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  1. @FortyNinerWay @grantcohn
    No, they are focused on defense. Is Grant ever right about anything ? (rarely is the answer).

    1. The 49ers driving a Mazerati Grant?

      Your draft would be a dream ticket for PSL holders forced to watched that rusted jalopy offense loosing oil last year.
      Can you replace Baalke to assist Chipster while drafting offense in the NFL draft.

      1. One of the guys I follow re-tweets it on my timeline. I laugh and tell myself it’s only that fool Grant. But then I get mad because Grant is always so far off. So sometines I feel the need to reply. Grant and Lowell are know nothing fools. Kabd that is being kind). But you probably knew that already.

    2. Agreed. All the offensive visits are red herrings. Notice where people are; the offensive staff watching QBs like Wentz while Balkee is working out Lawson. Who again controls the 53? :-)

    3. If you guy’s look back to 2011, you will see similarities to this offseason. We finished 2010 with a losing season, we hired an offensive minded head coach, we held the 7th pick in the 2011 draft, there was uncertainty at the QB position that year too. The consensus was that we would take a QB in that draft too. Baalke ended up taking Aldon Smith…..

      1. Good point. I was thinking today that although I expect Chip to have an influence on the draft and Baalke to allow it, I also expect Baalke to let him know who the “alpha” male is when it comes to the draft. Therefore, I was thinking that Baalke will set the first pick (defense) and Chip the 2nd. But I didn’t make any connection to the 2011 draft. Your post is very apropos to this line of thinking.

  2. I have been reading your articles for many years grant. I gotta say over the last 6-8 weeks they have been particularly unbiased and enjoyable to read.

    1. We have specialists on every NFL team. Baalke could be the defensive draft specialist. If Baalke does this and just stays out of Chip’s recipe book on offensive draftees, that would be the true definition of “taking one for the team.”

      1. it’s pretty sad state when a guy like chip who decimated the eagles with his personnel choices is being valued over baalke who decimated all of nolan’s/scotty M niners. dumb and dumber, grumpy and grumpier.

        Just maybe in a dream world. Chip will be able to help baalke pick better offensive players with baalke reigning in chip’s extra gear of crazy and baalke will stick to picking defensive players. it would be great if possible!

  3. Gosh, Grant, nice creative writing. Too bad it is fiction.
    I beg to differ on the whole premise. The Niner offense was pathetic, but they will jump to select an elite defender, unless the Kaep situation blows up and they discover an urgent need to draft a QB. If that happens, Conklin becomes unattainable, because he always seems to be taken before 25 in most of the draft mocks I have seem.
    Defense wins championships, and Denver won because they had a pass rush. The Niners do not have a pass rush. The Niners will be doomed to another season of futility and losing if they do not shore up their defense.
    Tight ends are not a critical need. The Niners have Celek who re-signed, Vance who is a great blocker and former QB Blake Bell, who can also run the ball. They have Busta Anderson who should be fully healthy, and who can block run and catch well.
    For WRs, The Niners have Deandre Smelter, who has all the attributes Chip is looking for, and they signed Rodgers, who tore up the CFL.
    I really hope the Niners can show that they want to retain veteran talent and leadership by re-signing Boldin. I am not too concerned that he has lost a step because he is a warrior, and can get those contested balls.
    If Baalke goes offense, it will be because he has given up on next season, and will be content to lose so he can draft Watson the next year.
    Still, I like your gumption, and think you march to a different drummer, but this has as much chance as one of my 4 player trades.

    1. I agree…No way Baalke drafts that many receivers. Rogers, Smith, Smelter, Ellington, Patton, White, Anderson and a couple more are already on the roster and Kelly has yet to see any of them in person. Does that mean they won’t add one to this group and let them fight it out? No…but this team has plenty of defensive needs as well as depth in the trenches along the offensive line. I also believe that they add at least one RB to the current group to be a change of pace back to Hyde. But if I was a betting man, i’d wager that teo of the first three rounds will have Baalke drafting for defense. Both pick within the front 7. Williams recovering from off-season surgery will force Baalke to add a NT early on that he probably otherwise wouldn’t have. Throw in a MLB or a pass rushing OLB will be very high on the list of players needed…

      1. I agree. They will add a RB, but later on. I like Prosise, but Drake, Perkins, Lasco, Ferguson and even Keith Marshall may be good picks that could be selected later on.
        I also agree about a nose tackle. I like Billings, but Kenny Clark and Javon Hargrave may be available past the first round.

    2. Seb, it’s one thing to get to week 17 and decide, “you know what, we have an opportunity to have the #1 pick in the draft, we may as well play this last game as if it were the preseason”, in order to get the top pick. But, it’s something entirely different, the idea that any NFL GM would go into a draft with the mindset that they are going to “throw” the entire upcoming season in order to get the 1st pick. You may be exaggerating, but the notion is so preposterous, and quite frankly, insane, Simply making the statement, once again, makes me question whether you live in the same world as the rest of us!

      For anyone else, I would simply laugh it off. But coming from someone who believes in vast conspiracy theories, I’m not sure you are entirely joking. And if you really think Trent Baalke, Jed York, and Chip Kelly are content to go into this season with no intentions of being competitive, you need your head examined! They understand it’s a rebuild season, but what you apparently don’t understand is the competitive nature that drives people like Baalke and Chip, the 49ers players, and the rest of the staff. And that tells me you have never, ever been around a professional sports team, or have had any personal relationships with professional athletes and those who coach them.

      Seriously Seb, why are you spending so much time on a blog about a sport who’s inter-workings you really don’t understand?

      1. 49, just listen to Jed. He says it is a good thing to lose so much because the NFL rewards teams that lose with a great draft position. Your beef is with him.
        I say that I want to have the worst possible draft position every year.

        1. I know the quote you are referring to, which you have twisted around, to mean something entirely differently Seb. We’ve been over this nonsense before, and I have already posted the entire quote, which Jeb used.

          Are you honestly saying you think in this quote**, Jed is saying “it’s a good thing to lose so much, because NFL rewards teams that lose with a great draft position”

          **Here’s the real quote:

          “8-8 and 5-11, neither one of them is acceptable to me. I’d rather take a swing like we did on Jimmy T and if you miss, the nice thing about the NFL is they reward you for missing. We have a high draft pick and that’s the thing that I don’t want to be drafting high, but if we don’t compete for championships, I’d much rather be drafting high and be able to add the top-tier talent in the draft to this roster. So, that’s where we are today. It’s not good enough. Trent understands it’s not good enough and we need to continue to add talent to this roster and make sure that we can compete for championships.”

          Here is the way, IMO, a normal brain would translate this quote: 8-8, 5-11 is not good enough, and not acceptable, however and if we aren’t competing for a championship, at least the league rewards you with a high draft pick? It’s not good enough, but there is a silver lining, a high draft position?

          And isn’t what he is saying true? The flip side of losing is the ability to obtain better draft picks (as long as you know how to draft)? Because, that is absolutely true, and one of the main reasons the NFL stands for Not For Long. Because it gives the bad teams an advantage when it comes to the draft, and in fact, in theory, it does help bed teams improve, and is a contributing factor of parity in the league?

          And isn’t that reality, far different than saying it’s a good thing to lose, which is apparently how you have interpreted it? SMH

          1. “If we dont compete for championships, Id much rather be drafting high.”
            I did not say that. Jed said that. Blame him.
            I am going to say flat out that I want the Niners to compete for championships, EVERY YEAR. I want them to draft 32nd EVERY YEAR. Jed prefers to draft high.

            1. Actually, if you have been paying attention Seb, Jed has said exactly that, multiple times. Jed has said, on more than one occasion, that he expects to compete for the Super Bowl every season. As a matter of fact Seb, this “philosophy” or standard of his has come under scrutiny by the media, for being unrealistic, and putting unrealistic pressure on the coaches and FO.

              I could look for the quotes if you’d like, but the fact is, I know you are aware of this. Which makes you disingenuous, and dishonest. And I know you can’t honestly look at the entire quote above, and interpret it the way you are suggesting. And that’s my point. I have no problem with people having genuine opinions, and making general comments, even if I may totally disagree with them. It’s what makes for good football conversation and debate.

              However, you sir, are being incredibly dishonest, taking quotes completely out of context, and pretending as if you don’t know the difference.

              Because if you are standing by the way you are framing that quote, you’re one of two things. You’re either incredibly dumb, and don’t understand the english language. Or, you’re being completely disingenuous, and refusing to admit you’re wrong, even though it’s printed in fricking black and white.

              Most of us on this forum want to have genuine conversations with peers who we believe have a similar level of knowledge. But, when you make a comment like: “If Baalke goes offense, it will be because he has given up on next season, and will be content to lose so he can draft Watson the next year”, you obviously have no understanding of the NFL, or professional sports in general, and the competitive spirit that drives people like Chip Kelly and Trent Baalke. The notion that a GM would go into a draft, with the It’s simply not the way And you shouldn’t expect people on this blog to take you seriously, whatsoever. As a matter of fact, you really ought to find something another hobby because pro sports is clearly something you don’t understand, and you are lowering the level of discourse and intellect on this blog.

              1. Gosh, 49, I just used Jed’s own words, but you refuse to accept them.
                He also said to hold him accountable, but refuses to do that by doing the honorable thing and step down for the good of the team.
                I swear to God I heard him say that he would part ways with anybody who he found out was leaking. Then he sends the leaker to the negotiations. I did not make him do that, and you have steadfastly ignored the fact that Marathe was and is the leaker.
                I predicted that Jed would do something stupid. Not 24 hours after I said that, he said he would never take a coach from his alma mater because he would never want to hurt ND. Yet, in his presser, he swore he would do everything in his power to try and bring a championship to the Niners. You may say that was a lucky guess, but I say it was an educated guess because I knew that with the SB coming up, he could not hide and would be interviewed. Jed went on to say stupid things every time he opened his mouth, so I was proven right many times. Even the Girl Scouts beat him up, and he bent over and let them kick him in the rear end.
                Speak for yourself. Your attacks have lowered the discourse, and you should not write interminable puff pieces on Cook and not expect poster to question your intellect, especially after disparaging others.
                Actually, I think I have elevated the level of discourse, and my verbosity has elevated the diction on this site. Generally many other football blog sites have posters grunting monosyllabic pablum. On this site I see other posters using multisyllabic words with precision and have expanded the vocabulary.

