49ers @ Cardinals live blog

This is the live blog for the 49ers Week 4 road game against the Cardinals. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from my apartment.

1:06 The Cardinals will receive the opening kickoff.

1:16 On third-and-goal from the four-yard line, the 49ers rush three defenders — just like the Cowboys did with success Monday night against the Cardinals. Both Aaron Lynch and DeForest Buckner hit Carson Palmer as he throws, and Palmer gets intercepted by Ray Ray Armstrong in the end zone. Good adjustment by Robert Saleh.

1:20 Carlos Hyde gains two yards on first down, Brian Hoyer misses a wide open Pierre Garcon on second down, Hoyer misses Trent Taylor on third down and the Niners go three-and-out. Kyle Shanahan thinks Tyrann Mathieu interfered with Taylor on third down. Shanahan may be correct.

1:25 On third-and-6, Dontae Johnson breaks up a pass intended for Larry Fitzgerald and the Cardinals go three-and-out. The Niners rushed five on that third down. Eli Harold and NaVorro Bowman blitzed.

1:35 Robbie Gould makes a 49-yard field goal, and the Niners lead 3-0. Hoyer gained three yards during a QB sneak on fourth-and-1 from the Cardinals 38. Next play, Logan Paulsen dropped a deep pass along the right sideline. And on the next play, Hoyer throws over the middle to Goodwin, who slips and falls, and the pass almost gets picked.

1:41 The Cardinals will face second-and-9 from the 49ers 37 when the second quarter starts. The Niners have had no pass rush during this drive, because Solomon Thomas and Arik Armstead are the edge rushers and Robert Saleh isn’t blitzing or doing anything creative.

1:41 On fourth-and-goal from the 11, running back Andre Ellington beats cornerback Rashard Robinson for a touchdown catch. The play is under review. Solomon Thomas was rushing from the edge on that play. He continues to rush into the chest of the offensive tackle and continues to generate zero pressure.

1:51 The officials overturn their call. Incomplete pass. Fourth down.

1:59 Phil Dawson makes a 29-yard field goal. Game tied at three.

2:05 Hoyer leads the offense from the 49ers 15 to the Cardinals 10, but on third-and-3 Hoyer decides not to throw to an open George Kittle and takes a sack. Bad play by Hoyer, although left guard Laken Tomlinson got walked back into Hoyer’s lap with a bull rush. Gould makes a 39-yard field goal and the Niners lead 6-3. Hoyer was 5-for-5 on that drive.

2:18 On third-and-10 from the 49ers 37, Solomon Thomas beats right guard Evan Boehm and sacks Palmer as Palmer steps up in the pocket. Good job Saleh to finally move Thomas inside. I believe that was his first inside rush of the game. Cardinals punt.

2:24 On third-and-four, Hoyer throws a deep pass to Trent Taylor, who slips and falls. Antoine Bethea intercepts the ball and returns it the 49ers 30.

2:27 On second-and-five, DeForest Buckner hits Palmer and forces a bad throw. On third-and-5, Palmer has time as he throws to an open Ellington, but Ellington drops the ball. Phil Dawson ties the game at six with 43-yard field goal. Niners will get the ball back with 1:24 left in the half.

2:32 On third-and-10 from the 49ers 40, the Cardinals use a solid front and blitz an inside linebacker. The 49ers don’t block him and he hits Hoyer as Hoyer throws an incomplete pass intended for Taylor over the middle.

2:35 Marquise Goodwin has a head injury and an eye injury.

2:55 The 49ers march to the Cardinals 11-yard line in just six plays, but then Trent Taylor commits an offensive pass interference penalty and Brandon Fusco gives up a sack on the next play. The Niners go 20 yards backward. This team keeps hurting itself in the red zone. Remember this sequence if the Niners lose by four points or less.

2:56 Robbie Gould makes a 47-yard field goal. The Niners traded seven for three, and lead 9-6.

2:58 On that sack, Brandon Fusco got beat by a stunt. He can’t figure out how to stop that play. He is getting destroyed.

2:58 Goodwin is out with a concussion.

3:07 On third-and-4, Buckner beats left guard Will Holden with a swim move and sacks Palmer. Dawson ties the game at nine with a 50-yard field goal.

3:07 That drive was brought to you by Rashard Robinson’s fifth penalty of the past two games. This one was a 33-yard pass interference. He is a bad, bad cornerback.

