49ers @ Bears live blog

This is the live blog for the San Francisco 49ers’ Week 13 road game against the Chicago Bears. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from my living room.

8:20 Adam Schefter just tweeted this: “49ers and Colin Kaepernick met last week and team expressed it’s open to bringing him back, per sources. Door not closed on return to SF.”

Here’s how I interpret that report: Trent Baalke would rather trade Kaepernick than cut him, but Baalke can’t trade Kaepernick unless other teams think the Niners want him. This is a fruitless attempt to create trade value.

8:30 Here are the 49ers’ inactives:

WR Jerome Simpson
WR DeAndrew White
RB Carlos Hyde
CB Chris Davis
G Brandon Thomas
OL Ian Silberman
TE Garrett Celek

This means Daniel Kilgore is active, although he doesn’t seem to be starting.

8:45 Here are the Bears’ inactives

WR Eddie Royal
S Antrel Rolle
WR Marquess Wilson
DL Bruce Gaston
CB Jacoby Glenn
RB Antone Smith
OL Nick Becton

9:47 Ian Rapoport has more information on Schefter’s earlier report: “49ers QB Colin Kaepernick sat down with GM Trent Baalke this week & discussed, among other things, FA targets for 2016. Kap in their plans.”

Not buying it. The Yorks won’t spend $16 million on a backup quarterback.

10:03 The Bears win the toss and defer.

10:05 Blaine Gabbert throws late to Anquan Boldin on a curl route, and the pass gets knocked down on second-and-10. On third-and-10, Gabbert faces pressure and checks down to Draughn for a five-yard loss. Niners go three-and-out.

10:07 Bears start at the Niners’ 41.

10:10 On third-and-3, NaVorro Bowman blitzes and bursts through the line unblocked. Jay Cutler checks down to Martellus Bennett for a one-yard gain. The Bears kick the field goal and take a 3-0 lead.

10:14 Tony Jerod-Eddie commits a holding penalty on the kick-return. Niners start at their 18.

10:17 Blaine Gabbert throws a grounder on second-and-6, and takes a sack on third-and-6. Looking like Blaine Gabbert early on.

10:24 Jeremy Langford drops a pass on third-and-2, and Robbie Gould makes a 51-yard field goal. The Niners had only 10 men on the field during that kick.

10:30 Geep Chryst calls a run on third-and-6, and Erik Pears commits a holding penalty. On third-and-16, Gabbert throws a six-yard pass to Vance McDonald running a curl route.

10:33 Cutler telegraphs a screen pass to the outside. Jimmy Ward jumps the route, intercepts the pass and returns it for a touchdown. But, Phil Dawson misses the extra point. Score tied at 6.

10:40 The 49ers have five yards of offense at the end of the first quarter.

10:41 Michaeil Wilhoite has an ankle injury and is questionable to return. Gerald Hodges, Wilhoite’s replacement, tackled Matt Forte for a two-yard loss on the first play of this drive. Since then, Forte has picked up 19 yards on three carries.

10:44 On first-and-goal from the 5, Bowman hits Forte in the backfield, Forte spins off Bowman and scores. Bowman is having a bad game. He gave up a 14-yard catch on a screen pass to Forte a few plays earlier.

10:45 Ian Williams is hurt. The Niners are starting to drop.

10:46 Gerald Hodges seems like a gambler who has no idea where the run is going.

10:47 Niners defense giving up 4.7 yards per carry so far.

10:46 Robbie Gould makes the extra point. Bears lead 13-6.

10:48 49ers looking for their first first down.

10:55 On third-and-9 from the 49ers’ 45, Vance McDonald catches an underneath passes and runs for a first-down, but seems to suffer a leg injury.

10:56 Actually, it seems he took a shot to the head.

11:01 Draughn scores from one yard out. 15-play drive. Score tied at 13.

11:08 Bowman slips and misses a tackle on second down. He’s hurt.

11:09 Kenneth Acker holds Jeffery’s left arm on third-and-16, but the refs don’t throw a flag. Big break for SF. Bears punt.

11:12 Bowman may have a concussion.

11:15 Gabbert throws a check-down pass off his back foot that sails over Draughn’s head on third-and-8.

