49ers @ Cardinals live blog

This is the live blog for the 49ers’ Week-10 game against the Arizona Cardinals. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from my living room.

12:00 Here are the 49ers’ inactives:

  • RB Mike Davis
  • CB Rashard Robinson
  • OLB Aaron Lynch
  • OT John Theus
  • TE Je’Ron Hamm
  • DT Chris Jones
  • QB Christian Ponder

This means RB Carlos Hyde is active.

12:01 Here are the Cardinals’ inactives:

  • S Tyrann Mathieu
  • WR Chris Hubert
  • CB Tharold Simon
  • G Cole Toner
  • DT Olsen Pierre
  • DT Robert Nkemdiche
  • DT Ed Stinson

12:02 Watch the alignment of the 49ers’ defense today. Will defensive coordinator Jim 0’Neil continue to use a spread out 3-4 defense with giant gaps in the middle of the D-line, or will he pack the middle and use a 46 defense?

12:07 If you missed my preview for today’s game, you can read it here.

1:25 The Cardinals win the toss and choose to keep the ball.

1:28 Jimmie Ward breaks up a pass intended for Larry Fitzgerald and the Cardinals’ go three-and-out.

1:31 On third-and-10, Colin Kaepernick stares down one read to his right, drops his eyes and looks to scramble, then runs into a sack. Niners go three-and-out. Carlos Hyde lost two yards on his first carry of the game.

1:33 The 49ers are using a ‘Bear front’ on defense. Jim O’Neil took my advice. You’re welcome, Jim.

1:34 Carson Palmer completes a long pass to J.J. Nelson, who fumbles. Niners recover.

1:36 Hyde loses five yards on third-and-2. Bad start for him. Niners go three-and-out.

1:44 Carson Palmer throws a touchdown pass to David Johnson on third-and-3. 7-0 Cardinals. The Niners are shutting down the run, but they can’t get anywhere near Palmer. He looks like he’s standing on the beach gazing at the ocean.

1:52 Kaepernick throws a five-yard pass on third-and-10 and the Niners go three-and-out. Kaepernick is worthless on third down unless he scrambles.

1:53 The Niners’ offense opens the game with three-straight three-and-outs.

1:57 Palmer’s pass flies through David Johnson’s hands on third-and-5, and the Cardinals go three-and-out.

1:58 Jeremy Kerley fumbles the punt return and the Cardinals recover as the first quarter ends.

2:03 Jimmie Ward is flagged for a 38-yard pass-interference penalty. Next play, David Johnson bounces outside to his left and runs 18 yards for a touchdown. Tramaine Brock failed to set the edge and Johnson ran around him. The play is under review.

2:06 Ruling stands. 14-0 Cardinals. Have the Niners quit already?

2:14. No, they have not. On first-and-10 from the Cardinals’ 17, Kaepernick scrambles to his right and throws a touchdown pass to a wide-open Kerley. Great play. 14-7 Cardinals.

2:17 Chip Kelly has done a good job managing Colin Kaepernick early in this game. Calling mostly short, safe throws to build his confidence.

2:25 Dontae Johnson trips up Larry Fitzgerald after a nine-yard catch-and-run on third-and-10. The Cardinals make a 39-yard field goal. 17-7 Arizona.

2:30 Carlos Hyde dances behind the line of scrimmage on second-and-10 and loses four yards. Bring in DuJuan Harris.

2:40 Kaepernick scrambles up the middle for 2 yards on third-and-8 from the Cardinals’ 32.

2:43 Phil Dawson makes a 49-yard field goal with 1:32 left in the half. 17-10 Cardinals.

2:53 Hakeem Valles drops a pass in the end zone with 2 seconds left in the first half, and the Cardinals make a 19-yard field goal. 20-10 Arizona at halftime.

3:04 Watch for the Cardinals to run the ball outside the tackles in the 2nd half.

3:10 Kaepernick runs into a sack on third-and-8, and the 49ers go three-and-out in 43 seconds to start the second half. They have scored 13 points in the 3rd quarter this season.

3:15 Old Man Palmer fumbles at the 49ers’ 20-yard line and the 49ers recover.

3:19 On third-and-5, Kaepernick runs into his third sack of the game three plays after completing a 45-yard pass to Quinton Patton. Dawson makes a 53-yard field goal. 20-13 Arizona.

3:26 Keith Reaser breaks up a pass on third-and-8, and the Cardinals punt.

