49ers @ Cardinals live blog: Second quarter

GLENDALE, AZ — This is the live blog for the second quarter of the 49ers’ Week 3 road game against the Cardinals. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

1:45 Vic Fangio rushes six defenders on third-and-13 and forces Drew Stanton to throw a quick fade to Ted Ginn who catches the ball out of bounds. Fangio called four blitzes on that drive.

1:46 32-yard field goal good. 7-6 Niners.

1:49 Bruce Ellington kneels down in the end zone.

1:55 Kaepernick completes an 8-yard pass to Stevie Johnson on fourth and 1.

1:57 Antonio Cromartie is flagged for holding Michael Crabtree on third-and-four from the Cardinals’ 25.

1:58 The 49ers use their final timeout of the half with 7:05 left.

1:58 Kaepernick converted a fourth-and-1 on this drive by completing an 8-yard pass to Stevie Johnson. Johnson leads the Niners with four catches for 37 yards.

2:02 Ellington runs a ghost end around and Kaepernick hands off to Frank Gore who gains three yards on second-and-3 from the Cardinals’ 13.

2:03 Kaepernick pitches to Carlos Hyde who runs around the left side for a 7-yard touchdown run. 14-6 Niners. 5:07 left in the half.

2:07 Touchback.

2:12 Stanton completes a 14-yard pass to Floyd on play No.1. The Cardinals punt three plays later. Bruce Ellington returns it 14 yards to the 49ers’ 32. 4:07 left, no timeouts.

2:18 The 49ers face third-and-10 from their 45 after the two-minute warning. Kaepernick completed a 9-yard pass to Crabtree on third-and-6 three plays ago. He beat Patrick Peterson on an out route.

2:21 The Cardinals blitz and Kaepernick completes a quick pass to Stevie Johnson for 12 yards and a first down.

2:24 The Cardinals blitz on third-and-8 from their 42. Two rushers come free on the 49ers’ left side. Kaepernick rolls right and throw the ball away. Andy Lee punts and Ted Ginn makes a fair catch at the Cardinals’ 15 with 21 seconds left.

2:27 Ellington runs five yards to the Cardinals 33 and the first half ends.

2:28 The 49ers had 13 first downs and the Cardinals had 10 in the first half.

2:34 Flawless first half by Kaepernick. Greg Roman did a great job spreading the Cardinals’ defense and isolating guys like Stevie Johnson. Can Roman expand on those concepts in the second half?

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          1. Pretty sure it does when you get to the line and you only have one assignment, one thought process. You ever play golf? One thought, one target?

            1. It does make it simpler but player execution is key. for lineman on pass plays assignments don’t vary much. You could be right.

  1. I am not getting all the Kap runs- what if the guy just does something simple like pull a hamstring- just seems really dangerous to just get a 5 – 7 yard run here and there.

    Also- Hyde is a beast- love watching him run over people

      1. they can keep doing a hurry up without having designed Kap runs…. Is it really smart to have kap running for 10-15 carries a game? Unless it is the playoffs- i think giving it to gore or hyde is a better option

  2. I agree, keep kap in the pocket. Run with gore and Hyde. Great drive. Hopefully our defense can stop those penalties and stop this offense.

      1. Also important to remember that he never showed anything in a 49er uniform. Had good measurables, but never did anything on the field.

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