3:18 On first-and-10 from the Cardinals 30, Daniel Kilgore commits a holding penalty which negates a six-yard run by Hyde. That’s Kilgore’s second holding penalty the past two games. On third-and-10, Pierre Garcon drops a first-down catch. That’s the second drop of the drive. George Kittle committed the first one. Robbie Gould makes a 47-yard field goal, and the 49ers lead 12-9. They’re in another winnable game. Can they win it?

3:25 On the final play of the third quarter, Solomon Thomas tackles Chris Johnson for a two-yard loss. The Cardinals will face third-and-4 from their 41 when the fourth quarter starts.

3:28 Buckner knocks down Palmer’s pass on third-and-4, and the Cardinals punt.

3:31 Niners lose six yards and go three-and-out. Garrett Celek committed a false start on first down. The Niners had an opportunity to run some clock and add to their lead and failed. Cardinals will start at their 36.

3:41 On first-and-10 from the 49ers 18, Eli Harold dogs from the outside and sacks Palmer for a 7-yard loss. Phil Dawson makes a 32-yard field goal three plays later. Game tied at 12 with 7:41 left. The Niners are in position to win a game in the fourth quarter for the third straight week.

3:47 On third-and-12, Hoyer throws a perfect deep pass to Aldrick Robinson, but the ball falls through Robinson’s arms. The cornerback may have tipped it. Niners go three-and-out again. The Niners had success in the third quarter with run plays and play-action passes on early downs. The Cardinals adjusted by blitzing on early downs, which have negated the Niners runs and play-action passes. Shanahan has to adjust with quick passes. He hasn’t done that.

3:52 Dontae Johnson breaks up a pass on third-and-6, and the Cardinals go three-and-out. Great play by Johnson.

3:57 The 49ers commit four more penalties on that sequence — one on special teams and three on offense. Unbelievable. Logan Paulsen was flagged for holding during the punt, and the Niners had to start from their 5-yard line. The Niners are beating themselves yet again.

4:00 The Cardinals go three-and-out after two sacks. Ray Ray Armstrong blitzed through the A gap and sacked Palmer on first down, and Elvis Dumervil beat the Cardinals left tackle with a speed rush and sacked Palmer on third down.

4:02 On second-and-7, Shanahan calls a play-action pass and the Cardinals call a safety blitz. Mathieu blows by Hyde and sacks Hoyer for a three-yard loss. As I wrote above, the Cardinals have consistently blitzed on early downs to take away the play-action pass. Shanahan can’t call that play there. The Cardinals defensive coordinator got the best of him.

4:04 Hoyer misses Robinson on third-and-10, and the Niners go three-and-out.

4:08 Dumervil sacks Palmer on second-and-five and the Cardinals go three-and-out. The Niners defense has played well enough to win. Can the offense do anything?

4:10 No, it can’t. The offense is utterly incapable of protecting Hoyer. Niners go three-and-out again. The Cardinals have the ball at their 15-yard line with 13 seconds left.

4:13 Palmer takes and knee and sends the game to overtime.

4:14 The 49ers win the toss and elect to receive the kickoff.

4:34 The 49ers drive to the Cardinals 5 and use up 7:32 on the clock. On third-and-goal, Hoyer throws the ball away. Gould makes a 23-yard field goal with 2:24 left in overtime.

4:35 Key play on that drive: Carlos Hyde fumbled on the first play, and Joe Staley recovered. If the Cardinals had recovered, they would have gotten the ball in field goal territory and probably would have won.

4:46 Palmer throws a 19-yard touchdown pass to Fitzgerald and the Cardinals win. Stay tuned for my post-game Periscope and team grades.

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  1. It’s a QB driven league. Clemson’s coach said if you don’t pick Deshaun Watson you will be missing out on Michael Jordan. Looks like he was right. Niners and Cleveland both missed the boat on this guy. I have a few pre draft magazines both stating Deshaun Watson would be the first pick of the draft. For $7.99 the Niners maybe could have had their next Joe Montana.

      1. Yes, it’s one game but he showed how high his ceiling is. And he also almost beat tom Brady a week ago. Hes got the talent to be. Very good and when’s the last time a Niner qb had 1 game similar to Watsons?

    1. PI is the new what’s a catch. No one can decipher what is and isn’t anymore. NFL has made their rulebook too damn complex.

