49ers and Broncos nearing Colin Kaepernick trade?

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the 49ers and Broncos have agreed to terms on a trade involving Colin Kaepernick. Schefter says the trade will happen once Kaepernick and Denver agree to terms on a restructured contract.

Schefter may be wrong — Ian Rapoport of NFL.com refutes his report. According to Rapoport, the Niners and Broncos have not agreed to anything.

Tough to know the truth. How do you think this will end?

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  1. It will end with the fan base being very thankful this ridiculous soap opera is over.

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    Makes sense for deal to happen before Monday, so he does not have to be there for start of #49ers offseason program.

  3. Agreed get this drama over with!! Best for both teams to move on. Now the Rams will trade into the Ravens spot and take goff/wentz everyone in the world knows now we need a qb

    1. If Kaep is traded, the Niners will trade with either the Cowboys or Ravens (whom they have a history with) depending on which QB is not taken by Browns. My guess, Goff will be the pick.

      Keep in mind, the Rams only have 7 picks this year. They would have to give up a 1st, next years 1st and at least a second or third this year, maybe another even another as well. That is a lot to give up when you only have 7 picks. Especially, when they can grab Lynch at 15.

      Over the last two years there has been very little activity at the top of the draft.

    2. I understand how you guys feel… I really do, but we must exercise patience. Denver is counting on us becoming impatient and frustrated. Why??? because those are two traits that are precursors to mistakes… Huge mistakes! Niner management can not let their emotions disrupt a business decision. We’ve already seen the damage that has done in our recent past as Niner fans.

      1. I agree. There are more QB uncertain teams than there are available QBs. If I were Trent, I’d drive a hard bargain.

        Denver will modify its offense a great deal depending on who their QB is… Sanchez, Kaepernick or Fitzpatrick. I’m sure they are nervous to know sooner (rather than later) what kind of offense they plan to install.

        1. Ideally, wouldn’t Denver want to have their new QB on board by the time their OTAs begin, which I believe is 4/18?

          1. I’m not sure what drills they run at the OTAs at that point, but the sooner the better. Lets not forget Denver has a timetable too.

          2. Don’t forget to subtract the first two weeks restricted to conditioning, and Colin’s current physical condition. How soon he will be cleared to play is still an unknown.

            I’m sure Denver wants Colin to take what they offer and get to work on the play book, but what is the play book if they plan on adapting it to the QB?

      2. I totally agree Numbers…There is no need to be in a rush for us. Make them blow us away with an offer first…Baalke should accept nothing short of a 2nd to begin with. Denver is afraid that if Chip gets his hands on Kap…all bets are off. Chip will convince Kap that he’ll have his best season with him, which will give Kap more leverage next off-season where he can demand more guaranteed money or that they get rid of the easy out clause built into his current deal…Denver has about 36 hours to agree on a restructure with Kap and come off a high pick to get Kap. I hope Kap refuses to take less…

        1. I totally agree with Numbers about bargaining strategy. SF needs to get more for him than he is worth to the 49ers organization.

          However, I really doubt Elway is going to part with a second round pick for him. Why? The Broncos don’t have a lot of cap space, but need to compensate (presumably through the draft) for the free agent losses on defense this off season AND find a way to shore up the offensive line. Osweiller’s departure simultaneously created a QB problem and mitigated the others.

          Also, as much as I like Kap in Kubiac’s offense, the Broncos need to prioritize spending to stay under the salary cap. Last I checked they were only about $2 million from it. Keep in mind, a team needs around $10 million to pay the rookies they have yet to sign.

          To put it succinctly, the Broncos are closer to the cap than the Kap. Unless there is another landing spot for him, it might be time to start thinking about how he can contribute to the rebuilding process in SF.

        2. Lol you 9er fans sound a bit biased. I’m not a Denver fan but you may very well get stuck with kap. Shouldn’t have played him last yr if wanted max his value. Denver can easily sign Fitzpatrick, hoyer. Kap is a project. Denver is win now team. Kap will just be a distraction now. 9ers don’t want him around since he is still demanding a trade. Gabbart and draft one of the top qbs. You don’t keep a qb around who doesnt want to be here. He lost respect from his teammates now

      3. Maybe it’s just me but it sounds like you think “we” as in “us right here in this blog” should remain calm and not rush into anything. What do “we” and “us” have to do with trade negotiations? If you mean Trent, Paraag, and Jed then “we” and “us” aren’t part of that group.

        1. Exactly. Last time i checked none of our business cards and paystubs had San Francisco 49ers as the company name.

  4. The only way I can see Kap taking a pay cut is if he is given reachable incentives to earn back what he gives up, or he takes a one year deal which puts him in position to become a FA next year if he plays well. Otherwise he may as well compete for the starting job in SF, make his money and leave as a FA next year if things don’t work out.

        1. If he loses the starting job to gabbert and rides the pine next year he is not getting and decent money in free agency.

    1. Well, CK took the second interview with ‘Mr. Ed’, so he’s still listening it seems. To your point, it is a 3-way negotiation. Remember the end of “Good, Bad, & The Ugly?”

    2. I agree with Rocket. No deal gets done. Sanchez might not be an elite QB but the Broncos won the SB with two QBs who put up very non-elite numbers. I think that Elway is hoping he can work magic and make the other parties do something stupid. I say it ain’t gonna happen. Kaep is not old for a QB. His smart move is to take the money like Rocket says, compete like hell and see how it plays out. BTW, if I were Kaep and the worst that could happen is that I make $14 mil for holding a clipboard, I would even be willing to smile at the cameras and be nice to everyone at the pressers (even Grant).

      1. I beg to differ. Kaep is a competitor. He will take less to flee the FO, and go to a team who wants and appreciates him.
        He will take less because he is already a millionaire, and he wants to play. He will not be content to sit on the side lines and hold a clip board, while he sees his playing career slip away. Kaep is in the prime of his life and hungers to achieve greatness. Thankfully, Elway also hungers for another ring, and sees Kaep as the best QB to help him get it.
        I wish him well, and now lament that the Niners just doomed their season with another total rebuild.

  5. With ck leaving even more cap room now. We should go after Mohamed Wilkerson in a trade and draft an edge rusher or two.

  6. Dennis Dickson is a FA I believe.

    “In 2007, new Oregon offensive coordinator Chip Kelly helped quarterback Dennis Dixon to the Pac-10 player of the year award as he completed 67.7 percent of his passes, threw for 2,136 yards, 20 touchdowns and four interceptions and ran for 583 yards and nine more scores.”

    Its just a thought.

      1. System QB. He was with Kelly during the Eagles time. I was not overly fond of him at Oregon but at this point in the game why not see what he has. Shouldn’t cost anything to speak of. He played very well at Oregon.

      2. George

        I believe that for 5 of those years he spent behind Rothlisberger, and he’s an ‘Iron Horse’…the remaining years were spent on the QB merry-go-round…no sins there…

      1. Oregon

        Yes he was, and his injury probably was the biggest reason that prevented the Ducks going into the BCS that year.

  7. I don’t like the idea of just a “mid round pick.” Was the Browns offer of their 66 pick just fiction? (possible). One would think Baalke wold eat some of CK’s 2016 salary to make the Browns trade happen.

    Possible compromises if Denver refuses a straight CK for their pick 63 (which was the original speculation)

    37+CK for Denver’s 31+94+144 (roughly the value of a pick 72)
    142+CK for Denver’s 63 (roughly the value of a pick 71)
    37+CK for Denver’s 31+2017 conditional pick (3rd or 4th depending on Bronco’s record)
    CK for Denver’s 2017 conditional pick (2nd or 3rd depending on Bronco’s record)

    I’m not kicking CK out the door. Flaws and all, Kaep has a unique tool set possibly worth way more than what teams are offering.

    I’m still not buying that a trade is imminent. CK might not be traded before the draft is underway.

    Its possible the quarterback shuffle begins to sort out after pick 15 of the draft. By then the Jets, Broncos, Browns, 49ers, Eagles, Rams (and maybe the Cowboys) situations will be more clear.

    There are more teams with quarterback uncertainty than there are experienced quarterbacks available. If I were Baalke I’d drive a hard bargain.

    1. Definitely a unique skill set there followed by 3 flaws that no team would be willing to sacrifice a high pick for!

      1. 1) Monosyllabic press conferences, 2) insistence on wearing over-sized headphones, 3) Dirk Diggler fashion sense?

        CK has his flaws (spotting open receivers, spotting underneath coverage, accuracy, slow windup release) but he has done spectacular things… and even unproven quarterbacks are expensive!

