49ers @ Bears live blog

This is the live blog for the 49ers’ Week-13 road game against the Chicago Bears. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from my new apartment.

8:30 As I wrote in the previous blog, Colin Kaepernick will exercise the player option in his restructured contract to become a free agent after this season. I suppose he thinks he can get a contract worth more $14.9 million per year, which is what he would make next season if he doesn’t exercise his player option. Do you think he’ll find such a contract?

8:31 Here are the 49ers’ inactives:

  • OLB Aaron Lynch
  • QB Christian Ponder
  • DB Marcus Cromartie
  • RB Mike Davis
  • DT Tony Jerod-Eddie
  • OT John Theus
  • TE Je’Ron Hamm

This means starting wide receiver Quinton Patton is active.

8:32 And here are the Bears’ inactives:

  • QB Jay Cutler
  • WR Eddie Royal
  • DB Adrian Amos
  • DL Jonathan Bullard
  • DB De’Vante Bausby
  • OL Cornelius Edison
  • Deiondre Hall

Royal and Amos were “questionable” for this game. They are starters who won’t play. Another starter who was “questionable” — Leonard Floyd — apparently will play. So the Bears have that going for them.

8:52 The 49ers are missing 6 starters

  1. OLB Aaron Lynch
  2. DT Arik Armstead
  3. WR Bruce Ellington
  4. S Eric Reid
  5. ILB NaVorro Bowman
  6. ILB Ray Ray Armstrong

The Bears are missing 11 starters

  1. WR Alshon Jeffery
  2. WR Kevin White
  3. WR Eddie Royal
  4. TE Zach Miller
  5. OL Kyle Long
  6. QB Jay Cutler
  7. DT Lamarr Houston
  8. ILB Jerrell Freeman
  9. ILB Danny Trevathan
  10. S Adrian Amos
  11. CB Kyle Fuller

Advantage: 49ers

10:03 The 49ers receive the opening kickoff.

10:09 The 49ers drive deep into Bears territory, but then Vance McDonald commits a holding penalty, and then Colin Kaepernick takes a sack for a 13-yard loss, and the 49ers have to punt.

10:14 The 49ers give up a 17-yard run to Jordan Howard, but the Bears punt three plays later after Matt Barkley scrambles for five yards on third-and-13.

10:18 Colin Kaepernick runs into another sack on third-and-4, and the Niners go three-and-out.  Vic Fangio knows he has to keep Kaepernick in the pocket.

10:23 Bears guard Eric Kush commits a false start penalty on first-and-10, and the Bears go three-and-out after Matt Barkley throws a deep pass out of bounds on third-and-14. Barn burner!

10:24 Shaun Draughn commits a holding penalty during the punt return, and the flag backs up the 49ers to their 12-yard line.

10:34 Carlos Hyde loses a yard on first-and-10 as the first quarter ends. The Niners have run the ball every play during this drive.

10:40 Joshua Garnett commits a holding penalty on the first play of the second quarter. Then on third-and-15, Carlos Hyde runs up the middle and gains seven yards. Then the 49ers punt from the Bears’ 32-yard line. Then Chicago’s punt returner makes a fair catch at his 5-yard line. Top-notch football.

10:47 Matt Barkley completes the first pass of the game, but it doesn’t count because the Bears’ left tackle is flagged for being an ineligible man downfield, and Chicago punts.

10:49 Shaun Draughn blocks the punt, Dontae Johnson recovers it and returns it to the 4-yard line where he steps out of bounds. Then he runs into the end zone and gets flagged 15 yards for making a snow angel.

10:52 Kaepernick completes a 4-yard pass to Vance McDonald on third-and-7, and Phil Dawson makes a 31-yard field goal. That was one costly snow angel. 3-0 Niners.

10:56 Shaun Draughn forces a fumble during the kick return. The play is under review.

10:59 Call stands. Niners’ ball at the Bears’ 37.

11:04 Hyde gains 5 yards up the middle on third-and-14 from the Bears’ 15 just before the 2-minute warning.

11:08 Dawson makes a 28-yard field goal to give the 49ers 6 points, which should be more than enough to beat the Bears.

11:19 Scratch that. The Bears drive 81 yards and score a touchdown with 31 seconds left. 7-6 Chicago. Matt Barkley completed 3-of-4 pass attempts for 47 yards on that drive.

11:21 Kaepernick takes a knee and lets the clock run out. The Bears will get the ball if they don’t fumble the kickoff when the third quarter starts.