  2. Saleh doesn’t listen to your advice Grant… Solomon keeps swiming upstream on the edge.
    He had a pressure though

  3. Listening to the Giants and 49ers at the same time is weird… But considering how badly Cueto is pitching, I probably shouldn’t.

  4. Glad to see Xavier Cooper getting snaps.
    Niners will sack CP eventually since their O linemen seem to be not playing together.
    Hope to see more stunts.

    1. Damn seb was right, the refs have it in for the Cards…oh what, he said they had it in for the 49ers…well damn, now I don’t know what to think or who to believe.

  5. Time to bench Rashard just to make a point. The guy is good at listening to his premature hype but covering receivers or RBs? Ha….

  6. RAms beat the Cowboys today. It’s kind of early to think they’re for real. But they’re looking pretty potent on offense.

    1. Preweek 1 i said rams win this division. You all laughed.
      Tge rams beating dallas bodes well for SF. They are the same team. Thats how close SF is to winning.

    1. Bingo!

      NFL officiating has done more harm to the NFL than anything else, including CTE! And it’s not just about the on the field officiating. It’s the league’s inability to address the issue in any meaningful way.

    2. Also, and maybe it’s just me, but is there reason why FOX continues to go to Mike Pereira on close calls?
      Calling his reports the Command Center constitutes that his call has authority to make a difference. Pereira is nothing more than Captain Obvious and a waste of time imo.

  7. One would think after the extra rest and a horrid defensive performance against the Lambs the defense would apply Saleh’s “violent all gas no break” mentality against this aging, tired Cards team but this defense is mostly all brake, no gas. Someone on that side needs to stand up and lead that unit. Feels very similar to last year’s defense unfortunately…

  8. Solomon Thomas finally gets to the QB for a sack, and wouldn’t you know it, it’s a coverage sack. lol.

    We’ll take it. Beggars can’t be choosers, right?

  9. Thomas as a 3 tech on 3rd down…. SACK!


    Lynch Buckner Thomas and Dumervil on 3rd down in pass rush situations an you get pressure!!!
    go 9ers!
    p.s. seems like Saleh watched you pre game video mr, quality control coach Grant

  10. Great to see Thomas get his first sack, but Buckner deserves the credit for ending that drive. He was in Palmer’s face a lot that drive.

  11. Let’s be honest about one thing: This team cannot buy a break right now. Sure, good teams make their own breaks, but is it too much to ask for a lucky break , and maybe one call that goes their way once in a blue moon?

    Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to have a starting caliber NFL QB at the helm. I mean, why in the world is Hoyer so badly out of sync with his receivers?

    Let’s get real about one more thing: Brian Hoyer is not the guy!

  12. More corrupt officiating. First, the WR was taken down on the interception, then the replay showed a blatant block in the back on the return. Refs on the field are favoring the Cards. The replay officials in NY overturned a bad call.

  13. Buckner is a great player. He is also very intelligent. He excelled in an elite prep school-same school as President Obama.

    1. No, he threw his shoulder. If he would have just let the pick work, it would have worked well enough. But he had to chip.

        1. Nah, time to just let him learn and play 1 position. If they replace Robinson, do it with a CB. Bring Jackson in.

  14. Thomas gets his first sack! Thomas misses a tackle just now. He’s shown progress, but still needs to improve. He’s a rookie though, good job. Buckner is a beast!

  15. Giants won. From a ‘end the season from hell on an up-note’ it was nice. From a ‘if we lost, we locked up the #1 pick” perspective… Not so much.

    Thing is, it’s not the talent. The top-5 are not Super Elites and kind of, basically, fungible and they’re all about the same. But it’s the larger bonus pool which could be leveraged to change the mind of a really good HS prospect who was committing to college.

  16. battle of FG’s. Neither team is above average offensively. AZ on their way down and Niners on their way up (but slowly).

  17. MICHAEL BENNETT wasn’t exaggerating whatsoever; “I’m lucky to be working with a guy like that. I think DeForest will eventually be a Defensive Player of the Year. I think he has the talent to be able to do that. I think his physique — I keep telling him there’s nobody like him. He’s not normal. His body, his physique, his speed, it’s not normal. So when you’re not normal you can do not normal things and winning defensive MVP is not normal for most people. I think he has the capability of doing that.”

    No joke, Buckner is everything a defensive coordinator would want from his position! DeFo is a beast of a defensive lineman! He’s a man’s man on the football field!!