11:16 A Bears player touches the punt as it’s bouncing on the ground. About nine 49ers try to jump on the ball, but it bounces out of the back of the end zone for a touch back. Good effort, though.

11:30 Ahmad Brooks jumped offsides yet again, and my have gotten benched for it.

11:31 Jeffery drops a pass on third-and-6, and the Bears will punt.

11:33 Bears down the punt at the Niners 6.

11:33 Daniel Kilgore in.

11:36 Draughn runs out the clock with four straight carries.

11:37 For the first time this season, the Niners defense showed up to a road game.

11:50 Bowman is back for the beginning of the third quarter.

12:01 The 49ers stop Matt Forte on third-and-3, but Quinton Dial seems to have knocked out Aaron Lynch with the crown of his helmet.

12:02 Wilhoite and McDonald are both out for the rest of the game.

12:02 Niners having a tough time tackling Jeremy Langford, who’s averaging 6.6 yards per carry. Forte is averaging just 3.9.

12:04 Robbie Gould misses a field goal wide left. Niners start at their 31.

12:07 Blake Bell drops a pass on third-and-6, and the Niners go three-and-out. Gabbert took a sack on first down. Nice halftime adjustments by Geep Chryst. Vic Fangio owns him.

12:16 The Niners adjust to Langford and force the Bears to punt from midfield. Bruce Ellington makes a fair catch at the 15.

12:22 Eddie Goldman bulldozes Marcus Martin and sacks Gabbert on third-and-14. Niners go three-and-out. Bears start in Niners territory.

12:28 Jeffery beats Brock deep on third-and-19, but Cutler overthrows the pass. Bears punt.

12:33 On third-and-10, Joe Staley jumps out of his stance a second too late and lets Lamarr Houston run right by him. Hilarious. Gabbert flees the pocket, runs for six yards and the Niners punt.

12:38 Jaquiski Tartt blitzes and sacks Cutler on third-and-10. Great play call by Mangini.

12:43 Gabbert sails a seam pass over Boldin’s head on third-and-5. This is Gabbert’s worst start of the season.

12:51 Cutler hits Jeffery for 31 yards on third-and-three, then  hits Marc Mariani for 26 yards the very next play. Kadeem Carey scores on first-and-goal from the five. 20-13 Bears with 3:32 left.

12:56 Staley gets beat for a sack on first down — he’s having a dreadful game. But, Gabbert scrambles for nine yards on third-and-six. Niners have the ball near midfield with two minutes left. Can they win?

12:59 On third-and-3, Gabbert runs through the middle of the defense for a 44-yard touchdown run. Adrian Amos had him and whiffed.

1:02 Deonte Thompson returns the kick 74 yards.

1:05 On third-and-10 from the Niners’ 28, the Bears run right at Gerald Hodges and pick up 12. Hodges got blocked out of the play.

1:09 Gould misses another field goal — this time a 36-yarder — and this game is going to overtime.

1:14 Ellington returns the kick to the Niners 40.

1:16 Gabbert throws three straight incomplete passes in the vicinity of Boldin, and the Niners go three-and-out. Bears to start from their 16.

1:19 On third-and-8, Cutler rolls left, Tony Jerod-Eddie deflects his pass and Corey Lemonier drops the easy interception. Bears go three-and-out.

1:22 On first-and-10 from the 29, Gabbert throws a 71-yard touchdown pass to a wide open Torrey Smith. Ball game. Stay tuned for grades.

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  1. Here is my interpretation, once they get a component coaching staff next year and a better O line we believe Kaep can thrive. I don’t disagree with that. Gabbert has done nothing that kaep hasn’t done over his career. Kaep will be kept over Gabbert especially with a new coaching staff. I’m predicting Kaep returns as the starter with a young QB drafted in the second or third rnd.

        1. The guy can not read a defense presnap or after a snap. He is not NFL QB material and he will not be getting a better deal anywhere. Every year new competition arrives. That competition reduces Kaepernick’s value as a long term option. He may be used to fill gaps, but he will not have a career any more so than Michael Vick, Cordell Stewart, or Culpepper. No matter how much some fans and coaches wish it so, it is not happening.