11:43 Jordan Howard scores for 2 yards out on third-and-1. That’s a 75-yard touchdown drive for Chicago to start the second half. 14-6 Bears. Matt Barkley is averaging 9.8 yards per pass attempt and his QB rating is 91.3.

11:50 On third-and-6, Kaepernick under-throws a deep pass to Shaun Draugh, who was open, and the pass hits a defender in the helmet. Niners go three-and-out. Bears’ ball at their 36 after the punt.

11:56 Jordan Howard bulldozes his way into the end zone from 6 yards out one play after Josh Bellamy beat Jimmie Ward down the sideline for a 31-yard catch. 21-6 Chicago. You’ve got to be kidding me.

12:02 Kaepernick runs out of bounds for a sack on second-and-7, then runs into the pass rush for a sack on third-and-7. But he’s been playing great lately! Bears’ ball at their 35 after the punt.

12:06 On third-and-6, Bellamy beats Brock deep but drops a well-thrown pass. Bears go three-and-out. Niners’ ball at their 15 after a fair catch.

12:10 Kaepernick takes a sack and fumbles on first down, but Joshua Garnett recovers. Then on third down, Kaepernick overthrows McDonald by a cool 10 yards. Niners go three-and-out.

12:13 Howard runs 25 yards to the 49ers’ 33 as the third quarter ends. Un-freaking-believable. The Niners are getting dominated by an inferior roster.

12:20 Ahmad Brooks sacks Barkley on third-and-8 from the Niners’ 19, and Connor Barth makes a 45-yard field goal. 24-6 Chicago. Time for the king of garbage time to do his thing.

12:26 Scratch that. Chip Kelly just benched Kaepernick.

12:28 Gabbert completes his first pass — an 18-yarder to Kerley. But he misses he next three passes and the Niners punt.

12:33 Quinton Dial is injured during a four-yard run by Howard.

12;36 The Bears stop Howard for a loss of 1 on third-and-2 from the Bears’ 49, and Chicago punts.

12:37 This is your reminder that Jim Tomsula beat the Bears in Chicago last season.

12:43 Gabbert under-throws Torrey Smith on third-and-19. Bears’ ball at their 46 after the fair catch.

12:53 Leonard Floyd sacks Gabbert in the end zone on second-and-5. Safety. 26-6 Bears.

12:57 Bears win. Stay tuned for grades.

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    1. Please let Colin go. I don’t care he goes to Cleveland. They need a QB really bad over there. It’ll save them a draft pick too. I am cautiously encouraged by the Bears. Oh man , 1 and 11, looking nice, not good yet, but nice. Just 20 more minutes baby and we can hear Bubba Paris crying again.

  1. $14.9 million for a guy bringing a limited toolbox, baggage and a monstrosity pimple fan glued to his arse in Sebnnoying, no chance!

    1. He returns only if Chip and Gamble are running the show. If not I suspect the Jets and Cards as his only options. I think he wants maybe a 2-3 year commitment from a team instead of 1 year.

              1. One thing my posts are Seb is real. Running QB’s will never be successful in this league. You don’t believe that but in 5 weeks, it will be a dead issue.

              2. Prime, if Chip stays, Kaep stays. I hope in 5 weeks you are not crying and blubbering on this site. It will be unseemly and shameful. Hope you nut up and take it like a man instead of an infantile name calling brat throwing a tantrum.

                Your repetitive screeds are laughable, especially when Kaep destroys your arguments. He passed for 400 yards, yet you call him old wind up. He ran for 113 yards and converted several third downs, and you pontificate that he HAS to stay in the pocket.

                You lack of football knowledge is not alarming, it is amusing.

              3. In 5 weeks I’ll be happy as a peach as Kap and the pimple on his arse named Sebnnoying will be popped out of SF and we can begin a new era! Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia!

              4. I know for a FACT Kelly is going to bail and take the Oregon job, remember the college rumors that surrounded Mariucci and he got sacked? 49ers will do the same thing, and I’m sure that they know if Kap comes back, fans WILL NOT!.

              5. SEB!!!!!

                I canceled an appointment with my proctologist to see your boy Kap ply his trade today. In hindsight, a proctoscope would have been preferable……..

    2. That’s what Fitzpatrick is making. $12 million with $3 million worth of incentives. RG3 with incentives, $11 million. I would assume he’d be willing to do a similar contract to play in NYC, so he can live with his woman…;>)

      1. Razor don’t be rational. It’s so much more fun to label and presume motives than it is to look at some real scenarios. If you’re interested in winning you clearly want to get out of SF. With the two QB’s you mentioned plus Brock and Bortles there may be opportunities to play. Not for $14.9 million but more than $7.