  18. Less Breida, nothing good happens when he is in the game. Maybe the line will learn to block for him some season. Right now, just stop killing the offense with Brieda touches.

    1. Hate saying it but below average defensive coaching + overrated talent (Armstead and Thomas) = what we’re seeing even with extra rest against a old team playing on a short week.

  19. I have to give it up to Kyle so far, this team competes! And it will be substantially better once they get Ferrari Foster back on the field, laying the wood! They’ve been missing their

    I trust ShanaLynch will get this team sorted out. You have to give these guys a season’s worth of practice and play, and another fruitful offseason with money to burn, and hopefully a high draft position, and address the QB position, #1.

    I am satisfied with Saleh, who hasn’t been given his share of support from the offense. He is missing his special weapon in the middle of the field!

  20. These are horrible teams, what a depressing game to watch. The only way to salvage it would be to put in CJ just to shake things up….at this point I’m so down about the team I don’t really care if they win or lose….. I just want to see one reason to be optimistic for the future….. this game provides me nothing.

  21. I actually this team is going to be good sooner rather then later. They’re young, lacking talent, but the schemes are there…

  22. Hoyer sucks….he is so off target! He is giving this game to the Cards!
    This is painful especially since the defense has played so hard.

  23. Here goes stupid Kilgore again with a penalty. He is so weak.
    The interior of the O-line is so bad…need major upgrade.

  24. WOW! I’m sorry, but I’ve seen enough of Hoyer, misfiring left and right! No, actually I don’t think I am sorry! Surprised? NO! Did I think he was a little more accurate than what I’ve seen? Yes

    I’ve also seen enough of these stupid, pathetic penalties, all over the field, even if it does help their case for landing the best player in college football.

    Dumervil #100 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Seemed like Hoyer was the only one rushing that last play with the offense 4 steps behind. Why not let it go to the 2 min warning….

  26. I’d like to see CJB get an opportunity, but I’m not pushing it. I suspect this 49ers team is going to look very different going into 2018, so there’s no reason to push him.

    Let’s see Hoyer, one last chance. Taylor is a stud kick returner!

      1. Seb i hate to admit it…..but at this point I’d rather have Kaep out there instead of Hoyer….. never thought I’d say that! But prefer CJ over those guys.

  27. Wow, Hoyer has done some horrific quarterbacking this afternoon! Simply BRUTAL!

    I knew brian Hoyer wasn’t much good. I had no idea he could stink it up this bad!

  28. So glad this team won’t be winning 9 games. That would have been the worst thing that could have happened to them. This fetid roster desperately needs another top 5 draft.

  29. I said from the beggining. Hoyer is a right handed Kaep. Mediocre. Let’s set the bar just a tad higher! Defense is spectacular other than Robinson.

  30. What a stupid quarterback! Throws the ball away!
    Eat up some time, and let the Cards spend their final timeout!
    It would be a FG nonetheless….smh…Hoyer’s gotta go!!!

    1. Why don’t you tell us the great QB we didn’t sign in FA? RGIII? Kaepernick? Cutler? Glennon? Come on, let us know.

  31. Anyone saying throwing it away was a bad move doesn’t understand the situation. Would you rather he got a sack or pick?! They should have ran the ball but that was the best choice outside of an easy completion.

  32. Hoyer is horrific!!! Grant needs to bust Shanny’s chops about Hoyer.
    Get him good Grant!
    Niners played NOT TO LOSE.

  33. 2-18 with Kaep and Hoyer running the offense over the last 20 games. Time for a change? Let’s hope mediocrity is not the new standard.

    1. Juan, even Kaep would not have been as ineffective as Hoyer.
      KS was pis-sed on the side line when he caught the ball and spiked it.
      Taylor was wide open.

        1. Old Coach, if you think Hoyer is doing a good job, that is your opinion. When he misses seeing a wide open receiver to win the game, and just throws it out of bounds, my opinion is that the Niners should try to get a QB who can do that.
          In my humble opinion, Kaep is clearly superior, and he gives the Niners their best chance to win. Despite the denials, he is a SB QB, set playoff records and has a 4-2 road playoff record.
          Hoyer is getting bludgeoned, and he is getting rattled, with happy feet. His timing is off and his accuracy is way off.
          I agree, throwing CJB to the wolves is not wise. Sign Kaep to a -prove it contract, and roll the dice.
          You are entitled to your opinion, please respect mine. It will not hurt you or anyone else to hear another person’s opinion. I guess we will just have to agree to disagree.
          One thing we hopefully can agree on is- the Niners are 0-4, and they should make adjustments.

