49ers @ Browns live blog


This is the live blog for the San Francisco 49ers’ Week 14 game against the Cleveland Browns. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

49ers inactives:
WR DeAndrew White
CB Chris Davis
LB Michael Wilhoite
LB Aaron Lynch
G Brandon Thomas
G Ian Silberman
TE Vance McDonald

Lineup changes:
Gerald Hodges for Wilhoite
Blake Bell for McDonald
Eli Harold or Corey Lemonier for Lynch

Browns inactives:
WR Andrew Hawkins
WR Taylor Gabriel
CB Justin Gilbert
CB Joe Haden
CB Pierre Desir
OL Gabe Ikard
WR Dwayne Bowe

8:38 With Hawkins and Bowe inactive, expect former Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor to get significant playing time at wide receiver. He is seven inches taller than Niners left cornerback Tramaine Brock.

8:41 Niners should have trouble pressuring Johnny Manziel with just four pass rushers.

8:43 Expect the Browns to run right at Gerald Hodges all game.

10:00 Niners win the toss and choose to defer. Let’s see if the defense shows up.

10:11 Quinton Dial blocks Travis Coons’ 42-yard field goal attempt.

10:14 Blaine Gabbert sacks himself on second down by running out of bounds. On third-and-12, he sails a pass over Quinton Patton’s head. Great game so far.

10:19 Gerald Hodges flashes all over the television screen as he misses a tackle on Isaiah Crowell’s 50-yard run.

10:21 Crowell scores from one yard out on second and goal. Niners gave up 75 rushing yards on five carries during that drive. 7-0 Browns.

10:29 Niners pick up one first down before punting this time. At least the special teams showed up.

10:30 Scratch that. Pinion kicks a 40-yard punt and the Niners give up an 11-yard return. Pathetic.

10:33 Manziel leisurely strolls to his right and hits Gary Barnidge for a gain of 30. Embarrassing.

10:36 Glenn Winston fumbles and the 49ers recover at their 49.

10:41 The Niners go for it on fourth-and-1. Blake Bell is wide open, Gabbert sees him but takes a sack. Alex-Smith-esque.

10:49 Coons makes 26-yard field goal. 10-0 Browns. Cleveland absolutely devouring Mangini’s zone coverages, already have five plays of more than 19 yards.

10:52 Browns outgaining Niners 237 to 32 so far.

10:57 Gabbert sacks himself again by running out of bounds, and the Niners go three-and-out. Tomsula’s really showing something today.

11:01 The Niners blitz on third-and-7, and Arik Armstead sacks Manziel for a loss of eight. Browns go three-and-out. Seem the defense finally showed up with six minutes left in the first half.

11:02 Bruce Ellington returns the punt to the Browns 32.

11:04 Gabbert throws to no one on third-and-4. Phil Dawson makes a 44-yard field goal. Browns dominating, but only up by seven.

11:10 Corey Lemonier almost sacks Manziel in the end zone for a safety, but grabs his facemask on the way down. Automatic first down.

11:19 Manziel rolls to his left and throws back across the field to Jaquiski Tartt, who picks off the pass. And Manziel isn’t the worst QB on the field today.

11:22 Gabbert takes another sack and fumbles this time. Joe Staley recovers. Niners go three-and-out and Pinion punts. Wasted opportunity in my opinion.

11:23 Halftime.

11:41 Alex Boone down near midfield. Donte Whitner kneeling next to Boone.

11:43 Gabbert checks down to Draughn for a one-yard gain on third-and-7. Niners punt. Two passes on that drive.

11:49 Manziel scrambles for 7 yards on third-and-9 near midfield.  Ellington makes a fair catch at the 15.

11:50 Boone: Questionable with a knee injury.

11:58 Patton catches a deep pass but is flagged for illegal motion, which negates the catch. Next play, Gabbert sacks himself for the third time today by running out of bounds. Next play, Gabbert gets sacked by two Browns. Niners punt two plays later.

12:02 Boone: Out.

12:08 Barnidge beats Reid to the outside for a touchdown on third-and-goal from the 2. 17-3 Browns with only 14 seconds left in the fourth quarter.

