49ers @ Broncos preseason live blog

This is the live blog for the 49ers preseason game against the Denver Broncos. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from my living room.

4:24 These players will not play tonight: CB Tramaine Brock, Vance McDonald, LB Philip Wheeler and LB Desmond Bishop.

4:58 The Cowboys’, Bills’ and Giants’ starting offenses each scored a touchdown today. The Niners now are one of nine teams whose starting offenses haven’t scored a touchdown this preseason.

5:40 Without Tramaine Brock, who will be the 49ers’ No. 1 cornerback?  Kenneth Acker? San Francisco cannot afford Brock to miss any time during the regular season.

6:02 Tim Ryan expects Colin Kaepernick “to play a quarter-and-a-half of football.”

6:02 Tim Ryan says the 49ers’ passing game “hasn’t gotten a chance to get gelled up,” and expects maximum gellage tonight.

6:05 The Broncos get the ball first.

6:07 Peyton Manning targets the 49ers’ inside linebackers on first and second down and completes two four-yard passes.

6:08 The starting cornerbacks are Kenneth Acker and Keith Reaser.

6:09 Jim Tomsula challenges the catch on second down, and the official confirms his initial ruling of a completed catch.

6:10 Eric Reid reads Manning’s eyes and breaks up a pass intended for wide receiver Cody Lattimer on third-and-2.

6:16 On second-and-3, Geep Chryst calls a play-action pass in which Garrett Celek is responsible for blocking Von Miller. Millers sacks Kaepernick for a 10-yard loss. Terrible play desigm.

6:25 Dontae Johnson breaks up an underthrown fade pass to Demaryius Thomas on third-and-14 from the 49ers’ 19-yard line. The Broncos kick a field goal and take a 3-0 lead.

6:27 NaVorro Bowman sacked Manning twice on that drive by blitzing right up the middle. He may be the 49ers’ best pass rusher.

6:28 The Broncos averaged five yards per carry on that drive.

6:34 Joe Staley commits a holding penalty on second down and the 49ers go three-and-out. Kaepernick has dropped back three times, gotten sacked once, fumbled once and grounded a screen pass.

6:39 Broncos running back C.J. Anderson gains nine yards up the middle on first down.

6:40 End of the first quarter.

6:43 Eric Reid blitzes on second down, Corey Lemonier rushes unblocked and sacks Manning. The Broncos punt two plays later and pin the 49ers at their 3-yard line.

6:46 Chryst calls a play-action pass on first-and-10 from the 3, Erik Pears and Ian Silberman get beat immediately and Kaepernick gets sacked. Absurd play call. If you’re going to call a pass in that situation, the ball has to come out of Kaepernick’s hands quickly. That play took way too long to develop. 5-0 Broncos.

6:49 Omar Bolden returns the free kick to the 49ers’ 48.

6:53 Kenneth Acker intercepts Peyton Manning in the end zone on second-and-five from the 24. The pass was intended for Demaryius Thomas.

6:57 Colin Kaepernick throws the ball away on third-and-five. He still hasn’t completed a pass.

6:59 Pears and Silberman seemed to give up pressure on that third down.

7:06, Peyton Manning converts third down No. 2, and Dontae Johnson is down on the field. Antoine Bethea ran into him.

7:14 Kenneth Acker breaks up a pass intended for Cody Lattimer on first-and-goal from the 2. Owen Daniels was wide open. The Broncos kick a field goal, and the score is 8-0.

7:25 Anquan Boldin is flagged 13 yards for a cheap shot on Omar Bolden on third-and-8-from the Broncos’ 14.

7:26 Phil Dawson makes a 41-yard field goal. 8-3 Niners. The first-team offense still hasn’t scored a touchdown in the preseason, and Kaepernick has completed four passes in three games. He had a couple of nice runs on that drive, though.

7:29 End of the second quarter. The 49ers have to play the starting offense in the third quarter, right?

7:31 The starting defense gave up 69 rushing yards in the first half.

7:37 Explain again why the Niners didn’t sign free-agent guard Evan Mathis?

7:42 Blaine Gabbert in the game. Wow. The Niners aren’t even trying to get their passing game in sync.

7:44 Kaepernick leaves the game with zero net passing yards.

7:46 The Niners go three-and-out after three-straight runs go nowhere.

7:54 The Broncos miss a 55-yard field goal.

8:00 Blaine Gabbert fumbles a high snap, recovers the ball and takes a sack. Then Corey Acosta makes a 51-yard field goal. 8-6 Broncos.

8:07 Mike Purcell gets held on second down, and the Broncos go three-and-out. Jarryd Hayne returns the punt 12 yards.

