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  1. Grant,

    Nice job. Thought Sakamoto had taken the early camp lead on you, tech-wise with his video feeds, but you’ve taken the lead and now have out tech-ed him…..

    Look forward to you post game periscope during the season—Keep an eye on Sakamoto during the season, you D-O N-O-T want to be out tech-ed in reg. season !

  2. Grant,

    I’m watching and listening to your video for the first time today. I must say your opinions are well thought out. You are teleginic when you’re not fidgeting with your hair. That won’t be a problem when you get your planned haircut. All in all, great work. Don’t forgot about us when you get a job at ESPN or FOX.

    1. Groundskeeping appears to be getting a jump on Reg. Season, Grant, keep you head on a swivel out there (Seb’s profession is grounds crew—he might be the one on the lawnmower).

    2. #80, Just to clarify, I think you may have misunderstood a post of my on the last topic. I agree with you 100% (as usual) in regards to Foster’s shoulder.

  3. Grant,
    Have you had a chance to ask about what happened, when Lynch walked off the field in the middle of the drill yet?

  4. Another great video insider by Grant Cohn. Gonna miss these until the regular season gets here. Thanks again for outstanding coverage!

  5. Was this version cutting in and out and freezing on you guys ot is it just my phone?And I’m liking the physicality I’m hearing from this defense..

  6. How is Bourne’s ability to block? I think if the 49ers keep a 6th WR it will be Bourne or Smelter. Because of the outside zone read that that the 49ers will be featuring this season, the WR will need to be good blockers and Bourne’s college tape didn’t show much because of the offense that was used. Smelter’s college tape looked very good in this respect. Your thoughts?

  7. You do come across much better in video than you do in writing. Much more personable. If you have any desire to get into broadcasting you might consider working on your look. No rush on that. For what you are doing now your fine. Some people are much more expressive vocally than writing. I find writing much too constrictive and too slow to express my concepts. By the time I barely get started writing I have already forgotten how I was going to word my thought. Thoughts often outrun written communication. I strongly suspect that you are also much more comfortable and therefor much more effective verbally. Spontaneity is your strong suite.

    1. Another excellent in-depth report. A few points that stood out for me today were:

      – The fashion-forward t-shirt Grant was wearing today was a strong way to finish off training camp in style.
      – Trent Baalke’s obsession with trying to fit a round peg into a square hole.
      – Ray Ray Armstrong is not a great fit at MIKE. He’s not a physical, instinctive guy who’s going to take on blockers, but as a former Safety, if you keep him clean and allow him to fly around the field or drop into coverage, he’s fast and athletic enough to excel in this defense.
      – I agree with your take on A. Lynch. It’s a shame because he’s so physically gifted, but I can only imagine how unreliable he will be if/when he signs a big contract.
      – That is a funny story about R. Robinson. Maybe Sapp’s comment will have an impact on him moving forward because he’s got outstanding press coverage skills, speed, and an alpha dog mentality, and the term alpha dog isn’t synonymous with the term faker.
      – I like Foster’s mentality. This kid doesn’t just move around like a big cat, he’s mentally and physically tough like a lion.
      – I think the 49ers are going to be in a lot of games this year, we’ll see if they can finish games.
      – Colbert is quietly playing himself onto this roster.
      – The 49ers will pull off a nice trade possibly as soon as Saturday.
      – The 49ers will also cover the -2.5 points spread on Saturday. They win a low scoring defensive battle, something like 20-16.

      1. In fact, Reuben Foster’s natural talent, strong drive and determination, combined with his magnetic personality, set him up for superstar status in the not-too-distant future. Reuben Foster – 1st team All-Pro as soon as 2018/2019, depending on how the team shakes out.

  8. Caught 49er practice via Denver beatwriters:

    The session was designed to be cut short and was far less physical without full pads. Players still wore shoulder pads which allwed linemen to do battle in 1-on-1 drills.

  9. Man Grant way to keep your composure while the pocket’s breakdown….lawn mower, people walking by, phone over-heating, planes flying by….. very clutch

      1. Grant, thank you very much for trying to improve the background.
        My small suggestion would be to talk to Bob Lange, and get him to provide a poster in the press box, to aide in the ambiance. Maybe get some posters from the Glory Years.
        You know me. While I think you have a quick wit, as opposed to quick hips, your production talents are lacking. So as a tiny bit of constructive criticism, do not repeat your podcast the way you did it today. It was funny to see the mowers, and my only observation is that they should get lighter equipment. When it does rain, those tractors will not help the sod. Their weight will compact the soil. Smaller mowers may mean more hopper dumps of cut grass, but the lighter weight will not compact the wet sod as much. This is just me thinking as a landscaper for many years. Then the jets had to chime in, but I agree, when you get blown away, it was time to do something different.
        Once again, you gave me exactly what I wanted. Shrewd, thoughtful and insightful comments not only on the players, but also the overall strategies and schemes. Those detractors on the other sites are shrill in their condemnation, but that just means they are jealous of you, and think you pose a threat to them. They risk sounding so vacuous, so they attack the top dog.
        Your blog is a must read.
        Keep up the good work, and look forward to the post game analysis.

    1. Unheralded 49ers receivers measure up against Broncos’ all-pro corners in joint practices

      Two all-pro cornerbacks from the Denver Broncos, lining up against a largely unproven group of San Francisco 49ers wide receivers. So consider it a significant sign of progress from the Niners that wideouts like Marquise Goodwin and Jeremy Kerley consistently held their own — and at times even won — their matchups against Denver’s Aqib Talib and Chris Harris Jr. during two days of joint practices. “They’ve got a great coach. Great plays. It was good to get some work against that offense,” Harris said.

