49ers bold predictions

Now that the draft is over and the 49ers roster is mostly set, what is  your bold prediction for next season? Make as many bold predictions as you want. Mine is the 49ers’ record will be 9-7. Top that.

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  1. Mine is less a bold prediction and more spoiler alert. 4 wins unless quite a few teams on our schedule fall apart due to injuries etc.

    1. my bold prediction is that solomom Thomas rushes from the outside!!!!!! hes the smallest D- lineman we have……hes the same size roughly as fat Lynch and old man Brooks!
      Grant has been spewing nonsense about how we have “3 inside rushers” and Thomas wont be on the field as much to spin his narrative that it was a bad pick!!! BS! shame on you grant! I can see our D-line shuffling like seattle…..to confuse or take advantage of certain matchups…….but Thomas is a D-end and will be our main outside rusher! bank on it! we will re-visit this in season!

      I think our front 7 is greatly improved!
      the secondary will be the focus of coaching staff/front office…….see who fits in the long term plans……see whos just a guy……see who needs to be replaces ASAP!

      I think they have a few guys on offense to “teach” the system…….but the offense will be more exciting than the last 2 years……..but still bad enough to keep us in striking distance of one of the top qb’s I next years draft.

      1. As Lynch and Shanahan started they were looked upon as 1st year men that would have their sharif start up problems right? How do you grade the rookie managers achievements so far? I’m thinking…

        Free Agency – A (including the recent un-drafted)

        Draft – A

        This appears to be a trend doesn’t it? To finish the season below .500 doesn’t follow.
        To believe every team on the 49ers weakest schedule in years has only 4-7 teams with enough problems for a 49ers win assumes not only has nothing changed with the 49ers but they will have gotten worse.
        From the front office to every position group on the roster the 49ers have improved. In some cases dramatically.
        I’m with you Grant. This is 9 wins.
        The 49ers face few dominant teams this season. This season’s schedule compared to the past 2 is as soft as it gets. If last year’s unit returned Trent Baalke, Chip Kelly and all they would have won 6.
        A few teams on this schedule are going to be clowned by Shanahan’s schemes. To many teams have average to below average defenses. You’re not going to beat Shanahan with an average defense. He has enough fire power even with the team rebuilding to still overwhelm less than dominating defenses. 9-7

    2. I just don’t see how the Niners don’t win more games than they lose. Last year, under dysfunctional Chip Kelly, we started with a goose egg win against our historic rivals the Rams. Next, we had to fly all the way to the East Coast on a short week for game 2. Next, Bowman injured his Achilles and was lost for the season. After that, we sustained a slew of injuries, and finally the disastrous distractions from Kaepernick’s protest, which somehow united the team by secretly driving theirs and their fans enthusiasm away from the game. Yeah, I think Shanahan will run a much tighter ship. This new regime wants to win bad. We haven’t seen that since Harbaugh skippered the ship.

  2. 9 wins? Are you kidding me? Not going to happen. Baby steps, Grant. This team needs continuity in a new system with a boatload of new players. Then they need to learn how to win. I’d venture to guess they win 4-6 games, one of which will be week 13 against the Bears. By then the pressure to insert Trubiscuit will be untenable. King Solomon will give him Déjà vu….

    1. Vegas adjusted our win total after the draft to 4.5. Man would I love for us to win 9 games just not sure its realistic. Even JH’s first year they were predicting 8-8. We won some close games that season. You’re the man if you get it right Grant, just be sure to own it if it doesn’t happen.

  3. All these articles about predicting records is useless. Also useless, people replying back and stating a less than optimistic opinion about what the Niners record will be for 2017.

    People: The Niners haven’t really started their OTA’s, and many, if not all, the players are learning a new playbook because of the new regime.

    Dallas was 4-12 in 2015, and surged to a 13-3 record for 2016, and nobody really saw that coming. Now, I am not saying the Niners will be like the Cowboys of last year – but to get a better picture wait until OTA’s, mini-camps and training camp to get a better picture.

    Personally, I am very optimistic about the 2017 Niners – I believe they have much more talent this year than last year. I also believe that Kyle Shanahan will be a much better coach than Chip Kelly – and that Shanahan and his staff will definitely get the best, and more, out of his players.

    The Niners have added more speed this year, and the best thing to be optimistic about are the rookies, which I believe will make this team 500% better than last year – which pretty much translates to a 10-6 record.

    Grant: I have been waiting for you to post an article about the Niners drafting Joe Williams – which I agreed with you on? I think Joe Williams is going to be a huge playmaker for the Niners, and the Niners defense will be 10 times better than last year.

    1. So accurate… What most naysayers don’t consider is the fact that the biggest contributors to the 49ers losing every week have been weeded out and dismissed. That in itself will lend to a percentage of wins over last season. You left out the biggest factor. “The Kyle Shanahan effect” The 49ers may now have one of the best football minds since Walsh was running the team. I don’t know how many wins that will translate to this season, but just looking at the potential of the defense alone makes the 49ers now much more formidable than last season. The heavy skepticism is unwarranted. Some to the teams on the 49ers schedule have more issues than they do, yet they are given more respect than the 49ers by some. I think Shanahan will erase the disrespect this season. 9-7 is not far fetched…

  4. I’m thinking between 7-9 wins! Adding veterans to run offense who have experience in shanahan’s offense is huge!! Adding depth on o-line. Solid steps!!

  5. That is bold Grant. You’ve been raiding Seb’s stash!! Nine wins for a brand new roster is not something I would predict. Four wins to six max would be a good season.

    1. I’m still trying to figure out how Grant the idea that Solomon Thomas was only an interior pass rusher, who can’t work outside, when Todd Mcshay says he can work outside as well as inside. Hmmmmmm

      1. In the niner nation article of anonymous scouts it stated most teams worked out Thomas in an OLB or edge position so you’re right that most other people think differently about Thomas than Grant does. I also think you can look at Seattle’s line and see that they’ll often line up 3-4 guys who can rush at the same time depending on what they want to do. So I am not worried about it being an issue.

        1. Grant is correct. Not only is Thomas not built like an edge rusher, almost all of his impressive production came on the interior. Think about this …… everyone compares Thomas to A. Donald. Donald is almost exclusively an interior lineman. Good player, but I’m skeptical about just how effective he can be on the edge.

          Maybe he’ll surprise me and Grant.

            1. I do think Armstead would be better on the outside. He doesn’t seem great against the run. I am interested to see how the new defense looks on the field.

              Remember coaches and GM’s often think they can play someone in a different position than their college position. Think Tank.

              As a joke before everyone gets bent out of shape, Tebow thinks he’s a QB and everyone wants him to be a TE/H back.

              1. The funny thing is the scouting report on Armstead coming out of Oregon sited his strength against the run, and his weakness was the pass rush.

              2. Same thing I did when he was drafted. Pass rushing miss match due to length, strength. Run stuffing vulnerable due to height and leverage issues.

        1. Ha! You will see young Padawan. “It’s an advantage to be versatile,” Thomas told ESPN’s David Lombardi. “It’s an advantage that I can fit into any system. I can play in a 3-4, I can play in a 4-3. I can excel as a 3-tech, I can excel as a 5-tech. I can work anywhere from a 3-tech inside all the way to a 9 [edge rushing from the outside]. I can stand up or have my hand in the dirt.” You really need a better comeback line. That ones kinda cheesy;>)

          1. On Friday in the 49ers locker room he said he can play 4,5 and 6 technique on base downs and move inside on passing downs.