        1. Yes I agree. It was exciting to watch those 2 years. He took the league by storm.
          But then the league studied him and he never did enough to study the league. He also regressed in his mechanics and fundamentals. Things that every QB needs to rely on when things break down. For all of Russell Wilsons ability to make nothing out of something, he still has the intelligence to not make boneheaded plays and turn the ball over. He’s improved his game mangement and ability to take care of the football.
          That’s what led CK to be benched. The turnovers.

            1. Seb is on Zillow at the moment, checking out available homes (including double-wides)… All we need now is for Hayne to make his way to the mile high city.

              1. Your Daddy better start looking closer at those bait shops. His big claim to fame during the FA period was to re-sign Devey. He needs to hit back to back grand slams, but I predict he will be desperate and choose players with red flags and ACL picks.

              2. This may sound like a contradiction Cassie but my way of rooting for the 49ers is for them to lose, lose, lose until yo daddy is sent back to New Yawk where he belongs. From there it just a short hop down to Florida to visit with his mentor the legendary Big Tuna Parcells. Until yo daddy goes, the 49ers will be going in circles with one foot nailed to the floor. The only question to my mind is how many years of high draft choices will it take for Jeddy Y to get a clue.

          1. He was more hype and uniqueness than being good. Go throw his game log, in 2012 4 of his 7 games he started he threw for 1 td or less, and i dont believe he had over 250 yards passing in any of those games. In 2013 he was very peak and valley, mostly valley (vs carolina mid season).

            His image was what made him so popular, not his qb skills.

          2. +1 Seb. Not to mention, there were some offensive players who’s names I won’t mention, who lobbied for Gabbert.

            For all of his shortcomings, errant passes, interceptions, worm burners, unnecessarily taking negative yardage, not recognizing blitzes, and coverages, and just flat out missing wide open receivers, Kap’s biggest problem at the time he was benched was him losing the confidence of his teammates. His poor play was a big factor in why his teammates turned on him, but the fact that Colin never really nurtured relationships with his linemen, receivers, etc, really cost him in the end.

            I hope he’s learned from the experience because, if he hasn’t, history is bound to repeat itself.

            1. Oops, I meant +1 Prime.

              The 49ers are better off without CK7. He was never going to beat out Blaine anyways. The 49ers are best served by starting Blaine and drafting a potential starter.

              1. Colin is simply unable to play well at QB without Jim Harbaugh holding his hand. Even then, it took an exceptional defense and dynamic rushing attack to take the load off of Colin. The moment Colin became the man, without his crutches, he wilted like a magnolia in the summers heat.

              2. Maybe it was Harbaugh and maybe, like Seb argues, it was injuries. If JPN is out there, maybe you will listen to him discuss with you the difference between causation and correlation. Or maybe you tell us how you know which is the truth.

        2. B2W

          Due mostly to his resistance to toe the line and at least ‘try’ to make himself marketable, Kaep has jumped into the ‘yard sale’ bin. ….it’s up to him now….

  8. I really wanted it to work with Kaep, but his play last year was just too disheartening. Hopefully the trade with Denver happens because he really wants out of SF and having him brooding while sitting on the bench won’t help anybody. Draft Goff and let him sit a year to learn from Coach Kelly and while Gabbert QBs this next season. The team’s not going anywhere near the playoffs and at least Blaine is competent enough to make the offense somewhat interesting.

  9. It may sound weird given how long this has played out and what’s been reported, but I think he eventually ends up staying with the 49ers for a couple of reasons. One, even if he would rather play elsewhere I don’t see why Kap would take a that big of a pay cut. What incentive would he have to take less when his contract is already somewhat low by starting QB standards? And two, I don’t see the Broncos giving up the kind of compensation for him. Elway’s not operating like a guy who’s desperate to land a QB. They didn’t overpay for Osweiler, so I don’t think they’ll do it for Kap either.

    We’ll see though. The off-season program starts Monday, so Chip will have a chance to sell him (if Kap’s in attendance that is, which he reportedly will be).

    1. ninerGang 365

      ‘you remember the old yard salel saying “…nothing’s worth more than someone’s willing to pay…” Well, I do believe that is the model that Elway’s operating on. Who blinks first..?He throws out numbers, and waits to see if there are any takers. In this situation, I could see a third party (don’t know who) hiding in the weeds letting the donkeys do the negotiations, and then they jump in with a marginally better offer, and take Kaep. Denver isn’t the only team out there without a QB….’Better watch out John….

  10. Looks llike the Browns front office is trying to wrest the title of worst NFL front office from Baalke and his cohorts. Donte Whitner was added to the lists of veterans they have chosen to cut.

    1. Cleavland’s really clearing the decks. Currently 3rd in overall cap space. I’m thinking at least 3 year honeymoon period for Jackson. High draft picks 2016-2017. Aggressive FA 2017-2018.

    2. Cutting him is one thing, waiting so long to cut him hurt Whitner’s opportunities for finding a new gig without any benefit to the Browns for the delay; delta bravo move by the FO.

  11. I called it. No other poster initially thought that Kaep would end up in Denver. I said that the day his agents asked to be permitted to talk with other teams about a trade. Many were talking about Cleveland, but I knew that Kaep had his heart set on Denver. Why?
    Because Kaep had his surgeries in Colorado, and he had his rehab in Vail. I am sure that people not connected with the Broncos but just loyal fans, were giving Kaep an earful on how perfect the situation would be with Peyton retiring and BO going to Texas.
    Kaep would get to flee the FO and go to a team who will want and appreciate him. Once the Niners finally relented and gave permission for Kaep’s reps to be able to talk with other teams, I knew they gave up. When John Elway invited Kaep to his home. I knew that the deal would be done. Elway wants another ring, and Kaep is his best option.
    I will wish Kaep Godspeed. I hope he takes the league by storm, again. I pity the Raiders fans, they get to play Kaep twice a year with their largely intact defense. Re-signing Derek Wolf was a good move. Losing Trevathan was hard, but they have good backups. Denver , with Kaep, will present a legitimate threat to repeat.
    As a Die hard Faithful Niner Fan, I am saddened that the FO has engineered another catastrophic calamity. I fully understand why Kaep wants to leave, and sending the leaker to demand Kaep take a pay cut, will go down as a textbook case on how not to negotiate. That said, I hope Jed can grow up and become a leader who we all can be proud of. Instead, we are appalled at how low class the Niners have fallen. Losing Kaep just doomed the season, and maybe the best strategy will be for the Niners to be content to keep losing so they can get the first pick of next year’s draft. Jed would be happy, because he wants to be rewarded for losing.
    Right now, with the Niners facing the NFC West, Carolina and the Pats, I will say it will be a miracle if they do not have a losing season. Even with Chip, I envision a 6 win season.

    1. Sebnnoying you predict a lot things and one of those was CK remaining a Niner becaise Chip Kelly arrived, and that I would eat my words because of it. Please clarify your pathetic waffling?
      Oh wait while your at it, tell me again how CK will take the league by storm again in the Mile High city?

      1. Prime, like I said before, I said those things after hearing that Chip talked with Kaep and sounded positive that Kaep wanted to play with Chip. Then at the Combine, Jed sent the leaker to demand Kaep take a pay cut.
        I should not be blamed if Jed chose to do such an imbecilic move. Once I read that Marathe was at the negotiations, I immediately called that Kaep would now go to Denver.

        1. Sounds like a waffle to me! Bye bye storm and hope you can find a new Broncos blog that will tolerate your pathetic predictions!

          1. Prime, I will still be a Niner fan, but I do not have to like the FO. Guess we are in another period of futility, but I cheered for the Niners when they went 2-14, and will probably do it again.
            Prime, I have another prediction. I predict you will continue to spew drivel, and you will be labeled as a ludicrous infantile potty mouth.

            1. You have clearly have shown you are a fan of a player not a fan of the team. You’ve continued ad nauseum to finger point all off season to the FO and ownership. We get, you don’t need to repeat the same mindless drivel each post. You are moron because you cant think of anything new to say.
              Have fun cheering for the Broncos. Too bad your hero can’t wear #7 anymore and pretty sure the NFL won’t allow him to wear double zero’s. But you could. You’d look great in a blue and orange jersey with 0 and Sebnnoying on the back!

            1. I’ll grow up when this clown decides it’s about the team and not one guy. And when he stops predicting and pretending to know what everyone is thinking!

              1. Well that won’t be happening anytime soon. In the meantime the rest of us are being forced to sift through your endless juvenile barbs at each other.

                You may find it fun. But I’m pretty sure most of the people on this blog would agree with me when I say it just makes the two of you look like idiots and is annoying.

              2. Well sorry to disappoint you Scooter but when you see my blog name scroll as fast as you can downwards and close your eyes. Just like ripping a bandaid off!