          1. Matt you’re entitled to your opinion but the facts say differently. 3 teams already contacted the 49ers before his injury about acquiring him. He may not be NFL material but that won’t stop NFL coaches from trying to reform him and he’s better than what a number of teams have currently. He’ll end up somewhere in the NFL.

            1. Wilson,
              I misread your thoughts. I agree he will end up elsewhere. By so, it’s hard to imagine he wouldn’t be better off. Good point.

        2. If Tomsula gets fired and the Niners hire Hue Jackson, Kaep is the QB. Hue Jackson is a HUGE fan of Kaep since his raider days. I know a lot has to happen for that to happen but it’s possible. Hue Jackson almost got the Niners job 4 years ago. Very well respected by the Niners management. Another thing to consider is that the Niners are allowing kaep to rehab in Santa Clara. Meaning there trying to rebuild a report with kaep. We’ll see what happens but this screams the Alex Smith situation all over again.

          1. Hue is on many of our Christmas wish lists. As much is its the right thing does anyone really see this FO doing the right thing?

            1. A lot needs to happen like a 3-13 or 4-12 season with a lot of public pressure to make changes. I also believe that if Balke is given 2016 to turn this around, I don’t believe he will rely on Gabbert or a rookie QB to save his job. I think they bring Kaep back to compete for the starters job. Competition brings out the best out of everyone. Who knows though. Going to be fun to watch it unfold.

              1. Agree 100% baalke doesn’t have time on his side to rebuild this thing. If he wants to stick around kap will be qb and the oline will be rebuilt with a new o cord

          2. What a relief…9er management respects him. That makes it soooo much better. Guess it doesn’t matter if anyone respects 9er management in return.

            1. Money talks. You will say they won’t spend it. I will say Jed will. Too much negative attention going his way(well deserved) will force his hand. Maybe it’s wishful thinking but one can hope.

          3. If Tomsula is gone, Hue could be a good choice. However, Jed should throw money at David Shaw and give him an offer he cannot refuse.
            Those ND and USC games just convinced me that Shaw is innovative enough to maximize Kaep’s skillsets.

              1. Not a good idea to ‘give’ new head coaches flammed-out talent and make the HC use them. Shaw may take exception to that.

        1. From ninernation:
          My guess is he starts out rotating with Marcus Martin. I don’t know if we see him splitting series 50/50, but I think we see a little bit of him. The team has five games to get him playing time, and I think we see his snaps increase each week.

  2. As Grant points out, this is a GM in a cheap suit with an addiction to low level draft pics, and this is his attempt at feeding it….

  3. “49ers and Colin Kaepernick met last week and team expressed it’s open to bringing him back, per sources. Door not closed on return to SF.”

    Translation: The team notified him that if he’s willing to restructure his deal and compete with Gabbert and their new draft pick they’re open to allowing him to try and earn a backup spot with the team.

    Colin’s response couldn’t be heard clearly but it sounded something like, “no duck four shelf.”

    No one is trading for him with that contract. People are applauding the contract because it gives the team an out with little cap penalty but it’s also left us in a position where a second round picked QB is going to walk out the door with zero compensation in return.

      1. Really? Think about it again, that was hilarious!

        Kap is in the driver’s seat here. If he and his agent think they can get a good deal somewhere else, he probably would prefer to move on from this circus sideshow. He will stay if still on the same deal otherwise he’s gone, unless the injury lowers his value and the niners are his best offer.

    1. What value do you see in draft pick compensation when Baalke is making the picks? Is he bound to find value after so many misses? The contract is great regardless because if you account for the ineptness of the man drafting the talent, fewer picks reduce indulgent picks.

  4. As the first person on here to suggest trading Kaepernick while he still had value, I think the team brings him back with the hope of making a draft day trade. This will all depend on how the Cowboys, the Saints, and the Browns finish the season. A new coach in NO could open the door for Kaepernick like it did for Reggie Bush.

    1. As an unapologetic super fan of Kaep, I hope they draft Tunsil to give him more than a nanosecond of pass protection, and they give him a better OC that could actually accentuate his skillsets. Then I hope a healthy Kaep can lead the Niners back to the Super Bowl and kick the doubters in the teeth with a sixth ring.