          1. Seb,
            It has nothing to what ever with my opinion of Kaep or Hoyer its about having discussions that are based in reality. Regardless of what you or I think about Kaep he is not coming back period. I am willing to bet you all the money in the world that even if hew as offered a contract from the 9ers he wouldn’t sign it, he has far too much pride to come back. Shanahan will not sign a QB who runs he wants a QB who will throw it away or take a sack before he would run. he proved that by signing Hoyer and drafting Beathard. Its just not going to happen. I would much rather argue with you about whether they should bench Hoyer to start Beathard or who we should draft at QB next year. We all have to put the past to rest and ponder the future. I see lots od pain this year but a return trip to the SB in 2019. Go Niners

            1. I respectfully disagree, because I think Lynch would re sign Kaep in a heartbeat if Jed would let him.
              Kaep’s biggest beef was with Baalke, but now he is gone, Jed is the only impediment. It was very telling to see Lynch apologize to Kaep about the continued leaks, and he pointedly said that he has kept the door open to Kaep.
              Kaep should be realistic, and consider that many teams would rather lose than sign him. Realistically, the Niners may be his only option. Now that the protests continue, the reason to blackball Kaep has disappeared.
              KS signed Hoyer, gave him the starting job with little competition, but Hoyer is pulling a Gabbert. KS likes to roll out the QB, and CJB has showed his speed and agility. However, he still needs more seasoning, and should not be thrown to the wolves.
              Jake Browning is my choice for a future pick, but agree with Grant and his assessment of Lamar Jackson.

  34. F*ck it, this is basically preseason all year. Time to get CJ some practice out there. Hoyer and Saleh should be kicked to the curb at season’s end.

  35. Tough loss, but if I’m being honest, they didn’t deserve the win so fair result. Offense was offensive. Defense did enough to win the game courtesy of good run D and pass rush, but the pass coverage continues to be atrocious. Robinson was truly awful.

    1. You didn’t have a problem with Saleh’s soft, off-the-receiver, secondary coverage? Even in the last drive of the game?

    2. They should trade back Aldrick Robinson to the Falcons since they need WRs. Rashard Robinson had the game winner in his hands.

  36. It is 1979 all over again, we are just good enough to lose. I hope you are all cashing in on the 9ers they are 3-1 vs the spread, It will be a painful year but it will all be worth it by 2019 when we are back in the SB.

  37. Defense played great but the coaches let them down at the end. Can’t play off like that with so much time.
    Cards deserved this more and got screwed on a few calls. Honestly thought the pi on ward was a bit of a make up call.
    The wide receivers coach needs to take his players out to the jugs machine and leave them there for the entire practice. Tell them they practice with the team when they can be trusted to catch the ball. (Im Joking but this getting ridiculous)

    1. It was poor officiating all around.
      Defense played tough, but the offense kept shooting themselves in the foot.
      This was a very winnable game.

  38. Not mad..just what I expected..This is a bad team..Theirs 53 players we have about 8 of them that are NFL starters..Only another 11 months till next year

  39. The team should be focused on football. Not what they are going to do for their “demonstration”. I watch football for football not to see someone’s political views. If I wanted that I’d watch the emmys. Keep it up niners and you’ll loose a life long fan.

  40. Most pathetic play calling ever in OT
    Shanahan can’t call a late game
    Ran every time on first down up the middle
    Didn’t work all game
    Pathetic horrible horrible
    Glad they lost
    He stinks he’s a stubborn prick
    Rams won the coaching hire

    1. Hoyer is going to force them to make serious decisions. Kaep, with the offensive upgrades, and that stout defense, would not be 0-4. Niners lost 3 games by 9 points. Competent QB play would have scored TDs, instead of settling for field goals.
      Wonder what Grant’s grade on Hoyer will be? C- or D+.

  41. My one request of Shanahan is please do not put Beathard behind this O line, you will ruin the kid. Maybe around game 10 but then only if there has been enormous progress. Handle him exactly like Walsh handled Montana in 79.

  42. Saleh running prevent was a joke
    Hoyer throwing ball away giving them more time -joke
    Running up the gut EVERY first down when it did not work all game-predictable joke
    Sorry but coaches and Hoyer are detritus.
    Fusco stinks

  43. Initial impressions:

    * Hoyer is a decent placeholder. Not the long term answer.