  4. Really Grant ,Tyler Boyd does not play at his timed 4.45 speed,I have seen Him play and He does not play football fast at all and what do youcall Torry Smith? is he not 6′ and fast as hell?
    and who would want a Riley Cooper type player? I think you not only missed it, but you missed the whole damn boat.

    1. Boyd ran a 4.58 at the combine. That’s a more accurate gauge of his speed. Pro day times can vary greatly depending on the surface.

      1. Teams use Pro Day numbers. Running a fast 40 takes practice and technique, especially the start. Most football players pop up way too soon.

        1. Grant

          Based on the below, would you mind expanding on your comment that the 49ers lack certain WR traits (except the Wilson size, which is freaky)?

          Smith 60 4.3 27
          Jones 62 4.4 25 $5M
          Smelter 62 4.4 24
          White 62 4.3 24
          Anderson 62 4.4 23
          Rogers 63 4.4 24

          Those are height, speed, age figures for 6 of the 49ers current WRs (not counting Ellington, Campbell, or Simpson).

          Tyler Boyd does what, especially?

              1. In certain offenses, yes. But I think Kelly will play him at split end. Kelly likes to put big wide receivers on the line of scrimmage.

              1. Neither one returned punts in college. Kelly asks his flanker to run a lot screens and smoke routes like a punt returner.

              2. Grant

                Got it. Now I get what you’re saying.

                Have you seen that kid from Texas Tech. He’s only 5’6″, but I’ve never seen movement like him.

                His name is Grant. Jakeem Grant.

                By the way, if you don’t already, follow Jayson Braddock on Twitter.

              3. Braddock’s player evaluations are the Gold Standard.

                Do you think Chip might covet Grant in a Sproles role, or is Ellington going to be that guy? Seems Ervin will demand too high a pick to be that guy.

              4. Sil:

                I hadn’t heard of Grant so I looked at some of his tape. Impressive. Like you I immediately wondered if he could be used similarly to Sproles.

                I also looked at his NFL draft profile. They compare him to Trindon Holliday. Although they mention his eye-popping play speed, there was this “con” that seems to me to be very important:

                “Small catch radius requires more accurate quarterback”

                He’s viewed as a third day pick. I think he would be a great pick in the 6th round if he’s still there. With the right QB he could be a real playmaker, but I’m not sure that QB is currently on the 49ers team.

              1. I like Boyd better than both of them. Boyd was a monster at Pitt. Huge production. Received at least 124 targets every season. Kelly values college production.

              2. I concede that Boyd would be a great pick, but Braxton Miller had to play opposite Michael Thomas, so he had to split the targeting.
                Miller might also be available later on. I want the Niners to use their second to improve the O line.

              3. I believe I introduced M Thomas Ol Miss to the blog here so just a word-we are talking a sleeper not invited to the combine and a possible 6th round pickup (Boyd will probably take a second rnd. to acquire) recent PFF ratings has him tied with Treadwell ,so as value comparison not bad. Another prospect to watch is Malcom Mitchell WR Georgia in the 4/5 rnd range.

              4. As to sleepers, I would like the Niners to take a close look at the Cal WRs. Goff did so well because he had WRs who could stretch the field and run routes over the middle.

  5. I agree with the approach Grant. This draft is all about Kelly chosing personel to rebuild the 49ers offense. Let’s be honest, there are not too many guys on the current roster on offense who are game breakers. Even C.Hyde who is more injury prone thananything might not be someone to build the offense around.
    For me this draft should target primarily offense with the first 4 rounds addressing QB, WR,OL and RB.

    1. I tend to agree with you Prime. I think the 49ers may go defense in round 1, however I think we see Chip’s influence early, and often during the course of the draft. IMO the team has to find another BIG, pass catching TE. They need to draft a RB. They need to draft at least a couple OL. And they likely need to draft a QB and one more WR. I’d like them to use their first round pick on either Mack, Buckner, Bosa, or perhaps they trade back and grab Floyd or Lawson. I think they have to address the pass rush first, or ILB, unless there’s a player who they really, really like, and fits that need, who is flying under the radar a bit, and they expect to be available in round 2.

    2. Baalke? Drafting offense? We’ll know a whole lot once the seventh pick is made. He would always pass on a Montana or a Rice to pick a P. Will or a Smith. Regardless of team need…………..

      1. What can I say Prime? I miss the good ol days of Jordo and Bay. They were a lot more fun to go back and forth with than….

    1. They’re trading back to the end of the round then drafting a return specialist who only handles kick offs.

  6. Nope. They’re going to draft developmental players with high ceilings and superior moral character that will be able to start in 2-3 years.

  7. I agree Jack. They go d in round #1. I even think they trade down in the first round and pick up another second also. I think goff/cw will be available and they trade down and then take an ilb/olb

    1. niners picks in this order:

      1-back-up WR
      3-kick return specialist
      4-long snapper
      5-back-up safety
      6-back-up NT
      7-back-up RB
      8-back-up to the back-up special teams player
      9-back-up kicker
      10-back-up kick return specialist
      11-long snapper for competition
      12-starting WR

      1. Almost so dumb it’s funny shish!

        Almost. As it ends up, it’s not a funny post at all, just dumb. Incredibly, annoyingly, mind-numbingly dumb!

        1. Dumb is when you can’t tell a joke when you see it. I think Shish was maybe saying that it is so dumb that it is likely with the 49er FO….and that thar is funny (but certainly not impossible)

  8. Grant,
    Respectfully disagree with your all-offensive team. As HC and virtually GM in Philly, Kelly had complete reign on drafting players. I don’t see Baalke giving up that much ground to Chip.

    There are many quality defensive players that could provide immediate help coming out in this draft and I don’t see Trent passing on an opportunity to grab a couple of them with high picks.

    There are some viable OL, and WR’s that could be regarded as 2rd-3rd tier players that could help on offense without having to drafting high.
    Eric Rodgers, Smelter, and D.Anderson could prove to be the type of receivers you described who are already on the roster.

    Edge rushers and LB’s are very deep 1-2 rd. I like Dial, but he doesn’t really collapse the LOS and his improvement has been marginal. Armstead is up and coming but we don’t know if he is the pass-rusher we need yet. Last year A.Lynch was average after showing good promise as a rookie. Hodges and Harold looked ok, but they are the same type of players that need more experience and can’t be regarded as impact players.

    Players Leonard Floyd, Shaq Lawson, Noah Spence, Robert Nkemdiche, and Emmanuel Ogbah are players that are well in our draft range that could become day one starters.
    Shilique Calhoun, Charles Tapper, Kamalei Correa and Dadi Nicolas would make strong 2nd-3rd rd picks who could also help in certain situations and eventually take a starters role.

    Gabbert was beginning to get his rhythm towards the end of the season when the OL finally showed signs of life. Conklin is very good, but Vadal Alexander, Spencer Drango, and Willie Beavers are possible 3rd rd picks that could be groomed to take over by year two.

    I believe that Chip will have a good deal of influence on this draft but it’s still Baalke’ baby, and if his job likely depends on this draft he will want to call the shots.

      1. Ya about as much influence that he has had in free agency. Close to none.. Balke controls this draft. The only say Chip will have is the QB position. That’s it.

        1. They brought Chip in, not just to coach, but to help rebuild this offense, which happens to be a weakness of Trent’s.

          Chip will have influence on this draft. You can count on it. The best case scenario for the team, and the fans, is that Chip and Trent work in tandem. Chip’s not only knows what types of players on offense that best fit his system. He’ll have a lot of input on their offensive selections. Baalke knows how to recognize defensive talent. If these 2 can find a synergy, with Tom Gambles u.jQuery input, this draft could be a game changer.

          1. I agree with most of what you said especially the last paragraph. The thing with this draft is that it’s very top heavy in Defense. Specially the D line. Trent will not invest early on a RB they got Hyde. Wr he won’t take in Rnd 1 cause the importance of a blue chip defender like Jack or Buckner is more critical. I also believe that with Chip, guys like Ellington, Smith, Smelter(potentially) can thrive. I believe the decision that Balke will rely on from Chip is the QB. This team in 2 years away from competing regularly. This draft needs to be majority Defense. Next year it should be a better Offensive draft. The focus and the shift will be to the offense. Especially after Chip deals with the O players that are in place. Right now we don’t know if Chip covets the existing pieces.

            1. RAW, I think we are mostly in agreement. I do agree that this team is in need of talent on the defensive side of the ball. They simply must fix their pass rush.

              I do see your point of view, and perhaps it makes more sense to do what you are advocating. You are absolutely spot on in terms of this draft class’s strengths. Very top heavy on defensive talent.

              The more I think about it, the more sense you make.

          2. One more thing RAW, we have seen Chip’s influence during free agency.

            Chip wants an opportunity to get these guys on the field, get his hands on the players, and get this roster sorted out before they spend big on free agents.

            The 49ers game plan was to have a conservative approach this offseason, in terms of FA’s. Baalke’s never been a big spender, big splash, free agency guy. He believes you build a champion through the draft and development process. They have missed on a couple guys they have targeted, because they have made a decision that they are not going to get into any bidding wars and pay guys more than their perceived value, especially this year, before Chip has made his assessments.

            I do expect the team to be more aggressive next offseason, because I think they believe they will be in a much better position to compete going into 2017. They understand they are hitting the reset button this offseason. This is, in fact, a rebuilding year!

            1. Maybe Jed will rent his own plane to tow that message around The Bay Area until next December.

              “This is , in fact, a rebuilding year!”

              It couldn’t hurt.

          3. Baalke PICKS a lot of defense. How much talent they have never seems to come to completion. i.e. no play-makers…………..

      2. 49reasons,
        But in Philly, Chip basically shipped out players that were more responsible for his success (DeSean/McCoy/Foles) than the ones he drafted or brought in via FA.

        As Grant pointed out about a month ago, Vic Fangio found the blueprint in stopping Chip’ high-powered offense when the 49ers beat them a couple of years back. In other words, Kelly’ formula is not a sure recipe for success and the players he’s drafted to ensure long term success did not meet those goals. So my sense is that Baalke is not giving Kelly the keys to the draft-mobile – but he will let him ride in the back seat and throw him a bone or two.

        Baalke is a Bill Parcell’ disciple and his mentor won with a few very good pieces on offense, but those Giants team really won because of stout defenses and when we were relevant a few years ago it was because of our defense.
        Thinking along those lines, I’m hoping that Baalke takes advantage of a very strong crop of defensive players with our first 3 picks in April.

