49ers-Bucs prediction

Although the Buccaneers have been playing better the past few weeks, the 49ers have the “need factor” on their side — they need to continue winning to earn a playoff spot. The Bucs have nothing to play for. I give the edge to the 49ers mostly because of the need factor.

The 49ers will win a defensive struggle.

Final score: 49ers 13, Bucs 10

  1. Grant, I hope you have a good reason for the brevity of your post this evening. Of course anything to do with wine, fine dining and a good lady are perfectly acceptable.
    Otherwise c’mon man! We expect better.

    Now as for the game, good teams will roll the bucs over, we are a very good team. Final score 49ers 31-13 Bucs.

    1. Ya 13-10?


      Didn’t know the 49ers were playing the 1975 Steelers!

      The 4-9 Bucs….

      As Bill Parcells famously said….

      “You are what your record is”

      I’m not expecting a Blowout but the 49ers will score more than 13 pts.

      1. a few inches in the city and the snowplows are out. supposed to turn to rain/ice overnight. the snow is usually nice, especially early in the season while it’s still novel…winter doesn’t too tiresome here until later…when its cold/dreary in March here and its nice in CA

  2. Grant I understand the defensive struggle however
    We put 19pts on the best defense we have played
    The bucs are not the seahawks. I don’t care if they
    Are at home we win 27-10

    1. Yeah, three touchdowns and two field goals for us, a touchdown and a field goal for them – that’s what I figure, too, Alan87.

  3. Grant …
    I’m guessing we’ll see Crabs on full display
    in this one …
    the Buccs haven’t seen what he, Boldin, and yes,
    Vernon… all on the field at the same time can do …

    Admittedly … we haven either …( yet ) …
    Grab yer popcorn, cuz this one ..
    is gonna be a rout …

    31 -17 … Niners

    1. The Bucs are allowing 4.1 yards per carry this season and the 49ers are averaging 3.4 yards per carry over the past three games.

      1. It will be a real defensive battle, the Niners will score two touchdowns and one missed extra point, or one Touchdown and two field goals, less complicated for the Bucs ahah

  4. The Buccaneers will never be decent again until they get rid of that toolbag Schiano. The fact that they have been playing better lately is actually hurting them in the long run because it’s just delaying the inevitable. He should have been fired a long time ago.

    Niners win 30-16.

  5. And completely off topic, I really hope the 49ers go after Josh Freeman this offseason. He would be a fantastic backup, still only 25 years old, and I really believe all he needs is the right coaching to regain his 2010 form. I still worry about how horrible this offense would be if we lose Kaepernick to injury.

    1. LSX, I have always been a Freeman fan but not sure if he is willing to be a back up! He needs a good coach to bring out his potential.

    1. Hey Ghost,
      Why stop at CK throwing just one pick six?
      Where’s the full-on disgust that you’ve directed towards CK over the past couple of weeks?
      Gettin’ a little soft in your CK angst huh? (lol)

      1. I’m in a good mood today. Broner got a serious butt whipping last night from El Chino. All is good in the world…

  6. 23-9 Niners.

    Bucs defense will hang in and then crack in the late 3rd/4th Qtr.

    Bucs offense will not see the end zone against the Niners superior D.

  7. What a joke. “….mostly because of the need factor”. A thorough, in depth analysis leading to your prediction, and all wrapped up in a tiny paragraph. Got a name for you. Leonard Johnson. Ring a bell? The Bucs rank 24th against opposing teams number three wide receivers, and Leonard is their nickel back in that situation. Manningham should be salivating. The Bucs rank 21st against runs off left and 24th against runs off right tackles. Power and counter.

    The Bucs offense is ranked 24th. The 49er defense will eat them alive. They will feed on the inside against Joseph, who sits at 51 out of 60 in pass block efficiency. The 49ers rank number 2 against opposing number 1 receivers. The Bucs rank 24th rushing the ball and their best runs go left. Since week 10, the 49ers rank 4th against some very good running teams.