        2. I gave you credit before and once again, I give you credit. Denver was not the landing place I thought Kaepernick would go, but you were correct early on.

          Do you think the Broncos will offer a 5th and a player SF needs?

          1. Matt, thank you for that acknowledgement.
            No, I think The Niners wanted a second, but will have to settle for a third. Denver said that Kaep was worth a 4th, but that was just a negotiating tactic. They will offer a 3rd, but I hope Baalke also insists on a conditional 5th next year.Then if Kaep leads them back to the playoffs or even to a repeat, the Niners will get up to a first round pick. It would be insurance in case Kaep does what many think he will do.

            1. Thank you for answering my question. I was hoping we might back into a big name player on Defense like Talib through these negotiations.

              8.5 Million salary for 2016. Frees up just enough room for Denver to sign Kaepernick. We may even give them a CB in return. Archer seems plausible.

              1. Maybe the Broncos will offer Clady or just cut him. He will be worth 8 mil in cap space, I believe, so his loss will free up enough space to sign Kaep.

              2. Matt why would Denver need a CB? They have Roby, Harris Jr and Talib. They have Ward and Stewart as starting safeties. Their loaded in the secondary. Its a great unit. Baalke doesn’t spend big money on FA players. He always looks for high value players performing poorly in other systems like Carlos Rogers. Talib is great but he’s one of the most penalized DB’s in the league. He got 2 game suspension for gouging a guys eye last year. He’s a bit of a hot head.

    2. You’rd grasping for straws Seb. Once again, you have incorrectly analysed the situation.

      I specifically remember many posters, including myself, believing Colin could very well end up in Denver. If he hadn’t jumped the gun and gone public with his trade request, this likely would have got done sooner, and Colin wouldn’t be having to take such a drastic haircut.

      The 49ers are getting exactly what they want, and on their terms. They played this beautifully, from the word go. Though Chip would have liked to have seen how well Colin took to his system, and a strong competition in camp is always a good thing, there’s no doubt in my mind Blaine was the strong front-runner, to winning the job. It would have been a tough for Chip to sell Kap as the starter the way they rallied for Blaine mid season.

      That said. It’s hardly a done deal yet. Colin may decide Denver’s terms are a little too tough on his wallet, and following a hall of famer is a lot of pressure. I hope the best for him and I hope he has grown up a bit throughout this process.

    3. You are so full of BS Seb, it’s laughable. You know why it doesn’t matter what you thought back when Colin’s agents requested permission? Seb? Because everyone assumed Brock Osweiler would be starting for Denver in 2016. That’s why. The only reason Colin MAY end up with Denver now is because the Broncos totally mishandled Brock, and let him get away. I am 99.9% certain that the Broncos would have preferred to have Osweiler as their starting QB, but they find themselves in a desperate situation.

      Furthermore, the 49ers FO was more than happy to let Colin seek a trade. They weren’t real happy when Colin’s immaturity reared it’s head again and that his agents went public with the trade request. That’s probably going to end up costing Colin $3-$4 million. But in the end, the 49ers figured if they held tight, they would either get good compensation, or they would hold onto Colin’s rights. Nobody “relented’. (geeze, how do you come up with this nonsensical stuff like “relented” and even funnier, “textbook case on how not to negotiate” when the 49ers appear to be getting out from underneath Colin’s contract while getting a decent draft pick in return) LMAO.

      I mean, seriously Sebnynah, I have no idea where you come up with such absolute nonsense!

      Anyhow, the 49ers FO also knew that they were never going to flat out release Colin. The 49ers had all the leverage and therefore would only trade Colin if they got the type of compensation they were comfortable with. We still don’t know exactly what the 49ers were originally asking for, but I assume it’s a 3rd or 4th round pick.

      And probably the biggest reason the 49ers had all of the leverage here is …… BLAINE GABBERT. The 49ers and Chip Kelly really, really like Blaine Gabbert. Blaine Gabbert was probably going to be the starting QB in 2016 anyways. It was going to be a hard sell for Kelly, if he would have named Colin the starter after the 49ers offensive players were all in Blaine’s corner, unless Colin clearly, without any doubt, beat out Blaine in camp. Not saying he couldn’t have gone with Kaepernick, but it would have taken a landslide victory in camp, and that was likely not going to happen. The 49ers locker room spoke loud and clear on this issue last season.

      Sebnynah, I know you’re a fanboy, a true Colin Kaepernick groupie. But let me make this clear for you one more time. Although Chip Kelly would have been happy to have a fully committed Colin Kaepernick compete with Blaine Gabbert in July, the vast majority of 49ers players prefer Blaine Gabbert. In order for Colin to take the starting job back this summer, Colin would have to be fully committed. The Colin Kaepernick of 2014 and 2015 was not going to win Chip’s favor. Colin would need to work his arse off reestablishing his relationships within the locker room. Colin would need to stop spending so much time in the weight room and instead spend a lot more time studying the playbook, and gamefilm, as well as reworking his mechanics, which he has clearly ignored since Harbaugh left.

      Colin had a ton of work to do just to get back to being on an even playing field with Blaine. He had lost trust in the front office and the front office had lost trust in him. In the end, the best thing for all involved, is probably Colin being traded to an AFC team. The 49ers get rid of his contract, and Chip gets to draft his QB. Blaine get’s the start for the 49ers in 2016 and a young QB get’s to watch and learn from a highly drafted, athletic, MATURE, NFL QB who understands how to be a leader. Colin get’s a fresh start with a team who has one of the best defenses in the NFL because, god knows, the Broncos offense won’t be turning heads in 2016.

      All in all, the 49ers FO ought to be tickled pink that they are moving on from CK7, he won’t be playing in their division, and they are getting fair compensation as well. If these rumors are true, it’s not inappropriate for the FO to pop the champagne corks, and put this whole situation in the rear view mirror!

      1. Don’t get me wrong. I would have been happy to see Colin compete with Blaine this summer. And, who knows, maybe Colin finds that spark again. But my gut tells me Colin would never be fully committed considering the circumstances. And if he isn’t fully committed, the 49ers are much better off with Blaine and drafting a QB whom they have been targeting during this draft process. Maybe it’s Goff? Maybe it’s Wentz. Maybe it’s Lynch or Cook? Or maybe it’s someone else off the radar.

        Bottom line, unless Colin is ready to reestablish his commitment to the team, and to the playbook, the best thing for all parties involved is probably a fresh start with a fresh young talent!

        1. 49, your delusional ranting is amusing. Saying that the Niners played it perfectly is like saying the Titanic almost kept on schedule. They just lost their franchise QB because Jed sent the leaker to negotiate a pay cut. Once this soap opera is over and Kaep starts talking, you will hear how he was almost ready to come back to the Niners, but was insulted by having his reps talk to Marathe as the lead financial negotiator. It is no wonder why his reps asked permission to talk to other teams minutes after the meeting, and Matt has backed up my version of events when he acknowledged that I was the first on this blog site to call that Kaep would go to Denver. Clueless toadies like you were saying that Kaep should man up and just fulfill his contract, and that the Niners would hold him to it. Now we find that he will not play for a bunch of slimy backstabbers, and you still will not accept the truth.
          If the Niners were holding all the cards, why are they accepting a mid round pick? Posters like you were dissing Kaep right and left, then declaring that a benched second string QB that you and Prime claim did not study and was a cancer in the locker room is now suddenly worth at least a second round pick. Talk about getting back to reality, you just do not get it, and never will.
          So now you want the Niners to start the next season with a rookie QB that will lead a 5-11 team and play the hardest schedule in the league. The Niners may have to miss out on an elite defender and be forced to select a mediocre QB who many pundits have stated is not as talented as a Manning, Luck, Cam or Mariota. Goff or Wentz will probably get the AS treatment. The Niners may even miss out on those 2, and Baalke will probably pick another drunk driver.
          After watching how good players shunned the Niners during Free Agency, the Niners will be needing to hit consecutive grand slams, but in the end, they may whiff like Baalke did on an entire draft class.
          I will say this again. Kaep will not be loyal to the Niners because they were not loyal to him. The lied to him and stabbed him in the back by leaking smears. Kaep will not, and should not, commit himself to a team who delights in cutting players on the team bus. Kaep may have decided to flee this dysfunctional dumpster fire when they banned him from the side line.

          1. He’s not a franchise QB. Franchise QBs don’t lack virtually every attribute needed in a franchise QB:

            1. Instincts — he lacks them and you can’t teach them. He has no anticipation of when, or why, a WR gets open. He just stares at them until he’s sacked or panics and runs or they get 2-yards open.