            1. Sorry, you are astute as well, but the conjecture was over the idea that Fangio solved the Chip Kelly offense and other teams used his gameplan as a blueprint to stymie his scheme. It seemed like Chip did not have as much success after that game. B2W posted that, and Grant swooped it up and used it.

              1. Responding to your last thoughts, I hope Baalke takes a defender like Buckner with the first, an O lineman like Spriggs, Ryan Kelly, Germain Ifedi or Shon Coleman with the second pick, and a LB with the third.

              2. Seb,
                No problem.
                And I would be fine with your draft scenario. I just happen to lean more towards drafting defense because it is a very good group this year. We could essentially draft three defensive players with our first three picks that could bring immediate help and anchor our defense for the next 5-7 yrs while we build the offense.
                Just one man’s opinion.

              3. I agree, this draft is laden with defensive studs, so I would not object too much if the went in that direction. My only problem is if AD does not come back. If he comes back, he would immediately improve the O line. If Beadles is a diamond in the rough, the O line will be set with Staley, Beadles, Kilgore, Tiller and Davis. Brown could be the swing Tackle, Thomas could back up Beadles, Pears could back up Tiller, and Martin could back up Kilgore. I would not be too worried with that lineup and depth, and with competition, maybe one of the backups could step up. I wonder if Thomas can finally live up to his potential.
                If AD does not come back, the Niners may be forced to pick an O line man early. Maybe even reach for Stanley.

          1. AES-Sebnynah – Thanks for the recognition. A few additions…

            – I emailed Grant a few times over the years with ideas about the 49ers. In a few columns he has used some of my observations as a small part of a column, letting me know in advance. I’m very flattered by that. Its all good.

            This is not the case with the 2014 Fangio game, but if my comments had anything to do with Grant making a similar (though not the same) observation, that’s great.

            If not, that’s understandable too. The 2014 game sticks out like a sore thumb. I was wondering why 49er reporters weren’t talking about how Fangio dominated Kelly’s offense as soon as York hired him.

            – I noted the 2014 Fang vs Kelly game because it appeared to be an obvious pivot point. But correlation is not cause. My “When Fang Ate the Chip” comments were more or less an open question wondering if Fang had a “book” on Kelly other teams are now emulating. I’m sure its more complicated then that, as injuries, roster turnover and staff moral clearly must have been contributing factors.

            That question is still out there… is Kelly’s offense “solved” by the NFL? The breakdowns by the Better Rivals guys give me hope Chip has more offensive creativity (and flexibility) up his sleeve. I’m not writing Kelly off. I’m actually excited to see how it all works. Reading up on “package plays” and “inside zone” when I get a chance.

            – Except at QB I’m leaning heavily defense this year. Need is a factor, but available talent is the main reason. Its simply a much deeper draft on defense, and the 49ers are desperate for impact players no matter what the position.

            That said, there are some interesting offensive prospects to be had day three, especially running back.

            Darius Jackson had a loony good pro day.
            6’1″, 220.
            Ran an absurd 4.35 and 4.38 40.
            41″ vertical, 11’-1″ broad jump, 20 reps bench.
            4.27 20-yard shuttle. 6.82 three-cone.

            Went to EMU to play both baseball and football. Is now focused on just football. 2015 had 1,078 yards and 14 touchdowns rushing. Caught 21 passes for 201 yards, 2 TDs.


            Zone runner. Puts his head down and hits it. Doesn’t quite look 4.3 40, but does have very good functional football speed.

            1. B2W,
              No problem bud. I have considered you to be a trustworthy poster for many years here at the PD.

              I like your Darius Jackson info. There are some small school talented players out there that slip under the radar that could end up becoming stars. I hope our scouts have the resources and can tap into to these guys.

              1. Thanks! After Jackson’s pro day, Lions staff went back to his school to go over film with him.

                I think small school scouting’s been a focus for Baalke. Special Teams stud LJ McCray came out of Catawba. I think he could develop into a hammer of a safety.

                Tartt came out of Samford. There’s lots of buzz about CB James Bradberry from the same school.

              2. Bradberry is very interesting Brodie ,another CB to keep an eye on in later round is KeiVarae Russell Notre Dame.

            2. B2W, I just wanted to set the record straight, and Grant never attributed your comments.
              The whole idea that Chip was solved and now he cannot succeed needs elaboration. I think it happens to every coach, even Walsh. He was fortunate to have George Seiffert to counter his innovations. It was like 2 mad scientists concocting and countering, vying against each other, and the result was 5 rings.
              Last year, some players were complaining that they saw the same play over and over. That allowed the defense to anticipate, so the plays were less effective.
              Chip must become less predictable. He better become more versatile. He should be more resilient and adaptable. He should be like a chess master and think 3 moves ahead. He should be like Patton and be relentless, and attack their weak points. He should learn from Alexander and lure them into traps. He should study how Sun Tzu devised strategies to shape the opposition. He should study the SB against the Broncos, and watch how Montana would read the defense’s reactions, so he could create mismatches that Walsh exploited it his game plan.
              Thankfully, I think Chip is smart enough to do those things, so if the Niners can manage to hit 2 grand slams in the draft, they have a chance. If they had managed to sign a couple good FAs, they may have had to hit only one grand slam in the draft, but since they struck out, the draft is the last out in the 9th.
              B2W, I think you and OldCoach are the sharpest football minds on this blog. I look forward to reading your posts, they are insightful and succinct. Keep them coming!
              GO NINERS!!!!!!

              1. *Walsh would put a man in motion, and Montana would read the defense’s reaction.
                * Walsh exploited it in his game plan.

              2. Thanks! I have no football background. I’ve been an intense fan of the 49ers for decades. I’ve only missed watching a few games when I was living in Phnom Penh a few years back.

                Its all good with me a Grant. My nephew went to the same high school he did.

            3. Jackson’s Pro Day numbers are impressive. His career numbers certainly don’t jump out, but he has played on nothing but bad football teams. I see a guy on tape who runs hard, can explode through a hole, but he sure doesn’t look all that elusive. Definitely a good fit for Kelly’s scheme, and could be worth a late round flier. Seems to me they could use a guy like him who seems to excel in short yardage, because I’d like to see the take some of that load off of a slimmed down Carlos Hyde.

              B2W, how do you feel about Tyler Ervin? I know he’s probably limited to being a change of pace, 3rd down type of RB, though he was a 3 down RB for SJS. He looks like a guy who could be a Darren Sproles type player, and would also fit extremely well in the Niners offense. He’ a little taller, and a little lighter than Darren, but he looks even faster than Sproles on tape, and has officially run faster than Sproles in the 40. I absolutely love his high-knee running style and talk about hitting a hole …… oh my! I see a guy who, in terms of style and physical attributes, could be an elite-change of pace back in a zone-blocking system! The more of him I’ve seen, the more I like.

              1. 49reasons – What little I have seen from Tyler Ervin tells me he’s a blur. His play speed matches his combine speed. Fun to watch. But what would Ellington’s role be? Just a slot receiver/PR?

        1. Hopefully those two can find a synergy, and take advantage of each others strengths. I’m not at all convinced that Fangio cracked the Chip Kelly code. As a matter of fact, the stats don’t really bare that out. I think the only thing that slowed Chip’s offense down were the lack of a good fitting QB, injuries, and a few really boneheaded personell decisions on Chip’s part.

          I think Chip’s influence will be almost primarily on the offensive side of the football. I think Chip knows what he wants in terms of the types of offensive players that work best in his system. And I think Chip was brought in to help rebuild the offense, as well as coach it.

          Ultimately, those two guys better find a way to utilize each other’s expertise. If they do, these next couple drafts may turn out to be changers!

    1. As long as we draft 2 starting O.linemen it’s a win on offense. Last years Devery and Pears experiment was the worst I’ve ever seen from a Niner offense in decades. So I’m not including Davis because He is a starter if and when he returns.

  9. They need a starting OLB and ILB along with those 2 players they need DL depth. I believe that they have the depth they need in the defensive back field, I believe if they draft an OLB and ILB they will have the depth they need at LB [especially if Marcus Rush ends up being the player I believe he can be] They will need to draft at least 1 DL they can add to the rotation [that’s with the belief that Williams and Dorsey will be healthy] Defensive depth is key to the eventual success of any Chip Kelly team. I believe the 49ers should use 3 of their top 5 picks on defense and after that let Kelly\Baalke go to town drafting offensive players.

  10. Wow, take a breathe guys. Grant said the 49ers will look to rebuild the offense and these are five guys that fit Kelly’s offense. He did not say they will take all five players, nor that they will use their first five picks on offense. Chill.

    Grant, I agree all five players look like guys the 49ers could have interest in.

    1. Scooter,
      I didn’t say that Grant said that Chip was picking any of these players. The gist of Grant’ article deals with going with offensive vs defense in this draft. I merely said that I feel that this draft has a very good bumper crop of defensive players, some of who can provide immediate help.
      I know you made a blanket statement, but for my part my respiration is holding up fine.

    2. +1 Scooter.

      By the way, I still don’t know who you are hoping the 49ers might target at QB, if they let Kap leave?

      1. In all honesty I’m not that enamoured with any of the QBs in the draft, so can’t say I’m really hoping they target anyone in particular. My top 5 QBs, in order, are Wentz, Goff, Cook, Prescott and Hogan. Of that group I think Hogan will represent the best value in terms of where I think he will be drafted.

    3. Thanks for that scooter… I understand the desire to shore up the defense but as Grant stated the offense needs some help as well and these are some of the players that the niners might target. I enjoyed the article as it gave me some potential prospects to look into that match up with Chip’s offensive philosophy.

  11. Based on the type of players the 49ers are known to have met with, and if you assume this actually means something, it appears the team are showing a lot of interest in:
    – early and mid round QBs, ILBs, edge players, WRs and CBs.
    – Later round CBs.

    And mild interest in:
    – interior OL, interior DL and TEs.

  12. Lets see.
    Conklin is rated 18, so he is a first rounder.
    Boyd is 43, so he is a second rounder.
    Vannett is 93, so he is a late third.
    Garrett is 105 so he is an early 4th.
    Wilson is 194 so he is a 6th rounder.
    If they follow Grants advice, they will pick defenders in the 4th and 5th rounds.

  13. Here is my next instalment as we get nearer the draft. This time one of the more underrated players in the draft imo, Kevin Hogan.