    1. No problem. People will judge Hoyer on his playoff game and the amount of teams he has been on. That’s fine and has some merit. But I prefer to judge him on what he did with Shanny in Cleveland and what he has been doing here with Shanny.

      1. Likewise.

        Never understood the neg. pub. in the 1st place. Fans need only to google his Cleveland or Chicago videos to see the 49ers were lucky to obtain a QB of his calliber on such short notice (Shanny wasn’t available until after the SB).

        Grant and others say the Guard work bears watching. They might have to make a deal or sign others camp cuts.

  10. Nice recap and I’m looking forward to what you see on defense. In particular, I’m curious how Dontae Johnson looks, as CB2 is one of our vulnerabilities.

    Given our lack of depth at LB, I’m wondering if you saw anyone on Denver that would make sense as a trade candidate, possibly for Q?

  11. While the Broncos were better today it still sounds like the 49ers held their own and were decent. Marked improvement from the past couple of years. Things are looking up!

    Only had a chance to watch part 1 so far, but once again am loving these reports. Really good. Thanks Grant.

  12. Could Harold’s promotion be due to a slight change in the scheme? Did they use more of a stacked or Over alignment? I can see Brooks being a liability as a move linebacker in space as opposed to being on the line of scrimmage. Brooks in the Under front and Harold in the Stacked or Over Fronts?

        1. Posed this question yesterday but didn’t get any responses. Am hoping maybe you or Scooter might respond. Is it easier for a RB or FB to block a defensive player coming up the middle or coming around the edge? To me it seems that for most plays it would be easier to block the middle. My thinking is that if I’m right, then effective use of the RBs/FB could help bolster our underachieving interior OL.

          1. By block, do you mean pass block? If so then I believe it’s easier to block on the interior since there’s more space to work with for the pass rusher on the outside.

            For lead blocking? For a fullback, I think it’s usually easier to block on the interior for the simply reason that they’re not the quickest and most agile of players. On the other hand, linebackers in the middle, flow downhill (full flow), see you coming and tend to be more ready to disengage from blocks (note: Guards and Centers that get out to the second level but not on the play side often have the benefit blind siding or “earholing” a middle linebacker because linebackers are in fast flow mode so they’re flowing outside and you get to hit/block them when they’re trying to run to the ball). I think to help the Fullback block to the outside the OC will use a formation with the FB to the play side or the H-Back will motion to that side, or be split out to the play side.

            1. also, lots of zone blocking for the fullback tends to look a lot like a trap block…at least to me. which is a different kind of blocking than lead blocking.

              1. I think it depends on the weight differential. Is he blocking the middle LB up the gut or a safety off the edge?

  13. Grant, you just made my day, and I was going to say that because you changed your background. However, to be called a legend, is icing on the cake, and I heard a groan all the way from Canada. ;p
    Other posters who I enjoy are Juan, 80, George, Steele Under, 49, Cubus Mid and Cassie, even though she is a gadfly.

  14. Grant, thanks, nice video. Lawn mower guy was funny and you pulling up your sleaves to show off your guns was quite amusing. How much do you bench? The casual look works. I wouldn’t change a thing.

  15. Niners should make a trade with the Bears, even though they will play this season. They made a trade during the draft, and the Bears should be very happy with Trubisky, after his last game. That trade helped both teams, and this new possible deal will help both, too.
    Bears are desperate, again, with 26 players listed with injuries. They need bodies.
    Niners should offer a WR, TE, Beadles, Brooks and Reaser for Kyle Fuller and Danny Trevathan. Fuller seems to not fit, and there have been trade rumors about him. Trevathan would never be traded, except he has a knee injury, so the Niners would trade for him, and stash him on IR for next season. The WR would be one out of a pool of players like Burbridge, Smelter, Bolden, Patrick or Carter. The TE pool would include Vance, Celek, Bell and Paulsen.
    Losing Beadles would remove the only 2016 FA acquisition of Baalke. Reaser seems expendable. Brooks would be going back to Fangio. Zach Miller is a question mark, so they need another TE. White is still injured, so they could use another WR.
    Bears would get 5 players for 2 players, so they would be restocking a depleted roster. Niners would trade away strong bubble players and get good value in return. They would help create space so the Niners have room to poach a player from the Patriots, Seahawks and and O lineman from Dallas. It would also make the cuts a little less painful, and the Niners may ask for a conditional pick to balance out the deal more.
    Sure, this deal would be highly unlikely, but even trading away 3 players for one Bear’s player or a high draft pick, like the Bear’s 2018 second round pick, may help both teams in a win/win situation.

  16. Vid basics=
    Don’t have the sky as your back ground, it will make your face go dark (unless you want to empathize with kaep….)
    Turn around, so the light will illuminate you or use a white surfacein front of you to reflect to light on you if you don’t want to turn.
    Put the camera at a higher level so we don’t have to look up your nose (tripod, selfie stick)
    Don’t make your shirt the story if you want people to hear what you are saying…..
    Control your background by controlling your environment.(film from your Ferrari….)

    1. Thanks. I will be filming my post-game recaps in the 49ers media room, and I’ve figure out a way to mount my phone in the wall in front of me. And I will wear a shirt and tie.

      1. My daughter’s bf is a videographer, and he has a couple lights that are small, but bright. I think good side lighting would improve your production, too

      2. If you are going for the shirt and tie and don’t want to be another run of the mill, wear a white shirt roll up the sleeves, loosen the tie, unbutton the top button and go for the beat-writer-look! Pencil behind the ear…
        Show it in black and white (no pun intended) for the cool retro look!

  17. Really good.. Don’t change a thing. Just keep it coming. You should to a set show post the weekly 49er press conference in addition to a post game show. . IMO, the LB depth is a big concern in light the fact that Bowman and Foster have been touched up in Camp already.

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