            2. Accuracy — lacks that. He’s no deep ball passer and yet can’t complete 60% of his passes.

            3. Timing — Can’t anticipate WRs coming open, which is why he’s so slow to get the ball, causing his own sack problems.

            4. Touch — None. All he does is throw Aroldis Chapman fastballs.

            5. Throws — A QB has four basic types of throws — backfield (touch/timing), timed short passes (like slants & shallow crosses), intermediate & deep. Some QBs don’t have deep, Kaepernick doesn’t have anything besides the inaccurate fastballs.

            6. Quick Delivery — His delivery is one of the slowest in the NFL. Part of why gets sacked so often.

            7. Handles Pressure — He’s one of the worst under pressure QBs in the NFL. And he makes a LOT of bad decisions, including routinely pulling the ball down for a sack as he tries, too late, to scramble. Sometimes he creates his own by panicking from non-existent pressure.

            8. Quick Feet — Kaepernick has long speed. But he’s got slow feet and he has poor lateral agility despite his straight-line speed.

            9. Creativity — We saw that in the Superbowl loss. Audible into the same play three times in a row while ignoring an open Davis (2x) and Walker (1x).

            1. Moses why are you fighting this? Just leave it. The board will always be divided on this one just like it is with Alex Smith. Kaep will move on and fans will still love him and the haters will still hate him no matter what his success or failure is just like with Smith.

              If you’re going to quote statistics a least get it right. Kaepernick is a career 60% completion rate guy. I included a link that compares him to the other QB’s in his generation to him that are supposedly franchise QB’s.


            2. Moses, now I know why you wandered in the desert for so long. Kaep was the franchise QB, because they signed him up for 112 mil. When allowed to roll out, Kaep improvised by using his mobility to avoid pass rushers to buy time and let his receivers get wide open because the DBs freaked out that Kaep was on the run and could run right past them. I do not know if you saw every game, but Kaep threw passes that were jaw dropping, and the commentators gushed over how elite his passing skills were. They declared that maybe only a couple other QBs could make the throws that Kaep did with ease.
              Kaep was sacked 80 times because his O line was putrid. Blaming Kaep for sacks that were caused by turnstile line men is churlish. Kaep also avoided 80 sacks that other QBs would have taken, but Kaep used his speed quickness and mobility to avoid them, or he might have been sacked 160 times. Many times, I saw Kaep shrug off arm tackles.
              In the SB, blaming Kaep solely for the loss is delusional. He came storming back and got the Niners to within 5 yards of winning it all, but the officials gave the game to the Ravens, Moss did not even try for the ball, the defense could not make the crucial stops, ST failed, and JH called a TO just before Kaep strolled into the end zone.
              It is interesting that you want to parrot the same old criticisms, but ignore what others say to refute them.
              Kaep is gone, but he still has talents. He did not walk, he was driven away, and the FO is to blame for losing their franchise QB, no matter what you claim.
              Kaep has gone to a team that will appreciate his leadership, and coaches smart enough to utilize him properly, and fans who hunger for another ring. Niners fans were chanting suck for Luck and gag for Goff. They expect to lose and helped drive away the best chance the Niners had to become relevant again.

            3. Excellent analysis Moses. And you didn’t even touch on Colin’s lack of leadership skills.

              I like Colin as a person. I think he’s got a good heart. But he doesn’t have the mental makeup of a franchise QB. He doesn’t inspire his teammates. And he let’s his emotions get the best of him.

              I hope the best for CK7, but I’d rather have Blaine Gabbert leading the 49ers in 2016, and I am certain I speak for the majority of the players.

              1. I’d like to a full season with CK gone and BG at the helm before I am ready to see where the team and players are at. I feel like we’re going wait a bit for a QB we can get behind. Kelly has helped a lot of bad QB’s get better. He can help BG too hopefully with third downs.

      2. 49 I don’t think the Broncos mishandled Brock. They knew his value and weren’t willing to over pay him. He got over paid by the Texans. Here in Denver there’s chatter after he got pulled in the San Diego game he made his mind up to leave. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? They were willing to pay him $13 mil a year and no more. I think they knew what they had and that they could replace him if he left. I think the Texans might have some buyers remorse next season.

        I am ready for this to be over. So tired of the rumors. We still haven’t heard from Kaep or his agents. I want to move on to see who we’re rooting for next season at QB.

        1. Wilson, it is amazing that 49 seems to think that BO was a superior option for the Broncos. Even BO knew the writing was on the wall, and left because he knew Elway wanted Kaep, and now will get Kaep.
          BO will get a soft landing in Texas, and will be overly compensated for being a QB with only 7 starts and no playoff experience.

          1. Seb I think that’s just speculation. Elegy has a value for a player and he won’t budge on it. It will be the same for Kaep. Rowan is documented as liking Kaep at the shared practices but he also has all of Kaep’s film to watch too. Kaep could be under center a lot in Kubiak’s system and that might not be great for him. Manning struggled under center. Late in the year they gave him more reps in shot gun.

              1. It could also be fat fingering on my phone. An edit feature might fix all of the forums problems.

        2. Wilson, when I say “mishandled” I’m not just talking about contract specicfics. The Broncos were slow to realize how upset Brock was. From what I have heard, Brock would likely have signed an extension well before FA started, had he felt like the team was committed to him.

          You make a good point when it comes to the decision to pull him in favor of a QB with a noodle arm. Brock saw this as a way of limiting Bricks value this season. It just goes to show how hard it is to make everyone happy, even for a super bowl winning GM.

          The point is the Broncos were caught off guard. And that contributed to the exodus. Would they have been willing to go higher with Brock’s contract? Probably, but by the time they realized it, Houston had swooped in and signed a somewhat disgruntled QB.

          However, there is no question the Broncos would have much rather gone into 2016 with Brock Osweiler at the helm. The Broncos loss is the 49ers gain because there was probably too much water under the bridge and the FO no longer viewed Colin as a franchise QB. They prefer Blaine Gabbert, that’s a fact!

          1. Its not a big deal to me. I think Brock had the team in his corner and people in his ear telling him the job was his. Many of the Bronco’s players were really behind Brock and liked his efforts. He may have felt slighted, but if you listen to all of Kubiak’s interviews he’s very careful to never count Manning out all through the season. He really felt he’d arrived.

            We don’t know what Kubiak said or did after that or how and when they talked with him about the future. Its also possible Brock never communicated his disgruntled nature. Its hard for me to speculate on what was done when we don’t know how quickly they responded. I also know coaches promise lots of stuff to get guys to perform, that often causes disappointment.

            Why would the Broncos sign a deal before the season with a guy who’s not played a game in the NFL yet? Sure they could have locked him up for $7-10mil a year but they really let him prove himself and in doing so they allowed him to market his talent for $18mil. I don’t think they were caught off guard except in how much the Texans were willing to pay for a guy with 7 starts.

            I wouldn’t use as strong of language like “there’s no question the Bronco’s”. I am not sure that’s how Elway thinks. He seems to have preferences at a certain value. They offered $45 mil to Jackson, like CFC pointed out there was no way they could have paid Brock if they landed Jackson. They would have had to cut other players and they knew they were going to lose some of those players, maybe they were surprised they lost Brock as you say. I think he would have preferred to Brock back for sure, but I also think they’re pretty confident they can win how they did last season with the right moderate QB play.

            1. Wilson, I like the way you think. It’s hard to speculate how differently things would have played out if Kubiak had stuck with Brock throughout the postseason and if the Bronco’s were in a different place in terms of cap space. I’ve heard that Elway was unaware of the just how upset Brock was about the way the season unfolded last season. But only Brock and John know for certain.

              Can we agree that Elway would prefer Osweiler over Kap if their salaries were in the same ballpark?

              1. Sure 49, if you like the guy you know and who knows your system you stay in house for your players. I think its similar here. Not a great QB market but they do know what they have in CK and in BG plus adding a new QB keeps things known.

                That would be a major misstep by Kubiak or who ever to not let the GM know Brock was upset. If that’s the case then they did mishandle it.

    4. Seb – If you are right about this, I would like to discuss hiring you to help me handicap the horse races. OTB has been forcing me to defer retirement too long;

      1. I will only recommend playing the ponies with money you can afford to lose. When I go to the races, I do it for fun. My strategy is to study the forum, look for their past race times, and then bet the exacta. I choose horses with around 4-1 odds and then box it with a horse with around 8-1 odds. That way, I get the most return for my bet, yet have horses that have a decent chance to win. I never bet the favorite or the big longshots because the favorite does not pay much and the longshots rarely win. I stay in the middle of the pack, and bet the horses with good past running times, and the exacta just amplifies the odds.