    Player Summary:
    – 6’3″, 218 lbs
    – 3.5 year starter

    – FR: 71.7% completion rate, 1096 yds, 7.2 YPA, 9 TDs, 3 INTs; 55 runs, 263 yds, 3 TDs
    – SO: 61.0% completion rate, 2630 yds, 8.9 YPA, 20 TDs, 10 INTs; 84 runs, 355 yds, 2 TDs
    – JR: 65.9% completion rate, 2792 yds, 7.9 YPA, 19 TDs, 8 INTs; 91 runs, 295 yds, 5 TDs
    – SR: 67.8% completion rate, 2867 yds, 9.4 YPA, 27 TDs, 8 INTs; 85 runs, 336 yds, 6 TDs

    – Reportedly very smart and a tough, charismatic leader with an exceptional work ethic.
    – Played in and ran a sophisticated pro style offense that required him to make pre and post snap reads and decisions, and go through his progressions.
    – Good winning record (36 wins, 10 losses), including a 16-6 record against top 25 ranked teams.
    – Generally good accuracy on short and intermediate throws, and decent accuracy deep.
    – Good enough arm strength, able to make all the throws, showing plenty of zip when needed and can muscle balls in even when mechanics let him down.
    – Decent pocket awareness. Will manoeuvre in pocket to buy time, and can avoid rushers with athletic moves. However, he can also struggle to remain composed under pressure.
    – Good athlete that needs to be accounted for as a running threat.
    – Decent passer on the move, that will keep eyes downfield. Passes can be a bit wild when he can’t reset his feet though.
    – Generally smart and careful with the football.
    – Handled the pressure of taking up the Andrew Luck mantle well.

    – Widely criticised for his poor mechanics, including a very wide base and elongated delivery. Can impact on his accuracy, in particular when hurried. This is his greatest weakness, and something he really should look to address as I think it is the root cause of a lot of his other weaknesses.
    – Can have heavy feet, and struggle to reset himself while going through progressions. Can be too happy at times to throw off balance.
    – Can sometimes show poor accuracy on short passes, making his receiver adjust to the ball unnecessarily resulting in drops or lost YAC potential. Appears to be related to his mechanics.
    – Can sometimes miss targets high, especially when throwing a dart down the middle, exposing his receivers to hits.
    – Can hold the ball too long. Doesn’t always do a good job getting through his progressions quickly and will need to speed up his internal clock in the NFL.
    – Despite generally being a good decision maker, he can be pressured into some bad throws when hurried. Like Cook, he played behind a pretty good college OL, and may need sound protection in the pros to be consistently effective.
    – Related to the above, he can also be a bit gun shy passing the ball when under pressure, especially up the middle, not wanting to step into the throw and sometimes not making the throw even when he has the player open. Could be with his longer delivery and wider base he doesn’t feel confident of being able to step up and get the pass off in time when defenders are nearby.

    Hogan is one of my favourite QBs in this draft in consideration of where he is being projected to be drafted (mid to late). He comes across as a tough minded, hard working, smart leader, with above average athletic gifts. His pocket skills are decent but need work, as he will need to improve his footwork and speed up his decision process. But the main question is whether he can quicken up his delivery and consistently set his feet when passing, in particular when under pressure. If he can, he can be a quality starting QB. If he can’t, he still looks a valuable backup and good locker room presence.

    1. I couldn’t agree more with Hogan’s intangibles. Plays hard, practices hard, and from what I hear, he’s the ultimate team player. I hadn’t really planned on posting an evaluation of him, based on where I have him ranked. My gut tells me he’s got the ceiling of a quality backup QB based on the flaws in his game, the way I see it. His elongated motion, poor footwork, inconsitant base, and lack of arm strength strike me as a lot to overcome at the NFL level, However, strangers things have heppend. If you’re on board with him as a day 3 selection Scooter, I’ll keep an open mind moving forward. Even if he ends up being a quality backup, and , like you say, a good locker room presence, those guys aren’t that easy to find either these days.

      I’d like to know how do you feel about Blaine Gabbert?

      1. Gabbert has a lot of good tools to work with, but he still is too impacted by the pass rush and too quick to take the checkdown option. Too comfortable playing not to lose. If he can’t learn to handle pressure better, and play more aggressively, he’ll never be more than a decent backup.

        1. Give Gabbert another RB like Derrick Henry in addition to Hyde and they have the best running game in the division.
          Solidify the oline and you have a functional passing game. RT and LG.
          The addition of Rogers with T.Smith and a guy like Corey Coleman or Treadwell and this offense is set.
          This offense is not far off with these type of additions and Kelly’s play calling.

          1. Prime many of us have proposed this very idea. But we heard Baalke say that they’re content with the RB’s they have. The other variables is OL and WR. I think this offense is farther away than you think. It will be better, cause it couldn’t be any worse.

            1. What makes a great offense? It starts with the oline. I believe the 49ers oline is 2 players away unless Beadles is able to step in and be productive.
              A compliment to Hyde is essential and maybe Draughn and Harris can be those guys but if you can get a guy like Henry who is a bruiser and can sustain drives, that’s a bonus.
              After that a play maker on the outside and a guy in the slot who can make a simple catch into big gains. Maybe that’s Ellington or Patton.
              My point is this offense with creative play calling is really 3-4 players away.

              1. Prime I think we’re farther than that. TE, RG, RT, 2xWR, QB and if Beatles stinks we’re a LG short too. Did you read the Ninersnation article on 4 players who might not fit Kelly’s scheme? Two of them were Tiller and Brown.

                Patton and Ellington have shown very little. Smelter is all hype at this point. Smith is basically a deep threat. We no longer are elite at TE(haven’t been since 2013). After Hyde the drop off is huge. Gabbert is a place holder at best. Kelly will improve lots of things but I think the quality of our personnel will limit our success. We’re not talented enough.

                We heard a lot of this last year on how JT was going to go 10-6. I think we’ll be 6-10 or 8-8 next year. Grant’s right about one thing, we need to draft well on offense. Lets see if Rogers can make the transition to NFL well.

              2. Wilson, its elementary. Just have 5 first round draft picks and choose Tunsil, Stanley, Treadwell, Henry and Coleman.
                You want a Beatle? Maybe you are confusing Ringo with a ringer….;p

              3. Seb and then there’s reality where no one gets to pick 5 times in the first round. I was going to ask how you propose this happens, but I think we know already.

              4. I hope you saw my tongue firmly planted in my cheek, but I do have a multi player deal…..;p

          2. I would love to have Henry. I can see a lot of ways Kelly could utilize him. I’d like them to do whatever they need to do to get Jack in round 1. After that, I have no problem drafting OL, and perhaps RB on day 2. I would like to see how Tank handles his new role, and I expect Harold to have a bigger impact year 2.

            I like the idea of giving Gabbert (or Kap) a top level running game to take some pressure off. And they need to draft at least 1, probably 2 quality OL’s because, even if AD is reinstated, I don’t see him as a good fit for Kelly’s offense and expect him to be traded.

        2. Scooter,
          Good call regarding Gabbert.
          The guy was actually one of my draft crushes coming out of Missouri. The abuse he took at Jacksonville may have left some lingering effects on his psyche.

          Gabbert is the proverbial “bridge QB” until we find our ‘terra firma’ QB. Not to overly impressed with the first tier QB’s in this draft, but perhaps we find a gem in the later rds ala Joe Montana and Tom Brady.

          1. I’m putting in my early vote for Baker Mayfield in next years draft. He could be mid-late 1st rd pick.
            Very good pocket presence, quick on his feet, sees the field and makes fast and good decisions on the fly. Not the strongest of arms, but is very accurate and anticipates very well.
            The word “anticipates” is one that was bandied around quite a bit last year with many of Kap’ performances.

            If you get a chance, check out Mayfield. Not the prototype QB size coming in at 6’2″ and 220 lbs, but the kid looks like a real winner.

            1. AES, I am going to assume that Chip resurrects Kaeps’ career and they do not need to draft another QB.
              Mayfield sounds solid. Wonder how he will do next season. Even more than Watson, the Niners should move heaven and earth to somehow snag McCaffrey. He is a difference maker.

              1. Seb,
                I would like to see Chip jump-start Kap’ career, but frankly, I’m tired of the whole CK situation and at this point have become immune to whatever happens with him.

                Watson will be the 2016, #1 ranked QB and will likely be the 1st pick next year. Hopefully we’re not so bad in 2016 that we need to draft in the top 5 next April.
                Mayfield would be a nice prize for us in the mid – late 1st rd.

                McCaffrey will possibly be a top 5-7 pick next year as well which should (hopefully) put him out of our range.
                I looking at 6-8 wins this year that will put us somewhere between 8-12 pick in the 1st rd of next years draft.

                Next year we go heavy on the offensive side of the draft, this year we rebuild the D.

              2. AES, how about this for a wild shot in the dark. The Niners should offer their second to a team for their first next year, and hope they crater and have the worst record so the Niners would get the first pick.
                May never happen, but it would be a strategy that could work without the Niners wallowing in the cellar.
                Throughout this whole offseason, I still am hoping for a even record. Without Kaep, I do not see more than 5 wins.
                Exactly. You hit the nail with the hammer right on the head. Niner D must be the focus because Denver won with a mediocre offense, but studly defense.
                I want them to get back to playing Niner Defense. Not too long ago, the Niner Defense allowed only 1 rushing TD the whole season.

        3. The problem all season was our O line, every QB will play like that when they don’t have protection and constant hits.
          Fix that sorry O line and watch the skilled positions flourish.

  14. Kevin Hogan may be targeted with Cleveland or Dallas’ second pick, if they go defense in the first. He is the most pro ready QB in the draft.
    Another stat to consider is his 315 attempts for 1249 rushing for a 4.0 yard average, and he scored 12 times these last 2 years.
    The best thing I like about Hogan is his deception. He performed a beautiful Fumblefoolski in the Bowl Game and scored an easy TD.

    1. Read my post fully and you will see I included his rushing stats.

      Some team may target him in the 2nd round, but I think it unlikely. He’s got too many areas to clean up to be a 2nd round pick. I think 3rd is as high as he goes.

      1. I saw those, but just totaled them up to give an overall picture. I also gave the average. 4 yards per rushing attempt is impressive. Cook rushed for a 1.2 yard average. Goff ran for a -.7 yard average. Wentz ran for 4.8 yards per carry, but he was running against lesser division opponents.
        Many have thought he was a fifth round pick just a month ago, but like Cardale Jones, he has been zooming up the draft boards.
        I am glad you like Hogan. I do too.

        1. Seb / Scooter,

          In college football, sacks and yards lost count as rushing attempts and rushing yards lost against a QB’s stats.