12:15 Geep Chryst calls a long-developing play-action pass on first down, and Gabbert gets sacked for the eighth time today. Niners punt three plays later. Three points in three quarters. Chryst could get the ax tonight.

12:27 Crowell runs through Reid en route to the end zone. 24-3 Browns. Duke Johnson ran through Reid earlier in the drive. That’s not how a free safety is supposed to tackle.

12:40 Gabbert throws a grounder to Jerome Simpson on fourth-and-9.

12:45 This franchise is an utter disgrace.

12:55 Gabbert throws a 6-yard touchdown pass to Jerome Simpson with 1:42 left. Took Gabbert a while, but he found his rhythm.

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  1. 8:41 Niners should have trouble pressuring Johnny Manziel with just four pass rushers.

    LB Aaron Lynch

    This^^^ against the #2 line in the NFL.

      1. You did see Manziel’s passer rating is 88 when blitzed right? (thanks to Grant) They can’t run the ball, so like Scooter said if the run d holds up we should be able to sit back in coverage. I don’t think we’re getting to Manziel much.

        1. Or maybe, the Niners will sit back in coverage, and Manziel will have plenty of time to pick them apart. I want a blitzkreig.

          1. Ok Seb, review your predictions. How’d blitzing work? What about collapsing the pocket? Gabbert visualizing 7 TD’s? Spreading them wide? How about Draughn sharing the playbook?

            I called it 17-13, I didn’t not see the Browns getting to sack Gabbert 9 times. We got beat by their practice squad secondary. Embarrassing. Jimmy T stinks. I don’t think many here imagined we’d play this badly on offense or on defense.

            They didn’t contain or cover Manziel. Not good, we got beat every way possible.

            1. Wilson, you had a better prediction, gratz. I was way off, but this team was so putrid, no one imagined they could play so poorly.
              I did call for them to blitz like mad, because Manziel had all day to throw.
              They started the day running into the teeth of the defense, but in the end, were telegraphing their intent by lining up 4 receivers because they were so far behind.
              I really did not want them worrying about losing, but they were shell shocked. They became so rattled, it made them lose their composure.
              I have never been a fan of Draughn, and this game showed why. I have been beating the drumbeat for Hayne, but if the coaches think Hayne is not better than Draughn and Cadet, they need to rewatch this game.
              I also said to eliminate shooting themselves in the foot, but they did not read my post, obviously.

              1. Thanks Seb, and for what its worth I am bummed that this is so disappointing to you and all of us.

                I don’t really care about predictions. The team lost so it doesn’t matter. I was off by 7 points and the winner. So wrong is wrong. I stole Scooter’s guess about the run D and nobody guessed that Gabbert would get sacked 9 times and run out of bounds for a loss another 3 times.

  2. Dang. I wanted the Niners to target Gilbert, but he will not even play. Niner fans may lament how the season is going, but the Browns have it worse. Their number 8 pick in the draft sitting on the bench.

  3. Lynch out? Time to see if Carradine, Lemonier and Harold can rush the passer.

    I’d even consider rushing Armstead from the outside, Purcell inside.

      1. According to Cossell who reviews a lot of film, stated that Hodges really looked good. Cossell said that the Vikings should not of got rid of him. He flashes all over the film.

              1. Given his experience, his knowledge of the game and how he’s viewed in this sport versus say, you. Yea I’d agree, he’s definitely more my speed.

              2. Why not use some of this energy to respond to my post last night asking for dinner suggestions in N.O.

      2. Hey Grant,

        Considering that Del Rio is an experience coach on a stacked team and JT being a rookie coach on a depleted team would say that he is doing an okay job. I see this team finally starting to play Football.

          1. You pumped up Del Rio all off season long and yet he has a 5-7 record that could be 5-8 after today. If Niners win today Tomsula gets Niners to 5-8… Interesting. Looks like one coach is improving while one is a dud. I might take that back pending on what happens in Cleveland. Lol

              1. About as much as I did when they hired him. I hate that we’re going to have to endure another year of his incompetence because of York and Baalke’s egos.