3:31 Carlos Hyde dances in the backfield on second-and-8 and loses three yards. Then Kaepernick throws a pass to a Cardinal on the sideline on third-and-11. Niners go three-and-out.

3:35 J.J. Nelson lets a third-down pass bounce off his hands and Eric Reid makes the interception.

3:41 Back-to-back holding penalties knock the 49ers out of field-goal range, and they’re stuck at 16 3rd-quarter points this season.

3:45 The Cardinals seem to have given up on their running game. They face third-and-3 from their 20 when the fourth quarter begins.

3:51 Antoine Bethea trips up David Johnson for no gain on third-and-1. Great play. Kerley makes a fair catch at the Niners’ 26.

3:59 Kaepernick’s pass leads Patton out of bounds on third-and-6. Bradley Pinion’s punt pins the Cardinals at their 4-yard line.

4:08 On first-and-10 from midfield, Old Man Palmer throws a pick right to Gerald Hodges. Palmer is pulling a Kaepernick.

4:19 Kaepernick runs a QB sweep for a 4-yard touchdown on third-and-2. Game tied at 20 with 1:55 left.

4:33 Nick Bellore gives up a 12-yard catch to David Johnson on third-and-8 from the 49ers’ 35.

4:34 Chandler Catanzaro makes a 34-yard field goal and the Cardinals win 23-20. Stay tuned for grades.

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    1. You are a fluke of the universe.
      You have no right to be here.
      And whether you can hear it or not,
      The universe is laughing behind your back.

      1. cassie i read your posts all the time you are a smart intelligent women. I would love to take you to dinner or maybe go for a hike and get to know each other.

    1. Richie
      @timkawakami what do you think it will take for Jed to do what needs to be done to fix the franchise?

      Tim Kawakami ‏@timkawakami · 2h2 hours ago

      So when people ask me questions like that, I don’t really have an answer because the main necessary thing isn’t going to happen.

      Tim Kawakami ‏@timkawakami · 2h2 hours ago

      Tim Kawakami Retweeted Richie

      First: Step aside and let somebody with credibility run all aspects of the team. Which he will never do. Not ever.

      Tim Kawakami Retweeted

      Matier and Ross ‏@matierandross · 2h2 hours ago

      ”Soccer moms” deal big blow to #49ers at the ballot box. http://www.sfchronicle.com/bayarea/matier-ross/article/Niners-lose-big-at-the-ballot-box-10609417.php?cmpid=twitter-premium … via @sfchronicle

  1. 3-4, 4-3, 4-6, does not matter. When your DL is finesse and you’re playing LBs such as Bellore, Wilhoite and Harold, you can expect to get gashed on the ground… I predict they’ll give up at least 230 yards on the ground today…

  2. The councilwomen have called for an audit on how much city money is being spent on police, fire and other services at the stadium..

    They had been the target of what Gillmor and community activists called a “dark money” campaign by a San Francisco group seeking to install council members who would be more friendly toward the team.

    After an initial wave of good feelings, the 49ers kicked over a hornet’s nest last year when they sought to take over youth soccer fields adjacent to Levi’s Stadium for parking. The result was a series of packed City Council meetings with soccer kids in uniforms talking about what it would mean to lose their fields…Matier and Ross

    1. York’s on a Roll,

      Stiffing Tim Kawakami for a dinner bill, then threatening to sue him for reporting their profits, cancelling the Girl Scouts of America’s Levi Stadium sleepover for a more lucrative event, and now trying to pave over the soccer moms kids soccer field.

      Austin Power’s, Dr. Evil has nothing over the York’s. You can’t write a Hollywood movie script corrupt enough to challenge the York’s.

    2. Can’t say I feel bad for Jed and the Yorks…:

      -Jed fires Harbaugh once the stadium was built (thanks to Harbaugh’s success).
      -He promised a new kids soccer park – didn’t build it.
      -He promised the girl scouts could use Levi’s then cancelled it due to other, last minute lucrative event.
      -Jed promised his neighbors he wouldn’t build a large cabana to compliment his 9000 SF mansion then takes them to court to build it (who cares if it blocks your view).

      Karma’s a b*tch.

  3. Nothing like playing against an O’Neil coached defense to fix what ails Carson Palmer. : – x

  4. Classic Kelly move. 3rd down and short, run to the outside on a fresh, swarming Arizona defense that defends those runs easily, especially against the 49ers. The 49er players could make better play calls than this. What a waste of a Sunday afternoon.

      1. Grant-
        Why do you suppose Chip runs this pathetic Offense? My point being, is there a method to his madness, a bigger picture? Or is it just as telling as it appears? Because I have a hard time believing what I’m seeing.