          This is the same for all the QB’s, but depending on the number of real rushing attempts a QB has, this fact can skew how a given QB is seen as a runner.

          For instance, in 2015, Goff has an average of 6.0 yards per carry on actual rushing attempts (taking out sacks and yards lost). There’s quite a gap between 6.0 and -.7 yards per carry.

            1. Yes, but keep in mind there is more of a negative effect on a QB with fewer rushing attempts vs number of times sacked.

              1. I must admit that Goff was pretty elusive in the pocket, and his sacks were against strong defenses that shut down the receivers that gave time for the pass rush to get to him.
                Hogan also had McCaffrey as a safety valve, so he took less sacks.

      2. I see Hogan as a day three pick too. What I like about Hogan is he’s a threat to run inside. He’s not just a peripheral scrambler. He’s thick bodied and can take the pounding of an occasional inside keeper.

  15. Exceedingly odd statement:

    “Kelly wants someone who is 6 feet tall, weighs 200 pounds, runs a 4.45-second 40-yard dash, has 32-inch arms and experience returning punts or kickoffs.

    Do the Niners have a receiver like that on their roster? No – they have to draft one.”

    That’s just wrong. Whether or not these guys are the answer at flanker, there are a number of players that fit that description on this roster, including arguably the top two guys.

    Torrey Smith is 6’1″, 204 pounds, ran a 4.43 40 at the combine, and has 32 5/8″ arms.

    Quinton Patton is 6′, 204 lbs, 32 7/8″ arms, 4.48 40 at his pro day. He is more physically similar to Agholor than Boyd is.

    DeAndrew White isn’t quite the mirror image of Agholor that the other two are, but he is in the ballpark at 5’11 1/2″, 193 lbs, slightly shorter arms at 31″, and a 4.44 40 at the combine.

    All of these guys basically fit the mold you’ve described, though only Smith had significant return experience as a returner in college. Though Boyd wasn’t exactly a prolific returner in college.

    In general, it’s a bit silly to suggest that the Niners are going to add an entirely new WR corps, and to suggest that Kelly is wedded to the specific measurables of the guys he had last year. Though even assuming he is, we’ve got guys who fit at flanker (noted above) and in the slot (Rogers and Smelter). And Smelter – though shorter than Riley Cooper by just over an inch – would fit the bill at split end. I’m guessing we’ll draft one or two WRs, probably after the third round, and see what our young guys can do.

    Re: the article in general, if we don’t go QB in round one, I’ll just about guarantee that we take a defensive player. Not only are we talking about Baalke, but the value is clearly on that side of the ball at seven.

    1. Hmm, maybe Chip should look at his roster and find a 6’2″ player who is 220 lbs and can run a 4.53 forty. He is pretty raw, but fielded punts for years without ever calling for a fair catch.

    2. Crimson Crew,

      As someone (Scooter?) already pointed out, Grant wasn’t saying the 9ers should draft all of those players, just that the guys named might be targeted.

      As for Grant ignoring players already on the roster, well, who needs facts getting in the way of an idea for an article?

    3. Thanks for catching that. It would have been more accurate to limit the criteria to returning punts as opposed to returning punts OR kickoffs. Maclin and Agholor both returned punts in college. Torrey Smith did not, and Patton returned just 8 for 27 yards.

      1. Sure, but Boyd never returned more than 16 in a season, and only 24 over his last two years.

        I realize the proposal was not necessarily to draft this way. Just pointing out that I think Kelly will make do mostly with the receiving corps that we have.

        1. Boyd did return one punt for a TD, and he’s terrific after the catch on smoke routes.

          You think Patton will start at Z next season? Or Torrey Smith?

          1. I think we’re going to be starting some guys we would prefer not to be. We’re not going to add three starters at WR this offseason. Smith starts either at flanker or split end. He’s a better fit at split end in most offenses, but Kelly might see him at the former spot (I’m admittedly no expert in Kelly’s system). This season, I could live with Patton at the Z. I’d rather start Patton there and add an impact player in the second than take Boyd at 37. Boyd isn’t going to solve our need for a #1 WR.

    4. CrimsonCrew

      I am so glad you picked that one up…With the receiving corp that we have already, Dres Anderson, Torrey Smith, DeAndrew White, Jerome Simpson, Bruce Ellington, Quinton Patton, DeUndre Smelter, as well as the TE’s, (all five), we probably can get by with 2 OL, 1 RB, and a QB on Offense depending what we learn during OTA’s. Our WR’s are exceptional compared to what we’ve seen for the past 5 years. Spend the rest of our draft treasure on 1 OLB, 1 ILB, and 2 DL…..We’re not far away….

        1. Yep. Or at least a strong #2 WR. Having two capable #2 WR can negate the need for a #1 WR at times.

        2. And an impact pass rusher. And a shut-down corner. And a starting RT and RG. And a QB. And a well-rounded TE. And an ILB. And probably a NT. And more talent at RB. At this point, safety is the only position where we’re even close to being set.

  16. I see a scenario where we pick up Wentz or Goff ‘if’ Kaep is traded and than we trade up to get back in the 1st to get Conklin or one of the fast WR’s

    1. Hmm, that is why I think Cardale Jones might be chosen before Lynch and Cook.
      Like what they said about how having a decent O line really helps the QB and how a bad O line will destroy him like Hackenberg last year.

    2. Brodie,

      Thanks for posting this. I hadn’t seen it and although the host was awful, Matt is always interesting to listen to. I watch the youtube breakdowns, but he was offering more on how he sees the QB’s as NFL players in this podcast.

      I’m not sure I agree on Cardale Jones as the second ranked QB, but there is definitely a group of them that are pretty close together. I’m glad he’s so strong in his opinion on Goff. Most of the draftniks have come around and are now seeing Goff as one of the top ten players in the draft, but he’s really a prospect on par with the two QB’s taken at the top of the first last year and he may even be better. I honestly don’t know how you watch his film and come away thinking he’s not a franchise caliber QB. He’s the best natural passer I’ve seen coming out in a long time. I see the reasons why so many like Wentz, but Goff’s tape is so much better it’s really hard to justify Wentz being viewed as even, never mind better.

      1. “I honestly don’t know how you watch his film and come away thinking he’s not a franchise caliber QB.”

        You focus on his games against Utah, USC and Oregon. Even the UCLA and Stanford games weren’t that impressive, despite his stats looking decent. A lot of good traits, and he didn’t play poorly in any of those games per se, but he also didn’t look elite. He struggled against the better Ds he faced. Pass rush got to him a bit in those games, and he got fooled by some coverages.

        His combined stats in those games are 59.7% completion rate, 1622 yards, 7.2 YPA, 11 TDs and 8 INTs. Pretty average.

        1. Scooter,

          You aren’t looking at the whole picture. Do you realize how bad Cal’s defense was? They gave up a ton of points and the offense was constantly playing from behind against most of these teams. That makes it really tough on a QB, especially considering the talent edge was usually overwhelmingly in favor of the opponent. The Cal oline also wasn’t good. Goff has gotten pretty comfortable with pressure because he’s played through it for 3 years. These are things in his favor; not something to dock him for.

          Did WInston look elilte his last season at FSU? He had some pretty underwhelming numbers even though they had a massive talent advantage over most teams they played. He threw a lot of picks and struggled at times but you look at the big picture and see that he has the skill set to succeed at the next level. That’s what I see with Goff, because no matter what the situation, this kid made great throws consistently and wasn’t intimidated. Even in the 5 interception game against Utah, he didn’t get gun shy. That game really slanted his TD to Int ration as well which was very good outside of that one game considering he averaged more than 40 passes a game.

          Here’s how I look at it: Goff was his teams offense. He didn’t have the talent advantage that guys like Winston and Mariota did, and yet he put up great numbers every year and his team improved every year. He is a leader, he’s confident and he’s not afraid to stand in the pocket behind a bad Oline and deliver the football. You are concerned about his ability to run a more complex offense and yet there are numerous articles talking about how high his football IQ is. He’s not a perfect prospect, most aren’t, but he checks most of the boxes you want checked if you’re an NFL team looking for a QB.

          If you haven’t yet, check out Waldmen’s breakdowns of some of his games. Even if you’ve already watched the footage, he points out the little things that may get missed and you see how good this kid really is and how smart he is.

          1. You asked how one comes away not feeling he is a franchise calibre QB, I told you. The games he looks amazing come against weaker opposition.

            One of the key reasons they played from behind in a lot of those harder games against better teams is the Bears offense settled for FGs (if it got any points at all on a drive) early in those games. It wasn’t until the Bears were well behind that Goff put up points. So yes, by all means, lets look at the whole picture.

            1. I asked a rhetorical question Scooter, as in I don’t know how anyone can watch the film and not see franchise QB potential. As I mentioned with the Winston example, they aren’t all going to be perfect, but you can see the potential regardless. Goff usually had his team in contention including two of the three you singled out, and he had good passing numbers pretty much the whole season. Cal was severely overmatched in these games which is again a reason to laud the kid; not downgrade him.

              1. A true question or not, I was simply highlighting how one can in fact come away from watching his film without seeing an elite player. Your rhetorical question was a back-hander at anyone that doesn’t agree with your view of the world; an attempt (intended or not) to belittle the opinion of those that don’t agree with you.

                If all you ever watched of him, and the only stats that were available for him, were from the games in which he played tougher Ds, he would not be regarded as a top 10 pick. And I for one think how a prospect plays against better competition should be a key consideration of how they may translate to the pros.

                I don’t see Winston as a good example to support your argument, because despite throwing too many INTs he demonstrated he was capable of bouncing back from that to lead his offense to victory against tough opposition, while displaying every quality you could possibly want in your QB. And sure, playing on a good team most certainly helped Winston. But aside from his last game he consistently demonstrated a cool demeanour under pressure and ability to make plays when his team needed them most.

                Goff on the other hand showed in those tougher match-ups a good ability to lead his team into a hole he couldn’t play them out of. In pretty much all of those games the outcome was pretty much decided by the half or not much longer after the half. A lot of his TDs and ‘good’ stats came after the game was all but over. In fact, interestingly enough, despite throwing 5 INTs on the day it was really only the Utah game of those 5 games in which the Bears weren’t down by more than 2 scores early in the 3rd qtr, and was the only game he lead the team to more than 10 points in the opening half.

              2. And to clarify, I don’t believe you were intentionally trying to belittle anyone, nor was I offended by the comment. Just outlining how it comes across.

