Pliny, it is not safe around my sons and sons in law. I used to drink Bud until they changed it to America. Kaep ain’t the only guy who can protest. Now, I never met a Mexican beer I didn’t like. I guess that’s called progress.

            1. Actually I think this should be my correct screen name. A word of advice, trust your son’s advice instead of a drunken friend that is visiting.

      1. Ex – Don’t you think humor might be called for under the circumstances. I hate to be a pessimist but I think it’s either laugh or cry for a while.

  11. rocket
    September 2, 2016 at 9:32 am

    My best guess at this point:

    QB (2) – Gabbert, Kaepernick
    RB (4) – Hyde, Draughn, Davis, Taylor
    TE (4) – McDonald, Celek, Bell, Miller
    WR (5) – Smith, Patton, Kerley, White, Anderson
    OL (9) – Staley, Garnett, Kilgore, Davis, Brown, Tiller, Beadles, Martin, Theus
    DL (7) – Armstead, Buckner, Blair, Dorsey, Dial, Jerrod Eddie, Purcell
    ILB (4) – Bowman, Armstrong, Hodges, Wilhoite
    OLB (4) – Brooks, Carradine, Harold, Rush
    CB (7) – Brock, Ward, Davis, Robinson, Redmond, Reaser, Johnson
    S (4) – Bethea, Reid, Tartt, McCray
    ST (3) – Dawson, Pinion, Nelson

    Not too bad. I nailed both lines, CB’s and TE’s.

    It’s a little surprising they held onto Ponder but that is something Kelly has done previously.

    WR is a black hole. Don’t expect much in the passing game outside this season.

    Bellore is a good ST’s player so I get that one.

    Surprised Rush didn’t make it but they probably feel they can move Blair over in a pinch. 3 OLB’s is pretty thin especially considering Tank is new to the position.

    McCray is a guy I like a lot. Really tough aggressive attitude. I hate the fact they traded him to the Seahawks.

    3 RB’s is very surprising considering Hyde is injury prone and Draughn was banged up. They might add somebody after a couple of days or will keep Harris on speed dial.

    Time to lace em up and get this thing going…

  12. Bad day for Kaepernick haters. Almost as bad as April 1 when they woke up eagely anticipating the end of his 49er career, only to have their hopes dashed when the 49ers kept him. Now their hopes were once again dashed. I notice Prime Time has not put in appearance all day today. Grant has also been silent so far about his “Kap will be cut” prediction turning out wrong. Some of the other haters are now pinning their hopes on Kap getting the RGIII treatment and being kept on the bench all year. Wishful thinking all around.

    Kaepernick will start once he regains the weight he lost during his recovery from surgery. Unless Gabbert has the team at 5 and 0, I expect Kaepernick to become the starter in week 6.

    Kaepernick will be on the team all year. The only way he will not play is if Gabbert turns into an all pro and leads the team to 14 wins. If that happens, then Kaepernick will be released after the season.

    Go Niners.

      1. I could have sworn it was only a few days ago that you were all for getting rid of him… and how he should retire because he couldn’t beat out Gabbert. Now high fiving people that he’s been kept as the backup?

        1. Yea, after the Packer game I was disappointed but later realized it was rust. After the activism ploy, I figured he was a goner and I still believe he should retire if he can’t overtake Gabbert as the starter. High fives that he’s still on the team? Sure, why not? Did you or 90% of the pundits think he’d still be on the team? Nope, but there he sits, lurking. Hopefully, we’ll all be high fiving after a Rams victory!

          1. If you saw my roster prediction yesterday you will see I did think he’d make the roster. I just don’t think it is a good idea from a risk point of view.

            1. C’mon Scooter, you didn’t believe Kaepernick would be on the roster until he was. Anybody that thought he’d be cut for Ponder was just wishful thinking….

              1. I thought he shouldn’t be kept. Still don’t. As I said the other day, I wouldn’t have run the risk of keeping a guy that didn’t want to be a 49er a few months back, that is on a large injury guaranteed contract, and is on a downward curve in his play.

                Never said he wouldn’t be kept. Was always a bit skeptical of Grant’s opinion he would be, so kept my mouth shut until yesterday on what I thought would happen.