  5. The defense appears to be playing better without Armstead, but the offense just keeps getting worse by the game.

    1. Run defense looks better, but it looks to me like they are doing what Grant suggested and not using the spread out 3-4. Dorsey is also better at NT than Dial.

    2. If it’s one thing fans can count on under York ownership it’s looking worse after a bye or after being coached by York (Baalke) picked coaches.

  6. Jed York’s Cabana — Sung to Barry Manilow’s Copacabana…

    His name is Jed York, he is ow-ner
    With short thinning hair and IQ down to there
    He disses girl scouts and stiffs at dinners
    And while he wants to be loved
    His mom treats him with kid gloves
    Across the country wide, they racked up profits high
    They were mom and son and they had each other
    Who could ask for more?

    At the home of (ho!) Jed York’s cabana (cabana!)
    In Los Altos Hills — Jed York’s ma-nna
    At the home of, (ho!) Jed York’s cabana (cabana!)
    Dumb dumb and cash-in were always the fashion
    In Los Altos… Jed gets his way…

    1. Excellent song Cassie. I would leave Kap out of any verse, Seb’s monitoring Jed’s cabana and multitasking posters on his laptop.

  7. I love how Kelly just stands there showing no emotion nor interacting with his players… The players all look the same – uninterested and assuming they’ve already lost.

    The 49ers are simply a platform for Kaepernick while masquerading as an NFL team… Way to go Yorkie.

    1. Yeah… because good coaches like Walsh and Belacheck show lots of emotion:/.
      There is plenty wrong with Kelly but his emotional display is fine.

      1. Good coaches usually equate to good teams and can do what they want. But when your team is the SF 49ers (aka worst team in the league) you best show something. Unless you’re Chip Kelly of course who appears afraid of pissing off players like he did in Philly… Soft coach, soft team. .

      1. Exactly,

        they say a little humor is helpful in times of stress.

        Imagine the Cards half time adjustments against an offenseless opponent

          1. The schemes don’t match the personnel on both sides of the ball. That’s bad coaching. At least they’re finally making adjustments, in November.

    1. Hyde has become Kevin Barlow 2.0
      The more I see Hyde run the more irked I get with Baalke for letting Gore walk.
      What to look for in our next RB aside from the obvious abilities scouts take note of? HEART!

      1. AES

        Great comparison!
        Kevin Barlow also wanted to dance….he was even bigger and stronger than Hyde if I remember correctly….and he had Beasly to block for him….

      1. Cubus …

        yeah … I noticed that the D
        is playing …better ..but ..
        they still suck …

        On the PI to Reid …
        if he woulda just turned his head ..
        he coulda either grabbed an INT .. or
        at least knocked the ball down ..

        That ball looked .. way ..under-thrown

      2. No, they constantly rush well past the QB on the outside. This has been happening on the regular…. Wouldn’t be such an issue if we had a DL that could push/collapse the pocket but we don’t. They’re great at going backwards though.

    1. Cardinals have no chance in post season if the can’t run against the 49ers. They need a running game to be competitive.

  8. Matt Maiocco ‏@MaioccoCSN · 3m3 minutes ago

    Watch for the entire #49ers defensive backfield to be called for holding on this play. There’s :12 left in the half. Ball on the SF 14.

  9. ‏@grantcohn
    Watch for the Cardinals to run the ball outside the tackles in the 2nd half.



    AdamNewbs Rohn Jambo

  10. If Kaep can’t do something with this possession he deserves to be benched. Surprisingly, he’s been given gifts from the D all day but hasn’t done crap.

    1. Thats not true. Any qb can make that throw. It wasn’t even special. He blew it. But a franchise qb does make that, bad part is, so does any run of the mill qb. To bad kap isint either one.

    2. Prime,
      Don’t you know the last franchise QB we had was Steve Young?
      Our franchise QB is not on this team.
      We may be 2-3 years away from having that guy.

      1. Jeff Garcia … still the only 49er QB to throw 30 TDs two years in a row … AND … with very low interceptions as well. A franchise QB during his short time on top. (and he could move too)

      1. eMJay,
        Last I looked, a touchdown counts for 6 points no matter how it’s scored.
        For a team that has been sadly bereft of touchdowns this season, I won’t quibble with the way they come.

    1. He looks good running the football but awful throwing it. He’s limited in certain throws. That means he is easy to defend in certain situations.
      It won’t ever sustain quality consistent play needed in crunch time!