    I give the edge to the 49ers, mostly because they’re the Better Team……

    1. Thanks Razor,

      A little more information goes a long way, funny he writes a great column on Friday, one of his best and then a real rush uninterested paragraph in the prediction.

      1. My guess would be the webmaster based on the preferences of the site blogger, or in this case the one that the site blogger works for.

      2. Neal
        I guess you’re right, off days happens. Those of us who criticise athletes for inconsistency should probably hold ourselves to the same standard, including yours truly. I’d guess Grant wasn’t being so much lazy as he was bored by the upcoming matchup. After all, the Pokes have an important game coming up. ; >)

    2. @Razor
      Bravo, nicely done. There’s some talent floating around this blog.
      Looks like Razor should be on your shopping list for succession.

    1. bayareafanatic says:
      December 5, 2013 at 12:26 pm
      Trying to get to MD’s spot around 11:45. Leave your family at the gate. Would hate to see them have to witness what you have coming….

      1. Old news Prime. Why bring up something that should have been dismissed last Sunday.

        What’s your score prediction for tomorrow?

      2. Violence is a serious issue in America. We can’t just ignore or dismiss these individuals that make these type of threats.

  8. Tampa is actually not as bad as their record suggests because they’ve played an extremely tough schedule. Most of the teams they’ve faced have winning records (Cards, Pats, Philly, Carolina 2X, Seattle, Miami, Detroit, Saints). However, Bucs run D on average gives up 103.7 yards per game and they’ve never faced an O line like the Niners. I predict Gore will go over 100 by himself since he will be playing in front of his family.

    49ers 28 Bucs 14

    1. “Gore’s legs are old and tired. Stick a fork in that old man”

      Gore’s tied for the first place for the most the most explosive runs (of 20+ yards) with 9.

  9. I think Greg Schiano (sp?) is a good coach. If Jerry Jones hired me tomorrow to be his GM and gave me total control of the Cowboys (assuming I didn’t run them into ground intentionally because I hate the Cowboys), I’d hire Mike Singletary as my head coach. You read that right. Mike Singleneuron. Why? Because the Cowboys are soft. Mike could take a soft team and turn it into at the very least a team of fanatics. Enter Greg Schiano.

    Raheem Morris was a players’ coach, and if you remember the Bucs / Niner game when Goldson laid out Mike Williams, you might also remember the commentators claiming the Bucs were playing like they were out partying late last night in SF. Josh Freeman was horrible, and Schiano also dumped Eric Wright after his night life caught up with him. I’ve seen the calls for the D to smash the “kneel down formation,” at the end of the game, and personally, I like it. It reminds me of the movie Patton where George C Scott playing Patton says, “I’m going to start turning these boys into fanatics.” That’s what the Cowboys need (bless their sorry souls), and Greg’s giving the Bucs exactly what they need as well. I’ve heard about the billboards that beg the Glazers to fire Schiano, and all I can say to that is….. “Since when did a collective fan base know what’s best for the team?” There are some Niner fans who still miss Alex Smith for Christmas sakes alive.

    Here’s one fan that hopes Schiano keeps his job next year, and that Schiano continues to dump malcontents like Revis until he finds his merry band of warriors. Then the Bucs could once again be a force to recogn with.

    Tomorrow’s game? The Niners will win, but the question is… will they come out of the game healthy? Not if General George Schiano has anything to say about it. Go Niners!

    1. Schiano sucks. He was given a good team and didn’t know what to do with it until late in the season. His players hate him, former players hate him, and the fanbase hates him. He’s gone at the end of the season.

  10. Prime Time says:
    December 14, 2013 at 6:55 pm
    “Violence is a serious issue in America. We can’t just ignore or dismiss these individuals that make these type of threats.”

    So is cyber bullying Prime, and you have certainly doled out your share on here over time. Look, I did not agree with Bay’ idol threats and I hope that he did not actually seek you out at the game.
    But far to many times the bantering gets out of control around here and we have to understand that we need to at least set some rules of engagement.

    In any case Prime, I hope that you had a good time at the game last Sunday.