  12. This is a lose lose situation for the Niners and more than likely for Kaep as well. IF the Niners trade him for a 4th round pick, the likelihood of that player becoming an impact player or starter for that matter is low. If they don’t trade him, Kaep will likely have another tough season with the talent around him making him completely dispensble or he walks after the season and will command little respect on the QB market in 2017 (and the niners get nothing in return).

    If he does go to Denver and does well, the niners will look terrible and will be adding on another player to the mass exodus. What more than likely does happen, somehow Mark Sanchez will become the starter. Kaep struggles the rest of the league will then say, Kaep can’t win in Denver, he probably can’t win with us. Then he might get signed as a backup.

    Best case scenario for the Niners is if Kaep has a good season in SF and Chip can help squash the beef Kaep has with the front office. One of Chip’s knocks is he doesn’t relate to players but he can develop QBs. Let the soap opera cont…

    1. The big loss has happened. The 49ers franchise QB stunk last year and wants out.

      Lets say the 49ers hang on to CK for a year and he’s awful. The 49ers are out the equivalent of a 4th rounder (Denver doesn’t have a 4th this year).

      Lets say the 49ers hang on to CK and he plays somewhere between his 2013 and 2015 levels. He could command at least a 2nd rounder because of the NFL’s chronic QB shortage.

      2nd rounders go 276-590 chart. 4th rounders go a measly 45-116 chart. I think its worth the gamble to hang on to him. If the plan fails, the 49ers are only out a lousy 4th rounder.

  13. On a side note, I was surprised to see Vernon Davis was signed by the Redskins. That actually could be a good stop for him.

    As for Kaepernick going to Denver, it appears SF was patient. They went ahead and made his salary guaranteed standing their ground. Denver’s pick in any round is essentially the first pick of the next round. So, a fourth round pick is really the first pick of the 5th round.

    I am ready to give Baalke credit for playing hard ball and getting value for a QB who didn’t have any. I still do not think this makes SF sign a QB in the 7th spot.

    1. If I recall correctly, Vernon grew up in DC. Back to his roots. Lot of good memories of him here. Good luck Vernon!

      1. My oldest son flew Vernon and other NFL players when they visited the troops in Iraq. Class guy he said. (as were the others)

    2. +1 Matt. I think he also deserves enormous credit for having the foresight to structure Colin’s contract the way that they did. This could have been a disaster if there was a lot of dead money attached.

  14. Kaep will go to Denver because he is tired of being stabbed in the back. Jed and Baalke do not deserve to have Kaep, and I think that Kaep will finally be turned loose and come storming back. Denver has coaches who will accentuate his strengths and never force him to be only a pocket passer. That Denver defense will make any QB a favorite to return to the SB. Manning could not throw or run. Kaep can throw it the length of a football field and can run like the wind.
    Kaep probably thinks he has died and gone to heaven.

    1. Blah blah blah. Second verse same as the first. You sound like a kid who just lost his favourite toy. What will you do now on the Broncos blog when he throws a couple pick 6’s? Blame the leaker, blame Jed? Boo hoo hoo!

      1. Gee Prime, I said that Kaep will take the league by storm, just like you said before. However, he will not be leading the pathetic Niners, but the reigning SB Champs.
        You seem unclear on the concept. I can wish a player well, even if he does not play for the Niners. I do not have to abandon the Niners and root for a different team. Just like a lot of the AS lovers, they still were Niner fans but wanted KC and AS to do well.

        1. Pathetic Niners? Yeah ok, long time fan my arse! It’s a bad team right now with a huge upside but pathetic? You probably should check your thesaurus for another word die hard fan!

          1. The Niners had a record of 5-11, and easily could have lost 3 more of those games. You may think that is stellar, but I think it is pretty pathetic.

              1. That was Jed and his Momma who did the tomfoolery on us. She thought he is a very nice man-an educator, in the strictest sense.

            1. It’s official Seb. You sir, are not a real 49ers fan. You are a Kaepernick fangirl, not a true 49er faithful. No true fan talks this way about their team.
              You are a Colin Kaepernick groupie. I’ve read you claim you are a senior citizen. I’m guessing by the things you type, you’re a 13 year old girl and you probably have Colin’s arm tattooed on your lower back. Not a tramp-stamp, a Kap-stamp! The way you defend Colin as a QB, reminds me of the way my niece defends Brittany Spears as a singer.

              The only thing pathetic is your misunderstanding of the way life works. Why don’t you take your Kap-stamp, your Brittany Spears posters, and your broken fricken records, and head on over to Colorado. The chances of the Broncos repeating this season are slim to none!

              1. 49, i guess when I talk about attending in person the 1981 NFCCG to witness The Catch, you think I suddenly regressed to be a 13 year old now.
                Makes sense, if you are as clueless as you sound all the time.
                I will admit that I liked Kaep since his Reno Nevada days, and thought that once he became a Niner, that the Niners would be in serious contention to compete for the Lombardi every year that he played. Too bad Jed decided that he did not need a HC who made it to 3 NFCCG in a row, and his hand picked QB.
                Now the Niners are confronted with being a dysfunctional dumpster fire, with simpering sycophants who attack Die Hard Faithful Niner fans who decry how poorly the team has been led and managed.
                Go ahead, lick Jeds behind. I would much rather give it a swift boot.

        2. I was a huge Alex Smith fan. But once he left I could care less what he did. Big difference clown. See CK winning a ring on another city means my team wont. That’s not good news for me regardless of if we are contender. I’m not wishing anyone to win a ring. Especially a guy who never gave his all for my team! He was more interested in wearing head phone as opposed to studying tape!

          1. Well said Prime. By the way, although I think Alex is very limited as a QB physically, I would have rather had him, arm and all, thanks the immature Colin Kaepernick, who walks around with his headphones on all day long, and doesn’t feel he needs to study film. For all of Alex’s shortcomings, his humility, and team first attitude, as well as his ability to diagnose defenses, would have gone a long way to smoothing out the transition from Harbaugh to Kelly.

            We know the team preferred Blaine over Gabbert because of his leadership, as well as study habits and ability, and the current roster almost certainly would have preferred Alex over Colin for the same reasons.

            1. The team (players and FO) preffered Blaine over Colin, and would likely have preferred Alex over Colin for the same reasons.

  15. Denver has needs at QB and Safety. Sf has a plethora of safeties. Could we see some maneuvering where SF trades a Safety and a QB to Denver for a Tackle or a CB as well as a 5th rounder?

  16. It is sad for fans that there is so little going on with 9ers we have to spend time on this drama around a QB who is really not good on a team that is horrible. Warriors and Giants are world class organizations, then you have this barnum and bailey deal called the 9ers. I wish the 9ers could try and emulate the raiders…

  17. So now what? Do the Niners draft a QB? Knowing their luck, both Goff and Wentz will be gone before they pick.
    I still say that they should draft a pass rusher with their first, and an O lineman with their second. Maybe ILB in the third.

  18. Denver’s picks

    Round 1: Pick 31
    Round 2: Pick 63
    Round 3: Pick 94
    Round 3: Pick 98 (compensatory)
    Round 4: Pick 136 (compensatory)
    Round 5: Pick 144
    Round 6: Pick 219 (compensatory)
    Round 7: Pick 228
    Round 7: Pick 235
    Round 7: Pick 253

    By “4th rounder”, they could be assuming equivalent value. Some examples
    37+CK for Denver’s 31
    145+CK for Denver’s 94
    2017 4th

    Baalke should hold out for more.

    1. Too bad you couldn’t trade compensatory picks.
      How about CK+145 for DEN 63 & 94?


      CK for DEN 98, 144 and conditional 2017 pick? Ends up being 3rd at worst?

  19. Pack your bags, Kaep.
    (how long will he last in Denver?) …

    Sitting still & enjoying life in Kansas City,
    Alex Smith

    Will Kapurnicus ever figure out how to
    settle down and live a normal life…???

    Some professional athletes pull it off;
    the Chiefs’ QB is certainly one of them.

    1. No. AS has shown how he is a decent QB, but still lacks the intangibles. When he huddled up while needing to run the hurry up offense, it just confirmed my belief that AS will never win a ring.

  20. From Mike Florio:

    “Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the 49ers and Broncos currently don’t have an agreement on trade compensation, officially or in principle. In other words, the notion that the only thing keeping a deal from happening is a deal between the Broncos and Kaepernick on a reduced contract is, as the source put it, a “real stretch.”


  21. I believe Seb also predicted the winner of the Tyson- Douglas fight, the assassination of JFK and MLK (he made the K initial connection as well), the signing of the Declaration of Independence and lastly, he predicted the birth and death of one Jesus Christ.

    1. Well, I predicted that Jed would do something stupid, and that was because it was the SB week and he would be interviewed a lot. However, I did not realize that he would do or say something stupid EVERY time he opened his mouth.