  11. Roethlisberger just faked a spike and threw a TD with less than a minute to go. I’ve been wondering when I would see something like that.

  12. Last time I saw Skov in on defense AZ was forced to punt. Why the hell would you put Bellore on Johnson!? Only in a Jim O’Neil defense :/

  13. At what point does this team accept the fact that they need to see what they have in Ponder because we all knoe Kaep should not be a starter, Gaeb shouldn’t be a starter, so when they draft their qb is ponder good enough to serve as a 5 to 7 game stopgap?

  14. While the team lost today, I have to say I was pleased with the defense overall. However, Brock should not be starting, and the team needs to address both safety positions in the off-season. ILB and a pass rusher should also be a priority.

    1. Haha, so you are pleased with the defense but want five of 11 starters replaced. :-)

      BTW, completely agree, not having a go, just came across funny.

    1. The offense was anemic today, mainly due to Kaepernick and Hyde. It seems like a slasher at RB and an accurate scrambler at QB is what the offense needs.

      1. The O line can’t run block. Guys running free all game. Wouldn’t matter who we had at RB today. Kaep played good today. Several dropped balls and a bunch of penalties slowed the offense down. Can’t blame Kaep this game. Missed some but all in all it was a soild performance by Kaep.

        1. The dancing, lack of patience, and fragility are the reasons why Hyde is not producing. He is a backup at best.
          Kaepernick ran into three sacks and blew too many opportunities to turn the game in the favor of the 49ers. He was okay, but he could have been better.

        1. There were plays that Kaep left on the field, but he also made some plays today to keep the team in contention.
          CK get’s a C+ (above mentioned).
          Bellore get’s a D- (speed of game too fast for him).
          Reid get’s C- (made a couple of good plays but his reaction time is beginning to be an issue).
          Brooks get’s B- (was good against the run and played spirited ball).
          Hyde get’s a F (starting to run like Kevin Barlow – enough said).
          Ward get’s a C- (some good some bad)
          VMac get’s a B- (not targeted enough)
          Dorsey B+ (made a difference in plugging the middle running lanes).
          Reaser get’s a B (he did a good job).
          Dawson get’s a A (agree with Grant, he may be our best player – he just goes out and does his job!).

  15. What game are you watching? I get it you don’t like the guy but he played pretty good game on the road when NO ONE gave them a chance to stay close. He didn’t turn it over once. Made some plays and they lost a competitive game.. Ponder or Gabbert would of been sacked 6-7 times today. Kaep did what he could with a sh*tty hand. Best part about today was losing a competitive game. We need a top 3 pick. Buckner, Harold showed today…

    1. He didn’t even pass 300 yards. He wasn’t even in the top 10 this week in QB passing. He even let the Dallas QB of all people BEAT HIM in the top 10! I rather take Gab getting sacked. You know why? HE RESPECTS OUR FLAG and OUR COUNTRY. You can’t do that Kap, GET OUT! I’m going to ride his sorry behind all year and I hope he does go 1 and 15. He’ll deserve it. This rancid team deserves to love so I hope NE circles the date and puts up 28 plus points on this team. YOu better believe Brady can’t wait to light this team up next week.

      1. D5,
        Your rabid hatred for Kaep does not allow you to be fair in assessing his game.
        There were a handful of players that had much less subpar game yesterday but you can’t see beyond Kaep.
        Btw, Prescott has beat many teams far more superior than the 49ers, but why stop now when it comes to putting it all on Kaep.

        As far as his personal stance, well, maybe you haven’t looked at what is going on in our nation lately but here’s a newsflash – there is a big schism in our country at the moment.
        Do I agree with Kaep’ political stance? No.
        But he still has the right within our constitution to free speech. Yes, given to him by those who have made the ultimate sacrifice and for the vets and those who currently serve.
        And I can overlook his silent protest for 2 reasons.
        1. The Org (his employer) has stood with him during this time.
        2. His protest have not caused or is incited unrest or injury to anyone.

        But I do agree on one of your more reasonable takes – CK is not the QB of the future, but then again, that’s not a new revelation around here either.

    2. You are wasting your time arguing with the haters. There is nothing Kap can do to satisfy them. All week long these people were gleefully looking forward to Kap having a game similar to the one he had in Arizona last year. As the game went on and it was obvious that Kap was not going to be sacked multiple time and was not going to throw four picks, their comments became more and more unhinged.

      Luckily, their opinions do not count. Kap has improved in each game since he started playing. My hope is that by the end of the season Kap will show enough for the Niners to plan on 2017 with him at QB. If we need to break in a rookie QB next year, we are in for at least 3 or more years of losing.

