49ers @ Broncos live blog: Fourth quarter

This is the live blog for the fourth quarter of the 49ers’ Week 7 road game against the Denver Broncos. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from my living room.

7:57 The Broncos’ middle linebacker drops an interception on second-and-14. Next play, Von Miller breezes by Anthony Davis and sacks Colin Kaepernick. Niners punt.

8:01 Brock Osweiler replaces Peyton Manning at quarterback and the Broncos go three and out. Fair catch at the 12.

8:12 Greg Roman calls a run for Bruce Miller down 32 points and Dillon Farrell, the backup center, injures his leg.

8:17 Kaepernick scrambles up the middle for 7 yards on fourth and goal from the 15 and the 49ers turn it over on downs.

8:25 Broncos go three and out. 49ers ball at their 45.

8:27 Blaine Gabbert replaces Kaepernick at quarterback.

8:33 Gabbert throws a 20 yard TD pass to Bruce Ellington. 42-17 Broncos.

8:37 Game over. Stay tuned for grades.

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    1. Tarzan you and Mora win the tag team idiots of the blog tittle tonight. Congratulations!

      They had a depleted roster and guys coming back into the lineup after missing more than 5 weeks. What the hell did everyone expect! Don’t act like this was a winnable game. This type of game happens to every team at least once a season.
      Harbaugh has to go? Get serious. What was he suppose to do better tonight? Enlighten me please!

      1. Hey quit trolling me.
        Bottom line is you treat me with respect and I’ll make an effort to stop bagging on Harbaugh and CK until the end of the season, OK?

            1. Jim Mora – I couldn’t agree more with your statement that you are “the best chump”. “You are definitely the best chump” on this site.

          1. Prime– Some insecure individuals seem to feel that any type of attention, even if it’s bad, is better than no attention at all. They will even resort to nonsensically stupid and annoying statements to get it.

      2. Prime

        You keep using disparaging nicknames. I get it, you’re mad at the world. Harbaugh needs to go because he is 0-3 in the games that count and because he wasted that challenge tonight with very little upside even if he won it, and because in a game when Manning had the brightest spotlight, Harbaugh’s guys came out dead.

  1. I don’t know E remember the seasons before JH they were not fun to watch so ….yeah NINERS lost this game so let’s regroup……

    1. Problem was lack of execution from the players and lack of coaching. Least our coaches back then faced the media. Harbaugh invited WW 3 with the media along with CK.

  2. This one is a wrap.
    Let’s get out of Denver without anymore injuries, lick our wounds and get ready for the next half of the season.

    We’ll put this one behind us until we play Denver in the Superbowl.

  3. Naega jeil jal naga
    That means I am the best, as Peyton should say to the 49ers if he knew Dennis O Donnell was trying to make fun of him.

  4. Perfect time for a bye week, because guys are dropping like flies! The training and medical staff is going to be veeeerry busy next week.

    I still believe that we’re poised to hit our stride and peak at the right time this year! The Cardinals are playing well, but the 2nd half of the season is much tougher for them.

  5. Collinsworth is wrong. The collapse is on for the 49ers. Still feel @ NO is a loss, SD loss, drop 2 to Sea, maybe the Rams get their act together or Ari might sweep the 49ers. Wash is not exactly a W if Colt McCoy is the convincing QB out there.

  6. I just want to know what morons thought we actually had a chance to win tonight. You don’t lose three of the best LB in the NFL, a still developing secondary and hope to beat manning. I figured we would lose by 14, but play with heart and fire. We didn’t. We stopped playing after the first TD in second half. It didn’t matter after that.

    Anyway, other than the “L”, how we lost r his game is meaningless. Short weak, injured team and altitude…perfect storm. Manning is God in regular season and then he comes unglued in playoffs. How many times do we have to read that story.

      1. I have to concur with that analysis. I feel the 49ers will lose 5 or 6 games second half. Everybody knows Seattle got ripped off by the refs.

  7. Are Dump York, Fire Harbaugh and Jim Mora the same troll? I’m curious…I’m not on here for a while and it looks like the idiots are running the asylum…and yes I meant idiots and not inmates…

    1. Gee whiz, wishing for Peyton to get the record, not liking Harbaugh or CK, how about explaining why the troll keeps coming up rather then go into your racism like opinions? Look, harbaugh instigates trouble with the media, bad stance with the refs, players, not coaching CK right, and CK himself not QBing properly like a Peyton Manning, tell me why this process with harbaugh is good? I don’t like running the ball. I feel passing works. If Denver ran the team like the 49ers, they wouldn’t win this game if they held Peyton back from wanting to throw and lead.

