49ers-Cardinals live blog: Second quarter

SAN FRANCISCO — This is the live blog for the second quarter of the 49ers Week 17 game against the Arizona Cardinals. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

2:02 Hoyer is 6-for-12 with a 74 QB rating. Kaepernick is 1-for-4 with a 39.6 QB rating.

William Powell has rushed 8 times for 38 yards (4.8 ypc). Frank Gore has rushed 4 times for 9 yards (2.2 ypc).

2:03 On second and 13 from the SF 18, Stephens-Howling loses a yard.

2:04 On third and 14, Hoyer completes a six-yard pass to Fitzgerald. Feely will attempt a 31-yard field goal.

2:05 He makes it. 6-0 Cards with 13:44 left in the first half. The 49ers offense is up. They’ve gone three-and-out their first three offensive series.

2:07 The Cards’ kickoff is short. Delanie Walker fumbles it, recovers and runs three yards to the SF 19 yard line before he’s tackled.

2:08 Kaepernick play fakes, finds no one who’s open so he scrambles for seven yards.

2:09 Gore runs a counter to the right and gains four yards. First and 10 at the 30.

2:09 James runs the same play, and he gains 26 yards after evading about five tackles.

2:10 Crabtree lines up in the slot and runs a slant. Kaepernick hits him in stride for a 17-yard gain. First and 10 at the AZ 27.

2:11 Gore runs up the middle for two yards.

2:11 Kaepernick tries to step up in the pocket and runs into Calais Campbell. Sack, four yard loss. Third and 12 from the 29.

2:12 Kaepernick scrambles for three yards. Akers will attempt a 44-yard field goal.

2:13 Akers missed it. He pushed it wide left. The 49ers cannot keep trotting him out there. They need a new kicker, have needed a new one for months.

2:15 The Cardinals start their drive in search of a two-score lead.

2:15 Powell runs left for a three-yard gain. Second and seven at the AZ 37.

2:16 Hoyer throws to no one in particular. Incomplete. Third and seven.

2:16 Hoyer throws high and incomplete to Roberts on a slant. The Cards will punt.

2:17 Zastudil punts it 63 yards into the end zone for a touchback.

2:20 Kaepernick play fakes and hits Crabtree deep for a gain of 31 yards. First and 10 at the AZ 49.

2:20 Next play, Kaepernick rolls out of the pocket to the left and fires a pass to a wide open Michael Crabtree for a 49-yard touchdown. Akers makes the extra point. 7-6 Niners with 7:20 left in the first half.

2:24 Stephens-Howling returns Akers’ short kickoff 16 yards to the AZ 21.

2:25 Hoyer throws a pass to Roberts, it’s tipped and backup right guard Kalamente catches it for a 10-yard gain.

2:25 Next play, Powell gains five.

2:26 Next play, Powell gains two yards up the middle. Third and three from the AZ 38.

2:26 Hoyer throws short for Fitzgerald and Brown knocks the pass away. The Cards will punt.

2:27 Ginn makes the fair catch at the SF 22. The 49ers can take control of this game with a TD drive right here.

2:28 Gore runs behind Alex Boone and loses a yard. Second and 11.

2:28 The Cardinals blitz up the middle, Kaepernick rolls to the right and throws the ball away. Third and 11.

2:29 Kaepernick throws a bullet to Crabtree who makes a one-handed catch. Gain of 19. What a throw and what a pass. First and 10 at the SF 40.

2:30 Kaepernick rolls right to escape pressure and throws the ball out of bounds. Second and 10.

2:31 James runs a draw up the middle and gains 12 yards. First and 10 at the AZ 48.

2:31 The 49ers line up in a jumbo formation. Gore runs up the middle for no gain.

2:32 Kaepernick rolls left and throws a bullet against his body to Walker for a 23-yard gain. And it’s the two-minute warning.

2:33 Gore is having a bad game – he has eight carries for 14 yards. The 49ers cannot lean on him today. Kaepernick is passing them into an offensive rhythm.

2:35 Kaepernick completes a pass to Gore in the flat for a two-yard gain. Second and eight.

2:36 Gore runs a draw up the middle and gains six yards. Third and two from the AZ 17.

2:37 Iupati is flagged for a false start. Third and seven from the 22. That pushed the 49ers out of Akers’ range for the time being.

2:39 Kaepernick play fakes, throws to Moss in the end zone and Peterson nearly intercepts the pass. Akers will attempt a 40-yard field goal.

2:40 Akers pushes it wide left again. No good. It barely had the distance. Good grief. The 49ers made a mistake leaving him on the team this long.

2:41 Hoyer throws it deep to Floyd who drops the pass. Second and 10 from the AZ 30 with 18 seconds left.

2:41 Powell takes a handoff, goes nowhere and the half ends.

2:42 Kaepernick started the second quarter with a 39.6 QB rating. He ends it with a 119.4 rating.

2:42 The Cardinals offense hasn’t had a first down since the end of the first quarter.

2:50 The Rams are beating the Seahawks 7-3 in Seattle at halftime. The Vikings are beating the Packers 20-10 at halftime.

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