      Go Niners.

      1. Yup, this guy will hate probably Kaep until the day he dies. And truth be told, who cares!
        The entire team played their most spirited game since the Ram win. I believe the long pass to Floyd on the last series was not a completion but at this point in the season I’m only happy to some competitive play from our team.

      2. You know full well Arizona was missing players just like New Orleans. The numbers on Kap are pathetic and inflated. HE’s not going to a pro bowl. You put Kap against a team that has a good D, not many injuries, he’ll lose. But OK, I’ll tell you what, if he can beat NE, not have a close loss, W or NOTHING, he can copy what he had vs. Tom Brady 4 years ago, maybe he has improved, but he’ll NEVER earn that right to be kept on the 49ers no matter how improved he may be. 1 and 15 teams DO NOT keep their QB in today’s NFL.

  16. We only gave up 443 Yds. I guess that’s an improvement. Did better against the run and forced 4 turnovers but let Palmer of all people get 376 YDs.

    Kap played way better than I expected he would. The HBs are terrible, miss you Gore.

  17. 49ers D gave the offense the ball in + territory 3 times today off turnovers. Net result was 1 field goal. Pathetic.

    Oh yeah, and the offense scored more points in the first game as well.

    1. To lose another game, it makes me so happy that God is punishing Mr. Kapernick for not voting and for hating his own country.

  18. God has been very good to me. He helped Mr. Trump win so EAT IT fake 49ers fans that on the Clinton-York bandwagon and he helped the GOOF lose another game, and the GOOF Didn’t even vote, so if you 49ers fans want any kind of creditability, you disavow Kap as your QB. Awww, no 49er post game? Man, has God been good to me or what? No having to hear Bubba Paris cry and snivel on TV about so called expectations Mr. Kap supposedly did out there other then EARN another L!

    God Bless for having the 49ers LOSE another game and NO 49ers post game, aw yes!

    1. D5,
      If God has been good to you, you might want to stop using his name in vain. I’m sure He has higher priorities than whether Kaep voted or not bud.

      1. AES, a real football fan wants success for the team they root for. The 49ers got NOTHING to be successful for: QB disrespects his country, RB gets hurt, no WR to catch the ball, the OL, OK, slightly improved, but can get rattled, and the defense is NOT impressive. Sure, you can MAYBE try to contain the run, but this D for years has given up the big passing plays and cant’ contain somebody like Fitzgerald that should’ve came with Boldin when he bolted for our team and did NOTHING.

        I relish on the team losing for:
        Chip Kelly gets fired
        Kap is sent packing
        The 49ers get good draft picks
        We fire Trent Baalke
        HOpefully we sell the team.

        1. D5,
          I can agree on 2 out of your 4 reasons for losing.
          Kaep and Trent are gone after this season.

          Kelly will get another year, but O’Neil will be sent packing.

    2. God has been very good to you? He’s been even better to the owners of the Niners. Or are you a billionaire also? And you are calling for God’s chosen people to sell the team? Good luck with that.

  19. I was robbed on the New Orleans game today. Not sure what I was thinking taking K.C. but my Ten pick worked out!

          1. I agree Razor. If we’re going to hate on his numbers from last week because of the Saints, we have to give him credit for playing well against Az. He tied the game late too. He had plenty of chances to give away the game but he didn’t. Zero turnovers, game tying TD. That is definitely better than average.

          2. The 198 yards passing allowed today by the Cardinals is the 4th fewest they’ve allowed this season in 9 games. Nothing to write home about for the 49ers.

          3. Taking into account their injuries, turnovers and the fact that we scored less than we did last time against them?
            A C is about all I can give.

      1. A solid C grade for Kaepernick. He played okay, but there were areas where he could have done more.

      2. How can you respect somebody that doesn’t vote, has no respect for the country? Are you 49ers fans LIBERALS? Is the NFL fan liberal, is that it? Are you that blinded to actually want this 14 million dollar turncoat GOOF on this team next year? I hope people take a knife to the throat if that happens, seriously! He has no respect. What the team is doing is stupid as they should let Kap get sacked and taken out of the game, period. That should be happening, not this so called fake togetherness BS that the 49ers are trying to pull off.

        1. Darren,

          Most of the people here want Kap gone. Pointing out that he played well doesn’t make anyone a liberal. You also keep saying that supporting Jed makes you a liberal, but I haven’t seen anyone make a pro Jed post. You are obviously trying to pick a political fight.