    *There are serious flaws on this team: corner-backs who can cover, interior offensive lineman and perhaps linebacker and of course qb.

    *Like the other games this season I remained interested throughout, not just because of the close score, you can see a little of what Shanahan is trying to implement. I like his schemes and it was fun to actually see real halftime adjustments and ones that worked.

    *The jury is still out on Saleh. I want to give him the whole season before making a judgment. (Walsh fired his defensive coordinator and good friend Chuck Studley after his first season.

    *Walsh only won two games his first season.

    *It was nice to see Ray Ray show up for the game with no stupid penalties.

    *The td was not on Robinson he came over to help after Williams gave up on the play. Although he did cover poorly most of the game.

    *I am sticking with my 2-5 win prediction. I want them to finish strong.

  44. Also I don’t understand what everyone is so upset about…When you keep taking corners safeties and d lineman with high picks can’t really get mad we can’t score points..Bad thing is our defense still sucks and we still can’t score points …It’s not rocket science we haven’t had a good draft since 2011..This is the result

    1. Coach, if we had Foster we would be 3-1… He is a game changer! We need a top 3 pick this year! It’s a top heavy draft for QBs…. Even IF CJ shows promise we can get ALOT in return for a trade… This is best case for SF…. 2-14 or 3-13 is what the doctor ordered…. Patience fellas we will get there.

  45. Proud of the defense today. They did everything they could to keep us in the game.
    We are not that far from getting our first win, but at this point I only want to see our players improve.
    Players that need to go are the usual suspects:
    Ra”Chared” Robinson was supposed to be our best DB and all he does is get burned game after game.
    Daniel Kil”Score” continues to average his 3-4 penalties per game (at least he is steady).
    Hoyer “Our Team Destroyer” should be replaced by game 10. This gives CJ the kid more time to be groomed and learn KSs scheme.

    The Cardinals are not the offensive Juggernaut of years past but they still have more talent then us so keeping the game close was a positive.
    But the goal is to win games and so far it looks like my 4-6 wins prediction is still a possibility – but is getting shaky.

    1. Robinson has played terrible. But if you look a little closer, he had a good opportunity to have five interceptions over the last two games (two last week and three this week). So even though he is getting burned, had he made those interceptions, they would have been game changers. I’m all for benching him a game to see if that can help straighten him out.

      1. cubus,
        I somewhat agree, but we need players who can actually make game-changing plays.
        My biggest concern with Rashard is that now Off-Cords are attacking him game after game. Our best DB is not supposed to be the player that other teams target.

    2. The defense was playing against an OL comprised of mostly backups and a statue QB yet couldn’t get it done when it counted most. Yes, the offense should have scored a TD at the end but the defense had a chance to stop them at the end and choked. Saleh should be booted at year’s end along with Robinson.

      1. Shanahan had a pedigree to be our OC/HC. I don’t know what Saleh had. I think it was just that he was available when KS became HC, which was late in the “game”.

  46. Williams turned Fitz loose..a terrible mistake. Did anyone not know they would go to their all-star in that situation? 9=7? No. Who made that silly prediction?

  47. I agree Seb. Competent quarterbacking would have scored TD’s, which is why you wouldn’t want an incompetent QB like Kaep under center. I think that if Kaep had been in there today, and the previous 3 games, they would have all been loses, only none of the games would have been close. As mediocre as Hoyer was today, Kaep is just the same, if not worse. But we’ll never know because he’s not even playing in the league. He’s unemployed. Get over it.

    1. Sorry to disagree. KS had the option to roll out Kaep, something he has very rarely done with Hoyer, since he cannot out run the DTs. Kaep can out run safeties.
      Blithely asserting Kaep would have lost, too, can never be verified, but I can confidently assert that Hoyer did not win his first 4 games.

  48. Coach, your exactly right. You don’t put CJ in there now. That would really be a stupid move. For what?? News flash! The Niners aren’t making the playoffs this year. Hoyer will be our QB for the entire year, unless he gets hurt. He’s still an improvement from the last two wrechid years with Kaep at the helm. My God, doesn’t anybody remember the ineptitude? No, they are working their plan. Defense first. They are are vastly improved, even with two of their best players injured. The QB of the future will come next year. They are certainly not going backwards. Seb will just have to cry in his soup.

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