          1. Your lack of sympathy for football injuries just defines you.

            I have had several ankle injuries, so I know a little about ankle sprains. Some require surgery, but they are taking a conservative approach and are letting it heal on its own.

            If he is injured with an ankle sprain, it sounds like it was so damaged, they could not just tape it up and make him play.

            I hope Lynch recovers speedily, and I value his skills, so I will not diss him. Calling him lazy is lazy thinking/.

        1. Lynch has a lot of talent but he’s extremely lazy , he’s been counted on for much needed pass rush and he’s been on the field for a total of 2 quarters… bad work ethics don’t last too long in the NFL

          1. His lack of conditioning finally caught up to him. When you are consistently hurt it’s a true reflection of the time or lack of you’ve put into conditioning your body. He had the substance abuse issue trying to recover from injury, the ankle sprain now, so it’s safe to say he is a lazy player.

          2. My guess is he works harder than you do every day. His durability is an issue.

            Why don’t you try an NFL work week and come back and let us know what lazy looks like?

  2. Hmm, Matt Barkley grew up in Santa Ana, went to Southern Cal, and now it is snowing. Wonder if he will have a difficult time.

  3. He doesn’t seem motivated by money or he wouldn’t have redone his contract. I believe he will take a 1 year contract to be a starter for less money to prove that he can play. Bonus he won’t have to work for Baalke anymore. I will also say after being at enemy grounds last week he isn’t liked very much outside of the organization. He will have a hard time finding a team willing to deal with that so his choices are limited.

      1. I think he was not promised the starting job, either.

        I think Chip gave him more assurances to get a fair chance to win back his starting job.

        Kaep looked a Gabbert and Siemian, and decided that Gabbert would be easier to out compete. Gabbert proved to be Gabbert, and benched himself.

      2. That was a really low contract offer. A backups pay rate. I also heard the language locking him down 4-5 more years was unchanged. (is that true?)

        QBs that rely on running have a shorter shelf life. CK would have been much older (slower) by the time his contract expired.

      3. 7 or 8 million is a big difference Grant the Broncos were asking Kaepernick to take a major pay cut. Just think Oswieller is making 18 million a year ugh

      1. I’m thinking pending how these two next 2 games play out will determine the fate of Chip and Balke. They lose both everyone is gone. Which would mean Kaep is gone for sure. Will be interesting. I got a 27-24 Bear win.

              1. Free advice, but Seb has a bumper sticker on his Tacoma; Gas, Grass or Ass, NOBODY rides for free….

              2. I would jump at the chance to drive Kaep anywhere he wants to go.

                Of course, I would want to chauffeur him in his Jaguar.

                You can bet your left nut that I would talk about looking off the safeties…….

              3. Sounds like a true love story Seb. You Kap in your truck all the way to Arena League football next year. Have a great time you love birds!

              4. Prime, stop being so delusional. I envision Kaep as the starting QB for the 49ers, who will help them win a couple rings.

        1. Can u stop with the personal attacks.
          I read for discussion of 49ers football
          Not for people taking their anger out on other. Please be respectful even if you disagree

    1. For the record: not me. I’m wired only one way. If I justify losing one time, when will be the next time? What are the criteria? The thresholds?
      Full tilt boogie all the way all the time. Absolutely no compromise. As a coach or player that’s my job. Draft choices are somebody else’s.

        1. Well, if the GM secretly and silently wouldn’t mind another loss for improved draft position I would understand. Need to keep a poker face though and never admit it. Single purpose communicated.

      1. BT, I like you better all the time. You can kick me in the chops anytime. I will grin, and take it.

        You make me proud to be a die hard faithful Niner fan.We need more fans like you, and I salute your service.

        1. Seb-
          your just rooting for laundry-there’s nothing intelligent this ownership and GM have done in years.
          Alabama would beat the 9ers……….

      1. THAT is the truth! The draft doesn’t matter if Baalke is making the judgements.
        Until baalke is gone, this is the new normal.

  4. Snowing Bad! YES we need to lose… I want massive changes!!!!! Who m I kidding go Niners. But if they lose it won’t hurt as bad :)

      1. Kelly is going to take the Oregon job. You watch and see. They lose to the Bears, lose to the Jets, can’t see how Kelly wants to come back? that game vs. Falcons in 2 weeks going to be a BLOWOUT Falcon win.