            1. And that’s why Armstead is going to get a very long look at the “LEO”.

              Take the Seahawks for example:

              When Red Bryant was experimented with at the 5-Tech by Dan Quinn, and Clemons acquired by a trade, the Seahawks had planned to slot in Aaron Curry at the LEO and Lawrence Jackson at 5-Tech. (And yes, this was the reasonable and understandable combination.) After all, Jackson had previously played the same 5-Tech at USC, and AARON CURRY had the speed and athleticism (A LIGHTNING QUICK 255 LBS PASS RUSHER WITH EXCELLENT BEND AROUND THE EDGE) to at least fit the prototype of a LEO.

              1. I like Thomas, don’t get me wrong. Is he a Jamal Adams type game changer? We’ll see who’s getting the headlines in December.

                In fact I’ve heard a lot of analysts who say, for the 49ers, R. Foster at #2 and S. Thomas at #31 would have made just as much sense.

                Either way, 2 great players, no doubt the 49ers won round 1, IMO!!

                But Jamal was my favorite player in this draft, unless Reuben Foster was 100% healthy without the other off field stuff thrown in.

              2. Thomas is a family member now. Time to show him the love, and forget about your ex’s in Texas…;>)

              3. Don’t misinterpret my love for Jamal Adams as being unsupportive of the 49ers draft Razor.

                I’ll say it again ….. I LIKE THOMAS, a lot. There may in fact be an argument to be made he was the 2nd defensive player in this draft, though it’s not where I had him rated. He’s a heck of a talent and will make our defense better, particularly against the run.

                My issue is with the idea that Thomas is somehow magically going to all of the sudden be a dynamic pass rushing LEO, which is entirely speculative based on what he did in college.

                Maybe Thomas will end up excelling on the edge? I hope so because finding a player who is tailor made to attack the QB from the edge was a much bigger need than an interior linemen, unless he truly is the next Aaron Donald.

                Answer me this Razor …… if the 49ers are so high on Thomas to play the “LEO”, why is A. Armstead being developed to be that guy? Because, if you’ve been paying attention, that’s where the new regime thinks might be his best fit, and it’s where they want him this season!

              4. *Correction, argument to be made Thomas was the 2nd *BEST defensive player in this draft. For me, that was a healthy R. Foster or Jamal Adams, but that’s my board.

              5. That’s what Sebrazor does. Makes it about him, not the team. You cant dislike any player Sebrazor worships or else its poopy attitude and crying.
                He has made Solomon out to be the next Reggie White, just like he did with Kap making him out to be Joe Montana. I sure hope he is right this time!

            2. it dosent matter what Thomas, grant or anyone else says in may……..we’ll see what the coaching staff DOES when the season starts!

      2. Any suggestion Thomas can excel as an outside pass rusher is speculation because he didn’t do it very much in College. There is a possibility he will be a great edge player, but his time at Stanford was mainly spent as a 3T so you really can’t predict how he’ll adapt if he’s asked to play a different position in the pros.

        1. You must have missed the most recent of his edge rushes where he was held or would have had the sack against N.C.

          1. I’ve seen a lot of Thomas Razor and the majority of his snaps were as a 3T. Excellent player, but it remains to be seen if he translates to an effective Edge rusher, or if the Niners even try to use him in that capacity.

            1. Trust me, they will use him in that capacity. No chit the majority of them were inside, but to equate that with questioning whether or not he can do it or not is foolish. Especially if you are the opponent. If you watched him all year, and still had questions in that regard, they should have been put to bed with his combine numbers, and SPARQ score….

              1. Nah, not caught up in anything. Knew he was there guy all along, and he’ll be moved around like a Knight on a chess board. He’ll make you a believer….

              2. Lol. I don’t need to be convinced and I’m not disparaging the kid Razor. He is an excellent player, he’s just not what you think he is. They could try and develop him as an edge player, but my expectation is that he winds up as a 3T in sub packages and could potentially be dominant in that role. Nothing wrong with that.

              3. You’ve been a Doubting Thomas from day one, and it seems my thoughts regarding King Solomon were correct. Why you’re questioning them now escapes me. Like I said, he will rush the passer from the inside, and from the outside….

              4. My reservations in taking him were simply due to the fact he was similar to the previous two number one picks as far as his best fit in a pro scheme. I felt and still do, that getting an elite CB or S would have been the better way to go, but I’m certainly not against, or as you put it “doubting” Thomas. He is an excellent football player with high character and will be a great addition to this team. I just don’t see a dominant edge rusher based on what he’s done in College. He will play outside in base most likely, but I’ll be very surprised if he isn’t moved inside in Nickel. He is going to play the Michael Bennett role in this defense imo.

              5. Yea, that’s just it. He’s nothing like the previous picks. One thing is certain in addition to death and taxes. King Solomon will not be rushing the passer from the 3T only, that I assure you.

              6. I’m not saying he’ll only be rushing from the 3T. I’m saying that is his best position based on what I’ve seen and he’ll likely play that spot in Nickel which is about 80% or more.

        2. Exactly right rocket. I don’t think anybody is saying Thomas has no chance to become a good edge rusher, but based on his college play, it’s entirely speculation at this point. And quite frankly, he doesn’t have the measurements teams look for on the edge, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he can’t do it and eventually do it well.!

        3. true Rocket…..I just have faith that the new FO has a plan…….maybe ST does rush from the inside and Armstead, with his length…..moves to the outside.
          I just don’t like the notion that its a wasted pick etc.
          We again have a formidable front 7!
          grading ruben foster a c- or whatever is another knock on grant!
          every single kid taken in the draft is one bad night away from blowing in ala aldon smith!
          except maybe kids from Stanford……too smart for that BS.

          the D got much better but the offense should keep us in the hunt for a top3 pick to get that franchise QB……….and that’s how you build a team folks:)

          1. He’s definitely not a wasted pick. He is an elite talent. He just isn’t an edge player, at least not yet. He will be a force inside in sub packages though.

      3. Because Grant is going off what he has done while scouts are projecting to what he can do.
        Even Shaw said he expects Solomon to kick inside on passing downs and that was there plan for him this year.

  6. The 2017 team is going to play with heart and motivation two of the team’s least reliable 2016 characteristics. They will dramatically improve statistically, should not be hard to achieve, and will overcome the second half Kelly-Kaep malaise. The 49ers have a 2017 schedule appropriate for a bad team- my ceiling 10 wins and a wild card. This season should be entertaining.

  7. Grant…I like your prediction. I definitely think the Niners will win considerably more games than the 4.5 LV is forecasting. The major reason I think the Niners will be a much better team in 2017 is their defense. Lynch has supported DC Saleh & Shanahan by acquiring a lot of talent. Granted (no pun intended), the alignment will be a lot different than the 3-4 we’ve seen for years now. With that, though, Saleh has a lot of options now to move players around, especially on the front line. Armstead, Buckner, Mitchell, Thomas, DJ Jones, Blair & Co. have size, quickness and will be put in positions to succeed. I really think this group will become something to reckon with. With Bowman returning, and newcomers Malcolm Smith & Rueben foster, our LB corps which was so bad last year after Navarro & Ray Ray went down will have sideline-to-sideline coverage again. The secondary is pretty solid, and will benefit greatly from the front 7’s play. The offense will be better, due to new talent and of course, Shanahan. It won’t have to be great or even really good to win, largely because the defense will be so improved. My prediction: 7-9 or 8-8

  8. Just out of curiosity. How do they pull this magical hare out of the hat given you weren’t so keen on the FA moves or the draft?