              3. It’s my opinion Scooter. If I come out and say somebody is a moron because they don’t agree with me, then there will be no doubt about my intentions. I feel as though the film shows franchise potential. It’s my opinion. I’m not going to belittle someone for having a different one. We are going back and forth on a player we see differently. I’m good with that and hopefully you are too.

                I know you said you understand this but it’s probably best that I also verify it with an explanation.

      2. Got my heart set on Goff but am prepared for it to be broken.If that occurs ,Cardale Jones in the third and Vernon Adams in the sixth would make sense on C.Kellys palate(although I would be just fine with Hogan later.)!

        1. hightop,

          Same for me and like you I expect to be disappointed. My heart says Goff and my gut says Baalke is going to pass whether he’s there or not.

          I’m really not a fan of Hogan. I realize we have a lot of Stanford alum/fans on the board so I don’t want to insult them, but Hogan is a backup caliber QB in the NFL imo. I don’t see anything special about him. He is a good player don’t get me wrong, but his skills at the NFL level will really be lacking imo. I’d be fine if they took him late in the draft as an extra QB to have on the roster, but if he’s the guy they draft to be the future, I think we’re in trouble.

          1. Conversely if we pass on Goff and M.Jack is there at 7 (as some are projecting ) some of the pain would lessen. Indulge me with another mock this one 50/50 between O an D. (1) M. Jack ILB :(2) Trade: C Kaepernick plus a 4th this year and 4th next year for( no not who you think) the 20th pick in the first then(1b) Andrew Billings NT Baylor;(2) Bronson Kaufusi DE B.Y; (3) Cardale Jones QB Ohio St.;(4) Daniel Lasko RB CA;(5) Isaac Seumalo C/OG Oregon St.;(5B)Victor Ochi OLB Stony Brook;(5C)Temarrick Hemingway TE S Carolina St;(6) KeiVarae Russell CB N.D.:(6b) Vernon Adams QB Oregon(6c) Mike Thomas WR S. Miss;(6d) Tyler Johnstone OT Oregon.

            1. Jack would be a good choice, I just don’t see him dropping that far. The top 5 picks are likely to feature in no particular order: Tunsil, Ramsey, Jack, one of the QB’s and either Bosa or Buckner. The Niners are likely looking at a choice of Bosa or Buckner, one of the QB’s and Stanley.

            2. hightop, Rocket, Scooter, Seb and the rest… sorry, I got pulled away and couldn’t participate in the thread I started.

              HT, you read my mind. Billings is a stud. He turned 20 a month ago. Hard to imagine he’s roller-scating top level guards at the tender age of 19. If you want a lineman with Justin traits (strong, weights fanatic, great hand usage) Billing’s the one. He’s worth trading back into the first.

              I also think Kaufusi’s one of the more overlooked edge rushers.

              Jack/Billings/Kaufusi I would transform the defense.

  17. I keep reading statements from various writers like this one from Biderman:

    “With over $50 million in cap space, the 49ers could easily afford to keep Kaepernick on his current deal without putting a significant dent in cap room for 2017 and beyond.”

    or this one from Barrows:

    “The 49ers, meanwhile, have insisted until they are blue in the face that they are prepared to hang onto Kaepernick beyond Friday. After all, they have plenty of salary-cap space — $54 million, per the NFL Players Association, which is more than any team in the league — to absorb the guarantee whereas the Broncos ($2 million in cap space) do not.”

    But as far as I can tell, the current cap space of $50 to $55 million already includes Kap’s 2016 salary cap hit. Keeping Kap will have no effect on the cap space since Kap’s salary cap hit is already factored in. Am I missing something here?

    1. I don’t think your missing anything Cubus. He can come back to SF and compete for the job or he can orchestrate a trade with another team that returns a 2nd or 3rd. The Niners have no reason to let him walk for nothing less.

      1. And once Kap’s salary is fully guaranteed, his incentive to take less is reduced especially since the RGIII deal (two years at $15 million) may have set/confirmed the expectation of what a Kap deal is worth to another team. I still have a faint hope that the team can somehow work a trade with the Jets that includes Wilkerson to the 9ers and Kap to the Jets.

        1. Cubus, I think Kaep has privately made his intentions well known to the Niners. Niners are touting him because they want the best draft pick possible, but when they signed Thad, they kinda gave up. Blocking Kaep’s reps from talking to other teams was churlish and petty, so they finally relented and have allowed his reps to negotiate so a deal could get done.
          I fully expect Kaep to play for less, just to help Denver stay under the salary cap. He will take less, and Denver will promise to use those savings to retain veteran talent and leadership. They will keep their promises, unlike the Niners.

        2. Sorry, Cubus, but the Jet players shot themselves in the foot by saying that they did not want Kaep. Kaep will only go to a team that has expressed a sincere desire to want him and appreciate him.

    2. The thing with the Bronco’s and the cap space issue is; how did they intend on paying Osweiller $16M a year? If they only have $2M in space and Kaep’s contract is going to be tough to fit then how in the world did they plan on paying Brock what they supposedly offered. Wonder if the report of offering $16M wasn’t an attempt to save face because otherwise if there was no problem coming up with the money to pay that contract it should be a piece of cake paying Colin.

      1. Interesting comment, Coffee. I wonder if that means we might be able to exchange CK’s salary for a year for a set of high draft picks.

        1. Yep, I’ve been thinking that Baalke would pay “cash” for draft picks if he could. Sometimes I get the feeling that quantity is more important to him than quality, although I recognize that no GM is perfect and having more draft picks increases your odds – but how many draft picks are enough? When you have as many picks as Baalke likes to have, when do you make packaging picks to move up a top priority?

          1. That’s been my issue with Baalke! He accumulates picks it seems with the notion that hopefully 50% of the picks pan out!
            I like the idea of each year having multiple picks but his draft history shows he never aggressively moves up and most of those multiple picks are big gambles.
            This is the year for him. He’s got 12 and he needs to hit on at least 8 of them.

          2. If you watch what Jed and Baalke do instead of what they say, it sure looks like they believe they are bringing in lots of real talent but the coaching staff is just not teaching them up to par. Kind of like the Dean of Admissions admits students with real high SAT scores but they can’t seem to get above a C average. Gotta blame the teachers. So we’re on our third teaching crew in three years. Someone needs to revamp the 49ers accountability system because right now there are too many on board whose best skill is fixing the blame instead of fixing the problem.

          1. Even so that still wouldn’t have covered Brock’s ‘supposed’ contract and it would allow them to only just cover Colin’s. I guess they’ll trade all their draft picks away cause they won’t be able to afford to sign any of them ;)

            1. Good work CFC.

              The word is they’re asking Ware to renegotiate his contract since he’ll be relegated to a 3rd down specialist. The radio is full of Clady potentially being cut. I believe they already cut Owen Daniels and Vernon Davis is probably on his way out too. Their 3rd rd draft pick JEFF HEUERMAN, TE tore his ACL in TC last year and is coming back to the team. They’ll cut some other TE’s as well because they are high on him. They have a really strong secondary with Roby, Harris and Talib. I’d expect them to cut/trade one of those guys and replace with some youth there. Elway will have to make some tough calls. D Thomas has the highest salary on the team. Now that you point that out there’s no way they could have kept Jackson and Trevaithan and Brock. We also heard they were offering Brock $12-13mil a year here. How were they planning on doing that?

              1. “We also heard they were offering Brock $12-13mil a year here”

                That is interesting given that right after the deal was announced the Broncos made a statement saying they had offered $16M a year. That’s what makes me think that number was maybe a bunch of hooey.

  18. I see Baalke/Kelly taking a QB, 1 or 2 OL, WR…no real need to draft a RB, although they could. TE’s not a need. The strength of this draft is on the defensive side of the ball, which is where I see them adding DL, pass rusher, LB and probably CB. They need to strengthen the DL, especially with Ian Williams’ issues. All of that’s why I’d much rather see Baalke do whatever it takes to grab Buckner than any QB. They’d likely slide Dial to cover NT ’til Williams is ready to go. An Armstead – Dial/Williams – Buckner front 3 would be formidable. Then, whatever pass rushers, ILB and secondary they add will have a much better opportunity to succeed.

    1. San Diego was marked to select Buckner, but since they lost Weddle, I think they will go for Jaylen Ramsey with the third pick.
      Ravens were picking Buckner in some mocks, but since they lost Osmele, I think they will go Stanley to protect Joe Flacco.
      Even if Buckner is picked ahead of the Niners, either Bosa or Jack may become available.

  19. Has anyone here been discussing the Mariota trade idea that Kawakami was Tweeting about yesterday?

    49ers send multiple 1sts for Mariota to Tennessee, which then drafts Wentz at #1 and another sure thing stud with the #7 pick.

    1. I think Prime mentioned it yesterday as an aside, but he mentioned someone else besides Kawakami. At first I thought the idea might warrant some discussion, but I just can’t see Baalke giving up multiple first round picks.

    2. Silicon,
      Don’t think that Tenn. would bite, simply because they already know what they have in Mariota. Mariota is an ascending star while no one knows what Wentz will bring to the table just yet.

      I know that Tenn. has made some noise about trading out of the first pick but can’t see Mariota being part of the deal. I see them trading the number 1 spot for two picks in the first rd and target Conklin and Treadwell with those two picks. This allows them to get an elite OL player just a hair below Tunsil and a very good WR in Treadwell who many consider the best in his category.

    3. Sounds like the kind of trade that Seb comes up with. Should tell you how much you should pay attention to Kawakami.

    4. The trade wouldn’t make sense for either team. The Titans like Mariota so there is no point in trading a guy you like for the chance you might wind up with someone you don’t. From the Niners perspective it makes no sense to give up two #1 picks when you can possibly get a comparable QB at #7. I think Baalke would profess his undying love for Harbaugh before he’d trade away two number one picks.

  20. Niner’s Nation just published this article on ranking wide receiver draft targets based on Football Outsider’s playmaker scores. Treadwell ranked third and Boyd ranked seventh.

    Here’s the quote that hit home the most:

    “The four least productive wide receivers drafted in the first round from 1996 to 2013 were all seniors (A.J. Jenkins, Rashaun Woods, R. Jay Soward and Marcus Nash), even though most of the first-round picks in this time period were underclassmen.”

    Two out of four were drafted by the niners.

    1. Thanks, cubus. I hope we don’t need to draft a WR this year. We already have what appears to be a lot of untapped talent. If the new coaches decide otherwise, yuck.