  5. What’s with the deep drops it is snowing like crazy. Man this team needs common sense solid coaching unless of course it is an audible.

    1. The weather is perfect for the two worst teams in the NFC

      This is the NFL equivalent of watching Louisiana-Lafeyette vs Georgia Southern.

  6. Could this be Bellore’s break out game his pursuit looks good. As long as he doesn’t have to cover he might do better than expected I suspect he is mudder. Good luck to Nick.

  7. LOL 49ers! Kaepernick being outdueled by a 3rd stringer, Ward getting beat like a drum by the Bears again, and despite 2 turnovers that gave them the ball inside the 40 they are down at the half.

    What a freaking joke this team is.

    1. Remember the Dallas game? the 49ers were outdueled by the 2nd stringer playing all pro now and Cowboys in 1st in NFC East.

    1. I love seeing the 49ers lose. Why? It means Kelly will be fired. Kap is going. Team will be sold. Santa clara is taking over stadium operations. you know NFL will put Raiders in Santa clara.

  8. When I mentioned game management, I said they need to go bold. They settled for field goals, and are now losing.

    When I mentioned time outs, I said they need to use them wisely. Yes, they saved them for the last 2 minutes, but they helped the Bears, which is extremely unwise. Chip is getting out coached.

  9. Following this team is like having a relative who is depressed. You love them and you want them to be OK, so you check in on them periodically, but all they do is bring you down.

    1. Maybe Wentz going 8/18 67 yards will cheer me up.

      Hey, maybe the Rams will have buyers remorse and trade Goff for the 49ers first rounder?

  10. As bad as the Niners are, it could be worse if you are a Rams fan. Rams have 25 yards at the half. Goff is 4/11 for 27 yards and 1 sack for a -12. Has a QB rating of 7.0. Gurley has 5 carries for 11 yards. Pats have 230 yards and a 17-0 lead. And they just announced an extension for Fisher who is well on his way to a fifth consecutive non-winning season at the helm of the Lambs!!!!!!!

    1. I take solace in the fact that the Rams kept Fisher, which will give us a chance against at least one NFC West team.

  11. I think the advantage goes to the Bears in the snow. The problem with Grants “starters out” analysis is that the 6 starters for the 49ers are hands down the best players on the 49ers roster at there positions and the Bears overall have a better team not to mention the best DC in Fangio.

      1. Seb Moose Johnson must read my blog posts. He just said Kap needs to take the next steps in becoming a better pocket passer. 2 seconds later he drops one on the helmet of a Bears LB. Pathetic!

  12. 16 offensive units have combined for 148 points (9.25 per team) in the first half of all games today. Not exactly a scoring bonanza. Ravens had 24, Chiefs 20 to lead the point parade! All of the rule changes made by the league to bolster scoring appear to have fallen by the wayside.

  13. I’m approaching a personal threshold in this game. I reach a point of exasperation where I have to turn off the audio to blunt the pain. Getting closer.

    1. My move is to turn on the red zone. I watch the Niners for as long as I can and when I can’t take it anymore I move onto real football.

      1. Yeah, LOL. There’s a point where I just go outside and mess with the xmas lights. Hope it doesn’t come to that.
        : – )

  14. OK, the Niners need to stop being so one dimensional. The coaches are too afraid so they will not throw, yet Barkley is throwing all over the field.

    Hope they turn Kaep loose….

    1. Matt freakin Barkley is completely outplaying Kaeptain Flash. Cannot wait for this season to end and this team to hopefully get a QB that can play.

  15. Wonder if Jed is regretting his leak from this morning that Kelly will be back next year? Nah, he’s okay with losing as long as he has all those bejamins!

  16. GFY Baalke!!!

    I’ve said more times than I care to admit that Trent Baalke is perhaps best characterized as an above average scout of defensive backfield players.

    I retract that allowance. Baalke is terrible at every facet of both talent acquisition and football management, as must be the case in a situation where a SB contender is shaped into the worst team in franchise history three years later.

  17. I am done. I am done with this team, this owner, this GM, this coach, and this quarterback.

    For those who have been here a long time you know I have defended Kaepernick, Kelly, and have even refrained from overly criticizing York. Enough is enough.

    Good bye. I have better things to do with my time than to follow this putrid organization.

  18. Harbaugh would have had these guys practicing in the same conditions. Instead fat Kelly had the boys in sunny conditions and shorts with his dorky visor!

      1. Niners suck, I admit it. Not just Kaep, but every player, and the coaches, too.

        Heck, even Jed. I want to hold him accountable.