  9. I predict that by the end of TC they will trade Hyde. Williams is too good not to feature, and Hightower is too good to be #3.

    Also I agree with Razor that 9 wins is too optimistic, although I think they are a playoff team the season after next.

      1. I didn’t think of that, so let me think this through a bit. Here are the major scenarios I can think of at the moment:
        1. They can keep him for his last year and keep Hightower. If Hyde stays healthy and does well they can sign him for a new contract and alternate him with Williams next year. But this would mean Williams wouldn’t play unless there’s an injury to one of the other two. If I’m them, I don’t favor this scenario.
        2. They can keep Hyde for his last year and release Hightower. That means Williams plays, but if Hyde reinjures himself, some lesser back has to step up or they have to resign Hightower if he’s available, which they couldn’t count on. I don’t like this scenario either because of the odds of reinjury. Hyde plays extremely aggressively, like Marshawn Lynch, for example. But I think it’s apparent that, even at his young age, Hyde doesn’t have the body to withstand that for a whole season.
        3. They can trade Hyde. What would they get? That he’s in his last contract year lessens his trade value, but I think it would depend on the other team’s situation anyway, how desperate they are for a good RB. In that case, what could they get? Maybe a 4th rounder? Let’s assume they couldn’t get much. I don’t think that would stop them, even if they had to release him.

        So I guess I’ll stay with my prediction and risk what’s left of my street cred.

        How’s that?

        1. All fine and dandy, but I think he stays on the team. They don’t resign him, and he gets the 49ers a comp pick. Same thing goes for Reid….

    1. To all the naysayers ..I say .. “Bah-Humbug” !

      Now that the draft is over .. I’ll go bold and say..
      CJ .. will surprise everyone and become the starter..
      sometime during the early part of the season ..and along
      with King Solomon destroying QBs ..
      and Ruben Foster .. “sandwiching” .. runners
      and receivers ..
      the Niners will go 11-5 and reach the playoffs !! .. and ..

      if any part of my prediction ends up to be remotely
      true … then ..

      I will incessantly declare victory over and over again !

      (not really.. but I just couldn’t resist the elbow to the ribs there)

      1. MW

        History on this blog tells us you need not be right to declare victory! Whatever happens, spin it and take credit for it and be sure to point out your wonderfulness.

        1. Yeah look at Vietnam, America declared victory, and left, only to see the South fold like a house of cards.

          1. You have this extraordinary capacity to not know when the shoe fits you.
            Yes, this shoe fits you. Yes, you are The Village Idiot.
            Yes, you could’ve avoided this personal shot if only you had the capacity to not respond.
            Always the wrong way in traffic; always. Only tool on here who argues with everybody about dumb stuff. Are you fixated on Vietnam?

            Back to being Piñata Boy.

              1. Indubitably. You win again, hahahahaha.
                The guy who likes that Kap wears Pig with cop hat socks.
                The guy who likes Kap wearing a Fidel shirt
                The guy who admires Fidel
                The guy who never served who hates vets.
                The guy who champions an unemployed QB as a SB QB.
                Yeah, you definitely win something…..

              2. Yes, I brought up Vietnam because I knew you were so thin skinned I could get you to hurl expletives, but was surprised to see it took only one post.

                So, to give another swift kick in the teeth because I knew how the first post was aimed squarely at me; Remenber, I am THAT guy.

              1. That’s why I choose not to go out on a limb with predictions like most on this board. When you hear Seb’s chainsaw fired up it’s already too late.

            1. I truly pity the people who have to put up with this clown outside of a forum like this. If he’s even half the unaware, insufferable, self righteous Neanderthal he is on here…good lord.

              1. Yup, and yet you seem pretty insufferable to me, but thought you finally gave up only to start again.

                Seems like you cannot even handle a blog post. How could you deal with real life?

                Diss me all you want, I just know that I presented a good plan for the draft and Lynch followed it to a tee. Now we have posters saying that what I wrote was kindergarten stuff, but he did not realize that he was opening himself up for me to say that he did not have the mental capacity of a kindergartener because he was not smart enough to think of those ideas himself.

                Insults can go both ways, it is your choice. I am getting tired of being a punching bag, and have decided to punch back.

              2. Seb the only weapon you have is the ability to annoy with your lack of knowledge and simple minded thinking. People don’t eventually stop responding to you because of your arguments; they stop responding because you are incapable of providing anything intelligent worth responding too. That is not something to be proud of.

              3. This blog is like 19th century America or Britain. You have to step over piles of horses**t in order to continue on your way. Those folks did it then and might be a model for us on this blog.

              4. Rocket, I am totally certain that I was the only poster to predict that the Niners would mange to get 2018 second and third round picks.

                You do not have enough sportsmanship to at least even acknowledge I made a good call.

              5. Cubus,

                You’re right and I’m obviously adding to it right now, but when some ignorant halfwit antagonizes a respected member of this forum and a Vietnam Vet who put his life on the line for this country, it doesn’t sit well with me. He is annoying and disrespectful enough with his idiotic points on football.

              6. Agree on the attacks on veterans; it doesn’t sit well with me either. I almost responded myself, because I saw BT respond. I don’t read that poster’s posts. Unfortunately, Grant does not see fit to ban posters who condemn our country’s veterans, but to my knowledge has banned posters who condemn various religions (which banning I also agree with) after being warned.

              7. Cubus, I am not attacking all veterans, but just the guy who happens to be a veteran.

                I was attacking a War, and maybe those ghosts should be laid to rest, but it was a blight on our country and the US lost prestige for waging an unwinnable war.

                It got so bad, they were spraying their own troops with Agent orange, leaving a legacy of betrayal, sickness and misery.

                Sure, many of those veterans fought bravely, but in the end, they were napalming little girls.

                In the end, they declared victory, left, and after 6 million Vietnamese died, the south capitulated in months. What a waste.

    2. I hope they don’t trade Hyde. He’s been reckless and gets himself injured, but there’s no denying his talent. They need to work with him on going down and avoiding the hard hits.

      He and Staley are the best players they have on offense. I’m an OSU alum, and he was awesome in college.

    3. I really don’t understand why some want to get rid of Hyde. I think he will be very good in this offense. He’s had some injuries, but it’s a position where players get banged up and often have to miss a game or two during the season. Frank Gore missed a couple of games a season during his first few years here, and you see it from some current ones like LeSean McCoy as well. Hyde played 13 games last year and averaged 4.6 yards a carry behind a bad line. I think he and Williams will be a great tandem and it would be a mistake to get rid of him imo.

    4. I think the same about Hyde. He will most likely be traded for a value player or a 3rd or 4th rounder in 2018. Beyond that, I speculate that the 49ers will win from 7 to 9 games — I’ll even be so bold as to say “Book It.” Wildcard slot is an outside chance, next year definitely back in the playoffs. Baby steps are not necessarily needed when you have talented, motivated players and brilliant coaching to guide them. New Era dawning and not at a snail’s pace.

        1. I like your comp pick prediction. I don’t think it’s so much that people WANT to see him gone. It’s just that he has to turn the injury situation around our it will just be time for both to move on. That’s the issue.

  10. 5 wins mybe 9-7 if our OL holds up. and i think with the new signings of OG we will be better than last year on O but the D we have to wait and see on the 2nd pick of the 1st round Foster if his shoulders will hold up , cuz we need to stop the run and if we can’t we are going to have a long season like last year.