  8. Seattle has the quarterback you want in the 4th quarter if you team is behind. Wilson almost pulled that one out. Kaepernick is like Smith, he’s rarely the deciding factor in a come from behind win.

    1. I feel the refs took that from Seattle. They had the fumble recovery, even if it didn’t look convincing, Seattle had the ball, refs should have reviewed it.

    2. They’re both game managers in different ways with different strengths and weaknesses. Play calling also has a little to do with it.

      Smith has come back from multiple score deficits, but he’s really only won one game, and that was against Philly in Harbaugh’s first year. He almost came back against Houston and NO in the reg season under Singletary,
      But almost doesn’t count.
      It’s really not fair to see the difference between Kaep and Manning. For all this talk about how dynamic and a threat he is as a runner, it’s clear smart coaching staffs know how to game plan away the run and he’s not Kaep is not that field general that can orchestrate an offense. He plays “random” and you can run a offense scheme in the long run on random,

      It’s when it goes to 5 steps and the 1st read is gone, that’s when the chess match between offensive and defensive coordinators is over.

      Yeah the defense was out a lot of starters and they looked over-matched, but the offense was had all its weapons. The O-line was mixing a few pieces but they went with a lot of fast three step slants.

      The positives is the growing chemistry between Lloyd and Johnson. Those guys are playmakers, and Boldin is the possession WR.
      Crabs is not a difference maker and I’ll be glad to see him go. He’s so easily replaceable.

      Happy for the Bye. Everyone is coming back to the pack, although if GB and Rodgers get hot they could be the best team in the NFC.
      Detroit could also be tough.

    1. How do we know that it’s not 49er fans like you dummying up accounts? I’ve seen that on forums I was on, people would phony up my account just to get me banned. That’s a classless move to pull on me when I got the smarts and knowledge and wisdom of a 49er fan. So I’m a Stone Cold type 49er fan that doesn’t like Harbaugh. I don’t see where it’s a rule that a fan has to like Harbaugh and to like CK.

      1. So what you’re saying is that people want to ban you where ever you go? And that you’re trolling get so annoying they will do what ever it takes to get yo off there forum?

        I am pretty sure no one around here thinks of your contributions as smart of knowledgable rather unbridled hate and dislike for JH and CK.

  9. This was a whole different kind of “trap game.” Defense missing Culliver, Aldon,Willis, Bowman, Ward. Travel after a travel Monday nighter to a high altitude. Manning very, very good.

    49ers will get healthy. They will get hot.

  10. I think the only person who deserves a grade higher than a C is Kaepernick besides the int he played soli . The int was thrown to a spot in which the receiver was being held but he should have checked dow . All other phases we got destroye . I hope we can get healthy before the Rams and even more for the Saints.

  11. Ellington scoring a TD at the end there gave me a little something positive. Otherwise pretty trash game. Kap played brilliantly first half but second half was terrible. I really thought the 49ers and Fangio would continue to keep that defense playing strong even with all the injuries but it was clear that they just couldn’t compensate. Oh well a bye week and we begin our run. Could easily win 6 of the next 7.

      1. perfect timing on the bye week! time to heal & get a few of our key players back! i really hope Marcus Martin can make up the loss of Kilgore!

  12. it will be an uphill battle for our Niners in the second half of the season but with key reinforcements coming back.. i cant wait for it to come! excited regardless of this whoopin our team took tonight! CHEERS TO A BETTER (HEALTHIER) SECOND HALF!!

  13. possible comments for you to make…if
    you do not shake Peyton’s hand and then
    immediately run away (like a punk, huh?):

    1. I’m like every other NFL QB; we all look up to you
    and respect your accomplishment.
    2. I certainly wish you could have set the record
    wearing a 49er uniform…
    3. I am sorry that we were not a more credible opponent.
    We just walked on the field and bent over, didn’t we…?
    4. You will probably win another Super Bowl ring,
    maybe this year, …before I get my first (if I ever do, huh?)

    In addition to a verbal expression of admiration to Peyton, you could
    have added the manly thing: real deal eye contact, hmmm?

    But no… you have to stick everybody with that slack-jawed stare;
    you suck eggs, sir. Dip eggs, no less. (choking sounds….)

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