        1. Lets hear you say it and admit defeat, Kap sucks, he’s a one read run QB getting schooled by a 3rd string QB!
          You look so stupid defending Kap after today’s performance.

    1. Kelly is like ‘blah, blah, blah, blah? Blah, blah, blah, blah.’ You can’t tell me that the players are NOT zoning him out. This is clearly a team that has lost the coaching out there.

  19. Krappernick lives in my development. He has put his house up for sale so please don’t let gates hit you in the a$$. Baalke also lives in the same development about a 5 iron from my house. Each day I drive by i look for a for sale sign or moving truck. One day

  20. Can somebody tell me did the 49ers pack the proper shoes? It seems like Chicago has the proper shoes for this weather and not the 49ers. It’s like they thought the snow wouldn’t bother them. 1 more quarter, come on Bears!

  21. Who in their right mind within the organization said yes it would be a good idea to prepare in Orlando when we are playing in snow conditions?
    It’s almost like Chip is trying to get fired.

      1. Jed wasn’t too cheap to fire Tomsula after fans and players were revolving. We have another revolting situation as NOBODY is coming to zipper stadium and Santa Clara is taking over the operations as Jed doctors the books obviously.

    1. It’s obvious, Prime Time, I think Kelly wants the Oregon job and he wants to be fired to get it. I say that’s brilliant.

  22. The one good thing about this abortion of a game is it should end any idea of this qb being a building block for the future or this coach being NFL caliber.
    Jimmy T got more wins with less talent.

    1. Can somebody tell me where Ponder is at? Why won’t the 49ers just put him out there? Chicago actually let Barkley throw the ball, why won’t the 49ers put Ponder out there? Does Kelly like ‘his boy’ Colin Kaepernick?

  23. Hmm… Bears have confidence in their kicker yet Chip punted in the same situation in the first half. Yeah, Dawson couldn’t make that :/

  24. This is the most awful show I have ever seen. I hope that Kaep’s mix of ineptitude and arrogance will shut the f**k up of those stupid crew of this blog that still keep celebrating him as 7torm or whatever bs. No offense, no defense, no heart, no guts. A European football team. At best.

  25. Beautiful, from NFL.com
    Passing CP/AT YDS TD INT
    C. Kaepernick 1/5 4 0 0
    And he’s getting 14 million for this? This is F Minus.

  26. Oh good, Gabbert is here to save the day.

    Best part about Kaep voiding his contract other then it opening the door for him to leave is itll be humurous to see how little interest there is in his services.

  27. Niners are setting new records in futility. Jed must be jumping for joy.

    Let’s see. I saw the number 1 draft pick get driven backwards into the end zone. I saw the other first round pick flagged for a hold that negated a big gain. I have not seen the third round pick because he is still injured. The 4th round pick gave up an undisciplined penalty that set them back 15 yards and helped prevent a TD. I saw Bold Chip punt from the 32 yard line. What a profile in courage. The time out management was obtuse. Bellore actually ran out of the gap to let a big gain for a first down.

    Kaep has been a disappointment. There, I admitted that.

    Niners need changes, from the top to the bottom.

        1. No he was bragging about the 400 yards in garbage time against the Fins last week. How it was a prelude to the rest of the season. What a joke!

  28. Ha ha, McDonald droped the ball.
    CFC, Kap is not going to come back. I think he would retire, go to Arena League, Canadian football.

  29. Extend Vmac? I don’t think so. The only players I’m bringing back on offense is the oline, the RB unit, and that’s it! Blow it the F up!

    1. Long as 31 other teams take him, NOT the 49ers, Nick. that’s all I want. I want CK out. California is patriotic country, Kap can’t respect it, get out. I was hearing a talk show with David Clark, host said that Kelly should have told Kap to stand up for the flag, dont’ have to do anything else, but no, Kelly lost me as a fan when he did NOTHING.

  30. Chicago must be happy that their IDIOT kicker will not cost them the game. Too bad the 49ers got an IDIOT QB that cost them the game. Looks like the 49ers are dropping like flies, Dial out.

  31. Thank goodness Kaep sucks a win only hurts our draft position. Need to get that #1 pick or close to it to get a chance at Watson.

    1. And Bulky picking??????

      Our #1 pick will a corner-or a lineman who had one great year and currently has an ACL problem. ACL’s are had for cheap.

