49ers-Cardinals live blog: Fourth quarter

SAN FRANCISCO — This is the live blog for the fourth quarter of the 49ers Week 17 game against the Arizona Cardinals. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

3:34 Crabtree has 165 yards receiving. That’s the most by a 49ers receiver since Terrell Owens on 11/25/02. He has 166 yards.

3:35 Kaepernick completes a short pass to Gore in the right flat. Gain of 14.

3:36 On first and goal from the eight, Gore runs up the middle for one yard.

3:36 Gore runs around the right end for five yards. Third and goal from the 2. The 49ers call timeout to talk about what play they want to run. I’m guessing they’ll go conservative and run Gore up the middle.

3:39 The Vikings just scored a touchdown. They lead the Packers 27-17.

3:39 Gore runs up the middle for a TD. That’s his 51st career rushing TD, the most in franchise history. Akers makes the extra point. 24-6 Niners with 12:59 left in the fourth quarter.

3:40 The 49ers got outplayed in the first quarter, but they’ve outgained the Cardinals 360 to 18 since the start of the second quarter.

3:42 Touchback Akers.

3:43 Hoyer completes a short pass to Floyd. McDonald strips him from behind and Whitner recovers.

3:44 First and 10 at the AZ 34. Kaepernick play fakes and throws off his back foot to Crabtree. The pass sails out of bounds. Second and 10.

3:44 On second down, Gore runs up the middle for four yards. Third and six.

3:45 Kaepernick throws deep for Crabtree, but the pass is overthrown and lands out of bounds. The 49ers are going for it.

3:47 Crabtree lines up in the slot and no one lines up in his face. He runs a slant and catches the pass for a seven yard gain.

3:49 First and 10 from the 23.  Gore gains six yards, and the Cardinals are flagged for a facemask. First and goal at the the nine.

3:49 Dixon runs around the left end four five yards, and then runs up the middle for one more. Third and goal from the three.

3:51 Kaepernick runs a sweep to the left and loses five yards. Akers will attempt a 26-yard field goal. He makes it. 27-6 Niners with 9:07 left.

3:52 The Packers are losing 27-24 with three minutes left in the third quarter.

3:54 Stephens-Howling returns the kickoff to the AZ 18.

3:54 Roberts runs a quick out and Hoyer hits him for a three yard gain.

3:55 Now King runs a quick out and Hoyer hits him for a six-yard gain. Third and one.

3:55 Hoyer completes a short pass to King for two yards. First and 10 at the AZ 30.

3:56 Hoyer completes a pass to Floyd for a six-yard gain.

3:56 Hoyer hits Roberts for three yards. Third and one.

3:57 Powell rushes up the middle for two.

3:57 And then Hoyer throws an interception to Brown. This game has been over. I’m going down to the field. Back at you shortly.

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