        1. Cassie you really should be talking to your dad about salaries for OCs. Thats his job, or maybe you know something we do not know about your father’s future.
          Is Baalke selling his house?

          1. Uhhh… You don’t know the Yorks. My dad has to toe-the-line, he just can’t hire a OC. Anything above $25/hr requires York approval. We live in a trailer, sort of like a house I guess. We rent it.

  5. According to Ian Rapport just now, Kaep sat down with Balke to go over 2016 free agent targets with him and they discussed him returning. Ian states that the change of Marthe is an indication of there plans at QB. Stating that Marthe had problems with Kaep while others in the front office were not on the sand page. Stay tuned….It’s not a money issue at 14 mil that he did next year. There expected to have 40+ mil without cuts.

  6. This tells me that despite the Kap haters in the media talking up Gabbert, Baalke and Jed realize that Gabbert is nothing more than backup material. In fact, Grant’s comments on Gabbert a couple of posts ago were right on the money.

    Kap’s success in 2012 and 2013 shows with all his faults and limitations he can win on a team with a solid O line and a great defense. I think the Niners want Kap back with a restructured contract. This way they can work on fixing up the O line and pass rush through the draft and trade. They will draft a QB in the second or third round, trade Gabbert, give Kap one more opportunity to show he can win behind an NFL quality line, and let the QB of the future learn behind Kap for a year in case Kap fails again.

    If they let Kap go, and make Gabbert the starter, then at best they are looking at a 5 win season in 2016 with pressure mounting to throw the rookie QB in the fray before he is ready. The only question is if Kap will agree to a restructured contract.

    I know the Cohn family and certain posters here don’t want to hear this, but I think it is 50 / 50 that Kap is not done yet in SF.

  7. I feel sorry for those that just can’t see how much better this QB is and how the offense has improved overall with him leading it.

    1. Yeah. Great QB play. The team has not yet scored more than 19 points in the three games he has started.

      And does not look as if it will happen today either.

  8. Just throw Dylan in there and complete this cluster fudge of a season. We’re better off giving Thompson snaps at this point then letting Gabbert continue to do nothing.

    1. That looked like a give up call by the OC. They had a 5 yard out and TE hook. Both well short of the sticks. I didn’t see the rest of route tree but what I saw was uninspired.

  9. The whole Kaep thing is ploy. The niners are trying to sell the idea that they still want him and to drive up his trade value.
    Additionally both sides should also be aware that no teams want him with his current contract. I would speculate the niners may try to renegotiate his deal but also give him more of a say in where he will go.

  10. I am waiting for the second half when the 49ers get their morning team and toast delivered. They should be awake and up to speed.

  11. Yup, Pears just called for a hold, negating a first down. I said they should bench Pears, but the Niner coaches are so much better at evaluating talent.

  12. Very disappointed in Gase. He should be throwing to the spot where Bowman vacates. Every heard of the quick seam to the TE? C’mon man! That’s Pop Warner 101 bro….

  13. Cutler telegraphs a screen pass to the outside.
    Maybe you haven’t noticed but Cutler telegraphs every pass he throws. Sure it has nothing to do with is high interception percentage.

      1. If you say so, unless you’re at the game you saw the same thing I did on the broadcast. He rolls to his right where he has 3 receivers running 3 different routes. He doesn’t have to look around because all of his choices are in the same part of the field. Unless you have a camera that can show where his eyes were looking you can’t say he wasn’t watching Alshon the whole time.

  14. Yup. I said that Vic would know the Niner offense so well they should throw out the playbook and start over. After 5 yards in a quarter, they still could do that since what they are doing is so pathetic.

  15. Welp they’ve got the away quitting attitude and play again. Games a wrap! Chicago will probably have their best offensive and defensive game of the year. Forte will get an extension for this game

  16. Are we going to blame today on bad tackling again or can we finally accept that Mangini isn’t any good at his job either.

    1. I don’t think Mangini is a good DC at all, but I wouldn’t blame him. I only say this because the Dline is flat out getting owned.