8:13 Bruce Ellington gets tackled short of a first down on third down, and Corey Acosta makes another field goal. 10-8 Niners. Blaine Gabbert seems more comfortable than Kaepernick at running Chryt’s offense.

8:18 End of the third quarter.

8:26 The Broncos make a field goal and retake the lead 11-10.

8:44 Gabbert leads another field-goal drive. 12-11 Niners. Scintillating competition.

8:51 Denver scores a touchdown and a two-point conversion, and lead 19-12. What a weird score.

9:03 49ers lose 19-12. Stay tunes for grades.

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  1. Here are some stats on starting offensive possession during the first six weeks of the 2013 season.


    The statistics are for almost 2100 offensive possessions and are for the NFL as a whole. The importance of starting field position is clear.

    Starting field position possessions Score (FG or TD) percentage
    Own 1 to 10 38 scores in 158 possessions 24.1%
    Own 11 to 20 92 scores in 344 possessions 26.7%
    Own 20 to 29 287 scores in 968 possessions 29.6%
    Own 30 to 39 86 scores in 237 possessions 36.3%
    Own 40 to 49 62 scores in 157 possessions 39.5%

    Midfield to opponents’ 40 53 scores in 101 possessions 52.5%
    Opponents’ 39 or better 112 scores in 130 possessions 86.2%

    1. Looks like the actual post lost the spacing that was there while I was typing it. I think it’s still understandable.

  2. Stevie Johnson looking good for the Chargers against the Shehawcks. Guess he has an offensive coordinator that knows how to use him.

    1. If you have a possession receiver like Boldin on your team there is no need to pay Stevie 6 mil a year.. That money was given to T Smith who is a lot more dangerous of a Wr.

        1. Two separate issues, to put it mildly, this OL needs work. I hope they can keep Kap upright.
          But even in 2012 & 2013, when he did have a functional Oline, Kap never played as well as Rivers. Did you catch Rivers against the Seahawks last season?

          1. It’s never been a good pass blocking line. Even in 2012.. Rivers played well that game no doubt but he also has a much better O line then Kaep. He always has. I will take Kaeps skill set all day over Rivers. Rivers is obviously the better Pocket QB but he wouldn’t be behind this crap.

  3. Reggie’s ability in punt return will be important for Hayne’s chances to make the roster IMO. I hope Hayne makes the roster, but the reality is his value add is really in punt coverage.

            1. The difference I see between Hayne and most other punt returners is that he runs north, whereas most of the others do a lot of east and west running- always looking to break the big one, but what are the odds of that happening. Hayne seems to see all the variables and makes quick decisions and takes what the defense gives him making longer runs as the opportunities open up after his initial moves. This makes him more consistent. What you want from a punt returner is the best field position possible. Most punt returners seem to never consider that and look for the big return.

  4. …and Dontae is our #2 CB. That was the perfect D on one of the top 5 threats in the NFL, against the best QB in NFL history.

  5. The blitz is akin to the screen game ……. something MIA for way too long………… I welcome the change.

    Can’t miss the tackles- I think 2-3 years ago the 49ers may have missed fewer than 10 for the whole season.

    1. This might be the worst O line in football.. They better reconsider moving Boone to tackle soon.. Pears is god awful!

  6. I have to imagine there will be a lot of check downs/screens/designed QB runs the first week v Minn to counter blitzing.

    1. This is very like the Wr situation in 2013 after Crabs was injured in preseason. They didn’t add any WR stating they were expecting the players they had to step up. By the time they recognized that wasn’t happening it was too late and all the better WR were gone. Too much reliance on faith that players will develop. The line needed to have been addressed much earlier. Any trade will cost them big time because teams know the Niners are in big need.

  7. CK has to know where he is and be ready to launch the ball….
    the RG and the RT got beat like drums!
    Completely useless and incompetent. We’re going to Ned 5 or 6 QBs on the roster.

    1. JFC, Yes! I have never from moment one ever thought the Pears signing was worth a ! even when he was thought to be a swing tackle behind Davis&Staley. And Jim T. said they kinda knew about AD……Really?

  8. Sigh.
    No protection at all. And Kap can’t just throw it away as soon as he see the rushers.

    That sequence was just depressing.
    Reggie Bush with the awful “punt return” and then the OL can’t hold for a second on the 1-yd line.

    1. You have to be out of the pocket or throw it close to a player or you get hit with grounding. That happened to Wilson against SD. He threw the ball 5 yards to no one.