          1. I thought Baalke said something regarding the team doctors though and football operations at one point.

            1. Something coming from Baalke is different than something coming directly from the team doc.

              1. So you think that Baalke was deliberately lying? Cmon? This would have been obvious to anyone inside the organization and he would likely have been canned right away! The conspiracies with Baalke are pretty impressive. He may have been a poor talent evaluator and an acerbic personality but really?

  11. 1. Most if not all of my bold predictions will be wrong.

    2. 49ers will have 4 or 5 wins

    3. Most fans will be disappointed in the 49ers record

    4. I will be quietly encouraged by the improved play. I won’t care about the record.

    5. Some teams will seemingly throw late season games to draft a top quarterback. None will be the 49ers. Despite only having 4 or 5 wins, the 49ers will draft no higher than 5th.

    6. Smelter will make the team. I make this prediction because I’ve become to personally invested in developmental draft crushes.

    7. One or more fragile players like Rogers, Ellington or Hyde will stay on the 53, then miss significant playing time from injuries. The players cut to make roster space for them have good careers on other teams.

    8. Lynch and Shanahan will learn a lesson, and won’t make mistake 7 in the future.

    9. The underclassmen draft bubble will burst. The 2018 talent that falls to the 2nd round pick from the Saints won’t be as good as the players at 77.

    10. Dial will make the team. He can play pretty good 1-tech. It’s the 0-tech he was so-so at.

    11. Buckner, Armstead and Thomas will be very good pass rushers from the inside.

    12. Armstead and Thomas will underwhelm rushing from outside.

    13. Ward will miss games from injury. This will have a very bad affect on the whole secondary.

    14. The running back corp will be a surprise.

    15. VMac will make enough splash plays to be shopped for a pretty good picks in 2018.

    1. Jonathan Allen will be defensive rookie of the year.
      Cory Davis will be offensive rookie of the year

  12. Bold predictions:
    1. Reuben Foster will be rookie of the year
    2. Hyde will lose his starting job to Joe Williams
    3. Tank Carradine will get cut
    4. CJ Beathard will surprise a lot of people
    5. Ahmad Brooks will lead the team in sacks

  13. Bold call, Grant. If the Niners pick up Kaep for their QB, you may be right.

    I predicted 6 wins, but said if Lynch could manage to hit a home run, they may win one more. Since he hit a grand slam, I think 8-8 is not impossible.

    My bold call is that Lynch wants to win so much, he will welcome back a SB QB with open arms. However, it will be for less and it will be an open competition. Even Prime admits the Niners did not adequately address their QB problem.

    KS may not be enthusiastic about that decision, but I still think he is competent enough to take any QB, and make him better.

    Thought the Texans would be the most likely landing spot, but when they moved up to get Watson, that door was closed. Cards may be the most likely landing spot, now, because the Cards did not get any of the higher rated QBs in the draft. Sounds like Elway is content with his current QBs

      1. Just speculating after the draft, and seeing where all the QBs have landed. Thought the Texans were the most likely spot, but with them drafting Watson, that option is gone.

        1. >>Just speculating after the draft

          Then you missed why they drafted Beathard. KS described a QB that is the absolute antithesis of Kaep. And you still think they are considering bringing him back? Do you go out on as many short limbs in your real life work too?

          1. Declaring any rookie is superior to a grizzled veteran may be Pollyannish in outlook.

            There was a reason CJB was ranked 215 in the draft.

            it sure will not be KS’s call on whether they bring back Kaep, but I will go out on a limb and declare that he is better than Hoyer, Barkley and 2 unproven and untested rookies.

            I just wonder if Lynch really wants to win so badly, or if he will be content to take on the league with pedestrian QBs.

            Heck, CJB may win the QB competition, and get thrown to the wolves.

            1. Yes Seb…. Question Lynch’s desire to win…does he REALLY want to win if he doesn’t bring back Kaep?

              1. Yes, he may be content to lose, because then they will be poised to be participants in the QB sweepstakes next season. Not being content to lose would mean he would fire everyone, and start all over. Niners have been doing that the past 2 seasons, and look where it got them.

                Not drafting Trubisky showed that he will be patient. He inherited a 2-14 team, so getting back to winning will be a hard slog. Lynch is rebuilding the roster, brick by brick, and has laid a strong foundation for the future.

                However, he will not be actively trying to lose like your daddy did, by sitting on his hands.

            2. >>he is better than Hoyer, Barkley and 2 unproven and untested rookies.

              Sure, when I think of a under center, pro-set, play action offense the first person I imagine running it is Colin Kaepernick.

              1. Me too, because he did it in 2012. He just needs a better supporting cast, and with free agency and the draft, the Niner roster has improved immensely.

              2. Prime, things change, and now that Arizona signed Gabbert, it sure looks like the black balling is in full effect.

                Kaep may be forced to return due to lack of other teams to go to.

                I thought the Bills, but they resigned Taylor. Jets signed McCown. I did not think Cleveland, because of Haslam, who makes Jed look like a choir boy. I speculated about the Broncos, but Elway just declared he would go with what they have. I mentioned the Texans, but they just drafted Watson. I went back to the Cards because of Palmer, but they just signed Gabbert.

                Wouldn’t it be wonderful if he could return, just to give you another conniption fit?

              3. Lets be serious for once. Kap is never going to be a 49er ever again.

                We could bet again and you would look foolish AGAIN (calling me a welsher), or you could just maybe come to the realization that you are wrong once again. I think that makes you 0-2 against me?

                So do you want to bet Kap comes back or are you just saying that because in your small world think it upsets me?

              4. >>Kaep may be forced to return due to lack of other teams to go to.

                No one is “forcing” anyone to do anything. Most likely he ends up in Prime’s vicinity.

    1. Kaep goes to Colts and beats out Luck who goes to Niners. Keyshawn opts out ; signs with Giants. Dubs go 16-0 in playoffs.

    2. A fool will never stop being a fool. He’s addicted to the enthralling taste of self-delusion and the compulsive need for more attention, even the most scurrilous kind.

      1. If you think Gabbert is better than Kaep, that is your opinion.

        This just confirms my feeling that he is being blackballed, but I knew that when the Jets signed McCown.

        1. Seb, Gabbert is not better than Kap but Kap decided he was bigger than the NFL.
          It really is unfortunate as he had all the talent in the world but never reached his potential. I’m just glad we don’t have to deal with him anymore. I think you will too once we see this new regime put together a real team.

          1. Will wonders never cease. You actually said that Kaep is superior to Gabbert, when all last season, you wanted Gabbert to be the starting QB

            1. Id want a blind man to start over Kap. That’s how bad old wind is!

              The fact is as bad as Gabbert is, he is willing to put in the work and work on his game even if its horrible. Kap thought he could just be an athlete in the NFL.
              Well that didn’t work for him too well!

  14. 6 wins but very competitive and show signs of improving and working hard together
    I see after next season , cleaned up roster , NEW CULTURE

    I also see this becoming a place where players desire to be

  15. Bold prediction- Grant changes his mind sometime next week about the team’s chances.

    Ok, maybe not so bold prediction…

  16. Grant

    Once again I’ll do my imitation of a broken record, and again proclaim a 10-6 record for our beloved 49ers….I don’t want to get shed of Carlos Hyde…he’s been hurt and now he’s recovering…any back who’s worth his salt is going to get ‘dinged’ on occasion because busting into that line like Bill Ring, Larry Schrieber, or Hofer did, is basically giving up his body for his trade….One back can’t do it. Now we have the makings of a decent passing game, and some quality back-ups in the Oline to where the offense should be able to stay on the field at least 50% of the time to allow the D to ‘catch a blow’…and at the same time prevent too many ‘8 in the box’ being played against us…Shannahan’s system will keep opponents off balance enough to play aggressively against them…like Niner football…10-6

  17. Kory Sheets will come back to the 49ers before Kaepernick Seb. You should start a blog all about Kaepernick, so you can indulge your fantasies there. You’ve written more than Shakespeare wrote on comedy or tragedy just about CK here. Cut and paste and own this subject matter on your “All Things Colin” blog. Be the world’s leading authority and let people who share your interest dialogue with you there.