  4. I hope the Niners do not do bunch sets since they do not have the TEs. They should put in 3 WRS and one TE, spread them wide, and attack the edges.
    I hope Bruce Miller has a good game.

  5. Hey Grant,

    Being that Del Rio is an experienced coach and Jim Tomsula a rookie coach, would you say that Jim is doing a decent job.

    Del Rio stacked team
    JT Depleted minium talent

  6. Did anyone just notice how far off the yellow line was from the actual first down marker. I know they say it’s not official but I never realized how serious how they were.

  7. Blaine hasn’t been exactly starting games lighting it up. He seems to need some time to get into rhythm. It takes the guy some time to work into those 7yard dump offs.

  8. This is why Tomsula does not deserve to return next season. I understand that this team is depleted but they also do not come to play on the road. Hat being said, he’ll be back.

  9. That was the first time I saw Lemonier hold off an OL with one arm and reach for the quarterback with the other. Facemask was unfortunate….

  10. Where are the Gabbert boosters today. Fansince77 has not made an apparence so far. I guess Fan is trying to think up ways to put the blame on Kap for this putrid showing.

    Sorry bud, that dog is not gong to hunt any more.

      1. If we don’t draft goff, we are officially the worst organization in football. Oh wait, we are already own that dinstiction. I will come up with something else later.

        1. How do you plan on doing that when there will be at least 7-10 other teams that will get a chance at him before us. Oh we should trade up further increasing the risk of taking a first round QB and further leveraging our future by putting all of our eggs into one basket? Who needs a 1st next year or a 2nd and 3rd round pick this year or both when you can move up 4 spots to take a flyer on a QB that doesn’t have one special trait about him.

          1. Glad you asked. My guess is Browns end up at 1 spot and Ravens 2. Gut tells me Browns take Lynch. They will fall in love with his measurables. We have a history of trades with Racens, and they don’t need a QB. Based on that history, I think 2 spot is ours if we want it. That will be a York’s decision not Baalke. Baalke’s balls aren’t big enough. York needs fans excited and butts in seats, so no better way than grabbing kid from Cal. This is a business first.

            1. I think 2 spot is ours if we want it.
              What spot do you see us picking at and what are you giving up to get to that #2 pick?

              1. Not a good comparison becuase NFL pass rushers hit harder and faster Grant. Goff wouldn’t last a season behind this OL with his spindly frame.

              2. They have so many holes, they need to draft the best available player. Goff or any QB would get killed with that line.

    1. Thankfully, I never made that stupid statement. You want SB’s in this league, you need a franchise QB. People who aren’t paying attention, seem to like to argue that point.

  11. This offesive ineptitude is not on Gabbert, its on Geep Chryst! He’s gotta get fired after today. Let Sparano take over the rest of the year!

      1. Balke is not the problem it’s our idiot owner. It’s not Balke that KEY players retired on him. It’s on the owner that pressed for this idiot coach and staff.. But you know what fire everyone I’m okay with that. This needs to be blown up.

  12. Armstead is a 1 trick pony, his scouting report Strong, can collapse a pocket, doesn’t engage from blocks well, doesn’t have good ball awareness and so far his scouting report is spot on, lots of guys in 3rd and 4th round can collapse a pocket, 17th over all picks are expected to do more honestly !

  13. Watching the #12 ranked Atlanta defense put on a good show. I wonder if they aren’t as good as their ranking suggests?

      1. Hiding underneath his desk until the end of the season when he will send out Tomsula or Baalke to address why the team sucked so bad this season.

  14. My god this offense is bad. I’m giving Gabbert a pass right now because Montana couldn’t move the ball with this offensive supporting cast. GOD AWFUL!

      1. Manziel has all day. Huge difference in both teams offense is the oline play of the Browns.
        Let’s just lose today, hear all the crying and be happy when draft day comes!

      2. 49reasons
        Sorry bud, that excuse has been used and exhausted already. If Kap took the brunt of the blame for poor OL play Gabbert must be held to the same standard.

  15. Did Kap hijack Gabbert’ uniform in the locker room and it’s really CK on the field today (lol)?
    Hard to tell who our QB is today – new Gabbert or throwback Gabbert.

