49ers @ Broncos live blog: Second quarter

This is the live blog for the second quarter of the 49ers’ Week 7 road game against the Denver Broncos. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from my living room.

6:12 Peyton Manning completes a 15-yard pass to Demaryius Thomas on third-and-26 from the Broncos’ 29. They punt. The ball bounces out of bounds at the 49ers’ 13.

6:14 Von Miller sacks Colin Kaepernick for an 8 yard loss on first-and-10.

6:15 Next play, Kaepernick hits Stevie Johnson on a quick slant. He picks up 31.

6:27 Anquan Boldin drops a touchdown pass on third-and-goal from the 4. Phil Dawson makes a 22-yard field goal. 14-3 Broncos.

6:28 Three plays before the drop, Anquan Boldin caught an 18-yard pass on third-and-8. It looked like the ball hit the ground, but the Broncos didn’t challenge.

6:34 Julius Thomas drops a first down catch on second-and-7. On third-and-7, Manning completes a long pass to Sanders and Aaron Lynch is flagged for head butting a player. Jim Harbaugh is challenging the ruling that Sanders got both feet in bounds.

6:36 The officials confirm their ruling. Challenge fails. First-and-10 from the 49ers’ 42.

6:40 Manning throws an 8 yard TD pass to Demaryius Thomas on third-and-goal. Brock got beat. That’s TD pass No.509, breaking Brett Favre’s record for most TD passes ever. 21-3 Broncos.

6:47 Kaepernick completes a 16 yard pass to Johnson on the first play of the drive. Next play, DeMarcus Ware beats Joe Staley with a fake spin move and sacks Kaepernick for a 10 yard loss. Second and 19 from the 49ers’ 27 after the 2 minute warning.

6:48 Staley already has given up 2 sacks to Ware.

6:51 Kaepernick hits Johnson in the back of the end zone for a touchdown on first and goal from the 4. 21-10 Broncos. Three plays before the TD, Kaepernick rolled left and completed a 37-yard pass to Brandon Lloyd on third-and-17.

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  1. Can somebody please tell CK to quit rifling the stupid football? that’s why I don’t like him as the QB. He throws it too hard.

    1. hey coach mora, just want to thank you: all of your clicks translate into hard dollar revenue for this site, which means you are supporting Niner fans everywhere. you werent a great coach, but you’re doing a great job for Niner fans

      1. That’s OK, keep on sitting high on top of your 49er ladder because it’s going to collapse when Jim Harbaugh is SACKED baby, dbag Harbaugh style! Loved that song from the Seattle fans from “Gangham Style.’

  2. We’ve had our chances, we’re just playing bad football like we do for a half of every game this year. Score should be tied!

  3. One time out, you challenge? The defender was pushing the WR out, it’s a catch! Defender denied WR, better not be a horse manure call.

  4. Wow- that was a record breaking TD that wasn’t really a catch. There was only one foot there. How do you reconcile being a fan of a sport with these kind of credibility issues?

    We are watching professional wrestling.

      1. Yeah, in real time I wasn’t sure, but the replay was clear.

        Congrats to Manning on that. Way to knock Favre off the top.

  5. Big Suede, look on the replay: one foot, other foot sliding, catch. Refs will call it each time so write to Goodell if you don’t like the rule.

    1. Johnson, Lloyd and Ellington haven’t dropped a thing. But you’re right on Crabtree, David and Boldin. Kap’s keeping us in the game.

  6. The passing game works so much better when Crabtree isn’t included. He is clearly the fourth best receiver, I hope we don’t waste much money trying to resign him.

    1. The passing offense runs thru Steve Johnson and boldin. It s a possession type game but that’s good.
      Nice game by kaep overall. Still holding it too long and really needs it work on some touch passes in the off season. That slow release hurts him in the long run.
      Niners need to stay within he offense and run. Two scores is doable. But a track meet would be tough.

  7. Will be interesting to see how much they run the ball in the second. Gore’s only 7 for 16, and the niners are moving the ball when they go five wide.

    Should be 21-14 (stupid drops…), but 21-10 still puts us in striking distance. Need the D to stand firm.

  8. Thought I’d check in here, but once again the site has been completely overrun by one commenter making ridiculous statements designed to anger the other commenters. A real shame for the loyalists to have an otherwise enjoyable game and 49er community experience ruined.

        1. cool by me – the rest of us are here because we love the game; you, on the other hand, are just mired in hate. pretty sad.

          1. I’m sorry if it’s too much to ask Harbaugh to quit embarrassing himself and for CK to man up and attempt to be a good QB.

  9. I know these guys may make some big plays this season, but we need to look into getting rid of Davis and Crabtree. Maybe for draft picks or potentially another WR or TE.

  10. Colin Sack n Pick
    three (3) sacks; total of 24 yards…
    that is the equivalent of giving up
    two first downs…

    Gore: 7 carries for 16 yards total…Really!!!

    2 of 6 third down “efficiency”…
    Coach Harbaw: we need to make half time adjustments, okay?

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