    1. Why should I go anywhere else when I can post to my heart’s content right here?

      Kevin Lynch even brought up the possibility of him returning, much to the dismay of Tolbert.

      Sure hope the haters do not come out of the woodwork to attack me, but then again, I always like to give a swift kick in the teeth to them.

  18. The blog had 512 post on predicting the name of the 49ers QB. And still couldn’t get it right. Ouch!

      1. Meh, I got three of them, including the most important one. Let the quarterbacks expert pick the quarterback. I think we’ve got a read of what he’s looking for though next year….

  19. Grant is being consistent; he called 9-7 before the draft, and really, how many games will the rookies “win” this year?
    I expect the team to begin to show cohesion around week 6. I think they will finish upbeat with about 6 wins. If they really get rolling late, maybe 7-9.
    But if anything else happens, well I was thinking it!

    1. I want to see Grant take advantage of the new regime’s accessibility and really get some good, in depth interviews going this year….

      1. Respectfully, cuz it’s his call, I’d like to see some of those pieces about the new guys and the locker room give and take. As an example, I recall enjoying a piece he did on Ted Ginn Jr in the locker room.
        We’ll have a ton of new guys.

        1. Yep, sorta get a feel for the personality of the locker room, and maybe single out certain players who might be more responsible for shifting the cultural mentality….

    1. Hahaha… very good Rocket. I completely agree, he’s building us up for something. Somewhere in his prediction he has some sort of clause to save face.

      Grant you’re getting predictable.

        1. “My prediction is Grant does a 180 before the season starts and predicts 4-12”

          Rocket – Great evaluation of Grant’s measurables. :>)

  20. So you’re telling me even after your D+ draft grade and that difficult 1st half of the season, you still have them at 9-7???

    1. Leo – Grant just took the day off and recycled his 4/22 column. With Seb’s help he’ll get 350 clicks without breaking a sweat.

  21. Observations and prediction.
    1) Robert Saleh’s defense will be marginally better. Note he was never mentioned throughout the draft process even though the first 3 picks were defensive players. He is on a one year “prove it” deal and a placeholder for Vic Fangio who will return the team to the 3-4 next year.
    2) 5 wins. It takes time and patience to re-built and for players to gel and learng the new system.
    3) Reuben Foster will miss the 2nd half of the season. Shoulder or 2nd failed drug test.

  22. CJ Beathard will surprise Niner fans and make them re-think the idea of adding a QB in 2018

      1. I’m sorry, aren’t you clear on this yet?
        Let me help. This isn’t the real Cassie.
        Brodie isn’t the real Brodie.
        Like that; okay?

        1. Having a name of the fired Niners GM’s daughter is like having a sign taped to her rear end saying -Kick me.

          1. Cassie (the one here) can defend herself, but I’m guessing that he/she took the screen name out of respect for (the real) Cassie’s cutting through team-speak BS with to-the-point twitter bombs, to hell with family dinner table quiet and tranquility.

  23. I’m thinking 3-13, maybe 4-12.

    The defense is still very young and we don’t have very much continuity especially in a new scheme.

    The offense is going to be bad. The running game will take a significant dip in production from the being one of the league leaders last year. The passing game will be just as bad as last year because he have no weapons. Pierre Garçon is old, slow, and isn’t protected by Desean Jackson, Jordan Reed, and Jamison Crowder. Aldrick Robinson and Marquis Goodwin are about as good as Quinton Patton.

    Everyone needs to open their eyes and realize how we got Rueban Foster. He has a bad shoulder injury and might not see the field this year. He can play against the run and has great speed, but can he cover TE’s and RB’s out of the backfield? And the biggest red flag!?!? He likes to party. What goes along with drinking? DUI’s and Domestic Violence. Combine that with the way he plays on the field and it is rather concerning.

  24. I have a hard time taking anything you say seriously Grant; it all just looks and smells like clock-making.
    You spent much of the free agency and draft coverage bashing the moves and non-moves made by the team. You were never outright disrespectful, but typically dismissive of anything you didn’t see as a slam dunk.
    Now here you stand giving an outlandish prediction of a 9 win ball club. I’d love to see your logic and how you count to 9. It’s not impossible given our history with Harbaugh and his first season turnaround mind you.

  25. 6 or 7 wins if Hoyer can’t play in all 16. 9-7 if Hoyer starts all 16. I have been saying for a while now that if they drafted well on on the defensive side of the ball that there D might be very good next year. I’ll say it again their D was not all that bad last year they were just exhausted in the 2nd half of games.

  26. 1. Niners are a top 10 D in sacks.
    2. Niners pick up a corner after the first round of cuts and he becomes a starter
    3. Eric rogers is a starting WR for the niners
    4. Our TE underperform even by 49er standards
    5. Niners split with Seattle.
    6. Niners record 9-7 and barely miss playoffs

  27. We’ll have two Pro Bowlers and rank 4th or 5th in all around special teams play.

    Jed’s toddler son will fill Jed’s shoes in 2042.

    1. Change of prediction. Niners blow 27 point fourth quarter lead in NFC Championship game. Kyle quits, starts at seminary.

  28. Grant, some say you’re an overly negative and critical blog/beat writer. But IMO, the truth is I think you’re overly susceptible to highs and low emotions connected to the moment/organizations/coaches/players…etc… I guess one good thing is that you’re not afraid to be critical (to what degree it’s rational IMO is another story).

    In this case, I think you’re riding the high train a bit too much. I’m a fan and all and I’d be ecstatic if the Niners had a 9-7 season. But I just don’t see it. I do believe that a more efficient and streamlined defense will probably net them 3 more wins than last year. A competent offensive system, play calling and some better players will get the Niners a couple more wins. However the losses are a combination of some personnel still not optimized for the offensive and defensive systems, players still learning the systems, the remaining personnel weaknesses on the roster (which couldn’t be all fixed in one year) and a new head coach and staff still figuring out their org/system/roles (like Shanahan should find a guy he’s comfortable taking on an OC lite role…still dominated by Shanahan but allowing the guy with the title of OC to do the day to day work).

      1. I do not believe you are emotionally a fan of the teams you cover.

        But I think you’re emotionally connected to the moment and your work (for example I think you overly value your own analysis and opinion above others/the consensus).

        I think you get overly caught up in whatever is going right or whatever you see is going wrong with the teams you cover (and IMO you also tend to go out of your way to be a contrarian…not a bad thing…just an observation of tendency) . I think even your strongest supporters here would all agree you have obvious bias in your writings (above those of most of the other members of the press that cover the team). You state your opinions and that’s fine. But those opinions are comprised of your feelings about the the topics and subjects you cover…again not as a fan…but as an analyst/journalist/member of the media.

        Or in other words you, IMO tend to be too critical or offer too much praise….but not because you’re a fan of the team…it’s just who you are.

              1. you’re an ego maniac because the primary reasons you differ with the consensus is your ego; generally not because of objective reasoning.

                a typical example would be that the two of us could differ with the consensus on a player.