    Defense is back to making average QB’s look better than they are.
    So much for this team going 8-8 as some here have claimed – reality sucks!

    1. Did Kap hijack Gabbert’ uniform in the locker room and it’s really CK on the field today (lol)?
      Hard to tell who our QB is today
      AES I’ve been saying the exact same thing for 5 weeks now.

      1. CFC,
        Yup, you didn’t drink the Gabbert kool-aide.
        I got caught up in the “new” Gabbert hype and even thought that we could choose something other than a QB with the 2016 draft.
        Now, we definitely need to go with a QB with our first pick.

  16. Best part about this game is that I’ll pick up a spot in the Pick’em league since I was the only traitor to pick the Browns to win.

  17. The 49ers and Mangini are getting the Browns to reconsider the notion that they need to draft a quarterback in the first round….

        1. If he is not fired after today,maybe the Tomsula goes down at the end of the year. If Geep does get fired then we know Tomsula will be here 2016.My guess at least

  18. You think that teams have had a few weeks of tape to look at now on BG and what he is trying to do in this offense is part of what is going on today?
    People have mentioned it numerous times on here but why can’t JT get his players up to play every week? Even if he is out coached he should have this guys playing their hearts out. Unreal

  19. Is Gabbert is even trying to get the ball to Boldin or is Boldin being covered that well by a depleted Browns secondary? I’m not even seeing a registered catch from him on my fantasy roster.

      1. The Browns secondary is depleted which me foolish enough to believe that the offense would take advantage of that. Should have with my gut and added Colston instead.

  20. It looks like the 49ers are setting the Browns up for another long Gabbert TD run, followed by a Gabbert bomb to Smith. Of course, it will all have to happen in the 4th quarter, not in OT, but I’m sure Chryst has a plan.

  21. We just gave up! Back to firing Tomsula and entire staff including Mangini. Wait, I hear it now, blame back to back east coast trips. Well why didn’t they just stay after the Chicago game. It worked the previous 2 times.

    1. That’s a good question.
      Probably they came back to SF because the players would feel better spending some days at home.

      You know, the theme of Tomsula, anything that makes the players feel better, even if its detrimental to their play.

  22. Let’s see; can’t block, can’t tackle, can’t get open, can’t pass, can’t rush the passer, stupid penalties.That is about it.

  23. Would someone throw Brooks out of the game already. He is the biggest embarrassment in the most embarrassing game of the season.

  24. Well, that’s the most embarrassing game in a good while.
    I’d guess we would have to go all the way back to 2008 for something as bad as today.

    If that game (and the season, really) is not enough to fire Tomsula, Chryst and Mangini, than nothing will be.

    1. Better draft Jared Goff or both he and Aaron Rodgers will B slap the 49ers every single time. 49ers should be lucky to be playing GB every 3 years as long as they contend for the playoffs and we stay in last place.

  25. Worst effort of the season. You make a horrid defense look like the steel curtain. Clearly the defense only played last week because they wanted to appear good for their old coach Fangio. Today we are back to the same road defense we have seen all season. This is the kind of game that gets coaching staffs fired.

  26. Barrows – 9 sacks allowed is an all-time high for the 49ers. They’ve done that 3 times, last time in 1998 vs. Green Bay.

    Will the Browns exceed their sack total so far in just this game?

      1. At least 3 or 4 of those sacks are on Gabbert. He’s doing the same thing that Kap did. He runs out of bounds a yard or 3 behind the line of scrimmage without throwing the ball out of bounds instead. How can a coach not have taught these clowns what to do about excessive pressure
        , considering they are getting pressured every game.

  27. Yea replacing Chryst with Logan will fix our problems. Promoting from within worked so well the first time lets repeat the mistake.

      1. Don’t say that We’ll never hear the end of that from Seb. Honestly other than Miller and Gore how’s Rathman working out.

      1. I don’t think that Eddie D would want any part of this franchise. [I may be wrong] I thought that the NFL put a lifetime ban on Eddie.