  32. Baalke bff radio guys already spinning the “roster is good enough to win” BS. hahaha. What a joke. Can’t wait to see who gets thrown under the Baalke bus after this one

  33. Are their typos on the ESPN bottom line for the stats for Kap and Gabbert – 2 for 9 for 22 yards? Can’t they even complete a screen pass? 5 sacks and a net of minus 3 yards passing???? Why even practice or draw up a game plan for a performance like this? Were they just sun tanning in Orlando all week??? Simply amazing!!!!!!!! Will be a miserable plane ride home after this fiasco!

  34. I’m feeling happy now, we got this. Gabbert is not a quick passer anyway. Poor Kap, got benched, ha ha ha ha ha! Did Kap say ‘hello bench?’

    1. as he goes to the bank each week with a fat check. “The Butcher” probably enjoys every bite of his filet mignons and savors the flavor, all thanks to Jed!

  35. I bet Stephen A SMith is going to go off on Kap again: 1 for 5 4 yards, REALLY? Then you got benched, really? did you take a kneel down by the bench to thank your God for protecting you, really? Going to be fun!

  36. You fire Kelly for the simple reason the players keep giving up in the 2nd half.
    And for preparing in Orlando when you are playing in winter conditions. That’s unacceptable!

  37. I am a Bear fan and was silently hoping they would lose for draft purposes. With that said, I am a niner hater so I am rather enjoying this.

  38. I was thinking of the Niner game in Chicago in 1/89 in freezing temperatures the Niners beat the Bears tough defense. Now they can’t beat a banged up team. How the mighty have fallen.

        1. Ignore the sore loser liberal 49er fan. He doesnt’ live in reality. He feels Kap is a good QB. I mean 1 for 5, 4 yards, a good QB? Wow, I hate to seriously see a bad QB. I can’t name any QB with bad nos, even Jared Goff is having better nos., yeah he’s losing big to Brady, but he’s not stinking it up.

          1. So, Ribico, you listen to Ronn Owens and Brian Copeland, right? You are a sad little liberal 49er fan as I the realist 49er fan takes pleasure watching your pain to lose to the 2 win team about to lose hopefully to the 3 win team in the Jets.

      1. And Bulky picking??????

        Our #1 pick will a corner-or a lineman who had one great year and currently has an ACL problem. ACL’s are had for cheap.

    1. CB,
      I gave up on the grades a few weeks ago when it became obvious that “F” grades would dominate Grant’ ledger.

      Only two players deserve some recognition today: C.Hyde and A.Brooks.
      At this point of the season, the more we lose the closer we get to Myles Garrett or Mitch Trubisky.
      Of course if Baalke is still heading up the 2017 draft he may pick a 3-4 rd prospect with our first pick.
      Baalke’ recent drafts have set this team back 3-5 years – but the biggest surprise is that he is still around.

  39. BTW Ribico, stop behaving like a liberal that you are and live with the result. Your team is GARBAGE and Trump is your president! Not just me that calls Kap garbage, Stephen A Smith, Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Savage, Limbaugh and Levin are NOT at all sporting fans, but they know GARBAGE and BUMS when they see it as Kap has no respect at all for you, the team, this country. he needs to GET OUT.

  40. Colin Kaepernick’s day ends with 4 pass yards and 5 sacks… First QB in NFL history with 5 sacks and fewer than 5 yards in a game.

  41. I’m kind of looking forward to the playoffs. You know, when you turn on a game and get to watch NFL-level football.
    Jed said he had a ‘contract’ with 49er Faithful to win with class. Y’all heard him, right? It was in all the papers and on-line. So, can I take him to small claims court for my cable bill Sept-Dec for Breach of Contract (failure to deliver)?

    1. Not exactly, BT He promised “winning with class”. There has to be some winning first to see how they do it. Who knows, if they ever do win it might be with class.

  42. Bears defense was ranked 19th last season this year they are 11th. They were 21st in offense and this year they are 16th. These aren’t huge differences but they do show that in most ways the Bears were an improved team this year. Statisically the 49ers have been sliding in most categories for the past 3 years straight.

    The Bears are a better team then the squad we faced last year, there’s no point trying to compare games. The 49ers roster is not better then the Bears roster.

    Chip Kelly is not why we’re going to lose to the Bears today. The defense that Baalke has assembled and the QB’s that he’s signed and drafted are why the team is going to lose, again.

  43. Wonder if it’s Ponder’s turn next week… Don’t see how you can go back to Kaep or Gabbert unless you want to protect our draft positioning Baalke is bound to f*ck up.