  17. I wonder how the Jed York shills on KNBR will try to talk up Gabbert after this game. Even Walcoff will have a tough time putting lipstick on this pig.

    Gabbert is exactly who we saw in Jacksonville. Plays just good enough to put up cheap numbers which makes fans with a superficial knowledge of the game get all excited. Gabbert is Steve Deberg reborn. Plays just good enough to get you beat.

    1. Im seeing bad play-calling, bad field position which adds to conservative play-calling, bad O-line play and no offensive threats besides Draughn. Its not all on Gabbert.

  18. I thought if the kicking team touched the ball first that the receiving team could still attempt to advance the ball with no change of losing possession.
    Why in the world would you challenge that?

  19. The whole officiating squad should be sacked for not knowing the rules. If a Bears player touches the ball in the field of play, it is a live ball. That was a safety because it went out of the back of the end zone.

        1. It is a live ball, but the kicking team still needs to recover.

          It is not a safety because the Bears just touched it instead of establishing control. It’s a muff rather than a fumble.

    1. I don’t know. At this point I would say it is fairly obvious the niners are moving on. They have already leaked information that Gabbert was using his tablet to study the playbook 4x more than Kaepernick.
      I can’t see these leaks coming out if they were interested in keeping him.

        1. I don’t necessarily know that he was the only one responsible.
          He was retained in terms of player contract negotiations and will be involved with the building of the potential MLS arena in sacramento. It doesn’t have the feel of a punishment to me.

          1. Have Seb explain how handling all of the contract negations and salary cap for the 49ers is gone? Marathe is still heavily involved but not president.

      1. Why would he want to come back? There is no trust there. They are simply trying to save face for the debacle that is the current team. He won’t take a pay cut and they won’t bring him back next year. He will be a FA and he will have plenty of suitors. Looks like the extra Ipad study has paid off for Gabbert…. : (

  20. Is Seb applying at 4949 Centennial for next years OC position…Thought I saw someone wearing a Sears Blazer and quoting “The Art of War, by Sun Tzu, and what Sun Tzu would call if he were a coordinator, in some sort of garbled battlefield drawing Seb was trying to get anyone entering the building to look at….I believe security was called.

    1. TrollD, they just called and said that I am prescient, and that they should have listened to me from the first. Next week, they promised to activate Hayne.

  21. 3rd and 5, Bell is wide open for the first down, and Gabbert throws a low percentage deep ball to Boldin. If it had been Kap, there would have been about thirty seven posts questioning why Kap did not go to Bell.

    I have said all along that Johnny Unitas could not win behind this putrid O line. It does not matter who you put in at QB.

    Fixing the O line is job 1.

  22. So far I would say this has been an Ideal game.
    Gabbert is showing himself off a serviceable backup/short bridge qb.
    The niners are going to lose and not lose their draft position but still they managed to provide some entertainment.

  23. This 49ers team has no clue how to win on the road.

    Can’t blame Gabbert though. IMO, he’s done more behind this awful offensive line than the majority of NFL QB’s would. What happened to Joe Staley? He’s been a liability today. I would like to see what Blaine can do with a consistent running game and pass protection. Fixing the OL is job one this offseason. Get this OL fixed and give Blaine a full training camp working with the first unit, and let’s see where were at. Hopefuly having Kilgore back at full strength will help settle this OL unit down, and perhaps the return of Anthony Davis gives the 49ers a reason to use their first round pick on either ILB Jaylon Smith, or perhaps they m,ove up a grab BOSA!

    If Smelter lives up to the hype, I see a big turn around next season with Gabbert at the helm!

  24. The Bears have been getting to Gabbert consistently bringing only 4 pass rusher. We know how good Fangio’s defense is when they are able to get pressure bringing 4 rushers.

    Gabbert’s athleticism has been a HUGE factor today.

  25. anyone that thinks we should draft a QB high in the draft is crazy.we need OL and DL help before we address any thing else

    1. Beautiful pass I agree but let’s not get carried away. The Niner’s D won us this game and Gould forgot how to kick short field goals. The offense was pathetic all day except the 2nd quarter.