        1. Overall though don’t you think we need to draft at least 2 WR’s?
          Rogers was a stud in the CFL but it was the CFL. It might not translate to the NFL.
          T.Smith is a shoe in but after that we have nothing to say he could start opposite him. Patton, Ellington and Smelter to me are all unknown.

          1. Prime,

            I do think they need to draft more WR’s, but it’s not about what we need; it’s about what I think Baalke will do and he has shown in the past that he doesn’t draft the position well or put a lot of resources toward it. The one time he used a day one pick on the position he failed miserably. Since then it’s been 3rd day picks hoping one hits and so far he’s failing there as well.

      1. I hope we don’t need to draft a WR this year. We already have what appears to be a lot of untapped talent.

        What untapped talent? Patton has done nothing special when he’s had a chance to do so, Simpson is a joke, Ellington has trouble staying healthy whilst also being better suited in a Sproles role, White is a bubble player, and Smelter has only a couple of years of football under his belt and has also had trouble staying healthy. If that’s what you mean by untapped talent, then I guess we’re all set at the WR position George.

  21. While I wish that the Niners had the luxury to draft Offensive players, they have huge needs.
    The Niners must draft an OLB, ILB, DE and since Williams is down, a NT. They also must draft a good O lineman. Once those needs are filled, they can use the later picks for a QB, WR, RB and promising OL. How that scenario unfolds is yet to be determined, but drafting 3 WRs early in the draft seems illogical considering the other glaring needs.
    Ideally, they will be able to keep Kaep, and maybe placate the Broncos from coveting Kaep by trading them Gabbert. Then Kaep would have no where to go and he will have to play for the Niners. Niners could easily get a second rounder for Gabbert because he is a starting QB and fully healthy. He also studied hard and was a good locker room guy. Maybe the Niners could sweeten the deal by offering 5th and 6th round picks and Gabbert for that second round pick. Niners could use that late second round pick to select Cardale Jones, or if he is taken, Kevin Hogan to replace Gabbert. Its a win win. Niners get to keep Kaep so their season does not go down the toilet. Denver gets a decent QB who is very comparable to Kaep, and who is potentially a big upgrade from the mediocre QB play of last year. Kaep may feel wanted and appreciated, and Gabbert can still be a starting QB.

    1. who cares if kaep feels wanted or appreciated he signed a contract and he either plays or retires.If he sits on the bench and pouts he will find it to be very difficult to find a team willing to take a chance on him. the league has made it clear his value is mid 3rd to 4th round

      1. Well, I care, and wish he was appreciated and wanted by 49er fans who look at his skillsets, then wonder why they think he is worth less than a third or 4th. Niners received two seconds for AS. RGIII was worth two firsts and a second.
        Niners are the holdup. They want a second, and I believe Denver has countered with a third. Still think that they stabbed Kaep in the back and insulted him by sending the leaker to negotiate. The Niners should do the honorable thing and let him go with just compensation instead of being mean and churlish by preventing him from playing. Kaep, by having the surgeries done with no Niner doctors and rehabbing in Colorado, has spoken loud and clear to me that he does not trust the Niner doctors, and do not trust the Niners. It will be a hostile working environment and deleterious to all involved. The Niners should cut their losses and move on. The Free Agent period was a fiasco because FAs treated the Niners like they had the plague.
        They did with JH. They did it with Tomsula. Now they are doing the same thing to Kaep. I hope they start acting like champions, and do the noble and just thing, instead of acting in a nefarious manner that is mean and little, and brings more dishonor to the Niners.

          1. 1. Skilled enough to get to the SB after 10 games.
            2. Skilled enough to possess a 4-2 Road Playoff Record.
            3. Skilled enough to have the record of a QB rushing for 181 yards in a playoff game.
            4 Skilled enough to make a fantastic comeback, only to be 5 yards from winning a SB.
            5. Skilled enough to come one batted pass from returning to the SB.
            6. Skilled enough to make jaw dropping passes that very few other QBs would even attempt.
            7. Skilled enough to put his foot on the one half yard line, and then sprint untouched for a TD, out running the safeties.

            1. That team was skilled enough by it’s self…Kap benefited from that and the 181 rushing read option has been dead ever since. He was also skilled enough to lose the SB and the following NFCC

            2. Not what he did with the help of his teammates, but I’m asking skill set?i.e:speed, accuracy, touch, etc.

              Can you please give me a list of skills he does with well as a NFL QB?

              1. 1. Kaep is fast enough to out run not only the DL, and LBs, he is fast enough to outrun the safeties.
                2. Kaep ran the Pistol at Nevada, so he has the ability to make multiple reads and think quick on his feet. Too bad the Niner coaches did not accentuate his strengths by forcing him to be only a pocket passer.
                3. Kaep can throw the ball the length of the field, but has also thrown passes with touch in many games. He is skilled enough to make jaw dropping throws that have the announcers chuckle with glee and speak with awe over his ability to make plays.
                4. Kaep is strong enough to shrug off arm tackles, and quick enough to elude the pass rush if given the space. He can use his mobility to buy time, but not if his linemen are turnstiles and whiff on their blocks.
                5. Kaep has the ability to be able to throw accurately while on the run. He can scan the field and find the open receiver, often going to the third or fourth option.
                6. Unskilled players do not have accomplishments like a 4-2 Road Playoff Record. Unskilled players do not set records like running for 181 yards in a playoff game.
                7. Kaep is a threat to score every time he touches the ball, with his arm or his feet. When he has a strong supporting cast, he can take the league by storm. When his O line is putrid, and his coaches are brain dead, he struggles. With Chip as the HC, he may take the league by storm, AGAIN.

              2. Well said Seb. So basically Kap is strong,fast and accurate according to you.
                The only one I have a problem with is #5.
                “Kaep has the ability to be able to throw accurately while on the run. He can scan the field and find the open receiver, often going to the third or fourth option”
                I agree because if its a broken play, #7 has that illusiveness to make nothing out of something. Unfortunately in the NFL, not too many plays are broken or can an offense rely on spontaneity. This is why in my opinion he lost his job. Not because of injury but because he has never developed the skill to stand in the pocket and read the defense through the progressions.
                Now the argument people like you refer to is “why make him something he isn’t? Well, if you are asking your QB to play outside the pocket and deliver the ball outside the pocket, does this not open him up to the risk of injury through closing linebackers, dlinemen, and corners/safeties?
                Also, by playing outside the pocket, do you not cut the field in half? Making receiving options tighter to the sideline and asking your QB to make across the field passes, which in turn and ironically, open him up to more exposable hits?
                If injuries were his down fall, where you say he got hurt against MIN week one through a slide, does this style of offense not open him to more open field hits through running and passing on the run? If to use his skill set of faster & stronger, are you not trying to redefine the QB position?

              3. Prime, I see you cannot stop from engaging me, but I will try to be civil and respectful.
                Kaep needs to deliver the ball from the pocket- WHAT pocket? The pocket collapsed like a house of cards and Kaep was beaten like a pinata. He was sacked 80 times. He was so beat up, he required 3 surgeries, However according to you, those injuries did not have any impact on his play. I have a different opinion. The putrid O line destroyed his confidence and made him shell shocked. When a QB cannot even get his feet set before he has a defender in his face, he will struggle. You have your opinion, but I will not disparage you and say you are dumb like 49 does to me. However, it is interesting to note that we can watch the same games, and come to diametrically opposite conclusions.
                The Niners should have put the TE in motion to seal off the DE so Kaep could roll out. Being in open space is preferable to being in the pocket because being in the pocket allowed the pass rushers to tee off and rush a spot. Kaep should have been allowed to roll out into a mobile pocket, and keep them guessing to where he might be. I would be happy to have him roll left because he has the arm strength to throw back across the field like he did with Gore several times.
                The half field argument makes sense if the Niners do not scheme correctly. The Niners should take a page out of the Bill Walsh playbook and flood a zone, and let Kaep find the open receiver.
                I do think you can make sound arguments, and hope you can understand why I have different interpretations. I am glad you have asked me questions in a calm manner, and hope that I will not be too annoying with my responses. I hope we will both agree that we want the Niners to improve and become relevant again. Sometimes there are many pathways to reach the same destination.

              4. Prime, I think Bill Walsh tried to redefine the QB position when he traded for Steve Young. Kaep is just another example of having a QB that can beat you with both his arm and legs.

              5. I will conclude in saying that we see the game a lot differently and specifically the QB position and how it should be played. Unlike you I am optimistic the front office and coaching staff will put together a very competitive roster in the next 2 years. If that includes CK or not, end of the day as long as the 49ers win games, I’m happy.

    1. I couldn’t even get to the halfway point of that article. It’s sickening how much the one who wrote it makes the Yorks out to be the victims. -_-

      1. I guess you’d have to dislike the Yorks given your name change. :)

        Well, I don’t deny the author might have gone a bit overboard, but have you found any factual errors? Should the Yorks be vilified because Walsh recommended Donahue? Also, if they really were cheap, you’d have to see some evidence of that in the yearly salary cap situation at some point, wouldn’t you. I think the author mentions a number of times that the Yorks have done stupid things (which we can all agree on), but it was more poor decision making than being cheap.

        I have no problem with disliking the Yorks; I just think we should know why we dislike them and think it’s not because they are cheap. Having said that I don’t dislike Jed. Sure he’s made some awful mistakes, but I think he’s learned from them and will get better (which might just boil down to bringing in more front office football experience/expertise (Tom Gamble for example) and staying out of the actual football part of the business).

        1. Cubus …

          The Jedster may .. or may not..
          be cheap… but ..

          That question becomes a tad clearer.. when
          you think of the time .. The Jedster ..
          was blinded by the dollar signs in his eyes ..
          in the form of a Taylor Swift concert .. instead ..
          of the Girl Scouts … who booked that
          particular day … previously

          And then ..only .. after … the huge
          black eye he got from the press .. and
          the fans.. from this .. he
          let it be leaked” …. that he
          would “pay” … for the Girl Scout gig ..

          Cheap … ?

          u-hhh… I dunno … but ..

          Dumb as a box of rocks … ?

          You can take that one ..
          to the bank !

          1. If there was a pile of
            dog-doo… somewhere … I’m
            pretty sure .. The Jedster … is
            the kind of guy… who .. would
            walk a mile out of his way … just
            to … step … in it ..

        2. “Also, if they really were cheap, you’d have to see some evidence of that in the yearly salary cap situation at some point, wouldn’t you.”