  9. Oh did I mention how bad the secondary will suck too. Gonna be a looooong season. Bright side??
    Probably get a good draft pick and will have tons of money

      1. Dont worry Razor, Maiocco, your hero and worshipper, says the oline is still being configured and needs more time. And according to you, his word is law!

        1. Man, you just is annoying. Do you even watch the games?
          Or you just keep reading the blog as a vulture waiting to thow jabs towards other commenters?

          1. That’s all he does. He’s not liked so he trolls, laughs at people wives who have cancer, challenges other fans to a fight over the internet, and is a blantent racist.
            He trolls for friends on here and tries his hardest to get them to get on his troll wagon. He’s basically still bitter about the past.

    1. According to Eddie D.. They will go undefeated, the o-line will be top rank, and mullets will rule again. Someone is stuck in the 80’s

      1. Nope, you were the one who said they would be lucky to win 4 games. I think they will win 10+ games. I also think think they are playing against a team that will play in the AFC Championship this year. And I think you are a fool

  10. I just don’t understand why Boone hasn’t been moved to RT yet.

    Go with Staley Thomas Martin Looney and Boone than put Kilgore back in there when he’s ready. I mean it’s still not a fantastic lineup by any means but way better than the Ian Pears combo that’s happening right now.

    1. The previous coaching staff went with J. Martin over Boone.
      Now they go with Pears.
      So I imagine there must be a reason.

    2. At some point you have to realize it’s the players. Boone was garbage last year and still is, and everyone else but staley is hot garbage.

      1. Ever stop to think that its preseason? And that maybe they are experimenting with different personnel? You do also realize that its a new blocking scheme right?
        So anyone taking this game seriously and judging how many games the 49ers will win this season needs to have one of Razors famous space twinkies!

        1. Lol and yet a second ago you’re talking crap to razor about what MM would say after this bad showing. Don’t get a splinter up your a$$ while sitting on that fence. Lol you’re a joke!

          1. No man the joke is you dont know the game. Never have and never will. Just beak, thats what you do better than anyone. Well except for the 2 cowboys you ran with for so long in Bay and 23!

        2. Yea, they’re made by La Chocolata over on Spuistraat 51
          1012 ST in Amsterdam, however Abraxas has recently taken them over. Their speciality is in confectionery, THC-laced cakes and bon-bons….

    3. Right now Boone can’t be any worse than Pears at RT and I say Thomas is a better LG than Pears is a RT so the overall strength of the line would be improved with Boone at RT and Thomas at LG.

      My thoughts is they keep Boone at LG because they at least want one side of the line to be strong but right now the right side isn’t even close to be functional so they need bite the bullet and shuffle the line a bit.

      Heck I would rather put Brown in there over Pears. I mean if you’re going to have someone get beat like a drum I would rather put the young guy in there so he can get the reps and experience rather than an old vet that’s long hit his ceiling.

  11. the only reason our defense is not that bad is because of Bowman. Navarro is all over the field if it wasn’t for him this would be very ugly ….

      1. they haven’t been good at all … don’t forget we have been watching the second stringers for the most part on the first two games … this is the third game and our d line gets no push unless magini dials the blitz …

        1. The rushing defense is bad today.
          But even so, they held Manning and Demaryus without TDs.

          And that’s without their number 1 CB.
          So there’s room to improve even more.

          The worse problem is the (lack of) offense

  12. The Storm is gathering for the second half. It will be interesting to watch if there any in game alterations made at the half treating this exhibition game more like a regular season game.

  13. Kubiak just failed the preseason by kicking a FG from the 3 yard line with less then two minutes to go in the half.

  14. Broncos broadcast said that the are shopping for DL.

    Maybe in that dinner Trent and Elway were discussing shipping Von Miller’s brother, TJE, to Denver.

    1. yup thats the way i see it too … Bowman is the only one making plays .. imagine what our defense would look like withouth him ?? …smh ….

  15. Ok so here’s a chance to work on the 2 minute drill and we open up with a run. Is Chryst going to make us miss Roman? How sad if so.

  16. This game reminds me of 49ers football 2007-2010. Solid defense but the lame offensive play is letting Denver wear the defense down. This O-line is hot garbage.

    1. solid defense ?? … if it wasn’t for bowman it wouldn’t even be decent…our front 4 has not put pressure on Manning .. the only time we put pressure on manning is when we send out the blitz… are you even watching this game ?

  17. Cheap shot Boldin. Just have Hyde and ck run and they might score this year. His throwing is still atrocious. Or is it up to your standards Eddie D?

    1. Hah! The first half wasn’t amazing, but given it was up against one of the top 3 AFC teams, I’ll deal. You seem to be distancing yourself from the “4 wins would be a miracle” rhetoric. I’m not saying the niners are perfect. I’m just saying, if you think 4 wins is a miracle, you’re an idiot, and i’ll put whatever money you want on +/- a game vs. your miracle breakeven.