      1. Listen to what you just wrote — the fact the Niner D won us anything is something to be happy about.
        The fact Gabbert made one play, let alone 2 to help with the game is amazing. Look at what “weapons” we have — scrub RBs, 3rd string TE. Overpaid WR, with two fast WR in 11 and 10 who don’t ever seem to get a chance to make plays.
        And let’s not forget a scrub coaching staff.
        How did the Niners even win that game?
        There’s something to be said about heart and will.

    1. Well I predicted SF would be blown out. Couldn’t be more wrong. I also predicted they’d struggle to score more than six. It’s great to be wrong.
      The win does help SF move out of a top three pick and making a mistake on a rookie QB who wouldn’t be protected.

  26. 10:17 Blaine Gabbert throws a grounder on second-and-6, and takes a sack on third-and-6. Looking like Blaine Gabbert early on.

    Hmmm…who said this??

  27. I advised them to do the unexpected, and throw out the playbook. Guess they pulled a rabbit out of their hat when they did play action pass on first down.

  28. Blaine has single handedly turned this team around!

    When you consider what he’s working with, it’s astonishing what he’s accomplished so far as a starter. He’s put this team in position to finish 7-9 and in 3rd place, which would be a remarkable turn around and something to build on next season.

    For the first time in a while I’m excited to see what our QB can do next!

    1. radio hosts in the bay area have been saying gabbert is the only real offensive weapon we have. he has turned around the team. was feeling constipated watching kaep move our offense. gabbert gives us a chance. we need a good coaching staff around him, put a good team around him. if we leave it to grant, he would suggest his lame ass ideas.

    2. They could easily be 3-1 with him as a starter. I’ll leave out the Seattle game because our defense flat out lost that game, and the refs certainly helped ARZ last week and some blame to Gabbert. I’ve been preaching this for awhile.
      Screw the first rd qb pick. Rebuild the defense through free agency and draft and the o-line the same. Draft a qb later and let him soak up some football knowledge. Keep Gabbert and see what he can do with a good defense and o-line and healthy running game

      1. Gabbert can play. He has something to prove. Get a better OL. and a good slot WR. Draft DL and OL. Get new coaching staff.
        If he keeps getting better, then QB is one less position that is an issue.
        Could Kaep have won this game? I think he certainly could have. It’s not like that Gabbert made that many plays. I think the difference was how the team rallys around Gabbert, and maybe would have stayed interested longer. It’s hard to keep running those routes if the QB doesn’t try to make any throws.

        1. It’s funny you ask that question because while watching I was noticing some throws ck doesn’t make and if he does they’re late.
          I will watch again and point those out. With the pressure today and no running game. No way does ck have this kind of game… Meaning the chance to win when needed and delivers. His overall game might not have looked good but the clutch drives sure as heck did. That could be a career changer for some. Confidence should be through the roof for Gabbert

          1. Gabbert alot of passes that CK would not have. Like all those checkdowns. The ones to Droughn and MacDonald for first downs moved the chains and while it did not lead to scores, it showed a functioning offense so now teams have to gameplan for everything.
            The running game was better because the teams had to respect the pass little bit.
            It’s bad coaching and play calling that is holding back the offense.
            The defense overall played okay. They gave up a lot of yards and never really made a clutch stop when it was needed most. Maybe the OT Bears drive.

            1. Hmm ‘Its bad coaching and bad play calling that is holding back the offense’.
              Maybe Kaep is not such a bad QB after all….

  29. Fangio’s a great D coach. Chryst is a mediocre OC. Gabber has potential. He made plays. He didn’t look pretty. I’m actually surprised.

    1. This will be a huge confidence boost for the ol pocket also. He made the o-line look ok, something sadly ck and alex smith could never do.
      I feel this is our qb draft pick with experience already.

  30. Gabbert may be playing himself into trade equity. Would SF trade him if he gives them more grade value than Kaepernick? With this organization anything is possible

  31. All you guys bagging on Blaine in your snarky ways: Give this guy a decent OL and some quality receivers and he’s a starter all over the league.

  32. Wow. Nice pass By Gabbert. The Bears gave it away, but I’ll take it.

    I am still not sold on Gabbert as a long term solution. I would love to be wrong because it means we could fix the o line and pass rush without using a high pick on a QB.