        1. Prime, he said to hold him accountable. I am doing that, but he will not accept responsibility. He should resign for the good of the team. Let his brother take over or one of Eddie’s daughters.

          1. Are you a season ticket holder? Attend games? Support his product?
            If you dont like it, dont follow it. Otherwise criticizing everyday is just boring!

              1. Because you repeat the same thing everyday. 84/100 posts are yours that say nothing. Its kiling threads. Your annoying. Beat it!

              2. Interesting. I say lots of different things, yet you dwell on just a few posts that are almost always in reply to counter or refute what other posters say ad nauseum.
                Maybe you do not realize it, but you say the same old tripe over and over.

          1. Now that the 49ers are starting their 2016 off season activities, I think it’s time to make a statement.

            The 49ers are 2 years removed from an NFC Championship trophy. Their Super Bowl opponent, the Ravens are in worse shape than the Niners are, and their GM, Ozzy Newsome, is highly respected.

            It’s simply the way the NFL works. Unless Tom Brady is your QB, it’s simply impossible to compete for a Lombardi Trophy every season.

            Trent Baalke has made some mistakes. But I think this roster is more talented than some people realize. To go 5-11 with one of the worst coaching staffs the league has ever seen, while simultaneously having to bench your starting QB, suggest there is a talented nucleus to build upon. Trent has done a fantastic job with the salary cap, as well as acquiring draft Capitol. His strategy of drafting injured players hasn’t worked out, but I still think it’s a viable strategy.

            IMO the 49ers have one of American Football’s best offensive mindsnat HC, a strong duo of Coordinators, an up coming group of assistant coaches, the perfect “bridge” QB under which to develop a young QB, a lot of money to spend and a wealth of draft picks to build a roster around an dynamic system.

            Suck on that Sebnynah! Us diehard fans are tired of the negativity. The 49ers FO is here to stay through this extremely critical phase. Either get on board the Chip Kelly train, and start interacting on this blog in a more positive manor. Or take your negativity to Denver along with your heart-throb QB you adore so much.

            I will take responsibility for my part of the back and forth personal exchanges. But as a 49er faithful who has been rooting for the 49ers since the glory days, I refuse give up on my team through the bad times as well as the good. And I hope we can get back to talking about the X’s and O’s and start talking about the 5-time World Champion in the positive, constructive manner this storied franchise deserves.

            1. Well said 49. The criticism of everything FO and Ownership was all warranted last year. But now begins a new era. Kelly is the offensive minded coach we all hoped for. He will get to draft the pieces needed and the defense will need to add a few new parts.
              Overall it still is a rebuild but things are on the up and up. All the naysayers can continue to be old and crusty. Its time to be a fan again!

            2. 49, I have been a Die hard faithful Niner fan since the mid 70’s. I take a back seat to no one about the team I love. However, I will not be a toady who tries to shout down any poster who dares to question the FO. They have behaved reprehensibly, and has brought dishonor to a once proud franchise. I want the Niners to improve and win rings. Allowing Jed and Baalke to drive away their winningest coach in decades without criticism is just being content to lose. Driving away the last QB to lead the Niners to a Super Bowl is maddeningly frustrating. Calling the OC and DC a strong duo is delusional. I bet you never even heard of them 3 months ago. Chip just got fired from his last gig, so he did not set the league on fire. I want the Niners to become a classy organization who will act like Champions. Leaking smears and cutting players on the team bus is the opposite of class. It is crass. Telling lies and sending the leaker to negotiate a pay cut just shows how low the FO has become, and the Niners will only improve once Jed and Baalke get their walking papers. Obviously, you think it is verboten to criticize the Niners, so you probably think Joe Thomas is a swell guy and Dr York is the epitome of a benevolent owner.
              This is America, and free speech is tolerated. I think that the Niners will become winners when they hold everyone accountable, and make realistic assessments. Both jed and Baalke have screwed up things royally, and their MO will only continue the losing. I want the Niners to fix their problems, act with class and become winners.
              It all starts at the top. When Eddie was here, he treated his players like kings, and they responded with rings. Jed and Baalke treat players like chattel and it is no wonder why good FAs avoided the Niners like the plague. It is no wonder why Kaep wants out. It is no wonder why so many players left or retired. I think the Niners are bigger than both Jed and Baalke, so getting rid of them will help the organization. Keeping them will only perpetuate the losing.

              1. Yawn! Take a nap old timer. When you awake remember it’s 2016 not 1955! Never understood why old people need to repeat the same things over and over again!

              2. Remember Prime, Kaep will go to a team with an elite defense, and like you say, take the league by storm.

              3. How could I forget, you’ve said the same thing the past 2 months!
                Alzheimer’s much?

              4. Seb you are either dumb, ill or just flat out an annoying fan from another team just trolling. So what is it? I’m guessing all 3!

              5. Our problem with you Seb, is your incessant need to repeat the same criticism, almost verbatim, of Jed York, Trent Baalke, and Marathe. over, and over, and over again. And most of your examples are either twisted out of context, exaggerated, or simply made up all together. It’s one thing to make illogical statements. It’s quite another to repeat the same illogical statements ad-nauseum, like a broken record. If you seemed to know what you were talking about, you might be slightly more tolerable, but you clearly don’t know the first thing about the inner workings of an NFL team.

                And the toughest thing for us to tolerate is your absolute inability to hold Colin Kaepernick even the slightest bit responsible for his regressive play over the last couple seasons. Colin says “I’m not really big on mechanics” and then HOF QB Kurt Warner, who worked hands on with Colin during the offseason, is asked to asses what he sees from Colin after nearly half of a season worth of struggles, and he says: “The biggest thing that I see with Kap quite often — and it’s frustrating — are his feet.” Kurt goes on to say “As Kap releases the ball, his feet are parallel to the line of scrimmage, rather than perpendicular. He’s throwing with all arm, rather than with his body. The result is a pass both late, and inaccurate. Normally good quarterbacks don’t throw like that.” And then we come to find out that Colin has been studying approximately 1/5th of the amount of game film as his backup and, rather than hold Colin accountable, all you’re concerned about is the “leaker” who leaked the information. Even though, in the opinion of every person I have talked to about this, to a man, believe Colin’s teammates, who go to battle with him on a weekly basis, have a right to know whether their QB is studying the darn game film.

                Yah, Sebnynah, it get’s incredibly frustrating when someone who espouses to know the game of football, is so completely blinded by pure fandom that he couldn’t recognize a snake if it bit him in the nose, or recognize a struggling QB who has alienated his teammates, and refuses to study game film, or work on his mechanics. And on top of your naivety, you repeat the same flawed logic over, and over, and over again, like a broken record. And doesn’t even realize how negative he comes across as.

                It’s far more than simply you having an opinion that we disagree with Seb. It’s the annoying way you repeat your flawed logic and deny the obvious, over and over again!

              6. 49, if you did not keep on spewing the same drivel, I would not have to counter it. I have been saying that Kaep was insulted by the leaker leading the negotiations because you and many other posters refuse to even acknowledge that there was a leaker.
                You seem to focus on a few key words and say that I am repeating myself, but I try very hard to give the gist of the message with a different slant or from a different perspective. You should be glad that I do not cut and paste like I have seen many posters do. Many of my posts do have original material, and I reply to some posts by giving context first. Soon it will be Monday, and all the speculation will come to an end and we will see if Kaep attends, or stays away.
                You seem to keep saying that the Niners have leverage, but I see things differently.
                I also write and may say things that others recognize before, but I am also writing for the casual reader who will read this blog for the first time.
                Once again, ignore my posts. Skim past them. pay no attention to them. Reading them and then complaining about them can easily be solved by not reading the posts.

              7. Prime, when you read that I have been a fan since the 70’s, had season tickets for years then you ask if I am a fan of another team, I consider that obtuse.

            3. Why are so many blaming this all on last years coaches? They were bad but did you see what they had to work with???
              They took over an 8-8 team that lost half their starters and 5 borderline probowlers and people think they would have won a lot more games with a much better coaching staff? There was a lot more wrong with this team than just the coaches.

    1. Hey Jam, long time no see.
      I am resigned. Wonder now who they draft. Gabbert may be the starter now, but I do not see him leading the Niners to the playoffs.
      3 QBs who I think would do well in a Chip Kelly offense are- Cardale Jones, Kevin Hogan and Jacoby Brissett.

  22. I just delayed going to bed, a very short while, to scroll rapidly through “the two that live to post each other.”

    Thank you, and good night.

  23. I still think it is 50 / 50 that Kap stays. I just don’t see him taking a big paycut to go to the Broncos. NFL careers are short. One blindside hit and your career is over. IMO it would be silly for Kap to give up 7 million just to get away from the 49ers.