  28. This was the dose of reality the Blaine Trainers needed. I like the guy, but he isn’t a starting QB in this league. They just got their butts kicked by the worst team in the league. It’s time to burn the forest down and force Jed out of his cave.

    1. Jack,
      If having your ass handed to you by a dollar bill rolling, coke sniffing, alcoholic hot head doesn’t send out smoke signals, I don’t know what will. Such an ugly loss. It’s almost comical.

    2. Hammer,
      What! No comment on your boy Blaine?
      Looks like the Blaine Train tracks only went as far as Cleveland. Time to look at the draft for a QB who could become our Super Train.

        1. Gabbert could’ve avoided 5-6 of them. Stepped out of bounds with the ball 3-4 times. Held the ball too long on 2. Could’ve thrown the ball away on at least 5 occasions. Took at least 3 sacks by stepping out of bounds 2 yards behind the line of scrimmage.

  29. The Browns entered the game with the third fewest sacks in the NFL at 17. They got 9 on Gabbert.

    That’s a collapse. Horrible.

        1. At this point you have to wonder if the staff is afraid that any changes to the offensive line will be met with a “WTF have you idiot coaches been waiting for” by us.

  30. There’s really no point reviewing that disaster. We all saw it. Woeful and inept in all facets of the game.

    Instead I’ll say I am really looking forward to having a rookie first round QB under centre for this team next year. With so much talent around him it will work out marvelously. :-P

    If Tomsula just had to avoid getting blown out the remaining 4 weeks to keep his job, and not have his players quit on him during a game, he just failed. Miserably. And against the worst team in the NFL not from Santa Clara. What an embarrassment.

    1. It’s pretty dang bad when this team can outdo the debacle against the Cardinals earlier in the season.

      1. Yeah, I was actually going to add that this is the most disappointed I’ve been in the way the team played all season, which is saying something given the Steelers game and first Cardinals game.

      1. That was downright awful in every facet of the game, not just offense. Chryst may be the first to go, but given the way the team has played this season, coming up so woefully short across the board against the team with the worst record in the NFL at this point in the season is a complete and utter failure by the coaching staff in teaching these players.

        1. Woefully short is what the Chargers did against the Chiefs today. We weren’t even close to that.

    2. +1 to this Scooter

      “Instead I’ll say I am really looking forward to having a rookie first round QB under centre for this team next year. With so much talent around him it will work out marvelously. :-P”

      1. Heh, yeah, the idea of a rookie QB playing with this mess gives me the shivers. The possibility of it may even be enough to convince Goff to stay at Cal for another year.

        However, you only +1 for that. Are you saying you disagree with my last paragraph? ;-)

        1. LOL. Yeah it was an embarrassment. Not sure how much I blame on the offensive coaches because you can’t do anything when the offensive line plays so poorly.

          Hopefully Pears doesn’t make it to the charter.

          1. At some point you have to start blaming the coaches for not teaching the OL to perform better, and not getting the team into better protections. I know its tough when you are missing a few players, relying on some guys that are still pretty new to the roster, and the talent level isn’t that high, but there is no excuse for giving up 9 sacks and pressures on around 2/3 of drop backs. Against a team that came into the game with 17 sacks.

            1. Gabbert also didn’t help the OL out much either. He could have avoided about half those sacks, including 2 or 3 sacks he took just by running out of bounds when he could have thrown it away and one where he had Bell coming free on a critical 4th down and should have at least attempted the throw.

    3. Scooter,
      I would prefer to trade our top 5 pick and possibly get 2 picks later in the first rd, but at this point we may not have any choice but to go with one of the top tier QB’s with our 1st pick.

      Sure, if we draft a QB he will have a sad supporting cast. But do we roll out Gabbert or Dylan Thompson and hope that they give this team a chance to win.
      The Browns are the whipping-boys of the NFL and Gabbert couldn’t do enough to pull out a win.
      And please, I don’t need to hear how bad the OL was today. The OL was bad when Kap was starting and somehow he still became the target of angst.