    The win pretty much means we will not be able to get Lynch or Goff anyway. It will pretty much have to be Gabbert or Kaepernick in 2016. If Baalke fixes the O line and gets a pass rusher in free agency, I can see us winning 10+ games with either Kap or Gabbert.

  33. When you consider this win came against Fangio and Gase, and it’s the first regular season win at Soldier Field for the 49ers since the 70’s, this is a really big win for the organization.

    Really big!

  34. Not getting over-hyped on Gabbert. He did a nice job today with no weapons, bad play-calling, bad field position and his O-line sabotaging him. Right now, he isn’t the problem on this team. Yes, there were some bad throws, but no picks. He’s a good bridge til whomever QB they draft, can learn how to play.

  35. The Niners D has been playing good lately. Really impressed with the unit today especially in the 2nd half. The Bears dominated the time of possession and run-plays in the 2nd half but only gave up 7 pts. Yeah, Gould help us too but still great showing.

    1. Only part of the D that deserves credit should be the secondary. The front cant get pressure cant tackle, and gives up too many chunk plays to RBs.

    2. grant will blame it squarely on gould and defend himself saying gabbert “would’ve” lost the game if not for gould’s missed field goals. but what grant doesn’t understand is that every frickin’ game has these moments. it is how you make use of these moments and how you rally yourself and the team is what makes someone a great player. gabby isn’t brady, but he can play. let the kid play and see what he has got.

  36. Great to see the team come out and play pretty hard on D for the most part. Easily their best road performance. But the run D was hit and miss. Still need to clean that up.

    Gabbert deserves recognition for his good play on his two TDs, but overall he was pretty ordinary. Once again the OL can be blamed for some of that, they were dreadful. But that doesn’t absolve Gabbert for not getting the offense moving most of the game.

    This will go down as a win, but it was a game they should have lost. Only Bears missed FGs kept them in the game. So let’s not get too excited.

    1. Would you be more excited with a floundering rookie QB getting a gift win? Let’s be honest, Gabbert gives the team a better chance to win “now” and the longer the next QB can sit, watch, and learn the better the organization will be for it. In truth every single win or loss can be gifted to a series or play. Hard to believe buteven Joe’s offense went three and out for a quarter here and there. Gasp, he even threw a pick and lost a game or two.

      1. If you’ve read any of my previous posts you would know my answer is no to your question. Nor am I one to bash Gabbert – I have said numerous occasions he’s been better than expected and is doing well enough to be considered a decent game manager. So no need to get your panties in a twist.

        But don’t fool yourself into thinking Gabbert played well today because of two excellent plays.

        1. Perhaps my poor writing hindered your understanding. I haven’t said Gabbert played well or poorly. I just said he gives the team the best chance to win “now”. Don’t misconstrue that to mean I am saying Gabbert is good or bad.
          The comparison I made was him against a college rookie. In that comparison he gives the team the better chance to win.
          Other than that I agree with your assessment. I couldn’t have written it better. My point was the agenda of the media is to sell out for the next rookie and blame all success and failure on the QB.

          1. Like you, I am not keen on the idea of playing a rookie QB next year. The more Gabbert plays like a QB that can be a decent starter for a year or two (or even longer if he can be more than decent) the happier I’ll be.

        2. Scooter, Gabbert did a lot more than you give him credit for. The Bears were able to generate consistent pressure with 4 guys. We have seen first hand how good Fangio’s defense can be when his defense is able to generate consistent pressure with 4 men.

          You never seem to consider these things when you evaluate Gabbert’s performance. I think it’s fair to say a lot of QB’s would have taken more sacks, and thrown a couple int’s today, given the way our OL was getting beat by a 4 man rush.

          The fact that Blaine kept his poise, and used his great athleticism to keep his offense on schedule for the most part, and didn’t force any passes in to double coverage, deserves a lot of praise today. It’s not a stretch to say Blaine, nearly single-handedly, beat the Bears on the road today.

          And that’s franchise QB material.

          1. “You never seem to consider these things when you evaluate Gabbert’s performance.”