      1. Anyone who thinks this o-line is good doesn’t have any money. I know the type Eddie D… You looked up the history of this team in 2012 bought a new hat and jersey and imagine what a good team looks like. Nowhere did I distance myself from a 4 win season. Once you’ve seen a bad o-line for 10 years you’ve seen them all. And without a good one. Our defense will be dog tired, the injuries will pile up, and the qb will look like garbage. And wasted money once again on a deep threat who will never see the ball.
        I’ll say it again. Getting manhandled one on one is a huge problem. Our right side is horrible. The center is horrible. This isn’t the only game it’s happened in. They were horrible last season in pass protection, and the season before that. Now name me a pro bowler we picked up this offseason. I apologize for the time warp comment. I gave you to much credit. You’re actually stuck in 2011-13. To many arrests and retirements this year. But truck on up to Vegas or Reno and put that money down. Knowledge will be shown in the season. And we will see who was right. Pre season talk from some joke who is fairly new here will be brushed off. Now go get on that fence with prime

        1. Yup, the O-line is questionable. We don’t have a clear RT at all. But you’re still a hyperbolic moron calling for a 4 win season. I’m no saying we don’t have question marks on our team. But you are still a FOOL

  18. Well this certainly looks like a 4-5 win team. No passing game at all, the three or four times Kaep actually threw a pass, half were really bad. I think the Niners could lose a lot games 20-10, 17-3 and so on. The offensive line is offensive to any intelligent observer. Unless there are some major shakeups, Kaep will be lucky to last a month behind this collection of used toilet paper.

      1. Yes, please go to the NN site. They have posters who delight in Niner losses, and never predict anything over 6 wins. I hear they are recruiting, so you are in luck. Wish you the best. Hope you will be happy there. Dont let the door hit you on the way out.
        This site is for posters with a winning attitude, and are fans, win or lose.
        This team has endured so many hard body blows, it is amazing that they can even stand. Still, I will root for a 10-6 season with gusto, and hope for a 6th Lombardi.

  19. Grant – “Why didn’t they sign Mathis?” My thoughts exactly.

    By mid season it could have been
    LT Staley, LG Martin, C Kilgore, RG Mathis, RT Boone
    LT Staley, LG Mathis, C Kilgore, RG Martin, RT Boone

    That said, I’m not giving up on Pears or the 5 guys competing for RG… but it look really bad tonight.

    1. Brodie,

      At some point you have to let it go that idea of Boone as RT.

      Harbaugh and Romam didn’t think he could be better than J. Martin.
      Tomsula and Chryst don’t think he is going to better than Pears.

      So maybe there’s more to that because both CS didn’t even think it was worthy trying.

  20. I can only imagine how gassed that defensive front seven must have been for much of the half. What is wrong with our offensive lineman? Can an offensive line really be this bad? 35+ years I don’t think I have ever seen a more inept 1st half from an OL.

  21. They didn’t sign Mathis because Torrie Smith was their only splurge. They stockpile money and draft picks. They don’t know the difference between looking for bargains and looking for value.

  22. And for the lame excuse of them not felling yet. When the right side is getting manhandled without stunts or blitzes. Felling has nothing to do with it. They suck and NEED A Davis back badly.

    1. Because our punter is gonna kick five seasons worth of punts this year. With all that work, Andy’s leg would detach at the hip by week 12.

  23. And que the second team lovers. Who will want the qb changed. Lol
    To be honest if I was the coach I would have ck out there with the second team. Then he would get a chance to actually throw the ball.

    1. Welp… Scratch that. Lol
      I’m out to hit the town.
      I can only hope they get the o-line together so we can see what kind of multi million dollar qb we have. Give him time to be great or suck. Not knowing would hurt this franchise for a long time. Adios faithful. My *itchfest is done for the night. Lol peace!

  24. Have a women friend who told her husband this summer that their refrigerator was getting ready to quite. So he goes to Sears to buy another Frig. He comes back pounding his chest and bragging what a deal he got. But instead of a Fridge he bought a stove at a great price. Oh and by the way it’s coming on a slow boat from China and won’t be delivered till next year. The Ninja appliance shopper.

    1. Here’s what’s going to happen, again. CK will not get comfortable in the pocket so he’s going to rely on what he knows, running the ball. So the fans will get excited by the offense will always sputter. Blame the line. Blame whatever. As I recall the good QBs can call out some blocking assignments. I really don’t want to be a CK basher this year. It gets old. But 2/5 for 13 yds? WTF?