    Keep in mind the meeting with Elway took place last Thursday. That was before Kap’s salary became guaranteed. I think it was a last ditch effort by Elway to get Kap to agree to a paycut before his contract became guaranteed. It obviously did not happen othewise a trade woukd have been announced already.

    There are reports out there now that the ESPN / Shafter story was overblown.

    Unless Kap and the 49ers come out and state something one way or another, I think we will have this drama all the way until training camp. Come on Kap, come on Jed, put an end to the media’s misery. Make a statement and put an end to the drama one way or another.

      1. I think it’s more like around $6.4 million. He has a workout bonus of $400k and a roster bonus of $1.125 million due as well in 2016. It seems to me these are very highly likely to be earned, unless Kap decides to hold out. A holdout would be career suicide.

        1. No way Kap holds out. Either he will be traded to the Broncos or he will report to the 49ers even if it just to make sure he gets his reporting and roster bonus.

          I also think if Kap is on the roster on opening day he will start (assuming he is healthy). No way the 49ers will pay him 14mil just to sit on the bench.

      2. I tend to agree with Jack that he’s not a 49er in 2016. Crazy stuff happens though. There’s a chance he rides the pine this year and gets traded or cut next season too.

        Its not all about the money. Its about a good work environment, potential for success, being valued and developed as a player. Some players want to win more than they want money.

        If Gabbert is really the guy Baalke likes and the FO looking for a replacement QB in the draft he doesn’t have a lot of those options in SF. The 49ers are a long ways from a playoff visit. Even in our division if Wilson and Palmer both got hurt those teams would both beat us still.

  24. Just tossing around an idea here….. Do the huge salaries these folks get color their views of themselves and their situation?
    AD- Oh I might come back,…maybe later..or, I dunno…we’ll see.
    Brock leaves a SB team to jump to a never-done-anything franchise because he was insulted that he got benched when PM came back from injury.
    Colin has a rash because of some perceived slight from the FO when none of that had anything to do with his benching.
    I remember Garcia getting benched. He didn’t like it, but he took it as a challenge, shut his mouth and later won his job back. What happened to that approach from big, tough, professional athletes?

    1. I think sometimes we perceive the money to be the primary issue but I think all the scenarios are far more complicated than a price tag. What if Brock tested the market and nobody would match the Bronco’s offer? He’d be back in the locker room in April and would swallow his pride. The Texans way over paid for a guy with 7 games experience. It could be Cassell or Flynn all over again. His salary is guaranteed now so to me it doesn’t seem to be about the money. Colin made a team friendly deal but this franchise isn’t going anywhere quick. AD seems to march to his own beat and money clearly doesn’t seem to be his motivating factor.

      1. I think that the players do not care as much as the posting public do, and they probably cheer when a player gets a good payday. I sure hope they do not play harder with a player who makes less than they do, or play less hard when another player makes more than they do.
        Thinking about money is a distraction, and no good team lets it affect their play.

  25. Will be anxiously awaiting good news from Twitter today. Keeping two fingers crossed we’re finally rid of him.

  26. Now we can finally focus on football and developing this roster under Kelly’s leadership. Rid the CK and AD drama!

    1. Hallelujah and Amen Prime Time!

      We’be got a QB on the roster that’s wants to be here, and is excited to get this thing started. And I get excited when my QB gets excited. I for one am intrigued to see Blaine run this offense. And we couldn’t ask for a classier guy to lead the team.

      GO NINERS!

    1. That’s $4.9 million. The link to the article seems to be missing a decimal point.

      1. As Cubus mentioned earlier, the number is 6.4 million. The article is not accounting for the workout and reporting bonus.

        1. That will depend on whether Kaepernick reports or not. However, I believe the 49ers are the hook for the bonuses if he does report and get traded afterwards, so those bonuses really don’t factor into the deal.

          1. I don’t think so, Mid. The workout bonus is contingent on Kap being at OTAs (there’s probably some percentage that he needs to attend). The roster bonus, I believe, is dependent upon Kap actually being on the roster during the season for all of the games. I believe the roster bonus is paid out per game.

            Perhaps the 49ers would pay out the entire $400K of the workout bonus if he reports on Monday and then is traded to the Broncos shortly thereafter. But I can’t see them paying out the roster bonus (I think this was the same type of bonus that resulted in the large savings the team realized when Aldon Smith was released). From Kap’s point of view, he is probably counting these amounts when he looks at his compensation.

            1. The workout bonus requires 90% attendance to voluntary camps, and I assume 100% attendance to the required camps unless the team allows an absence for unexpected events.

              To collect the $2M bonus, Colin needs to be on the game day roster. He would get $125K for each game. He lost around $800K in 2015 when he was put in injured reserve.

    2. What is more valuable to the 49ers – keeping Kaep or trading him for a draft pick and saving $7M in cap space?

      Hard to say until we know what type of draft pick is being considered. But I don’t like keeping players that don’t want to be part of the team. Keeping Kaep is only of value if he is willing to give it his all this season.

      1. And that’s the X factor. If he returns and loses the job or doesn’t get the respect of his teammates, he could potentially be a major distraction.
        The media alone would blow it up all season. Don’t need that after the last season.

        1. that last part should read “offset from a release where he is then signed by another team (because no one would sign him).”

        2. I agree with Florio. Though the 49ers won’t let him participate outside of injury recovery from his off season surgeries.

          1. Good point, Scooter. The basic premise is correct, but Florio missed out on the fact that Kap won’t be able to participate due to his injuries. According to Barrows, it’s expected that it will take another month for him to be cleared, which is right around draft time. Still, as Fucillo pointed out yesterday, he doesn’t believe there is any prohibition against team meetings especially meetings to go over the playbook.


        3. Florio is way off and has been way off on this thing. Remember, Florio is the guy who said that the teams have a deal in principle. They don’t. If you want to follow someone who seems to be getting better information on this, Ian Rapoport is the guy, not Florio.

          Also, the physical aspect of the first two weeks of the offseason program only include strength and conditioning as well as rehabilitation. Kaepernick would be limited in the first aspect because he is still rehabbing from an injury. If the 49ers feel that he would be better served rehabbing elsewhere, like the Steadman Clinic in Colorado where he has been for much of the offseason, then that is between San Francisco and their contractually obligated employee. And from what I am hearing, Colin has already been given permission to remain in Colorado and continue his rehabilitation.

  27. Multiple sources are reporting that Kaepernick and the Bronco’s are asking the 49ers to pay the difference ($4.9 million of Colin’s 2016 salary) in order to finalize the deal. Unless the Bronco’s are willing to part with a 2nd round pick, pigs will fly sooner than the 49ers FO pays Colin $4.9 million to play for the Broncos.

    That is simply a non-starter IMO.

      1. I’ve said this before. But anything less than a 2nd rounder is useless to us. Baalke will waste that pick on a guy that was Suposed to be a 2nd but either transferred schools or tore his acl or something ridiculous.

        He may even waste the 2nd rounder.

        Ideally I would take a 1st rounder or a 2nd and we can for half of kaps salary.

        He is worth more on the team than a 4th round pick to waste.

  28. Baalke needs to find a way to trade all his picks for 3 first rounders.

    He will under pick them and get second or third round value from them. But better than under picking 3rd and 4th rounders that should be 6th rounders.

    Unfortunately Baalke thinks he is really good at lower round picks where he out smart everyone else. He thinks he can get 1/2nd value in rounds 3-6.

  29. I hope this works out well for Kaep in Denver. At this point in his career, Kaep lacks many of the tools to be a top 15 QB. He reached his apptitude ceiling in 2013 maybe a spin around the block with Elway (like he had Harbaugh) will be the ticket for Kaep. Good Luck Kaep keep grinding.

      1. HT ..

        and .. “you-know-who” .. would

        (most likely) … become even

        annoying …

        (not to mention any names, though)

  30. I’m not sure why Florio seems to have skin in this game but, he’s been giving, and getting, poor information throughout this process. He was certain the 49ers would release Colin before his salary became guaranteed. Then he said they probably couldn’t even if they wanted to. Florio even went as far as attempting to discredit a report yesterday by Adam Schefter, a report that the ESPN insider quickly defended. Florio is hoping the Broncos get the better end of this deal for some reason.

    as 49erswebzone writer David Bonilla wrote: “Why would the 49ers be interested in paying a player to play for another team when they say they want him on their roster? If general manager Trent Baalke took that deal, he has no business returning in 2017.”

    And I wholeheartedly concur. The Broncos are the desperate team here. They have Mark Sanchez and a no-name QB on their roster, and are not in a position to get one of the top 3 QB prospects in the draft. The 49ers have all of the leverage at this point and are in no hurry to make a deal. Trent Baalke better hold firm and make John Elway agree to his terms.