                In my case (a mostly objective one), I would site reasons based on various scouting reports I’ve read but I will acknowledge the consensus and give an opinion, generally a little to the left or right of the consensus opinion.

                In your case, you’ll give your personal observations (as if you’re a scout), back it up with sources that fit only our view point and then right an article at the stupidity of how the team’s actions differed from your point of view.

                In fairness, your post was about BOLD predictions. So my “bold” prediction is that Jaquiski Tartt finds his way on the the field as a starter and performs at a near pro bowl level.

              2. I never said I was objective…I said “mostly objective”. and in my case I stated that I will differ from the consensus if I find information that runs counter to it. but I will also acknowledge the consensus and generally do not very my opinions too far from it. So I would never write anything about how the team is stupid for making any decision even if I disagreed with it because it’s an acknowledgement that I am not an expert in coaching, playing and football personnel decisions.

        1. “I think you overly value your own analysis and opinion above others/the consensus.”

          Consensus, in and of itself, is not valuable (and may even be an appeal to the masses fallacy if a conclusion is based solely or primarily on consensus rather than on supporting premises; for a great criticism of consensus science, here is the transcript of a talk given by Michael Crichton at Caltech in 2003: https://stephenschneider.stanford.edu/Publications/PDF_Papers/Crichton2003.pdf).

          Consensus is only valuable when it is the result of the convergence of conclusions that were reached independently on their own merits rather than because they matched the conclusions of others. To that extent, I agree with Grant that refraining from bowing to consensus (or ‘group-think’) does not make one arrogant. Nor does valuing one’s own analysis over that of others, so long as that analysis is supportable.

          1. jpn

            (btw. i have degree(s) in psychology (though 20+ years old) so I don’t need the overly long definitions written in your responses)

            i never said anything about not bowing to group think. the point of my post the reasons for not bowing to group think and the degree to which you vary

            in general, group think fallacy is the exception an not the rule.

            in the case of football; what do you think is the more rational approach? to lean towards the opinions of those who have experience in football scouting, coaching and playing? or heavily rely on your own personal understanding of football?

            1. Raises hand, ” 99% Lean towards the opinions of those who have experience in football scouting, coaching with 1% of my horse sense and gut feelings”….

            2. “(btw. i have degree(s) in psychology (though 20+ years old) so I don’t need the overly long definitions written in your responses)”

              The holding of degree(s) is not proof of the lack of ignorance. Further, given our past discussion on the nature of language and your erroneous belief, even in the face of evidence to the contrary, that there is a ‘proper’ form of English (or of any language) and that linguistic change is tantamount to debasement, I will follow my own counsel concerning the appropriateness of the length of my definitions and whether you require them.

              “what do you think is the more rational approach? to lean towards the opinions of those who have experience in football scouting, coaching and playing? or heavily rely on your own personal understanding of football?”

              The rational approach is to consider the nature of the authority as secondary consideration to the strength of the premises on which a conclusion is based. Believing that one conclusion is better than another based primarily on the authority behind said conclusion can lead to a genetic fallacy. Further, if one has supporting evidence that one’s own conclusion is valid, one should value one’s own conclusion above conclusions that are inferior, regardless of the source of those conclusions.

              Finally, often less is more with regard to the use of emphasis. Placing non-compelling text in bold does not make it any more compelling. Indeed, the over-reliance on emphasis in text often is indicative of the weakness, not the strength, of a particular assertion.

              1. I still say you’re the best at tongue lashing your opponent while at the same time making them enjoy it. And in some cases, not even realizing it;>)

              2. jpn,

                what in the world are you talking about? indeed the antagonistic tone to your posts surprises me.

                even in the face of evidence to the contrary, that there is a ‘proper’ form of English (or of any language) and that linguistic change is tantamount to debasement

                you wanna refresh my memory? I do not remember this discussion? I’m somewhat familiar with the degradation and evolution of language over time…so as to what is “proper”…I usually say that’s more or less relative to the time and place (my father in law is a retired linguistics professor)

                as to the context of group fallacy? I can say that I have never played in the NFL, coached in the NFL or scouted in the NFL. I’m fairly certain Grant hasn’t either. So when I weigh my opinions against those who have played, coached and scouted in the NFL doesn’t it make sense to lean towards their opinion or in the least to temper your own if it differs?

                Back to your antagonistic tone in your post. It’s got me very curious. My pointing out my qualifications for understanding basic psychology was for the sake of brevity in our posts on the subject. Your pointing out my use of bold in my posts and your interpretation of over-reliance on emphasis text and it being an indication of weakness and not strength is fascinating. i’m curious as to why you would point that out. truth be told i use bold for two reasons. one because it’s an acknowledgement of a weakness in the structure of my comments, that my point isn’t often made clearly. as well as a preference on my part for the kinds of posts I would want to read that highlight the main points.

              3. “The holding of degree(s) is not proof of the lack of ignorance”

                While this is undoubtedly a true statement, it seems rather odd in my experience coming from a lawyer. Hard for me to imagine an “expert witness” not including his education in his CV. Apparently JPN will not stipulate as to the witness’ standing to testify as an expert on the subject. This brings into mind the issue of why he chose to single out this particular expert in light of the large number of other experts that regularly escape being singled out?

              4. “While this is undoubtedly a true statement, it seems rather odd in my experience coming from a lawyer. Hard for me to imagine an “expert witness” not including his education in his CV.”

                I can see why one might think that, but such conclusion evinces a surface level analysis that conflates relevancy with sufficiency. The issue is that the primary measure of any evidence is that evidence’s reliability. Because merely obtaining a relevant degree does not speak to the reliability of the evidence presented by a witness designated as an expert, nor does the lack of a relevant degree (or a degree at all) speak to the unreliability, education in a given field is not sufficient to establish that a witness is an expert.

                Most state rules of evidence follow the federal rule of evidence on this matter:

                FRE Rule 702. Testimony by Experts.
                “If scientific, technical, or other specialized knowledge will assist the trier of fact to understand the evidence or to determine a fact in issue, a witness qualified as an expert by knowledge, skill, experience, training, or education, may testify thereto in the form of an opinion or otherwise, if (1) the testimony is based upon sufficient facts or data, (2) the testimony is the product of reliable principles and methods, and (3) the witness has applied the principles and methods reliably to the facts of the case.”

                This is why qualification of an expert witnesses (which those of you who remember My Cousin Vinny will recall is one instance of a voir dire, although likely not pronounced that same way) is more than a recitation of degrees. Education is one factor to consider, but it is more of a minimum threshold than it is dispositive, and in some instances education is not even a minimum threshold.

                With regard to the inclusion of a ‘CV’ during expert witness qualification, it is important to keep in mind that a traditional Curriculum Vitae is much more extensive than education and work experience, as one might see in a resume. Thus, a proposed expert’s CV is relevant in its totality, but only as a component of the qualification, and a person’s education is merely a component of the CV.

                Now, no discussion of qualifying expert witnesses is sufficient without touching on the Daubert case, as the U.S. Supreme Court lay down illustrative indicia of reliability for scientific research/methodology in that opinion. In Daubert, the Court (mistakenly, in my opinion) focused its indicia of the reliability of scientific research/methodology too much on established science rather than taking into consideration the nature of cutting edge science, which is where the reliability analysis of expert witness testimony is more important and more problematic. The Court, in settling on general acceptance in the field and peer review as important indicia of reliability of any scientific research/methodology in question, failed to take into account that not only does established science often bow to external political pressure, it is constrained by internal politics as well, especially with regard to hypotheses that challenge the established paradigm in a particular field, and that science outside of the establishment is not inherently less reliable. Unfortunately, given the way the appellate process works, the Court could not take into considerations Kuhn’s seminal work, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, which nicely frames the problem with established versus cutting edge science, as well as details a common process by which new science pushes its way through the politics of established science (and what happens once it does, which is often a major shift in thought that ‘revolutionizes’ a given field of scientific inquiry).