      I hate to bring up Alex Smith, but 16/18 for 171 sounds pretty good to me. I’ll take thos checkdowns. Better yet, what about what Mariota did?

      We should expect more from CK, we should not expect regression. Maybe this is who he is…..

      1. You have to at least have some time- even to hit checkdowns. And the checkdown has to be open. Watch the the first string in replays.

            1. I would blame both O-line and Kaep. C’mon. He’s not looked good in any of the games. I wish the story has a different ending but it doesn’t.

              1. We’re just finishing the introduction, let alone a chapter and you’re skipping ahead to the ending?

              2. Well the O-line has looked bad in every game except perhaps the first and they were only on the field for one series and That team was missing it’s outside pass rushers. Watts and Cooney. The first string O-line looks bad when they go against the other teams first string defense. This is a bit too early for your garbage- even for you. Whats the matter do you still have life issues that require you to focus your anger on an external source. Your obsession with Kaepernick goes beyond any normal evaluation of his play. You even spun his runs a negative.

      2. And zero td’s to a wr. Weeee! Of course you wouldn’t blame the offensive line. Think about it. How many plays did they run, and how many opportunities did he have to throw? He starts rushing throws and gets picked and I’d bet you are screaming just take the sack.
        I wasn’t a big Alex smith fan, but I admit he had no line for years at least.

      1. Wrong again Dr. Time, Meyer won’t go anywhere until his son finishes his four years in high school. He won’t be available until 2018….

            1. Serious question Razor,
              Meyer is a great college coach, but can he coach millionaires in the NFL? Many college coaches can’t operate without the absolute power they have at the NCAA level.

  25. Gabbert had Ellington wide open in the endzone, and he takes the dump off to the tight end for a couple yards….

  26. Alex Smith threw for 171 yards and two touchdowns in less than a half. Smith was 16 of 18 before giving way to third-string quarterback Aaron Murray just before halftime.

    Just saying.

    1. Ya that’s about what he averaged per game passing while he was the QB. This line rivals the line that Smith played with his first couple years in the league. Which caused a separated shoulder. He would look awful playing QB here! Let’s just let it go and see if these coaches can make adjustments an replace the whole right side of the line. CK had no chance to get anything going tonight. That’s the truth.

        1. The Defense and the read option gimmick got us to the SB. The brain farting QB with the one read limitation cost us a chance to win it.

            1. A lot of Kaep detractors are football ideologues. I suspect that’s the case with Prime but with Fansince77 it goes to an entirely different level. It’s personal with him.

              1. But maybe you should concede that, the way this upcoming season looks Kaep will be bashed all year, and just accept it, or you’ll wear yourself down. How much of it is his fault will be a mute point the way the pass protection is looking. A poor offensive line will make him look worse than he is, but the longer he plays behind it, and the more sacks he will take, the more his skills will regress. The only way Kaep will ever be good in the pocket and get rid of his bad habits is to play at least a portion of a season with good, consistent pass protection…

  27. Tonight snuffed out the last bit of hope I had that everyone was wrong about the niners, that their problems were only about attitude and play-calling and clock management, etc. This team has too little talent. Kaepernick is pathetically broken. The o-line is unfixable. We truly are back in the dark ages.

    1. Good don’t show up when there winning in the regular season. Don’t need fans like you anyway. Here come the trolls to talk about a Pre Season game.. We are destined for a 2-14 year.. Gabbert is better then Kaep.. So on and so on…..

      1. I thought they might be better than people predicted they would be, but everything begins with the line on both sides of the ball. The offense has yet to show they are an even poor line by NFL standards when facing a first team D. I worry because they are still juggling around players. At this late date,that to me is a sign of no confidence and simi desperation into trying to weave straw into gold. I keep saying that Tomsula made an aside remark right after the first day of the draft that most people didn’t catch about the first pick. I don’t think he was real happy ( perhaps not so much with the player) but with the pick

  28. Well, I wrote before the game that I had trepidation over the O line.
    Pears was gawdawful. Silberman did not impress.
    Coach Tomsula better admit that his right side is pathetic, and needs changing or the season is sunk. I do not care what promises he gave Pears, he needs to find another RT because Pears was a turnstile.
    I made a wild guess a while back, and I think it would be better than the incompetence displayed today. If it was only the RT, I would move Boone to RT, but it is the RG too.
    Therefor, I would start this line up;
    LT- Staley
    LG- Thomas since this is the position he was drafted for.
    C- Martin until Killgore gets back.
    RG- Boone since that is his position for years.
    RT- Brown because he is huge yet light on his feet.

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