49ers @ Broncos live blog: Third quarter

This is the live blog for the third quarter of the 49ers’ Week 7 road game against the Denver Broncos. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from my living room.

7:10 Broncos’ ball at their 20.

7:12 Manning completes a 15 yard pass to Demaryius Thomas on third-and-17 and the Broncos go three and out. Ellington makes a fair catch at the 49ers’ 27. Corey Lemonier is flagged for holding. First-and-10 at the 17.

7:17 Greg Roman calls an empty backfield formation on third-and-2. Kaepernick throws right to Aqib Talib. Interception. Broncos’ ball at their 40.

7:18 First-and-10. Manning play fakes, throws deep, hits Demryius Thomas for a 40-yard touchdown. 28-10 Broncos. Perrish Cox got beat.

7:24 Kaepernick runs in a circle in the pocket and gets sacked on third-and-11. The 49ers go three and out. Kaepernick overthrew Lloyd deep on second down. He was open. Should have been 6.

7:24 Demaryius Thomas spins Tramaine Brock and makes a 49-yard catch on play No.1. Two plays later, Ronnie Hillman runs through the middle of the 49ers’ defense for a 37-yard touchdown. 35-10 Broncos.

7:33 Frank Gore gains one yard up the middle on first down. Daniel Kilgore is hurt.

7:35 Kilgore seems to have hurt his lower left leg. He will get carted off the field and Dillon Farrell will replace him at center.

7:38 Quinton Carter knocks away a pass intended for Vernon Davis on third-and-10 and the 49ers go three and out. Broncos’ ball at their 27 after the fair catch.

7:48 Hillman pushes through the line for a 1 yard touchdown run. 12 plays, 73 yards.  42-10 Broncos.

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  1. Whooooooooooooo what a pass by Peyton, did you see that/ did I call it tonight baby? Now it’s 510! Man! The 49ers D is looking at an F!

    1. Culliver would’ve been burned, Willis would be lost trying to cover Thomas 1 and 2, don’t think Aldon Smith would’ve matterered.

      1. How can an honest opinion be trolling? Good grief, you 49er fans are just as bad as fans that take anything seriously and call it racism!

  2. We can beat this team, but the D, a few drops passes, and now a bad read by CK is allowing Payton to smell blood in the water.

    VD is starting to look more like a liability than a star. If he can’t perform due to an ailing back, he needs to rest on the sidelines. I have no problem seeing Carrier in the game especially if we need to start throwing more.
    CK can’t afford to miss opportunities like that.
    I’m starting to appreciate Seattle’ loss today.

    1. VD needs to be out of the game. He needs to be out, period, along with Crabtree. A player not 100% hurts the team. It’s fact, not hating now, fact.
      Rout is on baby.

  3. Greg roman made the same mistake at Andy Reid. Run it on 3rd and 2.
    Kaep had a good first half. What happened in the 2nd?
    You can’t coach random.

  4. Game Over!!!! Tremaine Brock, you sir are the worst player on the field. The defense gets an “F”, we can call it right now.

  5. the rest of this game will be a test of character – do we play hard for ourselves and the coach, or not. either way, everyone predicted a rout given how our best players are hurt, so it’s regroup in the bye week and come back strong.

    1. Exactly. This is how CK should be running the team. All Ck is doing is panicking, rifling the ball, he has no smooth motions like Peyton has. Maybe on a game, it’s easy to make CK an efficient QB, but real life, he doesn’t have the patience. I would either go in the draft, fix the Oline or get a new QB.

      Loved the Geico commercial with Ickey Shuffle, he can still cut it!

    2. The difference is Kaepernick is throwing against a healthy secondary and PM is throwing against a D that has been battling injuries all year.

    1. Alright I have refrained from calling names but your an ass. Really this is your team and you like when players get injured shut the f up.

        1. BYE is NOT, repeat, NOT a ban just like OPINION is NOT trolling. Go on Webzone or .com and I won’t bother you there, sheesh. Least the 49ers are getting owned and I’m happy. It shows Harbaugh has lost the team.

  6. I didn’t say anything callous other then ‘bye’, how can bye be callous just like how can an opinion be trolling? I hope Kilgore didn’t break any bones, OK you classless today’s 49er fans? Least Denver fan gave him a classy sendoff, no wait, that’s classless to you, right?

    1. You’re just a computer screener like I’m a computer screener. I got my satisfaction tonight to make up for the callous Seattle lost today. I wanted Denver to get that record. I wanted CK owned. I wanted Harbaugh to look bad. Check.

  7. Niners were down 21-10. And then Colin threw the pick. He could have passed to Ellington coming across the middle. And then manning threw the TD and that was the game. But the niners shouldn’t give up like they did. Champion teams keep fighting.
    That’s the embarrassing part.

    1. I know what you mean. I just wanted Manning to get the record done and over with for that’s a distraction. I mean, take away the mistakes, the game might have been closer. I hope CK watches what Peyton did. He didn’t panic, he didn’t rifle the ball, he called the right audibles. CK frustrates me.

    2. Fan Kap did make a bad throw but he’s not the issue here. Missing three probobly line backers and started in the second is the issue.

      1. I think we knew coming into the game that Denver was going to score. The question was if kaep can keep up.
        This loss is not on him, it’s just shows the difference in qb play.

  8. Wow! They ran right THROUGH Borland! Willis and Bowman can’t come back quick enough. This game is almost an anomaly. The core of our defense is sitting on the sideline and back in SF.

    1. Wilson, I totally agree. Let’s put in Gabbert. I know nothing will change, but hey, if Colt McCoy can look impressive, what’s wrong with sending in Gabbert?

  9. Wow, still 3rd quarter? Man, thought the game was over. Reminds me of the high school game Marin Catholic had yesterday.

  10. A lot of dropped balls but Kaep has to take some fault for that to he drills it no matter how close the WR is. But lots of mistakes from every unit D was overmatched. Niners have been fortunate and were relatively healthy for the last three years the injury bug is hitting hard now.

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        I’ve held my tongue long enough …

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        causing trouble …
        Truth be told .. I bet you’re no older than 12 ..but
        you act like you’re about 6 ..

        How can anyone get pleasure out of acting like an idiot ?
        Because that’s EXACTLY what you do …

        You are so ignorant… you can’t even tell when you’re not wanted ..
        and I guess this speaks about your maturity …
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