        2. Darren, I am a liberal and proud of it. I want peace and justice.

          Soon we will see if Trump is up to the task. I predict he will reap what he sows.

          I am also an unapologetic Kaep fan. I said they should roll him out more. He did that, and hit Kerley in the end zone because he was uncovered when they freaked out that Kaep was on the move. On the last touchdown, I said before the game that he should run more naked bootlegs. Looks like they are finally letting Kaep play to his strengths. Unlike some other QBs, I think Kaep is more accurate on the run.

          Kaep may get your ire because he decries the injustices , but you have no moral high ground, because you excuse blatant profiling, and a blue line that prevents justice. If he chooses not to vote because he did not like either candidate, that is his right. I would like for him to get more aware of the whole reason to vote, but if he spent hours studying and debating the candidates and issues, you would rip him for not studying enough.

          You may be happy with the election, but I am resigned to more losing, and more pain. Your guy did not gain the majority of the votes, so he has no mandate, and I expect a litigious term.

          You may consider LIBERAL to be a pejorative. I consider it to be a badge of honor. I aspire for higher ideals, with a moral and just society. You can keep your mean, selfish bullying demeanor, I will just repudiate the hate.

          This country is great. Trump will never make it greater by tearing things down. History will show that it tends to repeat itself. Like Germany in the 30’s. an megalomaniac took control over the slimmest of margins. Hopefully we have learned from history, and are wise enough to avoid the precipice.

  20. I’ll probably repeat this during the grades …. but … WHY would y’all either want Kap to do well now OR even start these games? He’s not part of the future of the team. In fact, the BETTER he does now, the more offers he will get in free agency. May as well lose them all at this point.

    1. Kezar,
      I agree in part with your take. I don’t believe that Kaep is our future, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want him to play well. I would like to see the entire team do well – while honestly confessing that they play in Steve DeBerg style – “just well enough to lose” (Bill Walsh)

      1. Long as he’s OFF The team, and they keep losing for every time the 49ers have a good opportunity in the draft, they mess it up each time. This time, if you are going 1 and 15, you play like a 1 and 15 team. You find ways to lose by 3 or by a bunch. You better find a way to make Tom Brady look great next week as he should have revenge over what Kap did to him.

  21. This we know:
    1.Hyde is not an every down back.
    2.Kap cannot make all the throws required by an NFL QB.He is limited.
    3.The defense has a pulse

      1. One thing I noticed about Kap today is this. When the defense floods the middle of the field and he is forced to throw outside the numbers, his mecahanics break down and simply cannot be accurate to get the ball there.
        The sad truth, this has plagued him since day one in the NFL!

        1. Oh look, Kaep rolled out and threw a strike for a TD.

          Then Kaep used his legs to score a TD.

          With more continuity and familiarity, Kaep will only get better.

          1. The dream continues but the reality is what it is, the man is limited. He’s not the full package of QB and that was evident when the defense forced him to throw on the outside. He just could not execute those throws. Never has.

            1. Hmm, that TD throw was in the corner of the end zone, so it was outside the numbers. That throw was executed well, but you are blind to everything but your narrative, even though we have film to prove otherwise.

              1. Seb don’t take my word for it, that’s fine. Go back and watch the entire 2nd half and come back and tell me otherwise?
                At the end of the day this organization will only have Kap for another 6 games. Then he will walk as a FA and then we can finally start the rebuild with promise. Enjoy your small victories in your small, self created bubble with Kap fantasies! 6 more weeks! Can’t wait!

              2. Guess what? I am beginning to think that Chip may stay, and try to keep Kaep. I bet Chip will threaten to walk if they get rid of Kaep, and by some miracle he stays for many years.

                Sorry, Prime, but Jed is terrified that if Kaep walks, he will go to an NFC west team and haunt him for years. They will placate Chip because if he leaves, there will not be a single coach who will touch this job with a 10 foot pole. Why would any sane competent coach come here, if only to destroy his career?

                You may be stuck with Kaep, and I could not be happier.

              3. 6 weeks, book it and let the celebration begin!
                Unless you care to make a wager Poe Niner? Buwhahahaha!!!!

              4. Laughing at yourself?

                No, I will not predict how Jed will act. I know that Kaep will leave if Baalke stays, so it all depends on what Jed decides. If he wants to win, Jed should kick Baalke upstairs into the financial section and promote Chip’s buddy Gamble. If Chip stays, he may get Kaep to stay.

                If Baalke stays, just expect more losing.

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