                As you can see, this is an area of great interest to me, which may partially answer the ‘why’ question.

            3. An appeal to authority (degree(s) in psychology) is still a fallacy.

              In Grant’s case, he’s mostly interested in clicks which is “blog driving” behavior.

              Based on my vast experience following the 49ers going into season 71, I hope Shanahan can make them competitive in one more year than it took in Atlanta where he started with a lot more foundation players.

              The trip is all there is so enjoy it.

      2. Grant I understand not being invested in the teams you cover but how about the human beings you cover? You must get to the point where you care about certain players. Your Father had a close relationship with B. Walsh.

        1. I developed a close relationship with Jim Harbaugh, but that took time. There’s been a lot of turnover recently.

              1. Grant,

                when you watch a game, do you have a preferred out come?

                i do believe that you strive to be objective in terms of your relationship to the team. in my case I’m obviously a fan so I have to work at being objective.

                i’m curious if that’s the case for you or you really don’t care who wins or loses or how well the players play? you’re just there to report what happened and give your analysis.

                there’s no right or wrong answer; I’m just curious how you approach your job.

              2. and that’s why I keep coming back…you care about your work and put in the effort.

                your wild opinions that vary from everyone else often have a grain of relative truth to them….so it keeps things interesting.

                (you’re still an ego maniac).

              3. I’m not an ego maniac. I do my homework and I have the courage of my convictions.

              4. You care if you write well. I have heard from many writers that it is easier and their writing is better when a team is winning then when a team is losing. So for the sake of your work don’t you hope to write about a winner?

              5. lol…now I’m not sure if you’re trying to be funny.

                “I’m not an ego maniac.”

                “I have the courage of my convictions”

                the two aren’t exactly mutually exclusive.

                more like tomAto tomAHto.

                or there’s a fine line between genius and insanity.

              6. You think it’s a bad thing for one to have the courage of his convictions? Telling.

              7. Nomad, you’re the rider so mysterious
                Nomad, you’re the spirit that men fear in us
                Nomad, you’re the rider of the desert sands
                No man ever understood your genius

              8. Grant,
                I believe you are confusing convictions with opinions. You have convictions about serious and important parts of life. You have opinions about lesser subjects like football. So no I don’t think its a bad thing to have the courage of your convictions.

              9. I never said having the courage of your convictions was a bad thing.

                I said the reasons behind why you differ from the consensus are what is significant. as well as the degree to which you differ. all of which test your convictions.

                if you’re constantly having to “test your convictions” (because it differs from the consensus). what does that tell you about yourself? either a. you know a lot more than everybody else (that has training in the subject at hand). or b. that you believe in yourself to a degree more than you ought to.

              10. I don’t rely on other journalists to form my opinions. I rely on league sources and my ability to reason and analyze.

              11. so the answer to may question: “if you’re constantly having to “test your convictions” (because it differs from the consensus). what does that tell you about yourself?

                a. you (believe) know a lot more than everybody else (that has training in the subject at hand). “I rely on league sources and my ability to reason and analyze.”

                btw. differing from other journalists is fine. other than ex-players and coach media members you’ve got as much technical experience as they do. the question is when you differ from coaches, scouts and players about how football is played. is your reliance on your “ability to reason and analyze” to the degree that you do justified?

              12. as a journalist, I would hope you do.

                doesn’t change the degree and frequency to which you rely on “your ability to reason and analyze” above consensus opinion.

                keep in mind I usually like that you have bat @#%t crazy opinions as they are entertaining. but I’m just pointing out the hubris you take in your own opinions.

              13. All, I was not going to throw in my 2 cents, but you are very misinformed.

                Grant may have a confident outlook, but he is no egomaniac.

                True, his writing style connotes confidence in his opinions, but he certainly does not say that his opinion is the only one and everyone must agree with him.

                Lots of times, he throws out his opinion, just to start the conversation, and I, for one, am happy he does it with an edge to it.

                I am sick and tired of other media types who are part of the homer crowd, and stick to Pollyannish notions while stating the obvious.

                Those toadies and sycophants talk a lot, but say little, and when the team devolves into a 2-14 season, their posts, in hindsight, make them look clueless.

                Grant had the temerity to predict a 4 win season last year, so he was pretty spot on in his analysis.

                I come to this site just for Grant, because he makes me think. Being a student of the English language, I can appreciate how he can sum up a whole practice with one sentence. He also focuses on the salient issues, something that many others miss or ignore.

                Guess I will be accused of brown nosing, but I am just calling it as I see it. Grant’s writing style is refreshing, and if you cannot stand it, I just suggest you go listen to the saccharine pablum elsewhere, because you will not find it here.

    1. I posted a couple of those for Grant when he was one of those that said King Solomon couldn’t rush the passer from the edge. I think we’ve finally found the guy that can run down Russell Smurph….

  29. Barkley will win more games then Hoyer.

    Hyde and Armstead will be made available for trade.

    Dontae Johnson earns a permanent role as starter.

    1. CFC, I don’t know why you think Barclay will be a better QB than Hoyer for us, but I am happy we have both of them.

      Re Armstead, he does seem like a 5th wheel and perhaps we have too much depth now, so it wouldn’t surprise me, especially since we could use another high draft pick for phase 2 of the rebuilding process.

      I hope you’re right about Johnson. He has always seemed capable to me. But why do you believe he will become a starter. I assume at one of the outside CB spots? Over Robinson or Witherspoon?

      1. CFC, I don’t know why you think Barclay will be a better QB than Hoyer for us, but I am happy we have both of them.
        I was looking for a bold prediction and felt that was pretty bold :) Nothing to do with any preference for one QB over the other, as far as I’m concerned they’re both lousy.

        I’ve been predicting Armstead’s departure for about 3 months now. I know I’ll be right about this, it’s just a matter of whether it happens this season or next.

        I hope I’m right about DJ too. I always felt like he played well when given a chance. I think with the new regime he might have a chance at it.

  30. The pessimism on this blog is justifiable for a 2-14 team.

    Rainbows and unicorns were present at the beginning of last year, and what we saw unfold in front of our eyes was a slow motion train wreck.

    However, I will be slightly optimistic, because Baalke is gone, and John Lynch is showing us how a good leader performs.

    The team did have some talent, but it was not utilized properly with players playing out of position. The coaching was deficient. This year, Lynch has signed a boatload of FAs. He also just hit a grand slam in the draft. Getting those 2018 second and third round picks showed that he is poised for an even better season next year.

    The biggest reason why I think the Niners will have a better season is Kyle Shanahan. Even going to the Browns, he took their offense and had it performing adequately. I do not think he has had anything less than a top 10 defense while being am OC.

    While I still hold out the slimmest hope that Kaep returns, because it seems like he is being blackballed by the rest of league and may be forced to return if he wants to play, I still think that he will go elsewhere. My next most logical spot would be Arizona, because Palmer is old and has no future, and his skills have lessened the last couple of years.

    So Lynch may be confronted with a decision, does he want to play with Kaep, or against him. Some will not be too worried about facing him, but he will have elite WRs, productive RBs and a stout defense as a supporting cast.

    I do think that KS will fix the offense, just by making play more efficiently, no matter who the QB is. Heck, CJB might become the starter. He is accurate.