      1. Gabbert clearly outperformed Kaep. Is this the start of a QB controversy? It might be best to dress out Ponder and return the clip board to its rightful owner.

  44. Well, at least Kaep did not cost them 2 points.

    I will say it again. Chip should make it competitive. Flip a coin, and that QB starts as long as the Niners puts points on the board. If not, the other QB gets his chance.

    1. “Well at least Kaep did not cost them 2 points.”
      Oh STOP! Please Stop, hahahahaha you’re killing me here! LOL!
      Dude, there is no good, no redemption, no excuse for any of them, the least of which CK. Seriously, just take the pain for goodness sake.

      1. maybe this isn’t the right time to say it….but our old game manager just squeezed out a 29- 28 win over

        ‘probablynot the right time to say this….but our old ‘game manager’ just squeezed out a 29-28 win over Atlanta….I think he was 21 – 25 in completions….I think that beats 1-4….great choice JH…great choice TB….Hah… !

        1. OREGON,
          My friend, let’s face it, a combination of Montana and S. Young and I would throwing Brady would not muster up a winning season with this team.
          Even our former stars like Rice, Craig and Keena Turner hardly make appearances at games.
          Oh, and Ronnie Lott is helping to keep the freakin raiders in Oakland – ouch!

      2. BT, it is just gallows humor. Niners suck so bad, it is kinda pathetic.

        Hope Jed learns that a team with 43 mil in cap space has 43 mil less talent.

        I will admit Kaep played poorly, but Chip disappointed me the most. He coached like a pee wee coach today.

  45. The Niners were shaped, spindled and mutilated by the Bear defense. Modkins, who was responsible for all those bad plays, should resign.

    O’Neil, should have been fired 7 games ago. He is the weakest link.

      1. Thats what Chip said. He is responsible for all the good plays, and Modkins can take blame for all the bad ones.

        Too bad Chip only called 3 good plays.

    1. Really, you care that much about the subject that it physically drains you?

      Who’s giving him a pass? Everywhere I read I see people calling for his termination. I don’t think not blaming him for the loss is giving him a pass for the performance of the team either. Could the team perform better, sure, is this team talented enough to win games? If you thinks that answer is a definite yes then I can see putting more blame on Kelly but if you don’t think that answer is a resounding yes then just performing better isn’t what’s going to change our win/loss record. They need to play beyond their ability to perform, that’s called a miracle worker not a head coach.

      1. “Chip Kelly is not why we’re going to lose to the Bears today.”

        This kind of nonsense.

        Kelly had his team totally unprepared and once again the opponent made the adjustments.

          1. You’re right CFC. The Bears didn’t start trying to throw the ball and completely changed the game and Kelly wasn’t content to just keep sitting on the ball.

            1. No you’re right Jack. Kelly threw for -21 yards and couldn’t cover or tackle on defense all day. He was downright terrible. Tough playing 22 players by yourself.

              1. You have a point CFC. But of the 11 losses, how many were blowouts cause the boys just gave up? That’s why Kelly has to go.

    2. I was appalled at the endzone celebration penalty. Half a dozen guys could have been flagged on that. That was a gawdawful reflection on coaching; disturbingly undisciplined.
      Xs & Os are one thing, game plans another, but there’s something seriously missing here.

      1. Someone on the Packers did a snow angel..aaaannnd ..No flag. Must of been the same clown that called PI on the Bears first TD drive

        1. I think if he’d done that on his own he would’ve gotten away with it, like the Packer. His buddies joining in as a group and prolonging it is what triggered the flag. Before the flag came, I knew it was coming. These guys should’ve known better.

  46. In a disastrous season, this might have been the Niners worst effort yet. Six yards net passing!?!?!?! The offensive line was just destroyed by the Bears banged up defense. Kaep couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn, and Gabbert could hit the barn, but the barn would likely drop the ball.

    Hey Chip, nice choice to stay in hot Florida to practice for a week, that really got your team prepared.

    1-15 here we come.

    1. Millinium

      When we inherited the NFC crown from the Rams, Bill Walsh kept our team in California and flew up to Minnesota, beat the daylights out of the Vikes, and flew home that same nite. He learned from the Rams who had lost the previous 4 NFCC games and several ‘colds’ from training in Minn……Don’t blame ‘Chip’…GET HIM SOME SKILL PLAYERS.

  47. Cassie-
    How did your Darren prediction turn out? I was drifting in 3Q (game induced nausea). But here at the end it seems like you had it about right.

