49ers @ Buccaneers live blog: Second quarter

This is the live blog for the second quarter of the 49ers’ Week 15 game against the Buccaneers. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from my living room.

10:48 Kaepernick scrambles to his right and throws a beautiful pass on the run to Crabtree for 12 yards. A couple of plays later, Kaepernick scrambles up the middle for 6 yards. On third-and-1 from the Bucs’ 49, Gore runs up the middle and loses a yard. Lee punts. Bucs’ ball at their 13. Kaepernick is doing a good job improvising, and the passes he’s thrown while running have been pin-point.

10:50 Adam Snyder is getting thrown around by Gerald McCoy. The 49ers are going to have to roll out Kaepernick by design more often in this game.

10:53 Ray McDonald jumps offside on third-and-8, but Justin Smith sacks Glennon on third-and-three for a loss of 12.. Glennon held the ball forever. After the punt, the 49ers have the ball at their 44.

11:02 McCoy beats Goodwin and sacks Kaepernick on third-and-8 from the Bucs’ 19. Dawson makes the 47-yard field goal. 10-0 Niners. Two keys plays on that drive: Kaepernick scrambled and threw deep to Vernon Davis and just missed him – the pass glanced off his finger tips. Next play on third-and-15, Kaepernick completed a short pass to Boldin, Revis made a pathetic attempt to tackle him and Boldin gained 25 yards.

11:09 The Bucs go five-and-out. 49ers’ ball at their 19 after the punt. Watching this Bucs offense is pure torture. They’ll be lucky to gain 100 yards the way they’re going. They currently have 30.

11:14 It’s the two-minute warning and the 49ers’ face first-and-10 at their 48. Kaepernick has made two terrific throws from the pocket on this drive — one to Kaepernick on the left sideline for 12 yards, and one to Vernon Davis over the middle for 15. Kaepernick’s passer rating currently is 127.8.

11:18 Kaepernick rolls out to the left and throws a perfect 52-yard pass to Vernon Davis for a touchdown. 17-0 Niners. Kaepernick has made some unbelievable throws in this half.

11:25 It takes the Bucs 79 seconds to drive 80 yards and score a touchdown. Donte Whitner was terrible on that drive. He slipped in coverage and gave up a 26-yard pass, and then he committed a personal foul on hit to the helmet. The Bucs score on a 11-yard pass from Glennon to Vincent Jackson. 17-7 Niners.

11:29 Gore runs up the middle for three yards and the first half ends. Kaepernick’s passer rating is 153.7.

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