          Not counting what the 49ers do from now until the season starts, they are exactly at the minimum allowed under the cap for the four year period – 2013-2016. There is talk that they are thinking about rolling the current excess over to the next four year period.

          If the 49ers had spent any less toward the cap it would go the player’s union. That sounds like their accountants have had a pretty good four year plan.

          1. I’m not just talking about this 4 years. In his end of the season presser, Jed rightfully took the heat and admitted mistakes and vowed to turn the club around. How does not spending the large amount of cap space that he alluded to in his presser help his cause? To me this is all on Baalke. Funny how people want Jed to stay out of the “real” football side of things and when he does still blame him for Baalke’s decisions.

            I want Jed to stay out of football decisions and he said he would be spending more time on “other” projects. Baalke is in charge of the roster and he is the one that has not moved in FA. I honestly believe it was not on Jed’s orders. Baalke is on the hot seat. His inaction may lead Jed to action at the end of this next season.

            1. The past four years are not typical of the entire York ownership. The past four years include one year (2013) that was part of the campaign to get the stadium built which brings the Yorks an additional $100M a year in new money.

              The idea that Baalke has full control of how he spends the York’s money doesn’t stand up to any eye ball test. The past four years is a perfect example of how Baalke satisfies his owner’s financial not football needs.

              A team would have to be exceptional to function at the bottom of the cap spread and remain seriously competitive. Baalke isn’t that exceptional. He’s too happy to allow many of his best draft choices to go else where for their second contracts.

              1. “The past four years are not typical of the entire York ownership.”

                Should be:

                “The past four years are almost typical of the entire York ownership.”

              2. “The idea that Baalke has full control of how he spends the York’s money doesn’t stand up to any eye ball test.” HT you got that right! Football man Paraag is the York’s money man…and he is supposedly hanging out in Sacramento now. Nothing is what it seems.

              3. Paraag isn’t hanging out anywhere else than Santa Clara. He is still responsible for contract negotiations (poor Seb), and managing the Cap. As you say, he is in full control of the senior Yorks money, and from their point of view he’s doing a down right fabulous job.

        3. It doesn’t matter if it’s a article full of facts or lies Cubus; the problem is the article is nothing but a cope out. This comment pretty much says it all:

          In that context, you would have to say that pretty much anybody who took over the 49ers after Eddie would be considered cheap by comparison. Nobody was going to spend like Eddie and, in fact, new NFL rules prevented it in many aspects.

          That’s a very pathetic and flimsy excuse. It’s like saying Sears was destined to go out of business from the moment Walmart and later on Amazon was created. No, the reality is Sears failed to make the right adjustments, and the same applies to the Yorks. The 49ers of the 80s and 90s were successful not only because of their free spending ways but also because of the way they went about things. They not only spent the money right, but they drafted fairly well and made the right acquisitions. That is something the Yorks have failed miserably at doing in all facets. The only reason the team returned to relevance from 2011-2014 is because the Yorks wanted a new stadium, and in order to get it, they needed a happy fan base. So they hired Jim Harbaugh, a coach who knew what the hell it took to build a contender. But they didn’t like his demeanor and so chose to use leaks and trade talks to attack his character, and then they fired him after the damage was done which is something that smart ownership would do. But hey, they got their new stadium thanks to Harbaugh’s winning ways. Once they got that, the Yorks went back to their previous stupid ways.
          It doesn’t matter if an owner is cheap or not just as long as they know what it takes to build a winner, and the Yorks clearly don’t.

    2. Lets see, the whole league is cheap, and treats its players like chattel. They have no health insurance, yet ask the players to sacrifice their bodies. The league is actively blocking research towards concussions, and have ignored and suppressed the problem.
      Yorks are absolved of blame because they are less guilty than others who were worse?
      No. The Yorks are cheap, and part of the problem. They are so bad, and complicit, they have become radioactive. Players are leaving for less just to get out of here. Jed promised in his presser that they would have cap space, and they will use it to try and bring home a championship. Instead, they are flush with cash but have proven so dysfunctional, nobody wants to come here. Jed said he would not spend money just to spend money. I counter by saying that the Niners should spend like they are trying to WIN.
      The only way Jed can convince me that he is not cheap is by actions. He should show some leadership and write a check out to Anquan Boldin for 5.5 mil. That is the exact amount of his 2015 salary. It would show that he is trying to retain veteran leadership, and it would express appreciation and gratitude to the NFL man of the year. They are flush with cash, with little prospects for using it.
      If Jed did that, I might believe that he is not cheap. Otherwise…..

  22. Hi Grant,
    Interesting read as ever. I tend to agree with you about restocking on offense. New coaches go after new QBs. Kaep is a coach killer – albeit the strongest arm I have ever seen live. I can see us going QB, OT, OG, C and ILB in rounds 1-4. I am surprised how high some of the coaches are on some of our young linemen from last year. I do think we need a new RT/swing and a backup C.
    How do you think Dylan Thompson matches to Kelly’s offensive style? Or do you think we will take Adams in the back end of the draft to be the no3 QB?

      1. Why a coach killer? He reminds me of previous qbs like Vick that flatter to deceive. Coaches are hired on their past performance and generally have a way they like to play. Every coach who sees Kaeps athletic performance believe with their help he could become elite and change their system to accommodate his greatness. However he doesnt have the mental makeup to play the position in the nfl. Harbs got the best out of him before he tried to coach him. Every year since then he has diminished as a qb. Tomsula knew he was on borrowed time so benched him in favour of a reclaimation project. Kelly keeps mentioning quick decision making and accuracy. Kaep is like Bambi in headlights when under pressure. He is undoubtedly the strongest thrower of a ball I have ever seen, it comes out super fast but defenses are so quick at NFL level his slow release and lack of use of eyes and lack of anticipation telegraphs where he is going. So at the absolute top level he gets found wanting. A coach who picked him isnt going to bin him especially when he has beef with the organisation.

  23. I dont quite follow why some are insisting on drafting an Ian Williams replacement early. The niners have holes across the board but this is not one that is as glaring as some of the others with Glenn Dorsey to man the position for a few games until Ian is healthy to go again.
    In my opinion MLB, OLB, OL, and even DE, are positions that are in greater need as we don’t even know we have serviceable starters to man those positions when everyone is healthy. At this stage we require playmakers first and foremost, and since we have enough holes to fill we can pretty much go best player available and be fine. *note* I don’t see Buckner as the type of prospect many do, he is a very good player but isn’t impactful enough for my liking.

    1. 49ers definitely require a home run hitter at the WR position to instill fear in the defense…One blown coverage, alignment, mismatch, etc., requires the opposition to spend time stopping this dynamo–do we roll coverage that way, double down, etc?
      The current batch of 5’11 midgets and ACL’ers on the roster intill fear into exactly who?

      1. Remember when the defense rolled its coverage toward rice Walsh would swing Craig into the vacated area, or John Taylor and others would flood the area also.
        Point of fact: In the 49ers 1st SuperBowl victory over Cincinnati the 49ers first touchdown was scored when Walsh flooded the left side with three WR’s running go patterns, then swung Earl Cooper into the area behind the 3 receivers for a pretty red zone score.

        1. “Point of fact: In the 49ers 1st SuperBowl victory over Cincinnati the 49ers first touchdown was scored when Walsh flooded the left side with three WR’s running go patterns, then swung Earl Cooper into the area behind the 3 receivers for a pretty red zone score.”

          Point of Fact: There is nothing in this video that shows what the wide receivers were doing on Coopers short touchdown catch to the left side.

          Do you care?

    2. I concur, if you think Purcell can take up the slack, but I am not counting on Dorsey because I thought his injury is serious and may take til mid season to recover from.
      I agree, MLB, OLB,OL and DE are critical needs and they should draft for those positions before they select a TE, WR or RB. They still may draft a QB early, just depends how the Kaep situation falls out.

  24. Can you imagine this guy on the 49ers as a specialist instead Hayne?

    “When I get my hands on the ball, I can take it the distance” said Ervin, who ran an impressive 4.41-second 40 at last month’s NFL Scouting Combine.

    1. I think Treadwell would work out really well for teams that have a “point guard type quarterback” that’s not afraid to pitch Treadwell the ball when he’s covered. As long as Treadwell body position, he can catch the ball. Treadwell and Smelter could be two monster matchups vs smallish DBs.

  25. On Rotoworld:

    “North Dakota State QB Carson Wentz reportedly scored a 40 on the Wonderlic Test.

    It’s an outstanding score on the Wonderlic, which is a timed test of 50 questions. Cal’s Jared Goff also did remarkably well, scoring a 36. Wentz and Goff seem to have separated themselves from Memphis’ Paxton Lynch as this year’s top-two draft-eligible signal callers. Lynch’s Wonderlic score has not been reported. “

  26. OldCoach mock draft 1.0
    The day starts out with a trade, with Wentz or Goff slipping to #7 the Rams jump in and offer #15 and #45 for the 9ers 7th pick.
    Rd.1 #15 Robert Nkemdiche DT Ole Miss
    Rd.2 #37 Noah Spence OLB E Ky
    If he is not available
    Rd.2 #37 Kamalei Correa OLB Boise
    Rd.2 #45Laraven Clark OT T. Tech
    Rd.3 #68 Austin Hooper TE Stanford
    Another trade #105 in the 4th and #142 in the 5th for Den #94 in the 3rd
    Rd.3 #94 Kevin Hogan QB Stanford
    Rd.4 #133 Keyarris Garrett WR Tulsa
    Rd.5 #145 Jared Norris ILB Utah
    Rd.5 #174 Nick Kwiatkos ILB W. Virginia
    Rd.6 #178 Wendell Smallwood RB W. Virginia
    Rd.6 #207 LaQuan McGowan OT\OG Baylor
    Rd. 6 #213 Caleb Benenoch OT UCLA
    I know, I know lots of character issues but lots of talent.

    1. Old Coach

      Yeah, you’ve got some characters in there, but I agree with about 75% of ’em. I like #207, but not Hogan

    2. OC – Thanks for the mock. I think the Eagles would move up to 6 to snag a QB… but if the board went as you lay out I’d fix the D…

      15 – Lee
      [trade 45+68+142 to up to 24-ish]
      24 – Billings or Chris Jones
      37 – Spence

    3. OC, I like how you went bold and picked the first 2 players with red flags, but huge potential. They easily could straighten out and perform admirably, and both will be available because some teams will pass on them. I also liked how you traded up to get Hogan. I like Hogan, and think he is smart enough to run Chip’s system right away.

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