  48. Look, all I want out of the 49ers is:
    Fire Kelly
    Fire Baalke
    Get rid of Kap
    Sell the team

    Hyde to me is 2nd string RB or a 3rd, Kerley is no. 2 material, T Smith needs to go. Replace A Lynch. There, I said my good things for the day, and see? i’m not laughing at the way the 49ers lose. I just blame it on the Kapper and hope he goes away.

  49. Wish I could be this bad at my job and still get paid. Can’t tell who does a worse job and still gets paid,Trent Baalke or a Meteorologist. #fireBaalke

  50. I am embarrassed for every player, all the field staff, front office staff, Kelly and his coaches with the exception of Rathman, down to the kicking tee retriever, and lower to ownership. The televised public humiliation routinely handed to these players has to make them absolutely ill. I played on team when I was 12 that went 1-13 I will never forget the life-long stain that left on my psyche. To be a professional football player and to perform like the 49ers have this season has to make them want to disavow their team association.

  51. – Jed’s sells the team to an actual adult.

    – New owner goes on apology tour, saying it was a mistake to move the team absurdly far from its namesake city. Donates a portion of those expensive (and empty) 35to35 YL reserved seats to charity that allows low income city kids attend games. Include transpo. The spirit and fanaticism of The Stick is back!

    – Get the entire Walsh diaspora (Young, Holmgren, Lott, Montana etc.) + Madden to consult on GM and HC decision. This is San Francisco. I’d consider Fangio for HC, but am open to suggestions.

    1. There is no “wonderful qb” in this draft. But there are some well built pass rushers. If u look at this team and think complete do over then take a flyer on a qb that might succeed in 3 or 4 years, but my understanding of this team right now is complete GARBAGE!! It needs to be stripped from head to toe. To use a philosophy from another sport, im a braves fan, and when their know it all gm got to big for his draws, the owners kicked his azz to the curb. Completely re did their front office, and scouting department. Thats what this organization needs.

  52. How in the world can you block a punt, then you score, and you act like a FOOL in the end zone? A blatant FOOL In the end zone? Kelly has NO DISCIPLINE on this team. That’s why he needs to be FIRED to allow this sort of idiocy!

  53. One of my complaints with Chip is discipline. I hope coach sits down Johnson and Robinson for the first half of next weeks game. In conditions like today it was a mistake to call 2 timeouts at the beginning of the bears first scoring drive.

      1. “soft”, the ultimate mortal football sin. I’m a west coast kid and proud of it, but there’s a certain way people back east call someone “soft” that’s very impactful. A perfect headline for this 49er organization.

      2. I don’t see soft in these guys. I see arrogant, untrained, undisciplined men. Emphasis on untrained. They are always out of position, giving up dumb penalties, dropping easy passes. So i see untrained, not soft

        1. that was something else to block that punt, score, and act like FOOLS in the end zone, and then they DIDN”T score for he stepped out of bounds. That was funny to me.

  54. I do not think it is the money with Colin. He seems to be managing his money wisely. I think he wants to be on a better team, one that can compete. If another team takes him up, do not be surprised if he takes a pay cut in order to win.

    1. I will be very, very, happy if Colin can do that, a MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME, oh please make it happen, Kap. you can take your kneel down act to any one of the 30 other teams BUT the 49ers.

      HOW ABOUT THEM RAIDERS, 38 to 24 over the Bills baby!

  55. Kaepernick missing Draughn with that pass was a great sample of his passing abilities:

    1) Clean pocket;
    2) Sees the receiver;
    3) Steps up;
    4) Throws tentatively with his arm (play the tape and look at his face).

    Every pass over 20 yards is a “hope so” with CK7.

    Activate Ponder. He at least deserves a workout.

  56. From Cosell
    “These were receivers getting open on mostly man coverage. They just got beat.”

    It’s all that bad coaching that makes the players slower then the other ones.

    “But they don’t have anybody on defense right now. Even (DeForest) Buckner hasn’t shown enough where you feel like he’s a cornerstone. He’s a rookie, so you certainly give him another offseason and another year. But he’s been up and down. He had some great plays early in the game where he played with great leverage and you saw the natural strength and power. But as the game progressed, and hey, I know it was bad weather but sometimes you play in those games, he got right back up to playing too high and he got moved easily. That’s been an ongoing issue for him all season.”

    That’s exactly what I said after watching him against New England. He plays standing up, he’s way too vertical. He makes little to no effort to get to the QB and instead is hoping to bat down the ball, which is great, if the QB throws the ball to his side of the field within 10 or so feet off the ground.

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