    1. Cyberbullying is the use of Information Technology to harm or harass other people in a deliberate, repeated, and hostile manner= Prime Slime= Axel = Randy and many more. Mostly done by teenagers or unhappy, insecure middle age men.

      1. People are way too serious on this blog. Prime is no different from Bay and 23 clown, it all depends on whether you agree with their point of view.
        This is just a game. We love our team in different ways. Who cares if someone comes on an trolls, or writes something to start a flame war?
        This is here for our amusement, and not some validation of our thoughts and opinions.

  11. Niners 17-9. Tampa seems to be getting better but I’m thinking the Niner D is going into it’s stretch drive, and an inexperienced QB in Glennon is going to find the going very tough.

    1. Bucs booty about to get looted by the Niners yo ho. @ welcherjordo this should be J Johnson game oh yeah he sucks like your judgement.

    1. Pregaming starts early in San Luis Obispo go 49ers! The playoff push starts now onward the quest for the elusive sixth!

  12. Ronnie Lott has spoken (KNBR on Friday morning)! It’s time to make The Run for the Championship.
    Every game is now a playoff game.

  13. I don’t understand why people bother wondering why Grant predicts 13 points… it’s not like he has ever been right about anything.

  14. Note to Coach Harbaw:
    At the end of the day,
    we will be 11-3 and
    you ‘may’ be at 10-4…
    (still chasing me? oh, well)
    You may recall a few months back, I wondered…
    how long will it take for the Niners to equal/exceed
    the 2013 record of the Kansas City Chiefs…?
    Ya got three more weeks, fella.
    Don’t trip, don’t slip.
    Don’t get distracted by the monkey on your back
    (or the olive jar or the root canal or the ………….)

    1. I am a true fan not a bandwagon fan like yourself. I am wearing my Davis jersey,my Daughter is wearing a 49ers cheerleader outfit and my son is wearing his Gore jersey to the game we are leaving right now to tailgate. Have fun seating on your Grandmothers couch in the basement while you watch the Chiefs.

  15. Just go get a win and keep pushing toward the playoffs. I have no score in mind as long as the correct team has more. Also go Titans, Giants and (ugh)Jets.

  16. …..this season it has been interesting to know that if we have to win, ckone needs to plays like alex smith…….(the numbers prove this)

    it is really hilarious……all those years of hating alex and to find out now that our gunslinger like QB has to play like alex in order for us succeed

    guess alex is having the last laugh……

    1. So lets see. Last year the 49ers went 11-4-1, this year if they win out, they will improve upon that record.
      If someone told me that my Niners would win twelve games inspite of the fact that
      we lost Aldon Smith for 5 games
      Crabtree and Patton were out until December and that Williams and Jenkins were cut with no replacements
      Vernon would miss a few games
      I’d say the season was pretty much a huge success. Going with Kaepernick as still the right choice OneAlex. He still makes passes that Alex couldn’t make but more importantly would not attempt. Once he learns to speed his progression he will add the underneath stuff to his game.
      So don’t tell us that Alex is having the last laugh. In a few years when we look back in Niner history, Alex will be forgotten except for one great game. When you are average that is what happens.

  17. Like everyone else, I’m hoping to come out of this game without losing anyone to injury….I see a game with multiple turnovers (both air mail and fumblitis). Who commits the most, and who recovers the most will stand tall at the end. Niners23-Bucs20…we’ve got more depth, and we’re just a better team.

  18. The Bucs have nothing to play for.
    Don’t down play the personal satisfaction they receive if they know they got to play spoilers to our playoff hopes.

  19. I was just appreciating how few 10am games we’ve had this season. It isn’t quite the same experience watching the game while I’m still finishing the morning coffee.

    1. Wakey, Wakey!

      It’s just before noon in Ontario, just settling in! – I have my gambling ticket in one hand, box of chicken wings ready for the oven. It’s freezing out with a foot of snow, GO NINERS!

      1. You got a ticket for gambling? Damn, those Mounties are strict. I consider sports gambling a self-correcting vice; kinda pay-as-you-go. Just kidding, let’s hope we get a good result!

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