    The offense will get better because Lynch signed a bunch of battle tested and battle hardened FA WRs, and there is adequate depth behind Hyde with Hightower and Joe Williams. Niners also poached players from the Seahawks, and that O lineman could surprise a lot of folks. Kittle will be a factor, especially with his speed and blocking skills.

    KS will vastly improve the offense. I still hope he can hire an OC, because I want him to have as much help as he can get. Maybe he can still call the plays while also having an OC to help with strategizing and game management.

    Niners will improve. That is easy being a 2-14 team.

    The problem is, so have the other teams. Time will tell.

  31. The 49ers finishing 4 and 4 in the hardest part of their schedule and the Redskins going 3 and 5 agree to trade Kirk Cousins for our a 2nd and 3rd round pick but still miss the playoffs and finishing 8 and 8.

  32. This is not the post to be conservative or restrained — or be burdened by common sense. Its time to go big or go home.

    I predict injury bug to smite the Birds of different feather. A hobbled smurf is an ineffective smurf. Carson Palmer will be taking afternoon siestas in the retirement home after King Solomon mines the backfield. To paraphrase David Fizdale, Shanalynch will not be rooked.

    The rejuvenated Niners to emerge as Division champs with a 10-6 record. Take that for data!

  33. All released:

    2017-05-02 11:05 AM | 49ers Staff
    49ers Announce Several Roster Moves

    The San Francisco 49ers announced on Tuesday that they have signed center Tim Barnes and offensive lineman Brandon Fusco to one-year deals and have released the following 13 players:



    Alex Balducci


    Marcus Ball


    Carl Bradford


    Jayson DiManche


    Je’Ron Hamm


    Chris Harper


    Wynton McManis


    Brock Miller


    Zach Moore


    Mike Purcell


    Eric Rogers


    JaCorey Shepherd


    Shayne Skov

    1. Thanks for this. I don’t see any surprises. So much for Baalke’s expensive bet on Eric Rogers. Moving on from Purcell is nice.

  34. Grant,
    From your mouth to God’s ear. I heard that the over/under on the 49ers in Vegas is 4.5. I agree more with you. I would put $100 on the over if I ever got there. Don’t know if you ever hear Colin Cowherd on Fox but he has been complimentary of the job John Lynch has done so far and calls RB Joe Williams the “steal” of the draft

  35. Going from 2 wins to 9 seems like a lot for any coach. But I repeatedly see people underestimate how badly this team was coached last year. Imagine that the players were exactly the same but Jim Harbaugh was the coach. Bet he would have won at least 5 games.
    Then you follow that with Kyle Shanahan bringing in players that make much more sense and an impressive coaching staff and you think he couldn’t add another 4 wins? Yeah, it’s a bold prediction, but possible.

      1. Big differences between the Titans and 49ers. This team has been completely turned over from top to bottom. It’s going to take time.

        1. Tennessee added DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry. The running game overhaul was what propelled the Titans. Same will happen with the Niners, who have the benefit of an easy schedule.

          1. They also had a very good Oline and QB. The defense will take a big step forward this season I would imagine, but they are still questionable in regards to pass rush and the secondary. The offense is complicated and will take time to learn; even then the QB position is average at best and the Oline is a huge question mark. To make a dramatic move up like you are proposing, there has to be a solid core of foundational talent, and I just don’t see that on this roster.

            1. The offense is complicated but there are a lot of veterans who know it, including the QB. I’m not saying the Niners are great, but they have an easy schedule and are in position to take advantage of it.

              1. I’m usually a glass half full guy, but even Bill Walsh couldn’t get this team to 9 wins.

  36. It was a good draft with one problem: the three biggest issues that needed an infusion of talent were getting a great QB, a great pass rusher, and a top wide receiver. None of those were done although Corey Davis would’ve fit the bill at WR perfectly. I have no confidence in Hoyer manning the reins though the running back position looks vastly improved. On defense the front seven looks much more formidable with the exception of outside pass rusher. When the 49ers solve the top three positions that need addressing they will become Super Bowl champions.

    1. imo, this year they’re building the foundation, putting in the plumbing and erecting the load bearing structures. Next year they finish framing and roofing and filling out, and push towards the PO. Year three they make Platoon-On-Line Assault.

  37. 1. Hyde will lose his starting role and be traded.

    2. Hoyer will throw close to 4,000 yards.

    3. One of the players from the front seven will register a double digit sack total.

    4. The final TE roster will not include McDonald

    5. The 49ers will lose six games by a touchdown or less.

    6. Saleh will have the defense in the top 15.

    7. Redmond will be one of the starting DBs.

    8. Johnson will finally realize his potential.

    9. The 49ers will beat the Seahawks in Seattle.

    1. Way to go.. MidWest …
      (channeling my inner Seb.. here .. sorry) ..but
      when the schedule came out .. I predicted
      the win at the Clink, too !!

      Glad to see you and I are on the same page
      with that one !! .. ;-}

    2. Barring an injury to a playoff desperate team, I don’t see anyone trading for Hyde. He’s in his last year. They’re gonna ride him like Blackie in True Grit, and get a comp pick when he signs with another team next year. They’ll do the same thing with Reid….

  38. These were my early predictions for the 49ers season from a previous thread. I know EC9er disagrees:

    – 49ers will have two RBs with 600+ yards rushing and 5+ TDs.
    – 49ers top receivers (catches) will be Garcon, Kerley and Juszczyk, all with over 50 catches but none with more than 70.
    – No one receiver will have more than 6 TD receptions.
    – 49ers leading tacklers will be Bowman, Reid and Foster, each with over 80 tackles.
    – 49ers INT leader will be Foster, followed by Ward.
    – 49ers sack leader will be Buckner, followed by Thomas and Brooks. Each will have 6+ sacks, but nobody will have 10 or more.
    – 49ers will start 3 QBs during the season. No QB will exceed a TD to INT ratio of 1.5 to 1.

    1. I dunno.. Scooter … but .. I’m lookin’ for
      King Solomon to have a few more than 6+ sacks ..
      and truth be told I’m hopin’ he gets most of those
      up in Seattle !! .. ;-}

    2. As I stated I hope you are right… just know with so much turnover organizations have a tough time getting cohesion, team dynamics and most importantly inertia. I still hope for the best…

      I’m a cynic at heart and have seen what the Yorks have foisted on us year-after-year. So I’ll wait and see.

      I do think we will be closer in games and the level of competition will be better. The defense should be better. This should improve things all around. The offense is better but not at key positions so that injuries will still determine outcome of the season.

      1. Yep. Chancellor (86), Cyprien (127) and Neal (106) all had over 80 last year. And Chancellor missed some games. If Reid stays healthy he should put up a big tackle count at the SS position.

  39. Here’s a bold prediction:
    10-6 will be their record this season.
    They will make the playoffs and get hot.
    They will then win a wild championship game to get to the Super Bowl.
    Stay tuned on who wins that game.

        1. You want bold – Not only will it be Baltimore but Jim H and John H will swap jobs so Jim can get a SB ring. Talk about Karma.

  40. Journalism at its finest here. But I can play along:

    Brian Hoyer will play in a pro bowl this year and probably won’t start another game for the 49ers after that.

  41. I have a bad feeling that we will be plagued by injuries in the secondary. Here’s to hoping that some of the young players step up and we get to 8-8. I still think they make the playoffs with that record.

  42. I think you so called for niner fans don’t have any faith because every year and every game I think the miners are going to go undefeated but what do I k ow I’m just a fan

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