            Bull. Heck, I even mentioned in my post. And I have certainly mentioned it numerous times in the past. I have mentioned what an excellent job he has done getting rid of the ball or using his feet to avoid pressure on numerous occasions. I have also mentioned quite a few times that Gabbert is playing decent football. You either have me confused with someone else, or have selective memory.

            And it is definitely a stretch to say Blaine almost single-handedly beat the Bears. The defense were a big factor in the win, and the 49ers don’t go to OT without Ward’s INT TD.

    2. ” Only Bears missed FGs kept them in the game.” and your man Ward scoring the only TD of the Niners in the 1st quarter this year!

      “So let’s not get too excited.” I agree.

      1. Yeah, he did well on that play. He also did well right throughout the game, but I’m guessing most people didn’t notice.

        I actually think your comment is a good example of how a lot of people judge Ward. He only does a good job if he makes a big play.

    3. C’Mon Scooter,

      They got some breaks for sure, but if you consider all the context (CS, injuries, Bears momentum) lots of things to get excited.

      They were getting blown out on the road every game, so just to be competitive is a huge improvement.

      They even had a defense TD and overcame a Lemonier dropped Int in OT.

      There’s some talent in this roster.
      If they get Mo Wilkerson, rebuild the OL through FA and draft, and get some good coaches (at least OC and ST) this team can be competitive next year.

      Not Superbowl contender, but playoff contender.

      1. Lots of positives, Allen. But just read back what you wrote. We are supposed to get really excited about actually being competitive on the road because they haven’t been all year?

        Don’t take my comments so negatively. All I am saying is that despite playing much better, they still weren’t that good. And without a lot of luck they lose that game.

        1. I didn’t take your comment negatively, Scooter.

          Just trying to cheer you up.
          It’s been a rough season.

          I think we should get somewhat excited that the team showed improvement.
          And that Gabbert looks decent and sometimes above average with Chryst as his OC. So I’m hopeful he can improve a lot under a good OC.

          I know I’m taking any positives I can this year.

          1. Yeah, I agree we should get somewhat excited. Heck, I was cheering as loudly as anyone when Gabbert ran in his TD, when they missed the FG at the end, and when Gabbert hit Smith to win the game.

            I was just trying to dampen down the over the top excitement. This is an improving team, with a young D that finally played a good game on the road. But they still have a ways to go before they are a good team.

            1. Scooter, I realize that Chicago gave the game away with the 2 missed field goals, and the Niners did not have an offensive juggernaut last game. but I am so deliriously happy over this win, any shade is unwelcome.

  37. I agree with the tackling on d. It’s horrid. But gabbert deserves some credit here. Imagine if his oline was legit and he had Carlos Hyde back there with some more playmakers.

  38. McGaughey is an embarrassment. His assessment skills are non existstant, and his ST players almost cost the Niners this game. Activate Hayne.

  39. Gabbert is a much better QB than Kap. He is not perfect, but he is a big improvement.
    Sometimes he takes the short throws. But sometimes no one else is open.
    Need O Line help, a #1 receiver and more running backs to improve the Offense.

  40. I have a hard time supporting this coaching staff, but I am a fan of the niners. Very nice win on the road against a team that very much wanted to beat us. Congratulations.


    Our offensive line is horrendous. Blane was under duress the entire game from only a for man rush. BTW, the worst I have seen Joe Staley play in pass defense.

    Gabbert looks promising, glad to see him come from behind and win on the road. Very good poise and decision making. Always seems to know where his receivers are on the field. That is no small thing when the rush is always in your face. In fact, late in the game the only clean pocket I remember seeing was on the winning play.

    Defense has been up and down all season, obviously. They played a very good game today. I see much promise in this group and have great hope for Mangini and his scheme when he gets a few more players. Armstead once again showed that he has the strength to push the pocket. However on more that one occasion he was getting good penetration as they ran the ball and the ball carrier ran right by him. I hope he can be coached to play with his eyes open. Tart is a football player, glad he is on the team.

    The Special Teams coach should be fired forthwith. Poor coverage has been an ongoing problem all year and we should have lost that game because of the Bears last return. It is nice to have great athletes on special teams, but it is not necessary if the coverage teams are coached correctly. Ours are not and it continues to show up in games.

    A very nice win.

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