              2. Hey – you stole Seb’s clown avatar. I protest. Next game, when the national anthem is played, I’m going to sit down in my living room, with a beer in my hand. And if anyone asks me why….. they’ll have to wake me up.

    1. Rick, I will not needle Grant too unmercifully for his prediction, because I expected it. It is formulaic to postulate bold predictions to start a debate, so no big deal.

      Dont worry about Prime, I get to deal with him.

    2. If you directed your RGIII comment to me, be advised that I did not wish anything on anyone. I merely pointed out that there is much we do not know at this time. If you knew the future like you think you do, your favorite sport would be horse racing and not football (and especially not the 49ers). Get a clue Rick.

    1. But if they think Teddy is gone 2 yrs? Then it makes a bit more sense. It’s going to take a few weeks before Shaun gives up his spot I think.

    2. Teddy’s done, they had no choice but to overpay. The Eagles said Bradford was their quarterback too, but sometimes an offer is too good to refuse. Especially when you were guilty of overpaying yourselves. Gotta make back some of that wasted draft capital….

    3. You are potentially incorrect if you are referring to their trade for Bradford because the latest report has said the Vikings are worried Bridgewater will not be ready for the 2017 season.

  13. I wish to propose a multi player deal. The Niners should trade Ponder and TJE to Denver for Shaquill Barrett. With the open roster spots, they should reacquire Smith and Rush.

    Put Driskel on the PS, or maybe even Hogan.

      1. Prime, this is a trade with Denver, not Minnesota. Denver has a rookie and second year QB, and will be looking for some veteran experience.

        Maybe you should brush up on your reading comprehension.

  14. Did they really need to keep that many ILBs and CBs? Goodness….

    I would have taken away one less ILB and one less CB and insert it with OLB Marcus Rush and WR Dres Anderson. Considering SF doesnt have a legitimate primary pass rusher and WR is the weakest group on the team, I would think at least some depth is needed there.

  15. Grant Cohn…come out from where ever you are….yoo hoo?

    Kap is on the team, made the cuts. What is going to be your new spin, new narrative?

    1. My guess is Grant’s take on Kaepernick is that the 49ers are keeping him around in the short term to make sure Gabbert doesn’t flop and that he’ll be gone by week 6.

        1. It may be good business $$ wise, but I’ve always thought it’d be best to have the 2 best QB’s on your roster during the season. Silly me.

          1. We both know Chip feels the same way. My belief is that Gabbert is at his ceiling and either Kaepernick or Ponder overtakes him at some point. When you think about it, it’s a very intriguing three way competition. I say that because Gabbert will be playing on his ninth life, Ponder hates painting and Kaepernick has a Chip on his shoulder….

      1. My guess is close to your guess. Grant will predict that CK will be gone in two weeks, then four weeks, then six weeks,………, then 30 weeks; then he’ll be cut and Grant will say, see, I told you so.

  16. Thinking about the Bridgewater injury and Bowman’s play last year. Clearly the knees are very susceptible to injury (like that is a surprise). So I’m wondering why more guys don’t where knee braces. Bo said last year that it was uncomfortable and I don’t remember if he said they limited him or not. Still if they can potentially reduce the number of injuries (and since it seems that a fair percentage of these injuries are effectively career ending), why not wear them and just get used to them.

  17. i have been a long time faithful, ever since I can remember watching football I associate it with the 49ers. before any games are played everyone is optimistic, even as I was last year. This roster isn’t improved from last year, and the schedule is going to be tougher. I predict 3-4 wins and baalke being fired. The only thing I am looking forward to is seeing baalke go and the Jed York banners. It’s going to be a long season in niner land

    1. O ye of little faith, take heart!. Chip will right the ship that was floundering, and it will not be smooth sailing, but hope to make back into port. With this roster, I am thinking a non losing season. If Kaep starts, maybe 10-6 and a chance at the playoffs.

      In those first 2 games, the Niner offense had 400 yards.The offense has improved.

        1. Big P – I’ve switched to humor. With this years team we laugh or cry. Better to laugh. My new clown avatar makes its debut.

  18. I just read up on Streator,, and I think a good argument could be made that the 49ers could see him as a better option to play opposite of Smith instead of Patton.