    1. And it’s not the 49ers problem that the Broncos are up against the cap, nor is it the 49ers problem that the Broncos don’t believe Colin Kaepernick is a $12 million dollar QB.

      I truly believe this deal would already have been done if Colin had thought this thing all the way through before having his agents announce his trade request publically. The kid just cannot control his emotions. Not a good quality for a “franchise QB”!

      1. I have no idea of what really is and isn’t being discussed among the three interested parties, but if it’s the case that there’s an impass over the DIFFERENCE in compensation, and they’re serious about getting it done, then all 3 could compromise equally:
        -CK & his agents accept a cut to salary of one third of that difference
        -Elway accepts a one third share to sweeten the deal
        -Baalke kicks in a one third share, in 2016 only, predicated on an acceptable trade compensation.
        It’s hard to gauge the various levels of urgency among the players, so it’s unclear if anything will happen before 4/29.

      2. Well said.

        As a 49er fan, I am not going to shed any tears if Horsey Face has to start the season with Mark Sanchez at QB.

        I agree that Kap (or his agents) did not think things through when they demanded a trade. They obviously thought there would be a number of teams lining up to sign him, and he would get more money. They got a rude shock when they realized that their only options were to sign with the Broncos for about a 6.4 millin dollar paycut or stay with the 49ers.

        One smart thing CK has done is to keep his mouth shut throughout this saga. At least he has not pulled a TO and burned his bridges with the 49ers by making inflammatory statements through the media.

        Let’s face it. CK is not going to take a paycut and Baalke is not going to pay him 6 million dollars to play for another team. I think Jed will fire Baalke on the spot if he made a deal like that. The ball is in Elway’s court. If he really wants CK he needs to come up with cap space for 13.6 million and pony up a Second round pick. Looks unlikely to me.

    2. Florio is full of himself, and I don’t agree with a lot of his reasoning. But he is absolutely right that if Kaep really wants out then it is in his best interest to force the issue.

      1. Scooter:

        Would you claim Ifo Ekpre-Olomu off of waivers or FA if he makes it that far? He was a 7th round pick, so we’re talking about a low contract value. We bring 90 guys into camp, so why not?

          1. Thanks for posting that MWNiner. Competition is always good and if he can overcome the injury I think he could be a rotational DB.

        1. Not a good idea. The indication for the reason he was released is that his knee injury from college wasn’t allowing him to play to his full strength.

          1. Oh no, that’s it, we better not bring him in as one of 90 guys in TC. He’s simply not worth the chance. :-P

            1. Not if he can’t play to his full strength. He’s smaller than most DBs, and his ability to make plays negated that. If that ability has been sapped, then he may end up having to follow the same path Lattimore did.

              1. Unless he actually recovers from his injury and plays to his potential. How is it you know for sure the extent of his knee injury and rehab means he can’t? Because you read a rumour suggesting he was released by the Browns after they did a medical?

              2. Try him out when he says he is 100% or been given the okay by a doctor.

              3. Wouldn’t he be subject to a medical by the 49ers staff prior to being officially signed? If he doesn’t pass then sure, don’t sign him. But may as well bring him in for a look see.

        2. I was pretty big on Ifo. They did a good job of covering up the severity of the injury and it wasn’t until his free fall in the draft that he came out and disclosed that he’d had a more extensive injury to the knee then previously revealed. Until that point even with the initial prognosis I saw him as a third round talent, would have been higher if he’d been completely healthy.

          It’s a no risk situation at this point. It will cost almost nothing to sign him and if he’s able to return to 80% of his potential then he’ll still end up being an OK NFL defensive back.

          For me I wouldn’t be too worried about whether or not he still is any good but whether or not he can stay on the field. However as already indicated, he has not real value so it wont cost anybody anything to take a flyer on him so might as well.

      2. I’m trying to figure out how Kaepernick is able to force anything right now. I get that he could be a distraction, but he has little leverage after that.

        1. Yep, be a distraction. Turn up. Agitate for a move. Don’t make the situation comfortable for the 49ers FO.

        2. I doubt Kap will go out of his way to make things difficult. He’s going to show up and do what his contract stipulates to collect his money while likely continuing to hope something works out regarding a trade.

  31. Well ..

    Like you say … 90 guys in camp .. and
    not all of them get to stay ..

    And … yer right … a little competition..
    never hurts !

  32. This is totally conjecture on my part, and hope posters ignore this if they want.
    Denver is up against the cap, but if they waive 2 players they will have plenty of space. Denver is holding all the cards, and are waiting out the Niners.
    Kaep must have been extremely offended by the Niners sending the leaker to the negotiations, because his agents immediately afterwards, asked to receive permission to talk to teams about a trade. That essentially destroyed any bargaining leverage the Niners had because they had to trade him, or cut him. Teams knew that Kaep wanted out, so they would not have to give up very much to get him. The threat to keep him is a hollow one, because if Kaep wants out, he will not be totally all in with the team, and if he is just holding a clipboard, he will be wasting his time. Kaep is a competitor. He wants to play. Obviously, Chip did not promise him his job back that he lost due to injury, while Elway probably promised him the starting job all year. I bet he takes less to get out, but also will have performance based incentives added, so if he produces, he will get paid well. The important thing for Kaep is to ditch his present contract, burn it and scatter the ashes. Denver is using the salary as a means to lower the compensation as much as possible. Too bad the Niners helped them by benching him, and spreading dirt. So now the Niners are not trying to trade their starting franchise QB, they are trying to get rid of a benched second stringer who lost the locker room and did not study.
    I thought that Kaep’s decision to have the surgeries away from the Niner doctors, and his rehabbing in Vail, sent a message loud and clear.
    He probably feels he has been stabbed in the back enough, and does not want them to twist the knife. He probably feels that the Niners lied to him, did not give him the proper support and forced him to play while injured.
    I hope he shows up, collects his 400k and say that he will donate it to his charity. I hope he is given the opportunity to be able to talk to each player individually so he can explain his reasoning a tell his decision face to face with his fellow players. I hope he thanks everyone for the good years, and thanks the coaches, too. Then he should tell everyone before it gets leaked what his intentions will be. I hope he says that he will not accept another dollar from the Niners and wants out of the organization.
    He should say that it is not business, it is personal. He should chastise the Niners and say that no one will want to play for an organization if they think that players are just pieces of meat to be sliced up and discarded.
    Kaep should challenge the FO to be more people oriented, instead of business oriented, because the organization is made up of people, not chattel. I hope the Niners have enough class to let Kaep speak, so they can all get closure. Instead, they will probably ban him, like they did when they banned him from the sidelines before a game.

      1. Why would he hold out? It’s already been reported he will show for OTA’s and it would be stupid not too. He makes money for showing up whether they let him work out or not. Plus he’s not healthy enough to do anything anyway.

      2. It is a voluntary OTA, and like Rocket says, he is still rehabbing, so Chip will not be able to work his ass off.

    1. Seb

      You are ignorant AF. Kap has zero leverage. If the 49ers want to, they can designate him as Inactive and save $125K per game, which for him means losing another $2M and not playing at all for another year.

      If Kap wants out, he needs to forego $7M and play for the $7M Elway is offering him, and even then, Elway needs to give up more than he’s currently stated he’s willing to give up.

      Honestly, I hope it happens. I would like nothing more than to see you permanently off this website as you follow Kap to DEN.

      1. Sil, like I have said many times before, I like Kaep, but the Niners are in my blood. I was sad when Joe Montana left for KC, but did not become a KC fan. I wished AS well, thought he was a class act, but did not switch allegiances to KC. I wish Kaep well, and am resigned to having him leave and go help another team repeat, but I am only like the Broncos because I want them to beat the Raiders twice a year.
        I will continue to post on this site, and you can wish me gone, but I will consider it my duty to oppose hacks like you, Prime and 49.

      2. Chip, each night I say that in my prayers. “God, please rid us of Seb.” So far nothing, but there is always hope.

        1. You are so pathetic. It is beyond words to describe how small you have become, to let me have so much power over your thoughts.

  33. So Elway wants the 49ers to ph 4.9 million of his salary this year. Well, if that’s the case then throw in an extra 6th next year plus an option to make the their 3rd pick next year a second if they make the playoffs and a first if they go to the super bowl.

  34. Hmmm, I wonder if Chip will guarantee Kaep his starting job back. If he does not, I expect Kaep to play for Denver.
    The money is a smoke screen. If the Broncos drop Clady and Sanchez, they will have enough cap space.
    I bet Elway promised him the starting job all season, did not say it was a competition and he would have to beat out Siemian. Like Chip said about Gabbert.

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