      If we do draft a QB he (hopefully we learned this lesson with Alex Smith) should not be forced to start right away. I don’t care if we have another losing season as long as we allow the rookie QB time to develop for a year or two.
      Two more years of losing seasons will give this team the opportunity to build in the draft with the plan of building a strong supporting cast for our eventual young starting QB.

  31. Grant should already be done with his report card. How long does it take to copy and paste “F – This unit sucked and was completely unprepared to compete in a high school game”.

  32. Need to draft oline and defense. And a QB in the 2nd or 3rd. One observation about Gabbert is that he will at least throw the ball to his receivers even when they are covered and let them make a play. That is something I rarely have seen from Kaepernick. Hoping we get Anthony Davis to come back at 100 percent and in shape. Staley, draft pick, kilgore, draft pick, Davis. Healthy Carlos Hyde and bruce miller, Gabbert QB, Torrey and a young top WR in draft.

    1. Probably. The team sucks, but the stadium is a profitable venue. It’s a win-win for her and the York regime.

  33. As bad as it is it’s got to be worse to be a Colts fan. At least most of us never had any real expectation for this season. Those poor sods thought they were going to the SuperBowl.

      1. The season is so bad we’ve been spending too much energy attacking each other. I’d love it if we could get away from the name calling and singling out and just ignore those that say the things you feel compelled to insult. Except for Razor, he’s a big dumb stupid head.

        1. This is an example of an insult Coffee: I’m singling him out right now is because of how adamant that Harbaugh was the problem, Kaep wasn’t responsible for his own failings, and that the injury to his non-throwing shoulder or a little bit of CTE – however CTE can be only a little bit is beyond me – were the reasons for his downward spiral.
          Saying that Seb was one of the ones on here that believed this team was capable of going to the Super Bowl was an attempt at pointing out that Colts fans weren’t the only ones buying that Kool-aid. We had fans on here doing the same.

            1. I am a fan of the San Francisco 49ers who is appalled and embarrassed at such a pathetic, inept, incompetent and revolting performance.

      2. I predicted a 10-6 season. With a chance at the playoffs. Then Aldon was terminated. I also wanted Devey and Pears to be benched, but they only benched Devey. Pears was only slightly worse than atrocious.

  34. This team can’t tackle or block. The coaches didn’t get them ready again but their boy jimmy will be on the sidelines for game 1 next season.

  35. I’m almost starting to feel bad for Blaine Gabbert. This OL is absolutely laughable!!

    And Baalke targeted Pears as a FA? Marcus Martin getting steamrolled. Even Staley isinconsistent. Boone out. Tiller = average. Wow!

  36. Go to all the away games….but I am done…I tried to believe…support the CS…but done….even the Nolan/singletary years etc…but I am beaten…done….getting on the plane and going to have a cocktail and hope for some Devine guidance…

  37. 22 receiving yards (two catches).
    That just about covers it, fella.
    (does that mean no Pro Bowl this year….?)

    Kansas City found a way to make it happen. Again.
    Another X in the win column. What was it
    Coach Harbaw and Kaep used to say about
    ugly wins??? Now Alex Smith is the one laughing;
    on the way to an 11-5 season. Someone tell Kaep
    to study the game film; learn a few things. Like how
    to run and keep a drive alive (see Alex on the bootleg).

  38. I haven’t read todays blog.

    I noticed that Blaine has started taking five yard losses on the side line rather than throw incomplete passes. That was one of my biggest irritations with Colin.

    No meaningful offense against the Browns. Soft tackling and dropped coverage. Some pressure on the passer but not sustained. Good field position wasted. No threat running which means no play action. Pass protection? Are you kidding?

    Now we get to play a good team without their quarterback and maybe no Boone. Weeeee!

    1. On 4th down, the worse thing in the world is to take a sack. Gabbert should have heaved it high in the air for a jump ball. Then at least there is a chance to make it.
      Somehow, the QB coach forgot to tell him that.

  39. Eric Branch ‏@Eric_Branch 51s52 seconds ago
    #49ers Ahmad Brooks: “In professional football, it’s a chess game. I think they were a step ahead.”

  40. The 49ers might think about improving the teaching coming from their current staff, or maybe they should look for a GM who can find more talent.

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