    1. He made plays for the RayDuhs, but they let him get away. Chiefs will live without him ok too. But hey, whaddawegot? Maybe like Rogers, which is fine. Better than Dres? They think so.

  19. Kaep was horrible last year and deserved to be replaced. It’s a new year and a new season. Gabbert played better at the end of last season and so far he looks better this pre-season.
    I wouldn’t rule out Kaep by mid-season though. I always thought that Chip Kelly was the best coach for hm and will find a way to get maximize his skills.

    I’m more curious about the O-Line. It could be solid. I don’t see a pass rusher on D, so they are going to be horrible. This team will finish the same as Mario Tomsula’s team and then Trent and his philosophy of drafting project players will be shown the door..

  20. Per game salary of 49ers QB starter Blaine Gabbert: $102,941. Per game salary of 49ers backup Colin Kaepernick: $700,000.

    If Gabbert does play good what will he sign for?

  21. Just listened to Kelly’s conference call. Its on the 49ers website if anyone is interested. Some of the info is already noted. Apologies for redundancies.

    Kelly indicated…

    Quarterbacks – Always keeps three. Gabbert is the starter. Gabbert had matter of fact response to being named starter. Went right to work. CK still working back into full physical form, adding pounds. Ponder played his way onto the roster with his preseason play. Will only have two up on game day.

    Steater and Kerley – Basically replacements for Rogers and Ellington
    Streater “proven eh can play.” Ex coaches and teammates speak very highly of Steater.

    Marcus Rush – Very difficult to release. It came down to numbers. Could only carry eight linebackers. Team already had five ILBs, so only carrying three OLBs (till Lynch’s return). Wilhoite, Bellore had good ST value.

    LJ McCray – Not an easy decision. Big fan of McCray. Great, integral ST player. Says McCray’s an “NFL player no question.” He knew LJ would have been claimed by off waivers, and there was a good chance it would be Seattle. Might as well get a draft pick. Really happy LJ has chance to play with Pete up in Seattle. Wishes LJ well.

    Safety – Team is deep at safety. Cromartie, Johnson very position versatile. Versatility important.

    Hyde – In concussion protocol. Feel good about being ready for game one.

    On three running backs – We have alot of really good running backs. We can’t keep them all. It boils down to numbers in alot or positions.

  22. Up until the first cutdown date, injured players with less than four years of service cannot go onto IR until they pass through waivers. Those players are released with the “waived/injured” designation. Known as “injury waivers,” this process exposes the player to waivers, but warns other teams that the player is injured. If the player clears injury waivers, the team can then either place the player on IR or agree to an injury settlement (paying the player for the weeks that he is expected to be recovering from his injury) and then release the player.

  23. What? You’re going to bring facts into it?
    Sorry, dude, you’re obviously correct.,I’d conflated the settlement and waived-injured as a single step in my noggin.

  24. Once again, Seb loses.

    The Seb actually doubted TomNostradamusD that Jeff Driskel would make the 53 man roster….Jeff did make the 53 man roster, so Seb, who said that he would not, loses again.

  25. Allowing the Seahawks to get a hold of Garrison Smith is a decision that will haunt Trent Baalke. Garrison will become a dominant DL for the Hawks, he’s going to be a superb NT/DT.

    The 49ers caught a break when Kelvin cleared waivers, however he can still be signed away from our practice squad. And I suppose my biggest disappointment outside of Garrison, is Baalke/Kelly deciding to roll the dice with 3 RB, and instead going with 5 ILB, considering Hyde’s injury history, and Draughn’s lack of ability. Maybe the Niners weren’t going to make the postseason this year, but I expected them to have an entertaining season.

    With our sudden lack of quality depth at RB, if Hyde gets hurt you can kiss that idea goodbye.

    1. Official NFL transactions show #Seahawks waive DT Justin Hamilton to make room on 53-man roster for claimed (from SF) NT Garrison Smith.

      This transaction makes me furious. After trading one of the teams best special teams players, to their division rival, the Niners FO allow the Hawks poach an absolute stud NT/DT from the 49ers who are instead going with journeyman Glen Dorsey, coming off an ACL.

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